Electonics / Electricals Complaints


Posted on Apr 17, 2019


Irfan Patel

Posted on Feb 04, 2019

Dell india deficient in proving service to our of warranty customers through non availability of spare parts within 5 years of purchase

Abdul Alim

Posted on Feb 03, 2019

My ACM wiring is damage pick up is very low


Posted on Feb 03, 2019

I have purchased air cooler from you company in 2017. Whose warrant is out. I was facing an issue in the Cooler of high noise. For which I gave complaint to you are customer care. Your person came and changed some water motor I think and took an amount of 1300rs from me. He told it has a warranty of one month if there is any issue then let me know. He also told me to change the water in it and you can start using my cooler. After he went, I changed water and started. Sound issue got resolved but sand water was getting pushed from airlet. Now he is saying I need to give more money then only he will come and repair it. I informed your customer care. They told they can't do anything. You have to follow what company person says. Let me is this you company giving customer service??? This is leading to bad customer satisfaction. In future such incident will let to decrease of your company reputation. I also work for a big and reputed company which has best customer service. Your com


Posted on Feb 03, 2019

I have purchased air cooler from you company in 2017. Whose warrant is out. I was facing an issue in the Cooler of high noise. For which I gave complaint to you are customer care. Your person came and changed some water motor I think and took an amount of 1300rs from me. He told it has a warranty of one month if there is any issue then let me know. He also told me to change the water in it and you can start using my cooler. After he went, I changed water and started. Sound issue got resolved but sand water was getting pushed from airlet. Now he is saying I need to give more money then only he will come and repair it. I informed your customer care. They told they can't do anything. You have to follow what company person says. Let me is this you company giving customer service??? This is leading to bad customer satisfaction. In future such incident will let to decrease of your company reputation. I also work for a big and reputed company which has best customer service. Your com

Sarvesh Khandekar

Posted on Feb 02, 2019

I had purchase a remot control on wyborestore.in but they saying order is generated but not despatch my order... And now not receiving my calls because I am asking for refund of my payment which was deducted at the time of placing order


Posted on Jan 30, 2019


Baskar Menon

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

Haire washing machine not working Sir, I bought a Haire semi automatic washing machine from Great Eastern Technocity Sarat Bose Road Store Kolkata on December 24, 2018. It was delivered to my address in Southcity Kolkata after a few days. Again after a few days the Haire technician came to instal it. HE FAILED. It is a DEFECTIVE MACHINE. Since then for the last 3 weeks I have contacting both Haire service and the store manager Dev Sarkar. No one is helping me. Please help. Regards, Baskar Menon Tel: 98301 54056 baskarm@aol.com

Sanjeev Dhiman

Posted on Jan 25, 2019

I bought a Lenovo Laptop Y- Series Yoga 710 from Lenovo authorised dealer M/s Absolute IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd vide invoice # BEL/ 18/ 05/ 034 dated 17th May 2018 for Rs. 57,000. Further I bought a comprehensive warrantee pack from the same vendor on 8th Nov 2018 on payment of additional Rs. 10,000. The said laptop got damaged as it fell from the hand of my daughter on 9th of Dec' 18. I immediately reported the damage to Mr. Feroz of Absolute IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. Lenovo however rejected the claim saying that a bar code on the inner side of screen is not matching with their data base. Both Absolute and I, told them it is the original screen and it is not the responsibility of consumer to check the internal parts when buying the product. Lenovo did not agree despite I wrote to India MD. I have an absolutely genuine case. The external sr # of the laptop is same as what I bought. I can not check the bar codes of hundreds of parts inside the laptop. A genuine claim is being denied


Posted on Jan 24, 2019

Dear Team, I gave my fully functional phone to Buzzmeeh.com (Noida Branch) company for screen replacement. But during screen replacement, technician made a fault in phone and the phone is got damaged. It's not getting switched on. I had returned the device for repairing as the fault was made by Buzzmeeh company technician. Now even after so many follow ups,they are not repairing it and saying it is irrepairable and returning the device in same condition. Mobile phone cost is Rs. 14000/-. I have sent and email for repair/replacement/pay the cost of the phone. But they are not responding at all. I am really worried in this situation, not able to understand what to proceed with. All the conversation happened via phone and email. Please suggest what should I do. Thanks, Ankur


Posted on Jan 21, 2019

I have applied for electric line connection on last Jun 2018. But it is regret to said that till today no connection was given to my home. Since last September 2018 I received your electri consumer bill. Please stop that and appropriate action may please be taken against those men who are done this type of work.

Hafeez Hackla

Posted on Jan 20, 2019

I am writing to you regarding the warranty claim of my device Samsung S8 serial No.: RZ8J50X6DZK. It was repaired by Samsung Service Centre on 08-Jan-2019. The device was having a cracked back glass and it was fixed with a new one on a chargeable basis. But after 4-5 days water peeped inside the mobile as it fell into a bucket full of water. As Samsung S8 is IP 68 rated smartphone, therefore it should take that 20-sec abuse. Now Service Centre is refusing to repair it under warranty as it is a liquid damage. And claiming that the device is also physically damaged as it is having minor bumps on chrome. I have already filed a complaint to Samsung but has got an unsatisfactory response. Please provide the advice as I believe that back glass wasn't fixed properly (though I gave satisfactory remarks at Samsung Service Centre looking at the outside condition of mobile) as it should be and it led towards that damage.

Neeraj khare

Posted on Jan 19, 2019

Washing machine kharab ho gaya hai chuha katne se new hai but bechna hai


Posted on Jan 18, 2019

Sir, my electricity bill reading was never taken by the dhbvn company and after 16 months they took the reading of my meter. The difference was found to be of 6114 units but i have been paying my electricity bill every month. I dont know why they took average reading and now they are charging Rs. 31085 as bill. My account no: B35ND1D0426.

Anita gupta

Posted on Jan 14, 2019

Amul atta chakki is not working


Posted on Jan 13, 2019

Delayed service,after repeated complaints dueto the false assurance by the service engineerand the technician and the defect was not ableto identified by them till date. The microwavedemo was not able to make it till now becausethe microwave was not started by them. Themicrowave technician and service engineer justpassed the warranty time and now they areforcing us to pay the service charges and thesensor, PCB has to be changed then also theyare unable to start the microwave till date. Theyhave tried all the possible trail and errors ,byepassed the fusses( directed), finally thetechnician has taken the microwave to theservice center at CHANDRAPUR.The seviceengineer and technician has wasted ourvaluable time and mentally Harrah's us . Fromthe beginning we are requesting them to replacethe microwave was faulty which wasn't startedby the technician and service engineer how wecan use.1) Technician failed to give the demo and themicrowave was not started for 30 seconds fromthe beginning.2)

Bharat Bhushan

Posted on Jan 09, 2019



Posted on Jan 09, 2019

Dear sir/madam Subject- Replacement the product due to repeatedly breakdown problem. i was purchased a bajaj room heater rx7 dated on 25.11.17 with 2 year warranty. This product was break down 11.12.18. I registered the complaint to bajaj care. After some days Technician come and repaired it. But after some day product again break down then i again complained 30.12.18. Technician again repaired to this product. After a one day product again break down & it's not working. I have facing the problem 3 times again and again in this weanter session. So finally i decided to replace this product with a new product but bajaj dealer ibrahim khan & bajaj company refused for replacement this product. So please help me. I want to replace this product. Thank you sir. Regards Ramraj meena 9406712657 Ntpc vindhy nagar, singrauli (Mp) Email - rrmeenantpc@gmail.com


Posted on Jan 08, 2019

Dear Sir, i have purchased one foxin headphone from M/s Mansaa ComSys, Jharsuguda on dt. 03.12.2018 vide Invoice No. 975. But one side ear phone is not working. So that i have returned for repair/replacement under warranty period on dt. 26.12.2018. But till date he has neither repaired or replaced even after several chasing. So it is requested to do needful for early resolve to be made.

Abid Ali

Posted on Jan 06, 2019

I purchased fully automatic washing machine from Godrej company in Srinagar. After 9 months it has shown some errors and was not working properly.Since then we contacted to service centre but they failed to resolve the problem after 2 months. We need help regarding same matter for refund of money

Santu Kumar Ghosh

Posted on Jan 02, 2019

I like to inform that I had not been served with any document towards Service Request ID 49249511 executed by M/s. Neosa Electronics (P) Ltd., Howrah who is the authorised service provider of "Sony". Instead of that M/s. Neosa replaced the panel of my LED TV by another one. However, I noticed that the model of panel was different from the earlier one. Hence, the matter is great concern to me in terms of longevity. This is for your kind information that I have sent you several e-mails, but a single reply of which is still awaited. Therefore, this letter is served to you as a reminder of total performance of M/s. Neosa in respect of service on behalf of “Sony”. In case any future damage is occurred, the whole responsibility will go on you against which necessary claim will be demanded as I have already expended Rs.27,000/- only to purchase the same. This does not reflect the proper image and goodwill of “Sony”

Manojkumar Manojkumar

Posted on Jan 02, 2019

I ordered in Paytm and product is damaged and not working . i returned it, but paytm is not refunding my money.Deliver boy picked my order on 10 oct and next day I got the message as return reject and I called delivery boy many times, But he is not picking the call and after some time he switching off his mobile. Please refund my amount.

Sachin Nagar

Posted on Jan 01, 2019

On 01/06/2017, I had purchased a mobile Swipe Elite Sense – 4G with Volte. Malware is embedded in firmware of this mobile. It is manufacturing defect and it was faulty when purchased. I searched online and found that many other people are facing the same problem with this mobile. I took my mobile to authorized service centre of Swipe ‘Infinity Care, Shop No. 5, 6 & 7, 2nd Floor, Thakkar Shopping Mall, S. V. Road, Borivali (W), Mumbai - 400 092’ and receipt on 11/12/2017 but it was also not helpful because malwares are still in the mobile and getting installed automatically. They were unable to satisfactorily resolve the problem. After this I emailed to them on customercare@justswipe.com and info@justswipe.com on 13/12/2017, 19/12/2017, 20/12/2017, 28/12/2018, 12/01/2018 and 20/09/2018 (Copy of Emails Enclosed) and requested to provide a remedy for aforesaid faulty mobile but they failed to provide any remedy in this matter.


Posted on Dec 31, 2018

I have ordered for HIGH DEFINITION MONOCULAR TELESCOPE online in vstar store on 11/10/2018 and paid $ 26.90 in indian currency. They have given me tracking no. LP00110640717365. I tracked it online. it is not showing any position after 24/10/2018. When i enquired in vstarstore123@gmail.com they gave me the same tracking no. No body is responding. I have requested for contact no. No response. Please help me in getting my product or refund. Also ban them for online shopping as they are cheating many people.

umesh shukla

Posted on Dec 30, 2018

I have purchase a motor pump from kapil electrical co vaishali sec 2 on dated 11.02.2018. from last 3 days my motor pump not working properly . My motor pump is warranty period now. I contact to authorises service provider person on mob no 9990170400 and also on these no.s 01493-221360,221506, 01122513070, 22515423 but not any respose from ujala pump pvt ltd. Plz help me and take legal action on company...

Rahul Agarwal

Posted on Dec 27, 2018

I purchased a Videocon led TV 2 years back with 5 years warranty. The TV is now not working and with service centre from past 50 days. They are not providing any support and not fixing the TV.

Wendy Fernandes

Posted on Dec 24, 2018

Refrigerator Model:GL-D322JSFL Serial # 508NRMG054755 Purchased from Elisha Enterprises, Bill No.047. dt 15-04-2016. LG Technician attended to on-site job # RN181008096004 and damaged the coil when he opened the freezer to replace thermostat on 9-Dec-2018.After putting number of calls and they didnt want to repair on site the refrigerator was taked on 20-Dec-2018 to LG workshop at betim goa. They say the coil is leaking and will have to pay for new coil and gas which was result of their inexperienced technician. LG Service current work order # RNP181220046266. TEL. 1800-180-9999.

Kamal Last Name

Posted on Dec 22, 2018

I had purchased a led tv of kodak company from more supermarket and after taking it 200 km away at my home the tv stopped working told the same to service centre and to store manager but they didnt help me for the same it today 2 months after purchase but still there is no action i told them either to refund or replace they are not willing to do the same really fed up with the services kindly help

varun garg

Posted on Dec 18, 2018

I've Samsung Galaxy Note 9.I rebooked it and brought it. I've had the worst experience ever. It crashes all the time and more.I went to the service center and they said reset the device. I finally upgraded to pie beta version thinking that it may help but now I can't even pick up calls. My gear sport is also having issues with connectivity so I went to service center and the reply I got is go to chandigarh service center which is 60 km away otherwise wait for 2 months for it to get fixed.what a premium service. Today the service center people resented my device numerous times and gave it back saying it is fixed and the final nail in the coffin is the call center person said sorry and go to other service center. Wow what a premium service for a flagship phone. I'm filing a case in consumer court.thanks for a waste of my time and money

Naresh Kumar

Posted on Dec 15, 2018

I bought yureka plus mobile on March 07 2016 for INR8999.at the time of purchase,they assured to give software updates to lollipop5.0.2.but still after completion of 2years 9months,there is no official OTA update release for this mobile.i also contacted NCH(docket number:1044829)..but company not responding satisfactory.i personally contacted customer service representative so many times,they don't give correct information regarding updates.from 2years they only said that"OUR TEAM IS WORKING ON UPDATES".now I am facing many issues with old operating system KitKat 4.4.4.in my phone. *Apps not supported (Google pay,my Airtel, radio umang etc..) *Battery draining. *Heating. *No volte support for Jio. Many number of times I contacted customer service but they respond correctly about when updates will be released.


Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Hi, i am Bal Krishna Mishra, I have Purchased a Philips 32 inch Philips LED TV on 03/07/2016 with 3 Years warranty, from Great Eastern Appliances Pvt. Ltd. Howrah, on 21/11/2018 my TV's Display is not working, i have lodge various Complaint about this but nothing happend each and every time my complaint has been cancelled without any call visit or intimation and nobody comes to visit or repaired.i have also spoked with mr. Nirmal Ghosh*Philips Service Manager) on Mo no 9062202864 and he totally refuse me to provide any service of Philips .. now what can i do .please arrange service or replace my TV or Refund my Amount of Television. i really fade up with this service and and attitude of Philips .


Posted on Dec 13, 2018

I have already filed complaint. No one has contacted me yet. Please contact me.


Posted on Dec 12, 2018

I have purchased ac from Vijay sales of daikin brand. it has been just 5 months now. For last 5 months, in the new ac 5 times same problem have come. They are proceeding with replacement process. they are just kept on delaying this and not responding properly. I have all the email conversation and all the receipts with me properly. Kindly assist . Just fed up. Even yesterday I received call from their executive they are directly saying they will not replace product. Even now they have stopped replying. It has been more than 10 days now since I have submitted my complaint.

Rachna Aggarwal

Posted on Dec 04, 2018

As i have taken AMC from elica company of 2500 rs on 29 october on the link sent by them for the service of chimney for which the reference id is 215722629 and the payment was made through credit card. Before making the payment they used to call me trice or four times in a day for purchasing the AMC; they even promised me that after purchasing the AMC the technician will visit within 24- 48 hours and after making the payment they mailed me that the technician will visit my place within 5 working days but today 35 days have crossed but nobody have came yet. I called them many a times to sent the technician but they havn't sent anybody and even asked them to arrange my call with their head manager for which they said the head manager will contact me as soon as possible but nobody called. Kindly help me to sort out the matter as i am very much tensed that whether im eating and serving the healthy food to myself and my family or not.


Posted on Dec 03, 2018

Operation only for business! All smartphones including iPhone X max has started from 90$ CLICK HERE ---> https://bit.ly/2Qs4T7k


Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Sir, i applied for solar plant for my home. Now after taking money they forgot and not provding installation material. demanding more money.


Posted on Nov 26, 2018


Customer care

Posted on Nov 25, 2018

Club Factory customer care number 6200591107//9064205480//9123603551Club Factory customer care number 6200591107//9064205480//9123603551Club Factory customer care number 6200591107//9064205480//9123603551Club Factory customer care number 6200591107//9064205480//9123603551


Posted on Nov 25, 2018

श्रीमान जी मेने दिनांक १०-०७-२०१८ को syska company को प्रेस जेन इलै.निवाडी की दुकान से सात सौ रूपया में खरीदा था तो लेते समय हमे एक गारन्‍टी कार्ड दिया गया था और उसमे प्रेसकी दोवर्ष की गारन्‍टी दी थी , लेकिन बज प्रेस दिनांक २०-११-२०१८ को खराव होगाया तो मे उसी दुकान पर प्रेस लेकर गया तो कार्ड दिखाने पर उन्‍होने कहा कि आप का प्रेस बदल जायेगा इस कि लिये आपको तीन चार दिन में आना पडेगा , जब में तीन चार दिन बाद गये तो उनहोने फिरसे टाल दिया है कि आप पॉच सात दिन में आना, और जब हो जायेगा तो मिल जायेगा , इस प्रकार से श्रीमान जी मुझे परेशान किया जा रहा है , इस लिये श्रीमान जी से निवेदन है कि हमारी समस्‍या का समाधान करने की क़पा करें तो आप की अतिक्रपा होगी ,

Tushar Munjal

Posted on Nov 25, 2018

Against M/S Hi- Tech Power Product, 92, Shastri Market, Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110005, Missiles and Unprofessional Behavior by the owner who deals in Two Wheeler Batteries , I have purchased a battery in 2015 October and is having a guarantee and warranty of 2+2 years, on telling him about the replacement, he argumented and misbehaved and told me to go away, he will not replace the same

Harsharan Singh Mann

Posted on Nov 25, 2018

LG washing machine front load bought in 2013 for Rs 27500. Product out of warranty but motor is still under warranty. Recently PCB of machine got dysfunctional. LG service center says that model discontinued. PCB unavailable & LG cannot repair machine. Company is providing solution as take 15 % of machine + Motor cost = 15% of 27500 + 3375 (approx.) = Rs 7500. That too in waive off in next buying of LG washing machine. New machine will be around Rs 30000. and the rest Rs 30000 - 7500 = Rs 22500 i will have to give which i am not ready to. As a middle class person this additional amount i am not prepared to shell out since i had no plans for such huge expenditure. My request is: 1. Either repair my washing machine at the earliest at whatever the cost of repair. 2. Or provide me adequate compensation which may enable me to buy a new machine such that i don't have to dig deep in my pockets. And this should be in terms of cash &not waiver.Requesting you to intervene in this matter urgently

Deepak kaushik

Posted on Nov 22, 2018

Respected Sir/Madam my parents purchased a chandelier from "Lights and Lights", Link road Bilaspur (C.G) a shop for electronic goods but he didn't gave a genuine bill. When I went there to ask for a authentic bill then instead of giving me the same he started shouting and asked me to pay extra amount for the same . So I request you to take an action and please inform me about the same. Yours sincerely Deepak Kaushik Bilaspur Chhattisgarh


Posted on Nov 20, 2018

The order for xiaomi tv - 49" was placed on october 25, 2018 (Order id [protected]). As per the tracking number the shipment has arried in city on october 30, 2018. With constant follow-ups, complaints with xiaomi customer service and delhivery customer service. Everytime, they have ridiculed me that product will be delivered within 24 hours to 72 hours. Till date, there is no concrete answer nor the product been delivered to me. Inefficiencies of both parties has blocked my funds. When i call them, they are not willing to cancel the order. It is pathetic and miserable. Please do not buy any product from xiaomi.

Pankaj Kumar Modi

Posted on Nov 20, 2018

I have purchased a refrigerator on 11/11/2018 and get the delivery on 14/11/2018, after 1 day i.e. on 15/11/2018, Technical person came to my home and opened the pack. After opening the pack the refrigerator was found damaged. Technical person told that it is transportation damage so you need not worry about this the product will be exchanged. After that I phoned the the sales person but he didn’t picked the phone. Then I went to the shop and that person (Amit Shah) told me that he had checked the product before delivering and they are not responsible for any damage, he roughly threatened me saying, you can do whatever you like, but the product will not be exchanged. Afterward on 16/11/2018 I again visited the shop with my friend and made it clear to the sales person that if both the box and the product is damage that means it is transportation damage and in this case customers are not liable. Then he understood his fault and instead of changing the product he offered me a free gif


Posted on Nov 20, 2018


Faizan ul haq

Posted on Nov 20, 2018

I got my front cover display module and many other parts repaired by xiaomi via MI One Assist under MI Protect on March 27 2017. I then faced issues with my display of my redmi note 3. I visited the MI store at Raj Nagar RDC on 1/12/2017. I told centre about the issue of phone and repair done by MI in march but he said It is repaired by 3rd party under insurance and not the MI. I was surprised that MI is not taking responsibility. When he opened the phone, I was shocked to see parts missing from the phone.I asked about it and centre responded that it "It is the responsibility of customer to check handset". I replied, "How would a customer know what is missing from inside the phone unless he opens it? Are customers supposed to open phones after repairs from authorized centres? He said in that case, he cant help. I want my handset repaired urgently as I am unable to use it. It appalling to see that I have to write to CEO's in such a apathetic situation. Thanks Consumer id 1052817


Posted on Nov 19, 2018

I have purchased TCL iFFALCON 4K 55"inches tv on 15-08-2018 through flipkart. This Tv suddenly stopped video on 04-11-2018.I have booked complaint customer care. On 06-11-2018 one techin.came and told pannel gone. Again i called to customer care they told they will send new pannel but yet nobody come and relace the pannel. Today when I call to again customer care nobody lifting phone.I have one year warranty.


Posted on Nov 19, 2018

Dear Lloyds Team, I inform to you that, we have facing a bad experience after purchase a semi automatic Washing machine from lloyads Dealer M/s Bandhu Mart (New Palam Vihar) in Oct. 2018 month, but dealer sale to defective product stock to us. Problem Facing. · All Knob Not working properly. · High noising at time of washing machine on. · Darin Problem. Lloyds Complaint No. Details HIL2210181329776 HIL3110181362512 HIL0811181401499 HIL1311181420459 Requested you to, Kindly replace this product as soon as possible and take it on priority. -- Thanks & Regards Neetu Saini 7503907504


Posted on Nov 19, 2018

My online complaint no. for the repair of my Videocon LED is GUR2207180035,dated 23/07/2018. It has been more than three months since I had deposited my LED in the authorized centre of videocon Company but still no repair or replacement has been done by the company. My LED was under warranty and now the exchange centre of the company saying that they cant even tell the time after which my LED will be replaced. I am really tired of calling again and again the company officials including Authorised mechanic Mohamed, Manager named Kamal. Please help me to get repair or exchange my LED as soon as possible and its my request that take strict action against the company officials responsible for this financial and mental torture of me and my family for the last 3 months.


Posted on Nov 14, 2018

Purchased Sony led tv in the month of Jun 18.After 4 months of use its panel get black spots for which I had made complaint to Sony customer care. After which technician took the tv to service centre for replacement of panel which took 20 days. Now after replacing the panel voice control function on tv is not working. After repeated complaints and phone calls made by me no action response was given by Sony corp. or the service centre. Sir I want to be my money back or tv may be replaced


Posted on Nov 13, 2018

Fraud by Fresoo.in It is absolutely surprising that the item I received was a totally different from what I ordered vide the No. ORDER FR17098 was Xenon XR Smartphone | Face Unlock | Finger Print Scanner | 4G Dual Sim × 1 Rs. 3,999.00 Subtotal Rs. 3,999.00 Shipping Rs. 0.00 Total Rs. 3,999.00 But I have received a phone named M-HORSE with very low configuration compared to what I ordered and paid for I am sending it back, please arrange refund of same. Attaching the images of product and invoice received along with it NAEEM

sanjeet kumar

Posted on Nov 13, 2018

i have purchase a led tv og micromanx company in oct-2016 from amazon online store. at that time company offer 2 year extended warranty , i have registred my extended warranty. now on 24th oct 2018 the tv has problem in picture , when i have complaint the service partner Shree Balaji refrigerator rewari attend the complaint and said the warranty of product has expired . now micromax is agree on 1+2 year warranty but the service partner not attending the problem and closing the complaint repeatedly . recent complaint number is 06-111118-2213077

Govinda Swain

Posted on Nov 13, 2018

I have received one prestige Induction cooker from Gati courier and found in damaged condition.I want to return and replace the same. Order No.1027094257, sub order No.163544799,Complaint No.HS2018111101038. Please confirm

Ramesh Chaudhari

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

I was purchase AC from tatacliq site. They are not responding for anything.

Mahesh Umarye

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

Hello sir, I purchased an IFB dishwasher on 26th on Flipkart and was delivered in time just 3 days (till here was good) on 29th 31st an unskilled still arrogant engineer came to install it He only opened the delivered box etc and while installing in progress we found that on back side righ down corner a lock which connect side metal panel and main chassis was broken so the side panel was loose and come out at that corner also the balancer weight (cement block down near same corner) was cracked. We stopped installation and we packed it up again and advised me to put it for replacement So same day on 31st oct I put requested on app of Flipkart for return & replacement They gave date of 6th November with message that engineer would visit and approve the replacement of issue not fixable On 6th no one came, neither technician nor the replacement machine And found on the app message that my replacement was canceled as my issue was fixed by the technician, thats so annoying 😰


Posted on Nov 10, 2018

Fraud by Fresoo.in It is absolutely surprising that the item I received was a totally different from what I ordered vide the No. ORDER FR15989 ORDER FR15989 was Xenon XR Smartphone | Face Unlock | Finger Print Scanner | 4G Dual Sim × 1 Rs. 3,999.00 Subtotal Rs. 3,999.00 Shipping Rs. 0.00 Total Rs. 3,999.00 But I have received a phone named apple tree with very low configuration compared to what I ordered and paid for I am sending it back, please arrange refund of same. Attaching the images of product and invoice received along with it Sankar


Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Respected Judge, I wish to bring to your kind attention to the complaint filed by me with “National Consumer forum” against Samsung India for their inability to rectify the problem of “Overheating” and “Battery discharge” for normal usage (despite repeated services by Samsung service centre). I purchased brand new Samsung Galaxy note8 handset for Rs. 68,000/- in EMI Scheme on September 24, 2017. I started noticing after few months (June 2018) battery discharge very fast with this handset. i.e. if I charge my handset to 100% in morning and use it for 1.5 hrs for normal phone and what’s app usage, the battery use to discharge fully by afternoon and I am forced to put my phone again for charging. Samsung claim for this handset battery backup is having 22 hours of battery backup for normal uses. In June, 2018 I took this mobile to “Samsung Authorized service centre - R Logic Technology services pvt. Ltd, Show room no1, ground floor, Pride, Bangalore -560027 (Tel: 080-43560904/0804356

Nilesh koli

Posted on Nov 08, 2018

Hi, I purched a Godrej washingachine on 11/06/2018 at reliance digital Hinjewadi it having and offer of 5% cashback on HDFC credit card which will be credited into account in maximum 90 days . But after 131 days cashback not received and if I asked respective sales person he told me cashback will not be possible now and not receiving my calls now .. It's totally fraud and need to be look into this issue ASAP . Please find attachment for invoice. Thanks, Nilesh

Amit Phadte

Posted on Nov 07, 2018

I had given My Lenovo YT3-850M Tablet bearing IMEI:867152025600231 for repair under warranty to "Orion Communications authorised lenovo service centre, Khalap Building, Opp. Muncipal market above Canara Bank Mapusa Goa. 403507.' The Tablet was submitted on 31/08/2018.The service centre has still not repaired my tablet. Upon contacting the service centre several times they fail to answer my queries and give silly excuses. Its been more than two months I have given my tablet for repair. Please help me in this matter. if the service centre is not able to repair my device than replace it with new one. Please do the needful at the earliest.


Posted on Nov 06, 2018

Respected Sir/Madam, Inspite of efforts from our dear prime minister To digitalize our entire country in every departments leading to efficiency. I am extremely sorry to bring to your kind notice the horrors and mental harrashment I faced at the hands of your SAMSUNG MOBILE SERVICE CENTER AT GOREGAON(west). I had purchased a brand new samsung galaxy A8+ mobile handset on this 14/03/2018 . Inspite of all valid warranty I was denied the replacement of faulty components in the handset on grounds of terms and conditions which were even no where to be found even on my warranty card .RIGHT FROM PURCHASE WITHIN 2 MONTHS THE SCREEN OF MY PHONE STARTING FLICKERING AND GOING BLANK IN SEVERAL INTERVALS OF TIME. ALSO IN DUE COURSE THE SCREEN STARTED GIVING RAINBOW EFFECT .INITIALLY I WAS TOLD TO UPDATE MY FIRMWARE SO ISSUE COULD BE RESOLVED I DID SO BUT STILL THE PROBLEM REMAINED THEY WERE CLAIMING PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE HANDSET, WHEN THERE IS NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH OR DENT OR EVEN A SCUFF


Posted on Nov 05, 2018

I have purchased one tv as on 2.11.2018 but till now no one coming for installation

Nagendra Penubarthi

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

I have ordered Zexus loop smart phone , but you have delivered nokia old mobile..Kindly resend the booked mobile as soon as possible or else i will complaint to consumer court.

Ritesh Gaonkar

Posted on Nov 03, 2018

i have purchased a television set from Kalash Electronics (2/1, Gabrial Gomes Chowl, K.V. Road,, Kanjurmarg East / 022 2578 5781) of yasoma brand . it's been 3 months since the purchase and the speakers are not working and the shop is not providing any service or replacement . i have visited the shop many times but they are not handling the issue seriously also they are abusing me , sales manager is sakara sawant (CONTACT NO- 9220987627). even yasoma customer care is avoiding my problems and delaying the service. the MANUFACTURER OF TELIVISION SET IS MALAIKA SEVICES. THE NAME AND CONTACT NO OF SERVICE PERSON IS PRIYANKA - 7045886217

Babulal वर्मा

Posted on Oct 28, 2018

Gharelu connection Hai To

Bellamkonda Jayendra Chakravarthy

Posted on Oct 27, 2018

hello sir my self b j chakravarthy am from visakhapatnam. 3 months back i bought a samsung s9 plus 128gb it costs around 65,999/-.when i bought it was performing good but from last 2 weeks my phone is troubling me like hell.so i want justice for my problem.there are so many issues and i already contacted customer care and the showroom where i bought the phone. i don't want money back but i want to replace my phone with new phone with the same samsung brand but some other model like samsung note 9 128gb which is costing 67,000/-. kindly look into this issue sir .if you want to ask me any questions am always here to give my replies.

Pranav Bhhatia

Posted on Oct 27, 2018

Dear All, My Redmi 4 has display issues. It is in warranty till 17/12/18. Display had yellow spots which was replaced once. Again it has yellow spots: Job sheet numbers WXIN1810190000436 WNIN1803210005499 WXIN1803070010415 The phone is defective and MI company is not responding to my emails. They are asking me to pay for display. Service center is least bothered about customer service. I need replacement of display or handset.


Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Purchased Nokia 5.1 plus smartphone from flipkart. It is defective, lag and red line on heavy usage is sometimes appear.


Posted on Oct 24, 2018

I purchase a frige from Bansal electronics of LG Brand. inspite of 3 complaints logged, Frige is not working properly. there is issue of excess ice in vegetables compartment


Posted on Oct 21, 2018

My online complaint no. for the repair of my Sansui LED is GUR1607180237,dated 16/07/2018. It has been more than three months since I had deposited my LED in the authorized centre of Sansui Company but still no replacement has been done by the company. My LED was under warranty and now the exchange centre of the company saying that they cant even tell the time after which my LED will be replaced. I am really tired of calling again and again the company officials including Authorised mechanic Sushil,Manager named Jitender and Gurgaon exchange centre person. Please help me to get exchange my LED as soon as possible and its my request that take strict action against the company officials responsible for this financial and mental torture of me and my family for the last 3 months.


Posted on Oct 21, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I 've purcahsed Sansui LED -SJX-40HB21CAF in 1st November 2015 from Sargam Electronics vide their invoice no SNOIDA -04673 . On 29th July 2018, I noticed two vertical lines at the mid of screen of my Led TV and lodged a complaint to their customer care vide Call no : GHA 2907180203. I've been told that could be a problem in its LED Panel which has warranty of 3 years and valid till 31st October 2018 but I need to pay visit charges to company engineer which would be around INR 944.On 31st July 2018 , Engineer visited at my premises and checked the Led TV and confirmed that there is a fault in LED Panel and this needs to be replaced free of cost as its still under warranty period.He collected the service charges of INR 944 and assured that this faulty panel would be replaced in 15 to 20 days i.e 20th August . Till now I made lot of follow ups but this not yet resolved . So kindly look into the same and help me out. Thanking you

Dharmesh Dua

Posted on Oct 20, 2018

Complaint Against : Apple Service Centre Inorbit Vashi Navi Mumbai and Apple India Apple I Phone X submitted for repair with Apple service cephone X Repair Issue ntre on 29th August 20p - VAH29081814758818 Phone was thoroughly checked before registering the complaint on Network issue , I was made to sit 3 hours for the phone check up locally by their staff and post that they told me that phone has to be sent to Apple Bangalore for further investigations . After lots of follow ups I was told to collect the phone around 15th Sep , at their counter they could not charge the phone , I waited for 1 hour and was told some issue on hardware and they have to send back the phone . Again after lots of follow up I was called to collect the phone on 9th Oct to my shock delivery note mentioned that no problem found in phone and per mature warranty termination . I have not taken the delivery . I need justice for unfair treatment and Have no confidence on the tempered phone with no warranty.

Payounidhi tamotia

Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam, I had purchased 2 Bajaj Bahar 1400 mm fan online on 26/07/2018 and in one fan the problem started day 1. I had lodged a complaint in Bajaj and the technician said that the fan have to be replaced. Bahar 1400 mm/ Fan A4010418 Warranty card no 11204 Since it is an online purchase, I was told that I need to deliver the defective fan at one of their service centre at Safdarganj Enclave, which was done on 01/10/18. I was being told that the fan would be replaced in 7 days max, however today it is the 19th day and no proper response. Mr. Anurag Tuteja is also helpless and have no concrete answers. Neither have they provided alternate arrangement nor giving the replacement. I intend to take bajaj Electricals to consumer court as I have lost my patience. Thanks P TAMOTIA 9711155360

Aanand Kumar

Posted on Oct 18, 2018

This is about my purchase of the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (Grey, 32 GB) from Flipkart.com The product description on the respective webpage (https://www.flipkart.com/asus-zenfone-max-pro-m1-grey-32-gb/p/itmf4hg4z55waayn?pid=MOBF3A8UMME3H2BZ&lid=LSTMOBF3A8UMME3H2BZPJPNUD) does not clearly state that there is no ASUS User Interface for this phone. Non-disclosure of this fact on the webpage makes it a deficiency in service and inhibits a prospective customer make a fair purchase. Without a user interface, anyone cannot use the phone well. I feel I have been cheated. As a result anyone who purchases this phone has to look on internet among millions of apps to find these critical apps - Contact Database App, Message App, Picture App, Gallery App, Folder Manager App and any other critical apps. I already own an Asus phone purchased from your website nearly two years ago, and that is why I purchased this phone. Flipkart is refusing a refund or replacement with any other phone.

Rahul chavan

Posted on Oct 17, 2018

I want to send this application to Rahul Chavan because I purchased Godrej washing machine on April 28, 2018. I had given a 4-5 compliant phone call in his customer service but I did not receive any help, he had visited once and he The machine was taken from the motor However, I have a discount to the customer care center that you can help me


Posted on Oct 16, 2018

मैने एक blue star का 1.5 टन का AC मई में ERA RADIOS AYUB KHA CHAURHA BAREILLY से लिया था जिसका बिल अभी तक मुझे प्राप्त नही कार्य गया है मै कई बार दुकान पर गया तो कभी मुझे ये कवच देते है कि कंपकण्य ने मना किया है कभी आप पूरा लोन चुका देंगे टैब देगें मुझे बहुत परेशान किया जा रहा है

Gajender Kumar Sharma

Posted on Oct 16, 2018

Order No. #270864 Name: - Gajender Kumar Order Date: - 20/09/2018 Received Date: - 28/09/2018 I was ordered a Gonoiseplay 2 action camera on 20-Sep.-2018 for my latest ride. but after a week i received that with lots of Error. First of all which product was shown on YouTube Unboxing. it's totally different with that. Secondly i haven't received Warranty card. Third, there is not any ref. to download the related app from play store. Forth, Unable to connect with my Mobile through of Wi-Fi . it's taking a long time & even fail after that. Fifth, Getting very high heat up issue .

Mayur Rathod

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

I Purchased Xiamo Mi Y1 phone in Nov 2017. After 10 days it not working properly so i went to service center 10 times but they not solved my problem yet .they give me another reasons related to the phone they don't understand my problem regarding the phone.And say fallow the process.As i am the customer they should listen my problem instead of that they gives another reason such as volume up key problem etc.

Pramod Kumar Gupta

Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Consumer no. 028800849651 Billing unit/Sub div.-0345 Meter no. 75471169 In month of September 2018 suddenly bill recieved of RS 6880.There is mistake in meter reading as its showing current reading 1217 but total consumption unit is 1317.Matter has been taken to MSEDCL office kamothe and Kalmboli office but not ready to correct the bill.As we described the problem and they agreed for there mistake but they forcing to pay the full bill amount.Kindly do the needfull.


Posted on Oct 14, 2018


Hardeep Singh

Posted on Oct 14, 2018

It is submitted that I have a connection of Airtel Digital TV (Customers I'D 3008433784) on the name of Johnny kumar. A problem was occurred on dated 24.09.2018 regarding downloading of software at end of company without my permission & I am lodge a complaint for the same which is lying open till today due to negligence of company & company is cut the daily charges regular. It is requested that the concerned company be directed to resolve my complaint & if any charges is demanding from the company I am refuse as I have faced lot of inconvenience.


Posted on Oct 13, 2018

Hello Sir/Madan My Name is Manjeet, My mobile no. is 9891847425, and email id is manjeet.daksh@yahoo.in. I had booked 5 Reliance Big Tv connection on 20 March and they promised that your connection will be installed un 30 to 45 days, My booking id is 14531793. In April, May, June, July they said that your connection will be installed with in 3,5,7,15 etc. in july and august customer care executive said that your data is not found they always give me 24 hrs 48 hrs, one week, and last they gave me 30 September last and final. On 4 oct I had call them they said again your data is not found please give me your detail and your data will be update in 7 working days on 12 oct they said again your data is not found when your data is update we will inform you i think this is a big fraud. Now what will i do, i think my 2495 rs is gone. please accept my complaint and resolve my problem Thank you

Jagannath daga borse

Posted on Oct 11, 2018

I have purchased Videocon TV from Vijay sales baner on Nov 2015,it is in warranty period now.but in July there was problem in TV.I registered complaint then technician came and said that panel is faulty and and we have to replace it.But from 2.5 months no part has come from Videocon ,and the service centre person says the company has stopped manufacturing of TV we can't do anything right now.Then I have contacted to Vijay sales then they are also helpless.pls help me in this matter

ajay kumar maru

Posted on Oct 08, 2018

Samsung mobile no working

sarvendra verma

Posted on Oct 08, 2018

my led tv 32" of onida i purchased it 30-10-2016 & warranty 2+1 year in offer.its board is corrupt on 26-09-2018 i complain to onida but no response

Deepak Goel

Posted on Oct 08, 2018

I have placed a order on Freesoo.in for Bluetooth Handfree vide order no. 270668587 on October 2, 2018, I received a wrong order on October 8, 2018. They donot have a Customer care number for any conplian. They only have a Email id freesootech@gmail.com which i suppose is also not operational. I suppose this is a Fake site just to do fraud with the people. Please do take immediate action on this.

prem lal vishwakarma

Posted on Oct 05, 2018

sir mera epf ka pesa nai nikal raha me coll karta hu koi bat hi nai karta

Pawan Kumar

Posted on Oct 04, 2018

Dear Sir, Please register my complaint against Dell, I have purchased a new laptop with Accidental Damage warranty protection.My laptop was damage in Accident and above 95% parts found damage and others are suspected so I lodge complaint and told the summary.A survey was conducted by Dell engineer and confirm damage laptop parts.Now as I have already paid for Accidental Damage warranty to Dell, they are refusing to replace my laptop under Accidental Damage warranty and they are forcing me to replace damage parts with refurbished parts. It's to costly laptop and I am unable to bear again please give me justice. Please note Complaint Registration no. Of Dell- SR-980351829 ||Service Tag- HP0WLJ2 Regards, Pawan Kumar 8708877079


Posted on Oct 04, 2018

honourable sir, not getting bijli bill monthly in rashulpur dahla sahibganj jharkhand. many people not getting bill from electric office because meter reading man not coming to write meter reading monthly. meter reading man name-mr. dayanand sinha living at patania tola sahibganj his mob number-8228082294 another mob no-8292224444

Ankit Singh

Posted on Oct 03, 2018

I am using TCL Tv but after using around 10 months my T.V showing up four Vertical lines. I already raised complaint regarding it on customer care line on 28 July 2018 but for one week I didn’t get any response after calling multiple times in customer care number one technician came at my place and took picture of TV and he said it may take around one week to get it fixed. and I got no response and I called that technician multiple times and he said he didn’t received any update from company and I also called customer care multiple times and they always assure me that your problem will be fix in 7 to 10 working days as they dont have panel for my T.V now Its been 45 days and I got no resolution and if they are getting panel for my T.V they should provide me new T.V as my T.V still has 8 months left in warranty. I sent them email @ indiasupport@tcl.com ,Posted on facebook and twitter but no resolution. My T.V model number is L39D2900 and my complaint number with TCL customer care is

Hans Raj Yadav F/O Archana Yadav

Posted on Oct 02, 2018

I had puchased videocon LED TV 40" DDB MODEL on 18 oct 2018, it devloped problem of no picture on 04 sep18 and complaint was lodged with service centre. Sec 08 Dwarka ND. They asked to attend fault if i am ready to pay Rs 1000/-. One technician attended on 06.09.2018. He told panel to be replaced it is under guarantee. He took bar code copy and charged Rs 1000/- in advance. In fact he did not do any thing. He told item will come in 07- 08 days after raising demand. I confirmed on 15.09.18 about status. Service centre started telling me cooked up story that if item does not come then we will send TV there. He did not tell any thing else when it will come back. Tv was given there is no communication from service centre. No response from any other. I had mailed to customer care and senior in maint. Chain but no response. How ridiculous is this, now everyone turning there head. Ultimately I (consumer) am suffering. Company is not bothered. They sell out inferiorproduct at inflated price

Sandeep narula

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

I bought 43 inches smart led tv of intex company but alas what they promised proved to be false. I bought it on 7th august 2018.Right after purchase it showed peoblems in software.,hdmi ports and side lining on display. I complained about this but no redressal yet has taken place. I want to replace this against new unit without defect. Plese submit this complaint to such sleepery people who are losing their goodwill by keeping their customers unsatisfied

Murshid Parvez

Posted on Oct 01, 2018

Suddenly My IPhone was dead. I gave my phone to a local mobile repairing shop located at (Shop No. G-7, Deepak Building, Near ICICI Bank ATM, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019) in dead condition even secured with password. He gave it back after 1 month (approx). Now phone is on but currently phone is not in working. The mobile internal parts has changed.

Medha Umeh Dongare

Posted on Sep 29, 2018

I have bought Videocon 40 inch LED tv on 28th June 2016 from shop in Dombivli. Bill no is 6290. It started giving display problem from 21st June 2018. I launched a complaint to service center on 23rd June 2018. The technician from the service center came on 24th June 2018 to see the problem. He said that the panel needs to be changed. It will take a month for it. So i waited for a month. After that i called him to ask about it then he said that we cannot change the panel as it is not available. We will give you replacement. You will get the call from company in 20-25 days for replacement. Therefore i again waited for a month. Again i called that person.This time he gave me a number and said to call on that number. I am trying to contact on that number till this date but not getting any response.

awanish kumar jaiswal

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

I Awanish Kumar Jaiswal booked a LAPTOP which offer is given by you. I am also attaching a screen shot regarding the ORDER ID 20180924 2309090029 ON 24 SEP 2018 ON 11:09 PM. I want to know about the status my Laptop. Kindly revert me as soon as possible about the same. This is my registered mail id. I have already paid the payment by paytm id 6105185997 & dc transaction number is 826717081271

Mohammad Faheem Siddiqui

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

मैंने redmi note5 pro का एक नया मोबाइल का स्क्रीन टूट गया व mobile company complain lene से मना कर रहे हैं sir pls meri शिकायत दर्ज करवाइए


Posted on Sep 28, 2018


Nelson Christian

Posted on Sep 28, 2018

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I had purchased Videocon LED TV on May 2016 with three years warranty. Because of some problem in TV, I registered complain on 27th July 2018 (Videocon customer care number 07939404040 Complain number AHM2707180388) The engineer (Sabirhusen 9825718502) came after two days to my home, checked TV and said that the motherboard would be replaced withing a week. After one week I asked him and he said that it will take another one week. Again I called customer care and I got a number of area manager (Shakti 8140966266) but he does not pickup the call. I have not got perfect answer till date when the problem will be solved. I can't use my Videocon dish as TV is not working and they cut my daily amount. I have approx 450 rupees balance also.


Posted on Sep 25, 2018

My name is gaurav .I have booked the order freeze and washing machine.and I was payment rs 500 advance through paytm.shop in NANGLOI Aneek mobile and electronic.and I set purchased in before 2 days.shop dealer is rough receipt in my hand.next day check another dealer price is very different price.so I call u electronic shop and I say return my payment.but shop dealer say your payment is not refund.so please some action is shop dealer .shop in NANGLOI najafgarh road name of shop Aneek electronic.prakash complex,block-c,2A shiv ram park

Nitin Jain

Posted on Sep 25, 2018

My name is Nitin Jain Ihave Purchase a LG Refrigator 215 from Vijay sale (Shona Chowk) on 30th aug 2018,on 5th Sep i have make a complaint on Customer care service for Door problrm,Executives come from the side of LG for 2 times but not any result comne out,the I have reqest to Vijay sale for replace my fridge i have face lots of problem,but Vijay sale executive not take serious the I have call to customer care of LG they provide me a mobile number Mrs Jyoti replace cell sector 14 gurgaon she is also not clear any thing,only told sir i will male u cal with in 10 min,but not any response then i make a call customer care for sir please help no one give response the they will provide me a Head number Mr Gulshan,but gulshan also not clear any thing any response i am face very problem for a minor thing,LG company is very irrespinsible so at last i decide make a FIR for police complaint of Vijay sales,Gulshan,Jyoti and LG company for make a 20 days fool and who is responsible for 20 days wha

Sunil Kumar B

Posted on Sep 24, 2018

Dear sir. I had made online purchase of blue tooth had set on COD. Same was delivered with damage and we had tried reaching their customer service nos. Costumer service Nos are neither reachable nor there is response from the mail id given. Courier agency is also not disclosing information on the Courier dispatch information. Kindly register complaint against the fake online trading by cashbackkart and courier agency Delhivery . Thanking You Sunil Kumar B 9946669903 On 14-Sep-2018, at 4:44 PM, Sunil Kumar <sunilkbaluva@gmail.com> wrote: No one had contacted for return and refund. Cc to http://www.consumerredressal.com/content/contentID/57/complaints_of_online_shopping# On 13-Sep-2018, at 3:11 PM, Sunil Kumar <sunilkbaluva@gmail.com> wrote: Very poor response.. On 13-Sep-2018, at 3:01 PM, Sunil Kumar <sunilkbaluva@gmail.com> wrote: Refund asap.. I don't want damaged scrap Why your call centre no is picking calls On 12-Sep-2018, at 11:38 PM, Sunil Kumar

nilofar sayyed

Posted on Sep 22, 2018

i have given my mobile 10or E in service centre on 17/08/2018 since 1 month i m not getting any update for it and toll free or customer service is not responding too. BrandHOMEMY DEVICESTRACK SERVICE 1PROFILELOGOUT 10.or E 10.or Mobile STEP 1 Pickup Fri Aug 17 2018 STEP 2 Estimation & Repair Thu Aug 23 2018Inspection completed STEP 3 Return to Customer Normally returned immediately after repairs REQUEST DETAILS Reference No : HPAHPH1RD8 Service Mode : Pick Up Address : 06, near yogendra bal mandir school., Alkapuri Colony, Musakhedi, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, 452001 Problems Reported : Flickering Slow processing or hangs Display related issue Created On : Fri Aug 17 2018 | 09:16 PM BACK ABOUT SERVIFY TERMS & CONDITIONS PRIVACY POLICY CONTACT US COPYRIGHT © 2017-2020


Posted on Sep 18, 2018

I have purchased a Redmi note 5 mobile online on 23 may 2018 now a yellow spot appears in the display automatically . When I went to the Mi service centre Rai matket Ambala cantt for repair replacement of the display they said that the sub board of the phone is liquid damage and asking me to pay a sum of Rs 765 for it and if i will not pay the sum then they charging Rs 4000 for display while my phone is in full warranty and it is not damaged by liquid in my knowledge but the sensor changed its colour due to moisture . Then i am not faulty for the moisture damage. The sub board is working properly and problem coused by it in the phone. Main problem is of the yellow spot in the display which should be covered in the warranty. I want to repair my phone in warranty not in payment. Please direct the Mi service centre to repair the phone covered in warranty. My email address is anujcivil89@gmail.com

pankaj kumar

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

I had ragisterd a compliant to Lloyd LED regards in dated 6 Sept 2018. technicians visit 2 time but after it ! we got not any resolution to them side. lloyd costomer care provide me lots of his technicians no but they are not pick call & i have MSG to his given personal no. but here are no any responce to it. pls due the solution on urgent bases.

sonsing rathod

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Dear sir ,madam 11 july i compain costomer care my compain no pun1107180165 , ur service tecnician my sarma come my home , he said sir ur led display not working , we send ur , led display request our company , 10 days coming ur led display, i paid there serce chage 1050, i am waiting 1 manth , but not not sole my compain, i call costomer care he gime me pradip cantact no 7020942231, i call u Mr pradip , what happen my compain he said sir , not availebal part our company , company very problemetick ,same days after closing company product ,i said give me ur senior no , he give me Mr dilip no 9075047860, dilip not answer my call ,i call again to again but he not recieve my call , i call again costomer care she give me again anather contact no ,7065020893/9075047858,

Shashi Ranjan

Posted on Sep 17, 2018

Hi.. Coolpad my phone not repaired. submitted days above 40 days in service center. i already sent email and written compliant but not any satisfactory reply and not give any date for delivery date. so please do something for giving my phone. Regards, Shashi Ranjan

Divyang Desai

Posted on Sep 15, 2018

Samsung Refrigerator Non Repairing after paying 2500 , NOT RETURN BACK REFRIGERATOR

Jyoti Shivaji Thorwat

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Delivered wrong and faulty laptop.As per committment they haven't turned up for replacement and refund. We made payment online but they are asking refund through cheque. Considereing there last 2 months experience cant believe on cheque payment. Hence we are asking for online transfer,but they are giving excuses asusual.

Amitava Roy

Posted on Sep 09, 2018

SONY TV Panel damaged during warranty repair by Sony customer care Engineer/ Technician. Now they are asking money Rs. 19,028/- for replace the damaged panel. I want justice.

Pawan kumar

Posted on Sep 08, 2018

About servokon company stabilizer This stablizer not work in proper way and company take not any step this regarding


Posted on Sep 07, 2018

Purchased T Series washing machine on 23/08/2018 model no TWM G81. Dryer not functioning. complaint launched representatives come and wants to repair it, but i want my complete replacement or my money back.

vipul badhe

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

I procure I phone-6 16 GB Space- Gray mobile in July 2017. I faced mobile screen hanging issue since April 2018. I contacted to apple customer for on line support and follow instruction as they suggested. They diagnosed mobile on line and reported that there is no hard ware issue. They asked me to update software. I updated mobile software twice. I purchased new laptop to reinstalled software in mobile. There are four communication for mobile screen hanging issue with on line customer care. They always ask for reinstalled software, I asked them if required, I can go and check this mobile to service centre but they said, that it is not required, it is soft ware issue and solve after software reinstall. When I feel that issue in not solved and I went to apple service centre in- orbit mall Vashi on 28th July 2018 to diagnose it and solve the problem. They charged me Rs 1,200 in advance for diagnose / software checking.Apple service asked rs 11500 for replacemnt of screen.


Posted on Sep 07, 2018

Dear Mam/Sir, Kindly note that I have a Videocon LED TV installed at my residence during Oct-2017. The TV has become defective and non-functional w.e.f. 1st July 2018, within warranty period of one year. I have personally contacted the servicing branch at Videocon Center - JAJPURTOWN (Contact person Mr. Sanjay) He collected invoice copy and other details from my residence on 1st week of July 2018. He checked and informed that the defect is irreparable and the TV would be replaced free of cost from VIDEOCON side within maximum 10 days of time. However, from last 90 days I am waiting to receive any information about my replacement order. The above contact person is also not picking up my repeated phone calls creating doubt in my mind about any hidden intentions. Could you pl. investigate and expedite the process of rectification of above defect and confirm at the earliest.

Ishan Choudhary

Posted on Sep 05, 2018

My HP Notebook - 15q-bu014tu (Product serial no. CND7317V42). Base enclosure cracked because of faulty repair work done by HP India & its service partner IQor. And now they are asking me to pay for the same despite my product being under warranty. The company refuses to provide jobsheet and report of the complaint filed by technician.

Gaurav tyagi

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

Sir mene shopkeeper se airtel dish ka Recharge karvane gaya payment cash.kr di but mera dish Recharge nahi hua shopkeeper bolta he mene kr diya but dish me payment nahi aayi or ab vo mera call bhi pic nahi kr raha

Amol Kumbhar

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

I have brought MI note 5 Pro in month of Jun'18. I am facing a technical issue since last one month same I have shown to service center. For same issue have visit the service center four times , but this issue yet not resolve . I have also regostered the compliant on Portal but no one responsing even Service Center is also not giving the Proper feedback. Service Center has change the Keys and Display also.. I have Observed that this piece is defective and I don't want to do repair anymore. Kindly help me to get the Full money refund . Mi is manufacturing the defective Products / worst customer service .

H P Choudhury

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

I have a Kenstar 10 Liter Geyser and it is under warranty. Its heating element is not working since 2nd August 2018. I lodged complaint No. KOL0208180151. This problem not attended till today. Local Area Service Incharge Mr. Snehangsu Mustafi is Mobile No. 7044057798 is not taking my calls. Everytime he is disconnecting the line seeing my number. Please help this senior citizen.

Mohammed aslam

Posted on Sep 03, 2018

Did not receive mobile booked on internet site 3 months back

Kunal S Patil

Posted on Sep 02, 2018

We had purchased PHILIPS LED TV Model number 43PFL4552 Serial no 110517119016300354 from KOHINOOR TELE VIDEO KANDIVALI WEST dated 19th December 2017. Within 6 month panel got damaged as per complaint no MUM0906180066 till date we havent received any resolution from PHILIPS not from KOHINOOR SALES

Amitava Roy

Posted on Sep 02, 2018

Damage done to Sony TV Led Panel by sony technician within warranty period during the replacemant of faulty motherboard and now they service center wants us to pay for replacing the tv panel.


Posted on Aug 30, 2018

Company resusing to change electric LED bulbs

Anil Babu

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

I had ordered Bose Wireless Earphones on 25/08/2018 But I’ve received some broken Bluetooth speakers. The number of this site are switched off. They are frauds. They should be behind the bars. I saw their advertisement on Facebook. The bose earphones cost is Rs.18990 but they are selling them at a price of Rs.2999 I was shocked but to know about this I ordered one. And they delivered some useless product. How is it possible to get my refund.

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 28, 2018

Microtek invertor is not working properly

Rahul bamhnote

Posted on Aug 28, 2018

Hp printar warranti issue ink leckege compony says part not avalable take new printar 20%discount but i no

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

Sir I had purchased microteck invertor from saini electronic kaithal road karnal bearing receipt no 945 950 VA 24x7 microteck sr. No 18EDOSCJ 472344 on 28.6 2018 same is not working and is under warranty period . Please do needful.

Jiju Unnithan

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

My Samsung 32 Inch TV was purchased 2 years back Aug 2016,Currently its not Powering on. We have been trying to reach out to the Samsung Service center guys for past 6 days without any proper response. No one turned up to look into the issue, we have been calling them regularly however we only got a Run Around. The issue is still not fixed.Also tried reaching out to Samsung Customer care .. again false promises no one turned up to look into the issue. Below are the details: Samsung 32 Inch Model comodity code :fh4003 Complaint #:4267306157 Customer Care Case #:1148438858

Purnima Shaw

Posted on Aug 26, 2018

I had purchased a Nokia 6 mobile on 3rd Febraury, 2018 from the above mentioned store. Within 6 months of purchase, I have been continuously facing the following issues: 1. Cannot make outgoing calls using Sim-1, error message “Mobile network not available” pops up. 2. The phone gets switched off suddenly. 3. Frequent application crashes. 4. Phone hangs up. 5. No incoming SMSs. Within 6 months of purchase, I have got 7-8 jobsheets in the Nokia Service Centre located in Borivali (West). The Service Centre has tried the following: 1. Reinstall the system Oreo 8.0 twice 2. Blocked the system updates. 3. Degraded the system from Oreo 8.0 to Noughat and blocked the system updates. 4. Reinstalled Oreo 8.0 5. Replaced the Motherboard 6. Reinstalled Oreo 8.0 All these have failed to resolve the issues. I had put written requests to both Nokia and the dealer for replacing the phone. However, till date, I have not got any satisfactory and positive reply.

Aditi Singh

Posted on Aug 23, 2018

The fan blade of outdoor unit of my split AC of Kenstar got damaged and AC stopped working. I have updated the customer care support and service center many times and have lodged complaints many times, and it's more than 2 motnhs period when AC is in non-usable condition. Nobody answers the call and whenever someone attends they have been making excuses about engineers attending other calls, fan of outdoor unit is not available etc. This has caused harassment and trauma to me and my family and non-performance of services when it has been duly paid in advance by way of AMC. Another complaint has made on customer care which formally got registered on 10th August 2018 with reference no. GUR1008180222 for damaged fan of outdoor unit but there is no response. The people of service center are saying you can approach whosoever you want to. I request your kind intervention to resolve or letting me know who should I approach to get a speedy resolution. AMC ID - AMC172369

Ram Pujan prasad

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

I purchase four items from SOUGAT ELECTRONICS. 1. Voltas AC 2. Onida LED 3. Onida Washing machine 4. Onida microwave oven In this all electronic items only microwave oven is not working properly its price is 13,500/- then I called the SAUGAT ELECTRONICS they said us please call customer care then we called customer care they came and open microwave oven and taken motor for repair but after a week they came and attached motor and said it's not repair please return the oven from where u purchased it. We return it to SAUGAT ELECTRONICS but after week to week it's came near about 2 months but they always says us it's gone for repair at centre you come tomorrow but I know they don't do any thing. So I fill this customer redressal forum. I want same new model other wise return the cash back of amount. Submitted for necessary action please

Dr Anish Mathew John

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

Ref: Faulty POS unserviced/ Verifone VX675 device, S/N 316-162-452; IMEI 014127000382940 Respected Sir, My brother Mr. Martin has been running a confectionery shop at heart of Kumbanad, Pathanamthitta District in Kerala for 3 decades.Being a philanthropist his shop and family has been of immense help to the society around especially during floods and after the deluge. This man of good heart has been wilfully cheated by Verifone, a US based company whose Point of Sales (POS - card swiping machine) has been procured to enable transactions as per Govt. orders. Unfortunately, the machine has been out of order for several months and though this was intimated to the machine supplier and as repeated reminders to the dealers and most recently, Verifone themselves (ref trail mail below), nothing has happened. Lakhs and lakhs of business has been lost due to this and I am seeking your kind offices to do the needful and help me avail compensation as per govt.

sarjit singh

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

Dear Sir/ Ma'am, Refer to my complains number mentioned under - (i) Complain number - 14994999 dated 06th Aug 18 (ii) Complain number - 15036449 dated 11 th Aug 18 (iii) Complain number - 15090612 dated 18 th Aug 18 Would like to inform you that I have purchased one in number Morphy Richards Juicer few month back, same is under warranty, the day product was purchased from very first day we are facing problem with product being manufacture issue. I have been trying to get problem fixed from 06 th Aug 18, i have raised multiple complain on call center and so called senior management persons of Morphy Richards... Mr. Anuj Tyagi, and Mr. Sandeep Mehta but I've not got any positive response / support from them. Would like to inform you that always my complain gets closed automatically without addressing the complain. Morphy Richards after sales service is pathetic, in feature I will never go with Morphy Richards and recommend not to go with Morphy Richards. Thanking You Sarjit

Krishna Patil

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I have bought Videocon TV from Vijay sales on 07/08/2015 with 3 years warranty. My TV was not working properly from June 2018 because of Display issue. I had asked Aditya Electronics, Goregaon East on 16/07/2018 to solve the problem. They charged Rs 590 for call charges and said problem will get solved in 15-20 days. But it’s been month over nothing is solved. I am calling Aditya Electronics but they are neglecting and saying to call Videocon as Videocon has shut down their TV services. I tried to reach Videocon service Centre number but they are also not reachable. Please provide assistance as I am helpless now. Thanking you, Krishna Patil

mudasir yaseen

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

sir, i had purchased a refurbished iphone 6 for rs 15500 on 12/05/2018 which carried a replacement guarantee of one month & warranty of 6 months as per company schedule, from the dealer Cellular World Shop no 1,2,3 Palladium Gali lal Chowk Srinagar ). in mere one week i foont lot of issues in that phone as it had third graded display. very less battery backup. heating , hangng and mic problem. i contacted the dealer at cellular world mr imran . he told that come to srinagar and i will see the phone . after receiving the phone he told that i need to send it to delhi.either they will repair it or we would give you cashback now 3 months have passed im daily calling and i had a long conversation with imran and the company member at delhi MR sujeet but they didnt take it serious . it is therefore requested that pls loook into the matter as they have fudged my hard earned money and they are looting customers by these fake phones. contact 7051876224 imran sgr 8750513031 sujeet delhi

Shashi kashyap

Posted on Aug 13, 2018

सर मैंने एक 32 इंची LED TV Intex कंपनी का खरीदा जिसकी मुझे 3 साल गारंटी दी गई मैंने 12 जुलाई 2016 को TV खरीदा था अब मेरी TV में कमी आ रही है तो मैं कंपनी में फोन करता हूं TV को सही कराने के लिए वह लोग TV सही कराने में असमर्थता दिखा रहे हैं मैं 31/07/2018 से कंटिन्यू फोन करता हूं लेकिन मेरी किसी भी प्रकार की कोई सुनवाई नहीं हो रही है मुझे बोला गया कि आपकी TV शनिवार 11 8 2018 को सही हो जाएगी लेकिन सर कोई सुनवाई नहीं हुई उसके बाद मुझे सोमवार यानी 13/08/2018 के लिए बोला गया कि आपका TV सही हो जाएगा फिर भी नहीं हुआ अब यह लोग मुझे रोज डेली आनाकानी कर रहे मेरा TV सही कराने में अब उन्होंने मुझे 18 तारीख की डेट दे दी है उसमें भी कंफर्म नहीं है कह रहे हैं अगर हो सका तो करा देंगे नहीं तो फिर और भी आगे हो सकता है सर लोगों ने मुझे बहुत ज्यादा परेशान कर रखा मेरी TV से मेरा कंप्यूटर जुड़ा हुआ है मेरा CCTV कैमरा भी है वह भी मैंने TV से ही जोड़ रखा है सर मेरी यह सारी चीजें बंद पड़ी हुई हैं और Intex कंपनी मेरी किसी भी प्रकार से कोई मदद नहीं कर रही है कृपा करके आप मेरी TV कंपनियों पर दबाव बना कर मेरा TV

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 11, 2018

I had purchased jio mobile from sethi mobile shop kaithal road karnal and imei no is 91159551459090 last week and the same is out of order. Please do needful

Shantanu Das

Posted on Aug 11, 2018

I had ordered a 8 HD cctv Camera with a 8 Channel HD DVR from "securitysystemstore.in" on-line site. They have send me mismatched cameras with DVR. Now either all camera to change with the DVR model or the DVR has to be changed with Camera model. I called the manufacturer CP Plus tech support and the issue is not solved. The reseller does not reply my mail. What to done now. Kindly check and process this ASAP. Thanking you Shantanu Das


Posted on Aug 11, 2018

I have purchase Videocon TV set From Vijay sales PANVEL Dist RAigad in Maharashtra state The TV Set is under warranty period I have given complaint to the Videocon customer care canter last one month but not attend please solve my problem as per consumer protection act Thanks


Posted on Aug 10, 2018

I had ordered one smart watch from NOVELTYSOTRE an online store by paying 15.99$, the company has cheated me by sending a simple smart bracelet instead of smart watch. I will complaint this to higher authorities. item which is ordered is shown below, 2018 New Switch Smart Watch™ × 1 BLACK / 400MA / 4G The website address is https://noveltygift.store/ The address and contact details are, Emali: sales@biccshop.com, Phone Number: 852-66382369 20H,39 Mark Road,Hemel Hempstead,Herts,Buckinghamshire,United Kingdom HP2 7DN the online conformation link is https://noveltygift.store/287473673/orders/21294c4411b2e2204b5fc2f088a0a0dc narayanalal

Shyam DUDHNATH Yadav

Posted on Aug 09, 2018

I bought new Samsung Mobile A - 6 Model on 24/07/2018 but it was manufacturing defective piece,they given me 2nd handset by replacing it, but the 2nd one also got manufacturing defective piece,now I m saying them to refund my money but they are refusing and saying that they can't give refund & even this time we can not replace or exchange the mobile, u will have to take this faulty or defective piece only...so please help me to get rid of this problem.

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 07, 2018

Sir I had purchased microteck invertor 950 vA 24x7 sr no 18EDOSCJ 4723344 from saini electronic kaithal road karnal bearing receipt no 95 in the name of Rajesh kumar of Rs 3950 in cash on 28.6.2018. You are requested to get the same replaced from the company. It is further requested to provide me compensation amount as this honble fourm think fit

Goutam Das

Posted on Aug 07, 2018

I have brought a Lenovo Phab 2 smart phone which is out of warranty.

Sidhant Koshi

Posted on Aug 04, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I received my brand new laptop on Thursday 19th of July 2018 through the official Dell website called compuindia.com, imagine my shock when the laptop which costs 7,720 and has an i7 8th generation core processor began lagging on the very first opening of the laptop. I was furious and have been writing mails to Dell support ever since asking for a refund or a new system but my issue has not been resolved. Everyday a new person says they "apologise for the inconvenience"but none of them have tried to even solve my problem. The laptop already had 134 days of being used registered on its warranty even though I only received it five days back. I tried to update it thinking that would help reduce it but it has begun to lag even more and nothing is able to run on it. They solved the problem saying it was a software issue. My laptop recently cracked all of a sudden and they are saying that it does not come under the warranty.

sanjay kumar yadav

Posted on Aug 03, 2018


Ramesh Devadiga

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

Airtel DTH setup signal not working/ error. Complain regarding it. But no body is attending it. Complaint on 25th July, 2018. Complain no. 78106065 dated 25.07.2018.

anil kumar yadav

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

i have purchased mobile from shop jai ambe ahiwara.He is giving me bill of amazon, with some other person... i have paid 10400 rs but in bill it is showing some other amount.After working for 1 week his front camera not working.... please help me out.

Ajit kumar sharma

Posted on Jul 29, 2018

Respected sir,I am small dealer of mobile phone I have purchase voto mobile and sale to my customer but now phone was some technical problem. But suddenly all r voto service center not received the phone the device center authority say we are close d voto service now we other brand service provider so sir please help what to do. My complain against voto mobile company so please do action against voto mobile company. I hope u can do any step against voto mobile.


Posted on Jul 28, 2018


Lokendra singh

Posted on Jul 26, 2018

Philips LCD TV mi chitra nahi aa rahi hai sir

harshal sanjay gaikwad

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

I have a register complete to national consumer court . Complete No- : 828998. please resolve replace cellphone or refund amt. but till on date not good response to lenovo team. please suggest what i do ?

Surinder kumar

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Complaint regarding not working mobile of micromax company With guaranty of micromax Q440 submitted at Kurukshetra service center on 07.07.2018 but not recieved yet.

ankit bajaj

Posted on Jul 24, 2018

sir/mam i purchased a hitachi freeze from m/s gurumaa enterprises, rudrapur which is not working since 45 days and costomer care of hitachi saying that gurumaa is not a authorized dealer of hitachi, so we can't do anything. and gurumaa saying this is hitachi company matter. please do needful action against gurumaa and hitach

Rajib Ghosh

Posted on Jul 18, 2018

My Geyser went out of order with 3 months of installation. I booked complain on 12th April. They visited and recommended replacement. Finally in June they called me for replacement. I was out of town and told them to visit me after 10 days. Since then, they have not come. They say my complain has been closed, but how can my complain be closed without my knowledge?


Posted on Jul 16, 2018

Sir mene nokia ka phone thik karaane ke liye diya tha... one week se jyada ho gaya... but koi response nahi hai company ki taraf se.

Arunava Ghosh

Posted on Jul 14, 2018

I purchased the Kenstar Glam 50R Tower Air Cooler on 28 May 2018 through Flipkart. A defective piece was delivered to me. The mosquito net behind is giving electric shocks when touched while the cooler is running. I have raised the complaint with the customer care but in vain. Since my location is far from the main Indore city; they seldom turn up. Only a month has passed, and the cooler has started giving serious troubles. I sincerely request to take the needful action to take back the cooler as it is posing a very serious hazard due to the high electric shocks and I am afraid to even to go near it. PS: I am writing you this mail because I am fed up with the pathetic response from Kenstar and am left with no other choice. Since, I am a Ph.D. student at IIMI, following up with this complaint day to day basis since last months and running after the customer support is hampering my academics too. I apologize for believing in Kenstar. Won't repeat my mistake ever.

Rajnish Kumar

Posted on Jul 11, 2018

I had purchased Gas Tandoor from Wonderchef. One day, during warranty, the mirror in the top was broken. I have mailed many a times to replace the top, but they have no response.

suman ghosh

Posted on Jul 09, 2018

I purchase polar calling fan on 9/7/18.After fitting I have not satisfied from air. I suggest them to change that fan but they disagree with me and they change the capasitor. Now I want to refund total amount


Posted on Jul 08, 2018

Respected sir I bought 32 Inch L.E.D T.V of PhliPs company From A.R ELECTRONIS HALDWANI ON 13 MAY 2018.On 1st June the t.v have big fault and burn all inner parts. I complain on 4 Jun 18 and complain no is DEH0406180074 dated 04 jun 2018. My l.e.d is not repair/replace after more than on month. Company provide one year warranty on this product. I have not get good response from company call center and service centre. Company do not solve problem after a number of telephonic and e-mail contact to company person. Problem not solve after more than one month. I requst you to order PhliPs company to replace t.v with mental haresment. Company ame-phliphs Model Number: PHILIPS LED 32PFL3931 Date of purchase:2018-05-13 Serial Number:110917119017004854 Yours BRIJ MOHAN PATHAK MOB-9837593207 Customer's Details: Name: Mr. BRIJ MOHAN PATHAK Address: NEAR G.I.C LAMACHAUR, KURIYAGAON LAMACHAUR HALDWANI Pin code: 263139 Contact:+919837593207 Email Id :mpathak423@gmail.com

rani jakkula

Posted on Jul 07, 2018

This is regards to ECB card I called customer care executive informd that I can visit and purchase what ever I wish to he informd the limit is 90k .and again he saying there is cheque bounce in the past so I m not eligible for card ,1st thing I told your executive at the outlet that My HDCF account is not in use its salary account I left that job take my AXIS account details he took my both cheques. I don't know why that guy linked my HDFC account that is not my mistake and every month I m paying on 5th for online transactions will take 5 days that's not my mistake I want my card this all your mistake that you took Bank details of my inactive bank account just because 6 months salary credited in my axis bank that was my new job why that ur executive said card is approved I can go and purchase query no 20260720 my contract no 8328221025 capotal frost account no:13821989


Posted on Jul 07, 2018

Refer to my service request number: AHM2706180553. I have also done AMC for my AC, the details are: AMC NO: IAAHM1205180001 SSNO: 110117510175309107. On 28/06/2018 I received a call from Mr. Jayesh (Ph: 8780470219) SVC point 7046444431., for servicing. They told me that I will have to pay for the servicing as no information about the AMC available to them. I scanned and sent them the details of the AMC. But till now servicing is not done. I should not suffer for doing AMC. It seems I have simply done a mistake by doing the AMC. They want money. If I pay they will come. The company has cheated me through AMC


Posted on Jul 06, 2018

Dear sir I bought 32 Inch L.E.D T.V From A.R ELECTRONIS HALDWANI ON 13 MAY 2018.On 1st June the t.v are faulty. I complain on 4 Jun 18 and complain no is DEH0406180074. My l.e.d is not replace/repair after more than on month. Company provide one year warranty on this product. I have not get good response from your call center. Kindly ask to change my t.v. and also give the mently disturb and other expenses of 5000 additional.they do not solve a number of telephonic and e.mail contact to company person. Yours BRIJ MOHAN PATHAK MOB-9837593207 Customer's Details: Name: Mr. BRIJ MOHAN PATHAK Address: NEAR G.I.C LAMACHAUR, KURIYAGAON LAMACHAUR HALDWANI Pin code: 263139 Contact:+919837593207 Email Id :mpathak423@gmail.com Model Number: PHILIPS LED 32PFL3931 Date of purchase:2018-05-13 Serial Number:110917119017004854

saumitra mishra

Posted on Jul 03, 2018

ello Team, Good day !! I am writing this mail with very disappointment and wanted to attention to resolve my issue. I had purchased Lenovo vibe k5 note (Gray,32 GB) on 23rd July, 2017 from flipKart ,order ID:0D109764852013600000,GSTIN:33AADCH8449J1ZB Since from last 20 days be found below mentioned issues are in mobile 1. mobile is not turning on 2. Wi-Fi not connected 3. Battery backup is completely gone. I have visited twice to customer service center and they repaired but it was not resolved yet. last time i went there on 12-06-2018,they changed Microprocessor and promised that issue is completely resolved but next day i found same issue. Again i went there and asked what is the problem because issue is not resolved yet then they said its defected peace and need to change battery, sub board and Microprocessor then i asked that 2 days back ,you have changed Microprocessor then again why are you telling like this. Finally they agreed to kept my mobile but just let me know

Deepraj Patel

Posted on Jul 03, 2018

I have purchased TV from Anchal Imports six months back and that tv is not working now. I want my money back from then distributor. He also did fraud in my loan account. I am frustrated with him and want to take all my money back from him. Address: 3027 Opp Arco Transport, Uss Galli, Dhule, Maharashtra 424001 phone number 0256223421

Sumit Kumar

Posted on Jul 03, 2018

My name is Sumit Kumar. I have registered a complaint on 31st of May 2018 via email to Boat (Redwood & Imagine-Mumbai) for faulty Keyboard keys of Cooler Master & I got Ticket No. 65830. The boat has arranged to pickup my product from Delhivery Courier with Waybill No. 1300610889092 & the product was picked up on 1st June 2018 around 2:00 PM (Pickup Phone No. 8285782924). The Keyboard & mouse kit was properly packed by my Mom in Brown Card Board Box with all side tapes on that box. The keyboard was replaced by the Service Center and received on my address on dated 13/06/2018 from Delhivery Courier with 2 days delay in delivery with tracking No. 1300610918842. When I opened the packing I have found that there is no mouse in the box. So I have called to Redwood & Imagine ( Tel: +91-22-30147239 ) and they have told me that they just received my keyboard no mouse was in the box. So I asked them did my packing was opened or damaged so he replied me that the packing was perfect


Posted on Jul 03, 2018

I am purchased a water purified from Eureka Forbes on 15.09.2017 worth Rs.18890/-. From installation this machine was several times complainted. Many times informed the service team they are not rectified yet. this machine was not functioned now. warranty is one year from purchase date.


Posted on Jul 02, 2018

I purchased MI 43 inch TV from MI.com but I received damaged TV. So I placed replacement order, their engineer checked the TV and confirm that TV is delivered damaged and I will get new TV but after few days they are refusing to replace the same as I open the box instead of their technical team. I have recording of TV unboxing where we can clearly see that TV is damaged. Kindly suggest how I can proceed further in this.

Shweta Agrawal

Posted on Jun 30, 2018

We purchased Kent W/P Grand Plus water purifier from Snehanjali Dahisar west br. On 22/03/18. Thereafter in 3 months we had called for service request almost every month due to leakage issues. The seller nor Kent Co. Itself is taking steps to replace the machine. Every time the same has been so called checked and found ok but still there is leakaga and taste of water changes. We nees help to resolve the same

Mamatha Ramesh

Posted on Jun 29, 2018

I had booked a KENT RO water purifier in OCtober 2017 from an agent, Vijeth Kuamr, who was sent from the company in response to an online request for a demo. We paid him an advance of Rs.6000 with the understanding that the installation would be done in December 2017 after the completion of my kitchen interior work. Accordingly when I contacted him in December he said he would install the machine upon payment of the remaining R.13,000 through online transfer. Once the amount was paid, the agent started avoiding me and I later found out he had cheated others similarly and was even arrested in February 2018. Subsequent attempts to contact the company, KENT, for a refund of the money or installation of the purifier has brought no response from them. Though they are aware that the said agent has swindled customers, they dont seem to want to take any steps to rectify that.

Prashant Modani

Posted on Jun 24, 2018

I have purchased Syska Extension board online which has 6 months warranty and it burn within 2 months i have registered complaint about this and parcel them burnt product but from last 2-3 months they are not replying me as well as not given replacement

Sundarlal patel

Posted on Jun 23, 2018

Name: sundarlal patel ContactNumber:9098532014 City: DEOGAON/BARAMKELA/RAIGARH State:CHHATTISGARH Product:MICROMAX LED TV 50 Model: 50CANVAS-S Comment number-CHH1405181979857 DATE-14/5/2018 मुझे micromex कम्पनी व् रायपुर लेबल के ck जैन अधिकारी मोबाइलनम्बर 90090723445 वारंटी देने के लिए घुमा रहा है मुझे मानसिक प्रताड़ित किया जा रहा है कृपया मुझे मेरा टीवी का हर्जाना राशि तत्काल रेट 69999 व् 2 माह का नुकसान कुल हर्जाना राशि 140000 दिलवाये सुंदरलाल पटेल 9770875744 9098779474

Goutam Das

Posted on Jun 23, 2018

I have purchased four electronic items (TV,Refrigerator,Chimney and a water purifier from Khosla electronics, Garia on 16.06.18. Out of four items only TV and chimney has been delivered and only TV has been installed. I have called several times in the number given by them but noboby picked up from other side.I am really helpless and thinking what to do. Please guide me.Thanking you.

Raviraj Rajeshirke

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

I purchased Sansui led TV on 13/11/15 with 3 yrs waranty. Now its not working. Registered complaint with them Complaint no PUN0706180222 on 7th june. Service engineer asked us to whatsapp him the photos of the TV after which he said that we have to replace panel.He did not come personally to inspect the TV. Till date our TV has not been repaired.the reason given by them is that they are waiting for approval.


Posted on Jun 21, 2018

Low voltage since 26jun.No response from JE Desari.now even he is not taking phone calls. We villagers facing lot of problem in this summer.pse resolve the issue as earliest.Poor service and response by NTPC & JE Desari

Dr Presenjit Raut

Posted on Jun 20, 2018

Iron (press) electric of koryo company was brought from big Bazaar magarpara Bilaspur on 13/3/18 after using it for few days it started burning clothes so we gave it for repairing but even after repairing it started burning clothes which big Bazaar people refused to repair hence lodged a complain at consumer forum


Posted on Jun 18, 2018

I have been using Dell Desktop. The products are under warranty . I have been caling Dell service centre for past 3 weeks . Daily they make me do some technical checks and ask for some pictures but do not provide any solution . Daily they keep mailing me about the resolutionbutb do not provide any solution


Posted on Jun 16, 2018

I Had purchased #ELECTROLUX SPLIT AC ES18M5C-5STAR DT 25/4/17,Since day 1 this AC has cooling issues,IN JUST 1 SUMMER SESSION,it has been repaired apx 20 times,every tym new engineer mentioned new problem & almost all parts of outdoor has been replaced... & keep re-filling gas every time thy visit,but actual problem is not diagnosed yet by the engineers. GAS gets low in 7-10days & outdoor fan gets stopped so frequently. I want necessary action to be taken against defaulter & need replacement of this faulty air conditioner! you may see the frustration level by checking below number of complaints which was never closed satisfactorily 25-Apr CODE342170004843 BOUGHT VIJAY SALES 29-Apr/ GUR 2904170238 COMPLAINED 27-Jun/ GUR 2706170161 COMPLAINED 29-Jul/ GUR 2907170313 COMPLAINED 01-Sep/ GUR 109170025 COMPLAINED 19-Nov/ GUR 1911170076 COMPLAINED 25-Feb/ GUR 2502180091 COMPLAINED 10-Mar/ GUR 1003180154 COMPLAINED 31-May/ GUR 3105180024 COMPLAINED 16-Jun/ GUR 1606180024 COMPLAINED

Durga devi

Posted on Jun 16, 2018

Sir , My bijli reading is never show correct in my payment bill paper and l goes many times in bijli office but never action on my complaint So ,I request to you that please immediate response against my complaint Your respected consumer Thanks Sir.....

Abhishek Tripathi

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Purchased Sansui split AC 1.5 ton and under warranty it has been repaired 4 times but still the problem remains same as AC is not cooling. The service center keeps on sending the engineer and they keep on filling the GAS and were unable to find the leakage even after 4 visit. I want to take legal action or atleast compensate because my warranty will expire in 4 months now and i am not able to use the AC properly even for 20 days as the issue remains same. So flipkart and Sansui both have cheated me and want to take legal action ASAP

Jaydeep shah

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

I bought a Mitsubishi Heavy industries 1.6 ton Split AC costing 47000/- + Installation on 05.05.2018. I bought it from Sport N Sporty who is the retailer, while Krishna Marketing is the distributor for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC. The AC was faulty from the first day. For one month they and the retailer gave me fake promises that they will get it replaced and after one month they flatly denied to replace it and also stopped picking up my phone. The retailer Sight and Sound located at Zalak complex, Bhatta, Paldi told me to file a case in consumer court but refused to replace the non working AC.

Ravi Saxena

Posted on Jun 13, 2018

I bought symphony jumbo 51 model. Cooler swing is not working and I have complaints 3 times but my complaint not solve and technician will close my complaint and technician open the cooler after the cooler is not working good and techcian says to me This product is defected, so I back my product and New jumbo 51 give me for Company

Vikas Joshi

Posted on Jun 12, 2018

Hi team, I've taken 2 AC's of "Electrolux" Last year, sadly since the Installation i've been facing challenges. Drainage Pipes are hanging inside the rooms, which the installation team rudely said that "I've manage that, they'll not able to anything". I tried to ignore the same. However recently i've registed a complaint regarding Cooling problem and access noise in one of the outdoor unit. Which was to be attended in next 48 to 72 hours and no one attended the same. I again called up the customer care and they said it'll be done in next 24 hours till date no one has even called to check what is the actual issue, resolution is altogether a different thing. Request you to pls help in this matter. Regards, Vikas


Posted on Jun 12, 2018

Dear team, I purchased a hard disk from flipkart.com which was delivered on 29 may 2018. but the disk was not detectable, hence i raise a complaint then the product is replaced by your side but nothing was change the drive is still not detectable. I checked that drive in 3 computers but drive is not working then i again raise a complaint then the return request was raised. Then ekart executive will call me to pickup the product but unfortunately i am out of station so i request him to please come tommorow. but no one comes to pickup my product till 2 days, then i again contact the customer care, they said me that your 10 day return policy was over, but where is my fault, it is the ekart executive who dont come to pick the product. please help me and reply with me a solution as soon as possible. Thanking you

Praful Savane

Posted on Jun 11, 2018

Sansui 32” TV was purchased on 05th Feb 2017 which was delivered same day vide challan no. 10858 (copy attached for ready reference) The TV has a display issue since last 20 days & the product cannot be used at all. The product is under warranty & first complaint was made on 24th May 2018 at Sansui customer care no. 022 39404040. Since then nos of phone calls have been made for following up, but all attempts in vain. The complaint nos. is MUM0506180321 No Service person has responded to the calls. No technician has visited for repairing nor any contact address/details has shared with whom we can get in touch for the resolution. Request you to please resolve the issue. Regards, Pritam Savane/Praful Savane 9619100586/9702773227


Posted on Jun 11, 2018

I had puchased lava mobile on 30-12-2017 with 2 year warranty now after 5 month mobile stopped wirking, I went to service center on 11-06-2018 for replacement or repair..but they refused to accept saying this is not covered under warranty as per policy

manoj kumar

Posted on Jun 10, 2018

i have purchased hitachi inverter ac 3 star, 1.5 TON. date of purchase:-22-04-2018 model:-RSD318EBEAZ1 complain no:-18060300475 customer name:- manoj kumar The ac is found defective and unable to cool at all. We have complained several times but no solution provided. They keep on ignoring our problem. It's hardly 2 month and we faced such a big issue. We have invested 41,500 in this ac. Please help me as i need the replacement of this product ASAP as i am suffering mentally and physically both due to this ac in this summer!!

Sanjeet Kumar mallik

Posted on Jun 09, 2018

Sir I had a smart phone which fall down from my hand and it's screen damaged. I went to mobile repair shop at airportmore bagdogra he told me it will cost rs.1700 for repair I submitted the phone next day when he gave me the phone it's volume key and other function like sencor was not working I told him he told me to submit the phone again for service. I did the same it passes more than 20 days still he is saying ok you will get it today or I am out of station, the boy taken your phone to siliguri for repair etc.today I went to his shop and told him to return my phone my phone still not repaired. Kindly do the needful.


Posted on Jun 09, 2018

I purchased a Nee JIO Phone (F90M) on March 8, 2018 vide Bill No. 3418 from Punia Communication, Peer Michaela, Zirakpur. Punjab with 12 Months Warranty. While approaching to Service Centre which issued misleading leading Job Sheet for Rs. 410/- as against 12 Months Warranty which would be reduced to Rs. 330/-. While approaching to Mr. Bajrangi, Retailer JIO Phones, Peer Machhala, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab said we just purchased Box Pack Set from Mr. Puneet, Distributor JIO Phones, delivered to customer as it's after taking full payment. So, it's not our issues, only Distributor n Company knows. Fake 12 Months Warranties are available in Market on JIO Phone F90M, which MRP against Refundable Security (After 36 Months) is just 1500/-, replied by Mr. Puneet, Distributor JIO Phones, Baltana, Zirakpur, Punjab.


Posted on Jun 06, 2018

My MI Note3 Mobile phone got hanged up due to software issue. I showed the same to MI authorised service centre at Kalyan west, the engineer told me that there is an software issue and they have to update the software to get it fixed. I gave my mobile to them but when it was delivered to me there were so many functions of my mobile stopped working 1) WI-fi, 2) Blue tooth, 3) Radio etc. when I enquired with the technician he said that they have only updated the software and nothing else, it seems that my mobile is facing some motherboard issue. All of a sudden how come it faced motherboard issue and all the internal important functions of the mobile stopped. I emailed to the MI Customer support but everything in vain, kindly help. Thanks, Sameer Vairagar

Gokul Ganguly

Posted on Jun 01, 2018

I would like to bring to your kind notice that I am being cheated by the videocon d2h service provider.I had recharged my d2h on 170518 after recharging I came to know that my dish is nt working so I called the call centre and requested a technician to cum and check. As per the request the technician came and serviced my dish. For the service he charged me dish reciver Rs375 Rs 25 for connector and 200 for service charge Total Rs.600. And I paid him cash. I asked for Bill on that he said that I wil get it on my tv through dish. But after 4to5 days i came to know that d2h has deducted the Rs 200 service charge form my D2h balance. So again i contacted the call center for help 270518.and registered a complaint and they assured me resolve my issue within 24 hrs for the complaint. But nothing has happened. So I contacted again on 300518 they said the complaint was closed and they again registered my complaint and same thing to resolve within 24 hrs. Consumer no is 149103999.


Posted on Jun 01, 2018

I have bought a micromax split ac on 5th May 2018,since the day it was installed it is not working i registered a complaint at micromax regarding the same. The technician came and told me that the pcb is faulty and will be replaced within 7 days. Since then it has been 17 days no one has contacted me and micromax customer care is also not resolving the issue. below are the different complaint reference numbers generated Reference No. is HR-150518-1981879,Reference no. HR-130518-1978679,Reference No. is HR-230518-1990889 complaint registered through email(ticket no.) - 98112 Kindly help

Sreeram Hariharan

Posted on May 31, 2018

We had hired Transdakh movers and packers for moving the goods from Bangalore to Mumbai. We received all the goods, However the chairs and LED was damaged. Since chairs were damaged and visible it was informed immediately. But LED was packed with bubble wrapping so nothing could be noticed through naked eye. When I called up the technicial to fix the wall mount where he opened to see that the LED was completely damaged with a deep penetrative hole. While I informed them they asked me send a mail which was done. But till now I did not get any postive reply. The claim is made within 30 daysof receipt as we were out of town for few weeks. Now they are saying that refund to it is not possible. Need the help in this case.

Priya raina

Posted on May 30, 2018

For the past 20 days I have been trying to get my electrolux split ac fixed but no information is being provided from the company or service provider as to what is being done ar how long will it take. When we raised the issue the AC was in warranty and on 22nd of May warranty expired but still tete is no information or intimation from yhem as to what needs to be or should be done further. It is so frustrating bcz we bought ac last yeat in May and used it hardly for a month or two and this year we started using ac during mid April and the ac was not cooling efficiently even after getting it serviced twice. From mid June, monsoon will start here in mumbai and after that ac is not required I wonder what is this box for if I can't avail iys service when required the most.

abhishek rastogi

Posted on May 30, 2018

I purchased a steam Iron from a reputed dealer in Meerut "Mahesh Ji & Son's". Product belongs to Havells India limited. It's still under warranty. Around one and a half month back steam iron suddenly got a burst sound and smoke comes out of it from all the sides. We immediately cut down the power supply of product and reported the issue to customer care. They gave us the assurance on first time but did not provide us with complaint number. We again filed a complaint against it and a number was allocated to us "HD241379" but nothing happens. After calling to dealer he told me that you have not provided the original bill to attendee but it was not the case. Then I took the iron to dealer place and ask him to help out on this issue. He also did the same and again filed a complaint. But till date I have not received any update from Havells customer care point. This burst might have give us the physical harm or may have hurt my 9 year old son who was playing near by. At this point of time I


Posted on May 29, 2018

Racold Gas Geyser water heater.Very worst service by Racold & its Hyderabad-india service center. I bought it last Aug 2017 from the next min it installed I am facing problem like no hot water due to no burning flame. I called call center and they appeared after 2 days and said air gap is forming within the geyser and he removed it by pinching with screwdriver in the gas inlet nozzle and then it worked then the next month same problem and same solution and again 3rd month same problem and then they changed geyser though I asked for return the product and reimburse money but they said new product won't give this problem. But again in 4th time same problem with new replaced geyser also. I called every time i faced the problem but it is not resolved and now the Racold service center - hyd not even visting our house to resolve the issue and they confirmed me they can't help on this issue. I called to call center and escalated manager but no issue. Please suggest on legal proceedings.

Varun Gupta

Posted on May 29, 2018

Exide faulty inverter battery purchased dated 22.04.16 with 36 months free of cost replacement warranty. Complained 3 times, engineer visited but no solution or replacement provided by the Company so, request to provide me justice at the earliest.

Soham Krishna Paul

Posted on May 24, 2018

Today, Again harassment from whirlpool service. I was requested for a service [service no. KL0518021390 Model No.Whirlpool 1.5T 3DCOOL HD COPR 5S SNOW W Barcode: 42140A1165307103 CNA165307103 26 Dec 16 Purchase on 01 April 2017. ] At the time of purchase i did 1yrs. extended warranty from capital first. In my warranty period i had call to whirlpool service person for free service, but that time they did nothing. Now in my extended warranty, i call again [ KL0518021390 ], now they are saying that you have to pay for this service. Why should i pay? I informed to capital first, they have informed me that just show my extended warranty copy to service person. Still now, no services have been made after purchase my AC. Every time whirlpool guys are playing game with me. Why should i get harassment every time? Last time whirlpool service person was threaten me that, let me see how your service will be done.


Posted on May 24, 2018

Team, I want to file consumer complaint against Sony India. It has been only 2 years & LED TV got display problem, despite of many follow-ups they are not assisting/helping to fix issue. Lastly, the authorized service center technician visited, charged 15K with 6 Months Warranty, but still facing issue from 01st day. The technician is not visiting despite of many follow-ups/requests. Even Sony India is not helping me in this issue. Can you advice proper procedure to file complaints against Authorized Service Center & Sony India.

Aditya Sharma

Posted on May 24, 2018

I have bought an AC from Green Eastern Digital, they have provided a defective piece and which needed replacement. They are not agreeing to do the needful. You are requested to intervene. thanks and warm regards, Aditya Sharma.

Suhail Sawood

Posted on May 24, 2018

Myself Suhail Sawood from Kochi, Kerala. I use a Moto 360 2nd Gen Smartwatch. One fine day the charging Dock suddenly stopped working. Unfortunately this is the time when Lenovo acquired Motorola and the services were very feeble. However, I did check with the Lenovo authorized centers here for a replacement or for a purchase of new Dock. They were helpless stating they have got zero information on Motorola watches (where, how, when, why etc.) Now it’s close to 11 months and none of Motorola Or Lenovo service teams are helpless. Please help me to tackle this situation.

Primrose Gomes

Posted on May 23, 2018

Hi I had purchased an Iphone 8 on 1st Dec 2018. The phone was working perfectly fine till May 18. However, last week the phone suddenly got hanged and was stuck on the Apple logo. I visited the service center, ie, Aptronix, Borivali West. They re formatted the phone after which it started working. However, the same day that evening the phone got hanged again on the Apple logo. The next day i visited the service center again. They checked the phone for physical damage. There was no physical damage to the phone. They did a preliminary check for internal damages as well. As per the service center, there seemed to be a mother board issue and the phone would have to be submitted. I submitted the phone to the service center on 10th May 2018. As per the service center, the replacement would be done within min 7 working days. On checking with the service center for the status after 7 days, ie, on 17th May, they informed me that the replacement was rejected by the Apple Bangalore service team

Rama Roy

Posted on May 21, 2018

LOTUS Electronics supermarket does not provides me service according to warranty assured.

tejinder singh

Posted on May 20, 2018

i purchase sony led KLVW622E with SR NO.3126137 on 6th feb 2018.its smart TV but now its smart function is not working. its only daba TV instead of smart tv .service center also did not give any response.


Posted on May 19, 2018

fan is not working

Sagar Agrawal

Posted on May 18, 2018

My complaints is against skullcandy. I bought headphones of 10000Rs but a plastic part broke on its own because of the weight it needs to handle. Now they are not willing to repair it in warrenty and also declined to repair it if I want to pay for the repair they suggest using super glue for no apparent reason. So now that costly headphone essentially are now just paper weights. I tried to get this resolved by consumer helpline but I received no reply from the company so consumer helpline instructed me file a complaint in consumer court.

Aves Sayed

Posted on May 18, 2018

I bough Lenovo K8 note in the month of Jan from Amazon. Since the Oreo update has been installed, the battery is draining very fast. It lasts only 13-14 hour with full charge. It drains even if the phone is idle. I took the phone to the service center, and was informed the Oreo update had issues and you will have to wait untill the next update is released. They also cannot downgrade or install factory shipped OS. I spoke to the customer service and they asked to me to wait untill the developer team releases a batch file to fix the issue. The service center re installed the OS with Oreo which did not fix the issue. Please understand the we like the phone and it worked flawlessly untill the update. More we cannot use the faulty phone as advised by your team. Please fix the issue or help me get this resolved. Attaching the job sheet and bill for he phone. Ticket provided by the customer service - 180505012838 IMEI - 358959060746075 Job sheet number by service center - SOIN0810011805


Posted on May 18, 2018

I have purchased a electric chimney make KAFF Appliances India Pvt. Ltd. from their local dealer of Faridabad ( Bill attached) on march 2017. Few months later Due to some technical fault it has completely burnt , I have sent several e mail & telephonic calls but in-vain. Please help to get my money back. The Bill and photo of burnt chimney are attached herewith. The details of manufacturer as below. KAFF Appliances (India) Pvt. Ltd. Malibu Arcade, First Floor, Near Water Reservoir, Malibu Towne, Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122 101 Contact Person Mr. Prem Yadav Contact No. 0124 4873027, 0124 4873000 Email Id. customercare@kaff.in care@kaff.in


Posted on May 18, 2018

I bought an Hitachi AC(1.5 Ton, 5 Star) on 09/04/16 from B.R.Roy & Sons Pvt. Ltd., Barrackpore vide Cash Memo No. 52926 dt. 09/04/16 of Rs. 44,000/-and Ph. No. 033-25920509. From the beginning, it is getting trouble, not cooling properly. After lodging complaint they depute Technician , But they are totally un-skilled and they never sort out the actual problem.However, in the mean time, in the month of June,2017, they replace the indoor machine, still hot air is passing through the indoor Unit. I pray your kind co-operation in this regard and get rid of such ridiculous condition. Thanking you and thus regards.

Abhishek Jain

Posted on May 17, 2018

Complaint Regarding EXIDE Inverter Battery. Exide Comp.No.: NHRA00024281V654 I purchased on 25 Aug 2017. Exide battery and still under warranty. I am facing issue with the battery backup since starting of long electricity cut. Battery gives only 1.5 hours of backup with very low load. I logged a complaint with EXIDE on number 18001035454 on 7th May. But from that time the issue is not resolved and service center is not giving any proper response on phone. Every time i called they used to give another number without any resolution. One engineer came on 14th and put the battery on charger they provide and ask me to keep it on charger for 12 hours but it is now passed almost more than 65 Hours and no one turned back to check the status, when i called him, he says i am checking and will call you back. No call back no response. No action from vendor.

Deepak keshri

Posted on May 16, 2018

I have purchased cooler of Voltas, but just after 11 months its motor got burnt out. After lodging complain, the action was taken very slowly. But after motor replacement, the cooler makes noise and the technician says that it is normal noise and cant be eliminated. I am frustrated as no action is taken from Voltas for its remedy. Complaint lodge date 11-04-2018 and still it has same issue. Complaint number is 18041115949. Please help it is still in warranty.

Gunjan s jain

Posted on May 15, 2018

Lg company cannot rectify my complaint and every time their engineer comes with a hit and trial method with an explanation that the fault can be anything, they are not even able to analyse the fault in their machine , its a shame on them! Or i should pity them. My fridge is under repair for a month now. In summers any household can go haywire if the fridge is not working. We can acess only their call center and cannot connect to any of their seniors. Hope that this compalint can go further

Vipin singh

Posted on May 12, 2018

Sir,I ordered a skullcandy earphone from Snapdeal and it damaged within the warranty period.The dealer collect the earphone.. but never get response from snapdeal


Posted on May 10, 2018

Sir My son purchased a Motorola Phone model-XT1602 during Jun 2017, which is under warranty. The same is faulty since one month. when I went to service centre of motorola at Meerut Mall, Meerut, they checked and told me that it will cost more than the original cost of the mobile, as they are saying that the mobile is faulty due to some rusting in ide the mobile. Now the mobile is with them and they are asking some amount, even though, if I ask to return the mobile without repair. Kindly advice me whether I can lodge a case in consumer court. An early information will help me.


Posted on May 08, 2018

I have purchased Phillips speaker model H.T.B3250 on 26th of March 2018.Just after 3-4 days of purchase, they stop working. I went to the Phillips service center on 6th of April 2018 and get to know that the amplifier board of the speaker has the problem and thats why speakers are not working. The service center people told me that they will change the board when they will get it but its been a month and my speakers are not been fixed yet. Whenever I ask them about when I will get my speakers back they just pass me the number of the area manager.I called him several times but he is not giving me any appropriate answer regarding my question.


Posted on May 06, 2018

I bought 2 1200mm Luminous Ceiling fans Audie model online. The hanging Rod provided with these fans is too short that it's not feasible to install these fans. I have raised a no. of complaints with Luminous however the company didn't provide me any solution. Their service engineer visited my home twice however even he was not able to install the fan. Now company is not responding to my complaints. Request you to please help me.

Gautam Majumdar

Posted on May 06, 2018

I have purchases a Samsung 2ton Inverter AC from Kolkata-Baguiati Khosla Electronics dated on 14.03.17. But from 25.03.18 to till date the said AC not properly cooling and I complaint to Samsung Customer Service Centre more than 10 times. They are visit my house but not initiate proper solution regarding resolving the problem. Please taken required action regarding permanent solution. Thanks

Samit Patil

Posted on May 05, 2018

Hi, I am a Videocon d2h user with customer ID-169400187. Since from last 1 & 1/2 month, I am facing n no. of issues regarding services of Videocon d2h, which includes wrong add-on activation, frequent unfair balance deductions. Fresh incident is regarding my recharge of Rs. 199.42 for which I should get services for 30 days but they have deducted 2 days for no reason. Again I have complained to their email ID's-customercare@d2h.com, albert.lobo@dishd2h.com (Nodal Officer), ceo@d2h.com, anil.khera@d2h.com but to which they are not replying. These kind of issues happened in the month of April also & I continued their services on their assurance of clean services in future but to my disappointment it has happened again As it's happening frequently I request you to intervene & provide resolution. Lodging complaints again & again isn't feasible with Videocon d2h. They keep our call on hold for mammoth duration(30 min). Sometimes Call gets disconnected & they don't bother to call back

Daljit Singh

Posted on Apr 30, 2018

I have paid ₹659990.00 to viraldeal for 10pcs of 32"led TVs on 22april 2018 through credit card now they're not shipping my materials and nor refunding payment.thier website address is www.viraldeal.co.in And they mail me from:info@viraldeal.co.in Sent me receipt of payment .pl look into my metter

Puneet Bhatia

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

I have buyed a Ac of (O gerneral ) company it's compressor gurrenty is 5 years purchase date 13/6/2013 and i have register a complaint in company 7/04/2018 that Ac comppresor is not working they told me they will change in 7 days but after 7 days they are picking my call they think customer is fool plzz help me

Dharm Vijayvargiya

Posted on Apr 23, 2018

I had ordered a Pen drive of HP of 64 gb capacity on 11th Apr 2018 with order no WH88691I got a parcel on 19th Apr 2018.As I opened the package and inserted the pendrive in my laptop, I found that it was defective and fake and it is not working. Now I wrote to Whaaky.com, and call so many time,, system automatically disconnect the call, but no one care to reply atleast, we request you to pickup the product back and refund the amount, and request you not to play with customers emotions.

Kartik Chandra Mandal

Posted on Apr 22, 2018

Sir, I bought Panasonic 1.5 Tonn AC on date 11.04.2018 from Shanti Electronics Indore, which is Authorized dealer of Panasonic. It was installed on 11.04.2018 by Panasonic Engineers. But it is not working since then. I have complained about the problem in Panasonic customer care and they are unable to rectify the problem. Since then Panasonic service personal are not making any decision about what action they have to take and I am suffering humiliation and stress at mental and physical level. I have also asked them to replace that AC and give me new one as I have not used that AC even for a single minute but they just tell that they will rectify it. As a customer I am not getting any assurance from the company about their action. They just keep on sending new service engineers, its look like they are doing some research on the problem. Please Solve this is issue sir. Its a Rs. 38,000 AC and its being hanging on the wall for over 14 Days just like a show piece.


Posted on Apr 18, 2018

Sir, We bought LG 1.5 Tonn AC on date 04.04.2018 from Tuteja Electronics Bilaspur, which is Authorized dealer of LG. It was installed on 05.04.2018 by LG service Engineers. But it is not working since then. We have complained about the problem in LG customer care and they are unable to rectify the problem. Since then LG service personal are not making any decision about what action they have to take and we are suffering humiliation and stress at mental and physical level. We have also asked them to replace that AC and give us new one as we have not used that AC even for a single minute but they just tell that they will rectify it. As a customer we are not getting any assurance from the company about their action. They just keep on sending new service engineers, its look like they are doing some research on the problem. Please Solve this is issue sir. Its a Rs. 40,000 AC and its being hanging on the wall for over 14 Days just like a show piece.

navneet sangwan

Posted on Apr 13, 2018

complaint againstAmrit electricals,Industrial area, chandigarh 9988486316,8544852492 -The concern misrepresented info and represented themselves as authorised service centre of LG washing machines while they are not.Their personnel carry LG bags to complete the fraud.The bill for services ( INR 1350) was not provides despite several calls.The call records can be verified.I also suspect a case of overcharging as a plastic pipe was replaced and cost quoted as INR 850 though it seems like a INR 200 pipe.


Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Hi Team, Am writing to you to bring to your kind notice about the problem i and many many other Indians face from these multinational companies,in my case its Samsung India Unit who sold me washing machine in the year 2014 and till date it has caused immense damage to my clothes ,now when am asking Samsung to compensate me for the damage there is absolutely no response from there top leadership .Should we Indians just keep quite and say nothing and accept it as our fate .Is the loss that i have suffered because of substandard machine sold to me is Samsung not accountable for the same ? Samsung infact had sent their representative and he confirmed flaw in this washing machine .Am based in Hyderabad India . Please tell me how i can claim my damages ?

Sourav Chakraborty

Posted on Apr 10, 2018

Lenovo Mobile India On 12th March 2018, My Lenovo Zuk Z2 Plus went Dead and Lenovo claimed that the Device is out of Warranty as purchased from TataCliq.com After several harassment the device was accepted by the Service Centre HCL Kolkata for service and repaired by them. But now there are several problems that arises which both Lenovo and the Service Centre are denying Network Disappears on its own frequently Parts and Screw Misplaced Battery fixed with adhesive instead of the missing parts Microphone issue Ghost Touches while charging They have damaged the phone to an unusable condition Neither Lenovo Mobile India nor its authorized Service Center are accepting the phone for repair nor replacing the same. I am thinking about filing a case in Consumer Court. The case is currently being handled by one Sujata Mandal, but even after several attempts no communication has been made from her side after her first communication Previous Job Sheet SOIN0231111803120071 Call 8240138101

Pravin bhadrashete

Posted on Apr 09, 2018

I am Pravin bhadrashete.i am visiting the website in viraldeal this website is sell about mobile in redmi note 4 refurbished handsets but payment already paid but this website is not sending mobile please my refund to take my account.my order I'd is 128031000331919

mukesh kumar chauhan

Posted on Apr 07, 2018

I purchased a Votas air cooler on 3,4,2018 from lotus at surya sadhna building at indore. vide invoice no 09R1800186 for Rs 10499. A used/ demo piece having lot of scratched have been supplied on 4.4.2018. Despite many phone calls, they only assured me to to replace the same, despite 4th day they have not taken any action to replace. I had mental harassment as most of the time I was busy contacting them on Phoe on these three days, Since it is air cooler , our family had to withstand heat as we did not use tha cooler. I want immediate replacement ad Rs 10000/ for compensation for harassment. Lotus Electronics, Surya sadhna, AB Road , Indore Phone07314265601 mail support@lotuselectronics.com

Deep Mala Raur

Posted on Apr 04, 2018

Dear Sir/Mam I purchased Lenovo Laptop 05 June 2017 Sr. Number PF013N97 Bill no - 85RI702885 but by the day I am facing some issues ….(IT TAKE HOURS TO START) so I complaint to call center (Lenovo), they gave me online technical support. But after two days again facing same problem. So again i called to call center that time call center executive told HARD DISC AND HARDWARE ISSUE so he suggested to visit nearest service center. Then I visited service center. He checked or not I don’t know but after a day again same problem started. 2 or 3 times i visited service center because of facing same problem. Finally again visited to service center and drop the laptop and mailed to Mr. Sudipto Ghosh (Executive Director service Lenovo India) on Mar 8, 2018 but they did not provide me proper solution and he pressurized me to take it back. so now complaining to you to please provide replacement because I have facing lots of problem like financial problem (Near about 10 to 12 Project i lost from

shahbaj javid pakali

Posted on Apr 03, 2018

my complaint agenst lloyd company Unique KKG Code for Service Request ID HIL290318289359 is KF3735 Share KKG Code to Technician Only After Satisfactory Completion of Your Service Request


Posted on Apr 03, 2018

VIDEOCON LED ਦੀ ਵਾਰ ਵਾਰ ਸ਼੍ਕਾਯਤ ਕਰਨ ਤੇ ਵੇ ਠੀਕ ਨਾ ਕਰਨ ਬਾਰੇ


Posted on Apr 02, 2018

I am a subscriber of Sunflame Pvt. Ltd. These subscriber name was Mr. PROSENJIT ROY and docket no is 18NC70 on 12/03/2018. Today I am calling to shyamnagar service center of sunflame. This no is 8479914072 . Madam receive the phone and she told me that within two week your problem has been solve but I am not sure Then I am calling Mr. Malay. His mobile no is 9874344500. He receive the call and replied to me within one week your problem has been solve but I want to give a prof . After that he told me I can't give any prof. so He disconnect the call. After I am calling head-office of sunflame at haryana. These no is 0129-4266999 but I am no response also I am calling rekha madam she can't receive my phone even she reject my call.I am waiting within Three week but company's employer no response till now today. If you don't solve my problem then I want to force a decesian that Sunflame Pvt company is very very Fraud and cheat.

Sathish T V

Posted on Apr 02, 2018

‌I purchased the Sansui 43" TV, model no UHDTVSZA43QXOZSA on 6-10-2016 from Kerodi electronic & home appliances,masjid road , Thirthahalli.He completely misguided me about warranty of TV.5 years warranty offer announced by sansui about that model.But company issued one year warranty card instead of 5 years.Dealer told that company assured him to supplied the 5 years warranty cards shortly.I went to his shop several times,but he din,t give.He assured that completely free service & maintenence was done by the company up to 5 years & he will take the responsibility.But after attend the complaint of my tv company men collect the service charge Rs.1400/- dated 29-3-2018.paying before I contact the dealer,he said company was not send the 5 years warranty card & misguided​ him.company man said asked the dealer for inconvenience. Both of them not ready to take any responsibility. So kindly take the necessary action to provide 5 years warrenty & fulfil my mental,economical loses.

Aditya Das

Posted on Apr 01, 2018

The executive who have visited our house denied for installing the washing machine as the clamp which we have provided is from a different company. There was no clause given by the seller that we have to buy the clamp forcefully or else it will not be installed.The executive who has came for installation has already denied to do it and thus i need the executive to come at my house and install it on the clamp what i have purchased from other vendor.


Posted on Mar 31, 2018

We bought HUL pureit an year back. The device was functioning properly for an year. Once the warranty period expired( 1 year) the device became faulty. It stopped to purify water. We raised multiple complaints by calling up customer care, everytime we call they send a technician who charges Rs 250 and provides vague solutions. initially he replaced the water filter by charging Rs 250 as service charge and 250 for the filter, as the problem persists we reached to customer care and the same technician showed up saying motor needs to be replaced which will costs us Rs 3000 but we sent him back. For the third time they tried to send the same technician whom we lost complete trust as we read about him and his agency online. The problem still exists and the customer care is of no help. We request the company to fix the issue asap through a senior technician or by replacing the device asap.

Vishal Kumar

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

I have given a AMC to one of the Aqua Fresh in Dec 2017. Now the service is due but their staff is not picking up the phone. The address of the vendor is "H.O. F-5, Plot No – 10, Manish Link Road, Plaza – 2, Near HDFC Bank Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075. Looking forward for a positive response.

Shrijeet Das

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

Samsung Led TV 40 inch is under warranty period and got defect on screen panel. Company telling it is physical damage whereas their field engineers didn't found any sign of such damage in 03 attempt. Now they are telling I have to pay full repair cost.

anil kumar tripathy

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

requesting from last one month to replace compressor of 1.5 ton 3 star ac of intec make. Bill no 463 dated 19/3/2015 from Mohapatro cooling system , bhubaneswer orissa. Model no IAC 18K3AUW

Pramod Chandra Sharma

Posted on Mar 26, 2018

Butterfly Mixer purchased by me through Snapdeal was defective, I requested its replacement not return. But their people ask me to courier Mixer to them. My protest is that,when you can deliver at my home, why it can't be picked up. I am not going to courier it, they have to collect it. I am not asking for refund too.

chhoti lal meena

Posted on Mar 23, 2018

sir i am purches ipro powerbank but this product is not working proplely

mohammad shahrukh

Posted on Mar 23, 2018

i have bought a mobile phone worth rs 50900 samsung s7 edge. From the time i have bought it , it had various problems . first was that it was getting hanged and freezed for which the service center has formatted the phone and then later changed my mother board.second issue started was that there was a network issue for which they again replaced my mother board but i dint took the phone and raised for a replacement but the samsung people dint do it. i went to consumer affairs aand after a long struggle the phone was replaced. i have received the new one with 1 yr warranty but again the same problem started. i went to service center and told them the issue and told them not to chnage the mother board first check it. but without my permision they chnaged the mother board. now i am pretty sure that this s7 edge has many drawbacks and is not worth it and the samsung people are cheating.the service center were i went is KARUNA MANAGEMENT SERVICES PVT. LTD.33, SAYD AMIR ALI AVENUE, KOLKATA,


Posted on Mar 22, 2018

sir,i was ordered a MI20800mAh powerbank from Zookr online,My orderd id-1605010234242.they delverd me dead product and its not working after that i complained for it on there help link taht is help@zookr.in,they asking for vedio evdence and i am did same but after they are not responding my mail also till date they are not doing anything for refund/return. Please help me to take complain regarding such a fake/froad companies.

Ravi Yadav

Posted on Mar 21, 2018

Beetal co. Not repair the landline phone. Even co. Frenchasy not given any invoice bill.

Prajna Dutta

Posted on Mar 20, 2018

This is to bring to your kind notice that we had booked one Hitachi 1.5 ton split air conditioner number 318HVD. The cheque was issued to Great Eastern Reatil private limited on 25.01.2018 the same day as we booked. However we got the ac set on 5th February 2018, ac installer arrived on 10th of February 2018, opened the pack and found there was no lock plate on which the ac could be mounted. Immediately this fact was informed by the installer Gangadhar Biswas his higher authorities. After immense daily and constant persuasion from our side finally the hitachi service centre sent a man who came to survey the fault and take the right measurement for the right plate. Ultimately the plate was delivered to us on 9th March 2018, on 20th March 2018 again the installer arrived and found that instead of three pin lock plate they have provided a two pin lock plate and on top of that the ac itself is an old model from 2014, which is very surprising as we had booked a new model in 2018.

Pradnesh Gauthankar

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

My phone Geonee A1 is getting switched off again and again and your service staff at patto Panaji Goa is saying that phone is liquid damaged. They are also saying me to pay Rs. 10000 since current market price of this product is 12000. My phone is also under warranty. If I am not getting my phone replacement or repair as it is under warranty I will take this case to consumer court. I had attached my IMEI number

deepiksha naik

Posted on Mar 19, 2018

ordered a reach laptop from ebay in ....first my complaint ws regarding not receiving of charger ...afta filling a complaint i received the charger...but afta oe day the laptop stoped working...afta calling ebay several times ebay is jus responding that they will get back ..thats it...so dissapointing....

Saurav Kumar

Posted on Mar 16, 2018

I have recently ordered a zeox mobile phone from amazon.in. at the time of ordering the phone it was some deal in which mobile was getting sold for 70 rupees. I purchased and paid the full amount for that. It was about to deliver on 16th March 2018. But I got message from Amazon on 16 March only that product is cancelled. Even a day earlier i.e. 15th March they promised and mailed me that your order is genuine and will be delivered on time. I want to file a case againt them for providing fasle information to customer.

Amarjeet Sengupta

Posted on Mar 13, 2018

ICE-ICONIA 4G TAB,D.O.P-16/04/2017,Rs.4500/-(incl.shipping).Damage touch pad by mishandle.Complaint can't respond the customer care of "Pentel"since last 9-months.So, plz consider my case sincerely and higly obliged to ur department.

Amarjeet Sengupta

Posted on Mar 12, 2018

TV shop snapdeal,ice iconia 4g tab, model-xt-401,price-4,400 (inc.shipping)


Posted on Mar 08, 2018

Sir I have purchased a Samsung 32 inch LED TV from Dhamani Enterprisers on Sept.2017.But I found that, there is problem in panel after one month .I regd. complaints at cust.care three times.The engineers from auth.service center attended at my house & picked the TV from my house & kept under observation for about 10 days and returned to me saying that the TV is OK but the problem is in my Setup box & told to change HDMI cable of my setup box.I have changed a new setup box instead of only cable.But there was no relief from the problem.Again I have complained at cust care & service center.The engineer attended to my house & left by giving a receipt.Again I have received a phone call from service center that they can replace the panel of the TV.I have requested them to replace for a new TV but they did not agreed.Please help me & do the needful justice in my favor. D Venkat Rao 7008548127

Chintan Ramesh Nisar

Posted on Feb 28, 2018

I purchased VU43BS112 (serial no BT723ECD01093) from Virar west branch of Kohinoor (customer A/c no C00120742, Invoice No : KTPLCIN000079763) on 2nd Feb 2018 and the product got delivered on 5th Feb 2018. At the time of purchase I was told that the model is HDMI ARC compatible and also my Sony HTRT 3 (5.1 channel) speaker will work in the TV. Also, the as per Vutv website, said TV comes with HDMI ARC slot. But, I at the time of installation the engineer informed us that the TV model purchased by us is not HDMI ARC compatible. Also the TV was having malfunction in the keypad. For which he has submitted a malfunction report. I called Kohinoor Virar west Branch manager and Kohinoor Customer care to request upgrading of my model with VU43S6575 which is ARC compatible. And also, conveyed them that I will bear the differential amount due to upgrade of model, post deducting purchase value of VU43BS112. Since they will be anyways getting a brand new VU43BS112 product from vu tvs as a repla


Posted on Feb 28, 2018

डिअर सर मैंने दिनांक 24-02-2018 को CRYSTAL IT SOLUTIONS ADD - OPP. CENTRAL SQUARE MALL KOTRI ROAD GUMANPURA KOTA से HP LASERJET M1005 MFP प्रिंटर का स्कैनर GEAR BOX SET डलवाया था जिसके उन्होंने मुझसे WITH INSTALLATION 1150 RS. लिये जिसमे 850 RS. GEAR BOX SET के OR 300 RS. INSTALLATION सम्मिलित है| मैंने ONLINE सर्च किया तो GEAR BOX SET का मूल्य 85 RS. पाया, दुकानदार को उसी समय बताने पर उसने कहा के यह तो चायनीज कंपनी का है| इस प्रकार दुकानदार द्वारा मुझसे अधिक राशी वसूल की गयी, इस अनैतिक कार्य हेतु उसके खिलाफ नियमानुसार कार्यवाही कर मुझे न्याय दिलाने की कृपा करे| प्रार्थी सांवरिया मीना

veer partap

Posted on Feb 28, 2018


Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

Dear Sir i have purchased a mobile from snapdeal and returned due to quality issue. and they had rejected my claim and returned back my mobile at give address. but i have not received yet and found that this mobile has been delivered to other person on the direction of Snapdeal They said that you have rejected the delivery, which i didn't do ever, now they are not ready to give either mobile or refund of my amount Invoice number SA892B/1002513 Dated 21-11-2017


Posted on Feb 23, 2018

Sir ebay not refund my money .defected mobile send for me

Sharad Sharma

Posted on Feb 22, 2018


Rohit Kumar Mishra

Posted on Feb 20, 2018

सर मेने one assist इन्सुरेंस कंपनी से अपने मोबाइल का इन्सुरेंस करवाया था|उन्होंने फिसिकल डैमेज भी insure करने का दावा किया| इस वक्त मेरा मोबाइल डेमेज हो गया और मेने कम्पनी को इसका क्लेम किया, और मोबाइल जेसे डेमेज हुआ वो कंडीसन बताई| अब कम्पनी वाले ये बोलके क्लेम रिजेक्ट कर रहे हे की मोबाइल डेमेज होने में मेरी गलती थी| जबकि वो फिसिकल डेमेज क्लेम क्लियर करने का दावा करते हे| सर pls मेरी हेल्प करिये|

P. Jha

Posted on Feb 17, 2018

I made a complain in the month of Nov 2017 To Llyods Customer Care to repair my AC. Following up with Llyods from Last 04 months & my machine is in warranty still not get the work done. My Complaint Detail is As under Date : 13/11/17, 07/12/17, 26/01/18 No - HIL260118052706 Contacted their Service Head, Mr. Rakshit still it is pending

National Institute of Technology Uttarakhand

Posted on Feb 14, 2018

Item is not functional purchased from M/s Ambika Electrical, Rishikesh in Nov 2017.

Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

Posted on Feb 09, 2018

I would like to say that I am a consumer of Hindware using a home kitchen chimney, After lots of efforts I were able to get your E-mail id from social site with hope that customer satisfaction will matter for you ​ I was very excited to purchase Hindware Chimney on 2nd Nov, 2017 which was installed by your authorized technician with ref: KAI0174311, but my experience has turned out very poorly. I'm writing to express my dissatisfaction with your product - Chimney (Hindware Clarissa 60 cm Silver Hood) & service approach with hope, you can help remedy the situation. On 22nd Jan -2018, The chimney of Hindware caught fire from inside the motor & we registered the complaint # ref: KAR0224740 (Attached some pics post incident & invoice). On 30th Jan -2018, The service center engineer “Anshul: & RSM “Gaurav Gupta” confirmed that my chimney can't we covered under warranty because hinder doesn't over the burned cases (attached voice recording), “this case can't cover under warranty

Mritunjay Mishra

Posted on Feb 07, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam As per my complain no 7008491835 raised on flip cart on dated 31/01/2018 and Flip cart fixed technician visit till 5th Nov 2018 and delivery of replacement product fixed on 10 Feb 2018. As schedule of technician visit completed on 03rd Feb 2018 and also Lenovo acknowledge for replacement of 6th Feb 2018 but flip cart rescheduled replacement time 10 Feb 2018 to 17 Feb 2018. I have very panic this decision of flip cart and doubt for his intention. I have also going to complain for this to consumer court and other legal platform for extension time or delay in replacement and all expense in this behalf bear by flip cart. Flip cart not given proper answer that why delay in replacement if all other process complied on time. and also not clear intention for delay while lenevo agree for replacement.

Anuradha Tyagi

Posted on Feb 06, 2018

I have purchased a Luminous battery which is not working and it is in under warrnaty. I have called customer care of company but they are not coming to resolve my query. I want to file a case against them as the battery is still under warranty.


Posted on Feb 04, 2018

I, Debasis Pal ordered a Tablet from Flipkart, Swipe Strike 4G VOLTE which had cellular network and Wi-Fi problem with faulty accessories. I have sent the tablet three times consecutively to authorised service centre MOUSUMI MOBILE CARE, Address - 15, Dobson Lane, Near Suriya Hotel, Howrah, West Bengal 711101, Contact - 9830011947, however, the tablet showed no signs of working properly. So I contacted Swipe Telecom through email and they said that they will pick up the device from my residence for repair/replacement. I had sent my address through email, however, they have not responded since. I am completely disappointed and now want a complete refund of the money, Rs. 4999 I invested in purchasing the product. Device IMEI: 911476250564515,911476250564523 Order ID Flipkart: OD109197153508615000 Latest Work Order Number Swipe: WB-HOW-MMC-2181


Posted on Feb 04, 2018

I, Debasis Pal ordered a Tablet from Flipkart, Swipe Strike 4G VOLTE which had cellular network and Wi-Fi problem with faulty accessories. I have sent the tablet three times consecutively to authorised service centre MOUSUMI MOBILE CARE, Address - 15, Dobson Lane, Near Suriya Hotel, Howrah, West Bengal 711101, Contact - 9830011947, however, the tablet showed no signs of working properly. So I contacted Swipe Telecom through email and they said that they will pick up the device from my residence for repair/replacement. I had sent my address through email, however, they have not responded since. I am completely disappointed and now want a complete refund of the money, Rs. 4999 I invested in purchasing the product.

Sagar Bhandari

Posted on Feb 02, 2018

I had purchased Swipe Elite Plus (White, 16 GB) Bearing IMEI No: 911520650856441 against the invoice no.# F0YSF00217-00012300 at Rs.6,999 on 1.12.2016 from Flipkart. After 6 months of use it had touch issues and subsequently i submitted it to the service center naming Citiphone located in Panjim for repair under warranty on 11.11.2016 bearing the job sheet no. GOPANCTFT109 but till today i haven't received my phone back. Every time when they attended my call they say parts are not available.It's been 3 months now but no sign of getting it back. I wish to you'll to take necessary actions against the service center as soon as possible.

Subhro Chatterjee

Posted on Jan 28, 2018

I had purchased a fully automatic Samsung washing machine from Khosla electronics in August 2017(Invoice no. K1924/1718/02065). But, the spinner does not work and spinning and drying does not happen in the machine. Multiple complaints were made to the Samsung service center. A samsung service person had come , and told us to manually reposition the clothes in order to facilitate spinning and drying. This is not a proper solution and is of no help, as it is not a permanent solution, is inconvenient and completely defeats the purpose of having bought a fully automatic washing machine. All complaints we have been making after that have not been duly acknowledged.

Shahjahan Shaikh

Posted on Jan 19, 2018

My 32" LG TV is under extended warranty by Bajaj Allianz insurance but they are not ready for repairing and asking money for repairing.

Kshittiz Chettri

Posted on Jan 18, 2018

Complaint is against Rajiv Electronics service centre. I had lodged a complaint for repairing my LG oven on 7/4/16. Initially a serviceman named Salim came. He was incommunicado after opening my oven. It was a very confusing situation.After waiting for Months I made another complaint through owner of LG electronics near Krishi Bhawan. A person named Firoz came and tried to fix it. He repeated the exact behaviour as shown by Salim. On November 2017 a person named MDAlam took Rs.1300/- from my home as advance with a promise to return and repair. The oven is lying in a dangerous condition and might cause loss to life and property if someone accidentally switches it on. non-functioning of it has resulted in hardships.I called and informed Rajeev Electronics service centre. Instead of addressing my grievance he challenged me to go wherever I can and even dared me to lodge an FIR against them. Being a law abiding citizen I am approaching you with hope that I shall be given justice.

Sourendu Tah

Posted on Jan 15, 2018

I bought a Prestige Gas Oven 8 months back. But frequent flame low complain is there. I used to call customer care and they send technician. But again after a week or within 15 days same thing happen. I asked them to change the spare parts or burner but they didn't agree and clening is done. After warranty period would over, then they would send the technician also on chargeable basis. My last complain was on 06.01.2018 with complain number - HUBL2873267 but till today nobody approached, I regularly follow up with them but no progres.While prestige guarantees they would send technician within 48 hours. Kindly look into the matter.

Beenu Pandey

Posted on Jan 14, 2018

Hi Team, I purchased a karbon k9 virat. It was not working properly. Co. gave me DOA certificate. Now dealer is not giving me new seal pack handset. He is saying k9 virat is not available in market and you have to accept any handset whatever I am giving you in any condition. Anyhow I will not give you seal pack handset. Do whatever you can. Please help. My no. is 9044009572 I have registered my complain in national consumer helpline, docket number: 561283. Dealer took original DOA certificate from me after misguiding me for 15 days saying, till the time I will not submit original DOA certificate to company, company will not give handset to me. PLEASE TAKE NECESSARY ACTION. I have attached the soft copy of original DOA certificate and bill of handset. Regards, BEENU PANDEY

Manish Kumar Gupta

Posted on Jan 13, 2018

iPhone 10 (X); Airtel Postpaid no -9606929760 256 GB White Colour Money Spent - INR 1,02,000/- IMEI no. : 356725081875546 Serial Number # DNPVK14KJCL7 Issue Detail Device Information - Device has been diagonised 5 times on call and once at customer care centre device submitted for 3 days within 15 days of purchasing even after that following issue are arising - 1: speaker is not working 2. Screen freeze not responsive and very slow 3. Toggling does not work while on call 4. Slow screen response while playing games 5. Overheating while listening music video calls and wifi usages. 6. Slow responses and app hangs and close suddenly many times Repeated issues Device Purchase Date from Airtel with postpaid connection - 08Nov2017 Apple case no: 100391838840, 100349306769, 100357055747 Apple First visit RAF no.: FIC1446692 Apple Second visit RAF no.: SMH1489042 Airtel Ref No. - |BAL|Ref56250280| I want device replacement or money refund. Please help.

Manish Kumar Gupta

Posted on Jan 13, 2018

Requesting Consumer Forum regarding issues with iPhone 10 (X) 256GB device. Since last 2 months I requested several times to Airtel and Apple Inc. and its customer care; however they are not resolving the issue and not giving me the device replacement or Money Refund. Please help. I have been mentally harassed by both AIRTEL India and APPLE Inc, with no action and different responses each time. I have been trying to reach them for solutions several times but they are passing balls to each others court. I spent so much money and energy in last 2 months and very disappointed and depressed with their irresponsible behaviour. Please suggest my options. iPhone 10 (X); Airtel Postpaid no -9606929760 256 GB White Colour Money Spent - INR 1,02,000/- IMEI no. : 356725081875546 Serial Number # DNPVK14KJCL7 Apple case no: 100391838840, Apple First visit RAF no.: FIC1446692 Apple Second visit RAF no.: SMH1489042 Airtel - BAL|Ref56250280|


Posted on Jan 12, 2018

Respected Sir, I lost my mobile dated on 28.12.17 at Balor Bypass, I registered a compliant at Bahadur garh Court. I have a copy of the First Information report ( F.I.R COPY ). Some important ( Original ) document in my phone. So please I request to you kindly search my phone. Phone details given Below. Make : REDMI Model : Redmi Note - 3 IMEI No : 863408038434123 : 863408038434131 We send mail many times Our SHO at Sadar Thana Bahadur Garh, but there is no response form that Side, Kindly help us. Thanks & Regards Rajeev Sharma 7503000140 7988723586

Dhiraj Verma

Posted on Jan 10, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I had purchased a Samsung A9 pro Handset from Samsung Showroom Gurgaon on 12th January 2017. Which was cost me INR 31900 (Rupees Thirty One Thousand Nine Hundred Only) I am facing Heating issues from the handset from few months. For same issue I visited Samsung Service center Sector 23 Gurgaon on 8th January 2017 they refused to serve any services despite being phone in the warranty period. First of all my phone is under warranty and they treat me in rude manners. After purchasing such type of an expensive and higher brand phone they should treat their customer in a professional way, instead of behaving in rude manners. You are kindly requested take an action so that I can get heating issue problem of my phone solved without any delay. I shall be very thankful to you for your support. Thanking you Regards (Dhiraj Verma) 9953052388

Francis dsouza

Posted on Jan 07, 2018

We had purchased a dg from perfect house engine eicher in 2015 . From.day one the auto logic is not functioning .numerous complaints have been raised .now we have come to know they have supplied a different solution then what we have paid for .


Posted on Jan 06, 2018

I have bought a acer laptop nearly 4months ago and the day i bought the laptop it's motherboard got damaged,than the changed and after 10 days they told me my display is nor working gone 10 days more next my mouse pad,next software issues and now its almost 2months and i haven't got any solution from their side.

Anup Kar

Posted on Jan 05, 2018

I have purchased a smart phone named "IVOOMI Me3s" through flipkart on 07/12/2017. The phone got exploded on 05/01/2018. I want to take legal action against flipkart and Ivoomi company. Please help me out. Thanks and regards, Anup Kar.


Posted on Jan 04, 2018


Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Jan 04, 2018

i have bought a mobile from snapdeal but they didn't deliver the mobile. Now i came to know that they have delivered this mobile at a different place and will not refund my amount i have paid to them

Ashwin Mistry

Posted on Jan 03, 2018

I have purchased mobile phone from Apple store, and after few days it started giving performance issue, The mobile phone started getting switched off. Taken help through online customer care and restore phone to factory default, but after some days same issue stated. Thereafter given phone for repair at their service center where they kept phone for more then 45 days and at delivery time again same issue. So given phone again for repair and got delivery after one week, but after some days stated facing same issue. Mobile phone is getting switched OFF.


Posted on Dec 30, 2017

Dear Sir, We have a IFB make microwave ,it was not working. My wife google the no of IFB toll free authorized service center and booked a complaint. The person reached home and after viewing the equipment he says that some PCB is not working and it costs us Rs. 4500/-. When we asked that on the microwave it is mentioned that we have a warranty of 3 years. Then he told that only on some part, which he shows us (it was written in very small / negligible fonts). Anyway we told them that we don't want for any repair. Then they asked to pay Rs. 350/- as visiting charges. We ready to pay and asked for a bill. The service engineer initially denies then after argument he shown us a bill (in which GSTIN is stamped) we asked for identity card of the service technicians. We were very surprised that "IFB" is not mentioned on the cards & the bill which they are giving us against the payment of Rs 350/- is fake. Pls let us know how to complaint and catch them trapped. Thanks.


Posted on Dec 28, 2017

My device- Coolpad DAZEN 1 has been drop by driving bike at a railway station- bokaro. IMEI slot 1 Number- 911450752067632. IMEI slot 2 number-911450752096391. lost date 26-12-2017. slot 1 sim number -7677650818 and slot sim no-9431700667 Kindly register the complaint and Block the Device IMEI number for further safety and security concern

Brijeshkumar Sanvalia

Posted on Dec 26, 2017

My 55 inch TV became non functional third time during warranty. They take months to repair. Last time they took almost three months (after sending Notice) to repair my TV. This time we filed complaint on 26.11.2017, but no action till date.

Valluru Sreenivasulu

Posted on Dec 26, 2017

Sir I have I F B washing machine under warranty I have some servicing for my machine and I complaint on 19.12.17 vide ticket no.1000815621 but no rectification by service centre. This not first time.I facced this troubles since one year


Posted on Dec 25, 2017

I saw an offer for iPhone in Facebook and said I am interested.Same same i got a message asking my mobile no and I gave it. Soon after one Mr. Ahmed Hammed whatsapped saying he has an offer.He send me his ID card as proof.So i truted him. He said he can give iPhone 7plus for 21000INR(including customs,home delivery etc). He said 50% before placing deal and 50% after delivery. And I said ok. I transferred 10500 to his account. Right after tat he messaged me saying full paymen is required as his boss insisted. Sine anyways i had to pay 10500 i thought i will send it and transferred that. After sometime he said he needs another 15600 for customs which is refundable.Then i said i cant pay, return my money. He said he already spent tat on something and said he will return 15600 which is refundable. In order to get the parcel so that i wont loose the money i paid that too. After that he send me the courier tracking ID. In that i noticed that instead of 1 iPhone he had send 7 phones. ..

Murari kumar

Posted on Dec 18, 2017

Luminous Rhino charge 1125 inverter me karabi aa jata hai. complaint karne ke uprant engeniar ke dwara bar-bar repair material lagan diya jata hai. repair material lagane ke 1 se 2 days ke bad karabi fir aa jata hai. Hume company dwara fresh material chahiye. company dwara humko pareshan kiya ja raha hai. fresh material lagane ya company inverter ko balls le-le aur Mera total amount Laura de.

Rajni Goel

Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Complaint against- Buzzmeeh.com Corporate Office: C-70, Sector 63, Noida-201307 (UP), Ph. No. 0120-4252600, 4562100 Branch Office: Outlet No.-40, Sector-4. Urban Estate, Near Om Sweets, Gurugram-122001 Customer ID number 30417 My product is - Moto Z play The screen got cracked, the phone was still working fine. I approached this company, they guaranteed pickup and delivery of phone after repair within 24 hours. They picked up my phone on 22nd November, 2017. I called 2 days later, inquiring about the phone, they said it is out for delivery. They told me the delivery boy had an accident and broke all the phones. It has been 20 days & I have not received my phone till now. No replacement yet.


Posted on Dec 14, 2017

I purchased two appliances (LG Oven & Fridge) from Kings Electronics, Badlapur West-421503 on October 08, 2017. Above Store discussed regarding ongoing Diwali offers on ICICI credit cards (0% interest & NIL processing fees) & on Store Manager’s instructions, I converted the bill amount for Rs. 54,600/- into 9 (nine) EMIs at 0% interest and NIL/Zero processing fees on ICICI credit card. I am shocked to state that ICICI Bank is charging 13% interest on above billed amount (Rs. 54600/-) every month and also collecting GST (CGST+SGST)@18% on the EMI interest being charged. I have paid upfront full GST on the invoices raised for appliances purchased through above authorized dealer. This was brought to the notice of LG Electronics and Kings Electronics Store many times but to no avail. I am extremely disappointed to inform that LG Electronics, India have not bothered to resolve my issue/problem inspite of repeated reminders. I request your kind and urgent intervention in this regard.


Posted on Dec 13, 2017

Mane mera phone 8/12/2017 ki phone thik krne k liye diya tha aaj tak bhi nhi kiya h thik

Hema Bora

Posted on Dec 12, 2017

I had purchased a haeir led tv 2 years ago which got defective this year(under warranty). The replacement got approved on 6th November, 2017. My defective tv was also picked up from my place for replacement 1 month ago. But till date I have not got the replacement done, nor any update on the same. Everytime I call Haeir customer care, they tell me to contact Mr. Rajesh, the branch manager(Royal Services), who always disconnects my phone. I brought up this matter to customer care too, they always say that they have forwarded the complaint to the concerned and don't provide any help.

Praveen Singh

Posted on Dec 11, 2017

I have ordered Sony KLV302E TV on 12-11-2017 in EZONE Phoenix MarketCity to my parents in Lucknow. They told me that it will be delivered in 7 days. But they put wrong address after pulling details from manual application which i filled in ezone before placing order. But TV got returned back to Bangalore. Again on 2nd DEC 2017 , I have visited EZONE and they told me that your TV will be sent from EZONE LUCKNOW and they have again confirmed the details. BUT still it has been not delivered. Today is 11-12-2017, just completed 1 month when i place the order. Note, I have invoice with me where they mentioned 7 days delivery. 2nd proof , I have call recorders of conversations. Please help so that we can build stress free and responsible persons who are serving us or whom we are serving. Thanks You, Regards, Praveen Singh 9620501000


Posted on Nov 30, 2017

I am using asus ZenFone selfie. 10 days back I got mobile update and I updated it. Since then volte feature is not working such that calling and messaging and even incoming has also blocked. I called customer care thrice and is going on saying to wait for 3 days. Its now nearly 11 days. please solve the problem as it really very problematic and I don't have another sim or mobile


Posted on Nov 28, 2017

1> On 15th Nov, I raised complaint # about issue in my Bajaj kettle. I got commitment that within 3-4 days Bajaj Engineer will visit and resolve my concern. 2> Bajaj failed in its commitment as I waited till 20th neither engineer came nor I received any call from Bajaj 3> Then same day on 20th , I again called Bajaj customer care and they again committed that by EOD Engineer will visit and resolve my concern. 4> Bajaj failed in its commitment again. 5> Then on 22nd Nov, I again called Bajaj customer care and they again committed that by EOD Engineer will visit and resolve my concern. They also provided number of their Engineer Mr Anuj Tyagi. He committed that on 23rd Nov by 2 PM, Bajaj Engineer will visit and resolve my concern. 6> Bajaj failed in its commitment again. 7> Then same day in evening around 6 PM I called MR Anuj Tyagi in utter frustration and that guy literally abused me. Somehow I got number of Mr Prince Sharma. He committed to get the issue resolved by 24th Nov.

amol belurkar

Posted on Nov 27, 2017

respected sir, I amol belurkar my Toshiba laptop had a starting issue. I search on net came to know problem due to static charges inside laptop. i manage to start laptop after discharge static charges by pressing power button for 30sec without battery and power backup. But after some time issue that laptop fail to start same problem. I decided to show this laptop to local servicing centre he temparly descharge static charge so it started but i was in hurry as i want to go for mumbai same day. when next day i found same problem i called to computer service centre he assured me he will sove issue. when i shown him laptop after come back he checked told he can not solve problem and he will not give money back 700rs. So my issue that if he dont know exact problem he should refuse to do work but he tempararly repaired that way i also started laptop. so he cheated me by 700rs. Please advice me or registerd complaint against him.

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Nov 25, 2017

I submitted my mobile to service centre with battery for repair but later they told they did not took battery even not ready to show CCTV footage following from 2.5 month not getting any resolution. Both company and service center cheating and not supporting from proper investigation

Krishnaraj dev

Posted on Nov 15, 2017

Bought a Samsung galaxy note 8 on the 26th of September 2017. The device had some hardware issue and I got a DOA for the same. I received a new samsung galaxy note 8 device from the company on the 12th of October 2017 and that device too had a LCD and a S-pen issue. I deposited the second device in the service center on 06th of November 2016. I’ve made numerous calls to the customer care and they have said to escalate the case to their highest authorised team. Apart from this there has been no response. The company has provided faulty goods. I demand that I should be refunded the cost of the mobile full and the product and the company cannot be trusted. The Samsung service centre in Naupada, thane west, tried to falsely claim that the company has rejected my plea for any replacement, although I’ve had no response from Samsung’s customer care department.

Umesh kumar

Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Sir maine swipe company ka mobile liya tha,Sir usme problem aane ke baad maine use service center mai da diya,Sir aaj 2 month ho gye hai per unhone abhi taak mobile ko thik ker ke nahi diya hai,Sir help me


Posted on Nov 13, 2017

We bought a LED TV on 17/06/2017 which started display problem within 15 days from date of purchase. The customer care was informed on 3rd and 4th of July 2017. A technician namely Sukanta Santra came on 5.7.17 and wrote report that there is Panel problem for which display was going off after 5 minutes of running after opening the TV. Again on 7.7.17 another technician namely Paltan Karmakar came and opened the TV again after earnest request to check the TV once again. During his reassembling of the TV the LED screen had got broken as he was trying to tighten the TV. He told us on our query that it was not required to bring to the notice of the company as it was decided that the TV would be replaced or cost would be refunded. Then a representative came to us with the refund cheque almost after 1.5 months. But on finding the broken Screen he did not give the cheque to us and went off. Samsung now sent an e-mail offering a repair cost of Rs. 22,388.62/- for the fault not done by us.

Jaswant Pawar

Posted on Nov 08, 2017

Hi , I had purchased a Harman Kardon Home audio system last year.The system stopped working 2 months ago and I have been requesting the Harman Kardon service center in Mumbai to repair it in Pune , but they are not doing so and want me to courier it to Mumbai.Please note that i had purchased the system from Pune and the shop has stopped since the company has been acquired by Samsung as per news.There is only one authorized service center in Maharashtra in Mumbai and they are very uncooperative to solve my issue.My system is still in warranty and I need your help for getting my issue solved.I have written communication from the Mumbai service center with this regards.The Mumbai service center address is and contact nos are as follows.Brightstar Telecommunications India Ltd. C/o HRC Shop No.: 5-8 , Gods Gift Tower -2 , N.M. Joshi Marg . Lower Parel , Mumbai 400013 Mr. Nilesh Tupe 022-32037758 9323587758 Phone : 1800 102 0525 | Mail : IndiaSupport@harman.com

Sabyasachi Behera

Posted on Nov 07, 2017

We had bought on reliance Reconnect AC from their outlet in College Chhak Cuttak. However, after some time, the AC started to mal function around August 2016. We informed to visit the site and get it rectified, but no one attended the problem until March 2017 when we had to forcefully complain through their seniors. Further, they are yet to provide the spare as required for it to run smoothly. Every time we ask them, they give absurd and inexplicable reasons for the spare not being available with them. Even if 1 year have passed, they are yet to take any action. Further, we are facing huge losses as we are unable to keep our engineers at site and bearing huge expenses during any such personnels visit. So request to kindly take action against the same.

Krishnapal Singh

Posted on Nov 07, 2017

Sir I have bought a phone from Flipkart last week for rupees 11000(Red Mi Note 4). It is a damaged piece, I tried to replace it but the technician from their came and told me that it has no complaint at all.There is a software problem in the phone and the battery is also draining very fast.So sir I want replacement or refund for my phone . Please help me in this problem.And also once I have visited the service centre ,but the phones problem doesn't solved.

Sohan singh dewda

Posted on Nov 06, 2017

I purchased a phone yu-topia 5050 of micromax company from parshva enterprises indore. Within 1 or 2 month of purchasing it start creating problem. Everytime phone stop working. I submited it two authorised service center of company. They keep it for 45 days.but when i get it back again same problem continued. On 11th of october again i submitted that phone they told me to wait for five days. But from that day they are not giving any proper response. Today almost 25 five days are aver. I complaint about it on 'support@playgod.com' but they are also not giving proper response. Plz help me out.


Posted on Nov 06, 2017

On 19/10/17 we purchased a Samsung Micro oven from Great Eastern Trading Co., Chinsurah, West Bengal. On 23rd Oct we get the sealed product. On 1st Nov ‘17 a Service Engineer (Contact-9831858285) from Samsung has came and opened the sealed product. He gave a demo about 10-15 minutes. After that he took a signature on his voucher/bill and left. Thereafter we revealed that the upper portion of the cabinet is bent. Now Great Eastern Trading Co. (Salesman-Sujit-9831593578) is denying replacing the product as I signed over the voucher/bill (produced by Service Engineer). Now the question is “how they can deliver a defective product to a customer?”. Whereas the Samsung customer Care told us verbally that we will get the replacement from the Great Eastern Trading Co. only. Now where will I get the proper justice? I know only one thing that I have purchased a product by spending Rs.11800/- and get a defective product. Kindly look after the matter urgently and help us to replace the product.

Prerit Agrawal

Posted on Nov 04, 2017

Hello Sir - I bought ANIMATE DZ09-16 Smartwatch from Flipkart on 24th September. My order ID is OD110312741486778000. THis product is not working. I had complaint about the same several time but no response and resolution from flipkart till date. Today they are only cheating the customers and selling garbage to all of us. They told that technical team will contact me but till date no one from technical team called me. I got one call from one number but I am only hearing the music. I responded through email to them but no solution. Please help me out to get the solution for the same. Regards, Prerit

Ashish Vanmali

Posted on Nov 01, 2017

We have purchased a water purifier of AquaSmith company (model - Sudha+). The AMC of the same was renewed in April 2017. After its servicing on 2nd September 2017, there has been frequent issue with the purifier not working properly. 3 complaints are made to the company in last 2 months. Also, one of the parts replaced during the servicing is now found damaged by the service engineer. This looks like a deliberate attempt to damage parts of the purifier, so that extra money can be generated by replacing them. Also, the complaints are not attended promptly, because of which we need to buy drinking water from outside adding to the extra financial burden. The details of the company are: Aquasmith Water Solutions Pvt Ltd Address - 101, Divine Arcade, Manickpur, Vasai (W), Palghar - 401202 Tel- 8767577577 Email- info@aquasmith.in


Posted on Oct 31, 2017

my HP laptop is under warranty period. due to two white spot on screen i reach service center of HP to repair. But the service center refuses to repair it and say that screen is not covered under warranty. Neither the screen is broken nor any fluid comes the laptop is in working condition but still they refuses to repair

Maneesh kumar shrivastava

Posted on Oct 29, 2017

I bought a LgLedTV model 42LB5820 from viraat electronics, Surendra land mark block B, Hosangabad road Bhopal by bill no. HR 993, dated 16.8.15. During installation of TV LG service engineer asked me to take extended warranty for next three year so it will be safe your TV from any problem by just paying RS 6149 only. I paid rs 6149 by cheque no 1863, in response Lg company did not send any term and conditions except one SMS of time period up to 2019. Yesterday my TV got some defects. I lodged complaints to Lg co thru viraat. Today on 29.10.17 a man named Rakesh sharma came from Lg service and asked me to pay RS 23000 plus 295 rs to get repaired my tv as he told me. As they did not send any terms and condition during collection of cheque of extended warranty. I am shoked. You are requested to take necessary action against Lg services and dealer viraat. They cheated me


Posted on Oct 28, 2017

sir i have purchased Sony led 32 inch smart TV with serial no 8013046491-d on 29 Sept from reliance digital which was installed by reliance digital on 1st Oct after two days. after installation TV didn't run even 10 minute after installation. the next day 2nd Oct the customer care office was closed so the next day i had registered my complain on 3rd Oct in Sony customer with complain no 42570026 by RISHIKESHKUMAR WITH resisted mobile no 9471060622 FOR replacement but response of company is negative and non cooperative company after 100 call in customer care Engineer visited on 8 Oct. i regularly call Sony customer care helpline they only entertain me and say the next day service center will call you,they never tell me status of my complain


Posted on Oct 28, 2017

sir i have purchased Sony led smart TV on 29 Sept which was defective the next day i registered complain in Sony customer care they have taken one month but my problem for replacement is not resolved they say the next day your complain will be resolved but they are not doing nothing

Deepak Bagoria

Posted on Oct 26, 2017

Dear Sir, I have purchased a SAMSUNG J7 max from M/s- Croma retail store at Prit Vihar New Delhi on Dated 22/10/17 & on 24/10/17 I retured the same to the store for mobile switch not working properly (technical error). I requested to either change or refund money, but instead they are ignoring me & giving me the same mobile after repair. I request you to please help me out here as the dispute arrise within 3 days of purchase so i need fresh mobile or refund of full money. Thanks Deepak


Posted on Oct 25, 2017



Posted on Oct 25, 2017



Posted on Oct 24, 2017


Deepak Chauhan

Posted on Oct 24, 2017

I had placed an order on eBay on 3rd October 2017 for a laptop. They had promised to deliver in 5days. However, I kept waiting and there was no response from eBay. After filed a complaint on eBay there was no response from them at a number of occasions. I called the seller and they said the product is shipped and has to reach me by 20th October Maximum. However, time passed and it still did not reach me. I complained to eBay again about the same. There was no response again.


Posted on Oct 24, 2017


Asheesh sharma

Posted on Oct 23, 2017

I purchased Mi Product & display has broken in 3 days.. I want to replace this phone.. But mi customer care behaves like they have too attitude & they are manner less.. I want to complaint against Mi Company..


Posted on Oct 23, 2017

DEVENDRA S Rawat vs Light & music corner 56/57/58 Pant market Kashipur. Sir I went to above shop for the erection of my dish .he send his employer to my address.during erection and checkingbprocess his employer broken down my LCD TV.I faced a heavy loss of Rs 30000 due to his employer negligence and carelessness.please file my complaints against him for the repair to LCD Or replace my LCD ASAP.


Posted on Oct 22, 2017

I purchased LG Mobile Model G5H860 from M/s Vighnaharta Mobile Store, J.M. Road Pune, Bill No 5743/20-11-2016 Rs.47,000/-LG made Android operating system version 7.0 available to G5 customers, I read the details provided about and there was no warning about early draining of battery that will follow, after the upgrade. Instead many benefits were mentioned. So as all innocent customers do, I upgraded my mobile to android operating system version 7.0 following the method provided by LG.after the upgrade/update, the mobile battery started getting drained very quickly and mobile hot during use.I approached LG service center at APK Technologies,Near Saras Baug, Pune, 4 times. They could not solve the problem. Instead they denied the existence of problem.I mailed LG several times but no proper response, no service offered. I wrote a registered AD letter on 29/09/2017. No response no acknowledgement till date.The mobile is of no use.I am deceived. I want my money back.

Nibhish Mahesh Dessai

Posted on Oct 22, 2017

I have order on flipkart vide flipkart order ID1104070101084823000, Perfect Selfie, Matte Black 64GD Mobile handset on 5th Oct.2017 amounting to Rs. 10640 as the product was under exchanged offer of handset make Lenovo Vibe K5 amounting to Rs 7450 with pick up charges of rs. 100. On 8th Oct. 2017 at around 14.30 hrs flipkart courier namely Ekart courier delivered the shippment and before he delivers the said shippment he went in the functionality check of exchanged item make Lenovo Vibe K5 mobile handset and after verifying and collecting cash in delivery amount if rs. 10640 he delivered me the said flipkart shippment. After receiving the shippment when opened the shippment the said shippment box the item VIVO V5s mobile handset was missing. I logged into my flipkart account and registered my queries with specifically mentioning the fact that the shippment received was missing item make VIVO V5s mobile handset but till date my queries not resolved and I have not got the missing item


Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Sir, We have purchased a soy LED 32 inches Tv on 19th September 2017 at reliance digital store near kottivakkam. But after 4 days the tv doesn't get power.so we complained to the reliance people,follow up of which persons from sony service center came and inspect the TV and told the board was gone and asked us replace a new piece from reliance digital. when we gone and met with the reliance digital, they told they have to get the new piece from sony and asked us to wait for few days,they assured us that they will replace . But its been a month now ,still they have not replaced and each day we r keep on calling them but only in vain.. not a proper response from them. Its been 19th of October still problem not resolved. Kindly help us in this regard, its been really frustrating


Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Sorry for this but I just want to know how much you charge for the redressal of each complaint


Posted on Oct 19, 2017


Pravat Nayak

Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, This is regarding online shoping with flipkart.com. I ordered a TV and it delivered on 27thSept from flipkart. When it delivered, User manual and 3 original screw ( required to tv stand) was missing. I gave a complain for this issue 6 times till date, but no response from Flipkart. But each time customer care person is saying it will be resolved with in 24hours. Order ID: OD110304588741118000 Thanks & Regards, Pravat Nayak Cell:+91 8658590622

Pankaj Sharma

Posted on Oct 18, 2017

I purchased the Usha Halogen Oven 4 days ago and I called the customer service for the home demo.The representative told me that live demo cannot be done as the demo person is not available.He did not tellme any tentative date or time for it. If the company gives the facility of home demo, why we can't we have it.I am really upset by the poor service provided by the company.Make sure that I get this service ASAP or I 'll have to contact the higher officials.

Pavan kumar

Posted on Oct 17, 2017

I purchase Lenovo vibe k5 note couple of days simslot 2 not working automatically network error phone hanging

y ashok kumar reddy

Posted on Oct 16, 2017

i was purchased yu 4711 mobile on 21 nov 2016 , from that till now i was give the mobile for servicing more than 5 times ...

Rashmita Tripathy

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

i Purchse a ansui LED TV now i am suffering servicing centre did blunder with my TV and within 12 day i found somany problems when its back from servicing centre now as i belong to lower middle class family i cant afford another one i already paid 3000 to servicing centre just before 12 days.

Mohammad shahrukh

Posted on Oct 12, 2017

i have bought this phone in the dec 2016 at rs 50900 and it is still under warranty . this phone has been takken to the ervice center atleast 3 times and the last the they have replcaed the motherboard as they said there was an issue with it but that was don after many complaints were raised against them. again i have the issue with the phone and now they are again saying to take the phone to the service center but i dont want to repair it as i have invested 50900 and they are no bothering it to look into this case and they even open my opened and i hknow after my phone's warranty end , mthey will charge me that time.they are making me false statements and are insisting me to re submit the phone which i am not gonna do ,I need a refund of my phone which is S7 edge as i dnt think it is worth after having so many troubles. Please help what further steps needs to be taken

Krishan Yadav

Posted on Oct 11, 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam I have purchased a Amaron 180 AH Intverter Battery on 29 September 2015, its having 36 months replacing warranty. On 27 August 2017 battery got dead. I get the battery to shop keeper (Shikhar Infotech, Civil Lines, Allahabad) from whom I was purchased it. He asked me to get my Inverter to his shop for testing whether battery got dead due to inverter's fault or itself. After testing inverter he told me that your battery should be sent for replacement and it will take approx one week. After one week I asked the shop keeper about my battery. He informed me that your battery's claim is passed for free replacement but 180 AH battery not available in stock and told me to wait for 2-3 days. After three days again same reply received from him when I asked him about the battery. Today almost after one month and twelve days I not get my battery back. I have been also approached the Amaron Customer care on toll free No 18004254848 many times but not get any satisfied answer.

Bijankrishna Mahapatra

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

Purchased one frying pan from Bajsjelectricals Ltd. Delivered damaged frying pan yesterday.Send mail .They are reluctant to record complain or to replace the damaged pan

Roop kanwar

Posted on Oct 07, 2017

I have ordered a asus mobile phone through order ID OD110284406568507000 on Sep 21st '17. I am facing a problem on this phone(not able to hear during a phone call) from the first day of my purchase and send many reminders regarding the problems faced. I have received only one call from flipkart customer representative who denied any return or exchange policy in electronic items in any case and gave the reason that there are always differences in quality of product depending upon the price. The issue I am facing now is not related to product quality, rather it is due to some manufacturing defect because I am not able to use even the basic features of this mobile phone. As I have bought this product from flipkart it is the whole responsibility of the company to deal with this situation and provide me with a return and refund. I have noted down IMEI number(358605080605144,358605080605151)and send them many emails through their website messanger but there is no response


Posted on Oct 07, 2017

Sir My Office CCTV Camera Godrej DVR Complaint Responding


Posted on Oct 06, 2017

Sir i purchased a phone. This phone have many problems like hanging, camera Blur, heating etc. There is also a job sheet is done by service centre. Bt problems remain same. They charged me 460/- rupees of money s service charge for my warranty. Period phone

Suraj Gaurihar Mane

Posted on Oct 05, 2017

I have purchased a MI mobile from Croma and within one month because of over heating my mobile experienced a bend. Now company is denying to replace/repair the piece by saying this is physical damage. They also telling me that there is no battery issue. Then why mobile generated heat that day? 2)I am suspecting a faulty piece/battery. Please help and assist me to handle vendor.

Ganesh Shankar

Posted on Oct 04, 2017

I buy a Samsung 128 gb memory card. Ut does't work

Dr. Shrikant S.Shrikhande

Posted on Oct 03, 2017

Before buying Vaccume Cleaner Seller promises us to give Provogue Watch within 15 days .After One & Half Month has beeen gone and after requesting every highter authourity we didnt get any response .Kindly help .This is for your kind information an further action please.

Hemant singh chandel

Posted on Oct 02, 2017

I have given my nokia lumia 930 handset to nokia authorized care running in the name of ankur computers raipur on 13/05/2017 they promised me to fix it within 1 week. But when i contact them they said it will take 1 more week i called after 10 days they said message us with details i send them detailed message they said it will take some time, and later on they stoped replying me after sending many message they only reply that will update u soon or give us some more time etc etc and now still today i have not received my phone. My phone worth is 38500 inr so thought to get it fixed by authorized center, they asked 5600 for repair of which 2500 i have given them in advance. They have taken more than 5 months and still counting. Kindly take necessary action against this fraud of service centers.


Posted on Sep 30, 2017

new business started

rushit dholariya

Posted on Sep 29, 2017

lance energy solution pvt ltd not given salary slip more than 6 month.

Pranam jain

Posted on Sep 27, 2017

i have submitted my device to your service center in agra ,c/o-SHRI KRISHNA ENTERPRISES, and after 3 monthes they providing me DEAD HANDSET and the set was under warranty then also they were not repair my device after 3 months they giving me the esecuse that there is a water in my handset and for farther details my jobsheet no is:709015766021T001.AND MY CONTACT NO IS :7599067129..

Jitendra Malakar

Posted on Sep 27, 2017

One ceiling Fan(Brand name:Kenstar) purchased at shop: kanhaiya Electronics(juna Bilaspur).Fan is not good condition. complain above shop but there is not taken any response.

hitendra mali

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Hello Sir, Request you to please go through my query and help in best possible ways. Profile: I am Hitendra Mali very loyal customer of cool pad. Please to use the handset of Cool pad past few months. Issue :- I purchase two handset one after other looking to the features of handset and operating system. I have used different hand set in past years like samsung, Gioni, Intex and Karbon but was not happy with the features and handset keep on hang in few months. My handset screen got few issue where touch was not working I visited your Bapunagar Service centre and it take approx three months to resolve the issue. They denied to extend my warranty as well. I was fine with that at that moment as finally my handset was repaired. Re issue :- After 10 days of handset use again screen display got black and not working. I feel that my handset was not repaired properly. Commitment :- Your executive after two month of handset repair not resolved and they told me that your handset would be

Pratik Singhania

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Sir I have purchased a Moto g5s mobile phone on 16 September. After two days of purchase I start having multiple issues in my phone like autorotation is not working, music problem, and hang problem. On 20th Sept I approached their service center but they refused to change my phone and submitted my 2 days old phone for repair. And after a day when they returned me that , hang issue is again there. They again submitted my phone to repair. And next when I received my phone what I see music issue hasn't resolve yet. And now they are giving me policy statement of 7 days guarantee in which they have submitted my phone for 3 days. Now when I am complaining to their support forum they are also trying to fix this problem by some process but not replacing the product. Please help me to replace my phone.

vipan singh

Posted on Sep 24, 2017

I have purchased Led 32 inch from samsung which is under warranty its internal screen is broken just on removing it from wall where it was placed after attaching signal wire to it we have placed it on the wall, after complaining to samsung ,engineer of samsumg visit to our home and has told that is your fault and you have to pay for repairing it RS12000 approx ,its is under warranty period it should be repaired by samsung because their is no breakage of screen from outside and not any mark of damage,i request you to do needfull.

Pankti Doshi

Posted on Sep 23, 2017

Dear Sir, We purchased LG Freeze from dealer Kohinoor located at Malad west ,mumbai. I purchased in June. Within 2 days of purchase I complained that it is not working properly as it is not preparing ice and my things gets melt. Thrice technician came with different solution saying sensor problem is there, gas refilling problem is there etc. Temperature we set was -18 degree Celsius. However when technician measured it through device it was only 6 degree Celsius. It mean no cooling is done. We asked for piece replacement as it is new only. However dealer is not ready to do anything and LG is forcing us to do Gas refilling but not piece replacement. They are saying I have not complained. However I have complained within 2 days only. We have been given damaged piece without checking for quality. Kindly help us.

Jhumpa Chatterjee

Posted on Sep 22, 2017

I have purchased a Sony make LED TV Model No KLV-49WE672E on 14th of September 2017 from Khosla Electronic Pvt. Ltd. Baguiati Jora Mandir Store. The manufacturer is running a campaign of 1 TB external Hard Disk drive free with the purchase of this product. At the time of purchase they have not given me the Hard Disk and asked me to come after 7 days. I again visited on 22nd September evening time when they have kept me waiting for more than 30 min and make me roam around from one person to another. They seem to behave with me very strangely as if they are doing me some favour. The sales person Sumit Das who attended me at the time of selling me the product was standing idel and passing on instructions go there come here, tell him, ask him etc. It is very hardening to see that after purchasing a television with in one week they started to deny the fact that I have devoted some of my precious time to collect my 1 TB Hard disk, they should give this on the very first day.

Bablu Singh

Posted on Sep 22, 2017

I purchased a Led TV from Videocon, two times it got fail in colour / screen issue. Last time they repair it in one month. Now it's not working from 25th July 2017,but till today they are not provided any solution. Now I need extend warranty for shut down period also. Date of purchase-21st July 2015, warranty was for three years. Model no- VJU32FH-HC. SR NO- 96598 SHOP - VALUE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, 409/6, JAKAMPURA, GURUGRAM.


Posted on Sep 20, 2017

I had ordered an five function electric bed Model Hb101. 1 from life care system village bhuna district fatehabad on 22.8.17 for RS 60000 including GST and transport charges but seller had cheated me and supplied inferior quality second hand used old bed on 2nd September 2017 when asked for replacement now seller not picking my calls and neither resolving my problem.


Posted on Sep 19, 2017

Sir An AMC was agreed upon with M/s Business Marketing Technology Group, 2/127, Bijoygarh, Jadavpur, Kolkata -32 for servicing of my chimney (Kuchina Vogue). As per the maintenance contract, the above company should provide four services during the year 2017-18. The first service was done on 16.05.2017 by Sujit Mondal. But for the second serving, the company is not responding to my call. I have already paid Rs. 1400/- for AMC. My Service A/c No. KBMT-0581G. The company's contact Nos. are Toll Free - 1800 5321166 (Not responding), Mobile Nos. 8961951672, 9007702923, 9088955584, 9073720273, 9432156337 (not responding). Kindly help. Regards Rajeshwar Raut


Posted on Sep 19, 2017


Hemant singh chandel

Posted on Sep 19, 2017

I have given my nokia lumia 930 handset to ankur computers raipur on 13/05/17 they mention there shop as nokia care, they said ur phone will cost u 5600 inr and 7 days time, i agreed and paid 2500 inr in advance as they asked for it. Now days passed months passed when i call them they say message us and when i message they reply not usually reply and when they reply they ask for more time like give us 1day or 1week,they say ur phone parts have been dispatched now you will get ur phone next week and then they dont reply for a month. They said that they send the phone to banglore to fix it, but i dont understand why my phone is here waiting for its part to get delivered. Every time i call they give a new excuse, now they are saying to swap with another phone which will cost u 9000 inr, i rejected the swapping they again said give some time and still taking my patience faith and time. Not even responding to my messages. My phone cost is 38500 inr thats why i choose to get it fixed.

Riddhi Shah

Posted on Sep 19, 2017

I've bought Acer Aspire ES1-571-558Z Laptop on 14th Feb 2017. It worked pretty well for a couple of months but then suddenly one day while working, the display of the laptop went black and after that, I couldn't use my laptop for further use. I had contacted Acer Technology customer care about my query and to find the nearest Acer Authorised Service Center. They suggested me to visit Arnee Technology, Ahmedabad with my laptop for service. I visited them on 5th July 2017 for the same. They informed me that there is a problem with laptop's MotherBoard and it needs to be replaced. So they said that we need to submit our laptop and the Motherboard will be replaced with the new one within 10-12 days. This was on 5th July 2017


Posted on Sep 18, 2017

It is intimated that I have bought an Exhaust Fan of Havells make through online from M/s. Pepperfry vide their Invoice No. SV/HR/GGN/17-18/0005136 dated 28.08.2017 (Copy attached) which was delivered to me on 30.08.2017 and after receipt of the product I have noticed that the product have manufacturing defect. I have informed M/s. Pepperfry immediately on 30.08.2017and requested them to replace or return the product. I have also informed them through email & chat with the executive of M/s. Pepperfry online also, but I am extremely sorry to say that as on today they have neither returned the product nor replaced with another one and in response suggested me to talk the vendor directly for the concerned issue. In this connection, I intimate you that I have denied to talk the vendor directly as I have purchased the item through M/s. Pepperfry only and not from the vendor, hence it’s the responsibility of M/s. Pepperfry.Hence, I request to give a solution of the matter.

Virendra Dubey

Posted on Sep 18, 2017

Hi Greetings of the day Dear All Kindly note till now my Swipe mobile has thrice gone to service center but no solution could be found. On first occasion they kept Handset for one week and 2nd time for three weeks without any solution. 3rd time for 8 days I don't have secondary mobile to use. I am disconnected from the world. Issues with device 1) Heating as if it will bust, Scared of my life it may burst any time 2) Delay in charging 3) Battery drainage 4) Saved numbers automatically getting deleted 5) Display hangs for almost an hour 6) Service center every time does software process which is not useful even for an hour. Request replacement and if required a thorough inspection of device by an independent authority for verification of truth. Presently device is in Service center Work order number MUM-GOR-FIS – 1517 I am not keen on collecting back device unless undertaking given by company to compensate any loss to life and limb. Address details in the bill can contact

Satya Prakash Pandey

Posted on Sep 16, 2017

I have a Hyundai led tv under 3 years warranty it got faulty on 22 Jul 17,I logged a complaint in customer care but till now I have not received solution.2 month already passed when I talk ed to service center they aren't replying. Service company is tekcare india which is a group company of value industries videocon.

Yakmat Ali

Posted on Sep 15, 2017

Hi, I had purchased a DELL TFT (SE2416H) 23.5INCH DELL MONITOR WITH IPS/VGA/HDMI from a retailer Variety InfoTech, Ghatkopar(West), Mumbai in August 2016. This product carries a 3 year onsite warranty. The issue is there is red vertical line coming on my screen with few dark spots in the centre. I have tried all the possible trouble shooting mentioned on Dell website. However the issue is still persisting. So I contacted DEll on 18 August 2017 and requested DELL to send a technical guy to check the product and possible replacement. After many phone calls and constant emails I send with the screen shots of error they confirmed that the Invoice which I send is Invalid as it is handwritten. so they ask me to request the retailer to send the Distributor invoice which I did. The retailer ask me to wait for another 10 days for the details from their end to be updated with DELL after 15 days Till date the issue is not resolved and didn't received any communication from DELL or the ret

Rajendra Sha

Posted on Sep 14, 2017

I, Rajendra Sha of 34/3, Orphangunge Road Kidderpore Kolkata -700023 purchased one no. Usha mixer grinder on 22.8.2017 form Quest Mall, Spencer's outlet, Sued Amir Ali Avenue Park Circus Kolkata - 700017 vide invoice no. - 24752 dated 22.8.2017. But just after using of 15 days the said mixer got out of order. After that if been complaining almost everyday (1800-1033-111) but nobody turned up to look after the faults. Under this circumstances, I would earnestly request you to look into the matter and oblige. Rajendra Sha 9830780077

Lalit arora

Posted on Sep 13, 2017

Hi, we have faced problem in morphy richards food processor which is one of the costiest one and still under warranty


Posted on Sep 13, 2017

I would like to bring into your kind notice that I have purchased a Bravia LED TV From Prerna Electrovision scf 49 sect 3 huda market faridabad vide invoice no. PE29/00895 dated 27/06/2017 After purchasing the same LED TV the power switch (ON, OFF) of remote is not working . In this regard I approach in Sony customer Care No. 180010337799, the customer executive Mr. Ankit guide me for visit to our Authorised Service Center on dated 10/09/2017. After demanding by me the address of authorized service center they give me the address Sai Electronics 5C/12, Railway Road NIT, Faridabad. On dated 11/09/2017 I visited the Sai Electronics, Authorised service center with LED remote of Sony. In authorized Service Center I met with Ms Soniya, I told her my problem and handover my remote in good condition to Ms Soniya after demanding her. She take it inside the room saying that I checked it. After some time later she return back and said it is damaged and can not be changed.

madhav pokhrel

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

i purchased asus zenfone max and found signal drop issue then i go for service centre and they give me DOA again after getting another phone by DOA same model phone it also shows the same issue. now the problem is in model zenfone max i purchased it from tezpur hotmail and now after second DOA i asked them that i want to take any another brand but not asus because two times in same model i get same problem, but they refused so if it is possible to help me then please help me i have given 8800 rs to buy the phone please help me as soon as possible

Sheikh Ask Hussain

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Defective AC supplied by Great Eastern Pvt ltd.,15,B Sarat Bose Road.Kolkata-700020.on 28.07.17,even after full payment.They are not replacing it.They are putting the whole responsibility on Hitachi Pvt ltd.who are also delaying the matter.No relief till now,even after repeated requests to both Great Eastern and Hitachi.Model: Hitachi 318 IWD/1.5 ton.Invoice number DK/DA/1718/03798

sakshi raturi

Posted on Sep 11, 2017

I have bought a new phone of intex aqua s3 of 6,300 on 13-08-17 from GAURAV ELECTRONICS 15 DISPENSARY ROAD DEHRADUN but it has stopped working within less one month.It is not even starting when I discuss this issue with the dealer from whom I have bought it.He is telling me that he can't replace the phone but sir I want to replace that phone because within one week it was showing problem but I was busy somewhere so I dont have time to go there but now it is not even starting.The dealer is not replacing.sir i want to relace it with other phone or I want my money back as soon as possible.Can you please help me in this matter

Anil Kumar Chawla

Posted on Sep 11, 2017

On Thursday, 7 September 2017 12:29 PM, anil chawla <anil12_2003@yahoo.com> wrote: Dear Sir/Madam PLEASE REFER TRIALING MAIL. & PLEASE DO THE NEEDFUL. REGARDS ANIL CHAWLA On Wednesday, 6 September 2017 4:09 PM, anil chawla <anil12_2003@yahoo.com> wrote: Dear Sir/ Madam, i have bought a Single Door Refrigerator brand name Godrej-240 Ltr at price Rs. 16800/- from Vijay Sales in the month of May and which has been Finanaced there by Bajaj Finanace but after that i have struggled lot to receive my product from them and each and every time they have some excused and lastly they provided me other model which has cost Rs. 16000/- in June end , and after receiving from Day one i have faced lot of problem becuase they have sent me a defective product and i made plenty of time complaint at Godrej customer care end but problem was neither resolved by Godrej customer care end and nor by M/s Vijya Sales end and i have asked to reimbursed my money but they have denied me to give it and

ajay parmar

Posted on Sep 09, 2017

i buy panasonic company tv but after 3 months tv has problum on its screen i call panasonic 10 times but company did not give service my tv under warenty


Posted on Sep 08, 2017

COMPLAINT AGAINST VIDEOCON COMPANY Dear Sir, On 30/06/17, my washing machine (Videocon Digi dolphin) got some operational problem in gear box. I called service centre of Videocon to repair washing machine, on their request delivered machine at Rewari service station. NOW IT IS 70TH DAY when my washing machine is dumped in service centre and it is yet not repaired, Service centre has closed initial complaints at their own & re-register new complain vide no. Gur2207170178 on 22/07/2017 NO SUCH DECLARATION HAS BEEN MADE BY COMPANY TO ME THAT SPARES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED AFTER SALE. I pray to the consumer court to please uphold me & save my consumer rights pertaining to above issue. a). Repairing of washing machine as early as possible & reimbursement against delay in repair due to company inefficiency. b). If company is not able to repair the said washing machine then it has to be replaced with other one new of the same cost of new machine of mine. Thanking you Jai B Yadav

Pramod Jadhav

Posted on Sep 07, 2017

Sir i was ordered Nokia 1100 phone from "shopiagos" website on dtd. 30 Aug 2017, But this fraud company has given me old Nokia 1110i phone, i am trying to call this company but no one person giving reply. I am requesting you sir please take immediate legal action against this fraud company and give me reply on my mail id. thanking you.

Rakesh Hassan

Posted on Sep 06, 2017

My tv is not working from 1 month.. when i call branch service manager but they did not give any service from 1 month..please sir help me.. i am a middle class man...i cant afford second tv..please sir help me to refund my money

Pankaj Merai

Posted on Sep 05, 2017

This is to bring to your notice that, i had purchased a Redmi Note 4 64gb from Mi India official App. on 15th of Aug 2017, the delivery of the product was very late, so i had to track it with FedEx (on 22nd Aug 2017). Post that the parcel arrived my home after 2 days (24th Aug 2017) after the enquiry with FedEx. The parcel was very light in weight so i anxiously opened the package and it was shocking to see, there was no mobile phone or any mobile accessories but box full with the red sand. I have already raised a complaint with the Mi customer service, but it has been more than a week i.e. 12 days but i have no resolution, whenever i give a call to customer care, it is just stated that the enquiry is still under process. I have already made the payment on 15th Aug 2017, but still no product is received. It has been multiple times i have been following up, calling the customer care and draftings mails, but i haven't received the status and the resolution. Xiaomi mobile pls prioritize.


Posted on Sep 03, 2017

BEWARE OF SAMSUNG TECHNICIANS SURGICAL STRIKE ON YOUR FUNCTIONAL WHITE GOODS / APPLIANCES You should never ever call up SAMSUNG CALL CENTRE to avail Samsung Technicians’ support. Even when there is NO ISSUE WITH THE TV SET (especially, when the Cable Services to the entire Housing Complex is snapped due to the Monsoon Deluge / OR other Cable related issues better known to the Service Provider & there is INTERMITTENT ISSUES FROM THE CABLE SERVICE PROVIDER); just to satiate your doubt whether the TV SET has any issue or not; EVEN BY MISTAKE, if you ever avail the services of Samsung Technicians’ and Despite paying them their Visiting / Consultation Charges; they will SABOTAGE the Functional Product & will make it Redundant! The Samsung Technicians are TRAINED TO KILL the functional product AND OR to run a Parallel Refurbished Market in a QUID PRO QUO with their Service Partners’; in a SURGICAL STRIKE ON HOME APPLIANCES by getting into your Home & Sabotaging your Functional Product; s


Posted on Sep 01, 2017

sir i have purchased a hcl me tablet which is not working now i submit it to hcl touch patna on 9/7/15 from that time to till now it doesnt got repaired or refunded the same amount i have submitted emails to hcl several times they didnt responded,Need help.

avinash kunar

Posted on Aug 31, 2017

USHA FARRATA FAN complain..they are cheatin in repair/replacement,i have complaining many times but problem still not solved repair man comes two tym n said for replacement /repair ,help us pls.....fan is under waranty

Avinash Kumar

Posted on Aug 31, 2017

Complain regarding service of my fan . Each day i complain and customer care told one day. But no replacement or repair till now . And my fan is in warranty


Posted on Aug 31, 2017

I have paid ₹3700 for display replacement of redimi note 4 mobile but the service center of mi (sasaram dist rohtas bihar 821115) refused to provide bill At 1st after 2 days when I gave my phone for repair ,they called that your phone is repaired and you have to pay ₹3700 but at same day they say some other problem have to be solved. I refused to pay and said when my phone will fully repair I will pay at that time but they told until you not give ₹3700 other problem can't be solved So I have no option I gave ₹3700 and below the service order page told them to sign But when my phone was fully repaire they callme. But at that time they refused to give bill And say they can't give bill I also called mi customer care But my problem not solved When I came home charged my phone fully used it but the battery back is very poor It last 5to7 hour And the display also show white circle They provide service order on 16 /08/17 WXIN1708160011923 and service RECORD on 18/08/17 WXIN1708170011167

Rohit Gupta

Posted on Aug 30, 2017

Hello Sir/Mam, I have purchased new samsung fridge from Ajay Trading Co. Gurgaon on 15th July,2017 and after that when i found manufacturing defect in the fridge i have registered complaint on samsung on 6th August,2017 but till now no resolution provided. Samsung service center Gurgaon is replacing my fridge parts with used parts and i refused to do so. They are totally harassing me and i have wasted my almost one month. Please look into this matter and ask samsung to replace my fridge and penalty for harassing me and now i am totally mentally disturbed due to this issue. Now Samsung is totally poor quality product and no support providing to their customers.

Prathmesh Kubal

Posted on Aug 28, 2017

I had purchased a new TV on 04th of June 2017. It suddenly stopped working on 09th of June 2017. I had logged complaint for replacement in Onida service center because your technical team is not able to resolve this issue and they are not responding to my complaint or not giving any positive approach toward this issue. Every time I call them I receive same response that “Sir kal krta hu”(Ill resolve this issue by tomorrow).This is worst ever consumer service I had in my entire life. Kindly look into this & respond to me in 2 days or otherwise I have to log a complaint against onida in consumer court. These are all my tickets number 1706E726380153 1706A09638016 Regards, Prathmesh Kubal

Suman Raj

Posted on Aug 27, 2017

This is to put on record that I feel fooled by being a customer of brand 'Sony' . I had purchased Sony LED 127cm KDL-50W950D 3D model from M/s Croma Store R-City Mall, Ghatkopar,Mumbai,on 30th April. On the very first day only we found a defect in TV that it throws a flicking light as soon as we power on.This is frequent problem and observed all the time when we Power ON.I had lodged a complaint within 2 days after installation. The complaint was redirected to M/s Vega electronics and the engineer visited us after so many reminders. Also his visit was of no use since he just made vague excuses by saying that he would be getting back to us which never happened. Then I logged the complaint with M/s Sony thru online system as available on their website and subsequently requested to replace my TV which was cost to Rs. 95000/- (Rs. Ninety-Five thousand, (approx.) to me. As a result,I am requesting either a full refund or advise to replace this faulty TV with the new set. Kindly Help

Abhijit Vichare

Posted on Aug 26, 2017

I have booked Apple Macbook pro MPXW2 Tbar i5 512 SG laptop on 12.08.2017 and paid the cheque of downpayment as well. The cheque was cleared on Wednesday, 16.08.2017. I had called up Ambika on 14.08.2017; 17.08.2017; 18.08.2017 and 23.08.2017 to follow up on the delivery of the product. During the telephonic discussion conducted on 23.08.2017; I was told by Ambika that the product may be delivered on Monday, 28.08.2017. Today, that is 26th August 2017, I had visited to Croma's Aundh Pune outlet to check the availability of the product I was told that it would be further delayed by one week as the products already ordered were damaged during transit. When I spoke to Sachin Shirurkar, the store manager of Croma's Aundh Pune outlet; he bluntly told me to cancel the order and ordered Ambika to return my cheque. He was rude and his rude behaviour clearly displays his unprofessional behaviour towards customer.


Posted on Aug 26, 2017

Sub: Regarding non service/ response of Reliance Digital Services. Ref: CIN No. U01100MH1999PLC120563 dated 23.07.2017 (Copy enclosed). Dear Sir, In connection to the bill no under reference on the captioned subject pertaining to which I, would like to enlighten you that Aquaguard Superb has been purchased by me on 21.07.2017 Vide Tax Invoice no. 868110417500156 and payment Ref No. 8681104001122072017 under reference at Reliance Digital, Magneto Mall, Raipur. In this context I would like to inform you that approx 15 days had lapsed on purchase of said water purifier but till date we had 4 times they attended to resolve the issue but not yet resolved.Since 4-5 days we are getting in touch with them for replacement of the same and they are not even responding. The complaint details are as underneath: S.No. Complaint/Call No. Date Type of Complaint Remark 1. 8010390146 23.07.2017 Water not filtering Resolved 2. 8010643972 06.08.2017 A

madhu sushma

Posted on Aug 24, 2017

sony company fraud us, it assemble lical parts in tv and stamp sony product,, RS1.5lacs tv not working in two yers


Posted on Aug 23, 2017

Purchased mobile on Jan 2017, the very second day of purchasing the mobile there was MOTHER board issue and mobile was in service center. Mobile has been in service center for nearly three times. And in service center they have reset the mobile and after reset it works. And recently faced MOTHER board issue and automatic switch off and network problem. The mobile has been given to service center on 14/06/2017. Job sheet has been attached for reference. From the date of purchase to till date, have faced enumorours issues. So requesting to take some immediate action by replacing mobile and let me know the expected delivery date Do let me know in case of further information

Ishika Ray

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

I have purchased a Whirlpool washing machine from Reliance Digital -Axis Mall(Kolkata).It stopped functioning after 6 months. I made a complain to whirlpool customer care, but the directly refuse to take responsibility to repair the machine just because I have purchased the same from Reliance Digital. So I made a complain to Reliance Digital.its been almost 2 years and the machine still is in waranty period but No one is bothered to take care of it even though I keep calling them regularly. Both the companies are blaming to each other and as a customer I am suffering

Amrut Shintre

Posted on Aug 23, 2017

Dear sir madam I have purchased a TV from Vijay Sales wise company brand and it is defective piece which is hardly used for one and half year and now it is not working properly after raised the complaint till date my issue is not resolved by Vijay Sales please look into this matter. Purchased name ronita shintre mobile number 9870 775 214

Nitin Sharma

Posted on Aug 22, 2017

I am a Airtel service user. I purchased the Airtel Secure Plan as my handset damage protection. My handset was accidentally damaged and I filed for a claim on 13th June vied claim number 90601 and service request number 2070085. As the Airtel and One Assist have a tie up, it was basically an ONE ASSIST plan I bought through Airtel. So an executive from one assist called for pickup of handset. It took 13 days for me to get my handset repaired and when I received my handset back the replaced screen was already broken. I asked them to re-repair my handset at it was their fault. After two weeks of getting my handset back an executive from one assist contacted me and re picked up my handset on 11th July. Since then I neither got any update and nor my handset back. I called both the Airtel and One Assist a numerous time but got no assistance. It had been more than one and a half month and I hadn't received my handset yet.

Arup Chakrabarty

Posted on Aug 21, 2017

Sir, I have purchased òne micromax mobile model no E 455,from p Reliance Digital store at park street on 13/01/2017 . The mobile start malfuncting after 2 days ,I have reported to the said store and tell them for replacement of this product but they didn't do that ,they have send it to service centre and returned to me. After 2 month same thing happened and they have treated in same manner. As on 19/08/2017 again the phone started malfuncting, no network (the basic requirements for phone to receive a call or make a call is get stopped )on 20/08/2017 one important meeting I have but nobody get connected with me and it's a rapture on my social face. I need a good solution from your good office. Arup Chakrabarty 9231587664 9007612355

debayan das

Posted on Aug 21, 2017

hello sir myself debayan das. before 1 year i was brought a new LG 32" led tv from great eastern. LG give 2 years warranty and next 2 years from bajaj finance. total 4 years warranty. recenly showing some white spot on led screen. i was informed them. bt nobody can give free service. they want high service charge within warranty period. at 1st LG give me 2 years warranty. and bajaj agent told me that, give some extra money for extra 2 years warranty. and i was paid. bt now nobody can give free service. and both agents are behaive is not good. i,ve no money to repaire. kindy take some legal action sir. they r froud. help me sir

Tarun Prakash

Posted on Aug 18, 2017

I purchased iphone 7 plus 32gb from Paytm app on 11 August 2017, received on 14 august in evening, when i opened the product it was defective or damages, as it was like some one used it before & at bottom right corner there is rubber coming out between display screen & body. At top right corner display screen is not proper it loose. I made serveral complaints at paytm to either return or replace my product but they refused to replace or return. I purchased it at a price of 60,499 + 99 delivery charges. This amount is very big for me, so i request to take appropriate actions. Thank you & Regards- Tarun Prakash


Posted on Aug 18, 2017

From: Harpal Singh [mailto:harpalmachinetools@yahoo.co.in] Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 3:24 PM To: GP CCS Customer Support (Carrier India) Subject: [External] Complaint split ac installation Dear sir/madam, Yesterday we bought a split ac in faridabad from shanti electronics. Today 2 person visit our home for installation. 1st thing they do not have any systemise installation procedure. Rude behave They do dirty all the place.. Copper pipe line installed without sleve. As i gives them. We can change old samsung ac to your carrier split ac. Because carrier has good name in market. But i feel my decision is wrong. 3rd class services from carrier . As installation is free but they have charged 500 rs. And not gives us any receipt of that amount. Hope CARRIER HEAD OFFICE WILL TAKE ACTION REGARDS HARPAL SINGH M 9312403487 ................. THEY HARRAS ME ALOT. CHANGE MY UNIT OR GIVE MY MONEY BACK WITH INTEREST. WE HAVE PICTURE AND VIDEOS OF MY PROBLEM

Dhruv Dubey

Posted on Aug 17, 2017

Hello, I was purchased a Whirpool washing on 29/July/2017. In that they provided me manufacuring defective piece. So please help me for return this product or return my money.

Suraj Kumar

Posted on Aug 16, 2017

My name is Suraj Kumar and i purchased a Lenovo P2a42 on 2.02.2017 for which I had paid INR17, 999. I have given my phone for repair at The Cell Point - CPT, Gurgaon, Haryana on 24th July as the finger print scanner of the phone was not working. Since then I have been following up with the customer care and the service centre for the status but they have no clue when my phone will be repaired as the part is coming from abroad (as they have mentioned). Now they have started disconnecting my number. My Phone is under warranty even though they are not ready to replace my phone. Below are the other details Company Name: Lenovo (India) Private Limited Brand: Lenovo Model: P2a42 Tax Invoice # F0YQK03117-00626741 Order ID: OD508283050697145000 Order Date: 02-02-2017 Invoice Date: 02-02-2017 IMEI: 358957061580154, 358957061580162 Repair Number: SOIN0780011707240004 Lenovo Service Center details The Cell Point - CPT Phone No.: 9871290009 Applicant Name:Suraj Kumar Contact Number:8447223928

vikas Chaturvedi

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

With reference to the above mentioned subject & Complaint no 1708043252 this is requesting you to please arrange any technician visit to Anuppur location Madhya Pradesh on priority basis as one of my ceiling fan purchased a year back and is in under warranty as per warranty card & lodged complaint number 1708043252 on dated 08/09/2017 still not attended by given concern Sunil electronics contact number 09713270887 at the same time behavior of Mr Sunil from Sunil Electronics from Katni was also highly unprofessional and unworthy in all aspects your customer care is also witnessed for this to. Therefore requesting you to please take a immediate corrective action on this or else I will compel to raise the matter in another level.

Rohan Kaikini

Posted on Aug 14, 2017

Huawei Reference: 38403231 I purchased the Huawei Nexus 6P 64GB on 9-April 2016. There was an OTA update on 13th/14th July 2017. After this OTA update, my phone worked fine for a few hours. Then it automatically rebooted and since then it is stuck at the startup Google Logo, and is constantly restarting. I called up the Huawei Customer Care on 18002096555. I was told that there is no solution to this problem, and the only way to fix this is to get the motherboard replaced. The cost of this would be INR 20k approx, and can be done at the authorized service center. I called up the Delhi and Gurgaon service centers. Both service centers confirmed the same. They also confirmed that this issue is not an isolated one. A lot of users have faced this issue. I cannot accept this resolution, and want to escalate this concern to higher authorities.


Posted on Aug 13, 2017

my name pintu prasad new laptop model no : NXGKBSI01071101ECF7200, company name acer, but my laptop windows 10 duplicate , complne company laptop ecnogor , plz my laptop rectified

vijay agarwal

Posted on Aug 12, 2017

purchased one mobile named Redmi 4A, yesterday-on 11/08/2017 from dealer named Tirumala Mobile Shop-Goregaon (e), having MRP of Rs. 6499 but charged for the same Rs. 7000, Rs. 500 extra in name of online charge. Herewith attaching bill and product back cover. Kindly look into ...Hoping for quick remedy Please let me know, if you require any further info Thanks

Sana shaikh

Posted on Aug 10, 2017

Complaint against HP laptop service centr complaint id 5001995607 first i visited to service centre the have rectify that in panel the pixel white defective occurs but as pe the service centre the warranty wil not be covered for single if it happen more then only it will be cover and they have genrated the complaint no. Against that means its internally defective not the physical damage they told contact customer care again i call to hp comee care they answer told to visit again the centre after that they have transfer the call to senior and the senior same replied that it will not be covere to fixed that issue you have to pay seprate amount which was written in the email what a bull shit service hp lapstop call centre and service centre are providing and the senior doesnt know the email id of customer help desk where we can send the snap shot of defetive product again i call after sending the image to hp service centre one guy khushal was assisted me without checking the call history

Vibhor Singhal

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

Hi, I would like to file a case against JCL-Hitachi company regarding a window AC that I purchased in 2013. The model is a DC motor WINDOW AC - 1.5TR HITACHI SUMMER TM - RAT518ESD. owned under the name of K.N. Singhal, with registered phone number- +91 9871731113. This is a substandard product and one with design flaws e.g. the DC motor of the AC develops problems after some time- This is a well known fact (even the company service men can confirm) As I became aware of this I had requested for purchase of an AMC contract from Hitachi on 19 June '17. However, since then there has been no update from the company till 14 July. I called the customer care several times but never heard back from them. In the meantime the AC developed a problem with the DC motor and stopped working. the AC was working till beginning of July. But none of the engineers visited us for over a month. the fault must have developed in the last couple of weeks. Please let me know how we can proceed.

Kuldeep Dalal

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

Lenovo service center in faridabad damaged my devic

Mahesh Chaudhar

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, I have micromax mobile model A90S (Superphone Pixel), Its battery is not working from last 1 year. I am trying to purchase battery for the same but didn't found battery anywhere. I called micromax call center they are saying that they don't support this mobile now go to local stores. But I gone through each and every local store in Pune but unable to get it. Please tell me who is responsible for the same. I request to resolve same as possible as otherwise i will be filling FIR against Micromax. Thanks and Regards, Mahesh Chaudhar

Jagabandhu Bhoi

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

I purchased a PHILPS Mixer Grinder in 19-Jan-2016. Since then a jar is giving problem and recently I have lodged 13th complaint. They come and repair every time but the product is such a defective design that same problem occurs every 2-3 months, where as we rarely use that jar. My concern is, they will charge me once the warrant is over in next couple of months. Moreover, giving perpetual problem must havve defect to which Philips is not bothered. When I call they are not responding with a solution, the outsourced party is always indifferent towards the issue. Very hopeless and unsatisfactory communication and action from them. How can I get assured of a workable solution to this? Pl advise.

Rajat Rohatgi

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

I had a problem with my AC and called Repair Delhi NCR, B-18, DDA Market, Chaukhandi, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi at 9811651951 (Vinod) for a repair. He sent a mechanic named Sanjay on 27 May 2017 for checking the AC. He advised us to get the new compressor that would cost us Rs 10500. He came with the new compressor and replaced the old one (and took the old one too) on 28 May 2017 with 1 year complete warranty (Bill attached). I started facing problem in the AC compressor cooling, noisy compressor within 25-30 days.. For which I had been complaining since then. Every day there is a new excuse like today the technician is not available, will send by saturday for sure, send us the bill copy etc etc...The person never came till today. I have told them multiple times that if this is not happening, I will go to the consumer court but their attitude is like...JO UKHAADNA HAI UDHAAL LO...

dinesh galav

Posted on Aug 07, 2017

inverter& better are not working

Abhijit Das

Posted on Aug 07, 2017

I bought a Kent RO (Prestine) on Jun 2016. During the first year it worked perfectly fine. After completion of exactly one year, we started getting having repeated issues after every month. Last time when we had our kent RO repaired we were advised to take AMC worth Rs 6500 /yr as per the technician all customers were having recurring issues with the product. It seems company by selling this product has cheated us and forcing us to take AMC due to repeated issues we are facing. Today, I started facing same issue of filtered water not coming out and tried to put up a complaint in customer care. This is extremely frustrating experience to buy a expensive product and not get the value for money, rather not getting proper service. Pls advise how this company can be sued for fraud and selling a substandard product with a >15 K price.

Santosh P. Jaiswar

Posted on Aug 05, 2017

Dear Team, I have purchased a single door Samsung refrigerator from Vijay Sales on 15/07/2012. It is not working since 01/07/2017 (Unable to cool) I have logged a call on 04/07/2017 to Samsung customer care center number i.e. 1800407267864. One of the technician (Pankaj Chouhan) has visited & after verification, Suggested us, Refrigerator compressor is not working, same will be replaced as it is in warranty period of five years. He also charged me of Rs.354/- as a visiting charges. I am daily following up with Samsung customer care center number as well as service center Dombivali. Both are just passing the balls, till no resolution has received at me. Yesterday i.e. 02/08/2017, When I called at Samsung customer care center they informed me "we are forwarding details at service center to take action on high priority." On same day received call from service center informing One of the technician will visit at me for Refrigerator compressor replacement. Neither has visited technici

Swapnil Patil

Posted on Aug 03, 2017

Dear Sir, I have purchased Car Locking System in October 2015 of AUTOCOP company but now remote is not working. I have complaint on customer care. company engineer check the problem but he told me remote is not replacement. Warranty is applicable for three year but why you not replace my REMOTE . Swapnil Patil 9049726099

Rakesh Patil

Posted on Aug 02, 2017

Hi, My complaint number is 354171.As per the advise I sent many emails to the company but they are not giving any clear response. Please help me.

Aizaz Ahmed

Posted on Jul 19, 2017



Posted on Jul 19, 2017


Tamal krishna de

Posted on Jul 18, 2017

My washing machine was serviced by U G C Appliances Service, P-235, Block-A, Lake Town Road, Laketown,Kolkata - 700089, Near Swimming Pool. They took full payment towards replacing PCB & sensor & Service charges. But couldn't repair. In spite of several calls, they are not attending me. My request is to take some strict action against them, so that no other customer will get harassed like me. Thanks & Regards.

Daksh Anand

Posted on Jul 17, 2017

Dear Sir, I have procured a product from website amazon.in for 10013 rupees. They have given a faulty product and are not taking it back. Also nobody is ready to except this problem and help me . Kindly educate me of my rights to check this with them. I have the product and the bill of purchase with me. Thanks and Regards Daksh


Posted on Jul 15, 2017

I had bought a television of your company in the year 2013 from muzaffarpur(Bihar). But I had barely used your product in these years till now or you can say only 5-6 hours in these 4 years. But today when I switched on the product it was not working. I called the Samsung technical support team in Patna. He investigated and said that the mother board is not working. I as a customer wants to ask you that what quality of product you are selling to the customers that it is getting defected without even using it? i had a complained about it Earlier but there is no response from the concerned organisation till now, Reference number is: 3718279699

Ganesh Nikalje

Posted on Jul 15, 2017

Respected Sir/Mam, I have made an online purchase of mobile from Flipkart Moto C Plus 16 GB Gold on dated 27th June 2017 order number-OD109539654270131000 i recieved the parcel on 1st July 2017, the handset was defective it was automatically restarting. I made an replacement request with Flipkart. They kept an Technician visit to check the handset for 4th July 2017 or on 5th July 2017.The visit happen the technician Mr.Faruq Shaik only done the resetting of the handset and after that for few minutes it worked well and then again it restarted. I told him till that time he closed the complaint . He told to make another replacement request i did the same and it was approved that my handset will be replaced with another same piece of moto. The other parcel i received on 11th July 2017 with the same problem, i complained again through email this time the flipkart said you will have to go to moto for further service. I want the new handset why to use serviced one. Regards, Ganesh Nikalje

Kaustav Das

Posted on Jul 13, 2017

purchased a fridge, while purchase seller said EMI facility is there, but it will take one day. Had emergency thus paid the amount is cash full, as suggested by seller, and he promised to return back the money once the EMI is approved. after 4 days and repeated follow ups he informed there is no scheme of EMI facility for the particular brand and no EMI will be available, and I had to paid the entire amount by cash already. He also asked me to write he had refunded the money, I said I would write I have received the parcel and not money but he kept on convincing me.

pamiyadevi choudhary

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

Lg refrigerator bought by me was defective piece i had complaint more than 8 time but the company person was not able to solve my problem and also the person defect some part of my item. now they accepted their problem and talked about replacement but it has long time no one is answering properly and making some childish excuse.

Gaurav Sharma

Posted on Jul 11, 2017

My Sony LED TV was not working 2 months back. I have raised an complaint in Sony India. They collected LED TV in few days they said the defected part is not available, so Sony India will give a new TV but I have to submit a DD of 3800 Rs, I submitted last month. And now two months passed, I have not recived my tv. I am regularly following with Sony Service center (I connect) Gurugram. But everyday they are saying that bytoday evening or tommorow morning you will get. I am totally mentally harassed by this kind of behavior. Looking for some positive action to be taken. Please Help.

Mainak Roy

Posted on Jul 10, 2017

I have purchased Samsung Inverter AC 1.5 ton from Khosla electronics,B.T Road-Kolkata on 23.04.2014 . Now due to cooling problem,I have called Samsung service to make it correct .From Samsung call center they have confirmed me that condenser is on 5 years warranty many times .So I do not have to pay for new condenser change . But from service center they are denying to give warranty now saying that in their system it is showing out of warranty .So customer have to bear the cost . It is matter of concern for us ,That the big organization like Samsung are cheating and doing fraud in the name of warranty . I want strong action against samsung

pankaj kumar choudhary

Posted on Jul 07, 2017

Pankaj kumar choudhary

Jitesh singh

Posted on Jul 05, 2017

Hello sir mujhe iti mei admission lena h electronics mei or m admission krwane mei leit ho gya hu aap meri kuch help kr skte h ab kaise admission hoga iti mei.private collage hote h iti krne k liye plz give mee detail sir.

Ankit kumar singh

Posted on Jul 04, 2017

I went to the coolpad service center in Kolkata, regrading a problem related to the malfunctioning of an inbuilt app. They checked my phone and updated my os but my problem was not resolved. Again i had to go to service centre,and now they said that the motherboard was damaged and had to changed. Thereafter they didn't call me up to notify that my phone was corrected and i had to toil again so as to get back my phone. Even after this, my phone was not running smoothly. They said that their engineers couldn't sort out this problem and they were helpless. so me being customer (a) were should i go for help. (b) why did they kept my phone for a week,without any reason,Henceforth, i called up coolpad customer care and narrated the whole issue. they said we can't help in this situation and again they asked me to check with their service centre on the other hand, service centre is asking me to refer to customer care. I want them refund my money or replace my mobile with new one.


Posted on Jul 04, 2017

I would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that I have purchased a refrigerator of your esteemed brand having model No- HAIER HRB 3404PKG-RK of 320 Ltr. Black Glass from Great Eastern Showroom, Garia, Kolkata,pHONE nO- 03324358222, Mob-9051183416 Vide Invoice No-12/SA/1718/07099 dated 10.06.2017. The said product has been delivered at my house at 11B1, CAPE TOWER, Hiland Park, Kolkata-700094 on 12.06.2017. Your service engineer Mr. Kundu has come at my house on 15.06.2017 for installation and commissioning of the said refrigerator. Once he had opened up the sealed pack, he found that the product was defective/ damaged. He found there was a crack on lower part of refrigerator and the freezer side body was dent. He has mentioned it in his Job sheet vide No- K021070613105403. Mob No-9051268200 / 9831168188. After repeated request and complain, replacement is not happening. they are telling it would happen any time. Please assist for replacing the damage materials to a good one.

Tushar Bajaj

Posted on Jul 03, 2017

Got cheated by Mr. Anil, owner at Earth Water purifier, 1683, Jawahar Colony, New Industrial Township 2- NIT, Faridabad - 121001. He took the AMC money & never repaired our product. Please help Regards, Tushar Bajaj 9953464560

Harish Arora

Posted on Jul 03, 2017

Regarding AC

Deepak sanyal

Posted on Jul 02, 2017

I had buy a mistuibishi heavy industry AC last year is under warranty it's now got fault that is not giving coolent it's 2nd time got fault Now how can buy new mistuibishi AC and why I will suggest to other about this company AC pls help me


Posted on Jun 30, 2017


Prakash chand

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

I bought the matchpoint gps for car security purpose. It cost was 19 thousands.. This properly is not working. I have complaint many times but my query has not been solved. Plz solve my issue.. Matchpoint contact no. 9029070083

Ajay Singh Rathore

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

Sir I have ordered a MI Bluetooth speaker from http://www.mi.com/in/.After few months it was having some problem in sound so i decided to go to there service centre so i called there customer care to ask about its warranty period and they told me to check and i checked it was 12 months.So i was assured that speaker is in warranty so went to Delhi authorized customer care centre and then they checked it and told me that it would be replaced.However,when they tried to enter the details the system was taking it and then they told me that the warranty period is of only 6 months then I told them about the warranty given on their website they were also shocked to see that it was 12 months so they told me to contact customer care if they can help but no solution to its been found yet.I have all the details of the mail and screenshots of the given warranty period of 12 months. Please help me fighting against these Chinese company which are making huge profits and not taking care of customers.

Kanav Aggarwal

Posted on Jun 25, 2017

Hello, I had given my laptop for repair to http://www.laptophomeservice.co.in/, They took laptop from my home on 30-May-2017 and returned on 12-Jun-2017. Laptap had facing startup problem. They charged me 3500 Rs via bill number 21720. Post using the laptop I found that RAM of my computer has been removed and made from 3GB to 1 GB. This is a theft and cheating. Now my computer is running very very slow. This guy is giving excuses and borrowing time but not giving my RAM back. Can you please help on the matter. Please help me get my RAM and full compensation and harassment charges which I had to go because of them. This laptop has a standard company fitting of 3GB RAM, so no one can say that it runs on 1GB RAM. Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you, Kanav Aggarwal 8904194554

Prashanth B N

Posted on Jun 24, 2017

Manufacturing-defect-Iphone-6s-20-days-after-purchase: My self Prashanth B N bought Iphone 6s on 12 May 2017, within 20 days observed a issue where receiver is not working for the same reason i had submitted to authorized service center planet care (banasankari branch bangalore) on 03 June 2017. I am requesting for replacement not to repair because of the concers stated. My concerns are: 1. A phone failed to perform within 20 days due to manufacturing defect. 2. After mobile is physically opened i don't trust this device anymore. 3. When i have paid the money for working device why i should accept a faulty/ after repaired device. 4. Company claim as superior, high quality & reliable product which is false in my case. 5. Continuously denying for replacement for new phone. I have already complained in national consumer helpline (complaint number 302897). If company didn't reply in 10 days i.e 26th June 2017 planning to file a case in consumer forum

Rishika Goenka

Posted on Jun 23, 2017

I insured my phone from apps you need and 85 days back i had claimed for a physical damage which was accepted and i waited 35 days then i got my phone back which was not repaired properly . Again my phone was picked up around 20th may and todayit has been 23rd june i still did not get my phone back. the team is not communicating to my mails properly wrong information is given again and again nd customer care executives remain bussy. Please help

Parmod Kumar

Posted on Jun 20, 2017

Dear Sir/madam I have purchased a lenovo K6 Power through flipkart on March 24, 2017. But within few days, it started to have problems. The mic was not working properly and it was having network issues. I contacted service center (Prisha Communication, Bhilai) and they asked me to leave mobile with them for 7-10 days. But even after passage of 44 days till date, there is no proper response from the service center. They are telling that they don't have the part to be replaced and they don't know when it will come in stock. I have been suffering because of this faulty mobile for about 3 months and I have to purchase a new phone due to this. Even now, I don't know how much time I will have to wait for my mobile to be repaired. So kindly look into the matter and help me in getting my money refunded if the mobile cant be repaired.

anil kumar

Posted on Jun 20, 2017

I purchaged a exide battery on 06 june 2016. it has two years Guaranty. Now it not working well. power backup is very down. Then i registered a complaint dated. 14/06/2017 regarding this battery on exide toll free number 18001035454 with complaint no. NHRA00004913V379. but there would be no service provided by exide service engineer/ company regarding this complaint. so i request to you solve this problem as soon as possible. thanks

Yuvraj Verma

Posted on Jun 19, 2017

I have purchased a HP laptop Order Number : OD109375001610042000. Its a brand new laptop and working like a 4-5 years old laptop, When i ask them to take it back they straight away denied. and said that our technician will visit or you can take it to HP store. After that some of their Stupid technician called me (and trust me he does not know anything or he thinks users are fool) and he ask me to update the windows OS than it will work fine, It has 4GB ram 2.54 GHZ processor 1 TB hard Disk and its working pathetic, But that technician think just upgrade the windows will make it like a brand new. I don't understand why they are selling the products like this, But trust me i will never suggest anyone to buy anything from Flipkart again.


Posted on Jun 16, 2017

Excess Charged in FREE Installation of AC. Damaged house items during installation . Harassed and misbehavior with my wife and compelled to spend Rs 7000/- for nothing during the whole process. So total financial loss of Rs.150000/- and harassment and behavior with female member of family.

Darshan Pal

Posted on Jun 16, 2017

Chetankumar Sureshbhai Bhanushali

Posted on Jun 15, 2017

I brought Cool Pad Note 5 in 25/01/2017. It has "CALL DROP" issue. Thrice I approach service Centre for same issue yet not to be resolve. It's manufacturing fault as informed by service Centre person. Feeling cheated by COOLPAD COMPANY. I hope getting response from you. Thank You.

niraj kumar soni

Posted on Jun 14, 2017

I would like complain against Samsung Plaza for purchase of AC. three is many issues for supply installation repair and working condition.


Posted on Jun 13, 2017

Dear sir , On date 16.5.2017 , I purchase Samsung power bank 25000 mahogany NC with ear phone and SD card 64 GB on Rs. 1049/- . Sir but I am not satisfied with the products , so I want to return all and refund my money Rs.1050/-. Please give me suggestions how to return the product. Details as follows, AWB Number 1297213144083 & Order no. CIB273349 ,Order Date 16.5.2017 , Mobile No. 9021113544 , Name Haren M Bawanthade . Please refund my money on following bank Account No.- 31884645374, Branch code- 2183 IFSC- SBIN0002183 Regards, Haren Bawanthade 19/93,Vishvjeet Housing Society, Deep Nagar, Nagpur - 440034 (Maharasthra)

jageshwar sahu

Posted on Jun 12, 2017

I had been buy mobile Samsung battry but after 2 week it has problem . What do I do sir.

vishwajit kumar

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

i bought a led tv on 20 dec 2015, and got it extended warranty from bajajallianz on 28 dec 2015. now in april 2017 its display panel started giving problem and i registered complain regarding the same. So a guy came and saw my tv for 5 mins and said that its not giving any problem now but you can check it few more days if same thing happens you can register the complain again. again next month i registered the complain for the same issue and till date my issue has not been resolved. they hv=ave taken the tv with them and on 9 june 2017 they said my tv cant be repaired and said it will be reimbursed in total loss. so for it i said ok than i will take the reimbursement as per there policy of 10% depreciation. but now they are saying that they going to charge 20% depreciation on it and deduct service charges and wont continue the insurance also. my tv cost was Rs 58000/- 10% depreciation will be Rs 5800/- so the current year tv insurance value should be Rs 52200/- with 18 month warranty

Sumit Kamble

Posted on Jun 09, 2017

Respected Management, This is Sumit Kamble from chikurde. I have complaint against shopkeeper of electronics shop. I have bought a home theater worth Rs. 5000/- but It was faulty, so that I returned it for replace. He told me that he will return replacement within 2 days. but till crossed more that 2 weeks i.e. 15 days he didn't return it or didn't pay back. what should I do? please help. Thanks & Regards, Sumit Kamble


Posted on Jun 07, 2017

I have placed an order(Order No-78070) on 14/03/17 for a Mobile Handset by paying Rs.614/- of which maximum delivery period was 49 days. But still I have not received the product. Also they do not receive the cal. Please arrange to deliver the product or refund the amount into my bank account. Company Name-UNIKOID ELECTRONICS PRIVATE LIMITED Add-16/4, VJ BUSINESS CENTRE GRG LAYOUT THIRUCHI ROAD COIMBATORE , Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641018 . CIN-U74999TZ2016PTC027773 Director Name-ABDULHAMEED UBAIDULLAHI(DIN-07544074) & AKBAR BHASHA (DIN-07543885)

Rahul Poswal

Posted on Jun 07, 2017

Dear Sir, Recently I have purchased new redmi note 4 phone from flipkart on 16-05-2017 and same is delivered on 18-05-2017 and this phone is automatically bent in 18 days and day by day this bent is increasing. I talked to the flipkart person is saying as 18 days already passed so we can't exchange this phone and they are saying please liase with manufacturers so I called mi customer centre they said please visit our service center and when I went service center they are saying it is not covered under warranty . No body is helping. Phone is bend only in 18 days. Customer Name- Rahul Poswal Address - G 138 DLF SECTOR 10 FARIDABAD HARYANA - 121006. MANUFACTURER Details (Opposite party) -XIAOMI INDIA, C/O IKEVA BUSINESS CENTRE, 8TH FLOOR, UMIYA BUSINESS CENTRE, 8TH FLOOR UMIYA BUSINESS BAY TOWER 1, CESSNA BUSINESS PARK, KADUBEESANAHALLI, MARATHAHALLI - SARJAPUR OUTER RING, BANGALORE 560103 MANUFACTURER COMPLAINT EMAIL I'D - SERVICE.IN@XIAOMI.COM Service center visit

Jagdish Gautam

Posted on Jun 06, 2017

Complaint Against : M/S j k furniture Near GT asandh road Panipat and Voltas company Complaint : Respected sir my father has purchase a 1.5 ton Voltas split AC in Panipat on dated 04 June 2017. The shopkeeper give very old AC and the compressor box is not working . The engineer repair the new AC. But I give full payment of new AC not a repaired AC. the number of ac and model of AC is not same in bill and ac. Shopkeeper gives different number AC and different number bill. It means this AC is defective peace. When I complaint in shopkeeper they do not give fresh AC. So I request you please take necessary action against shopkeeper and punished him. The shopkeeper give defective piece and I was told please exchange my air condition piece. But the give answer I repair your AC not give new piece. If I purchase repaired AC so I purchase old AC so please exchange my new AC. And please mention same number of AC in bill. Please take necessary action as soon as possible. SBI a/c 10565750808.

Ajinkya Anant Jawlakar

Posted on Jun 05, 2017

I had purchased a graphics card with serial number starting with F but after a few days it stopped working, so I went to the registered service centre of ASUS, but the graphics card supplied by them was old as the serial number starts with E. The service centre is Regenersis India Private Limited (A CTDI Company The Address is Kalpana Tarang, Survey No 42, Apartment No 202, Opp Ranka Jewellers Karve Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411004. The responsible person is Akshay Joshi 020 3055 0097


Posted on Jun 02, 2017


dhilip rv

Posted on May 31, 2017

Sir my parcel is hold in gaya bihar airport my tracking number 1495375321 plzz help me to get thst

Umesh Sharma

Posted on May 30, 2017

My name is Umesh Sharma, I had booked a courier on 18/11/16 at DTDC courier booking office Bhadravathi-577301 to Shibpur, Howrah-711103, W.B(consign no.D30074552). It contained a brand new mobile phone, its bill & its accessaries in box & its worth was Rs.15000.I made hundreds of calls & emails to dtdc customer service, but didn't receive any healthy response & was harassed a lot,got irritated & disappointed.They just simply generated case & i finally received reply that your shipment is lost. I also made several emails,rounds & calls to dtdc booking office as well as customer care, & completed all formalities ,now its already been over 7 months and i don't had any choice left but to file complaint against such fraud company. I am Simple middle class person & a student & my brother is a student for whom i sent a courier.His entire work has stopped with out phone,he truly needed it very desperately.Finally, I want complete refund(Rs.15000+400 courier charge)& compensation of Rs.10000

Manju Himmatramka

Posted on May 28, 2017

I had bought daikin split ac last July 2016. my ac is under warranty there is some cooling problem in my ac since April 2017. Daikin service center is with arvind refrigeration right now he has denied to give his services ... he says either company should pay him or customer should pay him... I have filed complaint in daikin customer care for more than 12 times till now but nothing has happened.... please take strong action against daikin company and the dealer as well....we have been living without ac in dis vigorous heat despite spending so much money please help....

manish mishra

Posted on May 26, 2017

I bought a subwoofer(for 15,000) from Empire Stores(S.C.O. 29,Sector 28 D) for which he did not provide bill at that time and said will give later to which I agreed.The subwoofer was installed at his shop and settings done by the installer from the same shop.The subwoofer stoppped working after 3 months.I called up the owner (Divyam Gupta) and he said he will get it repaired.I agreed to give him the subwoofer.All of his happened in 2015.Since that day I kept calling every month or so to ask if repair is done.The owner kept on saying next week next week but nothing happened.I went to his shop 10 times atleast and he kept saying its given for repair and he ll call when he gets it back.A year passed by but nothing happend.I have proof of msgs sent to the owner about me asking for the subwoofer.Then I approached his elder brother and he asured me that he will give it.He somehow got my SUB but the subwoofer was in the worst condition and not even repaired .It had a hole in it.Plz help me.


Posted on May 25, 2017

I contacted Onida service centre in the month of February as my 43" Onida LED got issue with display within warranty period of 1year. Service engineer came for a check 2 weeks later and informed new panel has to be replaced. For a month there was no proper response from the service centre. Then they have said the complaint was registered incorrectly as Color TV and so they registered new complaint. Again no response for 3 weeks. Later informed they will arrange for TV replacement as the spare not available. Its been 3 months overall and I was not provided with proper service. Still waiting for the issue to get resolved. Please help me to get it sorted.

Kalaiselvi D

Posted on May 23, 2017

I have brought CANDO Power Bank 10000 MAH from Univercell, Ashok Nagar, Chennai on 17/8/2016. Now the power bank is not working. I tried to claim the service which they mentioned 1 yr warranty for the product. But not they are not responding properly. Please help me in servicing the product or could able to replacement of the product.

Manisha Pandya

Posted on May 23, 2017

I purchased a couple of AC's in one go from Kohinoor Electronics Kandivali west branch and that also in one go cash payment. Its been 2-3 months approx and now all of a sudden the compressor is making a loud noise and the AC is throwing hot air. I have complained about the same on 21st May to which they said they will send someone in 42 working hours. Today is 23rd and no one has even called up to check. Today again when I made a follow up call they again said it will be done in 2-3 days. What kind of customer service is this. What is the use of providing a deadline when they cant stick to it. Is this the way you treat a customer. I also told him that there is a patient at my home so I want this to be done at the earliest to which he replied that we cant commit anything. Instead of empathizing with the customer he has the audacity to back answer. What bullshit service is this. Please help me in getting this resolved at the earliest.


Posted on May 20, 2017

Sir,I bought a Panasoic 1 Ton Inv, A/C from Reliance Digital on 5th of May.The A/C did not work till date.Thrice technician visited the site.The Compresser Brass pipe fittings are leaking and gas is completely leaked.I want the replacement of the Compressor,not the repair.Because it is new.Reliance Indiranagar does not want to do that.Why should I purchase the repaired one.

Aragra sen rajput

Posted on May 18, 2017

ASC NAME-Robot genration asc code-VASCCH011 created on-01/05/2017 POP DATE-29/12/2016 warinty-in remark-battery problem IMEI-911512650066980 Mobile -videocoo45ED PLZ HELP ME


Posted on May 17, 2017

dear sir good after noon ji i have purchased one tv by online from flip kart on 06-12-2015 via *Product - Micro max 50C1200FHD/50C5500FHD 124 cm (49) LED TV? /w/D:VB37015/IMEI/serialnumber:00023BC44120937/my order id :OD101735134791868000/??invoice no : BLR_JIG_01L20150100004221/ this tv wrongly installed by flip kart that tv was hit by past vardhaa cyclone hit that tv were felt down and broken my tv paanel for that i have beeen approched both of mmx n flipkart concern both were demnied to do my service and also they were asking service for my tv panel change charges Rs 32290/ wherre as the new tv same model size brand tv price in open market they offer Rs 30700/by online as well as sri kumaran electronic -porur that mail copy also i have been send them but still they were denied and violating consume law and rights still to day where can i get my justice and my service who will funish them they were cheating business involvement past 6 years like me many of them suffer pl help me?

vishal awasthi

Posted on May 16, 2017

i have ordered samsung 25000 mah power bank with samsung 64 gb memory card and samsung headfone . product delivered yesterday to me but when i check ita not working properly i want to return the product and want my money back deler -dealzandoffer.com amount to be refund -1049

Pawan sharma

Posted on May 15, 2017

I have given my mobile on service centre and ask for stand by set.all staff insulted me on this little issue.and really I heart a lot and mentally disturb from than.I have complained recently but not satisfactory answer is given by service centre

Rajat gulati

Posted on May 14, 2017

I have bought a coller of symphony model touch 110 for rs 15800 the product is not worth and not providing any colling request you to please check the same when called on customer care for the concern they hace checked and saying that this product will not provide sufficient colling this is the only level for the colling the product is not good at all the person who came for checking the product is saying that we have many concerns from many users related to this. This is fraud taking the product worth rs 15800 and not providing any colling was not upto mark this is seriously fraud activity symphony brand name is doing

Shiji Joseph

Posted on May 12, 2017

I gave my mobile for repairing 2 weeks back because of the complaint of not getting switched on, and paid rs 1000 for that. When I got the mobile back it was in the same structure and I gave the mobile again. After one week the Man told that it was battery complaint and he replaced the same and to pay 600 rs more. I haven't gave the money because I already paid 1000 rs for the same complaint. But still my mobile is not working and it is in the same condition now. Unfortunately I don't have any proofs to submit. Pls help me to solve this issue, either my mobile should get ok, or he should give back my money. His # is 9633333554. Thank you

Santosh H Shinde

Posted on May 10, 2017

I have purchased LG 1 Ton Split Ac (Smart Inverter, 4 Star, Model No. BSA12BEYD) on 16 April 2017 from Croma - Ghatkopar, G10, Ground Floor, R City, Mumbai 400086. It was delivered within 48 hrs and installed, but I found that the remote supplied along with the split ac (remote model no. AKB74955604) is not having the "Night glow buttons" as given in the features advertised on the LG website for the split ac model no. BSA12BEYD. Accordingly, I made a formal complaint with Croma and asked them to clarify whether the remote supplied is the wrong one, if yes then please replace it with the one meant for the said model. I was asked verbally by Croma to get a confirmation from the LG people regarding the remote, for which I approached the LG customer care. But to my surprise they are yet to confirm this information. I am feeling cheated by Croma as well as LG, as none of them are clarifying the doubt regarding the remote features as advertised by LG.

Saluddin mollick

Posted on May 10, 2017

My refrigerator replacement is too delay. Already passed 8days after replacement update. I'm suffering 5months after buying kelvinator kc203 refrigerator

Ram Mahto

Posted on May 09, 2017

Dear Sir/ maam, I have become fade up with the level of services of Videoco. I am a first time user of split ac. When i went to purchase the AC i was convinced for Videocon product with all lot of promises and warranties, although my first preference was Voltas. I took the AC but the day since when i have taken this product I am suffering. I am a lay man for Ac they have given me 5 years of warranty on so called compressor. Now yesterday my compressors fan has broken. When engineer visited for replacement he said this is chargeable. The fan broke in midnight and so there is scratch in the net behind the fan. Engineer visited today and told that i need to pay for every thing, if this is so that i need to pay for everything then what is the warranty for. I took the product from Doordarshan, Rourkela, Odisha. They should have taken time and made me understood the so called compressor before selling the product, because it was a forceful selling. I want replacement of parts. Kindly help.

Roshan Jituri

Posted on May 09, 2017

Had purchased a Kenstar Air conditioner i December 2016. The product has not been working properly since the very first time. Poor quality of the product. Kenstar authorised service centre too are equally poor. Only give me verbal assurance. When I asked for written commitment in regards to solving the technical issue in the machine nobody is ready


Posted on May 08, 2017



Posted on May 06, 2017

phone number does not work anymore, thanks to sansui. I purchased a sansui s50 4g smartphone from metro, subramanyanagar, bangalore on 11/16/2016. A week ago, when the phone was put on charge, the phone went dead. Upon inspecting, the adapter was hot as well as the phone. When i took it to the nearest sansui authorised service station, i was told the mother board was short circuited, and was told it cannot be covered under warranty, as the phone has marks on it, from dropping. I tried explaining, it is not relevant and the phone was working fine, even after it was accidentally dropped 2 months ago. now they are advising me, to purchase a new phone, as the mother board costs 3000rs and phone costs 4000rs. I do not understand, why i cannot claim warranty, as motherboard short ciruited cause of the faulty adapter i was provided by the company. Now i am at loss, because of the company's faulty devices, the scratches from the accidental drops and the senseless warranty norms.


Posted on May 03, 2017

I had purchased an LG TV (LG UHD LED 43UF770T) from Vijay Sales last year on 01/02/2016. However TV'S Motherboard had to be replaced on 27/05/2016 after just 4 months. That was covered under warranty. After this, on 28/02/2017, TV stopped working and the motherboard had to be replaced once again. This time it was not covered under warranty so as per LG engineer who had visited cost of replacement is Rs. 10,629 which I refused to pay as replaced motherboard again damaged within 9 months. I had lodged complaint with LG, Complaint no. is RNP170228081177.Also sent mail on 09/03/2017 to serviceindia@lge.com and continuously following on mail from last 2 months but no reply from them as whether they are going replacing motherboard free of cost or not. Motherboard which was replaced on 27/05/2016 and damaged again on 28/02/2017 must have warranty of 1 year. Since TV was under warranty period company refuse to issue me warranty of replaced motherboard on 27/05/2016. Please help me.

Rajesh Agrawal

Posted on May 03, 2017

I have made the payment of 6700/- to MSwipe technologies private ltd for card swiping machine in Aurangabad to Mr Sandeep ( 7841047184 ) on 19-Nov-2016 Its been more than 6-7 months, machine is not delivered and the company is not ready to refund the money. Its an harassment for me. Can you help?


Posted on May 02, 2017


Madire Abbas Ali

Posted on Apr 30, 2017

I have buy an a power bank 20000amph but its not working then replacements didn't in redmi mobile app then waste product in redmi all product

priyanka gautam

Posted on Apr 29, 2017

its been almost 3-4 months that i have complaint against lloyd but till now no action is been taken by them and i have registered my complaint for more than 10 times and also whenever they visit they dislocate a part of my lloyd washing machine .kindly help me in this i am really frustated by llyod service and i can even register a complaint in district consumer forum because of their behaviour towards us and also the loss that i am bearing now because of them


Posted on Apr 29, 2017


Amarnath Ramachandran

Posted on Apr 29, 2017

Order no.S802308899 Amarnath Ramachandran <amarnathramachandran@yahoo.com> To support@whakky.com Today at 11:46 I regret to inform you that my order reffered above is not yet deliverewd. Instead I am getting repeated mesages daily for the past three days stating that the order is out for delivery And it is pending due to incomplete address..Immediately after getting yhe first message itself, I contacted Aramex customr support and the details of address they have is correct and complete. They assured me of delivering it immediately but still I am getting the same old story, "out for delivery and pending due to incomplete address". So far nobody contacted me for locating my address, instead the customer support gave me the courier's local tel.no which when contacted I am getting message that the no.is not in use.. Please take necessary steps immediately to deliver the order to me to avoid unnecessary legal complications. Amarnath.


Posted on Apr 27, 2017

I had purchased Samsung Galaxy J7(2016) handset from Flipkart on 00/05/2016. I started facing some network issue in handset so i contacted their authorized service center in St.Inez - Panjim, I.e. HCL Service Ltd. Located at Ground Floor, Sterling Acrade, St.Inez Panjim - Goa. Mobile :9225063331 I submitted handset on 29th March 2017 wide Bill No. 4233391801, They replaced PCB and returned in 5-6 days stating that it is working fine. When i started using i found same network issue in hand set again and reported back to service center on 11th April 2017 wide Bill No. 4234271443 and i received back handset on 22nd April 2017, again they told me they changed PCB. I used it and found it is giving me same problem again so again today i.e. on 27th April 2017 i had reported handset to same service center wide Bill No. 4235350622 Service center is just doing trial and error method, in which i don,t have that much time with them as they don't even provide stand by handset during repairperiod

Abhijeet sharma

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

I purchased a phone on 12 Dec 2017 and it started giving problems like phone hang and auto switch off. The had been for servicing twice but the problem still persists . The brand company named swipe are not willing to replace the device despite the fact the phone is under warranty. Kindly help resolve the issue.

Yash Chawla

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

I have ordered the Phone thru Shopclues.com order no -Order Id : 114245252 I have received the courier on 22nd april'17 & the piece is faulty I had maid the complaint :- Ticket Number : 1624108 for replacement but as per them they cannot do any thing I have to go at service center for reparing..I had just told them to replace the piece or cancel the deal..But they are not ready.. Request you support for the same.

Manju Aggarwal

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

We complaint ac 's gas likeg they close our complaint without attented we request you please see the what mater is this thank you


Posted on Apr 23, 2017


Jaspreet Singh

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

I had purchased Lenovo K4 note and within the warranty period the set had display issue which was taken care within warranty . But during repairs , service center upgraded the software version after which the set has to be charged twice a day even under nominal usage . I again took the set to the service center but it could not be repaired . Set is still lying with the Service Center since 15 Mar 17 and neither the company nor service center is responding . When the set was handed over to the service center it was under warranty . I have all the correspondence but there is no space to attach the same


Posted on Apr 21, 2017

I purchased a daikin company split ac last year. I call customer care of daikin many times. But they give time to time . And not repair ac . My comlaint no. Is 499610.

deepak kumar gaigowal

Posted on Apr 21, 2017


kalyan halder

Posted on Apr 21, 2017

Only after using one week of my new setleeco le2, has not been working &your authorised service centre Infotel services at taratala,Kolkata have been harassing by running one end to another.It is my worst experience after purchasing for Rs 12 000.now you are requested to replace with another 1st hand set. Waiting for your early reply in my following contact no.9432386163 & 9038137180 j.mukhopadhyay

Avinash Kumar

Posted on Apr 20, 2017

Non installation of LED (SONY) within stipulated time by M/S, Great Eastern Trading Co., Ganesh Dutta Complex, Dak Bungalow Road, Patna & Sony Co.

Asmita Sahu

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

I bought a Samsung Mobile Galaxy A8 (IMEI: 355015070396170/01) on 24/02/2016 with 1 year extended warranty from Reliance Digital, Bilaspur. Now my phone has developed a glitch and when I gave it to Reliance digital they kept my phone for a month and them returned my set without repairing. When I took my set to Samsung Service centre, I was told that Reliance Digital has not paid a huge amount of money to Samsung electronics and so they are not repairing any phone bought from Reliance Digital. Mr.Ritesh Gupta even said to do whatever we can but he won't repair the handset. Now we are left with no option but to file a report with you. Its been almost a month and a half with this utter nonsense. Please look into the matter.

Piyush Kumar Shandilya

Posted on Apr 14, 2017

Regrading Iphone7 service IMIE No. 359163074335145. I took my above phone, which is warranty period with below issue for repair to "Unicorn Info solutions Pvt Ltd", Cyber Hub, Gurgaon: 1. The home button of the phone was not working properly. Every other function in the phone however was normal without any issue. The center did a preliminary diagnosis and found that the censor of the home button is not responding. Hence I will have to submit the phone to them and the same will be sent to Bangalore for repair. As it was still under warranty, no charges expected. Four days later however they called and reported that the phone could not be considered under warranty as they found liquid in it. I need to pay them rs. 25,200 if I proceed for the repair. Two things to note: 1. Iphone7, they claim to be IPS67 certified and is water resistant till i meter and 30 minutes. 2. I never exposed my phone to any liquid, rain, water etc.. Please help.


Posted on Apr 13, 2017

I have purchased a micromax canvas fire 4G mobile. I have done one year theft and damge insurance from appsdaily. In an accident my phone is damaged and i loged a claim bearing no. CIN NO. ADN_230117_197856584. apps daily sent a package to send the phone to apps daily office and i did so i sent my phone to their office. They received my phone and document 01.03.2017 they have confirmed me. But since 1 month passed i have not received any further information. Neither any of their customer executive are picking my phone they have cheated me badly. Please help and guide me.


Posted on Apr 13, 2017

I have purchased onida split AC 1.5 Ton from Bell Electronics on 30/4/2016 and installed on 2/5/16 ID 0510 and OD 0590 On 6/4/17 I lodged a complaint informing about the swing action and cooling effect vide my SR No.1704H016380030. It was assured by Onida Team that it will be sorted out within 24 to 48 hours. NO ACTION TAKEN TILL 13/4/17. Of course there was a call from this landline number 04065221777 at 1125 hours expressing that it is a paid service. When I expressed that this split AC is within the warranty period, he did ASK ME TO keep a copy of the invoice for his perusal. So far he did not turn up. Your customer care service number 04039889000 has put me on hold for more than 5 minutes and automatically got disconnected. Tomorrow being Sunday I am afraid your service team will be on leave and again on Monday the same procedure has to be followed, First of all your customer care service, has become customer careless service and making people to run from pillar to post.

Monika Jain

Posted on Apr 13, 2017

I have a o general window AC and took AMC for same. Recently I book a request for wet service on customer care, a Technicians came. He said that cooking coil is leaking and need to be replaced, even without seeing the AC. Further he told that in AMC we received nothing and have to replace the parts. When I asked for certificate for same, so that I can may ask third party to inspect, they are not providing same. Now neither they are servicing my AC not repairing it. Please advise me

Roopak Radhakrishnan

Posted on Apr 13, 2017

Dear Sir, I had booked an Apple i phone 6 on 22 Mar 2017 using by credit card, the payment was realised by E bay on 23 Mar 2017 and they send the product by courier from their Chennai Seller (Digital Estore) on 29 Mar 2017 and i received the product on 31st Mar 2017. Iused the product for 2 days and the voice mike of the handset goes faulty. i tried sending them mails and calling up them alternate dates but there is no response to my mails or the claims i have raised . I would request you to please look into the matter and help me in finding a resolution. Please find below my last complaint. I have not said item is not as described in add. I have specifically mentioned in my comments that the Mike isn t working and I want a replacement as soon as possible. The courier person had taken the product from my home on Friday and today it is Monday and still the product hasn t reached the store. I am beginning to real get disappointed with the kind of services that digital e-store a

Govinda Ch. Mohapatra

Posted on Apr 11, 2017

Received a damaged electrical item from ebay.Complaint registered vide Claim ID 2779865 before one month.Till date no intimation nor action by the company.Followed up with the customer care many times, but of no result.Pl.take up the matter with ebay. Regards G. C. Mohapatra

Kamal Porel

Posted on Apr 09, 2017

I recently bought a Samsung LED TV (32FH003) from Sales Emporium (South) located at the address 266, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700034. The TV was purchased at an exchange of an old LED Television. The television was billed at Rs.19500 however, the exchange value of the Old TV is showing as zero. When I went to the shop inquiring about this they said that the price of the TV is Rs21900 (dealer Price) and the exchange value for the old TV was Rs2400 making the final bill amount of Rs19500. Whereas we were told that we will get a discount of Rs3000 for the exchange of the old television. As well as we were shown a television having a feature of Dolby Atmos mention on the Television however, the television that was delivered did not have that feature, this is very misleading and from billing perspective as well I find that they are manipulating with the VAT that is being charged. Would request you to kindly look into the matter.


Posted on Apr 08, 2017

DATAWIND(India)promised online to give one keyboard,one scratch card,if their tab 3g7x booked.I booked their tab on 22 Mar 2017 in the name of Kiran Bala Sharma.But DATAWIND COMPANY DESPACHED ONLY ONE TAB ON 30 mAR 2017.also not attending their given Phone No-0183-6668500.

Praveen Sahu

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

I have buy LG TV from Reliance Digital Store, City Center Mall, Raipur, CG on 02/04/2017 First issue is that they will provide my product after 5 day I have received on 06/04/2017 Second Issue is they provide me used product Remote is Unpacked Batteries not available with remote There are many scratches in remote And TV is locked (Confirmed by service engineer at the time of installation)

aliviya dhar

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

IFB customer support not help us.. and the product also not satisfied

Aarti Shah

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

bl binoliya

Posted on Apr 07, 2017

kodak s led tv 40 inch purchased on line-paytm in oct 16 but now it stopped working 23/3/17. same day complaint lodged at cc 9311119721. once one rep visited to check and told mother board defective.none done by him. after repeatedly contacting they say with in 2-3 days. till date not rectified the fault.


Posted on Apr 05, 2017

Subhranil Ghosh

Posted on Apr 05, 2017

Recently I bought an lenovo A6000 mobile for my mother. after 1 month Mic problem started . i give the mobile to lenovo service center and they returned it to me after 3 days as the mic problem solved. but problem remain the same. again i give it to the service center for solving the issue . same thing happened , they returned it to me after 3 days as the mic problem solved. my mother age is 62 , it not possible for her to visit service center at certain interval because i am staying Hyderabad and my mother is in Kolkata. below is the address of the service center . kindly help me to resolve the issue ASAP.

Vivek Sonawane

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

I purchased a Sony Bravia 40W65D Television from 'ebay.in' last month from a seller named 'lingoimpex'. The TV was faulty as it started displaying green rings from its first day itself. So I asked the seller to take back the TV and refund me my money. He took back the TV from me via courier (Reference No. 50433878714) on 21st March 2017 and since then, he has been ignoring my claim for a refund. I talked with him and the Ebay representatives as well regarding these but both the parties is replying me by saying that I should talk to the other party. Seller is trying to grab my money through illicit means and Ebay is acting like a spectator in his misbehavior. Both the parties are responsible for this fraud and I expect my money i.e. 32,660/- Rs. to be refunded in my account as soon as possible.

Ashish Jain

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

We had made complaints many times for our LED which is in warranty period but received no response. and if we receive then the person askd for the amount equal to the cost of the LED. Please help and suggest.

Sujeet karma

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

Micromax care k pas Maine 10/08/2016 ko apna mobile banane ko diya tha Har bar alag alag Grahako ka mobile dikha k Mujhe ye kaha jata tha k ye mera mobile hai replacement me aaya hai magar jab Maine micromax help line head quarters me call kiya to waha ye bataya gaya k mera mobile k jobsheat ko 3-4 mahine pahale block kiya ja chuka hai mgr abhi tak raipur k micromax care Mujhe jhuth bolta Raha bahane Marta Raha Aur mujhse chakkar lagwata Raha 21+bar

Akshat tyagi

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

Sir,I purchased Motorola phone of gturbo model. And it was found that sim 1 slot is damaged. And when I went to their consumer service centre they told me that it will cost 2200 after just 2 days. Sir please help me regarding this complaint.

Manish Kumar Jha

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

I have submitted my phone YU Yureka Plus Model no. YU5510 in HSR COMMUNICATION, PAGARIA COMPLEX, PANDRI, RAIPUR.(Micromax service center) on 21 feb 2017, for software update. Then they without asking me sent my phone to head office and now they are not giving me my phone. Every time i go to service center they ask me time for one week. its been more 1 months. please go through my complain.


Posted on Mar 27, 2017

i have purchased redmi 2 in may 2015 and i have received a defective piece as this phone has various software issues as my play store and alarm clock stops resdponding whenever there is any software update and the customer care dosent cooperate.

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Mar 27, 2017

I have ordered micromax nitro 2 e311 body housing from Maxbhi.com on 9.2.17 order no 429501 of Rs. 540, but they canceled it. Again I ordered it on 26.2.17 order no 439608 of Rs. 594. But they didn't provide any items for my money. But they only suck money of others. How can I get mental peace from such fraud.

Rajmohan S

Posted on Mar 26, 2017

Sir, proudly I purchased a ZENFONE 2 (faazcy20w556) on 22.01.2016 from Trivandrum, Kerala, India. 4 months back, it developed a complaint and rectified at the service center free of charge. Now it developed some complaint and finding very difficult to operate. I contacted service center and they diagnosed some complaint and demanded Rs.9250/- to rectify the same. I asked to give some invoice, but told report on diagnose will be given on payment of Rs.250/- only. The handset just completed the warranty period of one year and I strongly feel that demanding Rs.9250/- for the repair cost is an act of injustice. I believed your company, your product and your service. I am disappointed. I request you to kindly intervene and arrange to rectify the complaint free of cost. I am suffering too much as i couldnot use the mobile for day to day needs. I request your kind support.

bablu ghosh

Posted on Mar 25, 2017

not working sumsung hm1100 bluetooth sumsung copl no 4232801821


Posted on Mar 24, 2017

Hello sir, I purchase a smartphone from ShopClues.com they have assured me that product is good and genuine. And 10 day return policy. And when I received my courier package and I check the product it has network problem and I submitted my return request immediately. But they refuse it and talking me that it is best for you that you will go to mobile service Centre and they solve your problem... And if any issue remain you can return your product. But problem is not solve after going to service center. And now please help me. Thank you...


Posted on Mar 24, 2017



Posted on Mar 21, 2017

32" LED TV of Toshiba model no. 32i2305 was purchased on 4/12/2013. It got defected and complain was lodged with Toshiba service centre on 23/06/2016 with complain ID TIPLSR6H0025 957. TV still not repaired and remain defected.

Dhanesh Rathi

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

I had taken a mobile phone of Gionee model no P5W. The phone was damaged within 6 months of the warranty period. The phone is still lying in the service centre for more than a month period and still they are giving me assurance on the mail stating that I will receive the phone in the next week from the last 3 weeks. Please help so that I can get my mobile phone in a proper condition.

Shamal D. Naik

Posted on Mar 18, 2017

I have given my intex mobile for repairing in january 2017 n hav not received it.. its march nw.. I want mh mobile back with compensation

book my oofer

Posted on Mar 15, 2017

recd 64 gb memory card inplace of 124 gb

Deepak Kumar

Posted on Mar 12, 2017

I PURCHASE 2PCSDDR2 RAM FROM AMAZON BUT HE SEND ME DAMAGE SHIPMENT,I RAISE A COMPLAIN FOR RETURN SHIPMENT BUT HE CANT DO IT AND HE WANT ME 200 RS FOR COURIER CHARGE THAN HE THINK RETURN OR NOT,AMZON DOING VERY FRAUD WORK WITH ME WHY I AM GETTING RETURN COURIER CHARGE, KINDLY GET ME HELP FOR RETURN PICKUP SHIPMENT AND REFUND MY VALIABLE AMOUNT, i AM SO THANKSFULL FOR THIS WORK ALL OF YOU,Order details given below:- Order ID 404-1769506-6970755: 2 of hynix 2gb ddr2 RAM Memory desktop [ASIN: B002JCV5XI] Return pickup is in hand of amazon not us If you can't use the label or carrier provided by scigwl, you can send your return package using a carrier of your choice. You will need to pay for return postage costs. Softcom Infotech 46/1 Shiva Appartment Balwant Nagar, near malik store Gandhi Road Gwalior, MADHYA PRADESH - 474011 Phone: 8602594434 THANKING YOU DEEPAK KUMAR KATIHAR BIHAR 952591194

Sunil sharma

Posted on Mar 12, 2017

I had problem in battery of my MI phone. Phone was in Warrenton but company denied of warranty and ask to charge RS 1000. But at the time of paying they swiped my card two time Rs 1000 and Rs 2750. When I asked for this extra charge they said they will return the amount but didn't even on talking to customer care.


Posted on Mar 12, 2017


prakash jha

Posted on Mar 09, 2017

aquaguard maxima defective product given by shopkeeper


Posted on Mar 09, 2017

Dealer from whom purchased inverter & battery,take away both for servicing under warranty period,closed the shop,before returning the same.


Posted on Mar 08, 2017

I having issue for charging in my handset. I give it to service center for repair it. They gave me one week time for repairing. After one week when i visit to center for pick my hand set they give me other IMEI handset. They said that this is your handset but i said them this is not mine. Which handset they giving me is other handset which is having other problems also . Service centre not accept it. Service center is not returning my handset with same IMEI as in bill. They forced me to keep handset of Other IMEI. They said we have not your handset (IMEI as in bill) so you have to keep this other handset .


Posted on Mar 08, 2017

We are having 1 whirlpool Washing machine which in warrantee/gaurantee period. There are no service center where i can show my equipment and there are no customer care center where i can put my complaint. Our Contact number is +97577106896

Anubhav Shukla

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

Dear,Sir/Mam My LED TV previous 5 months repairing on the samsung care kanpur.not responce to good and i am not satisfied this company please help me sir thanks

vivek kumar chauhan

Posted on Mar 06, 2017

dear sir mene apna phone lava care par thek karne ke liye diya tha jis time diya tha us time chal raha tha but ab wo keh rahe hai ki aapka phone dad ho gaya hai jab mene unehe phone diya tha us time sirf uski lcd tuch crak thi ab me kya karu

diler singh

Posted on Mar 06, 2017

sir / mam i buy a air conditioner from chawla electronics sco 49 ground floor basement huda market sector 29 faridabad the shopkeeper faruad with me and take extra money on the air conditioner and give very poor quality air conditioner and want to change my air conditioner please help me out.


Posted on Mar 06, 2017

Lenin R

Posted on Mar 03, 2017

I am a dealer of cold chain medicines located in Trivandrum.I have bought a celfrost cooler from an agency in cochin after confirming that it will maintain 2 to 8 degree Celsius. I have particularly informed that the purpose is for storing cold chain medicines and it should meet the temperature criteria of 2 to 8 degree Celsius. They have agreed and supplied the same after fitting with a temperature monitor. For the day 1 and 2 it was okay and after days passed object crossed 8 degree C and gone up to 13 degree C. I have informed them several times but they are telling that I have to defrost once in three days manually by switching it off. If I switch off, all the medicines stored will become unusable. I have bought batteries and UPS system by paying more than 50000Rs to back up this cooler in case of power failure. Now All my money is under loss and I am not able to use this. Even after several communications company is not replacing it nor they are willing to give me back my mone

Shubham Garg

Posted on Feb 28, 2017

I bought samsung j7 2016 on 27.07.16 and from the first day i am facing too much problem. I have visited and sumbitted device so many times but can't get a proper function and now again service centre is saying to submit the device one more time. I want a complete refund of my phone please help me i have already visited service centre 5-6 times and then again they are saying to submit device one more time. I am a student and my study got too much disturbed because of this phone and because of service centre setvices. Please help me in getting refund of my phone.


Posted on Feb 28, 2017

I use a Faber Chimney at home which is under annual service contract with Faber Authorised Service Centre "AVON Marketing ". since Nov 2017 chimney motor was not working which was finally replaced by the Avon Marketing in January at my expense of Rs. 2000/- approx. The motor again stopped working after about 15 days which was inspected by the service technician first on 15th Feb and reported that some soldering needs to be done . again after vigorous pursuasion with Faber , the technician revisited on 24th and reported that PCB is faulty which need to be replaced and chargeable . I think this there is a foul play since the motor failed within one month of installation , the service provider is playing dirty . kindly advise.


Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Respected Sir, I regret to state that,I had purchased a reliance digital 42"TV(Reconnect-LED-LE4295)from Reliance Digital Retail Limited ,dated.03.02.12,invoice no.001254,batch no.000142 & enrolled in to Reliance resQ plan on 13.05.2016 and deposited Rs.5700/-.Few month later, my TV stopped working and I lodge a complains several times over the phone and they had send their service man to checked the TV and took the TV for a few days and said that ,they can not repair the TV and will give me 20% of the purchase value of the TV. I have refused their proposal and had let them know that I will lodge a complain against them but they had challenged me saying that I can do any thing and they will not change their stance. The condition is the same till date and they have never contacted me after returning the TV in the same condition as they took it. So it is my request to the forum to look in to the matter and solve it. Your faithfully Rajyashree Das 11 Pottery Road Kolkata-15 Mob.983015402

Saurav Kumar

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Its Saurav Kumar from Hinjewadi Pune. Last year I ordered a phone motorola 3rd generation phone from Flipkart. My phone was working fine but in the last month of warranty it started getting switch off for no reason. I went to the service center and they took my mobile for repair. Later after delay of around 1.5 month they returned my phone with damaged mother board . Soon after 2 days I realized that I have got damaged mother board of mobile. I went to the service center for inquiry. They again submitted my phone and then after a week they told me that my mobile is rejected because of liquid damage. The B2X service center has changed each and every part of my phone in order to show that they were right. Since that indecent I have been constantly in touch with motorola support team. But now its around 6 months of suffering and they are merely making fool of me every time I talk to them. So I plead you to please provide me the justice. I want to lodge FIR for the same.

Mohit kumar

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

I purcase yophoria 5010 handset .it perform low qulity .it switch off itself.i deposit four time at micriomax service center .last time i deposit handset in augest 2016 .company not replace it .i have all paper detail please do something for my hand set concern. Mohit kumar

Waseem N Hashmi

Posted on Feb 26, 2017

I purchased a samsung powerbank from dealsamzon and as soon as I recieved I found it faulty and not working at all. All the three ports were not working, I raised a complaint to thier comlaint centre via email 3 times. It has been around 9 days and I have not recieved any reply. Please look into the matter.

Lennon DSouza

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

Purchased a Samsung 40" LED SMART TV a year ago for around Rs. 56K, Model: UA40J5570AULXL, serial # 0A3G3PBG400630B. Since purchase it has stopped working for the 4th time now, a part has been changed on every visit of the technician previously and now they say the motherboard has to be replaced. Have asked for a replacement of the TV as its a faulty piece and breaks down every 3 months but the company refuses to do so. Please Help

Sailajananda Baral

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

cell phone service related issue at motorola service center bhubaneswar odisha.job sheet no=SRINE 1761701110007.Email complaint no-170212003137.customer complaint no-170217015192. Sir i have called so many times but nobody resolved my problem.Please kindly lookinto matter so that my issue will be resolved.


Posted on Feb 22, 2017

not providing resolution/refund for the returned product from shopclues oder no : 89883912 Product : Samsung 40J5100 40" Full HD Slim LED TV

Pallavi Srivastava

Posted on Feb 20, 2017

I had purchased my aquaguard in March 2016. It first broke down in March itself. Subsequently it has broken down multiple times and sometimes even within 2-3 days of repair. The last time the technician came to check our mmachine, he said the water in our society is bad and came with an extra filter and wanted Rs. 750 for me to get it installed but we refused as we wanted to see how long the machine can function. We have repeatedly asked the company for a replacement or a refund but to no avail. The company is now blaming that the water in my society pipeline is faulty. If that is the case, then all of 200 apartments in the society should have the same problem, but that's not the case. The company is not ready to admit that the machine is a faulty piece and needs to be replaced. Despite my repeated requests for refund/replacement and the company acknowledging the requests over calls, no action has been taken. Instead they are sending me messages that the complaint has been resolved.


Posted on Feb 20, 2017

Dear Sir / Madam, I have purchase one mobile phone (Swipe Elite Plus) from Flipkart on 30/06/2016 from Flipkart. After usage of 5 to 6 six month, mobile Sim-1 is not working. Its not connecting with mobile tower. Then I have reached the Company (Swipe Telecom India Pvt Ltd Customer Care (Cosmos Communications, SWP 277) on 05/01/2017. They send my mobile to the company, after that I am continue doing follow up with company customer care on phone & emails but from the day one every time they need 10 to 15 days. Nearly two months is already completed but till the time that company not returning my mobile after repair. That company really harassing me. When I am asking them for refund of money for that they are also not ready. Please help me for the same. Thanks & Regards Kishore Mobile No.9811134215

Saurabh pratik mishra

Posted on Feb 19, 2017

Its le service related .I had submitted a earphone for replacement at their service centre on dated 20-1-17.And they told me to collect it within 7-10 days.But after around 15 days i called them with disappointing result again i called after 3 days got the same result with a very bad and rude behaviour as they making fun of me.After confirm from their HO,i knew that its not yet considered and they assured me to replace it with another 10 days.I want to bring their attention with their customer support but they just ignored it.service centre details:Telesystems,47,janpath,Ashok nagar, Bhubaneswar.

Chandra Shekhar Singh

Posted on Feb 18, 2017

I purchases 40JU6000 Sumsung Ledtv from eBay company and received the product. Open it and found that was damage & not as per describe. I tell the seller to replace it but seller didn't any response. eBay co. tell me "The case fall in non eligible criteria". Therefore, I want to refund money.

simardeep singh

Posted on Feb 16, 2017

I purchased a sony home theatre worth of 11990 from flipkart.com. I was not satisfied with product quality so I returned product ,company picked up product but not refund money to me

Arif hussain

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Do not believe in leEco #i was given my phone max2 in service centre last year of decemr 14 2016 they are still said parts are not available .my jobsheet no #201612170146 .do not buy leEco product .i was send lot of emails # indiasupport @ le.com but guys they all are frud my ph no 9906469517 ARIF HUSSAIN

Mayur Panchal

Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Bought new Mobile phone in Oct'2016, my camera glass broken in 1st week of Nov'16, went to Service Center on 19th Nov.16, but till date there's no parts for my broken camera glass.

maneesh kumar verma

Posted on Feb 13, 2017

Dear sir I want to complaint against yu yunique service provider. I have submitted my set to service centre hsr communication pagaria complex raipur. But after 50 days they don't give any details about my phone when I asked about it they misbehave. Job sheet no. E050216121627001449 My phone invoice no. S9BF3D/15-16/2504 My contact no.7415548788 Even when I mailed to yu care about this they didn't satisfactory reply.

anil sharma

Posted on Feb 10, 2017

electricity bill me jyada rupees aane. vidyut department k dwara Sinai nhi liye Jane. Rajasthan sampark help line ka reply department k dwara galat dene. k.no.-310413006541 Mobile no. 7737773448


Posted on Feb 09, 2017

Shankar Dattatray Attarkar

Posted on Feb 08, 2017

We have placed an order on Snapdeal for Yu Yureka Plus (16GB, White) on 5th Jan 2017, which got delivered on 8th Jan 2017. When we have started operating the Yu Yureka plus phone, we observed lots of problems in the phone as below: Phone becomes very hot, like it can blast anytime Battery get down immediately While operating, it gets hang. Accordingly, we have raised Return / Replace request on 12th Jan 2017, within 7 days from the date of delivery.After that, Snapdeal team person called and asked for engineer visit, for which we replied that we dont want to use this phone and hence want to return the phone. After then, we regularly contacted Snapdeal to send person but they didnt sent and asked us to visit Service Center. we visited M/s Vashi Telecom, submitted faulty mobile on 28.01.2017, but even after 7 days didnt received any feedback and hence on 06.02.17 we took return the mobile. Accordingly sent email to snapdeal, for refund, till date no response from Snapdeal.

Abhay prasad

Posted on Feb 05, 2017

Wrongly demand money by airtel dth customer care supervisior shri piyush

sonal sali

Posted on Feb 04, 2017

respected sir, i recently bought online a mobile phone lenovo k6 note from eBay. they delivered me a damage item. since 10 days, I do whatever they told me. now they didn't refund my money back. They rejected my claim I really mentally harassed. I want to file a complaint against eBay. please give me solution

saurabh jhunjhunwala

Posted on Jan 31, 2017

i m realy mentally harassed . i have purchased MI mobile redmi 3s prime on 29/dec. after two days many issues like mobile hanging. loudspeaker/reciever not working anytime during call. after one replacement through company again in new set the same problem is there. also their service centre is very bad n the person is running 4-5 companies serice centre in one small office at mukut nagar, raipur.i have visited there also many times n wasted many hours of no use there. by complaining again the company are saying to factory reset again and again. after that also my problem is same. please help me in this situation . i have beared many business loss due to this mobile set because on reaching new set i had sold my old handset same day. what i say about my business loss its more than 5 lacs. but i too understand and thus i claim 2.75 lacs. i should provide all details reg bill nos. complain nos n emails to you at processing time. thanks saurabh

Deepak Kumar

Posted on Jan 31, 2017

I had purchased a Intex aqua ace mini 14 April 2016 from laxmi watch co. sadar bazar ambala cantt. I have facing problems in charging since 20 December 2016. l had complained in Intex service centre (intex tech India Ltd.c/0 mahavir traders (ICP ambala cantt 5252 anaj mandi opp water tank ambala cantt mob no _ 9541595415 e mail _ icptelambalacantt@intexcare.in) on 21 Dec 2016 vide job sheet no 612216372006t001. The above service centre just tell me that your phone is in under process again and again. I have passed more than one month. I am facing problems by this. I have calling daily to consumer care but they give me no reply. I am mentally harassed. I hope you & your establishment. l shall required your cooperation in this regard.thanking you.

sachin wadbude

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Hello My name is sachin wadbude. I had purchased lenovo k5+ handset on dated 9 april 2016. But after few day problems arises like hanging handset and suddenly handset leaves network of both sim card automatically. So I submit my handset to service center 2 time but still problem continue. And now they are not accepting my handset telling that it will not repaired here. So please help me. And solve my issue. Thank u. Mo. No. 9766089177 Imei no. 862312034290383

Damyanti Agarwal

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

It is regarding Hind Enterprises at town hall road Udaipur taking advanced booking money of 1000 and not returnig back after the cancellation of order of A.C. and forcing us to buy a electronic item upto 10,000.


Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Dear @ Consumer court , I have bought a morphy richards , micro wave oven from bajaj electricals almost 1 year back , but in last month there was some technical problem coming up in the micro wave oven , against which i have lodged a complaint with there customer care department almost 1 month back . but post sales service of bajaj electricals is so bad that even after 1 month there has been no representative has come to resolve my problem , i have send them regular follow up mails to resolve the same but it seems that they have no responsibility towards customer for post sales service , its a real harassment for me to regular follow up for post sales service. i have separately lodged a formal complaint against there management at the consumer court , the bajaj electrical service team is total unprofessional and there job is to just harass customers . cc - consumer court / chairman bajaj electricals / senior management of bajaj electricals . regards, Puneet kapoor subarnabhoomi

amrit saini

Posted on Jan 20, 2017

my order nmber 412829 iam order lumia 532 bettrey its not fit my mobile plz return this thanks

Ronak Agrawal

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

I have ordered Yu Yureka plus mobile on 9/1/17 and received on 12/1/17 but on the same day i request for replacement because it was manufactured almost a year ago i.e February 2016 and old version mobile without Volte.when i request for replacement, i have been informed pickup date till 15/1/17 but not picked up the the pickup is rescheduled till 18/1/17 but again not pickedup and now it is extended till 20/1/17. It is the worst experience of mine on any e-commerce website.i was not expecting this kind of service from SNAPDEAL. please update me and make it quick. Order id: 17826233793 suborder id: 22162780391 replacement ticket id: 38992807 mo. no. 08200271907

Jyoti prakash

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

I purchased online a mobile paying 10,399 through PayTm wallet from SABBUY.COM on 12th December, 2016. I was allotted order ID as 16443. But company is not delivering my product. They have swithed off there TollFree 18002701865. What can I do? Surprisingly the online booking is still running online by company. Ya my balance transfer to my account plz

poly das

Posted on Jan 18, 2017

I have purchased a electric Kutchina ARC chimney from M/s Spark Innovations Haltu Kol-78 on 19.102016. But the said machine was not installed properly which was intimated to firm for rectification of installation which was not at all attended by the firm and result I could not used the said machine properly.

Shahbaz Khan

Posted on Jan 18, 2017


Posted on Jan 18, 2017

I have purchased headphone of Rs-999 from Best Deal TV, there was defective pcs received on that time so have return that product still I have not received fresh one. I have also call best deal tv customer care but nobody received from last one month. Please help to follow up to beast deal tv.


Posted on Jan 18, 2017


Posted on Jan 18, 2017

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Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Phone is not repaired and authoritie there do not provide proper answer.my phone is in warrantee period so I took it to service centre there they told it will take 15days when after 15days I called up they that parts is being manufactured and just disconnect the call.I asked that I want to speak to senior authority or manager there den they say that sir is busy now you wait for half hour on hold.I am fed up of dis and don't know what to do now


Posted on Jan 16, 2017

Since 5 month Micromax is not responding for one my faulty lapbook. can you please assist

D k sharma

Posted on Jan 16, 2017

I am a regular online shopper but never ever i have encountered a cheat & fraudulent company like shopclues in my whole life.. This post is to warn every online shopper to avoid this company like plague or loose your hard earned money They provide refurbished products in the name of new a cheat the consumers of their hard earned money. I purchased one eye ball slide tablet from them, A dead Refurbished product was delivered by them for last 15 days i am running from pillar to post and taking up the matter vigorously with them but they are making false promises to me for refunding the money. They have given me ticket no 571272 on 1.1 17 and then ticket no 8360506 With intention to defraud me and embezzle my money one Mr Shailnder regularly calls me that needful will be done in a day but nothing is done.

debashis tarafder

Posted on Jan 16, 2017

I had made an AMC of my Aquafresh Water Purifier on July 2016 to M/s. Saheb Home Appliance, Barrackpur. But within 7 months nobody came for any servicing (Though 3 free services and all parts included in AMC with Rs. 3500/-) In Jan. 2017 when my filter gone unworking, I called them for check and repair. They came and said that two electronics parts are got damaged and that parts are not included in AMC (never they had said it nor it is mentioned in bill). Anyway I purchased the two parts from open market and requested them to install it. Ironically, they simply ignored to repair it as I had not purchased the parts from them with triple cost. On repeated calling, they insulted me very much with slang languages and assault me in public. As a new resident here I could not resist them. I have already complained to Con. Forum 10 days ago with ref. No. 83 and 84 / 2017. How can I get judgement for breach of AMC and assaulting a reputed. Govt. employee for request for my right.

Parmeshwar Singh

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

Mango shop Vashi bisaid of in orbit mill 6800.rs me se mujhe refund only 5000 thou back replies me

Kapil Chopra

Posted on Jan 14, 2017

Sir , i have replaced my Mobile phone touchscreen in Motorola karnal center and paid them &#8377;5550 cash but they provide me an fake display instead of giving me an orignal one


Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Collpix 4 month pehle mere camera ka lenss kharab hogya tha mene use reper kar vaya uske reper hone ke bad 15 din me uski flashlight bigad gay Too mera question comply se he Aap good quality nahi de sakte Plz muje call kre or meri bat sune 8153030977

Mohit Tanwar

Posted on Jan 09, 2017

i bought moto g4+ from amazon on may 2016 . Now , i have several problems with phone i.e: battery issue , software issue , mic issue . I took phone to service center of motorola(Sahara mall, gurgaon) .Now they are saying that the scratch on upper side on phone is a physical damage and now phone cannot be consider in warranty and billed a amount more than 10,000/- against repairing of phone . That scratch doesn't effect any working of phone .No screen or touch panel is damaged . Please help me in this and give order to service center for consider my phone in warrenty.

Devinder Dheeman

Posted on Jan 09, 2017

Sir, touch of my Mobile Panasonic T41 had been brocken, I approached Om Sai Mobile, Railway Raod, Barara about 17 days ago. He asked me to come after two days. When I aproached him after two days. He told me that display of my phone has been broken during fixing the touch. He asked me to come after 4-5 days,but when i approached the shopkeeper, he told he was unable to find the display of the mobile in the market. Since then I have approached and called the shopkeeper many times, but every time he asked for some more time. Now it seems that he is making me fool and he doesn't want to fix my phone. He has broken original display of my phone. I have suffered a lot due to his carelessness and feeling harrased. You are requested to do the needfull and pass necessary orders. Mobile No. of the shopkeeper is 9466811563.

Mateen uddin

Posted on Jan 07, 2017

Me not receive my mobile bill on moti masjid Samsung center


Posted on Jan 05, 2017

Dear sir, 2009 to 2010 abb private ltd bangalore worked as trainee operator, here applied for pf 4 times in 5 year, but management not ready for give my pf, so what do plz giv solution.

Rajeev Ranjan Sinha

Posted on Jan 03, 2017

I bought geaser of Racold Pronto on 18.12.16 from the dealer soni electricals, palika bazaar,sector-9, malviya nagar, jaipur. After two days it stopped functioning and i lodged complaint with dealer and i was suggested to lodge complaint with Racold as it could be defective piece. i lodged complaint with racold on 31st dec on their tollfree no. 18604252288 and on my mobile i got my complaint number only as 160040815 but no one bothered to contact from racold company till 3rd jan 2017. in between i called them thrice and every time i got lukewarm response and getting the reply that some one will immediately contact me but no one contacted me, eventually i called them again on 3rd January and subsequently local person from racold contacted from 0141-2623841 and his name is yogendra, he was very rude and utterly misbehaved man who without attending to my problem and looking at my geaser paased on the verdict that nothing wrong is with geaser and it is not company problem rather plumber

Dadasaheb Suryawanshi

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

I had purchased Intex Aqua Plus phone and approx within one year its charging lead got damaged , when I gave this phone to repair to their service center at Gurgaon on 3rd December 2016, it came back without repair after 10 to 12 days and I found that Its touch screen was Damaged (Not working) , I then placed online complaint on Email then on facebook, Their Manager assured help and support and asked service center to repair my touch screen within one day without taking any charges. I gave this phone on 20th December 2016 for repair, today is 2nd January 2017, Service center Mr.Umesh Says that It is coming back from company without repair. He has yet to receive phone. Almost one month lapsed but INTEX is not able to repair my phone, they are sending back Return Without Repair. I don't understand why they are doing like this. I have given all documents (Invoice , Phone etc) , asked several times to service center if they need any additional document, they said "No" we have all and still


Posted on Jan 01, 2017



Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Kindly note that I have purchased Sansui Colour TV in the year 2001 , till now there is no repair at all, due to this aspect I have purchased 40 inch LED Sansui TV in the month of May -2015 but yesterday ie 27/12/16 my LED got repaired. I have complained to customer care centre at Tambaram (Chennai), their service Engineer came today , he says "PANEL" problem , panel to be change. He informed to Customer service centre, they called me yesterday afternoon they are saying for panal replacement cost is Rs. 22,000/- , I am very surprised , because I have purchased TV in the year May 2015 , an amount of Rs. 35,000/- TV is working for 18 months, that product was made in duplicate & quality is very poor. Kindly replace the my LED TV or Panel otherwise I will apply in Supreme Court for huge compensation & all Sansui brand ban in India. Because you are reputed brand in home appliances and many of our family is using the same brand & same make there is no problem till now during long se

Himanshu gupta

Posted on Dec 30, 2016

Toshiba india not repairing my tv nor returning my money back


Posted on Dec 29, 2016

I have purchased Moto z play from flipkart on 19th October 2016, after a month i have faced issue on touch then i have submitted my phone to moto service center(janak communication nit-5 faridabad) on 28th november 2016. still i have not got my phone and when i call to customer care they told me you will get your within a week.

bhagwan singh rathore

Posted on Dec 29, 2016


Natarajan. S

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Sir, last year I bought a roof mounted DVD player from Dhana Cars, tuticorin and 6 months back it got repair. I went to dhana Cars and handed over the player for repair. But I didn't receive any acknowledgement from them. Later they shifted their shop to another place and they have misplaced my player. after continuous enquiry they admitted that they have misplaced. In between I sent an email to the owner then he called me and told that he will replace with new one. But in vain. Each and every time I visit to tuticorin I enquired about that player, he will say next Wednesday or next Thursday I'll send the player but no use. To the new shop itself I've visited 3 times, but in vain. What should I do. Pls guide me.

Avinash pinheiro

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Sir I purchased samsung s5 50 days back n now the mother board is gone can I complain in consumer forum

sanjeet kumar

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

sir please my external hard disk s/n:-GXBOK228987Z10YQ96A 6S NOT RESPONDING SIR SOLVED MY PROBLEM


Posted on Dec 27, 2016

I am Mousumi Chattopadhyay from Bandel,hooghly,West bengal. I have bought My new phn Index Aqua classic from Uma telecom service in bandel.I am using this phn since 5month.durging last 1month I am facing a huge problem that is when I turn on Internet in my phn,automatic several many applications are coming in my phn & installing.when I uninstall those.the are being reinstailled again again. I have gone service centre of Intex in SERAMPORE but they told I have to pay rs 750 for new software as this is user fault I have to buy it!! Why I pay this during warrantity period & this is not my problem at all. please solve my problem & arrange for repairing free of cost very soon. otherwise I WILL COMPAIN IN CONSUMER FORUM AGAINST YOUR INTEX COMPANY & YOUR SERVICE CENTRES. I have been harassed since a long days. Awaiting for urgent reply & resolve. THANK YOU, CONTACT NO. 9804665940,/ 8013352574/,9051568030 BANDEL,HOOGHLY WEST BENGAL


Posted on Dec 27, 2016

Overcharging of Rs1700 & cheated me by selling wrong product with same description with local gift offer , not LG company offer and not provided me any money receipt till now by Jhankar Agency Kidwainagar Kanpur on purchasing of 43 inch LG LED TV on 25 October 2016.

ganesh v

Posted on Dec 26, 2016

apple i phone 5s is having very poor battery life and bad voice quality.Purchased this on 28.10.2016 in Poorvika mobile world,mosque road,bangalore-5, Inv no-SI/FRAZ/5159. Given to i care centres twice for rectifying the same but problem still persists.need apple to either rectify this or return the money back as the phone is hardly 2 months old.


Posted on Dec 26, 2016

Complaint regarding Toshiba LED29P2305 Purchage LED TV from Shiv Shakti Electronics B2/58-59, Sector-17, Rohini Delhi-110089, I have lot of time complaint on telephone to distributor as well as M/s Toshiba Company but there is not fruit full result till date. Take necessary action please. Thanking you

Shreemoyee Bhattacharjee

Posted on Dec 26, 2016

We bought a microwave oven of Morphyrichards 25CG from E-zone Kolkata on 11.10.15. From 9thSep,16 onwards it is not working. The product is under 2 years warranty. During last 4 months I made several complaints to their respective call-centres (Complain nos.10972325/10456703/104567031/110708361). But till date it is not repaired, rather the head of the technical people who is entrusted to do the repairing job, stopped picking up phone. My prayer is Pls do help to get it repaired as promised under the warranty provided at the time of purchase. Regards.


Posted on Dec 24, 2016

maine whaaky.com se nokia 5800 magaya tha pr ye mobile bhi mujhe kharab mila nai iske sath na iska chrager na hendfree thi or mujhe esa kharb mobile nai caheye esi fak side ko band kre or mere pese refand kare jaye

Bhagwan Singh

Posted on Dec 24, 2016

Sir I have purchased an EXIDE CR500+(THIRTY MONTH WARRANTY) battery on 04/07/2014 from THE BATTERY SHOPPEE. The battery started giving trouble in Aug 2016. After complaining on 09/08/2016 an engineer of the company came on 11/08/2016 and rectified the problem. It again started trouble in Dec 2016. Again after complaining on 17/12/2016 the engineer came on 19/12/2016 and after examining he suggested us to bring the battery at SERVICE CENTER and get it replaced. On 23/12/2016 at the SERVICE CENTER they refused to do so saying the battery is dry. But the level indicators of the battery was indicating it is not dry. Thus it is a manufacturing defect for which the company is totally responsible. KINDLY GET THE BATTERY REPLACED AT MY ADDRESS AND A COMPENSATION OF Rs 10800 DUE TO INCONVENIENCE CAUSED TO ME.

Sandeep Kumar

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

I have purchased Coolpad Dazen-1 from Snap Deal (online site) on 18th Jan.2016. After 5 months we are are facing a problem in above handset. I have gone to Service Centre (Sonepat Gandhi Chowk), he kept my phone to himself and I contact after some days to Service Centre and he said that your handset sent to its company for repair. Till now I have not received my phone and not satisfactorily response from Service Centre and Coolpad Customer Care. Today I contacted again Service centre but he replied "where you want to go, you may go" as a threat. Please look into this matter and advise.

Subhankar Chowdhury

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

My Samsung Note Pro is under extended warranty. Still, had to change the battery at my cost in may 2016. But, it started malfunctioning again within a couple of months. Asked the company to replace it. But, they ignored.

Udayan Rakshit

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

on line i have ordered one Power Bank 20800 mAh on 28-09-2016 costs rs 980 paid by internet banking ,still not receive the material,querrys went on and on compaints tkt lodged many a time,but gotno fruitful results, always they giving reply it will take time, order booking company name E-Ninja,if u require i will forward all the mails regarding this=udayan rakshit


Posted on Dec 22, 2016

I had given my phone (one plus one) for repairing to a shop in Hulimavu. The owner of the shop didn't repair it completely, took the payment and made me visit his shop thrice to get it fixed fully. When i visited him for the third time, he refused to fix anything further and laughed on my face telling me that I have damaged my phone and that its not him. I paid 3000 INR to fix it for no reason.

abhishek pratap yadav

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

i gave my lenevo G450 laptop for servicing at LappyTech B-9 ocean plaza noida sector-18 ,which they claimed to be official service center of lenevo which in reality is not.they mis-guided me by suggesting that its motherboard got damaged it need to be replaced . thinking economically i didn't go for further check and kept laptop aside believing its of no use to me.couple of months later i came to realize that the information given to me by the service center is absolutely incorrect and for that i had undergone too much trouble as i'm computer science student .they also charged me 600 rupees for that information. so kindly take this case seriously so that others wouldn't have to suffer in the same way as i suffered . thaks

Shreemoyee Bhattacharjee

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

We bought a microwave oven of Morphyrichards 25CG from E-zone Kolkata on 11.10.15. From 9thSep,16 onwards it is not working. The product is under 2 years warranty. During last 4 months I made several complaints to their respective call-centres (Complain nos.10972325/10456703/104567031/110708361). But till date it is not repaired, rather the head of the technical people who is entrusted to do the repairing job, stopped picking up phone. My prayer is Pls do help to get it repaired as promised under the warranty provided at the time of purchase. Regards.

vikas pandey

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

I bought a Microwave oven on 12 June 2016 of brand samsung from croma store Aundh, Pune. The microwave stopped working on 12 Nov. I complained same day to samsung, the engineer checked it but could not repair it. He made three visits after that till 23rd Nov but could not resolve the issue. Now today is 21st Dec and my issue is not resolved. Every 4-5 days I get a message on my mobile that the part will be replaced in next 3-5 days but there is no limit of it. I feel harassed. Wanted to lodge a complaint for this ineffective service and mental harassment.


Posted on Dec 20, 2016

Sir I was purchased htc desire 820 B model on Mar 2014 with rate of 24500 Rs and with insurance. After 2 year my simply slot is not working , insurance was also lost. After reporting to service centre they Charging so much amount for mother board repair , then after few days my mobile has gone to dead not switching on. It was not ready for exchange on any counter. My whole money gone to waste.


Posted on Dec 20, 2016

Sir I was purchased Bajaj gas ix2 gas stove in July 2014, Sir my bill is lost for this purchase I have 5 yrs warranty and 2 yRs on burner Sir On 20 Dec 16 one burner is not working Kindly clarify customer care want money for visiting and repair kindly resolve it.


Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Hello Sir, I am from Kolkata.I bought a Karbonn Mobile handset in July 2016 via Snapdeal.But after 10 days of it's delivery the touchpad of the Phone didn't work.Next day I went to the Service Centre and they advised me to submit the phone for few days. But thereafter almost 5 months over,I can't get back my Mobile.Everytime I have Contacted with them they advised me to wait for a few more days.In this way the Mobile company cheated me.seriously I got fed up with this situation. Hence I want to take some urgent action against them. Waiting for your Kind suggestion and help.


Posted on Dec 19, 2016

Reference to above subject I would to bring to your kind notice that a shop named links selling mobile and accessories situated at residency road . Is selling phone above MRP and when I asked me bill for the same he told he can't give above MRP but charges more than MRP . Kindly see into this .

Rupam Talukdar

Posted on Dec 14, 2016

My laptop (Brand- TOSHIBA) has some charging issues (the battery don't charge). I filed a service request on 13th September. Initially I had to mail Toshiba customer care again and again regarding the service request, they were postponing the dates and at last the motherboard arrived in the first week of November after a delay of 2 months. But the problem worsen, the motherboard was a faulty one and the laptop didn't boot up. So I had to replace the older motherboard again. And after that Toshiba customer care don't reply to any of my emails nor answers my calls. It has been more than 3 months after registering a service request but till now they are not able to repair the same. Moreover the laptop is in warranty period and the laptop cost around 1 lakh rupees. I have been harassed by Toshiba for more than 3 months, I don't want to spare Toshiba for doing that. I want a compensation of Rs 2,00,000 from Toshiba. They think that consumers are just money making objects. I want some help.


Posted on Dec 13, 2016


Posted on Dec 12, 2016

I have purchased IFB Washing machine on 25/10/2010. since its installation, lots of complaint regarding smooth functioning of machine have been lodged. With some trial and error, it has been repaired, but never been smooth functioning. I came to know through their service center that this is obsolete and failed model. On my repeated requests made to company for replacement, it never been heard. Now again they are saying that parts are out of stock and you purchase new one and in exchange offer we can give Rs 4000/- off in IFB machine. After exchange offer what they are quoting is even more than the online rate. It is requested to look into it and resolve the issue.


Posted on Dec 05, 2016


Posted on Dec 04, 2016

Sir. I had given my karbon mobile hamdset which is under warrenty for repairs on 29/09/2016 and they sent it to delhi. Wnen inquired about it they said to call aftr ten days and till now they say the same thing. I request an immediate action and a replacement of my karbon handset. Please help.

srikanth konge

Posted on Dec 03, 2016

have purchased aqua guard water purifier last month November 2016 after 3 days water was not purified fully and I have registered complaint for service through customer care they registered the complaint but service was not done till today. Finally I visited harsha electronic shop udupi where I have purchased they have registered the complaint last Friday 25 th November but I have received call from office regarding complaint. But they not inform about the service. Harsha electronic shop service and aqua guard service is worst . I never seen such type of service in my life


Posted on Dec 03, 2016

Dear concern I had a complaint against subsidiary televenture product YU cell of micro max, in which the same problem I am facing constantly from last 4 months. Thrice i have complained to company but they are not responding and every time rectify the problem and said collect your cell its working fine but after few days same problem started again now the situation is that in last 9 months of purchasing, service center kept my cell for 2 and half month now tell me what is the relevance of guarantee period of 12 months because service center kept for two and half month, second if the same problem comes in next 3 months then i have to bear the cost because my guarantee period will be over, third they are not extending guarantee and not even ready to give me assurance that this problem will not again.it means there is problem in mobile set that is why same problem coming again and again and they dont want to replace or extend guarantee or assurance.Complaint No. - 75304 CONSUMER HELP LINE


Posted on Dec 01, 2016

I purchased htc mobile handset model no. htc desire 728 (imei : 359988060307702) from manik comm. on 16/08/2016 (please find the attached doc), after 4 days i noticed an over heating issue with the handset and visited the same retailer but he replied not to worry as it was normal, after 2 more weeks the mobile touch stopped responding accurately & i visited the htc support centre jammu, they examined my handset and demanded my handset to be submitted under warranty status for repairing on 16/09/2016 and i did the same (please find the attachment), they sent my handset to some third party agent flextronics and he mishandled my phone and burnt/remove some components of the same. now htc support is saying, my handset is out of warranty and i must pay them around 13000 in order to get it back. so, it is my humble request to you to please look into the matter, help me and stop these kind of people to do unfair trade practices and cheating others.

Sumanta Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 01, 2016

I had purchased a LFY mobile on 06.10.2016 but after 2 days its loudspeaker not worked then I go to Services Center and They replace with a new handset on 12.10.2016. After that new handset going automatically restart regularly for that I another time visit their SC and they updated software but autorestart problem still remain. Then I visit 2nd & 3rd time for same problem but my phone problem not solve. In this time their manager call me and request to visit him for a better solution. On 24.11.2016 (this is the 4th time) I visit again but still they not give any solution. Till today my phone problem is running. On 25.11.2016 I call their Customer Care and also send a mail to their. But they did not send any response. At last I send an another mail on 30.11.2016 and they replied as below I apologise for the inconvenience caused due to your LYF device. I have re-escalated your issue on priority to the relevant team. We will get back to you with a proper resolution at the earliest.


Posted on Nov 30, 2016

I request you to please take necessary action against Network Communication(HTC INDIA) for cheating and fraud .

Ankit Gupta

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

I bought a 24 inch Sony LED television on 28th October I.e. On dhanteras, there was a offer i.e. A 16gb Sony pen drive free with purchase of TV it was told by the salesman and also printed on the TV sticker but after making payment the salesman told that they don't have the pen drive right now they will provide us after 2 days but after that I have visited several times they always try to fool me by saying take it on Monday, Wednesday and blah blah I asked them to give the mail of co. They denied today they they have given me no. of a companies official but he also not responded positively. Please consider my case. Details of concerned person are as follows Shop name- Naresh Trading Co., Durg Person on Shop-Shaju Vargis Officer of Co.- Mr. Raman

Ranveer Singh

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Dear Sir, I have purchased the Dell Laptop from Local Bareilly Dell Dealer(computeraidbareilly) but from 1st week I am facing problem with the working of the laptop which is communicated to dealer as well as to toll free customer care but no one providing proper support. As per toll free care center problem is at dealer end because they have not opted the on site warranty for this system but as per dealer he sold this product to me with this feature. Dealer is saying to contact at customer care than engineer will come to your location and solve the problem. So many times I have visited the dealer shop and called care center but not I am feeling cheated and fade up with this kind of support. Laptop S.tag 101M0C2 EXP ser code- 2179488818 Problem Area :1- Brightness high low keys not working 2- On pressing of numeric keys its up/down, left/right and other functions happening. It is more than one month past and no solution yet. Kindly support me for urgent solution. Ranveer

Anindita Mukherjee

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

Have purchased on HTC 828 (32 GB) phone on 25th April 2016.suddenly to my surprise on 28th Nov my phone got completely off and when I tried to plug in the same,an error message was showing as to put off the charger. I went to HTC service centre in E-Mall where they have accepted the complaint and asked to revert back in 2 days.They called me back in another 1 hour and conveyed that there has been some liquid found in my cell and asking me to pay an amount of 7000 as a charge. My concern is when the warranty period is there why do I need to pay.This is a very bad service. Request you to take this up.

anand vazirani

Posted on Nov 27, 2016

I ordered a Samsung battery for my cell phone recived a bigger size which can not be fitted in my i phone Wanted to return return was accepted but i could not see it as SMS went to my cell number and i was on computer .thinking it did not go trough i cancelled it to my shock i am told the replacement is closed and inspite of me calling several times to mention cancellation was done by an honest old man not knowing the company policy and not very comfortable with on line shopping but i am told it can not be returned and i have to suffer this loss?// I think it is very unreasonable and i shoulfd be able to return an item i can not use it and it is a honest mistake

Bhavuk Sharma

Posted on Nov 26, 2016

I have visited the ASUS service center for 5-6 times, and they are not at all providing the correct solution. Every time i am getting the same problem, they changed the mother board and battery, but still, the same problem is there. I have to go every time from Rohtak to Delhi, as in Rohtak, there is no service center of ASUS, n still, after visiting so many times to the customer service center, i have not gotten any relevant solution for this. Kindly help me regarding this as soon as possible sir as my warranty os expiring next month. Please i request you sir.


Posted on Nov 26, 2016

I want a replacement of my ordered wrist watch & drinking bottle

Omkar Suresh Gijare

Posted on Nov 25, 2016

Dear sir, I bought a powerbank from bookmyoffer. com on an promontory offer at RS 450 total. They sent me an second handed powerbank which wasn't working. Also there were scratches on its surface. I, then, sent them numerous emails and they gave me ridiculous replys such as send us pics of powerbank, charge it for 10 hours, how much time its working. I asked them for replacement first, and then for cancellation policy order. Now they're not even replying my email and aren't answering my call. My call is being cut directly. I beg your help sir. I told them that I'll complain in police, then to they haven't sent a single reply. Thank you for your attention and please sir, do something about it. You're the last chance of me.


Posted on Nov 24, 2016

wrongly recharge stv 999 while i am in roaming outside odisha. Please suggest how to revert this amount back

Jitu Gogoi

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

Sir Ihave givem my Mi4I mobile phone fro repair for charging problem, but instead of reparing the mobile the Laptop service point, Laitumukhrah Shillong have taken out my touch screen and replaced with duplicate one and trying to make me fool. Kindly help me in this matter, the Phone No of this service center in 0364-2500020

Suresh Unnithan

Posted on Nov 19, 2016

I am a journalist with over three decades standing and now Vice President of National Union Of Journalists (India). I have an issue with the local cable TV operator, Friends Cable Network (Address: Kavalpura, Avaneeswaram P O, Mobile: 9526127221, 9946797227). The said cable operatorhad taken away our set top box some two months ago and still not returned. When asked, he says the set top box will be returned only at his will. he is also challenging me to complain to any authority, and he is little bothered. In fact this area is his monopoly and he does not listen to the consumers request. He also threatens if any complaint is made on his poor service. Due to his irresponsible attitude I have missed lots of important news events in the recent past including the latest governmentdcleration on demonitisation and related incidents. So I humbly request the authority(s) to look into my complaint and do the needful. Regards Suresh

aakash suresh

Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Respected sir, I have purchased a redmi note 3 16GB variant online from amazon in may 2016. I have been using this phone sinve then. But, i am afraid to inform you that this phone have a hell lot of problems associated with it. I don't say all the redmi note 3 have this type of problems, but some handset definitely have. I am tired of using this handset. And, i demand a complete replacement. While inquiring about the customer services i came to know that the responses are not so well. So, i didn't contacted them. Although, i have tried to express these complaints through the forum it was unsuccessful. As my phone is in warranty, i want a replacement soon. The problems associated with this phone are: 1. Network issues 2. Not able to reboot 3. Not able to update 4. Heating issues 5. Shutdown automatically Please try to understand my problem and help me resolve this issue soon thank you.


Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Hi i m useing lenovo k5 note phone last 2 month its ok, today its heating too much then swich off to 15 mini, and on mobile its not working, service center told me display problem chenge it. ( Not replace ) company policy only 7 days to replace on purchase of day. Please help me.

Jitendra Jagtap

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

I have bought MI Redmi 3s Prime viz. order number 5160921387880439. The order was placed on 21-Sep-2016 in flash sale on MI site. After setting up device on next day it started hanging, heating up and shutting down abruptly. I called in customer care for replacement and got the device replace next week. The replaced device after setting up started giving same problems after 2 days, hanging, heating up and shutting down abruptly. I called customer care for help where I got instruction to visit Service Center to diagnose the device issue. I factory reset device and kept using device for a Month. Now again it started giving same problems hanging, heating up and shutting down abruptly. Today I was in medical emergency and device abruptly shut down. My spouse could not coordinate with me due to such a situation. Why don't they give money back if can't provide working device to me. A very pathetic service and worst product MI india is selling. They don't have value to customer.

piyush singh

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

I Had booked three moth back 28th Aug,2016 Galaxy note 7 on your website and i had paid 59900/- thorough my credit card with EMI option. But after almost 1 1/2 month on 14th oct,2016 i received a mail that you people not able give my product. So you are going to refund my money. But I had received only 55587/- rest 4313 /- you people telling that it will take three month to refund. As you have not given product that you should refund the total amount. Secondly i had selected EMI option so that EMI should also need to close against the refunded amount to the HDFC bank credit card.They clearly denied that they are unable to do that and also they continued charging me monthly EMI with intrest. So what's the deal between Samsung and HDFC bank I don't know but due to your unprofessional customer service i facing such kind of problem. I request you please close this issue asap or else provide me solution for the same. Samsung eStore Order ID 100006794 on 28 August 2016

Soumi Chowdhury

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

Bought a gas oven and pop up toaster from TTK Prestige from their online store. The appliances were received in defective state which as confirmed from their own technician are beyond repair and need to be replaced. I am speaking to their customer service since one month but they are unable to resolve saying since the products were bought online, I will have to search in their website ways of replacement. But the website does not have any such instructions and the service centres are also not ready to help.

Duru Bilandani

Posted on Nov 15, 2016

Dear Sir, Early this year purchased iball tablet model: 3G 7345Q-800 (Office @ Andheri), within few days had to be replaced at vasai service centre with another device(IMEI Number-911377900018458), Tket Number is iB-CC43190 in first week April 2016. Did not function smoothly even for 3 months, iBall agrees to pay me rs. 6,000 for it adhoc, when i questioned how they arrive at this figure, they have no clue, in-between this period they blowing their trumpet of goodwill gesture and NOT ANSWERING/AGREEING TO ANYTHING WHAT CUSTOMER REQUESTED viz I want 2 know how they arrived @ Rs. 6000/-,as this device on changing the LCD which broke, they will replace and bring in market with today's much higher price. Pl advise how do I attach the correspondence file here as evidence. Their Mr Lawrence Damlet even created trouble for me, thus proving NO BUSINESS ETHICS. Pl advise how Ii attach correspondence file as evidence.Thanks/Regards/Duru

Sachin Dubey

Posted on Nov 14, 2016

Pawan Beriwal

Posted on Nov 13, 2016


Clara Vaz

Posted on Nov 11, 2016

I bought Phillips tv from snapdeal.com.seller sent tv without aluminium part of stand. i tried to contact snapdeal about this issue but i think its all automatic computer replies. as they reply to me saying that you have contacted us after the due date from delivery of product and hence we cannot entertain your problem. if a human being had read the problem he/she would know what is the problem and solve it. very bad experience of shopping on snapdeal. i dont know how to communicate with them. All i want is the missing aluminium part from the delivery of the phillips tv. without which the tv is just leaning against the wall till now. the problem is about 3 months old now.


Posted on Nov 10, 2016

My phone (Lenovo A6010) had issues with charging port. So charging was not proper even though there is no problem with battery. I had purchased it on 8th December 2015. Lenovo Authorised service center at Vytilla ,Kochi, Kerala first diagnosed the issue and agreed to replace charging port and associated board free of cost. Told to take backup and keep a spare phone as it'll take around 7 days. Later when i went for replacement they refused sighting a slight discoloration near to the opening for charging. i felt this unreasonable since phone should be working even if there is a slight discoloration at backside of charging contact area. Even if there is a slight rust there, it is natural considering the humid conditions of my city Kochi, Kerala and open charging slot placed in mobile (picture attached). I would like to get my phone serviced free since it should be under warranty till 1 year.


Posted on Nov 10, 2016

Purchased a massage chair from irest technologies pvt.ltd, Model SL-A-26, on 28.12.2015, from exhibition at BKC, contact person :Azeem Bagmar,mob. no.9945421809. The massage chair has been sparingly used for a max. of 8 - 10 times since purchased, and had a motor problem and a problem with the printed circuit board.I have tried contacting Mr. Venkat Prasad (Banglore office),mo. no. 7760813651, as well as Mr. Azeem. since October 2016, but they do not pick up the phone.The massage chair has a one year replacement waranty, and the cost of it is Rupees One lakh,sixty five thousand.


Posted on Nov 10, 2016

hitachi washimg machine purchase direct hitachi co.complaint from July16 to till date(10.11.2016)

Ajeet Basarkar

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

Complaint against - M/s Intex Technologies (I) Ltd. D - 18/2, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - II, New Delhi - 110020, India (Manufacturer) / Amazon India (online shopping service provider). Details of the item purchased - Intex Aqua Ring (Black)Mobile - Qty 1. Ref no - B01IGQWWWS, IMEI 911524550399684. Purchase price INR 3499. Dear Sir, I ordered an Intex Aqua Black phone online from Amazon India site. I received the package on 29 Nov. However after a day or so the screen has started blinking on and off making the phone unusable any further. I have tried to follow the instructions on Amazon site for return of the mobile & received the message that someone from Amazon or the brand service (Intex) center will trouble shoot the product but no one has contacted. Also a link provided for tech support is not working beyond first step. I repeated the process 3 times but there was same result. I want to return the defective item and get back the refund. Please log in my complaint and help.

Ajeet Basarkar

Posted on Nov 07, 2016

Dear Sir, I ordered an Intex Aqua Black phone online from Amazon India site. I received the package on 29 Nov. However after a day or so the screen has started blinking on and off making the phone unusable any further. I have tried to follow the instructions on Amazon site for return of the mobile & received the message that someone from Amazon or the brand service center will trouble shoot the product but no one has contacted. Also a link provided for tech support is not working beyond first step. I repeated the process 3 times but there was same result. I am not able to understand to whom i should approach for resolving this issue. Request to register my complaint and advise me for further action to be taken

Sumit Girish Buddhdev

Posted on Nov 06, 2016

I purchased External HD from Western Digital before Approx 11month I transfer my Data( Auto cad software 2015 original copy , 3DMax Software , Google sketch p software , my portfolio as i am interior designer.My client information my personal data of photos , music, movies , It fail i Contacted Western Digital to help me recover data from there sub standard sub quality HD. On getting the permission i tried from 3rd party to recover the my data in the mean time i have tried to get help from Western Digital at the end the came they collected HD and told me that they will recover data and send it to me. but i think they have also fail to recover data and since 23rd Sep. 2016 i have heard or got any communication from Western Digital know my Business is suffering i can not work on my portfolio or my designs or get new business that is a loss to me that is my lively-hood know i am inserted my data and Western Digital -HD please help me in this regard in at early date and if requred


Posted on Nov 05, 2016


Chetankumar Halani

Posted on Nov 04, 2016

I purchased Motorola 3G phone from Flipkart on 11 Dec 2015. During Aug 2016, i had to give it for repair and motorola service centre took more than 3 weeks to repair my phone. Now again it is not functioning and properly and i am giving it for repair today. Please register my complaint

Virendra Balaut

Posted on Nov 03, 2016

I purchased a samsung galaxy s6 mobile of worth rs 5000/- 5 month back. All of the sudden phone stop working and screen is blank. When i went to customer care they were saying screen is broken from internal. There were no sign of external crack/external damage. After they said that they need to open the phone to find the external damage, they opened the phone and now there is crack line visible from outside. They are now saying that as part of phone opening crack is visible now. Because of screen damage they are saying that this is not covered in warranty. I have 2 question 1. Where it is written that phone internal damage will not covered in warranty 2. Where it is written that internal damage can come outside when we open the phone. Its clear indication of there mishandling of phone and now they are saying screen damage. Request you to help how to go ahead with issue in Consumer Court.

Tanay Kajarekar

Posted on Nov 02, 2016

I have bought a hp laptop and had enrolled for an offer called "back to college in which i was entitled for 1 year theft insurance, 1 year Internet Security software, 2 years extended warranty, 1 bluetooth speaker, and an external 1TB Hard disc. i have paid a certain amount for the said offer but i have not recieved the 1 TB hard disc and bluetooth speaker. even after repeated complaints, and calls no action has been taken by HP India. the redemption date given to me was 29th september. Please look into the matter and guide for suitable action.

Rohit Jaiswal

Posted on Nov 02, 2016

I have bought a 24 inch led TV from Samsung last month. Since the day of installation. It's speakers are faulty. I have contacted Samsung 5 times but they are not concerned about that, I have also mailed to the CEO even he is not responding appropriately. I am fed up now. Please help me.


Posted on Nov 02, 2016

I have submitted my Coolpad Dazen 1 mobile on 11th august 2016 to a service center in Barrackpore, Kolkata, West Bengal. Job sheet number is JS16081100218. I have also been charged Rs. 760 by service center for software charges. The mobile is completely dead and is in warranty. I have been informed by service center that it will take at least 45 days or even more to get the motherboard replaced. But as of now, 2nd Nov 2016, there is no specific date given by Coolpad and this seems to be indefinite time. I have sent numerous mails to Coolpad but received not a single reply. I request you to kindly follow up with my case as this has been almost over two and half months since I submitted my phone to service center.


Posted on Oct 31, 2016


Siva seshu

Posted on Oct 29, 2016

Hi sir, My self Siva seshu and I purchased coolpad note 3 from amazon. In September, phone got battery problem so I gave it in coolpad authorized show room. They gave to job sheet number and that is JS16091300173. I have called that number many times but no proper replay for them. Today I called to COOLPAD authorized service center in vijayawada and they told me , they not yet received spares parts still it will take more time. I have been sent a mail to customercare@coolpadindia.com (Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 7:39 PM from dsivaseshu@gmail.com ) but still now no replay from that mail. I have sent one more mail to support@coolpadindia.com on Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 4:06 PM and subject as "Delay in service and also response also:" I want to hire a lawyer and issue a court notice to coolpad. Can you please suggest me any lawyer who has experience in these type of cases. Please help me. Thanks in advace Siva seshu 8892985229

Mantu Adak

Posted on Oct 28, 2016

Negligence to change the meter for 7 months.but send the bill with gradually increasing.

suneel chidadala

Posted on Oct 27, 2016

my ambrane p-1111 power bank was not working why because i use to the last point power from power bank then the last point was gone and i charged the power bank but not working why because it was just 2 weaks old please replay with me please help me sir

Khursheed Ahmad

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

I have bought yuphoria mobile online.it was working good suddenly my phone slips from my hands and went into water.so its touch was not working,then I went at micromax care center I gave them my mobile and they said 980 Rs is repairing fee and u will get your phone tomorrow evening .then I went care center next day and there I waited 1 hour and after 1 hour they said we have turned on your phone now u have to pay more 1980 Rs for touch.I said u haven't tell me about this.as my phone is already in working condition so I said I won't pay u more.then they said me pay money or take your phone with you.now I have paid 980Rs and they are saying pay more for touch.why I should pay?why they haven't tell me exact charges and take 980 for just turning on my phone.so what should I do now ?

Sanjay Shrivastava

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Dear Sir, mene HP company se ek printer (H.P. Office jet 7500) liya tha. printer kuchh din work karne ke baad bigad gaya. 10 baar engineer aaye kintu theek nahi kar paye phir unhone kaha cortridge purchase karo mene 2 baar unke kahne par cartridge purchase ki kintu phir bhi printer theek nahi kar paye. phir apne service centre le gaye kisi prakar theek kar diya kintu abhi printer phir bigar gaya hai jiski waranty 20 oct 2016 tak thi. mene waranty khatam hone se ek mahine pahle company ko iski jaankari di thi ki mera printer kharab ho gaya hai kintu abhi tak koi bhi response company se nahi aaya.


Posted on Oct 25, 2016

I am using Philips home theatre model number HTS3532BL/94, serial number KX1A1219661563 from the last 4 years. Recently I had some issue with my remote and I called the customer support for replacement of the same. Based on my location they suggested me to contact either Krishnagar or Berhampore service centre in West Bengal. I contacted krishnagar first and they promised me that the remote will be send to my location. Again when I tried to contact them for the status they stopped picking up my phone call. Then I contacted Berhampore service centre (Unique Service Centre). They responded well and send me the pic of the new remote via whatsapp. As Berhampore is around 200kms from my location, they promised me that they will send the remote via courier and I need to pay the charges. Now from the last 1 month whenever I call them and ask for the status whether they couriered my remote, they tell me that this will be send within a day or two. I contacted the Area Manager Mr. Ramkrishna De

Dinesh Goud

Posted on Oct 24, 2016

Respected Sir I Dinesh Goud has purchased Samsung Refrigerator from Samsung India in Sept'2011. Now there is a problem of the door and when contacted Samsung service team, they said that since the model is not available, they could not repair and even not able to replace the door on chargeable basis. As the refrigerator is in very good condition and only because of non availability of spares, I am requesting your team to help me resolving this issue and do the needful Thanking you With Kind Regards Dinesh Goud 9810444296

Gurdev Singh

Posted on Oct 22, 2016

Anand shaw

Posted on Oct 22, 2016

Gaurav Patel

Posted on Oct 22, 2016

I had purchased 12 Watt Led lamp of Speed company from Honesh lock center sayagigunj baroda & it's under warrenty but Shop keeper denied for replacement & it's ph No is - 9714553563

Jaydeep Gahtori

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

Pramod Damahe

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

Dear Team, I have purchased Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Dark Grey, 32GB) handset from Amazon online shopping Amazon.in order number: 17167680069660347 on dated 18 August 2016. After only 12 days My handset was totally dead and hence I have registered a complaint on Amazon regarding replacement but they refused me by saying that their replacement limit is of only 10 days from the date of purchase. Hence I visited Nagpur MI Exclusive Service Center, Shop No. 104 & 105, Manglam Arcade, Near Venus book depo,Gokulpeth , Nagpur 440001 to repair my handset. On 7th Aug 2016 I have submitted my handset at Nagpur Service center, Incident id: 160906-002978 & Service Order No/Job sheet no:- WXIN1609190004156, but till now after 40days, my handset was not repaired and they are just assuring me that it will get repaired once healthy motherboard will be available with them. Request you to kindly help me in this regards. Thanks Pramod Damahe-7774055182

himanshu soni

Posted on Oct 21, 2016

I have purchased A Lumia 535 on 22.10.2015 from Sagar mobile Rewa bill no 17 Rs 7000/- Before 15 days ago mob is suddenly shut down and not opening . mob presented before service centre at jabalpur mp they said mob is liquid damage hence it will not cover warranty and will charge Rs 2850 but I have not given mob to service centre hence my request is how service centre is not taking interest to send mob to company for further action and demanding charge to repair .Please redressal me or call my mob to repair or replacement


Posted on Oct 20, 2016

I have purchased Video Door Phone Solus 7 make, manufacturer Godrej Security Solutions from M/S Radical Marketing Solutions Vide Their inv No 39DB1/15-16/9596 Dt 20.01.2016. The unit stopped working in the 1st week of July 2016. I complained at the toll free no of the co on 24.10.2016 and after repeated reminders the technician came to find that the outdoor unit wos faulty and was to be replaced. The company since then has turned a deaf ear towards all my complaints made telephonically and by email. They were informed that i am going to complain with the consumer forum but not a single reply came from the companies` side. Pl help. Regards


Posted on Oct 19, 2016

Dear Madam/Sir, I request you to please look in to the following problem faced by me on top most priority. 1) My Sony 40" LCD TV became faulty and a replacement have been offered by your authorised service centre against an amount of Rs-41,925/-(including discount), as the spare support is o longer available. 2) But, on a little exploration I have discovered with dismay that the discounted amount charged by Sony is much more than the online purchase rates offered by others. It amounts to violation of Monopolistic and Restrictive Trade Practice law. As a customer I am being compelled to pay more amount to the manufacturer itself than other suppliers. I am sure you will look into this matter and offer a revised discounted offer so that I do not feel exploited because I have chosen to buy a Sony brand of product. Regards.

T. A. Ramkumar

Posted on Oct 19, 2016


Posted on Oct 19, 2016

Complaint regarding ONEPLUS Mobile Phone. The phone is not liquid damaged and service centre and oneplus india team is claiming it as liquid damage and charging 11000 Rupees when the phone is under warranty. The phone parts have been rusted due to atmospheric moisture but the litmus inside the phone has not turned red which proves that phone is not liquid damage. The company by use of its faulty parts is fooling customers by such policy which states the phone as liquid damage if litmus turns red. However there is no place on earth where phone cannot come in contact with atmospheric moisture. Please take some action against such policies of companies like ONEPLUS

Ateequr Rahman

Posted on Oct 18, 2016

I had submitted my Infocus phone for bad quality camera issue in service center on 24th September. They told me it will be repaired within a week. But since then THREE weeks passed & yet they are saying that they are still arranging the parts. My Call id is INFBSL16001182DW. I ahve submitted my device in Borivali Mumbai.


Posted on Oct 18, 2016

Brought moto G worth 11000 and within guarantee period created a lot of problem i want my money back with compensation from flipkart and motorola.

Amit Kar Roy

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Respected Sir, I am AMIT Kar Roy, Residing in Santiniketan, Bolpur, Birbhum district (WB). I bought LENOVO K3 Note in 4th August 2016 at 19.02 PM invoice No-1170 from "PREMIER THE Mobile Store in Bolpur with the price of Rs 9400.00/- But The within 1 month I noticed that the tower problem.I REPORTED THE PROBLEM TO THE MOBILE STORE.BUT THEY said it is a server problem of the SIM company. But Last 15 days i again reported the same problem. The shop Owner of Premier Mr. RUNU received the phone. I am working As a Faculty in Allahabad Bank RSETI in Bolpur. I request you to please took the matter seriously to solve my problem. Lenovo is a reputed company. Why customer is facing problem in the present networking world. I need Your kind help to solve my problem. Amit Kar Roy Mob-9475264242 e-mail-gadainatu@yahoo.in

Pradipta Jana

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Pramod Damahe

Posted on Oct 17, 2016

Dear Team, I have purchased Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Dark Grey, 32GB) handset from Amazon online shopping Amazon.in order number: 17167680069660347 on dated 18 August 2016. After only 12 days My handset was totally dead and hence I have registered a complaint on Amazon regarding replacement but they refused me by saying that their replacement limit is of only 10 days from the date of purchase. Hence I visited Nagpur MI Exclusive Service Center, Shop No. 104 & 105, Manglam Arcade, Near Venus book depo,Gokulpeth , Nagpur 440001 to repair my handset. On 7th Aug 2016 I have submitted my handset at Nagpur Service center, Incident id: 160906-002978 & Service Order No/Job sheet no:- WXIN1609190004156, but till now after 40days, my handset was not repaired and they are just assuring me that it will get repaired once healthy motherboard will be available with them. Request you to kindly help me in this regards. Thanks Pramod Damahe

Divya Priya

Posted on Oct 16, 2016


Posted on Oct 16, 2016

Hi, I raised ticket for washing machine service on 23-09-2016 (No: 1103525791). Without solving the problem, the ticket closed by IFB itself. Again I have raised a ticket: 1103603682 on 01-10-2016. I did not receive any calls till date. I have taken AMC last month only. I have not seen such a worst response from any other product manufacturers. Kindly help to resolve.

Rabi barnwal

Posted on Oct 15, 2016

please help me my mobile yu yufhoria in service centre last 75 days in micromax service centre ...please help me.. I am facing problem I am going to service centre day by day ...........


Posted on Oct 15, 2016

my under warranty 10000mah Ambrane power bank model no P-1111 from Shopclues shopping site on Dated 30th April 2016.Now it has charging problem for that Ambrane service center Delhi repaired twice but still same problem and they not responding me and mail I urge for replacement of power bank but they refused to replace What should i do

Dr. Rakesh Singh

Posted on Oct 15, 2016

Sir, I have purchase one Electric Car Murti and Perfume from Nargis Car Seat Cover Factory with the Mobile Number 9896298809 from Kalka (Kalka Shimla Highway) Near Saini Dhabha 133302 . He installed it into the vehicle but I along with my wife when observed found that it is of little big size, then we called the shopkeeper to remove the same and in return give some other item if not returned. Suddenly he starts misbehaving with us. Sir, he should explain or write in front of the shop that no item will be returned or replaced while purchasing. He also denied to give the pucka bill and give only kuchcha bill. Sir we feel humiliating at that time and I simply said that in future you will know how the shops are run and how to behave with the customer. Sir it is my humble request that kindly take the necessary action and oblige. Thanking You

Amey Kanitkar

Posted on Oct 15, 2016

I purchased a Sony M4 Aqua Dual phone on 8th November, 2015. Currently, it is at local service center (Chaitanya Electronics, Chinchwad, Pune) for repair. Service department has refused to repair it within the warranty, saying phone was activated in June, even though it was purchased in November. I have no idea how can that happen. I have spoken to dealer in this case and he has confirmed that it was activated after purchase. Service department still refuses for the warranty. When I purchased the phone, the package was in sealed status. Moreover, local service centre has refused to provide me a stand by handset saying they are out of stock. I have attached copies of purchase invoice and job card. Phone is still within warranty from the purchase date. I am expecting to get the service which is rightfully due to me. I registered a complaint with customer care as well. Received a call from concerned person. He also refused saying activation of handset happened in June.

rajesh kumar pradhan

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

I have purchased purchased a samsung baterru Model No: GT-i9082. The battery was stop working in warinty period. i have subbmited battery at gurgaon service center named "Advance Technology". my refund hasbeen approved since 10.08.2016 but till now i have not received my refund amount till date 13.10.2016. requested to help me out

Animesh Biswas

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

a jio sim had been issued to some other person on the basis of my aadhar card number. so i could not get the jio sim. it is very unfortunate.

Ankit Sharma

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

My name is Ankit Sharma I bought a Lyf mobile and got a Jio sim along with it from a vendor on 12th Oct 2016 at Mapusa(Goa) but he couldn't activate it because the jio's server was down that day. I went to a shop , run by a Pvt Ltd company " Infobiz mobiles and peripherals Pvt Ltd" , under the name "Infobiz mobiles and peripherals"( Contact: 0832-3293455/09326137267) where Jio has deployed customer executives to redress the customer grievance which includes activation of the sim which the Reliance co. Claims to be free of cost but the shopkeeper of Infobiz considers this to be a opportunity to charge unnecessary amount for a free after sales service and demanded a amount of &#8377; 70/- from me. He charges similar unnecessary amounts for services ,which are provided free of cost by the company Reliance, and making a kind of fortune I request you to please look into the matter and instruct the shopkeeper of Infobiz to stop charging any such unfair amount from the customers.

Dr.Mrs.Sangeeta Jain

Posted on Oct 14, 2016

I gave my SONY Laptop for repairing to Raj Computers, M P Nagar Bhopal, But he has taken out various parts and told me that I can't repair it. Please suggest me what I should do?

Suruupa Kar

Posted on Oct 13, 2016

I have booked a mobile phone with Amazon on 1st October,2016. However,till today i have not been able to get the package delivered to me. The customer care has been callous in ikts attitude has asked me to wait till tomorrow.Please help.

Harpreet singh

Posted on Oct 13, 2016

my redmi 3s prime was blasted and i can contact many times to mi customer care but they do nothing and i brought it a month ago only so now what can i do for refund or replacement tell me

Micheal Selvam

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Have already raised one complaint through help line on 20th Sep 2016. (C2009151391) Till now, I heard stories and stories about part has not been received. They have good brand value only. The quality of product is very worst. Also their service is very very worst which I ever seen in any company. How many days , they want to replace one part in AC?. Don't they have one single part with you? To replace one part, It takes more than 25 days means, I should not buy their AC and irritated myself. Such a worst service and response from this company. Please help me to resolve this problem once, Because here after till my last generation, I will never use any Godrej product. Worst Product , Very worst service. Takes a year to replace one single part in AC.

Sandeep Kumar

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Faseeh Rasheed Khan

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Dear Consumer Redressal Forum Team, My complaint is regarding the Lenevo Smartphone Customer service centre Bhopal , it has been 2 months i gave my phone to them about 2 months ago for repair they said " they said we will contact you in 10 days " , but still there is no reply from them even they are not picking up the phone , please help me . i have also the reciept of that i haope to hear from you soon

prasoon dixit

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

Sir,motorola not replacing my phone..i purchased it from online site amazon on june 16 2016...after two months i found their is problem with my device the battery is draining ...on22/08/2016 i submitted my handset to theri authorised service centre but they didnt give me any job sheet no...nd they provide me job sheet no on 29/08/16 nd told me that the my device will ready in 10 to 15 days ..on 03/09/16 i recieved mail from motorola that my device will ready on 12 sep 2016 but when i went to their service centre for recieving my phone they told me that ur device is not ready yet.betwwen all this i was trying to contact motorola but they are not giving me exact date and alwas making false statement..in the end i recieved my phone on 21/09/16 ..but after 7 days that problem re occur with my device and i again submitted my phone to their on 03/10/16 and from then motorola are not replying my mails and even their authority ar not talking to me

prasoon dixit

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

Dear sir, I have purchased moto g4 plus model no: XT1643 on 16/06/2016 from online shoping site AMAZON INDIA.. Imei1:358187071382637 Imei2:358187071382645. On 22/08/16 i found some problem in my phone its about battery draining.I submitted my handset with their service centre..they told me that ur battery is draining and it is the problem of motherboard..they recieved but didnt gave any job sheet no..after seven days they provide me job sheet when i asked for it and they they told me that your device will repair within 10 to 14 days...on 03/09/16 i i had a mail from company side that your phone will be ready on 12/09/16.. But when i reached their service centre for recieving my phone they told me that the device is not ready ask me to wait for 10 days..in between all this they misbehaved with me nd didnt cooperate with ne in the end their representative gave me the handset on 22/09/16 and give excuse of some custom problem...and also provide new IMEI1: 358187070213296, I

Sushil Kumar Sahu

Posted on Oct 10, 2016

Mera xolo mobile warranty period me hai, aur use maine repair karne ko xolo care me 02-09-2016 ko diya hai, par abhi 40 days ho gaya hai mujhe repair hoke nahi mila hai, customer care wale kahte hai ki jaldi banega par koi bhi seriously nahi le raha hai..... please mere paise refund kara do.

kalpana yadav

Posted on Oct 08, 2016

I bought gionee elife E7 phone two years back.. In the specifications they said it supports 4G but actually it doesn't :( can I sue gionee for this??

Franco Noronha

Posted on Oct 08, 2016

I purchased an IFB Washing Machine Model ADMIRAL 7012-7KG on 06th Oct 2012. It is 4 years now we have had regular breakdowns through the 4 year warranty period. The IFB service centre in Margao used to attend the unit both offsite and onsite with no respite for the past 4 years. Last complain was thru Ticket 1103593173 30Sep16, that the machine had again broken down / needed urgent repairs with regular problems with our laundry. I feel that this unit has not done justice through its warranty period and having such a inconsistent performance says all about it. IFB suggested that we Trade the machine and they depreciate 20K for this machine and we buy a new unit and pay the difference. I am surprised that IFB justifies providing such a solutions rather accepting the technical faults with the unit. My earlier Model SUPREMO Deluxe(2001) was exchanged in return for the CURRENT ONE and lasted a decade. Also they refuse to offer me an AMC for this machine, which is so strange.THANKS

Muhammed Aslam

Posted on Oct 07, 2016

I am using LYF wind 4 phone for the last 6 months and i would say that it has very pathetic touch screen. I have wasted money by purchasing a bad phone from reliance and now i regret . I have checked with my other friends who have the same device and they also face similar issues. is there anything LYF support can do in this matter and i sure giving it to service centre will not resolve the issue as it have problem on all devices. Please contact me on +91-9895401048


Posted on Oct 07, 2016

Prasoon Ranjan

Posted on Oct 07, 2016

People from Micromax service centre at Dadar are misbehaving, and not giving me my due documents, I buyed mobile on 27 September and it malfunctioned on the same day, from 1st October my phone is at service centre for exchange but relevant documents are not provided to me. Service centre people and the area manager laughing at my tragic issue. Registered complains for 3 times, called customer support 18 times,visited customer service centre 6 times, but no help. Service centre: M/s Sai Mobile Shoppe Om Shree Swati Manor, A Wing 101, N.C.K.K Road Dadar- West Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 9819929606, 0226-5550585 Service centre manager:9892530433

Sanjeev Kumar Kaushal

Posted on Oct 06, 2016

A Micromax Canvas TAB P690 EMEI No. 911429250204327 was purchased by me on 10 Nov, 2015. Bill No. 9415 dated 10.11.2015. After purchase unusual background noise noticed during all the outgoing and incoming calls. Approached nearest Service Centre at and apprised them about the problem. as per advice the product sent for repair through Company's service Centre. The problem again persisted along with one more problem that of charging. As per advice of company product was again sent for repair/service on 13.05.2016 vide job card No. N100092-0516-233642641.Company returned the product on 15.06.2016 after repair. After using the product, the very problem again persisted alongwith the charging problem was also there.as per advice of the company the set was again handed over to the Service Centre on 20.06.2016 vide Job Card No.N100092061623. As such I submitted the set 4 times to the company. Instead replacing the product company is adamant to provide same defective set.

Kamlesh Kumar

Posted on Oct 06, 2016

I had purchased MI redmi 3s prime online from flipkart on 24/8/2016 but after 20 days LED screen starts flickering. after that we had submitted our phone to MI service centre chandigarh on 16-09-2016 and they told us that issue will be resolved by next 10 days. but despite of that after 10 days they had told to come after further 10 days but scanerio is still same. Please do the needful


Posted on Oct 05, 2016

CO STAR CABLE CHANNEL Provider in Calcutta - 700034; UNDER SITI CABLE is Cheating the People forcing Package in liew of supplying ALA CARTE Channels through Set Top Box.

Varun Sindhu

Posted on Oct 05, 2016

Panasonic AC complaint. Defective Panasonic AC which they are not able to fix the issue. Now they are not refunding the money. Not resolved for last 6 months.

Narendra A Bathija

Posted on Oct 05, 2016

I have a Toshiba LED TV 39' which is biggest mistake purchasing toshiba. Worst customer support ever. My TV is down since 3 months now the new SR number is SR8H0014301. I am being waiting now since 25 days and still no response from customer care when my Tv would be fixed which is still in warranty. When I contacted customer care they said contact services center and when I contact them they say contact customer care, which is awful, when I asked customer care associates to transfer the call to supervisor support staff or manager they say no one is available that mean this few jubk of associates are running whole Toshiba call center. I would be doing a eslxecutive escalation and going t consumer forums and let people know abt the product and services. If you all have shame get my Tv replced to new one or get it fixed asap. No reply even from company India CEO and Co-ordinators. Company doesn't care for their customer's. After writing emails to higher authorities.

uttam kumar singh

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

I have purchased a samsung note 5 mobile from M/S GOEL AGENCY,ANGUL with a cost of about 64,000/-with insurance of appsdaily. Now it was damaged and handed over to M/s Appsdaily from 17/7/2016.Till now they are not able to repair nor saying anything about repair.I am working in a corporate sector as a resposibile officer in a steel company,and i am facing a lot and i think they are making me harash by doing this.so now I want my money back from the agency immediately.


Posted on Oct 03, 2016

Very bad experience with Sansui & Videcon D2H Dear Sir / Madam, I have purchased a new 50" Sansui LED TV with inbuilt D2H (DDB) on 25th Sep'16 from Sansui dealer Top Ten Electronics Vashi. Eversince I got it delivered, following are the series of issues I have faced and the unit still not functioning, for either of the reasons I hear from both Sansui dealer and D2H - 1. The TV unit was defective as it had a cracked display / hair line on the top of the panel 2. The inbuilt set top box although was activated by the dealer, it did malfunction from the very 2nd day saying error E04 3. When called both Sansui dealer and D2H, they arranged a videcon technician visit to inspect and check it. The technician declared it to be faulty unit 4. Thereafter, the dealer took 2 days to replace it with another unit after a lot of follow-up 5. The replacement received, but the DDB was not activated by was not activated by the dealer and after lot of follow-up both they are being arrogant

Sudhir Rao

Posted on Oct 02, 2016

I have purchased a Philips 32" LED TV, with 3 years' warranty, on 6-10-2014, through Flipkart; Order ID: OD300946860753484100. This TV failed on 20-9-2016. Philips have refused to provide warranty service stating that the TV is out of warranty. Flipkart says that I should have registered separately for getting extended warranty. Kindly note that Flipkart never mentioned this either in their order acceptance email or their invoice. Neither did anyone from Flipkart call and inform me about this. As this is poor communication and poor service on the part of Flipkart, resulting in a loss to me, I seek your intervention to have this issue resolved amicably.


Posted on Oct 01, 2016

We bought carrier AC estella in 9 april 2016, from chawla electronics (sector 29 market, faridabad). This 1 ton AC is not going under 27 temperature and cooling is not good. we have been complaining to carrier since we have bought it, but they are saying there is no problem.

amit kodli

Posted on Oct 01, 2016

my micro max canvas spark3,mobile id dead in one month due to duplicate motherboard,purchased by amazon.in online shopping

ajit kumar

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

had bought the Mobile handset sony xperia m4 aqua from fashion gallery panipat dated 22/10/2015.however the phone is going for 5 times for repair. However when I approached the sony service center they are not able to resolve the issue even after going to the 3 to four times. Please find the request numbers below. w116091601173. I have asked for a replacement in the case, they refuse. i am feeling very irritating from the service of this mobile so i am complaining it.help me


Posted on Sep 30, 2016

Sharp fully automatic machine giving same problem 3rd time in 2 months. Paid 4000 first time 400 second time and now waiting to get it repaired since 10 days. Customer care service assure same day person will come. But no one is turning up.

Haresh Thakur

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

I had purchased an INTEX LED TV in January 2015. As the purchase was done online (SNAPDEAL), I had not spoken to any showroom executives. The display of my TV has now started giving problems & I believe all the TV manufactures cover the display with a warranty of 3 years. When I complained to the company(Complaint Num - 6092090010651) their technician came to my place & agreed to the display issue. Now the company has closed the complaint saying that when the product was purchased the warranty was for 1 year & not 3 years. I visited the site & the warranty showing for displays now is 3 years. I am sure INTEX company is fraudently denying me a replacement by saying the warranty does not exist.

Mahesh Bhattar

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

It is against Samsung India. I bought newly launched Samsung S7 Edge Mobile phone. The Complaint is against the post sale servicing and repairs. It caused me immense mental torture and frustration. It is more than a month and several rounds of request but they are not ready for inspection of device itself. I have all documents and communication history of the case and being a chartered accountant myself, i know they have committed a breach of trust actionable under consumer law. I hope you would assist me in this case. My reliefs claimed is proper servicing of my device for which i am ready to pay the applicable repair charges also.

Joginder Singh

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

sir we install a single battery inverter from a dealer whose shop in Dadri. Its warranty was 2 years but it not working properly and i complain him since 4 months but he should not listen our problems. so please take suitable action against it

Sagar Rastogi

Posted on Sep 28, 2016

Hi Team, Want to claim a compensation amount against HTC India as they have done scam with me. please let me know with procedure. Thanks & Regards Sagar Rastogi 9654628338

Krishan kumar

Posted on Sep 27, 2016

I have a mobile phone of xiomi which a problem of jack and handset overheating. This phone submitted for repairing my handset on 12-08-2016.given time is 25 days for repairing from service center. But yet now the company is not repaired my handset. So plz help me

Sourav Halder

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

I have a a/c machine which had a fault and I informed Samsung customer care on 4/9/16.they send an engineer on 6/9/16 who did not find the fault. after that Samsung company's workers opened my indoor a/c machine ,compressor machine both and send it in their workshop to find out the problem. after that they didn't inform me anything and whenever I called in the service centre or customer care they harass me and told me to wait for next day.it's 26th sept.I have a medicine centre which didn't run without a/c.its an emergency. I request you to take a step against Samsung company and help me to get my machine back as soon as possible. a/c model no-AR18HV5NBWKNNA


Posted on Sep 26, 2016

This complaint is regarding "Khosla Electronics - Madhyamgram" On 13th June'16 i went to guy a Hitachi 1.5 ton split AC, however the salesman there had started giving me all negative feedback about Hitachi and forced me to buy Godrej AC. On the first day i experienced that performance of Godrej is not good as compared to Hitachi. After they have send a technician of Godrej to chekc and he also confirmed that Khosla Electronics has not done the right thing Hitachi's performance is much better than Godrej. Since, then i am in constant touch with Khosla Electronics representative for compensation of their false information and making me suffer but they are not giving any importance to my complaint. There contact details is mentioned below: Khosla Electronics Address: 15/2B, Sankari Para Road, Bhowanipur, Kolkata- 700 025 Telefax: 033-2455-5398

Amit Mathur

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

I had purcahsed HTC 820 mobile handset from The Mobile Store, Connaught Place, New Delhi in January, 2015. I had also purchased extended warranty of two years from the Mobile Store. The handset stopped working in June, 2016 and the same was sent to the Mobile Store for repairing. The handset was returned back without repairing on the context of damage due to liquid. I got the handset checked from HTC service centre and other mobile repairing centres but the damage was due to processor malfunction. Since the repairing is costly, the Mobile Store did not adhere to the extended warranty. I want to file a consumer complaint against the Mobile Store for misleading the buyers. I have relevant documents of purcahse.

Dr Rentala Ravikumar

Posted on Sep 25, 2016

I purchased a TV, model no KD-65X9004A, from Sony Shop in City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai on 12.10.2013 at a value of Rs 404,900 which has a warranty of one year. I also purchased an extended warranty at an additional cost of Rs 35000.00 on 10.10.2014 for a period of 2 years (Extended warranty card no is 65000056). Extended warranty card indicates clearly that extended warranty is valid from the date of purchase i.e. 10.10.14. From the last 2 months onwards, Screen of the TV is showing few lines continuously. On complaining, Sony TV engineer visited and informed that one part has to be replaced and he said it would cost of about Rs1.5 Lakhs. After few days, I received a call from Sony service indicating that they cannot repair my TV without payment from my side, as extended warranty is not valid. I purchased the TV at a very high cost and I also purchased extended warranty for which Sony received Rs 35000 towards extending warranty in October 2014, and therefore my TV is still covered

kamal falwaria

Posted on Sep 24, 2016

I bought Toshiba LED TV 12 months ago from the Sargam Electronics Jail Road Delhi With 3 Years Warenty after using 10-11 months. The LED TV Not Working Proprly The Tv is under warranty I Call customer Care & Registerd A complaint on 22.07.16 Com. No. is TIPLSR7H0037069 But After 2 Months My is complaint not slow Till Now


Posted on Sep 24, 2016

I had purchased a SPLIT A/C (VOLTAS 185ZYI(R)/1.5 TON SPLIT AC (Model Number: 4511967DISE000010) with 5 Year Compressor Warranty @Rs. 37400/- from "Great Eastern Appliances Pvt. Ltd." Kolkata on 21st January, 2016 (Invoice Number: DH/SA/1516/15738) on EMI paid through BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED. After the installation, from the very beginning, the cooling effect had not been experienced. Therefore, I logged a complaint for the same through VOLTAS customer care (Complaint Id:16051305693 Date:17/05/2016). The service team attended the call and diagnosed that there was an incident of leakage of gas from the outdoor unit due to faulty installation process. In spite of refilling thegas(Date:23/05/2016) by the service team, I was still not getting any cooling effect from the A/C. As a result, I logged another complaint for the second time in the VOLTAS customer care (Complaint Id:16092205107 Date:22/09/2016). The service team attended the call and diagnosed that, again there was an incident of leakage of gas and this time, it is from the indoor unit. Under the circumstances, I am apprehending that, I have been duped by being supplied a completely defective split A/C model from VOLTAS Company. Therefore, I am requesting for the kind invention of your authority in this matter and get this defective unit completely replaced by a new one by the concerned agency.


Posted on Sep 23, 2016

dear sir/madam maine apna handset 19aug 2016 ko meerut me guru kirpa enterprises me sumbit kiya tha job sheet no-608054181002T001 (model no -aqua power plus) but mera handset abhi tak repair nahi hua h fir 10sept ko service center vaale ne ak new jobsheet create ki h jiska no h 609104181011T001 aaj 23 sept hain abhi tak nahi mera handset thik nahi hua hain customers care se koe help nahi ho rahi aur na hi apke A.S.M (GIRISH KUMAR GOSWAMI) mere call pick nahi karte h 2 baar call pick ki hain but koe solution nahi de pa rahe hain and server center ke owner bol rahe h handset ka parts avialable nahi compamy ke pass .so ab main kya karu please help me 1 months se chakker kat kat ke tang hu sir koe bhi help nahi kar raha na koe responce mil raha h backend bhi muje call nahi kar rahi h so i want repair my handset in few or if company will not abale to repair the handset so please replace the handset immediately.

sandeep kumar

Posted on Sep 23, 2016

I have ordered online XIAOMI REDMI 2 PRIME IMEI no- 867935026177609 dated 27 Oct 2015. Its still in warranty period. Since starting i hv received handset, i m facing lot of different issues regarding hardware/software/camera etc etc. I already visited care center (Tara Care center located Distt. Karnal Haryana) . First time they have replaced mother board & then handset working fine for some days. Then second time, Display problem occurred & again they have replaced the display With in 3 days front /back camera got faulty. I have visited care center , they saying to replace mother board again. Order No- 5151027108502201. Complaint nmber- 160810003672 IMEI Number- 867935026177609 IT IS IN WARANTY BUT REDMI TEAM ASK ME FOR CHARGE FOR REPAIR IT.

debjyoti dey sarkar

Posted on Sep 23, 2016

on 10/09/2016 my brother went to SYSCOMP INFOSOL BD-79 sector-1 saltlake city near 3#water tank kolkata-700064 and today (23/09/2016) when i went to bring my phone(IMEI/ESN NO-355490060349796, job sheet no- STE/MG/16/01667) back i was shocked to see that my phone back cover was missing when i approach then they shamlessly denied about lossing the back cover instead they charge against me and i was more shocked when they claimed Rs 2500 for just fixing USB port problem where they earlier told that only Rs 500 will be required for the procedure so when i insisted on the mateeer they started giving life threatning threats and physically abused my brother and mother i am totally devasted need urgent help

Sumit Wagle

Posted on Sep 23, 2016

We bought an LG GL-I322RPZL on 17/08/2016 but the cooling of the fridge is not up to the mark. The fridge cannot cool even at the highest control. We filed a complaint on 9/9/16 RNA160908081117. The company gave us a faulty fridge and now suggesting a repair under the warranty. They are saying we 'll try repairing and if it still does not work we 'll replace it. The company sold us a faulty fridge nd now delaying response which is causing us a lot of problems. We hv a new born baby at our place and we are not able to store anything in the fridge.


Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Dear Sir, I bought a LYF WIND 7 BLACK mobile hand-set on 21/09/2016 with tech expert ID- 985671. On the very day I found the hand set hanging several times. Today (22/09/2016) I report the showroom about the problem along with the camera problem while video call, the sales personnel tried to convince me the set is running well and will too. At that time too the set hanged once again. I wanted to change the set and get another set with higher price. But they told me that I have to compensate Rs. 2000/- for this change. That means I have to loss Rs. 2000/- for keeping the product of less than 15 hours with me in spite of no dispute from my side with the disputed hand-set. Details of seller is mentioned below: RELIANCE RETAIL LIMITED MINI DX (033-25267023) SODEPUR ROAD, BASUNAGAR, MADHYAMGRAM, PIN-700129 CIN No. UO1100MH1999PLC120563 Manab Brota Mondal Mob: 9735752705 Madhyamgram

Ankita Jain

Posted on Sep 22, 2016

Hi, A complaint of my phone was registered, however it was not been repaired in service center by them as there is not detail of any repair and implanted part has been registered under my phone IMEI. I got to know about the same when I visited to Gionee (company name) Service Center thereafter. I was been communicated that all phone get repair in their respective company's service center at the time of filing the complaint to them and at the time of insurance too. As there is no record found therefore service center denied to consider the same in warranty due to no record entered under IMEI for any implanted part replacement and repaired done. Mr. Anuj (who has now left the company) and Mr. Rahul Bajaj (also named as Chandan) designated as Area Sales Manager and Mr. Vipin Shukla were involved in this case. Kindly take some corrective action in this case to get the needful done ASAP. Thanks

Koel Chatterjee

Posted on Sep 22, 2016


Posted on Sep 22, 2016

I purchased intex aqua classic cell phone emei number 911521501239902/910 on 29august and it got switched off after 30 mins and never got switched on again.. Salesman didnt cooperate either. Then i went to intex care centre on 30th august . They told me it could get replaced and told me to come next day as their boss wasnt available and then reset my phone and the result was it got switched on. Then i realised phone battery was getting heated .. I went again to customer care office they told me to give set to them and then kept it for 3 days And told me to come after 3 days. I went there and they told me replacement period is over.. None of them cooperated with me either . Shopkeeper details are- RS mobile gallery, Azad Nagar, Dhuri line(8054447378) jis name is Rahul..intext care office details are-Service centre intex d-xix,565/5 1st floor nr.icici bank cementary road near basant ice cream fountain chowk ludhiana(141001) 9914840075.. MAIN ISSUE: HEATUP AND SWITCHING ON REGULARLY


Posted on Sep 22, 2016


Akash Khamari

Posted on Sep 21, 2016

I ordered the LENOVO Vibe K5 Note for amount Rs 11999/-, However the seller gave me LENOVO K5 VIbe Plus for Rs 11500. The market value is Rs 8500. When i told him to return the LENOVO K5 VIbe Plus , the seller denied .Also he is not refund the money of Rs 300/- differential amount. The seller is making me fraud. Seller Name- Compu World , Bhuwania Bhawan,Marwari Para, Jharsuguda-768201 odisha, Ph-9040465774. Please help me in the matter.

Dhaneshwar Sahu

Posted on Sep 20, 2016

Dear Sir/Mam, Maine ek Micromax E-313 mobile kharida use kharidne ke 3 mahine bad mera phone garam hoke apne aap band ho gaya to use maine Micromax Service Center M/s HSR Communication, Pandari me servicing ke liye date 10/02/2016 ko dia par aaj 7 mahine ho gaye wo mera phone wapas hi nahi kar rahe hai, please kindly help me. Thanks & Regards Dhaneshwar Sahu 8305265200

Khushboo Katare

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

I have ordered Redmi Note 3 mobile handset of Xiaomi company on 20 July 2016 and I got delivery of the same on 25 July. I ordered it online from the company own website miindia.com by cash on delivery. When I checked the phone after delivery, its camera glass was broken. I immediately contacted the customer support service and they told me to file the complaint through email to xiaomisupportservice.in. After lodging the complaint, I received an email stating that my complaint has been filed and will be sorted out shortly. They gave me complaint number and assured me to sort it out as soon as possible. After that day, they neither call me nor mail me. When I call them back they told me that my complaint has been escalated and it is in process and you have to wait for some time. Even though calling and mailing them several times, I received the same answer to wait for some time. Now its almost 2 months and I'm still waiting. Please file the complaint against the company.

Hozefa Fakhruddin Jetpurwala

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

I have been using the Samsung S7 for the past 3 months and now the piece is freezing I reached the Samsung Service Center but the center manager is saying the piece is working fine and since it is not freezing in front of them he can't do anything. I also took a video to show that I was using it and suddenly it freezes but he does not agree and also gave it for surveillance. This is a Samsung S7 costing Rs. 50,000/- and now I think why this I purchased. I have visited the Samsung Service Center (Zain Telecom) 5 times & Sharp Enterprises once but neither the head office nor the service center is provided any replies. Request to please help and I would be thankful. I just want the refund of my money.


Posted on Sep 19, 2016


Shrijith Nair

Posted on Sep 19, 2016

I want to file legal complaint against Karbonn Mobile through consumer Forum. I'm not getting proper technical support from Karbonn team for a technical issue with my Karbonn Titanium S204 which was under warranty when I raised the complaint on 2nd August 2016. Warranty expired on 15th August. Now, the issue is since last 2 months they are not able to resolve my problems and I've to regularly visit service centre. Hence, I decided to lodge complaint with Consumer Forum. I've no previous experience as to what is the procedure that need to be followed to lodge complaint with the Consumer Forum. I've relevant bills and job sheet with me. Please guide me through the entire process so that I get proper justice in this case.

Debashis jana

Posted on Sep 18, 2016

I bought a redmi note 3 in the name of my wife Bandana Jana from Amazon on 11.06.2016. The problem started from 12.08.2016 the phone could not detect any sim. I deposited the phone at the Hazra service center Infotel Services 1A Andul road hazra, kolkata - 700026, contact no 8622014793. NAME - BANDANA JANA (MY WIFE'S NAME) CONTACT NO. - 9143191795 , 9433357903 , ALTERNATE CONTACT NO - 9874049323 IMEI-1 - 861645037226206 IMEI-2 - 861645037226214 JOB SHEET NO - ISH0555 MODEL NO OF DEVICE - REDMI NOTE 3 (16 GB) PLACE OF PURCHASE - AMAZON.IN NAME OF SERVICE CENTER - INFOTEL SERVICES ADDRESS OF SERVICE CENTER - 1 A, ANDUL RAJ ROAD, HAZRA, KOLKATA - 700026 CONTACT NO - 8622014793 They told me the motherboard had problem and it had to be change. They did not mention any expected delivery date on the job sheet. From that day till now I did not get my phone back also they behaved very rude to the customer. I complained over customer care no. The docket no is 1609020072. But i did not get any r

S purohit

Posted on Sep 18, 2016

I bought a remote control device for my Samsung LED TV a couple of months ago from the company's authorised Sevice centre at Sambalpur, Orissa.The gadget stopped working after using for a couple of months. The service centre declined to replace/ repair the gadget (Remote Contol) stating that there is no warranty for the gadget hence they neither can replace nor under take repair. Such policy as said by the service centre is against the interest of customers. The Samsung India can not take the customers for a ride and should be asked to replace the article which has not worked for even four months. Besides, the company does not have a proper grievance redressal mechanism which is mandatory as per citizen's charter.

Davinder kumar

Posted on Sep 17, 2016



Posted on Sep 15, 2016

I gave my TP-Link wireless router on 27th June,2016 at their service center in kolkata for replacement the product.The product receive person(Mr.Somraj) tell me that I get my product within 15 days.But till now he/the company(Tp-Link) could not replace my router.I send some mail to the replacement department,they repled against my mail.But the progress is totally zero and their contact persons(Mr. Somraj & Mr. Shubhodeep) phone is all time switched off or not reachable. Now I am very helpless and angry against the company behaviour.Please take action against the company as soon as possible.

Terezinha Da Silva

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

I gave my MotoG(2nd edition) for repairs on 8th August'16.On 28th August,I was told telephonically it will cost 11,000/- for repairs.I asked for the phone back.I am still trying to get the phone back.The technician keeps giving me excuses.His no. is 09604150082.Very casual attitude.

Jagdish Kumar

Posted on Sep 15, 2016

Sir, Complaint against Voltas India Ltd. Product: Voltas Air Cooler, Model: VAD70M. Date of purchase : 16/4/2016 Product poor performance, designing fault, stopped working within warranty/ guaranty period, no service provided by the company as per the terms despite several complaints and follow ups. Complaint No. 16073101881 dated 31/7/2016. Causing physical sufferings to me & my family along with monetary loss. Kindly lodge my complaint.

Sukhjinder Singh

Posted on Sep 14, 2016

My concern is about my voltas split ac which I have bought from "Saugat Electronics" 105-106,Rai market at A/cantt dated on 28-03-14. Initially 2 free services provided by Voltas and 2 extra free services was promised by dealer (Saugat Electronics owner) as a special offer without any condition. Same is also written on original invoice no. 903 dated on 28-03-14. But last month I visited to Saugat Electronics and request to log a call for extra free service then its owner refused my request. And told me reason that its 2 years has been passed so now free services couldn't be provided by Saugat Electronics. While there was no such condition mentioned in written or verbally at the time of purchase. So I want to file a complaint against the owner of Saugat Electronics for harassing the customers and to break his promise with customer. Due to all this scenario I had to paid extra money for servicing my AC from 3rd party vendor. Kindly help me on the above matter.

zerir saifullah

Posted on Sep 13, 2016

i had bought lenovo zuk z1 on 26 august 2016 the phone arrived the phone is defective and i want its doa certificate but lenovo says we have maximum time of 7 days to give you doa certificate now i am stuck please help me i want to replace it please help me.

Moyir Riba

Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Have made complaints regarding Samsung Fridge and Washing machine in 2014 end. Still the problem has not been resolved. There has been no visits. Have repeated the complain many a times. In the meantime other parts of the machines are now breaking down due to non-usage. Further, the machine was in warranty when complain was lodged. now warranty has expired.


Posted on Sep 13, 2016

I had purchased a Panasonic Split AC in may-16 from Great Eastern (Gorabazar) with a consumer durable loan from Capital First( Future Group). The Sales officer at Great Eastern had mentioned the Price of the AC @ 37500/- to which I agreed and hence went in for durable loan with capital first. The Capital first officer made a mistake of my monthly EMI @ 3875/-, whereas I was told by great eastern that I needed to pay an EMI of 3750/- per month only. I had brought it to the sales officer of Capital First whose name is Mr. Supratim Majumder, he promised all help from his seniors at Capital First, but till date I have not yet received the extra amount for which I am paying in the EMI of 3875/- So from this month I have totally Stopped paying the amount which is impacting my credit score in the CIBIL report. Why should I as a consumer be tormented like this for no fault of mine? Request Consumer Affairs Dept to please intervene. I have all supporting documents which I will provide on the da

Dipankar De

Posted on Sep 12, 2016

I purchased One Blackberry Z3 From Paytm website through EMI (Order No:2023382524). I was not satisfied with the product delivered to me and raise one return request. Paytm Executive now refusing to return of the product.i had called multiple time to the Paytm customer care (at 01203062244) but nobody helping me out on the same. Send Multiple mails to them but nobody given any reply or action. Hence seeking help from you.


Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Dear sir This is to inform you that i had buy a LED from jammu. But i had face a regular problem in speaker. we had make a regular complaint regarding this but we had found no solution. What kind of customer service you had provided. This is my very bad experiences from this company. We are now file this complaint in consumer form. Regards Babblu Sharma 9796928786


Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Dear sir Mai ne samsung mobile 03 September 2016 ko liya tha but o usi din se work nhi kr rha h

Roshan Gulhane

Posted on Sep 12, 2016

I was purchased Samsung LED monitor in the date of 22-10-2015. Now it is getting faulty automatically but it is into warranty and they are not providing any proper responses.

Ankur Seth

Posted on Sep 11, 2016


Posted on Sep 10, 2016

Diwesh Sharma

Posted on Sep 10, 2016

Hello Team, I have purchased a Hp laptop Mopdel No: 15-AY026TU on 18/7/2016 from Khosla Electronics and they will misguide me with the features of Hp Model. please help on this, waiting for your help.

somnath mukherjee

Posted on Sep 07, 2016



Posted on Sep 06, 2016

sir i had purchased a coolpad note 3 lite phone in march 2016. for two months it worked well but after 2 months it started troubling me its battery was not working properly . i went to service centre they deposit the for repairing on 14-07-2016 & said they will return after one week i.e 21-07-2016 but till date i had not received the phone. no body is taking pain for me . i am very much disturbed, who will be responsible for this. my warranty period is lapsing i had written mail to them but they had not responded to it . i want u to take some action as soon as possible. i want the phone in working condition back or a new phone & compensation for my mentally disturbance as soon as possible my email : harisinghjonwal@rediffmail.com

amar ravindr yandoli

Posted on Sep 06, 2016

Dear sir i wl get coolpad mobile sett before3 months in amazone. but thats battery was failed in warranty time and i wl submit that mobile in service center in sangli maharastr (date 27/7/2016) but customer care and service center officers not give any response on till date. plz give the suggestion for me plz. jobsheet no JS16072701053 service center address:-shree sai ganesh electronics 9/B,In front of janata house ganapati peth sangli maharastra ph no:- 0233 2381715

Surajit Kumar Dey

Posted on Sep 06, 2016

I purchased Sony 4K LED TV vide Invoice No:-90784652 dtd:-18.06.16.for Rs.2,55,657/=In the month of July-2016 my picture tube was not working,I made complaint on 08th July-2016 vide complaint No:-33189235 & on 11th July-2016 vide complaint No:-33237469,I was told that I have to pay Rs.1,05,000/=for Picture tube,which is the nearly half of the price of TV.I request SONY please verify the TV I purchased that may be with faulty picture tube,other wise you have put sub standard picture tube in such a costly TV set.The people will have no faith in SONY product.Please replace it in FREE OF COST.But SONY is reluctant & they want me to pay Rs.1,05,000/=then they will replace the picture tube,in the above price 4 to 5 new LED TV can be purchased.I can't pay Rs.1,05,000/= for picture tube only.I requested SONY to replace in FREE OF COST,but they will not do.Sony is not accepting that picture tube they put on mt TV set is faulty one.Please look in to it & resolve by replacing new picture tube.

somnath mukherjee

Posted on Sep 04, 2016

I was cheated of 1300/- by M/S B P Sarkar home appliances services, 2/72 Mukundapur main Road,Kol 700099, MOB 9088242549 on a/c of sony DVD repair

Jigar G Shah

Posted on Sep 03, 2016

I have purchased Lenovo Flask Laptop with SO No:7007489940.about 3 months time. After 15 days screen was not working at all I want to lenovo customer care and did lot of follow up after that they have took 20 days to arrange spares from HO and when received it was damaged so technican said need to reoder spares and then we will do the needful afterwords they took almost month and today they have received parts from HO and that too is defective so since the day i have purchased my lappy after paying havey money abt 40K it is of no use. Lenovo should improve service and avails spaes in 2-3 days time only why to wait too long for Spares from HO. It is Just pathetic service i have experience. I will recommend not to by anything from lenove till they improve their after sales service.


Posted on Sep 03, 2016

I had purchased a Lenovo Tablet through Infibeam.com as per the purchase invoice dated 29.10.2016. This tablet is completely dead and I need to take the same to the Service Centre, but M/s. Lenovo refuses to upkeep their warranty committment and I am truly tired of following up with all the above mentioned dummy mail ids since 2 weeks, hence I am forced to escalate the matter to the consumer forum. Kindly decide the mode of action. Regards Tina Dsouza 9819682610


Posted on Sep 03, 2016

I purchased Lenovo K5 note vibe from flipkart on 8 August.on 30th Aug my phone does not start. When I switch on the mobile, Lenovo logo appears,but after that the screen goes blank.i called flipkart, but they say we've a 10 day replacement policy. I went to the service center,where they say that they will open it and try to repair it. I want to return the phone back as I don't want to spend 13,500 & use a repaired phone in just 20 days. Flipkart is blaming ws retail, who in turn blames Lenovo. Pl help me with the issue ASAP. Thanking you MIRAL SHAH

Sudip Kumar Jana

Posted on Sep 02, 2016

Dear Sir I'm purchase computer motherboard in asus on 07.09.2013,warranty time date of purchase 3 year,but this time board is not working service center person talk me expire warranty, i show purchase bill but he not accept my bill, I'm sending email asus & service center hair authority,any one no reply my Email what i do sir please

Kanchi Lal Sharma

Posted on Sep 01, 2016

I have purchase Lenovo vive K5 through Amazon on 29th June 16. Now its Touch Screen not working. I send it to its Service Center at Rohini Delhi. They refuse to service with this remark that Touch is out of warrenty while Handset warranty is 1 year. Now they are giveing estimated repair charge Rs. 3200/-. This is totaly fraud made by Lenovo who is giving 1 year warrenty at Launchig time of Product.

rahul kairon

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

sir , eventhough i have gorilla glass in my mobile . my mobile screen broke out . and care is not repairing it and asking for money . even my mobile is in warranty


Posted on Aug 30, 2016


Rohit singh

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

I bought this HTC620g in April 2015 and facing problems with its display since then. Its has visited service centre twice already. Its the third time Its display is behaving the same way .They asked me to pay for it as the warranty has expired now. Please suggest me a solution or advice. Rohit singh


Posted on Aug 28, 2016

On 22/05/2016 my elder brother purchased two Oppo mobile phones Model-f1 worth Rs.15990 each one for his wife and one for me. The phone has 16GB internal memory with two slots in which the user can insert two sim cards or one sim card and one memory card. After using the phones for two and a half months when the internal memory of my phone get fulled I inserted a memory card in it and the same is not showing by the phone but sim card is working properly in the same slot.I went to the service centre of the company where they denied my issue by saying that the phone has been tampered and there is a physical damage in it also I am coming too late for the complaint for which company is not liable now.Then I went to the showroom from where the phone has been purchased for the same,they understood my problem and gave me the assurance that they will bear the cost for 50% only for the good customer relations.My concern is that the company can't denied his liability by saying that I am comingl

subrata bera

Posted on Aug 27, 2016

I get new I ball corned 2 just received 15 august with amazon.in my house..but I see 23 August totaly falure the system..I want to my money

Anurag Arora

Posted on Aug 27, 2016

I am user of Samsung Smartphone and recently I downloaded one of the software updates from Samsung and soon after download, the phone did not start. The phone has been submitted to service centre on the very same day i.e. August 5, 2016 and since last 22 days, I have spoken to more than 10 people from samsung in this regard but no respite. Although my phone is under full warranty but they are denying me the warranty mentioning that few components from the mother board of my phone are missing. My argument is that how can components can go missing. No customer would actually open the phone and take out the components that too from the mother board which is not easy task and not everyone can do it. But, situation is stand still and they are not repairing my phone. Even the website of Samsung is showing my repair request as cancelled without specifying the appropriate justification. How can you help? I have several email exchanges and recorded phone calls with me.


Posted on Aug 26, 2016


Posted on Aug 26, 2016


Amit Bhagat

Posted on Aug 25, 2016

Shrinivas P Gawde

Posted on Aug 24, 2016


Posted on Aug 23, 2016

I Had Purchased An Toshiba Full HD Turbo LED Tv 39L3300 with Serial No CCSO-3020130716 Date 08-oct-2015 with Invoice No CCINV-3020179187 From Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Store Name EMAX In That its showing SSL/TLS Handshake Failed Due to That Youtube is not working when I Contact Here for Local Servicing Centre TollFree no also not working I want to Solve These Problem or Refund My Purchased Product If There is no Solution to These Or Last Option Make A World Wide Banned For These Company Products.

Anil Kumar

Posted on Aug 23, 2016

I purchased a Redmi Note 3 mobile phone for a sum of Rs.9999/on 6.8.2016 -through MI site which is not detecting sim card. I made many complaints through email, customer care service and live chat. Despite it my mobile phone has not been changed. Every time they are givining assurances

Shivan kukreja

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

It has been 2 mnths that my phone has not been repaired by the company. They always says call after 7-10 days. My job sheet no. Is JS16071100621 .company name COOLPAD MODEL NO. note 3 lite . There should be a reasonable time for repair.


Posted on Aug 22, 2016

I have a tablet named ubislate 7cz of dtawind company. around july 2015 it got some problem regarding software and i bought that tablet in august 2014. And i went to service center and they refuse to to provide service and said that the company had stopped manufacturing that tablet and still now they are not providing me any service.

Afzal Shah

Posted on Aug 22, 2016

I had submitted my phone in Xiaomi service center but they didnt returnted it. N wen asked abt the delivery theybare saying u will get a call. But no calls n messages received. I complained on mail they said will look in to the matter n getback to u bt no reply from them also...


Posted on Aug 21, 2016

Hi i purchased a mobile form videoocon , under warranty the device is poor condition and vidoecon not providing repclement

Mohit jain

Posted on Aug 20, 2016

Manufacture default in Sujata Juicer Its cover smaller then juicer.


Posted on Aug 20, 2016


Prankush Bansal

Posted on Aug 20, 2016

On 20th July 2016 I ordered a set of earphones from Xiaomi India website (www.mi.com/in) for Rs. 1000. I got those delivered on 22nd July, but those earphones were faulty. The next day I filed a replacement on their toll free number. They said me to send the product back along with the invoice, which I did, and they received it on 30th July. It's been 20 days since then and there is no reply when will I get the replacement. Initially they told me that I will get a replacement within 5-7 days, but everytime I try to contact them they tell me to wait. The reference number they have provided to me is 160728 000630.

Muarari Mishra

Posted on Aug 19, 2016

Dear Sir, I purchased a LED Tv to the Shree Balaji Sales , Address. Old G. T. Road Palwal (Mob. No. 9410766366) vide Bill no. 1028 dt. 21-10-2014. And he provide me 2 year warranty which is also mentioned on bill. But now when my led Tv is not working. It is not showing any image when I start it. First I contacted to seller, he told me that register a complaint to Panasonic. Then, I contacted to customer care of Panasonic company, first they registered my complaint (complaint no. R120816060669). And without any reason they close my complaint. Now again I registered complaint 2nd time and complaint no. is R160816082985. Now Panasonic is not repairing or changing my products. Kindly take action in this matter. Your co-operation in this matter shall be highly appreciable. Applicant Murari Mishra Mob. No. 8901105848 E mail : mishrajee39@gmail.com

Mohan Choudhary

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

i purchased LED bulbs from bestdeal TV and got 4 bulbs out of 16 fused, I approached just nxt day of receiving the product, but they suggested to approach manufacturer and did not provide the number of manufacturer.

Mohan Choudhary

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

I purchased touch screen of my mobile(micromax 310 Nitro) from Maxbhi.com but it could not be fitted because it can be fitted complete combo.they wrongly supplied as it can be fitted with combo only.

krishna ram krwat

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Amazon. Fastival-sale.com mobile retail karna hai Mobile name Samsung galaxy s7 Jo offering me Rs799 ka hai


Posted on Aug 17, 2016

sir what can i do when your company not solve my issue and problem i am waiting your answer sony m5 phone imei no. 352191071993043 i want my phone in right position and with missing accessories you can do it when you give me my phone back ,as well as it possible you provide me my phone in better and correct position with accessories during your service phone back camra scratch and sim and memory card tray are missing 01:17:05 pm so tell me who is responsible for camra and missing parts? company they are not taking responsibility of this ,please help me

Sanjay Kumar mittal

Posted on Aug 17, 2016

In the months of May, your M/s. Panasonic has not provided me estimate till date of repair which is deficiency of services on your part and your Company has arbitrarily capture my mobile in its custody without intimating the further course of Action. Whereas they have stated that the physical damage is not covered is a misleading statement as at the time of purchase it has been mentioned that the glass used on screen is the Gorrila Glass and generally it is not broken due to small pressures etc. whereas your ELUGA SWITCH has the manufacturing defect as the LED screen had been cracked due to excess heat generated by the device and not due to mishandling. Your Company has retained/Kept the mobile without any reason for more than three months due to that i not only had to purchase new mobile but also face mental harassment and waste my time . It has also been assured that the mobile would get repaired free of cost or new mobile may be provided as the same. Thanking you Sanjay

Dinesh singla

Posted on Aug 16, 2016

I have bought Intex mobile it is defected I have complain a lot and visit many time to service center they are not doing anything please help

Amit Kumar Sam

Posted on Aug 16, 2016

I have purchased a 1.5 ton split AC of HITACHI on 31-05-2014 which is not working properly from April-2015 i.e. during warranty period. The service provider failed to repair / restore the fault and now asking for money saying the present date is out of warranty. The service provider has not repair the fault during warranty period and lingering on since last 4 months to make money.

Pradip Nalawade

Posted on Aug 14, 2016

Mobile was ordered on Amazon website. Delivery was expected today. There was a message from Amazon today that it will be delivered today. In the evening i got an email from Amazon saying that it delivered however I haven't received it.

p k mishra

Posted on Aug 14, 2016

I have landed my mobile phone with Xiaomi center at Park street for repairs more then a month. The product is still with them for lack of spares. Repeated request has lead to no response or feebback from any member of the company. They just say to have patience without any way ahead. Request for help to retrive my phone. Details are as follows: Name : p k mishra Number : 8584066219 Alternate contact no: 9836711163 E-mail Id : pkmish2k7@gmail.com Device : RedMi note 4G 276- HM Note Indian WCDMA 4G Purchased from : kolkata Name of service center: Xiaomi Exclusive- Kolkata, Address of service center: 20H Park Street , Ground Floor , Kolkata Reason: Set Auto Off and apps not working Statement of service center: Spare part not available


Posted on Aug 13, 2016

one month ho gya phone kharb KO warranty mai hai company valey boltey hai parts h nhi hai one month aur wait karo


Posted on Aug 12, 2016


Vishal Singh Yadav

Posted on Aug 12, 2016

Dear Sir, I have purchased a Voltas Split AC - 185CY - 1.5 Tn - 5 Star on 16th April 2016 from Ajay Trading Company Gurgaon and also paid the installation fee Rs. 1500 to Ajay Trading Company. At the time of installation, I requested that technician to fill the hole that has been created for AC installation but he refused for filling the hole. Now rats come through that hole and damaged the inner unit of the AC. Now I requested Ajay Trading Company for the exchange of inner unit but they refused for exchange.


Posted on Aug 11, 2016


jithash P R

Posted on Aug 10, 2016

I have bought a Impex Home Theater Lyric 5.1 on 3.4.2016 and it worked only for one week and I registered a complaint first with the dealer on may Ist week and later to impex also, since then I have approached them several times through phone and mail, till now they didnot solve the complaint. Now it is almost 3 months over.


Posted on Aug 10, 2016

MY MOBILE Moto E (2nd Gen) 3G 8GB has some speaker problem...but service center closed in nashik...at time of service center available and open..but now service center not available...please help me


Posted on Aug 10, 2016

IR Meine sony company ka ek mobile phone 12 novmber ko purchase kra tha shop(p sons kurukshetra) se kch internal problem ke issue se meine june 28th 2016 ko apna phone care pr submit krwaya tha care ne mujhe kaha ki apka phone 1 month se pehle repair ho kr aajayega but mera phone yesterday 9 august 2016 ko repair ho kr aya hai but es phone k kch problem abi b veise h or ab camera ke pixle aur clearty m b kmi aai h or sevice k time camera m scracth pad gye h jo pehle nahi the,care walo ka kehna h ki ye humari problem nahi h aur ese hum thik nahi krenge aur sir sim and memory card ki tray b missing hai ,sir mein ek middle class ldka hu meine ye phone emi se liya h to esme meri help kre ye mera sony phone ka service/job no hai 16062800543, aapse req hai ki ho ske jaldi action le

Naushin Rahman

Posted on Aug 09, 2016

I bought Moto G Turbo edition 5 months back.My phone stopped working and it is in the service centre since 1st of July.The mother board needs to be changed but still they have not received the parts yet.I even called to the Motorola helpline number.They told me that I will get a resolution within 7 days.I requested them to replace my cell because it was new and they were taking too much time to repair it.Unfortunately there is no response.All I get to hear is that Ma'am you will receive a call from the technical department itself and your problem will be solved.Instead of complaining thousand times there is no response.My phone is still In the service centre.I request you to take some action and solve my problem.


Posted on Aug 08, 2016


Preeti Yadav

Posted on Aug 08, 2016

Preferly Home Solution (Address : Scf 90, 2nd Floor, Sector 14, Gurgaon - 122001, Main Market, Near Om Sweets) has taken 168300 Rs cheque from us for Daikin ACs but till date ACs are not installed.Once ACs were not installed I asked to refund my money. Owner (Sachin Natekar) gave cheque from Companies's Account which bounced due to insufficient funds in his account.For last 10 days Mr Sachin's mobile is Switched Off and his Shop is closed. I am cheated of 168300 Rs. Please take suitable action. Mr Sachin's contact No. is 8860034053.


Posted on Aug 06, 2016


bandana pal

Posted on Aug 06, 2016

On 5/5/16 i handed over a smartphone, within warranty period, of intex at MOBILE SOLUTION, situated at nonachandanpukur barrackpore, west bengal, pin 700122. Whenever enquired the answer was" come after 2/3 dayd". In this manner more than 1 month paased. Finally I contacted intex kolkata center as well as 18601085555(don't know where situated). They too told me to wait for another 7 days. On 30/6/16 i sent email at intexcare and again on 10/7/16. No reply received. On 8/7/16 i was offered new set of low features, which i denied to accept, for which i intimated to 18601085555 on 15/7/16 and through mail on 17/7/16. As usual they asked me to wait for 7days. 7 Days passed but no reply. On 28/7/16 they called me up and told to collect on 29/7/16 another model for which i agreed. As i stay atleast 250 km away, i took 1 day leave on 29/7/16. On the very day the shop remained closed. With these many harassment i finally decided to consumer forum. Pleae help me out.

e.pavan kumar

Posted on Aug 06, 2016

intex led tv not working due to some burn inside company said burns will not cover under warranty, and have to pay 2500 for repair.

Hanuman Tamoli

Posted on Aug 05, 2016

i have order product in industrybuying order no 837210. received product other one and company not given order product and no respoance please do the needful

Anis Gupta

Posted on Aug 03, 2016

i am Anis gupta , placed an order Moto G4 Plus on 24th july from Amazon i received my order today, and i found a soap on the packet instead of mobile, i am very shocked to received this type of fraud delivery from Amazon.My Order Id: 404-4621724-8260361,and the courier boy no is 9205255245, i have called them 5 times ,they didn't respond. it is unbelievable to do Such a fraudulent activity done by Amazon. Please take some quik action on this. Thanks Anis Gupta 9891536785 Email Id:anis.gupta89@gmail.com

Swati Thorat

Posted on Aug 03, 2016

This is regarding Eureka Forbes. I have Aqua guard water purifier which showed service indicator on 15/07/2016. I immediately requested for the same but got the service after 15 days. The service person could not change the filters properly and the purifier got damaged. It is costing Rs. 23000/-. I paid rs. 3800/- for the service.Still the filter is not working. I mailed the company two times but did not get any positive response from them. I have lost my amount and now the filter is not working. This has caused me financial losses as well as lot of harassment. Still I not getting filtered water which caused lot of infection to my family. The company is not giving any response. I need help in this matter. The damage is only due to the illiterate service person. why should I face the problem? I want justice in this case.

Manoj Kumar Garg

Posted on Aug 02, 2016

As per the details given below I had spent the 11600/- INR to buy your company mobile. I had purchased Micromax phone to promote indian mobile manufacturer. In February month I was in panic for ten days & again the same situation is there how to work in office. On 25.07.16 I had sent to my friend at your service canter & he is wasted four hours at service canter for checking of mobile. After spending four hours service canter person confirmed to deposit the mobile phone. Receipt no N050070-0716-24588111. But no confirmation is provided when the mobile phone will return to me. Till Now I am chasing for mobile


Posted on Aug 02, 2016



Posted on Aug 02, 2016

I brought an 42inch LED TV of LG on 20.07.2015for an amount of rs 56000/-. On 25.07.2016 i noticed a defective in the LED screen which i informed to LG service toll free no (RNA160726066923) is the complaint registering no. I was called back by the service team from Trivandrum and told me that the repairs cant be done at home and i need to bring the TV to the service center ,and i went there. They told me the warranty of the TV is expired six days before and the repairs cant be covered under warranty. The repair cost is approximately 35000/-rs. A TV which is brought for fifty six thousand and use only one year it is not fair for a company like LG to charge me such a huge repair cost. I am using LG washing machine ,refrigerator as well as LG LED which is now in trouble. I request you to do the necessary repairs under warranty or goodwill basis to continue my association with the company.


Posted on Aug 01, 2016

My Son, Raman Kumar had faced a problem with Acer laptop V5-472P, Sl No. NXMAVSI005340031117600,under guarantee, on the 10/05/2016 for which he made a complaint (No.177680YI) regarding a touch screen problem. The engineer, on 24th May 2016(complain No.1793099I) the authorised service agency aforeservice Ltd. people took the laptop to check the problem. Since then 2 month 9 days have passed. They are neither returning laptop nor refunding money. Only saying that they will refund money. My son is a student and facing problem for last three months. M/s Acer must be penalised for harassing customer and refund full amount. The responsible persons are: Customer support Manager, Acer India PVT Ltd. Jitendra Chopra, 9830388772, Jitendra.Chopra@acer.com , Mr. Sitaram : sita.sitaram@acer.com, Mr Rajesh Kumar, 9830703636


Posted on Aug 01, 2016

Booked Lenova VIBE K4 note mobile through snapdeal got soap through courier

Chandra S Samavedula

Posted on Aug 01, 2016

My phone, under warranty, is with Service Centre for last 5 weeks. some part replacement is not available. Matter escalated to the company but no positive response. Is it possible to log a complaint against company for harassing consumer by not providing timely services?

Rony George

Posted on Jul 31, 2016

Sir, My brother Jomon had bought an Induction Cooker from Pittappillil agencies,Edappally,Ernakulam on 15-08-2015 (invoice number, 07-SI-5640). We have been facing trouble with it since April'2016. We contacted Pittappillil agencies and as per their instruction taken to Changanssery, at Feber Service Center.After 2 months it was returned saying there is a mother board complaint and it needs to be rectified by Pittappillil. On 25-07-16, I took it to the Edappally showroom and they had further sent it to Feber,Ernakulam Service Center. They said that it will take another 2 weeks more. Please note that in the last 12 months, my product is in the Service Center for 4 months. This is really annoying and I want a speedy action to resolve this matter at the earliest. Its still in the warranty period. The complaint reg number that I have raised is 1606031845863. If one service center cannot repair the product, why should they sent it to another center? Please help us. Thanks.


Posted on Jul 30, 2016

Sir, I have purchased one water purifier aqua fresh aqua grand + from Aquafresh R.O. System , address H.O. 125, 1st Floor, vardhaman J.P. Plaza, sector 4, dawarka , New Delhi- 110075. The product is not working properly and it's water is over flowed from the day it is bought. My invoice no is 11147 dated 4th April, 2016. I am calling again and again to the office persons but no positive response. I got the complaint no 25938 with great difficulty. Every time it is assured that somebody visited my home but nobody turned up. Then their office members have given me no of some senior person, Mr Vinod and I spoke to him. He took my address 2 times but still no body turned up. I am really fed up of them. Now it's been 4 months and I called them again for servicing as it was the part of the purchase only. My one year servicing was free with this company as an offer. I spoke to their staff member, Miss Seema and she again assured me of service. My request no was 28269.But no response.


Posted on Jul 30, 2016

dear sir mi india was not given the replacement of my power bank still near 2 month and i called and mailed it but her any one conformation for mi team and this is mi complant no is 1985774 this pls slove this problem

Deepak S Jain

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

RE: Replacement HYD2004160070 and HYD2406160139 Its been pending for more than a month now and NO Action has been taken

Ajith Kumar.V.R

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

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Anuj Kumar Komal

Posted on Jul 29, 2016

I had submitted my Mi-4i mobile phone on 23/06/2016 in Gurgaon sec-14 service center of Xiaomi phones but till now they are now giving proper resolution they are making me fool to wait some more days and some more days from more that 1 month.I am facing lot of issue due to this. So please help me to get my phone or NEW phone asap. JOB SHEET No. WXIN1606230000307


Posted on Jul 26, 2016

I have purchased Sukam Inverter before few months ago. After some time I have face some technical problem. I am call the customer care of Sukam Inverter. They are provide 24 Hrs. engineer visit in my home. But after 7-8 Days there are no engineer visit in my home. So you are requested to please solve this problem, because this time is summer time. Thank you Regards Ranjeet.


Posted on Jul 25, 2016



Posted on Jul 25, 2016

recently purchased Intex S5 Turbo phone in 24th June 16 but however recently its display got damage from inside. there is no external damage on phone,same I showed to service center as well but they are saying it is damage so can`t be cover and has to pay charges for that.


Posted on Jul 23, 2016

This is regarding my fridge of LG company purchased on 18/7/11/. The company is unwiling to replace a part for which we have already complained in the permitted time of 5 years i.e, 11/7/16.

Shirsat Namdeo Tukaram

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

Posted On: 2016-07-22 13:23:19 i Had purchase a mobile a HTC Desire 620 mobile for Rs.9745 /-with one year warrnty. Mobile was not powering on after one month. i spoke to Mi customer care and they told to send mobile on there given address. all this conversation is in email also. once they received mobile for RMA they emaild me this can be repair on work properly basis because they have found liquid inside mobile. since there is liquid inside warranty get void . they have send us estimate for repair which is around 14500 rupees. sir my complain is how come repairing charges of mobile worth 9745 will be around 14500.

Shirsat Namdeo Tukaram

Posted on Jul 22, 2016


vikash kumar

Posted on Jul 22, 2016

i Had purchase a mobile a redmi mobile for Rs. 5999/-with one year warrnty. Mobile was not powering on after six month. i spoke to Mi customer care and they told to send mobile on there given address. all this conversation is in email also. once they received mobile for RMA they emaild me this can be repair on chargeable basis because they have found liquid inside mobile. since there is liquid inside warranty get void . they have send us estimate for repair which is around 8000 rupees. sir my complain is how come repairing charges of mobile worth 5999 will be around 8000.


Posted on Jul 21, 2016

sir i am sunil sehgal ambala city .sir i have purchase a microwave by IFB. SIR maine is microwave ki AMCkarwai thi tab mujhe bola gaya tha ki apke microwave main koi bhi part repair free hoga but ab jab power cable karab hue to us ko change karne ki avenge mein mujhe se 600 RS CHARGE kiye ja rahe hai .jiska written bill mere pass hai.so sir plz help me.my contect no is9315344817 &9996644817

Ashish Kumar Yadav

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Dear sir, I Ashish Kumar Yadav purchased Infocus M350 Mobile phone from Snapdeal, after using it the set get started to hang permanently so i went to authorised service centre of infocus mobile,they said motherboard of mobile will be changed with in 10 to 15 days you will get your phone ,already its too much time as compared to other companies they promise repair with in 2 days. but i any how i agree for that much of time , i have submitted on 20/06/2016 with job sheet no.1962. Call id no:- INFBUG160000040DW IMEI-353487071033619 INVOICE NO-S05787/15-16/201823 now 30 days gone nothing is happen i am very upset with service .Poeple at narnaul(Haryana) service center & infocus call center were not talking properly and giving worse response ,on 19/07/2016 I called on service center & they said they need 15 days more to repair the phone, then i call infocus service center & i cannot get satisfied answer from them. So,cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated.

AlwyN Joshy

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

Hi,&#8203; > I submitted phone leeco le 1s on June 06 at Wega electronics due to battery complaint and they offered replacement of 7 days but now about complete one month and half , and called customer care regarding this 8 times, they told me they will call back within 48hrs still now I dint get any calls or response from leeco, last Saturday I got a callback from the service center where I dipposited the phone mentioned "we cant service you handset as from leeco side we didn't get any responce or didn't get any guidance to do what, so pls take the handset from here and go anyother service center, buyed the phone to use and now phone is still in service center without any hope, so kindly reply to my mail and please let me know what kind of action you would take > > > > > Job sheet no :JS16061401518&#8203; > > Imei :869087021733743 > > 869087021733750 > > Service > > &#8203;Center: > > &#8203;Wega > > &#8203;Electronics > > Palakkad > > Kerala > > 0491 250 0401 > >


Posted on Jul 21, 2016

I purchase a 'santosh' home theater from kolkata chandni market from a well decorated showroom.Amount Rs 3500/- but after purchase the product, same product i found other shop given Rs 2800/- this is CHEATING, And my bill was without vat tax.shop not providing vat bill.kindly look into this matter,and waiting for your reply. Thanking You, Dipankar Dutta 9748619446 8013537848

Jayeeta Sengupta

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

I have purchased lenovo zuk z1 from amazon & after a month my phone stop detecting the sim cards. i have given it to service centre on 11-07-16 but it is told to me that they cannot repair my phone as parts are not available for lenovo zuk z1. What should i do now? If Lenovo dont have parts then why do they sell such phones? My service no:-SRIN4291607110024.

chandrabhan singh

Posted on Jul 19, 2016

R/sir my micromax canvas nitro a310 has been handover to micromax service centre for reparing about 6 month

Darshit Doshi

Posted on Jul 18, 2016

Sweating is happening in newly purchase freeze on 6-7-16. We have complaint to dealer on next day and they have sent person from PANASONIC company and he has suggested setting change and done the same. Again the same problem not resolved and Mr. Vijay (S&K Head of Panasonic) has visited and again done the setting. On 18th again company employee has come with one parts change. I have already asked to replace this faulty peace as why should I change parts in newly purchase Freeze. Now Dealer and Company employee giving round and round answer now. Plz help me to Resolve this Issue. Esteem Electronics Contact No. 0281-2467191 Vijay (Panasonic): 7574884344


Posted on Jul 17, 2016

I have purchased 565 litres on 9.11.2015. Since purchase the defrosting is not working properly. Water formation happens in the fridge which damages the food and other products stored in the fridge. Repeated complaints to the service centre have been made. Technicians have visited after repeated reminders , but were not able to identify the problems. Regular follow up in being made from past two months and my family continue to suffers for no fault of ours. We are all going to through mental agony. It seems these multinational do not have any quality control on the products and have arrogant attitude to customer service. Please take appropriate action and guide me for further course of action


Posted on Jul 16, 2016


mohd aris

Posted on Jul 16, 2016

Dear sir, I mohd aris purchased mi4 from flipkart , after using it its screen has got spot on it so i went to your malviya nagar service centre ,they said with in 10 to 15 days you will get your phone ,already its too much time as compared to other companies they promise repair with in 2 days. but i any how i agree for that much of time , i have submitted on 20/06/2016 with bar code no. WXIN1606200001114. IMEI-865291027909125 INVOICE NO-20150700183580 now 24 days gone nothing is happen i am very upset with service .Poeple at malviya nagar service centre were not talking properly and giving worse response ,on 10/07/2016 they called me on my phone they said your phone is ready , i went there and they said we called u by mistake ,your cooperation in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks and regards MOHD ARIS 9711703122

Shounak Dasgupta

Posted on Jul 16, 2016

I had submitted my REDMI 2 PRIME (IMEI No: 869162020847826, Job Sheet no ISH04026) to INFOTEL SERVICES (con no :8622014793), an authorized care centre of MI(xiaomi)near hazra, Kolkata-26, with back camera problem on 28th May, 2016. At that time, they had informed me that the mother board is to be changed & it will take 20 days ( Although, it was not written in the job sheet).However.I have not received my phone till date. As I called them during the time, they said board is not available. However.I have not received my phone till date. As I call them (8622014793) during this time, they repeat board is not available. I have contacted the MI customer care, but no fruitful result yet.


Posted on Jul 15, 2016

First of all don't buy anything from whaaky online shopping because they committed to the customer product delivered within 10 days of business days off today sending a wrong product even with the damage after after we complaining them they request to send back the product to return section we also sent the product more than 20 days they didn't answer to us not yet. Order no: S801556276


Posted on Jul 15, 2016


Cherry SIngh

Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Noone from Appsdaily is responding to my claim query & its been 1.5 months. I have no status on the same.

Dr.Mrugendra Thombre

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Sir recently i have purchased mobile which is worth 57,000 Rs. Model name ''samsung galaxy s7 edge " Which was by default faulty piece which they didnt replaced ... it is having some brightness strips over display There was one more big problem,,, I purchassed it Because of offer of Gear VR headset in 990 rupees which is actually without offer has worth Rs. 9900 But i didn't Received any Gear VR coupon code even after purchass because of mistake of authorised samsung galaxy dealer person... Because he activated my mobile with my first simcard and registered to coupon software with second simcard ... And now they are not helping and they are not replacing my mobile though it has faulty display... The address of that dealer store Is as follows , Kunal communications ,shop no.5-6,sundarbagh building,near to darshan hall, link road,Chinchwad 411033, pune,maharashtra Dealers Phone no. Is 020-64102422 and 020-27612422 My Dr.Mrugendra Thombre)-

Snehal Rane

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

I had purchased panasonic mobile phone from flipkart in the month of january n in the month of may the mobile broke so i gave it for servicing on 30 may to the servicing centre in margao but til now i have not received any communication from them regarding the phone instead i cal the call centre evry day asking for my phone or some subsitute to the phone as i dont have any other spare phone.they dont entertain properly & till today i have not received my phone nor any exact communication of when ill receive it. Kindly help

Shaikh Anwar

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

I have purchase Mobile from Micromax dealer but its stop working so i give it for repairing on 10-05-16 to Sani Mobile Ahmednagar approved service center of micromax,but till date i have not received my mobile back . evey time i get new reason & new date for my mobile. so please request you to suggest what can i do.

Nijesh P P

Posted on Jul 09, 2016

I had bought a new Gionee S6 Mobile Handset worth more than 20000/-(with insurance) from 3G Mobile world,Bank Road,Kannur on 19/04/16.The speaker of the phone is not working from 11/06/16 onwards.So I have given it to the Gionee Service centre,Kannur(Sahar Communications) on 14/06/16.I have got the phone after 3 weeks after repair on 05/07/16.As So many complaints found after repair,again I have given it to the service centre on 07/06/16.The problem till not solved.So I humbly request you to arrange a replace or refund of its cost with compensations at the earliest.


Posted on Jul 09, 2016

Hello team, I want to register a complaint against a local electrical service body in Pune named as "Happy Home Maintenance Services". They repaired my washing machine in the month of March-2016 with 6 months warranty and now in the month of July-2016 I am facing the same issue and they are denying the service and they are not interested in even checking of washing machine. My main concern is that the maintenance officer (Maruti) is trying to threaten me on phone and was talking in a very loud and rude voice. He threatens me that "You wait and watch, I'll come to your home and they we will have a settlement". I lodged a complaint in their office regarding the fault machine first on 06-07.2016 Wednesday and till now no action has been taken on the same. Request you to please look into the issue on priority and get in touch with the maintenance officer. Phone number - 09767755072, 08180806337

Mohita yadav

Posted on Jul 09, 2016

Myself Mohita Yadav. My phone is charging very slow.Its complete full charge in 8 hours rather than 3hours. I had given my phone to service centre and they send it to micromax company,Noida.There are some details regarding my phone. Jobsheet no. - E040174-0716-24273468 Model no. - Micromax canvas Q345 Model code - 7000012204 IMEI/ESN No. - 911432601105706/911432601305702 This is second time i send my phone to micromax comapny,Noida. Please repair my phone or replace it.


Posted on Jul 08, 2016

I bought a movie CD from " sahil CD point , teli para Bilaspur" he said that it is a original movie CD . I bought it home and found that the volume level on the CD is very low as compared to other movie CD .I wanted to change the CD but he refused to change and instead he threatened me not to come again otherwise he will bit me. Highly disrespectful from shop keeper.kindly take action against shop keeper he is selling faulty CDs.

Niloy Mazumder

Posted on Jul 08, 2016

I have cancelled my order on 12th May, 2016 which was purchase through online from Amazon. Till date they could not pick-up the material inspite of my repeated reminders. Now the overseas management informed to touch with local management but local management give me assurance and not yet resolve. Kindly help.

Rajesh Dubey

Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Dear Concern, I have purchases xolo era phone in July 15 but since May 16 it is not store the charging. I have visited service center 2 times but problem not resolve. kindly suggest as my phone is in warranty but service center not given ant response.


Posted on Jul 07, 2016

I have purchase Redmi 2 prime white colour) mobile registered dealer sold by: W S Retail Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore (Karnataka) Invoice no.# BR_ WFLD2015110215457 dated 27-11-2015 order through flipkart.com online purchase of Rs. 6649.00 through net banking, For your kind information that but within 5-6 months it had Back & Front Camera not working than I deposited it at service center Xiaomi Exclusive- Ludhiana handover to Mr. Gurinder Singh & Ajay Sharma (Served by) on dated 23.05.2016 (JOB SHEET No. JS16052300081) they assumed me that they returned my mobile after repair within 15 days (Expected return date 07-Jun-2016) but till date after 47 days they did not repaired my handset. I complaint every where many times last 35 days but no solution of my problems yet to end, even I tried to call to Xiaomi Customer Care India head Mr.Gaurav & other persons at Customer Care no. 18001036286 about 15 times within 10 days but he has not co-operate with me & no any solution of my problems.

Vikas Aggarwal

Posted on Jul 05, 2016

Gave the redmin phone for repair on 18th May which was under warrant but still not repaired even after 50days.Please help

Priyanka chouradia

Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Don't purchase le eco company mobile because &#2351;&#2375; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2393;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2348;&#2375;&#2330;&#2340;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376; &#2324;&#2352; replacement &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2342;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; &#2346;&#2352; &#2357;&#2366;&#2346;&#2360; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376; &#2324;&#2352; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; &#2352;&#2326; &#2354;&#2375;&#2340;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376;&#2404;&#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2375; &#2310;&#2332; &#2346;&#2369;&#2352;&#2375; &#2319;&#2325; &#2350;&#2361;&#2368;&#2344;&#2366; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2346;&#2352; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2366; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2312;&#2354; &#2357;&#2366;&#2346;&#2360; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2350;&#2367;&#2354;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376;&#2404;&#2320;&#2360;&#2375; &#2348;&#2361;&#2369;&#2340; &#2360;&#2375; &#2354;&#2379;&#2327; &#2361;&#2376; &#2332;&#2379; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2375; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; le eco comapny &#2325;&#2375; &#2330;&#2325;&#2352; &#2354;&#2327;&#2366; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376;&#2404;

vishal jamalia

Posted on Jul 03, 2016

i purchased microsoft lumia 435 mobile in august 2015 with offer of rs 300 cashback for 12 month uptill feb i got the offer after that they denied.when i complaint to mobikwik they said contact with microsoft.when i contacted microsoft in march they registed complaint and told me lot of other customer also facing the same problem we will solve it but not solved yet but when i contacted in 1july they said contact with mobikwik.

Kapil Goyal

Posted on Jul 02, 2016

Not delivered a replacement phone by snapdeal or refund money by Company


Posted on Jul 02, 2016

sachin sharma

Posted on Jul 02, 2016

I have purchased a Zolo mobile set. there was some functioning defect in it. mobile submitted on 15 june for part replacement. they told me to repair in 1 week. now its 17th day I didn't get the mobile back. I call in their care several times they told me to get my repaired upto 30th june. till now I didn't get it. I call them today the are saying to give it on 6th July now. this is totally harassment to me. as I am having huge problems for the day to day dealings. I wanted to file a complaint against mobile company for compensate on it.

Abhishek bansal

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

I made a complaint with LG regarding repair of ac 5 days back. An executive (harvir) visited an said that compressor needs to be changed. 2 days there wasnt any communication from lg. On enquiry they told me harvir did not forward the complaint. They noted a fresh complaint and assured prompt reply. After a couple of hours when there was no reply i called up again and they said this time the complaint will be put forward on emergency basis. Again nothing happened and on calling them again on next day i was told your previous complaint is in process and no new complaint was registered. They gave me a number of local service centre to contact and follow up on my own. That number is never picked. Its been another day and no one has tried to contact me . I believe since the compressor is in warranty the company is harassing me. Their behaviour is highly unacceptable and unprofessional. And moreover their grievance redressal portal is always down. Complaint number is RNA160628090539. Help

Brinder Singh

Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Have bought a mobile phone from Amazon cell make Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, have already raised the issue with Amazon CEO and also approached Xiaomi service center who told me the damaged product will be returned in 15 or more then that period of time. Being a customer it's hard for me to accept a repaired mobile which went dead in a month time, still I accepted it to be repaired. My biggest concern was to expedite resolution but to my fortune it went useless. Have been provided by a reference number by service center WXIN1606220000928 When ever I call them from last 10 days they hardly respond to call. Not a single call was answered. Service Center Address TVS Electronics Ltd. unit F10, First Floor Haware Infotech Park, sec 30-a, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 I request you to address my issue as I am very frustrated Best regards Brinder Singh 9167671028


Posted on Jul 01, 2016

Helo sir I have deposited my yuphoria mobile model no.yu5010A in the m/s j.d. Mobile phone technology Rewari for repairing which is in contaract with yuphoria care as yuphoria care centre told me to deposit there. My mobine is under warranty. They hav told me to take my phone within 7-10 days. Today it has passed 10 days. But they are not attendind the phone.one no is swiched phone,one is not reacgable and other one is always bsy when i call.i contacted to yuphoria centre by call they told me that they have not recieved the phone yet.i cant work without phone anymore and they are not replying. Kindly take the necessary actions Thanking you

Narayan Bareth

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

Ushasi Paul

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

I bought a LG G4 mobile which is currently under warranty.It started creating problem & I gave it to service center, they repaired it & gave me back but very next day again it stared creating the same problem.Now the service center is not giving me proper and right information about it.Sometimes they telling about replacement but not doing anything.They are just stretching the matter like anything.It's already 15days over they are not responding properly.Please help me out.

Ushasi Paul

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

I bought a LG G4 mobile which is currently under warranty.It started creating problem & I gave it to service center, they repaired it & gave me back but very next day again it stared creating the same problem.Now the service center is not giving me proper and right information about it.Sometimes they telling about replacement but not doing anything.They are just stretching the matter like anything.It's already 15days over they are not responding properly.Please help me out.

Nikhil Chacha

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

I had purchased a Mitsubishi air-condition in 2014 December. Since the same month i have been facing some or the other issue with the AC. The manager who finally came to check the AC after several complaints confirmed that, there is a manufacturing defect in the AC. Despite of manufacturing defect the company refuses to replace the AC.

Neelam Meshram

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

We purchased LG Split Ac from Ezone Raipur City Center Mall , Pandri , By down payment of rs 6000 , on date - 21/04/16 , but didnot recive Bill against product, Product is also Faulty product , not getting any proper Response from LG Service Center , By examining this product executive also confirm that there is cooling problem and swing problem in AC. and told us the product will be replaced , but after some time no one is taking care of it. Kindly Help us to overcome this problem .

Vikas Aggarwal

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

Ranjit Singh Kumar

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

My AC had been repaired by "Voltas" on 20/5/16 for problems - fan broken and coil damaged, the outdoor unit had been taken to their warehouse. From the very next day I started calling them again and again, since my outdoor unit was making much sound, there was no response initially, when I called customer care, I received a call from their Agency asking me why didn't you call us and instead why did you call customer care, after 3 days, I received a call from Voltas wherein I was told that they would come to check, but no one came. Following this my fan got broken again on 20th of June 2016, I called them up and this time they came and told me that the motor of the fan need to be changed, they did this and extracted 1800/- from me. in the first visit they had taken 7900/-. I again called on 24th of June, since my Ac was not working intermittently. After spending 10000/-, my product is still faulty and no one is here to listen.

Ankush Bakshi

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

I purchased two Intec AC's on May 27 2014 and was given service card mentioning 03 Free services (Service Card attached). Now the manufacturer is not adhering with his commitment and asking for availing the service on chargeable basis (Mail attached). Request to register my complain and do the justice. rgds, Ankush Bakshi

Manas Jyoti Barooah

Posted on Jun 26, 2016

Rohit kumar

Posted on Jun 25, 2016

Flip kart cheated me by selling iphone6s. As per Apple flip kart is authorised to sell iPhones. Now I am facing connectivity issues in my phone. I want to go,to consumer court . Please take na.

Vikas Aggarwal

Posted on Jun 25, 2016

Shubham Tiwari

Posted on Jun 24, 2016

I bought a HTC handset 816 nd fault came in my phone 3-4 times .i send my phone custmer care 3 times but they not correct the my phone..so i submit an application in korba consumer form but here no judges ar sitting on office thts y my application not proceed


Posted on Jun 24, 2016


Sushil Saini

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

I bought an Gionee smartphone for Rs.17000/- on 9th June 2016 and there were many issues in the phone like it heats up immediately on running internet, networking issue, touch problem, back button problem, low mike & speaker volume. I was not told by the dealer that you have to return ot within 7 days, in case of faults. So i visited service centre on 8th day and service centre refused to issue DOA to replace it, rather they took it for 2-3 days and returned me the phone in same condition along with all the issues , saying the heating issue is inbuilt and could not be resolved. I asked if it blasts while listening, will you take the responsibility for it as it heats up near the listening point.I also asked him to write it on the service document, but he refused. I mailed customer care, they called me and they also refused to take it back. Now, I can not take this faulty phone which is very costly as the other phones of these feature are available in 10000/in market. I need help..

Sharmistha Nandi

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Siju Nair

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Dear Sir / Madam, This is with regard to my Bluetooth headset MDR AS600BT. I had purchased these headsets on 28/07/2015 and since then I have been to Sony customer care centre more than 5 times and have got it replaced as many times. I have been visiting their service centre almost every month to report these faulty headsets. These visits to service centre has cost me more than 500 rs. I am really disappointed with the quality of these headsets given that the cost of it is more than 5000 Rs. I didnt expect such poor quality from Sony, I have been a Sony loyalist and even my phone is Sony Xperia z. I really have my doubts on the durability of these headsets. I have given up on this model, its a humble request plz help me in getting a different model of the same amount or a refund. I am mentioning the jobsheet numbers of my earlier complaints to Sony service centre : J51903244 J52027520 J53341064 J60131641 J61455702. Please assist

Neelam Meshram

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

we have purchased LG AC,from EZONe Rauipur, they are not giving us invoice, the AC is defective, srvice centre is not replying to our calls, first the said they will replace the product, but after some time they are denying for the same.

noushad bhati

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

dear sir mena ek redmi cumpany k mobile liya hian sar mane cumplant likhe hui hain abhi tak kuch solesan nahi hua sar mere maddad karo plz

Jaspreet Singh Rawel

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

I had raised a Complaint#FF144607 with Havells Customer Care on 14th June 2016 for the issues with my Momenta Attamaker. No technician has visited our place since then. I have placed four reminder calls to customer service since then. The technician called once to book an appointment for the visit. Post that I have called him at least 50 times but he is not picking up the phone. Nor is the customer care helping with the resolution of complaint. Hence, I am filing a complaint with this forum to help me in this regard.

harpreet singh

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Sir I say that I purchased lava iris fuel 60 . company promise that we have give a lolipop 5.0 update soon in yours lava iris fuel 60 phone but in 18 month no. One any update in my phone . can I case in lava brand in court then they not completed his commitment

Amit Sharma

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Toshiba LED P2400 was purchased in Oct 2014, with in 8 months it got dead...replaced by company in June 2015 but same problem again occurred...mail was sent to company but no response till yet...call registered @ customer care TIPLSR6H0022297 which is been not yet entertain.

Ankit Sharma

Posted on Jun 21, 2016

Not getting service from Hewlett Packard for laptop, even laptop Being in Warranty.


Posted on Jun 20, 2016


Ferojuddin M A Khan

Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Neelansh Gupta

Posted on Jun 19, 2016

On 17th June'16 I placed the order Godrej 343 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator(RT EON 343 SG 2.4, Ebony) from flipkart and paid Rs. 15,650/- as quoted on the flipkart portal. Order was expected to be delivered on 19th June'16 and was out on delivery as per the message received from flipkart. but just before the delivery time, Flipkart cancelled the ordered and initiated the refund. Reason Cited as per the phone call received from Flipkart : "Product price was quoted less on portal. Now the price is revised so we have cancelled the order and initiated the refund ". When I contacted customer service, they were not aware of this and suggested me that wait for some time, my order is out of delivery. My issue: I do not need refund. I need my product. This was a gift to my family on father's day. Our fridge was out of work from last 5 days. I ordered this fridge on installment. But Flipkart, has ruined it all.

Prashant Sutar

Posted on Jun 19, 2016

Hi Kent Water Purifier Authorities, on date 16-05-16 i had purchased Kent's wonder plus water purifier from your distributor "Velocity Distributor", Thane. From last few days we face an technical issue with the machine. 1) Instrument didn't switch ON when input supply to machine is given. 2) Leakage with in machine is observed, water is dripping out of machine. Till date your technician had 4 visits to my home to troubleshoot the problem but its same, still water is leaking out of the machine. I had multiple time discussion with Your Regional Manager Mr.Rajesh he comes with different conclusion of the issue but unable to understand the same as well resolve the same. During the time of purchase your specialist never talked about installation of water flow mini miser but now Mr.Rajesh forcing us to purchase one, This is unethical please replace my instrument with new one or refund my money back

Punit Chandra Kaushik

Posted on Jun 18, 2016

I had purchased Lenovo Mobile Note K-3 on dated 27-07-2015 by Flipkart, its IMEI-1 86797002259713 & IMEI-2 867970022597021& Invoice no. #DEL_GGN_0120150700082222.My mobile was not charging but Mobile was working, sent to Guwahati (Assam) service centre on 29-05-2016 twice. There Mr. Raj not taking any interest to repair it, and demand Rs 6800/- for cash repairing. it is only charging point problem, you changed it. Then he told that in Lenovo Port(connecter) is attached with Mother Board it is not separate. It is Lenovo Mobile design fault for this why i will suffer? Therefore request you pl. arranged to repair my mobile or replace this set as earlier. Already i have correspondence with service ED, services_ed@lenovo.com, smartphonets@lenovo.com. Neither they have given service in warranty period, nor replaced my mobile. They are escaping from warranty period by telling bogus reason; it is due to water problem. When my mobile was not dipped in water or not exposed in Rain water.

Vikas Kala

Posted on Jun 17, 2016

Hi, I have bought the Karbonn S205-2GB cellphone in the month of April 2016,on 15th May 2016, the phone stopped working. On 19th may 2016 i have taken the phone to karbonn service center and they have submitted the phone with job sheet no - KJASPUP472516KR4854. I am continuously following up with them regarding the phone, but the phone is still not repaired till now even after one month. and they are asking one more month to fix the phone. I am realy fad-up with their delay, so please help on this regard.

Periyanka Jha

Posted on Jun 17, 2016

I had purchased a micromax original battery from Om Sai Ram, Jail Road, Indore on 19 dec 2015.At the time of purchasing battery he told me that it has 6 month warranty and it also wriiten in the bill. I am facing battery problem and from past one month I am visiting his shop but every time he is not covering the warranty and talking in very in appropriate manner.

anil upadhyay

Posted on Jun 15, 2016



Posted on Jun 14, 2016

Hi, I am ASUS user from a long time and using Zenfone 2 (4GB RAM & 32 GB Internal Memory) which was under warranty till May 2016. I had an issue with the phone on 24th April 2016 post charging mobile was powered off when I try to power on it just Vibrates nothing was displayed in the screen so took to the service centre F1 Info Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd on 25th April 2016 and they have registered a complaint RMA Number: INF8640843 On the same day I got call from service centre stating Liquid content found in my mobile, I was shocked to hear this from service centre because I never exposed my mobile to water Knowingly or unknowingly and also everyone knows any liquid damage or physical damage is not covered under warranty. The question here is how the liquid content can be found in my mobile? And also I am not a fool who damages Rs.20000/- mobile by just dropping in water, I suspect something was happened in the service centre which they are trying to cover it up.

ajay rajput

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

I perches New Samsung refrigerator on date 25 May 2016. Model no.RR19K282ZRZ/NL It is not make in 8 hour. I give four times compliant . One time come service engeeneor but he is not attend problems . So please take nessesory action. Thanks

Ashok Joshi

Posted on Jun 14, 2016

I purchased a godrej refrigerator on 08.04.2016 due to technical fault in the refrigerator on 28.05.2016 at 08.00 Am, the whole fridge is burnt. This affected my entire flat and flat is burnt too. The kitchen is burnt 100% where the refirgerator was kept. I have all the pics of my burnt house which i can show you if required.I have registered an FIR in Narpoli Police Station bhiwandi.We are lucky that me wife and our 02 month old son are saved. if this would have happened in the middle of the night then we would have died on the spot since the cylinder in the kitchen would have burst. My loss is around 05-06 lacs rupees. But the incident was life threaning. Thank godd we are alive. The same incident had happened in goregaon with godrej refrigerator on 28.04.2016. Kindly do the needful and ask godrej to pay us the compensation so that we can repair our house and get our life on track.

Jayakumar Bhavanishankar

Posted on Jun 12, 2016

I lost my i phone 6 on May 22, 2016 near Bagdogra Airport while arriving from Gangtok after a holiday in Sikkim. The phone bearing IMEI no. 356984062177063 with phone serial no. C36NQAG8G5MV. Subsequently on May 30 i received a telephone call from a person in Bhutan (name not revealed) from a telephone no.+975 17654322 mentioning that he was in possession of my phone and that he bought from a person for iNR 15000. I mentioned that he can give his correct contact no so that i could get in touch with him and direct him to courier my phone and i would reward him proportionately. Though initially was ready to cooperate but he disconnected the telephonic conversation by mentioning that he would get in touch with the person from whom he bought my phone. Actually this person could not log in to my phone as such it was locked with a safety feature that i had enabled in my phone. I had also submitted a lost report to my airliner M/s, Spicejet at Kolkata Airport and by online to Bagdogra police


Posted on Jun 11, 2016

I brought hTc usb charger on 18th may 2016 from rediffmail shopping and it delivered on 23rd may 2016. My order number is 13420295 and my refund ticket number is Ticket#105711882598. After using it for 2 days, I found that the charger is not charging my hTc mobile phone correctly. Instead of charging, it starts giving errors in phone during charging. So I send a product change offer to the company and they said that the vendor is not capable of sending the new charger and it will refund your money in 3-7 days. But after calling again and again they always says that it will take time and now it has passed almost 20 days. What should i do with the faulty charger after paying its cost for the original one. Please register my complain against the reddifmail shopping so that not any other person should get cheated.

Alpa Gala

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

The product i took from Eureka Forbes (xforce vaccum cleaner) does not work even for 10 mins and we had been told that it will work continuous for 45 mins and if there is any problem , product will be replaced. when called the company they are not replacing nor giving our money back and they have mentally harassed us now by not solving our problem .

Aakash kadam

Posted on Jun 11, 2016

I had ordered a Power bank from bookmyorder.com on 3rd of July, the delivery was on time but the parcel that came only contained the power bank they did not provided product bill. I want to replace that power bank as it is not functioning properly. Waiting fot your reply.

surjeet singh

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

I have purchased a MI(xiaomi) mobile phone in Oct-2015. My phone has stopped responding before 5 days. I have submitted the phone to the customer care. Now they are rejecting my complaint stating that it been gone wrong because of liquid damage. Kindly look into the matter and help me for the same.

Vijay Pandey

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

Infocus mobile phone service center is taking months to repair my phone

Vishal Raghuvanshi

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

I buy a New Lava x10 mobile in April 2016. I defect is coming mobile is bending in a curved shape and heating also. I go to mobile care they replied me that it is not company defect, this defect is from your side and also told that you are responsible for the defect, company can not take this defecting responsibility. So please do as needful in this subject. I am service class person whose salary is only 10500//rs only and I save money every month from salary to buy a new mobile.

tekchand sinha

Posted on Jun 09, 2016

&#2360;&#2352; &#2332;&#2368; &#2344;&#2350;&#2360;&#2381;&#2325;&#2366;&#2352; , &#2350;&#2376; &#2327;&#2381;&#2352;&#2366;&#2350; &#2352;&#2325;&#2381;&#2360;&#2368; &#2325;&#2366; &#2344;&#2367;&#2357;&#2366;&#2360;&#2368; &#2361;&#2369; &#2350;&#2376; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2366; &#2332;&#2366;&#2352;&#2369;&#2352;&#2340;&#2379; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2349;&#2368; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2331;&#2369;&#2352;&#2366; &#2360;&#2375; &#2361;&#2368; &#2326;&#2352;&#2368;&#2342;&#2342;&#2366;&#2352;&#2368; &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2366; &#2361;&#2369; &#2313;&#2360; &#2342;&#2369;&#2325;&#2366;&#2344; &#2325;&#2366; &#2344;&#2366;&#2350; &#2352;&#2332;&#2366; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2361;&#2376; &#2311;&#2360; &#2342;&#2369;&#2325;&#2366;&#2344;&#2342;&#2366;&#2352; &#2325;&#2379; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2325;&#2366; &#2344;&#2366;&#2350; &#2352;&#2366;&#2358;&#2368;&#2342; &#2352;&#2332;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2313;&#2344;&#2325;&#2379; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2319;&#2325; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2350;&#2306;&#2327;&#2357;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2357;&#2375; &#2342;&#2369;&#2325;&#2366;&#2344;&#2342;&#2366;&#2352; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2354;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2354;&#2375;&#2325;&#2367;&#2344; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2332;&#2379; &#2350;&#2377;&#2337;&#2354; &#2325;&#2366; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2350;&#2306;&#2327;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2357;&#2379; &#2350;&#2377;&#2337;&#2354; &#2325;&#2366; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2354;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2342;&#2370;&#2360;&#2352;&#2366; &#2350;&#2377;&#2337;&#2354; &#2325;&#2366; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2354;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2326;&#2352;&#2368;&#2342;&#2342;&#2366;&#2352;&#2368; &#2352;&#2366;&#2351;&#2346;&#2369;&#2352; &#2360;&#2375; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2325;&#2368; &#2360;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2368;&#2350;&#2340; &#2360;&#2375; &#2348;&#2338;&#2364;&#2357;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2325;&#2368;&#2350;&#2340; &#2348;&#2344;&#2357;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2348;&#2344;&#2357;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2326;&#2352;&#2368;&#2342; &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2313;&#2360; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2325;&#2366; &#2357;&#2366;&#2360;&#2381;&#2340;&#2357;&#2367;&#2325; &#2325;&#2368;&#2350;&#2340; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2313;&#2360;&#2368; &#2360;&#2379;&#2346; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2346;&#2340;&#2366; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2332;&#2361;&#2366; &#2360;&#2375; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2313;&#2360;&#2325;&#2366; &#2350;&#2370;&#2354;&#2381;&#2351; 28500 &#2352;&#2370;&#2346;&#2351;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376; &#2354;&#2375;&#2325;&#2367;&#2344; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; 36000 &#2352;&#2370;&#2346;&#2351;&#2375; &#2325;&#2366; &#2348;&#2344;&#2357;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2354;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2342;&#2367;&#2326;&#2366;&#2351;&#2366; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2325;&#2379; &#2350;&#2376;&#2344;&#2375; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2325;&#2366; &#2330;&#2369;&#2346;&#2325;&#2375; &#2360;&#2375; &#2347;&#2364;&#2379;&#2335;&#2379; &#2326;&#2368;&#2330; &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2352;&#2326;&#2366; &#2361;&#2369; &#2313;&#2344;&#2325;&#2366; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354;&#2344;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2325;&#2368; &#2350;&#2376; &#2340;&#2369;&#2350;&#2360;&#2375; 1000 &#2352;&#2370;&#2346;&#2351;&#2375; &#2325;&#2350;&#2366; &#2352;&#2361;&#2366; &#2361;&#2369; &#2325;&#2352;&#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2376;&#2346;&#2335;&#2377;&#2346; &#2325;&#2368; &#2325;&#2368;&#2350;&#2340; 37000 &#2352;&#2370;&#2346;&#2351;&#2375; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2360;&#2375; &#2354;&#2375; &#2330;&#2370;&#2325;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2309;&#2340;&#2307; &#2311;&#2360; &#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2325;&#2366;&#2352; &#2360;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2360;&#2366;&#2341; &#2343;&#2379;&#2325;&#2366; &#2361;&#2369;&#2357;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2350;&#2366;&#2344;&#2381;&#2351;&#2357;&#2352; &#2360;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2366; &#2344;&#2367;&#2357;&#2375;&#2342;&#2344; &#2361;&#2376; &#2325;&#2368; &#2360;&#2326;&#2381;&#2340; &#2325;&#2366;&#2352;&#2381;&#2351;&#2357;&#2366;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2368; &#2332;&#2366;&#2357;&#2375; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2360;&#2375; &#2310;&#2327;&#2375; &#2319;&#2360;&#2368; &#2327;&#2354;&#2340;&#2368; &#2325;&#2367;&#2360;&#2368; &#2342;&#2369;&#2325;&#2366;&#2344; &#2342;&#2366;&#2352; &#2360;&#2375; &#2344; &#2361;&#2379;&#2404; &#2343;&#2344;&#2381;&#2351;&#2357;&#2366;&#2342; &#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2352;&#2381;&#2341;&#2368; &#2344;&#2366;&#2350;- &#2335;&#2375;&#2325;&#2330;&#2306;&#2342; &#2360;&#2367;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2366;

Abhishek kumar

Posted on Jun 08, 2016

I had a panasonic p-41 mobile. Due to black screen problem i gave it to the service centre of panasonic on 11-April-2016. Now almost after 2 months I haven't got my mobile back. Whenever i called customer care they said it is reached in your state contact your service centre. And whenever i asked service centre they said your mobile is in head office of panasonic which is in delhi. I warned them that i will go to consumer court if you don't give my mobile back. They said do what you want, but we can't do anything your mobile is in head office.


Posted on Jun 08, 2016

I bought an Asus Zenphone on 29-04-2016 which went dead on 23-05-2016. I took it to the Asus Service Centre in Thiruvananthapura. They haven't so far honored their warranty obligations each time responding to my queries with unspecific answers. I incurred considerable professional and personal losses being deprived of the phone. Kindly intervene to persuade the firm to honor their warranty obligations without further delay.

Totan Kar

Posted on Jun 07, 2016

TV power cable not working and not able to switch on the TV ( LCD-TH-L32C22D ) complain given on 28-05-16. after 11 days also no solution.service center refusing to repair. complain registered on 28-05-16, reference number C010616000993 and technician from MICRO ELECTRONICS, 273, BT Road, Kolkata. phone 03365229006 has visited. technician have removed the power board during his visit. till date no solution and very casual approach by Panasonic Service center. repeated mail reminder and follow up done but no action. poor quality of product and service by Panasonic. Thanks and regards Totan Kar I-Space, Flat-1C, Bl-C, 35/1 RBC road, Dumdum, Kolkata-700028. near central Jail bus stop. mobile: 9681855172

Sudhir Sawant

Posted on Jun 07, 2016

Dear Sir, Madam, I'd purchased above mentioned Karbon Tablet with very high expectation of digital experience. But to my utmost displeasure, the said tablet started giving many problems after initial few days of working. Even after visiting authorized center, the said was not rectified (you may check your records for your reference). Now its totally dead it's of no use to me. I visited your authorized service center G.N. Technologies, L-116, Dreams Mall, LBS Road, Bhandup(West), Mumbai 400078, Mr.Ahmed, Tel-022-67104333 on 15-Mar-2016. They were also not able to rectify returned my tablet after 16 days on 1Apr2016. After that, I lodged complaint to your customer helpdesk - 18605001492 but till date no response or feedback. I've following problems with my tablet; 1. Totally dead - not charging 2. Extra memory card of 32GB not recognized by the system 3. Most of the mobile apps are missing (YouTube, GoogleApps, etc.) 4. Latest Android version not updated 5. Surprisingly, G.N.Technologies

Jaya Bajpai

Posted on Jun 06, 2016

in the month of April I had purchased a pest control machine from naaptol.com. That machine guaranteed that within 1 month the house would b pest free. the 1st time when the sent the machine it stopped working. so i returned it. the 2nd time also it didnt work as per what they had said. now when i ask them to take the machine back and return the money they deny and say that i should buy something else from their site. what to do. i have the machine and the bill with me


Posted on Jun 06, 2016

I bought the Online mobile phone from E-Bay site , But they sent the different item which was order , so i want return this but nobody is resolving this issue


Posted on Jun 03, 2016



Posted on Jun 02, 2016

Tomorrow register a ac complaint with Sansui coustmer care 01139404040. He gave me a complaint no KAR0106160025. And tell me your complaints solve 48 hours. But till hours no msg and no phone call receive from Sansui customer care. 12 hours are left. Please take strict action against Sansui electronic .

lokesh kumar hanote

Posted on Jun 02, 2016

1 month before i am purchased sony m4 aqua mobile this mobile 3 time replace but my problem not disposed i lost time , money sir i request my complaint accepted

Sudip Dutta

Posted on Jun 01, 2016


Posted on Jun 01, 2016

Dear Sir, Our SAMSUNG Plasma 42 inch TV had some problem, i took the TV to samsung authorized service centre in Jammu on 22-04 2016...till date there is no response from them...i took the matter with Samsung company also but there is no favarable response from their side also. Sir pls suggest me how can i get my issue solved, i had already paid Rs 7000Rs as advance against the total bill of Rs 16000. warm regards Desraj Koul 9858502103

Soumya Yadav

Posted on Jun 01, 2016

10 months ago i purchased Dell laptop Inspiron 15 3000 series loaded with intel core i7 & from the very next day i have been facing major issues with this Laptop.I dont feel that this laptop is giving any performance that should be given by an i7 laptop. I called up to the coustmer care and complained about the BATTERY issue but the technical assistant replied "I HAVE TESTED THE LATOP ON OUR SERVER AND I AM SURE YOUR LAPTOP DOESNT HAVE ANY BATTERY ISSUE" and asked me to format my laptop.I didnt see any point Formatting my laptop on the very next day but as advised by him I did it.Judging the performance of the laptop and the battery i didnt feel any improvement in the performace. Unfortunately i had to visit Dell Service Centre and there the battery problem was detected and the battery was replaced. After a few days again I started to face alot of issues like laptop was taking 5-10 min to start,the laptop started to hang most of the time,the cursor was not working,the laptop switched

anurag dubey

Posted on May 31, 2016

dear sir/mem, mera mobile warrenty m hai or 2 month se service senter m dala hua hai but unhone abhi ushme kuch nhi kiya or meri job sheet bhi nhi banayee 22 may ko ushki warrenty khatam ho jaygi..........

Poornima Sachin Nair

Posted on May 31, 2016

The mobile HTC 828 white with IMEI 352532078036064 was bought on 28/04/2016 from Paragon Telelinks Pvt Ltd, Thane. Within a months of its usage, there was a problem with the display screen. The same was taken to the shop where the sales manager told me that it should be sent to the service Centre which is at Eternity Mall, Thane. After a day, the service centre tells us that there is moisture/liquid in the mobile because of which the display screen is not visible. They refused to replace or repair the mobile as they said that this clause does not come in the warranty. They have asked me to pay another additional cost of Rs 20,000/- to repair the mobile. I refuse to do this as the same should be taken care of in the warranty period itself. IT is my hard earned money and I cannot let it go waste. The showroom people have put up their hands and nobody is ready to help. This is sheer cheating and trying to extract money from the customer by giving some lame excuse. Pls help urgently.....

pravin kumeriya

Posted on May 31, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I had purchased the yureka YU (micromax co.) on date 26/04/2015 from Amazon. I had used this phone for one year. On date 21/05/2016 (within 20 days of expiring warranty period.) , there is problem occurred in mobile, it stuck on YU symbol & failed to power on. I had submitted the mobile to micromax service center M/s. NOVA Services at Nagpur with jobsheet no.2122047-0516-23507836 on dt. 23/05/2016. As per mentioned service center, they sent that mobile for repair to micromax Delhi office. On dt. 31/05/2016 mentioned service center told me (ON PHONE) that, my submitted YU mobile can't repair, & told me to pick up & take home the same. Here I don't know how micromax service center people from Nagpur & Delhi office(main office) failed to repair their design design & manufactured mobile? Is that service provided by micromax. The fault occurred in mobile within 20 days of expiring warranty period.

Rahul Banka

Posted on May 31, 2016

I had bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone on 18th May, 2016. However, within a week there was a problem in the handset. Whenever I was making a phone call, it was getting disconnected automatically. I had visited the service center but the officials were unwilling to replace my phone. They updated the software and proposed to repair the phone if the problem persisted. I had emailed the customer care forum, requesting them to replace my phone but they refused to replace it too. Samsung says they replace phones if deposited within a week. However, I was unaware of this policy.The problem occurred from the 6th after purchase. I thought it was a network error but when the problem perpetuated I visited the store on 28th May 2016.I want a replacement & not repair since it is problem in the company's product and this phone has costed me Rs.48900. I feel helpless. Please help me!

Yagendra Bhoi

Posted on May 30, 2016

I bought INTEX AQUA power Plus smartphone. Its in the warranty period. Company is not repairing my cellphone from last 5 months and my bill warranty will be over on 5 aug 2016. I need solution on the above mention problem. I had conversation with company representative many times as of now they are trying to hold me every time. So hereby i request you to kindly accept my complain and registered it. If Possible forward a notice to Company. Looking for your kind cooperation for the same. Thanking You Yagendra Bhoi 7509999173

Apurva Shah

Posted on May 30, 2016

I had purchased Apple Iphone6 3 months back & am facing issues related to touch screen. Went to the service center & they said to pay 26000 & get a replacement. Am completely against this as the handset is still under warranty & should be repaired / replaced free of cost. Request your support on the said matter.

Mahesh kumar

Posted on May 29, 2016

Philips led in warranty but last 2 month my tv 32 inch philips


Posted on May 29, 2016

sir , &#2350;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; 13 &#2309;&#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2376;&#2354; &#2325;&#2379; micromax ka mobile &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2398;&#2379;&#2344; &#2350;&#2375; mmc card not work &#2340;&#2379; 21/04/2016 &#2325;&#2379; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2325;&#2375; &#2360;&#2352;&#2381;&#2357;&#2367;&#2358; &#2360;&#2375;&#2306;&#2335;&#2352; &#2346;&#2352; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2346;&#2352; &#2360;&#2352; &#2310;&#2332; 29/05 &#2349;&#2368; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; 15 -20&#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2324;&#2352; &#2354;&#2327;&#2375;&#2306;&#2327;&#2375; &#2360;&#2352; &#2350;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; &#2340;&#2379; &#2358;&#2379;&#2325; &#2325; &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2375; andord &#2398;&#2379;&#2344; &#2354;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2346;&#2352; &#2360;&#2352; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2375; &#2325;&#2379;&#2312; &#2332;&#2348;&#2366;&#2348; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368; &#2342;&#2375; &#2352;&#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376; &#2360;&#2352; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2368; &#2350;&#2342;&#2342; &#2325;&#2352;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; comapny &#2325;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; 7-8&#2348;&#2366;&#2352; &#2332;&#2366; &#2360;&#2369;&#2325;&#2366; &#2361;&#2369; &#2346;&#2352; &#2361;&#2352; &#2348;&#2366;&#2352; 8-10&#2342;&#2367;&#2344;&#2379;&#2306; &#2325;&#2366; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354; &#2325;&#2352; &#2352;&#2357;&#2366;&#2344;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2342;&#2375;&#2340;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2332;&#2377;&#2348; &#2358;&#2368;&#2335; &#2344;&#2306;&#2348;&#2352; -w020321-0416-23001163


Posted on May 28, 2016

i had bought godrej airconditioner from nandilath kottayam on 5-4-16. after 3 days, on 8th the ac was installed by technion from godrej co,pany. for installation they charged rs2600. later i received a message from godrej, acknowdeging rs1000 only. then contacted they inform that they will be refunding the diffrence amount.but even after the laps of one month, i have not received excess amount collected from me..kindly looking the matter.. do the needful.. harikumar 9995080098


Posted on May 28, 2016

Purchased apple I phone and returned in e bay with in 20 days on march 3 and till now I didn't get back my purcasw amount till now the customer care people saying to wait for 72 hrs when we are calling no response from them till date.the amount of purchase which has to be credited is 23925

Ishan Kalra

Posted on May 26, 2016

I got a call from 7065077279 saying that samsung is running a offer. Mobiles are offered at reduced prices. U will get in 3500 worth Rs11000. Bt when I opened tht box a statue of Luxmi mata I found. Now whn I called them back they gave me d complaint no. And r nt responding.


Posted on May 26, 2016

Amit Kumar Roy

Posted on May 25, 2016

I have purchased an electronic device thru e-bay on line shopping the product is different from what I have ordered & now I cannot contact e-bay for a refund of the item.

Suresh Das

Posted on May 25, 2016

I have bought Hitachi 1.5 ton AC on May-15 but due to some problem AC covered was damaged. I have called Hitachi and they explained me that this is not their fault so i have to pay Rs.6800/- and they taken back AC to their workshop. I paid but inspite of repeated reminder they have not given back my AC. Finally i have complained to their management and i received back my AC in two days after complaint. But the AC was not working properly after that i have again complained and technician come but they said it is ok. now my AC is not working and i have complained again on dt. 17-May-16 but till date no one is attending and even i have registered complaint to management but no response. Please help. Complain No. 16051704134

Shiv kumar

Posted on May 24, 2016

I have bought a assembled RO purifier from : Arora electronics Booth No. 4, Haripur, Sector 4, Panchkula, Haryana 134112 Phone:0172 256 9089 He promissed me for one year maintanence and warranty and TDS check while instaling the unit and assured me that he had installed these assembled units in many houses. So I bought this assembled RO unit at around 6000/- but it started leaking within 2 days of installation and then I complaint and they sent a person who checked and said no leakage there. Then again within 2 weeks the water started leaking from top due to overflow or some other defect. I had complaint around 14 times and personally went to their shop and called many times. They say that mechanic not available and sometimes they say I am not at my home when mechanic arrived. The mechanic never called me before or at visiting time. No one has visited my home so far. I want to get either server or refund of this faulty assembled RO and file a case in consumer court.


Posted on May 24, 2016

Dear Sir, I, Rohit Verma, Compliance Officer Of M/s Tentiwala Metal products Limited (Formerly "Tentiwal Wire Products Limited") request you to please take necessary actions to redress the grievance as below mentioned: We had Purchased an AC having model no. AR18FC2UAEB invoice dated 03rd day of May, 2013 of which the compressor is under warranty of 5 years and which since last 10-15 days is not working properly for which a complaint has been filed with the Samsung Service center on its Toll free no. 18002668282 dated 17th Day of May, 2016 having reference No. 4214286637 but till date no such actions are taken by the service center and any of its executives, however on various call made by us the executives of the Service center did not gave any kind of positive response. I humbly Request you to please look into the matter and provide us positive support. Complaint Reference No.: 4214286637


Posted on May 24, 2016

I have already submitted my complaint. When I will get your advise

Ashish Datta

Posted on May 24, 2016

I have bought a Daikin A.C from an online reseller called Infibeam. The A.C came after much delay and turned out to be faulty(confirmed by Daikin authorised personnel who opened it). Daikin is refusing to replace it saying that reseller is not authorized to sell it even after I produced a dealer's bill for the same. They want to 'repair' the brand new product. Even that promise is not being respected after 2 weeks of excuses and delays with no commitment on dates. Kindly guide me on how to get a replacement. The cost of the A.C is 51,000/- rupees fully paid for since April 17 2016.

Rajkamal A

Posted on May 23, 2016

I have purchased a Cello Air cooler (50Ltr tower) on April 2016 for the price of INR 9600.00. Within 10days of purchase of air cooler the water sprinkling from the cooler and my bed got full wet, afterthat the tank cover is coming out when the water tank is almost full and its getting shock if we touch the cooler. I have called the customer care to 18001025778 on May 3, 2016 and registered my complaint and complaint no is CAAC 160503013. They have sent me the contact name and contact number of service provider they will contact me regarding this. Mr. Tyagraj - 9880591451 this person has not called me and when i called him he has not responded. Again on May 12, 2016 i have called the customer care and asked the status about my complaint he informed that there was a service provider and we discontinued the service with them. Further they have sent me new service provider contact name and contact number - Mr. Mohd Ikramulla - 9738112489 i called him several times he recieves the call and

Cherian C L

Posted on May 23, 2016

Ali Asgar Najmi

Posted on May 21, 2016

I had ordered four products on http://www.maxbhi.com/, but after some days they say it is processing, and it took some day in processing then they say that products could not be shipped and they refund the money on maxbhi wallet, but I want refund on my bank account from which I had made payment. it had happened four times and everytime they do the same thing. Order ID: #138988 #141279 #166696 #200611

shilpa jain

Posted on May 21, 2016

I have purchased Symphony Air cooler on 15.05.16 through Zopper online portal. The product is defective. There is no cooling as specified in the details of the product.This costly product gives irritating whistle sound.I feel cheated to have purchased. Neither zopper is taking responsibility of the defective product, now symphony is taking it back.

Anees Ahmed Mohammad

Posted on May 21, 2016

I have placed an order for carrier 2 ton octra inverter split unit on 4th may 2016. The booking reference no OD305923276251433000. The following day we received a call from flipkart saying that we need to pay additionally an amount of Rs15000 to deliver the same item as advertised. Further the order was cancelled without prior notice. I received a mail later from flipkart saying that the item is unavailable with the seller and hence the order is cancelled. At the same time we were informed that the amount will be refunded back by 13th may 2016. But till date we havn't received any refund after continuous follow ups. Even the customers response sounds pathetic. I need the amount to be refunded as soon as possible

Munnaf Molla

Posted on May 20, 2016

iam munnaf molla I buy a intex compani phon .after 5th manth battery was problem so i clame warrenty on 16/1/2016 but til now it was not solved plase advice me what i do

Vikas Kothari

Posted on May 20, 2016

Hi, I have purchased LG double door fridge on 12/7/15..in last one month LG engineer has visited 7 time at my place...2 times he changed the part and one time he repaired it...but day by day the problem is increasing...I don't want to keep this product anymore. Please help me out.

Naveen Kumar

Posted on May 19, 2016

Maine iron press liya tha lekin kharab hone k karan wapas kar diya abhi tak paisa nahi aaya h mujeh. please help me


Posted on May 19, 2016

Hi, I had purchase the Moto G phone from Amazon.in & paid Rs.50/- for next day delivery. somehow the product was defective & applied for replacement for the same. now the scenario is that for replacement product will be delay in delivery for the same. I just need a help to get the product asap.

manpreet singh

Posted on May 19, 2016

I have purchased Nokia 230 mobile on 13/5/16 from M/s Anmol watches and electronics P Ltd., at the time of selling the phone to me they didn't told me that in this mobile BSNL sim will not be able to operate. After buying the phone I went to Anmol watches and electonics p ltd. for issues in sim operation, they clearly told me that BSNL sim will not be able to operate.I want to you to please consider my complaint and help me to seek redressal for such practices. I want my phone should be replaced or my money should be refunded.


Posted on May 18, 2016

Respected sir, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Alpha mobile phone SM-G850Y IMEI/Serial no: 355427060586498 Invoice date 05-08-2015 Invoice no #MUM_BNDI20150800020553 In month of february 2016 there was a replacement of Mother board form Samsung Care Kohli Telecom 6149/1, Kabari Bazaar, Ambala Cantt.They repair my phone well but I found that they are unable to bind and fixed the display screen properly and also a minor problem in home button but they repair it casually . Now after 2 months there is a same problem that i have found earlier . Now the engineer of samsung care said that there is a moisture in your phone and not able to repair in warranty period. They said your phone is in out of warranty because of moisture in my phone. Sir kindly Help And suggest me why should i pay for repair when it is in warranty ! Thanks & Regards, Naveen kumar Ambala Cantt, Haryana Contact no. 7206858809 nn9391@gmail.com

Jay Shri Chauhan

Posted on May 17, 2016

when our refrigerator was not colling properly we was contact to shri sai refrigeration a service center registered with LG company for service after repair the refrigerator will not working properly and the service center is not picking my call and no service is providing by the company till date. the complain no. RNA26FTq7. the persion contact no. 8285306099 and the person name is sumit. they will recognize them as a LG service man.

Ajit Kumar Thakur

Posted on May 17, 2016

I had buy a Karbonn mobile with Invoice Number: SD2417/14-15/13186, Invoice date : 15 jan 2015 with 1 year warranty. mobile motherboard get crashed, & submitted it to Karbonn Care Centre on 30 Dec 2015. The mobile is in Karbonn Care centre yet, Don't reply well on its status, and the maximum time limit within which they will return me mobile. its more than 4 months but, they always say 5 days more. sometimes, cut the call.


Posted on May 17, 2016


Akshay Jagtap

Posted on May 16, 2016

Akshay Jagtap

Posted on May 16, 2016

Vishnu Sharma

Posted on May 15, 2016

I bought a voltas split ac on 29th March 2015 and request for the second free service somewhere in the mid of march 2016. The service guys came did it quickly didn't care for my walls while servicing and left. So this summers 04th of April 2016 was the time when i started using the AC and realized that the air swing was not working properly and immediately raised a complaint. The technician came the same day and said that the motor has gone bad and it needs to be replaced. It was over the one year warranty by 5 days and since it was used the first time after service i requested them to cover for it as it was working fine last season and something would have gone wrong during service.he technical unit Chirag enterprises in Gurgaon assured me that I will be contacted by them as soon as they receive the part. On 13th May i received a message stating that my request no: 16040401255 has been cancelled because the customer is not willing to pay.


Posted on May 14, 2016

Sir, I purchased a mobile from snapdeal and they delivered my defective pieces to me and now they and not refunding my money even this transaction is still their 7 days return policy. please help me. My snapdeal Order ID is: 13080927871

Capt Siddharth Bhandari

Posted on May 13, 2016

I had send a Philips LED tv 81cms from nasik to lucknow through shree tirupati courier on 07 may 16 but it was received broken on 12 may 16 in lucknow due to mishandling in transportation.I have given a personal notice to the courier company for replace/reimburse cost of tv amt Rs 24000 within a week or will complaint in distrct forum.

mrs.anusree ray

Posted on May 12, 2016

amandeep singh

Posted on May 12, 2016

had ordered a led tv from shopclues on 16 apr 16,and i received the product on 27 apr 16.The sony led tv that i purchased had some manufacturing fault and my retyrn request was accepted and i was asked to wait for another 4 working days. Almost 13 days have passed but still my concern is un entertained. Every time i call i am again asked to wait for some days as there team is working on the issue. Shopclues ia only searching for excuses to buy time. The details of the purchase and return are mentioned below.This is the last response i got from Shopclues few days back. The order no. is 90172299 for Sony Bravia KLV 40R35C 40 Inches Full HD..the complaint has been lodged with ticket number 6777126 and it has been approx 15 days that the issue is not resolved .Please help.

Amit kumar Agarwal

Posted on May 12, 2016

i have bought Croma AC on 8/05/2016 Invoice number is SLF02A050120031267 from Gurgaon Store and the same was delivered as on 09/05/2016, but still installation person not come after 4 days. as per Croma commitment the same should be installed with in 48 hours.

Bharat Tambe

Posted on May 12, 2016

Mukulika Sahoo

Posted on May 12, 2016

I had purchased 2 ACs through Snapdeal as received on March 30th. Voltas installation men came on 7th April and installed the ACs. This stopped cooling within 1 day so we called the same servicing agent the next day. He said it was a defective product. Snapdeal has a 7 days return/exchange policy which was crossed by this time. On calling Snapdeal they said Voltas will take care of the issue if not Voltas should give a work sheet in writing that they cannot service and then only Snapdeal will exchange the product. After constant to and fro 2 different servicing agents came one agter another and refilled cooling gas and said, the product was fine, installation was not done correctly. Now after a month, the cooling has completely gone. I have called voltas and it has been 2 weeks nobody has come. Despite the warrenty, neither are they servicing the product nor replacing it. We have spent 75,000 and are suffering with the product and services.


Posted on May 11, 2016

Stop making fool to the customers, If this company can not handle the customer complaints related to after sale service then why did you enter in the market. I have raised a Service request regarding Gas Filling and service of my 1.5 tonn Croma spilit AC as on 07.05.2016. I got a message as on 09.05.2016 from Croma care that my service request SR07051600633 has been closed although i did not get any call or message of their technician regarding my service request. And when i contact the Croma centre to complaint this issue as on 09.05.2016 they assure me that the technician will contact me within next 24 hours but it didn't happened. Now today i.e on 11.05.2016, i further made a call to Croma care for complaining this matter they again said that their technician will surely contact to me within next 24 hours and raised a service request for the same again.

Rahul Singh

Posted on May 11, 2016

I had purchased LAVA IRIS X8 2GB cell phone from Mobile World, Gali No.1, Neb Sarai, IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068 vide C.M.271 dtd 9.7.15. for Rs.9000/-. Since purchase it has started troubling as Dust on Display & non functioning of Live Wall Paper & the cell was deposited SIX TIMES with Lava Service Centre Sai Mobile Junction, Mahipalpur, N.Delhi with no result. This cost me wastage of time and money on travelling (14 visits). The set is also mishandled badly. A no. of complaint have been lodged through email with lavacare@lavainternational.in (Lava International Ltd., A-56, Sector 64, NOIDA - 201301) with no result. Still the cell is lying with Service Centre from 30.1.16. On 8.2.16 it was found again mishandled hence not accepted by me. On 12.2.16 Lava informed me that my cell would be replaced with new one but later not responded and contacted to me. I am totally mentally harassed by LAVA & I claim to refund my full payment of Rs.9000/- and compensation of Rs.50,000/-

Gajanan J SOlunke

Posted on May 11, 2016

Dear Sir, Please find below complaint about faulty mobile and in warranty service charges. Name: Gajanan Solunke Mobile make and Model: Lenovo Vibe P1 Booked on: 08.03.2016 Recd Software Update and Downloaded on:06 and 07.05.2016 Software was downloaded and updated but but it was updating and upgrading from saturday 07.05.2016 to 10.05.2016 so given for troubleshoots to lenovo center. Given in Lenovo Service Center as in Warranty : 09.05.2016 Aginn they are asking for more days for repairing and repairing charges also. If any item is in warranty period then how they can ask for service charges? Kindly look in to this I am providing you bill and service reciepts. I want to replace this mobile. Mean time I was also called Lenovo and Flipkart customer care for returning Mobile handset and refund amount because battery back was not as given in specification. But then also they have not replaced and again I am in troubble. Please look in to this and do the needful.

Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay

Posted on May 10, 2016

Bought one new Videocon washing machine from Capital Electronics, Ultadanga, Kolkata, on 29.2.16. Defective since day of installation. Repeated reminders sent.On 25.4.16 washing machine taken away by company to service centre.More than two weeks passed, machine not yet returned.Much hardship caused by this inefficient service. Videocon company should replace with a new washing machine.

Gaurav Chauhan

Posted on May 10, 2016

I bought a new lenovo yoga 500 laptop on 4th Apr'14 in Rs. 43000/- to gift someone. When they were open it and start to use it they were faced some battery issue and touch-pad issue with that laptop. When i called the lenovo customer care and went to service center as well but they told me that we will need to open it to check that issue. So my complaint is if there is issue with that product so how can it's come in the market because every product QA test is mandatory. So how can they pass that defected product and release in the market for sale.

Koushik Mitra

Posted on May 10, 2016

I bought Hitachi AC an year ago. I called them for servicing last month.The service guy put request to the service center for changing my remote as it is not working.It happened on 11th April, 2016. Till then, I have not revived my new remote. I am continuously following up the matter with Service center and Customer care. They are just giving me explanation that nothing is in their hand. I really become frustrated and asking for your kind intervention in this matter.


Posted on May 10, 2016


Ajay Damani

Posted on May 09, 2016

i bought a moto g 3rd gen from flipkart on 30-08-2015. the touch screen for the phone get spoilt in dec 2015. the phone is in top class condition till date not even a scrtach on the phone. i submitted the phone to the dadar service center of motorola. I got a call from them in Feb 1st week that the service center is closing down please collect the phone and that it has not repaired yet. that is almost 2 months later they say nothing has happened. Post that i have tried contacting other service centers which either do not pick the call or otherwise are available to say 2 mahine ke baad phone milega. most of them dont pick up itself. it has been 6 months now that the phone is not working. i called the customer service number 1800 120 2344 and they say visit another center and submit the phone. i went to the online chat mechanism - they also say the same thing. it is ridiculous for motorola to harass the consumer for a phone that has been defective from their end itself. please help.

Amlan Adhikary

Posted on May 09, 2016

Hi I have a Carrier inverter AC which was bot working since 5th May and the same day i logged a call with Carrier customer care after that i have done lots of follow -ups . however they are not sending any service engineer to get the call rectified . i want this issue to be resolved immediately

Kaushik Ghosh

Posted on May 07, 2016

Not getting servicing from Whirlpool AC Company within warranty period

Kaushik Ghosh

Posted on May 07, 2016

Not getting servicing within warranty period from Whirlpool


Posted on May 07, 2016

I purchased Yureka (Model AO5510) mobile from amazon site on 16 April 2016. But from September 2015, it occurs charging problem in mobile. So, I send it back to Yureka Service center around 4-5 times via Micromax service center from Aakrudi and Pimpri Pune. But till date problem not solved. When I went yesterday to Micromax service center pimpri, Pune for collecting this mobile but I saw same problem which are Yureka team not solved mobile charging issue continuously from 3-4 times and send it back as it is. Because 2-3 times Micromax service center Engineer checked, found faulty and send it to Yureka team 3 times. Means Yureka team only saw how to over warranty period of this type product. Because when I called to him then they only given promises to me that we will give your problem free mobile to you. But every time I found that same problem. Regarding this problem I called to yureka customer care at many times. But every time I found this type problem. i fade up with this issue.

v seshadri

Posted on May 07, 2016

I purchased a mobile handset from iball in Sep 15 with one year warranty. It developed problems within 6 months and their authorised service center could not repair it, since 11.4.2016. the customer care response is very bad, they are not aware of the problem and can not give the date by which I could get my handset back, in good condition.

deepak Kumar

Posted on May 07, 2016

Dear sir i Purchase a mobile mi 2 on 24 feb 2016 from amazone. after 15 days it start heating problem. i mail to mi care and follow all instruction. but problem is still.i also visit mi care in huda complax rohtak. but problam is still. i want to replace my phone.

Mohit Juneja

Posted on May 06, 2016

I purshased Xolo Prime mobile phone on 15/02/2016. It was under manufacturer warranty. I faced a problem in the phone, the phone was not switching on and i approaches Cosmos Communication who claimed itself to be the authorize service center in faridabad. But Xolo customer care denies its authority and cosmos service center charges 450/- for the repairing of the phone which was under warranty.

Navin Kalkhair

Posted on May 06, 2016

I have submitted my mobile in MI service center for Network issue. Mobile is under warranty. Now 24 days is over still i have not recd. any update on this. If i called galley they simple said stock not available. They will not providing standby mobile also. Without mobile how we will manage our daily work. Please help in this.

Bikash sarkar

Posted on May 06, 2016

Sir I want to buy a Air conditioner from Hitachi . But remot was not working so I can also complain their survice center but they not response. Sir what I do?? Pls give me a solution

Praveen kumar

Posted on May 06, 2016

I have buy an onida company ac from april2016 which is under warranty and not working properly.I have made a complaint to onida service center in this regard multiple of time but they are unable to perform their duty and behaving rudly is well.please resolved it as soon as possible and take immediate action onida company for their poor after sale service.

Sujoy Kumar Garai

Posted on May 06, 2016

Dear Sir I have purchased a Intex Aqua Power+ on 10/05/2015 but after one month I have started to face charging problem on this phone. 1.Charging is very slow. After 10 Hours charge it was showing 10% - 15% Charging complete. 2.Some times charging was showing but phone was not getting charge. 3. Handset is getting hang Visited 4 times their service center and they are used to change the data cable (chargeable)but problem is not getting resolve.Last service by service center on 08/04/2016 but again facing the same problem.Called up their Manager Sumana Pathak on 9903954476 and Area Service Manager Mr.Subhranshu Parida on 9674745344 but did not get any response.They are saying the warranty period is over but I have I have purchase this handset on10/05/2016. Handset Model : Intex Aqua Power+, IMEI No : M911442500066040 & S911442500066057, Service Center Name : Mega international. Request your intervention to replace the defective handset which I have got from the beginning. Thanks Sujoy

vijay kaushik

Posted on May 05, 2016

My AC (LG) was serviced by M/s Vaibhav (LG Authorised) Service Centre. It was serviced but there was no cooling, then it was taken by the M/s Vaibhav and it was stated that the gas leaked and again gas was filled. I was charged twice once for service and again for filling the gas. This season when the AC was started there was no cooling. When the company was contacted, again it was stated that gas has leaked and the charges for filling the gas would be around Rs 2300/-. How can gas be leaked within a period of about six months. In this way every year gas had to be filled. The company does not want to take the responsibility. This is a case of deficiency in service. The LG Electronics may be asked to repair/replace the AC and also compensate for the dealay in service and false promise that the machine will be repaired. Maximum of the got season is over, and there seems no hurry on the part of the company to get the things done. I have enough proof to prove the guilt


Posted on May 04, 2016

I placed order on mart2all C33/43, Ashok Nagar Delhi , Near durga Mandir near shahadra Delhi contact mobile 7838473174 order acceptance no M2A-1100108855 for offer promo 8899 (free gift i phone 6 s in golden color) with 12 month installment for combo on 14MAR2016. Till date company is not despatching iPhone 6 s inspit full payment made on 14MAR2016 thr credit card.demading more money on some or the other reason like service tax and Vat which was not part of the offer please advise

amit dhingra

Posted on May 04, 2016

I bought one Mi4i mobile phone of Xiaomi on 23rd october 2015 with following details i.e. Mi4i phone invoice no : #CHN_PUZHAL_0120151000260574 DATED : 19 OCTOBER 2015 PUCHASED FROM : FLIPKART BILLING BY : WS RETAIL SERVICES PVT. LTD. IMEI NO : 867334024089466 This phone stopped charging in april-2016 even with original charger. I gave it to service centre in sector 14 gurgaon thrice as per details below i.e. 1. 5 april 2016 job no JS16040500314 and they took one hour and repaired. 2. 9 april 2016 job no JS16040900972 returned after 2 days-again repaired. but failed again after 3 more days 3. 13 april 2016 job no JS16040- 89466 (no scribbled on ack slip) I have collected the phone on 3rd may 2016 and it is still stops after 78% charging and does not charge after that. The worst part is that they say- any future repair will be on chargeable basis as it is now out of warranty even if the fault is same as reported earlier. I believe with this is very bad.

Shibajyoti Das

Posted on May 04, 2016

17054032788 has been logged with Su-Kam inverter customer care dated 2nd May, 2016 has not been attended by any tech from Su-Kam to fix the problem.

Himayush Chopda

Posted on May 03, 2016

Allahabad Bank Basirhat Branch

Posted on May 03, 2016

Complaint lodged on 25 th April 2016 , docket no. 16040413781 & 16040513492 for 4 (four) 2 ton split a.c. but till date they are not responding. All our a.c.s are under AMC for 1 year amc. ref. no. 01/cs/16 dt-22/02/16 for Rs-26453.00 upto 21/02/2016. Air Conditioner of Voltas ltd. AMC. service Provider m/s. Cooling & Solution - Contact no. 9007800686

Merlin Nadar

Posted on May 02, 2016

The adaptor of my Tatasky HD got burnt and it got burnt at the slot which is connected to the Set up box. I believe that the set up box has also got burnt. I lodged this complaint on Saturday morning 30th April at Customer care centre and I was told someone will call within 2 hrs. The complaint details received in sms as ( Greetings from Tata Sky. Your Work Order reference number is:OJ2Z2WT.You will receive a call from us within 24hrs). I got a missed called alert from +91 97-02-326190, I called back to that no and I was told by him that the complaint was lodged against relocation. Again I called him late evening and I was informed by him that the complaint has been changed to change of adaptor and set up box and will get it fixed the next day. I didn't receive any call so I called back that no, he said he again I need to lodge a complaint through customer care. No proactive approach has been done from the organization. I called the customer care again on Sunday 1st May, I escalated t

Pradip Linge

Posted on May 02, 2016

Dear sir, I had brought 2 Samsung split 1.5ton AC in Nov 2015 from Croma Store Pune. These AC are not working since last 1 month. I had complained on 1st April 2016 and there after called Samsung Service Center No 180030008282 atleast 30 Times. They did send their service engineers 3 time after my constant calling . The service engineer refilled the gas but Gas leaks out within 3 days. Thereafter I have to call the service center again. Service centre registers the complaint which does not get addressed. My last complaint was registered on 29th Apr at 9.10 AM Complaint No 4213330947 but till 2nd May 2016 at 6 PM there is no visit of Service engineer nor there is any attempt to solve my 32 day old reported problem. I never saw such attitude for attending the genuine problem faced by customers. I intend now to take Samsung to consumer court to take back AC and refund for cost and my torture by this reputed company. What shall I do further.

Dharmendra Kumar

Posted on May 02, 2016

ramesh kumar

Posted on May 02, 2016

Having trouble with my SUKAM inverter battery...the battery comes with 4 years extended guarantee...but its not working properly...2 years guarantee is left...i complained about it to service centre...but no response from the co.service centre...

Anne Mitchell

Posted on May 02, 2016

AC one ton purchased from Fairdeal, Behala on 22.04.16 and wihtin 72hrs was to be installed. We had taken off on 25.04.16 for the installation and again on 27th half day. However till date not installed. We are working people and cannot take off frequently. The matter was informed to Fairdeal manager and Mr. Nirmal. They again assured AC will be installed on 01.05.16 by 5pm. But again was not done. Went personally to Fairdeal on 1.5.16 at 7pm and informed the manager and Mr. Nirmal. He surrendered. This is real harassment to the consumer. What is the purpose of purchasing AC when the same cannot be installed. Request you to kindly take up the matter urgently. Anne

Pritha Dasgupta Sen

Posted on May 02, 2016

I had bought a Daikin Inverter (1 ton) Air conditioner on 28.04.2016 (with down payment)from Reliance Digital Store (located at Vishnu Enclave, Bansdroni, Kolkata). On spot, they committed for a next day, door delivery which is pending till date!! However they are conituing their miscommitment. It is my earnest request to you, please take necessary action with immediate effect.

Devashish dawar

Posted on Apr 30, 2016

I have submitted my phone (Micromax canvas entice a105) on 12th january 2016 at M/s Hans services sector 16 , faridabad but didn't received that yet


Posted on Apr 29, 2016

I had purchased a Hitachi Split ac on 28/05/2015.The ac is not working properly , I had complained to the local service centre, online service centre , Mr Subo , Kolkata, Mr Saswato , Kolkata, Mr Ashraf Kondekar but still the complain has not been resolved . Few tenchnicians turned up to check the problem after repeated requests. Now the technicians are saying that this is because the installation has not been done properly. Since the installation was done by Hitachi personnel who is the one to be held resposible . I am feeling harassed and embarassed. Kindly help and please avoid Hitachi Products

mukesh kumar

Posted on Apr 28, 2016

want to register complaint against Lenovo Phone, visited 5-6 times but problem not resolved and still in service centre since 22april.

Gaurang Koshti

Posted on Apr 27, 2016

I have purchased panasonic eluga turbo. On box printed 1.5 GHz processor but if i checked, its only 1.3 GHz. Please file complaint against it.


Posted on Apr 26, 2016

I HAVE BOUGHT AN VOLTUS AC on 14.04.2016. I repeatedly tried to contact with GREATEASTERN TRADING CO.(DALHOUSIE,opposite to Lalit Great Eastern Hotel)After buying an AIR CONDITION(VOLTUS) they are dnt care to send a person for Installation.The sales person Mr. Tapas Roy behave badly/rudely and also told not to disturb him.but his contact no given on the bill to contact him. The did not bother to provide us the gift which they declared at the time of purchase.They did not send any person for installation of an AC. Requesting at your end to take some necessary action against GREATEASTERN TRADING CO & Sales Person Mr.Tapas Roy.

Nilesh Dubey

Posted on Apr 25, 2016

I purchased ac of 1.5 ton from senahanjali kandivali (w) dated 18/03/2016 but yet ididnot get my ac so please co-operate me to settle the matter.

Raghuram KVM

Posted on Apr 24, 2016

I purchased a Motorola 4G 2 Gen Mobile phone on 24th Oct 2015. The handset has several problems - firstly the sound drops during calls intermittently. Second, the video players do not play sound. So none of the video messages that I receive on Whatsapp/social media can be heard. I tried getting it serviced in the authorized service centre, but twice they returned the phone after keeping it with them for more than a week without any change. I cannot spend any more time trying to explain the service centre that the issue needs to be solved. Motorola's service is really bad. So I seek a replacement with a new WORKING phone. My phone was ordered through Flipkart and sold by WS Retail

Hariom baboo

Posted on Apr 24, 2016

Dear sir, I have brought a Hitachi split 1.5ton AC Which was given me defected item and I have complained 10Times till dated and refilled the gas. Now I am very fesstreted by this product and company service I feeling company has cheated me and taking the money. If you are India than take the action against cheater company. I have complained to level 1,2,3but they did not take the action so action against the management. Give me justice and save my money they are looting me. I am requesting to you please black list to hitachi service center.

Ananya Roy Chowdhury

Posted on Apr 23, 2016

Purchased Carrier AC from Great Eastern Trading (Dalhousie branch ) on 10/04/16 giving a down payment of Rs.15000/- but on 16th while installation the service people found the outstanding door unit is defective, immediately complain launched both by the undersign & service people that the ODU needs to replace but till date the same has not yet done. Both the company & the dealer has not taken any initiative only telling it will be replaced but the exact date is not confirm, my money has been blocked since 10th at the same time purpose of purchasing the AC not fulfil. I want the ODU to replace immediately or the dealer should replace the AC from Carrier to some other company or my money should return to me.

Ananya Roy Chowdhury

Posted on Apr 23, 2016

Purchased Carrier AC from Great Eastern Trading (Dalhousie ) on 10/04/16,but due to out door unit defective (verified by the Carrier service center) till it's not working & there is no response neither from the company nor from the dealer for already Rs.15000/- has been paid.

Muniram Dagar

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Dear sir, I had Purchased a Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold) Worth rs 10049 Mobile from Snapdeal on 6th April 2016. I got a defective item from snapdeal. I Mark a mail to the Snapdeal Customer Care Team on 8th of April 2016. Everyday i am remembering them from call or mail.Till 15 days they are saying your request is pending. Today is 22 April they guys are saying you should visit to our Service Center and can repaired your mobile. Please you tell me If i marked a refund mail on the second day of the delievery of the product. Why Should I go to their service center.. If I have much time for it then why i purchased this gadget through online. Snapdeal is doing mentally torchured me. They guys are not caring their 7 day easy return policy. They are completely greedy. Please help me to refund my money and resolve this issue. So, that they can never serve me from his pathetic service. Please do the needful as soon as possible. Order id is 12673814835 mail id- dagar844@gmail.com/

Sunil Kumar Hota

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

The dealer is not responding to a minor defect of an air cooler which is in its warranty period


Posted on Apr 22, 2016

This is a complaint against Micromax, Delhi.I bought a Micromax Xpress2 online through Flipkart in October 2015. Within 2 months the phone developed snags till finally in February it completely stopped accepting any network.I gave it for repair at M/S Sri Sai Telecommunication-an authorised micromax service center in Malleshwaram Bangalore on 02 March. I was told there is a software problem and the handset needs to be sent to their head office and it will take 21 days for it to come back repaired. They gave me a jobsheet (S010214-0316-22226975). Today it is more than 40 days and I have still not got my handset back. The service centre people reply with " Please contact the customer care number for latest update on your phone, we have sent your handset to Delhi". Each time I call the customer support, I get to hear that it will take another 21 days. Concerned officers do not receive calls or call back at all. I am at my wits' end on how to get my handset back from Micromax. Please help.

Sumit Lohia

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

Sir / Madam I would like to drag your attention to the incident happened with me on 21 April 2016. I have been physically and verbally abused by the installation guy who came to install my split AC from The installation guys were very unprofessional and they didn't installed the AC properly. Matter Fact after installation and payment of 900rs. I asked for an identity card, after which one of the two guys started abusing me verbally and when I confronted him he pushed me and I fell on the floor and it hurt my leg. And they started their bike and ran away. Right now I'm physically and mentally abused and I'm in a big depression that installing an air conditioner from hitachi could be this dangerous. I have no words, I have installed hitachi ac's in my other two rooms without any problem in the past but this time It was the worst experience and I would like to file case against hitachi physical and verbal abuse and mental harassment.

Mridul kejriwal

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

I have purchased an ambrane power bank and its not been 2 months the wire is not working. I am searching for Ambrane service center in kolkata but its not available anywhere

Sunny Kr. Singh

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

I have purchased a new Daikin Air conditioner on 5/03/2016 from Venus appliances were i have receive a faulty product and and numerous calls they came after 15 day and when checked they found that there is a part which damage so they took the part and assured that the part will be back within a week. And Today is 18/04/16 i have neither received the replacement of the product nor the serviced part.

Leena Tony

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

I had purchased a Voltas invertor AC from Nandilath G Mart Thrissur near manorama office on 08/04/2016 vide invoice no.249. I had several calls with them for installation and always saying today tomorrow like that. It was learned that they had registered with voltas service for installation only on 15/4/16 and assured installation on 16th. But still there is no response. I am waiting for last 10 days. Kindly help me

Nabaneet Maitra

Posted on Apr 17, 2016

I am having a Hitachi Ac RAU518HTD and is having an AMC Service Request No 15061001889 .The AC is not working properly for the last one month and we had been complaining since the last one month,had registered complaints on their helpline number.Everytime they promise to send some person but no body turns up.I live with my Mother,wife and son and is having sleepless nights since the past few days.Hitachi does not even bother to service the AC s even though we are having AMCs. Please intervene in this situation and help us.Please direct Hitachi people to Repair or change the AC at the earliest.Kindly let me know how much damarage shall I claim against the sleepless nights that is actually affecting Jobs,Schools and household. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


Posted on Apr 17, 2016

I have purchased an A.C from the Great Eastern Trading Co at Nager Bazar on 12.04.2016 but till now it is not delivered to me and even they did not explain me the cause of delay. So please help for the above

Amit Kumar Bhardwaj

Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Lenovo mobile authorized service center refuse to repair phone free basis . while phone is under warranty.I mail to company customer care but there response is not satisfactory.

sudhir kumar guntha

Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I had purchased a tablet from Dell Company named Dell venue Pro 8 from Flipcart through e-buy two weeks before. I have hardly used this product for 2 to 3 days and after that it is not working due to its software related problem. Now when I am trying to contact both dealer and manufacture company to solve this problem by which I will use my tablet properly their response is totally dissatisfactory regarding this. So, I feel your interference or support without that I could not get any justice so please help me sir/madam.

KS Shukla

Posted on Apr 16, 2016

I have purchased 1/2 HP Crompton water pump motor on 20 Dec 2015 for Rs 2850/-. The motor got problem and deposited to Crompton authorized repair center M/s SR Sales, the motor was on warranty however crompton authorized center has charged me for Rs 1600/- for damage. By charging me company has voileted the terms and condition of the warranty period. I have complained the matter to consumer cell of crompton greaves however no action so far has been taken. In view of the fact stated above it is prayed that :- Co be asked me to refund the amount with penalty.

Ram yadav

Posted on Apr 16, 2016

I have purchased micromax led32T7250MHD from sargam electronics Gurgaon on 17-2-2016 after 1 week of purchasing display of led tv is not working properly. The led sometimes off or sometimes on. I have so many complaints to customer care service center but no person visited at my home without visiting or without fill up job card and without opened tv the alleged technician declared the pannel of the led tv is broken while the led tv would not opened at today without opening led tv any person cannot say that pannel is broken. I have so many complaints regarding above problem but all is vain. MIcromax company is not interested in solving my problem. I think Micromax company have sold me deafected piece. l request please solve my problem and repair my led tv or take action against company or service center Regard ram Yadav, rewari


Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Dear Sir , one year back i am purchased an ifb ac from M/S Texmo agencies , Mavelikkara. 2 Days back its compressor is not working . I am register this complaint through IFB Customer care and its complaint registration number is 1102170034 and maximum Time is yesturday 4.00PM . But till the time no body will ready to resolve this issue. So iam contact to our sales consultant Mr. Venu. from texmo . But he says that that are not ready to provide service for me and he used really vulgar language . Pl. note this matter and kindly do the needful Radhakrishna panicker


Posted on Apr 16, 2016



Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Shruti Bajoria

Posted on Apr 15, 2016

We bought a high-end symphony cooler from Lotus electronics, Raipur on 2 April 2015. This cooler costing close to Rs 18000 did not even work for 15 days and stopped working. We had to get it repaired 2 times in the first month itself. Even after the repair this cooler is not working for more than a day. We want a complete refund of our money and the harassment compensation. The company is turning a deaf ear to our innumerous complaints.

Dr. Niranjan M Wagh

Posted on Apr 14, 2016

This is in reference to my submission of moto watch to motorola service center vide REFERENCE NO. 160114019435 Workorder No: HER/MG/15/05479 dated 30th November 2015. I submitted moto360 for battery issue, thereby replacement on 30 Nov 2015 at Moto andheri service station vide work order no. HER/MG/15/05479 dated 30th November 2015. On 14th January 2016 an subject mentioned incident number was given to me. I was told that Mr. Balraj from moto repair team was handling my issue. However no one has bothered to reply or call me in this regard. Everytime I chat, I am given false promises and I am given 15 days later date on which I never get my moto watch. The latest one was that I would be contacted on 9th April 2016, and would receive the watch positively. Today it was extended to 16th April. Please take a complaint in this regard.

Rajendra Singh Goyal

Posted on Apr 14, 2016

HP India not honoring the warranty and falsely claiming that the fault or problem has been caused by user.,

R Rajan

Posted on Apr 14, 2016

I have purchased 3 Voltas AC (M0dal SAC-125CY)from Ideal Home Appliances,Kaithamukku show room on05-04-2016 with the offer of free installation and stabilizer. They have given only one AC. Installation is not done and stebilizer is not given. The another two AC is not given and not installed till date, ie.,14-4-2016.Please take necessary action to get theAC.

vinod kumar

Posted on Apr 13, 2016

I was bought a scanner of amount Rs. 20500/- on 13/03/2015. after 13 month of purchase this scanner is become faulty. on 07/04/2016 i sent this scanner to Innotech Soloutions B-7, Room No. 102, Saraswati complex subhash chowk laxmi nagar new delhi-92. for checking. they reply on 13/04/2016.that you have to pay 8000/- for repair my budget not allowing me. when i said that plz give me back my scanner without repairing they refuse to deliver my scanner to me and said first you have to pay Rs.1500/- for service charges otherwise we will not handover the scanner. above said firm cheating me and grab my scanner.


Posted on Apr 13, 2016


Rosni Bibi

Posted on Apr 13, 2016

Hi I would like to escalate the matter to the region head of Orissa. I have submitted my mobile to service center on 30/03/2016. It is under warranty period. They said the mother board has to be replaced. But till now no update from the service center side. Could you please look into the matter and take the necessary action. Job Sheet : 8211 Date: 30/03/2016 Model: Moto E 4G 2nd generation IMEI/MEID No. 355463063192778

Sreejith Pillai

Posted on Apr 13, 2016

Non provision of repair invoice HTC Ticket no.: 16INA060004225 I own an HTC M9+, on purchase of which I got a bundled Ingram Micro insurance policy. In Dec 2015 my phone got damaged in an accident. Subsequently I got a repair estimate from htc, informed the insurer and on their approval submitted the phone for repair. After a delay of almost almost 2 full months I got my phone back. On payment of the repair cost I was handed over the job-sheet and a cash receipt. But, the insurer, on submission of a claim, is asking for a repair invoice which will have a breakdown of the repair cost. Now in spite of writing/speaking to htc customer care/service centre a number of times, I have not been provided with a proper repair invoice. They keep referring to an online repair estimate which the insurer is not willing to accept saying as it is just an estimate and not the final invoice. I request you to intervene so that I get a proper repair invoice using which I can claim insurance.

Sandeep Sharma

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

This side Sandeep Sharma, from Faridabad. I am very disappointed with this company..one side Director of aquafresh, Mr vijay sharma comparing himself with Kent , aquaguard type such big name. Other side aquafresh's service s very poor nd third class. Even response towards customer s very cheap. I m following their staff since a month for the services of R.O of aquafresh company, even not completed a year of installation..the staff s unresponsive. I had words with preeti, sonia, etc so on in their company. but all are illiterate nd unprofessional and committing false promises since 25 days..it s very shameful for Mr vijay Sharma and for there company. that they are providing such a poor services.. Sir I wanna claim against my problem. I am facing health issues due to water. I am enclosing bill copy. Company has offered me one year warranty services. Regards Sandeep Sharma House no. 1, Kundan Colony, Ballabgarh Faridabad. Haryana. 9911993407/9211778000


Posted on Apr 12, 2016

I have purchased Split Voltas AC from Saugaat electronics Ambala. But did not get the complete kit under the boxes, which did not have the Remote control and necessary wiring required for installation. When I ask for the remote, firstly they told me it was company's fault, after so much of convincing they provide me a old remote control. Help me to get new remote control and charge which I have paid for wiring.

sarang khewle

Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Dear Sir, I purchased CROMA 1 ton split AC in april-2013. I had also purchased extended warranty by paying extra amount. Last month, the AC was not functioning thus registered the complaint to croma customer care. Despite under warranty the engineer replaced the copper pie (which was not damaged) refilled gas and charged Rs 3200. Within 10 days the gas is again leaked and AC is not working. I had filed complain for service, and had been following each day by calling customer care. There is no engineer visiting and repairing the AC. I had also made email complaint to croma. as there is no response for last 8 days, I wish to file complaint against croma post sales service as due to AC non-functioning my 3 year old kids (twin) are suffering due to increasing summer temp. Kindly help me to get the croma service. complaint 1 id - SR03031600051 complaint 2 id - SR04041600360. Croma cust care no - 7207666000. croma split ac invoice no - SLF02A011030066312

Kazi Azfar Hossain

Posted on Apr 11, 2016

I bought an 1.5 A C on 14/05/2015. It hasn't even been a year and within this time period we had to refill/charge gas twice(first changed just after 2 months of buying the AC and now on february). Now the service provider say that there is some sort of leak and therefore we had to refill gas so soon which they tried to find for two days but were unable to find it. I tried complaining but to no avail they have been trying to avoid providing any service both calling there service center and mailing to there head office didnt work. i started mailinfg there offic e on 22march and have been mailing to tghem frequently but am always met with the same answer"we have forwarded your mail to concerned dept and would soon be able to provide a reply"

Pawan kumar

Posted on Apr 11, 2016

we have never recieved order no. plz provide order no.


Posted on Apr 09, 2016

I bought micromax phone from snapdeal and still it is not repaired after 10 times repair of it by micromax service centre. They have kept the phone for months to repAIr. Now warrenty is also going to expire.

Sukhvinder Singh

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Sukhvinder Singh

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Amit Tyagi

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

I had purchased one 39 Inches LED TV Model 39PFL3830 Serial Number 110815119011204898 with 5 years warranty offer bundled with Philips Sound Bar and woofer system Model DSP 427 on Date 05th Nov 2015 from Philips authorized Philips dealer Digi Smile Stores Ambedkar Road Ghaziabad. Kindly be informed that since the day of purchase I am facing the problem with the sound quality of the LED TV. There is sound cracking and humming problem in LED TV. I had logged complaints with Philips service center multiple times (Reference complaint numbers PGGZB0701160058 PGGZB3112150058 and PGGZB1511150092). Philips engineers visited multiple times but could not resolved the issue till date. All my complaints are closed or cancelled by customer support team without providing any solution. I escalated the issue to Philips to Regional Support Manager Mr Qumar. I got a response from Mr. Qamar Khan that I have to purchase a higher end LED TV Model No. 39PFL5470 by paying additional amount 8010 Rs.

Abhilash Paul

Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Amith Kumar S

Posted on Apr 07, 2016

I have purchased this water purifier more than one month ago and received the product on 03.03.2016, on asking for the Invoice/Bill for the product from the courier man who delivered it, he gave the delivery challan to me and told me to contact the original company from where the purifier is purchased, hence i had called the salesperson Mr. Chetan. contact no. 8970001603, 8152060189, who had collected the cash from me and gave me his company's receipt, i asked him for the Invoice/Bill for the purifier he told me that the bill will only be sent by the month end and not before that, when i intervened and told him that the bill should be provided with the goods purchased, he told that our company's procedure is different and the bill will only be given after 20-25 days after purchase and therefore, i waited patiently for the month end but he didn't send the bill, after that i called up everyday from 1st of april, but he kept on fooling me that the bill will be sent on my billing address.

anasuya mukherjee

Posted on Apr 07, 2016

I purchased a Toshiba 32 LCD television on 19/02/1913.Model no:32PB2ZE, serial no:C27Y33J00765K1,invoice no:436 dated 19/02/2013. Warranty card no:T0542370 and a warranty period of 3 years. It worked satisfactorily for exactly 3 years. On 25/02/2016, ie. 6 days after expiry of warranty, the TV started giving trouble.The problem was serious double/triple/images and colour inversion. The official Toshiba service people said that the LCD panel was spoiled and could not be repaired, and replacing the panel was so costly that a new TV would be cheaper.Even after much pleading and requests considering that warranty had expired just 6 days ago, they did nothing. The 18000 rupees has gone to complete waste. Can you please bring the matter to the company's, Toshiba's, notice? It is very much a matter of cheating the consumer by selling a TV that lasts exactly for 3 years which is the period of the guarantee, and then when TV goes defunct to ignore all requests because now the warranty is over.


Posted on Apr 06, 2016

Dear Sir I was purchased LENOVO VIBE P1 in November,2015. After some phone create a problem automatic on and off. The phone was send to service center three times and now with them. Company update the software, replace the motherboard etc but the same problem exist and they have not replace/repair the phone. I have regular communicate with customer support and service center but not providing any solution. Kindly do the necessary action for replacement of my phone because they have repaired so many times and phone is with the company frequently since purchase.

Dr. Dilip Darade

Posted on Apr 06, 2016

I purchased a Micromax Canvas Duet II EG111 from Sanpdeal on 31 Mar15.It is not working properly.I took it to companies service center many times but did not get satisfactory repairs.my problem not yet resolved. My phone was under repairs for more than 3 times and repairs took totally moretahn 5 months at service center and i was without my phone in this period! I request the forum to assist me in getting new handset and full warrenty.My Order No At snapdeal.5569586432.Sub Order No.7327835978. Kindly try to resolve my issue .Contact no.8983305833 / 9022876582.

Sunil kacharu chaudhari

Posted on Apr 04, 2016

I am book the samsung power bank. Book my offer online shoppy. He sent faulty product. Customer care phone not receive.


Posted on Apr 04, 2016

I Had Bought 1(one) INTEX AQUA Power bearing IMEI No-911442502543939 from Reliance Retail Ltd, Avani Riverside Mall, 32 Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Howrah-711102 on 3/10/2015. We are sorry to inform you that this handset is faulty from Day one but we continued with it until it stopped functioning in November so i visited your service centre at Princep street, kolkata & they immediately repaired it without Service Report but again it created same problem regarding charging issues in December so i visited again (Job Sheet No-512196480035T001) then in January 2016 (Job Sheet No-601286480014T001) & again in Feb 2016 (Job Sheet No-602096480029T001) & the service centre Manager had promised me that if any further problem arises then he will immediately replace the Hand set . Same problem persisted so i visited service centre& discussed the issue & also sent you SMS bearing Job Sheet No-604026480012T001. Now, Kindly replace the Handset as it is not possible for me to go to your Service Centre


Posted on Apr 04, 2016

my mobile Samsung A7 fell down on 27th march 2016 and got switched off "without any crack". I took my mobile to nearest mobile shop which is in Sadar bazar lucknow cantt., i specifically asked him whether he knows what really must have happened to the mobile. he said he repairs such mobiles almost everyday. so i left my mobile there to get it checked. next day When i again went there, i saw my display fully broken into pieces.when i enquired he conveniently told me"i had to check what must have happened"i took it to samsung customer care. they said display broken and is charging 7500rs for the same.

prodyut biswas

Posted on Apr 02, 2016

sir 20/01/2016 i pay advance rs 100 for buy mobile battery in intex service center they tell me you will get battery in 15 days i call them after 15 days.they tell me sory sir battery in unavailable you will get it 5 days left after 5 days i went to service then they tell me sir please give us 3 days we will give your battery.after 3 days i call they they tell me company sent us in corier after 2 days you will get then it after 2 i call thrm they tell do not come your battery.if your battery come we will call you.after 10 days i call again they tell me donot come . thes way 2.10 mnts over i go again service center i tell him i will go to consumar form about this purpose after they search her store then get a battery this is time they tell me give me ur phone this battery sent company fr you.this time i go store without this mobile .then i tell him sir i donot come with my mobile after 3 days i go eith mobile they give me battery with 1 mnts warrenty rs 399 .but battery dont work .

Totan Das

Posted on Apr 02, 2016

Sir/Madam, I have purchased a mobile from Flipkart on November 2015,after three month it got malfunctioning. After take up the matter to the Service center,they replied me that they will solve the matter by 01/04/2016. Now they replied me that it will take another one month to solve it. Can I eligible to claim for replace the mobile or refund the money? Please suggest me.

Deepak Jain

Posted on Apr 02, 2016

Hello Sir, We had made a RMC Contract With Eureka Forbes for the service of inova Water Purifier, As per the contract the company had to do regular check of the purifier, failing this we registred a complaint with the customer care executive on 08039883333 as the buttons were not working on the machine. The contract was made on 28/07/2015, but till date we have not recevied any response from the company after regular attempt of complaint we are just told that the executive will visit with 2 working days, and when the service person visits he just tells that he will be back in few minutes with the spare parts but we get no reply. Please Take Immidiate Action Againt it. RMC Amount Paid is 4330/- Thank you


Posted on Apr 02, 2016

Dear sir I have given my infocus m330mobile for warranty period servicing on 24th feb 2016.its past 38days but they are only saying, handset parts are under arrangements.plz do the needful Call id-INFBQO160000044DW and ivr call no-160556007623


Posted on Apr 02, 2016

Multi stitch sewing machin by home pro product was ordered in TV SHOP & SNAPDEAL, on 10.3.2016. Order ID: 12206843008. Product Rate is Rs.1599/-.Payment Option COD. The order was being delivered on March 10, 2016. The order was defected as the charger was broken but we somehow tried to tried to use it. When used, the sewing machine was not making any loop . The stitching was not being done. Then the call for the help was made. The customer care of TV SHOP and Snapdeal gave the customer care number of the company. We called upon the numbers but we did not get any help from them. We called the customer care number of tv shop, snapdeal again for the refund. and after many calls and requests they agree to refund. They took the product frm our place. They told us tht refund takes 5-6 days .oN LAST MONDAY, THE TEAM PROMISED TO DO IT ON MONDAY, THEN ON MONDAY THEY TOLD TO WAIT TILL FRIDAY, NOW ON FRIDAY THEY TOLD TO WAIT TILL NEXT WEDNESDAY, 6.4.16.The refund has yet not being done. harrased!

danish khan

Posted on Apr 01, 2016

more then 1 month is psat but still service center not provide the phone please help.


Posted on Mar 30, 2016

I purchased a phone from Sanpdeal this phone delivered to me on 15/feb/2016 i found this a faulty product as its battery is not working properly, it also have lot of scratches on the screen. I register the complaint against it on 17/feb/2016. I call to customer care daily they always say a same line "your case has been assigned to the concern team/person". However my problem not yet resolved i don't yet received any phone call from the customer care. Its so frustrating and humiliating i am waiting for response from long time. i am sharing my details with snapdeal: My Order Id- 11754440035 My Case no.- 19596173 Sub order id- 14809823403 My phone comes under the trustpay policy Kindly try to resolve my issue ASAP.Contact no. 7827399707

saral seth

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

I purchased a mobile phone from www.shopclues.com. But as soon as i opened the parcel, i found it defective. it is not working at all. The same day, i lodged complaint in their website and asked for replacement/refund. But they could not address my simple query inspite of following up a number of times.

sujinder gurung

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

My Samsung E5 mobile display broken in warranty period i went to service center they are charging 7000 rupee. is it right.


Posted on Mar 28, 2016

We have lounge complaint no, 160325004893 for LG SPLI AC model No. LSA3ES5Z , on 25th March 2016 for very low cooling of our AC. LG person came & changed the Capacitor & asked us to keep it on for 1 hr & then the cooling will be perfect. He charged us Rs 1310 . He also gave the manager number Mr. Javed Ansari (9909984114) for any further problems. We have kept the AC on for 3haours continuously at 18deg set point, but still there is no cooling effect. When we are trying to Contact Mr. Ansari, he is not picking the phone. This same problem occurs last year also & then also the capacitor was changed. Please attend our complaint on priority. Best Regards, Naveen Bhatia M-9879603985 M-9925037926

Joy Banerjee

Posted on Mar 28, 2016


Posted on Mar 27, 2016

Phone not got repaired even after two month. Every time I call or go to service centre they say wait a week. same answer every time.Receipt attached. Kindly do some thing.

Padmakar Shahpurkar

Posted on Mar 27, 2016

I have ordered for a datawind tablet through NAAPTOL, but the rpoduct they have delivered is defective, s it is not accepting any simcard. When i tried to contact the customer care number, the talented people available there only knows one solution for every query that Naaptol technical team will contact you within 48 hours ,which unfortunately is non-technical tea and doesnot offers you any solution. How pathetic is this when a technical person guides you through solution like "try to restart your device".Also the mail id of ceo mentioned in the official website is not contactable, as the mail gets bounce back which might be due to lots of complaints received on a regular basis. PLease request you to initiate the refund for order id- 21001437.


Posted on Mar 25, 2016

Okay, I bought a xiomi phone from amazon.in, and within a month the camera stops working. The phone was a gift to my sister and she had no clue what to do, she lives about 150 kms away from authorized service center, net time when she came to visit us in Hyderabad she reported this issue to us, so we took it to the service cneter. now the service center said they woudl repair the phone iun 2 weeks, and kept the phone with them for 9 weeks almost, after a lot of argument back and forth with them, i realized no point in talking to them, so contacted the seller Amazon, who promised, assured that once we return the phone they woudl make an exception to the policy of returns and woudl refund the money. Acting on that assurance we bought a new phone, now in cahoots with the manufacturer xiomi, amazon is playng mind games, they do not refund the money nor give the phone and do not communicate with us. Amazon.com gives away refunds, credits to american consumers big time, I know , I worked th

pappu bhagat

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

i am almost totally deaf person and had went to the cochlear implant surgery in DCE 14. the outside processor have 3 years warranty. the processor stop working recently due to the some malfunctioning. it one part has come out due to the weak glue. just above that part was a cable which can be separated for changing the cable or cleaning. when i contacted the authorized service centre in pune, they checked and said the machine is working but due to broken part i cannot hear. they said the machine to the company in mumbai whose address is; Cochlear Medical Device Company India PVT LTD Ground Floor, Platina Bldg, Plot No. C-59, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai - 400-051, India. Telephone: +91 22 61121111 Fax: +91 22 61121100 Web: www.cochlear.com/in Email: cincustomerservice@cochlear.com they returned the processor without repairing and that too very late, after contacting many times to the company and gave the reason that the machine is out of warranty, i have to e

pushpa chowdhury

Posted on Mar 25, 2016

I gave my Lumia 535 for changing the touch pad as it had broken accidentally at Microsoft service centre located at Ekdalia on 16 march.They were supposed to deliver me the phone on 18 mar but they fail to do so.den they gave time of 21 but after calling Mr. Abhishek mite be the store manager I got the delivery of my phone on 24 march but I was shocked to see that the phone was not repaired properly and the touch pad dat they change is an old one.So a company zlike Microsoft is also cheating on people.By charging for the new touch pad dey had repaired my touch pad with an old one..This is the service Dey are providing..its shameful to have such a service from a renowned company.

pushpa chowdhury

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

have Lumia 535, the toch pad was broken accidentally on 15 march and I gave it to service centre situaed at ekdalia on 16 march, They were supposed to give mr back on 18 march but dey failed to do so..this was accepted but wen I calls Dem on 23 Dey said Dey rewire one more week...But I spoke to Mr. Abhishek of microsoft mite b manager of dat service centre told I wil get it on 24 march i.e.today...I got the phn but not repaired properly ant the most important thing is dat Dey charge me Rs.2850/- fr changin it wit wit new touch pad.but after receiving my phn I saw dat Microsoft service centre has given me used touch pad ant ot is not working properly...How could a company lik Microsoft can cheat its customers charging W86&#2407;it for new is and relpacin ig


Posted on Mar 23, 2016

I would like to register the complaint HP India limited, manufacturer of laptops. - I purchased Laptop HP 15-r007tu Notebook PC on 8th Aug 2014 through online which started giving trouble of low speaker volume and intermittent hang problem within warranty. It was assumed to be virus problem but later when I visited parents and checked I failed to find any virus and checked through their call centre that it could be possibly hardware problem. Now I visited Service centre with intention to get it repaired on chargeable basis but it was then revealed that it is major problem and beyond economical repairs. Now it seems to be a low Quality unit/product supplied in India failed in ~1 year. I asked HP to deduct 20% and refund me 80% money for using 5 months beyond warranty or give another laptop by taking 80% money or repair charging not more than 20% of product cost but HP says to charge 80% cost for repair. They do not replace defective component but replace the full board instead.

Shabari Shankar S

Posted on Mar 23, 2016

This petition is against Xiaomi india for false advertisement and lack of transparency. The redmi note 3 32gb model was advertised to launch on 9th march 2016 and many customers including i are still waiting for it. The company is making the customers wait indefinitely without giving a clear response as to when the stocks will arrive

nitin prakash shaha

Posted on Mar 20, 2016

dear sir... i complaint to samsung mobile company for the reason my mobile as purchase at flipkart on before 8 months ago. theredore the the mobile was now in warranty. but the mobile were got some technical problem for recharge options. in this situation i submit my mobile in samsung authorised customer service centre, but they can't help to me and not solved the my mobile problem. now they can't to fullfill my problem. plz solve the my problem sir.

Nigil Dias

Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Purchased HTC phone via Flipkart which is still under warranty but company is refusing to give free service or replacement.

Sujoy Dutt

Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Dear Sir I have bought a 10 litra Bajaj Majesty geyser on 30/11/2013. Around a month back it started leaking and to my utter surpise one day the geyser caught fire. I informed the service centre. Twice they visited to inspect the geyser and finally i was informed that the tank has got leaked and that it cannot be repaired. Over and above due to tank leakage there was a short circuit which had lead to fire. I am surprised to the fact that a company like Bajaj Electricals is selling products which are beyond repair. Over and above now they are not taking my calls. Kindly advise. Regards Sujoy Dutt

sharon Forrest

Posted on Mar 19, 2016


Ziaur Rahman

Posted on Mar 19, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, With deep pain and agony, I would like to state that, I purchased a Yureka phone. The phone was not working fine and I was advised by one of the service center that it had to be sent back for repair. I submitted the phone on 24th Feb, 2016 and till now I have not recieved my phone till date. Had been following the customer care for last 10 days, but same answer every time that it will take some time. Dont know what to do. feeling helpless. R/Zia ZIAUR RAHMAN

Akhilesh Dureja

Posted on Mar 19, 2016

I had purchased a laptop DELL INSPIRON 3148 in October 2015. And from the first day, laptop had some or the other problem. Since november the touch pad of the laptop was not working properly. I have tried every possible way that the service centres asked me to. I have taken the laptop thrice to the service center, part has been replaced and yet the touchpad of the laptop is not working properly. Dell customer care asked me to submit the laptop and it will take 3 to 4 working days to repair it. Now they are saying that they will keep the laptop for a month. I am a final year law student and preparing for competitive exams I need the laptop. Being a lawyer I want this issue to dealt sternly and condemn such behaviour of any incorporation so that in future society is at safer side. It has taken 6 months to resolve the issue. That practically means that half of the warranty period has been wasted. It is seriously hardship on part of me.

sayed mohammad sayeem

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

I have bought a lenovo k3 note through online purchase Flipkart ( Model No - Lenovo K3 Note , IMEI No. / Serial No. - 868416027615128) but lot of problem were occurring since i have bought it but for few days ago , i faced problem like , touch screen not working properly , it takes lot of time to text a message & also face difficulty in editing wrong dial no. when i raised the problem with lenovo through online chat , they said to do factory reset , when problem were not resolved then told me to visit service centre. When i submitted my handset there , after keeping the handset for some days now they are giving excuse like water has entered into handset so it is not liable for warranty, If water would enter into handset then i would not be able to use its other services except the raised problem Request you to take necessary action.


Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Sir, I have a micromax laptab lt666.and i was submitted my device to micromax care(krishna mobile,shop no-108,sf tower, fateghunj vadodara, Gujarat ) on 29th feb 2016 and i am still not receive my device from them. They told me my device need 15days to come but still now 18days nd i called them nd they told me its need more 8 -18 days. Please help me for get my device from them with correct. Thanks Regards, Dibyadarshi Das Job sheet number= W010360-0216-22174332

Vikas Mittal

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

I purchased a Lenovo laptop from Angel computers,Nehru Ground,faridabad on march4,2016 which amounts to Rs.29,000. I made this payment through Credit Card and agreed to pay this amount in EMI to HDFC bank. But the vendor charged Rs.1100 as interest and also Rs.500 as transaction charges. But when i asked HDFC bank for these charges they denied saying that these charges are not applicable and also i have cancelled the EMI and agreed with bank to pay this amount as lump sump amount. So this is case of fraud. When we asked the vendor for the refund they responded in wrong manner. Please look into this matter as this is very serious because they had cheated us.

Sanjay Yadav

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

I purchased a mobile phone by Vijay Sales in Little World Kharghar Navi Mumbai. The customer representative said me that goods are available in EMI without any interest. But now in my Credit card statement they are imposing interest since last three months.First I called to my Credit card but they said me that interest is imposing by merchant. So I want compensation of this cheating by merchant

Shubhansh bothra

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Micromax- P690 tab submitted at micromax service center on 14th Dec 2015 and not received back till now. For the past one month customer care no. Of micromax saying 15 days and now 21 more days.


Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Company Name is TRYST INDUSTRIES PVT LTD. This is to inform you that the above mentioned company was saving the PF since last 3 years and there is a more than 25 employees @ Noida branch, but till now they did not provide the PF facility to employees. This is a big crime and save lot of amount.

Shouvik dhar

Posted on Mar 17, 2016

I have bought a voltas ac 12vdy 1 ton, from great eastern showroom at p-274, maniktala main road, kankurgachi kolkata 700054, on 29th feb but its been 17 days i still havent received the delivery of the unit. All payment is complete, but they are still delating saying it will be done soon, everyday the same thing but they havent delivered it yet. Their num 033 23648351, is always busy.please help me with this. Thanks

Kaushal Goyal

Posted on Mar 16, 2016

I had bought a memory card of 8GB from Snapdeal.com of SAMSUNG brand on 10-march-2014 and it is not working after 6 months of usage. I have complaint to the company many times and they gave no solution to my problem and passing the time everytime i call them . My Memory card has 5 YEARS warranty and it is still under warranty period. Company always make me fool and at last i need knock the doors of CONSUMER FORUM. PLEASE look over my request and take possible actions as soon as possible.

Rita Ghosh

Posted on Mar 16, 2016

The complained article is Kitchen Chimney. Auto cleaning of the chimney is not properly functioning. Dirty oil is falling from the chimney causing the kitchen dirty.Another problem is the motor is not working properly.Fan is rotating slowly. I asked several times to the company for repair properly by technical expert.Two times they send service boy, but we get no result. Now I want proper repair or replacement of the article.

Dipayan Nandy

Posted on Mar 15, 2016

Last year approx 8 months ago I was bought Yu Yuphoria mobile hand set but last week suddenly it is switched off when I take a call. Still now it is dead. I have many important document in my phone. The customer care and service centre do not take responsibility. I only want to returned back the data not thr set. Please help.


Posted on Mar 14, 2016


jitendra s gupta

Posted on Mar 14, 2016

i have lg 42lk430 model lcd which was shut down due to some technical issue i reported it to lg customer care and they have sent the engineers to inspect my lg lcd after checking that they given me the report that there is fault in mother board and it need to be replace and it is available at the store and will take 2 day to fix my problem i have raised the ticked on 2/3/2016 on 5th i got call from company stating that my model lcd mother board is not available in stock it will be available on 13th march 2016 so i kept patience when i didnt got any call from lg i called the support no they raised again a ticket after 5 hrs i received a call stating that your model lcd motherboard is not available we will refund you the visit charges and they have not given any kind of option what i should do with the dead tv ,is that service which lg provide to end user i felt very ashame that why i have purchased lg product in 3 years company donot have the part . i will raise this issue to consumer

Subodh Jain

Posted on Mar 14, 2016

sir iam summit mobile in servivce center m/s anuva communication in 17 feb.2016 but not receive till date. i am calling to yureka service center 6 times but always asks receive in one one week & job Sheet No.N070459-0216-21964278. pLZ SOLVE MY PROBLEM Thank You sir

Biswajit Das

Posted on Mar 13, 2016

I am not getting service from Bajaj Electricals after repeated communication. My reference communication as NO.6212372 and 6391104. please help.


Posted on Mar 13, 2016



Posted on Mar 13, 2016

I purchased a Smart Phone from Intex Technologies on Nov 2015 on Rs 7500. But this is become out of order.No no replace despite warranty periods. What do I do ?

Akshay Saini

Posted on Mar 13, 2016

I bought Motorola X Play Smartphone from Flipkart and after two months it started giving headphone jack problem. It was under Warranty and i Gave it to Motorola's auhorized service center on 4th january. Now it has been over two months and they are not repairing or replacing my faulty phone even after keeping it for over 2 months. I tried calling their customer care and after multiple talks they said that my phone was repaired but their service center people refused. Well this is how they befooled me and i feel humiliated . Being a student and not having my smartphone with me is a big torture for me. I feel mentally sick at times. Please see and help.me.

rahul yadav

Posted on Mar 11, 2016



Posted on Mar 09, 2016

I bought a mobile from eBay site where the luxcine seller .They offered 15days warrenty.I recieved the product on 16 th February.But it was poor in quality.I registered a eBay claim support center.They give assurance to replace the product.but no response from there end.


Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Respected sir, I goutam patra from 80/1 uttarayan,chowdhuri para road,nimta,kolkata -700049,my contact no is : 9038383833.i purchased a sony television one year ago,then few days ago i saw the led panel was broken for fall down.then, i called a sony serviec centre for repairing my t.v with original accessories and 02.02.2016 repairing engineer attend to my home & he was seen the t.v panel with attending charged Rs.115 /- he was told to me that,panel is broken & placed a oreder to sony a new panel board that cause is Rs. 5500/- to Rs.6000/-.After one day " SONY AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE,NEOSA ELECTRONICS (P) Ltd.,70/1/2, Gouri bari lane,kolkata- 700004 " called me & said total cost charges is Rs. 5130/- & he said to me minimumu paid 50% Of total cost.therefore, executive present to my home Mr.R.duttareceived as advance for order a panel board Rs. 3000/-.After two weeks when i called to know for my staus the service center said that, it is impossible to serve the panel board

Abhishek jain

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

I got installed 02 no. cctv cameras with dvr and other assesories from laxmi security system. They had given 5 years product guarantee from date of installation.said cameras got defective and stopped working just within 2 yrs. since then I have been calling m/s laxmi security system for replacement or repairing.but they are not listening it. As i paid them 18000. I am very upset. Please help into matter.

Yugendra Upadhyay

Posted on Mar 08, 2016

I have purchased a mobile phone nexus 6p but it was faulty. The phone was at the service center for 3 weeks and returned to be after some repairs. However, the very next day the phone started giving same trouble.I have been requesting a replacement of the handset as i do not wish to run errand to service center, however, there has been no response.

Parth Bhatt

Posted on Mar 08, 2016

I bought Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank on 15-10-14. WHich I submitted to MI authorised service center in Ahmedabad on 7-3-15 as it was not working properly. It has been a year since then . I have called numbers of times.I mailed them. But there is no response. EVen service centers are takling in ruse manner and have insulted me so bad.I request you....

Parth Bhatt

Posted on Mar 08, 2016

I bought Mi 10400 mAh Power Bank on 15-10-14. WHich I submitted to MI authorised service center in Ahmedabad on 7-3-15 as it was not working properly. It has been a year since then . I have called numbers of times.I mailed them. But there is no response. EVen service centers are takling in ruse manner and have insulted me so bad.I request you to do the needful.Thanks...

Sudhansu Sekhar Daspattanaik

Posted on Mar 05, 2016

Dear Sir/madam, I have purchased a wireless CCTV camera of Rs.1499.00 for security purpose of my home through online in askmebazzar.com online shoping site. but i am sorry to say that the item is faulty and not working as per commitment given by the seller. i have contacted and requested the costumer care to replace and refund my money. They have given advise to register a complaint through www.support.askmebazaar.com by generating a complaint ticket and i have do the same. after so much conversation they agreed to refund my money by return the product. And they have given a address to sent the item by courier. I have also done the same by spending Rs. 200.00 by DTDC courier (Proof of courier attached) but the item has returned back to my address due to the receiver refuse to receive the same. Therefore i am again contacted the costumer care through contact no +914444444444 and this time they have provided a different address to sent the item again. Due to this i feel that i am ch

Satish Arjun Patil

Posted on Mar 04, 2016

I ordered Dish Tv on 29 feb 2016. Invoice Number :134563401 Order ID: CDT1456760847 Order Date/Time: 2016-02-29 21:19:45 On 2 nd March technician came with the Dish Tv for the installation ,but unfortunately there were no proper place to install it at terrace or in balcony. Technician clearly mentioned that there wont be proper signal strength at all so advised to cancel order. From the same day i am trying to contact Compare DTH for cancellation and refund of my order but no success, There are no phone numbers where you can contact them directly and they are not replying to the emails. Totally fraud company. Satish-9619460870

Anand sharma

Posted on Mar 03, 2016

Mere mobail ke nat ko itana jada kas diya gaya ki skrin phat gaya or job mai us ko bola to o ki tumhare jeb me rakhane ke karan phata hai jab ki o dukan wale ki galti se phata hai

Dipak Kumar Jana

Posted on Mar 03, 2016

I lodged a complain for my KENT GRAND PLUS (Model No-KR1507041694),which is registered in the name of Dipak Kumar Jana (Registered Mobile no-9332611421),Date of Installation 04/11/15.Though my machine is in Warranty period my Service Provider(S.P. Enterprise) are not servicing my machine because I bought it from online.They refused to work on my machine.They said they are not interested to service my machine.They misbehaved with us.we again contact with the customer care and Kent's Zonal Manager(Sukanta Debnath) but they did'nt help us.I have registered my complain on 16/2/16(complain no-160220-03600).again and again i called to Kent Customer Care,Zonal Maneger but all gone in vain.


Posted on Mar 03, 2016

I purchased one 1 Ton Onida AC model S12CFL G3 from Fridge House Retail (P) Ltd. Kuruppam Rd., Thrissur-1 on 20.4.12. This unit stopped working from Oct. 2015 onwards and I made a complaint(No.1510D946380) on Onida service No.0484-3988900. Technician from Fortune Systems, Poonkunnam, Thrissur (service centre of Onida) attended the complaint on 20.10.15 and told that there is problem with compressor. He charged Rs.250 and left telling that company would depute some other technician to rectify the problem. Since no one turned up till Jan, 2016, again I made complaint (No.1602A506380061) on 3.2.16. So far nobody attended the complaint or rectified the unit. A/C has got warranty for compressor for 5 years i.e. upto 19.4.2017. Please initiate action against the company to get the unit repaired/replaced and also to award compensation for not rectifying the unit for more than five monthsMirc Electronics Ltd., Onida House, G1, MIDC, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093

Souvik Sarkar

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

I have Bought a Gionee Mobile phone on 14 th Feb 2016 From IT Solution Plaza[ Shop No. 310, 3rd Floor, Metropolish Mall Highland Park, Kolkata-700 094] the Store kept my mobile back cover and he proposed me to they will give my Mobile back cover with in 5 Working days bt till 15 Days over they did not provide me that proposed item. my new mobile screen greed getting hamperd for that . please help me. Thinking you Souvik Sarkar

Prashant Kumar Singh

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, Pls refer below attached file,-Micromax A350--Charging Issue--Job sheet#N050153-1015-19618825 I had submitted my phone Micromax A350- on dtd 08/Oct/15 ,that time he said...part is available & you will get 2-3 days, ( that time my phone was also in under warranty period & bill attached, fyi) Now till i'm not getting any revert...pls advise .. Thanks ! Prashant Singh Mob#9911401077/9650900885 Oct 26, 2015 at 11:46 AM, Micromax Support <info@micromaxinfo.com> wrote: Dear Prashant, Greetings from Micromax!! Reference to your ticket id- 114630 We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have forwarded your case to the concerned team on priority basis , so we request you to kindly cooperate with us in this matter and you will be receiving resolution from us soon. We appreciate your patience with us in understanding the matter. For more Information on Micromax Products please visit our website : www.micromaxinfo.com. You can also reach our helplin

Prashant Kumar Singh

Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, Pls refer below attached file, I had submitted my phone Micromax A350- on dtd 08/Oct/15 ,that time he said...part is available & you will get 2-3 days, ( that time my phone was also in under warranty period & bill attached, fyi) Now till i'm not getting any revert... Thanks ! Prashant Singh Mob#9911401077


Posted on Mar 01, 2016

I had purchased one ton Samsung Split Air Conditioner( Model No. AR12JC5HATPNNA) from M/S Khosla Electronics Private Limited, Salt Lake, Kolkata on 11-04-2015. From the very beginning, the aforesaid AC is not working. Every time I approached Samsung Service Center, They attended the complaint, repair the machine, but after two/three months , the same problem has occurred. Even the Service personnel took the outdoor and indoor unit to their workshop, but they are not able to resolve the problem. I have approached Samsung Compnay over phone and through Mail to replace the faulty machine and install a new one, they are not responding my request. Please look into this problem and suggest a suitable solution at the earliest, as the warranty period of the AC will be expired on 10-04-2016.

Poonam Prasad

Posted on Feb 29, 2016

Dear Team , Kindly look into matter seriously... kindly coordinate with the service center team and sort my problem... the solution given by your service franchise team is not suitable to us ,.. . Within 3 three years ours Outer body of fridge automatic leak , and solution is replace the fridge with new model for Rs 12000/- extra. is this very simple solution you provide to all customers for Whirlpool .. Kindly take this matter seriously as its pending form long terms.

Devarajan A

Posted on Feb 29, 2016

I'd like to file a complaint against Motorola India Service centre, Bangalore. I had given my handset for display replacement. After 4 months of delay and repeated follow-ups over email & telephone, i finally got my device back last week. I just discovered that the WiFi & Data connectivity on my handset aren't working now and was forced to handover my handset to the same service centre for repair, once again. Please advise on legal remedy for my complaint against Motorola India Customer care.

sushil subhash nagargoje

Posted on Feb 29, 2016

Dear,sir /madam As i am using a karbonn S35 mobile and having a problem with its battery replacement of my mobile battery from service center/company ,also i have given the battery to service center they are just playing with me come after 8 days and then again 4-5 days an once again they are asking for 15 more days please help me out


Posted on Feb 29, 2016


Dr. Jaya Krishna

Posted on Feb 27, 2016

I have puchased YU YUREKA mobile phone and it was not working since new software update, I have given the phone in service centre on 28/12/2015 and it was returned to me on 15/02/2016 that too after several phone calls & mails. The mobile they have returned on 15/02/16 was not at all working and again they asked me to submit in service centre. I have given it on 17/02/2016 but still now they have not returned the mobile & they are updating the status of the replacement. Please help me as im without moble since 2 months and the cheaters company does not have a little concern about my issue.

Amalesh Routh

Posted on Feb 27, 2016

Micromax Mobile Model D320 Under Warrenty Mobile Shop demands extra repair cost

Sachin Shaileshbhai Ramani

Posted on Feb 27, 2016

i have purchased UNI tablet from Densnapdeal tv shop of Rs.3500, but there is a some technical problems in tab.As per company terms if there is any technial problem then company should replace whole the product.and i have also not received the hairphone which is menntion in company advertisement in televison. i have also call to company consumer care for minimum 15 to 20 times . and i have also call to seniour authority for minimum 4 to 5 times . but, no action taken by they in this regard. So, i appeal to consumer foram do kindaly needful and oblige. Thanking you.


Posted on Feb 25, 2016

Hello, I asked to refund the amount of my order (Rs.1299) and Rs.100 cheated by your customer supporter (or) to dispatch my order. After mailing (22.02.2016 - 4.41P.M) within two days 24.02.2016-03.00P.M, you dispatched the Order & i received too. But my order - Two Samsung Mobiles are not working, not charging & even not able to 'ON' the mobile. Clearly cheated work done by "Whaaky.Com". (Duplicate Product) You have been send Toy mobile / Damaged mobile. This is too worst , Immediately take back the mobiles and give new one (or) Refund the amount. My Order Details are mentioned below:- Product: Samsung mobile (guru) (1+1) Order No: S801167562 Ordered By : M.Elamparuthi (Myself) Amount Paid : Rs.1299/- (Payment done through Citrus Pay as automatic assessed by your website -Refer attachment) Ordered on: 25.01.2016 - 11.30 A.M Reference No: S8011675622279

Bipin Kumar jha

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Complaint regarding YU yureka mobile which o have buy and its is in warranty period but no one helping me .pls help me

Rajib Thakuria

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

I had sent my ear phone manufactured by Tekfusion to them for repairing. It was under warranty period. Now it has been 2 months since I sent it and they say now that they have sent it but when asked for the courier details, they donot provide it and say that we will check and let you know. All communication to them was through mail.

Nirdesh Rathore

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

My phone was received by Yu mobiles for damaged display replacement with Reference Ticket id: 1713894 on Dec 21 2015, I was promised that I'll get my phone back within a month. I was informed on 26 Dec that my phone has been repaired and I'll be getting a way bill number for COD in next 48 hours and within next 15 days I'll get it. Since then I am waiting for the same every time they just apologize and asks me to wait for another 48 hours. They replied me over email with Reference Ticket id: 1891597 on 31 Dec 2015 last time now they do not reply of my mails. Device details are as follows: Device: Yureka Colour: Moondust Grey Name: Nirdesh Rathore Mobile no.:- 8588026133 Alternate no:- 9990950118 Email id:- rathorenirdesh@gmail.com IMEI 1: 911401504661842 IMEI 2: 911401504644871 Address(For COD): RBS, Block no. 1, Tower A, Unitech Infospace Complex, Sector-21, Gurgaon, Hariyana PIN Code: 122002 Date of Purchase: 18 Feb 2015

Raunak Basak

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

I bought a lenovo laptop which is having 3 years of warranty and in this time period this laptop (pghg-557)is having troubles for ore than 6 times approx. They are sending me defective spares and those spares are not working good. so i requested them to change the whole item and they are denying as well as they are not also exceeding the warranty period. Please do take care of my problem sir. Thank you


Posted on Feb 23, 2016

I have purchased one INTEX Cloud M6 16 GB MOBILE on 28/Oct/2015.(Retail Invoice No S374EB/15-16/53300). On 27/Jan/2016 I have lodged a complain regarding the battery of the mobile at MEGA INTERNATIONAL (ICP:KOLKATA).(Complain Job sheet No: 601276480078T001). They have confirmed that the battery of the mobile will be replaced with in 1 week from the date of complain. when we call the service center they say they have not received any replacement battery yet. Seems they re waiting for the warranty period to be over. Requesting you to please check and resolve the issue at earliest.

R.Khaleel Pasha

Posted on Feb 23, 2016

I am to submit that I have purchased a mobile Model No. OPPO 3001 from Sangeetha Mobiles on 21-04-2015 along with Insurance vide document No. H47971366, which was stolen from my moped during the Examination. A complaint has been lodged in the concerned Police Station and all the relevant documents were sent to the Sangeeta Mobiles on 09-09-2015 and the claim is numbered as SMCL01409 for future correspondence and acknowleged the receipt of all the required documents, but in vain. Thereafter, I have filed appeal before the Sangeeta Mobiles vide e-mail on 03-02-2015 to intimate whether my insurance claim is been approved or negatived. But, to the utter surprise, reply mail has been received stating that the it is the sole discretion of the insurance company to approve or reject your claims and insurance company team will keep you updated on the status at the earliest. But, no response in this regard is received so far. In view of the above, I request your kind honour to call for the


Posted on Feb 22, 2016

i purcahse a power bank from whaaky the power that i have received is broken so i return the package to the company but still they are not refunding my money & also not giving any proper resolution from last month, please do the needful.

suvarna nitin bedmutha

Posted on Feb 22, 2016

Since last 60 days MICROMAX MOBILE PHONE COMPANY has not resolved my mobile phone issue. And they want another 20 days. What shall i do to against them? I want to ake some action against it.

Navnath Londhe

Posted on Feb 22, 2016

Dear Sir I would like to let you know that . i was having a in warenty sony xperia z ultra phone which was having a display problem.so i submited the same at the service center for repair , now after 10 days of this issue i came to know that a new display is unavailable with them and they are offering me a refurbished mobile without any warranty . i would clearly like to specify that they are forcing me to take a refurbished piece without providing me any other option. i even requested them to please provide me at least extended warranty on the refurbished model for which they are disagreeing.now I kindly request you to please help me & provide with a feasible solution. I would like to get a fresh mobile or my money back , i would also like to let you know that only 10 days warranty is left for the old device . Regards Navnath londhe (9960099796)

Manas Sen

Posted on Feb 22, 2016

I have purchased one electrical chimney from Nath Trading-Rathtala, fingapara- contact no-9239841815/9339961154. on dated 24-06-2015. they have committed for one year service warranty, after few days of installation it stop functioning. we have tried to contact company several time but no response. now the device is totally down and I am not getting any support.


Posted on Feb 21, 2016

I have purchased Food Processor of Singer India Ltd. on 02/12/2015 having warranty of one year. The said processor has got starting problem & stop working since 08/02/2016. I have lodge complaint to customer care center of the same on 09.02.2016. Complaint No. is 73119. But till today they not send any mechanic. On inquiry from my side they are giving some false excuses. I request you to kindly look into the matter.


Posted on Feb 21, 2016

My home PC's Intel mother board purchased from Raj International Barasat on 17.06.2013 is found faulty as per their engineer and is still under 3 years warranty coverage till 16.06.2016 as per the seller's invoice however the they refused to replace it & after repeated phone calls, emails and Whatsapp messages etc the owner Rajeev Biswas is not responding and not ready to replace the it and asking me share 50% of the money to buy a new mother board. Entire CPU is with them. On contacting Intel, they said warranty for the dealer with Intel is over on 29.10.2014 which means the dealer sold me from their pretty old stock and now refusing to replace though still warrantied as per their bill. Kindly look into it so that my faulty mother board can be replaced urgently. This seller has branches in Barasat and Esplanade Kolkata West Bengal and its address is 20 Jessore Road, Champadali, Barasat, Kolkata 700124, West Bengal, Phone number 03325846584, 03332596225. Email-rajeevb@rajkolkata.com.


Posted on Feb 20, 2016



Posted on Feb 20, 2016



Posted on Feb 18, 2016

I have purchased a Videocon LCD TV Model-IVA32HM on 12/01/2014 from Laxminarayan Enterprises ,Rourkela.Now this TV hanged and subsequently I have given a complain having Complain No-BHU1602160117 and S Code-S50265.on dated 16/02/2016.On 17th technician attend this complain and tell that there is a software problem .Company has no facility to update the software,but to change the Board.I have again made a confirmation whatsapp message to Mr Sahoo service head odisha regarding this.He also suggest me to deposit the advance amount for ordering a new board @ Rs.4500/-.For software update in a two years old TV ,there is no option in a TV manufacturing company and customer forced to pay the board cost ,is is height.Kindly do needful.


Posted on Feb 18, 2016

I have purchased a Videocon LCD TV Model-IVA32HM on 12/01/2014 from Laxminarayan Enterprises ,Rourkela.Now this TV hanged and subsequently I have given a complain having Complain No-BHU1602160117 and S Code-S50265.on dated 16/02/2015.On 17th technician attend this complain and tell that there is a software problem.But company has no facility to update the software,but to change the Board.I have again made a confirmation whatsapp message to Mr Sahoo service head odisha regarding this.He also suggest me to deposit the advance amount for ordering a new board @ Rs.4500/-.For software update in a two years old TV ,there is no option in a TV manufacturing company and customer forced to pay the board cost ,is is height.Kindly do needful.

Himanshu Warekar

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

I had purchased Sony Xperia Z1 on 21st March '15 but since then my phone is running into many problems and has been to service center for 6 times n when asked for a replacement for the phone Sony agreed to give a refurbished phone instead of a new phone as it is still under warranty. I feel that I'm cheated on quality by Sony India and hence want to complain against the company and sue it.

Prem Prakash

Posted on Feb 18, 2016

My complane against HOME SHOP 18. I purchase a tablet its defected and complane to HS-18 cutomer care they told to me its will be replace after one week they are not replace

Dinesh Rao Hejamady

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

I have purchased Lenovo Y-50 high end gaming laptop o 3rd of January. As per company description, they are supposed to offer me 12 months warranty on the product, from the date of the purchase. the warrnty is extended 12 months from the date of purchase once we submit the proof of purchase along with photograph of serial number of the product. Lenovo as company has not educated the retailers the exact nature of invoive it wants, however they are torturing cutomers for the same, My claim of 12 monmths warranty is not being granted claiming the invoice is not as per their format, and does not contain certain details. I am fighting with them by giving all the detai sof proof of purchase, I even claim them, lenovo can send some one to my premises to check and confirm the warranty of 12 months However last two months they have not done so. Its clear case of exploitation of consumer rights and monopolistic approach Need justice Rgds Dinesh Rao

Prasenjit Kundu

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

I buy Micro max mobile on April 2015 after 2 month i have given phone to service center after repairing they have return my phone after that due to festival seasons service center close but phone facing same problem . After festival when reach to service center they told me we will do only paid service go to Mdhyamgram service center when i summited phone Pearl System Mdhyamgram they told me that you need to do software update nothing else so i do that but same problem arise after week so reach again and finally summit my mobile on 11/12/2015 which jobsheet no is E030380121520754835 . After one month when i contact to service center they told me your mobile need again servicing so we again send it to head quater for repairing and we issue another 2nd jobsheet no which is 2122083011621380851.after that i have spoke with your customer care executive on 27th January 2016 they told me within 15 days your phone will be ready but no communication happen till now with service center.

ravi daga

Posted on Feb 17, 2016

dear sir i bought one handset mi 4i from flipkart at rs 12999.after 3 months phone is not working/dead. i have given to mi company 7 times but the problem is not solved. i said on phone to flipkart as well as mi company to replace faulty handset or refund the money but they are doing nothing. i request to pls look into this matter


Posted on Feb 16, 2016

Sir, I had bought a Yureka phone and after 5 months problem arisen in my phone. I misguided me with some solutions bt phone didn't get right. After couple of months, they created replacement for my phone and I got waybill n order Id or that on 25th Jan, they told me i would get replacement in 15 days. and today when I called them they told me that replacement is cancelled due to policy change and they can't replace this phone. Kindly Help me.I am pissed off with thid phone and their deceiving and misguiding nature. Thanks.

Harmit Desai

Posted on Feb 16, 2016

Xaomi Mi4i, purchased from their website www.mi.com/in, with MiProtect insurance cover, to protect against fall. Unfortunately the phone fell and got a thin crack on the screen. Complaint for the same registered with their web site and the company arranged to pick up the phone from my residence.on 20th January 2016. On 8th of February 2016, after several followups the company (claims@oneassist.in) sends mail asking for Rs.330 towards insurance claim. The same was paid immediately and details furbished. From their helpline 1800-407-333333 we are informed on 9th February 2016 that the phone is sent to their service center and will be delivered within 5 working days. But not delivered till today 16th February 2016. When contacted again the reply given from them was that they will provide feedback on the status of phone within 48 hours, but no commitment on when the phone will be returned duly repaired. Please help


Posted on Feb 16, 2016

After 18days of my Order Still No Response & Process has been taken at your end.(Refer attachment "whaaky-3 file") No Response from your customer call center through phone & email. My Order Details are mentioned below:- Product: Samsung mobile (guru) (1+1) Order No: S801167562 Amount Paid : Rs.1299/- (Payment done through Citrus Pay as automatic assessed by your website -Refer attachment) Ordered on: 25.01.2016 - 11.30 A.M Reference No: S8011675622279 YOU MUST TO REPLY ME FOR ORDER DELAYED & DISPATCH NOT YET STARTED / STATUS UPDATED

sachin mudliar

Posted on Feb 15, 2016

I had purchased samsung LED 32 inch after every 11 months backlight problem arises. they want to pay money. why i will pay since there is fault in LED itself I am not ready to pay any charge for repair Complaint no-4208807314


Posted on Feb 15, 2016

I given my Infcous M330 cell phone to the Infocus service center on 12Jan16. The phone is having display issued and board problem so that its require to change as per them But my cell phone still not repaired yet this is delayed due to unavailability of the part as per them. The phone is in under warranty complain ID - INFPUN1600000041DW. I am following with Infocus but they are giving me the same answer.

sachin sharma

Posted on Feb 14, 2016

I submitted my mobile to AVG communication a authorised micromax service center for software updation but they spoiled my mobile and estimated 3200 rupees for pcb replacement my mobile is under post warranty my mobile was updated twice during warranty and mostly postwarranty mobile is only spoiled by service center i mailed my complaint to company but they are not replying and delaying I have evidence of all my mails more than 10 mails are unreplied and No satisfactory reply received yet . than on 1st feb I sent m reminder letter by registered Post but it seems they are not bothering and not replying on any mail call or post micromax must reply and apologise for their attempt meanwhile I have purchase a new mobile it cost me 11k and want to file a case on micromax in consumer redressal forum gurgoan

Raman Bhasin

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Hi! I bought an Geyser and it's still under warranty. It's an Arise geyser which is still under warranty. I logged an complaint on January 25, 2016. However, till date there is no response from the company only after 2 weeks an engineer visited that too after calling everyday (The calls at there service center are the paid ones, no toll free number). He informed that the element needs to be changed and asked us to call to their service center. I kept calling there they put the call on computerize answering machine and till date no one has come to resolve the problem. Even inspite of sending an email everyday to all their emails no one is even bother to response for the email. Really a mental harassment as well as physical since in winter it's hard to take bath in cold water for my parents. Can you please help. Complaint number is # HR 0011561132780&#8207;.

Gautam Joshi

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Hello, Motorola has delivered a defective device, moto x play. So I handed over the device to service center, B2X pune. It''s been 2 weeks that device is held by service center. Since 2 weeks, they are responding with the same answer :- "Part is on the way, it will be available soon. Please contact customer care for more detail." Answer from customer care :- "Sir, part is on the way, it will be available soon. We can not do anything. You have to wait. We can not do anything else." Could you help me to file a case against motorala company ? I will also file a case of harassment on motorola service center and customer care. Device name - moto x play IMEI no - 358953060987193 Regards, Gautam Joshi

Krishnakumar P.

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Product: 2 x 3 Ltr. Pronto water heater Purchased: 17-Jan-2014 Dealer: Laxmi Plaza, Kharghar Cost: Rs.8100 Zonal Manager: Sushil Kumar Mobile: 7276303701 Problem: Leaking from connector with some black deposits, Lamp indicator not working. I raised a complaint through my dealer on 25th December, 2015 through dealer. I was told Racold would take care of the problems. I got no response from Racold. Later on I raised a complaint directly through their customer care on 5th Jan. I was given complaint# EW113883 by sms. I informed about the impending warranty end date. I was assured it would be covered under warranty since the complaint was raised before that. Later I realize this complaint had been closed on the flimsiest excuse that nobody picked their call and I did not got any sms for complaint closure. I realized this when I checked again and I was given new complaint# EW1139025. Their service engineer called and rudely informed that his to and fro travel would have to be taken care of


Posted on Feb 12, 2016


Parikhshet Nayyar

Posted on Feb 11, 2016

This is a complaint regarding service repair of MICROMAX Tab P500 which I bought from Croma retail outlet, it stopped working and I gave it for repair to MICROMAX authorised service centre ADITI INFOCOM on 07.12.2015. After 2 months I got a call from them finally saying that the Tablet was repaired and I should come to collect it asap. I went to them on 11.02.2016 and was shocked to see that they were trying to sell me some other used scratched second hand tab of 7" instead of my 10" screen tab and even wanted me to pay Rs 2870 approx for the so called SWAP because they cannot fix their own original product because of their lack of parts for the old model. Now I was willing to even accept a smaller tab and pay some difference in cost but not for a SECOND HAND unit! Service Centre repair order no. N031814-1215-20677903 Dated 7.12.15


Posted on Feb 11, 2016

my name is puneeth and i am working as a software engineer. i took micro-max A350 phone in November 26 and i used it for 6 months and i got display problem so i contacted your service center first time they changed display for that they took almost 1 moth and returned its good for one month again same issue again i contacted your service center they took again one month and returned while collecting only i told them its not properly done not molded touch properly but they not ready to accept and again in 4 days same problem again they changed display 3rd time they took 36 days and by this time my warranty get over now on 12-12-15 they returned in front camera liquid filled i am really frustrated and i dont want to take that mobile again if i found its not molded well i am not going to receive then they changed touch again and it worked only one day again display problem this time i asked for replacement and returned still not got the phone i returned on 14-12-12


Posted on Feb 11, 2016

sir from past 6 month my phone is in service centre only they will say repaired it will work only for two days or a week 5 times its repeated when i asked replacement they saying time time time every time they took 1 moth to repair 5 times its repeated pls gv me solution i am ready to go for legal challenge

Pradeep Kumar

Posted on Feb 11, 2016

Pls note My Complaint no is MMX1801162337656. I have given my mobile at service centre on dated 03.01.2016 & they told repairing timing 20 days but its exceed above 20 days ,I did not received replaced mobile till no. I have called today 30.01.2016 they told it will take 15 days another which is not acceptable to me. Its totally harassment to me. Also alternate mobile was not provided to me by service centre for use. Pls revert if any query 9805767776 Regards Pradeep Kumar

Debasish Chakraborty

Posted on Feb 10, 2016

I,had purchased one KENT Mineral RO Water Purifier on 04/10/2015 through their authorized selling agent " UNIQUE WATER PURIRFIER PVT.LTD. and Iron filter the Machine is under warranty coverage of 1(one) year except the Iron Filter which is under warranty for 6(six) months, But today ie on 10/02/2016 on lodging a complaint, the representative of the company forcibly taken Rs500/- towards repairing of the iron filter which seems to be an illegal act by them needs your proper attention and penal measures from your end.


Posted on Feb 10, 2016

I Have buy a intex mobile online in September 15 but now the battery of the mobile is not working I have submitted mobile at their customer service center at Paonta Sahib on 18-12-15 but they are fail to provide battery up to date I have also contact their helpline by mail and also from phone but they gives no satisfactory reply always Say to wait now it has one month Completed the mobile is in Warranty period.

Chandan Bhattacharya

Posted on Feb 09, 2016

I purchased a micromax mobile set from TV Palace, serampore, hooghly on 12/10/2015 but unfortunately it was non functioning from january 2016. I submitted the set at M/s Shree Shyam services Serampore, Belting Bazar for servicing. But as I fail to produce the bill they made a quotation of Rs. 300/- approx and accepted the set for repairing. I submitted the set on 6th january 2016. But till over one month have passed they are not return it after completing their service. I contacted with micromax care team over email and submitted the job sheet received from the service centre and the cash memo (finally found) but not vain. I submitted my complain for quick redressal.

Akhil Kapoor

Posted on Feb 09, 2016

Karbonn Service problem

praveen mishra

Posted on Feb 09, 2016

dear sir i was purchase a samsung led 32 tv 21/10/14 after 14 month this tv is not workening .company told me your tv pannel is lost so it was charge 14000 .when i purchase this from sargam electronic he told me three year warrenty and now company told me one year warrenty for tv and two year warrenty for smps.is thet he makes fool his costmer


Posted on Feb 09, 2016

Ashoka mobile 2015 g_28_29,raisar indra bazar,Jaipur,email aaravaswani180@Gmail.com from this address I bought HTC 326 g mobile inr 8500 after that I asked to some other place there was selling same mobile 6700 rupees why they selling mobile as whatever they want price they selling HTC people


Posted on Feb 08, 2016

I purchased a phone from xiaomi company. But after 2 month their is battery problem in my phone. So I submitted it 3 times and visit 5 times but they did not solve my problem. So I want to file case against them


Posted on Feb 08, 2016

Respected Sir, I gave my Mobile phone (Yu Yureka - AO5510) to the authorized dealer named M/S Connexion, Tc 202442(9), 3rd Floor, Menathottam Chambers, Pattom, Trivandrum-695004, TIN No.32010862599, contact No. 0471-2550901/8089080901. on 17/12/2015, As per their jobsheet they must return my mobile with in 30 days And the job sheet number is "S030405-1215-20862084" , but also after making many phone calls, they didn't send my mobile to me still today(08/02/2016) So, I request you to kindly take appropriate action against them to return my mobile and compensation for my inconvenience. Thank You sir.


Posted on Feb 08, 2016

Respected Sir, I gave my Mobile phone (Yu Yureka - AO5510) to the authorized dealer named M/S Connexion, Tc 202442(9), 3rd Floor, Menathottam Chambers, Pattom, Trivandrum-695004 on 17/12/2015, As per their jobsheet they must return my mobile with in 30 days, but also after making many phone calls, they didn't send my mobile to me still today(08/02/2016) So, I request you to kindly take appropriate action against them to return my mobile and compensation for my inconvenience. Thank You sir.

sanjay kumar

Posted on Feb 08, 2016

Guarantee service for led

Ajit Gupta

Posted on Feb 08, 2016

I have a Mobile handset from Micromax, which is in warranty & due to restarting issue pending at micro max care repairing center for last 4 months.

Purushothama .T.S

Posted on Feb 07, 2016

I am facing problem using Samsung made grand duos model no GT19082 hanging too much while using even after serviced in company service center since I bought .I think its manufacturing defect .even after requested for replacement denied it completely to replace me that mobile handset. I request you to consider my application and take action.

Ashwin kumar

Posted on Feb 07, 2016

Hi, I have purchased an AC from IFB on 6/2/2015, I have asked for a free service on 3/2/2016. I was assured that the service would be provided within 24 hours. I did call them on 3 times as the service was not provided them and they were assuring me that immediately a service person would show up at my door step. However, they are not bothered to see if the service is provided or not and on purpose they are delaying the service. I would like to complain on the false assurances made by them. I would like to sue them for the pathetic service they provide to the customers. Customer service complain no: 1101627555 Permanent Id number: 10961791


Posted on Feb 07, 2016

sir/mam I have purchase a sony bravia (KDL42W900B) on 5/feb/2015 . I have facing a remote problem from 6 feb 2015.but Due to which you have changed my remote many times but still it is causing a problem sir this is to inform you that i am facing this problem from a long time and every time i complained my remote has been changed .this is also to inform you that it is causing a problem from the next day of purchase , which has become a cause of severe tension instead of entertainment. i have also talked to service center from which i have got the same previous response of changing the remote . But i do not want let my remote changed now because it has been changed 4-5 times already . So i request you to provide me other model of sony bravia . NOW REMOTE ARE DEAD CONDITION AND TECHNICIAN ARE MISS BEHAVIOR IN MY HOME TOWN AND SERVICE CENTER ARE NOT ANY ACTION FOR THIS PROBLEM .

Kumaresh Halder

Posted on Feb 06, 2016

My son, a Research Scholar of IISER, Mohali purchged a Lenovo Laptop from Kolkata exclusively for his academic use; which developed a serious default.The company engineers could not repair it even after thorough examination about four months back. The company promised to replace it within a month immediately after that. But till now it has not been replaced; although all formalities for replacement as per company's requirement have been completed by me.The company is now shying away from the commitment on a common excuse of special team constituted for the purpose; but declines ever time to give any updated progress in this regard.I now feel to be cheated with false promise.I am in severe metal anguish. My academic career is being seriously affected due to this.

Dr. Bharati Pal

Posted on Feb 06, 2016

Ankit Singh

Posted on Feb 05, 2016

I bought Micromax Canvas Gold A300 online on 19 Sep 2014 costing Rs 18899 and with 1 year of warranty (expiring on 19 Sep 2015). I have attached the bill invoice for the delivery here with.After few months the phone developed problems as it used to switch off by itself. As it was still under warranty period, I took it to Micromax care center in Kochi for repair on 25 July 2015 where I got to know that there was some fault in motherboard. The representatives did some makeshift temporary repair and handed over the phone back to me whose job sheet I am attaching herewith.Soon after the same problem still persisted and the phone used to turn off automatically even more frequently than before and finally on 28 Dec, it went off permanently.I again took it to service center where the representatives told me that they need to change the motherboard but refused to repair it and even take responsibility for the same fault they couldn't treat earlier.They also demanded Rs 11589 to repair

jafer iqbal

Posted on Feb 05, 2016

Hello, i have bought dlink modem dsl 2750u . It has been giving me problems since day 1. I visitied their service centre in nehru place delhi , where they checked it but gave me excuse that same model was not available at that time to offer replacement . So they fixed it but it started giving problems again.. I called their customer care many times but no help. They refuse to replace the faulty device. Extremely poor service and cheating customer by dlink india. Please take necessary measures.

Omkar said

Posted on Feb 04, 2016

I have purchase youphoria mob 5 month ago, it give me sound prob after 3 month then i went to care they took my mob for 1 month for repairing last week mob is come by currier. but now again same prob. will occuer and thya said replacemnt of mob but they give mi old mob phone.... please help me...

Kailas Sanghavi

Posted on Feb 03, 2016

My name is Kailas Sanghavi from Pune Maharashtra. I had YU Yuphoria mobile purchased in the month of July 2015. Due to some problem in device, I have submitted my mobile to Service center here in Pune. The service center people told me that as mobile is in warranty period, and they are not authorized to open YU mobile n service center, they will have send mobile to direct company in New Delhi and Company will send replacement of this mobile within 45 days and they will send mobile by Courier at my address. Today almost it has been a period of 3 months I have not recd my device back. I called up the customer care and also continuously sending mails to them but I am always getting reply from them - they have forwarded my issue to concerned team and concerned team will send the mobile within 7-10 days, This is continuously happening since last 2 and half months and they have harassed me a lot. Please help me to get my device. My no. 9923067858

Sushma Kamath

Posted on Feb 03, 2016

I have IFB Neptune dishwasher. Raised a help desk ticket no 1101551240 dated 24th January. I have Annual maintenance contract. I am constantly following up with the Service Centre. They are giving new reason every time I follow up with them.It is Still not reparied. Request for guidance to get the services from IFB on time.


Posted on Jan 31, 2016

Dear Team Please find the below mentioned Order ID : S801139904 Payment Mode : CreditCard I had lodge a complaint on support@whaaky.com but m not getting any positive response. I have purchaged 2 Nokia 1100 phones from your site but both were nt woring, Kindly look into the matter and refund my money back and take your phones back. Seriously M not even single % happy with it, i cannot even trust on your company any more. So its My hummble request please please please refund my money back to me and revert on this complaint ASAP, otherwise i m going to lodge a complaint against your company in consumer court.

Kamalkumar Dodiya

Posted on Jan 31, 2016

I had registered complaint about my Toshiba TV Model 32PT200ZE with Serial Number : C44T42011245K1. The Complaint Number SRXG0025071 & SRXG0046047 and afterwards SRXG0054916. The complaint Number SRXG0025071 & SRXG0046047 was attended by Mr. Dharmendra (Mobile No. 9833219520) The initial problem was One single horizontal line at the top. In rectification of that the technician had suggested the replacement of the Original Panel. The Technician replaced the my original Panel of the TV and replaced with the old one. Now the problem is even worse the entire display is faded and diagonal lines are coming. The followup complaint SRXG0054916 was attended by Mr. Ashok (Mobile Number : 9768646305) The problem is even worse now you people taken my original Display Panel and replaced with old panel. Lastly i got communication from then your cheque is under process on 16 Jan,2016. Its been 4 months now but still did nit get anything. My landline number is 02225592277


Posted on Jan 30, 2016

i have raised a complaint regarding issue with my phone on 12/12/15, the company yu televentures raised a way bill no. on 21/12/2015 and said that the the phone will be replaced within 15 working days. after several complaints and a notice being dropped the company seems to be laest concerned about consumer issues and problems faced by the consumers. i have been facing mental and monetary torture due several telephonic calls and the mental trauma faced due to non functioning of phone leading to huge business losses. please look into it at the earliest as the company thinks that consumer forum is in there pocket.


Posted on Jan 29, 2016

Sir I have submitted my phone YUPHORIA Brand Model code SERYMOB009 ITEN NAME YU5010A(B&S) Problem AUDIO POOR on dated 04/01/2016 Still on date they are not replace or repair my phone and every time they change delivery time 15 days more I request you please do something. So that I can return my phone


Posted on Jan 28, 2016

We have purchased two battery from m/s sri dharshini agencies no.30, surya complex, 1st floor, alagar kovil main road, (opp. to KVB) wide his invoice no. 104 on dated 03/05/2012 brand "HI-POWER "tall tubular battery mfd. by Southern batteries pvt. ltd., unit 11, no.328, jigani-bommasandra link road, jigani industrial area,anekal, bangalore-562106 with 5 years warranty but past six month battery is not working and we complaint the same with mr.satish (09943640899) m/s dharshini agencies person and he advice to send both battery to sbpl service center , no.36/18 a/2 singarayar colony, south street, narimedu,madurai (tamil nadu) and we done same on dt. 21/12/2015 but after 20 days he refused that repair is not possible and after 42 month replacement is also not policy of company.So we are not understand the meaning of five years warranty sir we are not asking for replacement but our battery should be repair.Sir pl. look in this matter immediately for protect consumer rights here with we

Mehul Baldota

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Dear sir, Subject: I Lost my iphone 6s and phone is deactivated from the icloud account all of a sudden. My IPhone 6S IMEI No 353317073369531 Till 20th November, 2015 the phone was active on my device list on iCloud and all of a sudden the device got disconnected. I had lost my phone on 17th November 2015 in GOA. This is the most shocking thing which i came accross that how could my phone get disconnected from icloud. Being an Apple user i never expected this to happen. I tried talking to your support care but didnot get any solution or answer towards it. Please take this on priority and need an update towards it. Regards, Mehul Baldota Contact Name: Mehul Baldota Contact No. +91 8805532085

vikas choudhary

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

this is vikas choudhary, i am really dissatisfied from ur customer service, i buy a htc desire820s on 25/06/2015. and now my phone is not working well, the mic. of phone is not working during the call, auto power on/off or fail to wake up. and wifi & hotspot & data pack auto on. i submit my phone for reparing but after repairing i get the in same condition with same problem now i again subit my phone but no response get related to reparing after 8 days. i subit my phone twice in a month for reparing. the wrost service i have ever seen in my life. contact no. 08968985242, 09858666421, and email id. jatt8854@gmail.com, i register the compail in custmor service centre they said again i get my phone with quality satisfaction, they said my phone is repair under quality satisfaction. now my 2nd time ticket no: 16INA040015820, S/N: LC53JYF82232, Job no: IXC008-0008681 amd IMEI. 356059062885146.

Ashok Kumar Singh

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Dear Sir, I purchase a mobile set "INTEX AQUA POWER" from M/s The Mobile Store, Shop No. 122, Sector Market Gurgaon, Haryana vide Invoice No. 29055713087145 dated 15.09.2015. The Mobile became faulty. I submitted the mobile with M/s Sach Collection Point, IG4, Hotel Devi Palace, Opp Raj Cenema, Gurgaon (Haryana) (Authorised Service Centre of Intex) vide Job Sheet No. 512145724016T001 dated 14.12.2015. After one half month it is neither repaired nor replaced. Pls pass an suitable order against them.

Avijit Mondal

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

I purchased one yureka mobile on12/3/2015 with one year warranty.. But from august 2015 I found its camera is not working.Immediately I informed about the said problem to the customer care. They assured me to pick up the phone from my place but unfortunately till the date of my complaint to you they neither pick up the phone nor solve the problem in any ways. Every time in my query they tell that they need 15 days to solve the problem. But till now i don't get any positive response from customer care. The warranty of my phone is going to end. I am very helpless in such a behavior of the company. Please advice me what should i do in the circumstances.

Anita Rai

Posted on Jan 26, 2016

I bought a phone micromax yureka in march 2015. I started facing some issues with phone camera and phone would restart automatically anytime. I submitted the phone on 2 Jan 2016 at Sector 27 Noida service center and told that I would get back the phone in 10-15 working days. They asked me to get in touch with YU customer service as they will be sending off the phone YU warehouse for the repair and I my hone would be delivered at the doorstep. When I call them they ask me to wait for another 10-15 days and do not provide me the reason the delay. They are even to providing me date by which they would deliver the phone to me. I do not see any hope that they would help me in getting the phone, so please its my humble request to take some action on them. My Job Sheet Number is: N040439-0116-21125801

Lakshayy Dua

Posted on Jan 26, 2016

Email id used to place the order: lakshayy.dua@gmail.com This is to report that my request for a replacement for oneplus x mobile was handled with pure amateurity. I receive my product on the 25th and requested for a replacement on the 25th. Product was collected on 26th in morning. No where the concept of a refund was discussed. I had very clearly mentioned for a replacement and the customer service representative had requested for a replacement not refund. Even then i was kept in black and the amount was refunded to my account. I got the phone in a good deal during sale. What i have gone through is cheating which i dont expect from amazon. My request is simple as it can be i want a replacemnt for the oneplus x i had ordered. I am aware that the amount has been refunded. Its not my problem, i did everything right. Find a way out and send a replacement.

Naresh jethwa

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

Sir, i m naresh jethwa from kanpur (u.p.). I had come to samsung service centre under the ownership of shinghwani telecom few minutes before. I was here to get my samsung galaxy s3 mobile repaired. I was told to get whole screen assembly changed as it was cracked. I agreed and gave them the mobile. After few minutes they came back with repaired set, but i found it was a used display which got fitted. I complained about this to owner but he told ok we will change. I asked him for a complain register but he refused to give. Then i tqlked to customer care helpline no and lodged the complain on call. Sir this centre broke our trust of getting original product moreover my time which i believe is very precious was wasted by them. Sir this kind of incidents are not acceptable. Proper action is requested to b taken. Thanking you sir


Posted on Jan 25, 2016

I purchase xolo black 1x mobile. snapdeal mentioned its hav 13MP camera. But in reality its not upto that. So i need my money back for faulty product or false promise.

Niranjan Patnaik

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

Paid Rs.3999.00 to Amazon India by SBI net banking on 23/1/2016 placing order for Phicomm Energt 653 mobile but received message that the payment declined. Money not refunded nor ordered material received. The INB Amazon seller services PV ASSPL payment Ref.No. is ESB142511430131GOBIZQJN7


Posted on Jan 24, 2016

he new tablet 7CZ which I have delivered was Faulty and as below, 1)The Box has been tampered 4 Times, 2) The Box is not in a New State, 3) The Device is Not 2015 manufactured as committed to me During the Phone call promotion, 4) The Device gets On and Off Automatically in 5 minutes, 5) The Specification are Not The Same as Described to me During the Promotional sales call. 5A) Specification As Described During. Promotional Call to Me Latest Android KitKat Version, Dual SIM, Dual Camera, Bluetooth, 1GB Ram, Light Feather Weight, White in Colour, Latest Manufacturing of 2015, New Year Scratch Coupon of worth 5000/- as complementary out of 1 in Any 6 Lucky Scratch 5B) Specifications of Tablet I have received on 15/01/2015 Old Version 4.2 Andriod Single SIM, 512 MB Ram, Heavy in Weight (No Feather weight), Black in Colour, July 2014 Manufactured No Scratch Coupon Mrs Amarjeet kaur, Mr Deepak and Mr Harish, this 3 people knows everything about my 3 tablets

anita choudhary

Posted on Jan 24, 2016

I have purchased a sim in 200 rupees from gagan phone world situated at metro road , ludhiana, Punjab.Shopkeeper promised me to give 90 rs balance and 30 paisa call per minute .Later he refused to give all schemes promised by him .This is a Vodafone sim and no is 9780338009 .When I complained he misbehaved with me.kindly help me and prove me justice

Sunanda Basu

Posted on Jan 24, 2016

I bought a 32 inch PHILIPS TV: MODEL- 32PFL 4479, FROM KHOSLA ELECTRONICS,GARIA,KOLKATA. The tv had some sound and picture issues right from the date of purchase, so we registered a complaint and after complaining philips repaired our tv. But within 2 months after they repaired the tv, again there was a problem with the led of the tv and again they have taken the tv for repairing. So within 6 months of purchasing the tv, we had to repair it twice. We feel we have been cheated by philips and they are selling cheap quality products in the market. I asked philips to replace my tv as it tends to have picture and sound issues regularly, but they refused my request. If consumer forum can look into this issue and arrange a replacement for my PHILIPS TV I would be grateful.

Rahul Vashishtha

Posted on Jan 23, 2016

I purchased a mobile (S3 model) on 12.01.2015 (IMEI No 911387900332668) from Karbon. The mobile software started a trouble in Sep-2015. I gave it for repair on 16.09.2015 to your service centre i.e. JMV Technodol Pvt Ltd, Sant Nagar , New Delhi. It was formatted and returned back. But on reaching home I came to know that there was no repair at all and problem continued. Next day (17.09.2015), I went again and asked for the solution. The attendant told me that touch pad need to be replaced. and took my mobile. I called the service center. Ms Rajni picked the phone and told me that a fire has broken out in the service center and it will take another 2 months in handing over the mobile set. I have communicated on mail several time. But there is standard reply that we are looking into the matter. Till now I have not received my mobile. I want to file a case in consumer court.

Amit Roy

Posted on Jan 23, 2016

Hi, I am a customer to Tata Capital and my Loan Account Number is 5267925, unfortunately I wasn't able to pay my EMI for the month of January due to unavoidable circumstances as I had some family problems. Since the date past of my EMI, I had been started receiving recovery calls firstly from a person by the name of Rajesh and today I had received a call from someone by the name of Deepak, number is (9210896044) who supposedly said that he is from Lajpat Nagar branch and he started HARASSING ME over the phone and used PROFANITY language. He even Threatened Me and said that he wants to meet me on the road, and said that I will have DIRE CONSEQUENCES. Also he said that he will raise a FIR against me. Not sure, but I had been customer to different branches wherein I had taken loan from, but this is for the first time in my entire life that this sort of situation had happened, which let me feel that I had done a big mistake going with Tata Capital. Also on a different note I had seen

Jayita Majumdar

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Respected Sir/Madam, I, Miss Jayita Majumdar bought a chimney on 16/07/2015 from "Only For you appliances" Mahamaya Appartment, Shyamnagar. My Chimney's auto-clean function is not working and I am under the warranty period. Since last 1 week (i.e. from 15/01/2016) I have been calling the company (Mob no:8961989777) and the sales person Mr Raja (8981871541) but I am not getting any proper response from them. Kindly help me.


Posted on Jan 22, 2016



Posted on Jan 21, 2016

Why a customer need to buy a product from snapdeal ?Because thay have easy return policy , i bought a Lenova tab 2 tablet for my father-in-law who is 87 year old, it was deliver with quality issues, i rported it to snapdeal on Jan 19th, reacived on 18th jan . i told them you have give me a quality defect product, please do return , they are denying it now , why i am preferring a online shoping with snapdeal , it's beacuse of their 7 days easy return policy , now inspite of providing a defect product ,they are not ready to do reverse pick up . asking me to visit lenova service center , how i can ask my 87 year old father-in-law to go to service center to get this fixed. do Goverment will take action , do we have any place to lodge official complaint against snapdeal.I got a call today , asking to leave product in home and go , we will send somebody to resolve issue, i told i will not be available tomorrow , he have sent an email there is no defect in your product sitting in delhi


Posted on Jan 20, 2016

Problem with the storage water heater of M/s Usha International, the unit generates noise like anything and the company unable to correct it even after several rectifications in the unit. now I need the replacement of the product or the money back so that I can purchase some other brand geyser.

satinath karmakar

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

bought a electric kattle from local area with 2 years warranty of jaipan company, but it malfunctioned within a month, we went to the seller, primarily he declined as there was not any mechanic for that, later on he made us wait almost two moths. and charged us 150/- but still it is not functioning well. help us....


Posted on Jan 19, 2016

This is on ASC repair center who fleeced me of 4000/- by replacing an old part because of which my issue is not resolved. I had to call another electrician and get my machine repaired again , what remedy do I have?

saurabh kumar

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

I purchased yuphoria phone on amazon 20 june.2015. but on 12 Dec 2015 phone automatically up update and on screen Cynogen recovery opened and phone do not started. On 17 dec 2015 I submitted my phone to M/S Shree Telecom shopee authorized service centre in sirsa. On yuphoria helpline when I contact first time On 17/12/2015 they suggest me wait for 10 working day. then again just on 28/12/2015 I have contact on helpline and enquired they said me wait for 10 working day. Till now my phone is not dispatched ... When I contact to helpline ,they always suggest me for 10 to 15 working days waiting... I have search so many consumer like me .. For waiting their product from 2 or three month.

Uday Jain

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

I purchased my phone on 14-2-2015 Its sim slot wasn't working so i took it to motorola service center in august/september2015 , patiala Then it worked fine. After a few months, it had the same problem. Since i stay in mohali, i thought of taking the motorola phone to chandigarh service centre this time , Firstly, the patiala service centre has been closed Secondly, their service centre's address on internet was wrong. Thirdly, it took me one whole day to figure out where their service centre was . After finding it out, i took it to motorola service centre , sec-20, chandigarh. On my first visit to the service centre on 30 december,2015 chandigarh they told me that it was out of warranty & also the imei no didnt match with the bill as they told me motherboard was replaced by the service centre of motorola. Due to change of motherboard the imei no of my phone changed & wasn't resembling bill & also didnt show my phone in warranty. Ms. Monica told me to pay &#8377;1000 to get it in working c

Vaibhav Gupta

Posted on Jan 18, 2016

I am facing some problems in my hand set Karbonn AUra 9, from the day I received this product. (i) It has 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera but image quality of both the cameras are very low. In fact Front camera (5 MP) produces lower image quality than any VGA Camera and image quality of rear camera is also very low. (ii) It also has hanging problem, due to this It could not be operated smoothly and it be restart/switch off or stop working automatically some times. Processing speed is very slow while having 1GB Ram + 8 GB ROM and 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor. I have also mailed all the details regarding my complaint to the following email idsmanojkumar10050001@gmail.com, info@karbonnmobiles.com, urmevada@gmail.com, rudrapattnaik@utlinks.com, support@jainaindia.com, support@karbonnmobiles.com, arjit.tandon@jainaindia.com, prasad@utlinks.com, amar.bharadwaj@jainaindia.com on 02.01.2016, 05.01.2016, 11.01.2016 and 18.01.2016 But No Action has been taken yet

Vaibhav Gupta

Posted on Jan 18, 2016

I had purchased a Karbonn Aura 9 Dual Sim Android Mobile Phone, (Item Number:- 281813789978) for Rs. 6049/- on 07.11.2015 through online purchase of Ebay.in (Order ID:- PaisaPay ID 40956794494) from Seller Name: (Mevada) PIXEL Traders, 3, Gaytri Complex, B.K. Road, Mehsana mobile no:- 9909912121 email:-urmevada@gmail.com. (Mr. Ujjwal), (Bill NO:- WB-7964 Dated 09.11.2015). IMEI No of my mobile are Sim1:-911458600150005 Sim 2:- 911458600150013. I received this product on 13.11.2015 by Blue Dart (Air Way no. 69385503235). It has a warranty period of 1 year since 08.11.2016. I am facing some problems in my hand set, from the day I received this product. (i) It has 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera but image quality of both the cameras are very low. In fact Front camera (5 MP) produces lower image quality than any VGA Camera and image quality of rear camera is also very low. (ii) It also has hanging problem, due to this It could not be operated smoothly and it be restart/switch off


Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Hi sir, I am writing this mail to inform you about the disgust and irresponsible behavior of Lenovo Service center Team at Raipur (Chattisgarh) Pin 492001. I have dropped my lenovo A6000 plus for service at the service center first of all they accepted my handset and given me the token slip mentioned that the handset is in warranty and suddenly they called me after 2 -3 hours and said the handset is already serviced anywhere and it will not cover warranty anymore . I thought it might happen because my handset was being used by my brother at the time and then i told them to service the handset on behalf of which i will pay the ammount. But one more thing they did with me which is not acceptable they called me and told that your handset will be ready by tomorrow i.e.(15 january 2016) u can come and pick it by tomorrow.I confirmed this things again n again til 5 in the evening of 14th and they said its ok you can come by tomorrow and pick ur handset .I told them i have to travel f

sweta chandan pradhan

Posted on Jan 15, 2016

I had purchased a memory card from bookmyoffer after receiving i saw the memory card was faulty.i want to return but they did not receive my call.

Samrat Roy

Posted on Jan 14, 2016

This complain is regarding the issue of my Microsoft device Lumia 640 3g mobile phone given for servicing twice but still the device is having the same problem and after several promises they made still the device is not working properly. I bought the device on (08-Aug-2015) well just within one and half month on (12-Oct-2015) there was a STARTUP issue so submitted to the nearest Microsoft Service Station from which the device came back after 25 days on (02-Nov-2015) just for use have used the device for few days and again on (21-Nov-2015) submitted for the same issue POWER and BATTERY problem and as they have promised of return the device within 10 days but still they took 27days and still i am suffering with the same issue of the device. There was no response after mailing them and no feedback call was arranged. Hence after frustration I have approached consumer forum for a prompt action.


Posted on Jan 14, 2016

Dear sir, I buy a mobile phone Infocus M2 3G. after 7 months it shows some power system problem.I submit it on Royal Communication centre, Rohtak. But my mobile phone not repaired till. I Submit it 4 times last 3 months but they cheat me and return my phone after 22 to 25 days. when I complaint this to the custumer care they cannot action against them.


Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Respected sir, My uncle was brought mobile phone(Panasonic-p31). Which was going out of order within warranty period and we complaint this to its service centre and also mobile was handing over the service centre in 19/10/2015 within warranty period. The service centre told us we will be inform you after next months but they don't reply back. When we are asking to service centre about our complain matter then they don't care about us and also refuse to return our mobile phone. The service centre forfeited our mobile without any reason and told your warranty period is over.

Ankit Singh

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Respected sir/mam, I am Lt Ankit Singh from Indian Navy. I bought Micromax Canvas Gold A300 online on 19 Sep 2014 costing Rs 18899 and with 1 year of warranty ()expiring on 19 sep 2015). I have attached the bill invoice for the delivery here with. After few months the phone developed problems as it used to switch off by itself. As it was still under warranty period, I took it to Micromax care center in Kochi for repair on 25 July 2015 where I got to know that there was some fault in motherboard. The representatives did some makeshift temporary repair and handed over the phone back to me whose job sheet I am attaching herewith. Soon after the problem still persisted and the phone used to turn off automatically even more frequently than before and finally on 28 Dec, it went off permanently. I again took it to service center where the representatives told me that they need to change the motherboard but refused to repair it and even take responsibility for the same fault they could't treat


Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Actually I have ordered Yu Yureka Plus(unboxed) from infibeam.com on 2nd Jan 2016 order ID(27174229) and I have also made the payment. As per the site they gave me the written statement that I can expect the delivery of product by 6th Jan 2016 and today its 13th Jan 2016 and still I did not her from them and nor have I got the delivery of the product kindly please look into the matter and do the needful.

Prakash Mishra

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Details IMEI No. / Serial No.866225023163591 I purchased a Lenovo A7000 smart phone through flipcart. Due to problem in touchscreen as it was under 1 year warranty i gave my phone to Lenovo Barrackpore West Bengal service center on 12th Dec 2015. But till now the service expert says he cant service my phone as parts are not available. Its 1 month I am without mobile and its a great pain to carry on day to day work I waited so long but now i cant. Kindly instruct Lenovo to arrange spare parts to the service center or else provide me with a new handset. Thanks

Sumon Ghosh

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

I have purchased a 64 gb samsung memory card from 'www.bookmyoffer.com' and delivered yesterday through ECOM Express courier service. I have received it @ Rs 598/-. But it was shocking after opening the packet that there was a fake ans dummy memory card which was only look like the product, not original and not working. Need yours assistance. The site still continuing its cheating business and it advertise its product (like lucrative offer) in facebook. So, it should be stopped and should be punished legally.

Sailendra Sharma

Posted on Jan 13, 2016

I have purchased a 128GB Memory Card from "www.bookmyoffer.com" against order number against order no. Order 080467735132530. Yesterday I got the product and paid Rs.998/- to the courier. On opening the packet I found that the product was fake and it just a plastic. Please help...

sumit kumar

Posted on Jan 12, 2016

micromax is not repaired my mobile last 3 months and still there is no progress.plz help me how to get my mobile back from micromax mobile my job sheet no of micromax care is N050118-1015-19755583 thanks sumit kumar

surendra kumar meena

Posted on Jan 12, 2016

i ordered a memory card of 64gb samsung memory card and they gave me a fake memory card and now they are not giving reply of my emails and their customer complaint number is mot working ORDER NO 080467751265007

Shahjad Ansari

Posted on Jan 12, 2016

Dear sir I want to complain on airtel for extra charges cutting without information.


Posted on Jan 11, 2016

purchased samsung mobile galaxy core 2 no. SM-G355M/DS on 14.04.2015. from e zone, south city mall. kolkata. memory card slot malfunctioning. went to service centre, told to change motherboard at own cost ( inspite of guaruntee period cover 0, claiming physical damage.

surajit guha

Posted on Jan 11, 2016

Sub: (Complain regarding the service center and company of Motorola) Hello Sir, My self Surajit Guha and I have purchased a mobile from FlipKart (online retail center). The mobile is of Motorola company model no Moto G (3rd Generation XT1550). I purchased it on 20/08/2015. And only after three months I came to know about the Software problem. It started proving problematic. This is the first time that I am updating the software. Due to this reason I have submitted my phone on 1st Dec to B2X SREE BHUMI KOLKATA service center, the address is 115/B, Sree Bhumi Cannel Street Kolkata -700048 West Bengal. Phone no (033-40017788). My Complain Details (Job No: AMSKOL004286, GIN No: GINKOL004421) Next day, the service center called me and informed me about the defects in LCD and battery, and they told me that they will repairs and return my phone within 15 days but till now I have not got my phone yet (already 40 days over). When I contacted Motorola Company they told me same thing but I

anindya saha

Posted on Jan 11, 2016

i have bought a philips headphone from reakice digital..after 2days its nt working properly.i have submitted my philips headphone in philps service center sodepur as it was nt working properly.i have submitted it in october 10,2015.they have promised me that they will replace it within 10 days.After 10 days i have called them they told its nt ready bt i have gave them time days after days i have call them bt they simply doing all fake promises that "sir u will get aftr 1week".after every 1 week i call them bt they simply doing fake promise.they ar dimply irritating and making all fake promises to the customer.please look aftr the matter


Posted on Jan 10, 2016


nitin bhargava

Posted on Jan 10, 2016

I had submitted my smartphone to PC Support ( Lenovo authorized centre) on 19th December but till now no clue of service. more than 3 time i have visited center but all my effort to goes in vain and every time they gave me new deadline. Last time i visited service center yesterday( 08/01/2016 ), this time i got shocked by service center reply. They inform me this time that till now they does not have parts to repair my smartphone and will start work once they will get parts. I have two concern from lenovo First Lenovo provide me faulty phone which i have have purchased from flipkart. I make a complaints of same to flip kart within one week when i received my phone. Second I had below three issue since i got this phone . 1) Earphone clarity 2) Operating system problem - Very slow call response and as it always shows virus in theme center and got hang most of the time. 3) Battery Issue - Most of the time battery shows fully charged and got drain in 1 to 2 hours


Posted on Jan 09, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that I purchased a Sony TV-32R562C 32" LED TV - Invoice No. 13/SA/1516/11948 on 03.11.2015 from Great Eastern Trading Co. of Sinthi More Branch. The sales person (GAURAB-90519-13727) who was dealing with me committed that while delivery of the new TV, the old one shall be taken back and an amount of Rs.1000/- shall be refunded in exchange of the old TV. In-spite of several visit there is no response and it has been more almost 2 months. The old TV is still lying with me and I have requested many times to take back the old TV. Every time I make a request call they always commit that within a day or two they will come and take back. I would be highly obliged if you take necessary action against mu complaint. I shall be hoping a positive response from your end.

Deepanjan Dutta

Posted on Jan 08, 2016

I bought my new karbonn s2oohd mobile from SNAPDEAL.COM . Order was delivered to me on 15th December 2015.within 7 days I forwarded a problem that the product was with open seal .They asked for an verification , it was verified but there was no response after that . every time i mailed them they responded issue resolved ,I dont know why?? When i forwarded them another complain ,they ensured reply within 48 hours but 72 hours have already passed....... order no :10561148281


Posted on Jan 08, 2016

i had given a intex aqua amaze mobile for repair on 29/12/15 and paid rs 600 in advance receipt of which the owner denied. Now he is not giving the bill and he didnt repaired it at all. also he misplace some accessories which he is denieying which are really costly. Also the owner is threatening me to take in custody as theif. I have eye witness and mobile calls as proof.

Arkit Mehta

Posted on Jan 07, 2016

I have submitted my mobile to customer care on 4th Dec but till now not repaired.I called to customer care and escalated the case but no luck.Their representative every time giving another date and on the giving date they are not calling on same date.i have send multiple mails posted on social networking sites but still no luck. Please help


Posted on Jan 07, 2016



Posted on Jan 07, 2016

Dear Sir, i have purchsed Lumia Lumia-352381062290661, on 22 Oct 2014. on 1 Oct 1015 my mobile is dead service center has taken 50 Rs for inspection, and till date my mobile is not operational.. even my mobile was in valid warranty. please support. regards Niraj

Niladri Saha

Posted on Jan 06, 2016

My Mobile was service centre from 19th Nov 2015 and till now they are not returning me. No update has been given to me and everyday the said it will take 15 more days to gave me back. Service Center Name: M/S Technique Services. 16 priencep St. Kol72. Mob. 8961099975. I want justices as that handset hasbeen used for only 20 days and after that till now I am not ben able to see that.


Posted on Jan 05, 2016


Sourabh Singh

Posted on Jan 05, 2016

Have been cheated by Eureka Fobes by selling an AMC which was confirmed to be valid for a year. The request was placed at the call center and they fail to accept it. Only after placing the request, they came to the place to re-allocate and buy an AMC. They had outsourced this to RO Care and now state that they are not related. This is heights of duping the customer and I request for your help with this. Need to be compensated for this. Please help

Anup Kumar Singh

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Dear sir, I purchased a kent Suprim water purifier from great eastern, nager bazar branch on 03.07.2015 and till date the system failed working for 4 times ,which clearly indicates that the system is of poor quality and the product itself is of sub standard , so i kindly request you to look into the matter and do the justice as i have paid heafty amount for the same .

prantik Chakraborty

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Duplicate product has been sold by the web site which showed 100% authenticity.

Yogesh Kale

Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Hello, This compliant against eureka forbes.I've brought new filter(Magna Model) 2 months back. This model is not working properly,get off automatically any time. so I've raised a compliant 1 month back and continuously calling after 2 days but no one ready to attend my complaint since one month. I called on Friday in Sangamner franchise,One guy whose name is Pankaj (Mob-9545461010) is directly said you can do whatever you want want. I'm getting very pathetic service from eureka forbes Sangamner franchise. Kindly look into it and assist on priority basis.


Posted on Jan 03, 2016

Dear sir, Ticket ID- 171150 REMINDER VI STATUS INFORMATION REQUIRED URGENT REFUND MONEY WITH COMPENSATION DUE TO LONG DELAY & MENTAL AGONY Complaint no 6MMX2411151735272 Job sheet no S020357111520062497 02/11/15 Handed over on 02/11/15. Almost 62 days delay in service delivery till date Even after repeated reminder mails (VI)and calls to you I have not received any proper response from your end. I am very unhappy with your service and request you to refund the amount with compensation as I am not interested to use micromax in future. I am not interested to collect the old mobile after rectification which may lead to problems again and again, as I came to understand from your Tambaram chennai service team that the mobile mother board is completely out of service and hence has to be replaced only which is the only one solution. Hence it may take another 25 days more. Hence replace.

Prasanna Kumar Ojha

Posted on Jan 02, 2016

Sir/Madam, 1. I had bought a YOPHORIA Mobile Phone online on Amazon shopping on 25 jun 2015 with 01 Year Warranty.The Camera of the phone is not working properly wef 2 month.I contact to Yophoria support on 30 nov 2015 again i conatct after 01 week.Comapny give me Waybill Number for Replacement of phone.representative of yophoria company agreed with my problem and assured me to replace this phone,as per given format i gave all information required.The Delivery address i given to company.on 11 Dec 2015 company give waybill number 343511222443 for delivery of replace mobile phone.The representative has not materialized till date even after many time request.Kindly guide me on legal advice available.

Vineet Harbhajanka

Posted on Dec 31, 2015

Vineet Harbhajanka +91 900 7777 974 vineet@logic-square.com This is regarding lack of sufficient service provided by Lenovo India. I bought a Lenovo K3 Note from Flipkart on 8th July 2015. I submitted by phone IMEI 867970021649773 to Wireless Communication, Kolkata on 21st Nov, 2015 for repairs. The job sheet they gave me has a repair number 624. I have been given no other complaint number from tech support. After repeated request for updates to the service centre, online to Lenovo India and even after escalating through their facebook page I have not received any response to the state of repairs. I am been harassed since the past 6 weeks for something that should take 1-2 weeks at the maximum. I would like to register a strong complaint regarding insufficient product service support in warrantee period as promised by the company and lack of basic customer services.


Posted on Dec 29, 2015

I have purchased a YU Yunique mobile from online, its a brand under Micromax Mobile division, after two month after purchasing I felt its speaker problem. I go for service center but they refuse to take it and then I opted for its Door step service replacement but they are taking too much long time to send the device for replacement and its very harassing moment.

Nitin Gawande

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

I purchased mobile handset Canvas Knight A-350 on 07/11/2014.On 09/06/2015 touch screen stopped working. On 10/06/2015 I submitted it to Micromax authorised service center Alraza Mobile Service Center at Nagpur.After submitting my mobile for repairs within warranty period nor I am getting any satisfactory reply from service center at Nagpur nor from Micromax company.I have also sent letter to micromax customer relations on 15/09/2015 through speed post which they received on 22/09/2015 but they have not replied to my letter till this date.Sir I am attaching below my letter dt 15/09/2015 written to micromax customer relations in which I have chronologically informed the action taken by me. After my letter dt 15/09/2015 when I didn't get any reply I again mailed them but again I didn't got any satisfactory reply.So I am writing to you for guidance. Job Sheet No W0 30613-0715-18261543

Nivedita Ranjay Dwivedi

Posted on Dec 29, 2015

I bought xolo 8x 1000I from snap deal in Nov.2015.first time mobile hanged up and its repaired by authorised center.again 3 days letter mobile hanged up now hardware will not work as per service center.its useless now.


Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Sir, I had ordered through WEB one Bajaj GPU Majesty 10 LTr water heater with M/s.Bajaj Electricals Ltd. on 13.12.2015(Order No. BEL001B0217520). 15 days have already passed and full payment has been made. They have miserably failed to deliver within the stipulated period of 7 days. I have spoken to the customer care several times. Today I have spoken to the customer care (Naresh)again who is giving the same stereo type reply,i.e. problem with the delivery agent in Kolkata. As the winter months have started and they are yet to supply which is not acceptable to me. Therefore, I have requested them to cancel the odder immediately and get the full amount refunded at the earliest. But neither they are delivering nor refunding the money. I want to purchase the product from local market which is available in abundant on cash payment. Kindly help. Sneha Ghosh 9002080024

R. C. Saboo

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

I had purchased a Lenovo K3 Note on 27.10.2015 through flipkart.com. But after using it for about a month, a portion of the touch screen was not functioning, it was sent to Cybernitics Infotech Barasat Lenovo Service Centre . They surprisingly asked to come after 15 days. It is a shocking experience that even after 24 days of depositing the situation remains. How one will manage without mobile for such long period!!! Why such defective Sets are at all passed to the customers without proper quality checks and then most disgusting after sale service. It is all adding to the mental agony, I being a Sr. Citizen and getting deprived of much needed service on time. It may kindly be treated as my complaint and request to guide and assist for providing relief in the matter.

amrendra Kumar azad

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

I have got a Lenovo A7000 mobile and it is still under warranty. I am facing few issues in my cell phone since 2 months and my warranty is valid for only few more weeks.I have tried contacting the service center. But most of the service centers are closed and when i tried contacting lenovo customer care, every time i get my issue escalated and a new number given to me which either doesn't connects or nobody picks up the call or is busy all the time. I don't know what to do next. Please assist

keerthideep Dsouza

Posted on Dec 28, 2015

i have purchased 2 powerbanks and received defective pieces and requested several times to replace it with working powerbanks but no response from them . i mailed mailed and called them several times but no response please let me know what step i need take next.


Posted on Dec 28, 2015

Sir i buy a computer motherboard in 2012 his warenty period is 3 years but now 5 month ago this mother board is fault then i go to its nearest service center is closed their service so they are not give my service they are inform to me .This time how i get new motherboard please sujest me

Chandrakanta parida

Posted on Dec 27, 2015

I have purchase Nokia 105 (Quantity 1) was damaged.so please request to u exchange the mobile phone and kindly give me a new Nokia 105 mobile phone

Md Tarique Khan

Posted on Dec 27, 2015

Samsung LED TV screen replaced twice in two years. Need replacement of the TV


Posted on Dec 25, 2015

I gave a handset Karbon titaniu s2 plus(IMEI - 911311402641384) for 2nd time within warranty period for network and display problem on 30/10/2015. They said me thay they have to send it to head office. From after 3 weeks I repeatedly dial to karbon care 18602004660 no to know the status and when I will get y phone. every time they maintain their call centre wordings that they are extremly sorry and eI gave a handset Karbon titaniu s2 plus(IMEI - 911311402641384) for 2nd time within warranty period for network and display problem on 30/10/2015. They said me thay they have to send it to head office. From after 3 weeks I repeatedly dial to karbon care 18602004660 no to know the status and when I will get y phone. every time they maintain their call centre very time they request me to wait for more 10 days, I dont know how many 10 days I have to wait I am facing huge problem in my profession I want immediate replace my set or refund price

Kaustav Chaki

Posted on Dec 08, 2015

Hi Sir/Ma'am, Since 24th July'15, I am facing issue with my Micromax Canvas Gold A300 phone. I have submitted the phone for repairing with battery and network connectivity issue at my nearest Service Center - M/S First Serve, 155/1, Block-G, New Alipore, Kolkata-700053, WB. On 24th July'15 I was given a 1st job sheet from Micromax Jobsheet No:* E030421-0715-18140589 * dated:24/07/2015 for Micromax Canvas Gold A300 phone service. But the old Job sheet No:* E030421-0715-18140589 * dated:24/07/2015 was marked as complete without any resolution and also without my consent and acknowledgement. Post which I had to contact the Authorized Service center to re-create new Job sheet No:* E030421-1015-19786280 * dated:16/10/2015. Every time it seems to be that nobody from Micromax is even bother to help and provide a resolution. I get only one response that please wait for 10 to 15 days and your handset will be repaired. Even my last email dated :19th Oct'15 didn't have any response from Micromax.


Posted on Dec 08, 2015

IFB WASHING MACHINE - cOMPLAINT nO.16940230 DTD.19TH NOV.2015,INSPITE OF 15 DAYS OF WAITING NO ACTION TAKEN BY THE COMPANY TO REPLACE THE SPARES. I HAVE EVEN SENT MAIL TO Mr.A.S.Begi, Vice President - Services at Head office New Delhi. This is a regular problem with IFB. Not only me, i know about a dozen of people having the same problem. Can u pl. help in this regard.Thanks.


Posted on Dec 07, 2015

SIR, i paid an advance payment on 20-6-2015 .and the laptop was collected a week later. (For offer of dell online registration needs to be done within one week of purchase.) Since they gave a wrong dated bill I could not fill the form. Later a new bill of 20-7-2015 was given. I filled the dell form and it was rejected because the bill given by the store had the wrong model in the new bill now. Since its there fault for which i could not register and avail the offers given by dell worth more than 10000. They have cheated me and since then i have visiting then daily without any response. I have emailed every authority i could but they are only playing with the time and cheating us. please provide justice.

Pranab Majumder

Posted on Dec 07, 2015



Posted on Dec 05, 2015

I bought a power bank of MI 10400mah from chupchaplelo.com , product seems to be fake and it doesnt work properly. There was no sealings on the box. I recently noticed similar complaints about this product beign not genuine. Yet its on the front page of chupchaplelo.com , so there will be more people to loose money . Please advise me what action can I take to get my money back ang get this cheaters to justice. the return adress is RR Enterprises D335 Sector 63 Nodia Delhi , India TIN no: 09565721671 deliveryinformation1@gmail.com


Posted on Dec 05, 2015

sir maine intex ka es mobile kharida tha 7700 ka jo 3 month bad kharab ho gaya service center bale ke pass 3 month se pada hai bo sahi nahi kar rahe hai . mai kiya karun.


Posted on Dec 04, 2015


Naveen Rustagi

Posted on Dec 04, 2015

Product: Micromax 32C6150 FHD 81 cm (32) Full HD LED Television Reference number 13706111 Order no 9979989491 Ordered Product on 9th Nov and received item 15th Nov, Late Evening. Raised complaint on 15th Nov as LED Panel was had fault/Broken Internally due to which sound was not working. Then I tried to contact snapdeal they started playing with me they asked me to contact the Micromax and provide then the Jobsheet. Whatever snapdeal requested I provided them all those thing. Called again on 15,17, 20, 22, 24, 26 Nov and so on.. but only standard answer "Escalated issue, will revert back in 48 hours" Till date no reverse pickup or refund process started. It has been more than 1 month, and they are saying we are not able to do anything as your order was cancelled and courier company also dont have any record of product actual delivered. . im really frustrated now with snapdeal they dont have any post sale service, or customer retention policy Don't Trust Snapdeal Trustpay poli


Posted on Dec 03, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have purchased one mobile phone MOTO G 3rd generation from flipkart dated 29/07/2015.The phone starting troubling me after couple of months.So i visited motorola service centre B2X m/s sant rameshwari enterprises at chandigarh. The engineer told me that phone's motherboard has to replaced. I have submitted my phone on 29/10/2015 but till date its repaired. I have spoken many times at Motorola customer care and local customer service centre but no body responded and replied my emails. Still these people not able to get back me my phone while i spent money on phone for my personal use not to place my phone at service centre. Due to this delay i have purchased another phone for my daily use. So kindly accept my complaint as i am mentally harassed by both and bear financial losses. Now i want new phone with compensation from them due to deficiency in services.

babasaheb Shinde

Posted on Dec 03, 2015

I have not accept second hand Mobile for Micromax given me i have require My Mobile (My IMEM No- IEMI -911375707345751) Or New one I have mail more than 120 times to you or Micromax and call also 100 times approx Second time you have send second hand hand set which have not Accepted Please. i hope you take any correction action about this This is for your information and action My mobile job sheet details - Micro max A 310 Canvas Nitro -White New Job Sheet No - W030617 1015 19742251 IEMI -911375707345751 About four months my complaint pending no any action about this issue Regards, Babasaheb Shinde Mob no-9881632692

Yusuf Gittham

Posted on Dec 02, 2015

Hi Team, I had bought a Karbonn Titanium Mobile S15 IMEI no: S15_911434250582169 on 30 May 2015, order no 6459393184 from Snap-deal. From date of purchase the handset was defective but neither Snapdeal nor Karbonn entertained me and replaced the product, i had submitted my mobile in Karbonn service centre for 5 times due to several problems such as 1) Battery problem 2) Contact from phone book disappears 3) Unable to change the ringtone 4) Hanged on numerous occasions 5) The voice was not clear and on last occasion the phone was completely dead. I have submitted my handset to Universal Enterprise, A wing shop no 49,Patil plaza on 5 th time dated 31 October 2015 when my handset was completely dead. After numerous follow-up Karbonn approved a DOA letter on 19 November and advised me to handover the other accessories like box, charger and headset to same service center. On Saturday 21 November 2015, i have submitted all my accessories to Universal Enterprise but still they have not iss


Posted on Dec 02, 2015

VGUARD F 150 WATER MOTOR I would Like Inform YOU that from 29-11-2015 i have Registered a complain against a water Motor Revo F150. I have Purchased this product on 27-11-2015. This water Motor is Unable to Supply the water as per the description given on the box.I have constantly try to contact with the service center and your customer care executive also but they all are unable to resolve the Issue and also not replying me. This is my last Information mail to your Organization before staring any Legal action Against Your Organization If possible try to resolve it as soon as possible complain no ;- SR 1-282382684, SR 1-28238268, SR 1-282629692, SR 1-283207246 Service center office in Ballabgarh Contact no 7065520678, 9266609565 try to contact Constantly but not responding they are Unable to resolve the issue as per Description given by the company 1200LPH water Upto 90 meter this Motor is unable to supply a water to 35 feet of height As per the formula given by our side

Anurag Yadav

Posted on Dec 01, 2015

I had purchased a HP laptop in August 2014. The display back cover screws slot cracked. It became noticeable in October 2015. HP is asking me to pay for the repair as the product is out of warranty. But the crack occurred due to weak hinge design of the laptop. Opening and closing is one of the primary function of the laptop. So it is a deficiency in the part of HP that it manufactured a substandard laptop. I want to file a case on HP for manufacturing substandard laptop.I want them to repair my laptop as the damage has occurred due to their falt.


Posted on Dec 01, 2015


deepika gulati

Posted on Dec 01, 2015

Not Providing Backplate for mounting of LED TV at the time of purchase either at the sale point QRS Trivandrum or by the company Samsung.On Contacting samsung, they mention their policy of providing it free only upto 6 months and not beyond.However no information as to this provided either by the company or the shop QRS trivandrum. Took the matter to Samsung India, they further add that the one year warranty of the product starts not at the time of sale but at the time of manufacture, so my product bought on 17 Jan 2015 is beyond its warranty period as it was manufactured on Aug 2014. Kindly help.

Sourav Chowdhury

Posted on Nov 29, 2015

Sir, I have purchased a power bank on 14 the November. But when it has been delivered and I broke the seal I found that of item its case was broken, apart from this the item is not working properly as it should work. It seems to me that the item is a duplicate stuff in the name of the original company, Mi. There is a customer support number, I have been tried a lot to reach them but no one is there to listen to me. I want my money back. The model no of the item given here is Mi 10400 power bank with reference no 80467762155913. I wish I will get my right.


Posted on Nov 28, 2015

before purchasing a laptop from DELL EXCLUSIVE STORE MULAND I paid an advance payment for my laptop and later on brought the laptop. The bill was of the date of advance payment so i could not register and avail my offer of DELL which requires me to register within one week. after contacting the store they gave me another printed bill which had a wrong model number printed now.I registered my laptop but could not avail the offer because the Model number was wrong on the bill given by the store for which my online offers worth 10000-11000 from dell was denied. Since 4 months i have been visiting regularly but the are only cheating and giving fake promise.

Mithun Banshpal

Posted on Nov 27, 2015

Sir, I had purchased Micromax tablet P666 on 16 May 2015. Its display has been broken due to mishandling by me and i given it to service center on 27/08/2015 but after 3 months i did not get it back. The service center executive not giving specific date to me they just asking just more 15 days to return it but they don't do the same. kindly guide me on this matter.


Posted on Nov 26, 2015

Sir, I have bought a mobile from paytam site online samsung grand prime 4GB on 13.11.15. I have received a bank corier. I have many time sumbit complaint to paytam custmber but no soluation till date. So i have to need help you.


Posted on Nov 26, 2015

I had submitted my HTC Desire 620 GDS Gray mobile phone for repair under warranty with Gate Pass No. SO 2883 Dt. 14.10.2015. Since then despite of many follow ups with them, on or around second week of November they informed me that my phone is repaired but parts like battery and back panel is missing. I requested them to give me new panel and battery they said they cannot do anything. After phone calls and several follow ups I did not receive any satisfactory reply or response form their side. I am totally harassed. Also due to this I had to purchase another mobile phone. Copy of acknowledgement is enclosed herewith You are requested to look into the matter and return my phone with new battery and panel at the earliest

Angad Chaudhry

Posted on Nov 26, 2015

I ordered a mobile (Set name: Mi4i) online from the official website of the Mi India mobile company. I received the set yesterday i.e. 25th November, 2015. My complaint is that within 15 minutes of usage, the set gets heated up so much so that it heats my ear as well and then the ear remains heated for quite a while. This hasn't happened ever with any of the mobiles I have used. Even while holding the set, it feels warm. However, when I contacted the company, they have this 'Battery Temperature check' process in which I dial a number and the screen shows the battery temp. When I did that the battery Temp. was 38 degrees which is fine according to company standards. However, I genuinely feel that the set isn't safe as it heats up and heats up my ear as well (within 15 minutes of usage) and I don't think I'll be able to use this, talk on this keeping in view of my own safety.

sahil garg

Posted on Nov 24, 2015

ON 14th of october i deposit my phone to htc chandigarh centre from last one month there are just checking my patience. I was being promised of getting my HTC 620 g with their ticket id 15INA430004973 back within 10 days.

Rishikesh Awate

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

Sir,i purchased lava x1atom s 911446104721520 Battery-HS15E0137609 Purchase-2/9/2015 Few days back,but unfortunately i encountered with problem of calling. I visited their service center 4 times but still same problem continued so i requested them to give my money back which was systematically rejected.Then we approached national Consumer helpline,i got call from lava support but they still ask me to approach service centre.so my humble request with forum is to look into matter and get my money back along with compensation.. and to secure my right as Consumer. thank u

Girish Patil

Posted on Nov 22, 2015

Chandan Paul

Posted on Nov 21, 2015


Posted on Nov 21, 2015

I have bought sony experia mobile of rs 18100 from anmol watch and electronic chandigarh. after purchase 3 days this mobile start heating. i visit to service centre they replaced my mobile with new after 15 dyas of submision. but new phone also start hanging and some other dfisplay related problems. i have again visit to service centre and i asked for refund but the service authoriity denied for refund my money back. Sir, i request you to please Help me regard this meter.

krishna murari mishra

Posted on Nov 20, 2015

i want Macromax tablet p 470(IMEI no-911388200486360) to be replaced vide Job sheet No-N050133-1015-19779671, dated 16-10-15 (Service centre M/s Hans raj services,Sco-101,FF, Sector-16 Market, Faridabad) retained the tablet stating battery change and saying about manufacturing defects in Tablets.Reason of replacement is that within five month of purchasing, 4 times gone to service centre(retained the tablet one month every time) vide various job shhet no like N050133-0815-18601755,N050133-1015-19675393 etc.) already recorded.

Jitesh pawar

Posted on Nov 20, 2015


Posted on Nov 20, 2015

I had submitted my Micromax mobile phone A 104 for repair under warranty with job sheet no. N050133091519248785 Dt. 18.09.2015 and second job sheet no. N050133101519681759 which was generated by them themselves without informing me, to M/s Hans Services, SCO 101 Main market Sec 16 Faridabad. Since then despite of many follow ups with service center and Micro Max customer care i did not receive any satisfactory reply or response form their side. I am totaly harassed. Also due to this i had to purchase another mobile phone. You are requested to look into the matter. Regards CHANDAN KUMAR 9540654064

Mudit Tiwari

Posted on Nov 19, 2015

Dear Sir, I had purchased my Yu yureak AO5510 phone from Amazon. After running of 06 Months started facing heating issue and mic issue when i called services center they replace my phone to another phone but when i check replace phone, phone is automatically restarted and facing same heating issue and i again complaint but they are not resolve my issue and when i called they told me we as soon as possible your device replace but nothing happen. Then i submitted my phone to M/s.Galore services Noida job sheet no. N041112-1115-20285746 dated 16/Oct/2015, they told me that your phone will be repair or replaced soon. I had talk to yu yureka customer care but no positive response from customer care. Since my phone is under warranty & requirement of phone is very essential in running life. What to do ? when will my phone replace by yu yureka ? Do needful. Regards, Mudit Tiwari

prabir kumar chaki

Posted on Nov 19, 2015

ravi kapoor

Posted on Nov 18, 2015

moto x given for service since last 2 months still not resoleved the problem.

Mohan tT Bhangale

Posted on Nov 18, 2015

Requested sir/madam, My smart card no is 200567244253. I have given complaint more than 3 times but no one is given positive respone. When technician from your side visited my place he said he can't resolve that problem you have to solve this problem with the help of your personal Technician. After calling to customer care they are also not responding well. Please try to solve my problem as early as possible.

rupam chakraborty

Posted on Nov 16, 2015

I buyed one washing machine from Khosla Electronics on 08.11.2015.It was delivered on 12.11.2015.But till date it has not been installed.Whenever I am calling to them they are taking times and giving false statement and various excuse.I am totally frustated.Machine is very much needed since my wife wife is pregnant and can not do any type of washing.I have to go office since I am a bank manager.Their confusing comments are harrasing me.

Santosh Choraria

Posted on Nov 14, 2015

We had installed Livepure RO Water Filter last year. A few months after installation, we noticed that innumerable red ants were entering the filter and the water stored in the filter. We had been unknowingly having this contaminated water for a long time. When we realized this, we called their customer service and had the filter serviced. The technician put a sellotape in the filter and assured that no ants would enter the filter further. A few members of our family also fell ill during the period, probably because of this contaminated water. Today again we noticed that there were thousands of ants in the filter and we immediately called the company. The did not seem bothered and replied that if there are ants in the kitchen, they will enter the purifier. Drinking Water is the most essential commodity and is used for various purposes daily. They have not responded to our complaints, nor have the replaced the machine. We request that action be taken against them immediately.

sanu singh

Posted on Nov 14, 2015

Sir mera mobile 7bar kharap ho chuka hai mai care deta hun to o thik karke dete hain uske bad 10ya15 din pe phir kharap hota hai care wale kahate hai ye iss mobile per PCB fault hai .to uske bad agar mera warranty khatam hoga to hum kya karenge...please help me for insaf....

Kushal Jain

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

We have purchased a laptop with 15 months antivirus but anti virus not given and when asked for the same the shop owner behaved very rudely.

Sukhwinder singh

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

Respected sir/madam It is requested that i purchase sony mobile in february 2015. but my mobile phone is not working properly from last 5-6 months. i complaint at sony care center but they not satisfy me. the problem is same. so please tell me what is the procedure to complaint in consumer forum. yours faithfully Sukhwinder singh

sumit verma

Posted on Nov 11, 2015

R/sir, i have purchase HTC desrire 826 dual sim mobile phone and same is creationg problem since purchase. i have deposited it with service centre for repair/replace with ticket no. 15INA360030943 for 02-09-2015 for some service and get it back on dated 09.02.2015. but it creating same problem and deposited it with service centre on dated 22.09.2015 with ticket no. 15INA390030100 and get a call for to get it back afte serviced on dated 05.10.2015. but when i checked it was creating same problem and i refuse to accept it and HTC service centre send it to repair at some other place i.e. on HQ of HTC on dated 14.10.2015 with ticket no. 15INA420023080. but till date i have not receied it back or no response from service centre. kindly advice in the matter please.


Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Hi, I would like to report that, I purchased Two Split AC 3D Cool for my Old Parents, Dated - 19-03-2014. My parents live at my native place at Sasaram. The AC Stopped working soon after 6 months from the Purchase. We attempted to Reach the Call Center back in the month of May 2015 and informed about the issue. Representative reported that the Engineer will come and take care of the issues. Engineer did come to my place and inspected the AC and reported that, it requires GAS... , he billed us some where Rs 450, for his visit and said next team would visit and fill in the GAS. No one turned up after that , as my parents live alone here and they are very old to follow up on this. They suffered all the summer days without AC. I am visiting my native place this Diwali and got to know about all these. Issues. I would really want to know if we really have some customer orientation here in India or not. This morning I called the customer care and spoke to the Supervisor name - Risha

Tapan Kumar Chattopadhyay

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

I urchased a wireless mouse (Targus Make, Vendor Part : AMW060AP-52)from M/s. Sagar, 27A, Chittaranjan Avenue,Kolkata on 04-11-2015 in cash. At the very first day, when I tried to open the mouth of Battery Cell for inserting batteries, the pulling plastic chip broken at the first attempt. I contacted the seller next day, but they simply asked me to contact Company's Service Centre. I mailed to company on 05-11-2015 informing my problem followed by reminder informing them notto compel me to go to Consumer Form. The company neither responded nor acknowledged my mai. Therefore, I would request you to please look into the matter and redress my complaint and penalise the company for harassment and non-compliance of warranty (1 year). Thanks.

Hemant joshi

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

Sir I purchase 6 led bulbs from limra e-mitra of nasiya colony under Rajasthan govt. Led distribution scheme. In news paper there is 3 year warrenty on led's but the distributer(limra e-mitra) is not giving any warrenty card on led bulbs. He is saying that there is no warrenty on these led's. If he is right then govt. is wrong and if government is right then he is wrong. So please sir solve my problem who is right. If government is right then please take action against the distributer Limra e-mitra nasiya colony near Bhagwati school gangapur city district sawai madhopur(Raj.). And help me in providing warrenty card.

Dipak Kumar Biswas

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

One Godrej Refrigerator 175 lirs Compressor has been by the J.S.S. home Appliances, 1016 Nayabad, PO Pachasayar, Kolkata 700094 on 05.05.15 vide bill no 207,it is not functioning from the next day of the repairing i.e.06.05.15. Several times requested to the CO over phone being no=08013382285 but he did not set right till this day. There fore, you are requested kindly look into the matter and take necessary action against the CO in this regard as early as possible.

Pankaj Vashisht

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

I bought 25L Orient Actus Gyser from Orient on 11 Nov & 2Y warranty. I registered complaint of non-fucationing of gyser via customer care (18001037574) on 28h Oct (no. 15102801623). Since then I was in continuous touch with Orient CC till 5th Nov. When I didn't get any resolution via customer care (I was always told, like a recorded message, that the issue has been escalated and will be resolved soon) I called-up Orient Electric's corporate office & ultimately was connected to Mr Govind Singh (9958880398). Who, since 5 Nov, has been successful in convincing me the problem will get resolved the very day. But, since today afternoon, when I tried to cont him to find out the status, he didn't respond to >30 calls I attempted to contact him. I don't know how to get this problem resoved & 'm out of options. I request you to take this issue & get my problem resolved. Also I request to to get me compensated for mental trauma these people have caused & to ensure they take consumerS seriously.

Shailesh rupsing pawar

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

Sir I bought laptop hp15 af114au on 18 Oct but it has problem of display from flipkart. Then I requested to replace it and replacement got on 3 Nov but now it has issue of operating system and hard disk. . How this flipkart company sending a replacement with a problem so I want to register a complaint against flipkart retail company. Sir I am get frustrated and faced a lot of problems with this matter so I request u to take any decision on flipkart company.


Posted on Nov 07, 2015


swati shinde

Posted on Nov 07, 2015

rakesh kumar dubey

Posted on Nov 05, 2015

purchase mp3 player china set no receipt given by shop owner when i charge the mobile it is swell to much answer from shop owner that you charge to much and i am not replace your battery as it is your fault if any if mobile battery blast who is responsible for any injury if done please suggest how and what we do

souvik ghosh

Posted on Nov 04, 2015

I bought the product(delivered on 26th Oct,2015) from Snapdeal and they send me a defective product. So, I made a refund request on 29th Oct. Next day, they called me and told me to go to the canon service centre and made a repair from there and provide the jobsheet, then only they can refund. Otherwise they can't refund. Snapdeal gives 7 days return/ replacement guarantee. I requested within 4 days but they are not refunding. I need some action against this.


Posted on Nov 04, 2015

Sir, Its my bitter experience by using Micromax handset in my life. I have given my handset Micromax Fire A 104 for repairing vide jobsheet No. N050142-0815-18901910 with promise to given back to me after 20 - 22 days. But it is to my utter surprise that even today the service centre is not confirming about the status of the handset. If company of this stature is not following there words then I am sorry to say that the handsets of the company are not worth buying anymore. The last mail was registered 4 days back in my name and if it is not delivered in time then I will be moving the plea to consumer court. Do flash the status of the handset at my number 08059046208. Kailash

Ashok Kumar

Posted on Nov 04, 2015

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Posted on Nov 03, 2015


Medalson Ronghang

Posted on Nov 03, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam I have order I-Smart phone via online on 11.10.15, accordingly received my order on 28.10.15. Unfortunately the phone has a problem, it doesn't switch-on (defective product), upon request of replacement file on 29.10.15. I received an email stating rejection of my request without any explaining. I have being trying to resolve my issue raised due to defective product receive on 28.10.15. The details of the complain as given below. Order Number: 71140928 Order date: 11 Oct 2015, 08:19 PM Return: 2224848 Return Request Date: 29 Oct 2015, 11:58 AM Action: Replacement Status: Return Request Closed What I couldn't understand is that in spite of all afford to be a lawful and genuine customer of shopclues. Teamshopclues are not able to resolved my problem. Kindly do the needful to resolve my issue immediately. The money I spent in buying the I-Smart phone is of hard earning. Please help how could my problem be solve. Medalson Ronghang, P.E

saurabh shekhar

Posted on Nov 01, 2015

complaint against laptop repairing shop.

Anil Kumar

Posted on Nov 01, 2015

I got Geyser from Baria Trader (court road udhampur).I paid 4600 through citi bank credit card. I wanted horizontal geyser and same was informed to salesmen, he said they have only 1 piece of horizontal geyser of classic brand. when I reached at home which is 16 km away from city. I checked it was vertical geyser. I called up there no. however they didn't entertain. when I went at there shop they started shouting at me and not ready to listen anything. They were too rude and was using harsh language. They tried to impose its my mistake. I asked them for replacement they said it will take 6 days . I asked them for refund they got furious and started harassing me and bluntly denied for refund. I went there again (travelled approx. 32k unnecessarily but they are least bothered about it and said they are not gonna refund get it done yourself if you can.

V.Nigar Babu

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

The base of the samsung fridge purchased on 6th august was found uneven/caved in.The authorised service centre demanded paymnt for replacement

Deepa Modani

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

Bought an ac machine from Great Eastern Appliances Pvt. Ltd 20 old court house street Kolkata-700001.invoice number DH/SA/1516/12041 dated 16/10/15 with a promise of installation within two days of purchase with full payment made.there was no response from the shop for next one week.after continuous perusal from our end they responded that the machine is out of stock and asked us to buy a new one.the ac was required for a patient at our residence under the instructions of Doctor.now the purpose of installation has been forfeited and still the ac is not installed.it is a clear case of cheating and harassing the consumer and I request for cash back from the shop.


Posted on Oct 30, 2015

There is no one in Apple Company , both in India and abroad to help me out . I am 76 years old and have been using i pad for the last 3-4 years . It has been one of the finest machine . I had given my i pad absolutely in working condition for updating SW to B2X Sector 70 Chandiarh. , India , one of your authorized Service Provider . They had ruined my i pad and referred me to another Premium Service Provider , Paramatix , Sector 34 Chandigarh . They declared it beyond repair as the hardware has been corrupted . It has happened mainly due to mishandling .Now Apple HQ in Ireland has refused to restore my operating system.

babasaheb Shinde

Posted on Oct 30, 2015

I have Purchase 310 A Nitro on 04-11-2015 Mobile Problem occur on July 2015 End Mobile Submitted on 5 Aug 15 Till date No any Action taken Micromax Service Center Please refer attached details Micro max A 310 Canvas Nitro -White Job Sheet no W030617-0815-18492887 14 OCt New Job Sheet NO- W030617 1015 19742251 IEMI -911375707345751 You have Cheat to Customer & growth the Company Regards, For BAd Service

Nilanjan Roy

Posted on Oct 29, 2015

I bought a KUTCHINA kitchen chimney from Khosla Electronics on 06/09/2015 and same was installed by Kutchina on 12/09/2015. One suction fan out of two was not running since installation, but we observed the defect after 20 days . On 08/10/2015 docket (AS/70/1015) was booked to kutchina customer service. No one has attended the defect after several call. As per them service will be delayed because the same was bought from a distributer!! On 15th oct I have a phonic conversation with Sarmistha Banerjee (03366146655) of Bajoria Appliances, 20 Chinar Park, Bajoria Towers, Rajarhat. Then I came to know that the chimney unit is totally defective and several defects were there. Now my question is how they realized the defect before any attention? It clearly revealed that the unit is totally defective and previously well known to them. I demand replacement of the chimney with a good one, and as usual they denied as cheating is their main business. Now I feel helpless and need Justice.


Posted on Oct 28, 2015

I had ordered a mobile phone from snap deal but that turned to be defective one and now they are not sending anybody to take the product back and refund the money. So kindly look into this matter.

Smit Trivedi

Posted on Oct 26, 2015

I had purchased Micromax A290 on 2nd November, 2014. And since then my mobile has been to service centre twice. This time the service centre calls me up and says that company has returned the phone but your phone still shows problem of Motherboard not working/ battery not charging. So he again sent it to the main branch for repairing. When I call on the Micromax Customer Care number, they tell me that phone has been repaired and I can collect it from Service Centre which is not true. The service centre is in Wadgaon Sheri, Pune. Warranty will get expired soon and I am highly sure they are keeping phone with themselves so as to void the terms of Warranty. Please help.

swati Shinde

Posted on Oct 25, 2015

akshay mungekar

Posted on Oct 24, 2015

Selling dead and duplicate items and fooing buyers.Not giving refund and making any rubbish excuses.Fraud refund policies.


Posted on Oct 24, 2015

LG Tv Problem


Posted on Oct 23, 2015

my sony experia handset starting heating one day after purchase. company denied to refund my mony back.

Raj Chauhan

Posted on Oct 23, 2015

Sir, Mera naam Raj Chauhan h. Mene Gurgaon s hi (Ankit communication) 23/08/2015 ko Intex Aqua 4G+ mobile Rs/ 9800 ka liya tha. Ek hafty baad hi WO kharaab ho gya, tho m Intex care m gya or shi karke turant De diya. Fir 2din baad kharaab ho gya tho m usko 26/09/2015 ko fir s Intex care m le gaya aur unhone use y bolke rakh liya ki baad m milega. Sir, m jab s ab tak 6 baar Intex care m ja chuka hu lekin mujhe mera mobile aaj tak nhi mila. Plz help me.

Avaneesh Lilran

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

dinesh kumar

Posted on Oct 21, 2015

voltas ac company not attend my complains till 1 month i complened

tarun chakrawarti

Posted on Oct 20, 2015

mere frend ne Flipkart se Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Mobile purchase kiya tha, aur wo mobile dhokhe se girne ke karan display toot gai, fir us mobile ko leke hum log Samsung ke service center gaye to service center walon ne bataya ki ye mobile Original Samsung company ka ni hai, ye duplicate hai, to hum ye chahte hai ki consumer forum hume insaf aur aage se flipkart company aisa dusre custmer ke saath na kare, iske liye koi thos kadam uthaya jaaye aur hume humare paise bhi wapis dilaye jaaye wo bhi convenience ke saath. thank you


Posted on Oct 19, 2015

I purchased a samsung double door refrigerator from Nandilath G Mart in May 2013. Refrigerator became defective in Sept 2015. I registeted a complaint with ref no. 4202094939 on 30 Sept. 2015. Service technician visited after few days and informed me that aluminium coil in the freezer cabin has multiple holes and gas is completely drained. After my repeated calls, samsung does nor have an answer as to when this part will be available. Afterwards, Calicut service has stopped attending my calls. Following are my main complaints: 1. Inordinate delay in solving a home appliance product like refrigerator. 2. The aluminium tube which is not accessable for a user developed multiple holes just after two years. This is a manufacturing defect. Samsung must take responsibility for such poor quality parts. 3. Poor response from customer service team, especially, Calicut office.

viresh anand

Posted on Oct 18, 2015

Sir, Here is the conversation of buying YU YUNIQUE mobile from Snapdeal: Snapdeal Orders <noreply@snapdeals.co.in> To viresh007a@yahoo.in Oct 12 at 9:40 AM Hi viresh Thank you for your order! Here's a summary of your purchase. When we ship an item, we will send an update with tracking details. Order ID: 8986290840 Placed on: Mon, 12/Oct/2015 Delivery Address viresh anand C/O SHEKHAR SHUKLA, 18B POKHARPUR, SHIVDHAM, MANIK VATIKA, NEAR MINISTER SRI PRAKASH JAISWAL HOUSE, LAL BANGLA, KANPUR LAL BANGLA Kanpur - 208008 Uttar Pradesh Phone Number 8439775516 Payment Summary Total Price Rs.5666 Delivery Charge Rs.100 Total Offer Discount - Rs.667 You Paid Rs.5099 Payment Type Net Banking Payment Subtype State Bank of India CANCEL TRACK MY ORDER YU Yunique 8GB Estimated Delivery: 15 Oct - 18 Oct Price Rs 5666 Delivery Charge Rs 100 Quantity 1 We look forward to seeing you again soon. Team Snapdeal Returns and replacements are simple with our 7 -d

Ranjan Chakraborty

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

Purchased a Samsung 23" LED (Model No UA23H4003) from Great Eastern Appliances Pvt Ltd, 66, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata - 700019 on 17.10.2015 with an commitment from the sales personnel (Mr. Raja Sapui - 9051385411)that delivery & installation will be done same day however installation not done though false commitment was given till 9.15 p.m. Repeated call & SMS was done and every time he committed to do the installation by night itself. Invoice No: BB/SA/1516/08837

Ravi Kumar AK

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

Askme bazzar Order ID:DGA5399824 dated 22.9.15 to ipro heavy duty CFL Inverter with FM Radio,Usb, SD Card Reader & Remote control from Fab Impex, 1900, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, delhi,India-110006 To day ie 12.10.15 received the product after making payment. I extremly shocked that the device was not in working condition,instruction given by the company when i making battery connection, to open the case the wires are not connected to the printed board and the photos are attached. when making phone to askme bazaar (04444444444) they are not giving any favorable reply. so,I think i was cheated by Fab Impex through Askme bazaar.


Posted on Oct 17, 2015

I purchased a chandelier(jhoomar)from shop address as mentioned below on 28/09/2015 POONAM LIGHT HOUSE 361/62 BUDHWAR PETH PUNE 411002 at the time of fitment we found 2 pieces short .Conveyed to shopkeeper.Not given so far .


Posted on Oct 17, 2015

I Chandrusen Kotai have purchased my Samsung Refrigerator (double door) on dated 17 August 2015, Model No.RT50H5809SL, Serial No OBDW4ABG700018 from M/s Vijay Sales Address: - Shop No Flix Building, Opposite Asian Paints, 3, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Bhandup West, Mumbai-400078. Maharashtra. I had paid INR 48,300.00 to Vijay sales on 15th August, the fridge was delivered on the 17th August late night around 10:00 PM. On 18th August 2015, we found that floor around the fridge soaked with water, we realized that there is some problem of water leakage and excessive cooling inside the fridge. Immediately we called up Samsung & Vijay sales as it was the first day , the Fridge was powered up and within a few hours we could face the issue, (please refer the table attached on subsequent key follow-up without resolution), Technician was deputed , he inspected however with trail & error method involving few visits he was not able to fix the problem. I had to make multiple complaints and sugge

Arvind Kumar Saxena

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

I purchased one Usha Infinite Cook Halogen Oven Model No.HO 3513i on 5.10.15 from M/s Shree Balaji Traders, Sector 7, Dwarka. I was promised a live demonstration of the product at my residence and to this effect a request C15100600782 dated 6.10.15 is registered with Usha Care as per which service center UIL Delhi assigned to attend to the same. However, the live demonstration has not been made till date despite of repeated reminders made at USHA toll free helpline number 18001033111. As such all queries as to working of the product have remained unanswered and the products utility not determined. I feel severely cheated and request for needful. M/s Usha should either arrange for the demonstration of the product or refund the money. Thanks.

ravi kumar

Posted on Oct 17, 2015

Respected sir, I submited my phone to karbon mobile care ambala cantt. on 7-7-2015.my job sheet no. KJASPHR138815KR6015 .From last 3 months, they did not return my phon back.so kindly help me becouse i belong to poor family Thanks Ravi kumar

Rajesh Maity

Posted on Oct 16, 2015

Micromax is not looking into the issue in the first place as the problem is recurring. Please look into this problem and suggest a suitable solution at the earliest.


Posted on Oct 15, 2015

Recently my Lenovo Laptop's screen got damaged. So I contacted Lenovo for help. They told me to contact one of their service centers in Garia. When I contacted them they referred my case to below mentioned shop. ElECTRO SERVICE POINT Teghoria, Jhowtala Road, Beside Lokenath Mandir, Durga Apartment, Kolkata - 700059. Contact No: - 9836608842/ 9836608643 / 9748211713. This company claims to be Lenovo Authorized service center and they replaced my original damaged LCD screen with a cheap defective Chinese made LCD screen, which also got damaged the very next day. Since my product is out of warranty so I agreed to pay them Rs.5800 + service charge for this new LCD screen. Now since it got damaged too, I asked them to fix it they are simply denying it that they cannot fix it. When I further complained to Lenovo regarding this service center they said that it is not their authorized service center.I would like to lodge a complaint with you regarding this cheat. Kindly help.

Gyanendra R Verma

Posted on Oct 15, 2015

reminder in reference to complaint lodged regarding replacement of Tub in IFB washing machine of dated 13.10.2015.

Ashish Grover

Posted on Oct 14, 2015

I had purchased a mobile (Xiaomi MI4) vide invoice no. Invoice No : # BLR_WFLD20150600312595 dated 09.06.2015 from WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd through Flipkart online. This phone is completely not working as it has a major signal problem. From the first day I am chasing to their service centre and they are not resolving the issue. please do the needful. Ashish Grover


Posted on Oct 13, 2015

My Lenovo Laptop (Ideapad S 300) purchased on 30.10.2012 (so as on date its 3 yrs old). My points: 1. What is their definition of Old (as in how many years). 2. What is expected of us in case the product is old and spares not available. 3. Spares are mostly required when the product is old. If its required in new product, than the product quality is highly questionable. In my case, the Hinge (one side) is broken. Wrote a mail to customer care. Was told to get in touch with Lenovo service centre. So got in touch with them @ E-Mall, Chandni, Kolkata, and agreed to pay for the lower base, as warranty expired For One month kept on following for the lower base, but every time told that it's not in stock. On September 17, was told that as the product/model is OLD so the Lower base wont be available. On that day, wrote this feedback on Lenovo Facebook page. Was told the matter will be resolved soon. But since then its still pending inspite several reminders

Gyanendra R Verma

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

I had lodged a complaint to IFB for reparing of my washing machine .since last one and half month no positive response is received from the company.


Posted on Oct 13, 2015

I had purchased a IRist smartwatch from Ebay India on August 26, 2015. In spite of repeated emails & reminders to them they have not provided me with a user manual / support to synchronise my smartphone with the watch purchased from them. As a result I am not able to use the Smartwatch purchased from Ebay India. There is a total lack of consumer support from Ebay on this purchase made by me.

shine shinil

Posted on Oct 13, 2015

sir, i bought samsung oven on 30.1.2013. it got complaint and repaired under warranty with in one year. again it got complaint on sep 2015 and technecian came and repaired it and 1800 rs was charged again it stopped working the next day. i reg a complaint in samsung and tech came after 2 weeks and he said some of other part is complaint and have to replace it and costs near 400 rs. my samsung oven cost only 5500 during purchase and how a ordinary man can afford almost half of the price for repairing it with in 2.5 years of purchase of product.i bought samsung oven because of brand name. now it is peforming like a cheap homemade product. sir please do the needful for this.


Posted on Oct 13, 2015

i brought a hanset of karbonn comapany through online on 17 th july 2015 .after receiving the handset i found it to be defective and was submitted to customer service centre at jodhpur park kolkata and was there from 20 th july to 11 august and it was submitted on 12 th august and it is there till date . each time i call the service centre i receive a negative feed back. i have not being able to use the handset from the date of purchasing it. please provide me a solution to my problem and help me.

Deepak Tiwari

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Dear Sir, I want to inform you, I had purchased Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 mobile on date 03/09/2014.On date 15/07/2015 I got problem in Home Key of my mobile & I gave my mobile in Samsung Service Center,Azad chowk,Raipur.Afer repairing I got my mobile on 01/08/2015,now my Home Key was working properly but after repairing they damaged my phones display & touch. After this cheap service I decided to give my mobile for repairing in main branch of service center of samsung. So,now I had given my mobile in Samsung Sevice Center,near Gandhi Udyaan, Raipur on date 04/08/2015 & this was my biggest mistake.They were not repairing my mobile, they are giving me date after date without any single result,now also my warranty period has expired but they are still giving me dates. Now at present after 3 & half months date 12/10/2015 the warranty period of mobile is passed but till now all I have got are dates. I spend a lot of my precios time & money for repairing of my mobile. Sir,PLEASE HELP ME!

Rajeeb Chakrabarty

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Had bought a Samsung Washing Machine from Fairdeal International (Garia) 466 Raja S.C. Mallick Road, Kolkata - 700084 on 15.08.2014 through Bajaj Finance in EMI. According to the Bill EMI was supposed to be 1920.00 but actual deduction was 2110. Have approached several times in with Feardeal International as well as Bajaj Finance Salt Lake office but not received any answer from them. Last deduction was on July 2015. Have not received the excess amount from any of the party concerned.

Naveen Kumar

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

Dear Sir, I placed my phone for repair to Gadgetwood eservices Pvt Ltd Add 44/13 3rd floor Tilak Nagar New Delhi 110018. I have submitted my phone on dated 04.09.2015 from that date I have not received my phone and now he is telling your phone has been damaged and no any phone can be returned. I am very worry from this issue. Please help me on this issue. Thanks Naveen Kumar 9654040617

Jitendra Jha

Posted on Oct 12, 2015

I bought one LUMIA 430 dated 30th of July'15 which developed some trouble on 19th Aug'15. I handed over the handset to Infotel services at Ekdalia, Kolkata vide job sheet No. 265504886/150820/018 dated 20th Aug'15. On 22nd, when i enquired with the service center at 033 40076900, have been told that the handset has been sent to Microsoft factory for repair and will take 20-25 days to get repaired. No back up set is provided rather have been asked to manage by taking handset on loan from any of my friend.The handset was handed over to me on 20th Sep'15. When i checked the handset at home putting the sim, found the same fault which i informed the microsoft through a mail asking them to replace the set. Since then, i have already sent them 4-5 mails but all in vein. On 9th Oct'15, i called up their customer care and again got the assurance that i shall be provided with assistance by Microsoft to get rid of the problem but still no further contact. Pl help


Posted on Oct 11, 2015

Sir, I Rajesh Kumar combatant member of Indian Air Force have purchased an android mobile set model INTEX AQUA 4G+ DUAL SIM with IMEI-911445100004139 AND IMEI- 911445100009138 from Celebration Mobile Shop,E-2, Butler Plaza,Civil Line, Bareilly(U.P)vide BILL NO- BOOK-2 S.NO.-230 DATED 09/08/2015.After use of few days the set get faulty.I have handed over the set for repair under warranty to the authorised service center of Intex Technologies- ARPIT ENTERPRISES,351,ASHOK NAGAR, NEAR M.B. INTER COLLEGE, NAINITAAL ROAD,BAREILLY-243122,PHONE-0581-2546363 /9058937773 vide JOB SHEET NO-509281048050T001 DATED 28/09/2015.Now I have collected my repaired mobile set on 10/05/2015 at 1645 Hrs.But I found invalid IMEI Caption on mobile screen after placing both the SIM in mobile set.According to Service Center's mechanic they have changed the printed circuit board (PCB).Now my mobile set is showing CLOUD 4G STAR VERSION(OTHER MODEL) Where as my set was equipped with AQUA 4G+ VERSION.Pl.help


Posted on Oct 10, 2015

A Mobile set INTEX AQUA LIFE - II (date of purchase - 13/05/2015) has been kept pending from 10/08/2015 (Job sheet no - 50930639200IT/001)inservice centre "MOBILE SOLUTION", Barasat Road, Barrackpore,Kolkata - 122(Ph no- 9804061253)due to repair work. please do the needfull & as early as possible.

Nandan Choithani

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

We, Brimatec Solutions, are a Solar Power Installation and Engineering Services company, and we purchased 2 Solar Inverter from Enertech, Pune of 6 KVA & 5 KVA for 2 customer sites which are Jabalpur and Allahabad respectively. After the installations, it was found that there are regular fluctuations in electric appliances due to inverter issues. We had been in regular touch with Enertech Engineering team to sort out the issues but they have not been able to resolve the issues by any means. As per their request, we have been sending our Engineers frequently to Customer sites at Jabalpur and Allahabad due to which we have incurred a lot of money for resolutions. But Enertech is not been able to diagnose the problems. Thus, we wanted to return both their purchased inverters and want the money back. But, they are not accepting our request of return and said that they ready for taking this issue to Consumer Redressal. Request to settle claim of 1.5 Lacs against Enertech UPS, Pune ASAP.

satish kumar

Posted on Oct 10, 2015

I have purchased my gaba a105 (black) purchased on Oct 2014 for display blank show,volume button chek,set auto off some time to gaba mobile service center. Submitted my phone dated 26/08/15 and pass my warranty period. I call every time and that he told date by date. Now I requested yout to pleased take action them gaba service centre no. 64611711

Deepak Dangi

Posted on Oct 09, 2015

I bought a new samsung J5 Mobile of RS 12400,on 1-10-2015 from samsung authorize dealer Jupiter Infra Services at sec 15 part 1. But on the midnight 7-10-15 Mobile stops working. next day when i went to the shop, Shopkeeper asked me to go to the samsung care to show the mobile and ask for DOA but samsung guy denied for DOA and ask for repairing of phone i submit the phone for repairing and he commit me that phone will repaired n=by the evening but next day on 09-10-15 when i went there he denied me and said that parts are not available and they can't do anything.

Gautam Dutta

Posted on Oct 09, 2015

i have purchased a Intex smart watch on 12 Sept but the bluetooth headphones are faulty and i submitted the same with the company within 2 days but till now company have not been replaced the samme

Puneet Bansal

Posted on Oct 08, 2015

I have purchased Dell Tft Monitor , but it stop working ,then it was submitted to dell service centre through courier 3 months ago. But till today i didn't received Tft & no response has given by Dell to me.

salim rehman shaikh

Posted on Oct 08, 2015

My Micromax EG 111 mobile is with service center at Koparkhairane since 30.07.2015 for repairs.I had given them the mobile in working condition with complaint of play store not opening.In the process of attending to the problem they have made the set dead. Till date they have not given me my phone and the service center has closed down with notice shifting to GRANT ROAD. I DONT UNDERSTAND AS TO WHAT SHOULD I DO. The service center executive has lied to me thrice saying it has mobile has been repaired and is in transit from DELHI main service center.This service center staff's technical skills are really questionable as per the people who visit the center. Lastly on 03.10.2015 when I went to the center a lady executive told me that we are winding up from here and your phone has not been repaired.She gave the mobile no of circle manager Mr Abbas - Mobile no 8286828633 saying he will be in a position to hep me. I called this person he asked me to SMS the job sheet details but no reply


Posted on Oct 08, 2015

As written to you earlier also against apps daily service center Ashok Vihar for my docket no 2717295 that they taken my SIM which was stuck in the phone no action has been taken against them we are not getting any satisfactory reply from them. Kindly look into the matter with utmost importance and resolve it at the earliest.


Posted on Oct 07, 2015

Dear Consumer Court Forum Team, i want report against Electrostar and Techstrong Systems Ltd Management. i have order led and cfl blubs but company employee cheat me and fraud with me. i give compny address below:- Techstrong system ltd. B-48, Sector 63, noida pin code- 201306

Vinod Chandra

Posted on Oct 07, 2015

I had purchase Infocus M330 three month back but suddenly it makes problem while operating, I have approach crevice center and the have provide men Job ID INFADJ150000033DW, but even after 20 days no one is answering me the status of my phone I have try to contact infocus on mail but get no response

Niladri Dasmahapatra

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

I had Purchased two window ACs (1ton and 1.5 ton respectively) from croma retail, MGF Grand mall, gurgaon on 11th March 2013 in the name of my wife Radha Dey. Voltas provides 1 year product warranty and 5 year compressor warrenty. we had also taken an extended 2 year warrenty for the product on the day of purchase from croma. The 1.5 ton window ac started having problems and worn down hence I had launched a complaint in croma customer care on 14th of September 2015. The product is still in warrenty and croma agreed to it. We had made several calls to the and received several calls from croma as well as voltas customer care but nobody came to resolve the issue and still today when i call , the customer service personal says, "I know you are facing problem, so i would raise an issue". then nothing happens. Its half a month passed we had to sleep in humidity and have sleepless nights. Am never going to buy products from croma again. invoce no. SLF02A050010033337

Deodas Agrawal

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

In the last week of August I purchased one handset which was found defective and the consignor rediffshopping had agreed to pay back the amount by at the most 5th October which is still awaited


Posted on Oct 05, 2015

Wehad given our mobile phone fro repair with docket not 2717295 with apps daily service center Ashok Vihar. It was returned to me without being fully repaired moreover they had kept one of our SIM wihch was stuck in the phone and the same they mentioned in the voucher that they are taking one SIM along with them but now they are not returning the SIM now it has become a legal matter for which we will take police assistance. kindly take appropriate action against the service center

Shekhar Dhiman

Posted on Oct 04, 2015

Sir, I have bought an HP laptop in February 2015 and eventually now its not working. When i contacted to the HP service center then they said that the warranty of my product has been expired in January 2015.The matter is that the box of my laptop got exchanged by reliance digital (i bought it from reliance digital) so the serial number of laptop in the bill and the serial number on the laptop is different but its all the fault of reliance digital staff and i have to suffer. please help me.

Dhruba Mahata

Posted on Oct 04, 2015

I have given my Micromax canvas Knight A350 (White-Gold) (Purchased on November 2014) for touch pad repairing to Narendrapur, Kolkata service centre from last two month. But regret to inform that I could not get it repaired due to unkown reason. I want my phone repaired or replaced as early as possible as it is in warranty period.


Posted on Oct 04, 2015

i want to file complaint against whirlpool refrigerators . i got a defected product.


Posted on Oct 03, 2015

My mobile is macromax mera mobile serves center me pera h mera job sheet no E040160091519265647

ganesh shivaji chavan

Posted on Oct 03, 2015

Respected sirmadam The below mentioning shop is(Super hardware & paints, shop no 62, jai hind market chembur colony dr cg road chembur mumbai 74).is selling goods on basis of fixed price without proper VAT bill & even misbehaving & rude talking with the customer... so i request kindly take strict action on him & please check all the required license documents and VAT bill


Posted on Oct 03, 2015

I have Purchased a Moto G Invoice Date on 7/10/2014 but After 3 to 4 months that got Restarting frequently after repeated attempts to the Service Center People Confirmed me that there is a problem with the mother board and told that the will replace it under Warranty....After a week they informed me that mother board has been replaced it worked fine for 2 months and then same old story started repeating but when i informed the same they simply told that its a software bug and keep on formatting my phone whenever i reach the service center ........Due to this i have approched Motorola Company through E Mail for that they have told that i have been some App which causes the Problem then i told that i havent even listen the name of the App said by them.....After long long mails they simply stopped replying me and taking no action as they want to pass my warranty period this is happening since a month but they are least Botherd. Now i request you to please take action against them

Akash Sharma

Posted on Oct 01, 2015


karan kumar jha

Posted on Sep 30, 2015

i have purchased a mobile phone of sony from a retailer near sikanderpur metro station on 22nd oct 2014 and my phone having some issue of restarting since 1 year i have visited service center 11 times in 10 months but my problem is not being resolved. so i am so disappointed from sony mobile.


Posted on Sep 30, 2015

I have purchased Usha Honeywell CL70PE in the Month of April 2015 and my usha honey well is out of order and I also lodged the complaint no. 15091103474 pending since 11.9.2015 but USHA company is not resolving my complaint, however they have promised to resolve it within 48 hourse but 20 days has passed but still my cooler is out of order.

Prasad Pachal

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

Sir, My Micromaxax phone have some problem so I go to service center and submitted my hand set dated-11/8/2015 but I do not receive my mobile now .They don't return my hand set.So, plz help me sir.

Harish Sidana

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

Hi This is with respect to repair of my LenovO K3 Note I submitted my Handset with Pune lenovo service center (Fourtech computers) on 5th September. I was having issue with touch pad. They said it would take 10 days to repair the phone. Today is 29 sep, I haven't still received the phone. I contacted them they are saying it would take 1 week more. Phone gets defective in 3 months of buying. Service no. SRIN0601509050001. IEMI No.867970020880239

Niten Kumar

Posted on Sep 29, 2015

I bought a samsung refrigerator, on delivery I found it damaged on 20th Sep'14. Dealer deny to replace the refrigerator but he submitted the complaint in samsung, complaint # 4201573965. After continuously follow-up with samsung customer care, dealer, one samsung employee (he told that his name is Sanjay Chaudhary) came with 3 unknown people on 28th Sep'15. In my home they tried to threaten, misbehave and out of 2 damaged parts they replaced one and took along the second part with the commitment that part will get deliver yesterday only.... When he left the house, I complaint to samsung customer care about the engineer's behaviour and then in place of part I got the threatening call from the service engineer. In night I wrote the complaint mail to Samsung, they revert that they will providing response in 24 hrs but now they have closed the case in place of resolution. Please help as the refrigerator is still defective and Samsung engineer has already threaten and misbehave @ my home

Neeraj Kumar

Posted on Sep 28, 2015

Dear Sir, I bought a Xolo Tegra Note Tablet from Croma store via online. After 5 months i faced a charging problem then I submitted my tablet to Xolo Authorized Service Center "Luxmi Service" Gurgaon. They were not able to generate work order number so They give me manual Job sheet. After one week they were not able to provide work order number or tablet status, Then I called up customer care & continuously follow up last 2 months, My tablet not repaired. Tablet at service center. They are totally harassment to customers, Service value is zero. Please help

Pratik Roy

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

I had purchased a Panasonic 42inch 3D LED(Model:TH-L42ET60D)on 03/11/2013 under 3 years warranty scheme. Of late I have noticed a small spot on screen & registered complaint vide complaint no.: R020915338681 on 02/09/2015 with Panasonic. After numerous follow up they finally said that they are unable to change the panel as the particular model is obsolete & they offered me 2 options : 1.Refund amount deducting 25% as depreciation. 2.Accept another lower end model,that too paying extra as the model they suggested priced higher than the depreciated value. Invoice purchase price : Rs. 61000 Age of set(in months)from DOP to complaint date :22.2 Existing set value after depreciation : 45750,calculating 25% depreciation. I have asked them to provide the terms & conditions of warranty ,but they said they can't provide as it's company's internal matter. I am not satisfied by the solutions they have provided & I find it completely unethical on their part.I request you to take adequate steps

rita n dhakad

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

i am Mrs r.n.dhakad LG LED32L550A model purchase 19.7.14. white Patches from May 2015 show. Not Support Replace or Repair LED tv M/s Chaudhary Refrigeration at shirpur, Dist Dhule maharashtra. & not support proper Bill. plz support for Bill and LED Replace or repair. with without any reason. rgds Mrs R.N.Dhakad shirpur.

Karan sarathe

Posted on Sep 27, 2015

Its not working .sedding messge error .

Pawan kumar

Posted on Sep 26, 2015

I have submitted my micromax mobile on 25-08-2015 for repiar and till now not received it from Gurgaon Best tech service centre and are doing fake promise. solve it ASAP


Posted on Sep 26, 2015



Posted on Sep 25, 2015

KENT company have not attended to my compliant for non functioning of product VEGETABLE PURIFIER taken on 23.04.2015. They have registered my complaint on 20.09.2015 vide case ID AP/09200005. They have not bothered about my compliant. My product is not working since one week. please do the needful

dinesh kumar

Posted on Sep 25, 2015

10 sep 2015 i complain my ac with voltas but till 25 sep2015 they cant solve my problem i fell very uncomfortable my ac in warranty period

Soumili Mukherjee

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

I had bought a phone power bank from AM MOBILE TELECOM PVT LTD which is defective. My phone is not getting charged properly. On revisiting them they have refused to replace the same.The vat no is 19431814061. Please help.

Naveen Harsha

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

I bought moto g 2nd gen mobile from flipkart on oct 2nd - 2014, in few months the mobile handset started giving problem. When ever some one calls me, they complain that they are hearing an echo noise. I have informed moto call centre about the problem. They told me to submit the handset to the authorized service centre. I submitted the handset, but the problem did'nt resolved. Thereafter i again approached the call centre, till now i have submitted the handset 3 times to the service centre, but they are not able to resolve this problem, even i am not getting an help from company. Again on 23rd Sep 2015 , i have sumibtted the handset to company's authorized service centre, but the service centre guy told me they have done there best to rectify, but now they can't do any thing. Overthere company is not giving any response. Due to this i have bought a new mobile phone. Below are the job number when i had submitted the handset to service centre. Job number are as mentioned below. ABD/MG/15


Posted on Sep 24, 2015

laptop model: Dell Vastro 2520 Service Tag: 5S45HZ1 I am using Dell Vastro laptop since last one and half year. Recently I faced some technical problem while charging the laptop. Contacting Dell Support (1800-425-4026) and the resolution given to me by Dell Support was replacement of MotherBoard for my laptop. I was given in mail price quotation for change as Rs 20000/-. I inquired about motherboard replacement coast at local Dell Service Center in Pune and I was told the cost of replacement of motherboard would be Rs 13500/- Both quotation provided by same company entities for the same product but has huge difference (Rs 6500/-) in quotes. Tech support never clarified about this on contacting them. It seems that company has no intention to answer basic queries about pricing of spare parts as well as providing basic service.


Posted on Sep 23, 2015

IMEI:-911454850700755 JOBSHEET NO:-N050108-0815-18589295 JOBSHEET DATE :-14/08/2015 i, AMIT SHARMA have purchased a micromax phone i.e micromax canvas spark Q380 on 2 aug, 2015 . after few days it has some problem .so i show the phone to micromax care of PALWAL,HARYANA. but they are unable to solve the problem.they said to me phone will go to the company for repair for 15 days. but still i did not get my phone.whenever i call to the mocromax company for my phone or micromax care they said after 15 days you will get your phone.but still after approx 1 month i did not get my phone.they are annoying me. please give my phone as soon as possible because i did not have any other phone. "after this i will never purchase any phone of micromax. because i am not satisfy with micromax service centre.how much time they are taking to repair my phone......................................"

Arnab DasGupta

Posted on Sep 22, 2015

Purchased a NOKIA E5 phone from We buy store located at Phoenix Market City, Velachery, Chennai Phone is showing issues within 2 mnths of purchase. Had it repaired within 15 days if purchase, received it 5 days back. Now, again there is no network coverage and it seems to be a board issue More often there is no network in my phones whereas other phones nearby of same or other service provider has full network coverage. What a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I faced with your team. It makes me believe that CEX is crooked, dishonest, unethical, arrogant, deceitful.


Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Sir/Madam I am finding issue in my laptop which is under warranty of Dell company.And I have tried possible ways to resolved with them but they are disconnecting my after they cant resolve the problem. I have been trying from 3 days . So, kindly help me soon.


Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Dear Sir, I have bought an HTC smart phone and after 4 months of using it got some lines on display screen, these lines use to come when I lock or unlock the phone only, I went to HTC Service centre in emall, chandini chawk, Kolkata, where I have informed that to check the phone thoroughly I have to pay rs 171. so I told them the product is under warranty, so why could I pay money for checking, they said this is their minimal charge to check the phone, sir here I would like to inform you that as per my knowledge warranty means complete service with replacement of spares if any found defective...so why I could pay money for such kind of service...suggestion required...

Govind Nimje

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

I had purchase mobile Karbonn Titanium S4 plus from flipkart.com on December 2014. After 4 months it encountered display problem and display goes fully blank I had submit it to karbonn service centre, Om Electronics, Nagpur they said we send it to Bangalore for repairing, after 4 months and many call to customer care No. of Karbonn it come but mobile was not repaired and problem was still in mobile and they are saying it have to resend to Bangalore for repairing and for further details contact customer care and asked. Customer care of Karbonn mobile are just saying give us 2 day time and we will solve it soon and we will give callback to you but nothing is happened since week. I want full amount refund with compensation. please help me for this fraud service and mobile company..


Posted on Sep 21, 2015

My TV has not received Power after heavy rain & lightening. I lodge a complaint to Sony customer service centre. They have suggested that to bring the LCD on Sony service centre at Nagpur.I have give my LCD to SONY Service vide Job Sheet No-J52238200 on 9/9/2015. After two days they ask for Rs.5021 for repair. I am agree for the same. But till date they have not repair the LCD and now today 21/9/2015 they have ask for Rs.9000 for repair cost.

shubham jain

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

i have paid for asus back to school offer on spet 4,2015. But i haven't received the kit yet which was promised after the payment of rs 890. Kindly help me Reg no: ASUS30467 Payment id:64735173

parveen kathpal

Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Sir my hand set micromax which imei no. 911416950785085 and battery no. 30083941 which is not working properly and i submit the service centre M/S sandeep enterprises shop no. 10 bizu tower meham gate bhiwani on dated 12/8/2015 in second time but where working the staff not response properly and no designation has menition their staff whoe i communicate my problem sir make any solution to them


Posted on Sep 20, 2015



Posted on Sep 20, 2015

My problem associated with the Nokia Lumia 520 mobile device which is in warranty period and device shows hardware related problem so company's showroom claim that required to submit nearly half price of device for repairing, the important point is that my device still in warranty period and device shows hardware related problem then how can i spend such huge amount just for repairing please submit my complaint give me justice as early as possible.

Julious David T

Posted on Sep 19, 2015

The washing machine of Electrolux which I purchased few years back when started showing troubles I gave for service after many months the service provider is saying that the spare part is not supported by the Electrolux anymore. When raised this to the customer care mailID again, there is no response for that.

Kabita Latwal

Posted on Sep 17, 2015

i get my vodafone no recharge of rs 225 yesterday and it does show on my main balance and all my calls are getting deducted from my main balance

Sangram Keshari Mohapatra

Posted on Sep 16, 2015

Hi, I had given my mobile set A350 to repair in micromax service station named M/S JAI JAGANNATH MOBI CARE , BHUBANESWAR on 18/07/2015. Its around one and half month now. I could not get my mobile yet. Docket No. is E010406-0715-18014629 . I had registered a complain # MMX140815721565 , but each time I am calling to the customer care , they are saying me to wait 20 days. I do not know why? If company do not have spare part,they must give me a new mobile or return my money back. I need a quick action on this. Reply back me as soon as possible and mention the date when I can collect my mobile. Thanks, Sangram


Posted on Sep 16, 2015

Job Sheet No. W030613-0815-18527869 Model Name: Micromax Canvas fire A107, Purchase Date: 18/06/2015,under warranty period. I had given, one month ago, my handset to AL-RAZA Miromax authorised service center, Nagpur, but my mobile is not yet repair, I wish to register a formal complain about the treatment I have received from Micromax service center, They have chosen for your own purposes to delay, I have been in contact with Service center numerous times, incurred the expenses solely, to visit service center and telephone expenses, as a result of inability to respond to my phone calls. Regards. Mohammed Rizwan Sheikh Mobile-9970284620


Posted on Sep 16, 2015

I ordered of Nikon digital camera on 09 sep 2015 on Amazon . My order no. was 40480385157688309. But my order was cancelled on 16 Step 2015 with out my knowledge.


Posted on Sep 15, 2015



Posted on Sep 15, 2015

I has ordered the item Gromo Mini MP3 speaker System (with FM) on 03rd Sept 2015. Order No is 12182479. But till the item has not shipped. I contact the rediff customer care three time but no response from their side. and not ready to refund my money. and only they said that your item was handed over to courier and give the tracking no 114353375 of ECOM Express. But the tracking number is fraud number.

Madhusmita Bhol

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

Worst Service from IFB: I have purchased one Microwave oven (Model no 17PG2S)from Unilet Show room,HSR layout,Bangalore on Feb 2015. I recceived the product from them and while delivering they gave me all the proucts and told me within 2 days executive will come from IFB for showing you demo. But till now (last 7 months) no one came hrom showing demo.Suddenly before 1 month(Dt:22nd july 2015) it stoped heating then I raised a complain to the IFB care with the complain number().I used to call them everyday regarding the same and after 15 days they send one executive after I shouted on them once again. That executive told one part of the machine is damaged which warrenty period is 3 years ,so no need to worry we are going to replace it within 2 weeks. I waited till 25th aug 2015 and again called the Customer care.I am really got surprised that after listening from Customer care that the complain i raise before 2 months was resolved. Again I shouted on the Customer care and within 1 hr

Ram Avadh Singh

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

YU YUREKA mobile not responding for replacement of faulty mobile.

Sumana Nandi

Posted on Sep 14, 2015

My dell laptop was not working suddenly,it was not opening, I took it to Balaji Infotech Dell Authorized at Lake Market,they tried to locate the prob,but later they said keep the laptop we will check & let you know the prob and charges through a call but no call came,after 2days they called saying that laptop is working charge is 4500,graphic chip was replaced,I was shocked, before repairing they haven't asked me at all,I was not ready to for this,I said take away your graphic chip and return my laptop,they are saying it can't be done or else it will destroy the motherboard, it's been 1 month but laptop is in their custody, It was completely a cheating done by them, without my permission they did that, I took my laptop just for a check abt the prob but they did all this, now they are not giving my laptop back and behaving very very rude, plzz help me I need my laptop as it has so many imp contents, looking for the justification.

Gaurav Kumar Singh

Posted on Sep 12, 2015

My Livepure RO was not working so I had got the repairing done. The person who came for the servicing said that there are faulty pieces which need to be replaced which I did and he charged me Rs 1700. After 2hrs of his leaving the RO stopped working again. I called him up again and the next day he sent someone else, who said that there is an issue with the adapter which he fixed. Thereafter the RO started leaking. I called the person who had visited earlier for a re-visit but he Misbehaved and Abused me. After that I called the customer support service for the same but they asked me to commit to deposit Rs 350 for filing a complaint. I had called the Zonal Service Head also for the same but he in not responding to any of the calls. I have approached every possible person for this issue but they are not responding to my complains and not helping me. PLEASE HELP me.


Posted on Sep 11, 2015

I purchased tablet UBISLATE 7C+( EDGE) vide invoice no:-TI/DEL/12240801 Dt:- 24-12-2014 from ... TABLETS INVESTMENTS PVT LTD., KHASRA NO. 605, NEAR TATA TELCO SERVICE STATION , A- BLOCK, VILL. RANGPURI (MAHIPALPUR), NEW DELHI- 110037, DUE TO MANUFACTURING DEFECTS the firm asked me to return it to their service centre at Gurgaon and I returned it on 18-04-2015. the firm promised me to return it in two weeks or by the Ist week of May but till date not returned by them. The phone remains in the sleep mode and power on- off switch also not function. Please provide me justice and the amtt paid towards delievery Rs. 4398+ 10000 compensation due to their rough services.

Udham singh

Posted on Sep 11, 2015

My micromax mobile pending 23.07.2015. Sir service centre not hand over my mobile micromax company mujhe nahi vapis kar rahi hair sir


Posted on Sep 10, 2015

We had bought sony experia, Micromax TV and Moto G products from Homeshop89.com. order ID's are: 100004626,100004982,100004987,100004856,100005256 We paid the money and not yet get any information from Homeshop89.com We should punish these kind of cheaters and need to teach some lesson

Bhoopender Kumar

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

I have submit my mobile in problem (USB Port-He take a charge but Data not transfer in Mobile.) So i go to Micromax service centre-SHREE SAI TELECOM (GURGAON) Address: Shop No.1, Ground Floor, Devi Palace, Opp. Raj Cinema, Delhi Road, Gurgaon, 122001.City: Gurgaon, Haryana for repair or short out my problem. Job Sheet No. is-N060197-0815-18703968 Date-21.08.2015. My problem not short out. I visit service centre after 3 day. The service centre employee tell me your phone send to company for change USB. In between days i call in Service and company for the check status but both are tell your phone is process. Every time he tell me 2 day, 3 Days, 7 days, 10 Days, 15 Days, 20 Days, 25 day and many days. so i concern with the company my phone process he tell in progress. no tell the problem. Many time mail to company and service centre also but no responses. Call 09.09.2015 date your mobile phone motherboard is damage but submit before my phone properly working no other problem in mobile.

Kazi Mostafizur Rahman

Posted on Sep 10, 2015

I have visited Neosa Electronics an authorised Sony Service Centre. They are solving one problem and creating new ones. Please look into this matter.


Posted on Sep 09, 2015


Posted on Sep 09, 2015



Posted on Sep 08, 2015


Navjot Singh Rathore

Posted on Sep 07, 2015

My Under Warranty IFB Washing Machine is not working. I had registered the complain against this to IFB and no action has been taken on that yet by IFB. Complain # 16317818 & 16317822


Posted on Sep 06, 2015

Hello Sir, I had bought a moto e mobile in Dec 2014 but the mobile is not working now. The mobile is under warranty for 1 year. But when I gave my mobile to the Motorola service centre they that this mobile cannot be repaired freely due to liquid damage. And the cost they are asking to repair is upto 90% of mobile price. Since this is still under warranty I want justice to get this repaired freely or at low cost 10 to 20% of mobile price. Please look into this I can provide all the supporting documentation

Angad Singh Yadav

Posted on Sep 06, 2015

mera mobile battery 27/07/15. ko sumsung care me jama kiya hai, ab tak battery nahi diye hai, maine 5five bar complain sumsung care me kar chuka hu, sir , kuch age ki kar vahi kijiye.


Posted on Sep 05, 2015

dear sir iam purchase a ac from MOONBERRY REFRIGERATION CO,BILASHPUR 9039001122.IN 5-AUG-2015,but after one month it is not working properrly,so i complained to many time for sending service person but they did not listen


Posted on Sep 04, 2015

I have one plasma TV....one of 60 inch another LCD of 32 inches.......both bought from company name sansui.... But both of the have broken and have the same fault.....the company is not responding well....and service is just worst..... I am ready to pay whatever amount they need to fix them.....but the concerned people are not ready to work I m highly disappointed as a costumer.... I have spend more than 1 lakh over these TV and now they are out of work since last 1.5 year.... Plz fix my problem our I have to take legal action against the sansui company


Posted on Sep 04, 2015

I bought microsoft mobile phone Model NoMicrosoft Lumia 535 Black IMEI No 359730065687781 from a shop Tinni Communication, Diamond Harbour. After some days I found problem in display. I visit Microsoft care Infotel Services [265_504886], Ekdalia Road, Near Evergreen Club, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700019 on 20 July 2015. The job sheet number is 150720/034. They told the problem is black or bright pixels on display and said that it will be corrected in 20 to 25 days so I handed over the phone to the care centre. But till now I am suffering for my cell phone. When I ask the manager of the care for phone he avoided me and say the display is not supplying the company. So, if you kindly focus on this matter I will be very thankful to you. Thanking you.

Satish Kumar

Posted on Sep 04, 2015

Hi Lenovo mobile phone model S660 with IMEI code 864710025620898 was purchased from Amazon.in online dated 14th Oct 2014. First time I faced screen blank issue in June month and submitted to HCL touch center Parsvanath Arcadia, G-01, Sector 14 which is Lenovo's authorized service center and got returned back after one month after changing some parts. Same day of phone delivering to me I faced same problem again and submitted back to above mentioned service center and received my phone back 1 week later. They have changed some parts again. After delivering this product its worked fine for few days. But on 16th August screen again got blanked and I submitted phone to same service center on 17th August and their Job sheet no. is 14040027. They wrote chargeable on this job sheet. When today I went to service center to pick my phone they told me phone is out of warranty as its one SIM slot pin is damaged and as per them I need to pay 7200/- for repairing. Sir, SIM slot pin is ve


Posted on Sep 04, 2015

Purchased one LENOVO all in one desktop set S/N es02499779 on 7/8/2015 which has disputes in Hardware but not giving replacement by the trader M/s. GTEAT EASTERN TRADING CO.-DANKUNI BRANCH ( EMAIL: getcodankuni@gmail.com) , INVOICE NO; 22/SA/1516/03489 DATED 07-08-2015

Jahar Maji

Posted on Sep 04, 2015

I Have 32 Inch AOC led Tv.But Suddenly don't working my Tv.Then I am complain relater.but they are not responding.so, kindly follow it Thanks & Regard

Anurag pal

Posted on Sep 04, 2015

I am using Microsoft Lumia 535 and getting touch problem while using it on charging that when using it on charging the screen reflects anywhere .Please tell me what can I do to fix these problems and phone also get warm using internet?

Vishal Bansal

Posted on Sep 03, 2015

I had purchased a mobile model Canvas Knight A350 (Black Gold) vide bill no KA-BLR6-144105041-204644 dated 21.10.2014. But due to defect it was submitted to Micromax Manimajra service centre on 16.06.2015 vide job sheet no N090256-0615-17289616 with verbal confirmation of return with in 10 days. But in spite of repeated follow up nothing has been happening and false commitment is done every time. Even we got a call from micromax office phone no 0172-4654872 on 17.08.2015 with assurance to get the replacement of defective mobile with new one with in next 7 days, but that commitment too failed.


Posted on Sep 03, 2015


Shailesh Kumar Sharma

Posted on Sep 03, 2015

I brought mobile handset model # XOLO Q1000 OPUS 2 WHITE on 4th Aug 2014 through YEH BAZAR.COM-SOI and I paid Rs. 8399 against invoice # S03566/14-15/8371 for the same. There were some issues with mobile handset related to functioning of its mike or speaker and for the same; I submitted said mobile set to authorized service center of XOLO named M/S Vijayvergiya Enterprises (1300586) on 23rd July 2015. At the time of submitting mobile set with service center, it was under warranty/Guarantee until 3rd Aug 2015. As per work order # 510004978995, it was mentioned that product would be repaired within 15 (fifteen) days, in spite of number of follow ups with the service center we were not promised any definite date to hand over repaired mobile set. Referring to my discussion with other customers, it got to know that it took them more than one month to get mobile set repaired. Fearing unexpected delay, I had taken my mobile set without repair on 10th Aug 2015


Posted on Sep 03, 2015

I bought a Micromax P666 Tablet in the month of March 2015. Till then my device was in Surajit's Micromax service centre for more than 3 months for different problems. As per the last job sheet no. E020163-0715-17892953 the device was not starting. After 1 month when I received my device the boot-up screen as changed. The sim tray was stuck. Anyway the service centre personal repaired that. But later on I found that after every 50-60 min the tablet was rebooting on its own. Then I checked the internal storage. It showed 2.06 GB where as this device was supposed to have 8 GB of internal memory, out of which 6.5 GB will be blank. I have talked to the customer service manager "SOMA" to inform that I don't want to use any product of micromax ever again & I want a refund with interest.So they said that I have to u some pics of the packet & the storage screen. After that as per the CC Instruction I gave the tab to the same service centre once again.The new Job sheet no E020163-0815-18623687

Chandana Banerjee

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

I had purchased one Microsoft Nokia Lumia 535 (IMEI 359730068510949) on 15/05/2015 from M/s Sun Telecom of 394/A, Gariahat Road (South), Jodhpur Park, Kolkata 700068 vide bill no. 26024. After just about 2 months (within the warranty period), I found that there is no display in the mobile screen. I approached the store with the complain from where I was guided to the Microsoft service centre. On visiting the service centre, I was told that moisture has seeped in through the set and hence the problem. I was also told that this is not covered under warranty and that I would be charged Rs 4500 or more for this. Inspite of my insisting that the set was never exposed to water, rain or sweat, they kept on arguing that this is not covered under warranty and I have to pay the amount. I can vouch for the fact that the handset was not exposed to moisture by any means and want the set to be replaced free of cost immediately. Regards, Chandana Banerjee

Ajay Grofer

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

Hi.... It is intimate that i have purchase MI power banks 10400 MAH from askmebazar.com with order no. AB4430103. When i received and open the product, i got it all pieces are defective or faulty. Till i inform to Executive of askmebazar.com. They say me we cant do anything or replace it. Please resolve out my problem as soon as possible. Thanks Regard Ajay Grover


Posted on Sep 02, 2015



Posted on Sep 01, 2015


sudip basu

Posted on Aug 31, 2015

I purchased one Karbon Wind W4 mobile. Since it has been purchased device had some problem and I deposited to your service center at 413, Jodhpur Park, Anand apartment, Flat no 1 A, near jodpurpark post office Kolkata on 09-06-2015. Till date they are not responding me. Job-sheet details is given below: Jobsheet No: KJASPWB030615KR4367 ASP Code: KAJSPWB030 Name: Techno Care Address : 413, Jodhpur Park, Anand apartment, Flat no 1 A, near jodpurpark post office Kolkata Date: 2015-06-09 Contact No: 03340067824,03324220440 IMEI-1: 911361251188334 IMEI-2:911361251188342

Tanuj Dutta

Posted on Aug 30, 2015

I bought an LG AC in May'15. Now the AC is not working properly. I contacted the customer care services on 7th August. They sent their service engineer thrice in between but with no result till date. I believe they are not being able to troubleshoot the problem.


Posted on Aug 29, 2015

I have purchased a Seagate 1 TB HDD online from Amazon. Its storage capacity is 931 MB, much less than the 1 TB. In fact, no company gives the storage of 1 TB as advertised. Now, can I move for redress?

Dr.S.S. Rajan

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

I had given a service request on 22nd August 2015 about my IFB washing machine on their toll free no.18604255678. They gave a complaint ticket no.1100641279. On that day, one service boy had come and unmounted the door of the machine, saying that a spare part has to be replaced. After that there was no response from them.When contacted the Trivandrum service centre of IFB, their response was in a very rude manner. Kindly take necessary action

manoj patel

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

kindly take note of address of iberry asia mobile company. To, iberry India (Ticket # 223539) Building No : 4, 4/42 Second Lane Beach, Chennai - 600 001 Phone 044-49053456


Posted on Aug 28, 2015

Dear Sir/madam, i want to complaint against Iberry asia mobile company based at chennai. My complaint related to mobile,product which i bought from ebay mobile brand iberry Auxus note 5.5 mobile phone. the phone configuration is totally fake and not as per given standard as disclosed on ebay platform and on product box. The Issue related to mobile camera,processor and battery. I logged a ticket to reinstate my mobile with iberry to resolve my problem in product. In indore the service centre are refuse to take mobile for analysis, they told us that they have issue with the company and are not able to take my phone for analysis. My phone battery is bulged after using the phone for 3 months and from last 6 month the battery of note 5.5 is not available at iberry stores. the refuse to change battery of my mobile within warranty. the company is totally fake.so kindly take action against company and compensate me for my phone and other losses of my time and suffer work during call from comapany. Rgds. Manoj Patel

Deepak Prabhudesai

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

I ordered a Power bank from bookmyoffer.com vide order no. 080467775119014 on Aug 10. I received the product on 18 th Aug. The product is defective and I sent mails to them on 21 st & 27 which are unanswered. Their tel trips after 3 rings of putting you on hold. Their webpage support.bookmyoffer.com does not work. Pl advise how do I go about getting replacement for the defective piece. Deepak


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

I had purchased one Carrier AC for my household from Snehanjali, Dombivali (E) on 25.5.15. We had requested to send Co. Service Mechanic for installation.Installation was carried out by Dealer.After installation the AC did not giving colling effect. Service Agent from Co. refilled the gas and changed the air control panel. There was no cooling effect. I have been complaining for exchange of whole unit. Neither dealer nor Company are willing to take the responsibility. The product supplied was totally defective. I have paid Rs.39,000/- inclusive of extended warranty and installation charges. They have been giving false excuses. Hence, I have approached for justice. Kindly help so that my whole AC unit is exchange with new one. Thanks.

Roshan Singh

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Subject: Non-repairing of HCL Laptop and dissatisfied with the services. R/Sir, The undersigned bought/ purchased an HCL Laptop Xite L-65 for Rs. 30,000/-from Boss Computers PVT. LTD. (SCO 56, Tribune Road, Sector-20C) on 27 August, 2011. The said Laptop suddenly shut down in the first week of July 2014 and could not restart. When I contacted with the authorised dealer in Sector-20C, SCO No-38, he replied that the sale of this model of Laptop has been discontinued by the Company/HCL and we can not help you in this respect. Then i contacted, The Area Manager Shri Maninder Singh (Mobile no 9779119491) on 19.11.2014, he also reiterated the same thing that it could not be repaired because this model has been discontinued by the HCL and no longer available in the market. I also contacted HCL person (Mob. 9888584848) on January 12, 2015 at 3:36 PM, he again replied that spare part of this laptop is no longer available in the market still he told me that he would try and call me back but

Abhijit Basu

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Hi, Request to arrange for money refund-Rs 641 on a priority basis against the damaged broken products received. Please find the complaint details : Details of your Order Order Date - 11.08.2015 16:05 Order Confirmation Number: 080467772073967 Product MI10400mAh power bank with Samsung 2600mAh power bank free received defective & broken ; delivered on 17-08-2015 Already repeated mails sent to 'cc@bookmyoffer.com'; customer support team-book my offer but no response till date. Aside to this called up repeatedly helpline customer helpline-8010001133, but nobody is receiving the call. Hence please take an action against this fraud company. Regards, Abhijit Basu 9062619425 abhijit.basu1@vodafone.com


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

mother board problem.already two times repaired in your service centre,but problem is coming again and again.pls take necessory action


Posted on Aug 25, 2015

respected sir my name is shamsher qureshi before 14 months i had purchased iball andi mobile model no:iball andi 5LI. my mobile phone got damage before a month so i approached to service centre they told me it will cost you around Rs:3800 to repair it. i agreed on that condition to repair but before a week officials called me and they are telling to collect my mobile without repairing because they dont have its parts available and they have discontinued this model. i request you to take action in this matter because 1.it is responsibility of an organisation to provide after sales service 2.because in india no one purchased mobile for 1 year 14 months hence and reliable after sales service is required by the organisation 3.therefore i request you to kindly support me in this matter as iball andi is avoiding their responsibility of after sale service

Sidhartha Kar

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

I have asked etech group to installed CCTV camera in my house. They installed all the camera but one camera is not working the day first and I escalated this to them and they came and repair and again after 2-3 days its again stopped working I told them give me permanent solutions but never I received from them. I would be greatful to you if you can help me on this.


Posted on Aug 25, 2015

I purchase karbon mobile phone A20 from Riddhi Siddhi Marketing vide bill no. 5587 Dt. 18.07.2014, handset imei no. 911363750218588, this handset laying service centre from purchase date 3 to 4 month near about. I am not using frequently since purchase the handset. So I would request to kindly extent my warranty as handset laying at your service centre follow up by imei no. please give me extent warranty according company norms. Now my mobile is not working, service centre demand now chargeable basis, kindly solve issue as earliest or exchange my mobile handset.

Somenath Gupta

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Sir, I purchased a Dell E2014H LCD monitor from Amazone India online shop on Sep 5,2014. I got some problem with this monitor after running 10 month and I call Dell Technical support on Jul 28, 2015. Dell arrange a replacement for the same after submitting all the document and I got a replaced monitor on Aug 5,2015. But the replaced monitor is another model (Model No - IN2020M) which is according to Dell "This product is no longer available." ( That is Dell IN2020M is no longer available). Apart from the other dissimilarity this model(IN2020M) consume much more power then my original purchased model (E2014H). I communicate with Dell why they replaced a obsolete/discontinued model with a new one, but every time Dell response they replace with same specification model, which is not true. Now I want to lodge a complain against Dell. Please help me. I have all the relevant document to prove that Dell replaced a low quality monitor against my original purchased. Regards Somenath


Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Gopal Paul

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

I purchased Micromax(A106)on 24 April,2015. After two month I faced a problem with display & went for servicing & I left my phone in service center for 10 days.After that I again faced a problem with Not recognition of external SD card & again I went for servicing & left my phone for another 15 days.Then I got a call from service center that I can receive my phone..Then I went center to take my phone back then I found that my mobile back cover has been changed & problem for which I gave my phone for servicing that was not solved then I kept my phone for another 3 days.After that I faced software problem after that now I facing problem with battery.

Sudip ghosal

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Purchased 50000 rs phone from amazon , due to some mistake my name was incorrect in invoice, I want corrected duplicate invoice, but they r not ready to give that, I can not do my insurance with incomplete name, customer care misbehaving with me

Nasib Singh

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

I have purchased a Kent RO sl no KR1505031878 and my registered mob No is 9459204400 . I registered for for free insatallion on 03 Aug 15 . After registration they have flashed a mobile no of person who will install this kent product. But when called that person he simply denied and ask for 600/- rupees installion. After that i again contacted kent customer care. they are not taking it serious. Still no phone call and no installation. Please do needful for me.


Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Dear Sir, On 6.8.15 I had purchased one handset ONEPLUSONE from Flipkart online vide Inv.No.nirwfld20150800290029 for value Rs.21,999/-. This mobile was gifted by me to my brother Mr.Naresh Rathod. He too has lodged complaint from his e-mail. Reply received that the registered e-mail ID has to forward the complaint. From day one I have informed and lodged complaint that the speakers are defective and sounds tearing and voice cannot beheared We have lodged complaints on :- 14.8.15 Bidisha Ghosh 17.8.15 Mahesh T. 18.8.15 Geethanjali 20.8.15 Vijeth S.J. All have assured that our complaints will be attended but till date the complaint has remained unattended. On 21.8.15 received message @ 12.05 am informing that the seller has disapproved the request for exchange of handset. Without attending the complaint regretting to exchange the handset. We had no option left but to lodge complaint against Flipkart for change of handset without delay.


Posted on Aug 21, 2015

maine phone oder kiya tha amazon shoping site se aur usme 1 year ka guarantee tha aur 2 month ke ander mera phone dead ho gya ....aur phir maine jab mobile phone company ko call kiya toh woh mujhe 20 days se bahana kar raha ha aur woh mujhe mera phone replace nahi kar raha ha ...please aap mera helpe kijiye....

Shubham Dwivedi

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

I have purchased a mobile Panasonic P55. Its camera is defective. I submit it in service center for repair but they return it to me after 10 days without any solution.

Balai Mitra

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

I have deposited my Micromax Phone having model number A106 ( IMEI number 911401155620071 / 911401156120576) to M/S SUN INFOSOLUTIONS, 17, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata 700013 on 1st July 2015. The set was having charging problem and it was having network issue. They have received the phone on 1st July 2015 and gave me JOB Sheet number as E030741-0715-17698208. I have called several times to know the status but I have not received any proper information except saying it will take time and I may get the phone after 15 days. But no proper information was given to me. Already one month and twenty days is going to pass and I have not received my phone.And Micromax head office says need to repair the cell phone more then twenty to twenty five days. As you all know how important is a cell phone now a days and I am facing lots of problem due to this. please help


Posted on Aug 19, 2015

My delivered weighing machine has complaind. So please exchange my purchaise or refunded imeadiately.

sukanta chowdhury

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

sir, i purchased a mobile phone, INTEX AQUA STYLE PRO(BLACK), product no. 91139920028341.The mobile phone was not working properly. so, i complained on 15/07/2015 at INTEX service center. The service center details is- Joy Enterprise, Agnisha Apartment, 19, mukherjee Lane, serampore, hooghly,phone No.- 03326528311 and. The problem is that still now the problem is not solve. thank you

Vikash Ghosh

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

I purchased a new Spice-518 staller series android set from Home shop 18 3 months back. After using 45 days my cell's LCD got lining problem. same day (on 11.07.15) I went to the service centre and they took the set for repair and said it would taken maximum 15 days. But more than one month has gone by they still not returning my repaird cell. Whenever they pick phone say it will take 7-10 days. I have been facing a lot of problems. Service request No. 25100849F70183 dtd. 11.07.17. Please help in this regard.

Anju Rathi

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

I purchased Reconnect Full HD LED 39 inch from Reliance Digital store Bhiwadi on 24/03/2013. The model number is 3901. It was purchased at the amount of Rs. 32990/-. I have extended warranty till 23/03/2016. In July, the remote and the display panel became faulty. The compliant was logged with Reliance Team and picked up the LED on 31/7/2015. Till date, they are unable to do provide a standby device which they are liable to provide under the extended warranty contract. Second, the LED remote and display panel has not be repaired and replaced yet. We are without a TV since last 18 days. They are offering a depreciated price of Rs. 15000/- as a return amount which is unacceptable. The reliance team is very irresponsive and careless. They are not paying any attention to deliver the resolution. In compensations, I want the followings: 1) Standby Full HC 39 inch LED immediately at my place. 2) Repaired 39 inch Full HD LED with remote be delivered to my place in a week.


Posted on Aug 18, 2015

the INTEX mobile of given to service centre on 15/6/2015 for replacement under warranty. on 18/8/2015 the service provider of JIND, near govt college refused to give mobile to me. he said that this mobile is in co,mpany you take it from there. i do not know what is status of this mobile . i have e-mailed intex company and visited approxi 50 times to the service vendor. reference number of email complaint is SR2907156844

Mahendra Bamhane

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Complaint- Defective mobile received from Shopclues Mobile online order date- 31 Jul 2015 Mobile Model- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G - White - (6 Months Brand Warranty) Mobile Company- Xiaomi Prize- Rs.6,699 Defect- Power button is not working properly, so not able to use mobile. This defect is from Manufacturer/Merchant End. Mobile received through courier on- 5th August 2015 Complaint registered on Shopclues site on 6th August 2015. Also called customer care on same day. My concern is that this defect is from Manufacturer end so why should I accept such a defective mobile? Also Xiaomi customer care confirm me that Shopclues selling their resale products with lower warrenty, Mobile Company service center is not near to me. Why should I pay money on travelling for Manufacturer fault? Please help

Pramod Kumar Sharma

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

I have purchased one Power Bank from Shop Clues on 04 june, 15 which was not working. Complaint was raised and it was informed that refund is approved and item will be picked up from my home. From then several calls and requests didn't yield and Shop Clues never ever sent anybody for picking up item nor refunded the money. My order number was 55171215 of 04 June, 2015


Posted on Aug 17, 2015



Posted on Aug 16, 2015

WATER PURIFIER - EUREKO FORBES.MODEL:CRYSTAL.YEAR OF PURCHASE:2009.Water is leaking and we raised request and called so many times to the concerned persons to come and rectify.When attending call they are telling we will be coming tomorrow or day after tomoorrow.Every time we call thier response never changed.Till date no one came and rectified.We have called so many times from past 3 months.It is not under warranty.Please do need ful.We are ready to pay for repair.Atleast we have to know what happened to purifier whether it can be rectified or not.If not we will seek another alternative.But atleast thier duty is to come and check the purifier.But they are not even doing it. PLease do take necessary action and make them to come and repair. Regards, Mounica

Yogendra sharma

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Hii sir my neame y k sharma Sir meri broblem micromex compony ke sath hai mera mobile service centar se vapas aya to usmese ram gayab ho chuka tha memorycard not support

st.judes high school

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

We have purchased a Ricoh priport DX2340 a priniting device which is not working properly. we have given calls o customer care inspite of making complaints o the company about non functional of machine no body has reverted to the same.

Binod Kumar

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

I have submitted the Micromax mobile (Modal No A-064 Micromax) for repair on 23/02/2015, Micromax authorized service centre M/s AVJ communication Shop No. 20, 2nd floor Hudson lane Kingsway camp near GTP metro station gate-4, New Delhi. I have call service centre No 43466454/9711673030. but their are not response till now. M/s Avj communication are always extent more time for repair the mobile. They are harassed me.

Muneer Ahmad

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

hang on problem of my Nokia xl . I take my mobile 4times to service centre of Nokia at srinagar they tell me that we will send this mobile to Delhi for solving this problem and you will wait at least 20 days because they new my warranty expires in between these days but when I received my mobile after 2 days the same problem is happening again. Actually they not sending my mobile to Delhi service centre . Now I want to case an f.I.r against the service centre of Nokia at srinagar Kashmir .


Posted on Aug 11, 2015

Sir I bought a micromax canvas hd eg 116 on 27 March 2015. From last 2 days the phone isn't displaying anything. I went to the company's nearest service center. They pointed out that water had been poured out into the phone.but I think it is wrong. The phone is under the warranty period but they told I have to pay 5500/- for servicing the phone.


Posted on Aug 09, 2015

Sir mai apne mobile ko Micromax k service center me dia that screen touch k problem k lie mobile warrenty period me h.....Micromax care Raipur ne mujhe mobile wapis kia lekin battery change krk unhone new battery k jgh damage battery lga die...mere khne par kha ki hum touch ki problem me battery nahi lete jbki unhone battery lia tha . aur Micromax k job shit me mujhe likh k dia tha ..par 3din bad mujhe jb for se khrab battery k vjah she problem aayi to mere Jane par we bahs krne lge aur purani job shit mangne par nhi dikhae ulta kah dia hm nhi rkhte fek dete h.... Mobile me abi b problem h ..an mai kya kru

Karan Mehra

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I have purchased Voltas inverter AC model number 1.5TVOLTAS SAC18VDY around 3 months back fand since then I am facing an issue which is not getting resolved.Its been nightmare for me. I have done the biggest mistake to buy voltas ac. The problem is that 'F8' error gets displayed and ac stops working. 3-4 times their poor skilled technicians visit at my place and could not solve it and giving different excuses.Few of them are Ansari , Bajinder etc. One of their service agency head Mr. Brij Thakur is also not able to solve it.One technician says its indoor unit problem other says its outdoor unit problem. Brij Thakur ask them to take the PCB out and bring to the service center, other says that it can be solved there itself. Within 3 months , it my 4th complaint. Another point is that my complaint number is 15070401771, which was closed on 5 August 2015 , though none of their technician visited my place since last 2-3 weeks. I don't know how that complaint was closed. and who closed i

Dr Mrinal Samanta

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I purchased a Karbonn Titanium S3 mobile IMIE : 911387900492900, and within 5 months the battery got damaged. As per their warranty the battery has to be replaced. I submitted battery to the authorized service center at Bhubaneswar (SMART SERVICES), vide their job sheet no 1746 dt 14.03.2015., but till date it has not been replaced. I contacted Karbonn mobile, and from April onwards they are telling lie with false assurance. The original battery was taken by the service center, and till date the battery has not been replaced making the phone as dead. First of all they need to replace the battery, and thereafter they should be punished as they are cheating, misleading the people with mental agony and harassment.

Ayan mukherjee

Posted on Aug 07, 2015

I am very disappointed to inform you that, my micromax mobile was given to the service center "M/S FIRST SERVE" at 29/1. S.N. ROY ROAD, kolkata-53(near 29 pally club) about 1 month ago. They told me that service should be completed within maximum 10 days, but it is taking more than double time to fix my problem. there are two mobiles of mine with same problem there jobsheet number are E030421-0615-17509896 registered by customer name Ayan Mukherjee and E030421-0615-17508934 registered by customer name Dwiparna Mukherjee. they told that those mobiles has "touch-pad" problem so they suggest to replace the touch-pad and they also told that they will replace forth with whenever the touch-pad delivered by the main branch. but it more than about 1 month, but they are now telling that the touch-pad is not deliver to them by the main branch till now. the mobiles ware given to the service center as on 25/06/2015.

palash kanthal

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

wrong product delivery against samsung galaxy grand-2, price: 15499/-. ref paisa pay id: 37774344259.ebay delivered china mobile with dispute instead of said product. they cheated me. i called several but they didnt reply positively. samsung service center confirm that this is a china product with dispute in it. bill & warranty card shows all duplicate product. samsng care didnt replace or service the said product. i am asking help from consumer forum to resolve this matter.

Swati Bhattacharjee

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

Microsoft Lumia 535 bought on 12.2.15 from the Microsoft Store at South City Mall. There was a touchpad problem for which it was given to the Microsoft Service Centre, Gariahat on 13.5.15. Its address is Infotel Services, Ekdalia Road, Near Evergreen Road, Kolkata - 700019. The jobsheet number was 265504886/150513/021. A letter was sent to them regarding this. We recd the handset on 16.7.15. On that very same day we found that the battery was not charging. So we gave it again to the same service centre on 20.7.15. Jobsheet number 265504886/150720/024. Pls help me out to get the replacement of my phone.

Shradha Gupta

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

The Bajaj Electricals company, despite several complaints have not replaced the Otg I had purchased on the 07.01.2015. It has not been functioning for over 3 months now. The problems continue to persist even after having it repaired for 4 times since February. I believe it's a damaged product that is irreparable. I mailed them several times yet they haven't responded on account of replacing the product. I hereby request you to take necessary action.


Posted on Aug 05, 2015

Yesterday i visit LG service center Madina Electronics Address 81,BISHAMBER BAGH,MOLANA AZAD LINK ROAD Near Hotel Ikhwan,SRINAGAR,JK,190001 I have washing machine 7.5 Kg model No P8532R3S my washing machine is not working properly i visited to service center i explain my complaint and the ask me there is a fan belt problem i had give model no they people search the fan belt but unfortunately the don't have catalog which fan belt is for particular model after they asking me bring fan belt tomorrow .today i bring the fan belt to service center and i asking them write a complaint they denie we will not come at your home bring washing machine in service center and taking advantage why you open the washing machine open. if they have proper information about the which fan belt is used for particular model.why i bring the fan belt in service center.

neema tashi

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

Sir I lost 1700 rs in repairing my TV as the TV repairmen charged 1700rs for repairing and after 7 days my TV is again not functioning..the repairmen now is not answering my calls and if I go to his shop and house he is always not present..please help me..

Suparna Saha

Posted on Aug 03, 2015

I bought micromax canvas Knight A350 on 21st October 2014. It suddenly stopped charging. I went to micromax service centre on 25th June 2015 but till date they did not return me the phone instead they gave me a new jobsheet number over the phone. My old jobsheet no.-E030741061517502503 (dated-25/6/2015) and my new jobsheet no.- E030741071518034270 (Dated-20/7/2015).Kindly resolve it at your end at the earliest.

Ipsita Dash

Posted on Aug 03, 2015

laptop screen purchased and installed from a shop with 3 months warranty and it stopped functioning within 3 days when asked the shopkeeper to replace it he is denying to replace it.

varun seth

Posted on Aug 02, 2015

I purchased an i phone from jumbo electronics ambience mall gurgaon and they have not converted my transaction into EMI despite giving me charge slip.


Posted on Aug 01, 2015



Posted on Aug 01, 2015

I bought a HTC mobile through ebay. It has a manufacturing defect. HTC is refusing guarantee and service as it was bought through ebay.


Posted on Jul 31, 2015



Posted on Jul 31, 2015


Sanya Shinh

Posted on Jul 30, 2015

Hello, I bought a washing machine worth Rs17000 on September 2014 and made a down payment of Rs6000 and got the remaining balance which is Rs11000 transferred to EMI's for 6 months which amounts to Rs1400 every month but last month to my horror when I checked my bank statement I saw since January Rs2200 is being debited on 2nd of every month till today without my knowledge which makes more then the amount due and when contacted the merchant you have taken mediclaim as well which I have no knowledge of. So to sum up BAJAJ FINANCE duped me by giving me something which I dint ask for and are taking out money from my account in context to the same and neither CROMA nor BAJAJ FINANCE and neither ICICI BANK is helping me for the same. It's horrifying to see that such esteemed names can harrass you for money. I want the extra money that I payed them back. Kindly help and pleas lodge a complaint against them. It's a humble request


Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I had visited twice NOKIA SERVICE CENTER but they are not replacing the set which was purchased vide invoice no. SF1234/15-16/5375, DATED. 27-APR-2015, THANKS .


Posted on Jul 29, 2015



Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I have ordered one mobile from olx. they are sending mail and i got invoice, order details and all. they are regarding to pay 6700 for the mobile. i paid. but the courier came thru flipkart and the courier person asking 10,000. so i returned. i call the mobile person, he didnt responding. please any one help me.

Debasis Bhandari

Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I have purchased one HP tab from Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.; details are as follow. Serial No- CNU45194Q3. Invoice No- SLR215V1415-401 DATED FEB 6, 2015. There is problem with the HP tab and that was informed quite long back. Till Now they are not responding neither replace the same. Please look in to matter and require additional information will be provided if require. Regards,

Sakshi Gupta

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Dear Concerned My LG fridge's compressor is not working from past 3 weeks and till now LG says that they have not got the compressor shipment from out of India. The supervisor is inturn asking me to buy a new fridge under their scheme where they will pay me 80% of our buying price of the fridge and rest I have to pay from my pocket. Why a so called brand name LG doesn't have a compressor, is this what customer service is??? (kindly note our fridge has 10 years compressor warranty and its been only one and a half years since we have got this frdige) What is the use of spending more than half a lac on fridge and then end up not using it coz company doesn't have the parts..... The model number of the fridge is GL-528GSX5.


Posted on Jul 27, 2015

LG company is not able to provide faulty compressor for my LG fridge.Fridge is out of warranty however compressor is under warranty.They are offering compensation of only INR.18,000/- towards a fridge which was purchased 3 years back at price of 43,000/-,We are only interested in getting our fridge repaired or get alternate one and LG is not willing to compromise inspite of their fault

Chandrani Bhattacharjee

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Dear Sir, With due respect, I am sending this mail to you with extreme grief and grievance, that our TV (VIDEOCON LED) has malfunctioned within 6 months of purchase. Contacted to service center on 16th June. One service guy came and found panel needed to be changed. After that, couple of times they came but could not give us the replaced one. Today is 27th July, and we did not receive the TV back, what they eventually took with them. We called them around 20 times, and till now, area manager dogging the date and time every time. Hence, I am taking further step to mail to you with hope that you will do the needful. Local area in-charge contact No. : 8420109133 Bill against name (owner of the TV) : Chandrani Bhattacharjee (my wife) Reference Number : KOL1307150123 Response code : R24493


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

I request all the shoppers to not use this site at all. They are not providing quality products. I have received incomplete order and raising of complaints or for returning these products, seems to be impossible as the Customer support is totally bad.Simply paytm rejected my return even though i received my order incomplete i.e wheels were missing from the order.from last 3 months iam keep on sending mail no one responding my query even i have contacted to the grievance officer but he was also useless fellow. Order No.943392358 Rs. 5591 02 May '15 11:07 pm Symphony Diet 8 T 8 L Tower Air Cooler (White) Qty : 1


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

Dear Sir, Myself Sandip Pajai, I had purchase mobile T-21 from Madhuram Infotech, Bhopal on dated 12.04.2014. My mobile got faulty and I had submitted it to authorized service center at Raipur, on dated 13.02.2015 but o 2nd June they Issue me DOA for new mobile after submitting repairing charge e.i. Rs. 5700.00. I went earlier to the shop to replacing mobile at Bhopal. But the shopkeeper and dealer avoid me to replace it. In contact Panasonic executive by help line no. he give me no. of Mr. Shyam Jee (Mob. No. 09977420101). But he was also avoid me again is compile to Panasonic executive (07.07.2015) he assured me to resolve my problem. But after calling 13.07.2015 it is known that they are also unable. I mail to Panasonic hole history (Thu, 16 Jul 2015 10:22:50 IST) but no reply from them. Sir, please help me for replace my mobile. I give some details for your ready reference at below:- IMEI 1 : - 357010050044435 IMEI 2 :- 357010050044443 Job No. KJASPCH00825K1245 Thanking You

Abhinandan Singh

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Flyfot Mobile Store/atharav Enterprises (Gole Market, Near Pahalwan Di Hatti, Gandhi Nagar.) I have a very bad experience after having iphone 5s from this dealer. I got duplicate data card and adapter and also phone was defective. I came to know when i visited service center after getting battery drainage, network problem and heating issue while charging.I sugges you people please dont by any product from this dealer because after sale he act like wreckless.

Bhavesh Patel

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Prosenjit Pramanick

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Hi Bajaj Finance have been troubling me with there dhamkis ,they want 1750 Rs which I don't have any idea how it has accumulated . They are telling check bounce ,but I have always made payment online ,Plese help me a good responsible Indian citizen. Thanks


Posted on Jul 22, 2015

I want to complaint my Tata Sky connection its misconnection to visitors.They have charged the amount forcefully without any reason as a debit my account 170/- then i have not seen to my tv connection please see this matter as an early as possible.Please see this matter as an urgent basics.I talked to Tata sky customer care executive but not improved for this reason.Please kindly see this matter because my tv connection is fully closed to connection.

Harshit Sharma

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

i had given my phone to the hTC service center on 1 july 2015 and the recieving date is 3 july 2015 and today i called to the service center ie 21 july but they are saying may be 10 to 15 more it will take for repairing but in their service sheet it has been written tha if you didnt pick your phone within 30 days from the date of recieving from you our company not be responsible for mishappening with your phone.... so please help me ...my phone is 6 months old and display becomes abnormal,speaker didnt work,mother board is defective ,body did'nt fitted propely ...my phone is htc desire 816g and its IMEI no.is 355702065210389

Mohit Chaudhary

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Dear Team, I have bought a LG T10RRF21V 9Kg Top Loading Washing Machine on 8-March-15 in Rs.27000 from flipkart. Since the day we started using the same, we are facing one or other issues. Starting from the high sound, alignment issues, Balancing error and uncleaned cloths, we have faced all kind of issues. In past 1 month itself, we have called around 6-7 times to LG customer care for these issues. But the services we received were pathetic and the issues were left unresolved. Every time the executive came, they ensured that the issues were resolved but they aren't. Now the worst part is that from last 2 complaints lodged on 18-Jul-15 (RNA150718054333) and 20-Jul-15 (RNA150720095405), no body have came to visit us for the complaints we made. This product is defective as the sole purpose of clean cloths are not getting accomplished. I have spent Rs.27000 on this piece of crap and still i have to wash my cloths manually.

Sumit Kumar

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Hi, This is to inform you that I have purchased Samsung S6 where Samsung has offered that I will be getting one wireless charge if I am buying Samsung S6 before 31 may'15. And I had purchased this handset on 15 may'15 for which I do have receipt as well. Then the store keeper only cut my Sim card and inserted in this phone and said that I needs to wait for max of 48 hrs. With in 48 hrs I will get msg for redeem code which I can redeem it on Samsung portal for wireless charge. Till today I didn't get msg and whenever I am calling them they are saying that you are not eligible for that charger because I have registered different number in this phone. Even I asked then that i didn't do anything since this phone is Nano Sim slot, and even informed then might be if by mistake its register with different number then then find out whether that number register for any wireless charger or not. Because that number is also belong to me only. Again and again I getting harassed by them and

Devendra Agar tv from retail shopwal

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

i had purchase a 40 inch LED tv from a retailer in sep. 2014 from udaipur, from purchase date i have facing problem with tv like snow on screen / picture not clear & also my remote does not work from day one. i have submitted my complain to that dealer 4 to 5 time but the retailer or the company was not provide any resolution against my complain for till date.. plz help

Amit Pandey

Posted on Jul 18, 2015

I have buyed a Lenovo flex 2-14 model laptop on 18 january 2015. From April my laptop started showing white reflection from all the 4 corners and the bottom of screen. I have registered my complaint on APRIL and from april lenovo has replaced different parts in my laptop.total 4 times the parts are ordered and 4-5 times engineer has tried to repair my laptop BUT THEY FAILED ALL THE 4 TIMES TO REPAIR MY LAPTOP. ALREADY 3 and a half MONTHS ARE over trying to repair my laptop . SO I ASKED LENOVO TO REPLACE MY LAPTOP OR REFUND MY MONEY BUT LENOVO REFUSED IT. REMEDY NEEDED:- 1)full refund of my money OR 2)replacement of my laptop CONTACT DETAILS:- 1) lencare@lenovo.com 2) consumerts@lenovo.com LAPTOP DETAILS:- Brand - Lenovo Series- Flex 2-14 LAPTOP SERIAL NO. - WB15218697 PLEASE HELP ME AND ASK LENOVO EITHER TO REFUND MY MONEY OR REPLACE MY LAPTOP.

Sahil Singh

Posted on Jul 18, 2015

i have purchased a cristol prime induction combo vide invoice no.jiv/A/6015/15 16/2205 dated 11 Apr 15 from home shop 18. The same has been became unserviceable after one week. after so many complaints they are not providing correct address & mobile no where it can be repaired. item is under warranty period. kindly do the needful.


Posted on Jul 18, 2015

I have sent my mobile INFOCUS m2 for repairing due to the problem of not power on at their office gurgaon & it is around 2 months i am wating for my phone to receive after repairing. My phone imei 355716065732317. i have paid 2500 rs for reparing & costumer care execuitve person behave is very very rudly and please do the needful help.

Kaushal Kishor

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

My Problem is micromax service centre .I have put my mobile in Sec 16 faridabad servive cenre on date 10.06.2015.He say me that your mobile will be completed with in eight days but my handset is not yet completed. So please you help me to be your great kindness . Thanks


Posted on Jul 17, 2015

To The Consumer Redressal Forum Respected Sir, I purchased Nokia XL dual SIM mobile on 12 Sep 14. Same set was handed over to Customer care on 09.07.15 due some problems occur in the device. From Customer Care it was told that the warranty period expired and I have to pay 850/- as repairing charge. I personally checked with microsoft.com by quoting both IMEI numbers and saw the device is out of warranty period. Hence, it is proved that I was cheated and sold with a used device by paying the price of new one. I am having all original documents except Job card (Taken back by service centre) for submission at the appropriate time. Thanking you, Truly, Dibyendu Ghosh Dastidar

Sheethal C

Posted on Jul 16, 2015

hi, Ref#39358717180 i have purched one HTC mbl of 9550 rs. that mbl got some prblme. so 9-june i have sent back 1st time, once again i have recived 2nd time, this mobile is also having full of prblm. so once again i have contacted Ebay customercare and as per the discussion with ebay i have sent back the mbl to sellar address.and i have asked to re claim the money, 2nd time i have recent on 30-june-2015, and i have uploaded the photos with shipping bill on ebay guarantee using paisepay ID. even i have sent the photos through MY GMAIL also. still nobody can not revert back. my money is not yet came. more than 1 month over. i have contacted more than 4 times ebay, but no use. ebay customer people ara telling to contact the seller. i have tried that also but that seller number is switched off. so am fully fed up with EBAY and that seller. for this can i go for consumer court?


Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I purchased a Micromax mobile phone on 11-nov-2014 vide invoice no.DEL20141100152697 THRU FLIPKART with a one year warranty. The mobile phone automatically turned off on the evening of 02-jun-2015. The handset was sent to company service center on 03-jun-2015 vide job order no N060197-0615-17024485 and a verbal delivery with in 15 days was confirmed by the service center. However, even after more than 45 days, there is no sign of getting my handset back. Even service center is not able to confirm when I will get my handset back. I have even purchased a new mobile handset, since a mobile is a necessity for communication these days. I request the forum to help me get full refund of my money & also penalize the company for deficiency in service and mental harassment.

sangeeta siwach

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

Anil Kumar Tanwar

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

&#2360;&#2375;&#2357;&#2366; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306;, Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission C-22 & 23, UDYOG SADAN, QUTUB INSTITUTIONAL AREA, BEHIND QUTUB HOTEL, MEHRAULI, DELHI. &#2350;&#2344;&#2381;&#2351;&#2357;&#2352;, &#2360;&#2357;&#2367;&#2344;&#2351; &#2344;&#2367;&#2357;&#2375;&#2342;&#2344; &#2351;&#2361; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2325;&#2367; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; Apple IPhone 4 &#2341;&#2366; &#2332;&#2379;&#2325;&#2367; &#2309;&#2349;&#2368; &#2349;&#2368; SPJ SERVICE CENTER &#2325;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; &#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2404; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2325;&#2368; &#2344;&#2375;&#2335;&#2357;&#2352;&#2381;&#2325; &#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2377;&#2348;&#2381;&#2354;&#2350; &#2310;&#2312; &#2341;&#2368;, &#2311;&#2360;&#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2350;&#2376;&#2344;&#2375;&#2306; SPJ GADGET TECHNOLOGY SERVICE CENTER &#2325;&#2379; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2366; Apple IPhone 4 &#2360;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2352;&#2366;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2404; &#2324;&#2352; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2330;&#2376;&#2325; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; 3 &#2360;&#2375; 4 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2350;&#2351; &#2350;&#2366;&#2305;&#2327;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2404; &#2332;&#2348; &#2319;&#2325; &#2361;&#2347;&#2381;&#2340;&#2375; &#2348;&#2366;&#2342; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2347;&#2379;&#2344; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2340;&#2379; &#2357;&#2375; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354;&#2375; &#2336;&#2368;&#2325; &#2340;&#2379; &#2361;&#2379; &#2332;&#2366;&#2351;&#2375;&#2327;&#2366; &#2346;&#2352; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; 2 &#2360;&#2375; 3 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2324;&#2352; &#2354;&#2327;&#2375;&#2306;&#2327;&#2375;, &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2361;&#2366; &#2336;&#2368;&#2325; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;, &#2347;&#2367;&#2352; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; 4,5 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2348;&#2366;&#2342; &#2398;&#2379;&#2344; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2340;&#2379; &#2347;&#2367;&#2352; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354;&#2375; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; &#2341;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2309;&#2349;&#2368; &#2323;&#2353; 3 &#2360;&#2375; 4 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2325;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2360;&#2350;&#2351; &#2354;&#2327;&#2375;&#2306;&#2327;&#2366; &#2320;&#2360;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2375; - &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2375; &#2319;&#2325; &#2350;&#2361;&#2368;&#2344;&#2375;&#2306; &#2360;&#2375; &#2332;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366;&#2342;&#2366; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2404; &#2354;&#2375;&#2325;&#2367;&#2344; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2313;&#2360;&#2375; &#2360;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; &#2348;&#2332;&#2366;&#2351;&#2375; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2325;&#2366;&#2347;&#2368; &#2330;&#2368;&#2332;&#2379;&#2306; &#2325;&#2379; &#2393;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2325;&#2352; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2332;&#2376;&#2360;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; (Front Camera, Charging Port, LCD Screen, Speakers) &#2310;&#2342;&#2367; &#2404; &#2332;&#2348; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2313;&#2344;&#2360;&#2375; &#2346;&#2370;&#2331;&#2366; &#2325;&#2368; &#2351;&#2361; &#2360;&#2348; &#2330;&#2368;&#2332;&#2375; &#2325;&#2366;&#2350; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2325;&#2352; &#2352;&#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376;, &#2340;&#2379; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2360;&#2375; &#2351;&#2361; &#2325;&#2361;&#2366; &#2325;&#2368; &#2351;&#2361; &#2346;&#2361;&#2354;&#2375; &#2360;&#2375; &#2361;&#2368; &#2393;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;, &#2332;&#2348;&#2325;&#2367; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; &#2311;&#2360; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2352;&#2381;&#2357;&#2367;&#2360; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2404; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2360;&#2366;&#2398; -

Rajeev Pratap Singh

Posted on Jul 11, 2015

Respected Sir I purchased a Lenovo laptop on18th October and they gave me Lenovo power bank of Rs 1099 as Diwali offer. I payed money on 27th October and somehow after denying several times company manage to deliver me power bank on 8th December. It was delivered without any warranty card etc. After two month power bank stopped working and when I contacted Lenovo they are just killing the time and no one is there to reply. I really depressed and feeling cheated. After all I have paid the price of Power bank and they should give warranty for that. You are my sole hope. Please provide justice to me.

Anupam Das

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

I had purchased a IFB washing machine on 22nd May 2015 but unfortunately received a defective product which couldn't be installed IFB technician. The replaced machine had manufacturing defect too. It was again requested for replacement on 15th June 2015 but this time it didn't got replaced. The machine has been lying with me since then. Since 15th June 2015 I had been frantically calling up the branch office, IFB Kolkata service center and Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Garia, Kolkata for assistance but I didn't get any positive response. I am even ready to go for a different brand. I am paying my EMI without any failure. I would appreciate if my machine is replaced by another brand by Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd. IFB has sent a defective product to me and the dealer Khosla Electronic Pvt. Ltd Garia, Kolkata hasn't given me a good product but has taken the payment from me. Khosla has been sitting on my complaint since 15th June 2015 without providing a reprisal.I want a new machine.

Ab majid

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

i purchased a gyser of arise company on 17/10/14, with one year gaurentee at price of 11290 rupees. The gyser do not works and now company is not giving me any benefit of gaurentee.I possess proper cash memo and gaurentee card.

anand gupta

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

iam check online complained in led penal of samsung model no. UA32F5100ARMXL is not working proper

Preetam Dhar Dubey

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Abhijeet kumar saha

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I have submitted my videocon mobile in the service center of patna frazer road for repair, my phone is in warranty. they promised me to repair my mobile within 10 days but today it is 25 day but they still that your mobile has not been repared yet. then i asked them the exact time. they told we have no information. call next day. I think that service center is fake. address of center- mobile care, frazer road, patna. mob- 9334488500, 7870785697 model- videocon infinium z50 nova. date of submit- 15 june 2015 registered mobile no- 8404984538

Soumyajyoti Dutta

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I brought an Voltas 1.5 Ton AC from Khosla Electronics Gaia Showroom on 05/06/15 and while installing I found its outdoor unit is damaged(Top, Front and Left side tapered)but voltas guys forcefully installed it and said it will be changed later on but not getting any reply from voltas and khoasla to replace the damaged outdoor unit and even not entertaining me and forced me to take the damaged unit. I want to replace the AC outdoor unit with a new outdoor unit.

pradeep patley

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

i have a samsung note4 this is problem criate restart aotomatic i contact to samsung care raipur and i drop form 25 jun and samsung care give me a time 4 to 5 day but today is 9 july and my problem is not resolve please help me

Manoj Sharma

Posted on Jul 08, 2015

Bought a Dell Inspiron 3148 laptop which started giving problems of hanging with 2 weeks. After replacing all parts except battery and screen they still couldnt fix the problem over 2 weeks and finally agreed for replacement around mid June. On 23 June they sought my approval for the configurations of the replacement with a delivery timescale of 2 months to which i objected and told them its not aceptable and conditonally approved the configuration. I also spoke to Dell representative and expressed that i needed the replacement laptop on or before 3rd July as i was travelling from 5th July. I was mislead by Dell into believing that everything was on track till this week where they told me it will take another 12-15 days where as on 23 June they told me it would be 12 to 15 days and that i should have it by now. I am not out of a working latptop for more than a month and not sure whether i will get for another 2 months, they are not even extending the warranty because of this delay.

Daksh Agrawal

Posted on Jul 08, 2015

I am owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo IMEI No.351665068707780 covered under accidental insurance from Royal Green Services (P) Ltd. (company) vide Policy No. 805973. My phone dipped in water and the screen of the phone went blank though the phone was switching on and i could backup data. It was submitted to company on 24th Mar 2015 via job sheet no. 4465. 1st the company told me that my phone is TAMPERED and my phone cannot be repaired. 2nd time the company told me that my motherboard is broken. But there was no physical damage at the time of handover of the phone. 3rd time the company told me that my phone's LCD is broken and my phone is unrepairable and offered a nominal exchange value of the same which i did not accept. Ever since i have been writing mails and calling to their executives but there is no response and no status of my phone is given which is harrassing. Its been 3 months and the company has made no attempt to contact me. I had to buy another phone because of this.


Posted on Jul 07, 2015



Posted on Jul 06, 2015


Waseem Mushtaq

Posted on Jul 06, 2015

I submited my micromax gold phn at laxminagar service of micromax in dec 2014,,,til now i phn has not been working properly,,,i visted 4 times submiting there,,,but all the time a new defect came in my ph as they havent repaired it properly,,,niw i m running out of warranty have paid 26700 till now and havent used my phn more than 3 months,,i bought it on 28 july 2014,,,plz help me to get it resolved,,my last job sheet number is N03066-0515-16704059,,,now i fed up crying for help,,,someone plz save me from micromax...they realy showed me what kind of incovence they can do with a cust,,,plz plz plz plz help me


Posted on Jul 06, 2015


Posted on Jul 05, 2015


Gopal Singh

Posted on Jul 04, 2015

Hi, i have ordered a phone from shopclues order no.58255179 LG phone on 26th June and they given delivery time till 3rd of july but i checked the status its cancelled by them. i am continuously followup from shopclues but it seems like that there is no positive responce,payment has already paid through credit card now i want to refund back my money asap. please help

Vinod Satpute

Posted on Jul 04, 2015

Sayan Mondal

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

I bought a Mts ultra wifi Dongle on 28th Feb, 2015.Mts gave me the connection on 5th march but it was not proper. I complained them many times regarding this but they never took any action against this.I have informed their customer to waver the billing amount as I faced so much problems but everyday They threatned me to pay an amount of Rs 1254(2 months rent). I have asked their pick up person to come and collect the rental of current month that is April'2015. Their customer care as well as the pick up person threatened me and my family members regarding the payment. Suddenly today I got a call Form a lady informing me that some one has raised a case in Delhi Court and she gave me another Number to know the details and asking me to visit Delhi court.They are continuously harassing me and my family mentally on daily basis. What Should I do ? Should I pay the amount Which I have not use ? Please Help


Posted on Jul 03, 2015

I have cancelled an order (Order id: OD103139726136730000) on 22nd June, 2015. Till have not received my refund amount of 12, 999 which I paid through credit. The customer service is useless they just don't have any information. Called them millon times just to listen"please be patient, we are forwarding the complaint". But nothing happened....

Deepak Bhambhani

Posted on Jul 02, 2015

Mobile Phone Purchased from Amazon.in Model Name - Yu Yureka Imei No. 911401502667197 Complaint lodged at Yu Yureka Customer Care (on 18602122122) on 9/6/15 Case id (old 1024844) new Case id 1080166, customer care of Yu Yureka confirmed to replace the phone since 11th June 2015 but still now no person came and the phone has still not replaced all the time they say wait for 5 to 7 days and now almost a month has been passed ... Please Help !!!


Posted on Jul 01, 2015


amaranth sarkar

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

I had purched a smartphone few months ago and due to some manufacturer technical problem I handed it to the Service Center. Now when more than 15days are over, I went to take t back. But the Center officials are not responding or returning my phone back. Maxx Mobiles AX356 GENXDROID7 IMEI: 911385900198923 Retailer's bill number: 2750 Service Center job sheet number: RO/BDR/1516/0005133 Service Center Pan number: AAHFB5190P


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

We have been using cannon scanner (P-215-FUA62287) for the past 2 years.upon a defect in the system, we have contacted the local service centre at calicut.(Glorio service centre-0495-2360054). One of your technical staff-Mr. Praise attended the issue and taken back the instrument on 25.06.2015. In this regard, kindly note that, we have not receieved any response from the glorio service centre till today, whenever we tried to contact them, they used to give the same response."we will inform you'.


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Purchased Lava X1 Handset, Cost of HANDSET Rs 7800/-purchaed date 18/09/2014 from Shree. Kheteshwar Mobile Store, Shop No.2,Karma Point, Vasco, Goa.Once repaired due to Touch Screen problem within 6 months,took nearly 1 month to repair the same, now problem with software & battery, but lying in shop from last 1month and no response from the dealer, due to which i am unable to contact any one,also my work is suffering very badly from last 1 month. Request you to kindly look in the matter urgently.

Balbir Singh Lohchab

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Misuse of electrical poles by putting hoarding. In sector 46 Gurgaon 100 % poles are being used for hoarding without paying any money to DHBVN. No action is taken and no penalty has been imposed on the defaulters. Please take action.

Neeraj Khandelwal

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

My Nokia Lumia 820 had some problems with touch screen, touch was not working fine. So I visited Reliance ResQ care because my phone is in extended warranty. They received my phone and took note of the problems and handed over the slip. After 15 days I enquired with them and on 17 day I collected my phone. However, my phone was not working properly. I re-visited to Reliance ResQ Gurgaon center after 1 day and they resubmitted my phone. After 1 week I collected my phone and It worked fine for 1 day but still I faced problems with touch screen. Finally, I visited Nokia care center at Sec 14 Gurgaon and checked my phone. They said your phone has been completely changed with duplicate parts and cost to repair that entire handset was 12000 INR. I was completely shocked with the services given by Reliance ResQ.I would like to file a complaint against them. The center is located at Reliance ResQ care Centre at Flat NO 147, Dayanand Complex, Dayanand Colony, Opposite Jay Cinema Chock, Gurgaon

Sidhartha Kar

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I have installed 3 camera in my home. One camera is not working I told the company who has provided and installed this camera. Informed them via phone as well but no one bother to resolved this. This is the 3rd time. Please let me know solutions.


Posted on Jun 29, 2015

FEEDBACK REPORTS FROM END USER CUSTOMER OF NOKIA X PHONE. This is really superb that M/S Amazon (bearing AMAZON Order no 402-7405235-7116363 dated 20.08.2014) have responded to the problem of supply of faulty mobile phone such urgently. The warranty period of M/S Nokia is 1 year for this mobile, but the warranty/refund period of M/S Amazon is not known. To be true enough this NOKIAX DUAL SIM BLACK PHONE was not in use for considerable long period after Aug 2014. After energizing, (switching on), this phone was continuously giving problems. After a time gap time permitted and I enquired to M/S Amazon for getting their best services, then further based on the advice of M/S Amazone,I went to NOKIA Care. Nicely and in an extreme tactful way Nokia Care has dealt with this case. According to them the SIM Tray/Connector of SIM NO 2 of the set bearing IMIE No as 353070064068386 was faulty and it is found in damaged condition. And Nokia is not responsible for this partial damage, which means

Aakhash Khandelwal

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I have purchased a laptop from toshiba itself. During the first year when it was in Warranty, laptop has got all its major parts replaced. That laptop model had some manufacturing problems so causing issues regularly. Now after 1 year, even I have purchased extended Warranty, Toshiba is not providing any support or replacement.


Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have bought a Godrej Eon Usonic washing machine on 18th October, 2014 from Raaj mandir electronics, agartala,Tripura . After installing the machine from the very beginning, I had started facing problem with the machine like water inject pump and others. Recently a problem started with the interior drum which spins uncontrollably with drummer like huge noise. I had lodged a service request on 14/6/15 with docket no. G-1406962311. A technician from Sree Guru Refrijeration, the godrej service provider at agartala, attended my call on 15/6/15 and told me that on of the rod which controls the stability of the inner drum is damaged and it will take about 7 days to come from your guwahati. I had contacted again after 7 days, with Sree Guru and they told me that this product is out of stock and will take another 7-10 days. With a great regret I have to say that, if I have to wait for a service for 15-30 days, then how could I use my product. Please do the needful as early

anand purohit

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Respected Sir, I purchased Micro Max Canvas Tablet (P470)on 09 Jan 15, which is still in guarantee period. Due to problem in my tablet I gave it for repair in Micro Max Authorised service center "Shri Laxmi Enterprise" Uttam Nagar on 30 May 15 for which register no. is N-030716051516947414 and they told me that I will get in 2 to 3 Weeks. On query after 3 weeks they told me that it will take 10 more day for repair of your Tablet. Now one month is completed and they are telling that another 15 day will take to repair my mobile. I also asked to Mocro Max custome