Vehicles Complaints

Pritesh Ghadi

Posted on Feb 07, 2024

I have purchased Ola S1 Pro 2nd Gen having order no. 0832-WOZ386, vehicle No. GA06AC8434 on 16th Aug 2023 which was delivered on 2nd Nov 2023. Immediately after the delivery of the said vehicle, the vehicle started giving unwanted sound from the motor and in addition to it the touchscreen was non functional which needed rebooting after every one hour, further there was no response from the company side, after repeated complains at your store in Mormugao, South Goa. somehow i managed to take the scooter to the showroom for the issues against the said problem having job no. QT2311242059. that on returning back from the showroom after the servicing the said scooter, the same unwanted sound was coming from the scooter and there was issue regarding the Bluetooth connectivity . the said company has given me a defective vehicle


Posted on Oct 18, 2023

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Akash Bar

Posted on Apr 18, 2023

Most respectfully, I, Akash Bar, S/O-Bhim Charan Bar, At + P.O-Balighai, P.S-Egra, Dist-Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, Pin-721422 would like to draw your kind attention that with a great expectation like some other successful purchaser of Yamaha R15 Byke, I went to the ADI MOTORS, authorized sub dealer of Yamaha India Pvt. Ltd., At- Madhakali, Dist-Purba Medinipur to purchase the Byke. But the owner of the Adi Motors tell me that no such stock of selected byke at that time at his show room. He requested to me to give him some money in advance for booking the said Byke. He assure me that after available he inform me to finally purchase that motor byke. As per his assurance firstly on the dated 28.04.2022 I give him an amount of Rs. 10,000/-, on 09.05.2022 Rs. 50,000/- and lastly on 31.05.2022 Rs. 40,000/- totaling to Rs. 1,00,000/- all the vouchers I have. After awaiting some days I contact with him the latest news of the said byke and aksing him when I can get my new byke. At that time the owner namely Braja Gopal Shaw replied me that if any emergency he arrange the byke from another nearest show room namely Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles and finally on 01.07.2022 he purchase R15 V4.0 in my name from Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles. Actually the fact is that I paid him Rs. 100000/- in advance before purchase the byke and on 01.07.2022 at the time of purchase I give him Rs. 50000.00 as cach and by transfer through phone pay Rs. 60000/- to his account. But surprisingly, I became astonished when the dealer Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles give me the money receipt. I noticed on the said receipt that an amount of Rs. 85724/- paid against the said motor byke and the card purchase in my name through Finance. At that time I ask to the owner of Adi Motors as I paid in full Rs. 2,10,000/- so why he purchase the byke through finance. Mr. Braja Gopal Shaw, owner of the Adi Motors, sadly inform me that as per his own purpose he expenses the money and he assure me that the rest amount of the byke i.e Rs. 125000/- he pay to the owner or directly to Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles within three days. Further for your kind information that as a security or guarantee of the said payment he give me his Byke (Model-Enfield, No- WB32AH2566) on 01.07.2022 beside the Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles. After a few days on 07.07.2022 the OC Bhupatinagar Police Station contact with me and inform me that Braja Gopal Shaw lodged a GD on 06.07.2022 at his police station in respect of the said fact and the OC give me a copy of the said GD. After receiving the GD I noticed that Mr. Braja Gopal Shaw committed and mentioned on his application that he pay the amount of Rs. 125000/- within 15 days from the date of application. But till the date he from the date 06.07.2022 he did not contact with me and not to paid the amount neither me nor the Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles. It is noted here that his car now fully safe to me. I don't understand that what to do with that car now. But regretfully inform to you that meanwhile the installment kist already started in my name and I have already paid the 1st installment kist of Rs. 5607.00 to Bhagwanpur Yamaha Automobiles. I understand that I became cheated by him and a question arise that as a cheated person how can get the sub dealership from the World No 1 byke company. So, I request to you kindly take necessary steps from your end to stop such type of fraudulent activities, save the high profiles of Yamaha Motors and a request to take necessary action against the dealer take a disciplinary action so that no one can showing any interest to such type of fraudulent activities with some one in future and I can get back my rest amount i.e Rs. 125000/- and so that the problem is solve from your end.

A Mayilsamy

Posted on Oct 14, 2022

Dear Sir, Kindly go through the mail, we had purchased a new Kwid on 06.07.2022, as per the manual book the car should have the Back Sensor, But they have not provided. Further, in this regard I approached the Showroom Sales Team as well as I sent a mail to their Customer Grievance. But, I could not get a proper solution. So, Kindly help me. Thanks and Regards, A Mayilsamy 7/156-5, Sivasakthi Amman Nagar, Keeranatham, Coimbatore - 641035 ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: A.MAYILSAMY Date: Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 3:04 PM Subject: Re: Greetings from Anamallais Renault Coimbatore To: Dear Sir / Madam, So far I may not get any proper response from your side, Please update the status. Thanks & Regards, A Mayilsamy On Fri, Sep 23, 2022 at 5:21 PM A.MAYILSAMY wrote: Dear Sir / Madam, Is there any update regarding the below mail? Thanks & Regards, A Mayilsamy On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 1:01 PM A.MAYILSAMY wrote: Dear Sir, Thank you for your information, I am wondering how it was affected from our purchase date. That means you were not making the car prior to billing, after billing only you make a car and deliver to us, right? But we saw the car on 02.07.2022 and we paid an advance of Rs.5,001/- (Please refer to the Photo attached) on 04.07.2022 to Mr.Ragul to hold the car which we purchased. As per your mail 06.07.2022 is not applicable, but we have advance paid for the car which you were shown on 02.07.2022, Further, during the purchase time no one told us about the PARKING SENSOR not available to my car. Thanks and Regards, A Mayilsamy On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 11:17 AM RAMESH R wrote: Dear Sir Greetings from Anamallais Renault, We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by us This is for your kind information the reverse parking sensors mode feature has been withdrawn in the new version from the billed date on 06 July 2022. As per user manual and online based on authenticated variants only. The same was explained during booking also. We have clarified the same with Renault also, the offer availed to all Renault customers is as per company norms only. The same would have been explained during the vehicle delivery. I have attached a photo copy for your reference regarding the same Once again, we regret the inconvenience caused. In case of any further assistance from our side, kindly contact us. Mr. Rameshkutty (7338730304) / CRM/ Mr. Girish (6380677930) / Asst Manager sales/ Thanks & Regards Rameshkutty CRM

Rosalind Brakus

Posted on Jul 06, 2022


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Posted on Mar 24, 2022

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Posted on Feb 27, 2022



Posted on Feb 24, 2022

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Posted on Feb 16, 2022

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Swagatika Mohanty

Posted on Feb 12, 2022

Sir I would like to confirm you that I Smt. Swagatika Mohanty Purchased one Vehicle (Model No: Suzuki Acess125cc) bearing vehicle No..OD-05-BA-9668 from AMP suzuki, kanika chowk, cuttack,orissa last year . After 6-7 months from the date of purchase of vehicle some problem arises in the vehicle i.e while driving the bike stops automatically and suddenly not start. After waiting 15-30 minibus it starts and reedy for driving and that was inform to the dealer as well as maruti sujuki customer care. After that they repair it and deliver to us. From the date of repair the vehicle is working only for 15-30 days. After that same problem arises once again. This process continue from date of purchase of vehicle till now that was also recorded in marutisuzuki customer care but till now they were unable to provide a permanent solution to me. The vehicle once again give the same problem in 02/12/2022. Now after some days my warranty also lapsed and i am not able to avail the free service . I also face a lot of problem during driving. Therefore i request you ,kindly replace my vehicle so that i will not face any further problem. Now company is unable to provide me the permanent solution Thanking you Swagatika Mohanty.


Posted on Feb 11, 2022

purchased two wheelar Hero Motor Corp in 2022, under warrenty period within one month i got battery issue, when I approched the dealer (Senthil Bikes, Kodambakkam Chennai ) where I purchased thay told to contact Hero service centre. Hero service centre staff took my two wheeler and thay told that the battery is dead since it is old battery. I have doubt that how come new two wheeler has old battery. when i called dealer (senthil Bikes Kodambakkam) he did not give proper answer instead he cut the call in between the conversation. Now he is not even attending the call. They (senthil bikes) are cheating the customers. Kindly help me to send the reply to them. It would be a great help for me.


Posted on Feb 02, 2022

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Posted on Jan 29, 2022

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Reji George

Posted on Jan 14, 2022

I purchased two wheelar bullet in 2019, under warrenty period parts got corroded, when I approched the dealer where I purchased thay said there is no stock once the parts comes we will replace it, after one month again I approched then they said the same thain part not got it, after few weeks again I call them and enquire thay said tere is no parts, few weeks later I send a mail requeting the same, they send a mail to me that they will replace parts at the earliest, after month again I approched now they telling they won't change the part, kindly help me to send the reply to them. It would be a great help for me. Thanks and Regards Reji George Mob: 7349406476

Sajal Jain

Posted on Jan 04, 2022

Purchased 2019 model Honda City (JK02CJ7501) 1.5 VX MT as on 26-08-2019 and just after a few months it’s AVN system started giving problems. Although we ignored for a few months but when the frequency increased I approached the authorized service center (Hill View Honda/Trehan Automotive Pvt Ltd). Initially they told us to wait and assured us that the issue will subside on it's own as they had not received any other such complaint. When we again went after a couple of months they did a Reset on the AVN system and again told us to observe. The problem continued and after several more visits we were told to make a video of the issue in a particular way and then come back. We did exactly what we were asked to do and after much deliberation our complaint was finally registered as on 30th Of Jun 2021 (Token no. B5389 communication ID is 1-17552986532) Now finally after getting the system replaced with a brand new one few weeks back I was shocked to notice the same issues in the current system too and in fact in addition this system started hanging frequently. Now knowing about the procedure I made all the videos and forwarded them to their works manager Mr. Rakesh at +91 90186 71621. But to my dismay & disbelief this time when I approached the works manager after sending the videos I was told that NOW they have consulted the vendor and they have been told that iPhones are not compatible with their AVN systems. To this I retorted “why was I given false statement at the time of our purchase and why you bothered to confirm from the vendor only after more than 2 years?" The reply I got was, I quote" this is the Sales team issue" I'm very disturbed and feel disgusted on being cheated by one reputed company like HONDA. NEED URGENT HELP & IMMEDIATE REDRESSAL OF MY GRIEVANCE


Posted on Dec 28, 2021

hello..., Last year in the month of august I have taken my Royal Enfield bike to orange international, Nerdmet. when I went to the service of my vehicle, they put additional charges saying some or the other thing, ok fine I said and they added and when I say my problems regarding the vehicle, they even didn't attend to them at all and they say it will be like that only and all the bullshit stuff when to the other showroom they have done the without me saying the problems They even don't call for the feedback and put for themselves.


Posted on Dec 17, 2021

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Posted on Dec 09, 2021

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Posted on Dec 08, 2021

Hi, I have purchased a vehicle TVS jupiter on 12nd jan.,2021 but not got the registration Number of the vehicle since then. Dealer - Avian Tvs motors dealer - ARP Motors Address - Suriyakiran Complex, Old Padra Rd, Vadodara, Gujarat 390015. Please take a stern action against sub dealer and bard them to trade in TVS vehicles as they are threat to the Goodwill of the company like TVS.

Jitesh Gurnani

Posted on Nov 18, 2021

Hi, I have purchased a vehicle Honda Activa 6G on 2nd Nov.,2021 but not got the registration Number of the vehicle since 16 days. Dealer - Vihaan Enterprises Sub dealer - ARP Motors Address - Ulhasnagar, Thane, Maharashtra. Please take a stern action against sub dealer and bard them to trade in Honda vehicles as they are threat to the Goodwill of the company like Honda


Posted on Nov 06, 2021


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Posted on Nov 02, 2021

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Posted on Oct 16, 2021


Posted on Oct 13, 2021

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Posted on Oct 12, 2021

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Posted on Aug 28, 2021

Hello, As i purchased Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 from Royal Enfield - Roverz Motors, Puthiyakavu in 26 March 2021. While delivering they not able to give me a good front visor .It was broke at the time of delivery.And they promise me maximum one week for getting it. But until now ,after the purchase of 8 months I didn't get my front visor.still using broke visor in a new bikeFrom the date of purchase my chain has compliant. More than 5 times we repaired chain and there is no positive result for chain compliant. I am writing you for a better solutions to these two problems. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED DETAILS BIKE REG NO : - KL 61 E 8181 OWNER Details : - HASHIM HASHIM MANZIL, PANAPPETTY,PORUVAZHY PO,KUNNATHUR,KOLLAM,690520 MOB : - +91 80864 62883 mail :- SHOWROOM Address :- Royal Enfield - Roverz Motors, Puthiyakavu, Karunagappalli, Kerala 690502 .mob 088799 10793 DATE OF PURCHASE :- 26 MARCH 2021


Posted on Aug 28, 2021

Hello, As i purchased Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 from Royal Enfield - Roverz Motors, Puthiyakavu in 26 March 2021. While delivering they not able to give me a good front visor .It was broke at the time of delivery.And they promise me maximum one week for getting it. But until now ,after the purchase of 8 months I didn't get my front visor.still using broke visor in a new bikeFrom the date of purchase my chain has compliant. More than 5 times we repaired chain and there is no positive result for chain compliant. I am writing you for a better solutions to these two problems. PLEASE FIND ATTACHED DETAILS BIKE REG NO : - KL 61 E 8181 OWNER Details : - HASHIM HASHIM MANZIL, PANAPPETTY,PORUVAZHY PO,KUNNATHUR,KOLLAM,690520 MOB : - +91 80864 62883 mail :- SHOWROOM Address :- Royal Enfield - Roverz Motors, Puthiyakavu, Karunagappalli, Kerala 690502 .mob 088799 10793 DATE OF PURCHASE :- 26 MARCH 2021


Posted on Aug 28, 2021

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Anand Singh

Posted on Aug 14, 2021

I bought a Royal Enfield 350 Claaisc on 31/12/2020 from Shivpuri dealership, but today is 14/08/2021, almost 7 months and I still haven't received RC of my bike.

Harshwardhan Deshmukh

Posted on Aug 08, 2021

I had purchased a 3 year Extended Warranty for my Volkswage Vento (Vehicle Reg. No. HR26CZ3032, VIN MEXK1660XHT081154) which is valide till 23 October 2021. In the month of June 2021 the automatic gears malfunctioned, so I took the vehicle to the VW Dealer Workshop for warranty repairs. I was told by the dealer that the Gearbox would need replacement and the total cost will be around 5 lac rupees. After keeping the car for 3 weeks they told me that the insurance company (Bajaj Allianz GIC Ltd-EW), which had issued the extended warranty on behalf of VW, would only reimburse 70% of the cost and rest would have to be paid by me. Dealer offered an additional 5% discount from their side. As per the terms of the extended warranty, they should not have asked for any payment from my side. I told them that it is not fair that they are not living upto the terms of the extended warranty and agreed to pay the 25% from my pocket, as the car had been in their workshop for 3 weeks and it would take them few more weeks to order the part and replace it. If I had contested with them at that point there was a good chance that they would have rejected the claim altogether on one pretext or other. So I was left with no choice but to agree to pay from my pocket. I ended up paying 129,000 rupees from my pocket despite having an extended warranty. Invoice number against which I made the payment is PIA2101621 dated 30th July 2021. Just to add, the car has been driven only 27,185 km in 4.5 years and has been regularly serviced at VW dealer workshops only. There have been no major accidents and all the minor accidental repairs have also been done at the VW dealer. There is no way that the gearbox would have been damaged in any accident. Your help in getting a redressal will be very much appreciated. VW Dealer: Triumph Auto Pvt. Ltd., Behrampur Road, Opp. Madhusudan Auto, Near Hero Honda Chowk Sec. 74, Khandsa, Gurgaon, 122001 Extended Warranty Certificate No. OG-19-9991-1817-00016155 issued on 27 Sept 2018 Thanks & regards, Harsh


Posted on Jul 27, 2021

I have booked one bike called RV-400 from REVOLT Motors, but later on calling showroom, I get to know that the price incorporated with all the subsidy is higher than what it was before FAME-2 and Maharashtra EV subsidy. So, finally I canceled the order, which was also a cumbersome work as the website was not recognizing my booking. After trying, I finally canceled my booking, also received the confirmation email stating that refund will be initiated soon, but still after passing over 10 days, no refund is initiated. Also, they are not responding to my emails.

Harender SINGH

Posted on Jun 17, 2021

I have a Honda Civic 1.6 VX MT(I-DTEC) Reg. Date : 29-11-2019 Vehicle No : UP-14EF-6007 Chasis No :  MAKFC855CKN000138, Want to know i have visited all dealers under Delhi, Ghaziabad, Palwal, Faridabad but any of the dealer have rear brakes of cars. Please let us know that if the company and their Authorised Dealer cannot have parts of the car in stock then they will take back cars back from customers instead of making fools that you will get in 2 days or 3 days.


Posted on Mar 22, 2021

I bought a Vespa 125 SXL, by march 2020. First time it started to stop mid way on travel - they asked to bring to service station they took 1 week and charged me to pay for fuel for travel to service station and back which i paid. Fault being the ECU they replaced it free of cost. Second time it stopped mid way again now. what i'm a supposed to do, being bought just before the pandemic it just had a 1000kms on the odo. Whom should i contact if the manufacturer is deliberately giving defective parts to consumer twice.

Niraj jain

Posted on Mar 18, 2021

I purchase hero passion in nov 20, it vehicle has issue of gear system it can't able to get reverse gear many time, we are getting unbalance it may causing for a big accident in future, hope you help me on this matter Either hero motor should take return vehicle because it's manufacturing problem in many vehicle of model passion. thanks niraj jain


Posted on Mar 07, 2021

I have purchased Honda Shine Disc Bike on 24th june 2020 at Kaizen Honda Showroom, Solapur, Maharashtra. The piece of bike they sold was faulty as it was making huge noise & vibrating more, becasuse of this it is not moving smooth, consuming more fuel giving less milege. I gave my bike for servicing at Kaizen Honda twice. However the service they provided me twice is very poor . my issue is not resolved in 2 servicing so lodged a complaint to honda customer service. Third time I gave for servicing to other service centre, they clearely told that there is problem in your engine so u need gto contact the showroom where i bought the bike.


Posted on Dec 12, 2020

Booked a vehicle at NEXA, Banjara hills , opp KBR park. Loan was disbursed to dealer on 11th Dec evening. I was supposed to take my new car on Dec 12th by paying remaining down payment through NEFT or Card. Unfortunately, none of the banks in India are accepting NEFT/RTGS/IMPS on Dec 12th due to some issue or bank holiday. I requested dealer that I will be able to pay down payment through Credit/debit card transaction. I was informed, they charge 2.5% on the transaction amount which would be around 10,000/- extra. I am unable to pickup my car on time though loan was disbursed and interest gets calculated from Dec 12th(Saturday). Next working day is Dec 14th Monday. Could have been a hassle free transaction if dealer accepted card transaction fairly. Please help me to recover my loss through interest payable from loan disbursed date till Car hand-over date (not yet took car at this moment).

Gyanendra Pandey

Posted on Nov 26, 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like inform to you that I have done my bike serviced last month, there was engine work done, many parts of the engine were changed by the machinic with original parts of Bajaj, but when I was asked for the bill they have written 3228/- on the blank paper and given to me even he was not ready to give original bill of parts post my proving. Below is the address of shop Om Auto works Ram singh market Sector 91 In from of sehetpur government school Sehatpur Faridabad 110013 Kindly look into this he does not give any bills to customers. Regards, Gyanendra

swati Patil

Posted on Nov 19, 2020

I was booked hero Honda Shine BS6 Grey Colour Bike on 25 October 2020 from Mahavir Auto R.M Bhattad Road MC Donald Lane Opp Kora Kendra ground new link road Borivali west Mumbai 400091 and we did the full payment of Rs 94,000 , But now the showroom people are force us to take the delivery of black colour bike if we refuse to take the delivery of black bike the showroom persons are ignoring us and not pick up our call also

Anirban Ganguly

Posted on Oct 23, 2020

I have purchased a TVS Jupiter ZX (BS IV) from 'Tip Top Automobiles, Guskara, Purba Bardhaman' on February 22, 2020 and the vehicle is registered with my mobile no 98365-13600. I did my insurance on February 26, 2020 from United India Insurance Company Ltd. and my Motor Policy No. is 0316003119P115247415. But till now I have not received my Vehicle Registration No., Number Plate, Blue Book and Pollution Certificate and the dealer is unable to provide any update. It's already eight months over and I could not use my vehicle. I requested him to take the vehicle back & return my full money but he is nether doing that nor providing the vehicle documents. I request you to please provide a solution in favor of me.

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

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Posted on Aug 24, 2020

I had done a Booking with Zoomcar on 13-03-2020 vide Booking ID # JPS6NGJ8J and paid ₹ 29,047 for scheduled Car Rental Service from 21-07-20 to 24-07-2020.Due to Covid-19 scenario, I had cancelled the Booking well in advance on 13-05-2020 and refund as per there Cancellation policy after deduction of ₹ 200/- for ₹ 28,847/- was to be credited within 15 days as the payments done through Credit Card.Since Day 1, I have been chasing and following Zoomcar, but they have failed to comply with all the Dates of Refund promised by them on Several Occasion. As per process/polices of Zoomcar I should have received the refund by 28-05-2020, however I was informed that it was delayed due to Coivd-19 and refund shall happen by Jun'20 end. Then after reminding and chasing them for 15 days they said it will take 2 weeks to process refund & I again got another date of July End. This is the 3rd Failure to comply with their own commitment. Sir I had made the payment through credit card and since the Bank in Charging Interest on the amount due and I cannot Make the payment myself as the Refund will be processed directly to the Card. I have written to them on mails, had conversation on calls & even reached them on Twitter but they are doing nothing for my refund from past 75 Days. Request your assistance in getting my money refunded immediately. Would be grateful to you. I have been sending constant reminders, however every time there is single response to provide refund asap. Thanks & regards, Saurabh Dadhich 9818225352

B C Jena

Posted on Apr 25, 2020

Dear Sir, I regard to say you that, being a honda customer I really embarrassed & feeling very bed. My experience with Honda brand & it's service is really a very very bed. My kind request to honda India top management, please analysis each & every sentence which I am going to write. Please take necessary action against my mail. My last service was done on 06/06/2019 while servicing I got information by service technicians, '' my car's lefthand shoker is damaged & due to unavailability of material/ spare, they can't replace it ''. I would like to inform you that this material is not available in the agency M/S Nerverram Honda yet. My second last servicing was done on 19/03/2020 & I really disappointed with their service. Again I got the same information by the service technicians, '' my cars lefthand side shoker is damaged & the spare isn't available in their stock ''. So they can't replace it, due to unavailable of spare. I have been treated very rudely by the service manager. As I discussed & called by service manager my passenger side Airbag will be replaced as per honda policy. When I reached there they instructed me '' your car servicing is pending & please service it ''. I clearly told him my cars backside shoker is still damaged & I have to replace it & if you have a material, please change it & service it. You can see the attached photo as the service manager is written with his signature. I was harassed by an agency with their customer relationship manager. The list is given below. 1) They charged extra Rs 885 /- for AC vent cleaning, Please find the attached photo no:2, ( AC vent cleaning, Labour Code: VASACD, HSN NO: 998714, AC CLEANER & DISINFECTANT ). They charged extra Rs 885 /- when I opposed him & they returned the amount, you can see the attached photo No: 01. It's really unethically act was being done by the service manager. How can they charge the amount without job done? Please analysis the attached photo & the evidence has been attached. A educate & training manager can't do this type of unethical behaviour. 2) As I discussed with the service manager, I will not pay the labour charge during the sucker replacement in future, At first, they agreed & I had a lot of trouble with heavy discussion with a service relationship manager, they agree & they have written it very unprofessional way in Bill summary, Please find the attached photo no: 01, ( NO LABOUR WILL BE APPLICABLE PER SOCKER REPLACEMENT ). 3) I have paid Rs 4136 /-, for replacement of Engine oil, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Ac cabin filter, & bulb change. As discussed with the Service Manager, Engine oil & with its all type of filter will be replaced in front of me. first, they had agreed with my sentence & I wasn't entered to see my car servicing. It's really a very very unethical act done. I have paid all the money & I still don't know my servicing has been done or not. Request to honda India top management please discuss with me & please take necessary action against it. 4) It's really such an embarrassing point, I had come to this servicing station at 8:40 AM & my ticket serial number was: 01, My car was serviced after the servicing of 17 No's of car. My kind Request to honda India top management please enquiry the same, video camera is there. you may enquiry the same. Its really unethical behaviour done. Job card for servicing was issued at 9:52 AM & my servicing was done at 5: 39 PM. 5) Cleaning & Servicing department of this agency is like hell & disgusting. Please see the camera, then you can get the evidence. Unbranded polish material is being used in the car. Cleaning dept persons are really uneducated & illiterate. Please enquiry the same internally & you will get the whole. 6) Please find the attached photo is evidence, Greasing hasn't been done in car door connecting point. My kind request to Honda India top management for your kind intervention, please & don't disappoint me. I'm waiting for your mail. Please free to fell the undersign. Agency Details: NARBHERAM MOTORS (P) LTD, I hope I will get a positive response from you. Thanks & Regards, BC Jena 8235099981


Posted on Aug 18, 2015


sourav sharma

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

Dear ktm deke bike 200cc was not working well since i bought it...i send my bike to agency for repair many time but could not get good now i dont know what to bike is not even capable for run....

pratap sjb rana

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

There is a swelling of the side tyre wall of one bridgestone tyre on my newly purchased Innova that has done merely 17349 kms.the service engineer of Bridgestone Company had inspected this one tyre(size 205/65 R15 pattern B390 bearing serial No. CEJ 2214) which came as an OE Fitment in my vehicle Innova, and after inspecting he reported that damage in the tyre was Pinch cut damage cause due to pinching/severe impact of the sidewall of the tyre between rim flange and an external hard object resulting in damage to inner plycords causing Bulge on Sidewall.They claim that since such damage is not due to manufacturing defect,they will not accept fault. My submission is the tyre in question has no other visible cuts or damage,looks new so to put down the swelling as "owing to impact"is unethicalas there has been no extraordinary impact and if the tyre cannot take normal impact of indian city roads then the tyre is weak and of poor quality.How can a multinationalget away with this?!!

Dr. Hiware C.j.

Posted on Aug 07, 2015

Dear sir, I have purchased Bycycle on 20.07.2015 from one shop at aurangabad and within five days its pedel has dislocked and I went to owner of shop to replace that as there was gurantee of one yr but he denied and my kid becomes very sad. I replaced from other shop by paying money on 30.07.2005. He the owner of shop was reluctant on the matter . please help. and teach lession to such people. urs Sincerely Dr. Hiware

Gagan Kumar pandey

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

i have already applied 4 times with all formality but still Suzuki motorcycle not giving me any right information regarding that PF no HR/GGN/27350/001924. rgds Gagan

Garima Tuteja

Posted on Jul 31, 2015

My father is a retired Army officer & ordered a Honda Brio auto-car through CSD Dealership in gurgaon.He informed us that he will get the car from Ahemdabad.Now when the car came,its gear box was heavily damaged to the extent that it needs to be replaced.Gurgaon dealer sent the car back to Ahemdabad for a complete checkup by Honda factory/dealer.They said they gave the car in perfect condition & that it has been damaged due to incorrect driving by the transporter's driver(hence no warranty also applicable).Transporter is gurgaon dealer's contact and hence,gurgaon dealer is not ready to accept its driver's fault.Our point of contact was gurgaon dealer throughout & he is not ready to get the car repaired/share the cost.The cost of replacement has been estimated as 3lakhs by Honda Ahemdabad for a 7 lakh car.We are helpless now.We've paid 6 lakhs & would have to spend more for repairs.We want a compensation from gurgaon dealer as well as his csd license to be revoked.

Shailesh Deshpande

Posted on Jul 30, 2015

From: Shailesh B Deshpande C/3-202 Saket Complex Majiwade, Thane West PIN 4006701 Date: 30th July,2015 Mob: 9869960393 Email To, The Consumer Court, Thane (West) Sub: Deficiency in service by Navnit Motors Ltd, Thane Kolshet Road. Compensation requested Rs 2,00,000/- Ref: Maruti Alto Reg No MH04 DW 6206. I gave my Maruti Car for service as per call received from the Service centre that before 31st July, 2015 I should have my service done accordingly I took an appointment on 21st July, 2015. I also got some Body work done. The Car was delivered on 29th July, 2015 without any sort of Joint inspection from the repair & maintenance division however the body shop representative duly inspected his area of work completed. Believing on the service of this official service dealer upto the Expected Standard I took the delivery and went for filling up the petrol at Babubhai petrol pump near Majiwade immediately. It was raining heavily, I had undergone an hear

Shikha Bhardwaj

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Hi, I would like to complaint you regarding the inconvenience, misbehave and harassment caused by OLA cab for the cab hired from the Bangalore International Airport(KIA) to Hosur road. Me and my husband had booked the cab from airport to Hosur Road and while boarding the cab, we believe that hiring the non AC mini cab will cost us 10 Rs/Km or total expense would be lesser than Rs.1000 as per standard for the other cab services. But when reached the destinations we got shocked when the driver claim Rs. 2480. for the diesel Tata Indica non AC car i.e almost 77.5 Rs/Km. When i tried to explain the driver that this is not a genuine trade, he started shouting outside my apartment and threatened me that he will create a scene at 3:15 AM early morning on 22nd June and he will take me n my husband to police station if I will not give him money.Analyzing the situation as I was standing outside the apartment and being a lady I told him not to create a scene our here and let me talk with OLA c

ankur kumar

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

I ordered for cbz star petrol tank on 15.07.15 and paid through sbi debit card and got order no 10797 .after that 12 days have passed but my order is still pending.and no response from safexbikes.or any intimation.kindly solve my problem either give me the product or refund me as soon as possible.


Posted on Jul 22, 2015



Posted on Jul 22, 2015

i have already filed a complaint that driver took Rs116 more by charging base charge of Rs.149 instead of Rs.49, on 15thjuly at 4:52pm with booking id as: TFS-PP-C25293173.. the driver took cash also Rs97, also paytm & tfs credits has been used and took Rs 228??? so kindly revert me back and return my Rs116 in my PAYTM ACCOUNT or iwill file a forgery case on you company???? Already 7days gone and your 24working hours also ??? so why still you didnot revert me back and also i made so many telephone calls as well... really useless service karan kapoor 9878939911


Posted on Jul 20, 2015

I had booked Nissan Terrano car from Kamala Nissan of Worli Mumbai on 11th of May 2015. I paid Rs 50000 by cheque as the booking amount and took loan from SBI for Rs 3 Lakhs, which has also been disbursed to Kamla Nissan. I was promised the car in two weeks. Its been more than two months ad the car is still not delivered.I have been contacting the dealer and have been told every time that it will be delivered in ten days or next fifteen days. I am fed up of calling them up. More so they have stopped answering my phone also.Kindly help.

Sunil Arors

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

I had booked Nissan Terrano from Kamala Nissan of Worli, Mumbai on 11th of May by paying 50,000/-. A loan amount of Rs3 Lakh was also disbursed to the dealer. I was promised my car in two weeks. It's now more than two months I have still not got my car. Kamala Nissan just cannot give me dates as to when can they give my car. I have been in touch with them but they have no answer to my queries. Please help.


Posted on Jul 18, 2015



Posted on Jul 18, 2015

Sir, I had given my santro car for servicing at barrackpur automobiles (authorised hyundai servicing centre) on 14/07/15.They had promised me to deliver it at home by evening.But there was some complaint in the compressor of AC they said by next day morning they will give.I asked him how much it will c0st.there was a vague answer like let it be over then we will tell you.the next day I had rang up at 11am ,they said the repair is still on and i asked what is the estimate.they never gave me a reply. At 3pm the receptionist rang me up and said mam You have to pay 16000/- for your car.I got a shock and asked how ?she said it comes that much in paid service.My car is 2008 model and till now I have not spend so much money for servicing.There were no such big damages also. They threatened me that they will not deliver the car at my home and said by next next day between 10am to 11am u come and give the money and take the car ,otherwise we will dump your car in our workshop. Kindly help


Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Sir,I have deposited 600/-rs.for making a no.plate of my Duster no MP33C/4060 to karmyogi service centre on 10.05.14 (appointed by RTO Shivpuri)but neither they made no.plate nor returned money & run away.Kindly make action to return my money.Thanks.


Posted on Jul 09, 2015


Umakant chindarkar

Posted on Jul 06, 2015

Bajaj Finance Ltd. I requested for foreclosure of my Bajaj Avenger loan but they sold the vehicle without any intimation although they send me email regarding my request. They cheated me I want compensation.

Subhendu Sen

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Hi, My name is Subhendu sen bought a two wheeler i.e TVS Apachy from Sree Tvs ( SUBIR UDYOG - 36, chowringhee Road, Kolkata- 71 ph. 22882421/ 2422/ 2423) kolkata on 28th June 2013 but till date i havnt received my smart card. I have contact them many time but no one is listening to me also Sree Tvs - Subir us tog people. My vehicle number: WB 07 H 8206 and can contact me in my mobile 9831541416 Therefore, I request you to take some neccessary action against them and help me in getting my correct smart card. Thanks, Subhendu Sen

Satyaprakash Yadav

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Dear sir/ madam, I brought a car from Greycell motors, mulund mumbai. Vehicle no- MH02 BY 5210 which had no music system and speakers at doors and they didn't gave any prior information. Now they are not responding properly and Asking for do whatever you want. Please help.


Posted on Jun 26, 2015

today 20-06-2015 we are going to serampore court compound Driving licence office for making driving licence.The Office are covered by the broker and they take Rs-1200/- for making two wheeler licence where original expenses Rs-470/-.We want to make our licence without help of the broker but we can not do beacuse the officer could not help us and signal test Time 11 am to 12 Pm friday this circumstance please take a step.

Surajit Deb Roy

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Dear Sir it has been more than 9 months i am being defrauded amd mislead by k.b motors. They offered me a new car in exchange of my old car whereby neither the new car arrived to me nor the issue is resolved . as per my information they have sold my nano car and could not give me a new car car in return after my repetative intimation to them . hence i would like to appeal for my new car or pecuniary fine for the harrassment they have given me. i am a physically challenged person and my financial condition is not sound . kindly assist me for getting the justice.

dinesh pandey

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

Meri hero karizma bike ka 7 may ko bhilai me accident huwa h or meri bike 8 may se show room me khadi hai company ne vor k jariye parts 72 ghanto me avilable karane ki baat kahi par abhi tak meri gadi ka ek bhi part nahi aya h or bike waise hi khadi hai bike na hone k karan meri job bhi chali gayi hai compony me complane krne k baad bhi koi reply nahi mila hai or puchne par parts nahi hai bol rahe hai mai bahut pareshan ho gaya hu compony k head offic se lekar state offic tak chakkar kat chuka hu koi bhi abhi tak contact nahi kiye hai or mujhe sahi jankari nahi de rahe hai bike na hone k karan meri job chali gayi hai jiske karan mai kafi mansik tanav bhi jhel raha hu or compony or dealer kahi se bhi koi madad nahi mil raha hai mai bahut pareshan ho chuka hu meri samasya ka jald se jald nivaran krne ki kripa kare

dr.muneeb ur rashid

Posted on Jun 21, 2015

i have buyed a hyundia eon in October 2014 my car is in warrenty for 1 year i have not used my car A.C since then due to bad weather now due to prevailing summer i switched on my car A.C but to my surprise its not working i approached company several times they are asking me to pay some 2500 rupees for A.C fault when at time of selling they have clearly mentioned 1 year guarantee for any manufacturing defect.kindly help me out

renish joseph

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

My name is renish joseph.i bought a hyundai eon era plus star dust car on 27/04/2015.I am writing this letter regarding a serious issue with my eon car.Actually i have already made numerous complaints in this regard.But i did not get any satisfactory response from you as well as the dealer(s s hyundai,mavelikara).Whenever i drive the car with the windows closed there is this noise from the engine.I do not know whether it is coming from the engine or somewhere else.The car almost sounds like a tractor .And i found it very embarrassing and irritating.I brought it to the notice of the dealer several times and they are saying that this is common with all EON cars.If what they are saying is true,its a manufacturing defect and the company is liable to replace the car or rectify this issue.Last time when i made the complaint they made me believe that this is a common problem and they also made me sign the customer satisfaction letter.


Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Abhishek Sondhi

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

I have bought 40 KVA generator of MEERA company Pvt limited 6 months ago but from the next week onwards i am facing issue related to engine. In a span of 6 months i have called technicians from the company more than 10 times and serviced my Genset 13 times. But in vain there is no good response from therm. So, i appeal in this forum to listen my problem and suggest me some goof solution As it is affecting my business very much. Can it be possible to get my money back as i dont need the genset of that company and I will suggesst you to please dont buy the genset of Meera Company

abhishek mukherjee

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

i had purchased a preowned vehicle from of on the dealers in kolkata (fortune wheels) in the month of march'15 (10 to 15th of that month). i had asked the dealer that when i will receive the vehicle smart card registered to my name, they said that since i had taken a hdfc bank loan , they have to hand it over to me within 3 months of purchase with name change. However it is at the brinks of completing 3 months and they are stating you will get it post motor vehicle verification , and this excuse is an ongoing process and they are failing to keep all date commitments for rto verification. In this case i am not able to use my vehicle which i had purchased with all my hard earned money properly as it is still not registered to my name. Also timely monthly emi is deducted from my account by hdfc bank.

Prakash Kumar Rijhwani

Posted on Jun 06, 2015

Pratim Paul

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

Ami modhom gram tvs bike er sorum dea bike er insurance renew 1 month er opore hoegeche akhuno dae ni...5 or 6 days dhore ami ghurchi.oe showroom er akta medam amy bolche r thart korche je insurance debe na ..r bolche tmr ja korar kore ami ki korbo... r amr taka o ferot chaile diche na...plz help me..

Showmik Datta

Posted on Jun 02, 2015

On 13/05/2015 I purchased Yamaha YBR110 from Matali Enterprise .At the time of delivery I found that the fuel meter is not working but they said they cheeked it is ok as they filled only 1Ltr petrol it is not showing. Next day I filled with 10lts petrol but still not working and I visit the said dealership and they said yes it is not working they commit that they will change the meter within 10days but still I am facing harassment as they yet not change the same.

arvind ns

Posted on May 31, 2015

I took a new bike from cauvery motors 2 months ago. It is having recurrent problems, it has gone for repair more than 3 times and some parts are changed under warrenty , but I am getting the same problem after few days

Abhishek Saha

Posted on May 27, 2015

I want to register a complaint against Tanishq Suzuki, Behala Shibrampur, Opp. Greenfield City, Kolkata. There is a loud cranking noise coming from my new Suzuki Gixxer 155cc motorcycle which I purchased from them in cash just 6 months ago and the bike has did just 1200 kms now. I even purchased the 5 years Engine warranty from the Behala showroom... which covers my engine from any technical malfunctions. However, after diagnosing the issue with the Engine, the service technician at their Behala Tanishq Suzuki Authorised Service Center is asking me to pay Rs.14000 for resolving the engine issue although I have the 5 Years engine warranty and all other documents intact with me. Please provide me a solution.

Purvi Mistry

Posted on May 26, 2015

I want to lodge a complaint against Toyota Motors for giving us a car with a faulty part which has now stopped working and they want us to pay over 70000 to get it replaced.The power steering is an electronic part that has just stopped working suddenly and the company and dealer expect us to pay for this failure.


Posted on May 25, 2015

Dear Sir, My complain is regarding delay payment of Road tax by Hyundai dealer at Indore.summary details of full case is as under: Vehicle: Hyundai Grand i10 sportz 1.2 Kappa VTVT petrol Dealer: Sunshine Cars Pvt. Ltd., Airport Road Indore Date of Purchase & Delivery: 28.03.2015 Date of Payment: 28.03.2015( Before Deilivery all payment done) Road tax Payment made by Dealer: 12.04.2015 ( after 15 days) Engine No. : G4LAFM572484 Chassis's No : MALA851CLFM240497 Actually i got accident on 01.04.2015 and Insurance company has unable to process my claim as Road tax payment was not paid on date of accident. Now i have took many times follow up with dealer but he is not ready to compensate my claim.


Posted on May 25, 2015

My motorcycle was making some noise, so i handover my motorcycle for servicing and for removing that noise to CASTROL BIKE ZONE, 1 C, Bata Chowk, 45, NIT No. 1, Faridabad- 121001, Haryana then after one day JATIN JI (9999992823) called me and said your bike is now ok but when i went to the service centre the same noise was coming from motorcycle then they said took the motorcycle after one or two days after complete check up, I said ok. Then after two days they called me and said your bike is ok now and handover my bike to me and charged me 3000 rs but sir same noise is coming till now and they are saying we can't do anything. Bike no.- HR 29 X 2864

Argha Prava Roy

Posted on May 23, 2015

I purchased Honda Activa 125 from SHIVA WHEELS PVT. LTD, 17 B.T.Road, Kolkata-56( Phone 65365914) on 7/04/2015. They assured me that I shall get number plate, blue book and all the paper of insurance within 1 month. But it is more than 1and half month goes away they did not register my car to motor vechile and give number plate and insurance paper to me. I contact with they several times but they did not pay hid to my apple. According to my address I am under Barrackpore Motor vechile. As I did not get number plate I can't drive my new car. Please take necessary steps to solve my porblem.

Rahul Gupta

Posted on May 23, 2015

Dear, I have given my Ritz car for claim purpose to MY CAR Showroom Fazalganj. UP78CM1585 the total bill amount has been made rs8116 my car showroom employees tells that you have to pay the amount of rs3765 insurance company have make the payment of rs4351 then i have pay the rest amount and take my car and the whole things which is raised in claim form has been not given properly. then i have make mail to tata aig and asking about the claim procedure and then i know that i have to pay only rs1241. then i visit to my car showroom and they said we dont know the whole thing its insurance company fault. and they said we checked in bank statement and then we let you know whole things has been passed around 15 days then don not even make a single call or any reply. ihave make three mails to them but till know there is no feedback form their end. Please look into the matter its serious issue because most of the customer does not know how much insurance companys and customer make extra payment and problem remain constatnt.

Rahul salunke

Posted on May 23, 2015

I have complaint against DSK TOYOTA who have repeatedly failed to solve my INNOVA's problem

Rishi kesh sharma

Posted on May 18, 2015

मेने 17/2/15 को हीरो मैस्ट्रो स्कूटर tanushka hero city center gwalior se purchage kiya jiski battery 15/3/15 se Self nahi le rahi h jab m 16/3/15 Ko service center gaya to mujhe battery charge kar vapas di gayi uske bad 23/4/15 Ko fir se battery ne self nahi liya to me service center gaya to mujhe Bawa exide battery k paas battery change ke liye bheja gaya to unke dwara charge kar vapas di gayi lekin 3/5/15 Se fir gadi me self nahi liya to me 4/5/15 ko fir se service center gaya to unke dwara battery change hogi bolkar apne paas rakh li tab se aaj 18/5/15 Tak mujhe battry vapas nahi di h mene kareeb 15 se 20 bar phone bhi kiya lekin har bar bettery abhi ayi nhi h bol diya jata h aur agle din ana bolte h m bahut pareshan hoon jaldi se battery dilva dijiye.nahi to sari jimmedari apki hogi.

Soumen polley

Posted on May 15, 2015

Aijaz Ahmed

Posted on May 09, 2015

Service and accessories not being provided by the dealer I bought car from now I'm left with brand new handicapped car.

Pupinder Kaur khanuja

Posted on May 09, 2015

I have booked a toyota Innova from akshay toyota Raipur chattisgarh and he has taken full amount from us and he is not giving us the vehicle or the money refund and every time we visit the showroom they say today or tmt we will give you the details of the car .

Dr.Balram Gupta

Posted on May 07, 2015

I had purchased a car model Vento bearing no. HR51AL5643, Chasis no. WVWL10608BT021553 From Broadway Autoworld Pvt. Ltd, Vokswagen Faridabad, under invoice no. VCI100046 DT. 10.1.2011. From the day one the car started giving trouble as its indicator on dash board keeps burning incessantly. After complaining and the service done several times, the problem still persists. Now the said car is in their service centre OSL EXCLUSIVE PVT. LTD., INDIA, Kolkata and the company representative Mr. Rajani Khanna, C.R. Head is asking me to shell out Rs. 55,000/- for repairing charge. Sir, considering that problem I have faced after buying a new car, I want a replacement of the said car without going into any more trouble.

Sachin Kumar

Posted on May 06, 2015

This is in reference to the subject matter noted above. On 26.07.2014 I took my car to Tayal India Motors Pvt. Ltd. By-Pass Road (Near Bansal Nursing Home) Palwal, Haryana-121102. your garage/service centre as it had developed a fault in alignment, which required repair. Your garage/ service centre carried out the repair and the bill for this work was Rs20, 000/- which I paid in full. Since then, the same fault has recurred and I am bound to think that it was not properly repaired. It is so painful to write to your good office regarding the subject matter noted herein above. It is to bring to your kind notice that our above mentioned vehicle was got serviced at your esteemed service centre wherein all the other works pertaining to the same i.e. suspension work, repair of the brake shoes, oil change and front suspension dismantle & assembly was done. Further, the service manager did not check the vehicle alignment of the said vehicle neither it was brought to our notice as a procedure.


Posted on May 05, 2015

My maruti vehicle was sent to maruti authorized service centre and they have cheated me , and taken extra money though my car was under warranty. Also the quality of service is very poor . Already lodged complain but maruti not replying

Ankur kumar

Posted on May 01, 2015

I have purchase a Royal Enfile Thunderbird -350cc on dated 14 OCt 2014 and paid bike price with all other formerly (for registration, no plate and smart card ) but on dated 14 Nov 2014 i have given wrong printed Smart card ( in place of Thunderbird -350cc model is mention as Classic 350 cc) so i don't accept it .till then representative of showroom are not properly replying my problem . they are doing nothing and in this case when i paid all charges i expected full service but they are unable to serve properly so I am requesting full refund my amount and i will return my bike regarding this I mail them but they are not saying anything

Rhitam Basak

Posted on May 01, 2015

TVS Streak has a starting problem, if it gets drenched in rain for a few hours. They never admit the problem before selling the product. i shared the issue with the TVS Showroom but they said its a common issue with TVS Streak and nothing can be done about the same.


Posted on Apr 29, 2015

मेरी मोटरसाइकिल क्र. CG-07, LR-590 दिनांक 10/11/2009 को बिलासपुर स्थित मेरे भाई के मकान से चोरी हो गई थी जिसकी सूचना एफ.आई.आर. सिविल लाइन थाने, बिलासपुर मे दिनांक 11/11/2009को दर्ज कराई थी मेरी मोटरसाइकिल नई थी जिसे मैंने दिनांक 11/08/2009 को अपनी नियोक्ता से मोटरसाइकिल लोन लेकर खरीदी थी | मैंने तत्काल इसकी सूचना आर. टी. ओ. ऑफिस और यूनाइटेड इंडिया इंश्योरेंस कंपनी के दुर्ग स्थित मेक्रो ब्रांच पर दे दी थी, जिसके बादइंश्योरेंस कंपनीद्वारा इन्वेस्टीगेशन करने हेतु मेरी गाड़ी के ओरिजिनल पेपर, आर. सी. बुक, इंश्योरेंस के ओरिजिनल पेपर एवं बाइक की दोनों चावी ले लिए थे तथा इन्वेस्टीगेशन जल्द कर क्लेम की राशि भुगतान करने की बात कही थी | 6 महीने बीत जाने के पश्चात् जब मैने पता किया तो मुझे खत्मा रिपोर्ट लाने कहा गया जो कि कोर्ट से होना बताया, चूँकि मै भिलाई में रहता हु और बिलासपुर 120 कि.मी. है अतः मुझे बहुत परेशानियों का सामना करना पड़ा मैंने इसके लिए कई बार बिलासपुर जाकर पता किया जिसके लिए मुझे पुलिस थाना और कोर्ट के कई चक्कर लगाने पड़े, अंततः मुझे 3 साल बाद दिनांक 28/09/2012को पुलिस अधीक्षक बिलास

sayantani dutta

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

i am a student of law , complaining against the state bus driver who have done an accident with my car. during a traffic signals at rb connector, more specifically in between bakultala bus stand and kasba purano thana bus stand while i was taking left turn to go my home that very moment the bus came from the back and done an accident with my car my car no is wb o6k 9898, not only this when my driver went to stop it in seek of the compensation for that accident that bus driver recklessly drive if my driver dont move then he might go through an accident. please do justice for this.

mithun das

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

a state bus having bus no wb 05 1638 had an accident with my car the situation of the road was in a traffic the driver was recklessly driving his bus and when i went to stop him he drives so fast if i havent move then he might drive over me. hope to get justice from this honourable court.

Mahendra Uttekar

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

dewam sharma

Posted on Apr 27, 2015


Posted on Apr 19, 2015

I own a HONDA- BRIO Model 1.2 SMT car having registration no. WB22U4014 and Chasis No. MAKDD174DCN006517, Engine No. L12B31015607 purchased in May 2012. As it is, the car is running in order and as such I do not have any complaints. But I have a serious complaint against your service centre SHREE HONDA, RAJARHAT, NEW TOWN, KOLKATA 700157 who has started their service centre recently and I booked for normal routine servicing on 07-04-2015. I would also like to mention that my car is on Extended Warranty period for which I have paid Rs 6900/- after completion of normal Warranty period( 2 years). Extended Warranty No, HCIL DD0542014143406 is valid upto 4th year or 80000KM which comes first. Tiil 7th APRIL, 2015 the car has covered 25183km. During service inspection the service man has raised several observations and insisted to do this job on paid basis and did not recognize the extended warranty which was produced to them. In fact they were totally ignorant about the clauses of exte

Arup Samanta

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

i have purchased one MRF front tyre from Goenka Tyres dt.02.01.15 at Khariberia, D.H.Road, pin-743503,ph. no.033-24809019 evening.The invoice no.59, amount Rs.2050/-, But the problem is that Goenka collected the money more than MRP & GIVE ME A REAR TYRE THAT WAS NOT FOR FRONT WHEEL.when i realized from other dealer that i am cheated from Goenka, i phoned & said the matter, he denied to change the tyre for front wheel & also threat me , telling " go to court" . the actual MRP is 1700/- & it is sold in our region at RS. 1450/- maximum. please help me to give JUSTICE.

Arup Samanta

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

i have purchased one MRF front tyre from Goenka Tyres dt.02.01.15 at Khariberia,D.H.Road ,pin-743503 at evening.The invoice no.59, amount Rs.2050/-, But the problem is that Goenka collected the money more than MRP & GIVE ME A REAR TYRE THAT WAS NOT FOR FRONT WHEEL.when i realized from other dealer that i am cheated from Goenka, i phoned & said the matter, he denied to change the tyre for front wheel & also threat me , telling " go to court" . the actual MRP is 1700/- & it is sold in our region at RS. 1450/- maximum. please help me to give JUSTICE.

Parvaiz Qureshi

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

ex-orbitant rates by Alfa Automobiles, Pvt Ltd, Shaheed gunj, Srinagar, 190009. tel: 01942450347, for servicing and repairing of Suzuki GS-150R (6 Gear).

Sheikh Nisar

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Our vehicle no: JK01-Q-2586 Chassis No: B6A80767 Type: Pick up Van was handed over to you post flood for repairs after devastating floods in Kashmir. It took you 6 months to repair our commercial vehicle. Now after so long delay you have finally repaired our vehicle and have overcharged us. In protest we issued a cheque no: 459688 Dated.13/04/2015 For the amount of Rs 105722 (One lac five thousand seven hundred twenty two) ,and got the delivery of the vehicle. We have also purchased main effected parts / Assembly outside state as the service center refused that they may have those parts in stock. The settle bill/Invoice no issues by Service cente is RRC15A000138 Dated: 13-Apr-2015 ( Hard copies will be mailed to you)


Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Today on 14th April, i have booked a cab on Meeru Cab at 6am from Baranagar Municipality to Kolkata Station.I have also got booking confermation SMS but the cab never arrived. I also called the customer Care on 6:10am. customer care agent told me that she spoken to the driver, and he told that he will be reaching to my house shortly. but i awaited for almost 30 min. but nothing arrived. in between i have also called the driver number which i have got from the SMS. but after several times he did not received my call. It was a embarrassing and harassment to me by the meeru cabs. as the continued to lie to me. and as a result i have almost missed my train.


Posted on Apr 09, 2015

Bought a vehicle in july 2013,still in warranty,and facing more problems in vehicle but no action/solution by the dealer,AS WE THINK THAT THEY PEOPLE SOLD US DEFECTED VEHICLE.


Posted on Apr 08, 2015

I purchased New Ford Fiesta Titanium version from M/S Saluja Ford Chandigarh on 25th dec 2014. various feature advertised are not working and despite laps of nearly four months, complaints have not being addressed. while fitting of seat covers vehicle(dashboard, front left side door beeding, rear both side paneling) was damaged in the saluja ford. neither repair nor replacement has been given. several times logged complaint in ford India also, but till date no corrective measures taken.

Lokesh Piplani

Posted on Apr 08, 2015

This complaint is to Koncept Hyundai Okhla. I am totally not satisfied with their resolution and excuse. It was my mistake that I have left my car in their service centre. In previous service also there was cleverly theft of petrol from my car but i never said anything. Before leaving of my car there was no noise and any kind of problem. Now Mr Aditya is giving a excuse of radiator and suspension. What a trick he has used to play a game with customers. . Yesterday also I have showed the paint was fating as he and his company was selling duplicate paint. Still while slowing of my car brake is not working properly and its very scary. This all done by his end as I left car in their centre.

Vinod Kumar Yadav

Posted on Apr 04, 2015

I inform that you I purchase one passion pro bike on Vinline Hero showroom Baguihati VIP Road on 15/04/2013 last 2yr ago. but tilldate i'm not receve smart card. every moth i contac her registration office and last time i'm submit my original slip but no any solve this problem.


Posted on Apr 03, 2015


Posted on Mar 31, 2015

I purchased a volkswagen Vento Diesel Car from Frontier Automobile-Gurgaon on 26th March'2014 but The RC they provided me with wrong Father's Name and taken back to rectify it but till now they have not rectified my RC and now my insurance policy is lapsed , I cannot do insurance without RC book, despite of my several reminders to them

Ankit Garg

Posted on Mar 28, 2015

Dear Sir, I have purchased Honda Dio Scooter from BIG SWING HONDA Showroom, Sohna Road Gurgaon on 8/2/2015 but Still they are not issuing me service book. I called them many times but they are not giving me any positive response. Please do something in this regard. So that i can get my service book.


Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Hi, I am from bangalore, recently I had purchased one "Honda shine" bike on 27th Nov 2014 bearing registration number KA-41 EC-5462 from showroom "SILICON HONDA, RV Road, Bangalore". After surfing the internet for months I finally decided that honda shine is the budget bike which can meet my expections and as HONDA being a trustworthy brand,I purchased it. but within a month my hopes on honda shattered & trust on honda hit down to zero,after a month ride, my bike started giving troubles, here is the list of troubles I faced. 1.Over heating of Engine. 2.Too much noise while riding (If exceeded speed 50) 3.Too much vibration 4.Problematic break system (Both front & rear) 5.Leakage in engine oil 6.Noise and problem while shifting the gears 7.poor pickup 8.Though actually riding in fourth gear ,feels like in second gear. Hence i approached the showroom reporting the same problems more than 8 times, but they utterly failed to resolve my issue, even the showroom manager couldn't

Satyendra Verma

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

Sir my car met with an accident on dt12 feb 2015 and i have deposited my car to the rohan motor workshop on 13 feb ur persons had promise to give me the delivery with in 20 days after 20 days they promise to take 10 days more but before 12 days from today my vehicle was ok but ur workshop mens are saying today tomarrow from last 10 days now i am very much frustrated of the service of rohan motors I am a govt officer and that vehicle i am using in route checking right now i am as much frustrated that now there is the limit of tolerance now i am in the loss of thousand of rupees and also the loss of govt work . So this is is my humble request to Please give me justice and also get fulfill my loss .

siddhartha shivam

Posted on Mar 15, 2015

I sent my car to the service centre for free routine service. However, I recalled it back when the service centre informed me that my free service had lapsed and the current service was to be a paid one. When the vehicle was delivered to me I found that the clutch was not working and I immediately contacted the service centre expalining them the problem upon which they asked me to bring the vehicle back for check. When I went to the service centre i was informed that I would be charged rs. 7,000 for the breakdown of clutch though it seemed to a fault of the driver/service centre people who might have deliberately tinkered with the vehicle.In this regard, I requested the service centre that since my vehicle was perfectly fine at the time of pick up it was the fault of either the driver or the mechanics at the service centre. In view of that, I requested them to replace the damages clutch while I also offered to pay the labour charges. however, the AGM and the Manager refused.

Gaurav Malhotra

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

I paid a booking advance on Jan 3, 2015 towards purchase of Hyundai Grand i10 Sports model to Berkeley Hyundai located at Phase 1 Ind. Area, Chandigarh. While booking I mentioned to Asst. Sales Manager at Berkeley named Vishal and his subordinate that I would take the car delivery not later than 10th Jan due to arrangement of finances to which they agreed. Two days after the booking they called to ask for full payment or they would sell it to another customer who was willing to pay instantly. After negotiations, it was agreed that I should pay some more advance to keep the booking. The next day the sales executive visited my house to collect Rs. 2 lac cheque as advance payment but he refused to take it asking for 4 lac otherwise the sold will be sold to somebody else. Again after negotiation, it was agreed that I would pay the full amount in one go and take the delivery by Friday (9th Jan '15). However on 8th Jan, the sales exec called to inform the car was sold. Money is not refunded

Achyut Kumar Pandey

Posted on Mar 07, 2015

I had taken the Extended Warranty coverage for the vehicle Cruze with M/S Nikhil Automobiles in the month of December,2014. This warranty covers: Manual Transmission: Internal components. Now I am facing problem in Clutch of the transmission unit. The Service centre of M/S Nikhil Automobiles tells that the clutch is not covered in the warranty, whereas it is very clearly mentioned in the Coverage that the Manual Transmission- Internal components are covered. The components of the Clutch which is very much part of the Transmission unit is though covered in the extended warranty coverage, but being denied by the service centre. Kindly examine the case & provide relief.

Nisha Khanna

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

Sushant Toraskar

Posted on Feb 24, 2015


Posted on Feb 17, 2015

Dear Sr, Myself Chandan Manna given my maruti omni van (WB 36C 5554) to Mohanpur B.D.O office for Loc sava Election 2014, I have given more than 3 time my bank account number for car fair reimbursed but still date don't received any payment from B.D.O. office .2nd /3rd January -2015 received a call from Mednipur Collector office for collection cash from RTI office , Sir, Mohanpur To Medinipur Distance is 90 KM far and why I'll go to Medinipur why not bank payment will receive . please tack the necessary action against not received of Car Hire charges .

Vipul Jain

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

Maine mahindra ki centuro bike lithis Larkin Sheru se hi mujhe preshaniyo ka samna karna padraha Hai jaise ki gear shifting poor mileage somemanufacturering fault but meri koi nahi sunta haihar baar paise mangejate hai nahi bill diyajata hai pls solve my problems as soon as

Alokesh Das

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

I have submitted blue book of two wheeler for NOC. to Ali-pore motor vehicles, but not yet received.

Anupam Sengupta

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

my self Anupam Sengupta, I had brought Honda Activa I scooter from Bela Auto at mondalpara, katwa, burdwan,on 04/11/2014. when I brought the scooter i paid all amount of the scooter including registration fees, insurance fees and all other necessary fees. the dealer told me that my scooter registration will done within one month. But still now my registration process in not done ,when i asked the dealer about my scooter registration they give me different dates for enquiry still December 2014. But still now they have not give any information but they are also harassed me regularly when i asked any question regrading my scooter registration. so please have a look and solve the problem...

Anupam Sengupta

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

my self Anupam Sengupta, I had brought Honda Activa I scooter from Bela Auto at mondalpara, katwa, burdwan,on 04/11/2014. when I brought the scooter i paid all amount of the scooter including registration fees, insurance fees and all other necessary fees. the dealer told me that my scooter registration will done within one month. But still now my registration process in not done ,when i asked the dealer about my scooter registration they give me different dates for enquiry still December 2014. But still now they have not give any information but they are also harassed me regularly when i asked any question regrading my scooter registration. so please have a look and solve the problem...

Dhiraj Kangane

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

I booked Honda unicorn 149cc on 30 december 2014 condition two months waiting at Rs.80,500/- including assecories, now dealer are saying 149cc is not coming due to 160cc launched and price also increased for 149cc Rs.84,000/- .And you have to pay What am i supposed to do kindly help and suggest accordingly.


Posted on Feb 08, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam I D P patro booked a honda car from RING ROAD HONDA,SUGOI MOTORS PVT LTD on 17/01/201 of Rs 5000/-. due to some reason i don't want to buy the car and went to the car dealer for refund my money,and they told me we will refund the money as soon as possible.But unfortunately i still not receive my money.It's more than 15 days.This is highly disappointing that a company like honda did like this with a customer.I need my refund urgently. Wait for your response. Regards D P Patro 9999422303 9582806443

Jobin Thomas

Posted on Feb 08, 2015

My bike Bajaa pulsar 150 cc bike has purchased 17 months ago. My bike has big engine sound,low mileage.Then I complaint in service center. But their is no response and has no proper answer.I go more than 8 times to service center for solving the problem.But I thing that they have no idea about the problem.They replace some spare parts for solving but their is no difference.I still facing the same problem. Sir please help me for solving my complaint

Viraj Patil

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

Complaint of Executive Bajaj showroom-i hav booked my bike ktm rc 200 on 8jan2015 with full payment made on that day itself of ₹1,97,500 and they had promised to give me the delivery in 27 days are completed and they are making reasons for the late delivery.they are telling still 1week for your bike delivery.if they promised n gav in written on booking form that bike wll be delivered in 21days then why are they nt doing it.they are giving xcuses for the late delivery of bike.

Viraj Patil

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

I hav ordered my bike on 8jan2015 n the showroom people told that they wll give a confirm delivery in 21 27days are xompleted bt still they are telling in one week bike will come.if they are nt able to get the bike then why they did fake promise

Mrinmoy Ukil

Posted on Feb 04, 2015

Sir,I have booked a meru cab on 28th December 2014 at 9 PM.Pick up from Near 5 Number Bustand and drop at Teghoria.When I called at 9 PM The Driver Mahesh Ray (SMS got from them after called at 9 PM),Mobile number of the driver is 8420813762 , called and said He was in Howrah and he could not reach Dunlop and askeed me to cancelled the booking.When I complained the to meru cab they had given me a sms at 9:30 PM and given another drivers number of Biswajit Majumder(Mobile Number : 9874706219 ) and the drived asked me to wait for another 1 hour. I was so harraesd with their service as I had a family and came to home so late . I want harrasment charge from them.Kindly look into it.Thanks & Regards,Mrinmoy Ukil


Posted on Feb 03, 2015

I own a Chevrolet Beat LS Petrol variant with registration number AP28BP4964. I serviced my car on 21st January, 2015 from Aravali service center, Mehruli Road, Gurgaon. My battery needed to be replaced, and I also requested for a general service. Car was delivered to me in the evening 6 o clock, Later at 10 pm, when I was driving home from office, near Rajiv Chowk, I realized that the car break is not functional. They took the car to service center @ around 2.30 am (22nd January). I received the car @ 2 pm on that. Next day morning, while starting from home to office, I realized that the break is not working again. They took the car again to service center. Later in the evening they told me that they replaced something and it costs 5300. I needed the car badly; hence paid the amount and collected it. l have 2 concerns here. 1: This issue with break appeared after first servicing. Break was functioning perfectly fine when I gave it for service first time.

Satish kumar

Posted on Feb 02, 2015

my case no is 321/12 in hissar court file on date 30/07/2012 the court is giving only dates to me till now the chair person and reader is belong with other party i am suffer so much please take a sutible action for that case thanks

Nandan Bose

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Pankaj Kumar Nath

Posted on Jan 27, 2015

I had purchased a second hand four wheeler from Mohan Motors Udyog, Uttar Panchanna Gram. They had documented that they would perform all necessary work on the vehicle as required and provide it in fresh condition. The car still has issues, I got certain problems fixed from an outside garage(I have the bill). The car had its road tax ending in December 2014 which they claimed would not be more than 20,000 rupees. Unfortunately I had to pay 40700 for the tax. I had taken this car on loan from HDFC. I had to again take another loan to clear the tax for the vehicle. I am currently bankrupt having to pay a huge amount for EMI for the vehicle. They have cheated me completely. I would like to get justice on this.

Anil A Kulkarni

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

I had maintenance for my bike Bajaj Pulser180 from Auto India Sangli.on 3/12/14 replacing Head,Block assembly,Clutch assembly. Problem faced. 1) Clutches wears. 2) Head leakage. Bajaj is not taking any responsibility of their genuine parts. As Head block assembly new still i ride bike at 50km/hr. Problem noticed at less than 1500km. Bajaj asking to re-pay the amount of clutches ie 1400rs.+other parts. I LOST MY FAITH ON BAJAJ. pl help me.


Posted on Jan 22, 2015

I have purchased hero Glamour from MARUTI AUTO ,AT/PO- GOTMA, DIST- NUAPADA, ODISHA-766104 on 08.05.2014. i had paid 62,000 net cash on the same day. It includes all the charges including RTO and registration documents. The firm had given me only the ordinary recipt with authourised stamp and vehicle book. But till date they had not given me my vehicle documenta and registration number and RTO documents. Every time I approached they only conveying it will take more 7 days but after 8 months also there is no any initiation has been taken by the firm for the registration. I am completely helpless how to get my vehicle documents from the above firm. plz assit me. Engine no-Jh06EJEGD04035, Frame no-MBITA06G,GDO03272

Nandan Bose

Posted on Jan 17, 2015

Anil k

Posted on Jan 17, 2015

I buy a Eon era+ from Apco Hyundai ,Kasargod, Kerala on 24 Oct 2013. Additional accesories (wheel cup,LH Mirror,anti corossion under coating, key less entry remote and mud flap) are fitted and billed. After few months the LH mirror vibrating on running time and i complained to the dealer on my second service period but they didnt take no action. After few weeks the mirror broken and fall down on running, due to my inspection the mirror fitted inside the carrier with piece of paper. I went to apco Hyundai service center at kanhangad and showed the broken mirror to service manager,that time they told all additional accessories are non genuine we didnt do anything from here,also he insulting me in-front of other customers ,you are................. So I think the dealer cheating me as fitting non genuine accessories on time of delivery I expecting favorable response from ur side

Mohinder Singh

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

I have bought a motorcycle from M.H Honda nangal on 15/08/2014 model CD110. The service agency had given me wrong Registration certificate with wrong model and wrong address. I had also submit 3200 rupees in advance for R.C and high security no.plate. but they did not take right action from last 4 months.I have called him no. Of times but they did not take it seriously.Kindly do the needful.

Abhinandan Nandi

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

I booked a Honda City SMT petrol version from dealer Pinnacle Honda during first week of November. At that time they offerd me the car at 9 lakh on road price. I booked it with 51 thousand and the salesman told me they will try to deliver it by Nov end or at best December 1st week. But it is n't delivered till date. Now the are telling that they will deliver it by Feb first week at increased price of 938000 because of increase in government excise duty and input cost only in case of honda city and mobilio. I found it completely outrageous I told them the new rule should be applied for newly booked cars not for earlier ones, but they don't agree to that. it is now clearly out of my budget. Please advise me what is the exact law here, what should be done to resolve this ASAP.

Dev Anand chaloor

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

While i purchased an Eon from KTC Hundai calicut they charged me an extra amount of 6900 rs as other charges, and price hike of the vehicle was imposed on me even after full payment was done while the booking was made.

Nitin Baspatan

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Why does the water get over in 1 day from Ecco Car (Radiator)and dossent takes water from small water box if the water is over from radiator.

Joydeb Maitra

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

Even after repeated requests, I have not yet got my original Adhaar Card that was taken by Spring Hyundai of 5 J.B.S.Halden Avenue,Kolkata-700105 for verification purpose while buying a new i10 Car from them in November 2014! I have already intimated the facts of my harrassment to HMIL through email but no satisfactory reply received yet. None of them seem to bother. The showroom has not delivered the original voucher for my installed sony car music system also. My car registration no. WB02AG1795. Please help me to get back my original Adhaar Card and original vouchar for stated installed music system in my car.More than two months have already passed since delivery of my car on 01/11/2014.


Posted on Dec 31, 2014

hlp me to find out my policy no. For WB-62 B3375 Bike

Mahesh Pal

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Dear Reader I want to submit a complaint against the aryaman motors karnal, they are the authorized dealer of chervelate India. i bought a new chervalte beat diesal in march 2012. the car start shown engine problem after some time and they charged me a huge amount although it was in warranty. but problem still continue and all time in repairing they charged me. but till today the problem is still going on, and they have no solution. i have all bills, original documents and receipts. Please help me in this matter. Regards Mahesh Pal 8529882099

Rajeev Sikka

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Unsatisfied services, below standard workmen ship & harasment from the agency.


Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I have purchased a hundai car on dated 28 april 2014 .but yet now i have not received RC book. PLEASE HELP ME &SUGGEST WHICH TYPE OF ACTION I CAN TAKE IT IN CONSUMER FORUM

Dr B.S.Kamble

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

is there possibility that after booking honda city, dealers give that vehical to other party. I had booked this car with dealer deccan honda, pune in octobar. but now this is december they are saying still two months are needed for car. is it misleading from dealer ?


Posted on Dec 19, 2014

i have complaint aggenst galaxy auto mobile kundli sonipat

Karan Verma

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

I have recently undergone the servicing of my bike(Pulsar 150, 20000km run) on 20th November, 2014 from GSM Bajaj, Islampur, Gurgaon It was just a simple service the bike was needing. I had the following issues with the bike before servicing; 1. Handle bubbling. 2. Some sort of sound from rear and that's it. They serviced the bike and charged a total of around INR 1500. Now, after servicing i have still the old problems and additional new skewed-up problem. There was a lot of smoke coming out from the bike. I again went out there and they charged me INR 5000 for some engine parts which they have spoiled in the previous servicing. But again the problem is same. My bike has lost its power, switches off while driving. I have also raised a complaint in bajaj customer care, but there is no action from there side. Please help me.

Mohit Mehta

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

i got a memebership for onsite assistance from race car help line. it has been 2 weeks i have been following with them for mechanic. but no response. yesterday they told that they donot have any mechnaic for bike in gurgaon. card no: 1444 they told me that senior will call you but there is no call.


Posted on Dec 16, 2014

few months ago in my bike some problem than i give to the service center of hero motocorp INDIAN SALES CORPORATION, Bhutani building bhilaipower house & my expense is above 7000 rupee again my bike problem pls solve my problem


Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Booked Honda Amaze 1.2 emt petrol golden brown colour on 26/11/2014. The booking amount was Rs.25000/= On 15th Dec.rang me and told, golden brown colour is not avilable. The colour was mentioned in pricing list,contract note as well as journal voucher but now the dealer Pinnacle Honda, Anandapur,Kol 700107 ,told ,they will not supply the car in that colour.

Mihir Kumar Bhaduri

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

A cab was booked on 14.12.2014 for transportation from Nager Bazar to Howrah railway station at 7.45PM from book my cab,ID ref.420485, but they have send me a msg."booking has been cancelled"half an hour before schedule departure put me in great trouble as huge luggage was there.They should ensure the confirmation once they take the booking.This is repeatedly happening.

Taresh Chaudhary

Posted on Dec 11, 2014


Ronak Parikh

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

I have purchased a Volkswagen vento from borivali dealership on 26 Oct 2014 and I have major issues with clutch, power steering, silencer rusted, door rattling sound, feint bumper not align properly with bonet and fender, reverse gear very hard etc etc. Not even 5000 kms run and so many issues. Asked the showroom to give me the money back or replace the car.

Aditi Banerjee

Posted on Nov 27, 2014

This is in reference to my father ashim ranjan bhowmik who had sold his alto lx registration no WB 02w2735 to dewars garage true value maruti dealer in kolkata on 13 aug 2011 for a consideration amt of rs 1.10 lacs and further he had booked a new swift dezire car with an advance amount of rs 10000/- vide chq no 771334 drawn on icici bank dated 21 june 2011. During last couple of years due to health deteriorating conditions he has been strictly advised bed rest and not to drive cars and since he is a cardiac patient of 72 yrs age and have been advised to take bed rest and he was not able to contact you all for his refunds even recently he was admitted in woodlands hospital and was in hospital for 15 days He had been following with dewars garage from sep 2014 onwards but unfortunately he has not been given his money. In between on nov 1, 2014 he was admitted to woodlands hospital on emergency and that is when i Aditi Banerjee his daughter started following up for the money which is due and since he was in icu and we were in need of fund but sadly whether people are hospitalized or not doesn't matter to you . Request you to please take a note that you are harassing a senior citizen for his own money and we once again request dewars garage true value in kolkata to give his sale proceeds and advance money which is around rs1.20 lacs . We have been following up with dewars garage true value from last 2 months still everything in vain.

Subir Kumar Bhattacharya

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Date:25/11/2014 Dear Sir/Mam I have insured my car through spectra motor (Ghatkopar) with ICICI Lombard policy. Particulars are given below Policy No: 3001 MI 01794690/00/000 Checchis: 348593 Engine1099087 Registration: MH43AF 7792 Model : Dzire VXI Insurance Claim No: MOT 04196585 Name: Subir Kumar Bhattacharya My Car is lying at spectra motors chembur since past 6 days for claim clearance. My Today I came to know that initial photographs are not matching. After several interactions I came to know telephonically that they are not clearing the claim because uploaded photograph is not matching. If photograph does not match it is not customers fault. In no way I was involved in uploading the photograph of the vehicle during policy making. I have paid the premium in time; it is unfortunate that ICICI lombard and SPECTRA both are not attending to my grievance. Attitude of ICICI Lombard and Spectra Motors is really pathetic and uncalled for. I would like you to look in to the matter and s


Posted on Nov 24, 2014

I myself SUDALAI M YADAV owner of TN 72 AV 8121 (XENON PICK UP RED). my vehicle has steering problem when it's loaded and at highway after 40km/h speed the vehicle is out of control. this problem is been from the purchase of vehicle i showed this problem at SUSEE their i have gone many times for this problem but yet their i haven't got any permanent solution Now, no driver is ready to drive this vehicle and it's standing from past 6 months at LAKSHMI TILES AND MARBLES at my godown i can't keep this vehicle no more Tell me the place where i have to go for permanent solution or else take this vehicle i can't pay any loan amount as it's standing from past 6 months. Waiting, for your kind and positive reply Your's faithfully, SUDALAI M YADAV LAKSHMI TILES AND MARBLES 440/1, TRICHUNDUR ROAD, SRINIVASAGAMNAGAR, V.M. CHATRAM, TIRUNELVELI - 627011. CONTACT: 7373067073

Shilpa Chauhan

Posted on Nov 24, 2014

My Car was giving missing problem since the day it was purchased.. i raised this verbally during every service. after a year, it persisted and i again complained to Safdarjung Hyundai, in 2 and half years, my car has been to workshop 20 times and 4 times their mechanic came home. They did not check and repaired it thoroughly during warranty and now after warranty, they came up with a new problem of EMC being not OK and have charged Rs 30000. They deliberately did not check it during warranty so that they could charge Rs 30000 from me. I am paying out of pocket for a problem which has persisted for 2 and half years and could have been checked and repaired in warranty. They did not check my car properly deliberately therefore the problem recurred almost every month

Kapil Kumar

Posted on Nov 22, 2014

I have purchased Suzuki Access 125 in Aug 2012 for Autonation Pvt. Ltd, Industrial Area, Panchkula. But they have given very bad service as a result engine of my vehicle is badly damaged and i needs to repair it after every 03 months. Plese help me

kewal singh

Posted on Nov 22, 2014

I purchased a Honda City on 18 August 2014 from Lali Motors Private Limited Amritsar.All the payments were made on the same date including the road tax which was 6% on that date. On 8 October 2014 Punjab Govt raised the road tax to 8%. The dealer is demanding this enhanced amount from me and is refusing in providing me the registration of the car.


Posted on Nov 20, 2014

As per your add in peppers Mumbai mirrors last page add on 10 march attached pic file. I want trigger CBS combi black. But before that I want she'll my TVS vector 2004 model as you say min exchange value 12000+ 2000 exchange bonus but panvel( new mumbai )show room not giving as you mention on add so kindly co-opret do needful my contact no is 7303753030/ 9702055585

nitish mamidi

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

i had purchased a new vehicle on 27th august'14 ie. volkswagen jetta from volkswagen gurgaon. after a month i took it to nearby workshop in faridabad for some general checkup, they told me the car is painted from front bumper, bonnet & fenders. the dealer had sold me an accidental vehicle & denying it is not so, it is clearly visible that the car is repainted vehicle with paint marks. the dealer has misbehaved with me. not allowing me to talk to the volkswagen company officials. i hope you will look into my concern as soon as possible.

Sarva Seva Sangh

Posted on Nov 15, 2014

Babu Kakkaniyil

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

I had purchased a BS IV Tempo Traveler, the first BS IV vehicle of Force Motors in Pune from Siddharth Motors in January 2012. After the vehicle was brought home, I realized that there were plenty of problems with the new vehicles, the vehicle had a burning smell, the window glasses and the doors were not properly fitted. Before the vehicle ran 2000 kms, it was broken down due to the clutch problem and the vehicle had to be fitted with a new clutch plate, a few months after the purchase. From the very beginning the vehicle was taken to the service provider for axle oil leakage at the rear wheels and despite the vehicle being taken for more than 7 times, the problem remains unresolved even today. I believe this is a manufacture problem and have complained to the Force motors but they are not taking the appropriate action. I want the rear wheel axle replaced as they are found faulty.

lanke parvathi

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

I had hero maestro of model 12-11-2012 .I given to hero service center for clutch wire, change engine oil and engine service on 31-09-2014 but problem not solved even billed an of amount 1141 Rs and again problem occurred again given to service center on 8-9-2014 billed amount 224 RS after that bike is ok but on 10-11-2014 my bike stopped on middle of my journey to office, then i reached the near by hero service center delivered my bike 11-11-2014 and said that engine totally damaged due to lack of engine oil . but I already paid bill for engine oil on sep 31 last service.we never given bike to out side service ,I always deal with authorized service of hero. please solve my problem

selva pandian

Posted on Nov 09, 2014

i have purchased bajaj bike from authorized dealer Arasu Bajaj kumbakonam and it was ok till first service and the vehicle developed shake problem and i told them they said it would be ok after 3 rd service in the mean time i was transfered my native place so i went to authorized dealer srivatsa bajaj nagercoil and their service was poor and they did not attend my complaint i have to make complaint to customer care officer and write to md even then my complaint has not been resolved and the srivatsa bajaj manager and bajaj area service manager says that every thing is ok and they will not attend my complaint and they are saying that even if i go to md i have to come to them and they will not attend complaint

Iram Raza

Posted on Nov 08, 2014

This Complaint is against the Taxi Drivers of Kolkata.They always ask the distance then allow the passenger to sit into the taxi if the distance is short they always says no...This is a very big problem we working women are facing in our daily life after office hours we have to stand one hr or above for the taxi but every time the taxi wont allow us to sit because of the distance. Please do something . AC taxi without switch on the AC always charge More then double amount of the regular fair. Whether the lady is not in a condition to stand more and wait for the Taxi they won't bother and say no Every time. Please provide some rules so that all working women would not face so much problem every time for the Taxi ,as bus facility and metro facility is not everytime.please do something

Girish Sreedharan

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

This is to register a complaint against Marikar Engineers and SKODA INIDA PVT LTD. A one month old Rapid model car with the registration number KL 56 K 3112, had developed a complained where it was unmovable. As the authorised service center at Cochin has asked me to bring the vehicle to their premises , though the vehicle was showing a warning and i was about 70 KMs away from the service center,I had taken help of the 24hr helpline. They had assessed the situation and decided to carry the vehicle in a flat bed truck. Now the issue has been resolved, but as per the service terms, I had asked the vehicle to be delivered back to Kottayam, or provide me transportation to service centrer. SKODA RSA is ready to serve me but needs a request mail from service center, which the center is not ready to do, The service center is not at all ready to serve the customer as per contract terms. I request support from the forum

keshaw sahu

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Sir I want to submit my complain again Honda vehicle company. My Nick Honda dream yuga is very poor in milage about 50 kmpl and company has claimed for 72kmpl. my Nick is just 1 year old...and I suffer from poor performance of this bick .I already complained in vehicle showroom, nothing worked ..please do action for it..

sushila singh

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

I purchased one second hand car Maruti Suzuki ALTO Lxi with Registration No. CG 04 HA 1843 from True Value M/s Sky automobiles G E Road, Raipur (CG) vide Cash Receipt No. 5843 Dated 24.06.2014. I further paid Rs. 2000/ towards RTO charges for transferring insurance and Registration papers etc. vide Cash Receipt No. 1549 Dated 24.06.2014. Then even after Two months in spite of my repeated personal visit to Dealer, when papers are not transferred I called Maruti Customer Care No 1800 102 1800 and lodged a formal complaint with reference No. 167830720. But even after four months of purchase Registration Papers are not handed over to me. Repeated call to Customer Care and Regional Office failed to yield any results. I don’t Know where to go.

Prasad CHambaavne

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

At 3 October 2014 I booked Maruti suzuki Ritz vxi from showroom name S.K Wheels, Bhiwandi. I have also paid advance Booking ammount of Rs.5000 towords Maruti Suzuki Ritz VXI, which is thier already in show room and he promised to deliver same also on 16-10-2014 which was booked on 03-10-2014.Now he is not giving us that car because he already sold it to someone else.. I Also have their written bill, booking receipt nd comelete bill with delivery date.


Posted on Oct 23, 2014

This is to inform you that, my Vento met with an accident and have taken it to VW-Elite Motors Showroom in Bangalore for repairing. Date of incident is end of July 2014, after 3 months these people have not completed my work. Almost work has been halted till 1st Week of Oct due to non availability of spares. After my continuous follow-ups and meeting with all the higher-ups of Elite Motors, they have slowly initiated the process on 1st Week of Oct. When enquire, it was realised that Elite Motors have left with no stock due to their inter issues within the management, lack of labours, rift with VW-India. And the net effect is after 3 months (till now), my vehicle is lying in the service station. Though, i have read many blogs relating the service issue across VW service centres in india, I have taken my car their assuming its authorised dealers. Now, my situation is similar to that of others.


Posted on Oct 17, 2014

This is in connection to the above, stating that my Honda Activa was serviced by M/s Guru Nanak Service Centre Barara on 24 Aug, 2014. Engine oil was replaced by technician and washing was carried out. At the time of making the payment with free service coupon , cost of engine oil was charged Rs 260/ whose receipt is attached with it while the cost of engine oil was printed on oil container was Rs223/ . When the point of overcharging was raised, he said rate has been revised and we will charge new price of oil. Payment was done on that and a complaint was raised with M/s Honda on 30 Aug 2014, but still no action has been taken so far.Few days later, a phone call from M/s Guru Nanak service centre came with arrogant attitude that he will reply to the company, but still no action taken so far. I request you to kindly do the needful in order to punish such kind of people who are responsible such kind of illegal practices and spoiling Company and customer relation

Atul thube

Posted on Oct 16, 2014


Gaurav Kumar Pathak

Posted on Oct 15, 2014

RUSHABH TVS, (PUNE) service engineers don't take free service seriously so that after 4 free services, issues are as it is. 1) digital meter not working: they refused to replace (it's in warranty) 2) front panel vibration 3) front panel heavy sound i have been fed up..need your kind support please..

selva pandian

Posted on Oct 12, 2014

I have purchased a bajaj bike from authorised dealer arasu bajaj Kumbakonam and there was vobling problem in the bike and I informed it to the service centre and they said it would be rectified and they did something and it wad ok for some days in the meanwhile I was transferred to my native place and I tookthe vehicle and the problem agravaaggravated so I visited a local aauthorized dealer and he changed the coneset and told that tyre should be replaced at the time I made complaint to customer careofficer and he asked me to give the vehicle to srivatsa bajaj and they did not attend the complaint I wrote to md and at one point of time they said they are ready to change frame provided it would claimed from insurance firm fir which I have to sign the papers I again refused and after much struggle the chassis was changed and it has taken 1year now I am facing the same problems and I have written to md and the sevice engineer said that even if I go to Mr Bajaj finally I have to come tothem


Posted on Oct 12, 2014

Both keys to my Nissan Sunny car are broken through the act of opening and closing doors and ignition as regular usage. Car done 30k KM and appears the keys are of substandard quality. Now the car is stranded and Nissan refuses to cover this under warranty. The dealership asks to call the helpline number and the number is constantly busy and no callback received yet.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

i have purchased new Maruti Ritz Car from Moderan Automobiles. From 1st day i have faced a problem regarding smoke and now 45 days passed still no response from service provider. i have visited at modern automobiles every 10 days . but they said to me wait 7 days more. please look minto the matter and help me to solve this problem.


Posted on Oct 09, 2014

Subject: Complaint against the Service Dealer, M/s. Keshav Hyundai (A unit of Keshav Motors Pvt. Ltd.), Rupnarayanpur, NH-6, Kharagpur, District – Paschim Medinipur, PIN-721301, West Bengal [email :]. 1. I, Mr. Ranjan Kumar Dey [Mobile No. +91-9434110563 / 9614639916], resident of “Mohon Villa”, Rangamati, P.O.- Vidyasagar University, District – Paschim Medinipur, PIN – 721102, West Bengal, purchased a “SANTRO GLS” car from the above mentioned dealer of Hyundai Motors India Limited vide Invoice No.H201000278 dated 30.12.2010 purely for my personal use. 2. During last few days [around 5-6 days], the Car became immovable due to some electrical problems. When I called a local technician, he advised that due to some problems in the Switch Assy – Dimmer [Part No.93431-02700], the Car may not be movable. The said problem also arisen earlier for two times – once within the warranty period and the other in last year i.e. 2013, and the above mentioned Sales/Service Dealer repaired the same by replacing the said spare parts. 3. Recently on 05.10.2014, I visited the Service Dealer physically with my elder brother, Mr. Chandan Kumar Dey, for cash purchase of the said spare parts i.e. Switch Assy–Dimmer [Part No.93431-02700], the representative of your above mentioned Service Dealer strongly denied to supply the same. He asked me to bring the car though the Car was in immovable condition. Further, he told that if you pay the labour charges for replacing the said spare parts, we can sale the same. 4. Immediately, I lodged a complaint from my Landline Telephone No.03222-274532 at 12.15 hrs on 05.10.2014 through the Toll free Phone No.1-800-11-4645 at the Call Centre of M/s. Hyundai Motors India Limited. The attending representative also told me to pay the labour charges to purchase the said spare parts without presenting the Car No.WB34Z / 7138. Then I got surprised but was bound to do so i.e. to purchase the spare parts on payment of labour charges without presenting the Car, though the said job for which the labour charges was charged was not actually done by the said Service Dealer of the Company. 5. It may kindly be noted that the spare parts was sold only on Counter Sale basis without presenting my Car. Because the original Gate Pass, which is every time collected by the Gate Keeper at the time of checking out of the Car from the campus of the Service Dealer, is not collected and the original Gate Pass is lying with me [since the Car was in my home]. Therefore, It is evident from the above that my Car was not actually brought and not checked out through the Exit Gate of the Workshop of your above mentioned Service Dealer and the Labour Charges was charged without doing any job in the Car. 6. In such circumstances, I like to know that whether this the system/procedure of a world reputed Company that if I want to purchase any spare parts required for my Car in future, every time I have to pay the labour charges, which will be charged fraudulently without presenting the Car, as done in the present case. 7. May I request you to kindly take necessary action against the Service Dealer, M/s. Keshav Hyundai, for fraudulently charging the Labour Charges for purchase of spare parts of my Car No. WB34Z / 7138 as stated above, and do the justice. Awaiting for your expeditious action and prompt response in the matters, Yours sincerely, Ranjan Kumar Dey Email : Mobile No. +91-9434110563 / 9614639916 Mohon Villa, Rangamati P.O. Vidyasagar University District – Paschim Medinipur PIN – 721102. West Bengal

ankur kumar chaudhary

Posted on Oct 09, 2014

Dear sir, As per E.P.F.O Rajkot MSG on my mobile (9792799333) by 1/10/14 .. Member id : GJRAJ004276700000006 13-102 PF claim ID: RAJ140900008061 settled amount:Rs 4794.00 sent to A/c no :00781050325265 IFSC code:HDFC0000078)-EPFO.... But still not received to till date 100% complaint from my side .. Kindly do the needful as soon as possible.

Rajesh Verma

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

Sir I am car owner of Indigo eCS lx. After i Recive my car after servicing by the service center of tata workshop,agar road, ujjain. My both back side tyre is damaged because of service provide negligance. After i show my car tyre condition to service center-they talk with us in rudely manner. so plz receive my complain as soon as possible.

Araib Shaikh

Posted on Sep 28, 2014

Ktm fork oil seal is not available frm 2 weeks as there r only 3 service centres in all across mumbai still the spare parts r not available.. the oil is leaking vigorously n brakes r looson due to dat kindly pls make it available as soon as possible as my bike is at a stand still from 2 weeks

Gaurav Singh

Posted on Sep 28, 2014

Dear sir/ madam , my father MR. DANBAHADUR SINGH has bought one combine harvestor (model:tiger crop 40) from CLAAS INDIA LTD. MORINDA HARYANA in the month of march 2014. In the first wheat crop season its cutter bar assy got broken during harvesting in the field. we informed claas immediately & asked for replacement. they promised they will replace it but its been 6 months & nothing has been done. our machine is idle & now the paddy crop season has come. we paying EMI only. heavy loss ! please help.


Posted on Sep 26, 2014


Mukesh Kumar Vyas

Posted on Sep 25, 2014

I had booked a Ford Car on 16/11/2013 with delivery date of April-May 2014. However, they have not delivered the car till now in spite of so many reminders. I want the car as well as compensation for mental harassment and delay in delivery. What is the possibility ?

Sandip Sarkar

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

I own a two wheeler model no Yamaha R15 V.1 and vehicle no WB-24N 5429.I gave my vehicle to Aquad Yamaha 27/1 B.T road Karmarhati Kolkata 700058- for servicing as my vehicle's ignition getting off while driving and vehicle is generating extrem heat while driving too.As promised by this workshop and their supervisors made false commitment every time but fail to rectify the problem however I have been charged repeatedly by this workshop but the problem never get resolved.Workshop charged as dated for the same instance. 1642/-RS -415/-Rs They asked me to keep the vehicle with them fifth time on 11.09.2014 (Job card no 9798) as they want to go through another check and they promised to deliver it on 16.09.2014. But they called me on 18.09.2014, informed me that,they want to change another intrument or parts of my vehicle that would cost me 800/-Rs.My vehicle is with them since 11.09.2014.


Posted on Sep 22, 2014

I booked car through Rakesh shetty who is working with Honda Amaze, He guided me to take loan through shivam cars. Mr. Rakesh asked me to issue two cheques of Rs. 25000 & 60000 in favour of shivam cars (proprietor is Mr.Sunil Patil.)He returned both the cheques which got bounced and have not alloted car aswell. His given contact number is not available since 2 months and the given address is also shifted some where else. Mr. Rakesh is also not giving response to calls. What i should do, please guide me.

Vithaldas R Bhandarkar

Posted on Sep 18, 2014

Compensation to cover the cost of repair for engine damage of vehicle number MH 02 CL 7697 caused due to excessive usage of engine oil and wrong technique adopted by HPCL Auto Care Centre mechanic.


Posted on Sep 18, 2014

hello,I have booked new hyundai elite i20 in panchkula by ultimate hyundai on 25th of august.They got my car well on time by 3rd september but at the time of booking i told them i will be taking delivery by 25th sep which is first navratra,Meanwhile they showcased my car in showroom for display.I have to take delivery on 25th & as the car is standing in showroom & on daily basis somewhere arnd 20 people are coming & checking the car so it is getting outshined & when i asked them to get me a new piece they are saying it will take another 6 to 8 weeks which is thenormal waiting time.kindly suggest can i take any legal action against the dealership. thanks

Kunj Bihari Gupta

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

This is against the Mukesh Hyundai, VIP Road. I purchased a second hand car from them, and till date havent received the proper documents. They are corrupt and full of negligence when it comes to after sales. I called them, visited them hundreds of time, but still they wont act. I have an insurance amount pending to be reimbursrd just because i dont have the RC book of the car in my name. Please guide me, to fight this injustice.

shivam kumar

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

I gave my car Honda CIVIC to Pearl Honda sec 52 for accidental repair of left doors on July 31, 2014. They told me it would be done in 10 days. I got my car on 9 Sep, 2014 after 40 days. Even after that many days and 1 lakh ruppee spent the front left door doesn't get locked and they are not responding to my complains. Secondly, they changed both the doors on left side when the back door could have been repaired. I had been insisting on repair but they continuously insisted to change it. Even after the delay I get no information from them for the reason of delay and all the time I had to call back for the last month to check for the status of the car but sometimes I get the manager is not here sometimes we'll call you back. But I never got a call back. I always had to call the next day to know the status. And after 40 days and 1 lakh rupee spent I get my car whose new doors don't lock. I still cant use my car and its been 4 days but they are not repairing the door.

raghuveer prasad

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

Complaint against Firefox cycle dealer in Jayanagar. It has been 4 months since i gave my cycle for servicing, and i have been following very often. came to know that they have given away my cycle to some other person (for free, not a customer) they are not revealing the complete matter. They are forcing me to take another cycle of same model instead. I want to file a complaint to get my cycle back!

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

i have purchased I10 from Crest Auto kraft Jammu . The company has promised to pay Exchange Bonus of Rs 10000 and Employee benefit Rs 3000 but afetr purchase did not paid the amount.despite notice.

Anirban Basu

Posted on Sep 06, 2014


dhanesh DOSHI

Posted on Sep 04, 2014


Raj Tewari

Posted on Sep 02, 2014

I have purchased a Car Accent from Supron Hundai, Model April 2012, Regn. No. DL 12CZ 2222, Vin No. MALCG41GLCM337460. It is Petrol Car with company fitted CNG. Though the Car was serviced regularly, when it run approx. 40000 kms. it engin started giving problem. Engine Oil was getting reduced. It was recetified when the warranty of the car got expired. After Engine repair this vehicle has one problem or the other. On 2nd August this vehicle caught fire when were coming out of CNG filling station. Somehow fire was controlled with help of employees of filling station. Since then my vehicle is lying at Sundarjung Hundai Workshop and technical report is not yet ready, which needs to be shared wth Insurance Company. Approx. after one month passed, no action has been taken. It is total harrassment on part of consumer. Car is in very bad condition, I shall appreciate your interaction in this matter please.

Sanjoy Bhowmick

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

I was paid Rs. 5000/= to KB Motors (Kolkata)as a booking amount for new TATA Indica LS car. On the time of payment they have not provide any money receipt from their end, I was received it after one week.But due to some personal problem I was apply for cancellation of my booking, but now they are not showing any interest to return my booking amount. Please take the necessary action against KB Motors, kolkata. Thanking you.

Lalit Verma

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

I have purchase a new vehicle from VG Ford on 17 jan 2014 , the Dicky lock stop working after a period of 4 months , then I have visited workshop , they initially refuse to replace the same free of cost . then after I have mailed to there customer care and requested to considered my request as there is no reason for lock to be damaged . initially the refuse then after they have give me option for replacement of same with 50% cost . I am asking them to justify and give me reasons for non working of lock , they have not given any reason , nor replacement of lock free of cost .

Rajan Shende

Posted on Aug 20, 2014

i had given bike for starting problem at a local garage in mulund(e) run by person named Santosh-8108796044(, he took out complete engine work and change all the parts as block-piston, crank mainly costing 6000rs. and made estimated bill amount 9000/-rs. in return now he is not giving older parts back and no original box for parts changed or any proof for that. he refuses to give any help.

Anuj Jain

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

Hi Team, I am writing this e-mail with great disappointment. We go to Company's service center with an assurance that no matter even if I pay high but my car is in safe hands. One mistake at your service center might have costed life of 3 people. This is the only reason I am writing to ensure such fatal mistakes should not happen. I gave my car Hyundai Santro Xing (UP14 –W- 3777) for Servicing on 25th March and took the delivery of car on 26th March 2013. Below mentioned are the concerns that I came across: I drove the car up to 65 km and while on the way all of sudden Accelerator failed as a result I lost control and car hit the bike After resolving dispute with the bike owner I contacted “Virendra Kumar “Supervisor from M R Hyundai and informed him about the issue. He responded that “Please manage and get the vehicle back to home and come after Holi festival i.e. on 28th March” Vehicle was not in a situation to move and instead of providing tow facility I was left on my own.

Rajat Subhra Chatterjee

Posted on Aug 05, 2014

I own a Fiat Palio SLE.On 16th July my car suddenly stopped and was not starting.I towed the car to Garodia Fiat,authorized service center of Fiat in Kolkata on advise of the call center of Fiat Service. Suddenly the owner appeared and shouted at his employees on the reason that why he has accepted the car. The reason given was that he will not even check the problem as it was old car. He utterly misbehaved and made me take the car back. I again called the service center who assured a call back from Garodia Fiat, which never happened. Garodia Fiat is taking undue advantage of being the single service center in Kolkata and have the audacity to refuse servicing car and his discretion.He even commented that "you can go and complain to Fiat and I am not bothered. Fiat can do nothing against me." For days my car was by the roadside and every day I was towing the car to various garages.Finally on 30th July I took to Kalim Automobile who repaired my car. Total charge taken was RS. 23,190.


Posted on Aug 04, 2014

Excessive collection of service charges/repair charges by M/s. Cauvery Ford, Binnyston Town, Magadi Road, Bangalore - Ford showroom for vehicle repair (accidental) in comparison with estimates provided by other FORD authorized dealer for the SAME LIST of parts replaced and same labour work carried out. The showroom carried out major repair work approximately to the tune of Rs. 1,25,000/- without taking consent from me/written approval before commencing the repair work. Also, deficiency in service (quality), delivery timelines regarding post-repair work. Legal notice was issued, but received a response denying almost every aspect from them, except agreeing that I am the owner of the car. M/s. Cauvery Ford has charged nearly 30% more, in comparision with the estimates given by Lathangi Ford.

Debanjan Bose

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

I've purchased a used Hyundai Verna Car (Regs. No. WB02X-9343) from Mukesh Hyundai, Saltlake Branch, Kolkata on 25th Nov 2014 against cash Rs.1,80,000/- (One Lakh Eighty Thousand only) and paid Rs.6000/- (Six Thousand Only) for the name transfer purpose. Till date the "NAME Transfer" has not been done. I've asked several times but didn't get any satisfactory answer from Mukesh Hyundai. In this scenario I'm not able to sell the car to anybody as because the name transfer yet to be done. I've spent another Rs.20000/- (Twenty Thousand only) for the mechanical work (incl. Auto parts & Labor Charges)... Now at this juncture, I want the whole amount that is, 2,06,000/- (Two Lakh Six Thousand only) which I've spent from Mukesh Hyundai by returning the car. I'll be highly obliged if Consumer Affairs Department will look this issue in an urgent basis.


Posted on Jul 24, 2014

Cab No. "KA 41 A 2631" hit a person crossing the road near Koramangala forum mall and ran away

Amit Rai

Posted on Jul 21, 2014

Dear Sir, I need your support. I purchased Pulsar 220 Bike from Bajaj after paying Rs. 90,000+. From Bajaj Auto, Mr. Anand Wardhan and Mr. Mishra suggested to change the bike parts due to frequent faults. After changing parts by Krishna Bajaj Gurgaon on suggestion from Service Manager and spending Rs.7000 from my pocket, my bike caught fire/smoke during running condition..Also, there was petrol leakage observed and huge smoke was coming from Bike.. My brother and myself was sitting on bike during that incident and we suffered injury due to this. I have called more than 20 times to Mr. Mishra (Bajaj Service manager) and Mr. Anand Wardhan but they have refused to attend this and not picking my phone call. During call, Mr. Wardhan/Mishra used slang and improper language with me earlier and misbehaved with me and my father. Such behaviour was never expected from Bajaj. Can you please help for action.. -- Best Regards

Anil Lade

Posted on Jul 03, 2014

I have booked motorbike Bajaj Avenger 220 DTS-i on 24-May-14 with the authorized Bajaj dealer, NS Automobiles Pvt Limited, Mahim, by paying them full amount Rs. 83000 by cheque. They promised to deliver bike in 7 working days, but they failed to deliver. They produced various stories for not delivering. After 3 weeks, on 17-Jun-14 they said they will refund my money back and gave me foredated cheque of 21-Jun-14 of value Rs.84000 (with interest). I agreed for the refund. The cheque was dishonoured by the bank on 23-Jun-14 due to insufficient funds. The dealer then said he will do online fund transfer to my bank account. I have not received the money in account till date. The dealer is making various stories and making false promises and has not paid me yet. I have complained the BajajAuto (ref: CR151173). I have also logged review with poor rating at website of JustDial Services, from whom I got recommendation for this dealer. Please advise how to get my money back.

satish gulati

Posted on Jul 02, 2014

I book a car in malwa auto mobiles I kudli ipay him 21000 ruppes they commit me we will give you car in 7 to 10 days but his commitment is fail then I purchase acar in panip at same company but company and dealer behaviour is very root reponse after two month totaly zeroso pls help

aamir khan

Posted on Jun 26, 2014

I Mr. Aamir Firoz Khan Purchased Hyundai New Verna 1.6 CRDi SX Color White from Shriram Hyundai Kandivali (Mumbai) on 17th Aug'13. My Vehicle was Burned automatically in my parking place in midnight on .... as regarding i have complained to the Hyundai Motors as well as Insurance company about the same before a month ago they assured me that after getting manufacturing report they will take an action but till today i have not received any report or call from Hyundai not even an Insurance company have done any further process. As well as the Hyundai company take charges for parking too so how i can afford all of this without my mistake. Now I have a problem that i don't have any other vehicle to use. So i requesting you to please give me a temporary vehicle till my problem resolved and also kindly request you to please take an immediate action to to resolved my problem as earliest as possible otherwise as a customer i will take a legal action on company to wasting my time and expenses


Posted on Jun 17, 2014


Vikrant Vig

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

During Car Service at Hyundai Safdarganj Service Centre Udyog Vihar Gurgaon, my Car i10 Sportz Reg No HP 473946, during road test by Hyundai Card Advisor made accident due to Rash Driving and now repair charges are refused by Safdarganj Hyundai. Car is still at Service Centre. Im eing asked by them to bear all charges though Hyundai card advisor was driving the car and due to his rash driving Car accident happened. It happened on 8th Jun,14 and till now no response from Dealor. Pl help in returing car in same condition as it was before Drive Test

shivam kumar

Posted on Jun 08, 2014

I had bought Honda Civic 2006 model on 22nd May, 2013 from Mahindra First Choice Dealer in Rajinder Place, Delhi for Rs 390000/-. It is a certified second hand car dealer. But they have reversed the meter by 50000km from 115000km to 63000km. Later they told me that the car was uncertified so they are not responsible for anything. I do not even know why a certified agency would sell uncertified cars. Also there were many damages that should have been known had they certified the car. 1) engine mount was broken. I have spent around Rs 20000/- on it 2) shock absorbers need to be changed 3) Clutch plate needs to be changed immediately 4) front bumper was broken and precariously held only by some nails which carefully hidden. One autorickhaw just grazed over the bumper and it came cleanly out from the body. I had to spend Rs27000 for all of it. Also this dealer took Rs 6000/- at the time of delivery for ownership transfer when every other MFC dealer always gave it inclusive.

satender sharma

Posted on Jun 04, 2014

I owe a chevrolet captiva and took it to bhanu motors gurgaon for rectification of some problem . They kept my car for 40 days for doing experiments and changed many parts one by one . Actually they were unable to do the correct diagnosis and after 45 days the returned my car and raised a bill of 1.5 lacs .I paid the bill but the problem is not resolved even a single point. Now I have asked them several times to help me but no action has been taken . My car is in the same condition as it was before going to General motors authorised workshop. Now I need legal help.

Dr Sachit Goel

Posted on Jun 03, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I, Dr Sachit Goel, have purchased Honda City EMT Diesel car (Chasis no. MAKGM858AEN000655) from platinum honda, partapur on 2/5/14. I booked this car against a cash amount of Rs 31000 by sales executive of dealership Mr.Bhupender Tyagi who was sent to me for test ride by dealership itself. On 2/5/14, i got the delivery after giving Demand draft of Rs 9,00,000 and cash amount of Rs 21000 (Full payment of Rs 9,52,000 including 2 yrs extended warranty + 0 dep insaurance + Temporary & Permanent registration). Now when i contacted the dealership for permanent registration of the car, they refused stating that their sales executive have not given them the cash amount and they wont give me the permanent registration. I tried contacting Mr Bhupender Tyagi and he is untraceable. Sir, i made the full payment before delivery to the dealership & is it my fault that their employee have played the foul play. I am deeply harassed and sincerely request you to please take action

Lt Col(Retd) BK Viswanatha

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

I had bought a Diesel Car Volkswagen Polo from Bangalore Motors Palace Cross Bangalore on Down payment of the total cost. They have supplied me a car with a major defect in the Engine, and when the same was reported they took the car to their workshop at Rajajinagar and returned it stating that the car had some Choking problem. Since the problem persisted I returned the car to the show room after insisting that the car should be replaced with one which need not visit workshops from day one. I also reported the matter to the MD Sales VOLKSWAGEN INDIA, at Mumbai, and I did not get a reply from the MD. I insist I must be given a car by the dealer which does not require visit to workshops from DAY 1.

shivam kumar

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

Hi, I had purchased a 2006 model of Honda Civic from Mahindra First Choice Dealer in Rajinder Place. They claim to sell certified 2nd hand cars but they sold me uncertified cars without informing me about it. The car's odometer had been reversed by 50000km from 115000 to 63000km. The car also had many problems which were not apparent from the look outside such as engine mount was broken, clutch plate needs to be changed, rear shockers need to be changed, front bumper was broken but carefully set using nails etc. I have to spend more than Rs 50000 and still shockers and clutch plate are left to be replaced. To avoid such deceit I had put faith in a reputed company but they seem to be a cheat. I bought this car last year for 4lakhs at a premium price because of Mahindra's reputation but I could have bought a similar car from individual at less than 3 lakhs but to avoid hassels of identifying a good car I went to MFC and got cheated. Even the higher management is not helping.


Posted on Jun 01, 2014

sir ihave made complain of nikunj automobiles lim ited but they have paid my booking dues in cordial manner so iwant to remove from the NIKUNJ AUTOMOBILES LIMITED AT EARLIEST WHICH IS SEEN ON THEIR WEBSITE THANKS SRIKUMARCHATTERJEE


Posted on May 16, 2014

I have purchased a Maruti Wagon R Vxi on 23rd March, 2014. Immediately after taking the delievery of teh car, I informed the sales person that the AC is not working properly, and he just put the entire blame on me stating that I am a first time purchaser, I might not know how AC work.Despite my numerous requests and complaints to showroom, workshop, and company, the same has been ignored. The workshop also admitted after a month that the AC had a manufacturing defect and the same has been cured, but it is not working properly. I feel that I am cheated due to lack of my knowledge about cars and also there is a criminal breach of trust. my hard earned money has been wasted. they are not taking any action.

Sanjib Kumar De

Posted on May 14, 2014

I bought a Super Splendor last Aug (13/8/13). Since Then I have complained to the Service centers every time I have gone for the servicing about the mileage from that bike. I have completed 3rd Servicing and 3000 Kms on the bike. I was told by the Service Center Reps, that the bike mileage will increase after 3rd servicing, but NOT true. I have been patient since my 2nd Servicing. But, even after the 3rd Servicing, I am currently getting 34/35 KmPL. I need to understand why this is so? And what needs to be done to get this changed? Whom should I address this concern to? The manager from AMIT HERO SERVICE contacted me and arrange to service the same and I had to leave the bike for one day. I regret to tell you that nothing has improved. It seems the bike has got the manufacturing defect. You are requested to replace the bike. P.S: I have done servicing from the authorized service centers as per the schedule provided.

varadashankari k

Posted on May 09, 2014

Yesterday i kept my maestro vehicle for service in "WEST COAST MOTORS MANGALORE". The person who took my bike introduced himself as "GIRISH (+91-9482936022)". After the service they didn't give the bike mat back, also done scratches to the bike. When i told to give mat they tell that mat was not there. Even when i tell to show cctv footage they tell that cctv is not proper and can't be seen properly. When i ready to talk, they not even talk properly. they show negligence. So please help me to get my belonging and help others to same does not happen with others. thank you

Chintan Dwivedi

Posted on May 04, 2014

I have given my car to the garage "Umiya Maruti" in chankheda. Inefficient repairing and painting done for the damage claimed under car insurance. The painting of dumper and bonnet is not done properly. The windshield is also damage while painting. And now the garage owner is making excuse to do satisfactory work and replace the windshield.

mohit banka

Posted on May 03, 2014

Today I visited Honda showroom Jas Honda at Sambalpur (Odisha) to buy a Honda Activa of purple colour where I was told that they dont have ready stock of that colour and they can provide it within 30days and asked us to deposit a minimum amount of Rs 20000/- as advance for bookong. After that when asked to book the vehicle without accessories, they straightly denied to book the order and told us they can sell the activa without insurance but will not sell the product without accessories whether you take it or not. The tone of the manager was very rough with the following exact wordings "HUM GAADI DENGE HI NAHI, AAPKO LENA HAI TO LIJIYE NAHI TO MAT LIJIYE. WITHOUT ACCESSORIES HUM GAADI NAHI BECHENGE". You can check these words in their todays recording between 12.10 pm to 12.30 pm, if the recording is available with them. I was surprised to know that the company is not interested in selling the vehicles and thus carrying on their business with these rough behaving staffs.

Swaroop K

Posted on May 02, 2014

I purchased a KTM Duke 200 bike on October 2012 and after 10days from the date of delivery oil leak issue from engine had started. From the oil drain hole below the spark plug (Left side of Engine) and authorised service centre had replaced the ‘O’ ring under warranty. After that again Oil leak found from Engine head cover 7 time repeated and 3 times engine head cover gasket replaced by putting a white colour gasket sealant under warranty. Then oil leak found from left side ignition cover and they replaced gasket under warranty. Then found oil leakage from front sprocket shaft and they replaced front sprocket shaft oil seal under warranty. Then oil seepage found from gasket in middle of engine cover and this week they informed me that they dismantle entire engine and informed that all the gaskets inside the engine will replace under warranty and promised to deliver the bike in next 2 days. After taking delivery again oil leak found from clutch side engine cover bolt and they replaced engine cover under warranty. Today again found oil leak from stator coil wire sealing in engine cover. Still they didn’t check that. It’s actually a manufacture defect and they are not ready to replace the engine. Still they are doing the gasket replacements till the warranty period over’s. Apart from this there are lots of other items replaced under warranty. Chain and sprocket, rear suspension (2 times), tank cover, stator coil. Still iam not getting a proper soultion from company.

srikumar chatterjee

Posted on Apr 29, 2014


Balvir Singh Bhandari

Posted on Apr 25, 2014

On 16th April 2014 i got my car serviced for brake failure with intimating thm fr cluth check up nd accelerator check up at global gallery mahindra thane, thy charged me around 14,000 including with sme program called RSA(Road Side Assistance)program saying me that ny breakdown we wil send our technician with immediate effect.Today on 25th April 2014 i was driving nd the cluth pedal did nt responded, i managed to reach mahindra showroom which was at 700meters away nw thr thy gave sme estimation of 18000 including thr labour charges which are too high nd thy r saying cluth plate and pressure plate is burned due to sme burst of coc cylinder of which i m nt aware of so i requested thm to tow my car to thane service station where i get it usually serviced so thy r saying it is against our norms i called RSA number too bt thy also did the same saying we cant help u out so i asked them to pls cancel my this RSA program nd refund me with my money for that also thy said no.So pls nw help me

Nalin Chaudhari

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam. i Complained to Bansari Bajaj Auto on Sept-2013 for More Oil Consumption of May Bike(Pulsar-150), After Bajaj Give the Solution after three Months by Engine Open So Do Something with engine now my Bike engine stop anytime when running or hold on one place 1 or more hours not start. I Complained for this Matter on DEC-2013 that time also my bike in warranty but till date no solution given by BAJAJ. Please help ....


Posted on Apr 21, 2014

I had purchased a CBZ xtreme bike form Jasodha Auto Pvt Ltd., my complaint is that no one told me from sales side that bike which they are showing to me is two years old model (2/2012 mfg), even after i asked about how they have availability of that bike while other agencies needs 7 days to deliver the same, they said they are transporting it from Haridwar plant. but when i know that they did cheat with me i get back to their office to replace my bike with newer model, they said nothing can be done now. i need help in this case


Posted on Apr 13, 2014

I have Purchased a renault duster in the name of sushanta chandra on monday(07/04/2014) from dulichand auto sales pvt ltd.the sales consultant i.e mr.sanjib dutta has told me that the vehicle which will be delivered to me will be the manufacturing year of 2014 but after i got the delivery,i saw that it was on 2013.on the other hand,there is a registration problem with this dealer.i am facing a great problem with this dealer i will be very greatful to you if you look into this matter and do the needful at the earliest as possible Regards, SUSHANTA CHANDRA 9830681722

Anil Kullarwar

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

On vehicle purchase, dealer is not giving me breakup of amount collected, inspite of followup from 24th sept & reminders sent on 15th feb 2014 & 10th march 2014. Want to know whom should I approach & weather I am right in doing so? Please advice Have also sent detailed mail to

Vikrant Bhore

Posted on Apr 06, 2014

I purchased a Mahindra Sanyang Rexton less than a year ago and it gave problem of gear box. When put in the service station (infinity workshop, sakinaka) they have kept my vehicle with them for two months now and have done nothing about it. My vehicle registration number is MH02.DB.27 mr.deepak rao is the service manager there and even he is not replying properly to my questions. I would like to put forth a complaint against Mahindra Ltd for poor service and fraud sales promises to customers. Please take quick action on this. Best Regards, Vikrant

Gaurav Sawhney

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

Hi, I , Gaurav Sawhney, owner of a Maruti car registration number DL 6C L 5158. On 2nd of march my car met with an accident and came to your body shop for repair. The car was damaged from the front door and the front portion and I was attended by Kishore and Mr. Negi from your body shop. They both assured me that the vehicle will be delivered back to me in next 5 working days maximum. I have started following up with Kishore form 4th March 2014 for my vehicle who has right from the day one has started giving me excuses for the delay. There was no response from him ever, except his only call that I received on 6th March 2014 stating that one of the plastic component of the vehicle has not been approved and I need to pay around 1200 rupees for that, to which I agreed dutifully. I requested him to release the vehicle to me as soon as possible, to which he agreed. However, since then I have never ever never ever never ever never ever received any call from Kishore nor Negi


Posted on Apr 04, 2014



Posted on Mar 20, 2014

This is for your kind information that I (Pawan Kumar Engineer at Hero Motocorp Ltd. Gurgaon) is owing Ford Figo as per attached below details. I bought this car in the Month of January 2013 from M/S Karuna Ford, Rewari. My car is only 1year old and run only 19500 Km during this period. Car Detail:- Ford Figo Reg. No. HR 26 BY 9715, Chasis No. MAJ1XXMRJ1CY43389 Presently I am facing problem with my car. My car history is as per attached sheet for easy understanding. I was shocked to hear that my car Engine needs overhauling so early and it will not cover under warranty although it is only 1 year old car and maintain properly at Ford service center during this period. I am sure that you will understand my concern . Hoping for a favorable and prompt response from your side.


Posted on Mar 17, 2014


sourav mundhra

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

i have book maruti desire vdi. and take delivery of that car on 1/11/2013 (occation of dhanteras) at the time of booking there sales team give lots of offer that at the time of deleivery of car ( on the occation of dhanteras and diwali ) you got pure ( gurranted certifitated ) gold coin, a letter for free picking and dropping facilities of car for servicing and all ( there is no charge taken for providing this service for you is written in letter, etc ) and small small many accesories for car. but so many committed are not full fill till date like gold coin, some accesories and that letter for free pickup and drop for car. so many time i complain but no proper action taken by them i also complain direct to maruti compay help line. complain no. 6778493608. but no action taken by them also. dewars garage ltd try to provide me i discont coupon of 3000 for a jelewery shop against of purchase some thing from that shop and for letter they dnt say any thing. i m not ready to accepted dis

Imran Shaikh

Posted on Mar 12, 2014

I bought a FIAT Punto 90HP and there are numerous issues with the Clutch and speedomter (instrument cluster). The car was purchased in February 2013 and the service center is still unable to understand the issue in the vehicle. My car is in service center past 14 days and I do not know how to proceed ahead. Request your help and support in filing this compliant against Fiat India Pvt Ltd for replacing the car as it is just 1 year old and 18000 kms done (within warranty). Thanks.

Anup Chhabra

Posted on Mar 12, 2014

I had booked Ford Ecosport, Titanium(D), white colour through Riddhi Ford, Mathura Road when it was launched, on 21/6/2013, Details areas under : Amount 50000/,Receipt No 373,dt 21/6/2013. Still after waiting for so long 8/9 months, vehicle is awaited. All phone calls/visits are of no help. It seems Agency Persons are indulging in selling at Premium & ignoring genuine buyers. Pls do the needful as I have suffered in Business due to non availability of Vehicle. This is because my sanctioned loan value has also been credited to Dealer's Account.


Posted on Mar 06, 2014


kanumuri veera venkata lakshmi narayana

Posted on Mar 06, 2014

K.v.v.lakshminarayana, vigneswaranagar Valasapakala, Kakinada-533005, ph:8125988392 Sir I paid one lakh rupees to M/S coastal automobiles (p) Ltd for booking purpose of a Tata vista car to M/S Coastal Automobiles (p) Ltd, kakinada who was the dealer of TATA Motors , through receipt no. 72 dated 13-12-2013. After one week, we are unable to purchase that car; the same was informed to concern people and submitted a cancellation letter. I have gone to that office nearly 6-7 times and requested them for my one lakh rupees. They simply said today, day after tomorrow. So far they didn’t pay my money. So please look in to the matter and give me a valuable justice. Thanking you sir K.V.V.Lakshminarayana Address of the concerned 0884-6454747office: COASTAL AUTOMOBILES (P) Ltd B.O: Near achampeta jn.Opp.APSP Power station, Rayudu palem, Kakinada-533005Ph.0884-6454747 H.O:84-1-3/1, Near ONGC Base complex, N.H5 Road,

arvind bagade

Posted on Mar 05, 2014

Hi Sir, I found myself in annoying situation. I booked Honda City Car with the dealer in Pune. Initially they promised me to deliver the car in Month time during that I requested to change the color of vehicle. They never confirmed me the delivery time just keep giving the fake promises. They also told me they can make adjustment if I will pay the extra amount (i.e. old price with 24% excise duty which is now reduced to 20% recently). I found it very non ethical and straight away called the cust care for Honda. But they also just audience here and not taking any action. Now I would like to cancel the deal even. Even here they might penalize me. Please advise best suitable option to cancel the deal or way to deal with dealer.


Posted on Mar 05, 2014

I am a PSU employee. For official purposes I have been transferred from Odisha to Kolkata. I am having a scooty with Odisha registration. After being transferred to Kolkata I applied for paying road tax in Beltala RTO office on 12.11.2013 with NOC & other documents. I got a receipt & asked to submit the same on 02.12.2013. But till date (05.03.2014) there is no response from the concerned office & I have been informed through agent that the concerned employee has been transferred & new employee is asking for money for doing the same.


Posted on Mar 02, 2014

K.v.v.lakshminarayana, vigneswaranagar Valasapakala, Kakinada-533005, ph:8125988392 Sir I paid one lakh rupees to M/S coastal automobiles (p) Ltd for booking purpose of a Tata vista car to M/S Coastal Automobiles (p) Ltd, kakinada who was the dealer of TATA Motors , through receipt no. 72 dated 13-12-2013. After one week, we are unable to purchase that car; the same was informed to concern people and submitted a cancellation letter. I have gone to that office nearly 6-7 times and requested them for my one lakh rupees. They simply said today, day after tomorrow. So far they didn’t pay my money. So please look in to the matter and give me a valuable justice. Thanking you sir K.V.V.Lakshminarayana Address of the concerned 0884-6454747office: COASTAL AUTOMOBILES (P) Ltd B.O: Near achampeta jn.Opp.APSP Power station, Rayudu palem, Kakinada-533005Ph.0884-6454747 H.O:84-1-3/1, Near ONGC Base complex, N.H5 Road,

ashit chakrabarty

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

I have paid Rs.440856.00 cash to French Motor Car Co.Ltd.,kolkata For purchase 1 no new TATA Ace in which I am making Ambulance. I paid it on 30/08/2013 to their AJC Bose Road office. But till date I have not received the vehicle.

Rakhee Kulkarni

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

We had purchased Hyundai i10 sportz car (MH12 GR 9548) on 04.04.2011. The vehicle engine started knocking after the first servicing. It was every time informed to the service station, but all in vain. The ECM was also reset by the Hyundai service station. But till date the problem is unresolved and our vehicle engine knocks heavily. There is no update from the service station. Its been three years that we are facing this problem. Hence this complaint.


Posted on Feb 20, 2014

I am informed that my car Maruti 800 AC 2005 model is seized from Srinivas Enclave, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur. Customer name- Deepankar Mitra pending balance of Rs 53k approx. I treat this as theft, since it was taken away without my knowledge. I need an explaination from Kotak prime ltd and also its current location. I will settle the amt but want my car back. On Feb 11, 2014 4:16 PM, "Deepankar Mitra" <> wrote: Details mentioned below:- Customer name - DEEPANKAR MITRA Vehicle seized without notification to customer. Car contained important documents, valuables which if missing will lead to theft. Customer is not informed that his car is seized. Postal Address G2 Srinivas Enclave, Green Glen Layout SHARJAHPUR OUTER RING ROAD,BANGALORE-560037, KARNATAKA. Ph: 9038002104, 9620959987 D_MITRA21@YAHOO.COM Date of Birth :- 24/12/1979 Year of Manufacture 2005 Registration No: KA04MB5851 Engine number: 2913410 Chassis Number 2474627 Cubic Ca


Posted on Feb 19, 2014

I had purchased Tvs-Wego in Sep-11 but till date I have not received Smart Card of the same. I have lodged complaint with RTO, Pune but their is no response from them.


Posted on Feb 16, 2014

I bought a car Alto 800lxi from Karnal Motors Karnal through CSD on 27 Jan 14. There was an offer of free stereo with this car , but they refused to give me stereo. They said that this offer is not applicable for them, who purchase the car through CSD , while in the news paper advertisement , it is not mentioned anywhere. Please solve my problem.

Prasanna Patil

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Dear Sir I like to inform you that i have taken delivery of one choverlet Beat car from Bellad Enterprises, Hubli,Karnataka on 1st Feb 2014 at 8:00 PM . When we checked the documents we found that they have delivered the 4 months old 2013 model vehicle to me. We have conveyed the same to the dealer they told me that within 2 days they will resolve my issue. After two days they refused to resolve my issue. After that I have called the customer care of General Motors (Choverlet) and registered my complent NO: 1674047. I have sent the several mails to General Motors and dealers, But till date neither the dealer or company is ready to resolve my issue. Due to this issue I have not registered my vehicle. With dealer co-operation and your initiative the issue can be solved easily. I do have all relavent documents which prove that it is old Oct 2013 manufactured vehicle. Kindly help me out as i have put my hard earned money to buy the New car.


Posted on Feb 10, 2014



Posted on Feb 06, 2014

dealer aur company not giving warranty of parts

abhijeet Chandekar

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

i had purchased bajaj discover 125 ST on 14-01-2014 from khandelwal bajaj showroom-Bilaspur add-sipat road,sarkanda,bilaspur. ph no- 07752-255222,255333. since next day the bike jumps when put into first gear. this happens every morning and everyday or twice a day if bike is turned off for atleast 3-4 hrs and bike had knocking problem. complaint was made to concern dept of showroom where the service manager assured it will settle down as its new engine and if problem persist he will be cleared in 1st service.i asked again and again if its a defective machine, he said is jumping even after 1st service,i have been given defective bike intentionally even after i asked to change the bike at time of delivery.they assured it will be changed if any problem arises,now no one is responding,bikes machine was opened by the mechanic and found it has manufacturing defect of clutch plates,still bike is jumping and creating prb while riding.


Posted on Feb 03, 2014

SUB: “NOTICE OF TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF MOTOR VEHICLE NO. WB O2 Y 0914” TRANSFER FORMALITIES NOT YET COMPLETED BY DULICHAND AUTO SALES PVT LTD. 53, NALIRANJAN AVENUE, KOLKATA 700053. RENAULT INDIA, NEW ALIPORE Dear Sirs, This is bring to your kind notice that I had handed over my Hyundai Getz car Reg. No. WB 02Y 0914 to the above car dealer, Renault, New Alipore on October 18, 2013 under exchange scheme and they have not yet completed the transfer documentation of the vehicle to the purchaser of the Getz car. Renault New Alipore had made me sign FORM 28, FORM 29 & FORM 30 on OCTOBER 18, 2013 FOR TRANSFER OF THE SAID GETZ CAR.As per the understanding with Renault New Alipore the Getz car transfer was supposed to be completed by November 30, 2013 Also, Renault New Alipore has not yet informed MOTOR VEHICLES DEPARTMENT & THE DY. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, TRAFFIC DEPT LALBAZAR, KOLKATA, regarding the GETZ vehicle ownership transfer as on date. The major iss

Sujoy Maitra

Posted on Jan 29, 2014

I have booked one Maruti Suzuki Ritz (Vxi-Chocolate) with Rs. 10000.00/- on 11.12.2013 at barasat branch of Mohan Motors. But due to some reasons I cancelled my booking on 14.01.2014. I am about to get refund of Rs. 8000.00/-. During this period, I dealt with a salesman named Debjyoti. He kept the original money receipt and the welcome docket and he told that I shall get my cheque within two days. On the basis of trust, I have given him the original documents. But, Now 14 days have passes and I have received no communication from their end or the salesman. I am very disappointed with this kind of behavior from Mohan Motors. However I have kept xerox copies of all the documents.

Prashant Kumar

Posted on Jan 25, 2014

I have done servicing on 17/01/2014, at that time i mention about starting problem(self start) also mentioned about RELAY got change by local mechanic but after 3(21/01/14) days once again there is problem in self start which is related to same they change it calling it as fake and charge me additional labour charge & didn’t provide me the fake one. Now i want my money back

Soumita Bhattacharya

Posted on Jan 23, 2014

I faced a lot of miscommunication, harrassment and service damage at Austin Hyundau, Patuli. Request your intervention. The detail is mailed at


Posted on Jan 22, 2014

I have booked HONDA AMAZE CAR at vally honda ghurkari kangra by depositing 21000/- & I have been told (not in written) to get delivery within one month approx. 16jan2014, but till the date I didnt' get any confirmation.When I asked to cancel the booking the customer relation manager at mandi (head office of Vally Honda), but I was told to get money after 25 days. My complaint is that I should get my money immediately without delay.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

I bought a second hand honda city ivtec car on 10th Jan 2014. I bought the car from an individual named Mrs. Swati Sethi who is an architect by profession (a co owner of Dream Space India, an architect and designing firm based in Mumbai. She has cheated and breach the trust u/s 420.


Posted on Jan 09, 2014

Defective Tyre - Warrenty Claim Rejected - Seeking Justice - Dealer : M/s - Eastern Distributors ( Kolkata) This is to inform you that we have purchased two Tyres from M/s Eastern Distributors make BridgeStone on 16-08-2013. After three month my driver observed that the Both tyres got cracked from Side Wall. Due to work pressure we are unable to report immediately but on 30-12-2013 when we were returning from Burdwan from NH-2 , near Dankuni the car got unbalanced & observed air leakage from Front LH side tyre. After that we have reported to Dealer & claimed under Warranty Policy. Your Service Engineer (Mr. Sourav Kr. Mishra) has rejected the claims of Both Tyres.

Tamal Mukherjee

Posted on Jan 06, 2014

On 24th February 2013, I had bought a 2nd hand Santro Xing car WB02W 3284 through car selling agent Mr. Jayjit Mukherjee , owner of “ Auto Nexus ” Address : 391/143, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700068 ( near south city mall ). I have paid the agent named Mr. Jayjit Mukherjee by cheque Rs.1.40 lacs, but after that I have not received NOC, Form 29, Form 30, Form 35, sale deed and money receipt of the paid amount . These documents are pending for last 1 year now. Recently I have received Form 29 and Form 30 from them which is not valid since ID proof, and other required documents have not been submitted. The ownership of the car still belongs to the name of the previous owner.I have got the possession of the car but unable to use on road due to absence of name transfer & required documents.In spite of repeated request to Mr. Jayjit Mukherjee and other partners of Auto Nexus, they have not furnished us with any documents. kindly help me to resolve this matter soon.

Ashok Singh

Posted on Jan 04, 2014

Booked Honda DIO DLX- White Color thru -Bhavna Auto Wheel B. no. 564 Nerul, N. Mumbai on 13th October, 2013. Paid full amount vide receipt no. 1342 and 1867 and was committed delivery on 20th December, 2013. On 25th Dec. visited, I was told that there is no production of Dio Model currently and was suggested to change They told -they are not getting supply from Honda and they cannot commit date of delivery. I requested for written for record, which they agreed to write on white paper with round seal, which I refused.I requested to share the e-mail id of Honda’s customer care, which they failed to provide. I would like to inform you that in our locality, there are 4-5 shops of two wheelers who are selling Honda 2 wheelers and giving delivery within same day. We are surprised to know that how unauthorized dealers are giving delivery within same day but an authorized dealer is unable to deliver even after almost 80 days! (email also sent in details)


Posted on Jan 01, 2014


Shouvik Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

On 25.10.2013 , i had purchased an used maruti versa , 2005 model from a dealer CAR CARE located at 8,chetla railway siding , kolkata - 700027.The said vehicle was purchased in reference to the advertisement published in two leading websites namely : and Within a weeks time the car's engine developed snag and it was also accepted by the dealer and they took back the car to carry out repairing jobs on 16.11.2013. The car was returned on 05.12.2013 but the car's condition was not changed. On confronting the dealer it was assured that they will refund the money back and take back the car. since 09.12.2013 i am getting false expectation from the dealer and right now they have stopped receiving the calls as well. Will like to get get immediate legal attention for the fraud that has been done to me and my family.


Posted on Dec 30, 2013

I had brought my Kerala registered car(KL07BB4455) to Bangalore on 16-Nov-2013.My driving license and car RC book were seized by the RTO on 22-Nov-2013 and instructed me to pay the life time tax.I showed the toll bills as evidence of bringing the car on 16th nov, but the officer didnt listen to my words. Since I brought the car to Bangalore for a few days, I didnt pay the life time tax in Bangalore. I took back my car to my native on 30th Nov 2013.Still the RTO is not giving back my documents. I lost 4 days in RTO office for meeting the irresponsible officers there. The RTO also telling me to pay the life time tax.I have sent a detailed letter to the RTO and Transport commissioner. I had submitted the toll bills as proof for keeping the car in Bangalore only for 14 days, but nobody responded. Kindly take necessary action and instruct the RTO to give back my documents.

Sunil shah

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

I had bought a Mercedes GL 350 CC make car from Metro Motors Auto Hangar, Mumbai. an In-house zero Depreciation car insurance was taken with the company, and we were told that we will have to pay only the processing charges. We had sent out car for repairs on 10th December, 2013. despite numerous calls made to the service manager, Suresh Alphanso, we weren't informed of the repair status until 21st December, 2013. Post which the company's relationship manager, Neha Luthra, informed us about some conflict with their insurance department, suggesting that we would have to bear the cost of repairs. The company has not processed our repair request till date not has it delivered our car back. As a premium car customer we were promised pick up and drop of car and impromptu service at the time of making the sale. None of which has been delivered by the company. We seek redressal of our greviences from the forum at the earliest.

Siddharth gupta

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Sidheshwar Nissan Dealer has charged extra for Insurance and Car Registration.

Jai Daga

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

This is to highlight the issues and improper practices followed by Ford India in relation to ford ecosport vehicle . With high demand ford is exploiting the situation and hiding lot of facts from consumers. 1. Myself booked on 8th Aug petrol version and delivery which was committed in 12-16 weeks has been delayed till mid of 2014 with no proper reason. 2.Production of Ecoboost which was supposed to bring revolution is stopped. 3. In Sep price was increased by 40-60K stating dollar to rupee is 66, for long it is 61-62 then why it is not rolled back. This link will throw more insight into the whole issue. I paid 50K as booking amount on 8th Aug so as compensation I am pitching for immediate delivery of vehicle with price as it was at time of booking and all the features agreed upon. Request you to please look into and guide me on next steps, forum I can approach and can bring justice. Jai Daga Mob 9820614804

Mohammed Dastagir

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

I had Brought a New Bajaj Avenger Bike Which is hardly 6 Month Old and is under Warranty, I had observed Some abnormality in the Bike and had Send my Queries for the Reason of Abnormality to the Authorized Agency but they Stated that they are forwarding my queries to higher authority for the Response. More than 5 Days had past but i am yet to get the clarifications, Since they are not responding i am assuming that the bike may have manufacturing problem, please help.

Vinod Kumar

Posted on Dec 17, 2013

I was refused to get my third service at Honda Servie center Lilngarajapuram in Feb 2013.They said the time was lapsed.I told them I didnot receive the usual message on my mobile 9620149765.Also when I asked them why they dont write the DATE on the NEXT SERVICE DATE(instead "A"),they say they write it only when the vehicle gets a paid service.How ridiculous that is .Non Sense!!! And then they tore the fourth free service coupon and did the third service for me.I had to pay upto 800 rupees for my fourth service,that I did from non Honda Dealer.I was astounded when I heard my friends Honda Dio serviced on a timely basis.On his Vehilce Manual there is a white sheet pasted on which is written the four service dates written in advance.He had done his service from HBR Layout Service center.Legally I am still supposed to get that free service.

J S Bawa

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

I bought Tata Indigo Car from Tayal Motors Faridabad and they given me wrong Sale Certificate and Tax Invoice where Hypothetication has been done the name of TML Financial Services Limited and they arranged loan from ICICI Bank. I came to know this after paying the full loan to ICICI Bank. Kindly help me in getting my Sale Certificate Tax Invoice with Hypothetication to the ICICI Bank Name so that I can get the car transferred in my name. Car Registration No. HR 51X 4783 Sale Certificate Number TAYAL-0607-01233-SC Tax Invoice No. TAYAL-0607-01233


Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Dear concerned, This is to inform you that I had booked for TVS WEGO from Sri.Venkateshwara Motors, K.R.Puram, Bangalore-36 on 4-12-2013 by paying advance of Rs.5000/- vide receipt No.7994 and paid full price of vehicle on 05-12-2013 vide receipt No.7902. on 5th of DECEMBER 2013 I had seen the grey coloured TVS WEGO which was kept for display. In that vehicle we noticed the dent in the vehicle in front, we asked the show room executive to give the different vehicle and they agreed for the same, but despite our request the dealer has registered the damaged vehicle in the RTO Bangalore. When we went for taking the delivery of the vehicle they had asked us to take the damaged vehicle but we refused to take the delivery of the vehicle as it was damaged. In this regard we request you humbly to instruct the dealer to give the new vehicle otherwise to refund the cost of the vehicle which we have paid to him at the earliest. The important thing is that the manager of the show room behaved ver

Kuldeep Singh

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Sometime in March, 2013, I received a call from Race Sales Team informing me about the car breakdown service that they offer. I was impressed and decided to enroll for their subscription. I confirmed my address for the sales agent to visit and get my signatures on the forms. The next day a sales agent visited my home address - Q-32, New Palam Vihar Extension, Phase 1, Gurgaon and sold me the subscription.To my surprise when one fine day the car did not start and I called RACE helpdesk, I was told the area is not covered. I was surprised as the agent has visited this address to take the membership money from me.I had to spend 1000 rupees that day to get a local mechanic. I was promised a refund within two weeks. Ever since that day, I have sent them email at and also called their helpdesk number(8510851038)at least 50 times but I am always asked to wait for a few more days(torture)I am looking to for refund of RS 450 and penalty by the company of RS 10000.


Posted on Nov 30, 2013

Judgment on appeal No.674/12 has not been complied with by the opposite parties


Posted on Nov 29, 2013

JULY - I went to to amba najaj showroom in btm bangalore branch and booked for pulsar 220 via loan from hdfc bank for 90 % loan. september- after subitting the documents after their tat they told me that the loan is not been approved for 90 % whereas its only been approved for 60 % so i when i told them that they promised for this and all . when i spoke to one of the seniors after 10 mins i got a msg stating the sms is been sent as your loan is been approved. oct - they called to me pay the downpayment ,i went and i paid the amount and after days again they were making some or the other issues for delivering the vehicle. so again i had to shout on them and get my things donne. Nov - Atlast my bike was delivered on 2nd nov . and after some days i was back of them for all the paper work to be finished. then on 28th they we need to give them the bike as hdfc hasnt paid them any cash. now i dont want to buy anything from them. i want the whole amount which i paid for th

Rahul Garg

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

Hi, I have very much surprised that Honda 2 wheeler company which is such a huge giant/manufacturer of two wheeler worldwide. Now I have purchased CB Shine on 12 Feb 2013 and within 15 days i am frustrated with its gear shifting problem and mask related problem and i have also complain the same with Shanti Honda,Pune many times and they are not able to remove this problem, if this is problem with the bike then replace it or you can sort it out. Otherwise Honda should give me in written that they are not able to solve this problem, then i will go to consumer court to register this complain against Honda 2 wheeler. Regards Rahul Garg CB Shine Grey(MH12 JV1485) Purchase date:12th Feb 2013 Dealer: Shanti Honda Servicing done on the same dealer service center. Mob:8888486512,9881544032


Posted on Nov 27, 2013

I was quite excited when I purchased the Hyundai i20 iGenSportz car reg no MH03 BJ 1916,from Modi Hyundai located at Kanjur Marg.Mumbai on 1st Sept2013. It has being a very pleasant feel to actual own one which is in par excellence in the segment of Hatchbacks.However the recent incident of my car catching on fire has really disturbed me.This is actually quite shocking especially knowing the fact that Hyundai really emphasizes on 5 star safety standards.As a matter of fact the real concern is that my car caught fire inside the engine compartment under the bonnet " Reasons Still Unknown ".This is a Brand new car purchased about 60 days back, this is very very grave incident and have specifically highlighted that my family did escape this incident by whiskers.The technical team from Hyundai HO was called for the investigation.Hyundai has advise us to get the car repaired by taking advantage of my insurance cover and are trying to downplay the incident.I have paid a premium for safety

Hyder Rasool

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

Dear All, They have cheated me with duplicate bill about Rs 30,000/- hence I have paid as I was in problem after that, I have checked my invoice and found that, they have made two bills at one time repair and the second bill was not on my name. Even insurance company have accepted the same without any knowledge of mine as the customer Thanks Rasool

Samrat Chatterjee

Posted on Nov 23, 2013

Bajaj Byke After Sales Service Cheating People..Do not Purchase any Byke again from Bajaj ..I Purchased in cash a Discover 125 on 5/12/12 from Dealer kolkata Visakam Sodepur..when 1st & 2nd free service time came they remind me by phone ..But when the third free service came they didn't call me and now today calling me and telling yours free service time expired now paid service starting..What a After sale Service of Bajaj ..Now they are not accepting there fault they telling me its yours fault..Please Help..

Saurya Sekhar Mohanty

Posted on Nov 23, 2013

Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that within 12 months of continue services providing by M/s BN Travels to M/s New Fire Engineers Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai, I have been getting many more troubles/pains in the release of monthly payment from M/s New Fire Engineers Pvt Ltd (Work Order attached here with for your ready reference). At last months PHAILIN attached in Odisha, so as per their instruction I have took my vehicle from project site. after clear the PHAILIN, I have many times tried to contact them, but they are mobile was switched off. During November, I have raised/claimed October, 2013 bill to M/s NFI immediately NFI concern Mr. K R K Prasad having cell no.: +9813247769 Email Id-;; revert to me by email I have mentioned below; Dear sir, As you have failed to report to duty we are terminating your contract w.e.f November. As the vehicle was not used in October no rent will be paid. Regards, K. R. K. PRASAD NFE I am belongs from


Posted on Nov 17, 2013

During October/November 2012, Our Car Battery "Amaron" make was installed with a Warranty of 2 years,at Kalyani Motors,100 feet Ring Road, Bangalore. My car giving problem very often while starting,on October 6th our car is not started, we called Break down service of Kalyany Motors at 9.0pm, they came and started from external battery though our car battery. Again on 26th October the car stopped in the middle of the road, again we called Break down service people of Kalyani motors and requested them to take car to their showroom for checking the problem. They have taken car same day to their showroom, after 4 days we went and inquired the solution. They told Battery pole is broken and informed us to change the battery with new price. We have asked the Kalyani motors to replace battery without any additional cost, since battery is failed to function during the warranty period of 2 years,but they are reluctant to provide the new battery. Hence this complaint against Kalyany Motors.

G Mohanraj

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

I purchased dream yuga bike from Honda MAR 2013. After few months I noticed Oil leak problem from engine head.I went to the Raja Honda dealer(Bangalore) who sold the bike. They just replaced the Gasket only. After few days again the same problem started. So far I have gone 4 time to fix this Oil leak problem but its happening again & again, so it is a fault in the engine itself and the service people couldn't solve the issue. I need a justice in this either they need to fix the problem or replace the engine. But they are not doing it. please help me.

Atul Marwaha

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

We purchased Skoda Laura in April 2013 from M/s Giriraj Motors Gurgaon. The car was purchased in our company name "DesignTech Systems Limited" and the 100% amount was paid in advance for the car, insurance, Skoda extended warranty (skoda Shield), RC costs etc. On delivery of the car, all documents except extended warranty certificate was given and we were told that ICICI Lombard will be issuing the same and it takes some time. Now after 7 months and continuous followups, the dealership has not provided the warranty certificate and is blaming ICICI lombard for the delay. When i contacted ICICI they said they have no record of extended warranty. My reminders to the dealership and ICICI Lombard has not yeilded any positive response. I have the performa inv, 100% payment details with me and emails stating that the extended warranty certificate is due. Now only 5 months remain on regular warranty and without the extended warranty certificate, I am worried about future support. Pl advise


Posted on Nov 08, 2013

I had purchased Honda jazz x (top model) for rs . from M/s Valley Honda, Shivansh mandi. At the time of delivery they haven’t provided some accessory like Front grill & Tail gate sporty spoiler with the car. For your information I want to tell you that these parts are the part of top model vehicle and to be provided with the car. I have made all the payments before the delivery of car 7days in advance. But at the time of delivery, they promised to deliver these parts at first service of my car and called me to attend service camp organized at solan, but again they made excuse that they had left these accessory at their showroom in mandi. Again they called me to attend service camp at solan but the same thing happened again. I wrote emails to Honda customer care but their representative are not looking into the matter seriously and asking me to come to their showroom at mandi. I am posted at distt sirmour since last 11 months and belongs to distt. Shimla, it is not possible for me visit mandi and I already had spent huge money on fuel when they called me to their service camp at Solan. This type of monopolistic behavior of M/s Valley Honda is because there is no other dealer of Honda cars in Himachal Pradesh and due to tax policies of HP govt. and resident of our state can’t buy vehicles from other states. I request you to register my complaint and take suitable action against the dealer and so that they should rectify their mistakes and indemnify the loss suitably.


Posted on Nov 06, 2013

I have purchased a new car from Maruti in August. During inspection i found few parts under bonnet in rusted condition. On complaining about this to dealer they said it is like this and they will change the parts. I have filed a complaint with maruti 3 times since then and everytime they close the complaint without consulting on the matter. request you to please help in resolving the issue.

srikumar chatterjee

Posted on Nov 03, 2013

i have booked acar from nikunj automobiles limited kolkata by down payment 230300-/ on sept. 2012 i have cancelled booking for delayed in offer letter in february on 2013 they give two cheques by deducting cancelation charge one of which 57500-/ credited another dishonoured 140000-/ on 24-08 they have told they will give payment order but two months have passed they have not yet pay the rest amount i have contacted with them but they are harrashing a lot pl. help me

jitendra kumar

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

sir maine 25/06/2013 ko bike li thi par pahle din se usme gair problm aa rahi hai


Posted on Oct 29, 2013

SIR MY NAME IS ALBIN THOMAS & I AM WORKING AS A MANAGER IN APOLLO TYRES ,KALAMASSERY.I've bought a FIAT Punto Dynamic (MCA11845E07046528CKZ) & having reg no. KL 07 BY 1072 on 17/8/2013 FROM HYSON AUTO SALES , Palarivattom, Cochin, After buying the car, I have noticed the following problems. 1.Driver side door not closing fully and there is a gap on top 2.Driver side power window stuck up 3. A scratch in the driver side door (In order to hide the scratch the dealer has purposefully covered it with a inaugural ribbon) 4. Right back & rear glasses are of 2012 make where as all others are of 2013 make (This can diminish the resale value of the vehicle) 5. The front doors are not closing fully & there is a tightness while closing the doors (i went to the service center 4 times ,still they cannot rectify the problem) 6.There is a sound when water pouring in dicky glass (glass seating was not proper) 7.Front glass right side wiper beading was not seating fully All these things show that they sold me a defective vehicle .when i contacted the fiat service people ,they could not rectify the problem .so kindly take my complaint as serious one.please take necessary action to replace my car or at least compensated suitably for the mental harassment i am facing after buying a brand new car from FIAT.


Posted on Oct 26, 2013

I purchased Nissan Micra Petrol Car from Chandrani Nissan, Kolkata and it is under Warranty. I have sent my above car for repairing to your workshop on 22nd October. I was informed by Chandrani's representative Mr Shubhro that as Clutch Plate is not available in stock and it will come from Chennai by road therefore only by 31st October my Car will be repaired. I have sent mail to CRM service on 23rd but he is not interested to reply me by mail. On 24th Oct I have been informed over phone by their CRM Service Mr. Indrajit that they have requested their Chennai branch to see whether part is available or not and it will take 4-5 day to check availability of part and car can not be repaired & delivered before Diwali. Ie it will take atleat 15 days for such minor repairs. These types of minor repair never took more than one day when I last owned Hyundai Santro for 10 years. I am unable to understand why such common parts are not available at each and every service station? Why Chennai Offic

Mr. Anurag Chauhan

Posted on Oct 23, 2013


Shakti Singh

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

I am very old customer of Maruti car but this time I am really repenting on my decision . I have booked car in my wife's name her name is Nadia Kohli on 20th of september, by paying 10k and then as per the communication through agent I deposited 100k on 30th September. I have pre informed that we want delivery on 6th October as we have to gift that to some one on 9th October but now they are saying that price is increased and also they didn't have any inventory for the same. because of this I have to book loss of Rs. 10000.

Rahul chauhan

Posted on Oct 12, 2013

Sir maruti suzuki sold me defective ritz vxi car and dealer has changed many parts but problem still persist kindly look in to matter and help me plz

chayanika mondal

Posted on Oct 09, 2013

I recently booked a hyundai verna car.They delivered the car without registration on 30.09.2013. & give me a promised letter that the registration will be completed on 9.10.2013. But they failed.i already booked a holiday package depending on that promise. Now what to do? Please help me.

Swapna Bhadra

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

I am SWAPNA BHADRA live in 169/1 main rd east,New barrackpur,Kol-700131.I am registration my bike date 16/1/12 from BRRACKPUR MOTOR vehicle, Bike number WB24 V-7728,TX/169447 dt-16-01-12/AA 576339 dt 16-01-12. Still today not send my bike RC Book. Many time i am going to BRRACKPUR MOTOR vehicle but any kind of officer not help me. Please i need your help soon as possible. All service charges i pay to BRRACKPUR MOTOR vehicle. Regards, Swapna Bhadra

Chetan Nagesh Shetti

Posted on Oct 05, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform you that their is no parking space in my bulding due to all parking space is sold by bulder i know bulder can't sell parking space leagul then also he sold Kindly do the needful

Kamal Kalra

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

This is similar to a complaint of a complainant from Srinagar. These car companies are taking a heavy booking deposits and manipulaing the wait list and seem to be answerable to no one. . My mails to Ford India remain unanswered.I had booked a Ford Ecosport about three months back after depositing a booking deposit of Rs.50,000 with Noida Ford. They are not answering their phones and have not advised me of the wait list, revision in price which the company made after my booking and have the cheek to charge Rs.3000 as penalty despite paying no interest on the deposit. Is there no law to tackle these fraudsters?

Anupam Jain

Posted on Oct 02, 2013

Sir, I Purchased HONDA Activa Scooter 19 Oct. 2012 by Dealer: Punjab Honda, Gurukul Road, Ahmedabad. From the First Day My Scooter have Problem of Oil Leakage from Engine. I used 7 services for that, but not solved the problem till now. I complaint more than 5 times to Customer Care, HONDA Two Wheelers from May 2013. And tell them, Solve the Problem or Give me New Scooter. But they not reply directly and Dealer call me and say I left scooter one more time for service. Now I am very depressed because no one resolve the Problem and Scooter Guarantee will be finish in this Month (20 Oct. 2013). Please help for justice. Thanks. Regards. Your Faithfully Anupam Jain 9825430806


Posted on Sep 30, 2013

Respected Sir, I’ve purchased a Hero bike from Vinline Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (A Hero MotoCorp Dealer) on 16/09/2013. I bought it through cash for Rs. 95,950/- (Ninety Five Thousand Nine Fifty Only). They’ve charged me as Bike Registration charges for Rs. 10369/- (Ten Thousand Three Hundred & Sixty Nine Only), but after a few days I got to know that the actual payment they’ve paid to RTO is Rs. 8,421/- [Life Time Tax Rs. 8,271/- + Rs. 150/- Registration Fees] (Eight Thousand Four Hundred & Twenty One Only). All the necessary details are as follows: NAME OF PRAYER / PURCHASER: Mr. SOUGATA DUTTA ADDRESS: AD-177, BLUE HILL APPT., RABINDRAPALLY, KRISHNAPUR, KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL. PIN – 700101 CAONTACT NO.: +91 98303 37952 MODEL NAME: KARIZMA R COLOR: BLACK CHASIS NO.: MBLMC38EFDGE02118 ENGINE NO.: MC38EDDGE02104 TAX TOKEN NO.: DT434648 DT. 26/09/2013 RECEIPT NO.: S1427076 DT. 20/09/2013 BST NO.: 1427077 I hope you’ll take the necessary steps as soo

Swathi Chandrasekar

Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Complaint summary Vehicle: Honda Dio Purchased in Raja Honda, Bangalore on June, 2013 Problems in vehicle reported: 1) Handle and wheel is not aligned properly 2) Bend in fork 3) Handle is very stiff and hard and not moving smoothly 4) Manufacturing defect I have approached the service team many times and the service manager did not agree to replace or refund the amount and was very rude. I travel 50kms to work everyday and invested 60,000 to buy dio. Since the Honda company did not help me, I had to sell this defective dio for 46,500 so that I can use the same money to travel by bus everyday. Please help me to get back the difference amount 13,500/- from honda because of their careless mistake.


Posted on Sep 25, 2013

This is to inform you that I bought a HONDA ACTIVA(White) Frame no. ME4JF501HDT022524 Engine no. JF501HDT022524 on Dt: 04/09/2013 RECEIPT NO. 2086 Booklet no. 865044 from DEALER: PRATUL AUTOMOBILES PVT. LTD. ,KONDAPUR, HYDERABAD. I would like to bring your attention to some bitter experiences I met with your dealer PRATUL (Honda) Automobiles, KONDAPUR,Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh State. I have Purchased Above Mentioned Activa On 04-09-2013 After 2 days i was Suffering from terrible Backpain then realized that they have given me a defective Vehcle. Now when i went to them Regarding the Problem then they said ok will do it.It is 10 Days Back till now they did not fix the problem in between they have called me and said we have fixed the problem which they did not do it (Complaint Remain's Same) like this Everyday i am rushing to the showroom after my office. Kindly Look into the Matter and do the needful as soon as possible.

Allan Mitra

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Hi,I had purchased a Hero Hunk Panther Black with Single Disc brake model,on 12th August 2013,its just 94 kms old.I have left the bike twice at Millenium Motors,Domlur,Bangalore to check the engine noise and vibration,my bike is not at all smooth like other Hero Hunk and CBZ Extreme bikes,I had specifically asked Hero engineer and Millenium Motor engineer not to open any part of the bike as it was new but they still opened the engine head/cap to refit the tap and valves.The bike now sounds even worse as if its been used for more than 5000 kms.I have asked for new bike to replace my bike,as its covered by 5 year warranty.Please help me.

Sudhanshu sekhar jha

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

Dear sir,I bought the tvs king three wheeler from the tvs company in march 2012 through kaveri automobile co. greater noida.My three wheeler Registration no. is UP16AT8856. I get financed this three wheeler through Tvs Credit Ltd.But after that my three wheeler damaged almost twenty five times and due to this reason approx Rs.30000 spent and my time also went waste. I informed all the senior officer of tvs motor co.Mr.Navneet (Mobile no.8800254466) &Mr.Narender Bhatia (Mobile no. 9560833066)due to this reason but there was had not take the effective points to remove my problem by the co.Sometimes they say that you will not able to drive the three wheeler and sometime they said that there was end of your warranty. me and take effective measures to remove this problem from which i get the justice. me and short out my problem if i didn't get the justice then i will go to consumer court for get the justic with total proof.Thanks.

subhendu routray

Posted on Sep 19, 2013

Noc issue

Nagarjuna Reddy

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

Hello Sir, I gave my car to GEM Motors, Hydernagar, Hyderabad for an problem (car is getting off when I go in low gears, especially at signals). After few days they called and said it will be 17,000/- to fix the problem then I said OK and go ahead to fix it. After 3 days they called and said it will be 20,000, later on the same day after few hours they said it will be 23,000 including everything. I clearly checked with them and they said for 23,000 we can deliver the car by fixing the problem and you can run it for 1 lakh kilometers for sure. Then I approved it for 23K, but finally they charged for more than 25,000.00 Then I went to my home town on my car and I noticed the same problem, so I gave back the car to GEM and now they are planning to charge me again. Please help us from this loot. Thanks Nagarjuna

abhishek ray

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

I have expressed an interest to buy a hyundai sportz model 2009 vehicle no KA4I N9948. I have paid 11000 as an advance. and i filed an application for loan to HDFC regarding the same. But due to some reasons my loan was rejected. without waiting for the loan approval the sales representative Mr Shiva Raju sent the car for car wash and servicing. now when i am asking them to refund my money they are not refunding my money. I would be grateful to consumer forum to help me in this regard and get my money back. Regards Abhishek

Pradeep Dogra

Posted on Sep 09, 2013

I had chosen Safdarjung Hyundai, Udayog Vihar for the car servicing and to solve the break problem. I had used their services earlier as well and it was satisfactory. Again, this time they did complete diagnosis and informed me that all disc brakes and cylinder needs to be changed for this issue. It was costing me around 13-14 thousand only for breaks. After service and rectification, initially, there was no issue with breaks and had got feedback call from the Safdarjung Hyundai after one week but I asked that lady to give me a call again after one week. During that period the I started experiencing the same problem but frequency was very less. I had reported this in the follow-up feedback call which was after 2 weeks of servicing and I was assured by the lady that someone from the work shop will come or contact me to check again and if required they will take my car again for observation. I waited for their further course of action and during that time I had go to out of town for so


Posted on Sep 08, 2013

Dear Sir, This to inform you that I have purchased a Bike Avenger 220 CC on 01-September-2013 in CASH Rs. 86700/- (Rs. Eighty six thousand & seven hundred only) in the name of my wife Mrs. Neelam Kumari bill no. 36480 from DIWAN AUTO BAJAJ Authorised dealer at Gazipur,Delhi. I regret to inform you that the bike starting problem on very next day (02-Sep-2013) its engine create problem,Its throw oil and have leakage some where in engine. In this connection when I contacted to your dealer M/s DEWAN AUTO and meet with Mr. Rajan Kaushik,and told them the problem which I had faced. I requested to him kindly changed/replace my Bike and stoped the registration. Now he refused to replace the Bike.He wants to repair the Bike-Head but I told them that It is a new Bike and It is manufacturer fault .Kindly replace it but they not co prate with me now I shocked that I cheat by your dealer because I had already done all payment in cash that's way they denied and don't co-prate me. Your Compa

mukesh sharma

Posted on Sep 06, 2013



Posted on Sep 03, 2013

I bought a new Honda Activa for which registration certificate was issued in September 2013. The fee for High Security Number plate was deposited on 21st JANUARY 2013 as well. Due to some circumstances I could not get it affixed in the month of January 13. Now the people at Link Utsav (Panchkula) are telling me that they have destroyed the high security number plate and I will have to deposit money again to get a number plate affixed. Concerned person (Mr. Abid Kumar from Kalka) at RTA 5, Panchkula (Hry.) asking for Rs. 150/- for new number plate & Rs. 100/- for Handling Charges because number plates are issued from Ambala. When I told them to give me the receipt, they refuse me to given the receipt. I have checked and there is no such condition mentioned anywhere in any document the High Security number plate will be destroyed in case a owner does not get it affixed in - number of days. I have checked all through internet I did not see any such reference. Please help me with this.


Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Dear Sir, Am really unsatisfied with the service center of Pratik HONDA at Seawoods, sec-50, Navi Mumbai

darshan bhatt

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

i have purcahsed brand new super low bike from harley davidson , ahmedabad's dealer nine brdges india in january 2013. my bike is for 1 or other reason must take to delaer for necessary repairs and suppled me faulty bike. comunicating with them since 7th august 2013 but havent recd any reply neither form dealer, india head office, usa,autrelia or singapur offcies. they have supplied me faulty bike and chetaed me . i ask him to change the bike but they said they can not do it.Indrajit kapoor who is the manager of the dealer also not giving proper attention and my bike is without steering lock since last 30 days and in engine also 1 or other problems going on since i have purchased it. so upon asking indrajit relied if some1 intersted in buying old bike we suggest your bike but not giving satisfactory reply to me. and i think all the faulty parts assembled in 1 bike and delivered to me and cheated my by the dealer.


Posted on Sep 01, 2013

Not selling Honda Activa without Asseseries by the dealer Dear Sir, I want to purchase Honda Activa but the dealer in hisar "" are refuse to give Honda Activa White without Asseseries . I want to know that is it compulsory to purchase Asseseries and not give me activa Dealer also told that it is necessery to take Asseseries. Please suggest me what to do. I will highly thankful to you Mob 8053417020

Raj Jewellers Sk Group

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

Dear Sir , I have purchased a bike from Hero Motro Corporation from its dealer located in Sec-14 , Gurgaon , Haryana in the month of May-2013. The matter is that chain set get damaged and other part is not functioning well for which we have to face problems in terms of service and cost . Engine no of veh is-HA11EFD9C06197. Pls look into the case and need your help to resolve .


Posted on Aug 30, 2013


suraj rana

Posted on Aug 29, 2013

Last month I had given by bike FZ NO.DL-8S AT3481 for servicing at Zoom Rodies (mhaveer enclave)as there was some problem in bike engine. At there service advisor confirmed me that bike engine has to be repaired completely and the cost of this would be approx Rs.9000. after discussion I gave them go ahead and same day in evening I paid them 9000 (approx) and picked my bike after repairing. Now since that days still I m facing some issues like engine is getting stopped automatically and also some engine sound is coming while driving and it seems that the bike engine is not repaired properly. Also average has also gone down. Thereafter I went there again for servicing and now they advised me that 1st I need to drive this bike 2000 KM and only after that they will be able to check it further. Now 2000 KM has been completed but still bike condition is not improved. Because of this I am very disappointed with the services of your service center and I am confused whether I should go there again for servicing or not as I have already pay out Rs.9000

Rajiv Gupta

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

This is a new car that I bought in Sep-11 from Gurgaon, Haryana. From the very first day, I am facing this issue. THE BRAKE PEDAL OF CAR GETS JAMMED AT ANY MOMENT WHILE DRIVING. The issue occurs randomly. Many times I have spoken to service center. They take the car to resolve the issue, give it back to me and assures of problem being resolved. But it never happened. It is such a sensitive issue that I have lost my peace due to this product. Every time while driving I am fear of losing brakes and so my life. Many times people on the road had a fight with me due to this. I asked car agency to replace this product but they clearly refused. If you can give me a resolution, it will a big piece in my life.

Akhil Kapoor

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

Water leaked into the car (Renault Duster, bought in 5th Nov 2012), Renault unwilling to admit own fault. Have got proof it is due to cost cutting in the car endangering customer life in the bargain.

Narinder Singh

Posted on Aug 25, 2013

Dear Sir, I am un fortunate owner of a BMW X5 car and have been suffering since the day I bought this car, looking for guidance from you if you can help or let me know who is the authority to deal with such issues, BMW is taking poor innocent Indian on a ride. Please find below the recent mail which I sent to BMW and they have no reply for any question, I had to visit the service centre Bird Auto myself on Friday to get the new tyre fitted which was purchased recently and busted, understand that almost every customer who has purchased BMW is suffering on account of poor quality, non availability of spares and poor service. As soon as the warrantee got over the car systems started failing and during last two years I have already spent more than 7 lacs on the maintenance of this car and there is an estimate of Rs 2 lacs pending with me which they have given me to get the head lights replaced and I am asking them the reason for the failure of head light and I am yet to get the reply, BMW just does not care to reply and the senior people are not accessible and the service centre people are not in any position to reply. Another one lac will be spent as soon as I send the car for A/C repair as the cooling coil is leaking second time. Apart from the money spent on the spares and service my car has spent 85 days in their workshop at different occasions to for want of service or spares. Even on Friday I found that many customers are waiting for their car for many days as the spares are awaited from Germany. Recently many cars are down and lying at service centre because of the hydraulic lock of transmissions, this means the car simply stopped in the middle of road and cannot be moved unless the BMW service van comes to rescue. My impression and many others share the same, these cars are either rejected lots or are fitted with low cost components which BMW is testing on Indian customer. I have many relatives using BMW abroad and have never faced such problems, this makes it clear that the BMW cars are not at all suitable for Indian conditions and have not been tested before launch. If you wish I can send my car to you and you can witness all these issues. In our company we have another BMW car and it has faced similar or even worst kind of failures very recently the car stopped in the middle of the road and would not move, BMW team was called to move the car. Kind Regards Narinder Singh

Dhiraj Patel

Posted on Aug 21, 2013

I have purchased Yamaha Ray by last december 2012 and after one month I have found that my vehicle's entire body color is fading out and launched complaint. They have replaced my some parts of my scooters body part and asked my to pay labor charges. I have paid and again within 15 days I have found that same issue and this time my vehicle is rusting and main back wheel excel support screw also rusted. Head light switch was automatically dead and signal light also dead, scooter storage is flooding with rain water. After long follow up they have again asked me to show vehicle to service center and this time again nothing happened. They have painted outside screws and body in front of me and even body as well. All fiber parts they have polished again and handed over me scooter. Again same nothing happened and I am keeps following up with them. They are doing cheating with me every time. I am frustrated with them and I want to launch complaint now. Please help me.

Sushil Arora

Posted on Aug 12, 2013

Bought a Skoda Rapid in jan'13. There is a problem with car steering becoming hard. This has happened at 4 occaasions. No positive response from dealer / manufacturer. It is a life threat to drive vehicle in this condition. Car is again under break down since 4th Aug'13. They are just doing R&D on my cost at my car without any solution. I am spending money for commuting to office by hiring taxi.

Gaurav Sharma

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

I have been harassed and overcharged by regent motors Faridabad during the motor services and they have committed a kind of fraud with me.

col anand sakle

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

complaint against mahindra wksp and bajaj allinz car insurance company for misleading and exploiting the consumer financially and mental harrassment for six months plus.

Kaushik Chakraborty

Posted on Aug 07, 2013

My name is Kaushik Chakraborty, I bought a KTM duke 200 from VIP KTM outlet located at The meridian, G/4 , Kazi Nazrul Ishlam Sarani, VIP road Kolkata 700059 . Today I came to know that VIP KTM outlet is cheating people in broad daylight. As I live in Hooghly district(which is not the same district as the showroom’s) they asked me to do a temporary registration because it’s a normal procedure and they charged me 1500/- for that. Now today I got the temporary registration receipt which clearly says that the registration fees is Rs. 190/- only.


Posted on Aug 03, 2013

Hello, i bought hero honda hunk 5-6 months back. In bike one problem is there, air leaked from both wheel from starting. From a long time i was keep on calling to authorised dealer/ service centre to service this problem. The bike is under warranty. they are ignoring, not giving proper response. Please help me for this problem.

Ashaq Rasool Reshi

Posted on Jul 31, 2013

Dear sir, on 28 June I booked eco sport petrol from one of ford dealer - ford auto wings Srinagar. I deposited 50000Rs as booking amount n they gave me booking serial as 44 which I sensed fishy Bcz it wz second only 2nd day of its booking although dy promised 2 deliver within 10- 15 days as my variant wz petrol one n z 9t common choice. I kept going dre after 15 days till after almost one month they asked me 2 deposit whole payment , which I deposited some 5 days back. They r still unmoved giving one r other reason.they said 4 5 times car has some prob but sir that wz with diesel variant . Some blue eyed guyz r getting the car in 4 , 5 day n we common r being taken 4r ride.I want chk if my serial wz 44 DT might not b 5th or more in petrol category.He many cars company dispatched to d dealer . What z my status after almost 34 days.they r still telling me we ,ll call u in d evening n in evening day cover behind next morning .

Gagan Bhargav

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

I have bought Tata Indica Vista from Banarasi Daas Dealer, Panchkula in July 2012. My Car Registration No is "HR02AA 6630". From the very first day my car has many issues like check engine light, Startup problem and Missing problem. I had registered my complaint with TATA with ref No: 1-19318852021 but it has not been resolved yet. Fuel Pump and Mass sensor has been changed by the dealer but still the problem is not resolved. Now the dealer wants to open the engine and change some Kit as the compressor pressure is Low. I am very annoyed and Harrased with this product performance. More over the General Manager-Service (Banarasi Das Dealer) has NO Patience to deal with a Annoyed customer. They called on sunday just to tell me that they have discussed my case and the kit is in delivery progress and when i asked them to give me bills of the my previous job he got irritated and misbehaved. This is what kind of service i am getting after 1 year of poor Product performance.

Santosh Kumar

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

A car was booked and on delivery time dealer did not supplied car and after that they were least bothered about the supply of car after making commitment.

Prabhakar Gupta

Posted on Jul 15, 2013

Dear Sir, My son Arpit Gupta had booked a Ducati Motor Bike as per below given details with M/S Precision Motors India, Private Limited, D Block Shivsagar Estate, Dr. A.B. Road Worli, Mumbai 400 018 Customer Name: ARPIT GUPTA Advance Paid - Rs 1,80,000/00 (Rs One Lakh Eighty Thousand Only) Reciept No - PMIPL/JAN 12/00013 Cheque No - 23890 Date 18.01.2012 Drawn on Canara Bank, Model Monster 795 - Red Date of Sales Contract - 18.01.2012 The said Motor Bike was expected to be delivered in March 2012. However in spite of repeated follow ups and many fake promises the delivery situation never came. Arpit was left with no alternate but to ask for refund of advance paid along with interest on 16 Nov 2012. We regret to mention that till now there is no refund or any feed back. Further the telephone number 022 64533458 is switched off and we have no means to contact anyone. We seek your kind assistance in the matter. Sure there are many persons suffering similarly.

Sudesh Rani

Posted on Jul 11, 2013

I had purchsed i10 megna car from Samrithi hyundai,Ambala on 11.11.12.During purchase it was assured that corporate discount of 5000/- will be paid being a Haryana Govt. employee.Necessary documents were submitted on 8.01.13 but till date discount has not been given

Chiranjeeb Das

Posted on Jul 09, 2013

I had given my car(Fiat Linia Emotion Pack Deisel KA 03 MN 8377) for wash and vacuuming to Sparkle Car Spa, at Soul Space Arena,Doddanekundi,Bangalore. During the service they have damaged my car fully and after I got the information the people and the Manager had agreed to repair my car and rectify the car entirely and return it back to me bearing all expenses. They have taken the car to the Fiat workshop and the approximate cost of repairing the car is Rs. 200000. After knowing the expenses they are avoiding to do the repair. They are continuously harassing me and my family by different means. They are not providing any details of the owner and neither the owner has still appeared in front us. They have been creating different kind of pressures to us. I request the forum to help me get my car back repaired with all cost. The incident report has been made by the builder of the Mall. I appeal for a help,support,and guidance to get the incurring cost .

Imran Shaikh

Posted on Jul 08, 2013

I have a FIAT Punto which i bought in Feb 2013. Since day 1 the dealers around Bangalore are not able to rectify the issue even though the vehicle is under warranty. Please let me know the process to file a case against FIAT in the consumer court. I want everyone responsible for looting Indian customers to pay for this daylight robbery happening around (along with Aadya motors)

Goutam Samanta & Partha Samanta

Posted on Jul 05, 2013

My car is Mahindra Quanto C4-7 no-WB42S9322.I bought it 20-3-2013.CHASSIS NO-B26849.ENGINE NO-HUD6313434.receive voucher no-1521.My problems are-1. yesterday i went for my 1st servicing at Mohan Motors in Kolkata.they told me that my car's light is low they changed it.but when we went out from showroom the fuse of light cut within 10mins.i called them but they didnot agree to repair it.they told me that you will come tomorrow.but that was not possible for me to come back again from burdwan.we repair it on road.but few times later it cut again &again.we faced a lot of problems in car's bonnet has a technical side is bend.both of sides are not equal.the service center didn't repair it.3.beside the diver seat has a gap.i told them for repair it but they to say,i am not satisfied with their service.we touch with mihindra since a long time.but never we face any problem.this is 1st time i face a lot of problem.please do the service fast.

Pratik Baranda

Posted on Jul 03, 2013

i would like to complain against hero moto corp & bikes auto ahmedabad. they are not ablem to solve some issues of my hero honda karizma, i am facing that issues again and again even after repeated complaints.And my bike does not start at all.

Nasir Jamal

Posted on Jun 28, 2013

My Car gets damaged in accident. i went at Carnation Hub for insurance claim. They given estimate of 25 thousands for the repair work in that i need to pay 10-12 thousands. Rest amount will be paid by Insurance company. But now they are saying that estimate will be 61000 in which i need to pay 30000. This is not okay with me. Now they are saying that work will be carried out otherwise car will not be handed over to me. Please help me.

Tarun Rajpal

Posted on Jun 27, 2013

I purchased one Mahindra Quanto Vehicle in November 2012 from Sterling Motors, Faridabad. Due to heavy rush they had requested us to take the vehicle on a short time, which was accepted. When we reached home we noticed that the AC Grill was broken, which was immediately notified to Dealer. They have requested that the Grill will be replaced at the time of 1st Service. After few days only there was a Noise Issue & Steering Noise in the car. I informed the service centre and they said they will rectify the same in the First Service. But at the time of First Service it was not rectified. Even the AC Grill was not replaced. Then they have told us that to change the AC Grill they have to open the complete Dashboard, which was again a surprise for us. Because if for a new vehicle the dashboard is being open in few months then what will happen next. But due to continuous noise issue we brought the vehicle again to Agency on 09th February 2013 to get it rectified. They said that the noise is due to the Windows’ and Doors and they have done something on the same and said now the noise issue will not come. But it has not stopped, the noise was still there. By that time the 2nd service was coming. So, at the time of 2nd Service I personally stayed at Mahindra Service Centre for the whole day. Then they have told us that the CENTRE BEARING of the vehicle was broken which generally does not break in the vehicle. No doubt, they have replaced it under warranty. But you would not believe that the AC Grill was not changed till now. Now, few days back my wife was driving the car and the Steering Belt was broken due to which Steering was jam, breaks were not working and front of the car heated badly. There was Sparking noise as well in the car. The car was hit from Front and Back due to sudden breaks and both bumper were damaged. Due to this sudden heat in the care my wife took out my both Kids out of the car immediately. If she would have not I do not know what would have happened to my family. Then we called up Mahindra Help Desk people at our home to get the car service. When they had come to take the vehicle they told us that the Steering Belt has been broken. They have shown us the belt. Then they were also not ready to take the vehicle to showroom by driving themselves and requested for Crane, which we denied to pay the charges of the same. Then they had driven the car themselves and along with me and took the car to Service Centre. There I had requested the Dealer that how my family was saved that I know. So, I am not going to take this vehicle back, please replace the same, which they denied. They said that they will repair the same, but we were not agree to the same. As earlier also they have serviced the vehicle, but again and again we are facing one or other problem, which is due to the “ Manufacturing Defect”. But they were not ready to listen at all. Then we met their Service Manager Mr. Rajan Joshi, he assured us that he has driven the vehicle himself and there is no such issue in the care and we can take it back. But we denied as we had already saved our lives. So, we requested him to speak to Mahindra to the vehicle replaced. He said please wait till next day. Meanwhile one of their executive took our E-Mail id. We asked her the reason, she said she just need for some information. We had given it. Next day we kept on waiting but no one has approached. Then suddenly a mail come to us stating that your vehicle is ready after the service and please collect the same from the Service Centre. I replied on the mail that we are already aware of the same, but that is not our requirement, we want to replace our vehicle. By that time we came to know that Bumper were not serviced, not even the AC Grill. Only Steering Belt and AC Motor was replaced as per the existing problems. The next day me and wife has went to showroom for the answer. But no one was ready to listen to our problem. So, ultimately me and wife sat on the Front Gate of the Showroom as no one was listening to us. Then all the managers came to us and tried to talked to us. We denied as we said that we will not listen them now until they ready to change the vehicle. But they called up the Police. Then we had a talk with Dealer in front of the Police Officials and then it was decided that they will increase the Warranty by One Year, Will change the Bumper and AC Grill. Also they will reimburse the whole money we spent during the vehicle was in their showroom. The total bill was INR 18500/-. They requested us to collect the cheque on Tuesday as their Signing Authority was not available till then. We agreed as police official were also sitting over there. But since 04th May (Tuesday) the day they have promised to pay the Taxi Charges, I am doing the continuous follow-up with them for the money. But now they say that they will be able to pay only INR 8000/- as per their policy, which is clearly UNACCEPTABLE as they have promised me earlier that they will pay the complete taxi charges submitted by me for those days. Now, it’s being more of Mentally Harassment for me and my family where the following issues were being faced: • AC Grill was broken • Noise Issue • Steering Noise Issue • Centre Bearing Broken • Steering Belt was Broken • AC was not working Since the day I had purchased this care, I am facing issue. It’s not even 20000KMS till now and I had faced such big issues. Even I am not getting any response from Mahindra Customer Care as well. So, I want to file a Case against Mahindra for the claim of my Vehicle Cost, Mentally Harassment and all the charges which will be charged to me during the Hearing in the court. Here are the details of the car: Customer Name: Tarun Rajpal Vehicle Registration No. HR51 AT-7148 Dealer Name: Sterling Mahindra. Faridabad. (M) : 9818698939 If you want I can share all the mails with you which I forwarded to Mahindra and their responses as well. Please let me know if you can help me out on the same.


Posted on Jun 24, 2013

I took my Indica Vehicle to the Concord Motors for poor pickup and black smoke complaints. The company servicemen replaced my clutch plate with a new one and charged me around Rs 10,000. Later I found that the old clutch plate is still in good condition and an automobile expert told me that it NEED NOT be replaced. My earlier problems of poor pickup and black smoke still remains unresolved.

Mohit Gupta

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

I booked a Renault Duster on 4th of June at Renault Gurgaon (Sprint Cars India Pvt. Ltd.) by giving booking amount check. The sales executive Mr. Loknath committed verbally that the car will be arranged by 15th of June and on the booking receipt 3 weeks from the booking date, that will make it 24th/25th of June. I made rest of the payment on 10th of June to them. Since then I am trying to reach them to get a response and a confirmed date of delivery. But with the false commitments, don’t care & unprofessional attitude I had not received any response. I went to the showroom yesterday & Mr. Irfan another sales executive told that the car can’t be arranged in another 15-20 days. As I wanted to gift the car on 27th of June to my wife, I requested for a cancellation so that I can buy award winning duster from another dealership. But again the answer from Mr Amit Team Leader was NO, the refund check can’t be given in the next 10 days. Why? Because the owner is usually out of India & will not

Ayan Mitra

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

I had booked a Skoda Rapid 1.6 elegance model (petrol) from Senator motors chandivali branch on 19th April 2013,they had confirmed 4 weeks delivery time and hence I paid an advance money of Rs.50000(signed receipt available).I had also applied for car loan from Tata Capital,whose EMI deduction would start from 9th June 2013.After following up with them till 30th May ,I did not get delivery of the car nor they knew when they are going to deliver the car.Hence I asked them to cancel the car booking.They returned the booking advance of Rs 50k and confirmed would take care of the cancellation charges since it was their fault that they could not deliver the car.Hence I cancelled the booking of 31st May 2013.When they returned the advance money of Rs 50k on 9th June,the same day Tata capital EMI of Rs.18502.00 got deducted from my account.Today I have no clue or communication from Senator motors(Skoda India)or Tata as to when they will return my EMI amt. They want cancellation chrgs now.

Abhijit Raha

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

A new bike with rejected parts has been supplied to me. Every month the bike has to be taken to the workshop for repairs and I have to pay money for every parts that is being replaced. Within 11months of the purchase of the bike , there has been a lot of issues with the bike and all the parts changed are not been given warranty.


Posted on Jun 15, 2013

I am suffer a lot from heroservice centre we have five visit for one complaint but complaint remain same

ganesh ahire

Posted on Jun 13, 2013

Dear Sir, thi is regarding servicing of my car no. BT-3952 which I have given for sevicing in jogeshwari workshop. My car had been delivered on 22 sep 2010 and warranty period is 3years means my warranry comes to and end on 22 sep 2013. After servicing their service executives were telling me that you car warranty is valid till may month and I have to pay 5000/- also I have payment receipt in which first Rs. 50000 paid to AVK on 12-6-2010. and rest of the payment made on 18-7-2010. so how come my warranty period start on may month. No car dealer does deliver the car without full payment. also nobody inform me about my warranty period. kindly resolve my problem.

Arun Arya

Posted on Jun 11, 2013

I gave my Accord Car to Pearl Honda for regular servicing on May 11. The car was brought to my door step by Pearl Honda in an extremely overheated condition. It was found that Radiator and Head Gasket of the car were damaged. Car was towed back to Pearl Honda and from the day one I had made it very clear to Pearl Honda that since damage has been caused because of their actions, I will not be paying for these repairs. However, when the car was made ready after a long period of over 3 weeks, I was asked to pay Rs. 26K for these repairs, which I refused. I contacted Honda Cars India with my complaint but they did nothing. The car is still with Pearl Honda. I am physically handicapped person without my car for over a month now. I wish to make this experience knownto as many people possible to show how indifferent and irresponsible are big corporates in India who claim to have Customers Satisfaction as their prime concern.


Posted on Jun 04, 2013


Arun Arya

Posted on Jun 04, 2013

I gave my car to Honda Dealer named Pearl Honda for regular servicing. However, when car came back the following day, it was overheated and radiator was visibly damaged. The car was towed back and it was found that apart from Radiator, head of the car was damaged too and needed repairs. Since these damages were caused by Pearl Honda during course of servicing, I had advised them from the day one, that I will not be resonsible for any costs attached to these repairs. Pearl Honda took over 3 weeks to repair the car and have asked me to pay Rs. 26K for repairs to Radiator and Head Gasket, which I refused to pay. They have denied to deliver the car to me unless I pay for the same. I have been without car for 25 days now, causing me a great deal of incovenience, cost and loss of business. I have got detailed communication with Pearl fro the begining which has been shared with Honda Car, without much of a help from the, Need your guidance and assistance to resolve this issue logically.

vipin kumar

Posted on May 29, 2013

dealer charged 4000 extra as compared to actual ex-showroomprice

vipin kumar

Posted on May 29, 2013

bike dealer charged 4,000 extra on ex-showroom price as compared to original ex-showroom price. kindly suggest.

pankjendra singh

Posted on May 25, 2013

SIR my self pankjendra singh i had working with regent automobiles 14/5 main mathura road faridabad haryana from 13.nov.2006 to 01 aug 2012 but company said you are not eligible for graduaty kindly suggess or advise to me i am very thakfull to you

raval bipin laljibhai

Posted on May 24, 2013

my car is tyre fail maruti ecco car is tyre failed. service is not stiasfaction


Posted on May 15, 2013

I have purchased new honda activa scooter from J.B.Honda, jhandewalan on 18.10.2012 under invoice no.12IN04581 dated 18.10.2012 for Rs.50,611/-. Scooter RC no. is DL-6S AM 2264 bearing Engine no.JC44E2306249, Frame no.ME4JC447JC8194931. I have got first services of said scooter from J.B.Honda, Mayapuri on 26.11.2012 and on 16.01.2013 suddenly there is a big noise came out form the engine in the nearby Mayapuri (during on the way to my office of Mayapuri) I have immediately given the scooter to J.B.Honda for check up and came to know that the Engine of the same has gone out of order because of some fan was damaged and the small-small pieces of the fan have gone in side the engine and damaged the engine. J.B.Honda has issue a job card and repaired the scooter by full engine overoilling and charged me a sum of Rs. 1,467/- under their retail invoice no.6185 dtd.24.01.2013. In this connection, please note that the scooter has till date run only 1,700 k.m. and only 2.5 months old and because

Shrikant Shrivastava

Posted on May 06, 2013

This is to bring to your notice that Nawab Motors Noida has taken my car Skoda Laura DL 2 CK 7686 for AC compressor replacement for last 30 days or more and the same has not been given back to me or even status updated. Car advisors, Sunil Rathor, , Gaurav Sharma, Sanjeevan & Shankar at service centre workshop refuses to respond and update the status or pick my phone, the lady at reception only gives me the mobile number of various advisors without any feedback on the status. She does make promises of calling back to give feedback but does not call back. History of 2 months of Rigorous follow up by Cusotmer My Skoda Laura DL 2 CK 7686 (2011 April Model under warranty ) was given for service on 15th March 2013 for service with specific complaint that the AC was not working(I did not get any reminder call from Nawab for Service since they did not have my new mobile number although they had my land line number and email id). The car was serviced in two days ( my experience with Nawab Motors is that they always give car in 2 days or more ) without AC repair or status about the same updated. The AC was obviously not working and I gave back the car to Nawab for repair, they kept the car for next 6 days as it took them 6 days to find out that the compressor was not working and that it had to be replaced. This information was also given to me after repeated follow up with the advisor Sunil Rathor, who thinks taking customer call is a big obligation to the customer. The lady at Reception Mrs. Monica’s only job is to rattle out mobile number of advisors and bang the phone down, not knowing that these advisors do not pick up the phone. It took them 12-15 days to get the replacement compressor from HO Aurangabad and Nawab Motors does not think it is important to let the customer know so that the car can be brought for compressor replacement . Upon my own follow up with Sunil, I came to know that the car compressor had come a few days back but since Mr. Sunil Rathore had not followed with the spare parts manager so he was not aware that the compressor had come from HO. Now it is again 5 days and the story about the compressor replacement is still a mystery. Since today morning 9:00 am, I am following up with Nawab Motors, receptionist Monica does not think it is important to give me a status update and insists that I follow up with Advisors at the numbers given by her. The advisor Sunil is not in office and Mr Iqbal who he had advised me to contact is also on leave Monica says she cannot do anything not give me the number of Nawab Motor workshop GM Mr Koshy K kaushik as he is very senior and will not take anyones call to update status even if his employees are on leave. Shrikant Shrivastava

Devendra Ghelani

Posted on May 03, 2013

I purchased a Premier Ltd car with name Rio in June - 2012, The company supply a faulty car they take car more than 7 time for repairing but they cant resolved the problem. now a day car is in company at Pune, but till car is not in good condition. car has more than 24 problem in it. After purchasing this car more than six month car is in repairing period so now i m interested to take my money back with interest.

Arupa Bhadra

Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Sir Due to some problem with my Bajaj Boxer 100 CC motorcycle of regn nummber WB-74D/ 2467, engine no. DFMBGD-23910 and chassis no. DFFBGD-27926 I have given the same to “Siliguri Auto Works Pvt. Ltd. Sevoke Road, Siliguri, West Bengal, PIN-734001” for repairing works vice Job Card no. 23941 dtd 18-01-2013. Though I have contacted “Siliguri Auto Works Pvt Ltd.” over the issue several times personally, telephonically and in writing neither my motorcycle has been returned to me till date duly repaired nor any satisfactory feed back has been given to me even after a lapse of more than three months for which I am suffering a lot as well as passing through mental agony also. Thus on 20-2-2013 I have lodged one compliant over telephone to “Bajaj Auto Ltd.” with complaint no. “CR-121943” which surprisingly closed on 18-3-2013 without attending my problem. So I to lodged another comlaint on 02-4-2013 having complaint no. “CR-125269” which is still unattended. Kindly take remedial action.


Posted on Apr 16, 2013

i am mentally harrashed by Honda compoany's bad service and product quality regarding my purchase of new Honda Twister

rajeshwar kumar

Posted on Apr 13, 2013

sir i have purchased a vw polo car in April 2012. while insured my new car they told that bajaj allianz insurance has national tie up vw service station across India at cashless facilities. when i gone to bajaj allianz insurance dealer to renew my policy. he gave me 14500 rs estimated renewal cost. but when i came to vw shoe room and ask the cost of renewal policy at bajaj allianz insurance they told me 19500. when i told the same company provide the same insurance at lower cost. then they told me outside showroom insurance they can not give cashless treatment. my question is if the same company has tie up for national level cashless facility then why they not provide the same facility to my insurance


Posted on Apr 06, 2013

I own, a Tata Indigo Manza (Safire) Engine TN06A9838 Chassis No MAT613231ALC07173 which was not problematic until it landed at this godforsaken place – OMR Checkpoint for a routine service for which they were pestering me by repeated phone calls. I got it serviced on 1/3/13 and ever since it has been a nightmare. 2 days after I started using my car as I was out of station, it showed a warning light of low pressure engine oil. I promptly called the service centre and asked them what in the traffic with unusual noises from the engine and smoke emanating from the bonnet. After a long wait of 5 hours, they reached at that place and took the vehicle the next day. I was charged Rs 8479/- for Petrol engine oil, overhaul and fitment charges. I received the vehicle after 5 days. Ever since there has been a rattli

Ashok Kumar Jadon

Posted on Mar 29, 2013

This complaint is regarding my Car Fiat Linea which i bought in October,2010. I have driven it only 20000 kms but i am facing problems regarding car's engine from May,2012. I have got my car repaired from ABS Motors, Gurgaon 6 times but they never solve my problem completely.I have paid Rs 74961 till date for repair in my car's engine. Still the dealer has not fixed the issues with my car. This time again in March,2013 I have got my car repaired from a local mechanic as the Dealer said that they don't have the parts with them as they are closing the Fiat Dealership and they advised me to get my car repaired from a local mechanic. And the problem which i faced this time is due to negligence of work shown by the Dealer. I request you to please look into my matter and please take strict actions regarding the company & the Dealer. I shall be very grateful to you.

Pranab Banerjee

Posted on Mar 23, 2013

Hi Consumer affair team, I have purchased my Hero Passion bike (26 AA 5085) last year 2nd-July-2012. BARASAT,WB RTO already Issued ROAD TAX Token and High Security Number Plate. But still today(23-Mar-2013) they have not dispatched my Bike Registration Smart Card till today (21-Mar-2013). Neither Barasat,WB RTO nor Dealer (Vinline Hero Eng., Krishnapur, Kolkata WB) listening my words and harassing me and avoiding this issue and they do not providing me Bike Registration Smart Card. Please suggest how I can proceed or take any necessary. Thanks Pranab Banerjee 9051307915

rohit agrawal

Posted on Mar 19, 2013

complaint regarding booking amount for car.

Navin Quadros

Posted on Mar 18, 2013

My car Toyota Etios V – MH03 BH 3637 caught fire on 24th January 2013 at 5.40 am at the parking area of my building, Mulund, Mumbai. We had a meeting with the Toyota representative along with the Dealer Millenium Toyota, Thane yesterday, 2nd February 2013. The Toyota representative gave all reasons to convince us that there was no manufacturing defect in the car and that the fire could have taken place from external sources. We were also told that the fire would have started inside the car at 3-3.30 am. We want to clarify that if the fire was from external source as they want us to believe then the entire area would be blazing in matter of minutes as the outside area was more susceptible to fire and there were cars parked close by one after another When we saw the car at 5.40 am, the fire was coming out from the bonnet and within minutes the intensity increased threatening the surroundings. It took 6 fire extinguishers to contain the fire until the the Fire Brigade came in and did the rest. Moreover, the bottom of the car is intact and the bonnet couldn’t be opened. It is evident that the damage had started early from within and was only detected outside at 5.40 am when the flames started oozing out of the bonnet. Toyota cannot deny malfunction in the stationery car. Later on net we have found 2 more incidents, Please google " ETIOS on Fire" and you will find 2 more cases in Delhi on 24 Jan 2012 and one in Chennai in Oct 12 in the parking lot. Toyota is totally answerable to us for the incident and the trauma we have gone through. There may be other cases which have not come on the net. Thank you. Lavina Quadros M - 9820569980 Navin Quadros M - 9819369135

Santosh Rawlo

Posted on Mar 08, 2013

I Purchased a VTS sports bike in January 2012 , after months it start givng problem , now since 4 months the mileage is not more than 45KM/Lit. I am very fur-stated about this . i had visited workshop many time , they kept my bike for whole day when i visited , but the same problem remain same . My 2nd Problem is the engine automatically stopped frequently after i visited workshop it works for 2 days & again the same problem happening . As a trusted brand TVS not expecting this kind of service . Kindly help me out.

shashi kant singh

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Date: 25-Feb-2013 To, M/s PEARL HONDA KAPSONS Engineers (p) LTd. 554, pace City-II, sector-37, Gurgaon (Haryana) Subject: Refund of Excess money charged, not providing leather seat cover ,not providing extended warranty two years as charged, permanent registration of the vehicle. This is to bring to your kind notice that after several visit to your showroom and telephonic talk to your concern person you are not able to resolve the following problem and if these matters are not sorted out I will be forced to file a case in consumer forum and I am mentally harassed by your fraud and continued cheating act to fool the innocent customer after all the commitment in black and white and recorded statement. I purchased BRIO EXMT CAR (engine no L12B32006551 CHASIS NO: MAKDD171MCN101051 , TEMP REGISTRATION NO OF VEHICLE HR 99 NL 4434) from your show room on 31/12/2012 as per the record and paid rs 10,000 by cheque on 11/12/2012 (RECIEPT NO 15416 ) and rs 110450 on 31/12/2012 (RECEIPT NO 16


Posted on Jan 29, 2013


Upendra K Sharma

Posted on Jan 08, 2013

Hi There, I have bought Hyundai Verna (HR 26 BW 3501) from Safdarjung Hyundai Gurgaon. My concern is that the dealer has charged me Handling Charges of 6290 Rs. But as per Supreme Court, dealer cannot ask for handling charges from customer. Hence I am wondering why I should pay these charges? I am requesting you to please have a look on my concern and convey to dealer to refund my handling charges. Attaching Supreme court notice for your reference or see below link: Thanks Upendra 9999797448

Tarun Agarwal

Posted on Dec 31, 2012

I have purchased four MRF tyres for replacement in my Maruti Alto Car on 15th June 2012 from M/s. Delhi Tyre, Gurgaon. Since the purchase of said tyres in June 2012 my Car has run about 4000 Kms. While the two tyres fitted in the rear side of my Car are absolutely fine but the tyres fitted on the front side have become almost totally bald. MRF tyres are expected to have a life of about 40000 to 50000 Kms therefore there is no reason why the tyres can become flat after just 4000 Kms. These tyres have some manufacturing defect which is the responsibility of the company. Therefore the company is liable to replace these tyres with new one.


Posted on Dec 26, 2012


Krish Sundaresan

Posted on Dec 09, 2012

I had taken my car for service to APEX Honda in Worli on 4/10; there was an "Check Engine" light.After assessing, I was told this issue is because of a broken part,"E-10-10 SPOOL VALVE". When I asked about replacing the part under warranty(car bought in June 2011),I was told this part was broken due to my negligence and hence cannot be covered. Since this was a critical part, I got the same replaced on my own(Rs.10510) on 15/10.Further,I raised this issue with Honda and the response was:"We wish to reiterate that post necessary inspection of your car it was observed that the part was damanged due to some external cause,You will acknowledge that any damage caused due to external factors is not covered under warranty. My complaint is : 1)I believe the part had some mfg defect and hence it broke.There is no way I could have damaged this as this is not on the surface. 2)Since this is defective, I want the company to replace the part free of cost.Honda has to own up the quality.

Iqbal Singh Sawhney

Posted on Nov 23, 2012

I'd like to bring to your notice that I am an unhappy customer of Manza Aura bought on 12th July '12. This car has shattered my trust in 4 months that I developed in past 6 years on my Indica. After the 1st service I noticed that the Front Right Tyre has lost a lot of Rubber. The Service Center told alignment is lost and has eaten the Tyre in just 5000 kms, they aligned and wanted to review in a week again. I paid for alignment and on repetition of this review found it was still not properly aligned. The Tyre had worn out in running.I reported the issue and requested to replace. They now agreed for a new Tyre but on payment of Rs.3000 as 60% share of the cost of new Tyre. I need to know why should I pay for something when I am not at fault and that too for a new car when the problem was reported in 2 months of purchase. I complained under complaint numbers - 1-7325024463 and 191-17540638273. The Car is now with dealer as I denied to accept the car back on payment for not my fault.

P manil ruben

Posted on Nov 17, 2012

My vehicle is having a suspension noise and body noise from the day my car got registered but nothing has been changed. I would request you look in to this issue so as to get a solution to my problem. “I own a FIAT PUNTO – 90HP Emotion pack REG NO TN 22 CC 9088 Year 2011 REG Jan 2012. The vehicle has run 12,000 KMS and I am facing with the suspension noise after running the car for 2000km I had contacted your service centre Concorde motors Chennai , after the test drive it was identified as stud nose from rear then I was made to understand that it was out of stock and had to wait for 2 months by the time the o rings of my AC had a problem which was changed and the first service got over at 5000 KMS After a while I was called to bring the vehicle back for stud replacement on returning to receive the vehicle after 2 days I was in for a rude shock that the stud was not replaced and a engineer from FIAT has to inspect and upon confirmation from him the stud would be replaced. After a week a TATA engineer arrived for the test drive he confirmed that there is gap in welding joints and a spray has to used to arrest the noise. He also informed me that the spray is out of stock and once they receive it they would cal me. After a long wait of 10 days the service centre called me that the spray has arrived and took the vehicle and held for three days. Now I was told that the link rod in the front suspension was an issue and they have changed it end result it has become so that a small thud noise in the rear has magnified to a bigger noise, and adding to it the front suspension is very noisy now . I took back the vehicle back and took their senior technician on to test drive he accepted the noise and says that there is a small gap in the front suspension it has to spayed and adding to it the door in the front lock is not functioning after I took the vehicle after service. Secondly the rear door alignment had an issue after inspection they told the hinges is an issue but till today nothing has been done. Thirdly I have called the customer time again but in vain my complaint no : TATAS 1-17281447828 and they have asked me write a mail to FLOURIDA but nothing moved even after writing a mail. I really don’t understand what is the issue are the service centres not equipped to handle a problem or they use a customer vehicle to experiment the issue. Please let me know the solution to this and now the car has done 12000 kms. “ My mail after inspected by your service engineer: This is in continuation on the subject on the trail mail , there has been no solution to the problem. I am net here to explain to you what has been to by vehicle is right or wrong but the end result is the same. Jacob tells me it is body noise and is persistent in every FIAT car produced, but I cannot accept the fact that brand owner of FERRARI & JEEP can produce cars with such bad quality. Secondly , he says to solve this issue every welding joint need to re-welded , if that is true then it is a manufacturing defect why should I suffer .Though I have been assured that there is no wrong in the functionality of the car and have live with the screeching noise of the body , I am not willing to accept it , I had taken a TD of the punto and it did not have any sound which was said. Since I am member of TEAM FIAT FORUM and enquired about the issue none seems to have the problem then why my car alone. I LOVE FIAT AND FOR WHICH I AM BEING PUNISHED. The saddest part id I am writing mail to the whole world in FIAT and none seems to be taking serious about the issue.

Iqbal Singh Sawhney

Posted on Nov 13, 2012

I had bought a Tata Manza Aura (Diesel) from Oberoi Motors, Dehradun on July 11th, 2012. I got my first service done at the Authorised Service centre fo the same dealership at the stipulated time. In a few weeks, I saw that under normal running conditions, the right front tyre has worn out and the others are in perfect condition. When reported to the Service station, they stated Wheel alignment issue and shall be fixed by them. I made the payment for alignment of my car which was 3 months old. I requested for a proper resolution and fixing it with a new tyre as it was not my fault. This time they did the alignment again and found the previous alignment was not fine and had to flip tyres.The replacement was denied at the Service Station by their Manager and has still not been done. The balancing issue is wearing out the other tyres even faster now and is a cause of my frustration. I need to get this fixed as I feel cheated on the buying of the car and/or the improper servicing .


Posted on Nov 06, 2012

i went to honda authorized service center prem honda at mathura on 1-11-2012 for the kick of my aviator not smoothly working. kick was oiled-greased and fitted in my aviator up85 x it was going to be end of the day.i went to get the bill ready-the mechanic went up stairs.the aviator had some rattling noise never heard before,awaited little and came back to home.the aviator went off-i tried to kick but kick was heavily jammed striking against foot rest .i asked on e-mail and on mobile help line.mechanic was sent.the kick was in slant position.he refitted but harsh rattling noise still exist may be due to faulty fitting and some damage occurred there on.i repeated my grievance and was assured for making desired correction but i still await.i daily move to my job with much difficulty in transport-they don't care.

Gaurav kumar agnihotri

Posted on Oct 31, 2012

i purchase a new hero honda splendor pro motor bike on 24-10-2012 from distributor- tiwari automobiles chhibramau. distributer gives me manufacturing problem bike.which is 8 month old manufactur bike. bike having starting problem. distributer suggest me to repair my new bike but after repairing 6 or 7 times problem is not i am suffering from too much mentally & financially problem.when i asked distributer to replace my new bike. but he is not agree to replace my bike & his rude behavior gives me too much mentaly disturbance i think i am not purchase new bike i purchase problem. bike frame no. - MBCHA10ADC9C05699 ENGIN NO- HA10EHC9C06195


Posted on Oct 25, 2012


Sunny Malhotra

Posted on Sep 23, 2012

Dear Team, I purchased Mahindra Duro on 17 April 2011. It's Reg No. is DL 7S BG 4417 from "Bhagwati Corporation Pvt Ltd." Karol Bagh, Delhi. I am facing lots of problem with it as written below: 1. Ground clearance always touches to even small Plastic speed breakers. 2. Every time, it did not start if i do not chock it even in Full summer (May-June-July). 3. As per standards, I drive it in between 30-50Km/hr speed, always fill proper air on the both tyres(Solo 21(Front) & (28 Rear)) and not increase the speed instantly but still it’s mileage is poor. For above written issues, I always complaint to service center(Bhagwati, Karol Bagh, Delhi) but they did not take an action and last time they replaced my original main stand with old one which is now malfunctioning. Attitude of Service center peoples are also too bad and always their behave is rudely. Kindly do the needful and sort out the issues asap. Regards Sunny Malhotra 9350607417

Nitin Jain

Posted on Sep 11, 2012

I had purchased a car from Ludhiana showroom which has not applied for my Registration certification till date. Now 2% tax has increased which they are demanding from me.

Mohammed Shah

Posted on Sep 05, 2012

Sir,My name is Mohammed shah Resident at Tc63/386,Pallstreet,Poonthura P.O,Trivandrum-695026. I have buy a new Honda CB UNICORN from Marikar Motors Trivandrum.Unfortunately that is a manufacturing defect vehicle.There is so many problem in that vehicle like abnormal engine sound,gear changing problem,pulling problem etc.I ask to authorized dealer(Marikar Motros)to replace the vehicle or give back full money.But their told me they can't.So please give me a suggestion for replacing the vehicle. I hope your help Yours Faithfully Mohammed Shah Trivandrum,Kerala

Vipul Babuta

Posted on Aug 26, 2012

Sir, &#8203;I have been authorized and instructed by Mr. Vipul Babuta, Resident of # 870, Sector-38-A , Chandigarh , permanent address # 83/2B street No-2 Raman Enclave Rishi Nagar , Ludhiana Punjab 141001 (hereinafter to be referred as “my client”) to serve upon you this legal notice as under:-   1. That on 05.07.2012, my client had booked a new car, Model DUSTER 1.5 RXL110 PS, from PADAM CARS PVT.LTD., who was an authorized dealer on behalf of RENAULT India Private Limited.   2. That at the time of booking of the car my client was assured by the sale executive and even by the Sales manager of PADAM CARS PVT.LTD that he will get the delivery of a new car, Model 1.5 RXL 110 PS, White colour on or before 5th of September, 2012. My client had also paid booking amount of Rs. 50000/- (Rupees FiftyThousand Only) to you Through cheque no 056003 Punjab National Bank dated 05 July 2012 , via Receipt number 1807,  by the name of Mrs kusum babuta.   3. That it is pertinent to mention that my client ha

N Mruthyunjaya

Posted on Jul 24, 2012

sold on 02.09.2010 a defective vehicle sending many e mails to tata motors and prerana motora bangalore no response 2 year warranty is expiring on 02.09.2012 tO day i have e mailed the complaint copy

N Mruthyunjaya

Posted on Jul 24, 2012

sold on 02.09.2010 a defective vehicle sending many e mails to tata motors and prerana motora bangalore no response 2 year warranty is expiring on 02.09.2012 if u let me know ur e mail id i can e mail the copy of complaint