Electricity Complaints


Posted on Jul 02, 2020

I am Bhawishya resides in north west Delhi, begumpur. I am shocked after seeing the electricity bill amount of 1500 for three months but the matter is our we are getting 0(zero) amount bill for three months. there is doubling of units to increase the bill amount. The TATA-Power ltd is our electricity distributor and they have given us bill of March, April, May already which was zero but they are adding the units of previous month as well to create a new bill of June. They are adding units to exceed to the limit given by Delhi Government. which is totally violation of the rule. I beseech you to have a legal action of TATA- Power Ltd for this double counting electricity units.


Posted on Jun 29, 2020

I am so shocked after seeing my current electricity bill for the June 2020. It is Rs 2610. I have paid my last month (May2020) bill of Rs 540. I have been paying my bill regularly without any delay. They are showing current reading date 17-06-2020 & previous reading date 17-03-2020 despite paying my May 2020 bill. no one from MSEDCL has come to note meter reading but they have given current reading 8955. These MSEDCL people are looting all the people in this covid 19 situation when people do not have money in their pocket. I request you to take Legal action against MSEDCL.

G Prakash

Posted on Jun 20, 2020

CESC BROAD DAYLIGHT ROBBERY AND CHEATING CUSTOMERS BY BY ADDING UNITS CONTINUOUSLY HI there, I was shocked to see my Mar and April Electricity bill provided by Chamundeshwari Electricity Service Corporation Mysore. Its double fold by simple error but costly to consumers. The error is, since no one has come to take the reading during April month cut off time due to Corona virus spread fear, they took the final reading in May but calculated the entire 400 units in 1, 2 ,3 and 4th slab. So my bill amount came a whopping 2800 whereas our monthly average consumption is about RS.750 to Rs.800. I am going to pay this to avoid future disconnection and running behind them etc, but please ensure take against this cheating corporation and provide justice to all the consumers at the earliest. This cannot be left as it is. Especially during Corona time, we are stuck with our earning. I hope this message reaches the right ears and someone ready to take action and provide justice. Looking forward. Thanks much G Prakash

mohit kotiya

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

last month electricity bill aaya tha 1019 ka humne payment late kra tha with palenty 1037.... humare paas receipt h....now ab next month k bill m payment judkr aarha h....hum kyaa kre....


Posted on Jun 04, 2020

M/S. Zunroof Ltd, NRC, New Delhi, a Solar Roof Company, approached me for installing Solar Grid for my residence during July 2019. After negotiations I agreed for a price of Rs.85000 for 1 KW Hybrid solar power and I made the payments as per their terms. After accepting the payments, during the month of November 2019 they informed that Hybrid system cannot be installed at the agreed price. Subsequently they revised the price to Rs.65000 for On grid system and I agreed for the same. I have submitted all the necessary documents requested by them to complete the project with the State Electricity Board along with the payment of Rs.85000. Even after 11 months the company has failed to complete the work and have not submitted any document to the Bangalore Electricity Company (BESCOM) and I continue to pay the regular electricity bill in spite of having solar power grid. In spite of my repeated complaint over phone, E-mail the Company is not responding nor it is returning me the excess paid money. I would like to take up the matter with Consumer Redressal Forum.

Srikanta chandra Das

Posted on May 31, 2020

My consumer number is 3222 0303 743 with consumer name Srikanta Chandra Das. In December 2019, I received the electricity bill as Rs.4376= which includes the current month bill as Rs.1641= and arrear amount as Rs.2785/= which seems to me an erroneous bill and I request to correct the bill. Here the summary of the bill of different months: Dec 2019--- Bill amt: Rs. 1641/- Jan 2020 --- Bill amt. Rs. 367/- Feb 2020 --- Bill amt Rs. 487/- Mar 2020 --- Bill amt Rs. 487/- Apr 2020 --- Bill amt Rs. -170/- Looking at the trend of my electric consumption bill, how the Dec-2019 bill can be this huge amount like Rs. 4376/-. I request to urgently rectify my bill amount and send me the correct bill. I have paid so far all the bill amount except the arrear amount which seems to me the erroneous amount. Regards, Srikanta Chadra Das Ph-9836073099

Bibha Devi

Posted on May 13, 2020

Sir, I was really taken aback to see my electric bill for the month of May, 2020 . Today a message dated 12 May, 2020, has been sent on my registered mobile no. 8235115057 that your bill is due Rs. Rs. 1,242 for 406 units for consumer ID 1104035454 . According to electric bill the present reading of meter is 2000 kwh BUT I CHECKED MY PRESENT METER'S READIING IS 1635 kwh. So, how can be it possible that meter is showing 1635 kwh and as per Electricity bill will be 2000 kwh. There may be two possible reasons. Either your bill clerk has made some mistake in billing me such a big amount for the eletric power consumed or my my electric meter has not been checked and without reading the meter they sent the electric bill on estimated basis. You can consult my previous bill's records that i have been charged only for the consumption of18 to 30 units but in this month of may I have been charged for 406 units . I paid the last bill Rs. 129 that has been generated on estimated basis due to COVID 19. and following are the documents that has been attached: Find the attatchment plz. 1. Meter reading on 12 May 2020 2. Bill sent by you for May, 2020 for 406 units 3. The bill of April 2020 for 32 units (LK,A) that had been generated on three month's average basis for Rs. 129 ( already paid) and This is also wrong calculation. bcz. a message has been sent from your (dated 30/04/2020) side that the bill has been generated on the basis of average of 3 month's consumption and if you consult my consumption of previous 3 monts that is for January 20, 17 Units for February 20, 19 Units and for March 20, 18 Units Total units consumed in 3 months = 54 units Hence, 3 month's Average unit consumed = 54 units / 3 months = 18 Units around But the bill has been sent for april on the average basis = 32 units So there is a big difference of 14 units in the month of april. 4. And the message's screenshots related to the point no. 3 Hence you are requested sir, to get my meter checked and send another bill after due correction of the bill for may 2020 i.e., for 406 units Thanking You Vibha Devi W/o: Jai Kumar Jha Con.ID : 1104035454 Meter Sl. No. 4425135 Village : Hirni, Tola : Hirni, Panch: Hirni Block : Kusheshwar Asthan Darbhanga, Bihar : 848213 Mobile No. 8235115057

G Annapurna

Posted on May 12, 2020

Hi, I am resident of Himayatnagar, Street No 7, Hyderabad PIN : 500029 My electricity bill : SC.NO.[D1009096] and usc :[101236923]. Since March 2020, the house has been vacant due to the lockdown circumstances, but the electricity bill for April was charged more than Rs 600. We paid since it was just one time, but there is no usage of electricity in the house but we are being charged Rs 700 this month as well. It is not even the minimum charge but such random electricity bills being sent when the house is vacant for over two months is not acceptable. I request the concerned officials to look into the matter and resolve it soon as the delay in bill payment will probably cost us even more. Kindly send the correct electricity bills. I'm hoping that this matter will be resolved at the earliest. Thank you.

vipin choudhary

Posted on May 11, 2020

My self vipin choudhary, hereby, to make a complain on high charge electricity bill. Account No:130123017534 Area: pratap nagar, F-BLOCK, Udaipur(Raj.). due to prevalence of lock-down all over India, all the shops business, schools, colleges are closed. . and AJMER ELECTRICITY SUPPLY CORPO Is generating bills for the HOUSE that is closed for about last 40 days. And the irony is last reading and current reading is showing same.. also consumed unit is 0 then also I am liable to pay bill amount of Rs. 4493/- Due date of bill was on 30th of April 2020. therefore I am dissapointed kindly look into the matter and redress it as soon as possible

Rupali GUPTA

Posted on May 02, 2020

This is shailendra kumar gupta, hereby, to make a complain on high charge electricity bill. Account No:344112213 Area: Goving nagar, Kanpur, Uttar pradesh. due to prevalence of lock-down all over India, all the shops business, schools, colleges are closed. . and KANPUR ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY Is generating bills for the shop that is closed for about last 40 days. And the irony is last reading and current reading is showing same.. also consumed unit is 0 then also I am liable to pay bill amount of Rs. 4493/- Due date of bill was on 30th of April 2020. therefore I am dissapointed kindly look into the matter and redress it as soon as possible


Posted on Dec 14, 2019

The officer from our village has disconnected power supply of some of the farmers without any reason, what should be done about it ?

Ram kumar

Posted on May 19, 2017

I have problam

Saroj Kumar Maity,Con Id 132008817

Posted on May 10, 2017

Sir, I,saroj Kumar Maity, Con Id: 132008817, Inst No: 11004678, Meter No: GS324133, inform you that my meter reading has been taken today and the person taken the reading two hwndred units extra. Actual reading: 10671, But taken reading: 10871. Therefore, I request you to take necessary actions. Thanking you.


Posted on Aug 14, 2015



Posted on Aug 11, 2015

we from the last three months are suffering from low voltage and inflated bills.essel vidyut vitran is the licensee for power transmission.their electric meters run very fast in low voltage,the unit of my meter increased from 1466 units in may to 3207 units by july15.their officials are neither responding to our calls nor to the low voltage.their electric meters of secure company are defective during low voltage and they r not letting install meters at our cost.kindly look into it.

biplab kumar saha

Posted on Aug 09, 2015

i have made my electricity bill for the month of may-15 full amount at a time, but the office generates two separate money receipt copy. This month when i again go to pay my electricity bill for the month of august-15 the office charges me extra amount which was shown in the bill of may-15 as discount for payment within due dates. i think from my side i have not done any mistake, but the electricity office (WBSEDCL) has charged me extra amount. please do needful for refund extra amount of my money.

sunita bisht

Posted on Aug 05, 2015

There is a high tension wire above our house,we have complained many times but found no results,now the wire has come very down and its becoming dangerous for our family members to climb the stairs and go to the roof.Please immediately act and send support.

kumar gautam

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

subhransu sekhar saha

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Dear Sir, I submitting this complaint behalf of my village all electicity consumers. Nesco is the company who is supplying the electricity to my vilaage "Sanala". The consumers are paying the minimum charges around 600 P.M., there is no meter system even after this much huge charges the companies only providing 5-6 hours electricity per day and if any problem will happen it will take around 4-5 days to resume the normal services. if you will consider the all the problem then there is only average 2-3 hours of electricity is available for the consumer. Therefore, I am requesting behalf of my villagers, kindly take the legal action on the NESCO.

Nishu kumar Jaiswal

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Sir in motihari east champaran the electricity bill has come 57000 within 2 months plz take any action in east champaran and check my bill properly

Uma Shankar Tiwari

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

Dear Sir, This is to bring to your kind notice that I, Uma Shankar Tiwari, aged 73, is a Senior Citizen having Consumer Id no. KT000174 and Account Number 400580420 in Katihar (Urban) sub division. I have got an excessive wrong billing of Rs 55,440. The Units Charged in the month of January 2015 is 4687 units. Again i have got 1620 and 1674 units in April and May 2015. My average billing units for rest of the months is 14 to 15 units per month. However, the billing for the month of January, April and May 2015 is exorbitant. Plz get my electricity bill rectified for the month of January, April and May 2015 in terms of Units consumed. I have already attached the bill wherein it is evident that the meter reading has been taken wrong. Plz do the needful at your end to rectify the electricity bill as i am a senior citizen aged 73 years having problem in physical movement. I am getting mentally harassed due to this wrong billing from your department. I am writing this mail to you as a ray of last hope. Please help me out of this problem as i am a senior citizen aged 73 years having problem in physical movement. सादर धन्यवाद / Thanks & Regards, (Uma Shankar Tiwari) Binodpur, Katihar Consumer Id no. KT000174 Account Number 400580420 - 9471816520 - 7352188000

Mayank Maheshwari

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

I am getting electricity without meter. After complaining about the faulty meter. Apple Facility took 4 months to install the new meter. Their average bill is very high and have forced me to pay the bill if not they would cut the electricity supply. When asked about the how the average have been calculated, they have no answer. Its a clear case of cheating and making money out of it. Kindly help.

smt.madhu lalwani

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

extra amount ka bill aya.kyu 1510/- kis bat ka hai. reply please.


Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Present meter reading was not recorded on the Electric Bill of June'2015, but unit consumption mentioned 229 units.Its unfare. My previous unit consumtions are : May'2015 -- 83 units, April'2015-- 69units,March--31 units, February -- 57units CESE DEPARTMENT told me to pay the full amount of 229 units ( i.e. Rs 1570).Next time it will be adjusted. But I'm not able to pay the amount and not agree to pay the amount.previous unit was mentioned on the bill but curent unit was not mentioned. It will take 4 to 5 months to reach the units of 229. Please guide me what to do


Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Respected sir, yesterday when my electricity bill was came i was shocked as it was around 800 and from last few months it approx 700-800 rs.... as i am alone at my home and due to collage n job i only say 6-7 hr at home at night only.. and when i say the meter the unit was 250 unit more than the meter unit in bill.... i want a strict action against this thing......

Robinson Fernandes

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

We have been using Reliance Energy since the time we shifted in the rented apartment 5 years ago. The average unit consumption for the last one year has been 250 units and the average bill is around Rs. 1800. We have not added any new appliances which would drastically change the unit consumption. The bill for the Month of June which we received amounted to Rs. 38250 which was above our total yearly consumption, the units consumed for the month of June is showing as 3800 ( approximately ) . We were asked to go to Reliance Energy office in Chembur and request for the Lad testing of the Meter. When we went there they registered an investigation and the result of which when I check now is that the meter reading is OK. The customer service rep. has requested us to go back to the Chembur Office and request for a Lad testing. The amount is way too high to be paid up and we would want this issue to be resolved.


Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Hello, we have purchased flat in SR Oak Wood and it is nearing completion (after 6 months delay in possession). However, BESCOM has refused to provide electricity to our apartment saying that this job is not in their scope (builder has already taken BESCOM & BBMP approval). We have registered complain No IOS7H45617 with BESCOM however no action taken. Pls help! Regards, Manish Ranjan M: 9960744443

Sangeet roy

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

Dear sir my electricity bill has come for rs 10416 for three although I am using tv, fridge and two tube lights. Moreover I was not there at home for one month and everyday I use electricity for 6 to 7 hours that too without tv. I m really very much shocked too see the bill amounting to rs 10416 for three months. Its absolutely a fraud pleasee provide necessary action

Arup Saha

Posted on Jul 04, 2015

I applied for a electricity connection at Shantipur Customer Care center of WBSEDCL on 21/11/2014.On 2/05/2015 I received a quotation and on 13/05/2015 I deposited quotation money.But till date I have not got the connection.On the other hand the Station Manager of Shantipur CCC is harassing me and showing inhuman behaviour.

Gopal Sonkar

Posted on Jul 01, 2015

This message is to inform you that 1week earlier I have given a written complaint against electricity bill but till now they have not come to check the meter as they have told that they will be doing it.They are sending an average bill of 7000rupees per month and there is consumption of electricity so much so how can the bill will come so much.Therefore I request you to take strict action against this.

Indra Mohan Kumar

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

sir, the surplus amount paid as electricity bill (rs. 1724)has not been adjusted with the bills. the electicity dept. has deposited that surplus amount in my security deposit.in that way they have taken security deposit rs. 4524 in the place of rs. 2800. 10 online complains have been registered but no use.my additional payment of rs.1724 plus penal interest alongwith the compensation for mental harassment may be reimbursed to me. thank you sir.

Rajesh S. Jain

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Sir, i need one electricity pole for my residential house which is around 300 ft. distance from another pole. I submitted file in Dec. 2014 at Railway Station sub-station, Aurangabad. Then onwards the officers are not responding me with interest....My file no. is 695872 of 20/12/2014. I also deposited Rs. 2550/- for meter charges on 31/03/2015 but still after nearly 90 days meter not installed. Officers told that your pole is sanction in govt. scheme but they never do the forward process in this matter. My consumer no. is 490018365241 dated 31/3/2015. I contact them on phone nearly 150 times. I visited the Satara MSEB & Railway Station MSEB about 50-60 times. Today for this matter more than 6 months are gone. At the end, i pray to God to forgive them !

Rakesh Bhat

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

There is no proper electric supply in our area.We had been doing follow up for the same with Electric department from 2012..We have given application also,but cold response from electricity department...The Wire coming to our house is via neighbours roof and it can lead to human life loss..Urgent intervention required.


Posted on Jun 21, 2015

inflated electricity billing. i have wrtten to superintending engineer edc but no respite.


Posted on Jun 21, 2015

My account no with PUVVNL IS 3630985000.The account stands in the name of my deceased father SYED AZIZ ABBAS.The meter installed is completely damaged and my request for its replacement is pending.The meter reader however shows the previous status as O.K. AND the present status as RDF and hypothetically adds meter reading by 620 units resulting in inflated bill.kindly look into the matter and correct the bill as per the norms prescribed by the regulatory authorities in the case of unmetered connection so that the pending bills may be paid expeditiously.IN THE MEANTIME I MAY NOT TREATED AS CONSUMER IN DEFAULT.SYED HUSAIN HAIDER 709/541 ATTERSUIYA ALLAHABAD


Posted on Jun 20, 2015

cons no.628-573-023 electric connection not working one phase in bldg is out of order pls help urgently

Amit R Singh

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

Dear Sir as I am already complaint regarding the same of my electricity bill as my average consumption is between 140-200 unit per month this month I am getting a bill of 700+unit .and moreover this month 12days I am not in the town .I am already complaint in the portal also but I am not getting any feedback regarding the same as I am visited to the office at Nallasopara Mr Abdul Shaikh is there at engineer when I am complaining regarding this his saying if is it in bill then you require to pay full amount which is most frustrated things for me as u people know in electricity there is no competition then u are you are going to charge whatever u want .hence its my final reminder after that if my case is not resolved then I am going to visit a consumer forum hence my consumer number is 00168042301 as 12th June is bill due date I want to close this matter before 12th so I am able to pay my actual bill.


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Dear Sir, This is the complaint for an abnormal billing discrepancy of electricity bill pertaining to the month of April 2015 against Consumer No.15004028001 amounting to Rs 5230/- paid on 05-06-2015. An unrealistic hefty bill amount and hike of bill units for the month of April'15 in spite of similar trend of elecric consumption due to usage of electronic gadgets, I apprehend that either your meter reader has not property recorded the figures during recording or some defects underlying in the said meter which necessitates proper verification and adjustments. In case you have revised the slabs and rates thereof, you please inform the consumer in advance. Kindly communicate the actiion taken by you by return mail. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Sayantani Jafa

navneet kaur

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Unpaid Builder outstanding old amount has been forcefully added in the electricity bill. when asked electricity department to recover from the builder, they said it will be recovered from the resident living in the building. after 5 years of buying sudden such outstanding amount is surprising & that too, its was purely builder's fault for which we did not have any information while buying flat from him. now after 5 years all of a sudden electricity department is forcefully asking to pay amount. which is quite inappropriate & illogical.

Balwan Singh

Posted on May 29, 2015

Respected Sir, I purchased the above house on 18.3.2013 in resale which were built up by GN Authority. I took physical possession of this house on 10.4.2015. When I visited Noida Power Corpn Ltd., NPCL office for electric meter, they told me that I will have to pay Rs.36,266 which is outstanding against the property on account of unauthorized electric connection in 2014 while the truth is that prior to 10.4.2015 the property was in possession of GN Authority and if they took some ele connection for executing works, it was their responsibility. I was nowhere in the picture because the property was not in my possession then. If the electricity was being theft, the NPCL should take care of it. So, Greater Noida Authority officials are responsible for unauthorised connection in under construction property or NPCL should keep a check on thefts. I request for refund of Rs.36,266 and also compensation for mental torture which I have faced. Your faithfully, Balwan Singh 9911442080

Asha R.C Pandit

Posted on May 28, 2015

I have received recent two months electricity bill of Rs. 500/- each month. Kindly check the meter and charged accordingly.

Louis Pereira

Posted on May 25, 2015

Electricity Disconnected at the above premises, in spite of sufficient credit (Rs. 2,100) in the Mescom Account on 5th May 2015. We were on vacation till 24-05-2015. When we returned home, Entire House was Stinking with smell. The refrigerator was filled with worms, insects and maggots. Food items stored inside the refrigerator totally rotten. Refrigerator fully spoiled and needs replacement. Expensive Non Veg food items, icecreams, dried fruits etc fully rotten. Cannot stay inside the house and the house needs to be cleaned due to stinking smell inside. Mescom Officials are not cooperating and ill-treating us with their irresponsible attitude. Please guide us how to submit our claim for compensation. Email would be a better way to communicate- Louis Pereira.


Posted on May 22, 2015

Sir, i am Gour Hari Mondal resided at Garia Aryanagar,panchpota,24PGS(S) kol-152. I'm a customer in WBSEDCL.My meter no is CT1371496(N).Last six month my meter does not any reading.I already complain at electricity office but the office does not take any action about this.My last bill(i.e.-NOV-DEC-JAN) was Rs.2311/-, which is absart. My average bill is Rs.550/- to Rs.650/-.I requested that replace my meter as soon as possible. They sent me a bill with out any changes my meter.After that WBSEDCL change my meter after 6 month of my complain.But now the current period (i.e.FEB-MAR-APR)they sended the bill of Rs. 5,5,43/-. Even when the last meter reading was taken the unit was shown 0.00, but when i'm received my bill it was shown 1578unit. How can it possible? You are hereby requested that please help me about this and do some strict action. Also i want a compensation for my harassment on this.


Posted on May 17, 2015

Complaint against high amount of electricity bill for last two months. please see the matter.

Sachin Lamba

Posted on May 11, 2015

Dear Sir, It's been years now that our street lights have never been on, after 10 pm its all dark on streets and people don't feel safe to go out after evening. Please look into this matter. Thanking You

Rajat Garg

Posted on May 07, 2015

1.As per the information provided on PVVNL website, we came to know that PVVNL (Pashimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited) is charging Rs. 5.21 per KVA Including surcharge and other charges. However our builder M/s Civitech Housing Pvt. Ltd is charging Rs. 5.98 per KVA i.e. 0.772 Rs per unit i.e.14.83% more than PVVNL stipulated rate from Oct. 2014. On which ground M/s Civitech Housing Pvt. Ltd is charging higher rates than rates stipulated by PVVNL. RWA has requested M/s Civitech Housing Pvt. Ltd to charge the rate decided by PVVNL but M/s Civitech Housing Pvt. Ltd has not revised the unit rate of electricity. If there is any irregularity done by M/s Civitech Housing pvt ltd we request you to take the necessary action against M/s Civitech Housing Pvt Ltd and ask them to reduce the electricity rates and refund the excess amount charged during last six months. We are having pre paid electricity meter but he is not giving any benefit for prepaid meter as stipulated by PVVNL.

karan jain

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

Electricity board is demanding high amount of bill.


Posted on Apr 26, 2015

I am Tarun working in UNITED NATIONS. I have purchased an air cooler of Orient with a cost of Rs. 8525.00 on Sunday 19.04.2015 at SPAR Hypermarket, Gurgaon and they delivered the cooler on the same day at 8.00 PM and on the next day, when the cooler is switched on, the water pump is not working. I requested the SPAR Hypermarket to replace the cooler with new one as they delivered a defective cooler. Unfortunately, instead of replacing with new cooler, they just suggested me to call Orient Help line customer care. Then I knew that calling to costumer care is begging and waste of time for sheer lack of due diligence with SPAR Hypermarket dealer, who get profit by selling defective cooler pieces and attaching to Customer Care. I have to spare a whole working day by wasting working hours scarifying important deliveries which are more 1000 time economic than fixing the cooler. Dealer like SPAR Hypermarket are to be made responsible to replace the defective pieces instead of attaching to

Shankar Gangaram Bale

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

Dear Sir, We are the resident user of electricity provided by MAHARASHTRA STATE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LTD. We are a regulay paying customer of this Company for utilizing the electricity for our residence purpose. We are observing from so many years that this company is collecting the dues under following heads. 1) STHIR AAKAR 2) VEEJ SHULK 3) INDHAN SAMAYOJAN AAKAR We strongly feel that these three dues are not at all acceptable to us because the Company is already collecting the payment under the head of VEEJ AAKAR. We hereby request you to kindly help us in getting the answer from the Company in this regard. Thanking you, Shankar Bale

Charan Singh

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

Sir, I Charan I have purchased 8-no ceiling fans dt. 13.04.2015 from Saharanpur (UP) for my house , however i am not satisfy with your product's quality, all fans are bubbling like puncher tyros & looking very shabby. Since RR Kabls are not responding , you are therefore humble requested to arrange to back my money. -7838097072

Chandrika Prasad

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

Mayuresh Kulkarni

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

I Mr. Mayuresh Kulkarni have paid my bill of Rs. 1030/- online dated 26th Jan 2015 to Maharashtra Electricity board but due to some error at site my bill was not getting paid and I tried for same for 4 times. On another day when I checked my account and I got to know that the money has been withdrawn for 4 times with reference no. 012670042330/2749/3556/4400. Have already communicated with MAHADISCOM but they are refusing to pay back the money and they will recover it from my next bills. But I am tenant in that house and about to leave that place in May 2015 so I am not agree to keep deposit of Rs. 1980 /- (After deducting 2 months bill) with MAHADISCOM as I have less chances to get my money back from next tenants at same house. So I want reimbursement of my money.

Arunabha Som

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

excessive billing gainst meter no. 3761531, consumer no. 75087201005. The above mention connection has been disconnected without any inspection from CESC.

Deepak Sonkar

Posted on Apr 01, 2015

Non functioning of electricity meters for BP No. 102244557 in Kabir Nagar HD 146 Phase-3.

Thamby Joseph

Posted on Mar 29, 2015

hi, here in panjimugaru, mangalore we are face a problem with low voltage or phase drop in the evening's till morning. so i wanted to know the procedure how to complain about this to the local electricity board or dep. if you can help me out then please do guide me.


Posted on Mar 27, 2015


Anindya Bikash De

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

We would like to bring to your notice that we received bill against consumer no. 63038035013 in the name of Manik Bhattacharjee for Rs. 27650.00 with due date of 23.03.15. There is gross negligence in meter reading. We have observed that from pattern of consumption of last six months consumed unit for 09/14 to 02/15. Previous meter reading in February bill shows 642 units whereas present reading shows 3679 unit resulting in 3037 unit for such a domestic consumer consumed in one month is unrealistic. There is gross negligence in part of meter reading personnel. We would like to know from you after your details investigation for such erroneous meter reading resulting in high bill amount. It is regretted to state that the above bill is not containing the opening matter reading and closing meter reading of the bill period properly and simply shown the consumption as 3037 units which is not justified and acceptable for us. We hereby request you to kindly get the above bill rectified immediately and adjust our payment in next bills onwards. Please note that if the bill is not rectified and intimated to us within 48 hours we will be complelled to lodge our complaint with Ld Ombudsman WBERC.

Md shafik

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

Seba me sahaiek zayaul hoda thikha khat no r12jn st26662 in ke ghar me kai barso se koi nahi rahte hai aur in ke ghar me kavi line v yos nahi kiya gaya hai par in ke ghar pe hamesa bil ata hai kirpa kar ke inka line of kare mera ghar in ke ghar ke Karib ha mera name md shafik hai mobile 09546689658


Posted on Mar 23, 2015

My average billing is about 2500 to 3000 in winter month but suddenly it raises to 12000 this month how it is possible immediately the meter suddenly started giving 2000 more reading in witer season.correct it either I will approach to consumer court and will publish this cheating in newspaers

Nilamadhab Mohanty

Posted on Mar 22, 2015

NESCO cut off my power supply without notice and charged penalty unlaterally.

Arun Rajesh Sharma

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

respected sir my consumer no. is -539360010739 from last two months the MSEB is providing me with wrong bill and even though the bill is wrong they are asking me to pay it. i own a business as BPCL retail Outlet in hingoli. They gave me the bill of 5532 units ammounting to Rs74320 does a petrol pump require this much electricity its common sense. this bill was changed and then i paid around 46000 for three months. now again to adjust that 75000 bill they are telling me to pay 28000 for one month which is quiet irrelevant. the bill shows same reading in both columns and units used is 0 then how can i pay them the bill when there is no any measure. It seems to me the MSEB is looting me. please kindly look forward to it and resolve Thanks & regards


Posted on Mar 18, 2015

first time my reg code UP/MT/22203000/2879 and now reg no DS//002515/3000/0000851 but i do not know my UAN Number Please send it

Deepak Sharma

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

first time my reg code UP/MT/22203000/2879 and now reg no DS/SHD/002515/3000/0000851 but i do not know my UAN Number Please send it

Rahul Kailas Ambilwade

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Respected Sir, I am Rahul Kailas Ambilwade resident at Bhagatsing Nagar waluj Aurangabad. As per above subject we have raised complaint for faulty bill againsed MSCB on 26/8/2014 Case no is (CC/14/399) .We have won the case on 27/01/2015 but as per instruction of consumer court for cancel the bill and refund the amount of complaint. but MSCB has not cancel this bill and again give the faulty bill. Kindly plese give me justice for this case. Thanks & Regards Rahul K Ambilwade Mob-8983741533

Santosh Laya

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Regarding creating over pressure against over billing due to intentionally delaying the reading in meter from the staffs of Egra Electric Supply Office

nilesh narayan dalvi

Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Consumer Number:-000024199754, Billing Uni:- 4728, last several months, we are getting excessive energy bills even though our usage very minimum. my actual average monthly electricity bill should be around Rs.650 - 800 but we are getting bills of Rs.2,000 & above. we have done several complaints with MSEB but still there is no action being taken in this regard...

Arup Samanta

Posted on Mar 01, 2015

pravin waykule

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

sir/madam, i am user of mahgrstra state board electricity distribution co.ltd we have submitted lots of complain from last 1 year but there is no action taken up-till now to the junior engineer Urban D/C No 1 Pusad yavatmal, we are suffering form low voltage supply from last 6 month the transformer is installed here but they haven't connected the supply to us please take consider my application we have suffer from heavy inconvenience and economic loss in business and electronic appliances are damage at irreversible to repair level

Bibhas Chandra Kar

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Application no-2001366333 We have applied for a new connection for Utar patharberia primary school campus, on dated 31.08.2014. Require Quotation amount & all require document also submited to the KHEJURI CCC-3223203. After several follow up till date new connection not done in school campus. Summer will be come very soon. All student & teacher will be face problem under this hot condition. Requesting you kindly look into the matter on urgent basis. Thanks & Regards, Bibhas Kar (A.T)


Posted on Feb 14, 2015

Basanti Joshi

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

We have received an unexpected excess bill in last 5 months of 2014. (Consumer No. 10219115046 ) The details are as follow : Sep 2014 Rs 11648 for the unit 1339 Oct 2014 Rs 4738 for the unit 566 Nov 2014 Rs 3045 for the unit 379 Dec 2014 Rs 1580 for the unit 232 We Kindly request you to look into the matter seriously and also give a look on my previous months bills like Aug 2014 July 2014 June 2014 May 2014 and take serious steps This is my humble request We are looking forward to you for future support and i also kindly request you to check our meter. Thanking You Your Customer Bithika Kundu Consumer No. 10219115046 Mob: 9163524524

Raj kuamar pure

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

Myself Rajkumar pure,consumer no.1002628126,resident of chhattisgarh. I would like to inform you that i am paying electricity bills from last one year by online of 100 unit to 120 units. Upto october-2014, bill has been paid. I Recieved Nov-2014 bill which mentioned 10497 units with bill amonut Rs.65000/.It may be noted that demand load is 200 Watt and if all loads are working 24 hour of the day & for 30 days, total consumed units may be calculated as =(200x24x30)/1000 =144 units( Maximum). Hence, it can be proved that 100 to 144 units only consummated for every month and (10497-144) =10353 units considered in the bill are extra and we are unable to pay this much extra 10353 units bill. Extra meter reading taken by your staff for month of November-2014 was either wrong or meter reading may be manipulated by the staff for any personal reasons. It must be noted that meter status on the bill of month of Nov-2014, is showing OK & recorded 10497 units by the staff. Please help us.


Posted on Jan 30, 2015


Kunal sonar

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

I am from nashik maharashtra My consumer no is 049088326741 my energy connection disconnected by mahadiscom though I paid bill regularly by online method also they take away my electric meter too. It cause me physical financial as wel as social harrasment

Hasmukh Pranlal Sangani

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

I forgot to mention my Consumer No. which is 020110037610 with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. at Manda, Titwala, district Thane, Maharashtra. The excess bill charged is Rs. 6,480/- plus 262 units. The amount may kindly be refunded and minimum bill or actual bill may be charged in future. Regards.

Hasmukh Pranlal Sangani

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

My electricity Bills which should be minimum Rs. 40/- p.m. (As I am not staying there during the period) was coming to Rs. 900/- to Rs. 1020/- p.m. In spite of my complaint letters dated 09.09.2013, 31.12.13, 24.02.14, 27.03.14 and 26.12.14, my telephone call to the concerned staff on 16.01.15, MSEDCL have continued to charge me with higher amount of bills for Rs. 420/-, 370/-, 540/, 530/-, 540/-, 820/-, 840/- 810/-, 1020/-, and 990/- respectively per month. They are requested to refund me with Rs. 6,480/- plus interest plus excess charges of 262 units overcharged as extra charges levied. Further, they are requested to charge me with minimum or actual usage charges in future. Thanks.

reddi kanaka pothuraju

Posted on Jan 21, 2015

Appeal petition filed on 15/12/2014 before the Registrar, APState Consumer Redressal Forum, Kairatabad. Entire appeal file was submitted through Speed Post on 15/12/2014 bearing Speed Post No. EN559936634IN. The item was delivered to the Registrar on 17/12/2014. Please inform the status of the appeal filed. The information may kindly be sent to my e.mail address which is given above.

hira lal prasad

Posted on Jan 18, 2015

after getting connection getting fixed amt electric bill per month now they given 3729 unit billed and amt 20000rs, is this possible that e bill can genrate with fiexd amt

Raghunath Ganpat Lad

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

I had applied for new Electricity Meter which was already sanctioned but the residents & neighbors are giving troubled to installed the same.Please help me I'm 65+ of age and having one kidney failure due to this I am absolutely helpless to do the right moves to take action.

samir gholap

Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Complaint against: mahadiscom 4708/Nalasopara East. Customer no. 001903292926 Sept. Last reading 1703+75current unit= 1778 Oct. Last reading 1778+91current unit=1869 Nov. 1869+91 current unit (1869) but they mention 5 unit which is time showing on meter Des. (1964) +(144)=2108 current reading BUT For Des. As per there calculation Des. 1869 last reading which is end of Oct months + 95 unit which I have paid for the month of Nov + 144 unit of Des.= 2108 Now they are saying you have to pay for it there is no option , why? 95 unit is not small things. Des.


Posted on Dec 30, 2014


Suhas Tawde

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

Reliance Not Completed Work yet Complaint NO - 23382 Complaint NO - 53281 Complaint NO - 53454 kindly suggestion for that

Shakila Devi

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

mera bill sep 14 me Rs 98 due tha jo ki Nov 14 me Rs 20982/- hai. Mera A/c No 32022/GS/DS/652 hai. Ek mahine me hi itna bill kaise hua coy ko har mahine bill paid kar rahe hai. agar due tha to coy ko har mahina meter ke hisab se bill banana chahiye tha.

Bhupinder Singh

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a tenant of F.No. 384/B-32, Kendriya Vihar,Sector-56,Gurgaon.I have received an electricity on 16/12/2014,detail are below Bill No. - 00774 Sub Div: G26 Ac Number - Rd03-1866 K.No. - 2123044109 Total unit consumed for 2months( 17/10/14 to 16/12/14) is 79 only but they have charged Rs. 1000 as Cur SOP Charges, which mean per unit they have charged Rs. 12.16 which is not a residential unit charge. I tried to contact them using there toll free number but no response from their side. Kindly help in this. Best Regards, Bhupinder

Sayan Mallick

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Paid Rs22 lakhs as electric bill to CESC in 5years in a domestic meter

Anup Samanta

Posted on Dec 06, 2014

1)High amount of Electric Bill for the period of Sept'2013 to Nov'2013. 2) Applied for master meter on 08.01.2014 for proper testing by paying the amount of testing in a master meter. 3) The then meter was changed on 27.03.2014 without testing by the master meter. 4)The Station manager promised verbally he would take necessary steps. 5) But latter a notice issued on 16.10.2014 to pay that high amount of bill other wise the connection will be cut off. 6)The high amount of bill has been paid on 05.11.2014 to avoid the disconnection, but a further notice has been issued to pay the Late Payment Charge in the next following bill. 7)Help me to get the justice. 8) Anup Samanta, Consumer I.D-100976020, Singur Customer Care Center, Hooghly,West Bengal, W.B.S.E.D.C.L

Nitin Srivastava

Posted on Dec 02, 2014

Dear Sir, We have got our Electricity Meter changed by department because of some fault. After replacement of the same we got our first bill which is very high against the installed load. We have made complaint to Electricity department twice but there is no response till now.

vivek jaiswal

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

In my premises there are 5 CESC energy meters of persons who are not my tenant.They stay in building adjescent to mine.How to remove their meters from my premises. We bought the building in 1995 and these meters were already there since.

Aftab Alam

Posted on Nov 26, 2014


Posted on Nov 25, 2014



Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Respected Sir, I have complain against my electricity bill. My meter reading is around 350. and they have sent me the bill for Rs. 16114 till september and they have again sent me the bill of Rs. around 24000. so what can I do please let me known, it will be very kind of you. MY consumer no- DRR/6400429/SLB/DS2/163

Chandresh Yadav

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

I have been paying all MSEB bills regularly as received (customer no 020130021663), suddenly I received a bill of Rs30,6500 this month. Upon visiting the Kalyan MSEB office to enquire I was rudely told by Mr Rajendra S Yevde that the meter for my house is faulty and they have been billing me less amount since May 2013 to Oct 2014. I tried reasoning with Mr Yevde who is an MSEB officer that the meter being faulty and the subsequent wrong readings taken by MSEB staff is not my fault but had to leave frustrated due to Mr Yevde not co-operating atall and shouting in return to my queries. I have been asked to make a payment of Rs 5580 immediately, this is a big amount for me and paying so much at once for no fault of mine is not fair. Please advice and help Thanks & Regards, Chandresh Yadav 9323196007


Posted on Nov 12, 2014

Respected Sir, Please help sir. Electric people at Kasari Masari are corrupt people. They every time create electricity bill before a month(like for 19 day,23 days but for very high billl) and also inspite of registering online complaint of high meter reading and for re-testing of meter, no action were taken. When we go the SDO or kasari masari JE , they always harases us not solving our problem. Electricity people of kasari masari are corrupt and bad that they taken by meter no , and without seeing it they create our bill of high reading and harase us as we are not capable of such high illegal bill. They are just playing with us and our old parents. Please help sir if you have power to help us because the officier (JE) and SDO are doing nothing for us. I have all the proof for making them illegal but need some help from higher authority who can help us. No one is listening to us at electricity office at allahabad. Our family had fearing of these people inspite of doing nothing wrong

Pijush Mandal

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

I have submitted an Online Application for new electric connection . I also made the payment for Quotation through online. After the payment, I was communicated through email that payment is subject to realization and within 2 business days the payment amount will be posted to my account. Though it has crossed 2 business days, neither the amount has been posted to my account (in wbsedcl portal, it is showing no payment has been made) nor any communication has been made to me from Electric Supply Office. Application Number : 3001240917 Quotation Date : 26/10/2014 Payment Details - Transaction ID: AICI3531792725 Date: 26.10.2014 18:30:08 Payment Gateway: BILLDESKN Billing Off: GAZOL CCC-3343107 Reference Number: null Application Number : 3001240917

Gayatri Koka

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I am getting a very excess bill that is above Rs. 500/- since 4 months. The bill appears to be inflated as I know for certain that our consumption of electricity is not so high as to warrant such a high bill. Our all previous bills were in between Rs. 400/- to 500/- only for domestic general purpose.it is Mar-2014--- 11-Apr-2014---- 200unit and from then july-2014 ---500 unit.

Krishnasish Senapati

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

CESC charges extra consumption

Saroj Seth

Posted on Oct 16, 2014

I am a widow of 65 years old, living alone in my ground floor at 117/7, Kalipada Mukherjee Road, Behala, Kolkata-700008. More than a year ago I applied for a new connection to CESC Ltd. for my ground floor flat, which stands in my name. A primary inspection was also done at my flat and it was decided that my meter will be installed in my balcony which is fully covered with iron grill. But I was denied for the connection because one Mrs, Debjani Ghosh Dastidar, who is the owner of the first floor of the same premises, has not paid her electricity bills since long. On this ground CESC authorities disconnected her line and now they are saying that a new connection will not be provided in my name until the entire dues are paid along with fine. CESC is at liberty to collect the money from Mrs Debjani because she is the defaulter in this case. But I am unable to understand why CESC is punishing me by not providing me new connection in my name. I am not the defaulter. Please help me.


Posted on Oct 01, 2014

I am facing large electricity bill even, my use is less in the month of Sept 14 bill Amt of Rs. 3300/-. My regular electricity bill record is follow : Bill Month Consumption (Units) Status Bill Amount Paid Amount Payment Date Sep-14 423 LIVE 3,300.00 310 15-Sep-14 Aug-14 65 LIVE 310 500 7-Aug-14 Jul-14 113 LIVE 500 710 28-Jun-14 Jun-14 139 LIVE 720 320 7-Jun-14 May-14 71 LIVE 320 390 14-May-14 Apr-14 87 LIVE 390 280 14-Apr-14 Mar-14 60 LIVE 280 230 13-Mar-14 Feb-14 48 LIVE 230 350 13-Feb-14 Jan-14 64 LIVE 350 820 3-Jan-14 Dec-13 138 LIVE 820 440 6-Dec-13 Nov-13 70 LIVE 440 500 6-Nov-13 Oct-13 97 LIVE 510 300 14-Oct-13

Aviral Arya Mehta

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I am living in sector-30, FBD in Double storey house with different electric energy meter(old) on each floor but the electricity bills generated are much higher as compared to the energy consumption because of old energy meters which record reading much higher than actually consumed. Not even me but my neighbours have the same complaint. we are paying DHBVN much higher electricity bills than actually consumed. Even though we shutted off the main supply of 1st floor but still the minimum bill we have paid last month is Rs 1425/- therefore I request you to take action on this issue and make DHBVN replace the previous conventional energy meter with new one along with refund of overcharged money.


Posted on Aug 16, 2014

Myself Mukesh Chaturvedi, residing at Rishra, i had a complaint against CESC Ltd. against raise excess bill for the month of July, my consumer no. 64026131046, bill was raised for 394 units against reading date 22/07/2014 (previous reading - 6482 & present reading 6876) but when i checked my meter today (16/08/2014) I found the reading is 6785. Please look in to this matter so, that I can get justice from CESE Ltd.

abhijeet vijay khanolkar

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

I had sent my complaint against BSNL RTNagar Bangalore for non-payment of my deposit amount by them since last 3 years despite several reminders to them. I sent the complaint through this portal on 6.8.2014 to you but I have not yet received any reply or status from you. Please advise to my e-mail address the details.

abhijeet vijay khanolkar

Posted on Aug 06, 2014

BSNL AT RT nagar, Bangalore has not refunded my advance deposit since last 3 years deposited by me for giving me the landline consumer no.54427189 date of registration 14.10.2011 landline is not given and therefore I had asked for refund of my deposit amount.My lodging of complaints with their grievane cell are not evoking any response. I am fed up with BSNL and thereore approaching you for help. grievance registration docket no.KRK/CO/2014/4675. I have also personally approached their Commercial officer at Nort east-1,4th floor, R.T.Nagar telephone exchange building, 3rd Main 1st Block R.T.Nagar, Bangalore 560032 on 20th March 2014 and submitted my request letter for refunding the deposit. They have acknowledged the letter vide their receipt no.13 dated 20.3.2014 but no action has been taken by the office to refund the deposit. Please help.


Posted on Aug 02, 2014

We paid electricity bill in due date but CSPDCL cut our connection without any information.

Rohit Joshi

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

Dear Sir,You are requested to intervene as i am not happy with the electric services provided by Paschimanchal vidyut company.No body from the company is interested to resolve my grievance.I am fed up with the services how the company is providing. It has been more than 3 months i have been requesting to reverse the charges what the company has charged me however, nobody is interested. This is too much I do not expect such irresponsible work from seiners. Please rectify / adjust incorrect charges from my electricity bill.I have following issues and needs to be rectified on priority. 1: the company meter reader sending incorrect meter reading, they are preparing average bills. How could you do like this. 2: When Last month I have cleared my dues post discussion with your officials at your Ghazibad branch office then how they have charged me. Why you have not reversed Rs.572/- on my latest bill. 3: Every month, the company is sending me incorrect bills and not ready to reverse


Posted on Jul 17, 2014

our builder is charging Rs 7/Unit and Rs 150/KVA. Please help and let me know the next step.

tapas naskar

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

Before the Hon'ble Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at Kolkata, Filing a complaining against illegal fine by CESC. I Tapas Naskar(C/O Late Sasi Shankar Naskar), a permanent resident of C-132,Ramdashati,Kayel Para,Garden Reach,Kolkata-24 filing a complaint against illegal fine imposed on me by CESC,Kolkata. The details are given below: Consumer No.:12067040004 Consumer Id.:12000120003 Lamp Post No.31/13/5 In my absence, five men, claiming they were CESC workers, came to my place at 12:00 noon, 16/7/2014 and checked the electric meter for around 20 minutes. They accused us of tampering with the meter and stealing electricity and charged a fine of Rs. 1 lakh. Further they sealed our meter and disconnected our connection. We were'nt present at our home for 3 days, in the week before. I believe someone in our neighborhood did this, as our meter is easily accessible if someone jumps to the roof and comes down using the stairs. The CESC workers could also have done the same while checking th


Posted on Jul 15, 2014

Dear Sir/Mam, My K.No is 2212059285, In the month of july i received a bill of amount Rs.6802, Bill shows 1425Unit consumed it seems wrong because same bill is generated on the basis of last year same month consumption, Due to this reason every time i received the wrong bill and i paid the bill that's why i paid the bill for 6081Unit in Jan'14 as per consumer billing details received from DHBVN site, but current reading(Dated:14/07/14) is 5076.Now please help i am unable to pay the same.

shubhangi mahendra gadekar

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

I have a one room which has given on rent. The said room has started receiving the electricity bill per month around Rs. 1800/- / Rs. 2000 and currently Rs. 4020/- against the consumption of single tube light and single cealing fan. Not even any TV or fridge. This is nothing but exploitation of MSEB to a poorer and needy people.


Posted on Jun 11, 2014

meter changing complain we are deposit meter change fees near about 6 month above but Elec.Office no response.we are written complain but no response.

roshni bhasin

Posted on Jun 06, 2014

Please note that we are not getting proper electricity in U20/3 DLF PHASE 3 The light goes of in night for average of 4 hours in night and 6 hours in day time,would request you to please fix this problem AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


Posted on Jun 06, 2014



Posted on Jun 03, 2014

I am receiving an electricity bill vide bill ID- 15752 and consumer ID as 15752/GAN/KJ/761 from North Bihar Power Distribution CO. Ltd.since last three years, but it is regret to say that I have never applied for any electricity connection. The bill is coming to my native place, i.e Village Gangapur, P.S/Block: PANDAUL, Disdt- MADHUBANI, BIHAR However, I am residing in Orissa state since last 35 years. In this regard I have submitted a compliant to Assistant Engineer, Madhubani, Bihar on 23rd March 2013. But no action was taken. Again another bill received vide no. MAD 15752 dt- 11-04-14, so I again compliant to AEE, Madhubani, Bihar for North Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd. This time the Junior Engineer was deputed for enquiry at my native place. He recorded the ground reality, but not given any copy of his reoprt and further action is still awaited. Sir, I am in mental tension for such false billing by above company and also on compliant they are not taking any action.


Posted on Jun 03, 2014

I am receiving an electricity bill vide bill ID- 15752 and consumer ID as 15752/GAN/KJ/761 from above company since last three years, but it is regret to say that I have never applied for any electricity connection. The bill is coming to my native place, i.e Village Gangapur, P.S/Block: PANDAUL, Disdt- MADHUBANI, BIHAR However, I am residing in Orissa state since last 35 years. In this regard I have submitted a compliant to Assistant Engineer, Madhubani, Bihar on 23rd March 2013. But no action was taken. Again another bill received vide no. MAD 15752 dt- 11-04-14, so I again compliant to Assistant Engineer, Madhubani, Bihar for North Bihar Power Distribution Co. Ltd. This time the Junior Engineer was deputed for enquiry at my native place. He recorded the ground reality, but not given any copy of his reoprt and further action is still awaited. Sir, I am in mental tension for such false billing by aboce company and also on compliant they are not taking any action. Pl. do needful

tushar padia

Posted on May 28, 2014

Dear sir this is regarding bill form best electricity deparment we had complain many times to the deparment that our meter is to small for our eletric load so kindely change the meter but they dint do it finaly meter got burnt twice now they hav send ouds bill of rs 14000 and wen we went there they are saying tht we now they hav instaled a new meter now when we went ther to complain for high bill meter reading is showing zero reading so they hav send ous avrage bill of 14000 and they are sayint tht we have not paid one biil is panding so they have added the bill send it infact we have paid all the bill thanku


Posted on May 19, 2014

there is a missing of Display reading of electric meter on bill photograph of last received electric bill for April-13 & I also visually checked at my residential place but Display reading from electric meter is also missing. My electric bill details are as mentioned below Consumer no. - 001510458717 Billing Unit no. 4341 :VASAI RD. URBAN S/DN

Chinmoy Bhattacharjee

Posted on May 09, 2014


Chandra Kanta Gupta

Posted on May 02, 2014

I Chandra Kanta Gupta, honorable citizen of my country, making a complaint against illegal waive imposed on me by CESC, Kolkata. The details are furnished below: In absence of ourself in our flat, somebody tampered the CESC(Calcutta Electric Suppy Company Ltd.)electricity meter board. Inspite of bills paid on time, the Loss Control Cell of CESC sealed my meter board and raised a demand of Rs 27000 due to tamper and filed a case against us in local police station. I was not in my flat for the past 2 months and living with my son who resides in another place. This incident happened on 5th July 2013, 10.00 hrs I.S.T. Request you to enquire CESC to waive the demand which illegally imposed on me Rs 27000 and my electric meter supply from meter board should be restored.Please enquire about it to find the actual culprit, as he is from our building itself, and should be punished strictly. Because of his illegal act, I innocent have to suffer. FYI, I am the law abiding citizen of my

Jayanta Bhar

Posted on Apr 25, 2014

My self Jayanta Kumar Bhar having consumer no 50040108003,resident of 28/2, Sambhu Nath Das Lane. Sinthi. Kolkata. I have applied for increase of load of my CESC meter for installation of AC. I have applied through online on 02/04/2014 and on the same date I have maid payment. (Rs. 9894 having RR no. 3101807142.) Till today the status of my application showing "Our team would visit your premise on 07/04/2014 and upgrade your meter, to enable you to use the Air-Conditioner(s)." But still today (25/04/2014) no one visit my premise. I already mailed several times in several places also visited North Suburban Head office at Kamarhati physically on Saturday but no one can answer me why this delay, and when I can expect solution. Also I maid online complain having docket no. LT/14/2697. Surprisingly today I got a mail saying that Your docketed complaint has been resolved. It's already 3 weeks gone after placing my application.

joseph antony

Posted on Mar 16, 2014

Sir I complained several times in Our Sub Divisional Office for changing the damaged pole for last 15 months But they didn't changed the pole or solve the power fairer problem. Also I remitted Fee for changing matter form inside to outside of my home on November 30th.But till the time they don,t done it.My connection Number is 833 at Athikayam near pamaruthy.Sir Pls. solve my problem.


Posted on Mar 13, 2014

The Electricity Bill has exceeded to an amount of Rs. 40,000 from amount of Rs. 8931 in one month period. On asking explanation from UPPCL Board, they asked to bring total money first and then enquire for the reason behind the excessive bill amount.Kindly help how to file complaint against UPPCL for not providing adequate information regarding excessive bill amount and mental harassment that they will cut the electricity connection in next week.

Amish Kumar Meghani

Posted on Feb 09, 2014

I am writing this request on behalf of all the flat owners of ‘Krishan’, 10A Ashton Road, Kolkata – 700020. We understand that CESC will be installing a transformer adjacent to our building premises (at a distance of less than 1 foot from the building boundary wall). There is a high possibility of a mishap occurring and thus this poses a serious threat to the lives of the all the residents of ‘Krishan’. Hence, it is requested that the transformer may be installed at some other suitable location.

Budhaditya Ghosh

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

I have a shop (Tripti Café) at 33, Gopal Lal Tagore Road. I am using CESC electricity (Consumer No. 49006137021). On last month bill they add Rs. 11925.82 on by outstanding bill. CESC told us this amount is outstanding balance for Other people who are using this shop before me. Now my question is why I am paying other outstanding? I have a meter in my own name.


Posted on Jan 22, 2014

To the Dy, General Manager Customer Relations. CESC HOUSE, Chowringhee square. Kolkata-700001. ph: 033-2225-6040(10-lines) e.mail: cgro1@rp-sg.in : cgro2@rp-sg.in : gro.sro@rp-sg.in Sub: Grievances & suggestions on billing format. Ref: consumer no: 75066090002 Dear sir, It was observed since couple of years that customer Billing documents is merely filled by commercial advertisements. We want more information about your organization set-up. How easily consumer can reach you against any complain. Business / commercial advisement may give you financial benefit but it is a fact, this (documents) is not earn-earning source. More information is to pass to the consumer. If there is nothing more to give then you can reduce the paper size and save money. My suggestions (in different aspect) are given below: 1). Monthly consumption report should not be given only current month vs previous months of the last year consumption. It should given coming months in last year consumption also. I am indicating your BAR-Chart-display. in the BILL ( reverse page). For example, In the BAR-CHART (Published in the BILL- back page) two parameter is showing –current month consumption vs last year same month consumption. This has no impulse to the consumer for reducing of electricity use .One more columns to be added and display coming month consumption in last year. A consumer will be able to know that the next month the probable payments. This will definitely give a second thought to him that if He do not put off unnecessary light or Load, than Next month billing may be the same or more then current / running month Bill. He will obviously tri to reduced less consumption. By this way you can optimize the demands and Nation will save considerable amount electricity. Which will be agreed by you and appreciate too. 2). MCVA- amount is showing incremental in every month. Customer/ consumer is keeping under BLACK. Consumer has enough right to know, how & what way variable cost is calculated. They should know what way the variable cost increased by every month , if it is fuel charge increase it should be disclosed . 3) Adjustment against previous year tariff ( WBERC’s order) is also not justified---- It seems to be a punishment for the present consumer of other’s fault . Why I should carry forward the expenses before my birth .so claiming of additional expenses is to be stopped immediately. 4) Commercial advertisement in the BILL need to stop, You can not provoke consumer to purchase LIC-policy or Mutual fund or which mobile is good for U. .Billing document is a customer’s copy. It is a document between the two parties. Bill-documents is not an advertisement paper if you introduces third party than Income from other source to be distributed to the consumer also.. 5) Meter hiring charge of Rs. 10/- per month , is not justified .It was observed that you have installed a meter in the year 2000 and you are claiming, meter rent from rs.5/- and now Rs. 10/- every month without changing / replacing or inspecting the same . Meter was purchased @ Rs. 500/- - and your earning ( collected money from consumer)= ( 10 x12(m) x 13(y) =Rs. 1560/-) .your benefits = 1560-500=1060/- . Is it fare to you? Your line of business is not selling components rather selling electricity. Kindly, look into the above. Hope I have put my grievances to you rightly and your honesty will definitely reconsider the above and responds me at your earliest before going to consumer forum court.. Thank you very much. Yours sincerely Bishnu pada sarkar consumer no: 75066090002 1.no sukanta sarani . P.O- haltu. Kolkata-700078. Ph: 9475356436

Rajkumar Bose

Posted on Jan 10, 2014

Complaint against CESC. Consumer No.50245124005, Electricity bill total due Rs.22050/-, Security deposit lying with them Rs.24098/- Though the due amount is less than the security deposit amount, yet they have disconnected the Electricity connection without prior information. This is a block Meter connection. Total 20 families enjoying this connection since 2003. The children and other family members will suffer a lot. It is requested to take necessary action against CESC for this type of harrashment.

Mohammed Afzal

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

I have not been rendered electricity bill for the month of November 2013 and today i have been asked to Pay for both the months i.e. November & December 2013. I have no objection paying my dues but i have been charged for EXTRA consumed energy unit. Kindly let me know what steps can be taken.

Savita Tapase

Posted on Jan 06, 2014

pichale 6 mahinose hame bijali ka bill 0Rs aa raha tha hum bahut bar electricity office jakar bataye ki hame bill 0 aa raha he unke officers ne bataya ki aapke pahle jyada paise cut huye he isliye apko 0 bill aa raha he apko regular bill jaldi hi aa jayege.humne yahi written maga to unhone nahi diya.ab hame light bill 13000 rs aya he aur vo hame vah jaldi se bharane ke liye kah rahe he .hame ess se paHLE har mahine kam se kam 500 rs hi bill ata tha us hisab se hamara bill 3-4 hazar se zyada nahi aa sakata.hum us office me firr se gaye to vah hame hi bol rahe ki aap ko bill bharana hi padega

Mrs.Sonali N Thatte

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

W.r.to Consumer No.020020194856,Energy Meter no.9000203440,9000050402(Energy Meter Shows Both). 1)Change of name,Address Application Pending till date from Mar.18/2013(Reminder on June.25/2013,July.20/2013 remain ignored till date. 2)Energy Meter Reading Jumping From 44 KWH(Mar./2012)-153 KWH (May.2013)application for checking of energy meter Filed on June.25/2013,along with Fee's of Rs.150(Rs.One hundred fifty only),Reminder filed on July.20/2013. 3)Fluctuating power supply for 20 Hrs/Day.


Posted on Nov 21, 2013

Respected Sir, I have an electricity connection for my house with KNo. 2212063862. In last month bill electricity board fraudulently added Rs 19521/- as Sundry Charges/Allowances. When i tried to approach them and met with SDO Mr Ruhil, he spoke with me in very rude language. Please take action


Posted on Oct 18, 2013

To, Date: The Station Manage, Bidhan Nagar Supply Division II, CF 261, Sector – I, Salt Lake. Sub: Notice dated 27.09.2013 Ref: MRU : 6MA24QMR. BP No. : 2083125. Tariff Class : A (DM-U). Consumer I.D. : 122051925. Installation : 1955618 Sir, This is to inform you that I am an existing ‘ECS OPTEE’ and the electricity bills of the referred connection are paid through ECS from my Bank A/c every month in time and no dues remain. Even then, this kind of ‘Notice’ for disconnection for the due amount Rs493.00 for the Bill Period Sep, 2013 without detail is offensive. Please note already the bill amounting Rs5309.00 for Sep, 2013 has been paid through E.C.S from my Bank A/c. As such, you are requested to intervene into the matter to stop delivering such offensive Notice for disconnection and raising such illegal dues Thanking you, Yours truly, (Prolay Kumar Raha), EE-150 / 3A, Sector-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700 091.

Nesar Ahmed

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

I have Applied and deposited all my fees to Bablatala(R/Gopalpur,Rajarhat,(N)24pgs, Electric department (WBESC)for connection of electricity in above address,before 1year,I am living without Electric,No fans, no lights,I am sleeping without fan. please do help me, I pursued sevaral time in said electric office, but they, ignore me, pl.do some thing for me.it will be very kind if u help me.


Posted on Oct 17, 2013

Respected Sir, I beg to state following few lines,i am Sandeep kumar biswas living at -gajapati nagar,plot no-373/a,po--jatni,pin-752050,dist-khurda is facing now a current problem in our locality in our locality all the neighbours are having their electricity but unfortunately in my house the current connection is not going on i am facing this problem around 7 days and i make a complan t near electric office jee but they do not take any action to solve my problem.my consumer number is -04338008 my father is a asthema patient and my father is also a handicap patient in night i have to face problem with out light. Therefore,I request your honour kindly look at my situation as soon as possible i will be greateful to you. yours faithfully sandeep kumar biswas

Usha Devi

Posted on Oct 11, 2013

Complaint Subject: Wrong Electricity Bill in EVERY MONTH our DHBVN’s A/c No. CC33 - 4198 Dear Sir/Madam, March, 2013 – We received again wrong bill Rs.7493/- and we complaint again. DHBVN’s solved our problem and issued bill Rs.1612 which was wrong bill Rs.7493/- above mention. May, 2013 - We received again wrong bill Rs.8539/- and we complain again. DHBVN’s solved our problem and issued bill Rs.768/- which was wrong bill Rs.8539/- above mention. July, 2013 - Now, we receive again wrong bill Rs.10,626/- EVERY MONTH I GET THIS PROBLEM AND WASTE OUR TIME TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. I REQUEST TO DHBVN TO SOLVE IT, EVERY MONTH. Why? Because, they do not update their account information. Every time, they tell us, next bill will be correct! But again, we get wrong bill…every month. They also charge us late fee for it. I am widow. You already know Govt. process. I requested to you, please do something about it. Sincerely, Usha Devi 9958968432

Altamash Raza Khan

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

Mahadiscom the electricity provider in Royal Palms Aarey Colony Goregaon east. My April Electricity bill of Rs. 820.00 which I paid on internet (transaction details below) has been reflecting in my bill every month. The official promised me for a refund if I make a full payment means paying the amount of Rs.820.00 again. I did it and I got no refund I did that twice. They asked me to write an email at "helpdesk_pg@mahadiscom.in" I sent mail 5 times, still no reply and I tried contacting the area electricity office, they say its not our job because it is a internet payment, as if I am talking to some other company not them. I even sent an email to sdo4732@ho.mahadiscom.in which goes to the area office. They dont reply at all. I tried every single way to get it solved. No response at all. Why should I pay the amount again when I have already paid once. My Consumer ID: 000060058474

Pradip Mukhuty

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

My Consumer ID:127012029 My Bill Due date:08/10/2013 amount Rs.4043. But when I pay the bill the amount deducted Rs 4086.

Vijaykumar Mistry

Posted on Sep 30, 2013

Dear Sir, My name is Vijaykumar Mistry and I am one of the resident of Laxmi puram society, Yerwada, Pune-411006. About a year ago I purchased a resale flat in this society. 3 months back I have given the request to change the name on Electric Bill. But still the work is not done which is hardly a work of 5 mins. I visited number of times to Electric office which is located next to our society but all in vain. I got the answer that they cannot locate my document. Now last time when I visited there was change in rank and new officer Mr. Kulkarni has been appointed. He took the carbon copy of my bill and asked for 500/- bribe. Please guide me what should I do? Br, Vijay Mistry.

vikas kumar

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

Subject: Failed transaction Dear sir, I got a failed transaction from my ICICI account on 05/07/13,due to which amount 3045.51 rs got deducted due to unsuccessful transaction. So, one transaction was successful and other was unsuccessful. Sl no Value date Transaction Date Description withdrawls 1. 05/07/2013 05/07/2013 MIN/Tech Process/20130705020558/0 3,045.51 2. 05/07/2013 05/07/2013 MIN/Tech Process/20130705021531/0 3,045.51 I have earlier made a complaint against that and the complaint no is SR275054630 SR275054588 Please check and make confirm to return 3045.51 rs. Name: VIKAS KUMAR A/C no: 059201503422. JAJPUR ROAD Branch Odisha 755019 Please do the needful.

Dhananjay Rudra

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Realiance Energy has been sending me high consumption bills although i havent used them. I would like to take a legal action against them

Sanju Devi

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

I would like to inform you that i have complaint about my current wrongly bill for past 6 to 7 month. But no response from the DHBVN. No body come to house for meter reading. Please take up the matter urgently.

ankush singla

Posted on Aug 22, 2013

regarding warranty of ct/pt unit warn with in one year


Posted on Aug 14, 2013

I am living in Dilshad Colony, F block, building no F-36 (delhi 110095) from the past 6 years. The major issue facing by the people of this building is no electricity. We are fed up of logging complaints to our area's electricity house. Those people are neither picked up the phone nor registering complaints. The staff is very rude all the time. We are tired of asking help from them. The another challenge is that only our building has problem all the time of no electricity. Not sure about the reason. We can see that all other buildings are having electricity but our building is in dark which is very inconvinient for the people living in this building. Requesting you to please look into this as soon as possible.

U K Sukumaran

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Consumer No. 020011918086. Online payment of electricity bills of April and May 2013 to MSEDCL's Website www.mahadiscom.in are not getting updated in the bills received thereafter resulting in inflated bill amounts. Details of payments made with receipts can be viewed online. Visits to local MSEDCL Office (Bhaji Prabhu Chowk, Dombivli) with proofs of payments done and submission of written complaint have not yielded any results. Mails addressed to Customer Service ID helpdesk_pg@mahadiscom.in are only acknowledged by auto generated replies. I am thoroughly frustrated with the time and efforts spent on this issue so far without any positive results. MSEDCL is threatening disconnection of electricity while they have received excess payments. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Ramabahal Singh

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

My electricity bill amount normally comes to below 800-1000,but from the last 9 to 10 months the my elesctricity bill comes around 300000,270000 etc which is unexpected,but when we went to electricity department the office said that the meter is not working properly ,we will get the work done within 5-6 days but till 9 months have gone nothing has been done and instead of that they send us notice.please help us in this matter as this is wasting my time and energy

Sujan kumar ghosh

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

Sir, 1) On 25/5/13 my meter reading was 3266. And consumed unit was 260. The total bill for May 2013 was 1570 that was paid in full. 2) on 24/6/13 the meter reading as per CESC's bill is 3660 i.e 3660-3266= 394 unit and the bill amout is Rs. 2830. 3) now this reaading is fictitious and unreal and self made. Believe me, today on 20/7/13 the meter shows 3613. So how they take 3360 twenty four days back i.e on 24/6/13 ? 4) similar consumed unit for last year was 294 unit. 5) the meter placed outside of this flat building and is accessible all 24 hours to take reading. 6) kindly probe the matter and take necessary action. 7) My consumer no is 61101033187, LP 254/9, ADDRESS 11/4 BHATTACHERJEE PARA LANE, SANTRAGACHI, HOWRAH-711104, SANTANA APARTMENT.


Posted on Jun 30, 2013

Dear Sir, I am facing problem with electricity department, they removed all electricity connection from my village. And they are not putting electric meter in my home, they have one silly reason, they are telling your home have stone wall. So we can not put electric meter at your home. Electricity not coming in my home from last 2 weeks. We are facing lot of problem without electricity. Please Sir Help me to resolve the problem. Regards, Gram: Ramgar, Post: Ambar, Th: Gyaraspur, Dist: Vidisha 464001(MP) Santosh Singh Lodhi 09980648815


Posted on Jun 23, 2013

Respected sir I wish to say that I have applied for increase my load from 3kw to 5kw in Oct.2012 and also paid the require amount of fee But till date after a lot of remainding load is not increased even new meter is not installed. But on the other hand i have paid accoring to 5kw from nov.2012. even they said to deposit additional Rs.2000-3000 for installing a new meter. I have also send mails to chairman, md to upptcl.org regarding this. But there is no response. It is my humble request to you please look into this matter and take necessary action.

Gangesh Kumar Jha

Posted on May 30, 2013

Sir,Jabki Mera New Meter dt.15/12/2012 tak 898 units show kar raha tha jab maine bijli office mai complain karat ha. Waha se mujhe Ref. No-201/R-109 Mila aur bola gaya ki aap ko Rs. 12088.00 jama karna hai aapka bill sahi ho jaye ga Maine paise jama kar diya detail is- Bill No. Bill Month Bill Amount Unites Pay/Due Receipt No/Date 20400141 Nov-12 85785.00 1560 Paid(Rs.12088/-)15255015/20/12/12 as per told by Mr.Sunil(Bijli office Clark) le kin eske baad bhi mera meter ko uttar liya gaya bola gaya ki tumne bill nahi jama karahai.mai to office mai tha mari wife paper dikhati rahi par bijliwale(mr.Bhagwan)nahi mane bola upne husband ko bijli office bhej do.

kundan vijay singh

Posted on May 11, 2013

My nokia mobile lumia620.after 1month she is not work and not bettary backup .i give a service center but did not repair proper my mobile rs.15000 around

Aanand Chabukswar

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Repeated inaccurate extremely High bill, correction in bill taking upto 6 months and many visits. MSEDCL proven to be at fault, - and still same pattern of wrong/high bill continues. Psychological and financial damage endured due to such malfunctioning. any help Please.

shopril goel

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

The dhbvn department of electricity office in sector 14 harasses people.the sdo incharge is neither giving permanent connection nor giving extention to temporary connection.we are not geting electricity from last 7 days.

Raghavendra Singh

Posted on Mar 20, 2013

In over district farmers who have tub well connection of five hours power electrical mortar was charged bill of ten hours power mortar.they paid that extra bill including other charges after visiting 100 round of district electricity office.

K M Banan

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

My Consumer ID is 101534664. The Good Energy Meter was forcibily repalced with an Electronic Meter while we were away, without any intimation to me. And in Doing so they have damaged Meter Box as well as Broken the lock. This happened on 6/03/13. I raised a complaint but till date no respoanse.This is day light robbery. I want a redressal on this. Regards, Banan.

Samir Singh

Posted on Mar 01, 2013

I have recieved a letter from DHBVN, ref memo 492, dated 19/2/13 stating that there is an old o/s og Rs. 98,984 dating back to 1999. I only started to own the property from March 2012 and all electricty bills are current and uptodate. This is a complete incorrect notifciation and why should I be laible to pay the dues for previous default , coming up after almost 14 years !!

Sushil Kumar

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

Dear Sir, We live in Faridabad, Haryana. The electricity we use is supplied by DHBVN. My concern is their 1] meter reading and 2] charging bills in wrong manner. We recd. bill no. 20004517 Bill29-Oct-2012 shows that meter reading was 522 units and and the bill amount they raised for 590 units, which is previous year same month billed units. My Question is how you can charge for units which were not consumed. Its not the matter for this time only, we are facing the excess billed units from past 10 bills [not all] when they raised bill in excess amount in wrong manner. Please help.


Posted on Sep 15, 2012

COMOPLAINT AGAINST IFFRA AGENCIES HYDERABAD iffraagencies@gmail.com Sir, I paid Rs 14805 , to IFFRA agencies Hyderabad and demanded two solar Panel and charger unit for home use. Items received at Kollam on 24-8-2012 in which one solar panel found to be damaged. I contacted IFFRA agencies and returned it to the sender on the same day by return courier and carried home the rest. Improper packing was found to be the reason for damage. It is found that the item is at courier godown of Hyderabad since 04-9-2012. The agency is not collecting it and I am yet to receive the replacement. The items I hold here is of no use to me without replacing the damaged one. I pray for replacement or REFUND OF THE WHOLE AMOUNT.

Sumit Mujumdar

Posted on Sep 06, 2012

My house is closed since last few years and we have given letter to MSEB for no usage of electricity for minimum bill inspite of that We have get bill of amount 20000 rupees without using electricity..

Ashish Garg

Posted on Jul 20, 2012

I am a resident of Hansi Town (PIN: 125033), Dist. Hisar. On the behalf of all the people I would like to complaint against the irrelevant electricity cuts and low voltage. Everyday one or more areas of the town are deprived of electricity for 8-10 hours at a stretch. And when we do get electricity, the voltage is so low that the appliances either do not work properly or, are damaged in may cases. I have noticed that in DHBVN colonies(Vidyut Nagar, Hisar), there are no cuts even for a secont and the street lights are always ON, even in daylight. Is that even fair? Please help us, we have been in trouble since a long long ago.