Movers and Packers Complaints

Rajkumar Saini

Posted on Aug 17, 2019

I booked my car thru Bhagat Singh cargo packers and movers on 38.04.2019 with a mutual agreement of Rs 15000.00 on delivery of car. Amit Dahiya 9899398897 picked my car from residence. On 3rd may 2019 Amit send me a bill of Rs. 25800.00 and forced me to pay immediately. They charged GST, Insurance, pick up and docket charge illegally and harrassed me to pay in his saving account. His partner Sanjay Sharma 9899399667 also a cheater. I paid the amount since I was not having any option. I received my car on 17 May 2019 late night. Due to night I could not check my car and next day morning found that the car had several Damages. Amit Dahiya and Sanjay Sharma didn't provide insurance copy and charged illegal GST amount. These people are cheater and must be prosecuted.


Posted on Aug 10, 2019

I got a call from new puna logistic for shifting y goods from pune to jabalpur . I give my goods on 20th of july now it is about 1 month i didn't receive my goods . I tried to call them but they are not receiving my call neither give me call back . I even dont know the current status of my goods . Kindly help me and please take a action against this logistic company their name is new puna logistics transport agency packers and mover . The name of contact person is jogender and his contact number is 9607080406 . Please help me as soon as possible .

Soumyadarshi Kar

Posted on Aug 08, 2019

While shifting from Frazer town to Hbr layout on 3rd of August nearly about at 2 PM , the driver took a different way and did not follow us . They reached after half an hour to the new place. We had 40+ boxes among which 30 boxes were provided by the SMS Packers and Movers. They unpacked and took all the boxes they provided .Later that day when we unpacked everything , we found that one of our Box that had our clothes and 2 branded belts are missing . We called the SMS packers and Movers in the morning and filed a complaint . No actions were taken and i am still calling them everyday . They promised to send us the pictures of the workers but still we received nothing . Requesting you to take an action with regards to the same.

Pritam Panda

Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Hello, I send a bike through ' Metro Packers and logistics pune' on 10th july. But still bike not delivered and i didn't not get any update , talked with multiple person, after first time they were not respond any call ,.Please help me to find the vehical or any information.

Ankita Sinha

Posted on Jul 21, 2019

I shifted my house from Delhi to Pune and for that I hired ok movers and packers.. there office is in palam Delhi . The charged 3 percent for insurance and said will receive insurance details on mail . I did not get any detail for the same on mail , it was only mentioned on the bill that they provide. After all my goods reached at Pune one of my centre table was damaged and claim for it is for rs. 2000. Neither they are giving that claim nor responding to my mails which I am sending.. I want to reveal the true picture of ok packers and movers so that no one else gets in the trap and I want my claim to get settled.

Manoj Kumar

Posted on Jul 17, 2019

Dear Sir My house hold items including 4 cartoon, 1 mattress, and one Activa was pick up by Vishal ( I have signed packing list) on 13.07.19 from valsad and take 5500 in advance & 6000 through online transfer and promised to drop my items on 14.07.19. but till now I didn't get my items and when I call him they people didn't reply clear and misbehaving with me. I have phone numbers of all the members who are involved in this matter. Please help me. Regards Manoj Kumar

A. Kasireddy

Posted on Jul 14, 2019

Sir, I booked a movers and packers named best movers and packers from pune to vijayawada . They gave me a quotation of 15000 rs. After they shipped my luggage from my home on 29-06-2019, next day he send me a bill of 40000 in whatsapp. After harassing me for 5 days i paid them extra 25000. Till date as of 14-07-2019 i didn't received my luggage and he is cheated me. Please help me from this mental torture and cheating.

jaya prakash M

Posted on Jul 08, 2019

i submitted via door pickup through ALKA packers and movers from bengaluru to chennai. He picked my bike on 5-jul- 2019. His contact num is 9606030444 Surender kumar. After payment, he is not picking calls now. Don't know about the status of my bike.

Sarishti Katyal

Posted on May 27, 2019

I had booked packers and movers from ‘NoBroker’ and ‘SMS packers and movers’ came for packing. A brand new jack daniels bottle is missing from the moved stuff (there were total 9 liquor bottles). The packing moving cost me 8000, whereas the bottle alone was for 4800. I have been following up with David from NoBroker and Madhu from SMS packers and movers. Madhu keeps saying that he asked the labourers they said they didn’t steal anything, if they wanted to steal they would have stolen all bottles. I searched the entire house and each carton before raising the complain, however Madhu said I should directly talk to labourers. Obviously they will deny if the bottle is stolen/broken. I do not have that much time that I will waste talking to NoBroker & SMS for false claims, and it was a very expensive bottle so I am very frustrated by their way of handling this. Also NoBroker has not provided me with any reference number for this complain. On asking them for it, they kept assuring me not to worry they have all records of the complain. I am really frustrated with this and want a resolution - claim on the money or a new bottle.

Sanjiv kumar suman

Posted on May 27, 2019

I have booked my car Alto. K10 with JMC Cargo Carriers base company 2877/4,Laxman Vihar,Phase 2,Holy Ground Gurgaon,Haryana-122001, Delhi to patna on Apr 19. Till date the car has not been delivered in patna However i have enquired with them about the car. But they are telling it will be delivered tomorrow since 5 days. And they are also avoiding my calls. Kindly help me.their no. 9711200568 ,7500992211,name_shakti kant sharma,satish

Sanjiv kumar suman

Posted on May 27, 2019

I have booked my car Alto. K10 with JMC Cargo Carriers base company 2877/4,Laxman Vihar,Phase 2,Holy Ground Gurgaon,Haryana-122001, Delhi to patna on Apr 19. Till date the car has not been delivered in patna However i have enquired with them about the car. But they are telling it will be delivered tomorrow since 5 days. And they are also avoiding my calls. Kindly help me.their no. 9711200568 name_shakti kant sharma

Sanjiv kumar suman

Posted on May 27, 2019

I have booked my car Alto. K10 with JMC Cargo Carriers base company 2877/4,Laxman Vihar,Phase 2,Holy Ground Gurgaon,Haryana-122001, Delhi to patna on Apr 19. Till date the car has not been delivered in patna However i have enquired with them about the car. But they are telling it will be delivered tomorrow since 5 days. And they are also avoiding my calls. Kindly help me.their no. 9711200568 name_shakti kant sharma

ashok kumar

Posted on May 24, 2019

Lost my parcel by DTDC company

Niroja Kumar Nayak

Posted on May 13, 2019

I have booked my car Swift Dezire with Agarwal Car Tpt pvt Ltd Navi Mumbai base company from Bhuj to Cnennai on 18 Apr 19. Till date the car has not been delivered in chennai. However i have enquired with them about the car. But they are telling it will be delivered tomorrow since 5 days. And they are also avoiding my calls. Kindly help me.their no. 9022709709


Posted on May 06, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Kailash, I have haired a mover and Packers Company AGRS MOVERS AND PACKAGERS, to move my household goods Delhi to Chhattisgarh,, on 11th of April 2019, They have moved my luggage after 18 days, They were promised me for 7 days,, after that when my luggage reached at my Chhattisgarh Home they have missed my luggage A curtain box is missing, now they are not responding me about my missing luggage, Consignment number is 084. Please guide me for recovery of my luggage, Thanks and Regards Kailash 9717968354 8076665816

Aparajita Dwivedi

Posted on Apr 16, 2019

I booked my Luggage with packers and movers on 23rd Feb, 2019 at pune and Haven't got delivered in damoh (madhya pradesh).

Ramakrishna ISV

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

I had been cheated by Angli Packers and Movers, Diva (E), Mumbai 400612. They started harassing me after my load got into the truck. Now they have delivered a damaged almirah and couple of other things are broken. I asked insurance copy from 28th Jan 2019 and they said will send. Now they said i did not pay money for insurance so we are not going bear repair charges.

Satish G

Posted on Feb 01, 2019

HI, i have booked a part load from VLR ( , they quotation for INR 8500 and luggage loaded from lohegaon pune on 26th jan 2019 , with consignment number LR207, to be delivered in gurgaon. now they are threatening me to pay total of 18325 ( out of which 6000 already paid) . if don't pay money they are saying goods will not be delivered. it's a big fraud and from the numbers they gave in website i searched online and lot of people are suffering because of this fraud. please help.

Dharmbeer u Singh

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, 1. I have availed the services of Kenstar packer & movers Movers for relocation of my Domestic goods from Gurgaon Haryana to Vapi Gujarat. 2. I got the reference of Kenstar packers & movers from Justdial - Delhi 3. The initial quotation they have given was Rs 20000/- which would include Packing +Transportation + Loading + Unloading. 4. The terms of our agreement was as follow: a. Dedicated Vehicle for my Goods only and no sharing b. Unloading to 3rd floor c. 2% of Insurance coverage for my Goods e. The full payment has to be made before the delivery of the goods in the form of cash or cheque or net banking. 5. Upon the final Invoice preparation the total amount billed was Rs 27119 against the Quatation of Rs 20000 . 5. The executive mentioned that the copy of the insurance certificate would be generated by the same evening and would be mailed and couriered to my mailing address but right now the insurance copy not received.


Posted on Jan 12, 2019

I placed an international move with Air Express International Courier and Cargo, under Mr. Anish from Delhi branch and Mr. Santosh from Mumbai Andheri branch for movement of my household items from MUMBAI to Dubai in Dec18. On reaching to Dubai and unpacking I discovered that many items were damaged - Glassware and clothes. Many of my items were also missing and never returned also. They were: 1. Salt Himalayan lamp worth RS. 3,000/- 2. Bose Bluetooth speakers worth RS. 11,000/- 3. Jbl Bluetooth speakers worth RS. 6,000/- 4. MK watch charger rs. 5,000/- 5. Expensive wrist watch Many of the boxes seemed to have been tampered and repacked. This company is a fraud. They have stolen and taken out all expensive things from our cargo. Not returned them and not bothered to take our calls. Horrible service. All boxes were opened, repacked and things were either stolen or broken. Extremely fraudulant company. Dont know how to sue them.


Posted on Jan 12, 2019

I placed an international move under Mr. Anish from Delhi branch and Mr. Santosh from Mumbai branch for movement of my household items from Bandra, MUMBAI to Dubai. On reaching to Dubai and unpacking I discovered that many items were damaged - Glassware and clothes. Many of my items were also missing and never returned also. They were: 1. Salt Himalayan lamp worth RS. 3,000/- 2. Bose Bluetooth speakers worth RS. 11,000/- 3. Jbl Bluetooth speakers worth RS. 6,000/- 4. MK watch charger rs. 5,000/- 5. Expensive wrist watch Many of the boxes seemed to have been tampered and repacked. This company is a fraud. They have stolen and taken out all expensive things from our cargo. Not returned them and not bothered to take our calls. Horrible service. All boxes were opened, repacked and things were either stolen or broken. Extremely fraudulant company. Dont know how to sue them.


Posted on Jan 12, 2019

Hi i opted United packers and movers to transport my car from kolkata to bangalore on 1st jan 19 they promised that the car will be delivered in maximum 8 days its door to door service today on 12th jan they are telling it might take another one week and they are not giving the proper explination for late delivery they are continously postponing the delivery date from 8th jan don know where to complaint about it pls help


Posted on Jan 11, 2019

I have to share singular experience, Latest 4 months back when Agrawal was related with packers, so far I feel extraordinary since I moved Ghaziabad to Chennai, By then, Packer and Movers association helped me really movers and Packers association astoundingly pleasing and validity

Jarnail singh

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

I hire ansh cargo movers & packers for shifting my household items from ahmedabad to kurukshetra But upon receiving my consignment there are some items missing when I contacted the transporter he said that your item is misplaced by our workers and when I found the item I will deliver it to you but till now he has not delivered my item this is a fraud company

M Durga Prasad

Posted on Jan 04, 2019

Hello, My Name is M.Durga Prasad and I have opted Packing and shipping service from Leo Packers & Movers a unit of Leo packing & shipping Co H.No 6-46/21, plot no 11,Dammaiguda,Old Alwal,Secunderebad, 500 010,T.S from Hyderabad to Calcutta. They have packed my luggage on 22nd December 2018 and promised delivery at 29 December 2018.Today it is 3 Jan 2019 but no response on delivery and they are not answering call.Staff is very rude and not picking up call.It is mental harassment by them not providing update.It is definitely fraud company which gives lots of hassle to customer. Mr Srikanth Sharma from this leo packers promised to deliver items from Hyderabad to Calcutta and we paid cash of Rs 6000 and online payment of Rs 17000 i.e total amount of Rs 23000 is already paid On 22nd Dec Leo Packers & Movers a unit of Leo packing & shipping Co H.No 6-46/21, plot no 11,Dammaiguda,Old Alwal,Secunderebad, 500 010,T.S a team of three people have Packed things from my house at Hno. 248, Vihar

Mukesh Kumar Patel

Posted on Jan 03, 2019

Missing household goods value 10000

Nimisha Trivedi

Posted on Jan 03, 2019

Hello, My Name is Nimisha Trivedi and I have opted shipping service from above mentioned company from Bangalore to Pune. They have packed my luggage on 26 December 2018 and promised delivery at 29 December 2018.Today it is 3 Jan 2019 but no response on delivery and they are not answering call.Staff is very rude and not picking up call.It is mental harassment by them not providing update.It is definitely fraud company which gives lots of hassle to customer.

Nimisha Trivedi

Posted on Jan 03, 2019

Hello, My Name is Nimisha Trivedi and I have opted shipping service from above mentioned company from Bangalore to Pune. They have packed my luggage on 26 December 2018 and promised delivery at 29 December 2018.Today it is 3 Jan 2019 but no response on delivery and they are not answering call.Staff is very rude and not picking up call.It is mental harassment by them not providing update.It is definitely fraud company which gives lots of hassle to customer.

Dr Nilima

Posted on Dec 29, 2018

Leo Packers and Movers Bangalore Rahul have me an all inclusive Quote for 15,000 to move household furniture and goods from Indiranagar to Kanakapura Rd. Packing Moving Unpacking Toll and Insurance against damage. The actual move happened on 7th Dec 2018. They didn't have enough Packing material so damaged my leather sofa set and wooden chest of drawers. They broke my teapot and a few cups and a lovely marble Buddha statues hand! The damaged my gas range model and broke two picture frame glass. They dumped the stuff in 30 boxes and did not unpack or arrange. They took additional 1500 from us. Promised to reimburse repair costs against bills. Some things cannot be repaired. Have sent bills worth 3,500/= to Rahul. Till Date no payment recd. He does NOT take my calls or reply to messages. This is terrible service and cheating a customer!

prem chandra pandey

Posted on Dec 27, 2018

I have book my bike from noida to lucknow of dated 16-12-2018 through VRL Packers & Movers, Shop No.3, Sheetla enclave, Opp sheetla mata mandir, gurugram-122001 and the person contact number is 9355683888. at the till date not receive my consignment and he is ensure to me to receive your material within 4 days. please do the needful action against him

Samrat Chaudhury

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

I had transported 23 items from Panvel, Navi Mumbai to Kolkata through ABC Packers and Movers (India) on 03.12.2018. Also. I had transported a car by the same Movers and packers on 30.11.2018. I had made the advance payments as per their terms and conditions. I received the car on 12.12.18 with some scratch marks on it and also in a very dirty condition. I received 22 items on 16.12.2018 out of 23 items. I did not receive the item at Sr. no. 7 of the challan and the same was intimated to Mr. Satbir Singh of ABC Packers and Movers (India). Also, the 49" LED TV included in the 23 items has been received in broken condition and the display has been damaged. We asked Mr. Satbir Singh to deliver our item at Sr. no. 7 of the challan and also to compensate for the damaged TV and car. But, Mr. Satbir Singh is now asking to make the balance payment and threatening us. Kindly do justice in this matter.

Singh KA

Posted on Dec 18, 2018

Deccan movers and packers pvt Ltd. has not deliver the household items even after 2 weeks. And not responding.


Posted on Dec 17, 2018

I shifted my house on 9th Dec 2018 and hired a packers and Mover - Lamba packers and Movers - to help me in shifting. The guys broke my almirah and bed and offered me compensation. But when I asked for compensation at completion of work, they said that they will do paytm as they have some cash requirement- to which I agreed,now I am following up with them for last 8 days but to no respite, in last conversation they owner said to me - "Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo" His phone number is 8178583559. All I asked for is 1500 to get my furniture repaired, they deal was done at 9000 all inclusive, I asked for paper work also to which he rejected that he'll handle things. I think he is a fraud and an action should be taken against him.

Prashant Kumar

Posted on Dec 15, 2018

I had booked a consignment of 10 items having household good, clothing and books to be delivered from greater noida to bhatinda through Satyam Packers and movers, delhi. They picked the consignment on 9th Dec but hasnt yet delivered the consignment at bhatinda. They had taken full amount and promised delivery within 3 days. Now the dealer doesnt pick my calls and neither gives me a reply as to when will tge consignment reach. I had come to know about this vendor through website and they claimed that this vendor is verified. Now they donot take any responsibility.

Naveen Gowthamaraj

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

THis is a complain on courier company " Translink Express - Shop No.24, 1st Floor, Bonny Plaza Shopping Centre, S.V.Road, Andheri(W), Mumbai 400058, Ph: +912226217777) Forwarding Number - 7862726 The above said company is totally behaving in an unethical and unprofessional manner and creating huge distress to me and my family I had booked 2 Couriers to ship Medicines for my sister who resides in Hyderabad and to my Friend who lives in Singapore. When I handed over the package on 6th Dec 2018 I was told that the shipment will be complete in 2-3 days max. Until now the package is still in Mumbai, When i called Bluedart/DHL, I was told that they dont ship medicines and therefore I had to chose the company " Translink Express" However, unclear on what tie ups this company has with the other parties or customs, now the shipment is ultimately going through DHL for Singapore package and DTDC for Hyderabad. Both are still in Mumbai as per the Online tracking.

Pankaj Tiwari

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Noor Packers and Movers is big fraud company, Mohamed Idrees from Noor Packers and movers took 14 items including my mattress,he took all his charges before item delivery and kept 4 items with him and now abusing me. (he took all my kitchen items mattress, vessel steel, rice cooker, Kadahi, company bag and jewelry etc.) but delivered just 10 items..if you take service from Noor packers and movers you will regret for sure... I have all the list of items that I have given during pick up. But I got damaged and 4 less items..I lost items of around 25000.fraud company.....there is no place where I can upload pictures for the list of items that I have handed over during pick up and the list of items that I have received and his abusive call recording.. Please help me getting my items back and shut these fraud company for doing fraud with the customers. Fraud man mobile number is 9043184040. Hey cheater you have taken my items you will remain beggar for rest of your life.

Samrat Chaudhury

Posted on Dec 11, 2018

I had shifted my consignments of 23 items with abc Packers and movers and had paid more than 80% charges as per their terms and conditions. Also, they we're to give me the tracking no. once the consignment has been loaded. But now they are demanding the entire amount and also saying that they don't have any tracking number. They are now threatening that they will not deliver the consignment unless we clear the entire amount to them.

Dilipsingh bisen

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Just few min back I made a complain against gati packers how fail to deliver the item I booked from banglore to Mumbai. While booking and paying the amount through NFET they promise delivery in 3days.i booked the item on 30/11/2018.before 10days. I use to speak to my Anil on Mob no 8619892705.and then I called him no one is picking the phone. Kindly help me.

Dilipsingh bisen

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

I booked two items from banglore to Mumbai through gati packers. Mr Anil from company use to attend my call. I paid full amount toward packing and transporting to Mumbai. I booked the item on 30/11/2018.still I am waiting to get my item I booked. While booking they said that it will take 3days to reach Mumbai. Now no one is picking the phone. Can I get help from you.


Posted on Dec 10, 2018

I have transferred my bike Yamaha FZS from Bargarh/Bhubaneswar Odisha - Hyderabad with GC Number - 4631772. First of all they took so long time to take the delivery. I tried to reach customer care for status but they didn't help me at all with a proper response. secondly, my bike most of front part is broken. I drove the bike to their office where I have submitted my bike and it was in full running condition before giving my bike. It was new and very well maintained bike but now most of the part is broken. While receiving, I have seen, my bike was poorly packaged and very carelessly handled, whole right side parts are damaged. Damaged Parts: 1. Handle Rod is broken with Right side handle parts are dysfunctional 2. Front shock up is broken, oils are floating out 3. Headlight side, near to indicator is broken 4. Leggard is bent along with the right side engine cover is broken I have called as well as email but not getting any response. I have been cheated and mentally harassed.

Diwakar Rautela

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

Hi Mr. Kuldeep,APOLO relocation services pvt limited, This treat this mail as a formal complain notice to ensure that your firm should: Either repair 49' LG TV by sending a qualified technician at my Blr house or revert with an insurance policy for the same Get my two part diwan ply/ cover which is currently lying in your pune office/ warehouse replace my rice cooker or revert with an insurance policy for the same Deliver my Hyundai i10 car KA04 MK 232 at my Blr house or hand over the keys of the same to me in Pune, in the same condition it was handed over to you in. Thanks. Pls find the complain no# 957696 mentioned as procured from National Consumer Helpline. Expecting a revert from your end. Thank you, Diwakar Rautela 9635957329

Kaushik Das

Posted on Dec 09, 2018

I have booked my Bike through DN Logistics from New Delhi to Lucknow, whose address is 1st floor, Chaudhary Complex, Behind Manya Hotel, Sec-37 Khandsa, Gurgaon -122001, the person who booked my bike is Mr Rocky Sharma cell no 9643096680, on 04/12/18 vide consignment note 634 @ freight of @3500.00 in cash . i got assurance that it will be delivered to me on 7th December at my address but on 7th i was told that it will be delivered on 8th but whole day passed but nothing delivered on 8th at last i was given a number of an agent of this company named Kapil whose number is 9999002188, once he picked call and assured me that he is sending right now but nothing after that he least bother to take my call, today on 9th i called again but he did not picked my call then i called from another number on that he picked the call and told me just he sending but its already over hours after the call made no delivery done.He is not even picking my call.I am really upset because i cant do much on this

Vijayakumar M

Posted on Dec 09, 2018

Its EMERGENCY PLEASE HELP US Dear Sir, Please Help us. The TRW Logistics packers not delivering my items which we have shifted yesterday from Nalgonda to chennai. please they asking to transfer the amount immediately. We are ready to give but he is saying total 57000. They send quations for 35000. With 8percentage gst. Now he is asking again extra money. My kids get shivering in cold. We are in a empty House. Because we dont know hindi they are trying to cheat.please help us immediately sir. They packers incharge guy name Deepak Hyderabad: +917416145000 Chennai office guy name sharma:+919361180111

sukant kumar panda

Posted on Dec 03, 2018

I booked for my household things to be delivered from Delhi to Bhubaneswar. It was shifted from 27th March 2018 from Delhi but contrary to the promise to deliver in a week's time I received on 12th April 2018 with so many things (almost all plastic items, water filter, book case, almirah, AC, show pieces, shoe rack, bed) in damaged conditions (some fully and some in certain extent). As per my request a survey was done by their bhubaneswar office on next day but till date nothing is done for the insurance claims. I had done the product insurance of Rs. 1 lakhs with premium payment of additional Rs.2000/- along with the charge Rs.31,000.My request to compensate the damage calculation of Rs.19,300/-has taken more than 9 months and hundred call sand multiple emails are not responded for any solution Please help. I'm requesting for the claim settlement and penalty of charges Rs. 25,000- As this must be happening to other customers please take this seriously.: GC no. of: 4538637


Posted on Dec 03, 2018

I have assigned Poonia Packers to shift my scooter from Chandigrah to Pune on 14/11/18. No information regarding the vehicle even after 15 days and the packers are not attending calls or giving proper response.


Posted on Dec 01, 2018

Dear sir, here i am yogesh sharma from dehradun , i have quote for household shifting from faridabad(haryana) to dehradun(uttarakhand) by TRANSTECH PACKER AND MOVERS , the problem is that they have picked my material on 29.11.2018 on evening and i have paid all amount by RTGS, But my material didnt received and transtech staff didn't pick my call last day, kindly look at this matter and take a necessary step against this(I TALK THEM OF TRANSTECH STAFF MR.PRADIP - 8505839551 , MR. ABHAY 8860752890) Rgds, Yogesh sharma 9818240849 , 7983157039


Posted on Nov 23, 2018

Dear Team, On 18.10.18, I had sent my packages through Orbit Packers and movers from Mumbai to Bangalore. On 26.10.18, only 4 packages were delivered. 1 package was pending to deliver and was committed that it will be delivered by next day. Till date I'm following up with all their contact details mentioned, there are weird responses received. They are asking me to go to market and check for spares, is it my job, then why did they take full payment. I need your support. It was mental harrassment from them, who is least bothered to solve the issue or giving me response we cannot help you out.

Shailendra Kumar singh

Posted on Nov 22, 2018

sir i was requested to these people please delivered my appliance to home town in Jaunpur i was trying to contact him bus they are stop responding my all home appliance in under his go down and as of now i don't have any way to get my appliance back and i have already paid 20000 rs for shifting charges please help me out for the same they completely Cheater

Sudhir singh

Posted on Nov 18, 2018

I have hired Agarwal mover and packers for shifting of my household items from Muzaffarnagar to Varanasi ,I handed over item to them on 03 nov 2018 in morning with 35 items and consignment no 4476602 but my items had not reached till 17/11/2018 sir I have been in transfer and all my basic need items in cart I have unable to survive ,sir I have been contacting them from 4 November but their all staff not coordinating like mr jeetu,mr hussain,mr reddy ,mr sunil chauhan they all promised sir your item will deliver very next day from 11 nov 2018 and mr shiva Varanasi branch they all mentally harassed me sir I have made payment on 03 nov 2018 sir please do the needful as I have no any option please take very strict action against them either they compensate me and take strict against them

Shiraz Ali

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Hello Team, As promised by packer & movers didn't get my transportation delivered on time & they delaying with lot of reasons. now when i am calling them & forcing them to deliver my things, they are using bad language. i am very much frustrating & worried about my belongings. Please help i am shifted in bangalore from pune & i don't have my necessary thing with me

junesh sethi

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Dear, I want to complaint against M/s Professional Packers and Movers, E-5, Sohna Chowk, Gurugram 122001 (Hr) This company not deliver my Washing Machine from Noida to Zirakpur Punjab. We have handover on 15-10-2018 and till the date they people not deliver at my Home. Please look into this matter seriously, Thanks and regards


Posted on Nov 10, 2018

We have been a victim of fraud and faced absolute deficiency in services by a packers and movers while shifting our household goods.Please suggest how to file a complain and claim compensation.

Deepak Yadeedya

Posted on Nov 06, 2018

Leo packers and movers they told full settlement 13k but after packages dump into vehicle and include insurance and GST that became 21k they will send the packages on 6th of nov .. they took luggage at 4th till not get the luggage and pay full amount other wise the luggage not the address mentioned in the bill and all is fake

Shamik Chakraborty

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

Incident 1 : I , SHAMIK CHAKRABORTY booked my goods from Pune to Kolkata on 5th september, 2018 and they told it will be delivered by 7 days. But after 25 days also it was not delivered. They provided the wrong address to Bluedart through which they shipped the product. Bluedart is saying that it is the packers responsibility to update the correct address to them. But after repeatedly calling the concerned person Mr Amit from 1stchoice packers he could not update the correct address to Bluedart and hence it is not delivered. Previously he provided me two wrong waybill numbers also. He is not cooperating at all. I am going through lots of harassment due to this and do not know when can I get my goods. Incident 2 : After lots of follow up and e mail I received the goods on 6th October . But Out of the six boxes/ Cartoons booked by me from pune, I found Five Boxes are mine and some items are broken also and the sixth one Is not mine. Again after repeated follow up I did not receive my

Ram ji shukla

Posted on Nov 03, 2018

I have booked my luggage with universal packers and movers with gst paid bill. But they have provided me bill in which including gst is mentioned but amount not written. I told him to provide another bill in which 12000 amount 2200 gst mentioned as he promised me earlier. But every time he told I will send but he didn't send

Somnath Das

Posted on Nov 01, 2018

I have booked for Packers and movers through No broker app. and gotthe qoutation for the relocation from 1 st floor to 2nd floor within 1/2 km circle in kellys. The quotation was for Rs.7000/- which includes packing, unpacking, loading and unloading of goods. However after loading the goods onto the goods carrier the packers and movers (Sai cargo) assist manager called and stated that the distance from gate to the 1st floor is very high around 200mts and demanded Rs 1000/- more and failing to pay they willnot further proceed. the distance was not more than 40mts and also the No broker representative has not communicated while interaction regarding the distance to be covered. However I agreed to pay more Rs 1000/-.Now after unloadinfg the goods at new relocated premises the unpacking of cot was only performed and left 90% of the goods in unpacked condition. On calling the cstomer care executive of both No broker as well as packers and movers communicated that only major items will be do


Posted on Oct 31, 2018

I have given contract to TCI Express Packers and movers for shifting my house hold & TVS Victor bike MH05-DC-5167, from Jagatpura, Jaipur to Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, loading of Goods has been done on 21-10-2018, and delivery date was agreed on 24-10-2018. Total invoice amount was Rs.20,700 ( including Rs.3,000 for insurance and RS. 2,700 for GST), At the time of loading I have paid Rs. 15,000 and balance Rs.5,700 will be paid at the time of delivery. They refused to deliver the goods so I paid Full amount before delivery. I received my house hold & bike on 30-10-2018 in damaged condition. They have not provided manpower for unloading and filling of bed and sofa, only driver was with the goods. Name and contact no. of TCI Express Packers and movers. 1. Dinesh Shekhawat - +91-7015043409 2. Chandan Shekhawat-+91-7240104364 3. Manish Shekhawat- +91-98137 20406 Now, I am asking them the amount of recovery claim for damaged goods around Rs.19,000/- please help me to recover the same from them.

Rajib Pathak

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

I used Rishi Packers and Movers to move my household items from Delhi to Pune this month. They promised to deliver the consignment within 7 days of time. However it is not delivered till today(11th) day and every day they making fool with statement that today it will delivered.

Subrata Dutta

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

I am Subrata Dutta. I was staying at Flat# 3, D- Block, DLF Woodland Heights, Jigani, Bengaluru-560105; currently moved to Kolkata, West Bengal. On 08-October-2018, Siya Packers and Movers packed our house holds and promised to deliver at Kolkata on 14-Oct-2018. After that they changed the promised date to 15th October, then 16th October and so on, but still they didn't deliver the goods. Today again promised to deliver tomorrow morning. Can you please take a complain for the same. Packers Company Details: Siya Packers and Movers, No. 18, 5th Cross, Siddaiah Road, Sudhamanagar, Bengaluru- 560027 Ph- 08048663977 / 9071182000 / 9844782000 (all are either switched off or not rechargeable) Ramesh (another contact from packers and movers): +91 734 945 4247

Rahul Agrawal

Posted on Oct 21, 2018

I want to lodge a complaint against Agrawal Domestic Movers and Packers run by Mr S Sharma and his son Anil Sharma contact no 8582997777.They are making false commitments and taking orders and after taking they are not bothered about consignments.They gave the date of delivery of 12/10/2018 but they have sent half material on 14/10/2018 and rest is not delivered till 21/10/2018. Many things are in broken condition.And Mr Anil has booked but after that he is not even picking the calls and his father is talking now. They should not be approved by any association as they are not professionals. They are lying daily to the customers that it will get deliver today and giving false commitments. Kindly take appropriate action. And I am yet to pay the amount of Rs.8000/- to them.

Kush Chaudhary

Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Moovers packeres name - vishal cargo moovers packeres Mobile number of company owner - 09990656610 Name - somvir Choudhary My complaint is regarding missing goods and clothes from my bag Dear respected sir/ madam I have given my goods to this company for delivery Noida to Mumbai .. they have office in Noida Gautam city and palam vihar delhi.. First of all i got my goods after 25 days later he took 25 days to sent me that .. One of my box is missing .. he took some of my wife's expancive cloths from bags like sari and all.. my fault is I don't take insurance for clothes ... I want to know what stap I can take against him and his company ...


Posted on Oct 19, 2018

VS packers movers, sahibabad a fraud Packers & Movers running by goons, they have taken all my households,car, advance money and then start lying,torturing 20+days lying about location,talking abusively, aggressively then ask us to take by all stuff myself, use the car (driven 500+km ) made very dirty and now not picking call when I am asking for refund !!

Shipra Shresth

Posted on Oct 17, 2018

I wanted to transfer my car & Luggage (6 Bags) to Bangalore from Delhi, I got the details of Classic Movers & Packers (TIVOLI FARM, CHATTARPUR, DELHI) from Just Dial and though of getting it done.So, on 23rd Sep 2018 I did the payment and confirmed (5 Luggage & 1 Guitar) + Car Transfer. On 28th September 2018 I got a call from Narendra to clear the payment and he told he has sent me a mail , when I saw the mail it was mentioned I need to pay 54398/- more as they have insured my car and luggage.. Insurance for Car – 11250/- Insurance for Luggage – 25500/- GST - 8298 /- Transport Charges - 9500/- So total I need to pay its 54398/- (THIS WAS NOT DISCLOSED AT TIME OF PICKING THE CAR)But when I received my car it was damaged badly-broken side mirrors in fact there wer no mirrors, on front side bumper there was a dent, car was in fully accidently case and in luggage guitar and watch case was missing (guitar cost 1.2Lacs & watches 80k

Meenu Goel

Posted on Oct 16, 2018

Company named U Pack Movers India is a fraud company, they hardly provide any service make false commitments, take security money from people for their cartons and never send their security back, please take action against them. Address: Shop No. 1 , NEar Hanuman Mandor, Harola, Sec 5, Noida, G.B Nagar 201301 Mail: Web: Phone: 8527129271/ 9811084086/ 7503511892 Owner: Abhishek Singh, Ravinder Kumar

Prabhat Pandey

Posted on Oct 14, 2018

Globe India(thane) Mumbai movers & packers company are experts in last minute blackmail...i was asked for additional rs.2000 as miscellanous charges.Not just that the two other guys who were packing my belongings also asked for rs.500 as buckshish...So i paid total rs.2500 as extra apart from main amount which i paid them. Why did i pay extra, i had no other option.I was theretened to pay or they will offload all my belongings from the truck,my two year old daughter had fever & i was in hurry as my train was also scheduled. I shifted from Mumbai(kandivali) to Ahmedabad( ghatlodia) on 10th Oct'18. Me, my Wife & my old father felt so humilated & helpless..

Sadanand Nerurkar

Posted on Oct 13, 2018

Hello, While moving from Bangalore to Mumbai, we availed services offered by VRL packers and Movers. VRL asked us to pay full amount even without checking our items during delivery in August 1st week. Few items are missing and not yet received by us and few Insured items are damaged. We are following with VRL, but nothing is even acknowledged by them. It's 2 months now, but we have not received any kind of update from them. Please do guide us in this case. We have even, not received our missing items.

Pk Tiwari

Posted on Oct 10, 2018

Loss of car key and other items during transit of car fm gurugram to chennai by transporter

Sudhir Gurav

Posted on Oct 09, 2018

Below is the list of missing items and damage items along with cost. 1.Cartoon box- Contains Grocery Items worth Rupees 8000/+ 2.Rice Bag of 25kg - worth Rupees 1200/-+ 3 Insurance copy Not provided- Insurance declared 100000 and amount paid 3000. 4. Washing machine -RS. 28500, Double door refrigerator-RS. 21000 , King Size bed RS.10000 - Damaged condition 5. Kitchen items worth 10000 has been damaged.


Posted on Oct 08, 2018

I booked my byke for transport with OM SAI PACKER AND MOVERS ccompany on 15/09/2018 From Ranaghat in West Bengal to Balangir in Odisha.But this company no delivery my byke till now. I have many times phone on this company and they do not pick up my phone.

Ajay Kumar

Posted on Oct 05, 2018

Agarwal packers & movers, DRS GROUP damaged my stuff while shifting from Noida to Haridwar and is not ready to either get my stuff repaired or compensate me.after long fight company agreed to settle my claim at 20k and suddenly denied to abide by. I have been facing the mental trauma from last 3 months and company is just not listenibg to my grievance. Sir, my hard earned monay has been compromised by this fraudulent Company. Thus is my most humble request to intervene in this matter and help me. Highly hopeful to get justice. Ajay Kumar 9999893053

Neha Chouksey

Posted on Oct 03, 2018

We booked worldline packers and movers from Jaipur to transport our household stuffs from Jaipur to Hyderabad on 6th September 2018.The owner Naveen(7222022060/9829934841/8058331155) took whole advance and promised to deliver our goods within 1 week but did not deliver our goods to Hyderabad address.we anyhow found the transporter with whom the goods were lying in Hyderabad on 22nd September 2018..we again paid this new transpoter whole amount to release our goods.but most of our goods are still missing(tv,doublebed,two wheeler Dio,steel bartan stand etc)naveen has not returned us money nor is attending our call.this has caused us lot of mental and physical cinsumer complaint no. Is 920800.naveen has not responded to maul also.please help.

Nitin Sharma

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

Hi, I booked goods transfer thru Worldwide packers (Jaipur) on 7/09/2018 from Jaipur to Chandigarh. They did not deliver the TV, other goods were delivered very late and most were damaged. The manager thru whom the booking was made is Naveen mobile number 9829934841/7222022060. I have call recordings and messages where Naveen has made false commitments about the TV delivery. They are no longer responding to my phone calls.Kindly assist. Regards, Nitin Sharma


Posted on Sep 28, 2018

My honda shine bike bookesd through Rithika cargo packers and movers last month 16 but till date not recived my bike.Not given responsible also

Anand Prakash

Posted on Sep 20, 2018

I booked my Honda Activa through Alka packers from bangalore to hyderabad. He promised me that i will get the bike on next day. but its been 4 days and i am not sure about my bike status.

Demudubabu G

Posted on Sep 19, 2018

kaswan packers and movers booked my house hold needs in 22/08/2018. because not delivery on time. than not reply .


Posted on Sep 18, 2018

Sir I have booked my two wheeler Honda activa 125 cc in good and working condition from Hyderabad to Delhi by paying 3675/-.The packers and movers by name VRL CARGO has promised safe and secure delivery of the vehicle but delivered it in a damaged condition. I contacted them but they were very rude and after one conversation they stopped lifting my calls also. So i mailed to their customercare e mail id but there was no reply. I contacted on their customer care number 9121768173/74 and the person on call has cut my call abruptly saying that its not claimable damage. So I request you to take action against VRLPACKERSMOVERS,HYDERABAD and see that they pay me for the damages done to my vehicle

Rekha Rathore

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

On 3rd sept 2018, Gati packers movers (Plot No-55, Near Huda Nursery,Atul Katariya Chowk, Gurgaon Haryana) collect my stuff from my brother's place ( Sector 83 Vatika Next India, Gurgaon) to move in Pune at my new address : U-10 sacred heart town society wanowrie Pune 411040. Before that I had a conversation over the phone from them, the person name is Satish ( 9953166700) to transfer my stuff from Gurgaon to Pune. the quotation he said was of 8000 + 18% tax on 8,000. which almost of 10,000 total. I asked Mr. Satish Sharma again and again, its 10,000 total because I will not pay extra money. he confirmed the same many times. after confirmation I asked him to collect stuff on 3rd Sept 2018, labors reached my brother's place at 8 am. once they were leaving after loading in the truck. my brother asked for receipt or bill. the labor said the bill will be sent by the office in next 1 hour. As per commitment with Satish, 10,000 was the expected amount but when I received the bill it's of 2

Amit Kumar

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

Sir I have done booking with Agrawal Excellent Packway Movers Pvt LTD. On 02 Aug 18 for shifting of household items from Chandigarh to Gwalior.Company address is office no.38, Palm enclave, Near Ranjan Plaza, opp Big Bazar, Zirakpur and contact no. Is 9260075001 & 9260066003.I have booked total 38 packages,out of which only 36 packages I have received. 02 pair of mattress they left in their gowdon. Initially company agent and manager Mr Rakesh and Mr Madan promised me to send it in 2 to 3 days. But since last one and half months they never send my remaining packages on repitited request from my side. Now they ignored my call and talking annoyingly with me. Please help me.


Posted on Sep 12, 2018

we have booked Speedex home packers and movers zirakpur chandigarh to shift our house hold articles from Muzaffarnagar (U.P) to Kharar (punjab). They have damaged our LCD which cost 25000/-. While complaining same to the owner he is using abusive language with us and not giving any compensation amount for the same. Owner Name: Satyaveer Chauhan mobile: 8104065920 8196816007 9050076001

Pawas Pusatkar

Posted on Sep 11, 2018

I have done booking from "D S Packers and movers- Delhi" for shifting of my two vehicles and house hold articles from Gurgaon to Hyderabad, and the same has been picked from my Gurgaon location on 28th Aug 2018. I have done full payment in advance. Your Executive Mr. Vinod- 9311550002 committed delivery maximum in 7 days. But even after 10 days delivery has not been done. When I called Vinod , he was not picking my call. Some other guy called me and spoke to me badly and misbehaved with me. On 6th sept my house hold articles (But not vehicles) delivered by the driver without any labour support. I have unloaded material of my own. However Vinod committed me that you people will deliver the material at door step. I called Vinod on 6th sept for status of vehicles delivery as the same has not been come along with house hold articles, he told me it has been delayed and can be delivered by 10th Sept. Vehicles still not delivered and they are saying it has not been dispatched yet.

rajeev ranjan

Posted on Sep 11, 2018

i sent my bike from bangalore to patna through divya cargo movers ( the quotation they gave was 4500 on call including GST and insurence for door to door delivery. they picked my bike from my place in bangalore and packed it and after that i got a ping with bill of 5820 rs, i refused to pay much but they said if you dont pay, we are not going to give it back. as a ransom i had to pay that much. but at patna they did not deliver it to my door but asked us to pick it from their ware house which was 40 km away from my place. with no option left we had to pick from their ware house. worst experience of my life with this packers and movers.

Raghavendra Rao B P

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

I am a Central Government employee working in Coffee Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. I was transferred from Delhi to Bangalore recently and in this connection, I had engaged the services of M/s.Agarwal Home Solution Packers & Movers (Regd.), Plot No.76, Dwarka Sec-26, New Delhi-110077 (Service Tax No.ARVPK3176HDS001), Website:, to shift my household items from No.983B, Gali No.9, Upper Ground floor, Govindpuri, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 to No.1/45-1, 3rd cross, Kempegowda Layout, Kaverinagar, BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore-560085. I have paid an amount Rs.6,000/- vide ref.No.1664 towards shifting, loading, unloading, insurance, etc. and they have taken my house hold items on 22.07.2018 under the consignment No.338. I regret to inform that even after one and half months, I have not got my items delivered to Bangalore address. My household items like single door-Fridge, LCD TV, Aquaguard Water Purifier, kitchen items, etc.

akash Padgelwar

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Fast Track, Movers and packers, Ive booked myy house hold from Gurgaon to haryana, on 31.07.2018, but while delivering They lost my 5 Box material which was cost around 25000, he cheated by telling stories from here n there, and last week he accepted that its lost. Even he gave quotation of 10000 including Insurance but he havnt done it.Mental harassment, and economical loss we suffered from I want to file the case. on him

Prahlad Kapri

Posted on Sep 08, 2018

Complain against transporter Mr Surendra mob no 9925082668 in the name of airlines cargo


Posted on Sep 06, 2018

From: RANJAN VRL PACKERS & MOVERS Message: My name is Ranjan I recently moved from GREATER NOIDA to BEGUSARI BIHAR ( PATNA ). we have booked VRL PACKERS & MOVERS ( VPO LUKSAR KASNA GREATER NOIDA G.B NAGAR ) to shift my household goods to Coimbatore. Their HO is in DELHI FLAT NO-383 MIG COLONY DWARAKA SEC-26 NEW DELHI. The goods cost will be around Rs. 1.50 lacs. An Estimation was given for all the household goods for Rs.27,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance. The above deal was finalized by Mr.Mohan & Pardeep. The Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But, those papers were not sent till today. Our Luggage has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. We have called a number of times to Mr. Mohan, Mr.Pardeep and also to their head office in Delhi but, their is no proper response. After 10 days, after calling a number of times, Mr.Mohan said that the luggage is still in Gurgaon warehouse. Their behaviour is

Shiv Kumar

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

Consignment ID - V48096948 I booked courier service to deliver Rakhi to my home. 1. Package was not delivered to home, although, my mother had to go and collect it from the DTDC office. 2. Package was opened and goods were stolen by DTDC employees. 3. I raised complaint and attached photos of goods. These morons didn't reply at all and didn’t address the concern and in-spite their best response if "consignment delivered". DTDC is mull functioning organization besides intention of cheating people. DTDC offerings are not reliable and trust worthy. I would become the worst customer impacting their customer base by words of mouth and social media.

P V R S Prakasa Rao

Posted on Aug 31, 2018

we had booked our house hold goods for transportation from secunderabad to Bilaspur with DRS Dilip Roadlines,MGRoad,secunderabad.vide consignment note no 4619594/15.8.18. They had promised that the goods will be delivered on 18.8.18 and delivered on 20.8.18. The apcking was not good and handling of goods is careless and they have not taken proper care in preventing damage of the goods from rain. Due to their negligence and careless ness, all the goods drenched in rain, packages are opened, clother soaked, matteress soaked,books soaked in water, furniture damaged and broken, clock broken, utensils dented, what not. They had promised taht they take the goods in the truck which they loaded with in secunderabad but they transhipped goods to another truck in this proocess they ahve handled the goods with utmost carelessness and the goods are damaged. The employees are careless and they do not attend the calls when I wanted to contact for resolving my grievance.I had suffered lossandagony


Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Extra charges making fraud not giving damage panelty item damage and not full recived

saroj kumar

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

i booked my jacuzzi bathtub through max international packers and movers in gurgao and after 1 month not recieved items and put my no in block list.

Ravikiran Udupa

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

I have shifted my carriage and belongings via nova packers and movers on 20-8-2018 but die to their poor packing and loading of materials my TV and fridge got totally damaged. In this regard I have been calling them and sending msg frequently resulting in no proper response. In view of the above I request you to immediately resolve the issue and cancel IBA licence of nova packers and movers. Pl call me sir

Ranjan Kumar

Posted on Aug 25, 2018

Dear Sir, I booked HOUSEHOD GOODS WITH MAESTRO SCOTY to be transported from Greater Noida to Barauni Patna with http:// on 16th August 2018. It was scheduled to be shifted in 3-4 max a week. Still now its 11 days not shipped. Now the aget whose number is +91 9355150009 name Manoj Singh is now not even picking the calls. Earlier he used to say it would reach tomorrow for past 5 days he is sayiing it will reach today or tomorrow and now he has stopped taking my calls. Please suggest how can I proceed , I have fear that he may have used my bike for illegal things. Any information on what to do next please tell me .

Neeraj Venu

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

Dear Sir, I booked my Discover bike to be transported from Noida to Ankleshwar with on 13th August 2018. It was scheduled to be shifted in 3-4 max a week. Still now its 11 days not shipped. Now the aget whose number is +91 965 439 0999 name BR sharma is now not even picking the calls. Earlier he used to say it would reach tomorrow for past 5 days he is sayiing it will reach today or tomorrow and now he has stopped taking my calls. Please suggest how can I proceed , I have fear that he may have used my bike for illegal things. Any information on what to do next please tell me .

muthu kumar

Posted on Aug 21, 2018

Dear Sir Transporter name: Oxford Cargo movers, Chennai Quotation No and date: 7812c/16-25 17/08/2018 Billed No and date: 210 (18/08/2018) delivery time 1-2 days we are not getting the materials still now and the transporter said every day today and tomorrow only but if i asked strongly they are asking additional money Please take a necessary action with the person contact number 9789961014

Anurag kesharwani

Posted on Aug 20, 2018

Skyking courier service, pendra bilaspur neither delivered courier nor return to us. Docket no- 376239026. Collection agent is Balwant tamrakar mob.-9039131080

Sarmistha Kumbhar

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Material booked on 12th June 2018 through SAI BALAJI CARGO Transport company,Vide consignment no-106,to be delivered in Rayagada,Odisha,till date not delivered.


Posted on Aug 16, 2018

Material not delivered even after picking of same before 20 days. Commitment was 7 days. No satisfactory response and ownership. Balaji pavers and mover, zirakpur, contact no 8872897217, lodging police complaint against them

Abhijeet Porwal

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

My name is Abhijeet Porwal. I used services of gatipackersandmovers now called besthomepackersandmovers for moving my household goods and activa from Noida to Hyderabad. They took complete payment at the time of goods pick-up. Upon delivery I found most of my furniture items in broken state, also during delivery I came to know that my 2 cartoon boxes, 3 nilkamal plastic chairs, 1 rotating wheel chair & activa missing. Upon many follow-ups with them, they only gave my activa after 1 month of goods pick-up, and for that too they were asking to pay Rs. 3000 for home delivery else they asked me to take it from warehouse. Now whenever I call them for my remaining items, they never pick up my call. The approximate cost of my missing items is around 20000. Apart from this I beard around Rs. 5000 for my broken furniture repair and around Rs. 5000 for office commutation on public transport due to non-availability of my activa. Please file the complain and guide me for further process.

Amit Dixit

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

My name is Amit Dixit. I recently moved from Noida(U.P) To Bangalore(Karnataka). I have booked All India Packers Movers Solution Pvt Ltd (AIPMS). It is Gurgoan based packers and movers located in Plot No C-250, Shiv Vihar, Sector 12 Road, Near Sheetla Mata Mandir, Gurgaon (HR) Mob No 9990949500 Email:- My most of the house hold got damaged and delivery was delayed for 3 days. I have taken photo for all the damage goods and when I complain for the same they misbehaved with me even they was refusing to deliver because of 5% non payment. I already paid 95% and ask them to deliver and told will pay 5% when you deliver but they refused . I have call conversation whats app chat message for the same.Please file the complain and guide me for further process

Gautam Kumar

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

my name is gautam i booked a packers & movers company for moving my luggage in patna on 4th aug but still now i didnot got my goods and call is picking by movers comapny they are not responding i call him lots of time

Vishal Gupta

Posted on Aug 12, 2018

on 5th of August, Leo movers and packers india pvt ltd has taken my all hoursehold things as I have booked from ghaziabad to gurgaon. we have decided the quotation of 16,500 for the same and also recived the recipt also now after taken my all the household things, they are telling to pay 59 thousand for the same, exactly 4 times approx and after I did verbal fight with them, they even didnt receving my calls and we have gone to his mentioned address but there is no shop available there as leo packers name and I put all my efforts to find his shop and the person Mandeep Singh, my household things costs approx 2 lac 80 thousand now please help me if there is any support or any things is there. I have all the receipt of insurance, invoice. Please help me, all my 3 years dedication earning households thing would be lost.


Posted on Aug 11, 2018

Transported Household goods from Delhi to Mohali on 27/06/2018 by Express packers and movers, Delhi. Bill was for Rs. 29,350/- which included Insurance amount of Rs. 4,050/- and Green Tax amount of Rs. 1, 500/-. After delivery of goods, I asked for the Insurance policy and tax receipt which they promised would be delivered soon. But till date the same has not been provided. I have been following them on mail, phone and whatsapp but their promises are unending. From last so many days, they have even stopped picking my calls. You are requested to kindly assist in getting the insurance policy and tax receipt so that I can claim reimbursement or help in getting the refund.


Posted on Aug 09, 2018

I had to transport my Jeep to Guntur AP for Rto work. I used VRL Car Carrier on the 3/7/18 and was told that my vehicle would reach in 3-4 days, however after continuous follow up on the 13/7/18 I got a call from Nithin (driver) saying the vehicle has met with an accident on the highway. On probing he revealed due to a truck drivers confusion my vehicle was unloaded before my destination and he was driving it to Guntur when the incident happened he sent picks of the vehicle and the google location so i could arrange for it to be towed to a garage. I had to call Mr Amit & Mr Devander to find out why the vehicle was driven and inform them about the accident, to which they told my it will be taken care of they will pay for the damages. its been more than a month now that I am following up with them and all they seem to do is postponed now they have stopped receiving my calls. I have no options left please advice on what I can do to take this further to resolve the issue. Regards, Manoj

Sanjeev Kumar

Posted on Aug 09, 2018

My name is sanjeev kumar and i have taken a servics from the no broker and ADO LOgstics PACKERS & MOVERS on dated-13/2/18. And this shifting from Ghaziabad to Chennai and my more then 92 % material is damage. I have shared a picture from both agencies but they are not giving any solutions and No Broker and ADO threatening me also. And i shared all the material pictures but no one giving me any solutions. ADO logistics address is Bld No. 26, Shop NO. 29, Purna nagar, Behind RTO Office, Chinchwad, Pune-411019 and another address is E-95, Phase-2, New Palam Vihar, Sec-110 Gurgaon-122017 and mail id : And NO broker owner mail id is,,

Indrajit Banerjee

Posted on Aug 07, 2018

Goods and Vehicle transportation from Bengaluru to Kolkata. Materials received in completely damaged condition. Amount of damage is in tune of Rs. 30000/-. Response is extremely poor too.

Tarun kumar

Posted on Aug 06, 2018

On 14th of july2018 i sent my luggage through care packers and mover from hassan karnataka to sangareddy telangana but till now(6th aug) i didn’t received my luggage and still it is in karnataka only . Because of that i’m paying money in hotels I want justice and the bill i’m paying because of them.

pawan kumar verma

Posted on Aug 01, 2018

i have shiftd from delhi to dehradun so for that purpose i gave my household items along with my bike to urben logistics packers movers.after collecting all the goods from house they charged me Rs. 11210 and after sometime they stared to force me to make full payment,when i make that payment they again asking for money and started saying to make more payment otherwise we will not deliever your goods.after the total payment of rs 20000. they delivered my all goods in damaged condition. i send them pics of that and try to connect but they started disconnecting my call.even 1 item is missing from total items which i handovered to them.i also sent a mail to them,but they neither replied of that mail nor picking phone.kindly look into this issue.


Posted on Jul 30, 2018

i have booked agarwal homeshifting packers and movers,they are worst than anything,they give false commitments before coming home they told 14000 after packing all 15000 after that they told they only dismantle and fix the bed after reaching location, now they saying they do not know to do.Now why should i bear extra charges to fix that.

ashish kumar sinha

Posted on Jul 29, 2018

i have booked my luggage from nasik to dhanbad through aggarwal packers and movers DRS gROUP,but till dat they ahve not provided me actual bill with tax,although they have taken from me and promised me to give me the invoice reciept after delivery.but they not provided me the same till date.

Sushil Mishra

Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Dear Sir, I had given my household item to Kuber Packers & Movers on dtd 5th May -18 in pune to transfer Faridabad ( Haryana) and material received on dtd 24th May -18 but my washing machine not delivered by Kuber packers & Movers, me & my wife started flowing to Kuber Packers but till date we haven’t received washing machine and employee of Kuber Packers misbehaved with my wife over the phone. From last two months we are using laundry services for the washing & cleaning our clothe and mentally we are harassed by Kuber Packers & Movers Please help us it will be your great help


Posted on Jul 25, 2018

I had booked Express packers and movers, Delhi for transportation of HOUSEHOLD goods from Delhi to Mohali, Punjab. The total bill was of Rs. 29,350/- which included Insurance amount of Rs. 4,050/- and Green Tax amount of Rs. 1,500/-. After the transportation of goods to Mohali on 27/06/2018, I asked for the Insurance policy and Tax receipt but the same was not provided. Since then, I have been following with them almost everyday by phone and whatsapp to provide the policy and tax receipt so that I can claim reimbursement of the amount from my office but the same has not been provided. On 14th July, I went to their official address at Mahipalpur and asked for the documents or demanded the money back but they assured me that the same will be provided on Monday. But till date the same has not been provided. You are requested to kindly assist in getting the policy and tax receipt or HELP in getting back the amount paid for the same. THANKS....

Ishika Arora

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

I booked a delivery consignment with a company which so calls themselves as “Agarwal Trans Cargo Packers & Movers”. The package was to be delivered from Bangalore to Khatauli (Muzaffarnagar). I provided the complete address of delivery residence at the time of booking and had clearly mentioned that the address is around 25km from the main Muzaffarnagar City Center. At the time of booking, the executive Mr. Manish never mentioned that they don’t have service in my location and would only deliver the package to their godown in Muzaffarnagar. Upon delivery of the goods Muzaffarnagar, when the package status didn’t gt updated for 2-3 days, I called Mr. Manish on July 25th to check the status. Then he said that we won’t be able to deliver the package to your location as we don’t service in the area. He said that I should go and pickup the goods myself, and that he would reimburse the relevant expenses to me for this. When I sent my person there for collection, he didn’t respond to my calls.

Avishek Mehta

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

I've placed a request to a courier company on 20.07.18 to shift a king size mattress and 1 small carton consist of curtains from Bangalore to Pune. They have quoted Rs 4000 initially and pickedup all stuff but while moving the same out of his warehouse he raised price to 5900 and spoke rudely. He told that they will return the goods at my Bangalore home and will charge 3500Rs..I told them that I can pay 50% of total price ,so that they release the goods to Pune but they are not agreeing on that also..Total good value is 42000 Rs and I'm afraid that they won't give the goods back Pls find attach the bill given by them. Contact details: Jogendra Singh: +919983831010 Suresh: +919513262735.They claim to be from Agarwal packers and movers

Shriom Deswal

Posted on Jul 24, 2018

Respected madam, I am staying at D-301 NAWADA HOUSING COMPLEX Dwarka Mor. I sent some luggage (two boxes, one wooden box and one steel box which contains computer, laptop, internet server and some other house hold items) to my son who is in Bangalore. I contacted Mr Manjeet Sheoran mob 9711701397( Satyam packer and movers) they picked up the boxes on27th Jun. I was told that it will be delivered in 6-8 days. On 7th July I contacted him and asked about the luggage he said that it will be delivered on 10th my son waited whole day but it was not delivered. When we tried to contact him he didn't answer our call. On 13th he said that it will be delivered on 16th July. That day also my son waited for the items. Even he could not go to the office. But the boxes were not delivered. We tried to call Mr Manjeet but he didn't replied. On 19 th after a long struggle, he picked up phone and said Saturday it will be delivered. But Saturday also same problem. Now he is not answering my calls.

Abrin Shaikh

Posted on Jul 23, 2018

I had shifted my household stuff from Bangalore to MUmbai using VRL Movers and Packers.They charged me 7000 and now they are not delivering my stuff asking for 3000 more.When I denied as I have made full paymemnt they are refusing to unload my stuff.Its been 12 days my stuff is lying wiyth them.Please help!

mayank pandey

Posted on Jul 23, 2018

national home pack and move,pune is cheating with price to transport the house hole stuff to provided address.they quoted price after inspection all the stuff rs.8900 plus gst and insurance. now they asking 37500/for same ,saying we need to pay this much of amount.and company person misbehaving with my stuff hold at pune and company is not helping for to solve the problem.

Md aftab husain

Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Posted On: 2018-07-20 13:00 I have moved my household luggage through RAM PACKERS AND MOVERS from crpf camp jalandhar, to NAGROTA jammu on 20th june, 2018. My luggage containing valuable goods around Rs.9000 was missing . Inspite of many requests and calls from me, they are not bothered about it. They have many branches all over India. They have collected an amount of Rs.2700 towards GST . But, they have not mentioned any GST number on the bill. When confronted about the GST number, they gave me a reckless answer.They have also collected insurance amount of Rs.1500 ,but now i am not able to claim anything. Later, when i have checked about them online, there were many number of similar complaints like this. Please look in the matter and take serious action so that no one should be suffering like me. Ram PACKERS AND MOVERS CONTACT NUMBERS : +919216212222 9316388999


Posted on Jul 20, 2018

I have moved my household luggage through VRL PACKERS AND MOVERS from basavanagudi, Bangalore to ECIL, Hyderabad on 16th june, 2018. My luggage containing valuable goods around Rs.11000 was missing . Inspite of many requests and calls from me, they are not bothered about it. They have many branches all over India. They have collected an amount of Rs.2700 towards GST . But, they have not mentioned any GST number on the bill. When confronted about the GST number, they gave me a reckless answer.They have also collected insurance amount of Rs.1500 ,but now i am not able to claim anything. Later, when i have checked about them online, there were many number of similar complaints like this. Please look in the matter and take serious action so that no one should be suffering like me. VRL PACKERS AND MOVERS CONTACT NUMBERS : 09375550858 8880008189

Sundari poolan

Posted on Jul 20, 2018

I m frm Chennai booked Sai Packers & movers for shifting household things frm mumbai to Chennai. They fixed d amount as Rs. 5000 & asked me to pay 2500 online first & rest at d time of collecting things. I had paid 2500 in his kotak bank and it got credited to his account. Later he called & said fr sharing u hav 2 pay d full amt then only d booking is done. So I said okay & paid 2500 2 d same acc online.amt got debited frm my acc but he said it's nt credited on my acc u will get the amt in your acc within 7 to 8 working days. I said okay. The very next day he made me call more than 10 times & asked me to pay another 2500 to axis bank acc so that he can collect things. I had done the same. My amt got debited from my acc. Again he called and said amt not credited on his acc.It will recredit in ur acc u do one thing swipe ur card so tht we get the amt imm. By his call tourtre I done the same more 1000 he debited from my acc w/o me knowledge. Pls help to get my 11000 back.


Posted on Jul 18, 2018

i have made a truck booking from Pilibhit to Bihar through Mehta Interstate transport corp. and made a advance payment of rs 9000 to their account but at the end time the told me that need to make 10000 more to confirm the booking, so i told them to cancel the booking and return my money back . So he told me that they going to return the payment by next account in my account . Now i am trying to contact him but they are not picking my phone and not even transferred the payment. 9012535042 : Mehta transport . So please look into this matter.

National Engineering Works

Posted on Jul 18, 2018

Every time I book my material for various outstation in india from Delhi. I am being charged Rs. 50 as G.R. ( builty ) charges without issuing any receipt. when I questioned that you can't charge without receipt, they did not give any answer and I was told that I have to pay this or your material will not be booked. This is the case for all leading transport without any exceptions. Kindly help

Rudresh Pratap Giri

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

Safe Express Packers & movers has packed my wares from Delhi to Patna, when I called him he visited without documents & packed my ware & household goods. When I asked him details of builty, list goods, and bill of payment, he asked me to give it later, then told by evening, then , by morning & etc...etc. And he sent me bill copy by late night at around 10 PM and charged for a lot of ridiculous amounts. I asked him to give GST, but he asked me to pay all amount without any problems & if I'll not pay the amount what he asked me to pay then he threatened me to pay Rs. 5000/ per to keep my goods with him. I negotiated him to pay for that a certain amount but he threatened me to give all amount what he asked. He told me to dispatch by courier, then says to give by parcel vehicle driver, and he has charged me against insurance, GST, Green Tax etc..but not given me a single paper of paying that amount to Government. And when my goods reached to my home a lot of goods are theft, & damaged.

Shammi Ranjan Singh

Posted on Jul 17, 2018

Dear Sir, Request you to kindly help to resolve the issue. 22-06-18 on I have send the my official goods from Delhi To Dimapur & Mizoram but still not received. Items List – 1. IT Lab Items (CPU/Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard/Cable)(Dimapur- Nagaland) 2. Chairs (Dimapur-Nagaland) 3. Books (Mizoram) Yesterday I have received 50% IT Lab and chairs but book still not received. Payment status – as per attached bill 80% payment already done. 20% payment after delivery. After many follow up with Mukesh/Shekhawat/Chouhan, but still not received my goods and even not share any status. Thanks & Regards, Shammi Ranjan Singh| Assistant Manager – Skill Development| eCentric Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | A CMMi Level 5 Company | 605 Bhikaji Cama Bhawan , Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi | Mobile: 8882229084| Email:

Aparna Singh

Posted on Jul 16, 2018

Staff harasses you on complaining for damage of goods and stops unloading on delay of payment... Veey bad packing material.... They have threatened me on phone and have stopped my unloading in delay of payment.... They are free for all mistakes...delayed loading by 9 hours and unloading 7 hours.... Huge loss of items and furniture...


Posted on Jul 09, 2018

I have given my car to Agarwal Car Transport Pvt Ltd for shifting from Anantapur (AP) to Jammu on 26th June 2018 and I paid full transportation charges online on pickup day itself. They promised that they would deliver in 10 days. But, it is already 13 days and there is no response from them and they failed to give me information on the whereabouts of my car. Can you please help?

Amitesh Bhatt

Posted on Jul 09, 2018

Hi, I have booked my household stuff from Euro Logistics on 15th Jun to Sandeep Sharma. And now they are recovering my call and it’s been 3 weeks. I have deposited 37 thousand INR including insurance but they are not responding.


Posted on Jul 07, 2018

A unit of Harish Cargo- Fastrack Cargo has refused to deliver my goods loaded on 30th June & its 7 days from now. They have refused to answer my queries. Even at the time of loading they have stuffed anyhow without even taking care to see the extent of damage taking place which I have pointed to them.

Priya Ranjan

Posted on Jul 07, 2018

Dear Sir I am an Immigration Officer I was posted at Sahar Airport Mumbai. Recently I got transferred to Lucknow and I was relieved on March 31, 2018. Sir, agter my transfer I booked all my household items including one Motor Bike (RJ 14 46M 3110) for transportation to Lucknow with one Kharghar based Mover and Packer agency namely "Balaji Packers and Movers" Shop No-12, Green Haritej, Sector 20, Plot No 79/80, Kharghar Navi Mumbai. I handed over all my household items and Bike on 31/03/2018 to be delivered to me at Lucknow. But the owner of the agency namely Roshan Lal (Mb-9820071825) and his staff namely Vikram Singh (Mb-9167903111) cheated me. They although delivered my household items on 16/04/18, did not deliver my Bike (RJ 14 46M 3110). Despite my many calls, he did not return/deliver my Bike and later he told me that Bike was stolen from his possession and sent me photo for FIR of my bike theft after few days. I hereby give you this intimation and request you for necessary action

rajeev nayan

Posted on Jul 06, 2018

we v faced unprofessional behaviour of iba approved anil movers & packers kolkata division.without knowing proper request they have declined their duty in a very rude manner. mr.abhinav havenot performed their duties in a honest way. to say we donot work on night is was their only excuse although all yhe shifting work has to be done on daylight sunday at howrah salkia. material has to be tansferred from salkia to kharagpur. so kindly i request u raise this issue on before iba as ther have been agreement with our banking association &bankers will suffer like this how any other person would have been treated god knows.


Posted on Jul 03, 2018

Dear forum, i have shifted my luggage from Narsapur,Medak dist, Telangana to Hangal,Haveri dist,Karnataka through AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS on 8/5/18 which supposed to deliver by 11th but delivered on 15th may with few things daamaged and theft. Almirah was completely damaged and also nearly 12 items missing.i have insured my items through same packers and movers.I have informed about the damage and missing of items to delivery team,hyd team,hubli team though phones and mails continuosuly. but no response from AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS, DRS GROUP.i have each and every conversation over phone and mails. kindly help us in resolving the issue and to compensate my items. thank you. Regards, Venkatesh V


Posted on Jul 03, 2018

I have taken service by Star Packers and Movers Bangalore,the guy with contact number 9980798077 . He gave a quotation of 4000.. took 5000 later and refused to give the invoice copy.When asked for it, he started shouting and told us me and 1 more girl to shift the luggage ourselves and so many mean words.

Priyanka agarwal

Posted on Jul 02, 2018

I took service of southern packers and movers to shift my houshold items from hyderabad to Porbandar. My wooden computer table got damaged whil transfer. Now they are not giving insurance claim even though They had charged insurance money while billing. Their GSt num is 36AOAPR1778L2ZF.plz help me


Posted on Jul 02, 2018

Dear Sir; I booked one consignment from pune to phagwara in two portions through Truckky logistics that time i paid 2600/- for automotive spare & 5500/- for machine spare. I have booked the return consignment from phagwara to pune all the materials are same & during pickup the person said he will send the docket paper online but he send the wrong data of materials and they were asking 19000/- after my complain they rechecked & send me revised quotation of 14000/-. They are not releasing my materials i have proof of all the documents. Kindly help me.

JP Sharma

Posted on Jul 01, 2018

I have booked my personal luggage from STR packers & movers, Guwahati on 14 Jun 18 to transfer my luggage from Shillong to allahabad. But the same is not delivered till date . My items transferred to ahemdabad instead of allahabad. The driver and transporter is also not picking the call. May valuable items moving here and there. The bill for the luggage was also not given by transporter , his GSTIN no. is 18AQIPR4319P1Z3. His personal mobile number is 9854037818 and 8011819202.please help me

Dhirendra Kumar Ram

Posted on Jul 01, 2018

I have transported my house hold goods from pune to ranchi through Kuber logistics movers and packers. Goods were damaged and wet Goods are stolen - LED tv wrist watches and bike was totally damaged. Now when I talk to the concerned person he is abusing go and take legal action,we do not care.


Posted on Jun 30, 2018

My lcd got damaged in shifting and Packers Movers Delhi ADDRESS D-115, South Ganesh Nagar, Near Pandav Nagar, Patparganj road Delhi- 110092 QUICK CONTACT +91-7086041900 EMAIL ADDRESS Is not responding now even he block my number.Inititally he is agree to pay for the repair and at his mistake too but now he didn't even response I had a word with the managing guy on +919555925599 this nber but now he blocked me please solve it out asap


Posted on Jun 30, 2018

I shifted a month back from sector 4 Gurgaon to sector 12A Gurgaon and coz of Packers & movers irresponsibility by Samsung lcd screen got damaged. In starting he accepted his mistake and ask me for 15 days time to pay it for repair but now he didn't pick me Cal even block me too

Anil Kara

Posted on Jun 29, 2018

I want to inform you that I have recently moved to Mumbai from New Delhi and transmitted my households through Air India Cargo Movers and Packers It's been more than 1.5 months we are trying to get our households but none of them are responding our calls messages Suspected Person Details 1 Brahma Nand Joshi Main Person New Delhi 9310203866 8745095700 AirIndia Cargo Movers and Packers 2 Prakash Joshi New Delhi 8750982866 8745973866 AirIndia Cargo Movers and Packers 3 Mahaveer Pareek Mumbai 9021786805 9930263844 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers 4 Bunty Pareek Mumbai 9371333844 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers 5 Radhey Pareek Main Person Pune 9342199199 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers We are unknown about the 3rd Party involved with AirIndia which is a severe crime Due to the negligence of these two Cargo Companies, my households delivery got delayed almost 1 month and damaged due to storage This damage was caused by them.


Posted on Jun 29, 2018

Sir, I, Sita Ram , Empolyee of NTPC Ltd, transferred from NTPC Koldam Hydro Power Project (H.P.) to NTPC Solapur Thermal Power station (Maharashtra). I gave my Car I-20, Hyundai- Make White colour to Mr. Hari Om Sharma, owner of agency M/s GARIMA CAR Carrier Gurugram on 03.04.2018 at 16:00hrs. with car condition report attached. Amount taken for shiftingis Rs 22000.00 (Rs Twenty Two Thousand Only). Mr, Sharma told me that your car will be delivered in Solapur Maruti agency in 9-10 days.(means on 12-13 april-18). but my car was delivered on pune highway on 25.04.2018 at 20.45hrs. with following conditions. 1.Front head light opposite to driver side found damaged -broken. 2.Car was used by Mr. Hari Om and run for 344Kms. car condition report Odometer reading when given on 03.04.2018 was 38052 Km when delivered at pune Solapur highway reading 38396KM and Bear bottle caps, matchbox were found under seat. 3.My Car luggage Diggy Tray found missing.Denying pay repair amount.

Anil Kara

Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Missing Items not yet delivered from past 1.5 months and Damage Certificate for damaged items are not provided by Air India Cargo Movers and Packers.No one responding on calls, messages, mails.


Posted on Jun 25, 2018

I have choose the Efficient packers & Movers Dwarka for shifting of my household item to HYD. That was the biggest mistake of mine.Ya kawal name ka efficient hai baki sara kam inefficient hai.EPM ka owner Dharmender ek number ka batmiz insan hai.Jab mera saman HYD pahucha to isna saman uttarna sa mana kar diya ki pehla balance amount pay karo warna saman wapas chala jayaga.Maina EPM to 40000 as advance da diya tha aur 4600 balance rakha tha.Isna mera saman raat to 12 baje uttar waya jab ki mena isko balance amount bhi pay kar diya tha 1:30 PM per.Issi payment ka chhakar mai internet ki wajaha sa mera account to 2 bar payment transfer ho gaya tha 1/6 ko aur uska baad sa mai isko lagatar phone kar raha hu 4600 tranfer karna ka liya aur ya Haramkhor na 25 din mai bhi mera amount transfer nahi kiya hai.Ya MC na insurance ka naam per bhi 3000 ruppes liya aur insurance company mai only 300 ruppes he premium jama kiya hai.Jab bhi phone karo is MC ko to pehla to phone nahi uthata hai.

Vani Rk Bahdur

Posted on Jun 25, 2018

I dialed Just dial for the assistance of movers and packers. From Just Dial i got the No of Real Cargo Packers and Movers, No-93, D.D.U.T.T.L, Industrial Suburb, Yashwanthpur, Banglore-560022. Ph no-080-41170453, 8050015003, customer care 8050013001, the person name Mr. Manoj mobile no 8861517941 from the company came for the luggage inspection and gave us the quotation of Rs.58.500 including luggage insurance of 1.5 lakh and he gave us the commitment of shifting our luggage to the U.P Gorakhpur Nepal Border in 15 days where we asked him to shift. Mr. Manoj took responsibility of our Luggage. I believed Mr.Manoj and hand over all my house hold luggage On 7th April with full amount Rs.58.500.It is more than 3 months of time we are keep calling him but Mr.Monoj give us one or the other reasons by saying different stories luggage will reach in one weeks time.But till date we haven't got our luggage. For our follow ups Mr.Manoj responses very rudely.

sasi kumar

Posted on Jun 24, 2018

we have shifted our home from gujarat to the above mentioned address via mahindra packers and movers at ahmedabad. the packing was very horrible and many of our things are missed.he didn't gave people for unloading but he promised he will do i am trying to get compensation for my missed and damaged products but he is not responding to my mail or phone calls.

Mohit Goel

Posted on Jun 23, 2018

I sent my home stuff from Delhi to Agartala through There office is in gurgaon. They said that my goods woll reach in 12 days. Now it has been 25 days but my material is not here yet. I paid him the full payment of 12000 for relocation and now whenever i call he doesn't pick my call and says that he is in hospital. He gave me the number of other person who told me that it will reach in one weeks time. Now he has also not attending my calls. If you could please help me out that will be of great help. Now i want to take legal action against them.

Manisha Yadav

Posted on Jun 23, 2018

HI, I am Manisha Yadav, Transferred my consignments from Indore,Madhya pradesh to Kolakta, West bengal on 15/06/2018 through Shree saad packers and movers,indore, Phone no. 7772024440. They promised to deliver the goods in 3 days that is on 18/06/2018 but i have not received it yet. They Misbehaved with us when asked for status of our consignments, moreover when asked for driver's contact the owner has provided his father's no and plotted the fake story.They didn't provided any tracking neither vehicle no. nor driver's no & when asked they repiled in vulgar manner. They charged us heavily for this consignment.When asked for tracking and compensation, they are not picking our phone. Kindly help me out

Dr Prashant Solanke

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

I Dr Prashant Solanke, transfer from 12, doctors quarters, sree mookambika institute of medical sciences, kulasekharam, 629161, kanyakumari, TN To, Rajiv gandhi institute of medical sciences, Adilabad, Telangana 504001. I hired goods packers & movers. With contact no 9042015050. They loaded the goods on 09/06/18. Goods are delivered on 22/06/18. Actually they promised to deliver after 3 days. Following goods are missing 2 trunk( kothya),8 box, 1 steel rack,1tricycle, 1 red colour air bag, 4 sacks. Kindly do necessary.

dilip kumar bania

Posted on Jun 20, 2018

Sir/Madam, I booked one consignment on 19.05.18 from hyderabad to Guwahati. Consignment no is 463 & cost Rs 5860/-. Till today, I am not able to trace the consignment. Company person stopped lifting phone calls. I am a defence person & not able follow up due to time constraint. Please help. Regards, Dilip Kumar Bania

Agarwal Car Transport Company Pvt Ltd

Posted on Jun 18, 2018

I booked my car with reg no UP53 V 2602 on 1st June2018 for transportation from Kolkata to Pune by paying Rs 12000/. I was promised that the car will be delivered in Pune after 10 days (max).But even after 17 days, I am not able to get the delivery estimate.My repeated calls to the above phone nos and other phomne nos mentioned in the bill gets no response. I am incurring financial cost due to non-availability of my vehicle as I have to commute by private cabs in addition to suffering from mental trauma due to suspicious status of my vehicle. I , therefore intend to sue this company for its failure in providing the desired services as promised. Thanks Rajeev Kumar Capgemini Technology Services India Pvt Ltd, No.14, Phase III, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Village Man, Taluka, Mulshi, Haveli, Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057 Ph -9028729209

Mohanbhai Khodifad

Posted on Jun 16, 2018

I had asked packers and movers Frontline Relocation Pvt. Ltd.,Vadodara, to transport our furniture and household goods from Godhra, Gujarat to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The full amount of INR 61,200 was paid in advance. The company had agreed to – 1. There will be no shifting of luggage from one vehicle to other during tansit. 2. The luggage which was loaded on 08.05.2018 will reach the destination (Coimbatore) by 12.05.2018. Till date (16.05.2018), luggage has not reached coimbatore. During this period, various attempts have been made to resolve the situation but we didn’t get any satisfactory reply. We phone called the manager. He would receive some calls. At times, he would not receive. We messaged him on whatsapp. He has not replied to even a single message.

Veena Arora

Posted on Jun 14, 2018

Complaint against SpeedEx Home Packers and Movers

Kartheek Yakkati

Posted on Jun 14, 2018

This email is intended to report you the fraud that is going w.r.t SOUTHERN SAFE PACKERS MOVERS company. Ideally this seems to be a simple issue but its highly fraudulent. So trying to report this issue to police in hope that these kind of fraudalent business will be taken care. Main issues:- 1. Fraud with false reviews, cyber cheating. ----- I have seen in google that most of the reviews are fraud. Not sure how around 374 reviews are updated. One way we can understand is that they use butler english. If we see reviews with rating 1 then they will understand. 2. Black mailing people once money and house hold items are in their hand. 3. They might not be real packers movers, they are simply so.e lorry drivers running this fraud business looting people. NOT SURE IF THEY HAVE LICENSES TO RUN THIS BUSINESS. Please find attached screen shots (initial estimation, actual money they take) for your reference. Address of SS packers:- Shop No:2-76/9AliComplex, Bowenpalli,Hyderabad,500011

Anil Kara

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

I have recently moved to Mumbai from New Delhi and transmitted my households through Air India Cargo Movers and Packers HouseHolds Shifting Details Items which are not delivered yet to our home 1 Centre Table Wooden It was a big table How come they miss place this thing Might be they sold this thing 2 3 Seater Sofa It is at Warehouse still didnt deliver to our house Its been 1 week I didnt receive yet 3 CPU Box My PC and other electronic items are missing 4 Plastic Buckets 5 Mix Item Labor said he has seen this carton at other party house Suspected Person Details 1 Brahma Nand Joshi Main Person New Delhi 9310203866 8745095700 AirIndia Cargo Movers and Packers 2 Prakash Joshi New Delhi 8750982866 8745973866 AirIndia Cargo Movers and Packers 3 Mahaveer Pareek Mumbai 9021786805 9930263844 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers 4 Bunty Pareek Mumbai 9371333844 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers 5 Radhey Pareek Main Person Pune 9342199199 Kuber Logistics Movers and Packers

Nishu Gupta

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

I hired this moving and packing firm to transport all household items along with my Hyundai EON car from Lucknow to Warangal on 9th May 2018. I received the household items on 16th late night 2am. Upon unloading it was noticed that my brand new 42" LED TV was broken. 2 plastic chairs, 1 strolly bag, 2 glass pots, 2 tables were damaged. This is not all. The person 'vijay' kept befouling us regarding the delivery of our car an said it will be delivered soon. Gradually 2 weeks passed. He stopped receiving my phone calls. When I asked my friends to call him, he used to receive the phone. Finally car was delivered on 29th May in damaged condition. Tail light broken, auto lock remote lost, wipers totally broken and large scratch on the bonnet. I kept on calling him but he never picked my phone. I visited the website and tried contacting their Hyderabad office but the number given is wrong/fake. Now please suggest what to do against this total fraud company and the person Vijay.

Punarjit Roychowdhury

Posted on Jun 10, 2018

This is a complaint against Shiftingwale movers and packers (based in Ghaziabad). They were supposed to deliver my consignment from Delhi to Indore by June 2nd. However, till now they have not delivered my goods. Their email ids are:;

Tawseef Akram kudraikar

Posted on Jun 08, 2018

25kg clothing bundle booked in AKR express in Bangalore on5/6/18 Track on8/6/18 shows the parcel is still in Bangalore

Prachi Arora

Posted on Jun 06, 2018

I sent my kitchenware and clothes and other household goods from Agarwal Pack N move Pvt Ltd from Pune to Karnal. all of my stuff is esaten by mice, tupperware , clothes shoes everything.. the boxes came with mice bites. No one is listening now. I paid them 5310 and they destroyed all of my stuff. their name is similar to a big company because of that they are able to cheat people.

Deepak Pal

Posted on Jun 06, 2018

I have booked one consignment of household items from Ahmedabad to Varanasi with promise to deliver on maximum 10 days in Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. This consignment is not reach till now i.e 06/06/2018 means it's cross the estimated time. Regarding this consignment I contacted to various persons including customer care but didn't get proper response. I feel like they cheated me, everytime they people giving false commitment. I just got transfer from Ahmedabad to Varanasi and due to shifting, I need immediate delivery.

Dayal Sharan Rajput

Posted on Jun 05, 2018

I booked for transportation of my household goods from this vendor "express packer mover"from Pune(Nigdi) to Agra & estimate quote given to me was around 14k at the time of collection the household goods.and the committed on delivering goods within 7 days However once I left pune and was expecting the delivery they sent me a Bill of whooping 23k INR and also charged Wrong GST & insurance on bill.They have damaged my Goods and not giving insurance claim,don't know where to go.please advise.

kulakarni saicharan

Posted on Jun 03, 2018

I have used GI Cargo service to shift my house hold things from Bangalore to Pune. its a very pathetic service ever, they missed one of my items. Initially they told that they will find it out the item if not will refund the amount. But it has been 10 months there is no action from them. I have been calling mailing and messaging them. No respond at all.

Rohit Goel

Posted on Jun 02, 2018

Hi. We have taken services from network cargo listed on urbanclap to transfer my house items from Hyderabad to Bangalore. It's been agreed that full payment will be done once all the goods are delivered to my door step. Since it was a relocation for me, I have selected this cargo sas we been told that they have warehouse facility in Bangalore and will not charge for initial 15 days. It's also been agreed that I'll collect few stuff like car and scooter from them on urgent basis since I need something to commute in and around to look for rented house. When we took our car we been asked to pay money though we been told that full payment need to happen once all the goods are delivered to our door step and verify the goods. On 1st June my goods are delivered but cargo company didn't sent my Sony 4k TV 55 inch. When we inquired about the TV we been told that it is in go down and we need to go with them to go down and make the full payment first unlike we agreed at the time of quote.

Nitin Chopra

Posted on Jun 02, 2018

We had booked our house hold items thur Door to Door Care Packers & Movers, Plot no. 323, Sec 26, Dwarka delhi on 20/5/2018 vide your challan no. 397/26 which were to be delivered at Jharkhand by 26/5/2018. Door to Door care had delivered our items on 29th of May, 2018 instead of 26th of May, 2018, Cartons delivered by your delivery man were found in a damaged condition and several items have been in a damaged condition, detail of which have already been mentioned by us on the delivery challan. They had charged us 19946/- including Rs.3150/- insurance Prem.for coverage of Goods. Despite of repeated request Door to Door Packers & Movers is not providing us insurance policy. Without insurance policy we are unable to file the claim with Insurance company for our damaged/broken/stolen items. Company is silent and not responding to our request. Kindly help us to provide insurance Policy so that we shall make the claim with Insurance Company

shikha Jha

Posted on Jun 01, 2018

I shifted few things i.e. a small fridge, washing machine, 1 window AC and 2 small cartons of utensils on 26th of May 2018 from shree packways packers and movers. The person whom i spoke to said that it will cost total of 9000 rs.he did not informed me anything about taxes or any other charges at that poont of time. Later after a week a person suddenly called me and shared a bill of 21,520 stating that i have to pay for taxes, loading and unloading everything.i already paid the 80%amount of 9000 to Mr satender sharma through online banking.The person while loading the things asked me whether i want to take insurance or not where i said i don't want the insurance. in the bill which i have received they have also charged the insurance amount stating i will have to take this at any cost. why would i take this now if it was mandate why he did not mentioned these charges earlier, why he did not give me this bill earlier. That bill doen not have my signature.


Posted on May 30, 2018

I ws supposed to recieve a parcel from leela fashions surat to chennai. They sent the parcel on 23/05/18 from surat to chennai through road transport in abt parcel, awb no- 715174 bill amount of 750rs. I didn't receieve the parcel till 29th morning. When I called their head office they said parcel is on the way from salem. By 29-05-18 evening I recieved my parcel and they asked me to Rs.3500. But my bill was 750 only.. When asked they said it is sent via airmode but my parcel was sent via road transport only and I have bill copy for 750 only.. Also they took my original bill saying they lost their copy.. Please help as i felt cheated and I don't know whom to approach

Suthahar Jagatheesan

Posted on May 29, 2018

Professional cargo packers and movers Totally fraud company. Don’t trust this people .I have moved old house to new house , they booked 11 AM on May 26 2018 . But they came to my house 2PM with 4 people and small vehicle (it’s not 407 vehicle) .I was asked them why you bought this vehicle and how you will take all the item .He told 100% secure and safe we will transfer ,if not we don’t want any money and we will claim damage amount also .after long discussion finally agreed for take all item . they taken 3 time for move the all the iteam - 25000 worth wood Bero full damaged - My bed fully damaged - Sofa and other itam also damaged Finally, i told I cant give money , call your manager .He told if you are not giving we will take TV and also they taken my tv ,my wife was crying so that I gave full amount . Please help me


Posted on May 29, 2018



Posted on May 28, 2018

Hi Team, I Tried to transport my bike from hyd to bangalore with leo movers and pakers bowenpally. however they say that they dont have any office as such adress and they say many frauds are using their company name and they took my bike on saturday and its monday evening i have contacted them 100 times. and they say its on the way forever. 8106753106. is the one who took my bike (yamaha fz 2012) model. they gave me a invoice which doesnt have any tracking number. Please help me with this.


Posted on May 26, 2018

Hi, i did my booking through ideal movers & packers from delhi to mumbai. In starting they said that my goods will deliver on 24th may but still i didnt get. Now they are very rude to me & not picking my call. Please take strict action such type of frauds.


Posted on May 24, 2018

We shifted my lagguage in Kuber logistics packers and movers company on 10th may 2018 from mumbai to chennai they told that it will reach destination within 4 days but still not received they are saying still they stuck on karnataka but we enquired they have not moved still from mumbai

Mulinti Ravindra

Posted on May 23, 2018

I shifted my house hold goods from Hubli, Karnataka to Secunderabad, Telangana by Global packers and mover, introduced by innovative and rentals owner Mr Hari Krishna of Secunderabad, my luggage was delivered on 06 May 18 but bills were not given to me. After repeated calls and daily arguments, he tolde to come and collect at bowenpally check post after 16 days . His representative gave bills but those are fake and doesn't contain registered number and GSTN no when I asked about this he told me that he will send me on my mail but he didn't send, he told that his office is in bowenpally but there is no such office at said location, his website 'globalpackersandmover. com' is also not there and customer care number provided is his personal number, his name is Anil Choudhary, contact number is 9391050709, 6281168240. All the conversation on phone with him have been recorded and also he says go to police and complain against me


Posted on May 19, 2018

Hello sire, i have moved goods from bangalore to mumbai. the name of the company is Agarwal safe cargo packers and movers. I paid 50k for the movement. Goods received damaged, 2 carton boxes not received, along with other items which was not received. I now doubt whether he has any insurance linked to it, which they collected from me, giving a bill.

Swapnil Verma

Posted on May 17, 2018

I hired Fastrack Packers and Movers on 27th April for my household and car shifting from Mumbai to Gurgaon @60,000/- (including Rs. 7500 for car delivery). I paid Rs. 45000 in advance to Fastrack on 27th and Rs. 12000 on delivery of household on 15th May. However after delivery I found that packers and movers have damaged the fridge, one cupboard and essential household items costing of over Rs. 20000. After raising the same to packers and movers sales person who took the order (9819826651) is now saying to deduct Rs. 3000 balance amount and settle the same. Also, in case of disagreement they have detained my car and not delivering the same to my address after so may approaches. Please help.

Prashant Pati

Posted on May 17, 2018

Gati Home Packers & Movers shifted my households from Mumbai to Chennai with insurance but due to bad packing many households were broken badly. I have asked them to pay the damage cost but Mr. Satyapal Chaudhary not giving it. Even the insurance which he was given to me was fraud, the insurance company is also not giving the damage cost. Liberty Videocon Insurance the partner of this packer & movers company who taken Rs. 10000 for my household damage insurance but now they are saying that "damage is not cover in the insurance, then why they have taken the money I don't know. The total damage cost is Rs. 90000 and the packers and movers Mr. Satyapal Chaudhary not ready to give anything as a damage cost. Please help..

Ganu Prashant

Posted on May 14, 2018

I have booked services of Mahalaxmi packer & mover's Ahmedabad. I have sent Suzuki access 125 from ahmedabad to chennai. He says it will take 5-7 days to reach chennai. But after 20 days still it has not reach to me. And giving round & round answer now they are not pickingbup phone. His phone num - 9081602700, 9081502700 GSTIN NO - 24AKQPP8356G1ZM BILL NO - 108 Kindly do the needful.


Posted on May 14, 2018

My luggage was shifted vide consignment note no.3333 dt. 17.03.2018 through South Relocation, New Delhi& reached at Bangalore on 01.04.2018. When my luggage reached at Bangalore, company denied to send the helpers for unloading the luggage and started to make lame excuses. Then I got it unloaded and expenses was borne by me.The story does not finish here, when we unpacked the LED, we found that the screen of LED was totally broken and all most all crockery items have been damaged. The screen cost of LED is Rs 17000/ as confirmed by the LED Company. When I raised this issue to company, company's staff said that what can we do and they talked so rudely with me. In view of the above, I request you to look into matter and help me to compensate. The details of the company is Mr. Farooq Khan, Director, South Relocation, 3045/1,Street No.1,Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi-110055. Service Tax No :BBKPP7283E002

Dhermendra Choudhary

Posted on May 10, 2018

We have booked house hold materials from Suratgarh (Raj.) to Samastipur (Bihar) dt. 05.03.2018 vide LR No. 779 through Maruti Express Cargo Packers and Movers, (Contact No. 9828800873) After regular followup with your customer care till date we have not received our material. Now they are not picking up my calls also. Material was booked by Mr. Dhermendra Choudhary and in this consignment there is some urgent material also and same was already informed to the concerned person at the time of booking. I request you please also provide bill for the same so that i can deposit to my officer for disbursal of the same.

Dhermendra Choudhary

Posted on May 10, 2018

We have booked house hold materials from Suratgarh (Raj.) to Samastipur (Bihar) dt. 25.03.2018 vide LR No. 779. After regular followup with your customer care till date we have not received our material. Please confirm how much time required for delivery. Material was booked by Mr. Dhermendra Choudhary and in this consignment there is some urgent material also and same was already informed to the concerned person at the time of booking. I request you please also provide bill for the same so that i can deposit to my officer for disbursal of the same.

Abhishek Shukla

Posted on May 10, 2018

I shipped my googs and Maruti swift from eurologistic movers and packers ,gurgaon for bangalore on 29 mar 2018, I have not recieved my car yet after multiple follow up dated 10 may 2018. Detail: Car Regn No- CG 15 B 8373 Make:- Maruti Colour:- White Handed over date to Eurologistic :- 29/3/2018 Consignment No:- 573 Email Contact Nu:- 9891699111,9891266111 Office address :- Plot Number 1, Gali Number 1, 2nd Floor, Ashok Vihar Phase 3, Palam Vihar Rd, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001 Thank You, Abhishek

vilas Nasare

Posted on May 08, 2018

My name is Mr.Vilas Nasare, recently moved (29.03.2018) from Delhi to Kolkata. Shiv Shankar Packers and Movers (A unit of Shankar Transport Company) Office: H. No. 1621, KH. No. 362/3, Ist floor Rangpuri Mahipalpur New Delhi-37) Email: Phone No. 011-32091047; 989980077, 9311208277 I have booked Shiv Shankar Packers and Movers to shift my household goods to Kolkata. He had given fake bill total cost Rs30,025/-. I have requested many times and also email sent to generate original bill. I have called Mr Anil (99311980077; 9310106444) number of times to request dispatched original bill. They have demanded Rs 6000/- more to generate the original bill. I would kind request dispatch the original bill as early as possible. This kind of problem causing serious mental tension and stress and also disturbing my work

Kuppusamy M

Posted on May 07, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, With regard to subject above and reference quoted, we would like to bring to your notice that, there is damage the items and our household items are missing..,

Vinay G

Posted on May 05, 2018

Vinay G Initially they will quote very less and later they will make You pay more. Ankush will contact You and will talk very nicely. Infact he will promise You about insurance and safe delivery of goods. But you should pay full Amount and he doesnt even give one day time. Now I have My almera completely broken and he is not bothered to pick My calls nor tell me details about My insurance claim. Package - Worst. Luckily I had kept all box for the materials I bought. On top of that they just wrapped. Transport - its like Shed. They will take close to 20k for very less household items and transport them along with 3 other goods from different families which are dumped like garbage. I did Mistake by choosing Satshri Relocation services Nigdi. I am writing review so that others should not go through same.

Vivek Rawat

Posted on May 04, 2018

I have sent my consignment through Active Packers and Movers H. No-E-46, Phase-I, New Palam Vihar, Gurgram-122017 on 20 march 2018 from New Delhi to Bhimavaram but still my consignment is not reached the designation. They are not giving proper respond even they are asking me more money. Please help me on this and take strict action against this.

ajay kumar

Posted on May 03, 2018

Hi cunsumer Redressal, I have a fraud related complaint to be raised against "Malik home packers and movers" addressC801, amarpali sector-Ch1-V,G,noida U.P,Email there is Mr. homanshu he hasnt issued me a insurence policy post taking my money for same(1500), and when i have asked for the refund of my money, he denied for it and said will not refund it and asked to do what ever i have to do. Please HELP.


Posted on May 01, 2018

TAMIL NADU NORTH PACKERS & MOVERS Address: H.O. No .77/108, katta bomman street, kamarajan nagar, New Perungalathur , Chennai - 600063 Re: Unprofessional behavior by TAMIL NADU NORTH PACKERS & MOVERS and lost items - On 05th March 2018 I contacted “ TAMIL NADU NORTH PACKERS & MOVERS ” with a request for a quote (Quotation no 47) . I received immediate answer with an approximate estimate and asked a representative of the company to come to my house so we can actually make an exact inventory sheet and have a final binding estimate. The moving date was set for 08th April 2018. I was expecting the movers at 9 a.m. but they came 5 hours late without a warning which made loading last until late in the evening and payed full amount of (11,000).As they promised to send the belongs to kolkata on 12th April 2018. But we have not received any items till day. We have called several times Mr. Murali ( TAMILNADU NORTH PACKERS & MOVERS) started abusing me and my wife badly and told he sold all.

Anurag Verma

Posted on May 01, 2018

I have sent my Household items from Noida to Muzaffarpur (Bihar) by Ledex Internation Movers and Packers, F225/221, GALI NO. 1 VISHNU GARDEN NEAR CHIRAG HOSPITAL GURGAON, Phn num: 9310096795, 7011443992, 8818006365... its over 3-4 months and still haven't received my stuffs and now phone numbers either they are not receiving or phone num showing wrong number. Please help me on this and take strict actoion against this fruad activities.

Leonardo Chang

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

I have sent my household items from Kolkata to Manipur on 31st March 2018 by Professional Relocation Services Kolkata. Mobile number for the company is 9380133133 & 9363118600. It has been 24 days and i am yet to receive the items. I keep calling and they keep saying tomorrow.I have paid a total of Rs 50000 of the Rs 56000. Now they are no longer receiving my calls. Please assist and advise on the next step


Posted on Apr 24, 2018

Hello Sir/Ma'am, Company Name:- Sky way Domestic & International Movers & Packers I booked my house hold stuff for Jaipur to Pune shifting on 4th April'17 of total 26 Items +2 items extra which they have not written on Bill and they promised me to deliver the stuff within 5 days but they deliver the stuff on 20th April 2017 they took 16 days total to deliver the stuff in between we have called almost 100 times to them but they were not responding the call and they were just abusing on the call on 20th April when they deliver the stuff I received only 24 Items out of 28 .. Means my 4 items is not there and i called again to the people they are saying we will see if we have or not and after that they are disconnecting the call. And out of 24 my 5 items is Broken i have paid full amount with insurance & GST.. Now they are not giving me Insurance copy or even GST bill.. So how we will claim the things. Kindly help me I have call recordings & Bills and all the pics of broken items.

Krishna Mondal

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you the following as regards to my claim of RS 400000 against above insurance policy. Policy no. CER020418000087 dated- 02.04.2018 Insured name: Krishna Chandra Mondal Voyage from: Mumbai To Kolkata Mode of conveyance: By Road Commodity: House hold goods LR no. 320 Dated 02.04.2018 (Tirupati Balaji Packers and Movers) Materials received today in very bad and up to 80% transit damaged condition as mentioned in LR receipt as enclosed due to callousness of package handlers. Damaged up to 80% Items are: 1) Godrej cupboard- 2nos 2) Sofa cum bed-1no. 3) Dawoo Refrigerator 300L - 1no. 4) Voltas window AC- 1no. 5) Large Bed- 2nos. 6) Sony TV LCD 52''- 1no. 7) Dressing table Mirror- 1no. Missing Items: 1) VIP suitcase 24'' containing sarees cost arround 1.5L. 2) HP desktop CPO - 1no.

Mohit Kumar

Posted on Apr 24, 2018

I have booked my shifting through TRANSTECH Movers and packers (ph# 01204101977, 01204371823). They first quoted me 19k for full laoded 17 ft truck and had sent a 14 ft truck instead and had loaded all my items in it. I had made 20% payment in advance. Now, I am just waiting for my things to come and they are not picking up my call and when they did they told me there are extra items in the truck and they have to change to a bigger truck and have to pay extra charges for it. I had even agreed to it, but now they are asking me to pay full payment of 32k more in advance and they only they will deliver my belongings. I am being robbed and blackmailed here. Please help and advice what to do.

Sonia Raina

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

Agarwal Movers and Packers are FRAUD and CHEATING people on a daily basis with their false commitment to deliver the goods. My Goods were picked up on the 15th from HYD and it is no where to be known. Upon calling them, they harassed me on the phone by drunk talking and not talking the right manner to be specific these are their names - Mr. Raman, Mr. Sharma, Mr. Narender. As a customer have a I paid to be harassed by them on the phone?

Suman Kumar Dhara

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

I have booked my house hold goods through Nikhil International (Bangalore) for my Kolkata address mentioned above on 21-Jan-2018 (by paying advance amount of INR. 2000.00) and was assured delivery in 7 days but, they have still not delivered my goods and is keeping on giving repeated dates to deliver. Even I have send them 13-14 email reminders on their official id but even it is also not working. I have all booking document and emails with me as proof. Kindly guide and help me to take possetion of my goods.

Leonardo Chang

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

I have sent my household items from Kolkata to Manipur on 31st March 2018 by Professional Relocation Services Kolkata. Mobile number for the company is 9380133133 & 9363118600. It has been 22 days and i am yet to receive the items. I keep calling and they keep saying tomorrow. Please assist and advise on the next step.

krishnendu ghosh

Posted on Apr 20, 2018

got the quotation from kolkata office. email: kolkata office contact no: 9331214321 bangalore office contact no: 8618620076 claim raised at email: This is regarding the shipment with vide GC no 4599916 from Kolkata to Bangalore. It was packed on 31st March,2018 from Salt lake,Kolkata and received at HSR, Bangalore on 14th April 2018. I have received all 56 items but two of the item is broken. Item 1: mirror of the wooden almirah (It is going to cost 1500rs to reinstall) Item 2: induction oven , it is not repairable as it is broken (please refer photo ). I bought it in 1200rs. So, I have requested them either to repair the product from your side or settle the damages with 2700 rs.They are not reply at all.

sharuti sarna

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

I want to complaint against DRS DILIP Roadlines pvt. ltd, brand: Agarwal Packers and movers. They are not providing me the bill invoice. I have paid the amount of 4200 and haven't received the bill yet.

Devarati Chattopadhyay

Posted on Apr 17, 2018

I have shifted from Delhi to Kolkata recently,so I have send my furnitures and other important goods through Ujjawal National packers and movers.They assured me that goods will be reach by 4-5 days to me,but reality is different,the goods didn't reached yet & they are not receiving my ph seems to be fraud.please help me.packers address-A-86,sarika vihar,najafgarh,New

krishna iyer

Posted on Apr 16, 2018

They are trying to deliver me the courier from past 10 days in Bangalore can you even believe it my postcode for the primary address is 560016 and 560024 for the secondary address. This courier company should stop doing business, I am really frustrated as no one deserve unprofessional service. The companies using xpressbees shame on you just to save 10-20 Rs you can go so down, believe me for customer service you should pay extra and they are the worst so don't choose them. #stopdoingbusinessxpressbees

soumya ranjan tripathy

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

I have handed over my household goods to harit relocation and logistics pvt ltd. They gave quotation after visiting my house. The packaging team came on day and after packing and getting the goods down demanded more noney saying society is aloowing vehicle inside. They got the vehicle inside my siciety after taling to the security and eventually their vehicle broke drainage tile and some infrastructure. Society management asked for payment towrds the damage created by them which they had to pay. Now once i reached chennai, they are asking me to transfer the amount which they have paid to society towards the damage + storage charge. The packer and mover is saying they will not dispatch goods from kolkata unless complete amount is transferred to their account. Please guide me.


Posted on Apr 12, 2018

I booked Pooja Packers and Logistics to shift my house hold items from Bengaluru to Chennai, as per their quotation of Rs.15000/- without insurance (if Insurance taken than extra charges apply). 01. They loaded all the items on 07-04-2018 by afternoon and agreed to deliver it on 08-04-2018 morning to Chennai. Rs.15000/- Cash & tips of Rs.2000/- 02. As per the communication they told that they deliver items on 08-04-2018 but they delivered on 12-04-2018, it seems like they unloaded all our items in their Warehouse in Bengaluru and loaded, many of our items were bitten and cut by rats, furniture got scratches and my Honda Activa got damaged. Having one year old baby we had to had our Breakfast, lunch, Dinner in hotels. Having brought very limited clothes and no bed and blankets we suffered a lot. 03. When they arrived at Chennai home they demanded for additional Rs.3000/- When I refused to pay Rs.3000/-. Then they unloaded all the items on ground few items kept inside the main gate&Out

Vivek Joshi

Posted on Apr 12, 2018

We have used services of Real Trans Relocation from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. Moved on 30/03/2018. Mr. Sunil promides to deliver our goods on 11/04/2018 but now they are rude, not responding and not providing any date of delivery for our goods.

Aslam Jilani

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

I want to file a complaint against SRCC Movers & Packers, Begumpet Hyderabad and also against Bharath Cargo Movers Yeshwanthpur Bangalore.


Posted on Apr 11, 2018

I wish to submit my grievance/Complaint against the cheating of Iconic Movers and packers, Gurgaon (Mob No.7042852424,7042862424)Mr. Jogender Singh, he looted all my valuable items and not delivered items in broken stage such as Oven, Honda Activa and not delivering my washing machine, saying that it was misplaced and i could not deliver it to you, all i have lost around Rs.30,000 which includes damages to my oven, scooty and misplacing of my washing machine,i have complained the matter to Prime Minister's office as well, i have all documents and video recording of the packing and delivering status, my phone number is 7840864007 my self Aravindan.R from chennai.


Posted on Apr 08, 2018

I have booked my house hold items from Delhi to Ongole through Safe Movers & Packers Pvt Ltd, Rangpuri, Mahipalpur, New Delhi on 29th Mar 2018. Contact Nos 9911698181 & 9313629355. When i booked my luggage he committed to shift my house hold items for Rs 44400.00. When he picked up my luggage from my house he started luggage is more i cant take this luggage for this amount he will charged Rs 4000 more for my luggage i have paid total in single payment. They committed me they will send my luggage by 04 Apr 2018 but till date they are not loaded my luggage from delhi, they kept my luggage in their warehouse and not sent till date. They are not attending my call too. Sir please help me.

Ranjan Kumar

Posted on Apr 03, 2018

worst experience with this company, moved from Pune to Bengaluru in the month of Jan, they did the delivery after failing several appointment with almost all the box damage, and 3 item missing. They promised to deliver all missing item within two days, and calling them for getting those item replied with so much arrogant. its been around more than two month they neither willing deliver those item nor picking up the phone. please please please never believe on those cheaters. Initially they telling softly you can easily believed those cheaters like me, once you have done the payment, after that they won't even listen and pick up the phone it self. Beware guys from such cheaters.

Rakesh Singh

Posted on Mar 30, 2018

I did booking with Network Packers and Movers. They promised me they will deliver stuff in 6-7 days. Promised me good delivery of my stuff. They didnt only deliver it in 10 days (which costed me extra rent in Gurgaon), but they screwed up all my ktchen items. Gave me compensation of 2000 rupees for delay. What would I do for my kitchen items. Shoe reck is screwed. Have to throw most of my kitchen items. Promised me heaven on earth when they wanted me to purchase their service and now they don't give a shit. They kept my scooty in their warehouse when I said I should not pay the full amount. I had pay the amount in order to get the scooty. Would really appreciate if you guys can help me here.

t s chandrashekar

Posted on Mar 28, 2018

We have went through mental haressment by the staff of when he was taking the order he has given one final figure and once the goods were packed and about to load in the vehicle he uses he techniques to squeeze money from our end says now insurace is extra and GST is extra which he has kept in dark then he has taken an advance amount saying balance amount he will collect once the goods are delivered once the vechile moves from mumbai and calls us and says to deposit the total money if not he will deliver the goods in his warehouse then i got a doubt sent person the check his office which he has given is fraud there is no name baord or any thing its comple fraud person which we dealt, his Name is Mr Sikander he pretends very obidient and then he shown his mischievous tactics to harasses us for payment and wrong delivery timings and commitment of unloading and placing the items in place all went in wrong dont book any further order with this packging


Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Hi, I have shifted my home from Chennai to Pattukkottai through Agarwal Packers and Movers and while shifting my Refrigerator gas pipeline got damaged and it is not working now. While saying this to Agarwal people they told me send email regarding that and i did. but, no response. Then i called they are not responding and they told like to call to trichy branch. After calling them and saying regarding damage they quit the call and when i tried afterthat. They cut the call and not responding. Please help me with this.

Sangeet Banerjee

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

Hello, I had hired a packers & movers company named as 'Safe Trans Packers and Movers' address: 2nd Floor, Chaudhary Complex, Behind Manya Hotel, Sec- 37, Khandsa, Gurugram, Haryana 122001 Phone: 095403 88199, for moving my household items from delhi to kolkata. they lost lots of my items during transport, when I contacted them they are not taking any responsibility to find those items. Recently they stop to pickup my call. My shifting date was 25th February,2018 from Delhi and I received my items (not in good condition) in kolkata on 13th March, 2018. Lost items value near about rs 6000. Please help me to get back my missing items.

Harikrishna Bellamkonda

Posted on Mar 16, 2018

On 3rd Feb 2018 we have booked "Agarwal superfast packers and Movers" to move our house hold goods from Bangalore to Hyderabad. At that time they clearly told that we need to pay GST 18% on bill and we paid accordingly but in the bill they have not mentioned GST number also about the taxable amount.When we ask about the proper bill with GST details their response is very bad.We tried to contact them in their address as they mentioned in bill but in that address there is office. On top of this bill issue , they have not delivered one part 2 plastic chairs , for that they said they will pay the amount. Everyday we are calling them but their response is will pay always today, when we asked many times they finally said do whatever you want.We have all the bill proofs and phone audio recordings. Please take this complaint and help me.

Santa dilbahadur khattri

Posted on Mar 16, 2018

Iam Major Santa dilbahadur khattri. I had got my bike packed and transported via Aditya packers and Movers and they had promised and confirmed the delivery on 04 March 2018 at MHOW ( Madhya Pradesh) . The bike was picked up by the transport company on 24 Feb 2018. They havent delivered me the bike till date and have avoided my calls. I had to hire another transport and bear the cost which otherwise could have been avoided. They have not delivered me the bike till date.

Ratnesh Purohit

Posted on Mar 10, 2018

I have shifted my household from Gurgaon to Kadesra Kalan, Talbehat, Lalitpur UP by Safe Express Movers and Packers Gurgaon. It was decided in 19000/- + 5% GST but when my luggage moved in truck they asking different bill amount of 44834/- and start blackmailing. Then i have to transfer the complete amount44834/- and still few of my items of worth 50000/- missing. Also my complaint that company charged 12000/- insurance charge, GST 6534/-, octrol charges 2000/- green tax 3000/- and check post 2000/- which seems completely fraud and even they are not giving receipt of these charges. Now they not picking the phone. Also they have no office at the mentioned address in bill.

Ruchi Srivastava

Posted on Mar 09, 2018

I have used the service of All city movers and packers on 25 feb 2018. I was told the people will come at 8 am however they landed at 11 am and only 2 people came to pack major and delicate stuff like fridge tv ac glass ware etc apart from 1 double bed diwan and washing machine. I ive lost one of my tables leg, my furniture is damaged too. the contact person mr ravi was not even answering our calls. this is really pathetic. shoudnt have paid them money.

Vijaya Gunnam

Posted on Mar 07, 2018

Mr. Manoj (9035024365) of M/s. Daskh Packers agreed to transport my house hold good to my place for an amount of Rs.20,000 after thoroughly check of my items. Now he is telling that the items packed for transport is not fitting with in the vehicle he bought for transport and demanding extra Rs.8,000 for the same. This is completely cheating the customers. My request is for shifting of my House Items. It is his look out to manage for shifting as agreed. Now he is saying that the vehicle he bought is not sufficient. How I could come to know, which vehicle is required for my House Items? This is not my daily Job, it is 100% his responsibility to calculate the size of the vehicle required for transport the material. this is 100% cheating. Now my two bikes are left at GOKULAM. Could not understand how to get them. Please do the needful to get my vehicles.

Khagendramani Pradhan

Posted on Mar 07, 2018

Blue Dart Courier Service of Gangtok refuses to deliver the shipment to the address despite payment of shipping charges.

Neeraj Sharma

Posted on Mar 06, 2018

I hired Aman Tranport to shift my luggage from Jaipur to Pune. On delivery, TV was found damaged and cracked and its not working at all. We need compensation for this.

Sanchit Taswala

Posted on Mar 03, 2018

We have moved our house hold goods from Pune to Bangalore using 'Expert South Packers & Movers' We found their details from Just Dial. Here are details around their address and official website: We were initially told that our goods would reach in 2 days but still we do not have any information on when our goods would reach. We have already made 80% payment to them. All their committments have been broken and there is no certainty that we will receive our goods. We have been duped by this third grade fraudster packers and movers company. Initially they told that the container that carried our goods has broke down and would need 2 more days to send our goods. It has been 3 days already and now they are asking us for another 2 days.

Ravi Kapali

Posted on Feb 27, 2018

Hi Sir, This is to raise complaint against Professional Movers & Packers - Bangalore, wherein I had sent a SOFA (3+2) to be delivered from Bangalore to Chikodi (Karnataka) on 13 Feb18 & was commmited by Professiional M&P that the SOFA would be delivered in 2 days. I had made a full payment in advance when the material was carried from Bangalore. However Its been almost 15 days now & the SOFA is still not delivered. I have made not less than 50 calls to individual in the company, however there hasent been positive response from any. Few of them have even blocked my number & others wont respond or pickup my calls to adress the concerns. Hence raise this complaint against Professional M&P. Below are contacts whom i have been contacting. Krishna: 9342588333 Rajnish : 9886674144 Surendar : 9916000222 Kumar (HO-Delhi) : 9521474377 Request your intervention so that things are expdeited and other customer wont suffer with companies like these. Thanks, Ravi Kapali Mob: 9663565758

Neeraj kumar

Posted on Feb 24, 2018

Sir I have talk with a safe Express movers and packers agent and I tell him I have to transfer my item Delhi to jaisalmer he told me 17000+tax after loading he send me bill total of 51000.he is asking about different different taxes.

Adwait Deshpande

Posted on Feb 23, 2018

I had planned to send 3 items to Thane from Gurgaon via Kushagra Movers and Packers on 2/2/2018. They promised delivery within a week. However they still haven't delivered the items and keep making new excuses everyday. I think they have stolen the items and will soon stop receiving my calls. Please help. Email: Phone: 9560606748, 9540711100

Suresh Goel

Posted on Feb 23, 2018

Dear Sir, After so many follow up with DHL Pvt .Ltd. Still they not respond. I have shifted my household good on 14th Feb 2018 from Mumbai (Dadar West) to Meerut Cantt ( Uttar Pradesh ) . Mr. Rajesh (DHL Pvt. Ltd ) committed me that My Goods delivered with in 1 week . But Still Not Received. Invoice No : 1929 Request to Kindly Help!! Details : Regards Suresh Goel 9759006608 Times Group

Adwait Deshpande

Posted on Feb 23, 2018

I had given Kushagra Movers and Packers 3 item to transport to Thane from Gurgaon on 2/2/2018. They still have not been delivered and the owner is lying about their whereabouts since the past 15 days.

Vivek Srivastava

Posted on Feb 22, 2018

I have cheated by Arun 09167471414 (Marketing Manager)- Agarwal Domestic Packers and Movers- Office address A2. Lall Bahadur Shashtri Road, Goverdhan Nagar, Mulund (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra-...i have taken insurance of my goods but same is damaged and not getting any support from company


Posted on Feb 21, 2018


Shabbir Basha

Posted on Feb 21, 2018

Hi, I have shifted my house hold goods on 25/01/2018 frm Hyderabad to Bangalore and got delivered on 10/02/2018 frm Suraj Packers and Movers(Hyd). At the time of unpacking the items found some of them damaged. 1. Dressing table glass is completely broken. 2. The silencer cover for my Activa is broken into pieces. For the above items when I got contacted to the concerned person Parveen Soni (Marketing Executive,Hyd),he said that they will refund the amt by 1PM on that day itself and requested me to pay the remaining amt to delivery of the goods.I believed him and completed payment. But when I called him the next day,he asked to mail the same with pics attached of the damage items.Had done on 11/02/2018 and called him again,he is telling that NO refund is provided and they send the mail to Delhi and people frm Delhi may call me in 15 days.I have followed them daily in the mail and no body responded me till 20/02/2018 got response from Suraj Packes as No responsibility for glass item.

Lalith kumar Dubey

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

Sir I am Lalith kumar Dubey worked as branch manager in vxpress a vtrans division here in chennai it's been 3.5 years I resigned from company but till now I haven't received my epf amount in account. My epf number is kN/25559/1481.


Posted on Feb 12, 2018

Bike not getting delivered by Carizone Logistics. I gave my bike Bajaj Pulsar 180 to Carizone Logistics on Jan 24th 2018 to transport it to Bengaluru but they have not delivered my Bajaj Pulsar 180 bike till now. The have said they will do it by 31st Jan 2018. Also initial quotation they have sent was of INR 3000 and then they sent me a bill of INR 5164 through whatsapp on 28 Jan and said that my bike has reached Chitradurga and will reach Bengaluru tomorrow on 29 Jan 2018 and said to make total INR 3164 payment on 28 Jan as they cannot deliver till i make full online payment, so I made the complete payment, but they have not delivered my bike till today and now they don’t even pick my calls and tell me where my bike has reached. They have updated on the tracking id saying it has left from Chitradurga on 29th January, but it has not reached me till now. Note : Chitradurga is 3 hours from Bengaluru.

Sohil Kalaria

Posted on Feb 09, 2018

We had transported goods to New DELHI in Shree Rama Krishna Freight Carrier on 15/12/2017. It contained 12 cartoons of AUTO parts for which they charged Rs 2400. Again on 31/01/2018 We sent 12 more cartoons for which they charged Rs 6000. So I request that please look into the matter as they don't work properly n now they say that we don't no anything.

syed wasi

Posted on Feb 03, 2018

we gave our TVS Jupiter scooter to Carizone Logistics on Jan25 2018 to transport it to Bhopal but they have not delivered us our TVS Jupiter scooter till yet though the have said they will do it by 28 Jan 2018. Also initial quotation they have sent was of INR 2200 and then they sent me a bill of INR 4500 thru whatsapp on 26 Jan and said that my scooter has reached Indore and will reach bhopal tomorrow on 27 JAn 2018 and said to make total INR4500 payment on 27 Jan after our scooter will reach bhopal(they informed on phone) and cannot be delivered till we make full online payment as they cannot allow third party(who is delivering the scooter at bhopal) to get remaining amount in cash on their behalf, so we make the payment but they have not delivered the scooter till today and now they have given me the shipment no of another company named Jaipur Golden to get update from them and when I called in Jaipur Golden they said the scooter is still in Delhi and will leave today for bhopal.

Kavya Hegde

Posted on Feb 01, 2018

I had put bike for transport 10 days ago, which is not delivered yet, but it was promised to be delivered in 2 days. They are not even letting know the current position of the bike and they are saying , it is not in running condition, that is why it is delayed. It was in fact promised that the bike wouldbe delivered as it is packed in front of us. The person who talked to me over the phone said that he will never deliver and would spoil the bike if I complain. Please help me resolve this. Thanks, Kavya


Posted on Jan 29, 2018

I have shifted houses around 4-5 times till date but this is the WORST packers and movers company I have ever dealt with. I have shifted from Mehsana to Vadodara (Gujarat ) and given the contract for shipment of all the furniture to VS domestic packers & movers, Ahmedabad. But this company damaged my almirah, table top, computer table, bed and many more items. Even they transported only half of the household items as at the time of shifting they sent only one small vehicle and promised me that they will send one more truck for the remaining items in the next round. They have taken the carrying charge with GST at the first time only. When I showed the damaged items to the owner of this company, Mr. Vijay , he said he will send a carpenter to repair all these damaged stuffs. After getting the full payment he didn’t even send any carpenter nor even any Vehicle to transport my remaining household items. After calling him so many times this fraud person didn’t pick up my phone calls.***

abhishek salgaonkar

Posted on Jan 28, 2018 Swathi relocation movers and packers have had worst time .No proper billings . No GST charges were added to bill but I was charged insurance as well as GST.Please register a complaint againt thhem

Sarmistha Karmakar

Posted on Jan 23, 2018

My household items were ​lifted from Bankura on 01.12.17 (as per List of Packing No.61 and Consignor's Copy No. 58 dt. 01.12.17). Payment of Rs. 16000/- was made online to Sanu Singh) on 04.12.17 (Rs. 10000/-) and on 05.12.17 (Rs.6000/-) as per Money Receipt (0058, dt. 01.12.17). I was informed that the materials will be delivered within 4-5 days after loading and most probably on 10.12.17, but on contact informed that due to some problems it could not and they will be delivered on 17.12.17 (Sunday), but still it did not take place. I was advised to contact Mr. Sanu Singh (Mob No. 8443881521) for the delivery of the materials, but he is also not cooperating. He is not receiving calls and on contact differs the delivery date. Now, he says that my materials have been mis-delivered. It has been over 45 days from lifting the materials. I am very tense for the whereabouts of the materials.

Supriya Ghosh

Posted on Jan 16, 2018

This org. taken 15424/- INR from me for my consignment relocate to Raipur from Bangalore. According to that I have given Rs. 15424/- to them and picked my consignment on 11th Nov'17 from bangalore but till now delivery pending. I have communicated all of them several times but till now they are unable to provide any update and also surprisingly they are unable to told me where my consignment is present. Today i've called them and then they told me that my consignment was missed and after that no one picks my calls. Seriously now I'm feeling scared for my consignment. Already 66 days over, kindly have a look into it. So, I am requesting you please help me Sir/Madam for that. Agarwal Packers and Movers - DRS Group | DRS DILIP ROADLINES PVT. LTD, Address 1.: Kabra Complex, 61 MG Road, Secunderabad- 500003, A.P., Ph. +91 4027711504, Email :,, Contact No.Mandeep: 8618620076, Jain:8884304001, Reddy:9394432569, Vijay:9391773525,

Hari Krishna

Posted on Jan 12, 2018

Hi,,This is hari krishna from Bangalore. I have move my household material through the Agarwal Safe Home Packers and Movers ( but these people are fraud. they are big cheater. my most of the item was massed and destroyed. Even when i spoken with them they abused me and also to warn me that i should not tell to any one. i m so scared because they have threaten me. Plz help me out and plz ban thise all kind of cheater Movers and Packers Company.


Posted on Jan 11, 2018

We have booked our luggage to be transported to Hyderabad on 24/12/2017 on individual vehicle basis and paid the amount in advance to M/s Reliable Xpress Packers and Movers as transporter demanded payment before dispatch. However they did not deliver the luggage in 3 days time as promised. After several followup they give irrelevant reasons and without our consent booked through M/s Gati Kwe at much lower price than what they collected from us. We even paid GST amount but they are not issuing GST bill and not responding. One Mr. Yogesh Mishra and Mr. Naresh Prashad are the people connected with this fraud. They are not responding to calls nor to messages. We are in receipt of goods after a lapse of 12 days. We would like to have refund of excess money they charged and also get the GST bill. There should be caution to public against this packers and movers

Bharath Gantedi

Posted on Jan 10, 2018

In regards to Vehicle(Car) shifting I hired below company and they promised me to deliver the vehicle with in 6 days. However, they failed and now they are giving excuses. They never engage with us to update but we have been following up since 5th Jan-2018. Also, they asked me make payment first so I did.There is a guy named Ajith sharma is not delivering vehicle and demanding for extra money to deliver the vehicle. They seems be doing like big fraud. Hyderabad Office:VRL Packers & Movers AN ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company Address : Shop No. 080 , Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad - 5000115,Telangana State Phone : +91-9951258000,+91-9030524005, Email id - Please I want some help to get this fixed.I have paid my money and my vehicle is in risk and not sure if they will deliver. Regards, Bharath G 9849308585

Ankur singh Rathore

Posted on Jan 10, 2018

In regards to good shifting I hired below company and they promised me to deliver the good with in 3 days. However, they failed and now they are giving excuses. They never engage with us to update but we have been following up since 5th Jan-2018. Also, they asked me make payment first so I did. They seems be doing like big fraud. Delhi Office: State Cargo State Cargo Packers & Movers AN ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company Address : D-21 , Old Seema Puri, Near Dilshad Gardan Metro Station, Delhi-110095 Phone : +91-11-22352221,+91-11-22352222, +91-9910712012, +91-9310082262 Email id - There is guys named Jitesh kumar is not giving any correct information but ignoring our question. Please I want some help to get this fixed.I have paid my money and my goods is on risk and not sure if they will deliver. Regards, Ankur Singh Rathore Mo- 9711820898

Poonam Mahto

Posted on Jan 09, 2018

We booked Adhunik Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd for transfer of Household goods from Kolkata to Jammu on 29.07.2017 of parcel No. 2383 in Manohar Kumar's Name . They misplaced One cartoon Box which have very important educational certificate within and one mattress set, which was not delivered yet even they report us clearly that what happens to the parcel . Please help us to get the box as we very soon need those educational certificates . Thank You


Posted on Jan 06, 2018

Dear Sir/Mam, I had applied for new PAN Card of my mother (BASANTI DEVI) around one month back & after tracking status online i come to know that PAN Card was delivered on 14-12-17 according to NSDL official website ( through "First Flight Couriers" vide airway bill no. B903Z2188620, then i tried to connect with the courier company & send many requests through emails & reminders for delivery, they assured me that same will be delivered before end of day on 01-01-18 but failed to deliver the PAN Card as on date. I would like if you takes an initiative in this matter as PAN Card is a very sensitive document. You are requested to please look into matter so that i can get my PAN Card as soon as possible.


Posted on Dec 30, 2017


Posted on Dec 25, 2017

Respected Sir, Myself Alfred Almeida,who was working Federal Bank Banaswadi Branch had to move my movable properties to Trivandrum as I was transferred to Changanassery, Kottayam. For the aforesaid purpose, I approached VRL Speed Cargo Movers, HSR Layout, Bangalore,to get the movement done to Trivandrum. The amount of Rs. 23,960 was paid for the transfer on 16 October, 2017 including an OCTROI fee of Rs. 2450,which was promised to be refunded. The delivery was supposed to be made within one week as said by the Movers but it was delivered 3 weeks later, on 7 November, 2017. Among other goods, a Dish TV antenna was also packed but was not found with the package which was delivered in Trivandrum. Hence we would like to claim compensation for the Dish TV antenna and refund of the OCTROI charges. Thank you!

Preetam Prabhat

Posted on Dec 23, 2017

I have booked my shipment with Johnson Packers and movers total of 16items from Delhi to orissa on 7.11.2017.Till now I haven't received my goods and the concerned person name Sanjay is giving me wrong numbers of driver's and not giving me any proof of my goods.He has charged me get but not giving me the gstin number. What ever number he is giving me of the driver's those are all switched off or wrong number.I don't know how to handle the situation and whom to complain.There are around 1lakh worth goods in my shipment.Please help me. His number is 9911750123

mandish singh

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

The goods were returning from Bhopal and had to be supplied back at our factory or office premises . Jassonia Cargo had already delayed the delivery of the goods by more than 1 month . the goods were supposed to be delivered in the month of August 2017, but Jassonia Cargo took the delivery of the goods in the month of Oct,2017. Moreover the goods are lying in damaged state. 3 Bangalori Slates which were part of Pool Table worth RS 25,000 are now lying in damaged state. we have told him n number of times that once the goods are delivered at our factory premises from where the goods were actually picked up by him, you will be made the required payment, but he is not listening to us. He is also responsible for fake billing, when the goods were going from Delhi To Bhopal , he charged us 450 kgs where as actual weight was 363 kgs. Again when the goods were returning from Bhopal to Delhi , he is charging us with 450 kgs , while the actual weight of the goods was 363 kgs.

Bindu Deshpande

Posted on Dec 20, 2017

Hi, I opted Sangwan Packers and Movers, Bangalore to Pune, House hold items (1Lakh worth). On 17-Nov-2017 Krishan Kumar Marketing Executive told me that Transportation charges 8K + GST and no extra charges (80% to be paid during loading and 20% at the time of door delivery). On 18-Nov-2017 Packers packed all items and loaded in the vehicle and they issued Bill of Rs. 19213 and asked to pay full. Above amount includes Octroi Charges/Entry Tax, Check Post, Insurance, GST. When I questioned "why Octroi Charges/Entry Tax, Check POst" in Pune it's mandatory to pay otherwise it will be problem to deliver the items. Since I was managing alone I couldn't argue with these guys and paid full amount and told them to deliver it on 02-Dec-2017 but, they delayed and delivered it on 07-Dec-2017. Request you to investigate about Octroi Charges/Entry Tax, Check Post charges in Pune.

Nikhil Arora

Posted on Dec 19, 2017

Hi I have moved from Faridabad Haryana to Amritsar Punjab. For this I hired Aagarwal packers and movers from just dial on 15th of december 2017. They visited my place in Faridabad on 16th December and did all the packaging and loading. The deal was done in 21000 plus gst extra. First of all they highly charged me as compared to others and told to pay 50% while taking the luggage and rest 50% on delivery. Now I left Delhi by my own car on 17th December at 11am. Around 6 pm I called the movers packers that where is my luggage. They told me ur luggage is hold up at sonepat. 1st pay the rest of the money thn v will release ur luggage. Nw after so many conversations we decided to pay his rest of the amount through IMPS and we paid total 25260 Rs. to his account based out of Rajasthan axis bank. Now till date I.e. 19th December we hav not recvd our luggage and he is nt pickng our calls. Plz suggest what shall we do to recover our luggage costing around Rs. 2 lakhs plus 7009115948 Nikhil


Posted on Dec 17, 2017



Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam, I have brought my luggage from Diomand packers and movers on 5.10.17, faced following issues: 1. Commitment was to bring my luggage from Mumbai to Jalandhar in Solo truck/ vehicle, but they brought on sharing basis till Delhi. Further, they hired separate vehicle for sending my luggage from Delhi to Jalandhar and charged Rs. 3000 extra for this apart from billing amount. 2. Further due to sharing my luggage (loading and unloading several times), many of crockery items are broken for which they are not taking onus. 3. Commitment was to send my car upto Jalandhar, but they delivered till Chandigarh and driver took Rs. 950.00/- extra apart from my billling. I needed to go to Chandigarh specially to pick up my car. 4. One of my unfilled cylinder has not been delivered by them till now and they keep on telling me to deliver the same within 1-2 days. Copy of luggage and car bills are enclosed. Kindly resolve my issues. Danish Bhardwaj Senior Manager Bank of Baroda

capt snehal sugunan

Posted on Dec 12, 2017

Sir,I booked my car for transport from Jalandhar to Mangalore through kritika car transport on 8th Oct 2017. After about a week I tried calling Mr.Manoj of Kritika Car transport but he stopped picking up my calls.And whenver he picked up he made fake excuses.I had payed Rs 21500 to him and After 24 days since he stopped receving my calls another truck driver called me and said i need to give 15000 to him as Kritika car transport didnt give him any money to deliver my car.So i had to pay him . truck driver Mr.Satyajit with ph no.9540217336(of Aman Transport) called me and said that my car is with him and i need to give 15000 to him as Kritika car transport didnt give him any money to deliver my car.So i had to pay him . 5.Then on 01 Nov 2017 I got my car in mangalore with scratches and in a very bad condition.I then tried calling Mr.Manoj Sangwan and after repeated calling he picked my call and said he will refund my money but now its 12th Dec and he has still not

Yogesh Mirajkar

Posted on Dec 07, 2017

Need to log complaint against Sai Prasad Packers and movers Rupeenagar Nigadi ,Pune , Maharashtra

Pungoti Ranjitha

Posted on Dec 07, 2017

Writers movers and packers regd no 1666 door no 8-7-24 street no 3 near MMR garden, Rajarajeshwari Nagar ,old Bowen pally Secunderabad Telangana have damaged our 32*40 inches plasma TV worth 40thousand rupees.please look into this matter.

Ashish Pant

Posted on Dec 04, 2017

Complaint against DRS group. Gave an estimate of 1.5 lacs for a household move from Gurgaon to Pune. I paid 75k online, and another 8000 in cash. Now the Pune location says pay everything in full, else they will not give my goods. I need unpacking to be done, and need a receipt for claiming expenses. Plus the insurance done by them for any damages. However, they are holding my goods ransom and asking for the entire money without delivery. Their bank account is setup as an education trust and not a mover! Please help

Rohan Patel

Posted on Nov 29, 2017

I used Sahara Movers and packers ( to move my bike from Hyderabad to Mumbai. I gave away around 6 thousand rupees for the same. The initial deal was to door to door pick up and drop. In the starting the concerned MD said he will drop the bike on Monady(11/27/2017) when they came to pick up the bike(11/25/2017). They didn't drop the bike on my desired destination and asked me to come and collect the bike 40 kms away from my home. Apart from that there were n number of scratch on my bike with helmet broken. Now the MD of the company has kept my mobile on block list. I want to complain and want a FIR and I want my refund and the amount which will cost me my helmet and scratch.

Brijendra Singh Jadaoun

Posted on Nov 28, 2017

I have send some house hold materials from Thane to Gwalior thru M/s Galaxy Home Packers & Movers against consignment note-049 on dated 29/08/2017. At the time of receiving the materials in Gwalior found one no. Empty Gas cylinder(Bharat Gas) was missing and refrigerator and CPU was badly damaged, immediately I have contact to Mr. Balveer Choudhry(contact no. 9820312124 of M/s Galaxy Home Packers & movers, but no response from there, also I have made several times telephonic and mail conversation with him about the same but till now no result. Request you to pls take necessary immediate action for above.

Capt Snehal Sugunan

Posted on Nov 27, 2017

1.I am an army officer and had to send my car from jalandhar to mangalore,karnataka(my home) as my posting had come and cannot take my car to that place.2.I contacted Mr.Manoj Sangwan ,owner of kritika car transport.,palam vihar,gurgaon 3.We agreed on sending the car from Jalndhar to managlore at a rate of Rs 17500 which includes his GST tax rate.4.I loaded my car at Jalandhar from Safe express transport who sent my car to Gurgaon to Kritika car transport.I paid Safe express Rs 4500 to send my car from jalandhar to gurgoan.5.Mr.Manoj after receving my car at gurgoan told me on 10th that he has loaded my car to Manglore truck.And I paid Mr manoj an amount of Rs 17500,6.Even after 2 weeks my car didnt reach the destination and i called Manoj and he stopped picking up my calls.And after repeated calls he picked up once and made fake excuses saying my car is in jaipur or here or there.7.After 24 days as Manoj stopped picking my calls ,I tried tracing my car but there was no trace of it.


Posted on Nov 22, 2017

Cheating:These packers and movers


Posted on Nov 21, 2017 0986080723 They are fraud.i gave themva 40kg worth 90k bag from Pune for Delhi with all my belongings in it & they promised a delivery in 4 days.Whereas 2 weeks passed and they made excuses like mam bag is stuck in traffic, they are not allowing trucks in delhi.Finally fighting with them almost everyday they they said we will deliver it nexy day. and when i called that day they said mam we are delivering today it will be with u around 9-10 in the morning but as usual they lied and around 5 they called mam we are coming with your bag.I waited for them then around 8:30 they said mam bag got stolen and literally build a very stupid story over it. that our guy was coming with rikshaw to metro and he get down from rikshaw to take token of metro and rikshaw drove away with your bag.first of all who get down and don't take there bag from rikshaw and goes to buy metro ticket.second if i wanted my bag to come by rikshaw or metro then why would i pay 4000/-rupees to them.

n g parbat

Posted on Nov 18, 2017

ibooked my cycle vid con signmentnote no 202 dated 28 oct 2017 but as contract they have to delivered the goods in bangalore door delivery but they did not do also asking for rs1000 this


Posted on Nov 13, 2017

Hi, I am Neha Saxena working as a Software Engineer in a MNC in Gurgaon, on 31st october 2017 I booked my household things to move from Gurgaon to my home town Jhansi by Satyam Cargo and Packers. While visiting the goods one executive visited my residence at Gurgaon and told me the quotation 8500/ inr including all taxes and he had given the corresponding receipt. At that time he took 500/inr as a token amount. on 31st Morning the team arrived at my place, packed all the things and took 4000/ inr cash from me as a advance and given me the receipt that remaining balance is 4000/inr and that will be handed over to them once the goods deliver to my address with in a week at jhansi. now it has been more than 2 weeks, but the goods are not delivered when I enquired the same, the concern person abused me badly on the phone and subsequently he made me calls and used abusive slangs words with me and told me that he will kill me if I ask them to send my goods value is more than 1 lach

bairagi rout

Posted on Nov 12, 2017

i have shifted the Honda active scotter Reg-DL6SAD9356 from delhi to bhubanswer through uniwaycargo movers company on 24th sep 2017.At the time of shipment they commite me to delivery 1ith 10 days.But still they not delivery my two whellers.almost 45 days passed. And also not confirm when they will delivery,i have also make payment full amount, below are the company detials contact numbers. Uniway cargo Packer's & Movers Udaybhan Singh Complex, Opposite- Raj Singh Complex, Kapashera, New Delhi-37 Phone no-+91- 9312329898, 9312429898 contact person name & Number- Name-Chand Dahiya Mob No-8076907173

Amit Kumar

Posted on Nov 10, 2017

I've shifted my household items from Ghaziabad (UP) to Dhanbad (Jharkhand) by Bharat Packers and Moves (BPM Transport Co)on 25/11/17. At the time of booking their services (movement from Ghaziabad to Dhanbad), they promised the following: (1) Excellent Packing: They used inferior packing material and many big items like bed were left unpacked. (2) Delivery within 4 days: They delivered in 11 days (on 5/11/2017). (3) Insurance of 2 lakhs of the household items: No insurance done. They kept lying that insurance is with the driver of the truck. (4) Unloading and assembling of furniture like bed: On 5/11/2017, when the truck arrived at my Dhanbad house, I arranged labor to unload. After a long follow-up of 11 days, they delivered my items in a very bad condition. All furniture were not only scratched, but were also damaged (broken). Till next day of receipt on the items (6/11/2017), they were saying that they will bear the damage cost. But after that no one is taking my call.


Posted on Nov 09, 2017

I asked for Leo International Movers and Packers. House No-196/B, Ameerpet Road, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Near Ayappa Swamy temple, Beside Balkampet Temple Road.Ph:9849093502, 9642675555. For transporting of LCD-26inch TV with Set-up Box to Bhubaneswar. It's almost 15days that fellow not receiving my call nor responding my SMS. So please advise what action against this Logistic.


Posted on Nov 08, 2017

I purchased a watch on 3rd of Oct 2017 at EBay online shopping site through Paisapay ID 46128197473. It was delivered to me on 10th of Oct 2017. I found the product to be the copy of the original and duly contacted EBay customer care for arranging a return pick up of the product. Return pick up was arranged by EBay through their shipping partner Delhivery Courier on 16th Oct 2017 vide tracking ID 451727984223 from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Now, four weeks have passed by since pickup, and Delhivery Courier services has failed to complete delivery even after 25 days citing technical/ operational issues. Please help me.

Ankit Sahu

Posted on Nov 07, 2017

I have contracted with M/s Royal Packers and Movers Guwahati on 28-09-2017 for transport of my belongings from Guwahati(Assam) to Durg(Chhattisgarh). Mr Shankar Roy from Royal Packers and Movers Guwahati committed to deliver the consignment in 10-15 days and for that I have made advance payment of Rs 9440/- on 28-09-2017 itself. Its already 30-35 days over and I did not get my consignment till now. I am not getting proper response from Mr Shankar Roy (mob 90850 22422, 96784 31345) web site of company is Please provide any assistance in this matter.

Pradeep Ravindra Gatti

Posted on Nov 07, 2017

I had parceled an bike cycle and a 2 helmet to Chennai from Bangalore..through Agarwal fast cargo put up in btm layout Bangalore.. though they delivered my bike and a damaged cycle.. kept the helmets to themselves.. now this guy named Suresh doesn't even receive my calls to revert on the same.. I have lost hopes on the same.. at least people know that this company is a fraudulent one and please do not use there service for there competent price

Varun Sharma

Posted on Nov 07, 2017

Delay in Delivery of Household material from Ghaziabad to Ahmedabad, Agarwal Packers and Movers has delayed material delivery from 3 days to 10 days.

Lavish Garg

Posted on Nov 06, 2017

From: Lavish Garg I got call from Diamond Logistic Movers and Packers for transporting my car from Bangalore to Dhuri. They picked up my Car from Bangalore on 23 oct 2017 and committed to deliver within 6 to 7 days. Today (on 6 nov 2017) is the 14 th day and still not received my car. They are not picking up my phone from last 7 days and I dont have any information regarding my car. I am having doubts that i will receive it or not. Address of the company is No. 36, Karishna Nagar Indl. Area, Off Hosur Main Road, D.R. College, BTM Layout 1st Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029 Ph 099807 39155

Vipin Dongre

Posted on Nov 01, 2017

Safe movers Packers For relocation of my house hold goods+bike from Noida to pune i paid 7000 to mahveer via electronic transfer they promise to deliver before 16th October they have still not deliver my belongings , Pratab and mahveer from same company not picking up calls and number on there website 9911698181 every time I call new person pickup the call and provide misleading information. Please help with the matter. I my having all bills , transaction details with me

Sudhanshu Johari

Posted on Oct 29, 2017

Hello Sir , I had recently shifted from Titwala(Kalyan,Mumbai) to Lucknow(U.P.). I took the Services of International Cargo Logistic ( for shifting of our HouseHold Goods. They charged Rs. 19000/- (CN No. : 2274 )which don't includes the Insurance Charges b'coz insurance included only accidental damage & Losses as spoken by Mr.Praveen of ICL, So it is not worthy. Now once the goods arrived in Lucknow they were in very bad condition, lot of breakage and scratches & dents, Almira base is totally damage etc. We called Mr. praveen ICL but now he is telling you have to call GATI delivering agency and get ur claim b'coz they are no liable to deal with this. I told them i had book your agency to shift my stuff but they had delivered my stuff in so bad condition, where resale value will be nil. Now what the customer do, if this type of attitude packers having. This is my humble request to take some strict action against these packers and help us.

Sanjeev Kumar Meher

Posted on Oct 25, 2017

I want to complain against Gati Speed Link Packers and Movers. I have shifted from new delhi to Cuttack and my households transported on 3 rd October 2017. But some of my home stuff missing and not delvered till now. 1. Sony LED TV 32', 2. Helmet 3. Mop, jhadu n screen hanger. These are the the things not delivered I have the documents listed with billing. I called them, thay told me that those things didn't get transported and they are there in their godown. When asked they kept delaying the timing of delivery of missing things. Now they are not responding my call and more than 3 weeks have passed since delivery. Hope you do something about it. Thanking you

Saurabh Kumar Jha

Posted on Oct 24, 2017

My way bill number is #40642760. SafeExpress took my bike for door to door pickup from chennai to Hyderabad on 5th Oct'17. Their executive Mr Gurmit Singh(7082545835) promised us that the shipment will be delivered in 5-6 days.They took Rs 5000 for this service but on the receipt they haven't mentioned the amount also may be to escape the tax they pay.The shipment started only on 12th Oct'17 and they gave fake GST related excuses. The shipment reached Ranchi on 19th Oct'17 but today its 24th and still its not out for delivery. Its absolutely pathetic service. I would never recommend anyone to use safe express. After 19-20 days also they are giving fake promisess and asking for another 24-48 hours just for sending bike from one place in ranchi to another place. They should really refund half of my amount for the pain and agony I went through. Absolutely dissatisfied with their service.

Puneet Sudan

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

got my consignment booked from Pune to Noida on 8th of September.. All my household stuff was broken..Asaram Survase the executive came home for quotation and advised no need for insurance we do take care of the stuff...But my brand new stuff was damaged...Boss of the company is even not being liable and responsible to contact or pay back... Aggarwal is the brand name but DSR is the name used illegaly..however the company is not liable to pay me the damaged caused to my stuff... Aggarwal is the fake name used to fool around... and charge as much as they can...I am going to complaint further too as its been a waiting and chasing but no response. Aggarwal is the fake name used to fool around... and charge as much as they can...I am going to complaint further too as its been a waiting and chasing but no response.

Shubham Kumar

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Hi, I booked delivery of my household items with VRLPacker & Movers from Bangalore to Ghaziabad on 30.09.2017. But it has not been delivered yet and when called to check about they delivery they informed it has been delivered. They said they will call back with more details and after receiving no calls , when I try to contact them they are not picking phones.

Deepak Sharma

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Complaint against Aryan Movers and Packers Hyderabad. Contact Person Vijender, contact Number 919705585826. Company did not fulfil its deliver date. Delivered 7 days late and only partially. Refusing to deliver the missing item. Refusing to return the money overcharged. Refusing to process insurance claim for the missing item. Need to be prosecuted for cheating

Surendra Shukla

Posted on Oct 16, 2017

Dear Sir, I Surendra Shukla, agreement with Professional New National Packers And Movers for Shifting my luggage. Accordingly, we agreed upon an amount of Rs. 20310/- to shift my luggage and deliver it on 14th Oct 2017. I paid an amount Rs.18310/- as advance and Rs.2000/- to be paid after delivery of luggage. However, the luggage has not reached till date. The person from New National Packers And Movers called (who came to my house and given me quotation) and is demanding more money and says that luggage will be delivered if I pay the amount which he demands. Currently, items has not been delivered and my family is facing lot of problems as items has not been delivered since 15th Oct 2017. This fellow is a cheating, corrupt and unethical. This is highly unprofessional and worst ever service. Kindly let me know, how do I proceed?

Ravi Domala

Posted on Oct 13, 2017

Dear Sir, I Ravi Domala, agreement with Professional Caro Movers & Packers for Shifting my luggage from Bangalore to DIAT Pune. Accordingly, we agreed upon an amount of Rs. 20170/- to shift my luggage to pune and deliver on 10th Oct 2017. Then i paid an amount Rs.16000/- as advance and Rs.4170/- to be paid after delivery of luggage at DIAT,Pune. However, the luggage has not reached till date. The person Mr.Surendar of Processornal Caro Movers and Packer calls me and is demanding more money and he says that luggage will be delivered if i the amount which he demands.Currently, without any of items along with family iam facing lot of problems since 10th Oct 2017. This fellow is a cheating , corrupt and unethical . These are highly unprofessional and worst ever service. How do i proceed with.

Rinda Irom

Posted on Oct 13, 2017

Hello Sir I have booked western logistic address plot no 10 gali no 10 1st floor ashok Vihar phase 3 Gurgaon to transfer my house hold items from delhi to imphal when survey was done they have given the quotation of Rs35000 excluding gst ans green tax and on 30th sep they loaded my house hold from my dwarka address after 12 days they called me ans asking to pay 85000 to transfer my items it's they are using abusing language and asking if you need your items you have to 85000 .I am at my home town in imphal waiting for my house hold. He is not listing kindly help

Anupam Mishra

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

This is against preety singh.No. 101 -A,Pashupati nagar,k.r.s cargo movers and packers naubasta kanpur- phone no.8887795663 and 7379013777..fraud bill given taken full amount no bill


Posted on Oct 12, 2017

Careless and Worst service experience of Navdeep cargopackers&movers. I shifted from Delhi to Bangalore in Aug'17 and found all the household things in broken condition during delivery especially all electronic items like IFB washing machine, Computer Desktop, LCD TV and TVS Bike. I complained so many times to Mr. Pawan (8510921295) but he is not at all answering my calls, switch off his mobile or transfer my calls to any irrelevant person. I incurred losses of 20,000/- in this relocation and even after getting it insured he is not helping us out. Reaching out for all to help me to get the damage household item money refunded Also Advising all not to give order to Navdeep Cargo as they are totally irresponsible, uncommittable and uncooperative

Ritesh Kumar

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

or not working. For example Music System was dead, Card was driven for 2000 KMs. Jack was missing, there were dents on the left and right hand side. They asked me to pay 6000 Rs. to the driver who handed over the car. When I shouted on them for the car condition they said that I can pay only the amount to the driver which can be sufficient to go back from Chennai. I paid him Rs 1000 and said that he will get the damaged compensated and he asked about the rough estimate of the loss. The loss and damage was costing around 13000. He said that he will try to get this reimbursed. Next day he informed me that I'll have to pay around Rs. 10000 to the person who is going to deliver the stuff. I strongly refused to pay the money and informed that he can adjust the amount with my reimbursement. He said that I'll have to pay the money upfront else they won't give me my stuff. I said I'll go to consumer court to which they were absolutely unaffected. Please help me and let me know what to do.

Ritesh Kumar

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

I chose Super Cargo Movers and Packers to transport my household goods and Car from Delhi to Chennai. They initially quoted Rs. 20000 for the service. They picked up my items on 11th Sep 2017. They just gave me the receiving of all the items and didn't give me the bill. After couple of days I got a bill of Rs. 32,300. I paid Rs 14000 cash. When I complained about that he said that we thought you must be aware that these are additional charges. After lot of discussions and arguments we both settled on Rs 30000. He asked me to pay Rs. 10000 more via account transfer I did that. He called me up on 22nd Sep informing that household stuff has arrived in Chennai and I should pay the full amount. I asked him to keep the stuff on hold as I needed my car first find a house in Chennai. He said that car will be delivered till 25th Sep. He could not deliver the car till 25th Sep. It was delivered on 6th Oct 2017 after several follow ups. Car was damaged and many things were either missing or

Deepak Rai

Posted on Oct 04, 2017

This complaint is against V. S SHIFTING PACKERS AND MOVERS. Vimal being the contact person and the owner of the company promised my household items to be moved by the 10th of September 2017. Till date I have not received my items and not only that I have been false promised on several occasions just to avoid my calls to him. The condition now is such that he would not even pick my calls. I have been through a lot of mental stress because of the same as the items moving also included my Pulsar 150 and all my original documents.

Aman Guleria

Posted on Oct 03, 2017

The Kochi based Royal Frieght Carriers has committed a big level fraud with the goods of about 10 people. He has taken the luugage of 10 people and one motorcycle and not transferred it to the place required. The person's name is Mukesh. There are 3 phone numbers of Royal Frieght Carriers and he has switched off all of them. Kindly punish him with the maximum punishment and we want our goods back. He has gone missing and not picking up any calls now.. And all numbers are switched off. We need the action at the earliest as the goods are of defence personnel.

Brijendra Singh Jadaoun

Posted on Sep 23, 2017

I have booked my house hold mtrls from Thane to Gwalior thru Galaxy Home Packers & Movers, Aroli-Mumbai on 28/08/2016 against LR no. 049. After rcving found my empty gas cylinder will not deliver with matrls. when I trying to contact no proper response from Galaxy. pls suggest what I will do.

Harsh wardhan

Posted on Sep 22, 2017

This is complain against Agarwal packers and movers. My consignment no is WIGNBSR117738 , it was from bbsr to hyderabad.i got dent in my bike and it costs me has been over to months I am calling in Hyderabad off, main office Delhi..they only saying ki 10-15 days more. it's not done.

sanjay tewari

Posted on Sep 19, 2017

Dear Sir, I have transported my car through gati express packer- Website on july 22nd from howrah to vadodara -They have not handed over me the car yet. I have paid them through cheque , all the invoice and challan is with me. I have been talking to them , they are assuring the car will reach in day or two. i have numerous sms given by me and have also reply from end. i have also have recorded statement in mobile. please help me what should i do. Regards

Nipun Nikunj

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Have book Agarwal Safe India Relocation (Mayur) and packer of Ghaziabad to courier my Bike from Ghaziabad to Pune on 4-Sep-2017. They have commit that bike will be deliver to my home address within 10 days. Have called many time to them to track the status but got no response. And after that i got a response that they are on leave or they will let me know when they will be in the office. After Friday (8th), they informed me that the bike will be delivered maximum by Sunday. After that it is Friday today but no information about the bike and even not received any information. Only i got to know each day that you will receive by tonight. Let me know when can i expect. Thanks

Vikrant Tripathi

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Have book Blue star movers(Rajesh and Mukesh) and packer of Delhi to courier my Bike from Ghaziabad to Mumbai on 3-Sep-2017. They have commit that bike will be deliver to my home address by 8-9 Sep. Have called many time to them on 9-10 Sep and everytime I get update that bike will be delivered to me by 10 eveining, have waited whole 10 for the same. When I called on 11, I got an update that my Bike is still in Delhi as they have load some other bike(HR-26) in place of my bike. Rajesh have mention me that they will load my bike on 11 and on 14th night I will receive my bike at my home address, but on calling 14-Sep, he haven't my any call. On 15-Sep when I tried from other number, my call got answer and they have updated me that they are just committing on the basis of what truck driver is updating them. I want to know what I can do so that no one else would suffer the same issues as what I'm facing as of now. Thanks

Naresh Kumar

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

I have booked my complete household from Dombivali, Thane to Visakhapatnam through Indian Packers and Movers, Sakinanka, Mumbai, which consisted of 30 consignment, out of one consignment consisting of my bed parts were missing and all the items delivered were damaged, though the company took insurance money for transported items, they are still not paying the refund and damages for the missing items and damages happened to all my items. Whenever, I am contacting the Company Person, Sandeep Sharma, he will give excuse that company is in poor condition financially and now he is saying the company is going to be bankrupt. So, I am requesting you to please help me.


Posted on Sep 13, 2017

I choose DTC PACKERS AND MOVERS gurgaon to transport mine bajaj pulsar 180 cc from faridabad to bhagalpur bihar on 28th aug. The person who came to collect the bike told that i will be provided with the rfid no of the truck carrying my bike within 2 to 3 days. But till today i have not recieved any rfid no and when ever i tried to contact the required authority they are misleading me on this . Sir today it is 15th day from when i gave my bike for transporting and now they are not recieving my phone . I have the reciept provided by the packer . Please help me in registering the comaint against dtc packers and movers gurgaon

Shrawan Kumar

Posted on Sep 13, 2017

This is to inform that I have shifted from Delhi to Mandi using the services of safeexpresspackers and they have broken most of my item also they did not send any labour for unloading and unpackaged our house hold goods. Now I am trying to call them repeatedly but they are not responding my call. the no of company is 9999015978


Posted on Sep 13, 2017

I booked Goodwill Domestic Packers & movers for relocation of my goods from Bangalore to Hyderabad on July 30. While transferring they missed three items. Actually they don't have warehouse in Bangalore & Hyderabad, keep the vehicle @ outskirts & load the house hold items, tied up with supreme packers in hyderabad. Called them many times but never got proper response.

Shalini Arpana M. Mistry

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

We had given the transportation consignment to Gurugram based Packers & Movers to transfer our house hold goods and a Wagon-R car. The name & contacts of Packers & Movers is as follows; Name : 1) Mr. Monu Goyal Mobile Nos. : +91-9654515102 Email : 2) Co-owner Mobile no. : +91-9999162935 Kindly note that even after more than a month the above Packers & Movers is failed to deliver some of our goods like SONY BRAVIA LED TV & a Small yellow colour baby chair which they forced us to kept in Wagon-R car at the time of loading of goods @ Gurugram and at that point of time we couldn't guess exactly what was their intension behind that...and we didn't imagine that both the things were missing while we received delivery of Wagon-R dtd. 27-Aug.'017. Please find attached the scan copy of signed BILTI as a token of receipt. We are in receipts of Wagon-r car in very bad conditions and day by day we came to know about missing of some major parts like A.C. Compressor, Horns

Shailesh Agarwal

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

We recently moved from Bangalore to Delhi. We have booked Agarwal Domestic & International Relocation vide CN-1155 dated 13 Aug'17 ( to shift my household goods to Delhi. An Estimation was given for all the household goods for Rs.20,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance. The Insurance receipts were also not sent till today. As per deal finalized by Mr Sunil ,goods were supposed to delivered till 23 Aug'17 ( As per 10 days timelines). But our Luggage has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. We have called a number of times to Mr. Sunil, Mr.Manoj and their is no proper response.After 10 days, after calling a number of times, Mr.Sunil said that the luggage is still in Bangalore warehouse. Their behavior is quite rude and they spoke very harshly. All this matter is causing a lot of disturbance to us and we are facing a lot of problem > 30 days because all our household goods including kitchen item.

Sadik khan

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Dtdc mover Noida cheated first they excessively and after delivering item after long period of time and now it is damaged and they stop responding on call or they also charged for insurance.


Posted on Sep 06, 2017

My household goods was packed, transported and delivered by Agarwal Packers & movers vide GC No WIGNSLTK123067. In this process Rs 72931 was charged from me which I paid twice, once through ONLINE PAYMENT Channel of Agarwal Packers & Movers on 23.08.2017 (MR MR/SLTK/1718/00740) and the second payment was made by cheque no 556275 dated 20.08.2017 drawn on bank SBI. The cheque was debited from my account on 23.08.2017. Since 23.08.2017 I had been requesting the company for refund of the excess amount paid by me. Till date the amount was not credited to my account.

Ananta Gaikwad

Posted on Sep 04, 2017

I am shifted luggage from Pune to Ahmedabad & for this I used Destination International Packers and movers service. I take insurance of my luggage but During shifting my luggage was damaged, They do not provide any insurance service. Also They do not provide me insurance copy, required to get benefit of joining expenses given by company. They do not receive my call & not give any response of my calls & massage.

Naveen D

Posted on Sep 04, 2017

I have booked packers and movers for house hold items to be transported from tirupathi. They have given Raju Packers and movers in website and gave bill as global international packers and movers and paid full amount. 8 days passed. They are not delivering my items to home. Please help me hoe to proceed.

S d patel

Posted on Sep 01, 2017

I have booked allied professional packers and movers for shifting of my household materials.on 12.08.17 they have taken my materials but till date they not delivered to the time of booking they told me to pay 80% rest after delivery but they just playing everyday and took all my money before delivery. And sonetimes they said it is on the way after 4 days you will get, after 2 days u will get but till now i did not get my materials.

kiran kumar

Posted on Sep 01, 2017

TO Suraj Packers & Movers No. 8-7-178, Swarnadhama Nagar, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Hyderabad . Dear Sir/Madam My Name is kiran I recently moved from Hyderabad to Nagercoil ( Tamil Nadu )we have booked Suraj Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. An Estimation was given for all the household goods for Rs.22,500 including insurance cost and paid 20,500 in advance. The above deal was finalized by Suraj packers & Movers on 23/08/2017. Our Luggage has not been delivered till date and there is no proper response from the staff. We have called a number of times to Sandhya and Praveen Even Truck driver but there is no proper responds . Please Help us with the issue as we are suffering a lot in unknown area all the house hold good are packed by Suraj Packers & Movers and even we are staying in outside and eating outside.

Rajeev Kumar V Nair

Posted on Aug 30, 2017

I opted to use Geo Fast Packers and Movers ( service to ship my materials from Bangalore to Ernakulam (Consignment note: 1425) after the discussion I had with their Bangalore Marketing Head (Balwan Kumar). He promised that the materials will reach by the 3rd day evening (after 8 pm) i.e. on August 23rd and the unloading will be taken care by them, for which I need not pay. However, materials came only on August 24th at 11:30 pm. Further, when I informed the driver that he has to unload the materials, he flatly refused telling that they did not have any arrangement and requested me to contact Geo Fast. In spite of calling Balwan, could not speak to him but spoke to his colleague, who said they would get this sorted. At last, I and my brother had to take matters in our hands for unloading the materials and getting it to the flat at the 10th floor. Further, on unpacking, I noticed a cot (at 3 places) & the TV stand (at 2 places) were damaged. I shared the snaps.

Prasanth N B

Posted on Aug 29, 2017

I'm moving from Bangalore to Trivandrum (Kerala), so I discussed with Agarwal Superfast Packers and Movers team ( Deepak) total amount (including tax+insurance) they in inform me it will be come 28000/- and no extra charge. After peaking done they given me the bill of 35600. This is not affordable for me and we already committed the amount and fooling me. I need to pay in Kerala also the unloading charge. Web:

Kamlesh Mahaur

Posted on Aug 29, 2017

I have booked TV set to be transferred from Thane to indore with Agarwal Freight packers and movers from Mahape Navi Mumbai. The Marketing Executive named Hari Shankar came for pickup. Booking date is 24/08/2017. Now they are not responding to calls and threaten to pay extra or else they will damage the shipment. It's 6 days Now, but they give no information on it. Their website is and another is on both site the contact person number is 9022709709 which is fraud. The number of Hari shankar is 9324145001 who acts as polite first and then does not respond to calls. The whole lobby picks up the call in search of new clients and looks them of their valuables. Please help immediately needed as shipment is still to be delivered.

Sethi Chauhan

Posted on Aug 28, 2017

I booked my bike on date 06aug17 from Kulhari packers and movers from Chandigarh to Bangalore by paying the amount Rs 5740.and they deliverd my bike on 22 aug17 in damaged condition. As they insured my bike. Now they are not responding to pay for the damages happened to my bike.

Neeti Bhatia

Posted on Aug 22, 2017

Aditya International Movers and Packers charged me for insurance against my relocation load but did not give me the insurance copy. I kept chasing them but finally the goods came without the insurance copy and the in a damaged condition. I had also informed Vakola Police station about it. Now no insurance hence cannot claim. Plus they aren't refunding my insurance amount of 4500 nor taking my calls

Rahul Singh

Posted on Aug 21, 2017

I booked a service to move my bike (Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 ) from Mumbai to Hyd and was contacted by Prestige Cargo Packers and Movers on this Friday 18th August 2017.The guy at the very first was very decently speaking (Mr Kishan Poonia ) calls himself a marketing manager and convinced me that the service will be door to door from Mumbai my house to Hyd my place and will take 2-3 days and will reach by Tuesday 22 August 2017.. I agreed to pay him more than what others pay (8000 INR) as my bike is very much important me and since i was moving it for the very first time i feared for its safety and man handle. They reached on time in Mumbai and took my bike with them and loaded the bike by Saturday Morning . The bike was in Hyd on Sunday morning that is 20 August 2017 and to my shock the driver of the cargo truck called me up and said that he has dropped my bike on a road lines shop which is 16 km from my place and that they are not going to drop the bike to my home

Proma Das

Posted on Aug 21, 2017

I have booked my consignment with all India Home packers and movers from Delhi to Malda Town Phone Number 91 9313524141 on 6th August 2017. Phone number is unreachable and consignment has not reached yet.


Posted on Aug 18, 2017

i have transport my scooty with Fastway cargo packers and movers from Pune to nashik on 9/8/2017. They told it will reach in 2 days. from 3rd day i am calling them but they are lying to me that it will reach today/tomorrow.and not answering properly even.they are using abuse word to my wife.i have doubt that they are fraud or they have damage my vehicle.please file complaint for them. their phone no:9579015305


Posted on Aug 18, 2017

MH 02 BP 5327 CAR MISUSE AND DAMAGE CHARGES via Chapp Van HR55N0665 (Driver Daya Nand) GC - 4551831/4551833: My car was loaded in Chapp Van, still it was used to drive 300 kms without my knowledge. Its rear tyres are badly damaged/replaced by old tyres. Front bumper is badly damaged. I doubt its internal parts are also changed with fake parts because engine is making heavy noise. I have been e-mailing DRS group for last 2 months, but they are not ready to accept their mistake and not giving compensation. Please help me out of this. Regards Amit.


Posted on Aug 17, 2017

My goods from Chennai to Delhi has not yet delivered yet it is been 25 days since we paid full amount and inspire of it the owner threatens us that it will according to their wish if we speak toouch will damage the goods..very unfair I want to go to consumer court...asap

Dibakar Sahoo

Posted on Aug 17, 2017

Consignment not reached after 21 days from shipment(MP to Odisha) Bhubaneswar safexpress not delivered that material till date where as they have received that on 4th Aug-2017.Thay have not received our call. This type of service is very worst.


Posted on Aug 16, 2017

Please do look out for fraud and cheat promise by this transport carrier his name is mukesh saini and he is big fraud and he always makes falls promises to people and then fakes them don't ever use his transport carrier, what exactly happened with me was i am living in the south and i wanted to buy a vehicle from chandigarh so i got the vehicle and wanted to transport it bangalore so i searched in the web and i found this guys number so i went ahead with him he made me fill all the forms and procedure it was on 2/8/2017 and then he said that he would be loading my vehicle tommrow i had to leave the next day i left but the vehicle was parked infant of his shop for 3 days and then when i asked him he said the vehicle is already sent but i was told the vehicle was there and he sent me a video of it i was frustrated and called him again he said he will send it the next day i waited when i called him next time he gave me another number MR sunil they have deported it on

Chiranjit Sau

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

I have booked my house hold material thought Universal Packers & Movers from Kalyan, Maharashtra to Muradipur, Kanpur on dtd. 25.07.2017 through your consignment no. 22332, but the material not delivered till date. I am continuous followup for the same with Mr. Pratap (mob no. 08689881205), But he is tell that additional rs. 3000/- to be paid for getting the material. On booking time i have paid of Rs. 19700/- To Mr. Ranjeet Singh (Mob No. 09167728234) and that is final payment. How can i paid additional amount for the getting the material. Please advise what is the procedure for getting the material. Mr. Prapap has denied that they had not to delivered the without additional amount payment.

Subhrajyoti Basu

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

GNN Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar Address: Plot No.426,sameigadia, Chakeisihani, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751010 Phone: 094391 66511 The ower Satyabrata Nayak has taken full payment but still haven't delivered my luggage. he promised me to deliver it by 7days. after 9days when I called him for an update he abused me and said he wont deliver. I have the bank statements with me. its been 12days now I havent received any update. please take strict actions against him. And more over this kind of behaviour is very common with him because I saw a review at google where a same incident was reported against him.

Shikha tiwari

Posted on Aug 12, 2017

Not delivering my items and denanding more money upfront

Fathima Sheereen

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

I have shifted from Bangalore to Coimbatore via "VRL Safe Packers & Movers Pvt. LTD". While shifting they have requested us to claim insurance for the products on their actual price and compelled us to do it on a mandatory basis. When I received my goods, some of the products were damaged and on calling back they did not respond at all. The charges which they got from us in the name of insurance was fake. They told post loading the goods in container they will provide an email on the insurance company and other insurance details, but we did a frequent follow up with the packers and movers but no response from them. Post receiving the goods, no response from them for damaged goods. Also, they assured while unloading they will assemble the cot, but they did not. They are complete FRAUDS. OWNER DETAILS - Vikas - 8884274848,8884045666,8884230001;;; PEOPLE IN BANGALORE,BEWARE ON THESE KIND OF FRAUDULENT PACKERS&MOVE

Sarang Bhawre

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

Compliment against south India packers and movers transport nagar nigadi Pune

vivek sharma

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

Do not book goods, household via “Aggarwal Safe Cargo Movers” and whose owner/coordinator is Ramesh Rajasthani (8168031912, +91-8168031912/+91-9952986100 ). They all are fraud lair and CHOR they are not packer and mover they are cheater ,my all good damaged while relocation from Chennai to Mathura . they have charged insurance amount along with but god known what they have done with that. Now received damaged good they have block all number in phone so that they cannot received any call regarding claim of damaged goods. they don't have their own transport even goods store . they have send my goods via three transport after one month from Chennai to Mathura and all goods are wet with rain. they are not professional in transporting goods. from one month of booking they are misguiding me regarding the tracking the household .some time they told me vehicles got accident it is standing in police station. they are trying to ask more money to settlement with police so that you can receiv

Manish Tomar

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

I booked my household material on 26/06/2017 from Gr. Noida To Chennai through Excellent Relocation Pvt. Ltd., # 654, Near MTNL Tower, Palam Vihar Road, Bijwasan, New Delhi -110061. Mobile No. 9718153111 But till date my material is not delivered i.e 03/08/17. He is not picking my call. I don't know what to do


Posted on Aug 02, 2017

I have view from online and found mover and packer for shifting my house hold on 31/07/17 from indrapuram to Faridabad.Arwind sing yadav mob 9560329727 and 7065268140 contacted and fixed amount Rs 4500 On the day of shifting when they unloaded i found the things were damaged since their packing was not proper When i claim bill he was refusing and asking Rs 2000 extra for Bill 4500 and the labour went without giving bill after many times i asked the bill now he is using abuse words and saying what ever u want do i am not bothered Please take action on those people and teach a good leason

kuldeep Nirmal

Posted on Aug 01, 2017

I have shifted my household material from Bangalore to Gurugram through Leo Packers & Movers P ltd ( Mr Vinod Shah (9849013531) who is also CEO of the company promised me fast and safe delivery.I handed over the material to them on 27th May as they have promised the delivery within 10 days. But my material shifted after 22nd days ever after lots of follow-up. I know how i managed in a new city without my household material with a kids of 18 months old for 10 days.I called them regularly but they start avoiding my calls. Finally when the material reached to my house, i have lots of material are damaged. i called Mr Vinod multiple time but he start avoiding my calls. He massaged me that he will send some person for inspection but no one visited after that. i did lots of follow-ups with Mr vinod and finally two person visited my house for insurance claim. they promised me for corrective action for insurance claim but till the time nothing happened. please help

Amit Kumar

Posted on Jul 30, 2017

Mr Roshan his person is very Blackmiler so please please don't vileved this comment.


Posted on Jul 27, 2017


Supriyo das

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

Vansh cargo packers and movers have cheated me


Posted on Jul 11, 2017


@Gati Movers and Packers

Posted on Jul 09, 2017

This company is bunch of cheaters and frauds. There never speak true. Staff are highly non ethical and they don't have customer care etiquettes, I have done shifting from Delhi to pune they have lost my belonging and also sent me some one else carton box instead of mine .I have lost to many precious things in that carton, as the carton delivered to me was not bearing LR no except S.No. and to get their balance money they kept my Scooty and other belonging at their godown and blackmailed me that " if want to get the delivery of these items I will have to pay to money to them first" despite of the fact that they have stolen/misplaced my belongings. This company does not deserve the customer trust. For details you can refer the public reviews on social media, which is being further enlightened with my experienced . It is not a professionally manages company, once they get their money from you they will not even pick up your call. Even for bill I had to make the innumerable calls to th

Sanjay Sahu

Posted on Jul 09, 2017

Never use Service of GI Cargo Movers , I booked GI cargo movers Bangalore to Hyderabad , they given quote Rs 13000 bglr to Hyd but shifting time they to ask for Rs 19000+tax but at last we finalized 17000 inclusive tax, and given 14000 advance , for time of delivery they to ask for Rs 6000 , if not paid will not deliver , at last I paid ?3000 then deliver short materials. material also delivered short, pending Bike and Tata Sky dish items not receive yet. house material also not send in said vehicle, they promised 14 Feet Vehicle and sent it on 8 Feet Vehicle, I called up many times but not answering. I am mentally very very harassed? to take service of GI Cargo Movers,I suggest never use Service of GI Cargo, use your any reference to take service not this no buddy responsible here i have recording of all conversation with GI Cargo movers and complaint to National Consumer Center for Case. GI Cargo Blackmailing to Customer Manager Mr. Sunil Mandloi are blackmaile

Sapan Bansal

Posted on Jul 09, 2017

Hi Team, I have booked DTDC packers and Movers on 25th may 2017. My house hold items have arrived. Before they open the container driver informed that the bike has damaged from some parts. As i have taken insurance i thought will get it reimbursed. I speak to one of the person who took this request initially. He asked me to send photos and bill and he will get it reimbursed. Noe they are not answering the call and saying it was not covered that was not covered. How can i get the reimbursement. I am feeling very sad because of this. Sapan Bansal 9990520457


Posted on Jul 06, 2017

DRs agrwal packers had promised to shift in 4 days from Ahmedabad to Patna.Packed and moved on 25th Jun but still not arrived Patna.They also break seal and changed the container wthout intimating me.I have pic of original truck with number

Niladri Sankar Mondal

Posted on Jul 04, 2017

Hi Team, Please be informed that, I have booked sahara packers and movers from Pune to shift my household stuff to Kolkata.Initially they have gave quotation of rs 8000rs, after 2weeks of date of packing,they have 5300rs more. it has been more than 1 month, still I didn't receive my household stuff. I have paid extra 5300 rs which was demanded by Mr Indra Paul(9370966333) ,after 2weeks from the date of packing 26th May, Total Amount 13300 Rs. From last 7 days Mr Paul is not answering my calls.Please take strict action against them and help me to get the household stuff. Thanks, Niladri 8431630203

Nandana K

Posted on Jul 04, 2017

Mr.Ajit Sharma sitting in Hyderabad office i guess manages the whole cheating business, they strategy is quote less initially and then after packing, loading then they hand over the bill of double the amount in the name of taxes etc etc which is not disclosed even after asking multiple times when giving quotation itself. they just say that the amount including taxes but hand over a bill of double the amount only after packing. I have done a big mistake of going with VRL Packers. they have quoted 18000 including taxes etc etc even after asking multiple times and after packing they charged me 36000... yes 36000 double the amount. upon insisting on unpacking the goods they said they will only unpack if we pay 15000 and the goods didn't reach on time as well. After all this drama we purely had a doubt we are going to get our goods or not also. Mr.Ajit sharma was not even able to tell where the goods are? He is totally clueless and irresponsible as a manager(calls himself manager no idea if

Baldev Mamtani

Posted on Jul 04, 2017

My household goods were packed and moved from Delhi to Pune by Agarwal Packers & Movers (, regd office at Secunderabad consisting 54 packages under their challan GC 4547606 of 25 April.Most of crockery/crystals /glassware was delivered in BROKEN condition.Despite having paid insurance premium,they refuse to compensate.My letters to their MD Mr DAYANAND AGARWAL & calls to their offices has evoked no RESPONSE.They have been highly unprofessional and needs to be BOYCOTTED.I wish I had utilized services of original Agarwal Packers and Movers whose logo is a SOLDIER

Shrikar Kodamgullawar

Posted on Jul 03, 2017

Hello, We moved from Pune to Hyderabad, There are couple of items which are missing, we consistently were in touch with the guy who did packing, After paying off the money we found some items are missing, which were notified to them and they acknowledged in the beginning, even we connected with Driver who promised us to get the item back, Later on .. No one is receiving our call and not supporting at all, move done on 17th June, Reached Hyd on 20th June 1. Play Box - contains 4 badminton racquets and a cricket bat (8000 +) 2. Picks Jar (2 containers Rs. 1000+)

Dharmendra kushwaha

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

I am book ganpati packer mover home hold and bike if not deliver material and not pick up the phone

Rampal Dargar

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

My compilation is against SOUTH NORTH PACKERS & MOVERS during shifting my house hold items from Faridabad to Vadodra.Two items found missing 1) computer wittth accessory.2) Box cconttaing clothes.Initially he has agreed and promised to look in to the matter ad if not found for compensation for some I have mobile communication has proof.Finally he has ditched me. No help was given for unloading and in assembly of furniture. It is my sincere request that such type firm should be black listed and I want compensation from packers and movers.

Abhijit Shaw

Posted on Jun 25, 2017

Problem in getting damage repair cost from packers and movers.


Posted on Jun 24, 2017

Sir, I have booked house hold items in Faridabad through professional Packers & Movers Pvt. Ltd. vide consignment no 43539 & 43540 both dated 09/02/2016. Along with this booking, I have also booked a refrigerator on a no charge basis. However the transported has delivered the goods booked against consignment no 43539 & 43540, they have not delivered the refrigerator which was booked on no charge basis. I have tried many followup from my end with the packers & movers but till date they have not delivered the refrigerator. Please help me in this matter.

Harsh Bajoriya

Posted on Jun 18, 2017

Hi I am Harsh Bajoriya from Pune. I had given my moped to ARL PACKERS AND MOVERS to transport it to YAVATMAL. He told that it will get transported in 3 days but took 11 days. He was not picking up the call also. My moped reached but the Petrol tank was fully empty and I had fully filled the tank before giving him the bike. Now I can't even trust if he changed my bike parts also. I want a help regarding this.

Abhinav Singh

Posted on Jun 17, 2017

I booked my bike with safe packers and movers to be shifted from Delhi to Lucknow on 30th may. Till today I don't have any info where it is. The person is now not answering my calls. His number is 9911698181. Please help.

Rony Thomas

Posted on Jun 15, 2017

Complaint against OMX packers pune. We didnt receive our insurance amount from them.

Kaushal Kumar

Posted on Jun 15, 2017

I booked Movers & Pacekrs from Delhi to Allahabad with State Cargo Delhi, Mr. Jitesh was the person who deals in this. Firstly, he hidden all the taxes in quotation & after booking and packing of goods he stores the item for 9 days with rise in amount and mentally harrash me as he told me to deliver the goods in two days. Also he not put the goods in my room which amount he added in quotaion. He told me return damage amount cost but he not give a single rupee. He really a fraud & his company also a cheater company. His mobile number is 9310082262, 9910712012


Posted on Jun 12, 2017

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Biswajit Parida

Posted on Jun 11, 2017

DTC packers was given two cartons to move from gurgaon to Hyderabd on 27th April for a total amount of Rs. 7800. They were asked to hold the shipment for a month as i the final destination was not fixed. There was a delay of payment from my side due to the bank problems, which can be seen from my bank statements. But the final payment was done on 29th May 2017 as i was unavailable for exact 20 days on remote trek. Afte the final payment I was given the confirmation with the final delivery location by message. As promised from DTC on 3-4 days delivery time, I have missed over two weekends from their promise i.e. 3-4th June then 10-11th June. They always promise the delivery within 2-3 hours and then never answer the phone. I have made numerous attempts to the person in-charge Mr. Vinod and others from the same company(absence of name as when ask for it i get disconnected). 1. Mr. Vinod (9310366001) 2. Mr. Rakesh(9310466001) 3. Unnamed(7065556001)


Posted on Jun 10, 2017

The eagle cargo movers company promised to shift my household items from Hyderabad to Vijayawada in sharing Basis @ Rs.11,000/- with one of my friends household items. They packed and lifted my items on 8/6/2017. They delivered my friends household items in damaged condition on 10/06/2017 @ 02:00am early hours in Vijayawada. My household items are still at Hyderabad and not delivered at Vijayawada. They increased the transportation charges to Rs.17,000/-, even though not delivered in time. They transported my friends household items in multi sharing vehicle at a lowest price of Rs.3000/-. What quality of service we expected by paying Rs.17,000/- ., and now what service we are getting at a rate spent by the transportation company. This is cheap service, we would never prefer. Contact 8008743016 Carriage and Transport Hyderabad


Posted on Jun 09, 2017

We moved from Pune to Bangalore on 23rd May'17.Booked Star Express Packers and Movers.The most horrible experience.We had booked an Exclusive Service were we paid extra amount so that we have a cargo dedicated exclusively for goods. We were told by the sales guy SONU that our items would reach max. in 2 days.We were told to make 30% payment in Advance and 70% after the delivery.We were not given and tracking ID. The next day after the Cargo truck left, we called the sales Rep.SONU,he said that our truck has reached Maharashtra Border and we will have to make 100% payment before the truck enters Karnataka.First Shocker.We made 70% payment & told him the rest will be paid after we receive our goods. He along with his partner started making threatening phone calls sayin, if we dont make 100% payment we wont receive our goods. So for the next two days,they kept calling us and threatening us.We lost 2 boxes & furnitures were spoilt.Total loss of approx. 80K. They are FRAUD

Raj Pandey

Posted on Jun 08, 2017

I have been cheated by Reliable Express Movers Mumbai.The company is fake.I communicated them through Just Dial and after cross checking their Web presence and Website all over. I wanted to send my 2 BHK goods from &#8203;Swarna CHS, Kanakiya Laxmi Park, &#8203;Mira Road Mumbai to Kolkata. On 10th February they collected my goods and made me pay them Full 27,000 what we agreed upon with a 12 days maximum time of delivery and re installation of all the goods back to my Kolkata house.&#8203; This was fixed and handled by Naresh Prasad @ 7666777888 / 022-65566444/9773366444.&#8203; He is the main culprit and fake man who is running th echeat gang with some other people and a store at Bibhandi, Maruti Compound, gala No 72. Store guy is Raju @ 9172317092. he is also part of the gang and where is my Fridge and fan is still lying.Rest goods I brought through another movers by paying additional 45000.To the cheating company I have paid half cash and rest amount transfer to Reliable Xpress Ac no. 103205000667.Pls help

Manish Gupta

Posted on Jun 07, 2017

I booked a house hold shifting from Indore to Pune on 30th May 2017. Mr. Kishore from Geetashree Movers and Packers is do that booking and give me assurance that I will get my household good properly by next day i.e. on 31st May 2017. i got my household goods after 4 days. i called many times to him but he not responding properly. I called him for this but again he not picked up my call. it effetcs me and my family since i came pune with minimal items along with me. i got my items on 3rd Jun 17. We got the our household goods in damaged condition. Cartoons are badly teared and my LED TV is broken and also some kitchen items are missing. And also some items are bend like utensil storage container etc. i also pay insurance amount but he not give me the insurance copy. Please dont go with Geetashree Movers and Packers.

Reema tibrewal

Posted on Jun 05, 2017

I have booked luminous packers & movers to transport my householdgoods from bangalore to kolkata & chennai. The man called sandeep(7338466662)came to collect on 19.05.2017. he called on 25.05.17 to ask formore money to be deposited in the name of bhiwani medical claiming that the goods had been stuck in bhuwaneswar for some octroi charges.i refused to pay the same. On 01.06.17 , i received a call from 3rd party saying dat sandeep is a cheat and goods are with him. Next day the third party handover the goods again to sandeep saying to rely on him. Till today i have not received my goods, neither in kolkata nor in chennai.he is not responding to calls. We are in complex situation unable to understand how to catch him. There are group of fraud movers in bangalore running this chain of cheating people.please help to get out of the situation. I have two three numbers and persons contacting each time.hoe to get resolution for the same.

Subhendu Kumar Bhattacharjee

Posted on Jun 04, 2017

Recently on 27/04/2017 we engaged the services of AAKASH PACKERS & MOVERS for shifting from Kolkata to Bangalore.My household items got damaged and even though I had paid for insurance of the items, my claim for damage is not being settled.I was not given the papers for insurance although I have the bill for the insurance.On the day of packing my items from my home, my wrist watch got stolen. There was no one other than me my parents and the packers person. On complaining about it I was asked to lodge a complain at the police station.List of items damaged:1. Microven 2.Induction heater 3. Almirah door dislocated due to rough handling. As per their instruction I immediately took photo of damaged items and sent them through whatsapp. But today after 30 days also my claim has not been settled and I am being told everyday that within 10 min my claim is being settled.


Posted on Jun 01, 2017

Recently I got transferred from bangalore to Pune, Hence I have got consulted by G.I Cargo Movers. I have sent my House Hold items and Bike by Consignment No 034/13 on May 13th 2017 by GI Cargo movers from Bangalore to Pune. 15 days later i have received my half of my house hold but they kept the left. I have paid all the amount in cash and now they are asking more money otherwise they will not give my belongings back to me. I have tried to reach Sunik Kumar and Satyavan at 9342113001 and 8880906001 many other number which were provided on justdial and other website but they are not receiving any of my call and not providing my information. I have texted them via watsupp number but as expected no answer from them. It seems there people are running BIG BIG SCAM over the country and cheating innocent people and steal their valuable belongings. GI cargo is fraud company. Please Help me to get all my House Hold back.

Sravan Kumar

Posted on May 30, 2017

Oasis Domestic & International Packers & Movers C-107, 8th Cross, Devaraj URS Truck Terminal, Yeshwantpur 2nd Stage, Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area, Bengaluru-560022, Karnataka, India They damaged goods. I have even paid them for insurance, they are neither giving insurance papers nor answering me.

Swati Jaiswani

Posted on May 28, 2017

This complaint is against Sree Krishna packers and movers, gwalior. We booked their servcie on 12th May for delivery of a small bike from Gwalior to Hyderabad. They charged us rs4000 in advance and promised to deliver the bike within 10 days. After multiple follow ups they confirmed that bike has been dispatched on 19May and would reach in next 2-3 days. The bike finally reached Hyderabad on 28th May and drivers number was being shared to guide him the address. When reached out to the driver he refused for the delivery saying he would drive because its sunny. And when raised the complaint with the owner he misbehaved in every possible way to an extend that he reprimand me for calling the driver in first place. And yet i havent received the bike. Need to file complaint for such unprofessional service of agreement of delivering within 10 days and defaulting on the same and now refusing to deliver the bike.

Avijit Kumar Tewary

Posted on May 27, 2017

My Household goods had to be shifted from Dhanbad(Jharkhand) to Hyderabad. I booked GatiIndia movers and Packers for this. The agent I spoke to was Ajit Sharma - 8100002224. The deal was to pay Rs.23700 on the pickup date and rest at the time of delivery. As discussed and agreed I paid Rs.8700 in cash and 15000 in cheque. The goods moved in a small truck from Dhanbad to Kolkata on 15th May 2017. It was mentioned verbally that it will reach in 3-4 days. After a week when I check with Ajit he said that the movement was delayed due to some reasons and started on 20th May 2017. Now again when I check today, the verse changed and he started asking the remaining amount. Ajit mentioned that if I don't pay then the goods will not reach before 7-8 months. He then did SMS of his account details and is asking money before he delivers my goods. Means he is harassing me. I have all the bills and amount payment details with me. I want to lodge a complain against Gati India Packers and Movers.

Nikhil Chowdhury

Posted on May 27, 2017

I have booked my Royal Enfield from Dehradun to Hyderabad on 2nd of May,2016 with Sai Balaji Transpot Company. At the time of booking they said that they will drive the bullet upto Dehradun city and from there they will pack it and move it to hyderabad and as per them it was supposed to be reached to Hyderabad with in 10days. They charged me 6500 at that time. I got my bullet on 26th night and that to from a different transport company and I had to pay 7700 to them. Upon checking I came to know that they don't have any trucks of there own to transport. When I used to ask them regarding the bike status they used to tell me that it will reach in 2,3 days please wait for 2 more days. Later they were not answering my calls also. They drove it for around 600kms. I checked the meter reading also. The condition of my bullet was very bad. Address Sai Balaji Transport Company Shop number 2 Near air force station Old Delhi road Gurgaon ST No-DGKPS1680HSD002

Prerana chimania

Posted on May 26, 2017

Dear sir, my luggage was picked by manish logistics packers and movers from Raipur onn 29-04-2015 for delivering to bengalore. they charged my 8400 and i have made full payment, till date they did not deliver my luggage at bengalore,one of the company representative 9406450804/7987966928 is not responding properly and they are day by day increasing dilevery date and not responding my calls. I have all the bills and the images of their workers paking my luggage. please advice me on how to proceed further to get my luggage back.

rama subba reddy thavva

Posted on May 26, 2017

Dear sir, my luggage was picked by manobal packers and movers from pune on 31-04-2015 for delivering to bengalore. they charged my 12000 and i have made full payment, till date they did not deliver my luggage at bengalore,one of the company representative krishan kumar kumar(9371626270) is not responding properly and they are not picking my calls. I have all the bills and the images of their workers paking my luggage. please advice me on how to proceed further to get my luggage back.

Hari Mohan

Posted on May 24, 2017

Hi.. My complaint is against RK packers and movers, i had a deal with them for moving my house hold appliances from Delhi to Bangalore. They took the whole amount after loading truck which was the part of deal. We have even done insurance. The issue is first they have delivered the appliances 3 days late and 2nd most of the things were in damaged state. Cooler was completely damaged, dinning table, center table, chair, shoe rack and invertor and crockery are also in bad condition. I have called packers and movers and told him all the scenario but they denied for any refund even we have done insurance and paid insurance money, they are not behaving positively and not picking the call. Please help me out and take action against RK packers and movers.


Posted on May 24, 2017

I made inquiry in just dial for movers and packers for area pimple saudagar,pune. I received call from sahara domestic and international packers and movers pvt ltd. He came to my place and packed and collected my luggage on 07-05-2017. Initially he informed me that he would deliver goods by 10-05-2017. As of today(24-05-2017), goods are not delivered and no one is giving update on its whereabouts. I'd tried to call head office situated at Bangalore but still no luck. Its been really horible experience with movers and packers and my items are on risk.Now only option left is to register a police complain. I seek help and support from consumer forum against this type of movers and packers. Company Contact details: Website : Pune : 93709 66333 Bangalore : 080 41145914 Pune office address : Sambhu palace,Near Mahakaleshwar mandir,Behind Hotel Maharaj,Gangotri Nagar,Pimple Guruv,Pune-411061 Bangalore Head office : 15,8th Cross, H.Siddaiah Road, Annipura Main Road,Bengal


Posted on May 24, 2017

Items are not delivered even after 19 days . I am daily following up with person and head office but not getting proper update.

Milan Panda

Posted on May 18, 2017

Since i was relocating to Hyderabad due to job transfer i had contacted VRL Packers & Movers, Gurgaon Mr Sunil Sharma .VRL picked up goods from my flat at Gurgaon on 10/4/2017 and handed over to another party Goodwill Tempo services. They had kept the goods at the godown for 20days. Finally on 30/4/2017, the goods were transported through Capital Transport and it arrived Hyderabad on 5/5/2017. When contacted VRL to unload the goods they did not send their persons.I had to unload by arranging labour. The washing machine ,fridge, glass utensils are damaged and many items are missing such bicycle, strolley, stabilizers, paintings etc. They even threatened to burn the goods. VRL is a fraud company run by brokers. Even they are not helping in insurance claim.


Posted on May 16, 2017

We have already complained about 'DSR Logistics Pvt Ltd' earlier when our goods got delayed almost a month to reach Kolkata from Blore. We had literally suffered and went through mental pressure living in a new city without our goods. When we got our items we thought the problem is solved forever. No! It was not! The problem is now that 2 of our carton boxes are missing, dining table and computer table fully broken. When we addressed this issue to them, they did not even care to listen to us! When we lodged the first complaint, a person(who claimed to be a legal officer)called up asking why did we post a complaint in the online forum. He insisted us to withdraw the complaint,which we denied. When we asked for the claim amount and an update about our missing products, they bluntly told us that 'You are not going to get your goods back'!Can you believe somebody can talk like that? We have no idea what to do. Friends, I recommend not to take service from 'DSR Logistics Pvt Ltd'. Hopeless!

Simreen Dadhwal

Posted on May 15, 2017

WE had sent our stuff from Dhanbad, Jharkhand to Mysore, Karnataka, through India Movers and Packers, Dhanbad. It took almost 20 days for the boxes to reach us. also a lot of the items were missing, causing me heavy losses.


Posted on May 13, 2017

Hi All, I have avail a facility of Movers and Packers from Sumit Packers & Logistics in Delhi. This details I got from JustDial. I had discussion with Vinay and Manoj who are owners. And have given my all stuff to them on 2nd of May. They promised to deliver the consignment on 11th of May in Pune. But when I am calling them they are not picking up the call also after regular call they picked and said consignment wont be delivered do whatever you want to do. I am really afraid as my all stuff are with them. Please help me in this case.

bikash mohanty

Posted on May 13, 2017

Leo packers and movers owner Mr Vinod Shah has failed to deliver the 4 wheeler and his firm has been guilty of deficiency in service. They were to relocate me and we agreed to certain terms and conditions - in the middle of packing he threatened me to stop the work and as I decided to move my car also. later on he made agreed to move the car only if I pay an extra Rs5000 over and above what is agreed on paper. He removed my ACs and refused to fix it under the pretext that it is not under the scope. Now he is not dispatching the CAR is demanding full payment. I have already paid Rs One lakh on 7th may 2017 and waiting for the CAR and the ACs to be installed. He is bluntly refusing and threatening me saying he will not give me the CAR and daring me to do whatever.


Posted on May 12, 2017

I got transferred from Jamshedpur to Port Blair. I hired Jadwet Trading Company for transportation of goods from Jamshedpur to Port Blair.I have already paid 10000 rupees to them in advance. They loaded my goods on 19th April ,2017 and I got my household goods on 8th May,2017. My microwave was found broken and many furniture items have scratches. My 5 packets containing expensive clothes were found missing.When I call the company representative for the missing item. They tell the have delivered all items. Please tell how to recover my losses from Jadwet Trading Company. Please help. Vivek- 7033881592


Posted on May 12, 2017

I booked household shifting from Sikar to Ahmedabad through Agarwal Packers and Movers and material picked up by their Jaipur branch on 27 April 2017 with the promise of delivery (By Mr Pawan Shekhawat) within 7 days. Still I am waiting for the same. I contacted with the company officials and they neither give propers response, make promise of delivery in todays or tomorrow (By Mr Reddy Saheb -9391773525). now they talk in non cooperative and nonsense language which is creating an economic and mental loss to me. they have taken their full payments and I am expenses around 60000/- Rs because of non delivery of House stuff. I am asking who will compensate the loss beared by me because of the discussed matter.

Joshua Philip

Posted on May 12, 2017

Rajeev Kushwaha

Posted on May 08, 2017

I have booked home material VRL Cargo Packers & Movers-Ahmadabad from C-92,madhuwan society, near Dreamland theatre, Modasa- (Aravalli) Gujarat to Chaka, Naini Allahabad (U.P.) on 18April,2017.Vehicle No -GJ 27 V 5648 and VRL Manager Mr. Praveen kumar has received Rs-23,475/- remaining 5000/- will be pay on delivery on 24 April,2017 on my Home place. From 23 April, 2017, I have tried to track my shipment but Praveen has given me only fake promise about my material. Total Material cost is Rs/- 5.00 Lakhs. He has always given me only date .I am very much disappoint and mentally distrust for this. I think that VRL & Mr. Praveen has sold my material and They did not ready to my Material. By VRL & Mr. Praveen Fake Promise, I have already lost 50,000 rupee from my company for deduction of salary. Who will compensate all things VRL & Praveen.


Posted on May 06, 2017


harjeet singh

Posted on May 05, 2017

i have shifted from CHandigarh to Pune & gave my goods to Uttam Packers & Movers in chandigarh,they took 5000/- advance & 4500/- Cheque of 26th April 2017 as they promised they will send my articles on or before this date. i gave them 14 articles but they boarded only 13 articles . i recieved all 13 articles on 4th May 2015 they mentioned that they have dealt with AMbey Packers & their driver was drunked & left Truck some where & thats why its late. when i recieved the 13 articles then my 50" LED TV screen was damaged & approximate expenses will be 35000 /- -38000/- these guys are denying that they will not pay etc etc.. Please guide how to resolve this as i got harrased & my things got damaged & they are not ready to compensate

Netal Gupta

Posted on May 04, 2017

Hi I have booked my household goods as well as my 2-wheeler vehicle through Agarwal Movers and Packers to move them from Hyderabad to Jabalpur. They took all my items on 22nd March,2017, promising that I will receive the items in next 10 days. I have received them on 4th April(after 1 month), but one of the box is missing. After tolerating their rude behaviour for one month, they couldn't deliver the whole consignment. Now they don't even know about that misplaced item and they are not even showing any responsibility around it. I have all the papers with me supporting my complaint. I am hoping to get some help from this forum.


Posted on May 04, 2017

Hi I have booked my household goods as well as my car through Iconic Movers and Packers. They took all my items on 23rd of April, promising that I will receive the items by 30th of April. Till date, I have not received any item from them. Worse thing is that, the team is not picking up any call of mine. I am cheated by this company. The valuables are worth lakhs. Contact person name is Jogendra Singh - 7042862424, 7042852424. Landline number is 01246464664. REQUESTING THE FORUM TO PLEASE HELP ME.

Vinod Kumar Pai

Posted on May 04, 2017

I hired G I Cargo Movers, #45 Maruthi Building, Chickbegur Road, Bangalore -68 to move my house hold things from Bangalore to Kochi. Though the initial quote was for Rs.27,000, after loading all the goods, they insisted on paying 3% insurance, 4.9% Octroi and 15% Service Tax. The quote was for Rs.27,000 which got increased to Rs.50,249. I had to request them to reduce and they only reduced the service tax. Till date they have not produced the copy of insurance for which they collected the premium of Rs.7,695. Octroi charges are not even applicable for used house hold things which costed me Rs.12,000. Kerala check post charges hardly Rs.150 as entry tax , even for that they did not produce any receipt. I am looking for a refund of Octroi charges.

deepika gupta

Posted on May 03, 2017


uday Pratap

Posted on May 02, 2017

hello, this is to bring into your notice people are playing with consumers. As they don't give a damn about services after getting advance payment. i have paid 3200/- on 18th of april for bike transportation through Tans transportation packers and movers they said with in a week i will receive my bike in pune but after a week i called they said again it will take 1 week .again i called whose people but they are still saying it will take time . it is almost 15 days i m fade up with the services but still suffering with bad service as they do not scared with consumer forum... please do the needful regards Uday Pratap 8878415798

Abhay ` Gupta

Posted on May 02, 2017

i have submitted my complaint and i would like to understand the process for filing complaint. I am in very bad situation that i am not getting any ways to recover my losses.

Abhay Gupta

Posted on Apr 29, 2017

breakage of my household items during transfer from Hyderabad. Mover and packer did not take any responsibilities and even not supporting for insurance claim. Packing was so bad and they truly unprofessional. These kind of movers and packers should be stopped or make liable for services. my wish to atleast larrn them a chapter so that other can be prevented.

Akash Mishra

Posted on Apr 28, 2017


Posted on Apr 28, 2017

We had a terribly worst experience with DSR Logistics Pvt Ltd. We were promised that our stuffs will be delivered from Blore to Kolkata in a week. It is amost 2 weeks over and we are still waiting for our stuffs to reach here. Also there is no proper response from the lower mgmt to higher mgmt. Everyday we call them and hear new stories. Pathetic company. THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM IBA (INDIAN BANK'S ASSOCIATION).


Posted on Apr 28, 2017

I have booked All India Home Packers and Movers to move household items from Gurgaon to Varanasi. I have paid advance of Rs 2500. Yesterday, they took all the items and told me that delivery will be done in 3-4 days (by 1st May 2017). Next day, they called and asked for Rs 19500 (almost doubled of what was agreed upon) and that too in an abusive manner. Please help me to resolve this issue


Posted on Apr 28, 2017



Posted on Apr 22, 2017

Aditya Shrivastava

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

The movers company did not prescribe to its agreed contract of de loading the items by the help of contract labour. As a result a family individual was injured in the process of de loading other items and is currently hospitalised. I seek your help to achieve a proper redressal kindly consider a potential case and provide redressal to my grievance.


Posted on Apr 20, 2017

I had entrusted M/S Balaji domestic relocation company to move my household goods from Nerul-Navi Mumbai to Hyderabad on 31/03/2017.There were total of 59 boxes packed from Nerul, but they have delivered only 58 boxes.We have mentioned the same on the delivery challan(POD) copy also and have been following with them. Till date no response about the missing box. Could you please help me..

Kamal kumar kapoor

Posted on Apr 20, 2017

I took the services of DARCL RELOCATION packers and movers of 108Palpara,Ghoshpara,Bally,Howrah 711227 on30thDec2016 for shifting of one fridge and one carton of crockeries from Kolkata to Zirakpur (Mohali). The same has not been delivered till date. Contact person Sandeep Pandey/Sharia is not picking phone and has blocked my all mobile no. Full payment has been made by crediting sb a/c of Sandeep Pandey.. Their contact numbers are 9073161756/57.I am a senior citizen and cannot run from pillar to post. Please guide me.. This Co appears to be fraud and should be black listed.


Posted on Apr 20, 2017

My name is Shivjit. I recently moved from gaya to patna. We booked RED & ROSE Packers and Movers (H.O.- Devdoot Complex,Radha Rani Sinha Road,Bhagalpur Ph.0641-2420365 , 9430451022, 9931002900)to shift my goods. They promised to deliver my goods safely and accurately. Upon checking we found that my few costly things are missing . My adidas shoes worth Rs.11,ooo and other Rs. 6500 and a skybag. when we inquired about it then the worker said that the dog took it away when they were putting things down. And the driver said that the shoes are in storage area. Upon checking in the cctv we found that the worker took it . They are behaving in such a way that I'm forced to lodge a complaint against them. Please do something about this.

Lt Col Arvind Jadli

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

Dear Sir, I know it may sound ridiculous but I really don't know whom to approach in Delhi for my below stated problem and I am writing this email to you in the hope that maybe you will help me out in some way. I had hired Gati Speed link Packers & Movers for transportation of my car from Delhi to Bangalore on 27th March 2017. Today is the 22nd day, and I have not yet received my car at Bangalore even after 22 days! I have been trying to speak to the company guys almost 15 times everyday but am not able to retrieve any information and now I am fed up by their excuses. Sir, being a man in uniform, I am finding it difficult to extract any sort of information from these guys. I would like to request you to please help me out by providing the necessary information to get my car. The details of my car are as under:- Grand I10, White No. DL 1CV 9224 The details of the Packers & Mover are as under:- Gati Speed link Srikanth Gupta Mob:- 93112 93119, 9811783106

Anurag Kohli

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

I have booked my household items with Allied mover & packers, Pune on 29th Mar 17 from pune to jabalpur, they promised me to deliver in 5 days but I received on 10th day, they are not receiving my phone calls. The house hold items were not received in good condition, almost every cartoon boxes were torned and items were missing they sent these items from multiple trucks which resulted in damage of items while loading unloading. There was no labour with them at the time of unloading myself help the driver to unload everything which will is the responsibility of the Allied packers & movers. Also my Activa vehicle is damaged badly. I asked him for compensation for delay, damaged, missing items but he is not ready for giving any compensation Allied movers & packers, Pune Himanshu Aggarwal - +919370052530

Rinku kumar

Posted on Apr 15, 2017

I had booked a truck from vizag to kochi in rs 26000/.the truck was loaded on 10 April 2017 and scheduled To reach kochi on 13 or 14 April 17 as promised by agrawal Packers and movers officials in vizag.on enquiry on 14 april I came to know that it will reach kochi on 16 April evening.i have to join duty on 17 April morning and all my accessories are in truck.after promising they have deceived me.


Posted on Apr 14, 2017



Posted on Apr 12, 2017

Dear Sandeep (M/s. Professional Packers and Movers), On my Transfer from Bhavnagar,Guajrat to Nagpur, Maharashtra. Transportation of my house hold items were done through your Company M/s. Professional packers and movers on 23rd Dec. 2016 and Insurance was also taken for any Damage/Loss during Transportation. Kindly recall our various tele talks and also intimation to you by me regarding Damage caused to my House hold items during transportation from Bhavnagar, Gujarat to Nagpur, Maharashtra. And also the photos of the damaged Items were also reported to you by me for claiming the Insurance against the damage caused during Transportation (the copy of the photos are attached herewith for your ready reference). For the aforesaid damage, You confirmed in tele talk that Insurance claim has been lodged with the Insurance Company. But till now no Insurance Surveyor came to my house at nagpur for verification and till now my Insurance claim has not been settled.

shivnath yadav

Posted on Apr 11, 2017

I had booked my house hold to shifted from Faridabad to Dehradun through DHL packers and movers on dated 07/03/2017. After receving goods i found four items missing out of that 3 were not written in list. 1. Kitchen stand 2. Child bicyle 3. Child pigi bank (kept in lock and key having more then 5 thousands Rs.) My Indane LPG cylinder changed by HP LPG cylinder. Contact Person was Sunil Contact No. 9718656715. Now even he is not picking my phone and not respond. Now please advise how i can claim for this. Regards Shivnath 97163512000

ashish kr singh

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

I took service from INDIA PACKERS AND MOVERS registered office shop no 10/12 madhav apartment hirapur dhanbad ph no 9097200020 contacted person shashi singh on 28/03/2017 for shifting house holds from sector 11 noida to kusum vihar dhanbad.they transported luggage on time and delivered on time.but i got my items of worth more than lakh rupees broken and some items are missing We tried to talk to the mover and packer guys to pay the damaged cost but he is not ready to pay anything. So its a kind request to you to take an immediate action against him.


Posted on Apr 10, 2017

transported my bike from gurgaon to Nasik. Bike not recieved till date

Akshay tyagi

Posted on Apr 09, 2017

We have loaded our goods with movers and packers on 25 th march 2017 we have shiftd from delhi to banglore .we sre struggling hard here as adhunik movers and pAckers assured us 6 days dispatch and they are delaying it day by day.they assured us for today as well as my wife requested him .but again they are not deleivering us the goods.we are struggling hard in the new city.we kindly request you to look strictly inthis regard

Nishant Verma

Posted on Apr 09, 2017

I should say its a worst cargo movers...i recently shifted from udaipur to promised me for the safety of my luggage...but when i received it in delhi...i was in grave shock...all the cartons were damaged, from one or more sides..there were lots of holes in carton was totally damaged... luggage was speaker,chair,fridge all the items had been poorly handled and broken... Really disappointed by the service provider....never recommend it to anyone I wanted to upload some pics but didnt find the option for that... The dealer not answering to my calls now..all they want just money Dealer....Best cargo movers and packers Consignment no. 11422 From Udaipur, Rajasthan to Delhi Date 30.3.2017

Deepak Mishra

Posted on Apr 05, 2017

Anant Thatte

Posted on Apr 05, 2017

i took service from SOUTH EASTERN CARGO MOVERS AND PACKERS on 17/01/2017 for shifting house holds from ekta nagar,kandivali(w),mumbai to lucknow(u.p).they transported luggage on time and delivered on time.but i got my television set and office chair broken.i had done insurance of my luggage(belongings).so i got articles repaired on my own expense and send bills to company(movers and packers).repairing cost me 1500(tv)+550(office chair)=2150rs. now it has been nearly two months and they have not paid my money back.i am calling them frequently but every time they make excuses,talk rudely and they are not making refund.kindly take an immmediate action


Posted on Apr 04, 2017

I had requested for Packing and moving my household goods and one motorbike through agency I.e. Speedex Home Packers and Movers from Panipat to Mumbai. The consignment was packed and delivered by me on 18.03.2017 to your agency at Panipat. I have received 23 items as against 25 items mentioned on my packing list on Sunday I.e. 02-04-2017. I have not received my motorbike KTM Duke 200 and my Led Tv till datE. Kindly look into the matter and resolve at the earliest

Satyabrat Baral

Posted on Apr 03, 2017

Dear Sir, Myself Mr. Satyabrat Baral want to intimate you that, M/s Agrawal packers & Movers(DRS GROUP) Vijayawada is not paying my claim amount of 30000 of HHG shifting from Nellore (AP) to Korba (CG) G.C No- 4549930. As Rs.17000 of product is missing from the box & Rs.15000 of product damaged while transportation. Even though after continuous mail & call also company is neither responding nor came for survey. Please take proper action & pay my claim amount. Looking forward for your positive response. Regards SATYABRAT BARAL 9439698727


Posted on Mar 31, 2017

Sir, My name is varun bisht i booked 3 trunk and 1 fridge and one bike with new balaji cargo carrier for trasport from gurgaon to hasimara on 29 Jan amount charged by them is 16000 rs and he insured me that it will take max 15 days to dilvered the items and he also told me that he will pack the bike along with fridge. Firstly for one month till 28 feb 17 he hold the item in gurgaon with no valid reason then he traported it to kolkata. I tried to call him so many time but his response was always negative he gave me sevral no contact as 9813848777(indian car), 09331131177(mahipal), 9330969577(neeraj). I continuously called them regularly but they always making pretend. Finally i got my item wihout packing of bike and fride, damge to bike. On 27 mar 17 after to month and driver droped the item 7 km away from house and asking for 5000 rs more. Though i already paid full amout. The bill given to me is also fake please take a legal action againt him.


Posted on Mar 31, 2017

Beware of these cheats and thugs. I had a horrible experience with them.They mostly get in touch via. your online enquiry for packer and mover service. Quote a low price and will tell service tax extra. Later when you handover your belongings and advance money they will apply charges which were never informed like Escort charges @17% Octroi charges for non octroi states. The heading may vary but over all they are cheats. They will blackmail you and not move goods till you agree and pay them the increased amount. They are also theaves. They stole my lpg gas cylinder and also petrol from my bike. They also emptied my car fuel tank and I found my car had run 1152 kms in their possession and a huge dent in car bumper. I have filed an fir against them with Delhi police and a complaint against them with consumer court. They increased my bill from 22000 inc. taxes to 35000. After 25 days of quarrel and negotiation and fear about the FIR they renegotiated for Rs 28000.


Posted on Mar 30, 2017

I used M/s. Jai Bhawani Packers & Movers (Jai Bhawani), Mumbai for packing and transporting my household goods from Prabhadevi (Mumbai) to Gangashahar (Bikaner). They packed the goods and took the material away from my house on Saturday, 4th February 2017 (under the Invoice No. 1002 and LR No. 1205 dated 4th Feb 2017) . The person-in charge of Jai Bhawani, whom I was interacting with, Mr. Jai Singh Rajput (Mobile No. 96194 26468), requested me to pay a sum of Rs. 3,000 to their 2 labours who came to my house to pack the goods on an assurance to me that he will refund me the amount to my Bank account on next Monday (i.e. on 4th February 2017) when the bank opens. But till date he has not refunded me the amount of Rs. 3,000 in spite of several follow-ups and reminders sent to him by me through phone calls, SMS messages, Whatsap messages and emails for last one-and half month. I have already paid him the full service charges payable to him for this service, but he has still not refunded m

Varun bisht

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

Sir, My name is varun bisht i booked 3 trunk and 1 fridge and one bike with new balaji cargo carrier for trasport from gurgaon to hasimara on 29 Jan amount charged by them is 16000 rs and he insured me that it will take max 15 days to dilvered the items and he also told me that he will pack the bike along with fridge. Firstly for one month till 28 feb 17 he hold the item in gurgaon with no valid reason then he traported it to kolkata. I tried to call him so many time but his response was always negative he gave me sevral no contact as 9813848777(indian car), 09331131177(mahipal), 9330969577(neeraj). I continuously called them regularly but they always making pretend. Finally i got my item wihout packing of bike and fride, damge to bike. On 27 mar 17 after to month and driver droped the item 7 km away from house and asking for 5000 rs more. Though i already paid full amout. The bill given to me is also fake please take a legal action againt him.

Rupali T Chakravorty

Posted on Mar 28, 2017

I have booked Agarwal Packers & Movers on 04/03/2017 for shifting my household from Varanasi to Bhopal. Total 10 items i have booked were as they have delivered 8 items dated 25/03/2017 and rest 2 items whose value is Rs 50,000 they have misplaced. I am calling them continuously for my 2 items but they are not responding properly, they are simply saying that they are finding. I have called to every one in their Bhopal office as well as Varanasi office but not getting satisfactory answer from any one. In Varanasi i spoke with Mr. Vimal Srivastava his contact no is 9452070676. who is in charge for Varanasi location, he is saying i searching your goods and said mean while please contact to county head ( in Tracking ) Mr. M. N Rao whose contact no is 9393777480. I have called to him as well but he has not respond to my call. My GC No is 4534312. Please help me in this matter. Regards, Rupali

Capt. Amit Khare

Posted on Mar 27, 2017

Re : CHEATING / FRAUD By M/s DLF Home Packers & Movers, Kolkata Ref : Insurance Policy No. 100300211610000570 dated 10.3.2017 issued by National Insurance Co. Ltd. Kolkata. 1. This is to inform you that I had utilised the services of M/s DLF Home Packers & Movers, Kolkata for packing, loading, unloading & transporting my personal household items from Kolkata to Gurgaon on 9th March'2017. As per the quotation submitted by M/s DLF Home Packers & Movers, an amount of Rs. 6000/- had been charged for transit insurance of my house hold items (@ 3% of value of goods insured ie., Rs. 2.00 Lacs) and the same had been paid to the agency. However, as per the Insurance Policy paper issued by Ins. Co. vide Policy no. 100300211610000570, it is confirmed that a total of Rs. 2,244/- only had been paid by them to Ins. Company. The said mover & packer agency has now refused to pay the balance amount (paid in excess) to me, or to repair damages and therefore has cheated/defrauded me to that extent.

Shanti Dugar

Posted on Mar 23, 2017

On personal request of Mr. Jai Singh Rajput, the person-in charge whom I was interacting with Jai Bhawani Packers & Movers, I paid Rs. 3,000 advance to the labours who packed my household goods to transport from Mumbai to Bikener on 4th February 2017. Mr. Jai Singh Rajput assured me that the amount will be refunded to me by way of credit to my account on next Monday, that was on 6th February 2017. However, till date he has not refunded to me Rs. 3,000 despite several follow-ups and reminders sent to him via Phone calls, SMS messages, Whatsap messages and emails. They also delayed the delivery of my household goods to Bikaner and their service was very poor. I have already paid the full service fees to their company for the packing & transportation of the goods long back, but still not got refund of the amount of Rs. 3,000 paid by me to his labours on their behalf. Please help me to get the refund of Rs. 3,000 at the earliest. Regards, Shanti Dugar

Rahul Raj

Posted on Mar 23, 2017

hi, i have booked my bike (pulsar-150) to Patna from Delhi through Maxwell movers and packers at 25th Feb, 2017. They had called me for transporting my bike and said it will be deliver in 4 days . they have charged 5000 rs for this and asked for 2000 rs as advance which i had deposited to their given account through net banking. after 4 days i had called many time but they do not respond . on 10th march they told your bike will be delivered by 20th march, 2017. on 20th march, 2017 when i called them they were started asking for the rest amount. i have asked them about my bike and said once i saw my bike i will immediately transfer the rest amount but they did not told where my bike is and till now they have not delivered my bike


Posted on Mar 20, 2017


Anant Prakash Upreti

Posted on Mar 19, 2017

Overall Experience: Very Pathetic, they first agree to something and then start manipulating things, fine all the ways to charge extra money, cheat, blackmail and even commit theft on the go. Overall Experience: Very Pathetic, they first agree to something and then start manipulating things, fine all the ways to charge extra money, cheat, blackmail and even commit theft on the go.

varinder kumar

Posted on Mar 19, 2017


Bishnu Das

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

Dear Sir, I have booked all my house hold goods worth near about Rs 2Lakhs with Agarwals Movers & Packers, Dankuni Housing, Kashimira Apartment, 1st Floor, Room No. 102, (Near Usha Martin School), Dankuni, Hooghly, PIN - 712311, West Bengal, India, Mobile No - +91 (0)8443881521/ 9088744393, Email id -, Mail id - from Kolkata to Pune on 28th Feb 2017.They committed me to deliver the consignment within 1 week time but my goods are not received till now. When I asked them, the contact person name is Sunny Singh about the consignment after 1 week then he said it will take time & still they are changing date of delivery. I am not getting any information where the consignment actually is. I already shifted to Pune without anything & I am staying in a very horrible condition at present. Request you to please help..!!


Posted on Mar 15, 2017

I have been booked my home luggage from Nahan, District-Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh to Naya Raipur Chhattisgarh by on dated: 19/02/2017. As per term & Conditions of company the whole relocation service is assured delivery to take approx 8-10 Days after loading. But till date (25 days after loading my luggage) they have not been delivered my luggage at my Naya Raipur address within said time bound period. As per T&C of company I have been paid full amount (Rs. 60,000/-) against cost of relocation my luggage (As per decided by Company) in advance. Because of them I & my family facing lot of problem (Mentally & Physically). Apart from that I have been spending Rs. 2000 daily in fooding & lodging since 28 February 2017. After wrote many e-mail & called on mobile, they are not giving proper response. I do not understand that what should I do in this terrible situation because I am facing this problem 1900 KM away from my home town. because of this situations my job is in da

Kripa Tamuly

Posted on Mar 15, 2017

Leo packers and movers not genuine.

Tarun Kanti Ghosh

Posted on Mar 12, 2017

Sir, I have chosen Golden relocation packers and Movers company for transportation of my home goods from Whitefield, Bangalore to Greater Noida. The company employees pickedup my goods on Dt:03-03-2017 and i have paid them all the charges along with service tax and insurance. But they are not delivering my goods, and not lifting my phone calls. Please kindly help me in delivering my goods. Company details: Name of company: Golden relocation packers and Movers; Address: No.473, 1st floor, 3rd Cross, Begur Road Cross, Bommanahalli, Bangalore 560068 Phone : 080-32321444;email:; contact details: (Babu);9743030444;9341474464;9901534480

Adarsh Bhushan

Posted on Mar 11, 2017

I have send a 1.5 ton Mitsubishi split AC along with its Stablizer and 3 other cartons from Iconic Packers and Movers based in Gurgaon we struck a deal at 6500 rupees inclusive of all taxes including the service tax which I have already paid on 4th of October 2016 but they did not deliver my stuff up till now and now they are saying that since the company has been taken over by another person so he is not under any obligation to deliver my stuff since he has not taken money from me and he is demanding extra 26000 rupees from me to get my stuff delivered to my hometown at Bihar Sharif.


Posted on Mar 11, 2017

Sir, I have chooses Jai Krishna packers and Movers company for transportation of my home goods from Hyderabad to Mumbai. The company employees pickedup my goods on Dt:21-02-2017 and i have paid them all the charges along with service tax and insurance. But they are not delivering my goods, and not lifting my phone calls. Please kindly help me in delivering my goods. Company details: Name of company: Jai Krishna packers and Movers;;email:; contact details:9900091491 (kishan); 9341888178(pawan sharma);9382288178

Sumit Srivastava

Posted on Mar 10, 2017

JMC transporters with website have transported my car from Ahmedabad to Visakhapatnam. They have charged for transportation of car and service tax with additional money for insurance of vehicle and fuel. However they have not rendered any valid bill/ receipt with their registration number printed on it. Details of transportrers are as follows :- Name-Mr Sharma PAN AAIFJ1875E S T no. CHS/CJPPS9558HSB002 Cell no 09380903023 It is requested that action may be taken against them for not rendering valid Bill/ consignee/ consignor note and thereby not paying service tax to government inspite of taking additional money in the name of service tax.

deepak thawani

Posted on Mar 10, 2017

hi, i took services from agarwal superfast pack l. my item is delivered but goods were damaged. i took insurance as well and paid extra to them but now they are not responding on time . please take action against them so that no other customer suffer from same . contact person who cheated Mr surrender 9540000633 9390016001 agarwal superfast pack. relocation pvt ltd

kamlesh kumar

Posted on Mar 05, 2017

i booked online transportation of Activa Scooty and inverter battery (battery only) through RK Specialist Packers & Movers.contacted through internet. Mr. Raman Kumar from RK Specialist came on 25.12.16 for packing the activa and battery as per bill no. 1162. ST.No. of co. is DGWPK8080HSD001. Activa was delivered on 21.01.17, but till battery not delivered. I am trying to contact r. Raman regularly but he is not responding. Address of RK Specialist packer & mover is Kh. no.615, Near Tata Telco Service Station, Rangpuri, New Delhi 110037 M.No. 9311159921 9555224487

sanjay sahoo

Posted on Mar 04, 2017

Dear Sir, I have booked all my house hold goods along with my honda activa, gas cylinder with Ganpati Packers & movers from Gurgaon to Vadodara on 1st March 2017.They committed me to deliver on 3rd March but my goods are not received till now. Also not received my calls. I am not getting any feedback for my items where they are.I already shifted to vadodara with family without any clothes & foods, i am staying with a very horrible condition. Also they have taken all amount with 100% advance payment. Kindly help

Mandeep Jangra

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Here is a complaint about Agarwal fast movers which is located in Palam vihar.I have booked a car from Gurgaon to Raigarh(CG.I have booked my car on 01.02.2017.They assured that car will reach within 10 days.But car will reach at raigarh after 23 days.first they told that u have to pay the amount of 8000/- but after booking they told that you have to pay 13000/- .They do not tell the actual situation and do not pick up the phone in this period.WHENN THEY TALK THEIR BEHAVE IS SO RUDE.Then i have send my relative to their office but after 200 calls i came to know the location of my car and i have paid 11000 for the delivery of car..DO NOT BOOK YOUR VEHICLE WITH THESE TYPE OF PACKERS.THEIR ARE MANY FAKE AGARWAL PACKERS ..ORIGINAL AGARWAL PACKERS MOVERS IS ALWAYS TAKE CARE THESE CUSTOMERS

Gurusamy S

Posted on Feb 22, 2017

Name of the packers: All India Freight Carriers Contact person: Robin Address:Plot No. 116, Sector No. 23, Transport Nagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411054 contact numbers:+91 99706 59808, +91 87965 98498 These people quoted Rs 35200 + Insurance (3%) and 15 % Tax before lifting the material from Mahad Maharashtra on 26th Jan 2017, They asked Rs. 82500 on 27th Jan 2017, They kept on changing the amount daily and delivered one of the two consignments and they did not deliver the car till Last sunday 19th February. Till 19th February 2017 total amount paid is Rs. 65500. But they did not give any insurance and any bill. They kept me in lot of stress and in mental agony for last 25 days. Till date they have not given the bill. Robin used bad words about me and my family members. I want these kind of frauds needs to punished by claiming 10 times the amount asked by them. I need to submit Bills for reimbursement. without that the loss will be Rs. 65000. Compensation for mental agony should be Rs. 8 Laks

Priti Agarwal

Posted on Feb 22, 2017

GC NO.211774 The above consignment containing Household Furniture for personal use was sent from Kolkata (West Bengal) via Agrawal Movers & Packers Services (8370016001 and Toll Free No. 1800 3002 5001) to Gurgaon (Haryana) on 23.01.2017 with an assured delivery within 7 days i.e. on 30.01.2017 after due payment for their service made to them. However the consignment has still not got delivered till 22.02.2017 even after repeated requests and complaints. Each time I call the Customer representative, they assure me delivery on the following day, whereas no action has been taken from their end in regard to the same. Today i.e. on 22.02.2017 when I call the customer representative, I came to the know that the consignment is still lying in Kanpur and will take atleast 2-3 working days to be delivered. I request you to take strict action against the company and help me get my refund for the delivery charges paid to them along with the consignment.


Posted on Feb 18, 2017

Against india post for not properly moving parcel and returning it saying that address rubbed


Posted on Feb 18, 2017

ARC Packers and movers. shifted from MUMBAI to baroda on 2nd of nov. booked seperate load truck. material received in shared load truck and truck changed in way. received 2 days late and lots of material damages. ovan and shose rake fully damaged, sofa , ac , washing machine , fridge , recliner etc. damaged . some cloths are missing , some material missing. boxes totally broken on way. i filed claim and as per their supervisor for fully damaged 100% refund will be there. but now after 2 months also no response and they offered me 7000 rs in total while fully damaged item costs 18000 and for sofa repairing 12000 and remaining extra. also for cheating of charges no response. i want to fight with them and

Ashit Kumar nayak

Posted on Feb 16, 2017

I shifted my house hold stuff from chennai to Bhubaneswar with Southern express packers and movers. They have stolen my 7000 worth of bed and told me it was left at Chennai location and will ship it ASAP. Even after repeated calls and follow up of up to 2 weeks now they blocked all my numbers and not picking the phone. The Guys of Southern express are the biggest fraud and legal action must be taken against them. The Sarma brothers are operating this and they don't have any logistics of their own.

mayank singh

Posted on Feb 13, 2017

want a file against french cargo packers and movers for file a case i have to come or send registered post


Posted on Feb 08, 2017

Beware of Saurabh Tiwari, Rise India Packers and Movers from Kolkata. I have hired Rise India Packers and Movers for shifting my households. I got delivered the goods after 22 days of delay. All the cartoons are opened and several items are missing and damaged. Now Mr. Saurabh is not responding my calls for the same.Company Address: Rise India Packers & Movers Contact Person : Saurabh Tiwari Contact Address : 146/1 Ashokgarh, Dunlop, Kolkata - 700108 Mobile No. : +91 9883554466 +91 8232824050 / 8232043842 Email :


Posted on Feb 04, 2017

I have booked my goods from Kolkata to Mumbai on 16th Jan 2017 and it was expected to get delivered within 5 days but got delivered on 5th Feb 2017. All the cartoons are opened and several items are damaged during shifting by the 'Packers and Movers' and now Mr. Saurabh is not responding my calls for the same. Please take necesssry action. In future they will never do this to others. Company Address: Rise India Packers & Movers Contact Person : Saurabh Tiwari Contact Address : 146/1 Ashokgarh, Dunlop, Kolkata - 700108 Mobile No. : +91 9883554466 +91 8232824050 / 8232043842 Email :

Naveen Singh Panwar

Posted on Feb 03, 2017

I have booked my goods from pune to gurgaon on 22nd Jan 2017 and it was expected to get delivered within 5 days but even after ten days it's not delivered. The contact person Amit is also not answering my calls. Company Address: Survey No 25/1, Tulja Bhavani Nagar, Pimple Gurav, Pune - 411061, Near Mehfil Hotel Laxmi Nagar Contact Person: Amit : 9887760732/9730809196


Posted on Feb 02, 2017

me shifted my home form bang-lore to tanuku (W.G.Dt),A.P through safe packers and movers they charge 20000 rs for that very high amount and cheated us. they transported through a lorry not packers and movers.that packers and movers told through sharing basis but they unload in a transport in general. we suffered a lot.please action on them safe packers and movers.

Ishita kapoor

Posted on Jan 28, 2017

Hi, We have booked our goods 2 cartons and 2 big bags with Kolkata based Jai Mata do packers and movers on 6th January 2017 and our goods till now has not reached as on 28th of January 2017. When we try to contact that movers they are not picking up the call or not responding properly. Everyday the same answer it will reach today or tomorrow. They even don't respond properly using bad language. Since we have shifted from Kolkata to Kanpur I am not able to follow up with him. The contact person name is Sandip Saha mob: 9903794629 Add: Jai mata packers and movers Sandip 7044579999/9903794629 17 Beleghata main road kolkata 700010 Kindly help it has lot of important things related to my studies and career. Kindly help My mob: 9962099079/9560697837

Piyush Dwivedi

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Please advice / help. Several items were damaged during shifting by the 'Packers and Movers' and now he is not responding my calls for the same. Please advice how can I can file legal complaint against them.

Anil kumar

Posted on Jan 22, 2017

Dear team, AtoZ cargo packer's & movers pickup the my house hold goods from my Delhi to Ranchi since 9th Jan 2017. But still till 22nd Jan 2017 I am not getting my house hold goods. When call them saying same word give me 1days. But still situation are same are I am still not getting my goods. Please help us and suggest. AtoZ service tax no. ALCPR0095FSD001 Pan no. ALCPR0095F. His office is to location, 1 is in dilshad garden and another is in noida. Discussed person name is raghuvir sharma.he has taken 15000/- advance. Regards Anil kumar


Posted on Jan 17, 2017 - <a href=""></a>

Amit Kumar Mohanty

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

It's being more than 15 days to get my household belongings from Gurgaon to Kolkata At the time of movement it was ensured to me that I'll get my belongings within 4 days

R Balakrishna Kurup,

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

VRL Speed Cargo Movers. I have booked to transport my house hold goods from Bangalore to Adoor Kerala on 31.12.2016. As per promise from the executive of the company It has to reach at destination on 1st Jan. 17 forenoon. But the goods arrived on 2nd night. I booked to carry my goods alone. But they have loaded with two other parties goods enroute. They have charged 3% insurance and Rs. 1000/- octroi and promised the driver on arrival will handover the policy and octroi receipts, but no policy and octroi receipts received. Fridge and microwave oven are received in broken condition. Glass top gas cooking stove (Faber 4 burner ) is missing. The articles are insured for a value of Rs. 1,20,000/- paying a premium of Rs. 3600/-. For unloading I paid Rs. 4000 due to late night arrival where as normal charges will be Rs. 1500.Now on contact they are offering a sum of Rs. 2885 as the calim of missing and damaged goods. Kindly advise me what legal action should be taken against.

Tanvi Khadpe

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

The complaint is about the Vijay Packers & Logistics. We were moving from Mumbai to Pune. They will give cheap quotations & say that this is the best deal & at the end of the time, they will tell us that it was customers fault & we had asked for this quotation. When they have not given us any other options. They are the fraud people, as they have damaged our furnitures & also not packed the furnitures & products properly. They are liars as they are not professionals at all & they do not have their own people & transport vehicles. The company have the mannerless people who insult the customers & without any proper work they ask for the money which they have not done.

Vaibhav Walke

Posted on Jan 08, 2017

I had opted for Transworld Cargo Movers and Packers to transfer my household items from Nagpur to Pune.they had given me the quotation for Nagpur to Pune of 17K (including Tax and Insurance) but while delivering the bill,they asked me to pay 23000.They have charged me around 3000 for Octroi which doesn't exist now and they have not given me insuance copy yet.they had taken 3000 rs from me to cover 1 lac insurance but they never insured the items.They have broken my Sofa by putting lot of stuff while packaging and now no one is picking up the phone.they have cheated me by 6000 rs.Please help me in this.

Adhira Dhas

Posted on Jan 07, 2017

I am Adhira dhas from Bangalore. I used services recently. I called them to shift my home appliances items from Banashankari to market. Their services is very good. I wants to thank them personally to their driver and helper and helped me lot.

Mahesh Sawale

Posted on Jan 07, 2017

Hello Sir, I have taken services for Goods transport from International moves and packers, office Address: Shop No 6, Saki Naka Metro station, Near Ganesh Mandir, 90 Feet Road, Saki Naka, Andheri East 400072, I have received broken goods with no recovery of goods charges, and charged extra cost than committed for Rs. 470, kindly advice Regards, Mahesh Sawale


Posted on Jan 05, 2017

I have booked courier thru TRACKON Courier thru Faridabad DLF Branch vide airway receipt no.1313053628 on dated 24-12-2016 to our customer VIJAI ELECTRICALS LTD, PLOT NO 3 - 9,RAIPUR SAHAKARI AUYDYGIK KSHETRA, VILL RAIPUR, POST BHAGWANPUR, DISTT HARIDWAR, PIN 247 661. This consignment contains new year dairy & some important documents of our company. The courier company not deliver this consignment and after repeated follow up not getting any response from them. In that situation request you to kindly help to find out my important documents.

Akshata Shirodkar

Posted on Jan 03, 2017


Posted on Jan 03, 2017

GC no 4534020 , DRS group Agrwal Packers and movers. shifted from pune to baroda on 2nd of nov. booked seperate load truck. material received in shared load truck and truck changed in way. received 2 days late and lots of material damages. ovan and shose rake fully damaged, sofa , ac , washing machine , fridge , recliner etc. damaged . some cloths are missing , some material missing. boxes totally broken on way. i filed claim and as per their supervisor for fully damaged 100% refund will be there. but now after 2 months also no response and they offered me 7000 rs in total while fully damaged item costs 18000 and for sofa repairing 12000 and remaining extra. also for cheating of charges no response. i want to fight with them and want to file case. so pl. suggest how to proceed. and i need urgent support.

Akshay Pagariya

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

Hi , This is regarding the GC no : 4515676 .Shipment started on 27th Dec . 2nd Jan was delivery date for the consginment. The shipment was from BNG to NOIDA. I am surprised to know that the shipment is still at Hyderabad( Secundarabad) and is standing there from 3 days , because driver did not recieve the cash for the journey. Today is 6th day and on papers you promise delivery on 7th day Was it supposed to happen when I have already paid everything in advance

pradeep kumar kollu

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

Hi Sir, I have used the services of Manish Packers ( to move my luggage from Banglore to Hyderabad. They promised that my laggauge is delivered smoothly without any issue.But they have created following issues. LR No: 4886 1.goods are not delivered intact a.All electrical appliances like Fridge and Washing machine etc are damaged. b.few glass items are broken c.Valuble items worth 15000 imported wine bottles are missing. 2.few items worth 5000 are not yet delivered and keep on telling me that "Items will be delivered soon". 3.They collected money from me for Insurance of the goods and told that insurance bill will be give at the time of goods delivery. Requesting for help in resolving the above issues. Thanks Pradeep K

Pravin Kusumbe

Posted on Jan 01, 2017

Hi, I have shifted my household goods from Pune to Nagpur on 25.12.16 but my Goods have been not delivered to my nagpur address. When I called movers & packers Robin on 9970659808. He is daily giving the false date and stupid reason. I have been suffering from his daily new commitement dates for my Goods delivery Please help me to take strong action against movers and packers Company name All India Freight Carrier Plot no 116 , Sector 23, Transport Nagar Nigdi Pune 411044

Praveen Pant

Posted on Dec 29, 2016


Sarat Chandra Das

Posted on Dec 29, 2016

I booked Om Sai ram movers and packers to move my goods from Gurgaon to Bhubaneswar . A person called Rampal Sharma called us and gave us a quaote that we accepted . He took the goods and demanded more money from us . We transferred him more money and still after 30 days we have not still received the goods that was promised in 7 days . Kindly help


Posted on Dec 29, 2016

Dear Sir, I had booked a transportation service for moving my household goods with Ambika movers and packers,Srikakulam,AP .As per oral telephonic terms n conditions they were to pack,loaf,move to kotpad from parlakhemundi,unload,unpack and reinstall at my new location,Kotpad.But unfortunately,on loading my household goods onto the truck they informed that they will not directly go to Kotpad.instead they will go to vizianagaram and then they will move at their sweet will which was not agreed upon. We then protested.They said if so the unload the items give us packing charges,look for other options. we were compelled to give them the packing charges without transportation. This is gross violation of trust and service agreement. My prayer is that,can the above movers and packers be taken to task black listing it?


Posted on Dec 27, 2016

I was relocated from pune to chennai. I booked agarwal packers and movers( to shift my household goods/ luggage from pune to chennai. They charged me total 25k before loading my goods. They delivered my goods in damaged condition and missing many of my valuable items. I complained to them and their response is nill. If I want to take legal action, how should I proceed? what all proofs needed?


Posted on Dec 24, 2016

I had shifted my goods from Agarwal movers and packers DRS group from Pune to Hyderabad in August. They Broken many of my goods and when i asked them to repair they didn't responded and when i asked for compensation they proposed for very nominal amount . I paid them Insurance amount as well . These guys are Crooks. Please help me to get Justice. Thanks, vivek

Rakesh Kumar Singh

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

I am Rakesh from Haryana,now job in Lalitpur(U.P.) i transport my bike from Panchkula to Lalitpur through Vijay packers and logistic but didn't send my bike till person contact me through i booked it 8 dec 2016 but till date they don't send my bike, 9316688880 and 9023403867 contact number contact me but they misbehave and not send my bike till date

siva sankar mohapatra

Posted on Dec 20, 2016

I have relocated from Bangalore to Kolkata & handed all my house ols stuffs to professional cargo of bangalore on 30th Nov 2016. They told it will take one week time to reach in our destination at kolkata. From last week I am following my goods but the transporting third party is telling goods already reached on 16 th of december but packers company is not paid the due amountto them. For that reason they are not able to deliver my household stuffs. The packers team supervisor named surendra singh is playing games by giving fake assurances from last one week. Every day he is telling that tomorrow i will be solving your issue but as of now we are waiting in hope. All shifting charges already paid to the account of Surendra by me on 08.12.2016 Details proffessional packers supervisor- surendra singh contact no- 9341211311 third party transport agent- 9686333192 third party transport driver- 9382299988


Posted on Dec 12, 2016

I used the service of layout movers and packers , Dwarkka which is mainly taken care by Ashwani. He told us that we can keep the carton boxes with a security of Rs. 50 per box. We kept 15 of them and then asked them to refund our security and take the boxes away the next day itself. It is been more than a month and he is not willing to refund the security. He keeps coming with lame excuses and I am really distressed at this behaviour and attitude. Kindly take some strict action against them and suggest the way forward.

Ankitha Karan

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

I am ankitha karan from bangalore. i shifted home appliances from electronic city to vidyaranyapura. it contains almost glass items. i came to know one of my friend about so i booked their services. immediately they called me. i was very happy their services. Thanks

Anudeep Keshav Patil

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

Dear Sir, Gently Reminder Today Till Day Also Not Revived My Courier So Please Short Out The Problem.last 7 day face the problem

Anudeep Keshav Patil

Posted on Dec 09, 2016

Dear Sir, My Little Brother Send Courier on Date:03 Dec 2016 From Satana Tal:Bagalan, Dist: Nashik this Courier Expected Arrive Day Monday or Tuesday. In Courier My Mobile SIM Card Present Because of Courier SIM Card My Mobile No. Transfer Prepaid TO Postpaid So Mobile SIM Change. Yesterday My Current Prepaid Mobile Number Convert To Postpaid Then My Prepaid Sim Card Was Block So Yesterday & Today My Mobile Number In Out of Service. I am Work As Junior Engineer So Many Disturbance In My Job Because I Am Site In charge Of One Site At Airoli And I am Leaving At JNPT Township, Uran Navi Mumbai.No One Comuinication to My Boss And My Sit.So i was Mentally Disturber. And Mobile Why Off Regions To Many Person So Please Help Us About My Matter. Related To Contact My Other Mobile Number(Uncle Mr.Pravin Gaman Ahire. 7738061878) Please Help Us For Receive My Courier And Mentally Harassment. -- Thanks & Regards, Mr.Anudeep Patil. Mob.9764700891

B. Varadarajula Reddy

Posted on Dec 04, 2016

10 Nos Items Booked from Hyderabad to Mumbai - VT on 09-Apr-2016. 9 Items received on 16-Nov-2016. 10th item missed. Tried to identify the same till 28-Apr-2016 at Mumbai-VT. Not tracable.I finished my work at onsite Mumbai without that item. I came back to Hyderabad without identifying the item. All of sudden i received a call from cargo rep ( Mumbai-VT), asking me to collect the item at mumbai. I requested them that my work was completed there at mumbai and send back the same to Booked address since this is their fault. The cargo reps are arguing that they are not going to send back the item. However, i requested them to rebook the item from Mumbai to hyderabad with my cost. Even for that also, they are not accepting. Please suggest me for next course of action. Cargo Name :- Kesineni Cargo Item Booked at Nacharam, Hyderabad Booked to VT,Mumbai Items Booked on 09-Apr-2016 Partial Delivery received on 16-Apr-2016 My Last personal visit to the Mumbai to pick the item 28-Apr-

Ganesh Kalita

Posted on Dec 03, 2016

I sent all my household goods through VRL Movers and Packers Pune from Pune to Guwahati on 01/11/2016. After so many phone calls I received the goods on 17/11/2016. But almost 4 to 5 box missing in that goods. I lost my computer monitor,Fan,gas stove,Utensils (Rs.10000 worth), blunder. Approximately Rs.30000/- to Rs.350000/- goods were missing and nobody wanted to take responsibility for that. At the time of unloading they did not sent any labour also to unload the goods. So myself and two labour (arrange by me) unload the whole goods and that I did not look out the goods because of tiredness. I just signed and released the driver. So please help me to get my goods or same amount return back. Below is the list of their Mobile Phone No- 9466336555 (Main),9372155655 (Naresh contractor),9162625720 (Driver-SR9754),7578915527 (Packing boy),9771622443,9435083677 (Tejpur,Assam).

Pinky Pandey

Posted on Dec 01, 2016

Om international mover and packers deal was final in 18800 inclusive of all taxes...and inclusive of all charges. Rs 18800 Finalize plz confirm within 2 hours in .message what's up..they called and told sorry sir we. can't do in this price .after that Rs 25000 as on telephonic conversation finalize with Rajender ji...quotation is finalize inclusive of all taxes and other charges including insurance as per finalize quotation .our household items are moving from From Saket Paryavran Complex C33/D-16 New To Deoghar, Jharkhand , Ambe Garden, 52 Bigha,Jharkhand 814143 on 23 Nov 2016.and we are given to him advance payment of Rs 21000, after 5 day .they send a bill of Rs 37800. And they told us send all rest money 16800 to their account.if we not paid the required amount they are not hand over the household item ..they are cheat with us...we are in trouble plz help us

Mir Sadath Ali

Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Please advise, How can I book complain against them and claim from hyderabad to cargo office Jeddah. I cargo "Air Link" from Jeddah to Hyderabad total 64kg and I received in hyderabad 49kg, 15kg shorted, already it delay 3 months above to delivered and they were promised within 15 to 20 days it will be delivered, but it took so much time, and carton was opened and they were repack. Actually it delivered to Bangalore then to hyderabad... I came on final exit from saudi and I sent all my home items. like, perfumes, watches, utensil, some electronics items like that.... Note :- Cargo company it self wrapped carton in his office front of me and they said no problem it will be delivered securely at your door. and when I followed they said bangalore air port custom problem.....and finally today I received but still I didn't open carton.....I paid them when I was there huge amount Please advise....

Badal Kumar

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

One month back, I shifted my household items from Chennai to Muzaffarpur thru Agarwal Packers& Movers. As I had many fragile items, I had trust due to some reliable people. I Have chosen them but I did greatest blunder ! They know how to catch new fish thru manner of talking and packing things. However, I received my things with lots of excuses for delay. And that to my bike as well as bicycle were completely broken! When I want to contact they put me on hold . But I don't get valuable reply from them. Some time they told me it was my fault. I send them all the picture how they brought my good at my door. I want to Share pictures please provide me your email Id .beafore going To hand over your precious goods to them.So its my sincere advice to people that DON'T ever go for AGARWAL PACKERS.

Paromita Banerjee

Posted on Nov 27, 2016

we had hired a movers and packers whom we found from the internet to shift our household goods from Kharagpur to Pune.the goods were handed over to them on 20th of Oct 16 and it is fully paid is yet to be received us.pls pls pls help.W e are clueless regarding the whereabout of the goods and person we know as the incharge promising delivery everyday.

kamlesh kumar patel

Posted on Nov 19, 2016

I have given my luggage to real cargo movers and packers(in bangalore yashwantpur office) from bangalore(Karnataka) to bilaspur(chhattisgarh) but i didnt got my luggage.The real cargo movers packers ph no is 9738524852(Manoj) and my consignment note-1542


Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Sir 1. On 31st October , i have searched for transport operators for shifting my Nissan Terrano Vehicle bearning no. DL1CS1153 belongs to me to Suresh Pisipati of Mumbai. I reside in 1/2 B JANGPURA B, NEW DELHI. I have received a call from stating that i will be receiving a call from transport operators. Post which i have received a call from mobile number 9873903559 - name mentioned by caller is Abhishek from SGN Transport movers and packers. He has quoted me the Rs.8000 to transport the vehicle all inclusive. 2. On 01st November i have received a call from Abhishek stating that vechile can be picked up on 2nd November 2016 along with the address of SGN Transport packers and movers as Sector 23, Plot no.44, Gurgaon 122001. 3. Accordingly i have handed over the vehicle to Mr.Sumit on 2nd Nov vide conignment note numo 609 (A1) with opening meter reading as 5012. ( Refer Car Condition Report and Openieng Meter Reading photo) 4. 7th November to enquir


Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Sir,I have transported my car (i20 elite HR 26 CP 6858) from Gurgaon to Pune through Hindustan Packers and Movers on 22-Oct-2016.They told me that they will load it in a day or two and it will be delivered to me within 7 days after loading. He asked me to pay full amount as they need it in car transportation, Thus I did. On calling them on 27 Oct, Mr Pradeep (9999066617, email: told me that it is not loaded yet and On 2nd Nov 2016 he told me that he has loaded the car and confirmed to me that It will be delivered to me in Pune by 9th Nov.But my car has not delivered till today i.e. 17th Nov I call them daily and they tell me that it will be delievred tomorrow. On 12th Nov 2016 he told me that Container has arrived in Pune and your car will be delivered today, But on 17th Nov he told me that container has not reached to Pune and it is standing 100 KM away from Pune and It will reach tomorrow.Now, he is avoiding to pick my calls.Please help

bharat panda

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

sir I have transported my households from vapi to shirpur through SINGHANIA PACKERS & LOGISTIC PACKERS & MOVERS(VAPI,GUJARAT),but from loading to deliver they created problem for me.they committed to dispatch all my goods at a time but could not.even from 6 november to till 17 nov I m waiting for my bike.about 11 days.please help me to get my bike.they even commited to provide persons to unload by their own charge ,but not.I have paid for that.please sir if possible please provide my bike from them.

Abhipash Ashok Mende

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

These thieves forced me to make a 1000 rs. insurance for the R15 bike I wanted to transfer from Pune to Nagpur. They took 3850 rs. for Home to Home delivery. The helmet was also included in it. On the delivery date, I was informed that the bike has reached Nagpur and I'll have to go 25 kms from my home to the godown to take the bike. I complained that the money I paid was for door to door delivery. This kicked off a string of calls from our side which finally ended when the Pune person yelling at me on phone and acting as if he has done a favor for me transporting my bike. I realized that my bike is out there amidst theives and I quickly went and took my bike. The bike was not in the godown but a nearby square. I also had to give 100 rs. to the driver as he said that he had been stopped by a policeman and charged 100 rs. as traffic fine. The thieves didn't send my helmet along with the bike as they had promised. He also didn't send the insurance papers. Beware from these thieve


Posted on Nov 17, 2016

This is with reference to the GC No. 4503599. I had shifted my goods from Delhi to bangalore dated 31 July 2016. The goods reached my home in Bangalore in a very state. There were rat bites all around. Below are the items for which I need claim. 1. Gas Burners 2 lost 2. Table Glass 3. Bucket Broken 4. Almira Mirror broken 5. Tub broken 6. Washing Machine Pipes Cut by rats 7. Fridge door broken 8. Fridge not working properly 9. Almira broken from the bottom 10. One chair broken Other than these, a lot of plastic box and utensils were broken. I have already submitted a complaint with the customer care, but its of no use. Please do the needful.

Soumen Ghosh

Posted on Nov 16, 2016

Dear Sir, I book Agarwal Packers and movers (Address:Dankuni Housing, near Usha Martin School) Hoogly-712311)& i shifted my luggage brom Matkol, kolkata to Hazaribagh on dated 09/11/2016 & receiving date was 13/11/2016 but till now they are not shifted my luggage & they are not received my phone.from sunday we are lodging at hotel. We are suffering very problem with my 3 year daughter. How could we do sir?


Posted on Nov 16, 2016

Ardhendu Sardar

Posted on Nov 13, 2016

I had availed Sunrises packers and Movers services (registration number not mentioned in receipt) for transporting personal goods from Bhubaneshwar to bangalore. The consignment got delivered 4 days late (28-10-2016) than the due date. On the delivery time i found the dining table stand missing(cost Rs 4000). I called the office of the transporter, they advised me to accept the delivery of the items and on the return slip mention the missing item and was assured they would trace the item within two days and deliver it. Later they stopped taking calls. After many attempts and trying from different number finally i was able to get hold of them. The transporter abused and challenged me to reach out to any law enforcing authority but he won't now not deliver the table stand. Can the redressal forum please help in compensating the loss.


Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Sir I have provided my vehicle to SGN transport movers and packers gurgaon contact number 7291901103. For transfering from Delhi to Mumbai on 02 Nov 2016 nissan terrano. Contact persons Mr.Abhishek (9873903559). He has asked me to pay Rs.8000 for transering the vehicle. Post which vide consignment note 609 on 2nd nov 2016, my vehicle was picked up. Post which on 7th November 2016 i received a call from Mr.Sandeep and Mr.Navvin owner of SGN transport blackmailing me stating that if i dont pay additional Rs.52000, i have to forget my vehicle and i have to run here and there for my vehicle. This is a threat given by them. Post which i have paid Rs.52000 to ICICI bank account provided by Mr.Naveen to account number 002105501059. have transfered the same on 7th november. Now Mr. Naveen says he is not aware about the vehicle. Now i would like to lodge a FIR and complaint for missing vehicle and mental harrasment created by this vendor. Please help to get my vehicle back.


Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Jaswant Singh

Posted on Nov 09, 2016

On 25/10/2016 i had sent a courier from kanpur to naini allahabad through trackon courier private limited no-1308443612 they assured delivery in 3 days But till now my courier is not deliver so i lodged a complaint at company head office delhi customer care on 7/11/2016 and when i call them they only say we are following up but didnt provide any information to me regarding my courier when it is to be delivered and dealers behaviour is so rude and he said dont cone to me go to head office and custoner care is saying we dont have naini contact no so we dont kbow regarding your courier I am in full trouble what to do now i had spent approx 500 rs in phone and conveyance pls gelp me to claim company This behaviour is ao unethical and unprofessional that even after 15 days of shipment and 3 days of complain i didnt get any response

Amit Srivastava

Posted on Nov 08, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this mail regarding the disappointment of the services provided by the Gati KWE. Description: Docket Number : 449727945 : Source : Hyderabad. Destination : Lucknow. Complaint Number is : 15562806 Detailed Description: I have booked the courier on 22 Oct 2016 and the assured date of delivery was 27 Oct 2016,still i have not received the courier (16 packed boxes) ,even i called 20 times to GATI KWE customer care ,and they are giving the same update like godown is fully choked and the ticket has been updated and the person will call you for further update but i am really disappointed that up to now i have not received a single call from GATI end reg my Courier delivery ,i have also requested my money back and the customer care people told okay sir your money will be refund .But still i have not got the courier as well a my return money.

Sunil baran Chakraborty

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

Sir, Qty One Consignee no. K89410205 send from Burnpur(W.B) to my given address on 29 Sep 16 by DTDC courier , it has reached Hero Honda Chwak Hub,Gurgaon on 01 Oct 16, but it was not delivered to me,returned back to kolkata. However till date it has not return to originator i.e. burnpur .west bengal. Sir do the needful action against them as they have been harassed me a lot. Thanking you. Sunil


Posted on Nov 05, 2016

To Lotrucks Jayanagar 3rd block Bangalore-560011 From, Karthick Roopena Agrahara Bangalore-560068 Sub: Best Local Movers Bangalore Hi Lotrucks Team, I did furniture shifting from BEL circle to Ropena agrahara for my new rental house. i call them for moving service. They responded very well for my call. +91 8088939393. within a 5 minutes i got moving quotes from them. Their quoted price was within my budget. i asked one helper also. he is very good kind person and he was helping me for shifting furnitures. They did help on vehicle tracking also. Efficient team was keep updated me at the every stage of truck. I would recommend my friends also to take a movement from them. Thank Lotrucks team, Regards Karthick


Posted on Nov 05, 2016

I had booked my car for transportation from NOIDA to Bangalore along-with some kitchen items via Allied Logistics Packers and Movers on 9th Oct'16. It was agreed for 9500/- all inclusive plus 1% towards transit insurance totalling to INR 14500/-. 1. They demanded 21000/-after taking my car for loading. 2. Car delivred after 18 days, agreed for 7 days. 3. Car was not transported by car carrier but driven by road,Initinal KM Reading was 10247 and at the time of ha my initial car reading at the time of handover it was 12565 kms. 4. The car was to delivered at my Bangalore residence, but delivered 50 kms before Bangalore 5. Car was dented, tail lights broken 6. Empty Fuel Tank, it was having 75% full tank when handed over. 7. Floor Matt's missing and my kitchen goods which was put in the boot wroth around 15000/- stolen. No response by the co on my mail and messages. They even do-not pickup calls. Request you to guide for suitable action against this carrier

Minakshi Bawa

Posted on Nov 03, 2016

the movers and packers company has taken my goods, they have also taken charges of delivering but not delivered the goods for more than 3 months. company name Allied Logistic

sumanjeet kumar

Posted on Oct 30, 2016

the movers and packers company has taken my goods, they have also taken charges of delivering but not delivered the goods for more than 3 months. company name aadhunik movers and packers, rangpuri new delhi

Sumit Pandit

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

We have hired for.moving our household articles from Gurgaon to Pune on 13 Oct 2016. They promised to deliver it by one week that is The package was supposed to be received on 20th October 2016, as promised from Gurgaon to Pune.but while calling the customer care, first they said the package is in indore and it will be delivered on Saturday that is 22, on calling Saturday they say it will be delivered on 23, and on calling on 23 they say it's still in indore, and calling to customer care they don't respond and cut the call, and say that the package is in indore since 4 days not received in Pune yet. Its 28 October and we didn't received the household articles yet. Please let me know the process of taking legal action against them

Shrikant Wawge

Posted on Oct 26, 2016

My Parcel consignment no 159806872 Palade courier was booked on 22 oct 2016 is not delivered to Panvel till date.Parcel consist of new mobile handset worth 8000 RS. Courier company unable to Justify delivery status. pls do needful.


Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Lotrucks is the best movers in Bangalore. good customer service. well trained drivers and helpers. we are shifting out furniture recently i called lotrucks they responded me immediately.

biswajit guha

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

I booked household articles from Guwahati to kolkata & did insurance cost of all inclusive insurance @ 3%.Articles got terribly damaged & when I asked for insurance copy, transporter was unable to provide insurance copy & sent there local person for evaluation & settled INR 6000 for the damage. After that 3 month passed they are not paying the said money or providing me insurance copy. Need suggestion what shall I do in this scenario if I had to seek legal intervention.

Rana Pratap Singh

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

vishal sharma

Posted on Oct 24, 2016

Dear Team, With all the efforts and high cost we are providing our valued material and household items witch either we have made with our blood and swat or purchased with huge money. Even to ensure we are choosing the best possible way to relocate our material and in all this precautionary condition if we received all the material in damaged condition and after that also no body has responded for the curtsy, we are feeling robbed in the way. I personally shocked and wondered when i saw the material in broken and damaged condition, i could not able to believe on myself in such a shocking situation. My GCN No. WIGNHYD041200 has received in 90% broken condition and even after making a big note on the receiving bill none of the fellow from AMPL has responded. We highly disappointed with the service from the AMPL and would like to regrets on the decision we have taken for the material shifting with AMPL. Regards vishal sharma 9959220610

Deepak kumar Agarwal

Posted on Oct 23, 2016

Hi, i have recently shifted from Kolkata to Hyderabad. I have booked my household stuff with sharma logistic packers and movers on 27th sep 2016. Its been almost a month but i have not received my stuff. Company owner name Ajit Sharma- 810000224. Company address: sharma logistic packers and movers block FG,4th floor, Himalaya plaza, Dankuni , hoogly. Whenever i make call either he will not pick or he will say i will receive my goods in 4-5 days but he is not giving proper answer. Now from last 4-5 days he is not picking my phone. I am in a big trouble. Please help us to get our goods back.

Manish Kumar Jain

Posted on Oct 23, 2016

Dear Sir, I have booked my car Ecosport MH46 AP 2588 for delivery at Haldwani from panvel on 02/10/2016 through Kuber logistics movers & packers pvt ltd via Document no- 12822. Till date I have not received my car and they are also not providing any authentic information about the vehicle. They are providing misleading information,torturing,mentally harassing us and we are going through a trauma.Please help in getting my car back and penalise them for our trauma. Regards, Manish kumar Jain

Nirmalya Sahoo

Posted on Oct 23, 2016

Recently used packers n movers service from Sakshi relocation. These people mentioned quotation of Rs 8000 as final bill for shifting from Goregaon to navi mumbai which included A/c install and uninstall. However after all shifting done the A/ C fitting person from voltas charged me 3000 more. When I asked to return my money for a/ c fitting they denied to refund the balance amount. Service was pathetic. I would request not to use this service anymore.

Niraj Kumar Singh

Posted on Oct 22, 2016

We booked Express Cargo Packers & Movers; Consignment no. 1152; Bill No. 1101; Dated 12 Oct, 2016; to transport our belongings from Kolkata to Meerut. No update yet on where our consignment is and we have already paid Rs. 24,650/- in cash on 12/10/16. We inquired with Partha Saha (Mkt Exe) and Pawan Kumar Choudhury (Owner) and they abused without providing any information on our household goods. PAN: DOIPK6874R; Service Tax No. DOIPK6874RSD001; Office Address: 4/1/2 Sitala Mandir Lane, Kolkata - 700090. This is harassment as me and my family is in Meerut without any household belongings and we are unable to trace our goods. They are either not answering our calls or are abusing us. They are postponing the dates of delivery and not informing when the consignment will finally be delivered. Kindly help!


Posted on Oct 22, 2016


praphulla chandra

Posted on Oct 22, 2016

I shifted my household goods from Secunderabad to Delhi by National Cargo Packers and Movers Secunderabad, In my container they put the goods of four other parties after loading my goods. They misplaced my two cartons and now they are passing the buck between there Secunderabad and Delhi offices. I hope I get the solution from someone.


Posted on Oct 18, 2016

I hired Agarwal packers & logistics pvt. ltd. to shift my fridge from Chennai to Mumbai on 14/09/16. Its been over a month and still I have not received the delivery. Consignement No. 1173. In the bill it is mentioned as a division of "Ultimate Solution Packing and Moving" No.134, Karikalan Solan, 7th Street, Maharaja Nagar, Kavankarai, Chennai - 600066. Please suggest me the action to be taken against this company and how to get back my fridge.

Neetika Agarwal

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

I had ordered for my stuff to be relocated from Bangalore to Lucknow with Agarwal Packers and Movers DRS Group. The list of complaints range as below: 1. The goods received with delay in 15 days. 2. Poor quality cartons used for packing which was received damaged!! 3. Carton boxes were either dented or opened when received. 4. A set of 2 mattresses missing 5. Shoe rack broken 6. Ply sheet of double bed broken and damaged beyond repair 7. The set of mattresses that were received are damaged 8. I was charged a hefty amount stating the stuff will be packed in crates before deporting but nothing was done. Only the product packaging boxes for electronics I provided them with were used. No additional crates were used though promised. I want a claim for all my losses and Agarwal Packers and Movers DRS Group to be labelled as permanent defaulters!!

partha das

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Rahul Jain

Posted on Oct 08, 2016

Om Sai Ram Movers and Packers(Delhi) are illiterate cheaters. First of all they will quote a very low price for shipping your goods. Once your items are in her hands they will ask you to pay double amount giving vague reasons. When you deny they will start talking rudely and threaten you that you have to pay the new(double) amount otherwise forget your items. In my case the item was "Honda CB Unicorn" with two Studd Helmets. The bike was said to be delivered door to door (From Delhi to Pune) initially, but there was no further communication that bike has reached or not. When I called them to ask about the shipment the response was very cold and rude. Finally I had to take the bike from another company's godown with lot of hassle. Helmets were missing and I had to pay double amount to get my bike(Initial - 3500 , What I Paid - 5500). There were lot of cuttings and re-quotes in the invoice(amount was changed). Please check reviews before opting any M&P service.

Prabir Ghose

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike picked from residence on 22nd September 2016 by Mr.Gulab Singh of Agarwal D2D Packers & Movers in Vashi (other colleagues Mr.Shekhewat, Mr.Hari Shankar, Mr.Rakesh) with delivery by 7 days. It is now 11 days, On trying to contact them they say the bike will be delivered the next day. Most of the time they do not pick up the phone. They reply rudely if you ask for more details like docket number, lorry number, or their address, they give vague reply. Could you please help.

Danish Javed

Posted on Oct 02, 2016

I have shifted my scooty from Faridabad to Navi Mumbai on 21stSeptember, 2016. As confirmed by Agarwal packers and movers, the vehicle was to reach me in Mumbai in 3-4 days. I was later tld i will receive it in 7 days. Till then they are delaying the dispatch without any reason. No one is confirming me the reason of delay and providing date for my vehicle delivery.

jitendra thakur

Posted on Oct 02, 2016

I was booked `Tech Relocarion` vendor for house hold relocation but received item is damaged. And he is not picking phone at all. Suggest me the action.

partha das

Posted on Oct 01, 2016

Surabhi Gupta

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

I hired perfect movers and packers for relocating the luggage from gurgaon to banglore. Its been 30 days they are not picking up my call. I asked my relative to visit their office of noid and gurgaon . To my surprise they have moved their office as well. 20 days before they told me that my luggage will reach banglore in 7 days and now they are not responding. My relative managed to find a person related to this movers and packers and he said abusive words like we wont give your luggage do whatever you want types. My luggage+ what ever I paid them costs around 3 lacs. Its not about money, but mostly about my awards, diaries and stuff that i earned and wrote since my childhood. I have lost everything. And now i feel like a helpless person . I have no poilitical powers nothing. Even if i log an FIR, i cant trust. Also my relative told me that those people are like a gang and can ever murder us if we take an action. I need help.

dr rahul varshney

Posted on Sep 28, 2016


hindu singh

Posted on Sep 25, 2016

nakli maal bechta

Prakash Donode

Posted on Sep 24, 2016

I am submitting complaint against Mr. Dharmendra Yadav. His transport company name is D K Packers, Kandiwali, Mumbai. and contact no is 8080564570. He has taken excess money from me and given fraud bill with fraud LR number and insurence. He is demanding more money from me for new bill. I have transfer my household item from Raigarh to hospet. I want to take strong action against him so that this problem not repeated with others.

Mukesh Rout

Posted on Sep 24, 2016

My complaint is against Sumit Packers and Logistics, Address: Shop No- Khasra No-629 Block-A, Rangpuri Extn, New Delh. I have sent my household goods from Noida to Kolkata on 09/09/2016 and till date i have not received my goods. Quotation no is : 465

dr rahul varshney

Posted on Sep 24, 2016

house hold good were booked from gurgaon to durgapur by goodwill packers and movers near rajiv chowk gurgaon with phone no 9205134263 and service tax no FOUPS3923FSD001 on 30/8/16 . 25 days have passed but i haven't received my goods and when i am trying to call the company owner first he was fooling me every time that my goods will be delivered in a day or two and now for past 3-4 days he have stopped picking my phone. i have no one in gurgaon to go to his office and i am vEry much worried about my goods . apart from my house hold goods there are few important papers in a suit case.. he also took insurance charges of my goods and when i asked for insurance papers first he said i will give u and till now i haven't received any information regarding that also . kindly guide me what can be done against him as i am very much worried and will do every possible thing to teach him a lesson so that he cannot fool anybody else in future


Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Pune to Bharuch- Transport services worse than a night mare. 7 days of pure mental agony, no proper response from the transporter. dint receive the material yet...waiting... TRANSPORT NAGAR NIGDI, PUNE PLOT NO 116, SECTOR 23 TRANSPORTERS ADDRESS

Pratham Bhardwaj

Posted on Sep 21, 2016

I have booked Fast Cargo packers and movers on 3rd of Sep, 2016 from New Delhi(Chhatarpur) to Guwahati(Beltola) and on 4th, my items have been loaded from my New DELHI HOUSE. They told me that the items would be delivered within 10 days. I also insured an amount of 60k for my items which they gave me the receipt . They asked for a total amount of Rs. 11,500/- where i paid 9,500/- to them already on the same day and they asked me to pay the rest of the amount (2,300/-) after delivery. I kept on waiting for my items and kept the track record too. On the 11th day, i contacted them n they told me that the loaded truck are at Srirampur Border (15th of sep, 2016) and i will recieve a call once the truck is in Guwahati. In the meanwhile i was contacting them till Saturday and they gave me the same information. I still thought to wait till Monday( 19th of sep) and i called them up. First they never care to inform me and i always call them up to follow up the status.Its 18th Day,im stil waitin

sandeep kumar singh

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

Its very pathetic experience with safexpress I have booked my luggage from delhi to raipur chattisgarh. During the conversation i told please collect my households after 2-3 day later but concern marketing person Mr. Dharmendra told me that he will hold things at his location and when ever i wanted households at desired location he will delivered it. Now i am in raipur and wanted to get my households no one is giving response and i chase with driver then he told me that he has left the household at some where in transport area in raipur. when i contacted the local guy of that transport area he told me that 1st i have to give Rs. 4000/- to him then he will give households, i told them i have already paid money to packers & movers then he told he don't know about this he want money. When i tried to contact with Mr. Dharmendra he is not responding.


Posted on Sep 13, 2016

I have booked my household items & Car through / from Rajkot to Waidhan (M.P.) with insurance vide GCN No. WIBLRKT024930 & WIGNRKT029166 dated 25-Jul-2016. At the delivery point, your team just unloaded the household items and went. Next day when we ourself unpacked the items, few items found damaged. Immediately a claim is lodged with your Rajkot office. It is more than one month passed, I follow up with more than 100 calls but no any response and update from your company. I think Agarwal Packers & Movers are cheater company and they only interested for payment. They don't care & bother how the goods are delivered at delivery point. I will definitely advise to all, Pls stay away from this company, don't trust on this company. It is totally fraud what they are claiming on website and advertisements. I already asked our Reliance corporate office to black list this company from the list. I think I made mistake choosing Agarwal packers.

Faraz Johar

Posted on Sep 02, 2016

I handed my all house hold goods to A one cargo movers Prop. Pawan for shipment from Delhi to Ranchi on 25.08.2016 . All the payments relating to loading unloading packing transport insurance totalling Rs 23000 done but on 01.09.2016 two truck drivers called me at 12:30 night to unload the goods.No one from the company was there to unload our goods.Our goods were sent with loose iron metals of Railway depart. We regularly called Pawan but he didn't pick d phone. Our goods have been severely damaged and the insurance policy is also fake.We urgently need a legal action against Pawan and the company as well for cheating me and breach of the contract.

Chadrahas Dwivedi

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Please do not hire, it is fake transporter.. 'OM SAI RAM PACKERS AND MOVERS' Plot No-4,A-48,Gali No 6,Phase V, Aaya Nagar, New delhi-47 Contact No.:9654166220,9582901195

Praveen Arora

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

I booked household goods and XUV 500 from Shalimar Garden, UP to Singapur Township, Hyderabad with Mr. Rohit, Writer Movers and Packers, Office No.2,Sagar Ghatkopar Andheri Road Sakinaka Andheri East Mumbai 400072, Contact No: 998715 1981, 9323007777. Quotation was for Rs.77000 excl. packing etc. chgs.and promised to deliver goods in 4 days and XUV in 6-7 days. We handed over goods and car to him on 2nd June. 3rd morning he sent bill for Rs. 1,42,677 ( a shock) but he did not listen. Transferred 50% amount. Got car on 8th june. Had to pay him 100% amount and than he delivered goods in shared lorry on 12th / 13th. The bill was having delhi address(A 217/1,Street No.10, Mahipalpur Ext, NH-8, New Delhi-110037Ph.: 09987151981) Whole consignment was damaged, boxes were torned / opened, material lost, glass items, bed, inverter, computer table, rack etc. broken (estimated loss Rs. 1.68lac. He is not giving insurance policy, not picking phone, not responding emails.


Posted on Aug 29, 2016


Posted on Aug 29, 2016

Hi, The package of scooty is handed over to Agrawal packer on 12 Aug 2016 for Indore to Mumbai.As they committed it should reach me with in 5-7 Working days. And its been more than 20 days I haven't received my product.We have been calling them 7-8 times in a day.The people from packers and movers are not delivering.It's been a torture for us. My consignment number is 4802057,please help us to get our product. The person number to whom I am in contact for deliver is 9320006045 from Agrawal Packres and movers.Its been a harassment for us as we used to call them atleat 7-8 times in a day and they promise us to deliver on daily basis. Address details below. website : email: Thanks, Anuja


Posted on Aug 27, 2016

i have booked Soni Packers & Movers, Bijwasan for transporting goods from gurgaon to Jhansi for Rs 12000/- on 10th july 2016 but he is asking for 20000/- to move my goods and has yet not delivered the goods. ungoing lot of mental agony and pain from such hooligans in the society. # Nitin Thakur(Soni Packers) 9718197029


Posted on Aug 27, 2016

I booked house hold items from tambaram chennai to gaya through ASL packers and movers (Om Prakash). They promised to deliver it within 10 days but they deliver it after one months after suffering a lot of mental agony and paying extra money. they bluffed me and blackmailed to pay extra. they threatened that unless i will not pay they will not deliver the items. I am posted to Leh J & K and serving in defence. they have taken extra advantage and blackmailed me. My father is alone at home and he is there to received the items. After a lot of mental tension and paying extra 5000 they deliver the item in mid night of 27 jul 16. when i went on leave to see my items i became upset. almost every items was damaged. Washing machine is damaged, motorcycle head light is broken, Steel box is damaged and items inside is damaged, books are rained in water. computer table is broken. all cloths are rained. when i tried to contact Omprakash told I cant do any thing. they charged me insurance.

Bhagyasri Gadde

Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I have transported my luggage from Pune to Nagpur. Luggage was picked on 8th August 2016, It is 26th August 2016 and the luggage is still not delivered. I have been continously following up with the people from Pune and Nagpur and they dont even take calls. When they take call, they tell story tha luggage is been sent and luggage is not been received, I have experienced the worst experience ever. Packers name: Home Relocation Packers and Movers Resposible person at Pune: Yuvaraj Responsible person in Nagpur: Swapnil. They doesnt take your call and never give correct response. I have transported goods worth 50000 which include lot of kitchen stuff which are just a few months old and lot of other houshold things. I have paid the money for transport at Pune only. Please help me with justice. Thanking you, Bhagyasri Gadde +91 7020760251

kamal dugar

Posted on Aug 23, 2016

I gave my two wheeler to transport from bangalore to coonoor, and i was informed that your transport available to my place (destination). As it was getting delay to deliver my vehicle, i came to know that they have given another transport to deliver my vehicle. Still it was getting delayed ,no call responses, talking rudely and making fake commitments daily. Atlast they said they wont be able to deliver my vehicle to my place. So they told they will deliver my vehicle in my coimbatore godown with 2000 refund as they didn't make up to deliver destination. Still they took 3 days to deliver my vehicle in coimbatore and last when they delivered the men came to deliver threw the key of my vehicle and ran off without making any refund. As when we asked Bangalore office about refund they said no. contact details of bangalore gati movers and packers : 7676760200 7813005300


Posted on Aug 22, 2016

They are not yet giving my household goods on 31st July 2016...

amarjeet kishore

Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Dear Sir/, I am Amarjeet Kishore, resident of Patna, Bihar presently residing at Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. My sister Mrs. Kumari Meenu is posted in State Bank of Patiala at Ludhiana. She was going on maternity leave for 6 month and hence she wants to shift her household from Ludhiana to Patna, Bihar. She has contacted to Network Cargo Packers & Movers whose main office is at Shop no. 759/9, Thakur Dwara, Manimajra, Chandigarh, Punjab. The representative of the said Packers & Movers had visited to residence to my sister on 07.08.2016 to prepare estimate of the households. They gave a quotation of Rs. 18000.00 including Service Tax. My sister has given Rs. 3000.00 as advance to him. On 12.08.16 the vehicle of the said Packers and Movers along with their workmen visited to residence of my sister to pick up the household. I was also there at that time. They started packing and loading the households. After loading the households they said to pay Rs.2000.00 extra for insurance and loading ch

Madan Mohan Maiti

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

I had sent a PC Mouse through DTDC courier by consignment No.-K88785749, But nether they deliver to recipient as mentioned on packet, nor returned it to me the sender. Please help.


Posted on Aug 15, 2016

SAFE TIMES PACKERS&LOGISTICS, Dear team, i have booked house hold items shifting from Bangalore to Pune 19.06.2016 and same delivered in pune 26.06.2016 damaged condition,when i was booking i requested to packers and get insurance for the house hold items they took and shared insurance copy Rs. 100000 , when good get damaged i requested to packers claim insurance and get the money but packers not responding for the same when i contacted to insurance they said u r insurance already expired my consignment no with packets : 1853. when unloading the goods itself i noticed the same and same taken up with Mr.ANIL (9845661166) who is booked my house hold he said i will be touch with insurance and i will get it claim same but now he is not responding and i called to their head office from there also i am not getting response head office no : 9346011005 requesting to kindly do the needfull


Posted on Aug 15, 2016

Supreme movers and packers has taken the order to move our all household things from Banglore to Hyderabad .they have packed every thing on 13/08/2016 in Banglore and they have promised that they will deliver ther gongs by 14 /08/2016 but till now we did not get any information from them and they are not replying. I tried calling them and after so much waiting they are saying vehicle is not yet started from Banglore . And some other persons said like vehicle is repair. They are very irresponsible and worst packers

Nikhil Gupta

Posted on Aug 14, 2016

We are facing issues and got cheated due to "Indian packers and movers". We booked this packers and movers from mumbai to delhi and our articles got missed or exchanged and they are not responding. They cheat people and just do bookings please take some actions against such packers company


Posted on Aug 14, 2016

The worse than the worst people to believe. The hardship being faced by me and my family is inexpressible. Packing being done at day time with promise to load the material in the lorry at the evening. No one is responding to the phone till early morning. Old aged parents, baby of 3 months, me and my wife are facing the hell because of this packers and movers. Totally irresponsible peoples. Other packers and movers have assured me that they will shift our belongings to visakhapatnam for Rs 17000 itself and same vehicle that gets loaded before our house will be unloaded there. But this Agarwal people are telling that they are coming on auto, later they will keep in the truck and all rubbish. In frustration when I said that I don't want their services, I cannot wait for entire day for arrival of Vehicle will all things packed, there work boys instead of apologising are asking me to pay for material and packaging.. Means totally mental harassment fo4 me

Akshita Raut

Posted on Aug 09, 2016

Hi, This complaint is against - DTC Movers Packers,, The consignment number-0238 was packed in Delhi on 28th June 2016 and was not delivered until 30th July which was supposed to be in 11 days. One bag missing, after repetitive follow ups, gave me the driver's number with whom i had to talk and ask about my luggage. The illiterate, arrogant driver answered," Saman ghum gaya hai, jo karna hai karlo. Insurance 30,000 hai, main ek bag ka 2500 dunga. Lena hai toh lo." The level of hooliganism and unprofessionalism was disturbing. I genuinely want these 'GUNDA'S" to be taught a lesson and expect my bag back. Plese help. Contact numbers of DTC: Not so caring customer care, Joginder -9313601001 Tye ignorant manager, Jayprakash -9326717037 The moron driver - 9718992626


Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Sasmita Deo

Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Subhash Kumar

Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Hi, Consignment Note - 1283 Bill Number - 1316 I have waited very long to post this thread but still i have nope that i will get help via this forum for my grievences!! I shifted my household goods from Ghaziabad to Bangalore on 28th June using services from "Adani Packers and Movers". Below mentioned are few key highlights that were promised to us from the Movers and Packers: --> Your Goods will on the way to bangalore the very same day they packed from ghaziabad. --> Goods will be delivered in a 7 days time. --> They guaranteed that nothing will happen to any of our goods/property and if it happens, It will be cover under insurance as i have taken insurance as well. Below mentioned is my section of being mentally harassed by these folks: --> The day they came to my house to pack the household , they did not came with the origanal bill, Service tax was not written on that. I asked from them I need original bill and insurance copy. --> Next day I calle

Subhash Kumar

Posted on Aug 07, 2016

Hi, I have waited very long to post this thread but still i have nope that i will get help via this forum for my grievences!! I shifted my household goods from Ghaziabad to Bangalore on 28th June using services from "Adani Packers and Movers". Below mentioned are few key highlights that were promised to us from the Movers and Packers: --> Your Goods will on the way to bangalore the very same day they packed from ghaziabad. --> Goods will be delivered in a 7 days time. --> They guaranteed that nothing will happen to any of our goods/property and if it happens, It will be cover under insurance as i have taken insurance as well. Below mentioned is my section of being mentally harassed by these folks: --> The day they came to my house to pack the household , they did not came with the origanal bill, Service tax was not written on that. I asked from them I need original bill and insurance copy. --> Next day I called for the same ( Original Bill/Insurance )

Bharati Thanwani

Posted on Aug 05, 2016

House items big damage LCD TV,microwave part,and other household items horribly damaged. Packer company is SPOTON.receipt no:510857658.transported from vizag to Delhi. They are not taking the responsibility for the damage. We spent 21000rs ..

Deepthi Divyakumar

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

I shifted from Pune to Bangalore. I only received part of the luggage. One of my bag is still at Pune. I have contacted them multpile times but they are not sending it.

saurabh kumar

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

I am saurabh kumar s/o jwo jp yadav actually Maine apni bike ko varodra se gorakhpur arc packer n mover ke madiyam bheja meri bike gorkhpur main mil to gaya but total damaige condition main mila ... us main jab main arc ke gurgoan branch main mr. Anil se baat ki to unhone mujhe bola ki aap damage ko repair karwa lijiye or bill aap mukhe bhej dijiye main aapka bill claim karwa dunga but mujhe abhi tak koi claim nahi mila hai . Ise lag bhag 4 mahine ho gaye hai plz aap meri help karain orho ske to mera clam pass jald se jald karwa de is related mere pass saare document bhi hai

Jestin Joseph

Posted on Aug 01, 2016

This is a complaint against Agarwal packers and movers Ltd. ( 1) The shipment got delivered late and there was no response to calls to find out where the goods were 2) There were damages to multiple items and on calling customer service and filing a complaint, it took 15 days for someone to come and finally rectified a table and took the bills for the other damages and no response ever since. 3) repeated emails and phone calls to check on the status of payment has not yeiled any result and conveniently they try to avoid paying for the damages. What can be done to get a resolution from Agarwal packers and Movers and how can this be communicated to othere customers, so they do not go through this harrowing experience.

Samir Kumar Chatterjee

Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Dear Sir, Greatway Packers & Movers(P) Ltd/Maxi Travel, Bijwasan, Sector-26, Dwarka, New Delhi-110061 had transported my household goods from Flat-503, Gharonda Aptt., Alpha-1, Greater Noida-201308 to Flat-310, Block A, Vijaya Raghava Aptt., Lingampalli, Near New Overbridge Nallagandla, Hyderabad on 22.05.2016. I've received my 50% of household goods under damaged and broken conditions on 01.06.2016. I've request the Packer and Mover party to make an Insurance claim of Rs28800 immediately, but they refused to lodge the complaint and claim of Rs28800 after sending mails to them for several times. A team of notorious, bad and lie persons named as Krishan Sharma (9811455981), Vikas Jain(7836886661), Subhas(9311396578)and Ashish (7836886666). They are all fraud and liar people to do business of packers and movers. Please take necessary action against them. regards, Samir Kumar Chatterjee, M-9211070527


Posted on Jul 28, 2016

I have shifted goods from mumbai to Pune and AC to Jaipur. All the Money has been taken by the Balaji Domestic Relocation but till date AC has not reached. No one has taken the responsibility and responded to the calls and SMS that I have sent. They have printed false corporate phone number and the Customer care is again deal with the same guy which has done all the things.

Antara Chatterjee

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

We hired Gati movers and packers to ship our domestic goods from Mohali Punjab to Kolkata West bengal. The goods were loaded in a 17 ft container truck but we received it in a different truck which was open also carrying some factory machines. All our domestic goods were soaked in water due to rain and in a badly damaged condition and many items missing. All boxes torn. We paid extra money for direct door to door service and private shipping.They are now giving false excuses for shipping the goods in parts and not taking responsibility of the damage. I have all the photographic evidence and documents.Please help me. We lost almost everything that we had.


Posted on Jul 25, 2016

sukesh kumar

Posted on Jul 25, 2016

I have booked my car from Vasundhara Gaziabad (UP) to Pune through Sarfraj packers& Vasundhara packers on 15 Jun 16. Till date they are not able to confirm whether they have despatched my car or not. Every day they give excuses for delay. where shoul I file complain in pune consumer court or in gaziabad

Suneet Kumar Gupta

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

I have shifted my house hold from Raigarh (C.G) to Ghaziabad (U.P) using sri balaji packer n movers, but they deliver the house hold in very bad condition (not proper arrangement against rain). Regarding it I have talked with owner of packer n movers and he is not ready to take any responsibility.

Ravindra Arora

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

After multiple mails still I am waiting for your response who is the responsible person for damage goods , Hi Sahara Management , I am completely dis-satisfy with your service and I tied 200 times Jitesh and Mr Shukla's phone but they are not picking my call now . tell me who is the point of contact to get claim and damage report . During the packing time I told to jitesh that please pack the TV in wooden cabinate he told me don't worry we will pack later and during delivery TV was not packed in wooden cabinate and it was damaged . please respond or call me on my mobile (9810472716 ) to discuss the same . I am waiting fro your response since last 3 weeks . Regards Ravindra

Ravindra Arora

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

Hi Sahara Management , I am completely dis-satisfy with your service and I tied 200 times Jitesh and Mr Shukla's phone but they are not picking my call now . tell me who is the point of contact to get claim and damage report . During the packing time I told to jitesh that please pack the TV in wooden cabinate he told me don't worry we will pack later and during delivery TV was not packed in wooden cabinate and it was damaged . please respond or call me on my mobile (9810472716 ) to discuss the same . I am waiting fro your response since last 3 weeks . Regards Ravindra


Posted on Jul 18, 2016

I trusted Agarwal Packers&Movers for household shifting from Gurgaon to Goa.The items were packed and dispatched on 3-6-16 with a promise of delivery at Goa within 8 days. So I moved with my family to Goa on 9-6-16. But the shipment was delayed by a week and I had to stay at hotel with my wife, my 2 yr old son & parents for 6 extra days, that too without sufficient clothing and essentials. Moreover, I had to call various people in the company numerous times,but was never given actual information about the shipment. It was finally delivered on night of 15-6-16 and I asked for compensation for their inefficient services by e-mail and telephonically. I received a revert email after few days from their Customer Care with apologies and promise to compensate for the inconvenience and harassment. But post that I have sent numerous emails requesting for resolution, but the company has chosen not to respond at all. Please help as I was harassed financially, emotionally and mentally by the Co.


Posted on Jul 18, 2016

With due respect I, Rahul Malik state that I booked my car (FIAT LINEA Regd No. HR 20 S 3200) for transportation from Gurugram, Haryana, to Indian Naval Base Hansa, Vasco-da-gama on 26 Jun 2016, with ALLIED LOGISTICS PACKERS AND MOVERS , PLOT NO 333, ASHOK VIHAR, SECTOR 5 GURUGRAM, HARYANA, PHONE- MR. MANISH SHEKHAWAT 09891961006, 9312120406) vide consignment note 5338 dated 28 June 2016. I was assured with door delivery of the above said car within 15 days i.e at least by 10 July 2016. However, it is pertinent to mention that till date i.e. 18 Jul 2016 I have not received my car. I have not received any intimation regarding any delay from the above said transporters either. Even I am trying my best to contact the transporter to know the status of my car, but in vain, as he is not receiving/responding to my calls since last 7 days resulting tensions and a great feeling of harassment at my side as well as a great financial loss due to non delivery of car in stipulated time is forcin

Dhiraj Bhagat

Posted on Jul 16, 2016

I have hired Allied Movers and packers to shift my house holds from Pune to Mumbai.They have charged heavily but my LED is broken in transit. When I complaint about it they are not ready to compensate despite they have charged insurance in the bill also. I believe they give false bill to customers. They are charging insurance to customers but the company is not paying against it. I need help to get my compensation. Kindly Help.

Pallavi kumari

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

I have booked my household items through A B Packers and movers on date 03-07-2016. They were to supply the goods this week. I have given them the address where the items will get delivered on 11-07-2016. But they have not yet transported the item.also they are not receiving the call. I have to pay extra money as I have to stay in hotel. Seems they are cheating. Really worried for my items

Satyanarayan Reddy Konda

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Aakash International Packers and Movers represented by Mr. Sunil Sharma, agreed to Pick up my Bike Honda Shine(UP14 BD 7103) from my house in Ghaziabad(U.P) and deliver it to me in Hyderabad. The Bike was picked up on 14-6-2016 after a payment of 6000 INR was made by me (bill no: 111021). After 2 weeks I was informed that the container which was carrying my bike was stopped at Hyderabad border by Police, due to some lack of paperwork by the company. I have been constantly calling Mr. Sunil Sharma over the last 2 weeks and he keeps telling me that it will take another 2-3 days. I also keep calling the company head office, but they don't pick my call. I was promised delivery in 5-7 days but it has been a month now and I am still waiting for the delivery. Mr Sunil Sharma is the sole representative of the company and he rarely picks the call. His contact details are given on the website:

Rajni Shankar Singh

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

Aadhinik packers and movers had shifted us from jharsuguda, odisha to kolkata which are only 500km away from each other.They said it will reach within 2days but it took 10 days and many materials including bed ,cooler,tv stand,mixer grinder and many valuable goods.

Rishabh Dubey

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

complaint is against revv self driven cars registeres on the name of prime mover mobility technologies pvt ltd,gurgaon haryana.

Abhay Maddali

Posted on Jul 10, 2016

Person named Shakti was incharge from Mukta Transport to get my Royal enfield bike DL3SCT8355 from mumbai to gurgaon in % days and its been 11 days I still have not got my bike and when i call them they have no answers they just say' aa jayegi'. Ian very tensed now and nobody from Mukta transport is helping me Kindly tell me the way ahead.I had planned a trip from delhi to leg for which i had accounted leaves and the leaves are almost about to over and i still don't have my bike. I had made bookings for this trips which is a loss for me now and iam so afraid about my bike


Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Sir This is to inform you that i had My self, Kunal Panda recently shifted my house hold items from Ghaziabad, UP to Jamshedpur , Jharkhand via consignment No-1012. While , i have already made the full payment, i found out the following items ot damaged while transportation: Wooden Almira,Clutch of Hero Honda Bike,Three seater sofa, Refrigerator,Shoe Rack,Plastic stool, Wooden Crockery Table Now, when i am regularly asking for the damage compensation, there has been no response from the party . The details of the address is as follows: C-93,Sector-63,Agrwal Xpress Noida,U.P-201307 Consignment No- 1012, Bill No- 1457 dated- 04/06/2016 The damage amount is more than 15,000. I have taken insurance from the transporter also.

Jitendra Vishwakarma

Posted on Jul 05, 2016

Hi I have booked star movers & packers from Pune Nihari on 2nd July as per commitment will get our house goods by 3rd or 4th but still no material received nor they answer properly. There number is as follow 9075842244

Tarun Garg

Posted on Jul 05, 2016

Fraud complaint against Agarwal Express Logistics Pvt Ltd (Address C 93, Sector 63, Noida, UP-201307). i got my household items transferred from Ghaziabad to Bangalore on 23-June 2016, to be received in bangalore on 2-June 2016. i received the goods on 3rd jun 2016, but to my surprise almost all of the boxes were Open and almost all the articles were damaged, (Like Fridge, AC, washing Machine, Crockery Glass Almirah, Centre Table, Bed Study table etc). Immediately I informed Mr Sugam Kulshrestha (Manager-7290004481) about the damage, but he shrugg off his shoulders saying this happens. I asked for Insurance claim, but he didnt provided the insurance letter also. he charged Rs3647 Twds Insurance of goods, but i doubt if he had actually done the insurance or simply charged us for it. He said he will get the things repaired, without taking the responsibility for the loss or damage. i have provided the images of the damage to him on what's app also, but in vain. Total loss appx Rs 40000

Anurag Gupta

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Razia Khan

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Fraud complaint against the company "Agarwal goods packers & movers"

gunakumar gutti

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

With a lot of hope and faith in services Myself and my father resident of Srikakulam have booked my house hold goods on my transfer to Delhi from Visakhapatnam on 15.06.2016. On their commitment we have agreed for all terms. it is very sad to say that most of the items have been damaged like my dining table, beds, Air conditioner,and also to tell you that one of the important goods not have been received like Kitchen cutlery and one Sony Bravia LCD TV 40 inches the same things have been communicated to the Packers and Movers over phone and via mail also. They are not responding properly. You are requested to sort out the issue return my lost assets or recovery.

Anurag parashar

Posted on Jun 24, 2016

Pathetic Packers in whole world, They took my from Noida to banglore luggage from 30th may and today is 23rd of JUNE, and I still not received my goods and luggage from they are very irresponsible gys, irritating frustration happens in all time they yet delivered I just frustrated that by calling them daily to know about my goods and they still making fake factors and responses That vehicle is trapped by police in Maharashtra shifting my goods to other truck, just frustrating, even I don't know what to do Please suggest what should i do retrive my goods


Posted on Jun 19, 2016

I have shifted my household items in Sahara packers and movers on 9th April 2016 to Bangalore from FARIDABAD. After receiving my items. there are lot of items missing the packing cottons and damage to all items. After opening the clothes and kitchen cottons, lot of items missing. I don't how they have missed. because there is no opening in cotton. I think they are repacking at their go down. Please look into my complaint and take necessary action against Sahara packers and movers. Please do the needful. Again no one should face like this problem.

Vivek Kumar Pandey

Posted on Jun 18, 2016

I have got my household goods transferred through Aggarwal Packers and Movers service. They packed most of the articles inside cartons and provided numbers on each cartons. After receiving each cartons and opening it after few days I found that many articles were missing. I filed a complaint regarding this issue on emails provided on the website of concerned company. But I couldn't get any response. After that I talked to company's Zonal Head (Delhi) Mr. Naresh Tanwar but he immediately denied helping me in that issue. He told me that the company has no responsibility in such matters. They also didn't deliver my goods through proper transport. At the time of delivery they used small tempo vehicle and delivered my goods part wise. They didn't follow any of the commitments they made before booking the goods for moving. I need full compensation of my missing articles. My Consignment No: WIGNMRT003916 (From Meerut to Ranchi))

Maj Tamilarasan

Posted on Jun 16, 2016

I had sent my household items and my four wheeler through A-ONE PACKERS AND MOVERS, GURGAON ON 13/05/1988 from gurgaon to bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh. And they promised to deliver it within one week and it has been more than a month and still it has not been delivered. And they don't even attend the phone calls properly. And I have paid full amount for the delivery in advance. Being in ARMY, it has become very difficult for me to stay without even my basic army clothing.please kindly look into the matter and it very helpfull, if I can get my stuffs soon. Thank you. -- regards Maj Tamil

Tushar Sonar

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

I had hired Abhay Packers and Movers for shifting my household items from vasai to dahisar. They promised me to dismantle the bedroom furniture and then assemble it again but their people just unloaded the items and without assembling the furniture they ran away. I paid full payment of Rs 10500 at the time of pickup as they said its their policy. On calling the sales person Mr Kamlesh Soni - 982099662 promised me to give the refund of Rs 1500 for incomplete work and damaging the furniture.Now they are not picking up any call nor replying to the sms.They are behaving very rudly now.

Sunil Kumar Das

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

I booked anjali packer and movers for transporting my house hold goods and car from muzaffarpur, bihar to Mumbai, Maharashtra as according to the agreement the car was supposed to be taken into car carrier vehicle and goods separately in another truck.I paid Rs.15000 extra for transporting my car adding to goods transportation charges which I paid Rs.40000 but when I received my car it was damaged there were many dents and scratches on the body of car and instead of bringing it into a car carrier vehicle it was transported in goods carrier vehicle. When I contacted the company they denied to pay any compensation amount for the damage. I called them multiple time and they are not agree to pay the amount for the damage. Please help me in getting compensation from the company.


Posted on Jun 11, 2016

I had given contract of my CAR SHIPMENT to ANJALI PACKERS&MOVERS from PATNA to MUMBAI . They Promised that they will use commercial CAR CARRYING TRUCK for shipment instead of that they cheated and used normal GOODS carrying TRUCK. This caused a lot of damage to my car and It is costing me around 20000/- TO fix that after paying them 15000/- for shipment. Please look throush this incident.

shuva mahato

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

I was work in alkem in cussipur, 101,some thing wrong with me,, and manager say get off office,, but he did not pay my salary...I called up many times,,but he did not respose me possitvely...what should I do..

Niketa Shringi

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

We are in very trouble due to Trans india Logistics. We bought stock from delhi which was to be delivered in Kota withing next 2 business days. It has been 10 Days and our consignment have not reached us. The contact person - Rajesh (9873732581) doesn't respond to our calls after 6 - 7 complaints to him. He himself told me to go lodge and complaint with police. Please help. I Have the payment receipt and logistics receipt with me as a proof. Also, the chain mails that we exchanged. Please help me.


Posted on Jun 08, 2016

we have shifted a lot of household stuff and electronics from Mumbai to Kolkata through this packers as on 8th may,2016. we have paid 51,000 and 3000 extra for insurance of the products. They have lost one of our carton worth minimum or more than 10000 cost of product. and also one electronic item is badly damaged. it has been one month we are requesting them to find our lost product at least. they are neither responding or doing anything and delaying it with excuses. please help us resolving this. Contact Person : Sandeep No: 9820549688


Posted on Jun 08, 2016

Dear Sir I am Kulandaivelu. I have shifted my house holds from my home town Varagupadi (Tamilnadu-pincode: 621113) to Jamnagar (Gujarat-Pin code: 361009) on 14-May-2016 through INDIAN WORLD PACKERS AND MOVERS.(QUOTATION NO:072) Advance Amount paid Rs.25000/- Initially they was promised me to deliver the goods within 4 days or at maximum 7 days. After I started enquiring them 8th Day onwards, they said you wait two more days your items will be delivered but until now (07.06.2016) they not yet delivered my household items. We are calling them daily but they are not giving any status of our luggage. Sometimes they say the luggage is in Chennai, sometimes in Ahmadabad. All this matter is causing a lot of disturbance and trouble to us and we are facing a lot of problem from 20 days because all our household goods including kitchen items, books, clothes and important documents are all in them. We are forced to eat in hotels because all our cooking items are not yet transported.


Posted on Jun 04, 2016

Hi Last Friday , we shifted house from palarivattom to mamangalam for a/c installation alone they charged me 2250 ...the boys who came for installation was very careless haven't installed properly and they kept something open and with heavy rain, my a/c and stabiliser completely gone the whole team not responding ...I'm staying alone wid my 3 year old kid for her treatment ...I have my money and new a/c ...Again , the washing machine pipe they have damaged ....swift movers & packers near Oberon mall ....the man told they don't take responsibility for installation ...I have paid almost 8000 ...please I need someone to help me

Madhu sharma

Posted on Jun 04, 2016

We have booked ganpati movers and packers to shift our goods from delhi to bangalore on 21st May they packed and taken our goods to mahipalpur on 21st May and taken advance of 10000 rs from us and today is 4th june but till now we have not received our goods they have cheated too much they told we have sent your goods on 24th May and asked us to make payment and we made payment based on a mail they sent on 24th May but today we got to know it's in gurgaon on 24th of may they just moved our goods from mahipalpur to gurgaon and kept those goods with them first they told our goods will reach in bangalore on 31st of May, then 2nd June and then they said your goods left on 2nd June from gurgaon and will reach 101% on 5th June after this my father went to mahipalpur and came to know still they have not sent the goods and at the time of booking we told them that we want our goods max by 31st of May as we are staying in companies guest house we want our goods and 10000 back.pls look into this


Posted on Jun 01, 2016

Dear Sir, I had shifted my household mterial on dated 30.04.2016 from faridabad to akbarpur through M/s GATI PAKER & MOVERS and this company has claimed Rs 9000 for Octroi & Rs 4500 for Insurance which been paid to them and assured that they will submit the papers on the next day . But still now they are not providing the papers for which I cannot claim from my company. Please look into this matter. Regards, Amit Das


Posted on May 30, 2016

We moved from Dwarka, Delhi to Chennai on 15th May 2016. We approached Deluxe Cargo ( They did very poor packing, all boxes came open only. They broke our AC unit, two wheeler one side completely damaged. Damages to our suitcases. Top of it, they didnt deliver one carton box of ours and are careless in responding our repeated queries. They are not even picking our calls now. Kindly help in getting back the box and also how do I claim insurance for the damages caused.


Posted on May 30, 2016

Dear Sir, I had transfer my House Hold goods by M/s GATI PACKER MOVERS from FARIDABAD to AKBARPUR on 30.04.2016 and M/s GATI PACKER MOVERS had claim Rs 4500 for insurance and Rs 9000 for Octrai charges and ensure by mail that they will submit the above mentioned documents by 02.05.2016 but till date they had not provided the documents and everytime I contact them for the papers they ignore it which seems that they had not done the insurance and octrai but claimed from me. G.R.No- 1157. Regards, Amit Kumar DAS

Pradesh Prince

Posted on May 27, 2016

Hi I have moved my household material and one two wheeler from Bangalore to Mumbai via VRL cargo and logistic. They have asked me to pay the octroi for the two wheeler i.e. 8.9% for transporting it from Bangalore to Mumbai. After transporting my two wheeler to mumbai they refused to give me the octroi receipt or bill. Later on i came to know they have not paid the octroi for my two wheeler. Now they are saying that they can't do anything and told me go ahead and file a complaint. VRL cargo is very unprofessional and rude behaviour. Now i am not sure what to do as i have to pay the octroi once again for my two wheeler.


Posted on May 26, 2016

I moved my household from Gurgaon to Bangalore on 29th April'16 through Agile Packers & Movers (42A, C-Block, Sanjay Gram, Near Sector-14 Market, Gurgaon). They delivered the luggage on 12th May to my Bangalore home but gas stove #45 (Rs.3000), one carlton box #55 (worth Rs.5000) and fridge stand #25 (Rs.1000) was missing. The Bangalore guy from Agile later informed these 3 items have been incorrectly delivered to one Mr.Guptaji and I should follow up to collect on my own. Mr.Guptaji lives in Koramangala and not willing to cooperate because his items #45 and #55 have been misplaced by Agile packers. It has been 2 weeks now and we are struggling to talk to Agile guys in Bangalore to help us get our luggage back from Guptaji. The Gurgaon office contact (Paramveer) is not prepared to help as he expects the Bangalore team to sort out the problem. Please advise and assist.

Venkatesh K

Posted on May 25, 2016

This Complaint is against Safe india Packers and Movers No. 21/1, 1st Floor ,3rd Cross, Sudham nagar Bangalore -27 Phone: 08022131543, 9740095600, 9980918300 They charged me Rs 35000 to mover my car and houshold goods from Ahmedabad to Bangalore. They have not delivered 3 packages including 1 sewing machine worth Rs 15000. Also, they have driven my car to bangalore instead of carrier transport. The car is also damaged. There was overall delay also. Please advise

Samapika Mishra

Posted on May 23, 2016

Hi, I had booked my luggage (A/C, Fridge, clothes, and other household items) through Pacific Packers and Movers for which they charged me Rs.13,500/- for delivery till Bhubaneswar. I booked my items on 28th April and for which I was told that would be delivered by 5th May but till date I have not received my items. Whenever I call them they either disconnect or do not answer my calls. The receipt provided to me bears a Registration No. 1545304 and S. Tax No. ARZPK3255D001. Kindly suggest what action should I take?


Posted on May 23, 2016

I booked my car shifting from delhi to banglore with PACIFIC MOVERS and PACKERS.Who took payment by cheque .and my car was not delivered to banglore,instead of that they use my car for private use for nearly one month,after damaging the car they call us and said we can take it back ,if we wanted so.I am shocked for such behaviour of owner ,because every time we call to know the status of car they replied that car is in transit.They know indian police can do nothing for the same crime.These are well organised gangs operating in Delhi haryana borders ,also they have different sims of different states with them as to fool the customer about their whereabouts.They make different sites for the same Main culprit is from rajasthan,and their phone no are-07734000377 08287710823 09821061209 077280065418 They operate in different names pacific movers and packers ,pacific packers and movers allied packers and so on

Sanjay Misra

Posted on May 21, 2016

I want to complaint against Sri Vinayaka Packers and movers, Bangalore who have not delivered my LED TV and a wheelchair.They have also damaged my new bed, the repair cost of which would be around Rs 2000.

bhartendu singh

Posted on May 20, 2016

I have shifted my bike pune to gurgaon by Agarwal packers and movers(Gc. no.4484650)DRS group found damage condition due to mishandling


Posted on May 16, 2016

I gave a relocation assignment to Greatway movers and packers for Household stuff and car from Noida to Hyderabad. The household relocation has reached but my car has still notb reached. Please apprise as to what could be done


Posted on May 10, 2016

As per booking for relocation from Tuticorin Tamilnadu to New Panvel by Karbonn Packers and Movers vide consignment Note No. 1029 and LR NO. 1029 dated 26.04.2016 total 56 packages has been received from my end but at the time of deluvery out of 56 packages one package / box has not been delivered as per delivery given on 05.05.2016. Now neither they are searching the Missing Box No. 33 nor they are ready to settle the claim. As this Box having goods of berth 10000. but no one is responding. Karbonnpackersandmovers is a chennai based packers.

Lovanshu Arora

Posted on May 09, 2016

Hi All, I have sent my Hero Honda CD Deluxe Bike from Gurgaon to Bangalore from Real Time Packers and movers. It has been more than 3 weeks, but it has not yet arrived. I am still waiting for my Bike. Regards, Lovanshu


Posted on May 06, 2016


G K Raju

Posted on May 04, 2016

Dear sir/ Madam,Hi This is Raju, Working as a Manager, Internal Audit in IL&FS.I have relocated my house hold items from Mathura(25-03-16) to Hyderabad (30-03-16) thorough State Cargo Packers & Movers, Office D-21, Old Seemapuri, Dilshad Garden Metro station, Delhi- 110095, E-mail:, Contact- Jitesh-9310082262, PAN No: AGAPT6499E, Service Taxs No AGAPT6599EST001. Few of my House hold Items got missed during delivery of my House hold items at Hyderabad. As per the discussion with Mr. Jitesh- State cargo representative, he promised to deliver the missed items with 10 days but they failed to do the same. as on today 35 days has passed away, they have not delivered/ settled. Now they are not responding to my mails and Mr. Jitesh refusing/ disconnecting my calls. Please do the needful in doing justice for me. I have All supporting documents Like a. payment through net banking b. Invoice copy from State cargo c. All Mail communications to State cargo. Please Help me.


Posted on May 02, 2016



Posted on May 01, 2016

Somebody Raju bhai called probably through justdial no. Came and saw the material at home. Three guys came on 29/4/16 packed loaded in a truck. Promised to deliver the luggage next day. but the truck didnt come even after 2 days. Now the Raju bhai doesnt pick up the phone. once he picked up gave the driver's number after multiple calls which was switched off. Now we found the address of the company is also not found.


Posted on May 01, 2016

we g=have booked through safe express movers and packers,and things are in very bad condition and they are ready t deliver and asking for money

Satyam Baranwal

Posted on May 01, 2016

I booked my bike (model - Yamaha SZR, no - KA 01 EY 8595) via safeexpresspackersmovers (mob - 9278306600) from Delhi to Bangalore on March 19,2016. It has been more than 40 days and I have not received my bike yet in Bangalore. They are just lying by saying that I would get my bike today or tomorrow daily. I have been very frustrated. Please help me out.

aalam khan

Posted on Apr 30, 2016

Hi, Dear sir this is aalam khan, i have shifted one bike through fast international packers and movers pune from pune to bidar on dated 26/4/2016,they have given me commitment of delivery on 27 april,today is 30 but still i didn't got delivery, they are not responding my phone calls,Bill no 1013 Consignment no.1025 kindly do the needfull, Thanking you Regards Aalam khan, Below is the detail of packers and movers Fast international packers and movers Add: building bhasker height,shevneri colony,survey no 14/1 pimple gayrav pune 61 Contact person Bijendra singh Contact no 020-32420927,8390161116

Devanand Sharma

Posted on Apr 27, 2016

Aniket Dutta

Posted on Apr 26, 2016

Agrawal Packers and Movers! Date: 16/04/2016. Staffs: Dev Singraha-9425070011,9303070011. Rahul-7415070011. Gupta(Kolkata office)-9051962840. Sanjay(Bhopal office)-7089070011 My goods are shifting from Jabalpur(MP) to Kolkata(WB). The deal finalized by Dev Singraha and took all money in advance(34000/-) and promised stuff like, all the goods will be safe,truck will not get changed in between and deliver it on time, but they had not fulfilled any of the. Truck got changed in between, my few items are damaged and they deliverd the goods 4 days later. No contact number of driver was given at first after insisting Dev many time,he gave me the fake number. No contact in between,No body was picking up the phone easily. Dev is the main culprit Because he was controlling everything and whole company is kind of fake. Note: Its not the main Agarwal packers which works in whole asia,its local(MP) based Agrawal Packers. Very bad service at both end. They also did not sent any staff for unloading.

sangram keshari sahoo

Posted on Apr 23, 2016

I have booked my household items through Leo Movers and packers India [(an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, plot no. 144, sector 10, near D-mart, Opp-J Jui nagar, railway station sanpada, Navi mumbai, PIN-400705, Mob:9820717778,9560717778)] from ambernath east to miyapur, hyderabad with consignment MUM. no. 735 ON 22.03.2016. But till now they have not delivered my all house hold items and unpacking is pending as per consignment document. They have taken full payment. Please help us ASAP.


Posted on Apr 23, 2016

We delivered household good to DHL movers & packers from New Delhi To Burdwan West Bengal. They issued bill no 2088 dated 2003.2016 for Rs 12500/- and we give them advance of Rs 6500/- and they promise to deliver it in five days. Later they ask fair of Rs 15272/- and further advance of Rs 7500/- which we paid by NEFT to their account.After nearly one months they fail to deliver goods and making promises only. you are requested to help us.

mukesh kumar

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Hare Rama Hare Krishna Packers & Movers, delivered the damaged house hold items and also not on sheduled location, I colleted form 80 KM far from the city.


Posted on Apr 21, 2016

1 box has been lost by the Agarwal packers and movers for which i want the insurance to be claim. The insurance taken was of 30,000 for all the household, out of which 8000 INR was for the lost box. Please help me.The packers and movers team is not taking any responsibility to deliver or find my box or insurance claim.The mail address provided by them is not working and no one is picking my call.

Bobby Sakariah

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

I had sent a TV through, Rajdhani Logistics (Rajdhani House, Opp. Sector-5, Sheetla Mata Road, Gurgaon) represented by Praveen Shastri (Mobile No. 07042957695 and 07042957295), for transport from Delhi to Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on 15/11/2015 via Receipt No. 1155. The transporter has not delivered the TV so far, and shows no intention of delivering it.

hetram kurre

Posted on Apr 20, 2016

household material dmage/brokenand one packege missing srihari packer/mover is no any responce from 10month please help me un happy

Prabhat Sharma

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

I took a service of Kuber pakers and movers to shift my two bags and one bike Red & White Yamaha FZS Registration number KA01EV8856 from Airoli, Navi Mumbai to Bangalore. Thy packed all my item on 7 April 2016 amd promised to deliver the same on 10 April 2016 to Bangalore address. They transported all the items eight days delay and delivered it on 19 April 2016. But out of three items two items were same. The third item "Bike" was different. Because of all those delays and inconveniences I had a loss of Rs 5000. I request to register my complaint against Kuber Packers and Movers.

Vinay Kumar Pandey

Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Dear Sir I booked my household goods from Sri hari om Packers and movers From Muzaffarpur Bihar to Sambalpur Odisha and till 17 days there is no any information about my goods they always told me your goods will be at Sambalpur they told me I am not able to deliver your goods at your residence you have to manage tata Ace to received goods from bypass to your home at your own expanse. Sir still Dated 19-04-2016 they are not giving me any acknowledgement regarding my goods kindly help me to get my goods soon. I have already pay them full amount. regards, vinay kumar pandey

Chetan Sorab

Posted on Apr 15, 2016

Dear, Greetings. I had sent a Split air conditioner to my family in Pune from Delhi through V-Locate packers and movers( address: #450/1, Dwarka, Sec - 26, New Delhi - 110077, Ph: 9341412275,9241412275,080-40975647). The parcel was picked up on the 19th of Feb. 2016. It was to be delivered in a week's time. Unfortunately till today ( 15th Apr. 2016) the parcel has not reached Pune. I have been repeatedly in touch with the courier service. But they just keep saying that there is a conflict with them and the truck operator and that the truck operator is not giving the AC till they clear some pending bills. Unfortunately for the past two months we have gone through hell following up with the Courier service and moreover since the summer has arrived my family in Pune is suffering with the unbearable heat without the AC. Request you to kindly support. regards, Chetan


Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Dear Sir, I have transferred from Bahraich(Lucknow) to Mumbai, I handed over my household items to Satyam Packers & Movers S-293, Transport Nagar, Kanpur Road Lucknow 226012. the Representative of this company Mr. O.P. Sharma (9919419881) committed me the house hold items will be reached at mumbai by 10th april 2016. but still not reached and when i am trying to call him they are not picking my call.

Mragendra Kumar Verma

Posted on Apr 14, 2016

Courier Name:Trackon Courier Docket Number:461629667 Date:20Aug2015 Complaint:Courier agency unable to provide POD(Proof of Delivery for Docket Details stating that 3months is minimum period for providing same) My Claim If Courier is not delivered it should have returned back to Origin from where it was delivered and an amount should have been fined on sender for nonreceiptance. If Courier is delivered POD must be made available to prove that consignment is delivered to destination and Courier agency is not at fault, If parcel is not delivered by Courier Disputed amount should be reimbursed as My Company where I am working is not reimbursing same untill unless POD is provided


Posted on Apr 13, 2016



Posted on Apr 10, 2016

I had transferred few goods from delhi to Chennai. I had given the contarct to Johnson packers and movers, they have been promising that they will deliver however my luggage is in Chennai and I have to call them up everyday just to get the info about my items. They are a cheat company and I fear that my goods are hampered in some way or the other. Please let me know what to do it has been more than 15 days I have not received my goods.

Rajib Roy

Posted on Apr 09, 2016

I have hired interim relocations to move my household articles from sharjah to kolkata . The shipment was picked up on 3rd of january and was supposed to be delivered and fitted by 35th day in my residence in saltlake kolkata. They have failed in doing the same and demanding more money now and mentally harrasing me. I already paid 1589 us dollars. And now they are demanding another 53000 dhc charges.

shankar sah

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

On 22mar16 hand over the house hold items to metro india logestic movrs and packers to send gurgaon to airforce jamnagar .they told to send the item within three days but till now neither sending items nor proper responding regarding items.

Somnath Banerjee

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Transported my house hold through Agarwal Packers & Movers a DRS Group Pvt Ltd. company with GC No. 4490403 on 01.03.2016 from Paradeep, Odisha to Noida, UP. The estimated value of House hold declared was INR 200,000. I have paid insurance charges at rate of 3%, i.e, INR 6,000. Also I have transport my car with estimated value of INR 1,17,200 from Bhubaneswar to Noida. Few of the costly items including my car and washing machine found severely damaged. I have already intimated them by their email, but every time I call them to send their executive for damage evaluation, they use to assure me that they will send, but have not send yet. On Arrival of my goods following damage is observed: 1. My car observed scratches and dents in few places, although few small dents are already there before transport and which was already noted in the transport car received sheet by Agarwal Packers & Movers representative. These additional dents and scratches happens during transportation and poor handl

himansu nayak

Posted on Apr 07, 2016

This is to bring to your kind notice, Myself Himansu Nayak booked my house hold goods from Gurgaon to Bhubaneshwar through United cargo Packers & Movers ,my cargo was booked on 30/03/2016 vide Bill No.11, LR no.020, they have taken my materials on 30/3/16 after packing, now they (08800288642,9990557388,9990131541) are telling that we can't delivery your goods at Bhubaneshwar you can take your materials from Gurgaon go-down or give us extra Rs.20,000/- for delivery, as per discussion & Bill copy they have already taken Rs.20,500 & rest Rs.13,450/- to be paid at the time of delivery at Bhubaneswar. We are already shifted to Bhubaneshwar & staying with family without any house hold goods at rented house, they are cheating people of outer state. I need your kind perusal to get my all house hold goods, For your reference all bills,challan & Insurance copy of United Cargo Packers & Mover attached. Their Office Address Plot No.120, Daram Colony, Near Krishna Chowk, Palam Vihar,

Neelakash Murty

Posted on Apr 07, 2016

Mr. Chouhan from Bharat Golden movers and packers picked up our Ford Figo from Nigdi, Pune on 28-March-2016 and assured us that it would be delivered by 2-Apr to Gurgaon, DLF 4. However, it is now 7-April and there is no sign of the car being delivered. We have been given multiple postponement dates without the car being delivered. Given the significant distress we have been placed through - we want for the amount charged (Rs 9100) to be fully refunded and a punitive charge to be levied on the transporter so that he does not repeat the same behavior with other customers.

Neeraj Bansal

Posted on Apr 07, 2016

Hi, I have been cheated, mistreated and mis-informed resulting in both mental and financial harrasment for me by Interem movers and packers ( I had assigned them for a relocation task from Mumbai to Gurgaon in month of July. In the transit there were lot of items damaged, they have till date decided to ignore my requests. in between after almost 4-5 months of purusal they assigned someone to look into it and he did try to get couple of things fixed but there were lot of things beyond repair. So as a result he said take 30,000 as comp as there was no individual declaration. i insisted that i had done everything they asked me and after some digging i managed to find copy of those declarations. So he said its not going to help i better take this 30,000 or forget it as his boss has advised him. so now they ignore my e-mail, phone calls etc. i am not sure what to do except that i try with consumer court as it seems to be working these days as people say.

Nayan Bhattacharjee

Posted on Apr 06, 2016

I booked my household materials through M/S Correct-X Relocation of Jamnagar,Gujarat for jamngar,Gujarat to Deganga,Barasat,North 24 Parganas,West Bengal-743423 on 26th March,2016.The full payment was made at loading point as per their demand.I left Jamnagar on 27th,my materials were supposed to be delivered on 2nd-4th April but till date I've not received the same. I've sent 3 mails to them but there is no reply from their end.Moreover (over phone) now they are demanding more money.Contact details of the vendor have given in Phone & Address column.Without materials facing immense problems,please guide. T&R, Nayan Bhattacharjee (8902338391)

Shinto K K

Posted on Apr 06, 2016

Respected Sir, My name is Shinto.Because of my transfer from Chennai to Kerala I approached packers and Movers(Arun Sathya Packers and Movers in Chennai) for tranfering my home appliances. I hand over my things to them on the Februvary 3rd 2016.Still they didn't gave back that in my location (Kerala). When ever I called them they are telling that , will give me on saturdays . I lost my full faith on them.Around 1.50 lac rupees things are with them. Packers And Movers Details Arun Sathya Packers and Movers 43/32, Ist Street, 3rd Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-600083 Kindly help me in this.


Posted on Apr 04, 2016

Dear Sir/Mam, I booked my household items to be shifted from Mumbai to Agra on 16th of Mar 16. The items were suppose to reach by 28 Mar 16 as promised by Mr Anil (8652699547) and i repeatedly told him as well that i need luggage by 28 Mar 16 as i am reaching Agra on the same date. When I called him for the update about my luggage on 24th, 25th and 26th of March I was given the truck no by sms and told by Mr. Anil that he will be tracking our luggage and will keep us posted about the same on regular basis. This did not happen from his end and we had to call him everytime for the update. When i was about to reach Agra today morning still there was no call or information from Mr Anil. When i rang him around 10 am today my call was unanswered and after few hours when I tried again no proper feedback was given awaiting for my luggage. Now when I am in Agra for the 1st time with no clue what do I do or where do I go without my luggage, I am left with no other options to stay so I have

Hemlata Punjabi

Posted on Apr 04, 2016

Hi My name is Hemlata. I opted for Poonia Movers and Packers to shift my home goods from Chandigarh to Delhi on 1-April-2016. They promised me the delivery of my good by 2-April-2016 in Delhi. Now for past 2 days i been trying to reach them about the location of my goods but they are not giving me proper answer of my query. Since today morning their staff is not answering my call. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their unprofessional behavior. The address of company is: Poonia Movers and Packers Office no-5, Shivalik Vihar, patiala Road, Zirakpur 140603 Contact person: Chandan : 09355055577/9992202828(the person who signed the receipt) Kindly look into the issue and help me. Regards Hemlata 7696947155

ashish kumar

Posted on Apr 03, 2016

Its a suggestion to all don't take service of Transtech as its a fake company and ur goods will mishandled like anything... packers and movers.... this company is provided worst of worst services to me. My household was picked on 26th Jan 16 and at the time of picke they broke my central table glass just because of miss handling. At the time of pickup I said that I don't have confirm received location at Ranchi(as i booked consignment for Ranchi, Jharkhand from Bangalore) and i am only able to take consignment after 10th Feb. On 2nd of Feb'16 I received a call from Third party that my house hold material was reached and i have to take the delivery otherwise they will throw it on the road and that person is so nonsense that I cant explain... and beauty of Transtech that no body was taking my calls. Actually, my consignment was picked by Transtech the given to Third party Mr Subhash and Mr Subhash assign to Mr Sharma. And at the time of dealing it was commitment that goods will transpo

sourav sarkar

Posted on Apr 03, 2016

We shifted from ahmedabad to Delhi & our household goods had shifted through safe packers & movers based at mahipalpur From last 8 days we are not getting any positive response after calling so many times but at last we get one response that you will not get your belongings


Posted on Apr 02, 2016

I have booked my household items from Kolkata to Noida. They delivered all items in damaged condition. They even steal things. They didn't deliver my centre table csting Rs 3,500, Shoe rack costing Rs 6,800 and one of the doosr of my three door almirah is also missing. They have delivered me damaged Sofa. Its torn from the bottom.

Arvind Choudhary

Posted on Apr 02, 2016

I have sent my house hold luggage from ghaziabad to imphal by agrawal Packers and movers gc no SEUPB000145 which was further handed over to safexpress way bill no 45522461. Out of the 14 items 4 trunk boxes were received in totally damaged condition beyond repairable conditions. Further the refrigerator stand was totally broken. And thr refrigerator had multiple dents on the door and body. One leg of the refrigerator was completely bent an partially broken. I have made repeated calls to the customer care services nd contacted mr Vipin Tyagi and mr Naresh for processing the refund for the damages. every time I call them they give a very reluctant reply or give some or other excuse. Please help me out.

Amit Sengupta

Posted on Apr 02, 2016

I had written to Agarwal Packers Ltd office on 26 February regarding damage claim for my Almirah. My consignment was under full insurance which was sent from New Delhi to Kolkata. I had received my consignment on Kolkata on 19th February but the Almirah when opened was found to be damaged. I have also taken photos of damage. My complaint no. from the call centre is NDLH018338. However, after repeated calls to the Claims Settlement Manger at their Kolkata office, Mr. Vasudev Jha my Almirah has not been replaced or repaired till date (more than 1 month 10 days after delivery). Quotation No. NDLH/1314/54120 Date of shipment: 31 January 2016 Date of delivery at Kolkata residence: 19 February 2016 Awaiting your response soon please.

Santanu Paul

Posted on Apr 01, 2016

I shifted my stuff from Delhi to Bangalore via Allied Pack & Move (P) Ltd., the marketing guy told me the payment schedule should be 80:20. So, I paid 80% of total charges in Delhi. When I called up for delivering the goods in my current address, they said you have to pay the remaining amount then only we will despatch the goods. Its a sheer example of cheat. As I have to settle the my home, I have paid the remaining amount through internet transfer. But all good were not delivered. My sleeping bed is still with them and it is now one month passed, they haven't despatched the mentioned good. They are not giving proper answer to me as well.

Nishant Dwivedi

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Dear Sir, I have booked "A & J packer and Movers (Harola,sector-5,Opp. police fire station Noida U.P)" for sending my items from Delhi(Mukharjee Nagar) to Kolkata on 08-03-2016.They assured me that my items will reached to Kolkata by 15-03-2016, but still I have not received my items. I tried to contact him (Tiwari ji-9313981581) but he didn't pickup my phone call, and if sometime he received the call I am not getting true information about my item and I am getting Harassed by that company. Please help me to solve the above mentioned issue, because I am facing problem. Company Owner Contact: Tiwari Ji-9313981581 Nishant Dwivedi

Pramod Kumar

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

I hired DRS Agarwal MOvers & Packers for shifting my household from GUrgaon (Haryana) to Bhopal (MP) They promised to make the delivery in 4 transit days but till date I have not yet received my belongings. It has been 10 days delay today. STill it is not clear when will I get my goods. Also they are transporting my goods in a shared vehicle which is against their commitment & mutually negotiated terms. They had agreed to ship the goods in a single dedicated vehicle.

Mragendra Kumar Verma

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

Since repeated request to concerned Couriers for POD(Proof Of delivery) against Docket number:461629667 Courier delivered from Mandi HP to Pune Maharashtra.Concerned Courier Agency are not providing me POD details.This has resulted me a loss of 50000Rupees as i had submitted my Claim bills to Pune office.Kindly help me with same and if necessary take necessary action on the same.

Lijo Varkey

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

Particulars of complainant Lijo Varkey Karimpanackal House, Manickadave post box, Kannur District, Kerala -670705 Particulars of the Opposite party A.B.J Packers and Movers, Harola, Sector-5, Opp. Police fire station, Noida (U.P) ph:9313981581,9818492405 Particulars relating to goods/services complained of: Details of goods/service: G.R No:0592 1)Washing Machine 2)Suit case (Clothing) 3)Cartoon Box (House hold items) 4)comfort sET I Mr.Lijo Varkey opted A.B.J Packers and Movers to shift my home goods from Dilshad Garden (Delhi ) to Kannur (Kerala) on 01-10-2015. They promised me the delivery of my goods within 10 days in Kannur. But I have not received my house goods yet. whenever I tried to contact them they do not attend the call . Kindly do the needful and reply me.

Lijo Varkey

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

I Mr.Lijo Varkey opted A.B.J Packers and Movers, Harola, Sector-5, Opp. Police fire station, Noida (U.P)to shift my home goods from Dilshad Garden (Delhi ) to Kannur (Kerala) on 01-10-2011. They promised me the delivery of my goods within 10 days in Kannur. But I have not received my house goods yet. whenever I tried to contact them they do not attend the call. I have attached the receipt of the agency and the photos. Kindly do the needful and reply me.

Lijo varkey

Posted on Mar 28, 2016

I had send a cargo from dilshad garden. Delhi through ABJ packers and movers(Noida) on 1/10/2015. I have not received it yet. What should I do now.

Rohin Bisht

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

I availed service of a movers and packers company in noida for shifting my samsung split ac from noida to haldwani on 3rd march. Now its been more than days but my ac is not received. What action can i take against them and what proofs will be required for the same.

Nidhi Sharma

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

This is Nidhi Sharma from Pune (Maharashtra), I have done a courier from Fist Flight on 19th March 2016 to Delhi, and it is yet to be delivered by 22nd March. Today is 24th March 2016, On tracking, the shipment is "OUT for Delivery" from 22nd March but till now it is not deleverd. Please check where is the Parcel and When it will be delivered? The Consignment Number is M991B3349130.

harmeet singh

Posted on Mar 22, 2016

I have send my household items on 09 mar 16, they told me they will dispatch in 5- 6 daye or maximum10 days . But it is now 13 days items not deliverd. They stop picking up my phone , it seems it will take more time to deliver. I have already paid full amount. Now suggest what to do

payal behl

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Hello, I just wanted to get redressal on a parcel that I gave to Axis packaging company for shippment to jalandhar and they have misplaced it. I bought a cross trainer online through amazon and it was damaged.So they asked me for return pickup. I got return pick up done through axis packaging and they have not delivered the product to seller yet. It is been more than 40 days.They are daily making excuses and seller is chasing me .Please help. I will be sharing with you the contact number of shipping company. I have to get reimbursement money from amazon and every body is waiting from more than a month to get the product delivered. Croass trainer was costing 9199 rs and I have paid 1700 for shipping and 500 for packaging. Amazon has returned 9199 rs to hdfc as I bought on credit card . But seller has not received the product and I have not got my charges of shipiing back. Please take the shipping company into court as I have all recorded proofs of everything and I call them on daily basis but they are not accountable for anything. Thank you


Posted on Mar 12, 2016

Hi My name is Mukesh dubey. I opted for Gati safe Packers and Movers to shift my home goods from Ghaziabad to Chennai on 08-feb-2016. They promised me the delivery of my good within 1 week in chennai. Now after a very long time until today 12th March 2016 I have not received my house goods, Also when I called them every time they say it in transporting it will reach in 1-2 days. I been trying to reach them about the location of my goods but they are not giving me proper answer of my query. I have also paid 100% of amount in advance and i have the receipt of the same. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their irresponsible behavior. I had paid Rs 1800 advance and again paid in cash Rs 10000. The address of company is: Gati Safe Home Packers and Movers Plot no.6,Bhim Colony,Near Bajghera Railway Crossing ,New Palam Vihar Gurgaon. Contact no, of person who is working is 8882756001. Please get my issue resolved.


Posted on Mar 11, 2016

unprofessional service by DHL India courier service for transporting my luggage from Kolkata to Manila(Waybill no-5544559193).The 3 issues were addressed several times by phone and email- but without any solution.1) Delay in receiving the luggage-original promise was within a week,whereas actual delivery made in one month.Lot of excuses were shown,which can cause a delay of max another 2-3 days-but certainly not a month.2)Overcharge-while booking the consignment at origin in kolkata,i was told very clearly that no more charges will be there for the service.Whereas in actual i was charged an additional INR17K,most of which was for long time storage charge at destination in Manila. While asking the reason from origin in kolkata - reply was they were not aware of these charges and can not take any responsibility.3) Damaged items-the most shocking incident is the few items delivered in damaged conditions like breakage,materials falling out of bag due to zipper open, bag torn on top.


Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Soubhagya Nayak

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

I have hired Agarwal movers and packers to relocate my belongings from Patna to New Delhi on 20.02.2016. Still now i have not received the goods and the point of contact is not receiving my call. I want to lodge a complain against the movers and packers company


Posted on Mar 09, 2016

I have courier my goods to Chennai and Delhi through Gati Kwe, and both the times the goods have been stolen from the package. He have spoken with local person Abhijeet Manna and Head office but they are refusing to take any action. The Delhi goods are still missing and no one is taking the responsibility. We are small enterprises and our business depends on exhibitions and wee are incurring a heavy loss due to this. Please help.

Himesh Gupta

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

I want to file a case of Fraud and Damage to Goods on Sanskar International Movers and Packers.

Sneha Khaparde

Posted on Mar 08, 2016

Dear team, I have shifted my house holds from Mumbai to Gurgaon on 28th Feb 2016 through Agarwal Movers Relocation (Service Tax No. FIVPS9395JSD001) Initially it was promised to deliver the goods on 5th day at max. After I started enquiring them 5th Day onwards, no one responded properly. When I used to call on 9836247548(Mr. Sunil Kumar-Mumbai)and 9812419300(Mr. Lalit Rana-Gurgaon)they gave contact details of some other person who in turn used to give some other contact details to follow up. Sometimes they will not pick up my phone calls.Also when I called them every time they say it in transporting it will reach in 1-2 days. I been trying to reach them about the location of my goods but they are not giving me proper answer of my query. They charged Rs. 3650 + Rs. 500(Bill No. 1156; L.R. No. 1055). I have paid the full amount to them Rs. 1000/- in cash and remaining thru NEFT. Till date 08-03-2016 they have not deliverd my goods(2 Cartons and 1 bag). I am getting mental agony because of all this treatment. This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress and it is also disturbing my work. They are behaving in such a rude manner that I am forced to lodge a complaint against them. Address of Company is : Agarwal Movers Relocation, Packers and Movers, Delhi Plot No. 1918, 2nd floor,No. 221, Mahipalpur Extn. Rangpuri, New Delhi-37 Contact No. 9740016002/9812419300

Naveen Narayan P

Posted on Mar 07, 2016

I have got complaint on the clients of GATI Courier hosting the numbers 9789469313 and 9995865530 of improper conversation made to the consumer


Posted on Mar 03, 2016

I sent a letter through "First flight couriers" on the 29th of feb and it was supposed to reach within 48 hours. But today the date is 3rd of march and it hasn't been delivered. When i called them up they said they couldn't find the address, where last week i send a letter to the same address with the same courier service and it was delivered. Today when i asked them why it wasn't delivered they are telling me they couldn't find the address, where the phone number was given so if there were any problem , but still too no phone calls and after which they had delivered one last week this time not finding the address is isn't valid. So i request you yo take some serious actions because they were important documents which needed to be delivered urgently and this people are fooling around with those documents.

Amol Virkar

Posted on Mar 03, 2016

I would like to file a complaint against DRS Agarwal Movers and packers group for not settling my damaged goods claim


Posted on Mar 02, 2016

Sent 1 furniture item through Krishna Cargo Movers Packers, 18th Cross, HSR Layout, mob# 934258833 to Kannur, Kerala on 8th Feb 2016. They mentioned that the item would we delivered in 3 days. It has not been delivered until today. There is no tracking ID or any reasonable explanation given by Mr. Deepak who handles customer care at Krishna Cargo. His number is 934278833. An amount of RS. 3100 was paid to them on 8th Feb.

rohit singh

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

we had hired ashish movers and packers ,to shift our luggage from pune to patna,when the vehicle came to deliver our luggage to our home, we have seen that almost half of our luggage was damaged, will surely guess why it was so, as a JCB was thr in the vehicle along with our luggage. as we have done insurance, we have claimed the amount, now it has been almost 4 months we are following up with them but have not got a single penny, please help us

Hariom Gangwar

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Claim againt brokrage of materials during transportation is pending. No one is visiting to settle the claim and no response from agarwal packers and movers


Posted on Feb 25, 2016

Deficiency in services by Agarwal Packers and Movers.

Saurab Gupta

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

The shipment was picked up by Agarwal packers and Movers(DRS Group) on 04 Feb 2016 from Meerut and promised to deliver it to Gandhinagar, Gujarat within 7-8 days time. However to our great surprise and highest disappointment, we are unable to track where is our shipment lying currently and by when it will be delivered. In spite of sending various emails to concerned people in APM and DRS group, it's sad to mention that people are not even bothered to pick up calls and provide any update on our shipment yet. Would appreciate if you can confirm the status of my shipment ASAP and confirm the date by when it would be delivered.

Mayur Agarwal

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

I shifted my stuff from kolkata to pune via bajrang packers and movers in saltlake, they assured me thr wont b any washing machine nd freeze was entirely damaged.. Nd another box wth some glass stuff were also damaged.. Its a sheer exammple of mishandling nd cheat

Nishant Sood

Posted on Feb 20, 2016

I have moved from Ahmadabad to pune. i booked packers and movers agarwalcargopackermovers. they told they are part of the Agarwal groups. After i received the items refregator and cubboard was damaged. Now they are not fixing it. I asked for insurance details he told they only provide insurance.


Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Myself Rahul kumar singh. 8092613314 My sister khush singh and her classmate Rita pandey booked a online sample from rewardme p&g produt. order no - MUMRWRP264340 And MUMRWRP266960 COMPLAINT NO #739190. AFTER THE 2 DAY OF COMPLAINT .THEIR IS NO PROCESS IN SHIPMENT IT IN Delhi till 13 Feb .and last date of delivery is 17 Feb. Gojavas theft my product.


Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Dear Sir, I have booked my Car for transportation from Khanna, Punjab to Mumbai through SUNRISE PACKERS AND MOVERS Chandigarh whose operator name is Mr Sunil and Mobile no. is 9780709477. Initially he has agreed to take 50% amount at the time of booking and 50% at the time of delivery of car. But after taking my Car, this cheater has called me and forced me to deposit the remaining amount to his personal account instead of company account and threatened me if i dont deposit the amount my car will not be delivered. I got my Car almost after one month of booking and also after making entire payment to personal account.He has also given me bill without service tax no. and charged me 14.5% tax whereas actual applicable tax is 3.75%. I alert all the people of Chandigarh and Punjab not to deal with this fraudster company who only believe in harrassing people. Can any body help me for getting back my paid excess amount as service tax. I also want to file complain to service tax deptt.

Emmanuel Deepan

Posted on Feb 16, 2016

Euro Packer and movers from Gurgaom website - Manoj is the contact person his number is 9891266111, he has not given our insurance copy as our goods have been lost when they delivered to hyderabd.


Posted on Feb 07, 2016

I had hired AIR INDIA CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS to transfer my household items from Delhi to Chennai. On receiving I found qty 04 Cane Chairs and qty 01 Wooden Table Top missing. Qty 01 Kurl-On was also damaged. Repeated attempts were made from my side to know about the status, but till today nothing has been done by the company. I have got the original bills and other documents and also a signed note of the delivery man mentioning the missing and damaged items.

yogesh jivanlal panchole

Posted on Feb 07, 2016

my complaint against number logistic movers and packers. my luggage and my bike send delhi to Bangalore with insurance but my luggage reach Bangalore I see that my trunk box are broken too much then I talk with kuber logistics then they told me that they will give me insurance claim but they don't give me a signal ruppees please help me sir

subhajit bhattacharjee

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

Fraud company " D-Transrelocation movers & packers guwahati

shivam trivedi

Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Hello Sir, I am in a desperate need of help. As you could see in the mail trail, I had taken the services of Allied Logistics Packers and Movers Lmt for transporting my goods from Malviya Nagar, New Delhi to Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur. My goods were loaded on 31st of December 2015 morning 0400 am. After that I paid 10,000 INR to this firm. However, on 3rd January 2016 I received a call from Mr Manish from this firm who asked me to do the full payment in advance for them to send my goods.Left with no option I had to agree on their terms. On 8th January 2016 I made the complete payment. Since then these people are making false commitments regularly. They never pick up my calls and if by mistake they answer my calls they tell me that my goods would reach me in 2 days and after two days when I don't receive my goods, again they stop answering my calls.I have also asked them to refund my money on which they disconnect my calls. Among those goods, there are my sister's educational documents

Sanjay Sen

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Please note that i have sent an extremely urgent and important document to the University Grants Commission, New Delhi on December 22, 2015 through DTDC Courier (Consignment No. E72409994) Jadavpur Branch (Franchise Code : KF 1880, Ph: 9830116852). Though i received an intimation from DTDC that the document was delivered, but actually it was not. UGC has also confirmed the same. Though earlier DTDC mailed me that the consignment was received with seal and signature, but now they are saying that it was received without office seal. But how it is possible in Central Govt organisation like UGC. Please advise me my course of action in this situation


Posted on Jan 27, 2016

my case is of nov 2013 for which i put written complaint on agarwal movers and packers for non shifting of my agreed item as well the damages took place which still not resolved and hence seek consumer forrum support


Posted on Jan 26, 2016

Hi..i badly need help. I was contacted with trans cargo to move my all home items to kerala last 16th jan 2016..i kept my all documents in that .still now i have not recieved my goods n document and i have to travel to US on 28 jan 2016.i have no idea what to do now and no body reponding my call.any one plz help me on this immediate basis.


Posted on Jan 25, 2016

i give a packet to dtdc gurgaon to deliver hissar. they assured me that it will reached in maximum 3 days . it was so importent for me to reach it on time. but it is not reached till now till 10 days . because of that i bear a big finenciel and mental pressure . plz reimburresed

Ujjwal Sinha

Posted on Jan 24, 2016

Hi there, I had sent a non-commercial / household goods consignment at carrier's risk through Gati KWE. The damages caused in transit are around 43000 INR. Can you please let me know the procedure for sending them a legal notice/ filing a case? They are delaying the remittance and it has been more than a month now. Regards


Posted on Jan 19, 2016

On DHL packers and movers. They shifted my articles in May 2015 and left all articles at the basement of my building while I paid them for unloading and unpacking at my home on the 3rd floor. I had to pay additional labour charges of 3000 of unloading. Plus there were damages and they did no help me in claiming insurance as well for all good they damaged while transporting. What remedy do I have?

Jeetender Yadav

Posted on Jan 07, 2016

Trans Cargo of India packers n movers - Fake and disgusting.I got my household stuff transferred from Hyderabad to Ambala and to our utter surprise they did not delivered the stuff on time.After repeatedly calling them again and again, they delivered the stuff after 2 days.And again to my disappointment the stuff got damaged to a level it could not be repaired.My fully automatic Washing machine,Beds,Invertor,Sofa, battery and many more itms got severly broken and damaged. Two full cartoons/boxes of the household stuff ware even missing. The count of boxes was less than what we had loaded. After calling up at the numbers of the Coordinator Surender Kumar Sharma- 09023303656,he stopped picking calls. He made false promises to me & said he will visit & will take picture of broken items & will settle them in claim for which he had charged me the premium. His Boss Rakesh Yadav also did not help as he also stopped taking calls from me. Name-Jeetender C-09379433088

sudhir Shetty

Posted on Jan 07, 2016

Sir we send goods on 17.12.2015 from Kalyan east Mumbai to Udupi Karkala we still not received the goods please help me in this kind packers name is agarwalpackeovers Kalyan east what is the next step can I do.

Nabendu Das

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

The transporter has taken goods including two cars to be delivered to Sahibabad from Kolkata.Despite payment,the transporter is absconding and refused to deliver car for excess of Rs.25000 from invoice given.Rest of the goods were delivered but in damaged condition.The transporter refused to insurance documents for which he took money from me.The car has been kept as ransom and not delivered since one month of booking.This has caused mental harassment and heavy monetary loss to me.

Atul Kumar Dubey

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

Hi , I hired this packers and movers through internet to shift my samsung (400 LTR) refrigerator from House no.185 munirka to my home town Narkatiyaganj (Bihar) on 24th of december2015. they took the full amount from me (Rs-3990) and they told me that my refrigerator will be delivered on thursday 31/12/2015. next day he gave me a call and said that he wants more money for shifting the refrigerator,till monday he was talking to me but after that he is not picking up my phone.i don't know what does he plan to do with my refrigerator because his office is also not there at the mentioned address.there is another address for them written on internet.... Express cargo packers and movers,(61c-kalusarai,near Hauz Khash metro station) kindly help! because this guy seems fraud to me .as all the numbers given by them are also not being picked up.these guys are cheaters please help. Regards, Atul

Nishita Saha

Posted on Dec 26, 2015

shipment booked on 15oct15 tura to durgapur thru dtdc courrier svc wt 1.940kg contents were costly garments for Rs.16,500 including all expenses toward booking,searching expenses toward getting infomation to nd fro travel expenses.several mails/letters sent to all the office of dtdc courrier svc,no one replied to my query.Asked to returned my parcel,but got no response.track record showing parcel in transit.kindly arrange to give back my parcel or compensation mentioned eual to be expenses incurred by me till no.k82216737.I want them to be reply to my mails and lettrs must.

mohammed bilal

Posted on Dec 25, 2015

pls dont give to tamil nadumovers and packer they sold our all house hold items and postponding to us we paid them 25000/- and to transfer but last three month still not it MD mr.Murali and contact no +91-9600138027

mohammed bilal

Posted on Dec 25, 2015

pls dont give to tamil nadumovers and packer they sold our all house hold items and postponding to us we paid them 25000/- and to transfer but last three month still not it MD mr.Murali and contact no +91-9600138027


Posted on Dec 04, 2015

Are you one of those people who visits your storage unit maybe once or twice a year, only to dig through stacks of boxes that are hard to access


Posted on Dec 02, 2015

Complaint regarding the courier they made falsely and had a lose of money


Posted on Nov 28, 2015

I sent all my goods worth Rs.5,00,000 through DHL cargo packers and movers from Noida to Chennai. H:O office No: 398/7, Senblam Redhills Road, Kadirvetu Chennai 600066. Reg office: Uday Bhan Yadav Building, Opp Raj singh complex, Kapashera, New Delhi 110037. Email: Delhi Manager Rajesh no: 9717535515 and Packing fellow Sukhwinder no: 9718825003/9333333396. Initially the delivery boys intimated that you can pay what ever amount and the remaining amount can be paid after the delivery of the goods at your home. But when I called the owner Mansingh Pune - 9923102244 I need to pay the entire amount and then only goods can be loaded from Delhi. I gave a cheque of the balance amount and got cleared. Inspite of paying entire money my goods not delivered till now and when I called the owner said that it will reach today and was saying the same thing. When I called them I was not getting proper response. I dont know whether I will receive my goods or not.

Shashank Shukla

Posted on Nov 25, 2015

On 23rd August 2015 I booked Western Packers to shift my household items from Gurgaon to Lucknow.The owner told me that the items will be delivered within a week which never happened and after calling so many times,on 13th of September,2015,they delivered only few items.When i called them asking what happened his words were "Truck palat gya raaste me n sab samaan chori ho gya".It was around 25 thousand rupees items of mine that was not delivered(Refrigerator-brand new ,one month old,Cooler-a month old.etc)the items which were expensive and new that were not delivered else clothes bag and few kitchen items were only delivered.After repeatedly calling this bastard (Mobile no.09717894141)he keeps on saying ki you will get your money and then for the next 15-20 days he doesn't pick my call & when he do pick he gives the same old words.I am fed up with this plz help me return my money or items.Website of western packers (

Archana Kumari

Posted on Nov 19, 2015

I had taken service of Supreme Movers & Packers on 10 nov, 2015. I had to shift my house hold materials from Bangalore to kolkata.So I talked to Mr. Tanvir( contact no. 9590599995)who is working with Supreme Movers and packers. As per discussion with him on 10 nov, 2015 they collected my house hold materials and told that they would deliver it by 13 nov 2015. this was committed by Tanvir over phone. But today is 19th Nov, 2015 and I have not recieved my deliverables yet. And when I am trying to reach out to them, they are not recieving the call. Please help me to get my house hold materials and register my complain against these kinds of fake movers and packers so that other public may not get in trapped by these peoples.

Awashesh Tiwari

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

suman ray choudhury

Posted on Nov 11, 2015

Fake and disgusting.I have shifted my household goods on 29th May,2015 from New Delhi (DWARKA) to Kolkata through Naman Transport Packers & Movers. They did not delivered the stuff till now,its been 6 months, After repeatedly calling them again and again. Every day they would say it would be delivered with few days.Since then I have been calling him regularly, but he is not taking my calls any more. All my household stuff like Led TV, refrigerator,one pair Bed,geyser,almirah,29 cartoons of stuff and many more things. Even when he receives the phone he says go and raise police complaint.I had paid him the complete amount on loading after he insisted. I am really disappointed and would request you all to please let me know what is the legal way to get my stuff and money out of this guy and get him punished for what he did. That guy Kapil Chauhan opened up his own business and cheating the customers Phone-09313640710 AddressNo. G/41, Rama Park Road, Dwarka, Delhi- 110073


Posted on Nov 09, 2015

First Flight Couriers, Hebbal, Bangalore. They lost courier of mine with consignments number R91900158108. Now they are refusing to find it or return any money. Please address this.

saksham dubey

Posted on Oct 26, 2015

SIR damage wrist watch & sunglasses please change the wrist watch and sunglasses

Anurodh Gupta

Posted on Oct 25, 2015

I took relocation services from Sahara Packers and Movers to shift from Chennai to Gurgaon. Each process had some issue but we tolerated. We made the agreed upon advance payments and moved to Gurgaon. The good were received after a month as agreed upon but to my surprise everything was damaged to some extent. Minor damages were not considered but major ones were reported to Amarchand (Manager Chennai) but nothing happened and since Feb'15, I have reached to many people in the firm but there is no resolution yet. Please help in this matter, it's been 10 months since my good were delivered with multiple damages and since then sahara has stopped responding. Mr. Sunil has blocked my number though I called him only twice, Mr. Amarchand keep saying he will call me but in past ten months only I have called him, he never called back. After l ours of heated conversation, they sent a surveyor 3 months back who photographed and assured me on redressal in two weeks but it's been 3 months already.

Debarati Saha

Posted on Oct 21, 2015

I have shipped my household goods from Thane to Mumbai on Oct 10, 2015 through GATI-KWE. In the receipt, the ASSURED DELIVERY DATE was mentioned as Oct 15 2015. Today is Oct 21 and the box is not yet delivered to the Receiver's address. When I track the shipment on their website, it shows the shipment is already reached at South Kolkata hub on Oct 18. I have called them up on 19th regarding the cause of delay. They have lodged a complaint against the dispute and told me that they will arrange a callback within 4 working hours. The concerned person called me on the same day and gave me the contact number of the local office personal (9831753089). Next day (Oct 20) I called at the given number. A lady picked the call up and replied that she is on leave on that day. She prompted me contact number of another person (9007007867). Since then I have ringed that number several times. Nobody responded. Today (Oct 21) I called GATI Cust. care again. They are again arranging another callback.


Posted on Oct 19, 2015

I have courier a non document item through First FLight Courier on 13th October 2015 from New Delhi to Hooghly, Kolkata. Till date it has not been dispatched and the the people sitting at Kolkata First Flight Hub is very non cooperative. They even do not pick up the phone. By mistake if it is picked up their behavior is very rude and do not provide right information. My tracking number is-D991M0442246 They are telling a strike is going on at Kolkata Hub. They do not know anything about the courier Can I expect a solution of it?

Shivraj Patil

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

Fraud people and pathetic service, recently availed services of a company named Apollo Packers & Movers and thought it to be a genuine company. There was a guy named who claimed himself to be Manjeet Kumar. Unprofessional and Denying to provide insurance amount

Gopal Saboo

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

I had shifted my house holds from Banglore-Ahmedabad(Through Sahara domestic &international pakers and movers pvt ltd) and in the trasit i had missed 1 item and the same was infomred to to co., after several followups the co. is not ready to reply to my phone calls nor have courtesy to reply to the mails. I had sent 18 reminders to the company thorough emails and also mentioned the same on the LR copy at the time of delivery. I have been following up from last 2 months , but still tere is no reply from them. So pls advise how to porceed further. AS i have lost approx Rs 5000 material in transit.

Shivraj Patil

Posted on Oct 05, 2015

I was book Apolo Packers and Movers for Shifting of House goods from Gurgoan To Pune , First they said your goods is not so much they after Packing When goods Reach at Pune he said your goods was too much and increase amount as double , and said first pay bill then we willl deliver , after payment they deliver but they missed My 2 chair , 2 cartons , 1 bori damage my byke , bi cycle , damage dinnerset ,and daily they saying we will give insurance amount.still i am not received any amount , they are disconnecting call not behaving professionaly


Posted on Oct 03, 2015

Subject: FROAD AND CHEATING BY MANOBAL PACKERS AND MOVERS,DEHRADUN(UK) Sir..i am an indian army officer hired the manonal packers ,dehradun for transporting my car and household items in separate trucks from DEHRADUN to JAIGAON (WB)..supposed to be reaching by 28 sep15...but none of the trucks reached yet and no contact with representative from manobal response ..i am harassed with the excuses and non delivery by this packers. DETAILS. i have paid him Rs. 60000 and Rs 19000 was agreed to be handed over on delivery of belongings at jaigaon. The person responsible who are cheating and playing fraud are.. Mr harpal 09219021221.manobal dehradoon MrChoudhary.09887313115.manobal zonal head at jaipur I am not informed or contacted by manobal packers since 28 sep and not picking my calls...i am not aware of drivers contact nmbr..truck nmbr..truck loc or any clue about my belongings SIR.PLZ TAKE A HARD AND POSITIVE STEP TO RESOLVE AGAINST FRAUD my nmbr +975 17379201

Uddipto Banerji

Posted on Sep 30, 2015

I have shifted from Hyderabad to Kolkata. The Mover & Packer name's is Transworld Logistic Movers & Packer. Mr. Jasveer physically dropped into my home and had inspected my luggage then they send an online quotation to my email address of Rs 12000. During packing my luggage, I had paid them Rs 7200 dated 30th August 2015 and they had agreed that rest on delivery of my good at my home which is Rs 4800. After a long pursuit and phone calls, I came to know that my luggage is in Uttam Warehouse in Alampur near Gurdwara on Bombay Road Kolkata. Now they are demanding more money from me i.e. Rs 1700 excluding the local transport cost from the warehouse to my home which is located in Sakherbazar. Their main office address is Plot No.1374, 18th Main,3rd Cross, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Bommanahalli, Bangalore 560068 Website : & Email: &Phone: 08088838260/8095123298 Customer care No: +919886443298 I really feeling helpless and tensed.


Posted on Sep 29, 2015

I was to shift my household from Delhi to Jaipur. After discussing many movers and packers, I finalized Apollo Packer & Movers. I asked them to provide quotation but they told me that my house things are not so much, so we decided the final amount over telephone. They were supposed to come on 20 Sep 2015 at 11AM but after many calls and whole day wait they finally came at 9PM. They packed my things in very unprofessional manner. They broke my bed plywood also.They told us that we can go in same truck to Jaipur. At 11.30PM they started from my house and stopped the truck at their Ashok Vihar, Gurgaon office at 1.00PM. At their office they asked us to pay just three time more money, which we decided earlier. They threaten us & said that you have to pay whole money here only other wise they will unloaded our things on road. We had to pay money thier only. After many problems which was caused by them, our house hold reaches at Jaipur at 2.30PM. Two carton worth 8000Rs also missing.


Posted on Sep 27, 2015

&#8203;Dear &#8203;&#8203;Sir/Mam, It is for your information that I shifted my home appliances from Agra to Delhi on 31-5-2015 by Contacting to Agrawal Packers & Movers(9628885666)(&#8203;Anand/Vinod/Sachin),My home appliances shifted on the same day but I did not received any bill. I have consignment note no 133 which was given to me by Mr Arif in Agra on 31-5-2015 name as ARP .CARGO.CARRIERS.I also paid full money 14000/ to Mr Arif. I am taking follow up for bill from last 4 months but I did not received any bill.Now Mr Sachin Takshan is saying that he have no record of it. Kindly look into this matter. &#8203; Thanks & Regards, Prashant Kumar &#8203;Assistant Manager&#8203; (&#8203;BRPL Delhi&#8203;) +91-9456806327 &#8203;+91-9555659268

Himanshu Nama

Posted on Sep 25, 2015

I book Apollo Packer & Mover to shift my house hold from Delhi to Jaipur. After all discussion they asked me to give such amount and we were agree on it. I ask them to provide quotation but they told me that no need of it. On Sunday they were supposed to come at 11AM but after numerous call and wait they came at 8PM. Then they pack my things not properly and said us that we can go in same truck to jaipur. At night about 12.45PM they stopped their truck at their office in ashok vihar gurgaon & asked us to pay just triple money, even we finalized final amount over telephonic conversation. They threaten us at night. We had to pay more money. Even after all they reached Jaipur at 2.30PM. When we checked all things our two cartons worth 8000rs is missing. They are not responding us also. PLEASE NEVER BOOK APOLLO PACKER AND MOVER.

arvind singh

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

The delivery of my car has been delayed by almost a week causing a lot of inconvenience in the new town.the car was expected to cover a distance of 250kms per day.I handed over my car on 05/09/15 from jamnagar to kochi which are just 2300 kms apart.moreover the service providers are not picking up the calls and fail to provide required information of the whereabouts of the car.

Ashish Arya

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

DRS Packers nad movers transported my goods and car from Bangalore to Faridabad. Some goods found to be damaged and there were some damages to the car as well. Both the things were insured by paying a premium of 3% of the declared value. I was offered a compensation of Rs. 3000 which is not acceptable. Please advise.

Mukund Nanavdar

Posted on Sep 18, 2015

We had booked a Delhi based Aakash Packers and Movers to shift our household from Delhi to Indore on 31/07/15. The consignment was insured by Aakash International by Rs. 1 Lacs which was consignment value. We have received the material at Indore on 8/8/15. We then noticed that our LCD TV was completely damaged and also 3 chairs. We approached him for filling insurance claim for incurred damage. He did not support well and was reluctant prima facie. Later he shared insurance document, we performed survey and I have now received surveyors report. Surveyor declared claimable amount to 11,000=21000-10000(excess minimum clause) for damage of around 31000. When asked surveyor said that insurance policy the transporter took had this clause. So he has to deduct Rs. 10000 from total claim amount. Aakash international committed a fraud stating complete consignment insurance and actually taking insurance with excess minimum clause bringing it to lower premium. I am now in Net loss of 20,000.Help!

Bhavesh Srivastava

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

I booked my bike to send from Gurgaon to Lucknow on 30-Aug-2015 through and they assured me that it will be reached within 2-3 days , but it was delivered on 09-Sep-2015 and in very bad condition. There was no any tracking for 8-9 days. When I tried to call vendor's phone 9953526316,9310054358 , they were not picking my phone as they had no idea about my bike.I don't know whether are original om logistics mover & packers or not. There is big dent in bike patrol tank along with broken petrol nob and side mirror. While booking they promised that they will pack bike properly and delivered at home address but it was not packed and sent through normal transport truck and we had to go to collect our bike in remote place.This type of movers and packers making fool to public and I request to take a hard action against this .

Joy deep Kahaly

Posted on Sep 09, 2015

Joy deep Kahaly

Posted on Sep 09, 2015


Posted on Sep 08, 2015

Hello, The company name is DHL cargo movers and packers. These guys took my house hold articles a month ago agreed to shift from Delhi to Chennai. None of the idiots are answering the call- numbers are 9333333396, 9718825003, 9718825003. These guys are frauds. please some one help me to get my goods back ?

priyanka manokrishnan

Posted on Sep 05, 2015

I have approached OMX Relocation India to transport my vehicle from pune to thrissur on 23rd june 2015, till date vehicle is not delivered having paid full payment, on enquiry they are giving incorrect information and disconnecting calls its been more than 2 months

srayan de

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

i am sryan de staying in new delhi. For sudden family reson i shifhted to kolkata for family. i give order to Aryan Internation Movers and packars to shifhted my hose hold thing from new delhi to kolkata. the total amount which was decided was 26000, i give advance 16500, and it was decided that after reaching home i will pay 10000 more to the company . but on the mean time the company asking for 7000 in advance. i refuse to pay i household thing where dump in dunkuni warehouse. And they told me that your household this where in warehouse please go and collect. i went there, and my house hold thing where there, a represetative of there company came to me name is ragesh , and ask of due amount of rs 10 k. and he will arrenge thing so that we can shift the house hold things. but he take the money and was missing and from that time. Then we collect our house hold thing and came back to my house. This is all about Fraud Activity. please help .

Atul Chandola

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

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Tushar Sethi

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Have sent my car through Agarwal Packers and Movers on 18th August. They committed that the car will be delivered in Delhi by 26th August. Now, when I am following up on tracking the consignment.. they are absolutely unaware. They always say that they will call back.. and never all. I have heard the following from them whenever I called. - Car still in Bangalore will move in 1-2 days. (this after a week of handing it over to them) - Car in Satara - Car in Pune - Car will reach Delhi in 1-2 days These guys are absolutely unaware of the shipment. No one calls back after saying that they will check and call.

Vasudev Khattar

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

Thru United Safe Movers & Packers,Gurgaon on 06.08.2015 one suitcase and one bag was sent to Bangalore under consignment note no.146 and bill no.147.It was delivered after 13 days with zip of the suitcase broken from one side and goods worth Rs.Ten Thousands were pilfered away. My same day online complaint with next day's reminder mail is not even acknowledged. On phone too they don't give any clear reply. Demand stern action for such unprofessionals and compensation to me.

Anurag Vaibhav

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

The Packers and Movers is not returning my insurance money. It is not taking my call too.


Posted on Aug 12, 2015

July 2015 we shifted from bangalore to Navi mumbai. We engaged Agarwal packers movers for the shifting of our household stuff and car. When we received the consignment, the glass dining table was broken. The supervisor who was present then told me that it will be taken care by them. Post following up and making several phone calls to different people we were told that the insurance value of the table was rs. 2500 which was never communicated to us. They said they can only pay us rs. 1500. We again started negotiating for our loss and they said that they will replace the broken glass. this is going on from the past 1 month now. The staff members are rude, arrogant and they often shout and force us to settle it for rs 1500. since my wife was there when the stuff was being shifted, she also is calling them and there is no proper response.We are suffering mentally and feel tortured because of these people Shiv Thakur, Nirbhay and Neeraj from this company. I have even written to the custome

Ravi Kumar

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I have shifted my motor bike with helmet from delhi to hyderabad in July, I got my bike but they kept helmet with them and continuously giving me new date for delivering the helmet. But they are not delivering it.

Dhruba Bora

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

Sir, > > I request you to peruse the following few lines. > > 1) I booked my consignment from Malvya Nagar, New Delhi to be delivered at Guwahati on 31st May 2015. The agency was M/S Aero Packers & Movers, Head Office:- House No:-46, Nihal Colony, New Palam Vihar, Phase-1, Gurgaon 122017. Their other address is Plot No:-777, Sector-26, Phase 2, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075. > 2) The Consignment number was 078 and Bill number :-073. I paid Rs 4810.00 to them as the Delivery charge. > 3) But till to day they have not delivered my consignment to me. > 4) Their customer care number is 01243190004(as printed in the consignment note) is inoperative. > 5) Their website is &#65533;;(as printed in the Consignment note) does not exist. > 6) One person named Mahender intimated me on 02.07.2015 that I had to pay another Rs. 5000.00 additional amount at Axis Bank in his account. His account number is 914010016644305, IFS Code utib 0001835. He intimated his account no by SMS to my mobile phone.


Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Booked a wheel chair cost Rs 8.5Kon 16/3/15 with MS HINDUJA LOGISTICS, Gurgaon , Haryana to deliver at my above address, as door to door delivery.Paid tpt charges Rs 1400.00. Consignmentnot received so far nor the the courier coy/ tpt coy replying and now not picking up ttelephone.Case of fraud, need esrly action against the coy, Hinduja Logistics.A registeted letter semt hss come back as they have avoided receiving it. In publicIinterest , action should be tsken for verocity of this party and afvice given to me for further action. DOOR TO ZDOOR TO D door to door . delovery. Not deliveref so far nor is replying on phone, No9891710196, paid tranportation charges as per photo of bill attached. Add


Posted on Jul 26, 2015

Transporter : Rajesh (9718198700,9718538600, 9899513228) e mail bill num : 2513 they have taken my household stuff from my residense on 13June and after taking full payment in advance they have not yet delivered the stuff and not even responding to my calls. this is a fraud company. i have all proofs with me including the call records. initially the agreement was 5000 in advance and balance on delivery of goods, but when my stuff was loaded they have started blackmailing me to make the full payment else they will not deliver my goods. left with no option i have made the payment but after getting the payment they are not responding not even delivering my household stuff. Pls help Ashish 9212106121


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

I have taken the service of Trans Move of Andheri East Mumbai on 16/6/15 to send my books and other items to Assam. I shall now receive them on 27/7/15 after almost one and a half month. All I have to say their service is horrible and so are their behaviour. After calling more than 10 times they have given the address of Assam where my parcels are. I had to go on my own to check them and had to ask their partners inAssam to send them on Monday. Please don't take their service. Customer service doesn't end on getting the money. Not efficient their service sucks. My consignment no 1589

Sanjay Kejriwal

Posted on Jul 25, 2015

Please refer to the consignment fixup receipt number CFRBSR_/1314/05093 of M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers for transportation of my HouseHold belongings from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata on 21st March and note that the during the process of Transper my new sofa was damaged along with the following matter not been resolved yet. 1. It was agreed that the A/c Fitting has to be done by you along with fitting for all other Electrical appliance dismantled during shifting 2. That a single sitter sofa has been received in damaged condition. (photo attached) and has to be repaired by you. 3. The Air Conditioner, T.V, Water filter (R.O) and other electric equipment has not been installed. 4. Beds are also not set yet. My numerous mail and phone calls to cooperate and install the same has not yielded any results. Everytime the fix up a date and delay on some pretext or other. Please redress my greviances and arrange to bring to books so that these problems are not faced by others. Thanks

Anurodh Agnihotri

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

Dear Team, We had hired relocation service from Bangalore to Mumbai on 20 May 2015. Requesting to refer the attached PPT containing the images for the deficiency of service provided. We received many damaged household goods and till date no one has settled our claims. I our humble request to help us settle and bring AGARWAL PACKER AND MOVER to notice and resolve our claims. With Regards, Anurodh Agnihotri 9371141234

Amit midha

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Agarwal Packers and Movers (Agarwal Movers Group)Corporate Office phone no. 011-45004321 or 45004300 were hired to move my household goods from Greater Noida to Pune on May 27th 2015. Upon delivery some items were found damaged which was notified to them but despite the items being insured by them. Its been 45 days that I have been following up with emails and phone calls to various offices and managers but no one takes any responsibility or gives me a solution. The consignment number was 003338.

shreya saha

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

I shifted by 2 cartons from gurgaon to kolkata with IKON PACKERS AND MOVERS,gurgaon.I have already made 80% of the payement.Know there is no trace of my cartons and they are not receiving ny calls also. Consignment no.- 103 for 2 cartons. Detail of the Movers packers company: Ikon Packers and movers. Atul Kataria Chaowk,Marbel Market,1st floor,gurgaon 122001. Mbl no.-9711656521,9811693995

sanjeet yadav

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Dear sir, iwas worked eith KLnight fly boyz. but he refuse to sign my PF withdrwl form.

Venkata Satish Grandhi

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I have moved good from chennai to hyderabad. They have promised Packing shifting and unpacking and fitting the goods. My good came in a auto to my home in hyderabad and he left the good in ground floor(parking area) but my house is in 3rd floor. Now the sahara agent is not picking the phone and not responding to my messages. Sahara agent no 9380191222.


Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I recently shifted household items from Hyderabad to Bangalore using AGARWAL MOVERS and PACKERS. In the transit, I have lost 2 small Teak wooden stools. I have repeatedly complained, to which no action has been taken. My crockery items have been damaged. My Refrigerator, Study Table, Computer Monitor are broken. Along with this a lot of articles like dolls and TERAKOTA articles have been damaged. Total loss is more than 1 lakh. They have also lost 1 carton box of clothes. No response inspite of repeated complaints. Request you to help in this regard. Their contact details are as follows : Narender Singh : 78420063001 & 9346661361. They call themselves Agarwal Movers and Packers. But not sure what their company name is. Their address and website are also wrong,which i checked only later. Kindly help!! And I hope this will atleast prevent others from getting cheated like I got. Thanks!!

Satish Kumar

Posted on Jul 14, 2015

I have booked Abha Professional packers & Logistic (Baily Road, Rukunpura, Near Alka Hospital, Patna-800014) to shift my Motorcycle ( Bajaj Discover 100T, Reg. No. BR01BQ-6813) from Patna to Jalandhar. The Motorcycle cost Rs.39000/- as per latest insurance. An Estimation was given for transportation is Rs.4,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance. The above deal was finalized that the Motorcycle will reac to me within five days from the day of booking. My Motorcycle was booked on 19 Jun 15 with their docket No. 35 but has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. I have called a number of times to Abha A Professional packers & Logistic but, their is no proper response. After 24 days, after calling a number of times, Abha Professional packers & Logistic said that the Motorcycle is in Delhi. Their behaviour is quite rude and they spoke very harshly to me and I am calling them daily but they are not giving proper status of bike.

Pradeep Kumar

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

Hi, I have moved my house hold items from Gurgaon to Hyderabad thru Allied pack & move Pvt Ltd. gurgaon. This has been a night mare for us, all the furtinure is damged and few items like Mattress and other household good are missing. Very poorly managed. When contacted the Packers, they started abusing and spoke filthy language. i would like to ensure stern action agaist them and also see that no other innocent gets trapped. suggestions and advice welcome. Thanks, Pradeep.


Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I Mayur Mangwani, hired service from Aakruti packers and movers (Mumbai) to shift my household goods to Bangalore. The service was initiated on 3rd of july and was supposed to end on 6th of July. I got my furniture and luggage on 8th July and i found majority of my electronic items and furniture damaged. Before the Service, he told me that we have done insurance of 1 Lac and if anything happens, we will take care and assured me that everything will be safe. After i saw that goods are damaged, i called him and asked him what has to be done. He says that insurance was not for you furniture or luggage but it was for his vehicle in which transportation was done. The guy who spoke to me was very polite before the service and after the service he was talking as if i have taken money from him. After everything was packed and loaded in Mumbai, he argued with me for 1 hour and forced me to pay whole amount of 23 thousand My major loss is for TV which is fully dead and very difficult to repair

Nikunj Sharma

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Reliable Agarwal packers and movers Ltd in India for relocating - My brother had to move from Delhi. He ordered this service for moving his stuff and car, Swift. The delivery was guaranteed within 7 days. But to our surprise it was delivered before time. It was unharmed and in very good condition. The other goods were also safely delivered. It is a highly recommended service in and across India. They are very reasonable in pricing. I must specifically appreciate the courtesy of your staff & the way they handled the end to end movement without incurring any damage.

Ambuj Dwivedi

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

I shifted my house hold through NIKHIL International Packers and Movers. After Shifting mu 29 inch LED TV was missing with one GAs cylinder, Since 4 Months i am calling and trying for claim of my led tv but they are not responding, i got fed up. The person name through which i booked my household name is AMIT No. 8904444100.please help me , please i am fed up.


Posted on Jul 05, 2015

Dear Sir, Myself Rajesh. This is regarding the LEO Packers and Movers( who has taken the full amount of money and not delivering the house holds on given time. I have called the person Sandeep(9164587159) and he replied me that he will not deliver the goods at all. Please help me how can I proceed with this situation.

Dr Anand S Goyal

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

One of the Package was pilfered by the Movers & Packer while shifting the house hold items from Jhansi to Shimla transported on 13 Feb 2015. The item were booked on Bill No. SPM/921 dated 13 Feb 2015

Rasheeda Ali

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

This is a complaint against Superfast packers & Movers, 1 Shankar Nigam Street near puzhal check post kavangarai Chennai-600066, contact person praveen Chauhan ,cell no.9382345100. I shifted a few of my belongings from Chennai to Bangalore through the above mentioned packers and Movers and I have never been so stressed and so harrassed by them like never before. Not only were my goods damaged I lost quiet a few of my belongings. Please please beware of these thugs and help me get back my belongings if possible.

mohmmad yusuf

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I Have booked Goods with Chennai Packers and Movers on Monday 22nd of june 2015 and said that they will pick the goods same day. They had come with all the required items like carton boxes, wrappers etc on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015. They had completed the packing and said that the consignment will be delivered by Thursday 25th of June 2015, worst case. Daily I am calling them about the consignment, they say everytime they will delivery tomorrow. We are still waiting for the consignment till date but still there is no delivery which has been done.They have charged over the regular price and the behavior was also not polite. Its shocking to learn that there are still people who are behaving in a different way to people who are not from their language. I request your help to look into this matter. I am ready to provide more details on request.


Posted on Jun 26, 2015


Abhijit Mandal

Posted on Jun 24, 2015

Right Choice Packers and Movers have transported my goods and Tata Indica car from Mumbai to Kolkata.Most of the goods have been damaged for which they have paid a meager compensation of 13000.A few days later they delivered my car in overheated condition. Despite seeing the damage,I still received the car as I thought if I send it back then will I get it ever again.Then I took my car to TC Motors(TATA authorized service station)for diagnosis.On inspection, they found no coolant in the coolant reservoir tank and this is one of the cause of engine overheating.Resulting score mark in the engine cylinder liner and consequential damage .I had a talk with the driver who drove my car and he said that he reported the heating condition to the movers but they advised him to keep driving in that condition. TC Motors have given an estimate of 40000 for the repair of my engine seize. I need compensation from Right Choice Packers and Movers as it is due their callousness that my card is damaged.


Posted on Jun 20, 2015

Hi Team, This is regarding my grievance against Phoenix Re-locations, to which i had given my goods to relocate it from Bangalore to Delhi on 7th Feb 2015. I had been promised that the goods will be transported to me within a week. After a week and then a month long wait, I kept calling the concerned person who informed me that there is some issue so it might take time to reach Delhi. I asked him to keep me updated on the same, after a week I called him again. He did not answered the call, I tried calling him from other number... which he picked up quickly and when asked about my goods he spoke very rudely. After continues calling and messages which he never answered. We were lingered for like 3 months. And then In April we received only one part that is my cycle and that too in poor and damaged condition. The other part that is a carton with my goods was missing, when inquired with him.. He gave us excuses like it might have been stayed back in the office or would have shipped in ot

Harminder Singh

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

I had engaged AB Home Packers and Movers Kolkata (263, Upen Banerjee Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700060) to shift my household fragile items from kolkata to Mohali in the month of March 2015. All the items were delivered in ok state except a Television 29 inch Samsung, which was received in broken and completely damaged condition and was unrepairable. The same was informed to the company and i demanded a compensation of Rs 3000/- as it was a old TV. The Company representative (Mr Vinod - 9831167118) agreed to pay an amount of Rs 2000/- to me as compensation. I have enquired their office and Mr Vinod several times but there is no response. I have lost lot of money in making calls to the company for getting the compensation and harassed with false promises. I need a additional compensation of Rs 5000/- for the harassment faced by me. Please help in this regard at the earliest

Hrudaya Sankar Dash

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

I had shifted my house hold goods through DHL packers & movers( A unit of Delhi Hyderabad Logistics) on 09-05-2015 from Antophill area Mumbai to Jollygrant area,Dehradun .The representative of the company Mr Ajay (Mob.No.8080923033) had given me the quotations and the deal was finalised by Mr Satbir Singh (Mob. No.932150677). They delivered my items in Dehradun on 31-05-2015 after a lots of delay.But at the time of deliver I found that two items are missing. One is my son's BSA Champ red colour newly purchased bicycle and the other one is Videocon D2H antenna with its accessories .Since 31-05-2015, I am regularly calling them and requesting them to deliver my items.But initially they were telling that they will deliver it very soon but now they are not answering my calls.Company Details:-DHL packers & Movers.A Unit of Delhi Hyderabad Logistics, Office No 202,2nd floor Krishibhawan,Plot No 07 APMC Market,Sector 19/C,Vashi Navi Mumbai-400705.Ph:022-27842577,9321506777Request for spe....

Abhishek Jain

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

My Scooter Activa supposed to be delivered to Jaipur address one year back. It is still with mover and packer (Grace Relocations) since then & they are not responding even after continuous follow up.

pushpendra chandrakar

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Maine 15 aug ko 12 month ke liye recharge karwaya tha bt mere me kuch channels bivh me he kaat diye fir bolte h ki hamare pack me kuch changes kiye h . Fir april me set top box he kharab ho gya usko banwane k liye maine helpline me 10 bar se jayda complain kiya tab jakr unka engineer phn kiya aur ghar bhi nhi aaya muje he raipur leker jana pada banwane usske pss . Ek bar un logo ne 500 rupee kaate aur teen month ki warranty di is bich for se kharab ho gya . Aur fir koi nahi aaya bannane 10 se jyada bar fir se complain kiya .uske engineer ka phn aaya to Mai fir usske pss leker gya aur fir banwaya to fir se 625 kaat liye warranty me h bol k diye fir bhi .aur abhi tak mera paisa wapas nahi kr rahe h aj kal aj kal bas kar rahe h . Mai for 500 ka Recharge karwaya to kuch din chala aur band kr diye

Sujeeth s

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Express cargo relocation packers and movers (02039549650, 7350244402) also called as Super Express Packer and mover from Just Dial H.O: Plot no 116/A, Sector no.23 Transport Nagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411044, Maharashtra, Email : has taken 3000.00 rupee for transportation of my two wheeler TAO 3723 on 10/05/2015 from Pune to NAmakkal. They promised me to deliver my bike to the destination within a week. They have not transported my two wheeler to my destination even after almost six weeks. I have reached the destination before three weeks and am still waiting for my bike to be delivered. Because of this, all my works are stagnated. This has caused me lot of stress lately. And when i called them they keep on making false promises again and again and for the past few days the are not answering my phone calls. Am greatly distressed because of this. Their agent by the name chaudary (07385701800) is doing all this business, by making false promises of delivery. Another agen

Sujeeth s

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Express cargo relocation packers and movers (02039549650, 7350244402) also called as Super Express Packer and mover from Just Dial H.O: Plot no 116/A, Sector no.23 Transport Nagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411044, Maharashtra, Email : has taken 3000.00 rupee for transportation of my two wheeler TAO 3723 on 10/05/2015 from Pune to NAmakkal. They promised me to deliver my bike to the destination within a week. They have not transported my two wheeler to my destination even after almost four weeks. I have reached the destination before three weeks and am still waiting for my bike to be delivered. Because of this, all my works are stagnated. This has caused me lot of stress lately. And when i called them they keep on making false promises again and again and for the past few days the are not answering my phone calls. Am greatly distressed because of this. Their agent by the name chaudary (07385701800) is doing all this business, by making false promises of delivery. Another age

Arun Sharma

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Have used Movers and Packers Services of Agrawal Movers and Packers, their charges are the heighest in the market but once the consignment is delivered no one will let you know the status. Till date my consignment has not reached and no one is helping me with the status. Please help

Sushant Hemrom

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

False Commitment by Agrawal Packers & Movers through his marketing Manager Mr. Ranjeet Singh He did not inform us that he is unable to provide service in that day,

prashant bhange

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

Dear Sir, Please give us advice. We have delivered the material to the local transporter, He refused to give us any receipt/bill against that material, now 10 days later he didn't despatched to our client. The material is retained in his godown, even he is not telling us how much freight charges we have to pay, and when he will delivered the material and refused to return the material. How can I claim the material, compensation and lodge the police complaint against him.


Posted on Jun 09, 2015

I transfered all my house hold and car on 15th May 2015 using Tamil nadu movers packers from chennai to delhi.Its been 1 month still I did not receive my house hold and car. I paid 40000 to them on 15 th may.When ever i am calling them they used to say it will come today or tommorrow. But never it please help me. Mover and packers address HO.NO-77/108 katta bomman Street kamrajan nagar new perungulathur chennai 63 phone number:9600138027(name :Murali) my contact number:9560478953


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

The subject company is fraud in all sense, they have made false commitments to us. Mr. Mohan (09810762102) has visited our place, during the meeting he committed that goods will be delivered in closed container, further he promised to keep the goods in Bangalore warehouse. Further, we have requested them to send some of our goods through our car, which they agreed. After receiving the full payment, they have taken back their words, Nisha (9810019910), employee of said company misbehaved with us and also warned us at the last moment that we will not send your goods. We have received our goods in Bangalore in very bad condition, some of the goods are damaged and all the cartons were wet. When we have informed this thing to company official Sanjay (9310019910), he misbehaved with us and said you have not informed in time. In short, the entire company is fraud, they make fall commitments and do not fulfill any.


Posted on Jun 05, 2015

We booked Goel cargo packers and movers , Bhubaneswar, Orisaa to bring one king size wooden bed from bhubaneswar to bangalore. Bed cost is around 70000. It was booked on 16th may 2015. They committed to deliver within 7 days. Its been 20 days, they have not delivered the item. They are not picking our calls. We tried multiple times, but still they are not responding. Goel Cargo packers & mOVERS pALASUNI mOB- +91-9937058826


Posted on Jun 02, 2015

sir, i booked my bike from professional express movers gurgaon on 26 -5-2015 .from greater noida to gorakhpur he assured me that it will reach within six to seven days but till now it didnt reach .also he is not pick up my phone . what should i do . sir please help me .i am very much emberresed. His contact no. is 09871651800. my contact no. is 09990038389

kuldeep pandey

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

pfno=HR-50514-34 RICIEVED NO-2291176

Mandeep Singh

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

gaurav bhadaurai

Posted on May 28, 2015

on 25/2/15 i have shifted my whole house hold by isarg logistics from delhi to kanpur they delivered on 11/3/15 but at that time my some costly and important items were missing these are 2 intex speakers with mic,1 big bag having my all woolen cloths,1 carton having my new shoes and other important items,coolar stand,1 long length mirror,and some small items like 1 wooden table,2 plastic racks etc since 11/3/15 i am regularlly calling them to deliver my all missing items but they do nothing please do something to solve this problem. address of that movers and packers is:- isarg logistics pvt ltd plot no-484,v.p.o.-bijwasan,dwarka sec-26 ND-110077 9212312347 9212312368

Subhro Pratap Sarkar

Posted on May 24, 2015

I have delivered household goods worth Rs. 1,65000 through Agarwal Cargo Movers Packers Pvt. Ltd. on 17th May, 2015 and it is supposed to be delivered in Jamshedpur on 23rd May, 2015. At start the cost of contract was Rs. 26000. I have paid 19500 at the time of packing and rest to be paid after delivery. Then after transportation from my home in Delhi, next day they charged as 40000 and now they want us to pay the amount (20500) in advance before delivering the goods to my Jamshedpur address and threatening us of not delivering the goods if we dont pay the same.


Posted on May 22, 2015


Posted on May 20, 2015


Ankur Bhandari

Posted on May 17, 2015

I had moved my household goods from Indore Madhya Pradesh to Toranagallu Karnataka by reputed Agarwal Packers and Movers. On delivery i found many stuff missing and broken. I refused to sign on the delivery challan as they were not acknowledging the loss after which i sent a lot of mails to their Indore and Hubli offices but they have refused to reply. I had made a payment of Rs.63617/- (Sixty three thousand six hundred seventeen) which included an amount of the declared value of 300000/- at 3% which is around 9000 plus taxes. Their representative even took photo of damaged items which were delivered that day.


Posted on May 17, 2015


Ram kumar Sah

Posted on May 15, 2015

I have contacted for relocation from Chennai to Bangalore through Lega Express Packers & Movers. They came on 13th April 2015 and packed all my items and charged 13,000 including insurance. They delivered on 16th April with some missing items of rupees (TV, two pillows, one blanket, one bucket inside has cash roll, two water bottles) 7500 and same day they have broken my TV as well. I do call Vijendra Singh who is Marketing Executive of Lega Express but still did not get my items. Could you please help me to get my items or money for same item.

Sonu Sidharthan

Posted on May 15, 2015

I was promised 7 days to deliver my goods and 25 days ahve gone and yet to recieve my luggage causing financiial loss and mental harassment.

neeraj kumar mishra

Posted on May 14, 2015

we work in lnt we shifted our house hold by SONI PACKER MOVER BIJVASAN NEW DELHI TO KALPAKKAM we paid all chages according to nitin(9718197029) but they took duble money by check clering and online money about 16200 rs house hold not got properly number newly things missed food pickles met chairs are missed . i am compliaing about soni packer mover which not giving my money which got by cheque and gave to delevery boys .9990043543 9718197029

Parameshwarappa N Masudi

Posted on May 11, 2015

Dear Sir, I have sent my House Hold items by Consignment No 106/37 on March 28th 2015 by GI Cargo movers but I received by Safe express. Original item list not brought while delivering items. I have made full payment 31,293 + 500 packing person + 100 by delivery person. Total 32,000 Rs. and I have insured for 50,000/- for any kind of loss. I want to submit that Most of the valuable items are missing; items were damaged and delayed by one week. Apart from staying in hotel for one week my items are missing and damaged. I faced financial problem with their service. Since I have made insurance of 50000/- for loss or damages or missing items, kindly advice in availing reimbursement of missing and damages cost. I am calling Mr Sunil GI Cargo Movers and packers 9342113001 continuously but he is not responding at all. Request to please advice. Parameshwarappa N Masudi 7831873346

Kumud sharma

Posted on May 08, 2015

I had booked the cargo from World Trans International Packers & Movers ,Pune for shipping of 2- window Air conditioner and 1- Invertor battery and its stand from Pune to Panchkula (haryana) on 27-04-2015 . When we received the cargo at Panhckula in Damaged conditioned. After telling about the damaged cargo recieved to person(Devendra Kaushik-9975641177) of the cargo company he insured us that damged stuff will be repaired and he asked us to mail the photographs of damaged cargo to email-id( After that we tried calling the owner lot no. of times but he neither answer the call nor replied the mail.He has even blocked my husband mobile no. Even insurance of the goods was paid in the cargo shippment charges. Please help us to get the compensation of the damaged AC. We have the bills and photo of cargo. thanks in advance. Regards, Kumud sharma

urvashi roy

Posted on May 04, 2015

i have booked anand packers nd movers for local shifting,,they have taken advance of rs 1000 for the same,they didnt turn up on the day of my shifting,not even informed,still after many followups they are not returning my money,wen enquired i get to know that their labour is doin fraud buisness by using their brand name,owner didnot know about that,wanted to talk to the owner but they are disconnecting the phone,want my money back with fine

Vishal Ramesh Patil

Posted on May 03, 2015

Hello, I had booked a consignment from Hyderabad - Madhapur to Mumbai - Virar for relocation in 06/08/2013. At that time I was been informed that you need to pay the insurance amount of Rs.6270/- which will be refunded back once the consignment reaches safely to destination. But now I tried calling several times in there Hyderabad office on the numbers 040-65535247/9666457790/9000007280 but did not get any favourable response. I was always given some other numbers which offcourse did not pick up. Now its almost 2 years and I have not got any refund back. This is really not acceptable with such as DHL brand. So could you pleae look into this and get my insurance amount recovered.


Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Agarwal packers and movers company was engaged to move my domestic household items from Hyderabad to Pune. They haven't yet delivered by Active scooter. Upon enquiring they say they have lost the scooter and now are not giving any proper response.

Saikat Ray

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

I have booked and handed over my motor bike and other house hold materials to the staff of Delhi Office of M/s Agarwal Home shift Packers and Movers on 09/03/2015 from Myuar Vihar, Delhi for Kolkata and was assured that the consignment would be delivered after five days to my Kolkata address. But till date I have not received the materials,booked under : Consignment No. 10478, Date- 09/03/2015 Invoice Bill No. 10618, Date- 09/03/2015 On my several inquiries over telephone, always I have been given assurances that the materials will be delivered within next two-three days. But nothing has been done in this regard up till now. The help line of the company(9982562597) also could not help.

suni ahuja

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

i wanted to shift from Loni in pune to shirdi.The destination packers and movers staff from pune kept assuring that they would come to pack and move,however,didnot turn up for 2 days.My senior citizen father was alone waiting at the residence for them to come and pick the luggage.However,despite continuous phone calls for 2 days they didnot come.They kept saying they would reach in 2 hours,then in 3 hours ,then again in 2 hours.However,didnot come till 11pm on 29/04/2015.They finally said they would reach by 9.00am on 30/04/2015.Now the people are not even answering the phone calls.This is absolute harassment of customers.If a task is not achievable,the customer should be informed promptly.I would like to claim compensation against this mental harassment and false commitment by Destination packers and movers from pune,Mr.Sharma.The website is Kindly look into the complaint and help me with compensation.


Posted on Apr 27, 2015


Kumar Abhishek

Posted on Apr 26, 2015

I hired DHL packer and movers from mumbai to bring my bike from airoli, navi mumbai to gurgaon, haryana. They promised me to deliver the same within 4-5 days and now its been 9 days. They are not even answering my calls now and if they do they are just making exxuses and false promises. I would like to suggest everyone that never go for such unprofessional seevice peoviders. If i can then please let me know that how can i take action against them.

Manish Kumar

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I hired Agarwal packers and Movers for relocation from Mumbai to Gurgaon - GC number 4404920. It has been extremely painful expereince dealing with guys right since day 1. First they cheated us day of packaging where they promised to close all the stuff by 6 pm which they could do only by 10 pm after multiple followups. My goods arrived with multiple articles in broken condition and most importantly LCD screen was missing. It has now been more than 35 days i am yet to receive compensation for my LCD screen and all items which came in wretched condition. I would have wasted at least INR 5000 worth talktime calling them to settle and provide me adequate solution.


Posted on Apr 18, 2015

Dear Sir, I booked my houselod from gurgaon to Banglore through "1st sahara packers and movers" but they damaged my material in trnasportation worth Rs.25000/- and i applied for clain Rs.20000/- but earlier they were ready to pay half of the amount for my dmaged but now they are not responsing.I already sent written documnet to them but still they are not replying.Please help me in this matter.


Posted on Apr 15, 2015



Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Hv not yet received my Bill copy for material transfered from Goa to Pune & cost of my vehicle damaged intransit .... hv only consignor copy by which I cannot claim from my company which needs bill copy ... Hv been cheated from Ramesh Sharma excel packers & movers from goa , who gave all assurance of doing insurance at the time of loading my household items & the Bike & took 100% full amt , the said insurance amt included in the quotation ... vehicle had left from goa without insurance and Sharma made all reasons of giving next day the insurance without fail, Next day when I started following up for the insurance he said he was busy with his wife at GMC hospital & assured to send by mail & when i received my bike it was in damaged condition ... now the person neither giving my orginal bill copy nor compensating my damage .. he is 3rd grade cheap guy .. Mr Ramesh Sharma from Excel packers & movers


Posted on Apr 14, 2015

I, Mukesh Jha, transferred my household articles from ghaziabad to cochin, kerala through Sky Home Packers & Movers (Contact Person : S.S. Poonia (9323588099)) Transporter loaded goods at ghaziabad on 13th November, 2014 and told me that they would deliver goods on 23rd November, 2014, but after rigorously follow up with transporter, transporter delivered goods on 23rd December, 2014. they also misbehaved with me. Further they have charged insurance amount but not given me insurance. Total amount charged by transporter is Rs. 50000/-+ Insurance Rs. 1500/-+service Tax Rs. 6580/- in total Rs. 57000/-. I paid the whole amount i.e. Rs. 57000/- and they also compelled me to pay whole amount before delivery of goods and for this they mentally harassed me also. Some of the goods are missing and some of the goods are not in useable condition. following goods are missing: 1. Blanket 2. My wife jacket 3. my wife wedding lehanga 4. Bed sheets 5. flower vase 6. CAR STEPHNEY

N S Khamesra

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Sub.:- Voice / Financial Torture given by LEO WORLDWIDE PACKERS & MOVERS, CHENNAI in Transportation of house hold goods with M/C (bike) On 10/3/15, Sri Sanjay Sheoran, Marketing Executive of LEO WORLDWIDE PACKERS & MOVERS, CHENNAI came at our house to give the quot. No. 1121 for transportation with packing/unpacking, loading/unloading the house hold goods with bike from Chennai to Udaipur at Rs 30,000/- Lump-sum. Subsequently, while transporting 2nd consignment from our home to their Godown , they started demanding Octroi & insurance charges extra. As one consignment already reached to their godown, so, we bowed down. They charged Rs 4,500/- extra. Bill (no. 066), M.R (no. 049). & Consignment note (no. 091) generated/prepared by the official of M/S LEO on 14/3/15. Next day, the owner Sri Mukesh Poonia (mb. 9629096370) asked me (consignee) to transfer Rs.3,000/- extra + Rs 7,500/- (due to pay at Udaipur) in his bank a/c failing which the consignment will not be sen

Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Posted on Apr 05, 2015

ISARG Logistics Pvt. Ltd. - Fake and disgusting.I got my household stuff transferred from Delhi to Bangalore and to our utter surprise they did not delivered the stuff on time.After repeatedly calling them again and again, they delivered the stuff after 23 days and also not at our house.But we had to go to warehouse in Neel Mangla 50 km from our place and arranged the the truck to move at our own cost.And again to my disappintment when goods got delivered, many stuff got missing like Samsung 32''LED TV, bajaj mixer grinder, three celing fans, educational toys, and speakers. Also the goods damaged to a level it could not be repaired.My wife's almost 15 costly sarees got severly dampened due to water seepage into the briefcase and cartoons due to their negligence way of handling. The count of boxes was less than what we had loaded.After calling up Manager- Naresh Kumar (MobNo.+91-9212312347) told us this could not happen.I had paid him the complete amount.So strong action needed.

Dr Lokesh Kumar Gupta

Posted on Apr 05, 2015

Arun Kumar

Posted on Apr 04, 2015

Susovan Paul

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

I have opted for transport of goods from Thane (Mumbai) to Kolkata by Safe and Sure Logistics Packers and Movers. They have taken the goods on March 24, 2015 (documents are present for the same) and provided verbal assurance to deliver the goods to the required place within a maximum of 7 days from thence. Today is April 03, 2015 still the goods have not been delivered. I want reimbursement for the goods being kept for the extra number of days. Please assist for further proceedings.

Sonal Modi

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

Aggarwal movers and packers have destroyed are lots of items and stolen many .Please help


Posted on Mar 27, 2015

My name is Ratnakara Swain I recently moved from Kendrapara to Gwalior. I have booked Aggarwal packers&Movers a unit of DRS Logistice pvt Ltd Corp. office 3rd floor Kabra complex,61-M.G road,Secundrabad-500003,A.P india ph no-+914039818800/8811, shift my household goods from Kendrapara to Gwalior with GC No.4430659 on dated 16/03/2015. The goods cost will be around Rs. 1.20 lacs. An Estimation was given for all the household goods for Rs.30,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance on same date. The above deal was finalized by Mr.Manjeet with ph no-09337838210 and he was commented delivery on dated 24/03/2015 at Gwalior but Our Luggage has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. We have called a number of times to time Mr. Manjeet, Mr.Balbir and also to their Corp office Secundrabad but, their is no proper response. After 8 days,calling a number of Mr.Manjeet but he is not any given proper information.they spoke very harshly to us and We are calling them daily but they are not giving any status of our luggage. All this matter is causing a lot of disturbance and trouble to us and we are facing a lot of problem from 11 days because all our household goods including kitchen items,books, clothes and certificates related to past employers and important documents are all in them. We are forced to eat in hotels because all our cooking items are not yet transported. This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress and it is also disturbing my work. They are not conforming that I am forced to lodge a complaint against them.


Posted on Mar 21, 2015

Hi All, I am writing this mail because I don't want any person will be cheat by skwing packers movers like me.(Consignment number-8298) Around 3 month back I just shifted from Bangalore to Noida. That time I used the skywing Packers and Movers Services. First they delivered the my stuff after 1 month and Believe me they damaged the most of the house stuff. Even they didn't packed the my bed Mattress. Its totally damaged. First they will charge you like anything and once they receive the stuff and money and after that they will not talk to you. Up to Bottom all people are cheaters and liars in skywing Packer and Movers. Please beware with below GUYS and Skywing Packers and Movers. Initially they will talk in a very nice way and after that you will see the opposite behavior. I called him 100 time and till they not responding. Note=> Its doesn't matter you insured the stuff. They will say you will get in max 7 day but believe me you will never get i These are the cheaters

Jayesh Mangal

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

I get in touch with asia packers and movers via when I raised an inquiry for good transfer. The guy named Manish Agrawal contacted me and gave me a quotation (Verbally) of 9000 Rs to transfer my goods. He came and packed all goods and given me only two documents (list of good received) and a document mentioning the transfer from delhi to bhopal and 5000 advance. He also took my sign on an empty quotation form. Now after taking all my goods, he sent me a bill of 23000 asking to pay money online and then only he will transfer my goods. He is not even giving back my goods in delhi with packing and loading charges. Please help


Posted on Mar 13, 2015



Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Sir/Madam I booked a Sedan on 5th March,2015 for an emergency appointment with a doctor for my ailing mother at 6.00A.M and confirmed it by telephonic conversation at 10.30P.M previous day as it it is the case of medical emergency.Unfortunately, at 5.20 A.M I got a call that they are unable to provide me the same.At that early morning I am unable to arrange for an alternative so has to cancel the appointment. I was shocked at this Careless attitude of them after my repeated confirmation. I want immediate redress to my complaint.I am attaching supporting document for your kind perusal. Thanking You. Shaoli Sinha


Posted on Feb 26, 2015

I have shifted entier house goods from chennai to delhi through SAAI CARGO PACKERS &MOVERS on dated 14 January 2015. With 6-10 days delivery promise. But STILL NOT DELIVER.ITS BEEN 40 DAYS OVER.AND NO PARTICULAR RESPONSE BY THEM. I am force to spend mony for every day eating as my kitch entire good also with them. .plz help me to take back my good

Mohan Bankapur

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Dear Sir, We shifted from Vahera, Borsad taluka, Anand district, Gujarat to the above mentioned address on 21/o1/15. M/s Welcome India Packers & Movers, Baroda packed our residential material on 19/01/15 and delivered on 28/01/15. Without sensing something may be missing, I signed their paper ok. But when gradually unpacking come to know few materials missing. Called Satyendra, Bangalore dispatch person said, "now I'm in Rajasthan I will come after a month. Packers/Movers details: Baroda: (info:,0265-3294343, 9016944216. Bangalore: +917259731133, +919343901133. Though collected Insurance not mentioned on bill. thanking you, Mohan Bankapur 9742646200

Dhaval Dave

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Dear all, Can we file case against Shyama Packers ( ). As we have given our car for transporation from Kolkatta to Mangalore. All terms was clearly mentioned by me and my friend. That car will only comes in car carrier. First 75% of amount I will pay and then 25% at the time of car Delivery. Within 5 days Mr. Sujit Jha (+91 98300 22885, +91 983 047 6637, +91 983 027 6637, 033 3192 6637, called me and told me that car is reached Bangalore and if I will pay rest of 25% amount then only car start from Bangalore to Mangalore. Though I remind him what we decide still Mr. Sujit inisist that I am speaking lie. As a my goodness I paid rest of 25% amount. After that already another 5 days passed. Neither I received car, nor anyone is picking up phone call from Shyama Packers. If we call from our colleague number then they will pickup phone and disconnect phone call by telling that it will reach tomorrow. I want to file case against them


Posted on Feb 19, 2015

I would like to file a complaint against Fast Cargo Packers and Movers - I hired them to transfer some of my goods from Greater Noida to Bangalore. They collected it from me on 26th Jan telling me that it will be delivered in 10-12 days. Total cost of the goods were around 8000 Rs, with 3 cartons with house hold stuff, one airbag with clothes and one DTH antenna. First they told be that the goods will be delivered on 5th Feb. When I called up on 5th they said that truck has got spoilt in Hyderabad and it will come in 4 days. I call up after 4 days and they say it will come in 4 more days. I again call them and they say that my stuff was not in that truck and it has been sent in another truck. Until today I havent received my stuff and each time I call them they give some lame reason.I have lost hope of getting my stuff. I would like to file a complaint against them and claim for my damages. Please let me know the process for the same.

Debobeena Rakshit

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

I was transferred from Mumbai to Kolkata and booked Tirupati Balaji to pack and move my belongings from Mumabi to Kolkata quarters. They came on 9th Feb'15 and promised to reach things within 5-6 days meaning by 13-14th Feb. Today is 19th Feb, 11 days have passed and I still haven't received my goods. Nobody is answering now. I was informed the goods would arrive at 6:30PM. After waiting for the whole day, I called at 10:30pm, the Mumbai Branch Manager of Tirupati Balaji Packers, Shri Raghuraj Sharma, had the audacity to say please eat and sleep, and that they'll check on the status today. Even till 11am on 19th Feb, I haven't heard anything from anyone. I have almost brand new TV, washing machine, sofa sets and my car. They charged me 5000+additional service charge more than what they had quoted and encashed the cheque the very next day, but I'm still to hear from them. I had met with an accident and had to undergo surgery in Kolkata's CMRI, but I'm having to lie on the ground. Help!

Sanjay Rakshit

Posted on Feb 12, 2015


Posted on Feb 12, 2015

i was shifted from dehradun to kota 23/1/2015.i contact to mr ramkishan yadav (shivam best packers and movers).he committed that 4 to 5 days weiil shifted ur luggage at kota but after 25 days he is not able to shifted my luggage .and also not giving any response .i call him 100 times but he didn't reply .due to this i m not able to use my goods .all our cloth ,tv .and kitchen items in it.pls do needful.


Posted on Feb 11, 2015

we have booked Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore ( contact Agent: Md. Haleem) for shifting my luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad I face lot of problems poor service and troublesome behaviour 1) Not given insurance papers, already taken the cost for the same my induction got broked , not able to claim. 2) Asked for more money than what fixed as per discussions earlier , after my luggage got packed and loaded in truck and moved clear black mailing clients 3) Missed my Helmet , viper broom and told to deliver me and i m following up from 2 months for my helmet first 2 weeks no picking than blocking my numbers, after that i called from different numbers everyday they told they will deliver tomorrow or coming friday again no result,4) Few things are not covered with gelatin packing and carton due to material shortage at home promised me to pack it at there office and then send, nothing is done all unpacked items comes without packing and few got broken.


Posted on Feb 11, 2015

we have booked Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore ( contact Agent: Md. Haleem) for shifting my luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad I face lot of problems poor service and troublesome behaviour 1) Not given insurance papers, already taken the cost for the same my induction got broked , not able to claim. 2) Asked for more money than what fixed as per discussions earlier , after my luggage got packed and loaded in truck and moved clear black mailing clients 3) Missed my Helmet , viper broom and told to deliver me and i m following up from 2 months for my helmet first 2 weeks no picking than blocking my numbers, after that i called from different numbers everyday they told they will deliver tomorrow or coming friday again no result, even i asked to deliver the same at bangalore to my friends house i will take when i come to banglore from hyderbad, that also not done, every day same excuse we are busy will deliver Please never higher these packers

Sanjay Rakshit

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household belongings from Gurgaon to kolkata on 31st January 2015 through Agarwal Logistics & Packers. They provide me the quotation of Rs 23448. I made payment of Rs 18000 through chek which is already cleared in Bank. Few days back the company guy Mr Vinay ( phone no 9212166643 & 9891266111) send me a bill of Rs 36998 by mail and asked me to complete rest of the payment. I was shocked by seeing the bill. It shows octroi bill 9000 and others 1500. I asked for octroi bill and said that i will pay entire money while i get the bill. But he insist me that first i need to submit the full payment. Thats why i make rest of the payment as i did not have second choice. Though i make complete payment but still they are not delivering the material. I called him every day. he said that it will deliver tomorrow. But all fake commitment. Even i asked for local person with whom i can co-ordinate. But he is not giving any information. Now he is not picking my call. I am ve

Srinivasarao Allada

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

in oct 14 i have shifted my goods from hyderabad to pune. there were somany damages. fridge, coolers, computer table. But they are not not responding. as of now there is no response and they are saying that i have not declared my goods cost. if that is the case why they have shifted my goods with out any declaration this is completely cheating

Arpana Rai

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

This is Arpana Rai who moved her belongings from Bangalore to Mumbai as on 25th December 2014. There are few items which was missing when i received the things in Mumbai and I have complained about it several times but no action is being taken since this is 2nd month since goods were transferred. Also have spoken to Vikram Singh Rathod and Marketing guys but there is no response and action from them. Lot many things were destroyed during transfer of goods and all glass items were broken into pieces. Please help me with my concern as soon as possible and return my things which has not reached my place.

A M Sunil

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

Devesh Rathore

Posted on Feb 02, 2015

Hi, I booked my shifting of my house holding from DLF Home Packers & Movers from Kolkata to Pune on 30 Oct 2014. I received my good on last week of December in pune but I found item no 19, mattress worth (7000) was missing. I contact many times with the DLF but they just replied they will enquire about it. I am yet receive any update about it. Kindly register mine complain against them. Thanks Devesh

Shariq Hoda

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

I had engaged the company for shifting of household goods (GC No.4387219) and car from Mumbai to Patna. The goods were dispatched on Nov 15 were received on Nov 25 while the car dispatched on Nov 11 is yet to be received. The experience was horrible. The contact person of the company in Patna, Shri Pandey refused to reassemble the TV cabinet and fix the dining table. Apart from that several damages listed below may be noted. 1. Three legs of sofa set have been damaged and scratches in sofa (insured for Rs.10000/-) 2. Deep stratches in Godrej almirah (insured for Rs.12000/-) and in doublebed (insured for Rs.6000 / -) 3. Cracks in shoerack (insured for Rs.10000/-) 4. Damages in TV cabinet (insured for Rs.10000/-) 5. Holes in doublebed mattress (insured for Rs.3000/-) 6.Scratches in Samsonite strolley bag (insured for Rs.25000/-) It has been over a month since i forwarded the complaint mail. However, I have not received any update with regard to payments for damages and delays.

sandeep sharma

Posted on Jan 22, 2015


Posted on Jan 15, 2015

I received short receipt and damage of House Hold Article during Shifting from Mumbai to Chennai, I made written complaint to Packers and Movers (M/s. Chennai Packers and Movers Limited) and not received any response for late 10 Months and like to take legal proceeding and look for your service

vipul mehta

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

I recently moved from Bangalore to Rajasthan and hired Dlf Transport for moving my belongings and paid them in advance for moving unloading and unpacing but they delayed in shipping by a week and didn't provide me unloading service I was told by mr. Deepak a workman of Dlf Transport company that they will refund me the money and now after my goods reached me they started to ignore me and today Mr deepak told me that he won't return me my money

sanjeev singh

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

Bad service agarwal packers and movers. If material damage.


Posted on Jan 09, 2015

Recently i shifted my car and households through this packers from Jharli, Jhajjar to Chennai. He has driven my car 1000 KM extra and damaged the car front like bumper, radiator abd front bed. At present my car is in garage. This is costing me almost Rs 25000 to 30,000. I paid extra for the transit insurance also.The packer is not responding my call, since i have paid his all dues. I request your help in this regard. Their Phone No 098717185001, 09717220064. Their Bank account : VIJAYA BANK, palam vihar branch Account No: 832400301000028 Name: Deep Packers and Movers. Person Name: Radha Shyam and Ashok

Sandeep Jaiswal

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

I had sent a courier (AWB No. - 429432208) from Gurgaon to Mumbai on 6th Jan 2015 using "TRACKON COURIERS PVT. LTD". The item was an envelop containing money (Rs. 830). However, when the item reached the destination, the envelop contained only Rs. 20. The envelop was unstapled and the money was taken out from it during the transit process. I tried to contact the customer care through phone & email, but did not get any response.

Maynk Vijay

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

sushovan samadder

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

I have not received half of the house hold items that were sent through Fedex Home Packers and movers sec 9-10 chowk, basai chowk, jhajjar road gurgaon phone 0124-3259789, 9555128290, on 17/09/2014. even after a long wait, calls and emails they have just not responded correctly and now think they have stolen my goods.the good s are valued at 50000 and my compensation claim is also 50000. the website of the company is contact person is surendra singh phone-8901513577, 9990325777. docket no. is 3011

vijay chopra

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

Dear sir last weak iam bag dispatched to through Jaipur golden tpt gr no 379-147181 dated 23-12-14 but goods short received in Ahmadabad iam submit my compliant Jaipur golden office faridabad & Ahmadabad both branches but not get any response & Jaipur golden office staff hardly abuse language use with me I hope you take action in this regards thanks & regards vijay chopra mobile no 9953339661


Posted on Jan 01, 2015


Ravi Kumar V

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

I have ordered a Bosch Tool kit on 16th December and they given the estimate delivery date is 23rd December. But I checking the Delhivery courier tracking page, it shows they received the consignment 19th December itself. After that they are circulating the consignment within the Bangalore. Still I am not get the product.

subhasis gupta

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

Recently I have moved my residence from Dubai to Bahrain. Still I am having my company and resident permit in UAE. For this move I have contracted M/s Writers International in Dubai. At the time of delivery in Bahrain I have found lot of items are broken & seriously damaged. This is happened due to wrong packing and stuffing into containers. I have raised this issue with the company but no action has been taken. I have settled all the payment before the shipment moved from UAE. They are now asking me to pay additional storage charges and insurance premium for my car and holding the shipment. This additional charges occurred due to delay from their end.Now I am being penalised because of their mistake. Would request strong intervention from the right authority against them and not recommend anyone to use their services which is totally unethical and unprofessional.

Ankit Jain

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

I selected Agarwal Logistics Packers and Movers and Mr. Vinay (Phone: 09871346002) is the representative from the company. We asked them to move my items on the 22nd of November, 2014 from Gurgaon he assures us that the above items will be delivered to the shipping address(Bangalore) within 5-7 days in good condition still waiting for my items to be delivered. The entire amount of 10500 Rupees was paid to him in cash. Everytime I call him and he is saying it's in transit. Now he is not picking my call. Please help and take some action against this guy.

Vinod Chourasiya

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

Souvik Ghosal

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

DHL packers owner V. K singh (022) 32261077 Plot No 07, Office No 202, 2nd Floor Krishi Bhawan, Above Visawa Hotel, Sector 19c, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703 Mobile: 9321506777Contact Person: JitendraArea: Navi MumbaiWebsite: www.dhlmovers.comEmail: Address: Office No. 202, 2nd FloorPlot No. 7, APMC Market, Sector 19-C, Vashi, Krishi Bhavan, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai - 400705 These guyz specially the manager - Satbir Singh makes a lot of promises but false ones. Dont fall for their marketing gimmick. There is always material short supply and a lot of damges with these guys and they never deliver on their promises spceially on the insurance part. Once you pay the full money u will never be able to get hold of Satbir Singh ( 9029084777) again. Very very poor service to the extent of cheating.

Kailash Nath

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Search Best packing moving is not easy talk go with


Posted on Dec 08, 2014

sir, mene apna ghar ka saman ek movers and packers ke through apne village bhijwaya the sir sir wo sare paise le chuka hai or saman bhi aaj usko saman liye hue 12 din ho chuke hai , wo sirf phone se baat karta hai samne nehi ata sir wo hume jhasa de raha hai sir meri madad karo sir me akela pad gaya hun kuch din me meri behan ki shadi hai sir , police bhi keh rahi hai hum kuch nehi kar sakte isme sir please meri madad kare movers and packers ka naam ( agarwal (india) movers&packers hai sir , aap meri akhri umeed hai sir please help me

Mayukh Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 07, 2014

We selected Agarwal Logistics Packers and Movers to move the following items on the 24th of November, 2014. 1. 1 cane study table, 2. 1 small cane bookshelf 3. 1 255 litres Samsung double door fridge 4. A mahagony coffee table Mr. Vinay (Phone: 09871346002) assured us that the above mentioned items will be delivered to the shipping address (as below) within 5-7 days in good condition. The shipping address is B-14/341, Kalyani township, District Nadia, West Bengal. The entire amount of 12000 Rupees was paid to him in cash. However on inquiry, he is now saying that 'we shoudl go to hell' and forget about our shipment. He is extremely rude and uncooperative. Kindly help us.


Posted on Dec 02, 2014

SUB : NON RECEIPT OF COURIER AT KOLKATA (20/11/14) Dear Sir, On 20th November, 2014, I had booked one parcel from Ghaziabad (UP) to Kolkata in the name of Mrs. Anushree Dutta, vide Docket No.F08433308 [scanned copy attached herewith). At the time of booking, the concerned executive Mr. Yogesh assured me that the parcel will be delivery within 2 to 3 days. But till date the said parcel did not reached at its destination, even after a span of 9 days. From the day of 24th Nov-2014, your tracking system shows the parcel has been delivered without delivering it on the address mentioned thereon. The delivery boy Mr. Subrata chakraborty, who did not even have the sense of talking to a customer, reveals that he could found the address and hence sent to your Kolkata office. This is not a well practise, for a world reputed concern like DTDC. I try to contact all the levels / branches, both Ghaziabad & Kolkata, (vide telephone numbers like 7278809736 of Subrata Chakroborty,

prakash patel

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

I have ordered Philips trimmer machine on Paytm site and allready paynent was dohe.the approximate delivery date is 28.11.2014 But till date the shipment is not received.and when I complaints booked on bluedart customer support team , response is not received regarding shipment.

Sangeeta Verma

Posted on Nov 28, 2014

Network Home Packers & Movers, Nrol, Ahmedabad has booked my Household goods worth 2+ Lakh from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad on 15/11/2014 and till now not delivered in Hyderabad. They are not replying on calls, all cell no. given are switched off. Abused on calls and asked to launch FIR. Seems like they have no intentions to deliver our goods and we have been cheated by them. Need HELP!

Subhadip Dutta

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Global Packways had transported my goods from Durgapur (West Bengal) to Bangalore back in September 28, 2014. The goods reached Bangalore on Oct 09, 2014. I had many things including a computer table that was made of plywood. This particular table was totally damaged and I had sent them emails with photographs of the damages done. Somebody had even come for an inspection of the damaged table, and had informed me that the table would be replaced as it could not be repaired. I have followed up immense number of times since then for a reimbursement, especially since I had paid a good amount as insurance for the transported goods. However, Global Packways has not cooperated with me and is not responding to my calls and emails. Please help me since they are not willing to give me a reimbursement for the damaged table.

vivek singh

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Myself vivek singh,Dy. Comdt.,210 COBRA Bn,CRPF. I recently moved from pinjore (Haryana) to Darrang(Assam) and booked Eagle Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. (2237,1st Floor, Pipli Wala Town, Manimajra,Chandigarh)to shift my household goods to Darrang (Assam) on dtd 30/09/2014. I have already paid Rs.33,988/- including insurance cost in advance to Mr. Sanjay. The Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But, were not sent till today. I have called a number of times to the staff, but, their is no proper response. They promised me the delivery of my house hold goods within 10 days but till date, not received same, Also whenever I called them, every time they say it is in transit and will reach in 1-2 days. All this matter is causing a lot of problem because all of our household goods are with them. This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress hence forced to lodge complaint .

Anooj Garg

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

Dear Sir, I hired the Agarwal D2D packers & Movers to shift my household material from Mumbai to Dehradun on 31 Oct 2014 but still am not getting my material and nobody pickup the phone. I am trying all numbers of that concern company but am not getting any updates. What should i do how i get my material. Thanks & Regards Anooj Garg 9897391693

Narayan Ramachandran

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

Our good got delivered on the 11th but the delivery guys could not assemble the bed and they mentioned that a carpenter would come and help. I have been following up with Agarwal packers customer care and they have been moving me around for the past 4 days. I am looking for a quick resolution with the bed being assembled. Thanks


Posted on Nov 14, 2014

Brahmanand mishra

Posted on Nov 10, 2014


Posted on Nov 03, 2014

hired agarwal movers (DRS) group for shifting from chandigarh to lansdowne.Didnt sent people to unload the goods and glass top also broken ,now not picking my calls.totally distressed with thier callous behaviour.

Ravi Prateek

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

COMPLAINT AGAINST BLUE DART COURIER Way bill no. 59368722965 this product has reached jammu on body came to deliver the product yet they updated status of the product on web site as consignee refused to accept the product..being upon queried for the product the courier office is sayin that they have misplaced the parcel...please look into the matter and take necessary action with regards ravi prateek

nishu gunjan

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

To transfer my household items, i had hired Paradaise Packers and Movers from Delhi to hajipur Bihar on October 14th. The delivery reached bihar, hajipur on October 28th, they were mentioned the total charges including loading and unloading charges on 2nd floor to 2nd floor, but they delivered my all items in front of my ground floor My items was damage & stolen / Missing. My washing machine, vessel stand, and back part of my wooden almira are missing. At the time of loading all paradaise group promise me that all items will reach safely and no need of insurance and also we provide good quality of packing with new materials, but the packing was too bad. They all are big cheater. When I spoke to the concerned person, firstly nobody is lifting my phone and if i called different number they dont give any satisfactory answer. I have original bill of my all thing. I am frustrated Plz advice me.


Posted on Oct 30, 2014

I had hired Aggarwal Logistics Packers and Movers for shifting Material from Bangalore to Coimbatore on September 29th. The delivery, which was promised on October 1st, reached Coimbatore on October 14th, which we were okay with in the first place. - 1 item (Shoerack) was missing. - 1 item was dismantled and all the screws are missing. It was originally promised that the Aggarwal people would assemble it in CBE as well, but that did not materialize. Now the wardrobe is just lying as planks at home. - 1 table was dismantled and broken, though I had repeatedly asked them not to dismantle the table. They offered just INR 3,200 in terms of the claim amount, which I did not accept. Beyond that, I have not been able to get a reply from them. Today when I spoke to the concerned person, Narendra, he asked me to go ahead and file a complaint if I felt like and take legal action. I am frustrated that the I am unable to claim insurance for which I have paid. Plz advice


Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Amit Srivastava, As per my telephonic conversation with you today, i would like to inform you that I have been facing a lot of harrasment from the above said company since last 3 months. Due to my unemployment, I kept my household goods to his godown for 15 months and for that he asked me initially 500-1000 Rs per month which they forced to Rs.22000 finally by taking advantage of my crisis. They have taken full truck payment but send through part load after two months from payment and i found lots of my household are not reached like my new LED TV, carton boxes with utensils, dining table 2 chairs, baby cycle, plastic gamlas, shoe rack etc. After receiving my part material, i continuously followed up with that man and every time he gave a new date and now finally today he denied to return my material with a very rude behavior. I am not a financially strong man to fight but i am sending this message for a justice from your end. name of that person is Santosh Kumar Gupta.


Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Here is the detail with contact number I took service of this packers & Movers(Ashish International) for my transfer from Pune to Bangalore on April of 2011. I paid all the amount for that service before leaving pune. It took around 15 days for getting the goods. Few goods were lost or missing. As per our discussion he had to refund some balance. We also had one Window AC which he kept it with him and commited to refund total Rs 7000 After I called him so many times. He told that he will be depositing the money soon. He kept on saying the saying the same for 2 yrs. Then at last he threatene that, dont call me again, i am not going to pay your money. Do whatever you want. He given 2-3 times threatenin. Now He is not picking my call at all. I have enough proof to prove this things. Since I am staying now at Bangalore, I cant lodge a complaint against him in local police station. Person name- Ashish Agarwal Address(mentioned in bil) -Shop no-13, Shwetayan appt, Pimple gaurav, Pune-2

sourabh sharma

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir, We had hire a service from om bano packers and movers, gurgaon fro transport of our household items. Initialy when we have discussed with party than they were agreed to transport our items in a price value of 16,000/- including loading, unloading and packing and a insurance of 1 lakh on a separate vehicle for all items. but when they loaded half items than they told us the price value for this will increase about 3000/- and if you will not paid we will not export your items properly. Because of urgency we had paid the amount of 2500/- and after the delivery we found that items was send from a different transportation in a part load with other laggage. They had taken approx. four days. when the truck was reached at gorakhpur than they told that your place is around 80 km far from as you have mentioned in our letter and they again demand to increase the price of around 4500/- for additional km. when the truck came to our place we found the address was same.


Posted on Oct 22, 2014

We have moved to Chennai from Hyderabad and sent our goods through Indian Cargo Packers & movers ( Ph. no 08094919964 LR No.729) on 18.10.2014 evening. They have promised to deliver it by 21.10.2014 morning but we did not receive. After many calls we have been told that due to Vehicle breakdown we would receive by 21.10.2014 morning but till now we have not received. Today, 22.10.2014, when called them they spoke rudely saying they would deliver whenever its possible for them and asked not to call them. We are scared that our goods would not be delivered, even if we receive goods we fear that they might behave indecently with my wife in absence. Please take some action on them.


Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have hired a kartik and kulwinder tpt for delivery my household and car from jammu to belgaum.when i have recieved my car(verna),the rear bumper was having many scratch and torned.when the vehicle was handed over to me at belgaum.i have called up the owner of transport agency to repair my vehicle or give me the money for repair.Now he is telling that my vehicle is insured so i can claim my money from there,which is absolutely wrong.i have paid him 62000 rs out of 72000.10000 rs is still pending on me.but the vehicle repair cost is going 15000 approx.i have handed over my vehicle to him without car conditioning at he not recieving my phone call nor giving any response.please help me out how to get my vehicle repair money from him.your kind action and support will help me perform ny duties peacefully.


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I booked my house hold goods on 08/10/2014 from Delhi - Purnea, Bihar by visiting Anup,8802302570 from that company called me and finalized cost @17000 out of which I paid 12000, rest will be paid at delivery point. After 2 days he called me and threatened me to pay 14500 more otherwise I will not get my goods. After negotiation on 13/10/2014 I paid 7500 to SBI A/C 20112633585, that was registered with Name - Ajay s/o krishan kumar, V.P.O.KHARAR.ALIPUR.HISSAR CANT,Haryana,IFS CODE SBIN008015. Now he is not responding. I called Ishwar 9312721136 who collected my goods but he replied rudely that dont call me just talk with Anup. I am not responsible for that and disconnected my call. I have all proof related to receipt and payment.


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

&#8203;I agreed with Jagan, I used theor service to move my HOuse hold stuffs from Mumbai to Delhi in August. This Prudential Packers is not a trust worthy company. His owner or employee what Mr RAJ SHARMA call him self is only responsive till you give him full amount that too in advance. He blackmailed me and taken extra 8000 from what I had paid as total amount already in advance. He didnt delivered the stuffs without taking extra money. There were luggage missing from my packets as well. He never responded to me after that. I have full messages history saved with me as proof if any body want to see.&#8203;NEVER USE PRUDENTIAL PACKERS AND MOVERS, THEY ARE CHEAT AND THIEF.&#8203; Reagrds,SOURABH


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I am referring my detailing with Saharapackers (http://www.saharapackers.) Pune. Mr. Sunil Sharma(09312937553) is a big cheater. I booked my Household items movement form Pune to Ghaziabad. My items was damage & stolen / Missing. When I contacted to these people (Mr. Sunil Sharma(09312937553)) he said youre missing item will come through a different truck & you will receive in net 2 days & on damage you will get your claim. Now its more than 4 months, Im getting dates only ..infect these days nobody is lifting my phone . I called to Bangalore office (so called head office ) bt. They also said they cannot do thing I need to talk in Pune office only .

sunil kumar bali

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Sir, i book reliable movers and packers to shift my household stuff and car from mumbai to jammu.These people are cheat. Its been coming to a month my stuff is not delivered. Mr.naresh is the person behind this deal.I am feeling helpless. please advice what should i do?

Surender Nitharwal

Posted on Oct 12, 2014

I am registering my complaint against Sahara Domestic & International Movers & Packers Pvt Ltd. Bangalore with Service Tax code No. AAQCS2366CSD001. I confirmed this company to relocate my household items (total 73 articles) from Bangalore to Ahmedabad. A person named Vijay from this company came to my house and gave me quotation (no. 033111). His personal who came to pack and load my households gave me a Challan with Consignment Note no. 16140 specifying paid amount as Rs. 10,000/- and To pay balance as Rs. 18,953/- and initiated shipping of my households. The shipping date of consignment was 01/10/2014 and Mr. Vijay told me that my consignment will be delivered by 11/10/2014. Now, few days back when I call Mr. Vijay (9343994333) he informed me that my consignment is on hold at Bangalore itself and as soon I will pay total balanced amount in advance they will start further shipping to Ahmedabad. They are blackmailing me. Help me in delivering my households as agreed with company.


Posted on Oct 12, 2014

The Agarwal D2D Consignment Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., has taken my consignment for Bangalore from Mumbai.Company committed for 4 days delivery. But delivered after 12 days. No response for followups. The call center is waste of time. Behaviour and response is untollarable. My Fridge and TV and Pureit got damage. No response from the concerned person from the company. I will suggest never choose the company for any services.

Ankit Goel

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I have Choosen "Asia Mover and Packer" to relocate my goods from Ghaziabad To Bangalore. They forcibly took from me Rs. 8000 extra. ALso, they have stolen my goods say One Bag of Clothes, One Blanket, One Press etc. I want to file complaint against them. Their Website is : Adress : Shop No- B24, Ground Floor, Opp- Yamaha Showroom, Sector-5, Gurgaon(HR.) Contact No - 08800124273 Please help. Thanks, Ankit


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear sir, I have raised my query for Packing,Transporting,Loading and Unloading of my Household goods from Salem to Chennai through your website. Mr.Suresh has given be the quote which is being attached. He has committed that he will deliver my goods to Gurgaon with 7-8 working days(In Chennai Packers and Movers Letter Pad). And he has committed Dedicated Vehicle-Fullload(Eicher Vehicle-LCV) also. Mail attached. The consignment was booked on 28th of September from Salem. Details of Booking: Consignment no: 7862 Booked by:Mr.Suresh,Salem During booking also, he has signed and given the delivery days of 7-8 days. But, i have not received the goods till date in Gurgaon. When i called up suresh several times, he has not picked up my call even once for the past 1 Week. When i called up your help no 044-26503011, they told me that the vehicle left only yesterday from Chennai. When i called up your dispatch helpline, they answered arrogantly.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear sir, I have raised my query for Packing,Transporting,Loading and Unloading of my Household goods from Salem to Chennai through your website. Mr.Suresh has given be the quote which is being attached. He has committed that he will deliver my goods to Gurgaon with 7-8 working days(In Chennai Packers and Movers Letter Pad). And he has committed Dedicated Vehicle-Fullload(Eicher Vehicle-LCV) also. Mail attached. The consignment was booked on 28th of September from Salem. Details of Booking: Consignment no: 7862 Booked by:Mr.Suresh,Salem During booking also, he has signed and given the delivery days of 7-8 days. But, i have not received the goods till date in Gurgaon. When i called up suresh several times, he has not picked up my call even once for the past 1 Week. When i called up your help no 044-26503011, they told me that the vehicle left only yesterday from Chennai. When i called up your dispatch helpline, they answered arrogantly. I would like to go legal.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

3 chairs cooking luggage stand water tank 2 buckets missed and 50% luggafge brakdown during transportation

Sudipta Sarkar

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly help me for the following issue, I had given my Moter Bike (Yamaha Fazer) to Agrawal Express Packers and Movers (Contact No. 8100366001)on 14th September 2014 to dispatch it from Madhyamgram to Mumbai but still till today it has not reached Mumbai and when I am calling the concern person of packers and Movers he is giving me excuses and is not exactly telling me the current status of my bike. He has already taken full amount i.e Rs.4300 plus travel insurance amount of the bike Rs.750 and has given me a bill but not any insurance papers, I came to know from some other sources that the bill i have received is fake. Kindly help me on this issue as I also went to the Police Station to lodge a FIR but they said this case comes under consumer forum, so I am submitting this complaint please help me.

K C Chacko

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

I sivin K C has assigned my belongings to indigo cargo to Deliver it from Delhi to Kannur to my father and paid them Rs 14000/- in cash. The things were given to them on 25th July 2014 they have promissed me that they would deliver it maximum with in 20 days but still today my father has not received the things. the company is not picking the calls or not even giving any proper answer. the above address and phone numbers are of the company you can contact my father on 9495150049. My fathers address Kunnandathu (h)< Chungakkunnu PO, Kannur Kerala 670651


Posted on Oct 04, 2014

Worst ever service, i booked my house hold items on 07th Sep, when they pack guy Punya talk nicely and Glass board packed in cotton box and said "Sir don't worry we only will load your items in Mumbai and our person will deliver in Bangalore", never and ever trust these guys, they gave all items to worst ever Blue dart courier, now after all follow ups they partially delivered of completely they break my Glass board and all boxes open, My bed completely drenched and still they didn't deliver my items, when i call that idiot punya never answer my calls, Prem guy will pick my call and say "Sir when he comes i will tell him to call" Prashant patil never reply emails, Blue dart guys never reply for emails and when call call customer care center the hold my call for long... Guys never use this people service. worst ever guys.... Worst service people nos- 02249177984/7498901010/9004974985

Sanjay Sharma

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

Hi, I have transfered my house hold thing from Sanikmovers and packers from Bangalore to Gurgagon on 13 August 2014. when my house hold thing were reached at Gurgagon they are in very bad condition some of my major item got damaged. they have not removed the Cartoon boxes ,they simply through thing no company member reached to unload iteam.They have done the insurance for my house hold thing and the Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But, those papers were not sent till today. they have taken my BIKE RC and insurance on the time of loading but now they have not retun my Bike RC and Insurance. I called to Mr. Vikram 9019755575 many time but getting no proper response.on the time of deal they promise me that they will do the loading and unloading of the house holding items but all these commitment was wrong.This is one of the worst company no one take his own responsibility. I never recommend these movers and packers for any one.


Posted on Sep 22, 2014

I had shifted my house goods on 21 Aug 2014 through Vijay packers from chennai to secunderabad & Consignee no.1826. As per list all boxes received but at the time packing that cunning workers not put some costly items inside the box. After the verification my side then only i know some items missing. Kids toys brand new worth Rs. 2500/- , bike's side box and stone (For usage of masala mixtur). I called to chennai branch Mr. Anikumar and he replied "This your fault your have watch carefully, we are not responsible for that, But your stone only available with our godowm, that we will arrange to send". But still no proper response for my remaining items...? i planned to share with my friends and neighbours through facebook, twitter, you tube and web. about very poor and worst service of Vijay packers to avoid undeceive situation.


Posted on Sep 21, 2014

Recently relocated from Jamnagar to Chennai. All major items (Royal enfield bullet, Mountain bike, dining table, shoe rack etc) damaged due to mishandling of vinayak movers & packers. 2. Car transported with scratches on rear bumper. 3. Delivered items at 12:00AM 4. promised that the a closed container(quotation was prepared accordingly) will be sent till house with seal on lock but items received in an open container. 5. Few dialogue by the shifters (PERSON 1"KEEP THE ITEMS PROPERLY", THE RESPONSE BY PERSON 2 ("LET THE ITEMS BREAK") 6. Insurance provided thru mail but named me wrong. When asked responded that the corrected copy will be provided in hard copy while unloading. 7. No branches of Vinayak cargo packers & movers in Chennai. 8. During quotation stage it was clearly told by me that 50% of amount be paid on unpacking thru chk only. 9. The person who came to unpack demaded for 7000rs by cash which was against the agreed discussion. The experience is endless


Posted on Sep 17, 2014

sanik pakers movers sarvice very bad ,ye log 3 months pehle shift kraya tha na hi box leker gay or refund bhi nahi kar rahe kafi time se phone kar rahe hai muger koi l lrespons nahi koi lene nahi aata phone bhi kat kar dete hai banglour

Shiju ML

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

I have ordered a product through online shopping site and the sent the product through DTDC courier service with consignment number P28776109. When tracking it shows the product arrived at trivandrum facility on 09/09/2014, but I haven't received the product till 09/17/2014. I tried to contact them, but they are not answering. Please do the needful.

rakhi rai

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

hi i hired a packers and movers from sahibabad up and they have tirned out to be fraud.

vipul kumar

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

Hi , I send my entire household items from Chennai to Hyderabad through New city packers and movers .It was told to me that any how on Saturday items will be delivered but still I have not got my items and after repetitive calls also they are not picking up calls .If my friends call from Chennai then he quickly responds after knowing they are calling on my behalf then he tells it will be delivered and drops the phone. Really I am facing a lot of trouble so I request you please see that the problem is solved as soon as possible . I have paid all amount in advance itself .

Shashwat Singh

Posted on Sep 07, 2014

I was moving from Mumbai to Delhi so I hired Royal Logistics and Packers to pack and move my goods. I its been a month I have no idea where are my things. Every time I call they give some excuses.Recently they are saying that the goods have reched Delhi. But when I call there Delhi office they keep on postponing the date. They have taken all the amount and not yet delivered the goods. Its been more than a month and goods are still with them(I hope). there website is : Delhi address: Rawalpinadi Garden, Chikamberpur, Delhi UP Border, Ghaziabad- 201006 Please Help me with this.It's really frustrating.

K Kartick

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

I wish to submit a complaint against the following movers and packers company for damaging and losing my articles during a recent transportation of my goods from Delhi to Calcutta in July 2014, as well as ignoring and not answering all my calls regarding compensation for the same. Aakash International packers & Movers Regd. Office : B-29 A Aakash House Street No-8, Bhagar Sing Marg, Block B&C Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi (INDIA) Phone : (011) 6517 0351, 0352 Mobile : 98187 86823, 93136 46507 Email :, Website :

Abhra Chatterjee

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

I have engaged Sainik Packers and Movers for shifting my goods from Bangalore to Kolkata. They had picked up my goods from Bangalore on 5th Aug, 2014 and had promised to deliver the goods at Kolkata within 10 days. But I am yet to receive the goods. Despite my continuous followup, there is no response from them. They lie about the delivery date and have even stopped taking phone calls from me. I am now afraid about the security and condition of my goods. The agency have been callous and dishonest in their approach. I have already made the payments to them. I feel cheated and hence would like to lodge a complaint with you. Please find the details of the agency as under: Name - Sainik Packers and Movers. Address: - 165, 4 Cross, 3 Main, Kalasipalyam New Extn, Bangalore - 560002. Name of Owner - Mr Rathod. Contact - 09019755575/ 09066806975.

Tonmoy Sadhukhan

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

My name is Tonmoy sadhukhan residing at Bhangore bazarpara,dist-24 parganas south,743502 and me and my friend Malcom lazarus went for a bike ride to LEH ladakh on 30th June,2014. After the trip of Ladak, me & my friend left our motorcycles with Mr. Vinay of Agarwal Logistics who promised to load the 2 motorcycles by 20th July,14. Mr vinay's personal number::09871346002 We have called the point of contact of this company and called several times but the answer is same.They are saying they do not know the proper status of the motorcycles.they are abusing us and disconnecting the phone calls.we send the email but no reply. Still today there is no proper news of our motorcycles.. Phone calls have gone unanswered but every-time when call has been made through new no. then it has been answered & if any query is made over the phone, then we get to hear abusive words & moreover threats have been given like ,if they don't send the motorcy

Kiran Ghadge

Posted on Aug 26, 2014

I dispatched my dismantled Bicycle (Montra Blues) in 3 packages from Pune to Bengaluru on 11 August,2014 through Active Cargo Movers and Packers. We paid the entire amount of Rs.2700/- charged by them, which included insurance cover of Rs.10,000/-. The bicycle was supposed to be delivered on Thu 14 August, 2014, but it has not been delivered yet. I have tried calling them several times so far, but now they just ignore my calls. The Active Cargo executive answered my call only when I called from a different number. All I get from him are lame assurances that it will be delivered soon. The name of the Active Cargo executive is probably Ravindra Bharadwaj. Their phone nos. are 020-32918912, 9372288912, 9860388912. Their website is . The name of their delivery agent in Bengaluru is supposedly Anil. His phone no. is 9342969797. Please help me get my bicycle safely.

Mukesh Harshwal

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Respected Sir, I took services of Associated Packers & Movers for moving my house hold from Trivandrum to Pune for joining new job in Pune. I book.ed my luggage on 27 July 2014 and said to them that after finding a flat there I inform you the address. They gave me quotation of 24,200 Rs.I paid 10000 Rs in cash and gave a cheque of 14,200 Rs dated for 1st September 2014. They agreed on these and said don't worry after informing address we send your your households within 2 days.I formed them address on 10th August 2014 and they said they will send it soon. After 3 days I called them for the status. One person named as Ashok no is(07736916099) told me that you have to pay remaining amount in cash otherwise we are unable to send the consignment.I said I'll pay after the delivery but they became rude and misbehaved on phone.I was helpless so I asked for account details.They shared me SURESH BABU Acc. No 05610100012054 Bank of Baroda Kalmassery Earnakullam. I transferred remaining amount 14,200 by online banking(INB/NEFT/AXIR/142267150944) on 14th August 2014 . Now more than a week is over,they are not receiving call and I am helpless. I am facing many problems and these people are not doing anything.I contacted to their Coimbatore office,they are saying different different things everytime. I am sending their other details please help me: Associated Packers & Movers Coimbatore 0422-2648527.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

t happen to be the fact that we had to keep our house materials with AGARWAL EXPRESS RELOCATION SERVICES PVT. LTD. at Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, Their official address is: Near Rajkumar Samadhi Transport Nagar, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560022 Their bills do not have their address.Our stuffs were kept with Agarwal Express Relocation Services Pvt. Ltd. when we were outside.They theft off most expensive materials like LED TV of 63inches, Microwave oven, Induction heaters, some imported utensils. While taking the payment, they said that all the materials are in proper condition and nothing is missing and collected the payment of Rs.3,10,000.00/-. After which at the time of delivery they said large TV of 63 inches, costing around Rs.89,000.00/- purchased on 2011, is kept at warehouse and will come to us soon in 5 days time- which apparently have never appeared yet even after 3 months.While mentioning about seeking legal help, they started threatening from that point onwards.

Bindu Mohan

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

I have availed the service of Alfa Logistics Packers andMovers, Bommanahalli, Bangalore to ship my household items from Bangalore to Trivandrum on August 5th 2014. The concerned person(Raju) promised us that the load will reach by August 9th, 2014. Nearly 11000 was paid while loading and the remaining amount of nearly 4000 was promised to be paid at the time of unloading. Till today the load hasn't reached us. Whenever we call them, they disconnect the call by seeing my number. If we try to call from some other number, they will disconnect the call when they come to know that it is me. I called just dial bangalore(who has recommended Alfa as one of the packers and movers available in Bangalore) and asked them to conference me with Raju. He said that it will reach us on Aug 18th. Today is 21st and till now it hasn't reached us. I had a very bad experience with them. I do not recommend them to anybody. I want to complaint against them and teach them a lesson. Please do the needful.


Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Hi, Myself Shreedhar sahoo. I have received my goods on 08-May-2014 which I have moved from Pune to Bhubaneswar on 06-Apr-2014 through VN Relocation & Logistics Packers and Movers. Out of my 19 Particular Items, I have received 18 items where ever one item is missing and 3 items are damaged. Missing Items ------------- 1. 2 Chair (2054/18 LR) 2. In Item number 19, It was included shoes stand, Vegetable stand, Dustbin and D2H Antina. Where ever I have got only D2H Antina other 3 things are missing Damaged 3 Items --------------- 1. Big Godrej ( Insurance amount 3000) 2. Small Godrej (Insurance Amount (500) 3. SuitCase (Insurance Amount(500) I have already communicate through Emails with attached damaged Photos and also called to VN Relocation & Logistics many times but they are not responding at all. It is already more than 3 months but still now no updates. Kindly help me on this.


Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Hi, Myself Shreedhar sahoo. I have received my goods on 08-May-2014 which I have moved from Pune to Bhubaneswar on 06-Apr-2014 through VN Relocation & Logistics Packers and Movers. Out of my 19 Particular Items, I have received 18 items where ever one item is missing and 3 items are damaged. Missing Items ------------- 1. 2 Chair (2054/18 LR) 2. In Item number 19, It was included shoes stand, Vegetable stand, Dustbin and D2H Antina. Where ever I have got only D2H Antina other 3 things are missing Damaged 3 Items --------------- 1. Big Godrej ( Insurance amount 3000) 2. Small Godrej (Insurance Amount (500) 3. SuitCase (Insurance Amount(500) I have already communicate through Emails with attached damaged Photos and also called to VN Relocation & Logistics many times but they are not responding at all. It is already more than 3 months but still now no updates. Kindly help me on this.

tarun deep singh

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

I had sent household goods through Trans Cargo of India Packers and Movers from Hyderabad to be delivered to Kolkata on 31st Jul'14 (Consignment# 1093). They promised me that I will receive them within 5-6 days. Today, after 12 days, I have still not received it. On calling them, half the time they don't pick up the calls or reject them. The other half of the time they don't know where their truck drivers are and are unable to provide status of the consignment. After calling them a dozen times, they still can't promise when they will be able to deliver the luggage. I want to know when I will receive my luggage and if there has been any damage to the goods for being on road for so long, who is going to pay for it??

Rahul Anand

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

I got my Car (Swift Dezire)through Agarwal Movers & Packers to trivandrum, Kerala from Kolkata, WB. We had agreed on the car being transported in a lorry but instead it was drove down to trivandrum with a major dent on the car. Now the Person is not willing to provide any assistance in regards to my dent and has stopped receiving my Call also. Kindly assist us.

U Prajapati

Posted on Jul 27, 2014

I have handed over my first lot of cargo to Top Global & Movers on 21st May 2014 and was committed to get the same delivered before 5th of July as the container was ready and can be on the voyage in next 3 days. I believed them and handed over them the stuff along with the payment and till date my cargo has not been delivered. My second shipment which contain my lot of files and some house hold like dinning table , computer and others which I have handed over to them just before leaving Dubai and again committed that the shipment will take some 60 days to get delivered to Sydney. Till date I am not informed of the status of my shipment and the worst thing is no body s lifting the phone even. Shameel / Fazeel look after the buisness and sine the deal has been made Fazeel Younis is escaping, I tried a lot to ask about the status frome here but no replies. Its a fraud company with website. Pls help me to lodge a complaint against them.

Shiv karan

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

Dear Sir, Greetings !!! I've booked my house hold goods in (M/s TMT CARGO MOVERS & PACKERS, KHASRA NO-715, RANGPURI, MAHIPALPUR, NEW DELHI-110037) FROM F221, 2ND FLOOR, F-BLOCK- VIKASPURI-110018 TO my home town in Rajasthan- WARD NO.-2, GAJSINGHPUR-335024 DIST.-SRI GANGANAGAR (RAJASTHAN) I HAVE BOOKED MY GOODS IN RESERVED VEHICLE WITH NEXT DAY DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY SERVICE. I HAVE PAID Rs.13000-00 for the same (Inclusive of all service tax + insurance.) Mr. Subhash verma (representative of company) currently living in Manglapuri delhi cheated me. He did not delivered the goods till date & he told me different false stories about my goods & its location in first 2 days & after that he did not picked up my calls. Nobody is picking up my phone calls till date. I have called them on all numbers mentioned on their website. 3 days back one person picked up my call & he told me the truth that TMT CARGO people did not sent my goods in reserved vehicle but they have booked my goods in TFC trans

sadanand pradhan

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I had booked my household items by excellent movers n packers ,nigdi pune, from pune to bhubaneshwar on the 18th june and paid 8500 complete amount. and they had promised delivery on the 26th of june. I had followed up with them from bhubaneshwar on the 25th but their representative Mr chandrakants cell nos 07030894472 was ringing but not picked the phone. So I had a doubt,the next I called from my mobile ,same thing happened,he didnt picked the phone. The next day I called another mobile no , he picked phone and told it will another 5days. After 5 days I called he didnt picked the phone ,from another I tried he didnt picked the phone. Then I called from friends mobile he picked phone and told it will take some days.Again I called after 5 days but this time his no switched off.all that office no not reachable. One of number I called (no mentioned in visiting card he had given).somebody picked the phone and told I dont who is chandrakant. Whom you complained,complain I d

sadanand pradhan

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I had booked my household items by excellent movers n packers ,nigdi pune, from pune to bhubaneshwar on the 18th june and paid 8500 complete amount. and they had promised delivery on the 26th of june. I had followed up with them from bhubaneshwar on the 25th but their representative Mr chandrakants cell nos 07030894472 was ringing but not picked the phone. So I had a doubt,the next I called from my mobile ,same thing happened,he didnt picked the phone. The next day I called another mobile no , he picked phone and told it will another 5days. After 5 days I called he didnt picked the phone ,from another I tried he didnt picked the phone. Then I called from friends mobile he picked phone and told it will take some days.Again I called after 5 days but this time his no switched off.all that office no not reachable. One of number I called mentioned in visiting card.somebody picked the phone and told I dont who is chandrakant. Whom you complained,complain,I dont care.

Narendra Kumar Sharma

Posted on Jul 15, 2014

My TV is broken during shifting by Vishal Cargo. No help is forthcoming.

Charnjeev Singh

Posted on Jul 12, 2014

It is agst a Courier Company named " Shri Maruti Courier"

Nisharg Thakkar

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

I sent a car and a bike from gurgaon to bangalore on 22nd june.I was promised delivery on 29th june,as of 8th july there has been no response from packers and movers and I dont know where my vehicles.Please help me file a complaint for this

Bhavin Mehta

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

Raffles Packers & Movers have not delivered my goods even after 15 days. I'm facing monetary losses because of that.They had committed 8 to 10 days.


Posted on Jun 27, 2014

Sir, This is Krishna actually the thing is i was planned to shift mu double cot bed from Bangalore to Hyderabad on march 30, 2014, so I have checked online and suddenly I got call from guy called Rohit Sharma (080 - 32211084, 9916699194), told that he will transfer the bed to Hyderabad and he sent 4 people along with auto and they took my bed and Rs. 3900 money and told that it will get delivered within 3 to 4 days later it was not delivered after week also I went his office and enquired about bed hes not at all giving proper response and it continues 10 days after that April 15, 2014 it comes to Hyderabad and he gave me the Hyderabad address and number, then I called to those people and they are telling that the bed was everything spoiled if you people come and check once then if you need to deliver we will send to your home or else we will send back to Bangalore. Late we went there and checked it it was everything broken and its in bad position, then I called to Rohit(Bangalore)

Arvind Singh Chauhan

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

we have recently shifted from ranchi to Malanjkhand, Balaghat thrught Agarwal packer & Movers, GC No. 4011127 x 79 date 12/5/2014 Ex Ranchi to Balaghat (M.P). While shifting we suffered the following losses: 1. Imported Sofa set damaget 2. Computer/study table broken 3. 2 cartoons having the kitchen item and clothes missing 4.1 wall clock and 1 pinting damaged. ( wall clock not at all packed and was kept with used bathroom items, Painting was repeteadly asked 3 times to wrapped with news paper and bubble sheet which was not at all done and it recently bought at Rs 1300 and it was found damaged when we opend the cartoon) 5. 1 pot having plant of aloevera missing still lying with agarwal packers Ranci godown. 6. Centre table is still to be unpacked and refitted. 7. D2h and Kent RO is also to be fitted. Earlier also we had our goods transported from Bangalore to Ranchi and we hardly suffered any losses at that time. But this time at Ranchi packing was done with an irresponsible attitude. At the time of paking we were not at all satiesfied with the packing of our safa set as it is a imported designer & costly sofa set made of leatherite. And the packng was also not done in the manner which was told to us at time of meeting with your sales representative. It was only packed with paper but initially we were told that the packing of sofa will be done using bubble paper, thermocoal and other materials. We were also told that most of the packing will be complete one day before the last day and on that scheduled day nobody came. On last day i.e. 12th may your packers came at about 11:00 AM and the packing was done in careless manner. Due to this we received our sofa set damaget and also the side tables of sofa set. They got 8 major cut and the internal structure broken. We paid for pinsurance and unpacking also but we are still to get any service at their end. Now they are offering Rs 6000/ to settle the issue. Pictures of damaged items is being attached for refrence. Arvind Singh Chauhan 09771477597


Posted on Jun 19, 2014

Dear Sir, I have shifted my house hold items last month on May 10th from Bhiwadi (Rajastan) to Bangalore. By using Righter Packers and Movers from Gurgaon. Contact person is Mr.Sandeep cellno:9718408124, 9873694027. Initially, he said that it will be delivered in one week but I received my items on 30th May after 20 daysl. And all items were in bad condition, specially my bike was in bad condition, two indicators, Doom broken, seat damaged. And tail pipe also damaged. ANd one bag was missing in the item. I have asked them when i will get my bag and this damage cost. They said within one week it will done, but after that no news. I have been trying to talk to these people but they are not responding for my calls and email. KIndly suggest. Should i go for local police station to register a complaint. Thank you. Prabhakar

M. Dutta

Posted on Jun 14, 2014

Agarwal Packers (DRS group) shifted our household items (consignment no.: UPB2146) from Delhi to Hyderabad. All our stuff arrived in a damaged state - the furniture were in pieces and there was drain water in kitchenware and clothes. Calling their customer care has led us to a wild goose chase from one person to another. Please let us know the process of taking legal actions against them.

Praphulla Jha

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

Dear All I faced very bad experience of movers n packers as I had taken quote from Manglam packers n movers for household shifting from Kanpur to Bangalore. Even after several reminders my shipment got delayed by days but I failed to understand that entire house hold was damaged due to heavy rain in the region as they had not done the packing as confirmed at the time of finalizing the deal. Further I want to bring into your notice that below items got damaged even though I had taken an insurance of Rs200000 they are not bothered about my damages and now I am chasing them for last 12 days and they are not responding at all. I personally request everyone that please don't use the services of the said packers n movers. Even they have mentioned wrong mail id in challan and on their web sites as well.


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Sir, we used the services of Leo Movers and Packers India Pvt Ltd, Marketing Representative A K Sharma, Mob 9560717778. They promised to deliver our household goods from Gurgaon to Hyderabad in 5-6 days and picked it up on Thursday, May 29. Till date, I have not received by goods and Ashok is also not replying to my emails or phone calls. Please advice, what legal action I can take against them


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

The packers have stolen so many things from my suitcase.they really harassed me a lot.I called him several times but no reply.

Manish Prasad

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

Sir, This complaint is against - "GK Express Roadlines Address-Mata Mandir Road, Kataria Chowk Dhan Colony, Gurgaon. Contact Person Rajendra - 8813915195 Shaymsundar - 9718370056 My car was supposed to be a door to door delivery by this car carrier company and they picked my car from my residence Noida with total running KM of 23320 and was delivered to Pune with KM 23475 (total running of 155 KMs, which itself does not justify since total distance from NOIDA to Gurgaon is not more than 40KMS). My car has been so roughly used that complete engine was found chocked and its still in garage for last 10 days also original plus additional items were missing and builty was manually altered. Now the in-charge person "Rajendra, Ph.8813915195" has stopped picking my phone and is not at all responding after confessing all the mistakes. Please guide me, how I can take legal action against him? I want the complete recovery of the damage made to me and about the missing items.Thanks, Manish


Posted on Jun 01, 2014

Hello, I was cheated by SAINIK Packers and Movers, Bangalore website of the company : I would like to book a complaint against them. please advise.

manjunath s patil

Posted on May 27, 2014

The below mwntioned Packers and Movers harrassing me for returniing my product as they could not able to deliver the product for 1 month. Website: Ph No: +91 80500-13001, +91 80500-15003, +91 9035913874 The Company has not delivered my product in 30 days, till today not received it back also (27-05-2014) Response from them is now very rude. In our last discussion he said he will return the product back on 27-05-2-2014. Infact it was the commitment after he played with us by saying it will reach now and then for the past 2 weeks atleast. On heated arguement he said he will return on 27-05-2014 at any cost. We kept calling him for almost 50 times, but not receiving the call. I want to punish this service provider legally, such a way that he should not dare to do this again in future. my product: Honda Dio 2 wheelers Product pick up document details: Receipt number: 1239 GR No: 1347

apoorv goyal

Posted on May 27, 2014

Mahaveera International, Dwarka, Delhi I had booked my bike with a bag of books,they delivered only bike and has lost my bike keys and books. Its been 2 months and now they dont pick my phone .

Chaitali Roy

Posted on May 26, 2014

I booked my household items from Chennai to Mumbai on 26.05.2014 through Elite packers & movers, chennai. Till date(26.05.2014) I dint receive my luggage in full form. No one is responding or taking initiative to find my luggage and send it to me. What should I do now? Please help.


Posted on May 20, 2014

Sir, I have booked my household items from chennai to Mumbai on 17.4.2014 through elite packers & movers, chennai, till date *20.05.2014) neither I didn't receive materials nor I didn't get response from the said people. What should I do now?

Saurabh Upadhyay

Posted on May 20, 2014

Dear Sir I hired Gati KWE to transfer my luggage from Jamshedpur to Noida on 13th May 2014. It was to be delivered to my home on 16th May 2014. I filed a complaint on 19th May 2014. I was told by Ketan that I would get a call in 4 hours. I checked again, Ketan said Mr.Himmat tried to call me at 12:45 on 19th May, but its not true. However, Ketan again promised me that Himmat would call me at 11am on 20th May 2014, but he did not. I called up the call centre and spoke to Ms.Monali who said that there was no such commitment made. I was told by Ketan that my luggage is in Jamshedpur and Monali said my luggage is in NOIDA. When asked for a seniors email ID, Monali refused to give it. Then came Asif, the floor supervisor who could not help me either. I have face monetary losses due to this delay. I want your help please.

Ashish T

Posted on May 20, 2014

I shifted my household item from a shiv m&p pune. It has been a month they have not delivered a washing machine a missing item. What should I do, I have receipt.

Badal Bhattacharya

Posted on May 19, 2014

Recently for purpose of my job transfer I had shifted my all house hold from Ahmedabad to Kolkata by M/s Kuber Logistic Movers & Packers. As per agreement I had paid total Rs 31,000/- the time pick up & this price was for Packing , Loading , transportaion, Unloading & 1 lakh of insuarce premium @ 3 % . They have send my material to Dankuni only ( 50 km away from Kolkata) and from there to my home address they have given me preusre to pay another Rs. 4500/- what I had to pay. I could not recevice any insurace paper till date what they supposed to send me very next day of material despatching. Now after receving of my material I found few material not in proper condition, even major item of my refrigator (2months old) not working. And my helmet ( Ninja- value Rs. 1070/-) not received. I had inform them & repeated tried to contact them to resolve this issue but they treat like I did mistake to chossen them for this job. I request your suupport so that I can get all damarage charges for this nusense done by them. Seeking your kind help n this. If any further clarification you require please wwrite email or call me mention number.


Posted on May 19, 2014

Sir I have booked my households through Ms Agarwal Packers & movers, Visakhapatnam branch office on 19.04.2014 and after 15 days the materials were delivered at madurai address in a very damaged condition on 3.05.2014 and most of glass items were completely broken. One perfect box containing DTH set top box(Videocon), photo frames, wall clock found missing. The branch manager at Madurai Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Ashok at Vizag are not responding and not answering in this regard properly and also regarding the breakage of materials. the cost of the broken materials would be around Rs. 7000 for its rectification. the missed and non delivered items cost around Rs. 4000/- I reported the issue to their HQ through Call centre and also by mail, but no reply. I am facing mental agony and loss in this regard.

Pabitra Nath

Posted on May 19, 2014

respected all,myself Pabitra nath & this is to inform you that Gati Courier does not provide me the my courier parcel already 15 days gone so i want request you that plz take some action against them becoz they are fraud

nihar samal

Posted on May 19, 2014

Dear Sir, My Name is NIHAR RANJAN SAMAL, This complain is for Indias No 1 Packers and movers AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS(00160015001). I shifted my household things from INDIRAPURAM Ghaziabad to Bangalore on 1st of May 2014. There were 6 people came to my home for packing with supervisor Mr. Anil. My house was on 5th floor of Society SHIPRA KRISHNA VISTA. They started packing and after they packed few things they started taking the packed things to down. That time I asked the supervisor why are you taking the things down, will it be safe ? and advised them to pack all the things and keep it here in my house finally you take the goods to load your truck. Then they said it will be easier for us to do with few items instead of whole item and they assured me that our people will be there to look the things. In between my wife also asked them why you took the TV so early is it safe then all the guys assured dont worry madam it will be safe our people are there to look. 1) Suddenly 5 PM the


Posted on May 14, 2014

AGARWAL PACKWAY INDIA limited , Shop no 3, near Mahafil Restautaurant, Primple Gurav has shifted my house hold goods from Pune to Thane. He has not given insurance & Octori receipts to me. They have simple cheated me.

Sumit Bhat

Posted on May 10, 2014

Dear Sir/ Ma'am On 07/05/2014 I had purchased the services of lalit cargo movers and packers to deliver some of my household goods from Jammu to Gurgaon. But while the material was shipped to my gurgaon address one of the article was found broken. Now on asking to get the article repaired or replaced the cargo packers and movers is charging me extra 4500 apart from the agreed amount.please help me and let me know the further coure of action. Thanks Sumit Bhat


Posted on May 08, 2014

i have booked my house hold items to bhagavati packers and movers on 23/03/14 from delhi to madurai.But till date i am not received my are requested to guide me punish cheating packers and movers

Pankaj Kumar Srivastava

Posted on May 08, 2014

Hi Sir, I have transfered my goods from Gaziabad to Banglore by AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS. Consignment Number : UPB001449 4 Goods were damaged and they were all insured.All four goods delivered are not in usable condition and all were INSURED. THEY ARE NOT COMING FORWARD TO REPAIR OR RETURN THE INSURANCE AMOUNT after repeated followup. Please help me out . Thanks & Regards Pankaj Srivastava +91 96207 54321

Ashutosh Singh

Posted on May 05, 2014

I have sent my bike through Sahara movers and packers. From kolkata to chennai on 16th April 2014. Till date I have not received the bike in chennai. When I am calling mover and packers they are telling iy wil come in one or 2 days. Like this 20 days have passed. Now they don't have any answer where my bike is . They told I wil get my bike in 7-8 days from the date of sending. Now 20 days are over and I don't have any clue where my bike is. Please help me getting my bike from them. Regards, Ashutosh Singh

Abinash Sinha

Posted on May 01, 2014

I had to shift from Kolkata to Pune. Hired Pck&Mvrs, they loaded the house hold goods on 20th April and promised to deliver in 7-8 days. Its more than 10 days but the goods still not deliverd. They had not given the house hold goods papers receiving to us before moving. Now they say it will be delivered tomorrow. But not yet delivered. Please suggest where can I complaint against them, in Kolkata or in Pune?

Anuj Rastogi

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

They cheat me because we finalized 10700&#8377; for shifting of house holds but after loading of goods they blackmailed me to pay 12322&#8377;. Please help me to take necessary action against those cheaters.I have estimate and bills as a proof. Company name: Allied .overs and packers Chandigarh.

Nikhil Kumar

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

I booked a packers & movers to transport my household goods from Jamshedpur to Bangalore. I paid for the full load transportation. The goods were loaded in the truck in Jamshedpur on 1st April, 2014. They promised to deliver the same by 7-8 days in Bangalore but I have not received my goods even till today (29 days). Earlier they told that it is getting delayed due to election & then they informed that the truck piston got damaged so they will shift the goods to another truck and deliver the goods. Then we came to know they put our goods in a truck which was carrying some plywoods whose paper was not proper and the truck was seized by forest department, than they told it is seized by sales tax department & they have paid the fine to they and will deliver the goods in 1 day. Now after 9 days they are telling that the truck is seized by the Sales Tax court and they will take the bail and deliver the goods. Please suggest what all options do I have? Is consumer forum a good option?

Ankita Kishore

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Company name, address, website: TMT cargo packers movers, Khasra No.715, Near Tata Telco Service center; Rangpuri , Mahipalpur New Delhi - 110037 Date of shipment: 2nd april Complain: delay in delivery, cheating, breach of trust, mental harrassment. promised delivery date was 9th april & my consignment has still not reached, today is 25th day. i've been calling them everyday but they dont pick my call & if they pick they simply excuse themselves by giving another date which is 3 days later. highly unprofessional & annoying behaviour. pls help


Posted on Apr 25, 2014

i had transported my household goods with Om packers and movers from Bangalore to Pune on 2nd April along with insurance.After delivery i found my treadmill machine completely broken.Now , when i try to contact them, they are not responding to my issue.

Mayank Sharma

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

I gave transportation contract to them from Kolkata to Delhi and insured it with them itself by paying 3% of IDV. I was promised that my 6 valuable items would be sent in wooden packing but even after charging for the same they packed only 2 small items in wood packing. Further if any case arises they would immediately reimburse claim on IDV basis. Its been 3 months now since claim arose, they destroyed my fridge, Microwave, Washing machine and a painting total worth INR 53000 as per IDV and now they offer me INR 3000 without explaining how they arrived at the amount. Please help me in settling the claim and getting my money back from them. I have been harrassed for last 2.5 months by them.


Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Agarwal packet (DRS group)charged Rs 12000.00 without giving any marine policy and receipt. Also the house hold goods damagee claim not paid si,ve 18.2.2014.

Pravin Dabgar

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I have changed my job from Daman to Bhopal and shifted my all Household Material from Daman to Bhopal through Azad Cargo Packers and Movers, Plot No. - 363/C Shiv Ext. Near Haria Export 2nd Phase GIDC, Vapi., GIDC Industrial Area, Phase 3, GIDC, Vapi, Gujarat 396191 093 76 237713. They have committed to delivers the goods on Monday, 14/02/2014 but till date the material not received. We have called this person on no. 093 76 237713 numbers of times but he was not responded us till date. He had given us one other person number -09904815807 which is out of network from last two days. He has given us vehicle no.MP41G0126 but the contact detail of the vehicle owner also not available with us. How can we track this truck and driver. From last three days , i am in bhopal with my wife and two small child.My entire home luggage is in truck. Please help me to get my home luggage. Thanking you Pravin Dabgar +91-9826219270

Arindam Dutta

Posted on Apr 13, 2014

I have used service of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd The consignment number was UPB000932. It was in the month of October 2013. There were damages to my belongings in transport. I had insurance done. I had been interacting with one Ms Kusum and one Mr. Anil from Kolkata. They are non committal on providing damages and showing extreme apathy towards my concern. I need them to close this matter ASAP by providing me the solution by repairing the damages or providing equivalent money. Regards, Arindam

rakesh kwatra

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

I had booked my moving from Delhi to Bangalore paying Rs.47000/- as their charges with insurance,after shipping in nov.2013,the 2 beds,icabinet et.was damaged and they brought back the same to delhi to repair and tried repairing from some vendor spoiling it more then took it back to the manufacturer who did the repairs which were possible and raised a bill of Rs.59000/- paid by us as the insurance company of Santafe Movers which is Pac Global Insurance Co. of USA would settle,tody in April 2014 I have received a mail that they have settled the same for a mere $300/- only. Please advise

Rahul Bhat

Posted on Apr 03, 2014

I booked household goods thru the co. on 17.2.14 after paying all the charges including packing, loading & unloading charges and Insurance charges. The goods were delivered at my Hyderabad residence in extremely damaged and wet condition with few items having been lost in the transit. The co. changed two trucks enroute to Hyderabad. Inspite of my notice to pay claim of Rs86,400/- to me the co. is neither lodging claim with the insurance co nor paying me the compensation.

Vikas Sharma

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

I booked my luggage from Bangalore to Panipat on 11 March 2014 through Bhardwaj Packers and Logistics, Bangalore.Initially they send highly untrained people to pack my belongings which somehow i managed to packed it properly.At time of pickup they asked more money than agreed before by their guy named Vishal 9035062877 by adding insurance, octorai whose receipt they didn't given to me They promised to deliver it in max 10 days . When i called them on 21 March asking to update the status of delivery which they said it will be delayed due to holi and deliver on next Wednesday, When i called them back on Wednesday they said it will deliver by today night which never happened and they stopped taking my call and after i tried with different number they always provide false information. Finally i have to go to gurgaon to get it delivered and after delivery i found lot of stuff like shoes and bag full of books missing and other stuff was also in damaged condition Vikas Sharma

Raghuram M Kamath

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam: I relocated from Germany to India and shipped my goods through UPS courier as transfer of residence having stayed in Germany for more than 2 years. Since I expected door to door service, I paid about EUR 925 for the consignment. After the goods arrived in India, I was called to clear the goods from Customs office in Bangalore. The UPS office in Bangalore hired the services of a customs clearing agent without informing me that it would cost more. There was few days of delay due to UPS Bangalore and after the goods were cleared, I was asked to pay clearing charges without which they would not deliver it to my residence. I had to pay over Rs. 2200 for which I disputed and raised complaints with UPS. After a lot of follow-up, I did not get any written response rather the company would defend what they did on the phone. They accepted that the German counterparts made the mistake by accepting the cargo. I dispute what they charged and hence raising this complaint.


Posted on Mar 29, 2014

Dear sir Reference is made to Sahara movers and Packers, Bangalore Invoice No 23609 dated 18.03.14 and Consignment note 25983 dated 18.03.14. Total Seventy packs sent from Chennai to Sahibabad on 18. 03. 14. Items received at Sahibabad on 24.03.14 late night. Following damages noticed.1. Fridge top corner broken and internal defrost switch damaged.2.Washing machine top lid broken.3.Computer table broken in to pices4.Wall clock kept in comp box damaged5. Nut bolts of steel bed not available6. Two wooden dibing chairs broken7. Air tel antena half portion missing8.Bike side panel brokenComplete payment has been received by company along with 3000/- for insurance of One lakh rupees.Its a matter of regret that company has shown totally careless attitude in transporting my luggage.Please take necessary action to compensate for the losses immediately. Regards Akhilesh Kumar Tripathi

vinay singh

Posted on Mar 29, 2014

Respected Sir, I vinay Singh from koparkhairane want to complain that a person is trying to duped my 5 lacs money as (JCB payment) who stay in thane. Being repeatedly calling him and visting his home he has only given us only half of the money. Sir,I have a 3dx JCB which was given to Nigaba Enterprises owner (P.N verma Mobile: 9320133040) stays in Thane. I have given my JCB on hour basis for 1 year but he is now trying to cheat /duped my payment which is 5 lacs. Please sir I request you to please solve over this my issue as we are facing finanicial threat now a days. As I dont known regarding this where to complain so I am complaing to consumer as I have recently complain to navi Mumbai police but it is of no use. Please help me sir MY mobile NO:9321036348, 9321916318


Posted on Mar 19, 2014

I contacted globalexpress india got their number from just dial,they agreed to ship two of bags containing my clothes and other important accessories which i could not add to my usual luggage in train on JANUARY 18th,2014. The luggage was supposed to reach mu kolkata address in 4 days,but the luggages are still missing. The person named sandeep do not answer his phone at all. The number he has put on website Address :Shop No-15, 2nd Floor, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Opp Sector 5, Gurgaon, Haryana Our Services : Car Carrier, Household, Bike Shifting Contact Person Name :Sandeep Email Phone :09873672233 an on matches exactly but there is no answer on any of the contact number. I was given a consignment no of 205. i dont know what to do ?

Sadique Shaheedi

Posted on Mar 14, 2014

Used Expert Movers and Packers Andheri Mumbai for Transfer of Household articles from Mumbai to Goa. The household goods recd were in a bad shape and many articles like sofas all the three pieces were torn.


Posted on Mar 13, 2014

first flight courier ltd used inappropriate ways of increasing the volume of cargo.

Abid Hussain

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

I Would like to file a complaint against Trackon Courier service for misplacing my courier under airway bill is almost a month now that the local representative of the service namely mohd yusuf mob no.9419059384 despite my repeated complaints regarding courier delivery is resorting to dilly dally tactics to evade the issue... It is as such requested that action against the said courier service local delivery and collection dealer may be taken and i may be awarded the suitable compensation for suffering for want of that courier...and to make the dealer learn the lesson that he cannot take the customers for a ride. Thanking you in anticipation.. Sirs.

Sonia Yadav

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

Hi I had Booked my Activa from Gurgaon to Pune through Vishal Cargo Packers & Movers ( But when I received my Activa in Pune it was in so much bad condition. Paint of Activa was scratched, side stand was broken and KM Meter was increased (Almost 150Km of running).When I called the Gurgaon Office (Sanjay Choudhary 9990656610), they declined and said it was what they got while packing. Also, there is a layer of cement and dust lying in one side of active. I have the photographs of before sending the Activa and after receiving the Activa. Details of bill are - VISHAL TRANSPORT CO. Bill No 2173 Date 06th Feb 2014 Pickup Location Sector 12, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001 Receving Date 15th Feb 2014 Destination Location Vadgaon(Bk), Pune, Maharashtra 411041 Please do let me know the course of action I should take so that I can get my Activa repaired.

Denim Dcosta

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

I want to complain against courier agency who assure the package will be delivered in 3 days but it is 7th day and still they dont have tracking number

Suchit Dekivadia

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

On 30th of January we have made following agreement with Mr Ramesh from Writer Movers and Packers.- All the material to be dispatched from Noida to Chennai on 31st January and delivered to Chennai - I was assured that in case of the material reaches Chennai by 10th of Feb extra 10 days the material/goods will be stored in Chennai Ware House as a provision.- The total cost of the material including insurance was negotiated INR 70,000.00- Payment terms : 1. Advance at the time of loading : Rs 20,000 (Already paid)2. At the time of delivery : Rs 45,000 (To be handed over to their Chennai based office - either on cash or cheque)3. Post set up the material : Rs 5,000 (To be handed over to driver) Current Situation :Material was loaded on 31st of Jan 2014 from Noida and dispatched from Gurgaon on 12th of Feb 2014 (As per the telephonic conversation only) They have been constantly following up for the money Rs 45,000, still material is not delivered. They stop the truck in MP.

Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

I have booked a speed post consignment no. eh560503803in for Allahabad on dated 24/01/2014.The consignment holding my application form up madhyamik seve chayan ayog,allahabad. but still it is not delivered. I have made a online complaint about it. complaint no. is 100055-99779. as per complaint status Allahabad post office did not received consignment. please help us to deliver this consignment.

Prachand Kumar

Posted on Feb 01, 2014

I booked my house hold goods through "safe cargo packers movers" to move from chennai to gurgoan on 22-01-2014. Now they are not responding to my phone calls and asking money to move the load from chennai.please help me.

Tavish Porwal

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

I shifted my household luggage from Gurgaon to Mumbai on 22nd October, 2013 and received the goods on 9th November, 2013 using Agarwal Movers and Packers (Delhi-based).As the goods were being unloaded, one item no. 10, Split AC compressor was missing. After repeated attempts to local Mumbai office to claim the insurance, they keep saying that they are still finding. It my hard earned money and they are not bothered even to respond. It has been more than two months and to adding to the misery, in spite of repeated follow-ups the response from claims department was very indifferent, casual and as usual lacking accountability. Kindly help in filing claim against them.

Rajkumar wadhwani

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

Hi On jan 2014 we have appointed Agrawal packer &movement Satna to deliver few house hold stuff to Mumbai . They had committed that the stuff will reach the destination by jan 17 2014. Till date we haven't received the stuff .We called them few times they said that truck is broken in nasik & will reach to your destination on 18th . We called up Them again . But this time they didn't picked up the call. Called again with different no. They picked up and said that stuffs are still in nasik. Truck is still broken. I asked them to give the status of arrival of my household good. I asked them to clearly tell me when I am going to receive the stuff. They said will call in 20 min. They didn't buzz me at all & now not picking up my call. I am Waiting for my stuff more than the committed time. Have little girl & most of the stuff belongs to her . They have already taken the money in advance.Pls help. The bill no is 107, truck no MP 20 GA 6883 ST no AXUPS7554CST001


Posted on Jan 18, 2014

Hello, I got my household material shifted from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore on 07.09.2013 by Safe Time Mover & Packers which has registered office in Pune and Regional office in Navi Mumbai (Office No.-5, Anugovind Sadan, Sector-20, Airoli, Navi Mumbai-400708). I paid the packing, loading, unloading, tranportation & insurance charges in advance. When I received my material at Bangalore, I found some of the material got damaged and also noone from safe time movers & packers came for unpacking and I had to hire third party person for unpacking which they had promised me that they would reimburse the amount. I have been following up with them for last five months to reimburse the unpacking amount and also to settle insurance claim against my damaged goods. But I am not getting proper response and not feel that they are not at all interested in doing anything regarding it. I have all the bills, receipts & photos of the damaged goods. Can you pls help me in this issue? Regards, Divya

Ruchi Raj

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I have booked my house hold things with Jai ganesh movers and packers on 30 Dec 2013 for the bill amount of Rs 16000,from Delhi to Gangtok . They promised me to deliver the assets in one week but till now , i didn't get back my assets, when i call the person, he just ignoring my call.they started asking for more money to deliver it back. They asked me for Rs. 17000 more on billed amount i.e. total of Rs.33000 (16000+17000). I found no other options other than paying this amount and getting my things back from them. But after paying Rs. 33000 , i m still waiting for my assets. I am very tensed now, what to do, & where to go for my goods, whenever i called them, they just says that truck is on the way, i am busy now, talk u later....Please help me.


Posted on Jan 03, 2014

we have shifted our home materials from Chennai to Jammu on 8&#8242;dec 2013 when received on 2&#8242;jan 2013 in Jammu after so much of harassment and false commitments . Then we found that All the cartons were opened, my LCD TV 32 inch was broken as well my bike was damaged . Kindly help me and please take a strict action against Sahara Mover & Packers Bangalore by giving them a lesson which every movers and packers should remember.

Akash Ghai

Posted on Jan 02, 2014

I had the worst experience with Pragati Packer and Movers ( 1. Shipping of 18 packages done from Noida to Bangalore on 11-Oct-2013 expecting it to be delivered at Bangalore in 7 days. 2. Payment issue: I had made 50% advance payment and remaining was to be done once shipment reaches. During delivery, they started giving excuses that there is some payment due at Bangalore for which I have to go and visit the godown myself and collect the stuff after making the payment. 3. Suitcase stolen: On reaching the godown, I was bewildered to find 1 big suitcase missing from the consignment. 4. Insurance not covering Theft: On talking to Insurance company, I was informed that Insurance is for Damaged stuff only and not for stolen items. The liability for stolen items is with Packer only. 5. Compensation decided by Packer (4K instead of 20K) 6. No compensation provided: I followed up several times but still haven't got any compensation and feel cheated using their

Parul Sharma & Ram Kumar Sharma

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

Courier company M/S Trackon couriers Pvt ltd. based at C-143,Naraina Ind.Area Ph.-1, Delhi-1100287 tel no. (011-45593500) did not deliver consignment number (372818504 )sent on 23rd December 2013 within 48 hrs as promised. Even after 8 days, consignment is lying at their Chennai office since 26th Dec. 2013 as per their website tracking system. There is no satisfactory reply from the company's customer care team despite speaking and communicating with them. Kindly take stern action and impose hefty penalty so as to ensure that companies do not take undue advantage in discharging their duties towards consumer. We would request the concerned authorities that we be compensated adequately for the delays which cause misery to my Son Kartikey who is studying in Chennai and consignment consisted sending warm cloths for winter which could not be timely delivered and child suffered as a result. Expecting the action please. kind regards, Mr. & Mrs Ram Kumar Sharma

Chirag Gupta

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

Hello, I had taken this packers and movers services last month. They stole my gold/silver earthenwares from my home. I have already lodged a police complaint against them. I want you to take strict action against them. Details: Aakanksha Packers and Movers Address: Shp D12/40,Akurli Sahyog Chs,Lokhandwala Cmplx, Lokhandwala Cmplx, Kandivali East, Mumbai,Maharashtra, India 400101 Telephone: +919324401464 / +919920623151 / +919867450456/64510673

Naveen Solanki

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

Date 29th December 2013 Sub: Harassment & breach of commitment during transportation of Household Material from Ballabgarh to Kolkata. Ref: Quotation No 12016 dated 13.12.2013, LR Copy No.- 027 dated 14.12.13 Self Mr Naveen Solanki s/o Sh. Kamal Singh Solanki resident of FCA-3, Rao Colony Near CR modern High School , SIHI Gate Ballabgarh, Faridabad would like to file an report regarding Harassment & Breach of Commitment against M/S Yadav Brothers Packers Movers & logidtics who is based at 1-C ,Pratap Enclave, Gurudwara Road, Mohan Garden , Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059. Here are the contact numbers of Yadav brothers packers & movers team. vinod yadav[ owner]-9911695753 Sumit Jain[main culprit of this deal]-9911846624 Gaurav Kapoor-9911691431 yadav transport-9350825497 Self had shifted my House Hold items from my residence to Kolkata at Sherwood estate, 169 NSC Bose road, Narenderpur Kolkata 700107. On Dated 14-12-2013. The Consignment was to be delivered at kolkata within


Posted on Dec 25, 2013

Complaint/ Reviews against : Spice Safe Cargo , Dwarka, Delhi Alert!! Alert!! Worst service!! Alert!! Alert!! Worst service!! Alert!! Alert!! # They will take 4-5 times more than the committed time line to deliver your goods. # You will die following up with them. They will start ignoring your calls; do not pick your calls. # They will make excuses like truck is on its way, truck is under maintenance ..whatever. # You will never get correct status of your consignment, daily they will say it will reach tonight. # They will provide you wrong contact numbers, saying it the driver of truck talk to him. Sandeep - 8750877170/8750877173 (Make false commitments) Driver - 09911981144 (Fake driver Number / Not a driver) Office number - 01166107918 (Office Dwarka sector 28) I have booked a bike from Delhi to Lucknow they committed for delivery in 3 days still after 13 days I didn't received my bike and I dont have any status where is it as they are giving excuses. For clarification

Mr.Surath Bal

Posted on Dec 24, 2013

I am provide the Transportation Services From Kolkata,Hind Motor To Badrak,Total Deals Final On 14000(Fourteen Thousand)Without Insurance,Mr.Surath Bal Not Take Insurance Service Our Side,And Agree To Pay Only Fourteen Thousnd,Our Company Rule We Take 80% On loading Point,But He is not there on Loading Point,And Agree To Deposit On My Account.But After The delivery He told me One Goods are damage during the transportation,he deducet the three thousnd + two thousand unloading at destination i am agree for same,he told me balance amount deposit after few hours but we are not received any amount.he not pickup my call and not answering my email,all sms and email are available on proof.Request to kindly help me file a complaint for this matter in your office so that I can get the requested details.


Posted on Dec 22, 2013

Dear Sir I have shifted my goods from ur agency based at Ahmedabad from Ahmedabad to Srikakulam on 18.08.2013. As promised by your Marketing Executive Mukesh Sharma that the same lorry will take the articles from Ahmedabad to Srikakulam and the vehicle will reach srikakulam within 07 days of time. I regret to submit the following: 1. The same vehicle has not come to Srikakulam and goods were loaded in another vehicle. 2. The vehicle reached only after 15 days of time. 3. Most of the items were damaged the photos of which have been already sent to you. 4. Unloading have been done by us after payment to the outside party as advised by you. 5. Your office has agreed to reimburse the unloading charges and for damages. I very much regret to note that I have not received any reimbursement from your office till now even promising to do so for nearly about two months. In view of the above, I state that I will be approaching Police Station at Srikakulam to file an FIR against the CEO


Posted on Dec 22, 2013

Please do not use services of economic movers and packers.Mr Sumer is totally false and they are just an agent.They dont have any own office and cargo.They take comiision in between and send lugguages through other cargos.I have also lost my some important goods like bycycle and one kitchen carton,Cylinder thay had replaced with there blanks one.Surprising thing is that They shifted my car also through some other company and at time of dilievery no one was taking the resposibilty to drop the car at door.I had to go there 80 km far from my house to pick the car.They also took out petrol from the car almost half talk.When I claimed that he was telling I am not sumer and his twin brother having same voice, although i remember his voice clearly.They were making fooll to me.I am planninto go consumer forum to fill my loss.Almost I lost 20000 thousnd rs because of his only.Please drop me email if any further information required from

Vikas Kumar

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

I hired the services of Mohan packers and movers of Chhattisgarh for relocation of my household goods, however it reached me in a very bad condition with 1 bag missing, my bike was left at Vashi, my BED was not fitted. Noone of the company picks up the call either or call back. Even Mr. Soni the Area head of the compnay has used harsh words while talking and disconnected the call.

Sharmad naik

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

I have made a consignment with SGK Perfect logistics on 01/11/12 from Bangalore to Goa and it is now over a month but the delivery is still pending. I have tried calling at all the given numbers stated in their site but I never get an appropriate response. I am facing issues of talking to multiple people on the same number with they showing no signs of delivery. I am really upset with the delivery and communication from them.

Ajit Madhukar Satpute

Posted on Dec 14, 2013

I had booked two cartons with The Professional Couriers from Mumbai to Bangalore on 30/11/13. Cartons were delivered on 3/12/13 in damaged condition with items missing - 1) Almonds from 3 boxes, Cello brand Lunch Box, 3) Suit totally valued at Rs. 15, 165/- Approached the company with a complaint but received a response that as declaration was not submitted at the time of booking consignment, my complaint can not be entertained though they accept that the consignment was received in an open condition in Bangalore & chose not to respond to my query on whose responsibility it is to obtain/submit declaration at the time of booking consignment as the Professional Courier Branch office simply accepted the consignment & collected charges from me. Filed a Police complaint & was advised by Police authority to approach Consumer Court for recovery of the value of lost items.


Posted on Dec 11, 2013

Chennai packers and movers commited to deliver the goods in 3 days and after 6 days they are telling its still not started , i had a very bad experience with this people allso there is no responce when u call them.

Vinit Kapoor

Posted on Dec 01, 2013

This is with regards to my complain against M/s Arpan Packers and Movers (Kandivali East) and M/s 1st United Packers and Movers (Kandivali East). I wanted to relocated from Mumbai to Amritsar so, I enquired about Packers and Movers from Just Dial. Then Mr. Mangesh who represented Arpan Packers and Movers came to my residence and confirmed the order. The packing and moving activity stared on 15th November 2013 and the goods were duly packed and loaded for delivery to Amritsar. The list of Goods is as given below 1. LED - Moser Bayer costing 22000/- 2. Big Almirah Costing 12000/- 3. Honda Unicorn Bike costing 80000/- bile no MH 02 CF 5631 4. 2 Boxes of Shirts 5. 2 Boxes of pants 6 1 lg small refrigerator costing 8200/- 7. 1 box of utensils 8. 1 mattress double bed 9. 2 quilts 10. 1 box woolen clothes 11. 1 OTG 12. 1 small bicycle 13. 2 cartons of books 14. 1 desktop computer 15 1 split a/c 16. 1 cooler 17. 1 study table 18. blankets Nothing has been delivered

k d sarkar

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

A consignment of household goods was booked from Hydrabad to Asansol(WB) on 23 sep 13 and has not yet been delivered to me even after 2 months. Tel nos. given for contact are not being received. Details are as under: Consignment no. DS 5194 Booked at Leo packing and shipping Co Plot no 116, 2nd floor, Srinivas Residency, Mil Dairy Farm Road Old Bowenpally - secbad Date of booking 23-09-2013 Booked by amlan sarkar(hyd) Recipient k d sarkar(asansol)


Posted on Nov 29, 2013

I have sent a blue suitcase through DTDC from Pune to Kolkata Docket no.D1528541 on 24/10/2013. After the luggage got delivered I found that the Suitcase has broken and damaged at several parts. I have also insured this luggage.I have complained at DTDC but no one took my complaint for a month. They don't have any complaint number and no body was taking my complain. They are just giving me numbers and repeatedly asking me to call some other person.But they are not taking any proper action. Please take the necessary steps and replenish my damaged suitcase. I am really very disappointed with DTDC's service for mishandling my luggage.I have also sent them several mail but got no reply.

Anita Sugosh Iyer

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

I opted Alfa Logistics and Packers to shift my home goods from Bangalore to Mumbai on 9-Oct-2013. They provided me with godown facilities to store the goods since I needed the delivery only on month end. I had paid 80% of the amount in advance and i have the receipt of the same. When i had called to ask them to bring it on 28 Oct 2013, I was told that the godown manager had expired and hence the goods will not be delivered. All the calls made were going unanswered and also if ever answered were rudely answered by the staff. On 3rd Nov, the goods were delivered but partially. Now when we were trying to call the company to inform about the issue, no staff answered. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their irresponsible behavior. Address No. 18 18th Cross, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, HSR Layout, Sector 7,Bommanahalli, Bangalore -560068 Contact Number : Raju 09739966655

Rajesh Mishra

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

Dear Sir, I have booked my household goods with Maxwell Packers & Movers, 190/1b, Goswami Para Road, Bally Goswami Road, Howrah - 711201, Ph. No. (033) 66342181, Mob. No. 09831151498 for delivery in Buxar, Bihar on 08.11.2013 where it was said that all the items in safe condition will be delivered on 12.11.2013. But today is 24.11.2013 and till date I have not received my items. On asking everyday the manager says that today it will be delivered. But everyday is passing hopeless. No information of goods is intimated by the manager himself and even on asking he gives wrong information. He never bothers about the difficulty suffering by me. He always tells false that your items are in Gaya, in Patna, in Ara, in Danapur. Everyday he changes the places. He gives mobile nos. of transporters to me that seems to be his well trained actors who speak his languages. Being hopeless from his angle, only you are the hope. So, kindly help me in getting my items. I will always remain obliged to you.

Abhinav Srivastava

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Hi, My name is Abhinav. I opted ICM movers and packers for moving my household items from Delhi to Bangalore. They mispaced battery of my inverter and and a bag having blankets and curtains and many other items were damaged. In return they agreed to pay rs 4000. but even it is about 4 months they are not paying anything.The person whom I am contacting thir numbers are :9342705118 and 9342517007


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household goods from Pune to Bangalore through Goel cargo movers and packers,PUNE. A number of my items specified in the materials list have not reached. This fact has been acknowledged by the Goel cargo officer and truck driver. Since then I have been calling him regularly, but he is not taking my calls any more. few valuable items( Computer,cooking vessels, Mixer etc) are not reached and few delivered items were damaged. Pl guide me how can take against him ? Thanks Ravinder


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household goods from Pune to Bangalore through Goel cargo movers and packers,PUNE. A number of my items specified in the materials list have not reached. This fact has been acknowledged by the Goel cargo officer and truck driver. Since then I have been calling him regularly, but he is not taking my calls any more. few valuable items ( computer,cooking vessels , mixer etc)are not reached and few delivered items were damaged. Pl guide me if I can take any action against him & how. Thanks Ravinder

Ravindra Sonkusare

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Myself Ravindra sonkusareon 18/06/2013, ABI International packers and movers transported my household from jharli, haryana to raigarh, chattisgarh. At raigarh during unloading no company Representative was present, I found my wooden sofa set and bike got damage.I informed to ABI person VIR Singh on phone and deducted RS 2000. At the time of unpacking, I noticed that my various household materials were missing.So I contacted the company person Mr. Virsingh, he said me to mail me along with damage part photo for claiming insurance. Lost items: 1. Samsung mobile charger . 2. Small VIP SUITCASE with spaner & three locks inside of Rs 500 each. 3. tailor Scissor useful for cloth cutting. 4. sofa Covers. 5. Woolen Blankets 6. crockery set bowls Damage item: 1. Wooden sofa set ( repair cost Rs 2000). 2. Hero honda bike fuel tank (repair cost Rs 1100). Now I am contacting to them, they not replying me on phone as well as on mail


Posted on Nov 12, 2013

I have used Leo logistics packers and movers for transporting my goods from chennai to hosur.Items are missing.Fake insurance recipt was provided to me.

Amit Kumar

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

Hello Sir, I have booked a Movers and packers while moving from Bangalore to Kolkata. I had insured my goods and car. There were few damages I had claimed, but they are not responding. Plz let me know what are the documents required to take this case further. Details of Movers and Packers - Agarwal Safe Home, No. C 112, DDUTTL, Yeshwanth pur Industrial Suburb, Bangalore - 22. Plz have a look at my email coversation with them to understand it better: [From: kumar, amit Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 8:58 PM To: '' Subject: FW: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Can somebody answer on this or, I have to approach the Consumer redressal forum? From: kumar, amit Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 2:34 PM To: ''; '' Subject: RE: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Hi, Can I get a response on this asap? Thanks, amit From: kumar, amit Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2013 1:27 PM To: ''; '' Subject: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Hi, After repeated requests with your person Kamlesh Sharma to send somebody to have a look at the damages, as nobody has turned up, I am forced to file for a claim for damages caused for car and house hold goods transported under LR 5773 and 5781 respectively. LR 5773 1. Seat cover spoiled and scratches on doors and dashboard Rs.4500/- 2. Wheel ball bearings Rs.3000/- 3. Antenna broken Rs.200/- LR 5781 1. Washing machine damaged and discolored Rs.5000/- 2. Leather sofa damaged Rs.4000/- 3. Cane chair damaged Rs.1500/- 4. Dining table damaged Rs.2000/- 5. Dining chair damaged Rs.1000/- 6. Books wet and spoiled Rs.5000/- 7. Clothes wet and spoiled Rs.10000/- Plz make a cheque in the name of Amit Kumar and send to my address E-801, Jalvayu Towers, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata 700156 Also, let me know, as I am curious, how when you are Agarwal Movers and packers, the truck which delivered goods at my address was of Professional movers and packers. Thanks, amit]

Momy Saikia

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

BLUEDART delivers product damaged (beyond repair) I appointed Bluedart to transfer a LG washing Machine from Guwahati to Mumbai. After several followup calls and finaly writing to the top management my machine was delivered yesterday. However, the product was handled so roughly and carelessly that it is damaged (probably beyond repair). The machine was dropped from a height at some point. The inside drum is dented, the bottom panel has come out, the bottom left part of the machine is dented and there is a leak somewhere in the bottom. I cannot even imagine how the product must have been handled. I am furious. Unfortunately after missing 2 days of work because the customer service people kept lying that the product will be delivered, the product was finally delivered without notice and hence I was not home to receive it. My neighbor received it on my behalf but obviously did not inspect it. I have written to Bluedart, but do not expect much to happen.


Posted on Nov 06, 2013

I am Dr.ABHINAV. I had sent two items from delhi to hyderabad through INDIAN RAILWAY PARCEL SERVICE. I dumped my luggage at delhi NIZAMUDDIN station on 29/10/2013. Since then i had been tracking my luggage online. NO details were put on website about loading or unloading. Finally on 5/11/2013 i went to SECUNDERABAD station. SHOCKINGLY.. i was charged Rs 400 as fine(waiting chrages) as my luggage reached two days back itself. Had there not been an online provision, i would had visited SECUNDERABAD station much earlier. I was mislead. Railway authorites are responsible for this. Plzzz.. help me. I am upset with such an irresponsible, inordinate communication means which was provided by railways.

Nitesh Bansal

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

I used N.S. Home Movers and Packers for transporting my household items from Mumbai to Indore. They packed and loaded my households on 25 Oct 2013, and told me that i'll get my belongings on 28th Oct 2013 at my Indore residence. Today is 31st Oct 2013, i haven't received my household items yet. Also, since Monday they are not answering my phone calls to any of there numbers.

Zaheer Gafoor

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

We shifted from Ernakulam to Bangalore on 18th October and received the goods on 20th October using Agarwal Movers And Packers.As the goods were being unpacked we realised that the following items were damaged/broken 1. Study table leg broken 2. Wooden Arm rest of antique wooden sofa broken 3. Glass crockery broken 4. All cartons including books dampened due to inappropriate packing. All cartons exposed to rain as they were not transported in a well covered truck. To add to the misery, inspite of repeated followups the response from claims department was very indifferent, casual and lacked accountability.

Hitesh Billaiya

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

Date-22/10/2013 To, Mr. Naresh Mamgai, Uttarakand Packers,Plot No 9, 90ft Road, Transport Area, Sakinaka, Andheri East, Mumbai, - 400072, Subject- reimbursement of Lost & damage household goods. Ref. C. No.1067 Dear,With regard to subject above and reference quoted, we would like to bring to your notice that, there is short receipt of our household items the item 1. Big Carpet (Cloths)-Rs.7000/- Apart from the above, following items were not packed at all as per your commitment before loading in Chennai and transported thus resulted in considerable damage to the properties 1. Photo Frame (A1 size) - Rs.3000/- 2. Bike head light cover - Rs.1200/- 3. Helmet Glass - Rs.250/- 4. Beer Glasses (2) - Rs. 800/- 5. Whiskey Glasses (6) - Rs. 1500/- On your confirmation of reverting back on 28th September 2013, when we did not get call from you, we called you once again to which you categorically


Posted on Oct 15, 2013

i moved my house hold goods from pune to bathinda picked up on (16-6-13) from pune... but one of my item in the total is still not delivered till date about 4 months over ( Split AC Outdoor unit) they keep on saying tomorow it will be at home... all conversation recorded help me

Tapas Kumar Mitra

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

I had booked a parcel to bangalore via First Flight courier service on 27th August 2013. The CONSIGNMENT NO. is ME0289236. The parcel was lost in transit. We had contacted First Flight office in Kolkata - Arupa Chakraborty Asst. Manager-Customer Service (Outbound) on various occasions. We have called her over phone, sent e-mails, but till date we do not have any proper reply. We have been asked to submit a claim indicating value of the lost goods which we did. Now-a-days they are also avoiding our phone calls and not replying to our mails. We would like to request you to kindly help us in sorting out this problem. Best Regards Tapas Kumar mitra

Tosif Khan

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

My name is Tosif Khan. I booked a Bike + Helmet + Bag + guitar from Delhi to Bangalore on 27/09/13 with AV HOME CARGO MOVERS. They promised to deliver the stuff on 3/10/13, I have been calling them since 3rd Oct and they are saying your stuff will be delivered today. One day they say it has reached in our warehouse, next day they say its still in Bangalore border. Now they are not picking up the calls. And the latest to it is , I received a call from them saying that bike has mistakenly reached Hyderabad and now would take couple of days more. My Bill Number is 1182 and Consignor Copy number is 1174. Today is 8th October and I have still not received my stuff. The person I am contacting has number 9891323009. Regards, Tosif Khan, +91 8095950807

bhushan patil

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I am submitting written complaint about New Jyoti Movers and Packers. (Contact person Sonu Yadav mob. no.9657755500) I am very sorry to say that the Jyoti movers and Packers cheated me in many ways - Two items missing from the luggage that has submitted at Pune when reached to the Ankaleshwar. Same thing is mentioned on the receipt and driver agreed and singed the same. - They have promised to unpack the entire luggage at the end but now they are not ready to pay attention. - Some of our luggage is fully damaged - Dressing table damaged totally - Fridge is not in good condition many scratches and major bumps on door. - The furniture ply of cupboard is also damaged. - Sofa-set damaged at one end. - Many boxes were wet from the bottom and my cooler is not in working condition now. Dvd player box was soaked in water. - The person from Jyoti packers promised that people will visit along with the truck and will assist totally to pack. we i

Gaurav Verma

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

I got transferred and shifted to Pune from Noida(NCR). We booked Agarwal Movers and Packers to shift our car (WagonR VXI) on 21st Sept 2013. I got my car delivered in Pune on 30th Sept 2013 with broken headlight(right) and damaged wind shield (front). It also had multiple scratches and a dent in bonnet. The person who came to delivee the car kept on insisting that the car was in this condition when we received it. While I have a documented proof which states all the observations that were recorded on paper while car was handed over to their personnel. After multiple hours of argument when I refused to sign the delivery note and demanded all the fixes of my car done before delivery, they took it back. Now when I try to follow up with them, they either do no pick up my call or when they do they say that claim your loses from your car insurance company and just give us signed document of delivery. I am tired of following up with them and now considering a legal action. Please guide.


Posted on Oct 06, 2013

I had booked my household articles with AGARWAL Packers & Moveres from Porbandar ( Rajkot) to Chennai. My wooden furniture, Almirah, Bike, TV all were damaged. They sent some carpenter to repair it. He some how managed usind fevical. But nothing to original shape. My compliant is that TV which was in two pieces was taken by them on 10 Sep for repair. Now when ever I call customer care the talk very rudely and says when ever they get spare they will repair it. I had worst experience with M/s Agarwal packers and movers. I paid 49100/- GC No. RKT 000184.


Posted on Sep 24, 2013

Hi, I have complain about movers packers named Aims International movers Packers, Mumbai. I relocated from Mumbai to Amritsar. I opted this movers packers to carry my household items from Mumbai to Amritsar. but this movers packers is useless. it damaged my fridge badly. its packing is worst. they make fool starting from packing to unloading.thre brothers from rajasthan narender punia, kesar puniya just like the are operating this company. after my fridge got damed i contacted him many times but he used to make me fool. ultimately he has not listen my problem.

Amandeep Singh

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

I have send a mobile phone to mumbai via TRACK ON COURIER from kalka to mumbai . Tracking no - 2322856 on 19 august 2013 but it is still not delivered. Courier people are not giving me any answers. Please help me.

shailendra singh chauhan

Posted on Sep 22, 2013

Sir I shailendra singh send my house hold articles from naraina delhi to Bangalore through Agarwal Professional Packers and movers on 16 Aug 2013 firstly they failed to deliver luggage on time and there is lot of damage in items some are totally damaged and one item is lost and now they are trying to refuse. sir I'm a soldier serving in indian air force please resolve it as soon as possible

Partha Pal

Posted on Sep 13, 2013

This is against DTDC,I have received a courier unintended to me,when I called up its sender he lodged a complain with DTDC to pick that from my home,it has been 3 days still no action from DTDC,even their Customer service number is not working


Posted on Sep 11, 2013

I would like file complaint against VISHWAS MOVERS & PACKERS SWAMI SUYASH APARTMENT,SHOP NO. 1, KRISHNA CHOWK, NEW SANGVI, PUNE-27 in regards to the household goods transported from Pune to Nagpur where we were confirm from Mr. Kuldeep and Mr. Hemant that goods are going to be transfered in as it is condition, they asked for 15, 000 Rs. inclusive of insurance amt. when we asked for insurance paper they said its not required as they will take care of this part and goods that are delivered will be unpacked by them there will not any extra charge for it. but when they delivered goods were in very not in good condition 1.Sofa set was damaged 2. Kurl on matress was damaged 3. washing machine was damaged 4. fridge was damaged 5. bike was damaged and we paid the amount to unfold the goods ( bed, wardrobe, tv). If we are calling to Mr. Kulddep he is saying to ctc Mr. Hemant n vice a versa Total claim goes to 22000 rs. which we are asking from vishwas movers and packers

alok kumar padhiari

Posted on Sep 09, 2013

I used services above movers and pakcages on 29 /08/2013, paid for insurance of good but not received insurance copy, while reaching my house they refuse to unloading the material and demand extra money , and after unpacking found that Almira, Water Filter & freeze was damaged , sofa lower side is broken. and i send a communication on same day to, for details and claming the insurance amount but no body can respond. Details given --I have booked my consignment through " Best packers & movers" but i have very bad experience. I have booked on 29.08.2013 and commitment given by Mr. Naresh that consignment reach on sunday (01.09.2013), but consignment reach on today(04.09.2013).After reach the consignment,they refuse to brings the materials to my room , and take Rs.100/-extra and i am call three workers for move the material from tempo to my room.I have done Insurance, but nobody can checked the after unpacke the material only take money

Vikas Jadhav

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

I used services above movers and pakcages on 17/08/2013, paid for insurance of good but not received insurance copy, service tax number not provided on bill, while unpacking glass matrial broken but no reimbursement provided. Customeer care noasnwering on phine.


Posted on Sep 03, 2013

With reference to the quotation dated - 11.07.2013 for the transportation of Hyundai I20 car from Delhi to Chennai and subsequent discussion I booked my car on dated - 16.07.2013 with Global Cargo Packers & Movers. The booking details are given below. Name of Packers & Movers : Global Cargo Packers & Movers Address : 365,Ground Floor, Near Govt. Girls School, Sector -26, Dwarka, New Delhi Contact person : Shekhar Chowdhary Phone : 9711677657 Consignment Note No : 031 dated - 16.07.2013 Bill No. : 121 dated - 16.07.2013 Money Receipt No. - 119 dated - 16.07.2013 Amount paid : Rs.11000/- ( Cheque No.- 394599 dated -18.07.2013 in fovour of Shekhar Tawla) The car was new (only two & half month old) and handed over to the designated persons in right condition. We had a very rigorous follow up with you for the delivery of car. The record of telephonic & SMS follow up is available in our mobile phones. He has not given any satisfactory reply. We also visited on their official address on 11.08.2013 after fixing the time with Shekhar Chowdhary and there was nothing available at the address. Complaint was also lodged in Palam Airport Police Station. I received my car from Chennai delivery point on 21.05.2013 after one month and five days. As informed to Shekhar Chowdhary & shown to their Chennai Representative, the car was in very bad shape. The observations are given below. 1. The vehicle was received after one month & five days. 2. The vehicle has run by Global Cargo Packers & Movers approximately 2300 Kms ( at the time of booking the meter reading was 2800 + and at the time of delivery it is 5100 +). 3. Vehicle was in very bad shape. 4. There are heavy dents on body. Apart from the damage in vehicle, there are indirect losses incurred on account of late delivery of vehicle. 1. I have paid Rs.800/- per day to local taxi for to & fro fare from my residence to office which was Communicated to Shekhar Chowdhary through phone and SMS. 2. The amount of mental pain and torture given by you is enormous. 3. I took the leave from office and went to Delhi from Chennai on 10.08.13 night by AIR and visited your official address on 11.08.13. Request for compensation for the above mentioned direct and indirect losses incurred due to intensional delay in the delivery of vehicle and using the same for his own purpose.

Durgesh Choudhary

Posted on Sep 02, 2013

Goyal cargo gave quote of 29000 but after material was loaded gave bill of rs 40000. Continuously gave false commitment about delivery.

Kshitij Sethi

Posted on Aug 23, 2013

I had used Central Cargo Packers & movers for shifting my house luggage from Gurgaon to Chennai. In total I had send 95 box . When I received my stuff few things were either broken or mising from my carton boxes. My jewelery box carring artificial jewellery was missing + (Box no89) carry BarGlass, access, Miniature ,Wine bottles was missing + Dining table chairs were broken+Mandir table leg broken .taken insurance for all the products worth 1,80,000.Now when i am asking for my missing goods, I am getting vague stories that the product Wines bottles, Miniature &bar accessories has been seized by Police in the transit. When I asked to share the Challan nothing has been given. when I asking for insurance claim nothing has been heard from them for more than a month . Details of the Courier Central Cargo Packers & Movers 101, mahajan Tower,7, L.S.C. Shrestha Vihar .Delhi -110092 LL-01122148899Mob-9311176233(Mr.Sanjeev )/09810076233( Mr.Anil)


Posted on Aug 19, 2013

Complaint against ; Mr. Sandeep Kumar Lamba Address : 76, Kataria Complex, Ring Road Dewas Naka, Indore Mobile : 09300005474, 8085008010 093296 35207, 07879641747 Email Website : Dear All, Just in case if you are considering Jyoti movers and packers, please do not take there services. I am completely cheated by them. I booked my luggage torough them (From Ujjain-bangalore). They promised me to deliver goods. But when i received goods, it comes as a shock ; 1) When we opened boxes, our cloths and many other things were missing 2) They not only opened but also reshuffeled boxes after taking valuable things 3) around 20,000 Rs clots and valuable items were missing 4) When i contacted them, they denied to take any responsibility 5) When i asked for insurance claim, later i came to know that, although they took money but do not provide any insurance They are fraud, cheap and do not care for customers. requesting all of you to keep away from the,. I was contacting there owner Sandeep Lamba, who was not ready to accept any thing. Compeltely cheat person. I am now planning for legal action against them but trying here to help all of you as do not want others to suffer as i suffered. Feel free to contact me , if you need more details for this cheat company. Regards, Vaibhav

Prafulla Kumar Bhol

Posted on Aug 17, 2013

Hi Sir, I have recently moved to Bangalore and select Apollo relocation services (PVT) Ltd to move all household materials but the challenge is I haven't received below materials at Bangalore which I had given to packers at Kadipur Village, Gurgaon, Sec10 however received some of the materials so please look into this and help me to get back my materials. I had word the guy (Sandeep-9999137943) multiple times but he is playing with me and its almost more than 50days and still am expecting the materials. i had sent multiple mails to official ID but no response even though that guy is not picking my phone now a days. Address of Apollo relocation services: (Packers & Movers) Shop No-1, Ground Floor, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Palam Vihar Road, Gurgaon Email ID: Contact Numbers: 0124-3296643, 9312266643, 9212166643 Missing items are listed below: 1: HP CYLINDER (15KG) 2: 7ft DUNLOP mattress 3: SUNLIFE Plastic Cooler (Large) Thanks, Prafulla Kumar Bhol. M: 9916958849 Marathahali, Bangalore-560037

Amit Agarwal

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

I availed of Agarwal Movers and Packers for transportation of my household stuff from Mumbai to Kolkata I was assured of my stuff being transported within 10-15 days and it has been over 40 days but there seems to be no trace of the goods.. Whenever I have tried to ask them, the concerned person at +91-98202-31361 has been very rude and impolite. They always seem to have excuses to defend the delay in the shipment. Besides, things like 1) we cant get in touch with the driver concerned, 2) the truck carrying the shipment has broken down and repairs will take a few days, 3) we have lost the L/R copy and hence please give us your address once again. They even dont seem to be worried or slightly affected by threats of complaints, etc. The customer care representatives have no feeling of remorse instead of being apologetic they sound like goons with loud voices not even feeling ashamed to raise it further and shout at the customers. In fact, they are threatening at times.

Ankita Gupta

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

Terrible experience with Piyush Packers and Movers. Part-loaded our items though payment was done for a separate vehicle. Also, insurance money was paid but no insurance was done. Some items were damaged when they reached Allahabad (destination). Need refund of insurance money and also for the items that have been damaged in transit.

Shiv Kumar

Posted on Aug 05, 2013

Hi, I am Shiv Kumar. I relocated myself from Gurgaon to Hyderabad in February 2013. I booked my household stuff with Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group), Gurgaon. They charged 30,500 Rs. for same. They delievered my household stuff 2-3 days late with following damages: 1. Dressing table mirror totally damaged 2. They didn't deliever my LPG gas cylender 3. Inspite of that many small items got damaged I called them after delievery of the goods. First of all they didn't pick my call. When the person with whom i was in touch ( Mr. Anand) picked my call, he said they will send someone to repair the dressing table (replace the mirror) and they will deliever the cylender asap. I waited for 3-4 days and no one came. When i called that number answer. I tried some of their other numbers but in vain. In beginning they said, we will deliever your cylender without any issue only condition is it should be empty.They charged for insurance as well for whole stuff but they paid nothing for the damaged mirror and cylender which are costly items for me. Now it's almost 5 months and i didn't hear from them. I used to call them but no one pick the call, if they pick my call by mistake then they keep saying they are not aware and they will give me a call after discuss it with Anand or other people. I am totally disagree with their service and the way they talk or treat their customers. They are making fool of people without any cause. Therefore, request you to please take immediate action against Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group) and help me to get the money for my loss. Thankyou. Following are the details of my deal with them: 1. Consignment No - 2749 2. Date - 23/02/13 3. Bill No - 2638 4. Place - Gurgaon Details of Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group) Address: Plot No- L415, Street No-13, Old Rangpuri Road Mahipalpur Ext., New Delhi-110037 Phone: +91 11 64577474, 26784274 Mobile: +91 9891837474, 9911137474, 9911037474, 9911437474 Email:


Posted on Aug 04, 2013

How to take legal action against packers and movers for non delivery and late delivery of consignment and also for not keeping to the commitments

Himanshu Suryavanshi

Posted on Jul 27, 2013

I had availed services from Agarwal Packers & Movers for transporting my household goods and car from Tezpur (Assam) to Secunderabad (AP). I had dealt with their Guwahati office for the same. I am giving the complete details in an email that I am writing to you.

Ankit Tandon

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Sir This is to inform you that I booked my consignment Dated-26.04.2013 through Great Vila Packers & Movers-NEW DELHI (IT IS A FAKE ADDRESS BUT REGISTERED ON JUST DIAL AS MY FRIEND WENT & INVESTIGATED) but till date I have not received my consignment as of now. The Amount Paid to the concerned person Rs.17977. and No. Of Article is 7 (including Glamour, Motorcycle- MH12 DQ 6343) and Motorcycle Key and Original Papers are with him too. So if anything goes wrong / mishap with my Bike I wont be held responsible for anything. When followed up with concerned person they started making stories and no output for that matter. Dalwir sangwan-9999387991 Great Vila Son- 9560161683 Mr. Manager- 9911990812 Narendra Driver-8860056656 Great Vila Son- 9560161683 8607915285 and Kushal Mangal Transport (Contact-9212613345) was also involved as he pressurized me to pay extra mount of Rs.12000 to deliver the consignment as informed by the Narendra Driver. My father is in NCR from last 15 Days and trying to file an FIR but Gurgaon police is not doing it as I booked my consignment from Block-S,Near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station DLF Phase III.Gurgaon police is not at all helpful in this concern neither New delhi police. Looking forward for your co-operation, Regards Ankit Tandon Sector-K-633-B Arzoo, Aashiana Lucknow-226012 8009902496 9999984895 0522-2423542

Rahul Anand

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Hi, I have booked Drishti Relocation Services for transferring my household stuff from Delhi to Trivandrum To my surprise, I have found that few of the articleas are missing and lots of damage has been to my household materials.Foldable table and Gas kit is not there and my almirah has been damaged badly. I am following up with them but of no use. I have also taken the insurnce for all the materials but still they are not paying me for lost and stolen material. kindly do let me know , where I should go and lodge the complaint. The total of lost incurred is approximately 11000. Please help, thanks.

Vinay Kumar Menon

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

Hi, I sent a courier consisting my original relieving letter through SK couriers..But it has not reached till date and they are not taking any calls.

Anupam Kumari

Posted on Jul 05, 2013

We moved our households good and car from k.k international. The experience was horrible. One statement about these guys can be said that they are the big cheaters and fraud. They run packing and moving company and don't even own a vehicle to do so. They are just dalal to make you fool and earn money. J.N.Sharma from Delhi and Narendra Sharma from Hyderbad both are looters. It's one man company owned by one sharma. Their website is as below: On Car, they drove 100s of kilometers before handing me the car. Toys, Pillows, first aid box everything is stolen from the car. They are the drivers and they are the owners of company both. So Narendra Sharma will tell you that he is driver of the company and he does not know about the stealing. At very next moment he will say he is the owner. They would not compensate for your goods and even try to threaten you for your own car. Now the worst part on house hold goods. Sofa - fully drenched in water and tor

Ritesh Shukla

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Jai Ganesh Packers in Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon booked my two wheeler to transport it to Navi Mumbai, Kharghar on around 4th June, 2013. The consignment number 5128. Jai Ganesh packers promised delivery the following Sunday. Today is 29th of June, and I do not know where my two wheeler is till date. He refuses to take my calls and talks abruptly when he does. He also initially quoted a price of 3200. After booking he informed me that I will need to pay 2000 more or else my two wheeler will not be delivered to me. I complied by agreeing and paying a sum of rs 2000 more. But I am still to receive my two wheeler and I am scared of theft now since its been so many days. Please help me.

Sulekha Singhal

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

Hi My name is Sulekkha Singhal. I opted for Allied Packers & Movers for shipment from Bangalore to Dubai on 27March-2013. They promised me the delivery of my good within 20-25 days. Now after a very long time until today 20 June 2013 I have not received my house goods, Also they are not picking up calls and replying mails. I have also paid 1Lakh of amount in advance and again here in custom clearance they are asking Rs. 50000(clearance and warehouse charges) which are now increasing daily. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their irresponsible behavior and still goods not received. The Name and contact details of company are: Allied Packers and Movers, Bangalore Contact no, of person who is working: Avnish/ Rajneesh: 9740261530


Posted on Jun 15, 2013

I was cheated by Prince packers and Movers while transporting my Household goods from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 05th January, 2013. When checked with them they said the goods were transported through Bharath Cargo movers. I spoke to both the parties but they both deny this fact. Below are the details of both the parties. PRINCE PACKERS & MOVERS Contact Person: Satish Kumar Address: 8-4-33/5a, Kalinga Enclave,Old Bowenpally State: Andhra Pradesh City: Secundrabad Pincode: 500011 Mobile: 9393459921, 9030051221 Bharath cargo movers Bangalore - Head Office Contact Person: D.A. Keshav Muthry & K. Raghu Kumar Address: #B-121, DDUTTL Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur, Banglore - 560 022. Phone: 080-23576306 Mobile: +91 9845246407 Could you please check with them and punish the culprit and restore the value of the goods to me.

Manish Sabharwal

Posted on Jun 10, 2013

We booked our household effects for shifting from Delhi to Bangalore. The same were loaded on 1.5.13 in the afternoon from our residence. However, the same was taken to an undisclosed location near Ghaziabad with the promise that the same will be sent for Bangalore the next day. However, the same was not sent. In the meantime, as per our train reservation we left for Bangalore on 3.5.13 and reached there on 5.5.13. However, our luggage did not reach there. We kept trying on phone but no information was given by the transporters and in this connection several calls were made to one Mukesh of the said transporter. I used every influence at my command to know the facts and to make them send our household effects. However, the consignment was sent from Delhi to Bangalore in the morning of 13.5.13 and the same reached in Bangalore on 16.5.13 at 10.30 p.m. as revealed by the driver. Shockingly, the household effects were loaded on heavy iron printing machine and its iron parts. As a result, the furniture and other items were found damaged and the same were found broken and even some of them are beyond repair. It was noticed that the packing material on most of the items was missing. Our dining table, double bed, show case, wooden trolley, refrigerator etc. were found broken. Some items such as AC cover and small terms were also found missing. Most of the cartons at the time of unloading were found torn and the contents were scattered on the truck. The information about the broken items was immediately conveyed to the transporters. One Mukesh (from the transport company) said that we should receive the luggage and that he would discuss about it later. However, on making personal visit, the UP Border, Ghaziabad address of the transporters, as printed in their quotation and bill, was not found correct. On further contacting the transport for the correct address, the phone was disconnected. Contents of the cartons have still not been checked completely as we were on holidays to Sri Nagar on LTC and therefore still not in a positing to state the exact missing items. In this regard, it is further stated that we had to leave for New Delhi on 17.5.13 as per train reservation and our further flight booking from Delhi to Sri Nagar. Therefore, the complaint could not be lodged immediately. The luggage was finally unloaded in the morning of 17.5.13 (4.00 a.m.), the day we had to leave for our holidays. Due to our visit to Sri Nagar, the contents of the cartons could not be unpacked and the luggage has still not been put at the right place at our house. However, it has been noticed that one carton containing colours, toys and AC cover was found missing. Some eatables like rice, bottle of Roohafza were also found missing. It is evident that thorough search of the items was made and some items were also stolen. The luggage was not loaded professionally despite knowing the fact that heavy iron machines were lying below and the luggage was most likely to be damaged and broken. It is also stated no insurance papers have till date been sent to us despite the mention of the same in the bill. Further, at the time of loading of goods, an amount of Rs. 1500/- was stolen from our home. As we had to leave on 3.5.13 for Bangalore, due to time constraint, we did not make an issue out of it, however, the theft was conveyed to the transporters. The promise to send the luggage at our doorstep within 7-8 days was not kept and as a result our whole family had to live without luggage and other essential items for about two weeks. In view of the above, it is, therefore, requested that stern action must be taken against such transporters who are unprofessional and always look for an opportunity to make a loot of household goods so that such recurrences do not take place and none is put to so much inconvenience in their life. The loss prima facie works out to about Rs. 50,000/-. It is therefore requested that this amount of Rs. 50,000/- must be given immediately to me as compensation for financial loss and for undergoing untold mental agony to alleviate my sufferings which I suffered for no fault of mine. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Manish Sabharwal)


Posted on Jun 01, 2013

For household i hire the Delhi pune Packers and Movers D 212 pushpam complex kharwal compound isanpur vatva road ahmedabad, the material is not properly packed some material stolen and worst service. so in future i ll not recommend this movers and packers.

gunjan babuta

Posted on May 31, 2013

shifted from jaipur to lucknow ,hired drs agarwal packers & movers , but major house hold stuff is damaged

Divyesh Shah

Posted on May 31, 2013

I have posted my issue at Please suggest me what to do next.

S Karthickeyan

Posted on May 24, 2013

I had relocated from Delhi to Pune and utilised the service of South City Packers and Movers Delhi. My some material is damaged and some is missing. He has taken the money from me for insurence also but now he is telling that it insurence is not done. He was not delivering the gooda and also asked more money to be deposited in his bank before he could deliver the goods. We paid but thaqt also.Now he is not picking up my calls for the damaged godsa dn for the missing materials his name is pradeep m n 9310274664. I want a heavy compensation from him for the damaged goods as well as the mental agaony which he has given me.


Posted on May 24, 2013

I had booked my package from kolkata on 5th April 2013, to hyderabad. Its almost 45days gone, there is no response from those packers. Please suggest me what should I do in this case.


Posted on May 21, 2013

agarwal packers and movers. GC code 978074. move date April 20 2013. Full insurance was taken. goods damaged. The insurance claim person does not respond at all. talked Mr. Rajiv, Gyanendra in bangalore and Neeraj at headquarters. No one even registers a complaint or gives a complaint number. 30 days no response after multiple follow ups.


Posted on May 14, 2013

Sir/Madam, I have loaded my house hold items from Bangalore to pune through RVM Packers on 2nd May, 2013. And i got the house hold item in badly damaged condition. My bike is damaged very badly. Please suggest how can I complaint against them. Regads Abhay Baviskar Pune 8446699193

Dinesh Reddy

Posted on May 13, 2013

I have dispatched a consignment to Darbhanga (Bihar) on 25th, April through Professional Couriers and as per the website, it shows that it was delivered to their Patna office on 3rd May and since then it is not delivered to the consignor even after 10 days. It's been about 20 days now since I dispatched it from Bangalore. Impact- I had sent some very important educational certificates to the University for the Verification. Since, I couldn't get these certificates verified on time from the University, I had missed an employment opportunity from a MNC company. Regards Dinesh Reddy


Posted on May 09, 2013

I shifted my house hold items from Pune to Kolkata by Infoline packers and movers. But they didnt deliver me TV(Sony 26inch) and delivered wooden almirah and boc bed broken. So I need help for this. Infoline Relocation P&M (Regd.) Shop no.7 plot no 89 dwarka bldg. purna nagar chinchwad pune-19 Mr. Ravinder Kaushik Mob no.: 020-32910082/9326410082 Customer Care No.: 09022590072 Email: Pan no.: AACF19384F Regd. No: 896 Infoline Relocation P&M (Regd.) Off no. 126 M. M Nagar bonhooghly kolkatta-700108 Mr. Shiv Kumar Mob no.: 09330322555 Customer Care No.: 09022590072 Email: Pan no.: AACF19384F Regd. No: 896

prowesh barnwal

Posted on May 09, 2013

While changing my home from Delhi to Faridabad on 05.052013, I hired "CARE Packers & Movers, Shop No 1722, Street No 4, Govind Puri Extension-Kalkaji, Delhi - 110019" for smooth transaction & safety of my goods for which I paid more that Rs 7500/- in cash.They didnot give me any receipt for the same nor any list of the goods trnaffered. During transffering my goods, I found that my SAMSUNG LCD Monitor was misplaced & taken way.When I complained, the owner some Mr. Goyal told me that his people are loyal, they cant take my monitor & its my duty to take care of ny goods.On complaining about their responsibility, he is saying that all he can do is to compensate me with Rs. 1000/- for a monitor which costs Rs 10,00/- which socked me. Hence, I request your esteemed organisation to make "CARE PAckers & MOvers, Govindpuri, New Delhi " to compensate me with Rs. 10,000/- for my stolen PC LCD Monitor & make them understand that its not that easy to take consumer's money & things.Looking ahead for ypur intervention & help me getting my valuable compensation & teach CARE Packers & Movers a lesson. With regards, Prowesh Barnwal.

Aniruddha Jawade

Posted on May 06, 2013

Dear Sir, I have give my paterial to DLF packers and movers on 26/03/2013. I have received partial material after 15 days with heavy damages. 2 wheeler was damaged heavily. 25 liters was stolen from my four wheeler. Car was deliverd ny DLF only after giving 100% payment including Insurance but DLF has not taken any insurance of my vehicle. As on 6/05/2013 I have not received 100% material . Please support Aniruddha Jawade 9764995583

Aniruddha Jawade

Posted on May 03, 2013

Dear DLF PACKERS AND MOVERS,BANGALORE, In continuation to my several mails in last 3 weeks and 157phone calls to you I would like to inform you that nothing has been changed and there is no reply from your side to my concerns as mentioned below:- 1)Partly material is delivered to Nagpur from Bangalore after 10days???????? of loading(If we come by walk then also we can reach early to this). 2)Material is heavily damaged during transportation. 3)Insurance copy and claim is not is given after 1 month???????. 4)Car was delivered after 12 days??????????? that too after serious follow up from my side 5)21 liters of petrol was stolen from my car. It as informed to you immediately but till date there is no response from you. 6)Two wheeler is heavily damaged. 7)3 cartons/boxes and loose material is missing and there is no proper answer from your side. 8)Un-packing of material is not done from your side. 9)Your lorry driver was heavily drunken and was arguing for payment in front of my house/society. I have find you are unprofessional, un-ethical and spoiling name of entire packaging industry. I think road side carriers are far better than you. I have called to Mr.Sajay/santosh kumar from delhi office but there is no response from him also. I am following with your Bangalore representative(mob no 9538351376) but is also passing the time from last 25 days and have no firm answer. I have no hope that you will return my material and reimburse me the loss because of you. I requested to all not to use service of DLF Packers and Movers CC: 1) India packers and movers 2)All India packers 3)Agarwal packers 3)Leo packers 4)Air cargo packers 5)1st shivam cargo 6)Sahara packers and movers 7)A.R.Packers and movers Thanks & Regards Aniruddha Jawade Synergy; Nagpur 9764995583 From: Aniruddha Jawade [] Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:30 PM To: Subject: Fwd: Material not yet deliver to Nagpur ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Aniruddha Jawade <> Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 7:34 PM Subject: Re: Material not yet deliver to Nagpur To: Cc: info < Dear Sir, As informed and discussed with your representative still my following problems are yet to be addressed 1) Status of missing material????? 2) When insurance person is going to visit for inspection of damaged material. 3) Your transporter has stolen around 21 Liter petrol from my Ford figo. Distance to empty was 375 when vehicle given to you and at the time of receiving it was only 83 Km. What is this???? Please reply to above points at earliest otherwise I will go to consumer court. Regards Aniruddha Jawade 9764995583 On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Aniruddha Jawade <> wrote: Dear Sir, In continuaton with below mail, I would like to inform you that my house hold material is finally deliverd to Nagpur(Partially) in very pathetic condition. Few ites are missing at the time of delivery and bike handle is completely bend. Still my car Ford figo is not yet delivered to me and your transporter was demanding balance payment of Rs. 12000 for which I am not agreed. The agreed amount was inclusive of packing of house hold, unpacking, loading, unloading, transporting and Insurance. But your transporter refused to unpack the material and Insurance copy is also not delovered by your DLF representaitve. I am really frustracted now and I have no vlue when shall I get my Car and missing material. There is no positive response from your team. I have no option left rather than lodging police complaint against your company. Kindly revert back immediately Regards Aniruddha jawade 9764995583 Note: Please find DLF contact person no. 09538351376 who is responsible for everything and not responding. It was promised to deliver the material on 1st April but its 8th april still the delivery is not 100%. On 4/6/13, Aniruddha Jawade <> wrote: > Dear Sir, > I had booked my household and car through your DLF cargo packers and movers > dt. 26th March from Bangalore to Nagpur. > Its been 12 days now the material is not yet deliver to me neither any > positive response from your side. > I am continuously chasing to your team member but he is not responding. > I have doubt that my material is either lost or damaged that's why he is > not responding. > > I would like to inform you that if material is not delivered by today > evening then i will lodge an official police complaint against you for > theft of material. > Also the expenses inured from last one week including my conveyance > and lodging/boarding will be recorvered from you. > The invoice nos are 162,163 and payment received slip no is 408. > The mobile no of contact person from DLF is 9538351376. > > Regards > Aniruddha Jawade > 9764995583 > Nagpur >


Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Dated: 17/04/2013 To The consumer Redressal Sub: Not proving documents for reimbursement and refunding balance amount Rs. 8645/- in respect of Policy No. 221503 /21/13/01/00000127 for MCSV Policy. Dear Sir/Madam I was transferred from Jhansi (U.P) to Shaktinagar (U.P) on administrative transfer and my baggage was transported by M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers, Lucknow. The transporter offered comprehensive Insurance from M/s United India Insurance Co. Limited (UIICL) for total baggage value Rs.3,58,000/- and asked for Rs.9158/- as premium. My organization reimburse actual premium amount, so trusting on Mr. D.N Chowdhry (Branch Manager, Lucknow) I paid Rs.9158/- whereas actual amount paid to M/s United India Insurance Co. Limited including Service tax is Rs. 513/- only. It is a serious breach of trust, fortunately except few scratches & dents there is no major baggage damage. Moreover since 3rd April-13 I have been requesting Sh. D.N Chowdhry but never got convincing reply, Original policy document & Money receipt for Rs.9158/- from M/s UIICL. Further, I have paid mutually agreed total amount for theit services and having receipt for the same. In view of the above, I expect that M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers will take immediate action to refund my balance amount Rs.8645/- within (04) four days to maintain their reputation in the market and trust among customer. Hope M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers will realize and will not like to have dent in their reputation and market. Regards (A.K.Saxena) Addl. General Manager (TA-E) SSTPS NTPC ( A Govt. Of India Enterprise) P.O Shaktinagar Sonebhadra 231222 (U.P) M: 8005493099 / 9453048833 My bank details: Abhai Kumar Saxena/S.B.I Parichha (Jhansi U.P)/A.C No. 30130696243/IFSC Code SBIN0006149/Branch Code : 006149

Tarun Mathur

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

I have sent a courier to Bangalore on 22nd March 2013, AWB No: Z84008841 through DTDC Courier. The problem was that the address to which it was sent was changed. I informed about this to all concerned persons and the franchisee. They have noted the new address but still the packet is not delivered. It is still in Bangalore (Madivala Branch) and nobody is responding from the company about the current status. Neither they are delivering it nor sending it back to me. The documents are very important and needs to be delivered urgently.

Ashim Kumar Ghosal

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

I have booked my house hold goods with Vishal Cargo Packers & Movers on 07.03.2013 on Topay basis at vasai and asked them transport it to Kolkata as my new job location is shifted to kolkata.we both mutually agreed Rs 16000 will be the transportation charge including everything for door to door service and i have already paid 10500 at the time of booking and rest need to pay at the time of delivery as agreed but now they are not delivering my goods and every time they are giving false commitment.From Vishal cargo mr Virendra(09833597517)booked my goods but now he responds very rudely and not giving any response and when i called to their compnay owner mr Vishal on 09699212100 he said you booked with Mr Vijendra and you talk to i am at kolkata and i have nothing in my hand.because they are holding my goods thats fore they are talking very harsh and threanting me that they will not deliver my goods.My kind requst is pls interfere and resolve my issue as i have nothing in my hand

Maha Irfan

Posted on Mar 18, 2013

Hello Sir/ madam, I want to submit complaint against the Movers & Packers i hired for moving my household items & car from Delhi to Bangalore, I have all evidences supporting my complaint. Please let me know the process to go ahead on this. Thanks Maha

Saket Bhendarkar

Posted on Mar 05, 2013

I hired Ajay Movers and Packers,Pune to shift my bike and Household items from Pune to Bangalore. Website: I shipped the items on 24th Feb2013, the guy had promised to deliver everything within 4 days.Today is the 14th Day and I am still trying to get in touch with these guys. When I call them in the morning, they tell me it will be done by the evening and in the evening they come up with some or other excuse to not deliver the items. I am tired of calling these guys and they keep on saying the same thing. If I try and shout at them,they will say, they dont have any interest in keeping the goods with them, they also want to deliver it earliest possible. Finally I am registering complaint here. INVOISE Given to me in the name of PUNE HOME PACKERS & MOVERS. Near Thermax Chowk,Sambhaji Nagar, Chinchwad,Pune-411019. Contact: 9762181967 Consignment No.213 Date:24/02/13. I am helpless and dont know what to do. Please help me sir.

Srinivas Sriramoji

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

I have hired Prince packers and movers services to move my house hold goods from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 05th Jan, 2013 (LR number 1009). When I had opened the carton boxes I found that many of my electronic and grocery items (worth around INR 22,000) were stolen. I called both Prince packers and movers and Bharath Cargo movers but both deny the theft. I am trying every look and corner so that the culprit is punished and there should not be any other person suffering like me. Request your prompt response and action. Please find the below details of the Packers and Movers and advise me of the process to recover the loss. PRINCE PACKERS & MOVERS Contact Person: Satish Kumar Address: 8-4-33/5a, Kalinga Enclave,Old Bowenpally State: Andhra Pradesh City: Secundrabad Pincode: 500011 Mobile: 9393459921, 9030051221 Bharath Cargo Movers Phone: 080-23576306 Mobile: +91 9845246407

somnath das

Posted on Jan 03, 2013

To, Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd, 46, Eastern Chamber, Poona Street, Mumbai -400009 Sub Damage of transported vehicle by your company with G.C No.834133 from Kolkata to Hubli. Sir, I have send my SWIFT DEZIRE CAR (Maruti make), registration no WB-26C-9603 from Kolkata through your Kolkata Office on 16.11.2012 with your G.C. No.834133. The above car collected by Sh. Sanjoy Mandal , transport superviser, who was send by Sh. Amit Ghosh of your branch office at Kolkata. Along with the car I have handed over One newly purchased Shoe costing Rs . 2000/- and one Fry pan which he was recorded in the form of ACCESSORIES DECLARATION. Sh. Sanjoy Mandal, Transport Supervisor collected from me Rs 180/- for the Pollution control certificate. But I have received the car on 28.11.12 at 2330 HRS with damaged condition with missing items as detailed below: i)Big denting in the front left door just below window which was not there at the time of handing over my car, ii)Newly purchased ( with packing ) shoes costing Rs 2000/- missing , in its place kept old other shoe , iii) Pollution control certificate for which Sh. Sanjoy Mandal, Transport Supervisor taken Rs 180/-, which was very much essentitial as per your requirement. All the above statement I have written in the GOOD CONSIGNMENT NOTE when I received the car on 28.11.2012. I have send the through you by paying more money because it was expected being REPUTED FIRM, I will get better service. But it was not happened. It was expected to get the action taken report for my above damage which was written in the GOOD CONSIGNMENT NOTE on 28.11.12. Since I have not received any report I am writing this complaint again. Please pay Rs 10180 ( Rupees ten thousand one hundred and eighty only ) for the above damage ( Rs 8000/- for Denting& painting, Rs 2000/- for my shoe and Rs 180 /- taken from me for pollution control certificate) for the actual cost for the above damage made by you. If I am not getting the money for the damage made by you within 15 days , I will go to consumer court with extra charges. Thanking you, yours faithfully Date :03.12.2012 ( SOMNATH DAS) 133, 15 th Main Road, GOKUL ROAD. HUBLI 580030 &#8195;


Posted on Dec 25, 2012

Very Late Delivery of Items from Patna To Ranchi by Agarwal Packers and Movers of DRS group. Details: Date of Booking of Items from Patna : 15-11-2012 Promised date of Delivery to Ranchi: 17-11-2012 Amount Charged: Rs 14000 G.C No. 4162375 Items: Household items Actual Date of Delivery: Delivered in parts from 15th to 22nd of December 2012. Condition of items: some of them have been damaged.

Puneet Purwar

Posted on Dec 19, 2012

On 11/12/2012 I booked Speed Movers and packers in Lucknow to transfer my almirah from Lucknow to Gurgaon. The almirah was to be delivered by 16/12/2012. I contatced Virendra Singh from Speed Cargo Lucknow. The almirah has not been delivered till today. Virendra Singh has been telling lies that you will receive the almirah in an hour or so since 2 days and now is not picking up the phone. They have the almirah and charged Rs 3000 upfront at the time of booking. I called the office of Speed Cargo and they cliamed that they do not have any office in Lucknow. The almirah has been stolen by these thugs.I have the original bill that Salman, an associate of Virendra has given me at the time of booking. The contact numbers mentioned in that receipt are not working. Please help me.

Roopesh Nair

Posted on Nov 28, 2012

I had hired the services of NEW NATIONAL PACKERS & MOVERS headquartered in Pune, when I was transferred from Pune to Ahmedabad. The total charges paid to the service provider is Rs.23350/- including 3% of the insurance premium. The household goods were packed in good condition on 27/09/12 at Pune.The goods arrived at Ahmedabad at 11 pm the next day and was surprised to find that all the boxes were broken and the packed items were strewn on the floor of the truck. My two wheeler was also part of the goods along with other household items, however the entire front portion of the vehicle was damaged with the headlight being separated from the vehicle's body. The same night I called up the service provider to inform him about the damaged goods and he assured me that since the goods were insured the losses would be taken care of. The next morning they also sent me a mail assuring that they will initiate the insurance claim process on my behalf, I am still awaiting their reply.

Sougoto Deb

Posted on Oct 17, 2012

I transfered my household items from Kerala to Assam with M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers. They charged me Rs. 39000 for transportation and Rs.3224 for transit insurance, which they say that it is insured with M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers and no receipt is not given to me. Now I have received my motor cycle in complete left side damage condition and fridge with dents and a broken crockery. The articles are received on 7/10/12. On informing the damage on the same day I have received no reply and they are just turning me from one person to another. Please render some help if required. Sougoto Deb

chandra shekhar chotiya

Posted on Oct 04, 2012

my new mobile phone has been stolen by balagi current servic. I have send them notice through advocate but no response received.

Mahesh Ayyagari

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

I want to complain about Sea Air Cargo Systems, 21, 1ST Cross,1ST A Main Ground Floor Behind Gokuldas Exports Off Mission Road CKC Garden Bengaluru 560027 Tel/Fax # 080-41237258, about damage to my shipment from Bangalore to Auckland.The agents are refusing to accept responsibility for the damage, which was proven to be due to bad packing. I want to know if I can complain at this forum or if there is another forum to complain at. Thanks.

Anand Agarwal

Posted on Aug 05, 2012

This is a complaint for Overnite Courier.I ordered a Super Saver Combo which had a jeans and a watch, vide order number : 192965.The company though not responding for the order, but I found that they have dispatched the courier via Overnite Couriers. The AWB No is : 7054066600. When I contacted Overnite couriers, they say that the courier is misplaced and they are not finding it. I have contacted there Sr Manager and she is just delaying the process of refund. They are not giving me my shipment nor they are giving me my refund. The Manager name is Dipti and the Email ID is : and Nitin <>. Please help me in this and provide me the refund. They are just delaying everydat. I have put number of mails. I can provide all the corrospondence mails as and when needed.


Posted on Jun 19, 2012

This is to bring to your notice that while shifting my household goods from Gurgaon to Kolkata through Allied Movers and Packers (P) Ltd., Consignment Number 2443, following items have not been delivered or damaged:- Item No. Item description Status Value 6 Mattress Not received 6500 14 TV Trolley Glass One glass broken out of two 2000 56 Computer table One glass broken out of two 1000 82 Temple Broken 2000 93 Plastic Bucket (Baby bath tub) Broken 500 Total 12000 As I had declared complete insurance for all goods, request you to please replace the above mentioned material or compensate the value declared. The details of consignment are as follows:- Consignment No. 2443 Date of Loading at Malibu Town, Sohna Road, Gurgaon 26.01.2012 Date of Unloading at Regent Enclave, Kaikhali, Kolkata 06. 02.2012 The Movers and Pckers have not conducted any Insrance survey and it is almost 4.5 months. There has been no response even after multiple followups.

Bijaya Kumar Swain

Posted on May 28, 2012

Dear Sir, I have been transferred from Gurgaon to Visakhapatnam on 6th May 2012. To transfer my household items, I had put an enquiry on various websites like Agrawal Packers, Gati Packers, Leo Packers etc. All of them had conducted the survey in my house at Gurgaon and given quotations. I got the lowest quote i.e. Gati Packers and Movers where the contact person was Mr. Vinod (mobile no. 09311408484). But in the soft copy of the quotation the company name was mentioned as Express Packers and Movers. When queried about the company name and address on the quotation, he told me that this quotation in soft copy format, hence will not have the complete name of the company. On that belief I have given them the order for the shifting. On 6th May 2012, the persons had came to my residence at Gurgaon and packed all the items and loaded in the truck. At the time of billing I found the billing company was Express Packers and Movers. Because I got the quotation from the mail id of Gati Packers, hence I thought they might have from the same company and issued the complete payment amount of Rs.24773/- vide cheque no.078989 dated 06/05/2012 drawn on IDBI Bank, Ameerpet Branch which is inclusive of insurance charge of Rs.1740/- for my household items and they have issued me the receipt vide no. 3274 dated 06/05/2012. On 16th May 2012, they have delivered the items and my residence at Visakhaptanam. While opening the packets I found both of the wooden beds are broken and immediately I have informed the same to Mr. Vinod for insurance claim. Also on the delivery challan I have mentioned very clearly that the beds are broken and needs replacement. Mr. Vinod had told me that the insurance claim will be processed once they receive the delivery challan. Since then I am following up after them and even they have confirmed about the receipt of the delivery challan, but no words about insurance claim. Everyday I am making call to them and each day they are coming with some new excuse and now even they are neither lifting my call not replying to my mails. On 26th I tried with the no. of Mr. Vinod, but surprisingly some other person had picked up the phone and told me that Mr. Vinod is on leave and will be back after a weeks time and given me the no. of Mr. Sunil (09311408383). When I have contacted Mr. Sunil, he told me to contact on 28th morning, so that he can update me. When I have called on 28th on Mr. Sunils no, some other person had picked the call and told me that Mr. Sunil is on leave today and asked me to call on 29th. Then I have tried with my different no. to Mr. Vinods no. and found that the no. which Mr. Sunil use to have is being used by Mr. Vinod today and still he is avoiding the insurance claim. Now I am fed up with their services and calling them everyday. So requesting you to please take my complaint and help me out from this situation. Thanks & Regards Bijaya Kumar Swain Visakhapatnam

Husne banu

Posted on Nov 30, -0001

I have shifted from Mumbai to odisha Bhubaneswar and given my belongings to or glovv India on 6th March 2019. I have paid Rs 20,000 and still not getting any response. The helping persons no:+91 97573 46641. Please help me to get my stuff. As this company is irresponsible and unprofessional please do some action against them.