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Posted on Oct 20, 2021

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Posted on Oct 19, 2021


Posted on Oct 07, 2021

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Posted on Oct 05, 2021


Posted on Sep 07, 2021

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Manoharlal Dembla

Posted on Sep 03, 2021

MTNL is not providing any service since June 2021 and repeatedly I ma logging complains. They are closing all dockets without resolution. My latest docket number is 2426. I had told them to stop billing as they are not able to resolve the issue. Please tell them to refund my bills since June 2021 and stop billing till the issue is resolved.


Posted on Aug 29, 2021

Hi Team, I was using the tikona broadband connection having ID#1122536799 since almost 3 years. In the month of June 2021, I planned to shift from the location and so to disconnect the broadband connection I have mailed the tikona customer care team on 28/06/2021. After that I followed up with the customer care team through mails and calls several times to get an update on the same. Each time I called them, the customer care team told me that the disconnection request will be processed within 7 to 10 days but on 18th July, I got a mail from tikona team that my connection will remain active till 25th August. Then I again called them to disconnect it as I do not want to be charged for the services which I was no longer using. The customer care team has assured me multiple times that though the connection remains active but it won't be chargeable to me because I have stopped using it after 9th July. I have also lodged a complaint with Tikona Appellate authority( on 20th July by doubting that the tikona team will charge me. The appellate authority has reverted me by stating that the termination request will be processed soon and nothing mentioned about my complaint against the bill the tikona team is still charging me. To summarize my issue , I have paid for the broadband connection till 25/07/2021 and was only using the connection till 09/07/2021. To disconnect the connection i have sent them a mail on 28/06/2021 but from their end tikona has kept my connection active till 25/08/2021 against my wishes. They have assured me multiple times over call that no charges required to be paid by me at the time of final settlement (call recordings can be checked to confirm the same) but to my surprise the tikona team has sent me a mail today asking to me pay an amount of Rs.687.82. If I failed to pay this, they are threatening to take legal action against me. I request you to kindly help me with this issue as I do not want to pay this bogus amount.

manish rawat

Posted on Aug 25, 2021

Mahadev broadband have too much to internet disconnections and when i contact them they will just say turn off the router for 10min and turn it on again they will never say like yes our internet is not working i have taken there service at 27th of July and its not even 1month i contacted them 9times now last week 20-23 august there was no connectivity at all i called them in the morning as my office got started and in the evening they just messaged me that sir there is some problem and the internet will not work . My company is paying for the allowances i need for work from home and they are providing the money for broadband(internet) service just because of there internet is not working i was scolded by company on the day of Friday and Saturday as i managed any how mobile data low internet speed and they didn't even replied Sunday also and no contact nothing now when i switched my broadband service as instructed by company side on and i leave Mahadev broadband with a message that cut 1month money as per your plans and refund me back the money then they contacted me and were telling me that refund is not our policy and the money cannot be refunded even if our services are not working you have to adjust with us anyhow i specifically told them that company is paying the money and i told the receptionist that i want to talk to the senior or owner she replied like we cannot provide customers with the details of owner they don't have time for customers do whatever you want to do money will not be refunded (I JUST WANT MY FULL MONEY BACK NOW) because its not even a month and 9 times there were no services and for 3 days disconnections and i have work to do as a part of work from home mahadev broadband / 150A pocket A-2 mayur vihar phase-3 delhi(110096) / / 8810262692-7217755975-

L Sneha

Posted on Jul 24, 2021

We have registered with ACT Fibernet for our internet connection with the name Garjee infomedia. Acc no:102876169090 Registered Mobile Number:9035577100 its a postpaid plan. They provide really poor service and to resolve an issue. They take 24 hours due to which the entire day in office goes waste. This is repeatedly happening creating a lot of problems. Since there is no other service providers in this area ,they are taking advantage of that. The service charges are not clear they have been charging even in lockdown when the fibernet is not in use. Please help us solve the issue.

Darshan Chauhan

Posted on Jul 16, 2021

I am a Hathway Broadband custormer since 3+ year and i am facing an Slow internet, Frequent disconnection, so many time internet not at all working for 2-3 days. i raised complaint everyday but none of the customer care agents or any company representative approach me for solution. even i have visited their Kandivali Head office near Rasoi hotel but they were also ignoring my query. I would like to highlight this issue to Comany CEO Mr. Rajan Gupta that you should shut your comapany. I would also like to keep in notice for consumer not to take Hathway broadband service at all. #BOYCOTT HATHWAY BROADBAND# My Customer ID : 1151920372.

Pintu rana

Posted on Jul 12, 2021

Mene November 2020 me apne jio me 1 year plan dala 1 month to sahi chala uske baat network connectivity problem aane lg gyi ab piche 6month se call or email krn rha hu but avi tk koi v response ni aaaya bs ye hi bolten h 4hours me ho jayegi but avi tk kuch ni hua please help


Posted on Jul 11, 2021

Dear sir and madam airtel is playing with me looted my amount please look forward into my concern below are some details I have mentioned to uh which are provided by airtel looted my amount please help me Your service request no. 133769832 has been assigned to engineer (FR_Marakala Ravi_SOUTH4), He will be visiting at your premises between


Posted on Jul 11, 2021

I am using airtel broadband they installed copped connection instead of fiber and not working very bad service poor function by airtel please take action on airtel broadband


Posted on Jun 29, 2021

I had subscribed for a yearly plan of internet from DNA (Digital Network Associates Infotel Pvt Ltd) based in virar maharashtra during May2021. The internet stopped working on 22June2021 and we lodged a complaint on 23June2021. After repeated calling everyday, the engineer checked on 26June2021 and said there was some issue with the wire and needs to be changed. Nextday on 27June2021, they changed the wire and left without connecting it. Now, we are calling everyday for connection, but they are dodging us by saying that we will send but cannot guarantee when. Many things are stuck and we are not able to use the service for which we have made advance payment. Kindly file a complaint against them for not complying. Thank you.


Posted on Jun 07, 2021

I am your Customer of BroadBand(QUADRANT TELEVENTURES LTD (formerly known as HFCL Infotel Ltd)) where my new Connection is 1605014109 and Account Number 3742565. Before that I was not Your Customer care and I was not Your Any customer , As per talk by the Customer care , it was Advised to Complain to the Appellate Authority . Where for One connection i was charged for Rs 6000 , for 3 Sales persons . I got a new connection by another sales person named Amod whose mail Id is there marked in mail and contact number is 9115529365, where i have holded the Payment of installation as the time of installation it was month hand. I used to get a salary by the 7th of the month. Even though I have spoked where it was cleared to mention that ,I will inform the team and please pay within 1 week from 1st of June 2021 mean before or on 7th June 2021. as per Asked by you the Mobile number are as follows: 9311381479 8792518103 These two numbers have taken money and all documents but no connection . I also Got the message of Disconnection of the Wifi Service as well as the installation Router from the Home . I would request the team to find who has taken 6000 in the name of connecting broadband from the 9th of May 2021 till 28th of the May 2021. I would Also request the team to look into the matter. Today my router has been taken by the Amod ,and I have made payment to amod where transaction details are shared in mail and today I am embarrassed because of no connection where I lost my value. I need a solution and connection back by today at any cost. i need my money now, 6000 and all the documents. Please Return back the money asap. for one coonection they took 6000 but no connection after that they gave connection .they asked 2000 but i refused to pay the amount since 6000 is collected by them. Today they cut the router and threathen that i will teach you leasson .

Pooja Yadav

Posted on Jun 06, 2021

With reference to the subject I Pooja Yadav availeing Fussionet Services at my home since long time . On 27-02-2021 i recharged my Internet Plan with Rs 3536.46 in which i was told by company that i will get validity of 3 + 1 Months at a speed of 8 MBPS for 250 GB data Consumed in One Month after 250 GB Consumed in a month i will get speed of 2MBPS But since February 2021 Fusionet is providing only 50 GB data at speed of 8 MBPS for a month after that they reduce the speed to 2 MBPS for that i have complained many times to the Fusionet but problem remains the same for every time that is they are providing only 50 GB data instead of 250 GB data at speed of 8 MBPS in a month Earlier Complain number are FN210508722716 , FN210509722897, FN210421714814 , FN210421714850 , I am also Complaining the issue to TRAI and request Consumer Forum to take strict action against cheating done to me by Fusionnet as this is a regular practise of Fusionet with me Regards Pooja Yadav Ph No: 8882422255 Enclosed

Ram Rathod

Posted on Jun 06, 2021

R/s Sir my name is Ram Ramesh Rathod I am a resident of Yavatmal district Sir I have a Airtel broadband connection installed ten days ago and my Airtel broadband connection was shut down three days ago And I had lodged a complaint in that regard but it has not been resolved yet I also called the Airtel call center and lodged my complaint but my complaint has not been resolved yet Also, I have been repeatedly assured by Airtel that your complaint will be resolved as soon as possible and our company engineer will visit your home And the engineer of Airtel company has not come to my house yet to resolve my complaint I hope you will resolve my complaint as soon as possible My Broadband Landline No. 07232410421 (Airtel) My Airtel Complaint ID : 131949214

Himanshu Pal

Posted on Jun 03, 2021

Sir mere wifi ki speed bilkul nhi a rhi hai.. Mai. Lagatar kafi dino sai. Complain kr rha hu par koi action nhi lia ja rha hai. Agar ap is issue ko shi nhi kr sakte ho.. Yeh net plus ka connection uttar lo.. Mujhe iski koi jarurat nhi hai. Mai bhot preshan hu. Jaldi sai jaldi mere complain par kaam kia jaye.. From -himanshu Pal. Customer id -0003021825. Mobile no -9992455567 Net plus company.


Posted on May 31, 2021

Dear Sir, Myself Rakesh Gohil (husband of Radhika Gohil), My wife is working woman and for work from home purpose - we have obtain broadband internet service from SK NETSOL (contact person: Mr. Kinjal Patel), we have paid for whole year 2021 plan in month of December 2020 (the payment copy is attached herewith). By mid of March, the connection has severe problem with speed and fluctuation in connection, so we can't perform our company work on that connection. After numerous follow up with Mr. Kinjal Patel, the SK Netsol is failed to provide service and can't solve the problem. After that in month of april we have asked them that it seems you are not solving issue so please refund our pending months amount. They agreed by beginning of May to refund amount of only Rs. 5500/- against of our total payment Rs. 14160/-. We were also ok with it and they have informed us that they will remit refund by 15th May. After 15th May we have done follow up with Mr. Kinjal Patel and he is not picking up our phone and on message giving us excuses, it seems that they are not willing to pay refund and we feel cheated now. I am attaching here Payment copy, Tax invoice and some of our communication for your reference. We humble request you to please look into this and help us to get our refund. Thanks in advance. Regards, Rakesh Gohil (on behalf of Radhika Gohil) Contact: +91 8160939110 SK NETSOL PRIVATE LIMITED Mr. Kinjal Patel Mobile: +91 93755 77788 Mobile: +91 70431 88998 Address; C-302, SHREEJI RESIDENCY, OPP. SIMANDHAR FLAT, CHANDLODIA, AHMEDABAD-382481 EMAIL: INFO@SKNETSOL.COM


Posted on May 31, 2021

Dear Sir, Myself Rakesh Gohil (husband of Radhika Gohil), My wife is working woman and for work from home purpose - we have obtain broadband internet service from SK NETSOL (contact person: Mr. Kinjal Patel), we have paid for whole year 2021 plan in month of December 2020 (the payment copy is attached herewith). By mid of March, the connection has severe problem with speed and fluctuation in connection, so we can't perform our company work on that connection. After numerous follow up with Mr. Kinjal Patel, the SK Netsol is failed to provide service and can't solve the problem. After that in month of april we have asked them that it seems you are not solving issue so please refund our pending months amount. They agreed by beginning of May to refund amount of only Rs. 5500/- against of our total payment Rs. 14160/-. We were also ok with it and they have informed us that they will remit refund by 15th May. After 15th May we have done follow up with Mr. Kinjal Patel and he is not picking up our phone and on message giving us excuses, it seems that they are not willing to pay refund and we feel cheated now. I am attaching here Payment copy, Tax invoice and some of our communication for your reference. We humble request you to please look into this and help us to get our refund. Thanks in advance. Regards, Rakesh Gohil (on behalf of Radhika Gohil) Contact: +91 8160939110 DEALER/SERVICE PROVIDER SK NETSOL PRIVATE LIMITED Mr. Kinjal Patel Mobile: +91 93755 77788 Mobile: +91 70431 88998 Address; C-302, SHREEJI RESIDENCY, OPP. SIMANDHAR FLAT, CHANDLODIA, AHMEDABAD-382481 EMAIL: INFO@SKNETSOL.COM

Rakesh K Wagh

Posted on May 28, 2021

Hi, I am having a local broadband connection from a Cable provider which is giving me a trouble. Issue is the service is not upto the mark. there is a frequent disconnection or slow bandwidth which have been noticed. There is an issue with the TP Link Router which cable provide has sold me. I tried to complaint about that also but they are saying i need to contact TP Link Customer care. For WIFI related issues there is no proper response and the provider is not always contactable. Sometimes they will not receive call or they will not try to resolve the complaint. Just a assurance that they will look into it. Their phone service starts from 11:00 am (local mobile number) and ends at 07:30 pm and sometimes even it is not contactable in between. In offline period there is no help at all. If the WIFI not supporting after 7:30 pm then next day till 11 am or 12 pm there is no contact or support from them and we have to hamper our work since we are working from home and for which we took WIFI connection. We are bound to have this connection because other service providers with 24x7 service are not allowed to provide connection in our area. We want you to take care of this since this is purely waste for us.

Uttam Parmar

Posted on May 24, 2021

I have paid for 3 months subscription to GTPL Broadband. I have been facing issues regarding connectivity and speed but I am getting no resolution from their side. The technical person, Vijay or somthing like that, told me that it would be resolved when it would be resolved. I am still confused what part of their services I should call worse, their internet service or their attitude.

Jaikiran Bharat Joshi

Posted on Apr 23, 2021

Had taken 16 MBPS plan for 3 months amount Rs 1349/- and installation Rs 1500/- then also we are not getting speed that much speed we had complain many times but no any result and no one is picking up the phone it affects our work Due to this speed I will surely lose my job. Request you to take necessary action and please solve the issue ASAP. Below is the company address Name Of Company : Boisar Network Add : Vinay Raj Regency, Bldg. No 21 Flat No 001 J Wing, Yashwant Srusthi Boisar east 401501 office no : 8530958390 / 9119594055 email :

Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Posted on Apr 22, 2021

I have purchased a Tenda router from internet service provider and take internet service from company. But they don't give Bill to me of all these services. They are saying that if they take bill of Router, then they will have to pay 18% GST to government. So it is illegal service. Please take action to this company.

Sourindra Matilal

Posted on Apr 12, 2021

I have taken Jio Fibre Connection since September 2020, but since the date of installation I am facing disconnection of the line in every 15 days and even after complaint the Service comes with a minimum repair work done, and the disturbance again starts after few days. Last 24 Hours I am facing the issue I have raised a Service Request No. SR000014LAWE before Jio Fibre , but nothing is being done. Please take strong and immediate action on this.


Posted on Mar 30, 2021

fraud data entry huha hai mere sath 7 din mere se kam kar varva ke merko pasisa nhai diya hur uper se 4000 rupee mang rahe h

Sumit Kasare

Posted on Mar 28, 2021

My Internet connection with Jpr Internet at Sion Pratiksha nagar taken Internet plan of 25 mbps 3 months plan , but my Internet speed not working properly as I paid for same plan , I tried calling there representative they visited my house and Internet is worked fine for that day but after that day same problem , no one responding my mail and call , requesting your intervention on same, my ID is Sumit1995

Rituraj Borah

Posted on Feb 09, 2021

I am a BSNL FTTH consumer with Customer ID 3007978975, Account No: 8008080025 and Landline no 03672-29523. So, I have disconnected my BSNL internet connection on 30th January 2021 as BSNL is unable to offer me the promised speed of 100 mbps and service from the last 7 months. I experienced frequent internet connectivity issues with latency ranging from 100-400 which made me disconnect the connection in spite of constant following up with the local BSNL office of Nagaon region and the vendor Nirmali Bora Saikia on regular basis against my complaint. I have also informed about this to BSNL Customer Care through email who advised me to reach out to their regional office. These officials have always neglected their efforts in taking any actions to fix my issue due to which it impacted my professional life as I am an IT employee who is currently working from home for my company situated in Gurgaon. I have used their service from 25-06-2020 and I have been given false promises to take action until 30-01-2021 on which I took the decision to stop their services. On 08-02-2021, I have been posted a bill of Rs 1846 for the month of January 2021 although I have paid Rs 877 as per their accountant Mr Tirtha Baruah's advice on 30th Jan 2021 for January month before disconnecting the connection. Now, I have three demands against these fraud officials who are setting up traps to loot innocent consumer like me. My first demand is to cancel the fraudulent bill of Rs 1846 for the month of January for which I have already made payment before disconnecting the service. My second demand is to provide me a full refund of Rs 6000/- which I paid while taking the connection as they have failed to provide me service. My third demand is to compensate by charging me according to their basic plan of 499 (20 mbps speed) instead of 777 from 25-06-2020 to 30-01-2021. So, this will amount Rs 2250 as per my rough calculation. This means I should get Rs 8250 in total from BSNL.

Robin Sharma

Posted on Jan 24, 2021

Dera Sir, I have surrender my broad band connection with NEXTRA in the month of August 2019 . As per the terms and conditions of the company on surrendering the connection company will refund Rs. 1500/- towards security deposited with in 30 days of surrendering the connection. I have lodge my request with their customer care as well as with even numbers of time but no action has been initiated by NEXTRA company. now through this forum i request to resolve my issue with penality on company for not to abide company guidelines . Thanks & regards Robin Sharma

ravindranath neeluri

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Since 16-12-2020, I am complaining about the connectivity issue of you broad band to customer care but the issue is not resolved yet.

Virendra Mishra

Posted on Dec 20, 2020

This complaint regarding "Supreme Broadband Hadapsar Pune "one of bad service provider, whenever make complaint no issue resolved and always take advance money please do not take this service provider. They always take money advance and when i call to support@ 9423505870 | 9066509090 | XIMS By Paradise, they are telling we will be resolve your query but no any issue resolve till now

Samir D

Posted on Dec 18, 2020

I am a consumer of broadband internet services provided by GTPL Broadband ( and got a broadband plan worth Rs. 3999 for 6 months. After 2 months, I needed to move to different city for work. So, I requested shifting of the connection to the new city I was moving on 27 Nov. 2020. Their representative said that the connection will be shifted in 2 to 7 days. There was no response or update by the company for 7 days. So, I called their customer care department but still no resolution. It's been 21 days on 18 Dec. 2020, there is no update or resolution / shifting of the connection. I complained through their customer care department and emails. But, no resolution. Not even update about the process from their side. I sent them email to give me refund of un used services now as I have to move to another service provider as I can't let my work suffer. But, they are not giving me refund. Please do the needful and help me to get me the refund of un used services.

Ankit dhiman

Posted on Dec 17, 2020

I have been complying with internet and calling to Vi Limited since 5 November 2020 and the company is not resolving it and without any resolution I am told that your problem has been resolved while the problem still exists please Please take action against the company. My vi number is 9368121048


Posted on Nov 27, 2020

HATHWAY COMPLAINT! I had raised a complaint on Hathway regarding my billing cycle and below is the history of the POOR Customer service of Hathway! In spite of escalating to the issue to the so called Appellate Authority! I got the below message as it is resolved! Thanks, Manoj My Reply on Nov 24, 2020 Thanks for your reply. While I wait for a resolution as mentioned in your below email. I get this message as below: 'Dear Customer your Hathway Request ID - 20112020W385909 has been closed. Kindly click on the below link to give your feedback. The link will only be open till next 24 hrs.' My Reply on Nov 22, 2020 I am writing to you to you to complain about the rude behavior of your Customer care executive on the call received on 22nd Nov 2020 at 2:22PM for resolving my complaint raised regarding billing which was never experienced from any of your earlier customer care executives. The details of my complaint for Ticket No 20112020W385909 Raised on 20th Nov 2020 is as below. This Is regarding issue of my plan ‘MEN Retention Supreme1 20Mbps Blr Pre Mtly-SUBSCRIPTION’ related prepaid plan with my regular billing period of 2nd month to 15th month billing and I have been paying regular for the services and based on one of your customer executive call and SMS intimation received on 25th, 26th, 27th 28th & 29th July 2020 of an offer as following HURRY! Special Advance Independence Offer, Get 1Mth Extra by renewing your Hathway A/c.1141245900 with Rs.1821/- for 3Mth , Pay online or cal 9884219513.T&C and also made my payment reference as following Payment of Rs 1821 has been initiated towards your Hathway Broadband Account No 1141245900 with Txn ID 1141245900_1596007675384. Please keep this Txn ID for future reference. And I am now asked to pay as per the below message: Dear customer, Account 1141245900 is due for renewal on 27-NOV-20.Pls Pay Rs 1814 to enjoy uninterrupted services.To pay click . I request your intervention in resolving the above issue and advice your customer care executive of his rude behaviour and to continue to my earlier normal payment my next payment date of 15th Dec 2020 as per the offer details and my payment. End. 9448711449


Posted on Nov 17, 2020

I am facing internet issues since long time. I tried calling the concerned person but he is not answering the calls. His calls seems to be busy sometimes but rather he is not answering the calls. even if he answers the call he says he is sending someone but no one come .asked for refund hi is saying no refund it is hamperring my business.. Broadband Service - atpl concerned Person (not answering the calls) - devian 9967765545 Area - shanivarpeth Pune

Manish Kumar

Posted on Nov 11, 2020

I have recharged my plan on August 2020 for one year i.e. (Rs 7300) and since then the internet speed is slow day by day. I have complained many times about it but my problem isn't resolved yet. About last four months I complained again n again but this issue isn't resolve. I am working from home and with this net issue my office work has been affected many times. Please take this matter into consideration and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please refund my balance so that I go for another internet service provider. Exitel Credentials: My id-- 8802680866 Service Provider - Exitel Delhi


Posted on Nov 06, 2020

i have paid GTPL broadband company for a broadband connection in advance on 1st oct2020. till 18day i did not get connection nor received any status update for that. while i approached exceutive he told that due to technical issue connection can not happened to my premises. so he told paid amount will be refunded. But after that till time i did not received refund nor no any proper response or timeline given when can i get my money back. Payment Receipt No-R20201001162963 CAF no-527197. GTPL Broadband Pvt. Ltd. Visit Our Website : Regd Off. : 2nd Floor, Sahajanand Shopping Center, Opp. Swaminarayan Mandir, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad-380 004. Customer Support : +91 9727 633 633 e-mail : Unit : MANINAGAR


Posted on Oct 21, 2020

I am facing internet issues since long time. I tried calling the concerned person but he is not answering the calls. His calls seems to be busy sometimes but rather he is not answering the calls. Can someone please help me? Broadband Service - Joister Concerned Person (not answering the calls) - Aniket 8983273000 Area - Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune


Posted on Oct 21, 2020

I am facing internet issues since long time. I tried calling the concerned person but he is not answering the calls. His calls seems to be busy sometimes but rather he is not answering the calls. Can someone please help me? Broadband Service - Joister Concerned Person (not answering the calls) - Aniket 8983273000 Area - Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa, Pune

Rahul Verma

Posted on Oct 14, 2020

Spectranet - Pune 1.Upgraded from a 100MBPS plan to a 500MBPS PLAN , even earlier the speed was not optimum 2. Upgraded the router to a high end 1GBPS transmission capacity 3. received a bill of 11k to be paid by 13th Oct 2. the speed is nowhere close to 500 MBPS, raise multiple tickets in the last 30 days , tickets getting closed without checking resolution 3. 1800 number is useless

Nokesh Lele

Posted on Oct 13, 2020

I have taken a Yearly plan of "You Broadband" with full payment from last month i am facing multiple issue like Disconnection, Speed and entire Outage problem i have raise issue with the You Broadband Customer Care on that they informed me that they have created a ticket and the issue will be sorted out on consistent follow up i got to know that there 'Technical Person" will visit and look in the issue with in 24 hours time, now almost 4 days have pass and no body has shown up today i again called the Customer Care and requested to refund my un-used amount so that i can hunt for some local ISP who is at least taking proper care of his customer on which they replayed its not possible "they have no Refund policy" that means they just know to take money from the customer ,neglect the customer give worse service and when ask will say "no Refund Policy"

Satyam Dhakite

Posted on Oct 11, 2020

I have taken connection from sai cable network I gave installation charges of 5000 and monthly plan of 850 (unlimited data plan). But the internet is disconnected many times and no action is taken when contacted. They disconnect the internet after 12:00 am


Posted on Oct 05, 2020

One of the Agent Mr Kumar of YOU BROAD BAND, phone no.8686143797, contacted me and promised me that he will provide 75 MBPS 6 months unlimited Internet Broad Band Connection within 3 days. As my children are having online zoom classes it was imment to take the connection. On 13/09/2020 subsequently I paid Rs.4,470/- including GST, vide receipt No.476148; dt:13-Sep-2020. After that no sign of that person. I tried to contact him over phone several times, he used to disconnect my call. After repeated attempts he lifted the call, i banged him like anything, unable to bear my wrath he introduced to one Mr Santhosh-ph no.9705567746, he said within two days the problem will be solved, even after 7 days there is no breakthrough. i contacted him again and threatened with police complaint. He said there is no provision at your locality to provide you the internet connection, i am recommending for refund of the amount paid by you. He took my Bank details, even after one month nothing materialized. Today again i contacted him again, he said your cheque is ready and will reach you within 15 days. i contacted the customer care ph;+919121291212. That is a hopeless customer care. They taken down my request and they said it will take 45 days more to refund my amount. This is how the 'YOU BROAD BAND' cheating the customers by taking money in advance and not providing the service. I request stringent action should be initiated against the culprits immediately.

Suraj Kumar

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

Hello, My internet connection is regularly disconnected in 2-3 days, as well as I am facing Speed Issues from the last 3 months, I tried to call and fix the issues but still no one help. Service Provider : One Broadband ( 022-62581800 ) Kindly look forward to this.

Sushmita Singh

Posted on Sep 24, 2020

On 29th July, I made a payment of Rs 4434 for advance rental of Airtel Xtreme Fiber but the transaction was failed but the money got deducted from my account. It's been more than 45 days but I haven't got my refund yet. The failed transaction Id was 729341105. Everytime they say that they have processed the refund but the money has not been credited yet in my account. I have attached the bank account details for reference. connection id-7039563208 Complaint Number / ref no.: 120613920

Arun Pati

Posted on Sep 23, 2020

0674-2963741-My BSNL broad band number. After many complain still I am not able to use BSNL internet after taking new connection. Last 9 days I Please disconnected my connection and refund my 7000 money.

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Internet / Broadband customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Internet / Broadband customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Internet / Broadband customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Internet / Broadband customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Internet / Broadband customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....


Posted on Sep 05, 2020

I had made full payment of Rs. 7918 for 6 months broadband new connection on 31-8-2020 to ACT FIBERNET. I have been calling their field representatives & they are not answering the call for installing the new connection. I have also sent a mail to their call center helpdesk & spoken to the call center regarding the delay in installation on 3-9-2020 & 4-9-2020. They have still not completed the installation. Kindly help me to resolve the issue

Rohith Kumar K

Posted on Sep 02, 2020

Hi, This is a complaint related to lack of Digital Infrastructure in above mentioned address which is in Vittal Padnoor village. As everyone knows due to the COVID-19 almost every activity has been now forced to move to digital platform. Since March 2020 we have challenges in accessing the internet with the minimum required speed be it for official work or for the Kids classes over the internet. This has resulted in reduced productivity at whatever we do online. Due to the same reason I raised a new FTTH connection request with BSNL under Bharath Fiber plan earlier on 17th August 2020(approx). However till now I have received only one call from BSNL which was to just cross check the address which I provided while filling the form and no further update on even feasibility check.Upon calling BSNL Broadband Customer Care they can check my details based on mobile phone number(9901731310) but they don't have any further information to update me on the progress. Since the Government is pushing towards improving the Digital infrastructure even in rural India requesting you to assist on the same. Regards, Rohith

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 8389980562.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.

Maulik Lakhani

Posted on Aug 29, 2020

Company: GTPL Hathway, Ahmedabad User ID: maulikc101 Mobile Number: +91 9974282781 Support Ticket ID: 50956 I had registered a ticket to transfer my fiber internet connection to a new address on 27th July, 2020 with ticket number 50956. Today is 29th Aug, 2020. It has been 1 month and 2 days. GTPL has not transferred my connection yet. GTPL also closed this ticket number without transferring my connection. They also denied extending the validity of my plan due even after delay from their end. I have called GTPL Appellate Authority more than 5 times but Appellate Authority is also unable to fix my issue. Expected Solution from GTPL Company: Finish installation + activation of my fiber internet connection as soon as possible or before 29th Aug, 2020. This delay of 1 month and 2 days was a mistake of GTPL company. So, add additional validity of 2 months in my current plan as delay was caused by the GTPL company.


Posted on Aug 27, 2020

Hi, THANKS FOR HARASSMENT FROM TIKONA TO PAY UNNECESSARY BILL. User ID 1116301833 Choosing Tikona was my worst decision in life. I called and write to customer care so many times but the connection was not closed from their side. EMAIL PROOFS ARE ATTACHED OVER HERE. I Tried calling customer care but they didn't reply properly. And even many technical people visited my home but nobody solved this issue the technical person said in my area their Tikona tower problem but they never solved this issue. And the funniest part is instead of diagnosing this issue they were not ready to make a request for closing the connection. And now they are Harassing me to pay the bill of 1028rs. Which is not even logical And also calling me and intimidate for legal action notice.I already paid a few months' bills unnecessarily for that service which I never used and even I already submitted my Closure request. If your customer is not logged in more than since 2 months, then customer care doesn't bother about this. I used this pathetic service around 2 years and sent a number of emails to them. But they never did anything.I sent an email for discontinuing the service, then a lady from their customer care called me and shouting like hell. And now I am getting calls from customer care every day for asking me to pay this bill.I am not going to pay any bill after sending email of discontinuation.I already paid them every bill before sending the mail for the service which was very poor and intermittent. I have asked their customer services to give me contact details of your company owner, but they are not providing me. So I am filing a legal complaint about harassment and abusing against this Company Tikona. People are calling and abusing me from your end. You are not allowed to abuse a lady unnecessarily. Regards Sindhu On Wed, Aug 26, 2020 at 2:15 PM Legalcolls wrote: > >   > > This is a system generated Email, please do not reply to this mail. For further assistance please feel free to write to us at > >   > >   > >                                               Demand Notice > >   > >                                   > > SINDHU NISHA > > H.NO-266 3RD FLOOR SUKHDEV VIHAR JAMIA NAGAR NEAR BY CHURCH NEW DELHI > >                 > > Sub: Your Tikona Service ID No 1116301833 & Billing Account Number 128018726 > > Dear Customer, > > We wish to draw your kind attention to the following facts: > > That Tikona Infinet Pvt Ltd is a corporate body duly registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and in business of providing Internet services. > That you have subscribed the internet Services being provided by us on the terms and conditions as laid down in the subscriber registration Form (SRF) which was duly read acknowledged and signed by you > That in lieu of the internet services availed under this agreement and the devices provided to you, we have from time to time sent you bills for the same. > > ·         In view of the non-payment of the bills, you have also been reminded through telephone calls and SMS messages to make payment of the bills sent to you. However, in spite of several such demands and reminders, you have failed and neglected to pay the amounts of outstanding bills aggregating to Rs.1028. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the SRF, you were under an obligation inter-alia to make payment of periodic bills raised upon you in respect of services availed by you. However, in spite of the receipt of Statement of Usage from us, you have grossly failed to make said payments. > > ·         You are requested to make immediate payment of  Rs.1028  and give you this notice, that if you fail to pay, the aforesaid sum thereon within 7 days we shall have no option, but to adopt appropriate recovery proceedings, inclusive of legal proceedings criminal as well as civil, against you at your entire risk as to costs and consequences. > > ·         You can pay by Cheque / Demand Draft / Online by multiple ways, log on to  to choose the best option. > >   You can call Mr.Ankit Mishra on 08860884430 OR Mr. Pawan Gulyani on 09891108744 after making requisite payment. > >   > > Yours Sincerely   > > (Authorized Signatory) > > > ________________________________ > Please do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary. > > Warning : This message contains business confidential information . This message does not affect or modify any binding agreement nor state official policy of Tikona Infinet Pvt. Ltd. (“TIPL” ) unless digitally signed by TIPL’s authorised signatory. TIPL does not accept any liability for any errors, loss, delayed delivery, tampering, corruption or presence of viruses in this message or any attachment.

Advocate Jolly Shah

Posted on Aug 24, 2020

Date - 24/08/2020 TO WHOMSOEVER AUTHORISED VISION SMARTLINK NETWORKING PVT LTD 309 Iscon Elegance Nr Crown Plaza Hotel, Off, To, Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Hwy, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015 079 6621 9000 Sub: Complaint Letter for Ridiculous Internet Service Respected sir, With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my internet connection is disturbed since my last renewal in April 2020. It was always been disturbing since I have opted VISION SMARTLINK internet connection for the first time 2 years back. I have filed number of complaints with the company but i have experienced their bad services only. I am facing trouble as I am having online court matters at Gujarat High Court and my most of the work is done online and for that, I need a proper internet connection. At home, my child is also using this connection for his online studies and due to improper and disturbing connection every now and then, he is also facing same problem and is unable to attend his online classes many times. We are at loss of many things, time, efforts, legal cases, reputation, studies and last but not least monies. I have already made a complaint but no one took any action upon it. I request you take proper and justifiable action to resolve this issue permanently. I expect a quick redressal. Many thanks in advance. Yours sincerely, Advocate Jolly Shah Gujarat High Court Naranpura, Ahmedabad +91-78028-16895

sumit p jain

Posted on Aug 18, 2020

dear sir, last kafi time se hum bsnl ke grahak he lekin hume koi bhi suvidha proper nahi mil rahi he net proper nahi chal pa raha he aur yaha sindkheda bsnl office me call kiya to pehle to koi call reseve nahi karta aur nahi kabhi solution milta he plz ispe jald se jald solution nikale yaha sindkheda office ka number02566222298/222398/222201 kqbhi bhi lagaya koi uthata nahi he .... bsnl suvidha se juda hua 1 pareshan custmare


Posted on Aug 16, 2020

Dear Sir / Madam, I humbly submit before the Honorable Consumer Redressal Forum the below facts: I am a law abiding citizen and GOD fearing person. I hold multiple postpaid vodafoneidea mobile connections from Tamilnadu which I am using in Bangalore, Karnataka. The mobile connections have been obtained by me from 2005. In the past few months, through multiple complaints to vodafoneidea customer care, appellate team, nodal officer team, and CEO through Emails, I have raised the below issues. Mail interactions were from January 2020 and till date there is only one communication stating the issue has been resolved, but I have evidenced to the telecom operator the issue has not been resolved. There is no permanent solution on this. - Mobile number +91 9884459284, which I subscribed for a plan Vodafone RedX with a monthly subscription amount of approx. Rs.1200 plus tax which I was primarily promised superior network in terms of mobile data and network connectivity. Other features were also provided which I do not have concerns. But I have been facing network connectivity issues and mobile data issues. This has had a huge impact on my ability to perform as an individual in my office as I am currently employed in a private firm in Bangalore. I am unable to receive phone calls, messages resulting in huge creditability issues. I am to understand my job is at stake here as a result of this. - Mobile numbers: +91 8939669749 & +91 8939669748 are subscribed by me under Vodafone Red with better network and data plans. Mobile Number +91 8939669748 which was held by me against a dongle for accessing internet. I raised complaint stating the dongle device was not functional and requested for a replacement, but they have not responded. I have also provided request for cancellation of the same, but billing continues and I get harassed for payment of the same. Mobile number +91 8939669749 is being used by my family members. The same issue mentioned above in terms of mobile data and network persists. - I had to unfortunately incur additional costs as in purchasing network pack from other network providers … Vodafoneidea may share my usage on these numbers to prove that my usage is less than the limit provided. Even phone call / SMS have not been utilized owing to network / mobile data related issues. Please note other network providers are providing excellent services which I am not having to face any issues as I am facing with vodafoneidea. THE QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED BY VODAFONE IDEA IS WHY VODAFONEIDEA SOLICITED ME WITH A PLAN WHERE THEY CHARGE ME RS.1200 /- APPROX PM WITH A PROMISE OF BETTER DATA AND NETWORK BUT IN REALITY THE SAME WAS NOT PROVIDED. WHAT IS THE VODAFONE IDEA RESPONSE? Note: the above two points may be substainated / evidenced by the amount of usage in terms of mobile and network done by me. I have emailed the management and appellate team along with nodal team but have not received any amicable solution. All I hear is the team is working on this - For Mobile numbers: +91 98840 54824 & +91 9884459284 I at present do not have issues which is being used by my family in Tamil Nadu circle. I also hold few prepaid connections which my family members use in TN Circle. This point is critical because of a valued and a long standing customer Vodafoneidea is not providing resolution as I feel their governance model is bad. I humbly request the forum to provide me with an amicable solution for the mental agony and frustration I had to incur. Warm Regards, Arvind Narayanan. +91 9884459284.

Jitendra Bangalore Gopalakrishna

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

My internet network is down for the last four days and they are not taking the right action to fix it. They are only giving me reasons but no resolution in place

Kannan Venkatraman

Posted on Aug 10, 2020

Reference Airtel Xstream Fiber Digital Application Form No 0401693211, Airtel Product Payment Txn id: 724478105. Sir, I had made an online payment of Rs 12024 on 24 July 2020 to Airtel for a broadband internet connection at my residence. Subsequently, Mr Ashish Kumar (mob No 9903451034) from Airtel conveyed to me that the connection is not feasible and the money will be refunded to me. Today is 10 Aug 2020 and I haven't received the refund even after 17 days of having made the payment to Airtel. The Airtel Customer Care does not provide any contact number nor any email address to raise this complaint for the refund.

vishal marakana

Posted on Aug 06, 2020

User ID BB0006455768 (this is the one given in the autogenerated mail) Address:- 19, Raghuvir row house, near Nariman point citylight, Surat. Mobile:- 8238897100 I had registered for the installation of gtpl broadband and the salesperson (Ketan) took the amount of installation from me. But due to lockdown they could not install. Now that everything has unlocked. I want my money back. But despite of several reminders and calls to Mr Ketan and Mr Akram, they are not responding properly and behaving in unprofessional manner and treating me in a very bad manner. I just want my money back. I have sent several mails and made hundreds of calls to the sales person, but they are not giving proper response. Else help me get my refund back. i am a student and my money are blocked, i am facing serious financial issues, in these hard time please give my money back. Looking forward for positive response from your side Thank you PFA the bill generated.

Tarlochan Dass Basra

Posted on Aug 05, 2020

My broadband is faulty and not working since 24-6-2020, complaint No. 329696 lodged on 30-6-2020 still pending on date though 42 days has passed. No action has been taken by Area Manager, MTNL East Delhi. Earlier complaints are cleared without repairing fault.


Posted on Aug 03, 2020

i have paid act broadband on 22nd Jul as on today they didnt install broadband as on today i have keep on chasing with team but there is no proper response


Posted on Aug 03, 2020

i have paid act broadband on 22nd Jul as on today they didnt install broadband as on today i have keep on chasing with team but there is no proper response

Pranav Darji

Posted on Jul 31, 2020

YOU BROADBAND USER ID: meghna444 YOU BROADBAND REGISTERED NUMBER: 9687122622 City: VADODARA, GUJARAT, INDIA. Dear sir/madam, I have been facing the No Internet Connectivity error and frequent outages. I have put several complaints to YOU BROADBAND people over the app, over con call, requests over the internet; but no answers. I have been complaining for the past 10 days but NOONE has visited the site as on date. I have sent mails to Appellate, Nodal Officer, and Customer Services but to NO AVAIL. YOU BROADBAND IS NOT RESPONDING AT ALL. I FEEL TOTALLY DUPED. PL SUGGEST WHAT TO DO. I AM NOT ABLE TO REACH TO SENIOR MANAGEMENT OF YOU BROADBAND BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH OPTION. Pl suggest needful to be done. Thanking you in anticipation, Regards Pranav Darji

Sharad Anand

Posted on Jul 31, 2020

On 29 July 2020. I have contacted Fusionnet web services to install internet at my home. Their executive called me and met me to update about the package and the services, where he told about 60MBPS plan at 7858.80 for 1 year. As i needed internet for my son school education and my work. I got that installed and payment upfront using my credit card. The installation was promised same day, however after taking the payment, i never received any call for installation until the next day. The next day their worker called and updated that the internet will be started in few minutes, The internet services started at around 1 Pm on 30 July 2020. when i checked the speed of the internet it was delivering only 4 -10 Mbps during various time. I called and shared the screen shots with the agent who took the money. He suggested me to call customer care. I did contacted customer care and got the complaint registered. The internet was not working at all. I was being cheated, misrepresented and was a victim of fraud. I asked the agent to disconnect the service and refund my money as he has cheated and done a fraud and taken my money by misrepresenting the services. He has told me to get my money refunded but now i am not getting anywhere. I don't have internet at my home and i have paid for 1 year. I would want double refund from the company for the damages done.

Ashish Prajapat

Posted on Jul 28, 2020

I have BSNL Broadband and it is not working for last days. I have also registered complaint before 5 days and has not been resolved. Please resolve it as soon as possible.


Posted on Jul 28, 2020

This is for Siti Broadband Internet Connection I am Tired of raising complaints about bad internet connection & non-working of wifi modem. But after multiple complaints, no one visited or attended the complaint. Above all it's marked as resolved on siti H8 system. I am using siti broadband for more than 3 years, never faced such poor & pathetic customer support. I expect siti broadband can be a good companion in this COVID pandemic situation but feeling betrayed due to all trust shown in siti services. Unable to do any personal or official work over this unstable connection. All devices get disconnect & later unable to reconnect for several hours. Already raised 4+ complaints but no action or revert for resolution. Awaiting Positive resolution only here instead of regular false commitments. Very Unsatisfied customer, Niket Singh

Sumit Sharma

Posted on Jul 25, 2020

I am using TIKONA broadband connection from last 2 month after get new connection I have paid them for annual. I get good service for 1 month but from last 1 month my connection making so many problems I try to call customer care of TIKONA but they are not pick up calls at least to wait till 30-40 mins but then also thier is no response. I request you to help me in this case. My TIKONA user ID is (1126113434). Bhanwar Lal Sharma.

Mrinal Semwal

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

My Hathway Account ID - 1172178896 Broadband not working since Friday, on the same day I had raised an complaint against it to customer care and they told me that there is some problem with router and a technician will visit me to fix it but no one came, next two days i was trying to call Hathway customer care but no one picked up. On Monday I got connected with customer care and again got the same answer that today someone will get in touch with you, on Tuesday also same thing happened then I decide to mail the nodal officer of our region, no surprise no response from there also, except this i have mailed to Delhi help desk also but no response from any of them.Due to this worst customer service lot of my work got effected which is totally depend on internet, I don't know what is the purpose of there customer care as they don't even know the status of my complain and why the technician not came nor they have the power to transfer the call to some higher authority.I don't know what to do now.


Posted on Jul 14, 2020

the wifi dosen't work properly. we give money for 50 mbps speed but the speed comes hardly 4-5 mbps. the server provider dosen't pick our call even after calling a 100 times.

Dinuj Viswanathan

Posted on Jul 11, 2020

I have been complaining regarding a billing issue for past 6 months. Every month I settle the amount, however they keep piling it up as due amount. I spoke to everyone possible with no results. Now they have disconnected my connection since past 72 hours with numerous calls from my side to resolve the issue. The customer service agents are of no use as they only enter your complaints with no service recovery or resolution. After being asked to send mail with the payment receipts & statement, even then there is no response or activation of my connection. The Nodal Officer- Faizal M I seems to be complete negatively service oriented personnel as he neither responds to customer calls not replies or resolves customer grievance mails. I have decided not to continue with Asianet anymore however I shall definitely make them to answer to my grievance.

M Ramakrishnan

Posted on Jun 17, 2020

Dear sir I have taken a wi fi Broadband service from service provider Wi fi Ion in the month of December 2019 and the Plan chosen by me is 20M- 90UL and the Broadband service was provided by the officer from wi fi Ion SANPADA who came to our house collected Rs 1350 for 3 months plan and deposit. The above plan was renewed onb21/3/20 for another 3 months valued till 20/6/2020. We have already received a message on my mobile 9444824833 from Team ION to recharge using digital services, but unable to do so since I do not know my wi fi Ion account number. I am calling their office and officers on their mobile numbers, but no response. I have also sent request messages to following Wi fi Ion mail Ids. 1. 2. Furthermore I have registered today as per the guidance given by wi fi Ion, but want help from them for making payment once they give their reference number for the above plan chosen by me in December 2019. In December the connection was registered in the name of my son R Ramkumar and his mobile number 9920058484. Treat matter urgent, as I want to recharge immediately. Thanks and best Regards M.Ramakrishnan 9444824833

Amit Negi

Posted on Jun 10, 2020

Hathway A/C 111931395 From 2 months I am chasing you for my internet connection and after one month of chasing I used to contact your technical person and get my modem changed. And Since the modem is changed my internet speed never goes up by 18 mbps. and it is max speed coming many time it come like 4-5 mbps As my plan is for 50 MBPS I did many complaints but nothing happened and your call center persons always say that some technical person will contact you at the end of the day but from 3 weeks but no one calls. So I am attaching my speed screen grabs to your knowledge. So can any one resolve this problem permanently? aur where i can contact the person to get my problem solved Regards, Amit Negi 9911044390

Amit Nandha

Posted on Jun 09, 2020

This complaint against GTPL Hathway broadband (Ahmedabad).I have done advanced payment 3400 for 40mbps 6month plan. but ever after done advanced payment installation of network is pending at my place. I have tried to reach a salesperson but he didn't receive my call. either I demanding installation or refund my amount immediately.

Akash Tekchandani

Posted on Jun 08, 2020

My Joister internet broadband has not been working ever since i renewed it (via account no 919820013096 for their 5Mbps_Ultd_H_Annually), today (8-Jun) is the 5th day since the complaint has been open (internet has not been working since 1st June) and i have spent over 2 hours on phone waiting for them to answer their customer care no 02241534848 - but they dont answer nor resolve the complaint by visiting the premises, not even a callback This is horrible customer service


Posted on May 17, 2020

Hi Complaint against One BroadBand Net : Below is the mail sent to One BroadBand for restoring services. They had promised to resolve the issue by 48 hrs, which they did not! I have registered complaint with One BroadBand Net on 10th May for issues with connectivity of wifi and internet not working. However the CSA informed that the line is down and shall be restored by 7 pm same day, which never happened. We made indefinite calls to Customer care...most of the time the line was busy and when we cud connect the issue still remained unresolved. The reply what we received everytime was "your matter is escalated" and then nothing happened. The CSA is unable to provide the reason for our issue, nor resolve it, nor able to provide technician contact number ,nor providing us with number of Sr Officials. On a personal note, Tisai group is not a good service provider. We have paid money for the whole year and waiting for the connectivity to get restored like fools!!!! The CSAs were rude enought to disconnect the calls when talking to them. They did not have the details of the Technical Person whom the complaint is handed over to They were not ready to share any information wrt Senior Managers whom we can talk to Never received a call back. They just give hope to you that senior will call you in an Hr to check the issue. But no one turn up till eod. If we disconnected the Internet they just give one answer we are trying to restore the link but et will take some time to restore. And one major thing thet don't have any refund policy If customer is facing some issue and need to discontinued the service ISP should refund the remaining money as per the law. But they just simply ignore that we do not refund the money even if you discontinued the service. I would like my refund from one broadband.

Jerome Thomas

Posted on May 15, 2020

Hi Complaint against One BroadBand Net : Below is the mail sent to One BroadBand for restoring services. They had promised to resolve the issue by 48 hrs, which they did not! I have registered complaint with One BroadBand Net on 12th May at 5:00 pm for issues wrt connectivity of wifi and internet not working. However the CSA informed that the line is down and shall be restored by 7 pm same day, which never happened. You may check the last usage time was 3.47 pm on 12th May. Next day i.e. 13th May the issue was not resolved and again a complaint was registered. To our surprise ur CSA has not registered the last day complaint raised by us. The connection was not restored on 12th May too. We made indefinite calls to Customer care...most of the time the line was busy and when we cud connect the issue still remained unresolved. The reply what we received everytime was "your matter is escalated" and then nothing happened. Today 14th we are doing the same and we still get same response. We all are working from home during this pandemic and cant work from home without wifi connectivity. The CSA is unable to provide the reason for our issue, nor resolve it, nor able to provide technician contact number ,nor providing us with number of Sr Officials. On a personal note, Tisai group is not a good service provider. We have paid money for the whole year and waiting for the connectivity to get restored like fools!!!! The CSAs were rude enought to disconnect the calls when talking to them. They did not have the details of the Technical Person whom the complaint is handed over to They were not ready to share any information wrt Senior Managers whom we can talk to Never received a call back. Hope to have a resolution to this

Arunava Basak

Posted on May 10, 2020

Dear Sir, I have taken an individual broadband connection from Wish Net Private Ltd on 05.05.2020.The plan purchased by myself is Bronze 70 for speed 70 Mbps. The average download speed is around 5 to 7 Mbps during working hours on week days. Several complaints have been raised with the internet service provider but the problem remains unresolved.I request your kind intervention in this matter to resolve the problem (refer attachments). The details of service provider is as below:Wish Net Private Limited 86, Golaghata Road, Saraswati Apartment, 6th Floor Kolkata - 700048, West Bengal, India Phone: 033 2534 0326 E-mail:

Azar Ptel

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

My Internet Connection Not working for 4 days and after lodge, a > compliant then to issue not resolved. > > how we can for work from home is your services is totally worst. If you are > unable to solve the issue then let me know I will disconnect the connection > and buy the new connection from another Company. > > surprisingly yesterday I know that on 2nd April Customer care Person not > raise a request for internet not working so again raise request yesterday. > > In Market has more than 100 company we ready to provide the Internet in > Worli Police Camp. > > If you honing any Permission issue then come in Police Cmp and call om=n my > Register Nuber  will come and give you access for same > > > User ID :- 918108880400 >

jainik j rana

Posted on Dec 31, 2019

GTPL Broadband internet connection not working from last 3 weeks. Several time I had talk with costumer care , but simply every time they just give new complain number and the problem is as it is. Your technical person not picking up the phone. Nodal officer/ Applet authority numbers are also same as other. If you don’t able to give the service than why you are giving fake promises. After full payment if internet will not work when needed then it nothing but the west of money. i want my money back but the was not responding my mail answer. I felt that I have made the life's worst mistake giving the opportunity to GTPL. Customer Service is totally zero. Nodal officer/ Applet authority not responding the telephone calls. I feel that I have been smartly cheated. no words for this gtpl pathetic broadband servies. jj_rana 7405060167

Nilang Vyas

Posted on May 09, 2017

I was using Idea BroadBand Service till Jan 2016. Then I moved to new location from Feb 2016, however when I enquired about my change in location to Idea BB team, they said the my new location are not under there coverage area. So I requested to close my BB account with Idea. Now they are saying I have some 3000Rs pending that needs to be paid. I am receiving calls from Lok Adalat every now and then. Kindly assist what action is required from my edn

souvik karar

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

regarded to, i need help the customer care executive are continuously calling me in my registered number and threatening me for taking their packages which is totally fraud,if i dnt take their packages they are threatning me that they will deactivate my existing package also (amounting to 10000/- apx.) help needed

Shanka R

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

i have bought airtel 4g dongle in the month of july 2015 and my internet is not working from 17 August 2015 there is a problem in device i have registerd a complaiint with the customer care on 17th Aug 2015 and called up several times they say within 24 hours technician will come and solve till date i have never received the call from the right person and it is post paid i will be charged for not using my unlimited plan


Posted on Aug 25, 2015



Posted on Aug 19, 2015


Harish Kumar

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

Hi, I have brought a dongle from airtel on 26/4/2015, it was working fine for couple of days and then it was not, again i took that to airtel outlet where they said, there is some problem in simcard and they have replaced it, after that again it worked fine for couple of days then not. i have complained so many time in customer care but they just saying they are rectifying it, but its never rectified, but they have sent bill for 2500₹ when i spoke to them again they are saying its monthly rental. If its not working then why I have to pay, if its working i m ready to pay the bill. I brought this dongle thinking i will work from home which I could not able to, also spent money on dongle again they are sending bill for no reason. and again I have to explain whole story to them every time, then there is no solution from their end apart from bill. Please do the need full ----- Thanks Harish - Mobile - 9845916542 / Dongle card no. 7899706778

Narzary GL

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Shubhabrata Dey

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

rathin chatterjee

Posted on Aug 13, 2015

I am a reliance customer.My Internet balence is 900MB till today.But to day morning I seen My balence is 0. I am trying to connect the customer care but not solve my problem.

Neetu Verma

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

I want to make complaint against broaband company Instralink and the manager of the company Mr Pandey. he misbehaved with me when i called him to complain about the network issue.


Posted on Aug 12, 2015

I have a service issue in phone number 04832733773. On this customer ID I have registered almost 20 complaints within 2 years. It takes them an average of 12 to 15 days to solve the issues. That means in two years almost 240 to 300 days I was not getting the service.Also they are not reducing my bill amount.


Posted on Aug 09, 2015



Posted on Aug 08, 2015

From 02nd August 2015 my Airtel 4g wifispot Datamax 01 datacard with power backup is not getting network. I have taken Airtel 4g Rs.999/- (plus tax as applicable) plan in which as par Airtel commitment they are giving 10GB high speed internet and after consumption of 10GB high speed internet it will be low speed internet. My Airtel 4g datacard number is 8585880331.But after my 10GB high speed internet exausted on 02nd August 2015 morning Airtel India barred my datacard num 8585880331 from accessing there network. I complain them almost everyday by calling there customer care number and mailing them on there email addrees after I stopped getting there network but Airtel India is least bothered to look into this matter. I have paid 6 months advance rental including tax against which Airtel India provided me the Wifi hotspot Power backup Datamax 01 datacard. Now I am feeling cheated because Airtel India is not providing the promised service.


Posted on Aug 03, 2015

I took connection 3 month back and i did not get service most of the time and i an getting only bill. I want to back my whole money(including installation charges)

Ram Kumar Sharma

Posted on Aug 01, 2015

I had purchased Vodafone Postpaid Connection on 2nd July 2015. I have given deposit of 250 amount. but sim card didn't activate after i have submit 250 more to Vodafone and document again on 10th July but my sim card didn't get activate. till now i had submit ID proof ( Adhar Card, Pen Card, Driving License) 4 times and total amount of 750 while amount of 250 is actual price to convert mobile number from prepaid to postpaid. many times i visit vodafone mini store, and main store, main head office nobody solve my problem please do something thank you.

Ankit Mittal

Posted on Jul 28, 2015


Posted on Jul 27, 2015

I have connection of you broadband in sector 40.Services provider is not providing the proper services .I try to complain every time the customer care note down the complain but no action taken. it just around 15 days of connection but every day connection lost for 6 to 8 hour. I complained many time but no action is taken till now.

Ramesh Babu Cheerla

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Hi Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, I am Ramesh Babu Cheerla. I am facing problem with Hathaway Broadband organization. I requested 2 months back or broadband connection , they given connection and taken Rs.1500 from my side. But there is no internet connection from first day on words i requested so many times for this issue no one response currently. Finally i quit for connection i given back mode they said with in 15 working days i will get my money refund. Many time i requested still no one response finally they are telling who collected money form my side (his name is Shyed) left from job so they cant do any thing. I have all receipts regarding this issue. I am requesting could you please do some action this organization and refund money.

Soumen Das

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

My name is Soumen Das. Previously I reported to consumer forum about the fraudulent bill that MTS MBLAZE internet had sent. No one helped. I had cleared a bill of Rs 1001 on 20th June 2015 and requested to close my account. It was against my ethics and I really condemn these thieves doing business with pride. According to my request no: 1800345 they closed my account on 20th June 2015. I have confirmation SMS of that. Again they have started to send bill of Rs 1 for the same closed account from July 2015. Is it really valid or Legal way of doing business?? Sir, I want to lodge a legal complaint against MTS. Please take strict action against them. To note my MTS internet connection number was 9143081502.

M A Srinivas

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

1. I have taken 20GB plan for Rs 1,000 . ( Tata Docomo Photon number 7204301556) 2. I have complained at least more than 50 - 60 times to technical division about the slowness of speed (see below mail trails) 3. Tata DoCoMo NEVER corrected the speed and connectivity to more than one device . I was getting hardly 0.5 to 0.6 MBps Not able to get internet between 2 devices which is hardly 20 feet apart 4. After more than 4 months they inform , connection density is high and towers are not available 5. Advised to take a lower consumption plan . T. his is there advice 6. After going for 5 GB plan , speed has become most WORST . I am not getting hardly any connectivity at all 7. I requested to go back to original plan of 20 MB from July 25, 2015. 8. Customer care people are very rude . They sid it is not possible 9. In the first place, they only advised to go for lower plan and now to revert they are refusing 10. I have sent several mails to appellate and customer


Posted on Jul 21, 2015


Pritha Ghose

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

My tata docomo Broadband is not working since 15th Jul, I logged a complaint on 16th Jul. I go a confirmation sms for complaint no (496305217) and a technician (ETKOJE0346 with Mobile no 9239164191) was supposed to reach my premises for repair. But no one turned up till today despite multiple calls an folowups. Every time customer care would say that they would escalate the matter and resolve asap. But it was not. Today again I called them up only to know that the call has been closed today(20th July) saying that issues has been resolved and customer is satisfied. I don't understand how they could do this when the issue is still pending or rather unattended. They said that I could raise a new complaint. But why would I raise a new complaint when my earlier complaint was unattended. Due to unavailability of the internet service I am unable to continue with my office work. Please help.

Aparna Saboo

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

I had requested for a new YOU broadband connection. But when YOU broadband people came for installation, they said that they cannot provide connection at my flat. I am expecting the amount to be refunded which i had paid for connection through cheque. I have called customer care number several times and i was told that their customer service executive will get back to me ASAP. However nobody called me over last 2 weeks. Complaint number: 2015070704494.


Posted on Jul 16, 2015

I have given cancellation of my internet connection, which not serve properly for me. I have paid Rs 3000/- to You broad band india pvt ltd, for a new connection on 15.04.2015. After several follow up with customer care they given connection on 27.04.2015. (12 Days later). But for wi-fi configuration the service officer is asking Rs 300/- addition.I have given a complaint to customer care which is not antedated so far. Even most of the time the connection was not working. (I have the SMS received from You broad band ) Later on May 27 i have shifted my home with in One KM from the address and given a request for shifting. After several follow up with customer care, i have received a call on 02nd of June 2015 that they are not able to give the connection, and i given request for cancellation of my connection. Since i have not used much the plan, i given request for refund of my plan amount. Even after 35 calls to customer care and other top official,they are not agree to refund the money

deepjyoti talukdar

Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Frequent cut down of internet without informing the customer.When we call them,they switch off the phone.Moreover, Internet Connection too slow/not getting desired speed by giving sufficient money by Alliance Subscribers in Kestopur, Kolkata Area. Phone No: +91-9088188507/9831928277(Alliance Phone Numbers)

Mihir Das

Posted on Jul 15, 2015


dipen rathod

Posted on Jul 14, 2015

i had taken broadband connection from TIKONA. and despite termination of my connection on 6th May 2015, till date i havent got the refund amount which i am suppose to get as per the commitments made by them. every time i call and ask for the update, i get the same reply "you will get confirmed email in next 72 hours" and later there is no revert on email or phone at all. i have been following for this since 2 months now

Hardik Gohil

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

I have an internet connection of You Broadband company at Ahmedabad. I''m using it since last 6 months and just renewed my service pack for another 4 months. Since I''ve renewed my service pack, internet connection is down. They have replaced Switch(device) which is common in our building for all connections but still there is no luck. They are not giving any satisfactory answer about when this problem will resolve. They are not even picking the call. This problem continues since last 15 days. Please help asap.


Posted on Jul 06, 2015

Respected Sir, I wish to draw your attention regarding the wrong deduction of Rs. 370 from my a/c. My mobile no. ( AIRCEL NO. 8526884483 ) On 2/7/2015 (11.12 AM) I recharged my cell phone a/c for Rs. 453. And I got the message (11.12am) informing me that talk time 353 and new Balance 370. But within a short time the whole amount was deducted from my a/c and no balance is retained in my a/c. When enquired at customer care no proper response was made. Already I had 50 + MB data remained in my a/c. and after recharge 3 gb data added in my a/c. when a/c was sufficient enough to use the data on what reason the amount remained in the main a/c/was deducted. May I know how your officials misappropriated the money with the data a/c. customer care was contacted several times but no suitable reply is had from them. I make a humble request that the above said problem be attended and suitable remedy be given to me.

Ashokkkumar M

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

I am being threatened by Tikona official pretending to be a lawyer. They are asking me to pay money for the data which i havent used. They delayed the disconnection request submitted by me and now they put bill for that period and insisting me to pay. Tikona was such a horrible service provider. I am mentally disturbed by them. Please guide me on this issue

Ajay Mishra

Posted on Jul 02, 2015

I bought an MTS Dongle from the day I have purchased I am not used for a single day properly,and when ever I have called there customer care they asked me that engineer will visit and resolve,nothing has happened till date. My MTS Data No is 8926647229 I want immediate action to be taken MTS or I will go to higher authority TRIA or regulatory body who look after data/Internet. Ajay Mishra 8820343305

Manoj Chitre

Posted on Jul 02, 2015

We trust you are still working on rectification of network problem. However we are very much confident that there will be no results this time as well. We have been complaining on network issue since more than a year but you give only reminder for payment no action is taken for rebates/waiver of bill amoune so for for very foor quality of service. Every time your field engineer comes and says tower optimisation will be done. Does it take this much time to optimise tower. Further we have been paying monthly bill in time without waiting for your rebate, trust we are not doing mistake by doing so. Regards Jun 26,20151:06AM, "" Dear Manoj, We have gone through your email dated June 25, 2015 for your Reliance number 7879026924 and regret the inconvenience. Your complaint for coverage has been registered with service request ID: 234803243 on June 25, 2015 at 12:13:33 PM and it will be addressed by June 28, 2015 at 1 PM


Posted on Jul 02, 2015

I Nikunj Saraf brought broadband internet connection from Hathway. My internet account no. is 659657.Since, last three days i am facing frequent internet disconnection issues. My entire official work gets disrupted due to internet disconnections.I have been using service since last 1 year and do not expect this kind of services from Hathway. So, requesting you to kindly look into the matter on top priority. I hope you will take appropriate actions regarding the same.

Ajay Ramaji Bodile

Posted on Jul 02, 2015

Sir i hv recharged of rs 84 from uninor sim on my mobile since by calling on *121# uninor says that by recharge of rs. 84,we get 1 gb internet data for 28 days,but when i actually recharge it they give me 800 mb data with validity of only 21 days When i asked the uninor costomer care ,they say me,that offer has been changed and it is not updated on *121#. But i m in loss sir and they dont gave any compensation for that I request u sir plz take care of my complaint and try to solve it as soon as possible.

Devkant Varde

Posted on Jul 01, 2015

This is complaint regarding the data plan taken from reliance telecom,Wigth Town jabalpur my Reliance no.07828794848, This plan for 3G connectivity but in my above residence , i am receiving 2G/very very slow internet speed.


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, This is a complaint regarding TATA Photon(3G WIFI no. 8109012491). I had purchased a tata photon connection in the month of 13 JAN 2015 in Pandri Raipur Chhattisgarh with 6 month Plan per month 1000 Rs. and paid 6740 Rs with Tax. But Tata photon customer care calling every day regarding due Bill Amount . I have a receipt PAID Amount of 6month plan. Second COMPLAIN. TATA photon Disconnect my Internet under 6 month but i had paid 6740 with Tax. I am really disappointed with the way TATA Photon is cheating consumers and making money in a wrong way. I hope consumer redressal forum would help me and take strict action against TATA photon.

Himanshu Batham

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

sir, firstly the vodafone india does not give sufficent dowbloading speed.The vofafone claimed the speed of 2G network gives 40kbps but it is not true the speed only gives 2-kbps.The compney cheat the people.I request you please take action about that case and take penality about that. thank you


Posted on Jun 28, 2015

My HATHWAY, broad band a/c no is 291289. I just renewed my subscription on6 th june 2015 for 3 months and after that from 22 june my net is down and despite several complaints, calls it has not been restored. more to that people answering my phone calls are very arrogant and do not give straight answers, I even doubt that they are not conveying my problem to correct department hence no one is taking any note of my complaint, that aside I want to be repaid back for Rs 2250/-(Rs two thousand two hundred only) which I have paid for my renewal....

Arnab Mallick

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

This is regarding Tikona Broadband Connection. Inspite of sending them regular disconnection mails(acknowledged by them), they keep on sending bills and finally now they are demanding the whole amount of money inspite of me not using it.What to do?


Posted on Jun 25, 2015

I gave 1100/- Rs to the sales executive of CONNECT BROADBAND Ashutosh on 08/05/2015 to install the connection which includes the one month bill and the installation charges.The varification was done on 14/05/2015. But due to some reasons the varification was failed and connection was not installed. The dealer assured me that he will return the money within a week as it will take time to process, but he never returned. Whenever i call the dealer to return my money back, he always have some excuses. I use to call the dealer almost every day. Today is 25/06/2015 and i am still waiting to get my money back. When i visited the Connect office which is in sector 35 chandigarh 20 days ago, they said "we don't have any information regarding this matter" and also did't paid any attention to me. This is very unexpected from their side to do such kind of service. Following are the details of the connection: BROADBAND: CONNECT NAME OF DEALER / SALES EXECUTIVE: ASHUTOSH SALES CODE: 4578 SR. 267


Posted on Jun 25, 2015


Tejashvi Naik

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

Consumer id 1110167159. I have sent a mail to tikona customer care last month on 26 May 2015 to disconnect their services even I have asked them when they had tried to reach me on my cellphone but they have not disconnected and they have sent me a bill of this month when I dropped a mail for explanation I received a call from them saying that I need to pay for this month and they are not going to disconnect until I pay the amount for this month they also mentioned that they tried to reach me last month for the same and I was not reachable in that case a professional would have dropped a mail to clarify and so also whenever they have called I had asked for disconnection this clearly shows us that this is a policy and truly a trick to make money. I have not been using their services since 28th May 2015 after I requested for disconnection. I request consumer court team to please intervene and investigate on Tikona Request number is as below online request number is 1-3499758099. Thank

sandeep pali

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

sir mere ghar pe jo bsnl ka connection aya hai use khabhi road wale ya kat dete hai .mai hamesa use pane kharche pe banvata hu or bsnl walo ke dhvara koi action nhi liya jata hai .or mere paise bill me deduct nhi hote hai .kya kru kiske naam me complain kru

Tejashvi Naik

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

Dear Sir, Consumer id 1110167159.I have sent a mail to tikona customer care last month on 26May 2015 to disconnect their services even I have asked them when they had tried to reach me on my mobile but they have not disconnected and they have sent me a bill of this month when I dropped a mail for explanation I received a call from them saying that I need to pay for this month and they are not going to disconnect until I pay the amount for this month they also mentioned that they tried to reach me last month for the same and I was not reachable in that case a professional would have dropped a mail to clarify and so also whenever they have called I had asked for disconnection this clearly shows us that this is a policy and truly a trick to make money.I have not been using their services since 28th May 2015 after I requested for disconnection. I request consumer court team to please intervene and investigate on Tikona Request number is as below online request number is 1-3499758099

Parthiban V

Posted on Jun 21, 2015

this is complaint against tikona user ID 1113674231- signal and Internet Slowness -Urgent, They are cheating without have proper connectivity it got installed only on 13th june'15

Vinod C

Posted on Jun 21, 2015

We are a group of young entrepreneurs looking to start a innovative heathcare website. After a lot of hard work we finally developed the website and tried hosting it through a server provider called ''. I paid for the website and they charged me seperately for control panel. I paid all the charges on May 31st and the server never got deployed until june 3rd. I requested them sever times and sent multiple emails to them but the servers never got deployed despite making them understand the seriousness of the issue. They finally deployed it after 4 days which caused a delay in our testing and soft launch causing a great loss to us monetarily and by damaging our goodwill with our clients. After all this they have now disabled access to the servers with a error message saying that the 15 day trail period has expired and we should obtain a new license when i have already paid for 1 full month. Its not even one full month that we have used their service.No reply from them. Help

Ankit Salvi

Posted on Jun 20, 2015

Nandan Ghosh

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

i am using reliance broadband connection along with landline phone no. 033 30270777. I have been receiving SMS regarding by un-billed usage which at present is around Rs.11,000 (un-billed usage from 24th May 2015 till date) and the connection has been de-activated for past 10 days. I spoke with customer care few days back regarding this and they said I do not have to pay any amount now and the un-billed usage is showing as Rs. 0 in their system. I received a call from Kolkata Reliance stating I need to pay the above mentioned amount before my connection is activated. I had asked for itemized bill many times because I did not usage the services as much as the bill amount shows but to no avail. They said I need to make the payment first before reliance activates the connection and then they can send us the itemized bill. They are harassing us like this without giving us the itemized statement and asking us to pay the amount first. Kindly help.


Posted on Jun 19, 2015

Very low 2 g net

Imtiyaz Aalam Sofi

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

Hi sir, my reliance broadband connection is not working for last 11 days. Subscriber ID 354439377253 , I had raised several complains and write several emails to concern deptt. but till date nothing done. Below are my complain Numbers : 234310001 , 234393345, 234463386 , 234426676

Umang Sanghvi

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Respected Sir/Madam, I had installed a Tikona broadband connection at my residence 3 months back. The first month was ok with a few problems. From the last one month, my broadband connection is giving a lot of problems. My connection is not working from the last 3 days. The customer care is never available. The people at the customer care told that they would send an engineer but they never turned up. Even after paying my bill, they call me 3 times a day and they also send text messages regarding my bill at 2:30am. I am facing a lot of problem without any internet connection. I would request you to help me in this matter and take some strict action against these thugs

Sumit Mazumdar

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

I bought an AIRTEL 4G wireless router with data plan of 10 GB, connection number - 8585893305 and i have found that the data usage is shown as unrealistically high and this my 10 GB getting over within 7 days if i normally use, whereas i also have an old AIRTEL broadband connection of 5GB data limit and i have been using it for the last 2 yrs and the data limit is never exhausted even after 1 month of constant use. I am surprised that how the data usage for my 4G connection is being shown as such unrealistically high. Airtel 4G plan is a COMPLETE FRAUD. and i want to drag Airtel to legal arena with compensation for my loss of time, energy and data usage inability.

Ayan Ghosh

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

Hello, My mobile no. is : 7685832402 and using service of aircel kolkata. Pressing *121# and then pressing 2 , I got my offer:- 198=2.4 GB 3G/2G 28d I recharged with 198 but got only 1.3 GB data. I've emailed them on 09/06/15 , they promised to reply with in 2 days ( in auto acknowledge mail), but not replied , neither issue was correted. Thanking you, Ayan


Posted on Jun 12, 2015

Vodafone had sold an advance rental plan of 3g internet to me of Rs.3651 for 6 months, but they had not mentioned to me that on surrendering the plan before completion of its original tenure the whole amount would be forfeited. So, I had shifted to a new rental plan and the advance rental plan became inactive and moreover I had been charged with the entire amount about which I was not communicated by them. Now they had barred my outgoing calls and it is causing undue problems. It is my earnest request to you to take care of this part and all the telephonic conversations with the customer are recorded. So,the audio clipping might be evidence of the fact that I was not communicated about the fact that on shifting to a new plan before the original tenure of the advance rental plan would be forfeited. You are requested to take necessary actions.

Manish Jounwal

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

I had brought Tikona connection two months back but since i brought connection its not working properly as both speed and network is very poort. every week i need to make a complaint to get it resolved. As now i have decided to disconnect the connection so, i have made a request to disconnect my connection on 5th June 2015 but since there is no response from Tikona till now although i have mailed this to Appellate Authority " " in mail as well. also Im getting mail and daily calls to pay bill advance for this month altough i have already made a disconnection request. So I need your support to get this connection disconnected and they shouldn't ignore such request for other consumers in future. I hope a strict action will be taken on same. Disconnection request ID- 1-3512424963


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Hi, This is to inform that Meghbela broadband are ripping off people money smartly.They flash in their plans about the internet speed but when tested they do not provide the speed that was promised, I am using jet silver economy plan which provides a speed of 512kbps of speed whereas the delivered speed to me is provided with less then 300kbps and never exceed that speed and the torrent speed with good leecher seeder ratio doesn't exceed to 20kbps. Whereas the connection gets disconnected in every one hour or two. I requested them to come up with online bill payment solution but it doesn't seem to bother them as their vision of harassing customer would stop. And the worst part is, You can shout all you want mail all you want but they never appreciate feedback.And also out of 1 month i am unable tou use the internet for 15 days in a month...kindly take necessary action...

Swapnil Singh

Posted on Jun 07, 2015

Complaint more than 7 times with company (even Appelate Authority) No response, customer support Manager saying please get your connection disconnected, we cant help you with no refund. First complaint on 20-May-2015, no response till date, service engineer change the status of my complaint to resolved whereas no solution. No one in company picks up call, if some one does they say we cant help you, concerned person on leave. etc Etc Etc. Asked to Disconnect the connection, but public should know what crap service provider system is in Gurgaon, being the Corporate honchos ideal place.

Jatin Sharma

Posted on Jun 06, 2015

Sir I am a eligible candidate and I have done the all process of Refund but still they are not giving me my refund letter so that I can take my money from any MTS outlet. Sir Please do the needful and take some strict action against him. My MTS Data Card No. 8459632883 With best regards, Jatin Sharma +91 9211927602


Posted on Jun 05, 2015

I have changed unlimited plan to limited plan. I exceed the limit in using, we don't get any notice how much we used. I thought like other private network, they stop the service once exceed the usage. Some misunderstanding i got bulk amount in bill. After next month i requested to change to unlimited plan..They are not taking my request. They are waiting for chance to make me more bill payment. This is worst service in consumer maintenance. If i ask why i don't receive any notification about usage. They are told me to see the in site. I just thought like bsnl and data card. once we reach the limit, our service will stop.. Better avoid asianet broadband. If you selecting broadband, just select unlimited plan.


Posted on Jun 01, 2015


Pritha Gupta

Posted on Jun 01, 2015


Posted on May 28, 2015

need to make the complaint against Tikona broadband services. I got this installed on 13th may'15. While installing they commit the service within 4 hours and now from last 10 days they are not replying to my emails and if i try to make the call on their mumbai headoffice no but the ivr disconnects automatically after 5 mints saying a call back will be arranged in 24 to 48 hrs which didn't happen yet. I have 4 complaint nos which are not resolved yet and after every 3 days a new complaint no is given to me without sorting out the old one. The complaint nos are as below: Id 1113333084 Today's complaint no.1-3504044903 Complaint no 1- 3501071836(3rd complaint . from last 3 days this is the only complaint no and is not resolved) 1-3494067911(2nd complaint launched 4 days back and not resolved yet) 1-3489953299( 1st complaint launched and no action taken yet) When i asked them to discontinue and refund my amount, they are not listening to me now. I want to put the fraud case onthem


Posted on May 27, 2015

our local wishnet broadband service provider in chingrighata,purbayan area, is charging inappropriate higher rates than the original wishnet broadband packages we want steps against it.But our name should not be revealed as it can affect us.

Rajendra Singh

Posted on May 26, 2015

Aaj maine airtel 3g Ka recharge kiya tha. 141 m 1gb 28 dino k liye bataya tha. But mere ko 500mb hi mila h.

dipak kumar chaurasia

Posted on May 26, 2015


Rajeev Tripathi

Posted on May 22, 2015

I am an IT professional residing in Pune from last 3 years. I wanted to bring to your notice that one of the major ISP 'Airtel' is not functioning as expected and leading to customer harassment. Their so called 4G services are not consistent and going off intermittently. When reaching to customer support - technical department they are just the messengers. They don't even connect to network team deployed in the particular area and even don't share their numbers. There has been such incidents where entire site (pune - Wadgaonsheri) was down for more than 4 days and customers are not intimated before any schedule maintenance. Airtel don't even bother to publish any SMS or email regarding any downtime/maintenance. This only comes to know when we try hard running behind customer support and concerned appellate authorities. This had made a significant loss to me. I made some commitments and was not able to do it because of no internet connectivity. From Last 5 days no internet yet :(

Smorita Barooah

Posted on May 20, 2015

Airtel 4g router not activated as yet despite making payment in full on 18/05/2015. Device delivered from Airtel Broadband, Pune, 2nd Floor, Vega Centre, A Wing, Swargate, Pune. When I called up to inquire Mr. Rohit Dhavane, Phone number7588868688 verbally abuses me saying that it is my fault that I submitted the documents on Monday and not Saturday whe I needed on an urgent basis. Whereas I was assured that the activation will be done on the same day that the documents are submitted. I am having to stay at my office until 10pm due to this problem, as I have to be online to communicate with my team and company clients abroad. I had disconnected my previous internet connection as I was assured that the device will be activated on the same day. When i asked Mr Rohit to refund me my money and collect their device, I was again at the receiving end of verbal abuses. Is this how Airtel provides services to customers? If this is the state before avtivation, what will happen post activation?

Prasanta Kr Goswami

Posted on May 19, 2015

I am unable to log-in to my e-mail ID:- for the last 3 months. My password is remembered by me correctly.please help me to open inbox of my e-mail ID.


Posted on May 18, 2015

This complain is against Tata Tele Limited.I am using their Photon max wifi data card since last more than 6 months. At the time of purchase the authorised selling centre at Jamshedpur assured me that i will get minimum 3.1MBPs. speed. But since purchaded i am getting around 1 to 50 kbps only. Further wifi has been promised that it will work within 100 mtrs range. But actually it is working wthin 15 fts area only. I think that this company is misinforming and cheating the customers. You are requested to please register my complain and take action against the Co.The wifi max account no is 989994395

shruti singh

Posted on May 18, 2015

i had applied for a new YouBroadband connection on 18/03/2015 for it's 6 months plan and had paid an ammount 3384 through online payment. Later due to an issue i cancelled the connection as "YouBroadband" internet is not allowed in our building. i had applied for cancellation and refund on 21 /03/2015. it has been 2 months and still i have not received my money back. and have even not received a proper answer from YouBroadband Ahmedabad office. what should i do, Please give me suggestion.


Posted on May 15, 2015

Broadband not working for 3 months in Raipur Tikrapara Hi, my name is Santosh Kumar Maratha, I resident at Raipur sanjay nagar Tikrapara my number is 0771-2273924. For the past 3 months both my landline and broadband connection is not working. Lot of complaints i made but still not repaired, but i paid bill for those 3 months. And my local JE & SDO promised me to adjust those amount in forecoming bills. But the problem is they repaired it now. Very very worst reply from BSNL I will promise that i wont come back to this worst govt. Connection again, i will run from them

Santanu Karmakar

Posted on May 12, 2015

Sir, I purchased an MTS 3G dongle on 29.04.2015 and paid Rs 1100/- (one thousand one hundred) only for that purpose and submitted a copy of voter id card, pan card and a recent color passport photo to the MTS representative Mr Anirban Roy, mobile phone no 8334834303. But the internet service is yet to be activated, despite several emails to the company MTS. Kindly look into the matter and ensure immediate activation of the internet service to my 3G dongle whose MDN no is 9143382696. With regards. Santanu Karmakar. 9432165866


Posted on May 08, 2015

BHARTIYA SANCHAR NIGAM LTD. is charging an excess bill for a Broadband plan of 999. It is charging me 2127.


Posted on May 06, 2015

complaint against: Alliance broadband Complaint categories: 1) Intermittent services year round 2) unhelpful, vociferous customer service rep. Please mention if detailed complaint is required.

pankaj pandit

Posted on May 05, 2015

Irregular service even after timely payment since last one and a half year.


Posted on May 05, 2015

Hi, We have request for Internet connection on 1st may 2015 and taken 3 month hd stream1 plan. Hathway people said that we will get the Internet by 4pm on 2nd may 2015 But nothing happened even after EOD of 3rd may 2015. We suffered a lot in following up with the hathway people, all time they are saying lies to us. We have taken it because of urgent work and due to false statement of hathway people, we are blocked and no way to even approach other service provider. Our work hampered and weekend wasted in waiting and following up with them. Please return the amount paid which is 3030 and thank you for making our weekend worst.


Posted on May 02, 2015

my name is Naresh and my customer code is 1296156 I have many issues with hathway internet service am EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED with your services i have called to helpdesk many many times but issue is fixing temparorily then again i have to call to helpdesk to raise complaint (this happened 10 times since i connected hathway internet) i usually work from home in weekends and the internet is very much NEED and IMPORTANT for me but every other day am facing issues niether slow or completely disconnected and finally i decided to terminate from services and did so, now i paid an amount of 4500 for 6 months and called to help desk raised a complaint and without knowing me they have closed the complaint and other day after waiting 20 mins i have connected a call to helpdesk and raised a complaint again on 22/4/2015 and also email to hyd help desk but never received any response. i trusted your services and paid big amount at once but never expected this kind of services and responses.


Posted on May 01, 2015

I have a tata photon max wifi with 999 plan. Recently I am getting horrible speed (20-40kbps) all the time of the day. My Adress details is Amrakunja Housing Complex Block-Sinduri, Flat no -3/2 51 Sarat Chandra Bose Road Kolkata 700164 I just lodged a complaint today against this (complaint number : 476151271) and they promised that the issue will be resolved by 3 pm this day and surprisingly they have marked the issue as resolved without any confirmation from my side whether the issue is resolved properly or not. Where the issue is not at all resolved but worse.


Posted on Apr 27, 2015

Got Hathway Internet connection on 27th March, 2015, and from 3rd April to till date (24th April, 2015) experienced issues with Internet Service, and called numerous times to Hathway Customer Care Service. And finally requested for disconnection and money refund back. I paid for 3months in advance and not able to use internet properly for atleast week. Hathway is not ready to money back, and billing team is so rude to speack with customers.


Posted on Apr 24, 2015

YouBroadband: I have applied for new connection through online link ( on 14-04-2015, which customer care ( has send and paid the payment. They said that within 3 days I will get the connection. But even after two week they are not responding to my emails or phones. Registration No: 2015041312692 (received after successful payment email)

Seshadri Roy

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

I Used MTS Mblaze Ultra Wi-Fi Internet service ( My MDN No. 9153453569) up to the month of January and Payed all the internet Bills due till the month. After that I requested MTS to disconnect my connection until I wish to connect, ( request number: 1212595) but They are still charging me unknown bills and repetitively claiming for the due payments . Finally they are raising legal issues and sending notices for their false claim. I don't wish to pay them anymore because I already paid the bills according to my usage. I need Legal and Technical helps in this regard. Thanks

Seshadri Roy

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

I Used MTS Mblaze Ultra Wi-Fi Internet service up to the month of January and Payed all the internet Bills due till the month. After that I requested MTS to disconnect my connection until I wish to connect, ( request number: 1212595) but They are still charging me unknown bills and repetitively claiming for the due payments . Finally they are raising legal issues and sending notices for their false claim. I don't wish to pay them anymore because I already paid the bills according to my usage. I need Legal and Technical helps in this regard. Thanks

Debrup Ghosh

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Sir,I had reacharged my AIRCEL mobile no 8013027681 with Rs 399 for 3.75 Gb highspeed 3g network on sunday(19/04/2015) but they did not give a speed above 0 kbps ,I became unable to open any website,I called their complain helpline no for several times but they did not respond to my call for a single time,Please short out my issue because I faced a huge loss due to the careless behavior and 3rd class network of AIRCEL .I want a speedy proper network or MY money back .please help me

sunil b a

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I am subscribed to you broadband but From past 10 days no broadband service. Complaint to customer care and nodal office does not heed any result. Still No concrete action from the service provider.


Posted on Apr 19, 2015

Sir/Madam, I have been using ALLIANCE BROADBAND for 4 months now (registered in December). The tarrif charged by them in a pack called starter plus is costed at 399 with 12.36% tax which adds to 448.32. But the local cable operator is charging me 550/- instead of 448.32/- with the same plan offered. I have the receipts of payments of respective bills I have paid. On talking to ALLIANCE BROADBAND over the phone he said that the cable operator shouldn't charge so high. On talking to the cable operator he is saying that it is their "service and maintainine charge" they are charging for looking after the line. But alliance says that they pay the cable operator a cut from the 448.32 which includes cost of maintainance. Since then I have not got any firm reply from alliance or my cable operator. I herby request you to look into this matter and help me the same. Thank You

Rajesh Ghosh

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

anirban dey

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

i am not able to connect to the net .no team visited my house to resolve the problem.and incurred aloss of 300 repees and now TIKONA broadband has imposed a fine of RS 1500.PLEASE HELP

anirban dey

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

i was not able to connect to the net on 4 th april and registered a complain with TIKONA DIGITAL NETWORKS PVT LTD and receiced a message saying engineer will visit my house in 24 hours and gave me his phone no.i called him more than 50 times but the person had diverted his calls for 2 days deliberately. then i had to call again to the technical department more than 10 times and lost 200 rupees[NOT A TOLL FREE NO].The prblem was finally solved on 11 april and in total i had to suffer aloss of 500 rupees as i could not do my work on time.thus the problem was resolved on 11 april instead of within 24 hrs as assured by them.PLEASE HELP.


Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Hi, I would like to register a complaint against my domain registration service provider ( Despite of my several followups (support tickets, phone calls and emails) on renewal of my domain, not helping out on renewal of my domain. Also they have been changing the control panel details unethically to prevent access to my domain control panel. This is severely affecting my business as the domain has expired yesterday, and further delay in renewal might result in losing the domain. Can you please help me with resolving the issue. Thanks Kartikey

darpan sarin

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

Hi, I was using Tikona internet services from last one year. In December 2014 i have recharged my account with 2000 rs for 1 year's subscription. In very next month i.e. January 2015 i shifted to a new place and placed a request with Tikona to shift the connection. After following up a lot a technician came to my place and declared that its not feasible to have a Tikona connection there at my place. When asking for the refund Tikona guys assured me that with in 15 days i will get my money back. After following up for so long they are denying to refund the money now. Its not my fault if Tikona is not able to provide me the connection. Please help me out to get my money back. Thanks Darpan Sarin Tikona ID: 1110547979


Posted on Apr 08, 2015

Hi, I have applied for an airtel broadband connection on April 1st through their web portal. I cancelled the request and asked for refund because of unprofessional behaviour of airtel. I contacted customer care, airtel nodal officer of Delhi/ncr, apeallate authority but none of them provided a satisfactory reply and adding to my woes, they asked me for a cancelled cheque for my refund. When I provided them the same, they asked me for a cancelled cheque with my name over it or provide them my passbook or bank statement. I denied to provide them these documents as they are my financial document and I do not think I should share with them for refund process. I have a to and for of around 15 e-mails with airtel officers but they were not ready to listen my problem. I request you to help me get my refund back. Thanks Vinay Agrawal +91-8860339932

Najmul Hoque

Posted on Apr 07, 2015

Sir Main Tikona ka broad band connection jab liya tab unhone bolatha ki ap agar 3999 ka pack lenge to apko 6 month unlimited WiFi milega. But 4 din bad service band ho gaya aur internet start kar ne ke liye rs-1000 recharge Karna para har mahina...6 month bad main connection khol na chaha Aur mera installation charge return chaha magar unhone connection nahikhola aur mere nam par 650 rupees due kar diya aur case kar diya ...connection avibhi mere pas band para gain...

Krishna Naidu

Posted on Apr 07, 2015

Acc Number: 662544 (Hathway Broadband), loct in Bangalore. There was always a Internet issue now and then but that exceeded from 26th Mar 2015. Raised a complaint on 27th April. When a service request was raised on the same day one, they told 24 Hrs it will be rectified. Later they told me that issue will be rectified when I get the new modem (users were asked to migrate to 50MBps plan). The new modem was installed on 28th Mar 2015. Again a request was raised on 28th till 1st Apr 2015. They never came to the location for checking the issue, simply closed the ticket first 3 days. 4th day i asked them how you closed the ticket without confirmation from side, they did not any clue. Fed up with this service, a mail was written to their billing & help desk mail id on 30th Mar for Internet closure. They told that I will get a call from back end team within 24Hrs. No response yet, in between a guy called me asking me to wait for a day and he will send the technical team and correct the issue.

Midun kumar.M

Posted on Apr 05, 2015

without notifying that my sim's activation date had been over I have recharged it with a net pack valued 155 Rupees. Please guide me to get my money back or use it with any other offers.

Trinanjan Lahiri

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

This is a huge problem from last month. Every day after 6pm to 1am getting high latency in online gaming like at World of warcraft i got above 6000ms Normal. At day time 200-300ms Average . Wishnet never solved this problem. Me and my friend already called many times and reported our lco. They never fix this problem. They used to told us "we made a docket, our engineer had been working in the field etc etc." When i pinging from have huge Request time out and high ms maximum ms 500.

Mayukh Chowdhury

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

Sir, I want to notify you that I'm using Wishnet broadband service for last 5 years in kolkata (BaghaJatin Area) and their service is very poor. Connection is very unstable since last 2 months at around a specific time of day with huge latency problem and moreover the customer support executives are very arrogant and have zero knowledge about the problems I am facing. Whenever I call them up they says some so called diagnostics which are useless and then opens a support ticket which gets solved automatically after 24 hours without rectifying the issue. The senior executives have also zero knowledge about networking yet they are charging a huge amount at the cost of nothing. I will be grateful if steps are taken against this fraud internet service provider or at least warn them to fix their service as soon as possible. This is my letter sent to West Bengal Consumer Forums today against this horrible ISP...Looking forward for some action. Thanks


Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Sir, I want to notify you that I am using wishnet broadband service for last 2 years in kolkata and their service is very poor. Connection is very unstable and moreover the customer support executives are very arrogant and have zero knoledge about the problems I am facing.Whenever I call them up they says some so called diagnostics which are useless and then opens a support ticket which gets solved autometically after 24 hours without rectifying the issue. The senior executives have also zero knoledge about networking yet they are charging a huge amount at the cost of nothing. I will be grateful if steps are taken against this fraud internet service provider or at least warn them to fix their service as soon as possible.

Santosh Kumar Banerjee

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

MTS Data Card was not functioning properly from 04-Dec-2014 lodged complaint No. Dec/7533 dt. 06-Dec-2014 asked MTS Customer Care to rectify and when found no service from their side asked them to disconnect the line or convert it to pre-paid. One engineer visited my house on 16-Dec-2014 and confirm the defect. On repeated request they deactivated the data card and also raised bill for Jan-Feb 2015. Reminded every day for payment without any service. Now serving legal notice for payment. I want this to be sorted out and a compensation for not given any service faced me to hardship on seeing my mails.

Arka Ghosh

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

Sir, I have fallen in a big trouble. I was using a Vodafone postpaid sim card and I used from that sim card ony 4.5GB 3g data and for that they had charged me Rs 9500+ . Is it fare I kindly want to know about it ? I was not even informed about it before I can"t understand why the charge is so much ? What should I do ? Please tell me in my Email address personally

joy mukherjee

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Subject :3G connectivity assured but never provided. Company Vodafone Ref: Repeated Emails sent but no action taken to resolve the issue Dear Sir It is apparent and evident by your actions that you are not interested in solving the problem mentioned repeatedly by me . You have gone on disconnected the line for unpaid bill of Rs 393/=. Without any notice you have disconnected my line . I hereby surrender my connection 8335042263 and am not liable to pay any money as you have not provided service as claimed. Henceforth do not send any bills. Sincerely

Mr. D. N. Suvarna

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

Dear Sir, This is to inform you that we had launched a complaint on 17th March 2015 on You Telecom Broadband but till date i. e. 25th March, 2015 none of their Engineers have visited our site for repair and maintenance. We have been regularly following up with their office and asking them to send their personnel for repairing our system but the customercare of You Telecom in the morning informs us that our person will reach your residence by 6.30 p. m. and then if we continuously follow - up with them then they tell our personnel will reach your premises by 4.30 p. m. and then again at 4.30 p. m. when we follow - up for their Personnel they tell our person will reach your premises by tomorrow morning by 11.30 a. m. - 12.00 noon. This has become an never ending story and hence would like to complaint regarding the same as they are not ready to refund back the paid amount. While taking up the connection they promise us big big promises but end up giving nothing but a ZERO output.

Dr Soma Bhattacharjee

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

Pl check email sent on 23rd March 2015

Dev Kanth

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

My consumer Id in Tikona is 1110680737. I registered a complaint on 15th March 2015 that my internet is not working. Tikona promised multiple times that the issue will be resolved within a day time and gave me the local representative number to coordinate with. I kept on calling the fellow but he just kept on bluffing. On calling the customer care they simply show their helplessness and I am left stranded. No one is listening. Due to loss of Internet I am stuck and have lost many of the clients. I request the court to charge Tikona a heavy penalty for this negligence.

RP Singh

Posted on Mar 22, 2015

Sir, I am user of Vodafone 3g . Yesterday a sum of rs 5, 29 and 69 rupees from my main balance. When I talk to customercare they say that you surfing in chargeable site and they refuse to log my complaint for refund the balance. I am not download anything from such site . Deduction is totally unreasonable. As I have 1Gb data in my acct. My mob no is 9775679105. So please help for refund the balance.


Posted on Mar 21, 2015

GOT MY FIRST THREAT CALL FROM RELIANCE.. My landline no : 7930225785 This was my landline number on which i used to use my broadband Name : BHAVIKKUMAR SHAH My subscirber id : 296029138575 1). problem started from 11-11-2014 regarding the speed of my internet connection which i had been paying from long period. Which never got solved..Thats Reliance Broadband.. 2). 30-11-2014 - Regarding the speed again 3). 01-12-2014 - regarding the speed again ( sending the proof as an attachment picture ) 4). 02-12-2014 - Regarding the speed again 5). 04-12-2014 - I receive acceptance letter from Reliance and as per their letter they never came and collected their instrument. my deposit they never talk about on call. 6). 21-12-2014 - My Complaint number is : 228197484 7).22-12-2014 - Reliance terminates my connection without noticing me. 8). 23-12-2014 - i write Reliance again 9). 24-12-2014 - i asked the procedure for termination as they were not solving my issues... 10). 20-01-201

prashant sinha

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

i am a bsnl broadband user and i have optewd for paln bbd ul 845 which costs rs.649 and gives speed of 2mbps for 15 gb costs rs.995 and gives about 0.45mbps thrughout the month (45kbps actual download speed) this problem has occured when they shifted our server from p2 to p3 when we complained about the speed...earlier it gave speed like 2.08mbps(136.0g kbps actual download speed) please help!!!


Posted on Mar 21, 2015



Posted on Mar 20, 2015

model:E353S-6(DATA CARD) IMEI:357260040952680 FCC id:qise353s-6 s/n: 43n5ta1212118206 not working data card


Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Without any demonstration if the speed of the internet the dongle was sold. MTS engineers checked after my repeted complains and found that the adequate speed was not there.

Bhavikkumar Shah

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

Dear Authorities, I am using Broadband internet of GTPL at Ahmedabad. last month i paid for 3 months in advance and i am having terrible service. i have been complaining to them from the past 7 days and theres no response from company or any call back. Kindly help me out. What i need is a quick response..


Posted on Mar 16, 2015

I had been a loyal customer to tikona for 2 years. Despite poor connection issues, I had persisted as I had no alternate service provider in my area. Several complaints of mine were not addressed. One fine day, I had it enough and I decided to close the connection. I sent a mail to customer care. Despite my email, bills continued to be generated and now I have an outstanding amount of around 2500 rs. I dont want to pay this amount for the poor quality of service and the fact that some of this was generated after my request for account termination. I am being threatened for legal action as well. Please help..

sushil kumar minz

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

My airtel is no: 8585816641 for 4G router service. My complaint no. is 60785262. For the last 4 months I am having network problem. Since, last 4 months I have been continuously complaining about this matter but nothing has been done which I can assume satisfactory. Today I have lodged my latest complaint. Since, 4G is highly charged service, I pay around Rs. 1500 monthly. This network trouble has accumulated total loss of Rs. 6000 to me. This is not a petty amount and at the same time, nothing has been done to solve my problem so far by the service provider. I am approaching you to solve my problem immediately. If you are unable to do it, suggest your senior officer who can solve my problem immediately.

rohit harlalka

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

I had subscribed to airtel 4G WIFI 10GB data plan at 999 plus taxes in November 2013. My connection no is 8585831324. Data usage beyond 10GB was free. Every month bill of 1122 was generated which I have been paying. In January 2015 , bill of 1679 was generated, for which I raised a complaint vide SR no 60066600 on January 29, 2015. Enhanced bill was again generated for February 2015 and I again raised a complaint on march 8, 2015 vide SR no 60668643. Airtel have not responded on any of the said complaint. Finally again on March 15, 2015 I wrote them an email in response to their payment reminder asking for clarification and rectification of bill. They have responded that there has been a change in tariff plan. Airtel should have intimated me and given me an opportunity to decide whether I want to continue with their services at revised tariff. They cannot sou moto change tariff and ask customer to pay exorbitant charges.


Posted on Mar 14, 2015

Dear Sir I had send request to beam telecom for my internet connection refund on 12.02.2015 and as of today they have not refund my amount and every time they are sending below email. Kindly help me in getting my refund amount. Beam Telecom - Support Mar 13 (1 day ago) to me Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting us, Your request for refund has been assigned to the concerned team to facilitate action. This would take some time to complete the process. However you would receive a confirmation from the concerned team once the process at our end is completed. Please bear with us until such time. Please note that an escalation ticket 16053938 has now been registered.

k satish reddy

Posted on Mar 14, 2015

I recently took 3 months internet connection from YOUBROADBANDINDIA.PVT.LTD with connection number1173678.we paid 3300 for 4 mbps speed and they are proving a speed of 250kbps with is slow than mobile internet and even is connect is not getting connected we raise a complaint and no one is taking care after it even thought we went to office

Arunoday Chakraborty

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

Subject: bill no.06111400188202 dtd06.11.14 for Vodafone no.9674943454 I had taken the above mentioned connection in Oct,14 plan Rs.499 with an initial credit limit of Rs.499 plus applicable taxes and the first month bill was of Rs. 522.80 against the plan of Rs.499, the bill amount was paid in time. In the second month, above mentioned bill of Rs.1687.42 was given to me, which was abnormally high and the usage limit was increased to Rs.9000. After receiving the bill, I made a call to customer service and raised an objection against that high usage limit as well as high usage bill, also an objection why not the connection was interrupted when the usage was crossing to such high value of 3 times of the initial usage limit of Rs.499, but no satisfactory reply was received . As per their customer service officer, it was the system generated process of increasing the usage limit without my written approval which was not acceptable to me.Later they started threatening and harassing me.

Vedant Joshi

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

I am having Internet Connection of Tikona. Inspote of having plan of 2MBPS I am receiving speed like 84kbps, 100kbps ans so. I tried calling several times to TIKONA CUSTOMER CARE but they always promise to resolve the problem and as usual it never happened. I am paying 779 Rs per month for this plan.

Arunoday Chakraborty

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

Subject: bill no.06111400188202 dtd06.11.14 for Vodafone no.9674943454 I had taken the above mentioned connection in Oct,14 plan Rs.499 with an initial credit limit of Rs.499 plus applicable taxes and the first month bill was of Rs. 522.80 against the plan of Rs.499, the bill amount was paid in time. In the second month, above mentioned bill of Rs.1687.42 was given to me, which was abnormally high and the usage limit was increased to Rs.9000. After receiving the bill, I made a call to customer service and raised an objection against that high usage limit as well as high usage bill, also an objection why not the connection was interrupted when the usage was crossing to such high value of 3 times of the initial usage limit of Rs.499, but no satisfactory reply was received . As per their customer service officer, it was the system generated process of increasing the usage limit without my written approval which was not acceptable to me.Later they started threatening and harassing me.


Posted on Mar 10, 2015

I am using broadband connection of Tikona digital networks pvt ltd but after making payment in advance my connection has been terminated & they have charged penalty on me for not handing over the modem.But I have clarified all the matters to them several times.After paying 6 months advance payment I am not able to use my internet connection right now & the company is not cooperating with me to clarify my quarries.They dont even receiving my calls right now.Also their nodal email id & contact no is incorrect & not able to contact them.They are harassing me regarding this issue for a long time.I have made the payment on 27/12/2014 but they terminated the connection on 05/01/2015.Please help me.

Avijit Mondal

Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Rajendra Yadav

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

Good Evening, I am Rajendra Kumar Yadav using Reliance 3 Data card. I was recharge with amount Rs. 797 according to the company Rule it should be Unlimited Data Uses for 30 Days but They Allow to use only 25 GB of Data After reduce the speed when I call to customer and registered a complaint at 5/March/2015 00:05:14 complaint no 230794744. today the complaint has been closed and according to customer care i has got the proper benefit of this recharge and they says its also your has been Unlimited Data Balance for 30 days. But now I got the speed of only 144 Kbps instead of 3.1 Mbps hope that your will help to me. Thanks..


Posted on Mar 05, 2015

My 3g net pack were not processed in aircel.

Amit Basu

Posted on Feb 27, 2015

I am using a 3G connection of Aircel but the service provided by them are not satisfactory as the speed is not equivalent to a 3G speed.

Ravi Gajraj

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

I bought a Relaince cdma data connection on 16th December 2014. Since then I have spend Rs.2400 on it and have been constantly following up with the techinical support as well as point of purchase. But, neither my connection could work nor I got my money back.

Pankaj Kumar Mahapatra

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I am facing a very very problem : Slow internet access, maximum time 2 kbps/20/30/50/100 kbps in 3G. No. 8450006584 So many time i tried to complain but Reliance team don't help me. Please solve this issue. My alternative contact No. 8981280710 Regards, Pankaj Mahapatra Kolkata, West Bengal

deepak kumar

Posted on Feb 25, 2015


Posted on Feb 19, 2015

Reliance un necessarily cut my main balance and is not returning it they are telling me to reach nearest reliance office in bilaspur and i am out of station

Vaheribhai Patel

Posted on Feb 17, 2015

I terminated my reliance broadband connection in december last year, I have made the final bill for the same, I still keep getting threatening calls from reliance asking me to pay my bills, My Subscriber Number is 320076475732, I have called the customer care end number of times and asked what is the problem but they say my connection has been terminated & that I am not a User anymore!!!


Posted on Feb 16, 2015

They had taken advance payment twice. that is one extra payment already had been paid since I went for a change of scheme.At the time of installation they had taken advance payment. For change of scheme also they took advance payment asking me to clear the bill.I cleared the payments as asked by them since I needed the service.In fact they should not have billed me if they were asking for the advance. Here they took both. At closure now they are demanding payment once again which I have denied. Threatening calls are coming from Delhi. Kindly advise me in the matter and help.

Harshil doshi

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

I bought a tikona wifi services 6days ago and in mere six days the services have stopped working and it is almost 3 days now and there is still no response for the company. I have called the call center innumerable times and they just keep saying it will be fixed in the next 8 working hours. To avoid interupption I have already paid for 6months rental in advance but still I have to face such interruptions. What is the use of paying so much if there is no use of it. I would be delighted if some action is taken against them as soon as possible.

giriraj carpanter

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

We took a relaincebroadband connection before 2 month back. from 2nd Feb 2015 our connection is dead and not working. I complaint on 2nd feb in evening for the same in reliance customer care. after 3days they told us they do not not have material to repair the connection. we complaint in reliance appellate forum also but they are not telling that how many days it will take to resolve the problem. The best part is that if I am going to take a new connection they are going to install within 24 hours in a same place but for my previous connection they have no time frame. I want to complain of reliance in consumer court for the same. pls give me suggestion and processes. Regards Giriraj carpanter 8602120002

Vikramisng Nevse

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

Frequently Disconnecting Reliance Broadband Login ID: 326552964044 From the very first moth of connection from Reliance Broadband, it's been a very harassing and frustrating experience. I pay all the bills on time, but the connection is inactive every now and then. It's almost down for around 4-5 days in every month. The same problem continues repeatedly. And now again, its non functional since 2nd of Feb 2015 I complained online and mailed also. but got auto replies as usual. And not surprisingly, nothing happened. its been 11 days my connection is inactive.If we cross the due date by mistake, you take no time to charge late fees and disconnect the line. I WON'T PAY THE BILL. AND WILL APPLY FOR COMPENSATION IN LOCAL COURT VERY SOON, WHETHER YOU REPAIR IT OR NOT.


Posted on Feb 10, 2015


Murali Krishna

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have taken Boradband services from M/s DVois on by paying Rs.1000 (Rs 500- As Installation charges & Rs 500 as rental from 24 Jan 2015eb 2014, After using for a week, there was no connectivity. I have raised written complaint through my mail ID as well as by calling to their customer care repeatedly. As on date, there is no response from the operator. Requesting your kind authority to help. Preferably, I want to check for another Operator. Operator Details: D-VoiS Broadband Private Limited, 11/1 KHR House, 2nd Floor, Palace Road, Bangalore - 560052 Cust Care No: 022 71737373 (Mumbai

Prasanta Rakshit

Posted on Feb 08, 2015

I faced a problem of excess data usage in my Vodafone post paid connection. In the month of january 2015 Vodafone offered 2G internet pack of 1GB in Rs.90/- per month for two months. When I got the bill of January, I found that they charged Rs.3299/- out of which Rs.2846/- for my data usage only. When I called their customer care they told that 1.55 GB is consumed which is just unbelievable to me. I really need help. This Vodafone people are simply making us fool specially to the post paid customers. Please help me out of this financial loss. I am really getting tensed how I will pay that much amount. It is huge for me.

Kavin jain

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

Im gave the installation request of my big tv dth on 31st Jan. But till date my installation is not done and my account has been charged with the amount. My account went into negative with the charge and I was told to recharge my account to increase the chances of the executive coming to my house. I recharged my account and still the executive did not come to my place. My installation is still pending. I hope my installation is done by 2015.

Md. Faisal Hamid

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

Dear Sir. I would like to make an complaint against a company called Solutions unlimited who are based in AA-245, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata 64. I bought a MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-Fi connection from them on 10/01/2015 and till today they have not yet given me the connection. I have phoned them so many times inquiring about my connection but still they have not yet done anything. I was told that by the 13th of January 2015 my connection would start but nothing has been done by them. All the time they have been telling me that the connection will be today but still no connection has been done. I am filing this complaint against them for cheating me. I paid Rs 1200 by cash for the device. I would therefore request you to please look into this matter and if possible i would like a refund of my money.Whenever i make a call they never pick up. The contact details are given as follows: Solutions Unlimited AA-246, Sector - 1 Salt Lake, Kolkata 64 Ph: 9143333111, 9143333000

Swati Mishra

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

This is with reference to the Airtel 4G connection that I had gotten installed on 31st December and activation was done on 2nd of Jan. Mobile number: 8585880617 The connection was prepaid and I had taken the monthly 10 GB internet plan for which I have already paid 2 months advance of 1800. The connection has worked fine for the month of January but since 22nd January I am facing connectivity issues.The complaint reference numbers registered are: 59959506 on 22nd Jan 2015 60046790 on 28th Jan 2015 Both the times I received the response that there are issues due to the location and there are some site updates going on which will improve the connectivity and this should be addressed within the next 90 days. This means that I am not able to use the prepaid connection for the next 90 days.There is no explanation as to why I was not informed of the same during the installation and if there is a problem in the service then I sshould be eligible for a full refund on the device


Posted on Feb 06, 2015

I purchased a MTS wi-fi data card postpaid, ordered through MTS online shop. The data card has been delivered to me on 30.01.2015 and also documents also submitted on that day. On that time I checked the device as out of order and I said to the executive that no light blink on the device, then the executive said that if any issue will occur, then they will solve out, but now they are not responding. The executive mob. no. is 9143424864. Next my connection has been activated on 02.02.2015 evening. My MTS no. is 9143026295. But my device is not working from the starting. So I can not use the device till now. Already I logged 4 complains (Ref- JAN/22542, FEB/411, FEB/1098, FEB/1306) in customer care, but all resolution has been came out that the problem has resolved This is a very bitter experience to me. So, I request to make an arrangement for returning my device from me and closing the connection and refund my amount Rs-1199/- as early as possible.

Abhik Dey

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

I am ashamed at the fact that in spite making several calls to Vodafone,no one has called me to explain the reason for the high internet charges from my phone.Vodafone has charged me Rs 1308.04 for internet usage,unnecessarily.I have only used 0.31 GB.I have been writing innumerable mails & making phone calls regarding this.On 03.02.15 I called customer care & made another complaint.I was assured that someone from Vodafone would call me at 4.04 pm on 04.02.2015 and help settle the matter.I was given a text message regarding this.But again I was lied to.Nobody called at the appointed time. Vodafone now is run by a pack of liars.This is so unforgivable and extremely frustrating.Vodafone people have given me no other scope but to think of a disconnect of their services.It has been more than 10 days of my constant complaining and writing mails and yet no one has called from Vodafone has offered any help in this matter.My due date of payment is on 08.02.2015.Please help.

Sandra Gomes

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

I bought a internet card and the services is not yet been activated.


Posted on Feb 01, 2015

Sikander singh yadav

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Please settel my wrong bill with Vodafone

Fehida Mumthas A

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

My Reliance Broadband Connection (No: 04713001475) is not working from 2nd January 2015 onwords. Both Landline and internet connections are not working. I have registered so many complaints during this period. Every time I call customer care they reply that it'll be rectified within 24 Hrs. No one had contacted me till today regarding this issue. As its my office connection I have lost so many work orders which I get through my land phone and email.

Sreekumar Parameswaran Pillai

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Complaint Against: Asianet Satellite Communications, Trivandrum, India I was denied service against payment for the same: 28-Jan-2014 - 7:00 PM My connection was terminated for over usage. I am requested to remit Rs.2,000 You are not able to restore my connection immediately in spite of my readiness to pay for your service 29-Jan-2014-6:00 PM I make a payment of Rs.2,000 You confirm that I need to have paid only Rs.900 I am given service from 6:15 to almost 7:00 PM You denied me service WITHOUT telling me what I owe you. At 8:00 PM(approx.) There is no service from your end Your Customer Care accepts that there is a problem on your line 30-Jan-2014-1:43 AM The connection is not restored yet. Questions: I have been denied service for over usage in spite of my willingness and acceptance to pay. NO accountability for your service -Sreekumar

Sreekumar Parameswaran Pillai

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

I was denied service against payment for the same: 28-Jan-2014 - 7:00 PM My connection was terminated for over usage. I am requested to remit Rs.2,000 You are not able to restore my connection immediately in spite of my readiness to pay for your service 29-Jan-2014-6:00 PM I make a payment of Rs.2,000 You confirm that I need to have paid only Rs.900 I am given service from 6:15 to almost 7:00 PM You denied me service WITHOUT telling me what I owe you. At 8:00 PM(approx.) There is no service from your end Your Customer Care accepts that there is a problem on your line 30-Jan-2014-1:43 AM The connection is not restored yet. Questions: I have been denied service for over usage in spite of my willingness and acceptance to pay No accountability for your incapability to provide service. -Sreekumar

Shamik Sarkar

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

I am being a customer of BSNL Land Line and Broad Band services for long time, is facing a tremendous treachery from BSNL. I opted for a Broad band Unlimited plan (BBG Combo ULD 945) where it was stated that I would be able to use 8 GB with high speed and after that internet speed would become lower (512 kbps). But tonight whenever I tried to connect internet, I was redirected to a BSNL page showing that I surpassed the 'Fare Use limit' and I could now opt for a 'voucher' with extra-payment for continuing with higher speed, or 'Decline' the offer and use internet with lower speed. I opted 'Decline' and after 10 minutes of wait I only got a message stating, 'Sorry we could not process your request right now, Please try after some time', thereby compelling me to remain without internet. I kept trying for 2 hrs. I think this is a serious case of fraud by BSNL, amounting to a scam. apart from increasing tariff for plans now and then. I want justice & punishment for responsible officers.

Abhishek Kumar

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Certain points are to be brought to your notice: 1. We subscribed to the services of EARTHLINK Systems Pvt. Ltd. on 7th Jan.,2015 but due to it being inoperative, actual date of operation is 13th Jan., 2015 2. It's been 16 days and we are still in trouble due to bad internet signals and inconsistent internet connectivity. 3.Efforts of trying to connect to service team are in vain as they either don't pick up the call or procrastinate the issue with false assurances. REQUISITE DETAILS ABOUT THE SERVICE PROVIDER: *Receipt No.: 12419 *Data Plan/Tariff: 512 Kbps *Company Name: EARTHLINK SYSTEMS Pvt. Ltd. *Authorized Signatory: SACHIN *Official Address: 33, Subhash Road, Near SBI Main Branch, Dehradun, Uttarakhand-248001 *Website: Please kindly do the needful so that either we get the services we paid for or refund is made by the service providers. Thank you. Abhishek Kumar


Posted on Jan 28, 2015

Hi, i am using service from 23 jan 2015. since 23 jan i am facing low speed or fluctuating speed. i paid for 4MBPS connection but not getting 4MBPS. i am getting some time less than 512 kbps some time less than 2mbps. i tried to contact and send many mail to Mr Nair who is manager of customer care but he and his team not willing to resolve the problem. from last 5 days i am facing same issue and tikona providing worst service. Customer ID: 1112211623 Service ref No/Complaint ID:=5650638. please help to resolve problem as early as possible. Regards Namdeo SHinde

Akshoy Das

Posted on Jan 27, 2015

I have Reliance 3G Sim No. 8443868050 since last 10 months but from the month of October 2014 Proper net work was not available in this connection and I lodged the complain severally through Mail and over Phone, after getting the complain they have asuured me that the network problem will be solved and I have to pay only the usage data amount as a result they have reimburse Rs. 181.76 and informed me over phone. But the Bill for the period of 09-12-2014 to 08-01-2015 has come Rs.894.00 which is totally erroneous because I could not access internet properly so how the bill is reached to the amount. I am very upset due to the poor net work of the connection due because I am unable to do the work related to Internet, which has wasted my time. I have requested them to discontinue the connection and I want to Not to make payment to them as they have given only assurance not services.

Sumit seth

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

I, am using Airtel 4G connection for last 6 months, acc no - 8585843570 in my name - sumit seth. My monthly billing was fixed for 40 GB - and the rental was fixed at Rs.2000 after the full usage no charges applied only the speed reduces, but suddenly this month i had received my bill for different bill plan, New plan - 30Gb free then 2 paise per 10 KBPS. -- (WITHOUT ANY INTIMATION TO ME)

Rohit Kumar

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

I buy a MTS Dongle from a company in Kolkata & as per dealer MTS Dongle speed is Upto 9.8 MBPS but when we used this dongle then we got this speed UPTO 2MBPS Which not sufficient to me. we complaint many times in customer care but still problem not resolved when we called to dealer Number 9143907669 dealer also not response to me. I am not survive in this speed so i want to close this connection but lots of people just like me buy this type dongle with this type dealer & dealer cheat every person. So, i want to register this complaint against this dealer & MTS Company. Kindly do something & help me

Sonal Mehta

Posted on Jan 16, 2015

We had renewed our broadband subscription with Hathway in December. Following this we had outage & no service almost everyday. On 2nd Dec'14, we asked them to cancel the subscription & refund. They gave a ref. no on phone & the billing dept informed me that the cheque will be sent within a month. On follow-up after a month they they claim the ref. no. provided on phone was not for cancellation & they are not responding to my emails. When I try to raise this request on the customercare, they conveniently disconnect the calls. Request help to address this

Ajit Mohapatra

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

Tikona Ac no. 1109416669: Disconnection & refund of advance payment of more than Rs.1,200/- on account of frequent drop in speed and network lag / high latency.

Ajit Mohapatra

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

Disconnection & refund of advance payment of more than Rs.1,200/- on account of frequent drop in speed and network lag / high latency.

Surjeet Singh

Posted on Jan 13, 2015


Surjeet Singh

Posted on Jan 13, 2015


santanu kr.mahapatra

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

complain against RELIANCE COOMUNICATION LTD. I HAD COMPLAIN THERE CUSTOMER CARE SECTION A MONTH AGO BUT TILL NOW THEY SOLVE MY PROBLEM REGARDING ONLINE BILL PAYMENT BUT THEY DID NOT ADMITTED. MATTER:I had a 3G RT Data post paid 3G Broadband connection , my reliance no. 9681608860, relationship no. 200068961290,bill dated 14.112014 of Rs.280.90 due date 02.12.2014. I had paid the said bill as on dated 29.11.2014 at 1:44 P.M. through debit card from UCO BANK, Kasba Branch, kolkata, of Rs.281.00 . Bank had debited the said amount on that day from my account Reference no. as per my Bank pass book Vbvv/PRCR/4333083623.In this connection I do mentioned herewith that during the time of online payment a sms received my phone that was RCL_BD.SBIPG AT 1:44:10 But your department inform me that they had not received the abovementioned payment amount and they stop my internet services. I had also mentioned about the said payment but they did not important about this. PLEASE TAKE ACTION S MAHAPATR

Sarfaraz Nawaz Warsi

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

I am using a Reliance GSM connection (ph no. 9681634335) And this Reliance person are just deducting my balance due to which i am not able to use my phone internet and all my work is being disturbed from 11.01.2015 (12am) till 12.01.2015 (current hour) and neither my ph call is getting connected to their customer care nor they are telling me why my balance is deducted and i m being HARASS for 2 days for an internet...if this continues and i face any problem then Reliance Communication will be held responsible for this wholly...deducted amount - Rs 18.9/-..amount is nothing but harassment is making my health what should i do....tell me...

Dipanjali Dutta

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

Sir, I was using a MTS Data card and from 6 months inspite of requesting them to close the connection they are just least bothered. Please take some action as they are harrasing me, not taking any complaints and generating bills against that number and forcing me to pay the amounts. When I am asking for bills they are just ignoring and using slang languages. My datacard no. is 9143992536. Please help me as I can't pay anymore amount as I don't use and they are constantly charging the rental amount.


Posted on Jan 09, 2015

My Reliance Broadband customer number is 341830693963. The internet is not working since 19-Dec-14. I registered a complaint with their customer care on 20-Dec-2014 (Complaint No. 228140317) for the same. They told me that it will be solved within 24 hrs. But it did not happen. After 4 days on 24-Dec-2014 (Complaint No. 228283736), I registered the complaint with Reliance Appellate, which they closed without solving the issue. When I called on 26-Dec-2014 know the status they said the earlier complaint is closed we will open a new complaint now. So they registered a complaint on 26-Dec-2014 (Complaint No. 228351275). My internet connection is still not working. The reason is that they have not paid the rent for their box. I tried contacting TRAI also for the same. I drop an email to TRAI at ''; '' on 5-Jan-2014. But I did not get any reply from there. Kindly let me how to get my connection working and put penalty on Reliance for harassing customers.

Kornelia Christine Rebel

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

On 1st of September 2014, I submitted a broken Reliance dongle at the service centre in Panjim. Two weeks later I received a replacement. After I had activated the connection again, it turned out that the dongle did not work. I immediately asked Reliance via customer care to terminate the contract and I announced that I would not pay for the time that I could not use the dongle. I could not show the worksheet as the service centre had kept the worksheet when I got the replacement. Since then, I keep receiving bills although I constantly sent emails to Reliance customer care asking to terminate my contract. They asked me to wait for five days to resolve the issue. Instead, they did not terminate my contract and kept billing me for a dongle that I could not use and an internet connection that shows zero usage. Now Reliance legal is intending to sue me for 1,547,- Rupees. Please help. Kind regards Kornelia C. Rebel


Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I got the Tikona internet connection on 22nd December 2014. Due to poor service, I had intimated them for disconnection on 2nd Jan 2014. For the services, I had paid 2 months advance. Now, they are refusing me to return my money on pro-rata basis. Thank for kindly helping me. Regards, Divneil Gurgaon

Thankachan Peter

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

Broadband Connectivity problem at Ernakulam, Kochi- Service provider Tata Complaint No.16261918 Reminder-3 It is two months since I have had no connectivity. Each month your company has been deducting 300+300, total Rs.600 from my advance with you for no service rendered. I am unable to understand why you are dragging your feet on this matter. Either you should rectify the connectivity problem and restore connectivity or refund my advance payment. Please respond immediately. thanks Thankachan Peter Complaint No.16261918 Reminder-2 It is nearing 45 days since I have no connectivity. Either you should rectify the problem or refund what I have prepaid and end this matter. Please respond immediately. thanks Thankachan Peter Complaint No.16261918 Hi Sushma, Ref telcon today and your msg below indicating prompt resolution though this problem has been hanging fire since a month now. Unfortunately your Cochin office does not share your confidence about resolving

Thankachan Peter

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

Complaint No.16261918 Reminder-3 It is two months since I have had no connectivity. Each month your company has been deducting 300+300, total Rs.600 from my advance with you for no service rendered. I am unable to understand why you are dragging your feet on this matter. Either you should rectify the connectivity problem and restore connectivity or refund my advance payment. Please respond immediately. thanks Thankachan Peter Complaint No.16261918 Reminder-2 It is nearing 45 days since I have no connectivity. Either you should rectify the problem or refund what I have prepaid and end this matter. Please respond immediately. thanks Thankachan Peter PS- My email is dead now since many days on the advice of your local office to inactivate my account. Complaint No.16261918 Hi Sushma, Ref telcon today and your msg below indicating prompt resolution though this problem has been hanging fire since a month now. Unfortunately your Cochin of

Rajnish Arya

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I had taken MTS dongle before 7 days back.The company was making a commitment that our internet Speed will be minimum 1 MBPS.But it was not coming more than 3 KBPS.As per the MTS policy they were making a claim that we will do the refund for your device.Now when i am calling them for refund they are not picking up the call or replying on the mail.Kindly take a action for these people.


Posted on Dec 30, 2014

I used tikona broadband service for almost 1year.Its a prepaid plan only i paid upto last usage.But today i received a call saying like we are calling from delhi court make the payment within one hour or we will update you in cibil.They are threatening me.Please tell me what i do.


Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Hi. I tried to order my food from And I choose paytm as my payment mode. I have selected my menu and proceeded to paytm and I paid 147.50Rs and when it was returning to justeat I got an error message as Forbidden and my order was not confirmed but my amount was deducted from my paytm account. I called to justeat, they said I will receive my money automatically in case of failures. Adn I wrote to paytm and I explained my issue. Initially they said, we will solve your issue in 1 to 2 days,but I dint get any response upto 5 days , and again I raised a request, they told me to wait for 2 more days. I dint get any response in next 5 days too. I again wrote them, this time they gave me wrong answer for my issue. They just copy pasted their template , which they forward for another complaint. Finally they cheated me. I lost my 147.50Rs. Here is what I paid Achindra Online Marketing Order #je-live1507552 Paytm Cash Txn ID BE52AA98D93447C9 -Rs 147.50 SUCCESS

Kamran khan

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Dear All , My internet has stopped working Since September and i stay on Bandstand , Bandra West , Mumbai . I have been complaining to them since september 2014 but all they said fibre cut and then from december now they are saying no fibre cut every time i call to complain they said 24 hours i have been calling them every day please some 1 complain to their superior . They only call me for the bill and i payed the bill for all 3 internets even though it was not working because they said or then your account becomes inactive i have no clue what to do i am tired . I always like reliance internet but sometimes they just don't know how to treat customers .Please help me out now they tell me my complain no is shut and new complaint no is on etc i don't have a clue when it will start . Been 3 months and counting Reliance home internet complaints 16/09/2014 361559337654 add - Bandstand , Bandra West , Mumbai 50 Kamran Nafees Khan Complaint number - 226101241 - 23-09-2014

mayur rajput

Posted on Dec 28, 2014


Posted on Dec 28, 2014

Sushil kumar

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Hi.. I am user of vodafone service in haryana state hisar city. I am using 3g internet pack,but many times interne not working and speed is very slow and from last 10-12 days 3g not working..i called to customer care about this problem..but nothing happens... Thankss

Chetan Jajoria

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I have Tikona Broadband, where the sales man sold me a half yearly package with a waiver of installation charges but the customer care is saying that it is monthly package and installation waiver won't be applicable. It is clear case of Mis-selling and cheating the customer and now sales man is saying "I dont know, do whatever you want to do. Complaint against me, I dont care"

santanu kr. mahapatra

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

rclhad raised a bill amount of Rs.762.00 due date 02.01.2015, now I do claimed against previous month of Rs.281/- which is pending decision from you. I had also claimed with your customer care but still now you had not solve my problems you had disconnect net service and impose late fine and previous due . so, I am bound to go your appellate authority and consumer forum. Regarding your e mail I do like to response and submitting herewith the detailed that you wanted to your requirements and also attached copy of bank statement. I had a 3G RT Data post paid 3G Broadband connection , my reliance no. 9681608860, relationship no. 200068961290,bill dated 14.112014 of Rs.280.90 due date 02.12.2014. I had paid the said bill as on dated 29.11.2014 at 1:44 P.M. through debit card from UCO BANK, Kasba Branch, kolkata, of Rs.281.00 . Bank had debited the said amount on that day from my account Reference no. as per my Bank pass book Vbvv/PRCR/4333083623.In this connection I do mentioned here

Harry Ashar

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I have applied for broadband connection which was asked online for a vendor to call back from the website provided by TATA Enterprises. Mr. Masood, whose number is 8655504433, has taken Rs. 572 with my documents(photograph, self attested passport copy and self attested pan card copy), with application duly filled, on 17th December 2014, from my residence address as mentioned above. He had promise to get the connection done in 48 hours, but still my connection is not done. I have not received any receipt from him, he is not picking my phone and the customer care number from the website, are not helping with the issue. Kindly help.

Chandan Sharma

Posted on Dec 24, 2014

i am using a internet plan of reliance,they are charge me for 3g service and provide me the speed of 2g.

santanu kr. mahapatra

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

i have a reliance broadband net connection no9681608860,i had already paid rs.281.00 for nov,bill through uco bank debit card but the said co. deny and raised next bill with added late fine 100/- and also disconnect broadband net service,now i complain against them, i had all documents proof against them,now i claim please take suitable step against them

Dilip Deshpande

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Issue - Tikona Broadband Pune - Pathetic customer Service, Customer ID - 1106605860 My intertent connection is down/dropping connection since the beginning of december, I have made several complaint , I am told there is an issue with the tower and they are monitoring . everytime I call i am told to restart the router and the team will monitor the connection for 24 hrs, I would want tikona to take owership of this and get me a resolution ASAP.

Amandeep Singh

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Sir , I purchased ticona intetnet connection 3 days ago . I asked all the information about the comapny and all internet information from the executive which had came to install internet but does not provide me full information as I came to know about it after 3 days. Internet start creating issues , as my account gets automatically signed out , when I asked about that issue from customer care , they asked me to pay more 1600 rupees in order to purchase iP static which will prevent my account to not get signed out , as it requires me to get signed it atleast 20 times a day to access Internet wify which is ridiculous. When I asked to executive to register my complain , they ignore me completely and talk me in vey misbehaving manner . I have paid rs 2022 to the company. And since because of the incomplete information given by company , I disconeected my previous internet connection . So I request you to register my complaint to reslolvey matter . Thank you.

santanu kr. mahapatra

Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Dear sir, submitting herewith the detailed that you for complain the following details regarding bill payment to reliance broad band connection . I had a 3G RT Data post paid 3G Broadband connection , my reliance no. 9681608860, relationship no. 200068961290,bill dated 14.112014 of Rs.280.90 due date 02.12.2014. I had paid the said bill as on dated 29.11.2014 at 1:44 P.M. through debit card from UCO BANK, Kasba Branch, kolkata, of Rs.281.00 . Bank had debited the said amount on that day from my account Reference no. as per my Bank pass book Vbvv/PRCR/4333083623.In this connection I do mentioned herewith that during the time of online payment a sms received my phone that was RCL_BD.SBIPG AT 1:44:10 But i had complain to reliance customer care inform me that they had not received the abovementioned payment amount and they stop my internet services. I had also mentioned about the said payment but they did not important about this. Now I can feel very trouble for disconnect,take action

Ravneet Kaur

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

A/c- 110769292 Tikona people have unnecesary charged me the bill of Rs 1400 even when my services were not working properly.. but despite that i paid them d amt of Rs 700 in cash..when Mr Sagar - the area manager called me n even visted at my place n assured there wont be any more problems, n he assured that as interet was not working so the rest amount will be waived off... next my services started again n withing 10 days they disconneted internet.i.e on 18th oct 2014. Since then its disconnected... n i even paid Rs 700 in advance.. without using the interest whole month as tikona people disconnected it... But again they made the bill of Rs 1200 unneccessry whn i nevr used thr services. Now they r giving me fraud calls claiming to be frm Delhi high court n using abusive language. m getting mentally harrassed from this, which is even effecting my work. My compalin nos are 1-3204877834 1-3201132131 1-3206352188 1-3211066327 1-3215762747 1-3218913427 1-3223968702 1-3211066327


Posted on Dec 11, 2014

I had taken an advanced paid broadband conncetion from tikona for 3 months. From the very next day of the connection, I had signal problems and was not able to use the internet. After repeated complaints thru telephone and mail, they sent their service people for checking, but the problem perisited. I had requested for disconnection and refund of money several times, but instead of giving the refund they have sent me a bill of rs 292/-. I had paid advance rental then how can u bill me. Despite complaints to the appelate authority no action has been taken.

Amit Kumar Halder

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Sir, I am a consumer of Calcutta Telephones and also a user of BSNL Broadband. But from last 8 to 10 days I am not getting any internet services from this company. But at the end of the month I have to pay the fixed monthly charges and this company will not give any concession for those days.. I look forward to your reply. Please help me.

Niveditha Ramanand

Posted on Dec 04, 2014

I have ordered Humidifier on 9th November and the estimated date of delivery was 13th Nov,(order no.1255008NP51854996) and we are on 28th Nov and there is no update on my order, when I check the tracking details it says the order is in Bangalore and the date shown is 15th Nov and there is no update after that, the call centre is for ever busy there is no one to answer your call or take the complaint. There is no courtesy to reply on the n number of mails which I sent. With great difficulty when I got through the customer care number they told it would be delivered on 26th Nov but I have not yet received it. This is my worst experience till date with any of the E-commerce site, please understand I wanted to buy humidifier for my 1 year old son thinking it would give him some relief and there is absolutely no sense of responsibility you have and this would be my last purchase from you. Can anyone from the firstcry team have the spine to call me and let me know when would the order be del

A Kirtikar

Posted on Dec 02, 2014

Unresolved Complaint Number: 442173583 (wrongly addressed as resolved) Current Plan: 20 GB Unlimited (3rd Nov, 14 - 2nd Dec, 14) As per both and the device home page, data consumed before 14th Nov, 4:40 pm was ~13 GB. Nonetheless, Tata-Docomo issued a speed cap. I waited until 20th Nov, 10am for them to resolve this issue. And then I had to pay an extra 125+ (taxes) for 1 GB, as an ILLEGAL EXTORTION money, just to restore the basic services of my 20GB UL plan. Again, at 1pm on 23rd Nov, Tata-Docomo issued a speed cap before I could use this extra 1 GB. Tata Docomo Connection Under speed cap: 14th Nov, 4:40 pm - 17th Nov, 12:42 pm 17th Nov, 2:20 pm - 20th Nov, 10 am 23rd Nov, 1 pm - Tata-Docomo is again demanding (125 - 400+ taxes) as an ILLEGAL EXTORTION money to restore the basic services of my 20 GB UL plan. Evidence of usage reports have being collected throughout these days. I cannot support fraudsters and criminals like Tata-Docomo. I would like to unsubscribe.

Kundan Kumar Gupta

Posted on Nov 28, 2014

I am using tikona broadband from last 6-7 months and i complaint for the speed issue. They are following with me from last 2 months but still not resolved. I told them to disconnect but thats also not done. Now i got the huge amount of bill even i'm not able use the connection ,


Posted on Nov 27, 2014

Respecte Sir/ Ma'am, I have a MTS Wifi connection at my home, while purchasing it, MTS representatives told me that i will get a minimum speed of 1mbps whereas in last month i was getting a speed of just 100-200 kbps (I have the screenshots as a proof) I called the customer care 11 times but no satisfactory response was given from there side. now they have sent me a bill of Rs. 871 for Using the "high speed" Internet whereas i was getting a speed of less than 300kbps for the whole month. I would be greatly thankful to you if you could get this issue regarding the bill resolved ASAP. Thank you.


Posted on Nov 24, 2014

Hi Team, Account Num: Bhargav608 Phone num:8698653635 I have a very good experience with You broadband in terms of connection and speed. I was a valid customer to you. However, one fine day on October 10th, 2014, we have launched a complaint regarding our shifting to the new home. We asked your people to transfer the connection. Till now the transfer is not done. We have renewed our connection on 7th of October 2014 with 2,400/-. only. Your customer care executives will say in four hours your problem will be solved, but they never do it. Your Nodal officer Preeti, she will give different answers at different time but never resolves the issue. In this case how can we trust YOU. When you are representative of a brand act and response from their end. Please understand this we had paid money to you and we work 24/7. That is the reason we have made an alliance with You Broadband. Your technicians Narendra, Dipak, and Vikas of Vimannagr branch, Pune will lie all the time. Vikas

Souvik Ghosh

Posted on Nov 22, 2014

More than one moth is over but still i didnt got any confirmation mail from Alliance

Rita Das

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

My broadband Service is NOt poperly working from from last 3 Months. The Compaint has been logged several times. The authority of BSNL confirms that it had been rectified but there is no imrovement. I am paying the bill for last 4 months without getting proper facility . the net remains for 10 mins properly and then it is gone.moreover the modem is faulty which they are not taking any care.

Harsha Pandula

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

I would like to complain about Hathway broadband network.The 50 mbps plan they promote is a total scam. I am using this from 6 months and have speedtest screen shots the speeds are all below 20 mbps and vary its not constant. Once its 2 mbps once 4 once 8 once 12mbps once its in kbps. Repeated complaints to customer service still they don't bother. The net keeps disconnecting often and lot of downtime. They charge for 50 mbps and not once till date i have got a 50 mbps speed.the speed never crosses 20 also.The regional manager is useless and rude and says he'll send a technician and its been 3 months not one guy turns up.Look up online and see there are many other people complaining about hathway broadband 50 mbps plan.I forgot to mention at times even videos on youtube don't buffer that too at 480p not even Hd normal videos take lots of time to buffer. Hathway is fooling public with its fake scam plans!!

Pratik Parekh

Posted on Nov 15, 2014

Disappointed by Flipkart's Rigid Stand I wanted Netgear N300 Router and due to heavy discount available on it on the Big Billion Day I placed on order on the Flipkart. But due to the technical problem on your website the product got changed by default to Netgear N150 on which no discount was available. The product is not compatible with my LAN and it is useless for me. Inspite of repeated request to replace it even with the more expensive product you people are not ready for the same. Not getting proper response from your customer care team as their behavious is rude and few times they have even disconnected the phone in between not letting me to explain my point. They are repeating the same record of not within their policy. Most unfriendly response They were going to resolve this issue but instead you have rejected my claim for replacement.. only because the order was placed on The Big Billion Day you have rejected my replacement claim though the main problem was with your site

Mithu Bhowmick

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

Dear Sir, This is to informed you that my broadband service provider is Alliance.He is not provide proper service & every month we pay our rental amount i inform to Alliance Broadband & my local cable operator Akashsutra Prafulla Kanan Unit & his name Is Babu Nag .he is not receive my call and not provide service his contact number is 03365555484.please sir help me.I request to you kindly look in to the matter .

Gandham Srinivasrao

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

I am a customer of BSNL Broadband service .... Ive been using BSNL broadband from past 6 years .. My Broadband plan BBG-HOME-FN-600 .. without any information the plan was changed to BBG-HOME-FN-630 ... I didn't notice it because of the mere 30 rs change in the bill .. but they changed my plan from BBG-HOME-FN-630 to BBG-HOME-CNT-630 .. the fi=ormer plan offered me free download and upload from 0200 hrs - 0800 hrs daily but the latter charged me 15p/mb in that period and this was done without any prior notice . And due to the fact i didnt know , i used it in the 0200-0800 as i thought it was free and when i received my bill i was shocked . and they had changed my plan 3-4 months ago and i dint know that . i request you to please look into this matter and provide me with proper compensation

Rakesh Oswal

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

I am not getting a broadband connection from AIRTEL.

Nasiruddin Shaikh

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

Complaint against Tata Docomo Broadband for poor service and ignorance of complaint request for resuming the service since 7th till date and giving false commitment consequences of which financially daily around 50K loss in my business.

tapaN kumar goswami

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

I am finally reaching out to you people since I am completely exhausted by repeatedly lodging complains again Internet down times with BSNL. This has been going on for past one year almost and now they assured me a better service when I re subscribed this year august by making a the complete payment for 1 year. The Internet dose not work the whole day, each day. It works at night for a few hour and they are extremly reluctant to fix it.

Rakhahari Bhunia

Posted on Nov 09, 2014

I bought a TATA docomo max wifi internet dongle on last month. Photon number is 9230007689. Since then my address verification is reported as negative. My connection is at barred state right now. Despite repeated requests they did not completed the verification. They told me that it is too far. But they did not inform that when they sold me the dongle. I also requested them to return my money (Rs 2000) which they took at the time of selling the dongle to me. But they refused to do that as well. Please help.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Nov 03, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 8283822379 both employess of Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 are disabling the signals of my wifi every two days and repeating the same thing after two days.Please take an immediate action against Ashutosh and Anil Sharma as soon as possible for reducing the speed and wifi of my Internet every after 2day.Please bring these people before Consumer Court of Chandigarh as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

sayan basu

Posted on Nov 03, 2014

we have a reliance net connect connection (8442932901) & for past few months we are not getting any service . We have complained to them many times & write mails nothing has happend. They are charging us for the service. We want discount & they should compensate us. Please look into the same

Sanjay Kumar

Posted on Nov 02, 2014

My Reliance subscriber ID is 318811406965 and the broadband connection was installed on 10.10.14. There is a frequent disconnection for 10 to 15 times daily and inspite of repeated requests to the customer care nothing has been heard so far. Neither the company provides premanent resolution nor any waiver for such a disconnection. I am fed up by the extremely poor service of the reliance. The matter may be looked into by the higher authorities on top priority basis.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having phone number 8283822379 both the employees of Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 are reducing the signals and speed of my wifi after 2 days and not attending the complaints from the last one month.Please take a legal action against Ashutosh and Anil Sharma as soon as possible and bring them before the consumer Court Chandigarh as soon as possible for lowering the signals and reducing the speed of Wifi after 2 days.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

julfikar ali mondal

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

On 28th Oct I paid rs 3370 by cash bearing receipt no 15440 for new Hathway broadband internet connection. They promissed me the will give connection within one day.but now they are not picking the call and connection also not given till date. Every day the call centre person is saying that the technicians is coming they are on the way. But no one turned up for this. They are wasting my time.request you to do the needful.

Puneet Pal Singh

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma Having number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 8283822379 Of Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 are again disabling the Siganls of my Wifi located at my Home.Please take an immediate action against these people as soon as possible.These are creating problems every day by disabling the Signals after 2days.Please take an immediate action against these people as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Supriya Bhosle

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

hi, i was totally frustrated with vodafone service, and customer care behaviour. i lost my money because of there problem and can not used net. i have made sever complaints against vodafone for suddenly deactivating my postpaid sim card which was purchased in this month and was activated on 9th Oct. i had made 3 month advanced payment and on 23rd it got deactivated with out my knowledge. i did visited vodafone store told them issue i neither got any call from vodafone nor any mail. i did complain on : and other places. send them mail. i lost my data packet i can not used internet even thought i had paid them in advance. customer care behaviour is very rude and keep me waiting always . since i can not used my dongle i had to recharge net for some other number ...where i am totally wasting my money. what is the used of buying postpaid connection that too i have two more month data to be used and i could not used my 1st month data only.

Rishi Poddar

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

I have a braodband landline connection from Airtel on the above number. Airtel is not providing details of internet usage in their bills for last many months and has denied giving any CDR. My bills are being inflated every month by showing that I am using more data. In last month, they have claimed that I consumed 70 GB data in a period of 14 days which is absurd as my consumption cannot be 5 Gb per day. No details were provided despite several assurances from Airtel.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 828382279 both are the employees of Airtel Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 are lowering the signals of my wifi everynight and creating problems from tyhe last 20 days.Please take an immediate action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal


Posted on Oct 27, 2014

I am using ACT Broadband. Today for some reason I felt slow speed. I logged in to check the speed and I was shocked to seed that my connection was reduced to 512 kbps. Then I wanted to cross check whether I hav crossed the FUP limits. To my surprise in act portal I was not getting any usage details but a blank page. On complaining the same to customer care the one of executive started advising me for clearing the cookies and disconnect from router and connect directly. I never understood what is the reason since there is no relation to router and the internet speed. Actually the ACT is hiding my usage details and cutting down my internet speed. This amounts to clear case of CHEATING. I made several attempts to explain the same to Customer CARE staff but they are adament to not to listen but started advising me to do this that and what not which of course was useless advise. THE ACT PEOPLE STARTED CHEATING CUSTOMERS and this practice can only be set right if some strin

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 for not attending my complaints from the last 20 days and the Person named Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashotosh having number 8283822379 are responsible for lowering my Signals of my Wifi in my House No 1041 Sector 44 B Chandigarh and they have not given the Bill for my Wifi Purchased also.Please take a legal action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh From Airtel as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I want to complaint against Bharti Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 for not attending my complaints from the last 20 days and the Person named Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashotosh having number 8283822379 are responsible for lowering my Signals of my Wifi in my House No 1041 Sector 44 B Chandigarh and they have not given the Bill for my Wifi Purchased also.Please take a legal action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh From Airtel as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 for not attending my complaints from the last 20 days and the Person named Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashotosh having number 8283822379 are responsible for lowering my Signals of my Wifi in my House No 1041 Sector 44 B Chandigarh and they have not given the Bill for my Wifi Purchased also.Please take a legal action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh From Airtel as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 8283822379 both are lowering the siganls of my Wifi everyday and also reducing the speed of the wifi from the last 20 days.Please take a legal action against these people as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I want to complaint against Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 Both Anil Sharma and Ashutosh of Airtel are lowering the signals and disconnecting the wifi without any reason.What they do is first give the connection and then disconnect your Wifi Connection without any reason.Sometimes they will block your Wifi Connection from the server.Please take a legal action against these people as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 8283822379 are lowering my Signals of my Wifi from the last 30 days what they do is first give the connection to the customers and after that they will lowering the Signals and speed of the wifi and start harrasing the customers.They are not attending the complaints also.They are also reducing the speed from their end also.Also giving the SIM number to the hackers also.Please take an immediate action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh of Airtel as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Tanmoy Banerjee

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have bought Reliance Sim for 3g purposes. Network is so poor ( only a single bar) that it is not connecting. I have complained to Reliance customer care several time but the issue is not getting fixed. Please look into the matter.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 21, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I want to complaint against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh of Airtel Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 0172-4600765 for reducing my speed and signals of Airtel from the last 20 days.Please take an immediate action against them as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I want to complaint again Anil Sharma and Ashutosh of Airtel having numbers 9876149168 and 8283822379 for lowering my Wifi Signals in Sector 44 B Chandigarh from the last 20 days and not attending the complaints also.Please take a legal action against them as soon as possible.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having number 9876149168 and Ashutosh having number 8283822379 for not attending the complaints from the last 20 days and also lowering the signals of my wifi from the last 20 days and mentally harrasing me again and again.Please take an immediate action against them as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Ashok R Shah

Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I have took spidigo broadband service few months back. I paid rs.13,500 for 15 months service with 2 mbps plan. Now the problem is from past 1 month i'm facing problem of frequent discontinuance of net and very low speed that even web page can not open. Their person visited 3 times in past 1 month but they are not able to resolve my complain and they are also not refunding my money. I have complained almost 10 times for the same issue. Followings are my details, Userid : ashokrshah Registered Mobile : 8000044330 Area : Paldi,Ahmedabad Kindly help to get me my money back.

vipin s subhash

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Sir i am a reliance broadband customer and my subscriber id is 275383359201 i filed a complaint to reliance customer care on 5th october 2014 about internet not working and even after nine days the situation is still the same and they say every time that it will be resolved as earliest as possible, first few time they dropped my complaint and now they are saying they cannot provide a time frame.Sir i am a student and very troubled please help.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Bharti Airtel Ltd,Plot no. 21,Rajiv Gandhi IT Park,Chandigarh - 160101 for not attending my complaints from the last 20 days and the Person named Anil Sharma having phone number 9876149168 and Ashotosh having number 8283822379 are responsible for lowering my Signals of my Wifi in my House No 1041 Sector 44 B Chandigarh and they have not given the Bill for my Wifi Purchased also.Please take a legal action against Anil Sharma and Ashutosh From Airtel as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh

Sinu Pillai

Posted on Oct 12, 2014

My hathway Account number- 1145386, I have taken this connection two months back, I have paid for three months pack. Two months already consumed and still one month I have shifted to new home, and new area. I called customer care , i was advised to send out a mail. I did the same, got reply saying will check the feasibility and let me know. I didnt got any call for the next four days, when i call ed back I was informed that the area i was staying is not feasible. But when i tried for new connection , Sales executive called me, he visited my new home and told me that he will Provide new connection in two days. Its difficult to digest that existing connection cant be transferred but new connection can be provided. On Friday i again called back and informed the same to Customer care, executive told me that they will transfer it and i will get call from back end. I didnt got any call back. They are providing new connection, but not transferring old one.

Puneet Pal Singh Bhogal

Posted on Oct 12, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to complaint against Anil Sharma having number 9876149168 and Ashutosh 8283822379 of Bharti Airtel Ltd., Plot No. 21, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh - 160 101 not attending my complaints from the last 20 days and also not issuing me the Bill for my WIFI of Airtel.They are both disconnecting and reducing the speed of my Airtel Wifi from the last 2 months.Please take an immediate action against Ashutosh and Anil Sharma of Airtel as they are also involved incybercrime also they are also leaking the SIM Numbers to the hackers also.Please take an immediate action against these people as soon as possible.Thanks With Regards Puneet Pal Singh


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Iam using pacenet from last 8 months my package plan is 1mbs butbiam getting speed only 70kbs is spk to 482 something no but they dont have manner to speak


Posted on Oct 03, 2014

I have a complaint here.. My internet is not been working since last 45 days i.e, from Aug 20th or so.., in spite of repetitive complaints and continuous followups nobody is looked into my issue or least bothered.

debanjali basu

Posted on Oct 03, 2014

we have a broadband connection from reliance (8442932901), For past few months we ate facing extremely slow connection & many times we do not get network bars.We have complained them about the same many times & they say that they will give us discount.But they always sent the bill & when we complain about the rebate they said that its showing in thier system that we have consumed the data.Please note that we have wrote to them many times & called them also regarding the complain & they never solve it. Please look into the same urgently & also let us know what is the discounted bill to be paid

Shubham Choure

Posted on Oct 01, 2014

BSNL 2G speed is too worst...They said that 2G speed is 200-900kbps..But the speed is too worst its less than 10-12kb...Plz do some action againt BSNL...


Posted on Oct 01, 2014

Hi, I am continuously follow up with you broadband for my internet connection since last 12 days (from 20th Sept and complaint no is 2014092010567) however I am not getting any positive response from them I am bearing the financial loss for approx Rs. 1000/- daily for which I have taken the internet connection and not able to do the share trading. I got the nodal officer (Gurgaon) number of Mr. Raghvendra i.e. 8750470066 and I also discuss the same with him on Friday 26th Sep and he assured me to resolve the same by end of day but still no update. I really fed up of doing the mails, calls to customer care, call to gurgaon office and even not getting any response. Would request you to look into this and help me in getting my internet connection ok and also get reimbursed my daily financial loss and days loss. Details as below :- User id - priyank_512, Acc no. 957399 Thanks regards Priyank Agarwal Mb. 9711555001

Mrs Natasha Ahluwalia

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

Vodafone India has overcharged me for my mobile internet charges which is Rs -8000

Shoibulla Khan

Posted on Sep 27, 2014

Hi, Team Consumer Forum i need your help i see my Tikona Broadband service is betraying customer and not allowing us to use as marketed i am using a basic plan and i pay 786 rupees every month and they are giving me 20 GB data with 2 mbps initially and then the speed changes to 512kbps unlimited but they don't allow to use service always they make a way to give excuses when i am using thier service and from past 6-8 months i have been raising qustions when they rob data and don't allow us to use it and never resolved my issue with the modem and they keep giving reasons and false assurances and therefore i have marked you in the e-mail i sent to them and i request you to please followup and i have explained the entire situation please help i have forwarded e-mail to poor customer service and neglegence of customers to thier headquarters in Mumbai i request you to please followup so they don't do like this to anyone and all would be benifited they owe me money when i havent used internt


Posted on Sep 23, 2014

am having a very pathetic experience with Tikona. 8 days, my connection is not working, every day I am calling their customer care and they say that there is network problem in your area and will be resolved by next 8 hours.......... Same is happening for last 8 days. Today the person said, that sir it is upto you that you want the connection or not. Don't know what to do with them.


Posted on Sep 20, 2014

I am a MTS data card customer. My MTS #: 8925974937 I purchased the data card on Apr 2014. It was working good until 08 Sep 2014. I lost connectivity from 8 Sep 2014. I complained to MTS customer care. Complain #: SEP/3135. No reply from customer care. They just told me to wait for 48 hours again and again. I appealed for Appellate after 7 days. They told, they switched off the tower. No more service in my area. Is this allowed practice as per TRAI regulation? They installed tower an year back and run it for one year. Me and my friends purchased MTS data cards. After that they closed their service without any intimation. Please control this type of unprofessional behavior with customers.


Posted on Sep 19, 2014

4G dongle No. 8585858704, Conectivity and net working problem not solved despite lodging compain again and again at helpline No. 1800 1030405. Kindly help.

Rahul Sharma

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

I have shifted my house from Vijaynagar Dhimrapur chowk To Kalindi kunj so for adress change and re installation complaint is being lodged on 13th of sep 2014 withous resolving amount is being deducted from my balance of smart card sum of rs 175 then again i have have registered a complainet on 18th september again the amount is being deducted but problem is not being resolved .thin on 19 sep i have again called to the custamer care number 18002009001 then it is being told that your account is being suspended you have to recharge once again of rs 150 then only we can register your complaint .because of their unberable problems my family is suffering without having any entertailment after paying also therefore it is requested to fine the reliance digilal t.v fo their such a behaviour.and they should reimburse my wrong deducted amount with penalty.

Vikas Bhinge

Posted on Sep 18, 2014

I am MTNL broadband user with unlimited plan. Since 29/8/2014 my internet connection has become a nightmare to me, It comes for a while and is discontinued for the whole day. I have to file complaint after which there is temperary internet connection which gets exhausted after few minutes. Complaining on 198 is now my daily business just to complain for no permanent results. Line man says there is problem in cable and no further steps are taken till date, just a call for enquiring for net connection. I have also spoken to Officer on 28402005 who told me matter will be resolved but still facing the same problem. Now I can't have to rely on MTNL broadband for my important work on NET for which I have taken, I have already spent thousands of rupees for online material for studying and for mock test for which I have to now spent more money for buying alternative internet on mobile. Hoping for a speedy reply and a permanent solution for my complaint.

sayan basu

Posted on Sep 14, 2014

We have a Reliance 3g net connect connection (8442932901). We have been facing connection issues for past few month.Most of the time the speed is extremely slow & many times we do not get any signal. We have carried out all the possible steps & tried the connection in different s & desktops but no changes. We have complained many times by calling & writing but there has been no improvement.They only provide fake promises.An engineer was suppose to come but no one came.Every month they are charging us.Please help us resolving the problem .We are really helpless

Amit Kumawat

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

I was using 2MBPs Tikona plan and was not getting speed. On calling sutomer care, they advised to chnage the plan to 4MBPs with additonal cost. I did the same but later speed was further reduced to around 4KBPs!!.I requested Tikona care to resolve the issue but they kept convincing with no results. Finally, I asked them to stop the service but they still kept it ON from their side. From my side, I stopped using it. After few weeks, Tikona requested to check the speed. I logged in and the speed was still a problem. After few days, they handed me a bill saying that I used the service as reflected in last login time, so I need to pay!!BUT, I logged in just to check the speed. Since then Tikona is continuously calling me to pay the bill. This is a kind of harassment and hence would like to lodge a complaint

vinit kumar

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

Hi I have applied for the new connection for Broadband of the Airtel & I had given all the required document & fees to Airtel Executive, as per Executive your connection will be connect within two days. but till now I am waiting for the connection. I have called up to the airtel , but they are not responding & keep my phone on hold for half an hours. please do the needful. Regards Vinit kumar 9891761444

Modekurti Jaya Lakshmi

Posted on Sep 08, 2014

Just spoken to Mr. Vinay Sharma who could not resolve my complaint . I have been recharging the Reliance Dish TV again and again and they have been making false promises. At the end today they asked me toa gain top up by 50/0 for a Telugu Pack despite of me topping up by 1250/- within a week.

Paras D Toliya

Posted on Sep 05, 2014

Complaint against MTS (Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited). For barred my services, on the basis of wrong usage of data. I applied for Rs.444+ Tax monthly 3 GB data plan on 17.08.14. connection is activated and i used upto 29.8.14. They barred my service on the basis of 5.1 Gb usage. As per their MTS windows usage my usage is not more than 1.12 GB. In my application also i mentioned about my limited liability of Rs.444+ tax only. Now, they r demanding Rs.2022 without any records. I asked about any authentic data, still they r not providing and also barred my services. On 16.8.14 i purchase their dongle at the cost of Rs.1500/- which is laso failed. I cancelled my Airtel connection due to this connection. So, there also i barred loss and i started to use this MTS dongle only for 11 days. They r illegally barred/stop my services. No solution is provided by them. Just blackmailing, if u want to access internet pls. pay Nill than 404 than 1539 and now Rs.2022. Clearly case of cheating.

sachin kachave

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

Hi I have taken you broadband connection fewdays back .within an week connection got ddisconnected. I have filed a complaint 15days back for the conconnection to continue but still they have not resolved my complaint

Rakhi Choudhury

Posted on Sep 02, 2014

Ocationaly we get "Request Timed out" problem very often. Out local provider do no respond to out complaint mostly. We have to suffer for 2-3 days, sometimes more than that without getting broadband service. So we are in serious problem by using Alliance Broadband service. Presently we are out of broadband service from 31st august, 2014 morning to till now. Out local operator is Mr. Rajat and my UserId is "rakhic_te". Hope for your immediate action to the problem. Thank you.

debanjali basu

Posted on Sep 01, 2014

we have a reliance net connect connection -8442932901. For the last billing cycle (14th july -13 aug ) we have not been able to use the connection as it was extremly slow. We have complained many times & the technical team said that as there is some work going on in the locality , the speed will be slow till 5th Sep.However we got a bill of rs 1200.We were told on 13th Aug that around 5gb was left to be used.We called them regarding the same but they refused to provide a waaiver on the bill as they said that we have used the connection. We have not been able to use the connection & their technical team committed in Aug that we will get a discount for the current month. Please look into the same

Satya Bajaj

Posted on Aug 31, 2014

ISP: Reliance Communications. Plan: Freedom 999 Problem: Lack of service on holidays and no resolution to complaints. The internet service stops working very often and every time I file a complaint, either my complaint is closed without resolving the issue OR I am given reasons such as "Sunday is a holiday, engineers do not work on Sundays", "it is Ganesh Utsav and engineers are on holiday" "it is Diwali, engineers do not work during Diwali" I am paying for service on these "holidays" as well and not asking for waiver on such days, then why the lack of service? Complaint has been filed with 1.) Customer Care 2.) Appellate authority 3.) PGPORTAL under DOT Problem still exists. How do I file a petition in the consumer court for improving QoS and making service on such "holidays" non payable if service not provided.

Sagar Gupta

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

sir, I was using reliance internet connection but suddenly my internet connection suspended by reliance communications and when I called to reliance customer care then they are telling now reliance will not give internet service to my area. I am regularly paying my bill to reliance before due date expires , so how can they suspend my internet connection without giving me any notice of suspension. Please help me sir


Posted on Aug 26, 2014

I had a BSNL telephone connection with broadband in the no.04872325644 in Thrissur District. And I have surrenedered the connection and requsted to Security Deposit refund on 14-12-2013. The acknowledgement No. of my request is 17622/1412-2013 of Office of the Principal General Manager Telecom,Sancharbavan,Kovilakathumpadam,Trichur 22.But till now I have not recieved the Security Deposit to me.

Gaurav Dutta

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

This is to inform you about my grievance that I have been charged with a BB bill amount of INR 9865, as I have been charged on night charges which was previously free in my Bill Plan BBGCNT 500. I have received NO intimation in terms of a letter or e-mail or sms or a phone call that the plan is revised and I would no longer avail the benefits of night unlimited in my current plan. unacceptable. I have my BB and phone bills payment mode as ECS. I request BSNL to please waive of the night charges for the month of July and August 2014 so that I can pay the remaining amount and henceforth change my BB plan. Request BSNL to please take my request into consideration. Here are details : Customer Name : Alak Kumar Datta User ID : swatiban12 Cust id - 3005704990 Acc no - 8005712512 Telephone # 033-24301029 West Bengal Circle Bill Period : 01/07 - 31/07 Billing Amount : 9865 Bill Plan : BBGCNT 500 Thanks, Gaurav #9804509354

Harichandra Kamble

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

I used 1 Air tel postpaid connection From March 2014. my billing cycle is 20th - 19th. In the month of May i received bill from 20th Apr- 19th May, in this bill my bill amount was 17978 Rs. in this bill i activated 2 GPRS plans details are given bellow: 1. 99 Rs - 2GB data - 20th Apr 2014 to 4th May 2014 2. 175 Rs - 2GB data - 6th May 2014 to 19th May 2014 On 4th of may i called on 198 and spoke with the customer care executive that till today (4th May) i have used almost 2 Gb data and now i want to activate another GPRS plan, so can i activate another gprs plan, he told me u can activate another plan then i asked what will be the charges? because i have already used 2 GB data within 15 days. so he told me don't worry you will be only charged for 99rs for that plan if u exceed more than 2GB then u will be charge as 10kb/15ps. hen i activated 175 rs gprs plan which gives me 2gb data. But now my relatives are receiving threat calls from airtel

Manjunath Rao

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

I have purchases a Ubilslte handset and they have given used handset

suneel kumar

Posted on Aug 18, 2014

hi team, i logged a complain with tikona services and i am not getting any satisfactory response from tikona team. kindly help me on this


Posted on Aug 15, 2014

my datacard number is 9738859430 > > my internet pack 997 recharged on 20.07.14. > > This pack will expires 19.08.14.but full quota of 10 GB in 3g speed > already used by me . > > now i getting 2g speed up to valitity completes. > > so i want to use 3g speed .so i recharged 1477(5GB X 3 months) yesterday. > > still i am getting same 2g speed only. > > this recharge amount is not activated. > > i am getting sms stating that please recharge like that. > > this pack valitity already started day wasted me.please > activate this pack immediately with extra one day validity. > this is worst service i have ever seen before with out solving any problems all service request status are closed.still internet pack 997 is only working with 2g speed.but internet pack 1477 is not working.please refund the amount

Vivek Balachander S

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Sir, I had applied for ACT broadband connection on June 12 2014 and made a payment of Rs 1679. The said that they would provide a connecetion within 10 days but it has been more than 2 months and I have not received my money nor the connection have called the customer care around 10 times and they give reasons like cable operator disputes but never give a solution or money back.


Posted on Aug 06, 2014

RCOM is very very fake & cheater company last 4-5 times I recharged internet packs of different amount, but not a single time I got the proper data as mentioned in their online site. RCOM has so many tricks to cheat with their subscribers.........

Ananta Kumar Chaudhuri

Posted on Aug 04, 2014

I had recharged data connection for rs.98 in my existing bsnl sim 9433398918 for the use of the same from my residence in my desktop using dongle. The recharge was done at Serampore bsnl Customer Service outlet on 18.07.2014 from 71451 under ref 1456340461. The validity period of the recharge is 21 days. I have not able to get the connection for single instance till date. The matter was referred to bsnl Customer care without yeilding any result.

Satyabrata Das

Posted on Aug 01, 2014

Sir/Madam, I moved to a new place in Bangalore where YOU BROADBAND coverage was absent,so had to apply for disconnection.I returned the Modem in mint condition personally on 6/5/2014.They said it will take a max of 45 working days for reimbursement of my Rs 900 caution deposit.After 45days I called the customer care. They said they have lodged a complaint.Once a customer care guy even said their personnel will call within 24 working hour,but that never happened.So i found out nodal officer's (Mr. Jagadish) number and contacted him.He said my matter will be sorted out fast.But it has'nt happened yet and its closing to around 90 days since my return of the modem and disconnection.All this process has caused me a lot of mental stress and has created a sense of mistrust in such companies.If anything can be done regarding this please help me and to prevent such things to happen to any other customer,I request for stern actions. My plan name was You Buzz and account number : 938499

Akash Bajanghate

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Sir I wanted the broadband connection so I paid to the Airtel Executive full amount on 15/07/2014 but till now they not installed and every day I call to them they say next day surely they will install. My exams are near and I am facing lots of problem regarding net. So sir I request you to please help me as soon as possible.

Anjan Dev N.

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

Against Pacenet India, Mumbai Speeds are not as promised per package The internet is constantly interrupted They never have anybody to fix the internet They constantly blame local distributor (Atul Video - Borivali West) for interrupted services Atul Video is not available between 7:30pm to 11:30 am Internet disruptions happen every 2 days I'm constantly put on hold by Pacenet's customer service representatives I've incurred large phone bills simply calling them to get the problem fixed I was promised 24/7 internet, and everyday there are disruptions The longest period of uninterrupted internet has been for 2 days at a stretch, after which there was no service for 1 day. Pacenet blames Atul Video and they blame Pacenet Please call them to court to resolve this

Kunul Gottimukkula

Posted on Jul 28, 2014

I have paid YOU Broadband India Pvt LTD to provide broadband connection. I paid Rs.3308/- on 5th July 2014, after that i called them several times to provide the connection. Till now there is no connection provided even after paying full amount to them. I have to spend daily 30 mins trying to call them, no positive response and they keep on delaying the connection.When i asked for refund they are saying it will take 10 more days for refund. Please look into my case and help me get a refund.

Saurav gangh

Posted on Jul 28, 2014

My 3G speeds have been slowed down without any reason by airtel. My data balance is left still airtel has slowed down my 3G speed and it's working even slower than 2G speed. Complaint was raised in 25th July with reference no 57323309. I've been trying to catch them since last 5 days but airtel is trying to dodge everytime saying you need to wait for 2-3 days in order to get the complaint solved. As I've been waiting since last 5 days it has been a horrendous experience with airtel. It would be grateful of you kindly do the needful and try to solve my problem as soon as possible as I think that airtel has been cheating on me over these 3G issues.

Hemant Kumar Sharma

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

Dear Sir, It is already 5.5 months now since I paid for a broadband connection from BSNL Faridabad. Connection type: BSNL (4 MBPS fiber line) which costs me Rs 2512/- Date of payment: 1st March 2014 I have already email and contacted many BSNL officials but connection is not yet provided to me. Request you to please intervene into the matter so that connection can be provided or refund my money back. Regards, Hemant Mob: 9818667844 Address:- Q11-08-FF, BPTP Park Elite Floors, Parklands, Sector 75, Faridabad, Haryana


Posted on Jul 23, 2014

Hi, I got the reliance broad band service and paid the installation charges 1500.But they stop the connection after 2 days. they send the 17 days bill.i raised againest wrong bill but no answer from reliance executive.not get any refund amount. Broadband Subscriber ID 396872774456. billing a/c no :1000 00 121800527 Regads vikram 8553352154

Control Arms Foundation of India

Posted on Jul 22, 2014

We being an working office, we have a internet connection of Airtel service provider, instead of repeated reminder the service provider is reluctant not to resolve our issue, so we request you to kindly advice for necessary action.

Suvajit Paul

Posted on Jul 21, 2014

Respected Sir / Madam I am Suvajit Paul is a Customer of Sity Broadband last 3 month's and I am very sorry to say that there service are so bad and mannerles. When i take the connection they not provide me a any type of bill. Any broadband related problem they not help properly . Please help me.

Anand Kamal

Posted on Jul 19, 2014

I purchased a reliance data card from reliance world on 23rd June-2014. The data card had stopped working since 1st july-2014. I called to help line no. and he said that I need to go the service center which is available in ambala cant(Nanak Telecome) I went there and he said that it will replace within 10 days, I requested to him that please provide me one standby device so that our work will not stopped due to this, they did not agree. I followed up with the service center after two days for the status of replacement he told me that they were not able to log complain in system due to IT issue. I called to helpdesk and share the issue about service center and ask them to help to resolve the issue as per given time line but they told me if he had been given the time line for 10 days than we can register your complaint after 10 days. I requested then to please register my complaint and resolve the issue because the service center is not able to replace my data card on time but they did

Ravi K. Bhatt

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

I Mr. Ravi Kanaiyalal Bhatt, have complain of Local Net Service Provider. We are using World Net Services, our service provider do not Co-oprate with us, while taking Payment they are taking Advance Payment for a Year, and when we are complaning them that our net is not working they are telling we do not have right to generate your Complain No. Please help us in dis situation.

Ravi Ramakrishnan

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

Sir I have an MTS prepaid connection. My last recharge was on 23 Jun and as always is the case with MTS the speed reduced within a week. I contacted Customer care-MTS, for remedy. They advised me to recharge, which was done on 14 Jul. The speed did not improve and now when contacted the Customer care says that my speed will not improve till 23 Jul as my previous recharge date is valid till then. They also say that since I have recharged on 14 Jul my validity date will now onward be on 13th of every month. Now I have lost ten days from my validity period and I am deprived of the speed that was promised after recharge. Kindly advise if this is legal.


Posted on Jul 16, 2014

R/S I was shifted my house from one building to another building since last 16 days.I request to service provider ( i.e Ashish cable net phone no.0227465555) to shift the connection but still it is pending. I called many times but the response is very poor. My service ID is quazi@f. Please do some thing for me. I am leaving in Panvel Near court Thanks to co-operate Quazi A.H

Tejas Shah

Posted on Jul 04, 2014

I had subscribed to an ACT broadband for internet connection service. They took advance amount of 7072Rs for a 6 month subscription. After a few days their service went from bad to worse with no internet provision. They have not been lodging any complaint and not responding to mails or customer calls. It would be a relief to have your involvement in issues related to this company so that customers are refunded back the amount they have paid for the service. My customer subscription ID: 10891954. Kindly assist!

Akshun Agarwal

Posted on Jul 03, 2014

Hello Sir/Mam, I reside in Whitefield area of bangalore and have taken a broadband connection from Reliance communications.Since the time I have taken the connection, I have been facing lot of connection issues. I have tried to raise multiple complaints on Reliance tollfree customer support number(180030007777). But they have never provided a permanent solution for that. Recently the connection is not working for past 7 days in whitefield. Some of the people residing here have tried to place complaints regarding that. But they did not hear back from Reliance Technical support team, as to when would the connection issues get fixed. When we try to call on the tollfree number now,the phone is not been picked up by the customercare executives. The recent complaint that I had placed(ComplaintID: 222015860) on 28th June, has been left unattended.I tried to contact Reliance technician(Manjunath) on his number(9164271551), but he did not pick the phone. I request you to register the complaint

Roki Ballav

Posted on Jul 03, 2014

I m bsnl broadband subscriber.8-9 days in every month there is no internet connection.this month 20 days we are out of service.we paid a heavy amount of bill in every month.its not only my problem whole village suffer by BSNL BROADBAND service.


Posted on Jul 03, 2014

Dear Sir, Last Friday (27.06.2014) I have purchased a MTS 3G+ dongle by exchanging with my previous Airtel 4g dongle & cash amount of Rs. 1099. At the time of purchasing the MTS dongle I have submitted the following documents-- 1. Office address proof, given by our HR dept. 2. PAN card xerox 3. Voter card xerox 4. Passport size photo 5. My official identity card xerox I have requested the lady (Ms. Anita, Mb no 09143878962, who gave me the call to purchase the MTS dongle) to activate my MTS dongle as early as possible. She confirmed me that by 30th of June'14, my dongle will activate. Last Monday (30.06.02014) I called the lady (Ms. Anita, Mb no 09143878962, who gave me the call to purchase the MTS dongle) to know the status of activation, she told me that one person will visit my office to verify my address. At 4.00pm (on 30.06.2014) I got a call from 07044142519, that person told me that he is coming to my office for address verificatio, but still now dongle is not activate

sumanto chatterjee

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

sir i had requested MTS to stop my service after payment of all dues. despite that they continue to charge me and harass me over MTS no was 9136358704, i receive an mail as quoted "Dear Mr. Chatterjee, Thank you for writing to MTS. With reference to your e-mail on Wed, 22nd May '2013 MDN 9136358704, we have gone through your MTS account and found that the status of your MTS account is temporary deactivated on 24.05.13 as per your request for the disconnection of MTS services. Also like to inform you that before permanent disconnection of account number gets temporarily deactivated (TD) and after 90 days of TD your data card will get permanently disconnected (PD). Further, we would request you to clear the outstanding amount of Rs. 541.72/- to proceed with the disconnection request. We assure you that you would get proper response from our end, and will be given best of our services" this was not informed to me when i availed their services. thankyou for any help

Kiran Babu Kolluri

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

Excel media private limited is not giving proper service to the customers in gudivada. and no one will respond during disconnection . all will escape , no responsible person is here to deal with they are cheating consumers

pankaj kumar

Posted on Jun 27, 2014

I have bought a MTS Mblaze ulta wifi data card in mts store and my data card no (8459048367) and he said your MTS Mblaze Data card is 25 kbps and i m not able to any websites and it will take long to open website and i am also contact MTS customer care every time he discount my phone today he pick phone and subbmit my complaint. i m also draft a this mail id 20-june 2014 ( till date i am not received any update of complint with MTS company. Kindly look into this mater. Regards, Pankaj kumar

Pratheesh Rajan

Posted on Jun 26, 2014

Hi, I am using a broadband connection from Asianet and I am not getting internet connection for the last 1 week, every time while calling the customer care of Asianet, they are telling lame excuses and still I dont have the internet connectivity, which is causing lot of issues for my work. Here is the contact details of Asianet broadband Please do the needful asap if possible. Consumer Code: TV 18662 Name : Dana John (My Wife) Thanks, Pratheesh


Posted on Jun 25, 2014



Posted on Jun 25, 2014

Dear Sir/madam, I've taken a post paid data connection(9143062640) from MTS,almost 3 yrs back. During this period I've paid bill without being defaulter. On 24th/25th Mar'14 I've requested their cust'care to change my bill plan from 555 4GB to 550 3GB unlimited.The cust'care told me that the new billing plan will be effective from 1st April'14. On 1st April they told me that "you it would take another 7 days to activate; I called them on 6th, as the billing plan was not changed & I made a complain. Their cust'care executive told me that I should keep using the service the billing plan has changed. On May they send me a bill of Rs. 1762 which was suppose to be around Rs. 650 as per my new bill plan. I again called them & made a complain;the cust'care executive told me that I would get a "Waiver"; but no one respond even after 10 days. I again called & made a complain. Now they are offering waiver Rs. 300 & asked for bill payment without that they will issue legal notice.Kindly suggest


Posted on Jun 22, 2014

Bought wifi max modem from TataDocomo eshop by cash on delivery, Recieved device on 10th june,At the time i've submitted required documents. Till the device not activated. Have made 5 times calls to customer care they are responding well. And every time they are saying this will be activated. And now they are saying it will be refunded. Who will be compensated for my Time/Work delay wich i had to complete. In the market device costs are increased as per the current price. I haven't received any status update to my mobile/email regarding. Can you please take action, And do let me know if any action required from end. Thanks, Kishore Thotakoora

shobhit chaturvedi

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

I got internet broadband connection from hathway on 14/5/2014 and i paid advance bill for three month but from yesterday 19/06/2014 my internet connection is not working and when i am calling customer care number 08040161616 no body is responding .in this situation i am not able to do many work which rrquire internet and also i dont have any point of contact.please help

Shadab Alam

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

I was been assured by airtel to get an speed of 8mbps for broadband services but i am only getting 2 or 3 mbps from last 1 month its been only 2 months that i have bought the connection but for the first month everything was fine but now it is getting worse day by day customer care to linent to take care of customer even after notifying them that i will proceed to court they took it as a joke.please look into the matter soon.

Manjeet Singh

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

My Tikona userid 1110042255 Name: Manjeet Singh Mobile:9769006181 My first email to Tikonaa on 9th June as a complain; It is to state that I have purchased 2 mbps connection from Tikona on dated 3/4/2014. From past few days my speed is reduced to only around 500 kbps. Yesterday and today I have talked many times with customercare representatives and came to know that my billing cycle is fixed from 26th of every month,While I was maintaining my usages from 3rd of every mornth only. Please note the following points 1) While taking connection from Tikona, the representatives never told me about billing cycle thing. There is a sheer loss of 10 days due to this in the first month. 2) I am repeatedly being told different stories from customercare people from past two days. The problem is, every time I call your customercare I have to repeat my whole story which is really tiresome. Sometimes somebody asks me to talk to commercial section for this because it is not their problem. 3) Today in

Sunil Kumar Yadav

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

This is in regard of my Airtel broadband connection ( Number: 9910450364) which i have got in the month of April. Since the day my number is activated and i have started using the services i am facing hell lot of challenges w.r.t to speed, network, 3G network automatically converts to 2G. Since the very first day i am calling your toll free numbers time and again( Call details pls check from your records). During initial days before 17th April your customer support provided me make shift arrangement like network selection, disconnect the dongle and take out sim and reinsert and there was no permanent remedy and it became a nausiance for me on daily basis.Mr. Amit just want to understand few things from you: 1. What is TAT for resolving a consumer complaint? 2. My first complaint was closed as my i didn't responded to the Airtel call by Mr. Deepak so what is the authenticity of that call was really made or not? Pls provide the number details from call was given to me. 3. If at any chanc


Posted on Jun 06, 2014

महोदय, निवेदन है कि मै रेलवे विभाग में कार्य करता हूँ , और मुझे रेलवे द्वारा एयरटेल की cug सिम प्रदान की गई है जिसका नंबर 9752443263 है। एयरटेल द्वारा पोस्ट पेड़ सिम में मोबाइल इंटरनेट डेटा यूज के नाम पर हजारो रूपये का बिल दिया जा रहा है ,जबकि रेलवे और एयरटेल के अनुबंध में अनलिमिटेड डेटा चार्ज प्लान सी में ९९/- रुपए है। मेरा आपसे निवेदन है कि मुझे एयरटेल से ओरिजनल बिल दिलाया जाये और अतिरिक्त बिल को वापस किया जाये। धन्यवाद

Dushyant Kumar

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

I want to register complaint against BSNL, as my ladline phone is out of order from last 1 month due to broken wire. BSNL people are not looking into the problem, we are not paying any bill for may 2014. Please do the needful.


Posted on May 31, 2014

Hello sir, i have taken internet connection from ACT broadband on 13/05/2014, and from that time internet is not coming and i called customer care many times, they said it is resolved but till now i have not got internet for at least 1hr. i dont know what to do... i think it will not get resolve.

Gautam Bansal

Posted on May 30, 2014

I purchased a MTS Ultra 3G dongal in the month of April in which i was promised to get 40GB data at high speed upto 9.8 MBPS @ Rs999 p.m. & in the begining it worked fine. However after 15 days,speed became slow & went as low as 200 KBPS. When I contacted customer care they said that my area is a poor coverage area hence they can not provide speed more than 200 kbps. Then I contacted Appellate MTS Delhi & got even worse response. When I asked appellate to solve my issue & if can not resolve then refund my money, they straight away cancelled my account and when I asked them about cancellation request then they revoked that however put my a/c in no payment. Now my concern is if my area of residence is poor coverage zone then 1. Why I was offered the dongal on confirmation that it will work perfect 2. how come dongal worked fine for initial 15 days 3. What would I do with the dongal worth Rs 1500 4. For what service I would pay Rs1000 pm Hence please advice how can I take legal action.


Posted on May 28, 2014

I have been experiencing worst situation with ACT,as there is no service since 10 days after repeatedly calling the customer care on daily basis,no one is responding and resolving the issue.I have made 6 month advance payment of 6732 Rupees,now i think i made mistake of paying in advance.ACT people are active only when they are collecting money after that they will forget about customers.and behave rude with even women when they come for repairing things.regarding this owner of building has registered police complaint also.Please help me with this.I want my hard earned money back.Kindly look in to this issue.

Lalit Bajaj

Posted on May 27, 2014

I got a Tata photon connection, Photon no -9213093495, in March 2014. Since beginning I was having problem with the speed and I filed complaints with the customer care through phone and emails. They did not resolve it within their stipulated time lines when I escalated matter, it was informed that their connection site is down in sector 19 and the issue cannot be resolved till 20th June. I asked them to adjust the bill for the data I could use and not for the full data which I could not use due to their connection/network failure and take their device back and refund my money of for the device as I needed internet connection for my daily use and I am not able to use it for the last 1 month. Due to similar issue I had got the connection disconnected 2 years back on the same device after 1 month of usage. The device is of waste for me as I cannot get connection from any other service provider on the same. They are not responding to my repeated emails. I want to file a case.

Arindam Chatterjee

Posted on May 19, 2014

I've bought a alliance broadband internet connection which was activated on 25th of April,2014 the plan i've selected includes 1mbps international bandwidth,upto 4mbps on night.and peering speed of 25 mbps,and this is where the problem started I'm not geting the peering speed at all. so i want my installation charge back and they can have there connection. i will be much obliged if you can help me regarding plan name is preferred

Bhuwan Chandra Pandey

Posted on May 16, 2014

I has purchase a data card from MTS. points of complaints:- 1. That was already sold to somebody. 2. Wrong commitment to me by Sales Executive. What I Do? Call me please 9871822886


Posted on May 15, 2014

Hi Team, This is Sanjay Swami and I have taken ACT broadband connection 2 weeks back. On 11th May I logged a case for internet is not working (0002055071). Since last 5 days my connection is not working and I called them more than 100 times and even send them email also and they are saying different answer all the time. Even they closed my complaint without any information saying that issue has been resolved ((0002055071) and when called them again they said you to open new request and we will check , so I have opened new case number with them and still no call no message about anything . New Complaint number is 0002068003. Now I am totally frustrated and I need my deposit back So requesting you to please help me one this. Thanks Sanjay Swami 8105595977

rahil hafeez

Posted on May 13, 2014

TIKONA broadband service has charged me 2000 rupees by threatening to take me to court inspite of it being their fault

Jayshree Dhyani

Posted on May 11, 2014

I had bought tata photon max from univercell bhandup about 3 months back. Till date it is not activated. I have submitted all sets of documents 3 times so far and every time when I go back they would say your documents didn't reach us or they were not clear or they are rejected because some idiot made a mistake of submitting the documents under different product name. What are they doing with the documents submitted. Both universes land the guy from tata photon - Mahindra keep saying that it will be done tomorrow. Now they even stopped answering my call. I haven't seen such pathetic level of service anywhere before. MEID no. A00000490FA3D7 PESN no. 80B83FDD S/N K4SBYA9383002875

Sujoy Dasgupta

Posted on May 09, 2014

Airtel Fixedline/broadband Service took order for upgradation of plan from 2Mbps to 4mbps connection with 30Gb FUP at Rs.1649 per month.Order no:15818899 dated 5 May 2014. I was promised upgradation within 8 hours. Airtel cancelled order without my consent or informing me. On calling them repeatedly for 3 days I was finally told that said plan was not feasible in my area. However Airtel executive himself suggested a different plan with 4Mbps upto 40Gb at Rs. 1249. I accepted the offer and placed another order for the suggested plan. Order no. being 15855409 dated 8th May 2014 at 7 PM. I was again promised upgradation within 8 hours. Now after calling airtel again, I have been told that even the 2nd plan is NOT feasible in my area. I consider this a breach of contract, along with unnecessary harassment and misleading information from Airtel authorities.

Nisha Vachhani

Posted on May 06, 2014

I, Nisha Vachhani, holding relaince subscriber No. 8444940404. I had called their customer care dept. on 10th April 2014, with a request to terminate my services, complain no. 218996204. To my surprise today when I called to re-check about the status, I was informed they have taken a migration request but not a termination request. I would like to highlight this is not my first unpleasant experience with Reliance. I had experienced a similar taste before, holding relaince subscriber no. 8100930466. There again I had to pay Rs.1500 extra because nobody took my request then. I would request you to kindly look into the same, as am in no interest of paying a single diem extra for services which I have not used. I want my services to be terminated with effect from 10th April 2014.

Bonu RaghuRam

Posted on May 06, 2014

I have been asking to cancel my request since past two months. I have raised around three requests now and have no satisfactory response infact I lost all the respect and interest in Tata Photon services after experiencing this kind of inefficient staff and concern towards the customers. Every time i raise a cancellation request they will say the request is raised and cancellation will occur after 7days and after around 10 days a new person will be calling and will say a new offer is awaitng for you and please avail it and when i say my device is already cancelled and i got a message they will reply that..NO NO NO...Its in active state and you have accepted to retain it... I cant use vulgar language here and my anger has gone beyond limits after this kind of response..

Pankaj Aggarwal

Posted on May 05, 2014

I had paid Rs 1974 to You-Broadband for new connection, but they have neither provided any connection and nor they are refunding my money. I had complained many times to 9825286495 number, this number as per their site belongs to Divya Singh. But as per lady, name was fatima. I had taken this number from their site only. I am following up since long time and feeling mentally harassed. I had done online payment through ICICI bank net banking and can give significant proofs for the same.


Posted on Apr 29, 2014

My phone No.0474 2459648 With internet (Rs.500/ scheme with 20% discount on retired govt.employee) Since inception I was regularly paying the bill but I am getting message that Rs.700/ is due how it comes and what is the calculation. Once I was told there is mistake it will be rectified. How this message is coming often. Please do the needful. I want details of bill and paid and balance please


Posted on Apr 28, 2014

I am based in Ahmedabad and i have a You Broadband wifi connection at home. My internet connection has been down since the past two weeks, i.e., from the 14th of April this month and is not in working condition till now. The three major problems i am facing with this are: 1. The customer care department is difficult to reach as i had to hold for almost 8-10 mins for the customer care department to respond. 2. Secondly, initially when i called, they refused to take down my complain, saying that maintenance work is on and so the internet will resume in a while. On the 22nd i called up, they said the complaint will be resolved by 12 a.m. One the 23rd morning i called, and they said it will be resolved by 5 p.m. The next day i called up, they said itll be resolved by 12 a.m., and even the next day, on the 26th, they said it will be resolved by 4 p.m. Then finally the same day they took down my complain. Yet till today nobody has turned up at all, and there is no favourable response.


Posted on Apr 25, 2014

We have a corporate connection with Vodafone for the past many years and were sent a bill for Rs.20,000+ for a datacard (Internet Dungle) connection recently; whereas the average monthly usage charges in the prior 3 months was Rs.2000/- and about Rs.1000/-preceding that. We requested for details of the usage which was very reluctantly( for reasons known to Vodafone) were sent to us but with incomplete information. We mailed them(attached) as the due date for payment was nearing, to send us the clarifications as well as to why and with whose permission Vodafone has enhanced the credit limit of the said datacard to Rs.15200/-; but never received the clarifications sought. However since we did not receive the clarifications,we could not make the payment and as a consequence Vodafone stopped not only the connectivity of the said datacard but the outgoing call services to all our mobile phone connections and then the incoming facilities of the connections causing immense inconvenience to

krishna kumar

Posted on Apr 24, 2014

Respected Sir i have post-paid tata docomo gsm network connection which was converted into postpaid from prepaid on !st aprail ph. no. 8274980424. my bill no 1714831852 dated on 17-04-14 is seems to be generated excess bill of data used . because of network speed my phone cant use more than even 500 MB data in a month , even from 10AM to 6PM I use wifi of my college and in starting day of my postpaid connection I used my rooms wifi every night despite of these my data used bill is generated over 134392 MB and bill amount is Rs.134392. I can challenge I never used this much data and the data used generated is totally fault. Please consider it sincere case and solve my problem. I am looking for quick and positive response from you. Regards Krishna Kumar metropolitan

dhrubajit paul

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

i am recently using alliance broadband connection for 3 months it was giving very good speed but now its not giving the speed it should give i m having a premium plan of 1200 per month and so as i am not getting the speed i called the tool free number and despite of repeatedly calling they have ignored the problem and if i call the hub they say to call in the tool, free number and vice versa.

Pranali Fadte

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

I had taken an internet plan from Tata communications. And paid an advance of Rs. 5516/-. Installation was done but the connection was not activated. I was told by the executive that the billing will start from the date of activation. However, the service provider has charged from the date of installation. Now, they are alleging that I should pay them an amount of Rs. 2084/- for the unused period. I have asked them for the usage data. But they are not providing me the same. I have also sent you an email providing the details of my complaint. Kindly guide me through.

Somenath Dutta

Posted on Apr 12, 2014

I have subscribed to local cable provider. Their office address is - IA-272, Sec - III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700097, Phone no - 23355377. Times of India is also part of the package. The channel is blocked for last 5 days. When I inquired when the channel will be available they said they don't know and not sure when the channel will be available. Please help me to resolve the issue so that I can get the uninterrupted service of the channels I am paying for.


Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Hello, We had recently subscribed to Yash Matrimony , Raipur by paying Rs. 3,600 for 7 months based on an advt in Times of India for a groom. In response we received around 10 extremely hi-fi profiles. For more details they asked us to pay a subscription fees. Once we paid for them, we received details. On contacting at the numbers of these profiles, we came to know that most of the people were married couple / few years back or the numbers were not valid. Additionally, these profile members mentioned that they were not aware of Yash matrimony. It was evident that Yash Matrimony, Raipur had procured these profiles through unauthorized sources. We were followed by an account manager at Yash Matimony: Preeti (+91-8962-220666, +91-7509302979). They have cheated us and sevral others. Yash mtrimony should close down and pay us back.


Posted on Apr 10, 2014

This is to inform you that I am facing signal issue with my Reliance post paid netconnect plus no. data card no. 9373536652 from past two months i.e from Feb 2014 till date. I have register complaint about this four times so far in reliance in last one month following are the complaints nos. 3792301097 dated 25/03/2014 217383331 dated 01/03/2014 218187633 dated 21/03/2014 218507462 dated 29/03/2014 Every time I am informed that it is because of some technical issue & will be resolved shortly but so far nothing is done. In my last complaint 21857462 it was committed that it will be done in next two days still no improvement. Today i.e 10/04/2014 I once agained called the Reliance sectrait office call center no. 18602002011, but today also I got same feedback of technical problem & they also did not confirmed when this issue will be resolved, reliance is raisng bills to me without any sevice. I request you to pls look into this matter & help me in resolving my problem

Vijaya CHaudhary

Posted on Apr 08, 2014

Hello, from past One week, I am facing issues with ACt broadband, they have promised to fix my connection thrice and failed. THis is mental harassment as I have spent hours on phone talking to them however with no help. For past 10 days I have not been able to work out of home because of false promises from. This was also escalated to the Nodal officer with no helpe. I would like to file official complaint against them. here are the details of the calls and complaints 31 Mar - 0001887351 Shyam Floor Manager 3rd april 1899405 Harish Rao-Floor manager Uma Shankar- Floor Manager. PLease advise


Posted on Apr 06, 2014

My reliance broadband is not working from thursday night and regarding this i compalaint to customer care @ 9am friday morning. The customer care told me that it will resolved within 24 hrs. Today almost 60 hrs complete but my problem not solved and their high authority also keep their hands packed. I lost my money,time and work with goodwill in these hours.


Posted on Apr 04, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,i took connect wifi connection few months back,due to frequent speed or connectivity problem i contacted customer care so many times but never got any proper response. 1 written complaint in sec 9 office is still pending from last 1 month.Due to the same I stopped their payment but till now they are not responding and disconnected the connection.I am ready to pay but they are not giving me the services which they committed. Kindly help me as I am facing mentally/physically and monitory loss.Also, I am expecting looking forward for the compensation for the loss i suffered due to connect poor services. Regards Bharat


Posted on Mar 27, 2014

On 25th March 2013, Reliance Broad Band Network was completely down in the whole of India for more than 48hrs,how to get compensation interms of rebate in the Bill? Is there any TRAI recommendation for this?

Sarvesh Nagar

Posted on Mar 27, 2014

I have a working period of 4 years and the epf account statement shows various missing entries and also missing with the interest to be accured on the deposit in the EPF account for the year 2012-13. I have filed many grieviences with the EPFO for the clearing of the same but no action is taken yet.


Posted on Mar 24, 2014

I opted a connection of Aircel for 3G services but I am failing to access from my room as there is no network at my room at 1st floor & it is in prime location. Whenever I need to access I need to take the laptop to my balcony or rooftop. So, it is very hard for me at midnight i am carrying my laptop to me rooftop or balcony whcih I supposed to access from my room as they advertise in all the mediums. I lodged a complaint to them & their representative came to my home & found I am true but the problem is that they are not resolving the problem now. They are saying to resolve my problem they have to cost a lot since my area is having some problem with 3G. But I guess this is there lookout that what will be cost or they should have advertised prior my buying their connection that my area is having some problem,then shouldn't have bought from AIRCEL. AIRCEL 3rd Floor, Globsyn Crystals Building Plot 11 & 12, Block EP & GP, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700 091 Tel: 9804099011

Kumar Saurav

Posted on Mar 15, 2014

My data card number is 9311907405. My Billed amount till the month of Feb'14 was Rs 1615 . I received a call from one of your vendor 'Krishna Services' for collection of dues on 3rd Mar'14. I asked them that i would like to discontinue my services as they were completely unproffesional on call and were calling late in the evening.The name of the agent was Raunak and was calling from his personal Mobile number - 7840087839.I asked him why my bill was high as I haven't used my data card at all in Feb'14. He said that he can see that and later took approvals from his supervisor and advised me to pay Rs 1100 and promised that my data card will get active and sent me a email confrimation on 8th Mar for the same. I made the payment on 9th Morning , however card did not got activated. I called up Reliance customer care they said card cannot be activated as some amount is still due. I called up Krishna Services, they said I need not pay anything and they will get it activated by evening. Today is 15th Mar and my data card has still not been activated.


Posted on Mar 12, 2014

Dear sir/madam, I had purchased a datacard with mts(8925970807) on 10/02/2014,had frequent network disconnection and stopped working after 19/02/2014. I had placed several complaints to solve the issue and also requested to refund my amount paid for the data card with customercare and appellate authority, My claim had been rejected by customer care and over and they started charging and generating the bill for the same. I had finally escalated the issue to trai after appellate authority, Kindly assist me further. Regards, saravanan.A

Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni

Posted on Mar 08, 2014

I have been using the Reliance NetConnect data card for the last two years. Since Sep'13 the broadband connection has not been working. Inspite of various complaints , there has been just one phone call to confirm the complaint, but no technician was sent to correct the matter. I discontinued the service after waiting for two months. In spite of this the RELIANCE NETCONNECT keeps sending the monthly bill and keeps calling for dues. Last month I received a Notice from one Mr. Shadab Peerzade, claiming to represent Reliance Broadband services, saying they would drag me to court over non-payment of dues. Kindly guide me on this bullying Tactics Reliance Netconnect is resorting to. Still there is no effort on their side to correct the matter.

pk bajaj

Posted on Mar 07, 2014

Continues distubence in net connection and after calling no action is taking place and worker is telling to call the next day

Jitesh Dhawan

Posted on Mar 04, 2014

I have purchased Padmini Juicer on 16 Feb 2014 (order no.-9187366 ) and made payment of Rs.1339 as well, but since then there is no update from their side despite my repeated followups through mails, calls and even complaint ticket. I am really shocked and surprised to see such a worst service. No one from Rediff shopping is bothered about replying to the mail sent on 21 Feb and worst part is the complaint raised on 22 Feb is still unanswered (complaint no.-103822580266).I want these guys to be sued for customer cheating and fraud. Please help in getting this issue resolved..!!!


Posted on Feb 26, 2014


Arun Sharma

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

As a Bsnl subscriber since 2011, I along with 30 more society people facing trouble of disconnect and No network for more than 8-10 days in a month. We filed complaint in BSNL but both are non responsive. Please guide us because after paying heavy bills if we are not getting services then how to handle with these guys?

Pranali Thakur

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

I paid Hathway for installing wifi connection in my house on 4th Feb 2014, when they came for installation they said i will have to pay extra for wifi connection and for the amount i paid i will get LAN connection. I did not want LAN connection hence i cancelled my subscription. They informed me i will get full refund of my amount. Have been calling their customer care center since past one week now, everytime they say they will make their billing department give me a call about my refund query. Its 19th Feb today and i haven't received any call from them regarding refund nor have i received the refund. The receipt number provided by them is as follows: SLRISP/38576

Suraj Bapu

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

I have a connection from ACT broadband which has been down for over 12 hours now and when I raised complaint, they said that it will take 24 business hours to rectify it and it which is totally un-acceptable. I do understand that I have signed to their terms and conditions but on value basis this is really bad. I had an Airtel connection for 2 years before this did not have even single day of outage and within 1.5 months of taking ACT connection I'm facing the issues. The problem is the quality of service is very bad. Another outage and I'll be out of ACT and back to Airtel. This is to ring to notice in public forums about ACT broadband doing bad service overall and behaving unethically.


Posted on Feb 18, 2014

im Rahil from Kolkata, few months back i discontinued my internet connection with Tikona Digital networks. i was told that i would get back Rs 900 as soon as i return the devices. and in that month my outstanding amount was Rs 300. so i decided to pay the 300 rupees only after they paid me the 900 rupees for returning the device. after 1 month i got a call from the delhi high court that i have to pay Rs 2000 to close the case that tikona has filed against me . i got scared and paid them the rs 2000 through online. i dont know why did they file a case against when i did nothing at all. i wrote to consumer forum but got no help. i dont know where to go. please help me. i have called tikona various times for this but they never transfer my call to their senior supervisor. this is fraud. please help

pratap kumar gayen

Posted on Feb 15, 2014

I need to surrender BSNL broad band along with land line(2428-1459) and also visited the local office for the same.But they show me an office notice/order stating that up to 31.0.2014 no request can be received for broadband/land line disconnection.

Ashish Gandhi

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

my airtel sim no.9717330579 i just recharged 3g data plan of RS.955 OF 6GB on 2-2-2014 at around 2:45 pm. I started using it but i find some abnormal deduction occured around 7:30 pm when i am seeing the video of 1 hour but after an half hour i disconnect internet check balance data its 4 GB HOW'S IT IS POSSIBLE THAT WHEN SAW THAT KIND OF VIDEO IT COSTS 300 TO 400 MB DATA DEDUCTION AND NOW 1.5 GB DEDUCTION PLEASE CHECK THIS DEFAULT. CONTACT ME ON MY ALTERNATIVE NO.8527253384 PLEASE DO NEEDFUL AND REFUND MY INTERNET DATA WHICH WAS WRONGFULLY DEDUCTED!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS ASHISH GANDHI

amit sharma

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

I have purchased Device number 9152119058 was sold to me by giving me the assurance of above 5mbps speed . and nitin thakur also promised me that mts is better than tata docomo which I am currently using .I paid them Rs.2400(cash) they handed me wifi device but after installing it I got a shock of life .it was providing me only upto 1mbps and to the horror sometimes only 200kbps.when I contacted nitin he told me that that some maintainance work is going on the server and the speed will be restored in a day or two. But after a week the thing is same.even after complaint I was told by the customer care that I will only get maximum of 1 .5mbps and thats the final offer by mts to i got a call from campany and they say that they cannot provide the speed of 9.8 mbps and offer me only 1to 2mbps speed. this is the clear case of fraud . regards amit sharma 8171268618

Shashank Agarwal

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

Subscriber ID: 1109617068 Plan : 4 mbps Name: Shashank Agarwal Mob. 9560872613, 8130785377 Dear Sir, 1. From the beginning to till date i can not use internet properly. there is a 4mbps plan, and most of the time the speed is in under 1.5 mbp, and many of time its under 600 kbps or lesser. 2. i was called to tikona Technical Support No. (022-40629629). Tikona people says- - sir, it could be some network issue, please restart the device. i did, and after few hours i loose the connection. OMG, i am trying to connect..connect.., but doesnt work. then i reach to device and restart it. OH, this device works on restart(How Ridiculous) 3. I requested to connect senior officer, tech team scheduled a call back for me approx 3-4 days ago. but i havent receive any call. 4. i have registered a compliant for this issue before 2 or 3 days ago. but nobody respond on it. here is the compliant no.1-3011642642. They didnt solve my problem till now. i have paid him Rs. 2600/- by Credit Card.

Vinod Y B

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

I am facing problem to access internet thru my Tata Docomo Data Card since Oct 2013. Inspite of repeated service requests and complaints to the CSC, the problem is not rectified so far. I keep on getting reminders to pay the bill only, but no response from the service dept. Recently I was told that they would go legally if I dont pay the bill. Please provide me justice, as without able to use the card why would I pay the bill? This is not the way to treat customers.


Posted on Feb 05, 2014

Hi my name Saravanan Mudaliyar, from Malad My company name - Host Web Solution i'll already stopped the service but just dial continue ECS deduction on my bank account No 1 worst service is just dial, my request beware of this fraud company, Excutive Name - Viral Bhagat Excutive Mobile - 9819468575

Sugyana Kumar Sahoo

Posted on Feb 04, 2014

Hello Sir/Mam, I have purchased a net connection from Reliance(Net connect number - 9330912653). Now its around 1 month it was getting disconnected. i am lodging complaint again and again to the reliance office having the complain numbers 215415606,215906736,216126315 respectively. But Every time they had just given me the assurance to solve the issues within 3 days.But till now no positive sign from their side.I am getting fed up by contacting them again and again. When I visited to the nearest web-world(CIT Road branch,Kankurgachhi) I just got the reason that it was disconnected due to a negative address verification.(The rason for AV- is ,because i hada told them to come either before 11 am and after 10 pm or on saturday and sunday). But No one came for a physical verification to my residence.Again I had made request to them almost everyday in between 12 to 25 of January. But nobody does not come.Everyday they are saying that , they would send at the next day.


Posted on Jan 29, 2014

Dear Sir/Mam I want to convey that my broadband bearing telephone number 0191-2463043 is not functioning properly since ten days ,we have already registered complaint via customer care and as well as the concerned officer sdo channi himat via complaint number 1004007013,dated 24-01-2014, even than broadband is not yet restored by the bsnl organization jammu ,while as we are the customer of this company since 1996 and are paying fee and rent charges regularly.Moreover the concerned officer was requested time and time again for the change of telephone wireline as the telephone wireline has exhausted its life span.But concerned authority is not bothered about the matter.In view of the above the proper action must be taken.So that we may not feel inconvenience near in future.


Posted on Jan 28, 2014

Purchased a Internet Connection from MTS (Dongle) on First Week of Aug'13, from the very beginning day it doesn't works, I have complain them several times but they don't solve the problem, instead of solving the problem they told that they found the device is running fine shows in their terminal. After 15 Days they send a SMS for Bill for Rs. 800/- (more/less). I told them that I pay your bill but you have to solve the problem fast. After 30 Days from the 1st SMS for bill comes, they send 1 more SMS for Rs.653/- & call me and my wife for several times that if you not pay the amount we will send you to court or can be more than this. Now they have told us that they have give a Fraud Case with case no. 201714. Mr.B.Rana is the lawyer(07838305489). Today 1 lady call me and told the they have give a case with a no.DL91017, with same Mr.Rana. I have called him for clarification but he does not response. NOW WHAT I WILL DO. PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTION OR DO WHAT EVER YOU THINK BEST.

antony lawrence

Posted on Jan 28, 2014

I had purchased a MTS data Card for internet connection a month ago for Rs 1400/-. The company hasnt installed the device yet nor has satisfactorily responded to any complaints submitted thereon. Kindly resolve the issue at the earliest.

urmita bose

Posted on Jan 22, 2014

sir i have paid my tata photon bill still im being harressed by their lawyers and they are not disrupting my connection


Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I have been holding Metronet broadband for past two months. I have paid 1000rs as deposit and took 1399rs prepaid plan for 10mbps speed. For past two months there has been lot of disconnections in the service, it will not work for a day or two. They have provided Service contact numbers and god knows when they will pick if called. I have to send messages but there wont be proper response. When i approach them they tell server issues and other issues and dont respond properly. They wont compensate me with extending connection for even single day as it is a prepaid connection I am losing money and getting frustrated. They still cheat other people by providing pamphlet stating uninterrupted connection. Their speed is also limited and not as promised, they have little limitation like shared IP which they didnt inform while providing connection. I feel this is a genuine case of cheating customers who should stop their business till they fix their own infrastructure.

nitin yadav

Posted on Jan 11, 2014

Dear Sir, I Nitin Yadav, using TATA DOCOMO broadband connection having number is 0200802985. My connection is not working and i called them and they told me that you will have to wait gor 2 days. I asked them to transfer the call to their senior but they didnt do that.

Girish Kumar Goyal

Posted on Jan 10, 2014

I am harrashed by Tata tele services to pay an amount of Rs. 583/-. this account was settled by me for Rs. 208?- paid cash via ITZ Pay on 03/10/13. Kindly do the needful & help


Posted on Jan 03, 2014

Tata Docomo has deducted un-necessary 1GB Data and Rs. 200 Balance from my Tata Docomo SIM Card as a internet charge, even though we had not used even 50mb Data from the account. After complaining to their consumer care, they are not listening the problem and also they are not ready to provide balance return for the un-necessary deduction and also not filing the complains.

Vinay Tiwari

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

I was a subscriber of Tikona Digital Networks, I discontinued using their services as it was not working for 2 months after settling all the payments. They still sent me a last bill which i was asked to ignore. After a year i got a call from their legal team who threatened me of a legal action. In this one year there was no communication from the company. I seek help from the consumer forum.

gopal krishna

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

Applied for an internet connection but did not get and neither got the refund of security deposit of rs 500. No one is responding to my complaints.I applied connection with all documents in Name of KAMLESH who is my roommate.

Baljeet kumar singh

Posted on Jan 02, 2014

Sir, I had taken a 3G dongle sim of Aircel that is not working properly and company representative is not responding. With thanks Baljeet kumar singh

Asim De Chaudhari

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

I am a Broadband subscriber of SSV Cables in New Panvel at my resndence. The service is very poor. Connection is disturbed half of the month of very solw. They have not done any thing after several complaints


Posted on Dec 30, 2013

We are subscriber of your hathway internet service, in Oct we have upgraded to internet service from 2mbps to docsis 3, from the date of up gradation we are facing severe connectivity problem. we are frequently loosing connection on every day. We lose internet connection after every 15-20 minutes many times a day for a interval of 30-90 Minutes. we have complaint but till date a permanent solution has not been done. The following are the Complaints Complaint No. Dated Executive name 8928193/89828211 02/11/2013 ---------- 8961754 12/11/2013 ---------- 8928319 18/11/2013 Nikita Dalkari 8990344 19/11/2013 ----------- 9063347 06/12/2013 Sundeep Gupta 9068394 07/12/2013 Arib From Last 2 month we have complained more tha

Prachi Karkhanis

Posted on Dec 25, 2013

On 14th oct 13 i gave termination letter and paid all dies but i was not given any receipt of money received & termination, we are getting calls daily for payment, reliance needs to first update their records & also needs to have proper mgtmnt..I need urgent resolution

Dipanjan Biswas

Posted on Dec 25, 2013

TATA Docomo is constantly harassing me for money, when I haven't used their services for over two years. They are telling me that an amount of 2426 is overdue for my TATA photon connection, which I haven't used since 2011. They are demanding I pay a sum of 2426 by 27 December, 2013. Please help me. I have not used their services since 2011, how can they claim money from me?

Saurabh Gupta

Posted on Dec 21, 2013

I bought Vodafone 3G dongle at price of Rs 2100 which included prepaid recharge of Rs 497 on 19-Nov-2013. Vodafone claim that it provide 3G service atleast above 3 MBPS (to 14 MBPS). However, i am getting speed of 10 KBPS from starting. I have made around 3-4 compliants in Vodafone about the speed. But till date Vodafone customer care had not resolved this issue. I want that either Vodafone resolve the issue or provide my money back for data card and recharge amount.

Karthik arcot

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

Dear sir, I had applied for airtel broadband connection and airtel executive came to my house and gave a form and collected 2000 rupees in October, 2013. Until now they have not given money back and one of the executives said that there was a guy called Vinod and he took money and ran off. I'm fed up of running behind airtel and have spent 1000 rupees calling airtel fixed landline helpline. I am seeking justice from my Karnataka government. _________________________________ Namaste Karthik Arcot, You wrote in on 22-11-2012, regarding refund for new connection. airtel regrets the inconvenience you have experienced. We have already registered your request. Your Reference number is 24975392. Our team will contact you by 13-DEC-2012 06:30 PM with an update on the same. Thank you so much for choosing to continue with airtel. We welcome your feedback. Warm Regards, Sowmya Thiya Krishnappa customer care bharti airtel limited.


Posted on Dec 20, 2013

hi, this is shivaprasad from bangalore, i had purchase a datacard of mts, i raise complaint against speed issue in their customer care, but what they did is simply closed as their decision they not taking any feedback from customer, from beginning i phased the speed problem but they have not taking any proper action for that against this issue i have send mail to higher authority which they are mentions in their website but i had not getting any call from them, they closed them self which is logged a complaints in mts, please put case against them, they have simply cheating a customer and making money, if they dont have a serve better ask them to close company why they cheating us.

santosh katowal

Posted on Dec 17, 2013

Got harrased and blackmail by broadband provider to pay money..realy need your help

Ligi Karnam

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

Hi there, this is in regards to my reliance net connect no. 7483230973, my connection is a IBM corporate connection, i am the most dissatisfied customer & i am just not happy with the way complaints are handled by them. it all started in the month of Aug when i called to change the bill pan to 2 GB unlimited from 10 GB unlimited, instead of activating 2 GB unlimited plan they have activated 2 GB limited plan, which is not a IBM corporate plan & thats not the plan i requested for. i called the customer care dept & raised the complaint on Nov 12th about October bill issue (complaint no 211962646) & also told them that the plan was supposed to be 2 GB unlimited & not 2 GB limited & asked them to change same with immediate effect, however that was changed only on 26th Nov which has lead to Nov billing issue (complaint no 213494716). On 12th Nov Mr Mohammad from the Appellate office called me & said that he can not resolve Oct bill however he can resolve Nov bill, please help.

Amit Arondekar

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

Dear Sir, Paid in full for ACT BROADBAND INTERNET SERVICE almost 2 months ago. Connection not yet granted. Have followed up with their team on multiple times. Have complaints 5 times on the following number 080-42840000. Received only false commitments & deadlines. On 2 occassions have ensured my availability at home while I had to sacrifice my Work to accomodate timings of ACT BROADBAND team to come to my home and execute the installation. Kept waiting but nobody from their team came for installation. Before the payment was taken had to follow up for the submission of the documents for almost a month. Last call received was from the following number 8067695555. The person on the other end promised completion of the pending work on 14th Dec. When work dint happen. Today too I called up at 2.20pm requesting to talk to a senior representative of the company. I was told I would get a call in 30mins. The call never came. Overall it has been a harrassment of 3mths. PLEASE HELP

Louis Pereira

Posted on Dec 09, 2013

Complain against Airtel broadband. They sent a representative to our house to collect a payment of Rs 5979. We made the full payment, and requested that the connection be transferred to my name. All the required documents were submitted. A few weeks after making the payment to their representative, our internet connection was cut, and we were informed that their system showed that a payment of only Rs. 2000 had been made. The change in name had also not been made. After further correspondence, they asked us to mail them a copy of the receipt we were given by their representative. They then told us it was not a valid receipt. After repeatedly contacting their customer service through phone and email, and even visiting their customer relations centre, they have failed to give us a solution. Their highest redressal authority sends automated replies. They have consistently crossed deadlines set by themselves. It has been over a month now, this has caused us great inconvenience.

dr.abhishek das

Posted on Dec 07, 2013

i am a doctor currently working in midnapore medical college & hospital. a week back a vodafone representative SUJATA(8017607653) called me and told about an offer of a postpaid connection for 3g internet. i mentioned to her that i would use it in wifi router to use in ipod touch and if it would be possible. she mentioned it would be no problem. the sim i was given was defective and i got it replaced from vodafone store midnapore. it's number is 9830600513. with it there is full network, but when i tried to open my browser it said not connected to internet. i told this to vodafone store representative, they could not understand the problem. i called SUJATA a lot of times and as well spoke to DIBAKAR SAHA but all were useless. they did not give me any complaint number. all of their promises and commitments were all false. DIBAKAR SAHA said a representative will visit me personally but no one came. i visited the south city vodafone store, but it was useless and they behaved very badl


Posted on Dec 07, 2013


Rahul Khemka

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

I am using mts data card postpaid connection and for past three days my data card has barred and reason company people are telling that i have not paid my bill on time .now they are telling that by mistake my connection had been barred as i have made my payment on time . everyday am giving them call regarding restoration of my connection but still my connection has not yet started. Please help me regarding this as i dont want to continue further service with mts and i want to surrender my connection .please help me from mts service provider

Milan Pawar

Posted on Dec 02, 2013

I have purchase TATA Photon Plus device for 1500 at the time of purchasing this device they have offer me speed upto 3.1 mbps with prepaid connection at Rs 650 5 GB unlimited plan but this device is not working properly I'm getting speed hardly upto 256 kbps & since day 1 I'm doing follow up for getting resolved this problem finally when I called on their customer care no i.e 1800 266 121 they are telling me 256 kbps is the minimum speed limit which we have offer this is the false statement they are mentioning now they haven't told me this at the time of purchasing device why should one go for high rental plan for getting this minimum speed which one can get on low budget also I told them to deactivate my Photon they are telling me it will take minimum 15 days & bill will be generate which I have to pay I'm not going to pay them single rupee and also I want my money back which I have paid for device my photon no is 9222206784 for your reference

deepak laxman jadhav

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

i was used tata pholoton internet survice for last 7 manths in july 18 i paid all bill and close my net service requiste in TATA galary ghatkopar and same time i sent mail also but still they do not close my net connection and also not provide any acknowlement silp for any customer . please help me

Sagar Bhokre

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

I took a tikona internet connection on 25th November 2012. The connectivity and service provided by Tikona was not good right from the start. Finally in March, I disconnected the service and cleared all the dues. I received a confirmation mail from tikona mentioning that my pending dues are 0 Rs. A Tikona personnel collected all the equipments from my house somewhere near May/June. Recently, I received a call from an advocate informing that a case has been filed against me and a warrant would be issued. I was informed that I need to clear the dues. On contacting the customer care, the representatives say that the modem was not returned and hence a due amount of 1500. I have returned the modem. Please help me against this harassment. Regards, Sagar B Bhokre

Mayank Kejriwal

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

Dear Sir, We had written several times to Tikona Digital Networks for disconnection of our services as we were leaving the place of residency and received their call to confirm the same but since july they were not contacting us and writing to us unable to contact even though they were serving us bill's though there were no usage. And now we are getting threatening calls that they will take us to court and issue us notice and we have to pay heavy penalties. When we asked for disconnection they say they were not able to contact us and now they are calling us to threaten us to pay the penalties and outstanding bills though we are not using the service since months. Hence we request you to kindly help us out with the same.

Arnab Chakraborty

Posted on Nov 29, 2013

I have been using MTS data card postpaid service from March 2013. I have never got the speed as assured by the company in my locality. I had been paying all the bills and had been asking for continuous address of my problem. I was abroad for work and my wife was using the service for the period. I returned back to India and have stopped payment as there been so service restored from the service provider. The site engineer visited after repeated complaints and have confirmed over email that there is no network in indoor as well as our door. New Site proposal sent to corporate awaiting for approval for the same. I had confirmed my location before activating the service where they assured 1MBs speed in my locality.. Need your help to assess my situation and advice judiciously for compensation if any.

meghna shukla

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

loop mobile company cut my Rupees twice in same time of internet first i am recharge my account for the net of Rs.57/- and same time loop company also cut my balance in my talk time because balance is of Rs. 65/- that's why loop company cut my rupees without intimate

Javid Amin

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

I purchased a reseller on 18 Nov, and was expecting the longin details by the day end and when didn't received, I reached your staff and requested them, that my current hosting is expiring today, so please provide me details as well support to migrate, but the response, you will get the details soon. 19 Nov, my whole set-up came to a grinding halt, was with your staff, whole day Phone / Chat / Mail, but to no use. 20 Nov, after great efforts got the details in the second half, but was not able to, go through the cpanel details, so raised a ticket with support team, who asked for Customer ID & IPIN, which where yet to receive, so again raised the ticket for the same, but no luck 21 Nov, waiting for IPin etc, without which your technical support was not entertaining, 22 Nov I choose an alternate service provider, to save my sinking ship, which was down from past 3 days. 23 Nov, you estmeed, staff came with the PIN & other details, which are useless to me So I am requesting for a refund

Sagnik Ghosh

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

Had been using Tikona Broadband connection from February 2013-April 2012. On April 12th, 2012, I requested the concerned company to disconnect my connection, but they did not. Now on 21st November 2013, they are demanding INR 3743/- to be paid. This is highly disgraceful and unacceptable.

chandan kumar

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

I Have taken Tikona Broadband connection. But I did not get there service, I have paid 2 months rent then I asked for disconnection, then they disconnect after 2 months and asking last 2 months bill, even I have not get there service. Never Tikona ( visited to solve broadband issue.


Posted on Nov 26, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Amulya Kumar Sahoo. I have taken Ortel Internet connection for my hostel for more than six months.Since two months it is not working. We are not getting the service but we have to pay for the fact that we have taken the connection. we are tired of calling the customer care and making complaints.But they have shown absolute callousness towards us. There are more than 20 girls in my hostel and each must have called them fifty times. I don't understand if they want my resident to call them everyday.Whenever we call these guys they ask us for 24 hrs and it's again repeated over the calls and no action is taken.But they are there in time to get the payment. I want these frauds to be punished and to have my money back. My connection details are Ortel Internet connection membership no-955013, Nayapalli-12, Bhubaneswar,Odisha Thanks & Regards Amulya Kumar Sahoo

Sheeja Jery

Posted on Nov 22, 2013

Dear Sir, I had a Tata Photone connection and got disconnected due to heavy charges. upon disconnecting we had requested them to send a final bill minus 1500 rupees advance they took for the dongle. Now somebody is calling me and threatening to pay 3000 rs i want to settle the case. all documents and email correspondence can be provided further

Rajib Kumar Ray

Posted on Nov 22, 2013

A bill of Rs. 9324.25 was furnished against my Vodafone 3G connection no 9836028878 although the credit limit was set to Rs. 1500. I tried to negotiate with Vodafone and agreed to pay Rs. 1500 but they are saying that the credit limit is set for voice calls and not for data usage. They have also stopped my other Vodafone connection 9830300660 for over 3 months to force me pay the due amount. This is heavily impacting my official communications and business deals. Finally I agreed to pay Rs. 2500 under pressure but they are still not agreeing to settle my accounts.

Satwik Bose

Posted on Nov 21, 2013

I am using airtel number 9810002385, Constantly facing call drop, signal problems, sound clarity, humming & echo effect on any type of call like incoming & out going both, Complaint 1000 times to airtel through out verbal , written & complaint to nodal , appellate dept, and customer care too, every dept were disgusting and proved airtel realy worthless service provider I always pay against my disrupted service , in a day atleast 8 to 12 hours I was always being not reachable to every person, I always paid my bill in time with service tax along with education cess too, But service , disgusting to disgusting and most worthless, I am really un satisfied customer, I just waste my money every time , disgusting technical team , they even does not know what to do or nor, Airtel is self declared company as number -1 service provider in India, this is very hilarious to me , Now stop my out going facilities , non payment , last time in August'2013 also stopped my out going facilities for n

Satwik Bose

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

I am using airtel number 9810002385, Constantly facing call drop, signal problems, sound clarity, humming & echo effect on any type of call like incoming & out going both, Complaint 1000 times to airtel through out verbal , written & complaint to nodal , appellate dept, and customer care too, every dept were disgusting and proved airtel realy worthless service provider I always pay against my disrupted service , in a day atleast 8 to 12 hours I was always being not reachable to every person, I always paid my bill in time with service tax along with education cess too, But service , disgusting to disgusting and most worthless, I am really un satisfied customer, I just waste my money every time , disgusting technical team , they even does not know what to do or nor, Airtel is self declared company as number -1 service provider in India, this is very hilarious to me , Now stop my out going facilities , non payment , last time in August'2013 also stopped my out going facilities for n


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Request for final withdrawal of epf a/c no:MH/BAN/45665/68531 SUBMITTED IN 11/2011.PAYMENT NOT RECEIVED SO FOR.HELP

Syed Imran j

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Respected Sir,, My name is SYED IMRAN J, I'm using TATA PHOTON+ from 2+ years. My device number is 9243338545. Account number is 90823509. I've applied for cancellation of my device on 26th August 2013, reference number for cancellation is 377310061, and cancellation request was accepted. so i paid my last bill in October 2013. But since i got bill in November 2013 so i talked to customer care executive on 3rd November 2013 about my last cancellation request. I dint get any response for my cancellation request from any customer care executives. So please i request you to cancel my account and device and send me confirmation mail regarding that my device is cancelled as soon as possible. Regards Syed Imran J please contact to Syed Irfan J (Mob: +91 9686029630)

anita sharma

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

I have asked 30 times for my reliance hard copy bill.They have not provided me wireline bill.


Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been using ACT Broadband Internet connection and recently shifted home from Hennur Cross to Koramangala. I had requested to shift the connection by email(on oct 18, 2013) and the company had collected Rs. 300/- for the same and shifting has not yet done. Now, I had opted for another broadband connection, becuase I was not getting any response from ACT team. The "ACT Broadband - Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd" is not yet refunded my money, neither given connection nor repsonding. Please advice My A/c No: 271242 Invoice No for shifting charges: 2179917 Bill Number: 2194481

Ayush Saraff

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

I have a BSNL Broadband at my address. The connection is not working for a long period of time. I am not able to use the landline for twenty days in a month but i am charged for the entire month. Some equipment installed at my address is not working properly. I asked the concerned people to change the equipment but they are not willing to do so. I beg you to kindly look into the matter and ask BSNL to not to charge me for the days i am not able to use internet and take neccessary steps to resolve the issue as well.

Balivada Venket Pattnaik

Posted on Nov 10, 2013

Dear Sir I Purchased one MTS Dongel and used for some and and later it was misplaced in our house and recently it was found and it was deactivated and i approached the MTS Authorities to reactivate the same,and i assured them that if required i will resubmit the required documents to them.they informed me like this:With reference to your e-mail on Thu, 07th November '2013, regarding MDN 8459884946, we reaffirm that we are fully sensitized to your concerns expressed and taking complete note of your complaint. We would like to inform you that we have already shared your feedback to our concerned department. However, as your number is permanently disconnected from 29/08/2013 so we would not be able to reactivate the same. Kindly let me know what to do

Y Ravi Prasad

Posted on Nov 06, 2013

I have applied for broadband connection to Airtel in Mar2013 with deposit 500rs. During applying they said, they can give connection in one week.But they unable to provide for 2 months. Then I applied for cancel my application and for my deposit 500.Till now, my problem is resolved and when i raise ticket tey are closing without resolving. Still they are not confirming when I can get back my deposit.

robin dey

Posted on Nov 05, 2013

I changed form Vodafone prepaid number 9748934452 to Vodafone postpaid number 9748934452, 3 months back and have regretted my decision from day1. My 3G internet connection which used to work fine in prepaid stopped working when it became postpaid although Vodafone charged me Rs 299 every month for 3 months for 3G internet. I made around 20 to 30 complaints regarding the 3G connection but nothing was done by Vodafone to help me. Every time I called up customer care I was transferred from one operator to another without anything being done. So I asked them to stop charging me Rs 299 for 3G because they were not providing me with 3G. In the next 14 days they charged me around Rs 1400 for 2G data of volume only 0.29GB. Even that 0.29 GB I'm sure is not what I have actually used. I have already made excess payments to these cheats and I guess there is no way to teach these cheats at Vodafone postpaid Kolkata a lesson. Please think twice before switching to Vodafone postpaid

Saheli Das

Posted on Nov 05, 2013

Dear Sir, I am using BSNL broadband for last 4 years.They consistently giving me poor service in-spite of my complain.They are not providing the speed they committed to.On top of that,I am not receiving any service for last 2 weeks.I lodge a complaint against it and they keep on telling that it will be fine within day 1 or 2.I pay 760rs every month.I want a solution as soon as possible.Please help.

Saheli Das

Posted on Nov 05, 2013

Dear Sir, I am using BSNL broadband for last 4 years.They consistently giving me poor service in-spite of my complain.They are not providing the speed they committed to.On top of that,I am not receiving any service for last 2 weeks.I lodge a complaint against it and they keep on telling that it will be fine within day 1 or 2.I pay 760rs every month.I want a solution as soon as possible.Please help.


Posted on Oct 31, 2013

I have applied for a new connection from tikona and it was my biggest mistake my user id is 1109012572 i am facing problems from the day they have installed my connection after so many complaints and call to coustomer services i m facing same issue they send their engineers to my place around 8 times but still they can't able to solve my problem then i have requested to just disconnection but then also they didn't give me disconnection then my net works fine for 1 week they said the problem is solved nd never repeat in future but again from last 1 week i am facing same problem and they keep on telling me that they are sending engineer for visit no 1 visited and again they are not giving me disconnection. I am a student i have a lot of work from Internet and i m daily wasting around 2 to 3 hours so that my net will work so that i can do my work but no 1 is there to listen pl help me out

Yatish Giri

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

I had a n airtel broadband connection in my previous house. Just before leaving i had advised them to disconnect the line on jan 15 2013. After the call i had recieved calls from chennai asking y i had asked for cancellation and i told them we are leaving to anew place. They said ok. But i didnt recieve bill for that month. Then from march i got a statement for all the months. I the mean time i had picked up a new airtel line again in my new house and had advised the store to look into the issue. After fooling around for two more months they said pay 1200inr and we will close the account since iw asnt there usingt he account. The collection dept said ok. But tairtel has lodged a complaint for the same.


Posted on Oct 29, 2013

I have been defrauded by MTS customer service executive Mr.Amit Bhattacharyya.He totally misguided me and engaged me into a plan that never fructified.Although I have stopped using their services long ago they keep on raising bills.The last amount raised against my name stands at Rs.1948.I have not been using their services since last 5-6 months.How they raise such a substantial amount?I am not paying the bills and will not pay in future as well.Kindly guide me in this matter.


Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I recharged my reliance net connect + stick with Rs 800 / on 12 th october. I got a failed transaction message from the company but my balance from account was debited. Since it was urgent for me so i tried to recharge again the same day and the transaction was successful. I got a Receipt also. I waited for 5 days for the refund from first failed transaction but no response from the company. I mailed up to the customer care and they said it was credited to my account ( netconnect + ). I asked for refund to my account but no proper assistance or reply. they said refund is not possible. and after 15 days of turf they deducted service tax of 12.36% and gave Rs 704 in my core account of netconnect (7483391266). I want my money back as it was the company's fault for misleading and cheating me. I have all the receipt and communications with me. Kindly look into the matter. Regards, Saurabh Kumar Kar


Posted on Oct 29, 2013

AGAINST Reliance Internet service provider On 28 oct, 2013 I made a recharge of Rs 123 for availing 3G 1 Gb data for a month ON 7814440301. In the past also I made many recharge with Rs 123 and got 1 GB 3G data for 1 month. I used the data on mobile as well as dongle and cumulatively I get 1 Gb. But on 28Oct when I recharged with Rs 123, I got 1GB 3G data pack. I have availed nearly 50 MB on my mobile, then put the sim in my dongle. Without any effective connectivity service provider has lapsed all me data on the pretext that I put the sim in dongle. Is the reason cited by service provider a valid one for denying me data access through mobile again? It should be the customer choice to use the data in what kind of device. My purpose of data usage was not solving on mobile thatswhy I used dongle. But then I couldnt used my remaining data on mobile as well as dongle.

Sahil Lalit

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

COMPLAINT AGAINST Tata telecom service provider. The company was providing 1 GB 3 G data along with Rs220 on recharge of Rs250. In the past when data was exhausted, we can't access internet and we came to know that there is a need for next recharge.This didnt deducted our talktime balance But suddenly the company changed its policy and not informing the customers about exhausted data and then the data was charged from the talktime balance. During last recharge Suddenly realizing that my Rs 420 was deducted along with the 3G data usage without any notification of expiry of data pack. Is it a right policy adopted by telecom service provider?

Writam Sarkar

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

I am using Tikona connection as my Internet Service Provider. The service was terrific and they behave with the customers like a street dog. I surrendered my connection on 15th of October 2013. The concerned person of tikona came and collected the device and the due amount. But today, 29th October I received a call saying that a bill has been generated for usage of the same connection. My User Id is 1107356437. Regards, Writam Sarkar

nutan sahu

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

Hi, I have a BSNL broadband connection (Landline number: 08028454799) registered at BSNL office, near Kadugodi Bus stop, Bangalore. This is the 4th or 5th time happening, and BSNL provides pathetic service. The broadband just gets disconnected by itself and customer service is just too bad. People are lethargic and rude. We have registered a complain number (19667746102) and went to the office several times requesting to get it fixed, but all in vain. Politeness and humbleness does not work anymore in the world, especially with Govt. servants? It is now 20days since we have raised the complain request, but no use. All BSNL service does is, they close the ticket by themselves all the time, without informing ur nor bothering a bit to fix the issue!!! We have been paying our bills sincerely on time and this is what service we get??!! All I want is a reduction in my bill for this month since it was down and we were NOT able to use the internet at all. Please help. Thanks, Nutan.

Pradip Bhattacharjee

Posted on Oct 21, 2013

I had recharged my MTS internet data card on 08.10.2013, with a value of Rs.375.00 as per the recharge scheme of the company with an assurance from the company to give me the usage of 5GB for 28 days. When I plugged in the data card device , I could not connect the internet but an authentication page appeared. I filled up the information to authenticate my account and submitted the same but still there was no result. I tried several times with the helpline of MTS but they could not solve this problem till date. I am deeply frustrated and feel cheated by the company , as it could not provide me the service desired against the money paid to them . Still today I am without net connection inspite of recharging my data card. My MTS Data card no is 8647905367, the transaction ID is 2013191006082080 and the transaction status showed recharge successful.Kindly do the needful towards resolving this issue. Regards Pradip Bhattacharjee

Pradeep Kamath

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Tata photon service provider is invoicing for the more, and giving fake promises of rectification.


Posted on Oct 17, 2013

I had changed my tata docomo datacard plan to unlimited usage plan of Rs 900apprx. . Accordingly had submitted all the documents at the Tata Docomo outlet in New Panvel.On asking when this plan will get activated , the executive out their gave us a date . From then on we started using net thinking the unlimited plan has got activated. One fine day , I got a msg of Rs 4500/- bill usage under this number . We ourselves went to the outlet to enquire. Their we came to know that the concerned executive didnt forward my requestand she was not ready to accept. We told them that we are willing to pay the plan rental amt which was Rs 900 apprx. But the Tata Docomo people are insisting on me paying the bill amt of 4500 apprx . why should I pay the excess amt with no fault of mine . Since then they are harassing me and even sending people home . kindly look into the matter.


Posted on Oct 17, 2013

I used one airtel postpaid modem with special offer and i used for one month than the number is deactivated by the customercare.i paid the bill and i never used that number.but regularly am getting calls from customer care and they are herasing me alot. with out using that airtel number and with out generating bills they forced me to pay the bill every month. I told them entire story everytime but they are not considering my request. please do the need full as early as possible. otheriwise I will file a case in consumer court against airtel.

Akshya Kumar

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

I were using airtel broadband connection (080-42019630) from Oct 2010 till 30 April, 2013 because I had to relocate. I made request to transfer connection on 27 April, 2013 and been told that connection will be shifted by 2 may 2013. I have shifted my house on 1 may, 2013. But even after making lots of call till 15 may, 2013 my connection not been shifted and they kept saying it will be done in next 24 hours, due to their delay my work also been affected. So I had to take another connection. But airtel kept generating bills for next 2 months, then I have to say to stop bills and remove previous 2 months charges which I haven't used because of their fault. But still they generated bill and pressurizing me to pay the complete bill, even though I made payment of till 2nd may. I told them so many times to resolve this issue, but they are asking to pay the complete bill. So I want consumer court to help me in this issue and resolve in my favor, as there is no mistake at my end.

Alwyn Sequira

Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Tikona User Id- 1107803959 We registered for Tikona unlimited internet plan in January 2013 at Bangalore. We always faced network connectivity issues from day 1. The signal was always weak and the internet would disconnect in 2- 5 minutes. Constant complaints over 3-4 months to Tikona customer care were fruitless. When we asked Tikona to unsubscribe our connection, they insisted us to wait as they were rectifying the signal problems. The engineer themselves admitted orally that the signal in this area was weak and the connection should not have been given in the first place. We have records of the complaints made and the monthly usage. The complaints status was closed even though the issue still persists. We had done timely payments for all months although we barely used the internet. We stopped paying once we asked for disconnecting the same. We got calls from legal department of Tikona threatening legal case for non payment for one month. We were told that if we do not make paymen


Posted on Oct 12, 2013

i am a TATA DOCOMO user, today my whole balance approx Rs.79 was deducted saying data usage,but then i checked still internet data was their,and this is not the first time my balance is deducted 4 days back they deducted Rs.50 also.i am really gone mad on it.and then i called 198 their also it said some non sense.but did't returned my balance. i want my money back,also dis should not b repeated by them again.

Victor D Souza

Posted on Oct 12, 2013

Dear sir,i'm senior citizen of this alone and sick internet is only my entertainment.I'm a subsricber of instanet vasai cable promptly paid but net especially hotmail is not working since last 3 days. telephone no answer,if answer no action.I'm facing this problem since last 15 days.Some times their tech comes and blaming me for worng operation but I'm a qualified engineer worked for US consulate Mumbai. I hope some help me. Thanking you regards Victor D Souza

Rajath B R

Posted on Oct 09, 2013

Harassment from Reliance broadband- Illegal generation of bills and while internet not working they threaten me to pay the bill. I have complained their customer care about 30-40 times.Finally ended up in disconnection of service.Now they do not return 550/- which they took as advance in 1st month's bill and threaten me to pay extra bill for which i have not used.The user id is 349785647820. None of the customer care agents address the grievances.

Abhinav Gupta

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

Hi, I've been going through a lot of harrassement from YOU Broadband Gurgaon. The plan I've taken is 12MBPS but most of the time I get in the region of 1-2MBPS. It happens daily post 9pm but no satisfactory action has been taken & every time I've been told that there are no issues in the network. I've escalated to Nodal as well as Appellate Officer but they have communicated the same & not willing to accept their fault and resolving the issue. Cheers, Abhinav

Shayak Roy

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

Hi, I connected a new broadband Connection from TIKONA at my home for 4MBPS speed at cost of Rs. 2600/-. But after 1 day, the internet stopped working and was giving "No Internet Access" message. I tried calling the Tikona Customer care and logged the incident to resolve many times. For this they assigned an engineer to fix this problem, who didn`t showed up yet.It has been almost 4 days that we are out of internet. Please file my complain.

Tarun Behari Agrawal

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

I am using Airtel broadband for last 8 years. From last 2 years airtel has leased the equipment defects to local vendors & removed the life time warranty. I am staying in Noida. There are multiple issues faced by airtel consumers post this step - 1) There is no way to get immediate replacement in case it becomes defective. 2) Consumer has to visit vendor shop (which is closed on Sundays) to get it repaired 3) The actual repair center is not in Noida(but in Delhi) though there will be thousands plus connection of airtel. This caused personal agongy to consumer has to wait to get it fixed. In thos period he/she is also deprived from the service. 4) Local vendor is very arrogant and is only seems to be interested in earning money. My only reason to stick with Airtel is consistent broadband speed which though comes at additional cost. but if someone is not able to solve such issues, it is not long when someone can easily lure the consumers. Thanks Tarun

V Jithin

Posted on Sep 30, 2013

I got a new Tata Docomo Broadband Connection on 28th Sept 2013- User ID: 0200445139 Account No: 989414954 When I registered on their website, I received my first time login password, but it did not work and I have been having trouble resetting the same as the new password is not being delivered to my email nor my mobile. On resetting, i get an email which say your Password has been reset and pin is sent to your mobile. But I never received any Pin on my mobile. I called up the customer care multiple times but they were least bothered to help. They always asked me to email on On emailing them, everytime I get the same reply to do a reset password. Still I never got my Pin. I even copied the appellate authority on emails, but no response. Now, they are asking me to go to their store. How can the people at the store reset my password if the technical guys at the backend are not able to do so. Please help me with this issue. I have been extremely frustrated by them.


Posted on Sep 29, 2013

There is a discrepancy in the bill generation from Bharti Airtel Ltd for fixedline 8060724631. The fixedline number doesn't exist in my name. I approached Bharti Airtel Customer Service to resolve the issue. But they failed to show the appropriate proof and suited in a civil court. Apart from this there were continuous telephonic conversations from Customer Service which is mentally harassing me. Request your kind intervention to resolve the issue. Thanking you, Balaji.S (9945854530).

Layak Singh

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

This is my second complain because none of from your side tried to know what is the issue. I have complained 3 days back but my problem is not resolved though I have tried to call them again and again. ACT TV broadband is not even visiting the place and not even responding. I have paid them for 7 months in advance but they people are not even attending call now. Please help

Sakshi Srivastava

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

With lots of hope, I am writing to you to complaint about broadband connection named Netra Fiber, I have bought a Broadband connection on 11th August with 6GB downloading plan as this was the least plan available with them and which was more than sufficient for me being a single user and my usage is very less as full time i remain in office just use internet for normal surfing in evening. Earlier also I never bought any plan more than 1GB download per month as i was never able to finish even 1GB. But this time with this broadband I had such a bad experience, on 25th Aug, whole day my internet was not working and as it was sunday and my holiday i wanted to use internet so i made a complain to their customer care at around 3pm in afternoon that my internet is not working, they took my complain and on asking told me that my usage is 30GB in 15day at that time from 11th Aug to 25th Aug. I was shocked to hear that as I havent actually used or downloaded anything of that high downloaded


Posted on Sep 20, 2013

I took plan from ACT TV BORADBAND and the plan was of 100 GB. After 100 GB, it must reduced to 512Kbps speed but my data usages is only 90 GB and plan speed has been reduced to 512Kpbs. When I contacted to them , they said they can nto give 10 GB back. Also i asked to upgrade my plan but they denied to do that too. I am small enterprise person and facing too much issue because of this low speed. I have significant screenshot of the system to show about data usages and speed. Please help because i have already deposited for 6 months in advance.


Posted on Sep 19, 2013

Hi, I am frustrated with TATA tele broadband connection. I have not seen such a fraud company in my life, i think this is the worst organisation in TATA group. If you can't give service then why don't you people close your shop at least by doing this you won't spoil TATA name. I took broadband and land line connection 3 weeks back and paid one year internet charge in advance. In this 3 weeks i could hardly able to browse internet max 4-5 days, every alternate day there is issue with internet or telephone. Speed is pathetic, though i have taken 8mbps connection, speed which i get in 300 kbps. I logged complaint several times but no resolution. even from yesterday my land line and internet both are down. Below are my complaint numbers. I am so frustrated, if you can't give service why do you come to us and beg. Complaint number : 380570477 380022407

Rajeev Gupta

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

I took a connection from Spectranet FOX and paid the complete amount as well. They promised me that the net would be working in 3 days. Its been 6 days and now the person is not picking up the calls as well. Company name : Spectranet FOX Person name : Lokesh Amount Taken : 2235 Date on which he took the money : 14 September

mavis almedia

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

I have been using internet services of Airtel sim card bearing no 7738082704. In the month of july I have received a bill of Rs 500. However I have received a latest bill of whooping Rs 5357.

amar kodukulla

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Dear Sir/madam. I am amar from bangalore , I have been using this tikon broadband from few months. After observing the service and speed which we are getting from tikona i have decided to disconnect the connection and move to another network provider. I have raised a complaint on aug 29th for disconnectiong the connection since am not able to use internet from aug 12th. Suprisingly the connection is too slow now and i have to pay the bill without even using the service from aug 12th. I mean not getting the desired speed commited by tikona. My request is to raise a case in consumer-forum regarding the deficiency and delayed services as per the commitment given by tikona. Pleas help me in this to redress this consumer court. ( Service is delayed by more than 15 days by now). Even after dropping emails to custome service there is no response.

Charanjeet Singh

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Prutha Brahmbhatt

Posted on Sep 15, 2013

we were suppose to get a refund for the device which was returned to tata docomo within a week of purchase due to network issues, however the company is not reverting on several e-mails sent to them requesting for the refund. i also have a receipt confirming the return of the device.

Kalpesh Malviya

Posted on Sep 14, 2013

Recently the airtel company have filed a case against me saying i have not paid the outstanding amt of 2000 + .....i haven't used the airtel broadband service for 2 months and they have charged me with two months rental fees which is nothing but the outstanding amt .Intially before getting the connection i had made a deposit of 1000 rupees as cash . I have the Hard copy of it with me as a proof of payment .An advocate called me up asked me to pay 1000 rupees from the outstanding amt whereas the remaining amt 1000 which will be cancelled in the form of refundable deposit which airtel shld provide me....i had done the payment of 1000 rupees and i asked the advocate is my case closed now he said yep ....aftr 30 days again another advocate called me up and asked me to pay the outstanding amt.... First of all they need to refund my 1000 rupees which i paid as a deposit before getting the connection which they havent't I request you to please look into this complaint and help me out please

ac pokhriyal

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

i subscribed to tata photon plus package for internet vide customer id given by tata photon of 9235013408. I had suscribed Rs 900/- monthly rent.with a promise of 3mbps speed. The speed never went above 120 kbps and most of the time was 20 kbps. Engineer visit on complaaint no 371840811 brings out that there is no tower so nothing can be done. i was paying bill till jun but there after reluctant to clear bill due to very poor speed letter of 05 sep to lucknow office is also not acted upon by company. request your intervention so that company resolves the issue with undersigned.

Rajul Vijayvargiya

Posted on Sep 10, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I am using internet service of You Broadband and telecom Ltd. Since 3-Sep I am facing frequent disruption of internet and I registered a complain with You telecom. They took my modem but they are not giving it back giving numerous excuses like we have an holiday today and I forgot to communicate this thing to you or they promise that by 10AM technician will come to your flat but when I inquire at 10:15AM they say he will come later etc. Dear Sir, due to this I am facing issues in my office as every time I need to explain my superiors why I am coming late or leaving early as I use to be at home to meet the You Telecom technician at the time given by them but they didnt show up causing trouble for me both personally and professionally. Sir I beg you to bring justice to me as I am paying for the service but these guys are harassing me as neither they show up on time nor they pick my calls.

Ranbir Nath

Posted on Sep 09, 2013

Hello sir , i had took a reliance broadband connection and paid for one year issue is always their that is slow speed what they promise to give they can't give 20% of that ....And my main problem is That i registered a complain regarding sifting my broadband to a other location because i changed my house .....first they told it will take 4 days for shifting the broadband but now its 11 days and still now they have not called me a single ....i keep on complaining and complaining but no result and when i told them to discontinue the connection and refund my money then they required more 10 days to disconnection ...means they will take 20 days money from me which i have not used ......and also required 60 days to refund my money ......Plz help me out ...Thank you

allan fernandes

Posted on Sep 07, 2013

My MTNL connection has bot been working for over a week. Repeated complaints have come to nothing. I have paid 12,000 for the entire financial year. I am unaware of what to do.


Posted on Sep 07, 2013

Sir I have paid all dues of Rs.1137 to Reliance Communications and then got my number 9312880926 terminated.My number was terminated with termination id 204514582 dt. 18.06.2013. But now Reliance people are harassing me to pay another Rs.900 and an odd figure otherwise they will take me and harrass me to court. they call me on daily basis. please help me Regards Ashish Mathur


Posted on Sep 07, 2013

its been more than a month, facing lots of problem from my broadband service provider "HomeNet" i have paid all the amount in advance in their scheme. everyday i make 5-10 calls to their engineer whenever i want to log in and start the connection, first they said its your desktop and the lan which is not working so i bought a laptop and even in that i face the similar problem, now they say they would change the wires and charge me for it. first and foremost why should i pay for their technical mistakes secodly i have lost lot of business because of them. please guide me what to do

Vikash Kumar

Posted on Sep 07, 2013

Dear Sir,i have submited my pf withdrawl form to my company "Global Innvsource" on 02 june 2013 but company still not submit in governmwnt office


Posted on Sep 06, 2013


Sunil Kumar BV

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

I am Sunil, got a new Reliance broad band connection in 3rd of August 2013. Since that time I am facing Internet break down frequently. Within a day I used to face more than 20- 25 times break down, because this I was not able to use the broad band connection properly. I have raised my issue several times(6 complaints) with the Customer care but the local technical people closed all the complaints saying server issue. They never tried to resolve my issue. Because of this I have faced a lot of problem, My time and money. Below are the complaints raised since 3rd August 2013 to 4th sep 2013. Please do the needful. Thank You, Sunil Kumar BV 9164049536 Bangalore-40 Karnataka

Afroz Ahmed

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

MTNL Mumbai hi, I have been Making several complaints for the last About 6 months To MTNL Mumbai by all possible means. Even to the general manager broadband regarding Internet connection stopping in between. I keep submitting screenshots about breaks in ping which is resulting into U-tube videos stopping in between.This problem was not there about 6 months back and I have been using MTNL Internet connection for more than last one year. I have submitted to them that since there is no break in ping to the default gateway that is, the question of problem being in telephone line does not arise. However the breaks in ping are coming from, which I suppose means that there is a problem with regards to connectivity between the 2 servers. No action is being taken In my view to correct the actual problem. My telephone number is 2892 6190. I am left with no option but to take my case to consumer forums Seeking legal action against

Glyril Pereira

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, Good Afternoon! It's been over 6 months that my MTNL landline number 24370007 is not working . It just rings once and keeps getting disconnected . Inspite of numerous attempts to reach MTNL to solve the problem, it still persist . The MTNL employees do visit my residence to solve the problem however as soon as they leave my residence , the landline stops working again . This seems like a case of fraud or may be its a genuine problem as i am only paying my monthly bill for the past soo many months without actually being able to use the landline .The fact that they have not been able to solve this issue since soo many months , I am forced to find another way of dealing with this issue . Hopefully they realise the urgency of the situation and make this landline work immediately Thank You and Regards Glyril Pereira

Aswani Nayak

Posted on Aug 30, 2013

Hi, The Airtel Broadband has generated a bill for the fixed line number - 01244108516 which was not correct. When I called their customer service they refuged to change the bill. Then I placed a cancellation request, then their cancellation team came into picture & promised me to adjust the disput amount & they resumed my service immidiately. But after few days my outgoing again got barred even if I called the customer service team to adjust the agreed amount so that I can pay the rest. They didn't respond. This process went on several times between cancellation team & service team. The service team never acted upon the promised made by cancellation team. Lastly on 26-Aug-13 the cancellation team has promised to nullify all the outstanding bills & agreed to generate the bill from that date onwards only & resumed my outgoing immidiately. But unfortunately, after 2 days my service got barred even I sent a mail to service team to adjust the amount. Pls take necessary action on this.

Avas Pasayat

Posted on Aug 30, 2013

It has been over 5 days since the airtel broadand internet is not working at all, I tried to reach the customer service to report the problem but the response is negative as they always give me a complaint number & try to chop the conversation saying our senior executives will contact you in this regard. Till date I have made over nine calls & collected three complaint numbers, but the problem persists. I lost my cool & tried to approach some one who has authority to take decision over the complaints, but he surprised me by raising voice saying the bill payment is not done where as I have paid it on time & has a receipt as well. Now I am finding it very difficult & helpless more over i am loosing work on daily basis. Please help me in this regard. Thank you! Please find my details as follows: Airtel broadBand Registered name : Suraj Mondal Fixed Line No# 080 41550378 Complaint ref No# 37762610, 37624208, 37762610 Last month paid bill receipt no# 1826891

mohammed iqbal

Posted on Aug 25, 2013

i had submitted a request for cancellation of broadband services to Airtel KOLkata for landline number 03340603108 on 21.06.2013 , reference number being 34485190 and have been paying my bills till now. the service to the aforesaid number has been discontinued for over a month now but even today am getting bills and messages from the company to pay . on saturday august 24th again have recieved a message from the company asking me to pay rs.954 for bill dated 09 august 13. How long am i supposed to pay the bills despite the service being discontinued and having asked them to terminate my services Why am i being harrassed and mental agony caused by them


Posted on Aug 21, 2013

Reliance data card customer help deak did not explain me properly and have charged me a huge amount. than the monthly rental.

Ajay Pratp Singh Rajput

Posted on Aug 18, 2013

Hello Sir, I used tikona broadband for some months. But they provided very bad service, so i gave many complaints for that, but they didn't resolve them, and after those all things they said to me for bill payment. I did payment and close the connection. but they again send me bill for thkona broadband. But i already closed connection, i have all documents related to them. I want to file a case against them. Please help me.

Uma Shanker

Posted on Aug 16, 2013

I am a customer of Hathway broand since few years and for the last 3-4 days the service has been pathetic. I am working as HR recruiter in a US firm and need to cntact my clients on daily basis. In the last 3 days I have not been able to utilize my time properly owing to frequent disconnection and loss of signals of Hathway broadband. I have complained to the service centre on daily basis since last 3 days and nobody was bothered to rectify my complaint. Today one of the engineer Nikhil has come and said the issue is a major one and it would another 3 days to rectify the problem. I am facing enormous mental strain because of the frequent disconnection. Due to this disconnection I have lost business as unable to call my clients and I am at the verge of loosing the job. Who is responsible for this. I need an explanation from Hathway or compensate for the loss I have borne and agony faced due to the irresponsible behaviour of the service provided


Posted on Aug 13, 2013

I got Hathway Broadband connection last year. While taking connection they said me to pay Rs 1000 as installation charge and Rs 500 as security deposit. Even the sales person who came to provide connection took some extra money just because I didnt had change and never came back. When I called Customer care,they said they dont interact with Sales representative so they cant give money back..Every other day some technical problem. If you want to talk to them and to register a complaint you have to pay atleast 10 Rs /call in reaching them and being on line. Some time back I disconnected my connection and when I asked them to refund my security deposit,they said they will send money back by cheque in 15 days,now it has been a month but they didnt giev it back. I called them so many times,every time they just ask me my contact number and they said One of their team member will contact me in next 24 hrs but I never got a call from them. Please help me to get my money back.Thanks


Posted on Aug 11, 2013

Hi my account no is 918095463 i got tata photon in my company plan and some terms that card is free and also i will use service for 6 months .but after 15 days of usage i was having spped of 4-10 kbps.i am getting the bill even i am already not using tata photon from last 3-4 months when customer care told me that in my area i will get 4 kbps speed even they promised for 3.1 mbps that time i told him to disconnect me now after 3-4 months what is the logic of bill when i paid for 2 months advance and used 1.5 they are asking for 4600 .so overall they are asking me to pay 1800+4600 = 6400 for 1.5 moth with 4 kbps speed.this is bullshit and and now they are giving me justification that according to my plan i can not opt out before 6 moths even if they provide me worse service. . why they are following the policy of 6 moths plan when they can not follow their policy for 3.1 mbps speed. why did not they disconnect at that time when i told them. how can they charge people w

Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

I was having a MTS datacard and when MTS closed down their broadband business, it was replaced by prepaid Reliance netconnect datacard by the local franchisee. I found that the card is in someone else's name and so wanted to get it changed in my name. As pre-paid customer, I paid Rs 800 on 5th July and the name transfer took place on 11th july. reliance has automatically converted the payment mode from prepaid to postpaid and made no adjustment of the payment already made. They have sent a bill for postpaid connection, due on 14th aug but also disconnected the connection on 8th Aug on their own. No reasons are assigned to this disconnection and demanding the payment not overdue as yet. No written confirmation of disconnection has been given. I am afraid, they will continue to send me bills even without any notice of discinnection. Request your intervention.

Anupam Dwijendra

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

Connection Availed in the Name of: ANUPAM DWIJENDRA Airtel Landline No: 8041202289 Account No: 7006041539 My Airtel Broadband connection was established on 17th of January 2013, when I had paid a bill of 3600 for 3 months usage. The connection worked till about 2 and half months, post which my connection developed severe problems and I had worst experience ever with any company for any product I have ever consumed as a consumer. The experience I had with Airtel representatives changed my love and respect forver for company like Airtel forever. Every day the Airtel representatives would promise me a permanent solution within 1-2 hour. I would wait for them but to no avail. It might sound unbelievable but they made me wait like this for over 2 months, during which I suffered losses worth thousands because of absence of internet connection and on top of that , I had to go to internet cafe for every single work at even odd hours of the day defying my primary purpose of havin

Nikhil Kumar

Posted on Aug 09, 2013

I am fed up with Reliance Broadband connection.I am using it from many years.My Billing Account No. is 100000117359298 and User Id is 394836977913 .My internet is not working since 3rd July .I have also registered complaint on the same day and i have also written many E-mails to reliance but i didn't got any answer from them.There is nobody from whom i can ask for help and there is no place where i can go to solve my complaint.Communicating to Customer Care is like a joke.I do not know why do reliance communication provide internet connection if the do not know anything about Customer Satisfaction.There is a big problem in my area about which Senior Officials of Reliance Communication are not aware of.I know the problem but whom can i tell because no one from reliance have asked me about the problem and telling my problem to customer care people is waste of time.So finally i am registering my complaint on Consumer Redressal Forum. Thanking u Nikhil Kumar

Thingalarasi K

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

Hi, This is regarding the airtel data card which I have cancelled in Mar'13 & got a confirmation msg against the same. Now beyond that also they are charging for the rental charges for the same & asking me to pay for the same .I have not even used the datacard after my cancellation also. Kindly help me against the same. Regards, Thingal


Posted on Aug 08, 2013

I had orderd laptop portabel table and received on 26/07/2013 the (product portable table. order no 3002536006) But unfortunately I found the product damaged and also not worth there are following problems with this product > Broken product. > Finishing is not good cheap material of plastic is used and not long lasting. > Totally different from the image as shown in the Indiatimes as in the image it seems that there is some metal part where there is no any metal used at all in the whole body. > There is only USB port is given but no any wire to connect the laptop with that port due to which it is very difficult to connect it until user is not having cable and this thing not has been mentioned over the site. After viewing the product I have decided to take get back my refund please do the needful. I had register complaint in Indiatimes on the same day complaint no is 998111. They assured me to arrange the reverse pickup and refund the amount within 5 days. After the time elapsed of 5 days I had called them 4-5 times and they always assure me on the phone that it would be done within 24 hrs. But nothing has been done regarding this the product is not picked up yet. When I asked them for thier grivenance cell so that I could esclate the matter. But they refused and told me to call back on the same number where I am not getting the proper response. Thanks And regards Amit Kumar Thalwal

Titas Mazumdar

Posted on Aug 07, 2013

I purchased a beetel dongle from this store and after going home I realized that it is not compatible with my laptop. Micromax dongle works on my laptop. I went back to the store for a exchange to a differnt dongle as beetle doesn't work but the store is not ready to exchange the product. To them as the product is not damaged and it works on their computer they will not exchange it. they fail to understand that this product of Rs1550 is useless on my laptop. howcome there is no exchange policy? I am not asking for refund but just a exchange to a micromax dongle or some other dongle which is compatible on my laptop.

saurabh vohra

Posted on Aug 07, 2013

i would like to complaint against airtel & its sales executive mr jagadish whose contact number is 9686698866 and against his manager chandarshekhar . They cheated me they told me they have availability of connection they will give me connection and for connection they cherged rs 500 from me against application no. TBLR 671483 . Now i am calling on airtel customer care they are not giving me any reliable answer and also i have lodged complaint with them 36630380 they closed down my complaint without telling me the proper reasons these people have me documents and my money they can use it for any bad purpose . This person jagadish is not picking up my call i am trying continously to get back my documents and money. This is completely harrasment and cheating and looting

Srinivasan T

Posted on Aug 03, 2013

I have been facing an issue with reliance netconnect broadband card for quite some time. I have logged the ticket for resolving this issue around mid of Jun-2013. Subsequent to which there were no service provided to resolve this issue. I have asked them to terminate the connection. They have generated bill again for Jul-2013 month without any usage as well as datacard was not in usable condition. I have already paid them for them for Jun-2013 month during which datacard was not in full usable condition. They are now continuously sending reminders asking to pay for the duration for which no usage for the data card (even the bill sent out clearly mentions as 0 MB usage for Jul-2013). They are also not terminating the datacard even after the request has been made for the same. I have also sent mail on this. Reliance Netconnect+ Data Card No: 9381991080

Naveen D G

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Bsnl using master mind to cheat bsnl customers or subcribers.

Vamsi Krishna P

Posted on Jul 23, 2013

SUB: Reliance is looting the customer Hi, I am using reliance broadband connection. I am facing the problem with charges and with the costumer service department. Please let me know how to file case for the same.


Posted on Jul 22, 2013

I akshay pathak has been misrepresnted by the mts representative while purchasing the mts m blaze ,a year ago. I had been told by the representative that to pay 1000 for the dongal (m blaze) and you will get the unlimited data free for 1 month. but unfortunitely it doesnot stand still and after one month bill came of Rs 1644,and i try to contact that representative but he failed to answer the call and after many hard work i found that his mobile was switched off.Now the mts customer care had send me the letter and they are taking the criminal proceeding action against me !! so i request you to solve my problem as earniest


Posted on Jul 16, 2013

I opted for 1050/-(unlimited Usage) plan and my connection got activated on 28/2/2013 around 9.30 PM. I got my E bill in the end of march. I was not able to open the PDF bill with the given password so made a complaint through airtel website on 1st April. Ref no is LB033100015 but i din't got any response. Than i made a complaint again on 4th April( REf no. LB040400015) for that also i never got any response. After lot of followup i didnt get proper response so asked them to disconnect the connection and send me the revise bill which i am ready to pay immediately. My connection got deactivated on 1st may 2013. So airtel should have sent me the bill from 28th feb 2013 to 30th april. But airtel never respond i mailed them so many time. They never respond for the mails but they are sending monthly bills till now. I mailed them that send me a revised bill for my usage and i will pay it immediately but they never respond.

Ankit Srivastava

Posted on Jul 13, 2013

I had subscribed for 150 Rs internet pack for my newly ported airtel postpaid no. 9019775166 ,I had consumed 460 MB 3G data (less than allowed 500 MB) and 40 Mb 2g data(less than allowed 500 MB )but I received a bill of round INR 1400 Rs/- for 4 days of internet usage .While initial inquiries they also agreed that I have used the same amount of data (mentioned above) during my billing cycle.But after I explained how their calculation was wrong they started saying I have used the mentioned data apart from the allowed data(500 MB of 3G and 500 MB of 2G).None of their Customer care executives/representatives have been able to justify the bill calculation ,I received a call regarding the bill clarification but it got disconnect after incomplete explanation .All of the above clarifications and conversations have been through e-mails.I would like to file a case against Airtel for first making a mistake in bill calculation and then giving delayed and unsatisfying excuses to their customer.

Ismail Desai

Posted on Jul 09, 2013

I was using TIKONA internet and it was not working properly so I have complaint many times but they was unable to fix it. One day I called to customer care regarding not working of internet properly and they were not ready to listen so I asked them to disconnect my connection , that customer executive told it will be disconnected in two days. So I have taken new connetion, After two months I got call from "tikona" stating that you have two months due amount I told i didnt use, they told its unlimited plan so you need to pay. Then I called to bangalore regional head of tikona , He told you dont have to pay. Now they are harassing me by calling and giving threat for imprisonment, To get reid off that I m ready to pay bill also but they are not telling fixed amount, in one email they told 3500, second say 2378 n now they 1078 and today again they say 2378. Could please help me to get solve this issue. Thanks a lot

Ajita Kumar Satpathy

Posted on Jul 05, 2013

I am Ajita ku, Satpathy.I have taken Tikona Broad band connection. My Custmer Id was : 1108408127. I paid RS 1650 for tikona service on 3rd may. after 2 days they gave us connection still it was not worked for us. After one or 2 days later it start working but every 5 min it got disconnected. we have called several times to that guy who gave service but he has not pick up our call, after one week later they confirm us how our device is fixed we can't get continuous Net. we are totally fed up with this service and we need disconnection. so we applied for disconnection.Now they took their device all most 1 month before but they were not returning our money (RS 1650). They are not replying to my mail also. Please help me regarding this.

Mitesh Khan

Posted on Jul 05, 2013

I have Disconnected My Tata Photon Connection Few months ago and got confirmed too about that, But Now They are generating bills for no reason. I called customer care 2 to 4 times but they are not responding at all and some executives have no knowledge about it. Tata photon Number :9227251393

Ganesh Bodake

Posted on Jul 03, 2013

Complaint against -Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) Dear Sir, As it was already communicated and confirmed on the last payment day (4 may 2013) to terminate (to stop) the internet services and not to send any SMS, EMAIL,PHONE CALLS stiil its being neglected by company and post paid account not being deactivated for a long,and now they are sending me a bill for the service which is not provided by them also not received by me . latest bill generated for period of 15/05/2013 to 15/06/2013, also troubling continuously by calling emailing to me request you to pls do needful


Posted on Jul 03, 2013

I had applied for reliance broadband connection on 26/06/2013, i havent got the connection till now which is to be provide within next 72hrs after my payment of the agreed amount and my documents verification which has been done on the 26/06/2013. I havent got the broadband connection till now, and i am not getting any response from the reliance call cent and the sales executive to whom i had made the payment and submitted my id proofs. The sales agent is Manjunatha ph8970003047, and my CAF no-17800032321527

vikash sharma

Posted on Jul 03, 2013

This is vikash sharma. I want to lodge complaint against youbroadband.I had applied for new broadband connection from youbroadband on 18th May 2013. The sales executive was Swapnil K (8888864063). They already took the amount by cheque ( Rs 2400 aprx) and said that the amount will be deducted only if connection is setup. The amount is deducted from my account and the connection was not setup. They even provided me with youbroadband account and my account number is 927171 and userid is svikas1. Now post that after 25th May 2013 whenever I was calling the sales executive for connection not setup yet , he gave any reason (fiber issue, permission issue) and now its 2 month gone and connection is not setup yet. He also started not to pick up my call. The call center told me that they are unable to set up the connection and will refund the money. After so many follow ups, one of the educated fellow from customer care assured me that refund will take 10 days. its 1 month now and no responce.

Bikash Roy

Posted on Jul 03, 2013

Sir I purchased an Airtel 3G datacard on 26 june 2013 within 2 to 3 days i complained twice to Airtel customer care service about slow speed of my datacard but it seems nothing has been done till date . Please interfear in the matter . Thank You Bikash Roy

Anirban Roy

Posted on Jul 03, 2013

hello I am Anirban Roy from Pune using Tikona Broadband for last 1+ year but their service is very bad, time to time net speed get slow even stop working . I pay 1000 rs /month for 2Mbps connection but most of the time I get below 1000kbps.It takes hours to finish a task which can be done in minutes with the promissory speed. In last few days it gone unbearable, in every few mins speed gone below 200 kbps,i call customer care but they give only promise but no improvement. every costumer care executive admit about their faulty tower/network but nothing happens. my pray is that they should improve their service otherwise refund my money of this current month.

Nitin Ostwal

Posted on Jul 02, 2013

I using YOU broadband in banmgalore. User id is nitin_os.Every weekend the internet doesn't work, i have made several complaints to the nodal officer and the higher officers but no response. They rectify the issue time being. I feel there deliberately do this to make sure user's dont use internet and the company can increase their profits. The nodal officer does not seem to help at all.

Simon Fernandes

Posted on Jul 02, 2013

The BSNL cables to my house are without the covering sheath.About a metre of the two wires within are constantly exposed to the rain which results in a poor indistinct signal.I cannot be sure a a good signal till a fresh cable with sheath is laid for this one metre

Bikash Roy

Posted on Jul 02, 2013

sir i took an airtel 3G datacard on 26 june 2013 within two to three days i complained to airtel customer care about slow speed of my net and many times it stops working but no improvement in my datacard speed . please take action against service provider as it seems they cheated me.

Anuj Bhatia

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

i have enrolled for a airtel broadband connection on 28th may 2013 by paying 4200 rs. to the airtel broadband servicemen. He said that the connection will be installed in 3-4 days. After a week, i called the airtel office to get the status of my installation . in reply they said the connection will not be possible in your region so the amount will be refunded. Now, a month has gone passed and till now i haven't got my money back from airtel inspite of calling them repeatedly. Thay gave the firm words that money will be refunded max. by 26th of june but the date has already got passed. my ireciept number is TBLR 645546.

gette kohli

Posted on Jun 24, 2013

sir / Madam, May I bring to your kind notice that recently i.e on 11th June I got a new Tikona connection & paid the full amount in advance for three months once feasibility had been checked. But to my great surprise, that very next hour connection went down & instead of my repeated calls to an engineer, he didn't pick up the phone. & moreover the wires they have used for new connection has lot of joints (old worn out cable has been used), & indeed all the equipments are old. Finally I got my call registered on 15th (comp. no 3741717). Engineer came & said that connection is not feasible in this area & even didn't change the equipment they used for. Again I raised a complaint on 18th (complaint no. 3750318) & requested them to disconnect if they are unable to resolve the issues. But till now no one has visited my house & even customer care is making false promises. Just wanted to tell that not even a single day has been past when I didn't contact CC. Now I want you to help me out.

Dr Pradeep Misra

Posted on Jun 21, 2013

I am holding a Tata Photon broadband connection 9207022525 registered with Tata Indicom Guwahati Assam. My account was funtional till January 2013 whereafter it was disconnected without intimation. I was transferred to Hisar from Guwahati in Sept 2011. Despite visit to local dealer of Tata Indicom for change of address etc they informed it is not required as there are no charges involved and the device would continue to function. Now after the decision of the SC nobody is claiming ownership of the subsequent fallouts. I AM LEFT WITH A NONFUNCTIONAL DEVICE OF NO VALUE. May I lodge a compalint against Tata Indicom for refund of the cost of the device and compensation from the company for mental harassment and professional difficulty faced by me due to non availability of internet services which forced me to buy another connection which was nor required had the indicom number been functional. I claim compensation for mental harassment for Rupees five lakhs (Rs.5,00,000/-)

vasant wagh

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

company name-Hathway Internet Service, Complaint - about improper customer service, there call center line are paid and after calling we got irresponsible answer, and there local office is also not working properly. there customer care executive not talked properly and many a time disconnect the call while talking.

Deepak sondhi

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

I have a Purchase Prepaid Reliance Sim card (5-Jun-2013) for internet usage in dongle .It was Start a Connection After "2hrs" at the same date(5- Jun-2013) . I had Pay "Rs800" for 3G Net-connect Internet data pack. During I Purchasing Prepaid Reliance Sim card the Reliance Mobile Store Customer Care Say me ,I will give you" 9GB 3g net-connect data pack" for one month in Rs 800 only .But He have not given 3g data pack .My Prepaid Reliance Sim card number is"9569759541" .the Reliance company does not given any sufficient solution to this problem yet .

Hemant Gaikwad

Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Namaskar me Hemant Gaikwad. Sir Me Airtel cha 198 Rs unlimited internet pack use karto .. Company chya scheme nusar tyat 2GB internet use karayla bhetnar pan tyanantar hi validiti sampeparyant aapan internet use karu shakta.....without any charge...(as per co. Rule) Pan yat asa kahich nahi. 2 GB Usage purn zalyavar mazya balance madhun 10p/10kb nusar charge zala tyat maze 5Rs udale.. Me companichya 198 la call karun complaint dakhal keli, tyanni sangitla ki 2 tasat apli complaint solve hoil ani aple paise REFUND kele jail...pan asa kahich zale nahi me parat tyanchya 198 var call kela tar customer service la call connect karaycha sodun recordingach ikavtat... He grahakanna lutnyacha changlach paryay ahe. Ya vishyavar companine lavkarat lavkar todga kadhayla hava.ani maze khatyatil rakkam mala parat keli javi ani unlimited pack nusar mazi validiti sampeparyant mala dyayla hava. Hi vinanti....


Posted on Jun 12, 2013

I am Shekhar from Bangalore. I was using Reliance Broadband internet in BTM layout in 2011 and My Customer A/c No was 100114515990. I shifted to Basavanagudi in Jan 2012. So I had requested Customer Care to cancel the service on Jan 6, 2012. But instead of cancellation, he assured me to provide it in my new location (Basavangudi). I waited for 3 months, but they did not provide it. When I contacted the customer care, he said there is no feasibility in the area and the company could not provide it. So I returned the instrument. A year after this, Reliance executive called me a few times and asked me to make a bill payment of Rs 3,489.15. I argued that I have cleared last outstanding bill in Feb 2012 and also returned the instrument. Now, the company has filed a complaint against me in Delhi Consumer court and my case file number is DL 801. Since I can't attend the case, I would like to know whether there are any alternate ways to fight it in Bangalore.

Sangita Sachdeva

Posted on Jun 11, 2013

I had a connection of Tata Photon Whiz that was taken from a local dealer.It was on billing.I used to pay all the bills in time.Because of the slow speed I went to the dealer for disconnection and made full and final payment that was more than that I used.They told us that your connection will be disconnected by itself within 3-4 days.But now after 3 months Tata Photon has send us message that the bill of Rs 1217 has been generated which is unfair.I have receipt of last payment we had made.Yesterday i got a call from the Advocate of the company that you are payment defaulter and you will have to pay fine of Rs 25000.This is for what??????????.What is my fault?I want Justice as i have not used that dongle after disconnecting it with the dealer.Please help in sorting out all this matter and bring justice to us.

Surojit Das

Posted on Jun 07, 2013

I bought one Reliance netconnect from connectindia on dated May 05, 2013. My reference number for payment is 5671687. After that 6th May I got that device from Mr. Sridhar (Mo.7411684157). Still now my connection is not activated they said they need some more documents, but till now they didnt come to take the documents also I send lots of mail to them last I sent mail on 21st May to Mr. Muniraj Chauhans on his this id < He also given me the same reply. When ever my called on Sridhar's no. or the customer care number they are not attending my call. Today (7th June 2013) I went to one Reliance communication shop near J.P.Nagar 4th block and I meet Mr.Kiran (9379868282) he told me they can't able to give my money back, and when I want to activate the connection they said me that they don't have this particular plan also. And they not even able to transfer my connection to a with wire connection,& for that i have to pay again. Please help me I feel cheated .


Posted on Jun 07, 2013


Rajinder Raina

Posted on Jun 06, 2013

Request for discontinuation/ termination of Reliance Data Card and Unjustified demands of bill payments against the same by the Company.

Namrata Agarwal

Posted on May 24, 2013

I am facing terrible issues getting my refund back from Bhawani Hathway Cabelnet. They are refusing to accept theor own form which they had given us at the time of taking the connection. It has the cash received stamp as well. for the last 3 months they have been just writing wrong e mails and giving assurance that the payment is in process. We have been cordial and have waited for them to respond. Please help us resolve this issue.

Tushar Gupta

Posted on May 10, 2013

Hi I'm facing problem with Airtel for the last 21 days, I've been making complaint for the last 21 days regarding my internet. Either it is usually very slow or I face frequent connection drop. The engineer visits and just changed my RJ11 wire (which has nothing to do with internet). All airtel says, they'll fix it by tomorrow, but still it is not fixed.


Posted on May 09, 2013

Hi ,my name is manoj tiwari and right now I am suffering from tata indicom for giving worst,unsatisfactory,stressfull service to customer. 45 days before I applied for broadband, after one week the representative(kishore mob no:9225576804) came to my home and taken the cheque as well of 570 rupees. Instead of my real name manoj tiwari they have opened the account in the name of sanjay tiwari and installed the modem at my home. When I said change my account name to manoj tiwari as they said it will take 2 days to modify and meanwhile they can not start internet. Unreliable still 45 days completed internet is not started yet,we call them daily dont get response ,they dont pick up phone. I am afraid if they will give me the bill of last 45 days. I dont know what to do, but hoping that one day our country will be free from these counterfeit services.

Aarti Nerkar

Posted on May 02, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I undersigned customer of Reliance Connect, residing in Dombivli West, like to inform you that, I have a broadband connection of Relaince Net Connect, No. 9321296791 using since 9-10 months now. The issue started from 26-Feb-2013, 04-Mar-2013 billing Cycle when I convert my plan from 750 INR to 250 INR. On the same month someone deposited a chq (Probably from Reliance Connect Dombivli West Branch - Swastik Communications) which got bounced. Due to the this, I was been charged Chq bounce charges along with late payment changers in next billinig cycle. I intimated Swastik Communications abut this, where I was been told & assured that it will get a waved off after sending a mail to the concern dept (Relieance Connect Billing Dept). At that time I was been told to do a part payment & continue with the service. But what a shame that I am following on this since 3 months now. The amount keeps on accumulating in every Bill cycle & the connection gets disconnected every month due to late paymeent of remaining amount. The branch (Swastik Communications) guys (who are really irresponsible & careless) says they have sent a mail reagrding this & have spoken with there seniors. I called Releiance Communication customer support for BroadBand Services Billing Dept, I was been told that they have not recieved any intimation on this from Swastik Communications. Also, last week I got a call from reliance about the wave off, but still in this months bill, it is still reflecting along with late payment charges. When contacted to Reliance Swastik Communications, they still say they will resolve issue after consulting there seniors, but dnt know how & by when. This is really frustrating & disappointing. This shows FOOL and CHEATING with customer, once customer buys Product they have to Run behind such Service providers. Request to REFUND my Reliance Connect device money back since company failed to provide Prompt and proper services. Request to all concerned Authorities to take necessary strict action against such big reputed companies those are Cheating with consumer/customers and earning money. Hope to have favorable response from consumer forum/Police and Tata consumer redressal. Thanks & Regards, Aarti Nerkar

keerti dravid

Posted on Apr 28, 2013

I have taken an online ad posting plan of weekly payment from .I deposited Rs 1525 on Koushik Maji,account number 0755104000034177, bank account- IDBI,RUPNARAYANPUR,WEST BENGAL on 16 April 2013.His mobile no. is 9735822725.He told account id activation is taking time due to server problem,you start doing your work. I started my work on 17th April 2013...he gave me matter to post for his other site which i posted for 3-4 days and i kept on asking for account id, then he told me to register again and created a fake account which was not showing anything,he told me that my earnings are 700 rs and registrations fees is also refundable and whole amount of rs. 2000 something will be transferred in my account on 22nd april. On 22nd april he told money will be tranferred by 3-4 pm but it didn't happen. When I called up he told online transfer takes time, finally after 4 days when i called up he told that there is some problem in your a/c no.

Secratory, Urmul Rural Health Research and Development Trust

Posted on Apr 24, 2013

Boradband Complain to BSNL Bikaner, Rajasthan. continuously poor service and complete failure in solving problem persisting now for as long as six months. We have subscribed to the ULD 1000 combo plan, where we are supposed to get the speed of 2mbps for first 5 GBs and then a limited speed of up 500 kbps. Unfortunately, we are just getting at the maximum around 40-45 kbps during best of the days. Sometimes it would go down to 20-25 kbps. In addition to this we also get a lot of noise in the line. We have got everything checked at our end. Having complained so many times, line men have visited tens of times, and things have been properly diagnosed. Unfortunately there still has not been any result delivered to us. The speed throughout the month remains the same. The line men suggested that there is earth/static in the main line that is coming from the exchange, and at the junction box its is shorting the old connections. We got this checked at the exchange and at the server and it was confirmed. THe server room also suggested that this is surely affecting the speed, as beyond a certain level of earth, the system starts regulating the flow. Based on this, some of BSNL officer even promised to get the junction box replaced. They also said that they will also get the port at exchange changed, as that port would be very old and surely be shorting. Unfortunately till today, nothing has been done, neither port nor the junction box. and during all this, despite we paying the fixed monthly rental for the broadband, we fail to get the committed speed and the service from BSNL. For the last one month, we are facing even worse situation. The server is continuously dropping the ADSL line , or sometime just not holding on to the WAN IP assigned. We understand that for the last three four days, it might be due to the cyber attack and the global internet slow down, however we'd fail to understand why our long standing problems would remain unresolved for as long as six or more months. Should we just pay half of the rental if we are not getting the committed delivery. We request you once again form on the behalf of Consumer Redressal to look into the matter and sort the issues asap. We hope BSNL understands that its customer deserves a better service with regards 151- 2545097


Posted on Apr 22, 2013

Dear Sir/ Madam, This is a complaint regarding termination of my broadband connection besides paying all the bills and informing about all the network issues. The company has never informed me about the activation and non activation of the device and now it has terminated the connection without notice to me. I have every email kept as evidence against this illegal event now please guide me about to take it against Reliance communication. Regards, Ravi +91.8826566780

Shailendra Parihar

Posted on Apr 19, 2013

I had tikona connection. Service ID : 1102602416 I had surrendered the connection in Mumbai on 15-Oct-12 to representative (Mr Shailendra, ID no. 500045971) from Tikona. I had received invoice from Tikona in Nov'12, to which I had replied in return mail that the connection is already surrendered and closed and asked them to update their records and stop sending bills. Again i had received a invoice in the month of Dec'12, again I repied and forwarded them the receipt of full and final settlement which their representative has given to me. After 4 months on 16th Apri'13, at 12.15 noon i received a call from Mr. Rajesh (01148121350) he told me he is calling from Delhi tis hazari court and a case is registered against my name, file no. is MW 1472013, he told me he will put the file in court at 2.00pm. When I had asked him the details about the case, he has given me the number of advocate Mr. Sanjay 07838597553), and told me tp pay Rs 3798 and i made the payment online to tikona website

shabir ahmad bhat

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

with humble submission,i would like to bring it into your notice that i bought an Airtel internet coupon for Rs:97, so far the written details on the coupon are concerned,it shows 2GB data for day and 2GB data for night ,validity 1 month..when i refilled the coupon and i was shocked to see that my account was only credited with 650 MB that too for a validity period of 26 days. When i contacted airtel customercare execative and i was told that rates has been revised but when i objected that how can you cheat a customer by giving wrong information on the it is requested to your goodself to redress my grievence as earlier as possible and oblige.

Amir Singh

Posted on Apr 17, 2013

M/s Quarant Televentures(Connect) sent Legal Notice despite payment of unsatisfactory internet services and change of tariffs without informing.

G Vamshi Krishna

Posted on Apr 16, 2013

Dear Sir, I have been cheated financially thru E-mail stating that you have been selected to a job in Nigeria from Shell Corporation. I have been asked to pay an amount of $ 1,650 US Dollar for the processing fee towards Visa and other Immigration charges. Unknowingly I have fallen prey to them and paid the amount. I have lodged a complaint in local police station and in DIG office at Bangalore. But they are telling that they are helpless in this regard, unless they arrive in India they can't catch them. I want to know whether there is any possible way for the financial recovery and will there be any justification to me. Kindly let me know in detail sir. Also let me know to whom I have to approach in this regard. I request you to help me in this matter. Thanking you sir, With High Regards, G.Vamshi Krishna


Posted on Apr 15, 2013

I have taken Broas Band connection in Aug 2007 and an amount of Rs.900/- has been collected from me as security deposit. In Nov I cancelled my BB connection due to unsolved cable problem and my depoosit amount has not been frfunded and I repeatdly sent mail and letters also but no response and irresponsible answer I received. I want my deposit amount to be refund me. Thank You

Krishnakumar Rajagopal

Posted on Apr 15, 2013

Im facing an issue with excess billing without itemised details

Shishir Bose

Posted on Apr 15, 2013

Hi, I am not getting internet services from my internet provider (Reliance Infocom) since last 10 days. Inspite of informing them on regular basis nothing is done everytime they give a new excuse.

Dr. Saurabh Singh

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

Repeated disruption of telephone line and internet services.Filed a complain on on 27/08/2012.Complain i.d. is 44600/3/2012.

Prashant Bajpai

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

I use a reliance netconnect + with a plan of 8 GB day and 15 GB night cost Rs 500/ whose billing cycle is 11th to 10th of every march. I had paid all the bills till march 2013. On Sunday which was 7th of April 2013 I got a message from reliance that my data usage is high and i have to pay 2983 Rs to enjoy continue service. i after receiving this message I called Reliance netconnect customercare where i spoke to some person at around 2 pm who told that i dont have any due and there is a maintainance work going on at Vapi station area and my services will resume art 6:00 PM after the work is over. I cheked at 8 but I was not able to connect my dongle thus i called customer care again and inquired. I spoke to zayed who told that after cheking in his special tool it shows there a mismatch of data usage as my actual usage is 5.some MB in day and 9.some MB in night which is in plan thus he took a complain and still after 3 days this is not resolved


Posted on Apr 09, 2013

Signal problem repeatedly happening inside my office,for my aircel 3 G data card no :9551651277. This problem occured in January month, and aircel rectified this problem after many mails sent to them. Now, the same problem have occured, and I am keep on sending reminder mails, and problem still not rectified. I could not able to access my Internet in 3G, and In 2 G the download speed is very less. I am having free usage data upto 5 GB. I am undergoing lot of mental agony, since there was no clear cut proper response from Aircel. Kindly help me.

milin borse

Posted on Apr 08, 2013

I have not received any notice from Tikona, not even any call and all of a sudden I get a call from Delhi stating Tikona is registering case against me for non payment of dues. The Amount thus outstanding is due to delay in disconnection of services despite repeated reminders. Also people calling from Tikona 5 times week after week to tell me not to disconnect and thus causing the delay again. I am highly disappointed and angry on such kind of behaviour to its customers


Posted on Apr 06, 2013

I am using TATA photon+ dongle from last 2yrs as my internet service provider. First yr BB service was satisfactory but from last 1 year the BB services became pathetic as i changed my dongle because the old dongle(Hauwei) become faulty. I purchased a new dongle(olive) from TATA shop in sector - 15 market faridabad on payment of Rs 700 and it didnt work properly after 2months . I got it checked with the shop twice but they claim that dongle is not faulty so they advice me for the engg. visit which i accepted and the engg. came twice and gave me no resolution.Still i am unable to use it properly because of the speed issues. I want my money back which i paid in last one year

Soumya Mandal

Posted on Mar 30, 2013

I had chosen for Airtel Broadband 6 months Advanced Rental Broadband MXSUPER 1099 Plan this March, 2013. Feasibility of connection in my residing area was confirmed OK by Airtel Representative during document & cheque collection. March 18, 2013: Rs.5,500 value of Cheque & all necessary Verification Document submitted to Airtel Representative March 19, 2013: SMS received from Airtel confirming AIRTEL Fixed Line Installation Request being processed vide No. 13409186 March 20, 2013: I called Airtel Helpline 1800-103-0121 requesting Installation status, AIRTEL Billing Account Number 7006165879 & phone no. 0124-420663 confirmed by Helpline, but no update provided of when installation job will be carried out Till today March 30, 2013: no installation job carried out. My Grievance & Question: 1. Very unhealthy situation of Airtel Installation & fraud commitments being provided by Airtel's representative. 2. How did Airtel frame Company Policy that first collect payment & documents without checking installation feasibility? 3. How do I get back by cheque (right now I will definitely inform my bank to stop payment of this cheque & myself have to bear cancellation charges?)

Ashish Ptael

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

To, VODAFONE NETWORK AND NODAL DEPARTMENT. 29.3.2013. Subj: No connectivity in Manpada after paying for new 3G connection (no. 981991428) since 18 Mar 2013 Ref :- compliant No. 584905168 Dear Sir, This is Ashish Patel holding mobile number is 9619929020. 1) I have been facing your network problem at our official site address I.e Dosti Imperia, Manpada, Ghodbunder Road, Thane (East), me & our other Vodafone users have been facing connectivity problems since past many months. 2) I have been raising this issue many a times but your people have never taken it seriously to resolve the issue till date. 3) Recently your Manpada branch manager (Mr Prakash) has showed concern & agreed to take up the issue with your network department. 4) Actually on Thursday I.e on 21st march I met him and he interacted with the network head (Mr Pawan) so as to find a solution on the basis of my written complain which I have given to him on Friday I.e 22nd March. (Scanned copy of same I attached with mail) 5

Aurindam Bhattacharya

Posted on Mar 24, 2013

I have been a customer of Airtel Broadband Service since 2008. Since September 2012 there had been regular problems with my broadband connection and Since November 2012 it was almost non-existent. There have been umpteen nos. of complaints over telephone and on their website and on most occasions the calls were closed without even attending. However, after many experimental attempts it was restored on 9th Feb 2013. In between I had asked them to revert all the bills that were raised during the period the connection was down but they paid no attention to my requests and disconnected my connection and now threatening me with their frequent calls seeking payment. I am a senior manager in an autonomous organisation under the ministry of Telecom. Please suggest or intervene to resolve.

Soumya Mandal

Posted on Mar 14, 2013

Im Soumya Mandal working in Maruti Suzuki as Deputy Manager in Advance Product Planning department of Product Planning, Project Coordination & Design Division. I have faced undue shocking service & disgrace from Tata TeleServices for more than 1 year on which I have collected real-time evidence & have escalated my case to Tata TeleServices management. But to my astonishment they are backing the situation stating the service provided to me was adequate in respect of your product as per their Company norms. Sir, I work as an Engineer & Im very much aware about ideal situation versus real time performance of any design & completely agree to difference in the test result between the two. But in my case Tata had charged my Rs.1000 to Rs.1100 every month for 1.5months to provide me with 250-350Kbps speed against max. claimed speed of 3.1Mbps. Never had I achieved even 1Mbps of speed when measuring from their suggested online check method. Now as I am revert by Tata (Appellateauthority Delhi) stating We, therefore, like to confirm that the speed you are getting is 614.4 kbps and it is adequate in respect of your product as per Company norms. I feed totally disgraced & cheated as I had spent more than Rs.22000 in total for average speed of 250-350Kbps. My captured evidence is revealed in attachment file. Also you can refer to trailing e-mails. I request you to please advise me how legally I can arrange for a Legal Notice sort of thing for this cheating & denial for Fair Service to a bonafide customer. Request for redressal please.

Nitin Ostwal

Posted on Mar 10, 2013

I was promised 1 month free cover from Manager of YOU Infantry road branch but till date i have not received the cover.... I made several complaints to the nodal officer & higher authority but they seem to be sleeping and cant even acknowledge the complaint... Now when i spoke to the YOU people they say that iam not eligible for the free cover but when i spoke to the Manager he is still saying that i will get the free cover provided i go for a higher plan which is not all useful for me.... Iam really tired of calling them and speaking to them... YOU is definitely one of the worst company i have seen.....

lokesh dang

Posted on Mar 05, 2013

sir/mam i have used MTS Mblaze dongle for 2 years. i requested a disconnection in December, 2011 due to interrupted services, misguidance by customer center and customer helpline no. i filed a lots of complaints threw phone, by visiting there customer center also by emailing there nodal officer email id provided on the mts India website, but didn't got any response. Now its been 15 months and they are calling me and messaging me and harassing for non payment for bill for 3 months. i.e approx Rs 3000. i only didn't paid the bill for Nov, 2011 i.e approx Rs 990 because when i went with a complaint on there service center they gave me a new dongle for Rs 750 in replacement of old one which was not working and they didn't activate the new device for 2 months even after my 50 calls and 10 visits to there customer center which is very far from my house, also they emailed me a FAKE LEGAL NOTICE. and called me twice saying they are calling from DELHI POLICE and they are filing a case. Advise

Rahul Singh Kushwah

Posted on Mar 04, 2013

I am using idea net setter 3G . before 1 month i got all sms regarding my data uses on my net setter as well as mu register mobile no. but noe i don't get any thing to know my data uses , it cause excess of bill which i don't want many times i register my complaint to customer care but no solution found for the same, and now customer care don't pic my call from my register mobile no. when i called with another no every time answer is same about the technical issues but problem is still persisting.

Kausar Khursheed

Posted on Mar 04, 2013

I have awarded a contract to a Delhi based internet development company. They have delayed my project and asking for more money. I have already paid the 50% amount during the start of the project. kindly advise how to process?

krishan madhav agrawal

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

i recharged on my phone 9808532361 with rs 250 for unlimited internet plan for one month on 09/02/2013. but on 23/02/2013, my mobile operator tata docomo, activated rs 5 plan on my phone without getting in my knowledge and deactivated my old internet plan which is for one month and also deducted rs 102.20. after making complaint to them they only return rs 79 on 26/02/2013 but they still not refund rs 23 (102.2 - 79) and my remaining internet plan. i kindly request to you please do my favor in above matter.

Shruti Agrawal

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

I placed a relocation request for Tata Docomo broadband services on 4-feb-2013 for my account number 981897027. My complaint number is 349774275. My relocation has not been done yet and the company executives keep extending the deadline everyday.

jyoti saini

Posted on Feb 21, 2013

I took tikona internet service on 12 feb 2013 and made full payment, but i am not able to access the net properly on a single day. I called technical team multiple times but didnt resolve the issue. I am feeling so much depression and mental harssment because of their irresponsive behavier. They send me an confirmation mail that the complain is close without even asking me the status. I also write to Mr J Nayir but he also didnt reply to my mail. Please help me in resolving this issue.

Soumyo Banerjee

Posted on Feb 07, 2013

Customer ID: 1104396895 In the month of October'12. I have called Tikona customer care multiple times to resolve my issue of discontinuity of the internet connection. But Tikona team was not able to resolve the same. I was not able to use my internet connection since then. - All call details are present with Tikona. After then whenever they called me for payment I asked them for stop my connection. Now they are suddenly calling me and saying registering a case against me or I need to pay all rentals till Jan'13 though I was not be able to use the services till date. He is saying he is an advocate of Tikona. (mobile no: 9151920501).

Pradeep Gangwani

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

Hello Sir/Madam, My Tata Communications Broadband Internet UserId# I have been wrongly/forcefully charged for the service (Online Backup) which I have never activated nor used at any point of time. Firstly I am a home user and do not have any business usage of internet. Why would I choose a business service ? When I called up customer care, I realized that the service was activated from 29/11/2010 and now it is renewed again second time. This way I have lost Rs. 3000 from my account balance unnecessarily. Now I am feeling like cheated from a big brand TATA for whom I trusted for more than 5 years now. I am quite regular in renewing broadband service and did not have much issues so far from last 5 years. Now I have checked online after logging in my account. I have noticed that service (OnlineBackup) was started from 29/11/2010. So after my investigation, when I checked the internet usage log, I could not find any entry of my internet usage on 29/11/2010 So how would I activate this service ? Kindly please look into this. I think I have lost total Rs. 3000 from my account unnecessarily. I am hopeful to get my hard earned money back from TATA. Please do the needful. Pradeep Gangwani Email -

Charuchandra Nerurkar

Posted on Jan 17, 2013

New Concepts & Systems 5, Ownership Colony, Rajawadi, Vidyavihar(E), Mumbai-400077 (India) Dear Sir, Complaint regarding Reliance Communication Franchise and Dongle purchase from them ( Sim no. 7666187327) I have purchased one 3G Dongle from Reliance franchise M/s Sai Prabhat Infotech Pvt Ltd, Shop No.2, Plot No.2,, Opp. Sindhuwadi, M.G.Road, Ghatkopar(East), Mumbai-400077. I purchased this Dongle for my internet connection to my newly purchased Micromax Funbook Pro. However, I regret to state that I am unable to get proper connectivity on my Tablet and am facing constant problem of disconnection whenever I get my Tablet connected to internet. I have repeatedly brought this problem to the notice of concerned franchise, but the owner of this outlet Mr. Subhash Patel is very uncooperative and rude and has never bothered to even listen to my complaint. Subsequently I approached Micromax Service centre, Ghatkopar. I was informed by Micromax service staff that problem is with the Dongle and not with Tablet. They proved it by connecting my Tablet to other Dongles and it worked properly without any disconnection. Now I am approaching your office to take cognisance of my complaint and either arrange to give me the refund of Rs. 1600/ paid by me to this arrogant franchise vide his Invoice No. 4165 dt 02/01/2012 and allow me to return this defective Dongle or take immediate action in rectifying my problem and enable me to use your product and get the value for the money I have paid to the Franchise. Franchise has already spoiled Reliance name by his rude attitude and I am sure you will take a note of my complaint against him. Since I did not get get any positive response from them I have no other option but to approach Consumer Grievances Redressal Society and also give a press release to alert other customers for the poor and inefficient services rendered (?) by your esteemed Franchise M/s Sai Prabhat Infotech Pvt Ltd. Sir, I request your good office to take necessary action in the matter. Thanks & Regards, For New Concepts & Systems Charuchandra Nerurkar (C.E.O.) Tel: 21028057/21027269 Mobile: 9324787327 Website:

ramesh c

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

sir i am purchased MTS broadband data card form online dated 2nd december 2012 on debet card this device is not activated but i complaint this regard but no respond the contact no when i purchased device 8892400170 and 9880049018 when i purchased this no one contacted me expect addres verification this address verification was negative so they asking deposit i don't want pay deposit to them i want my amount back rs 750 i like to tell them i can handover device nearest MTS outled tell them to give back to my amount and also i complainted 1/1/2013 they said negative address verification so i don't want connection i want my amount back please guide them to give my amount back to me the device no 8453357669 and my account no this account was my brothers account VINOD C 64104677503 SBM nandinilayout please tell them to pay my amount back and i will hand over this device to nearest MTS out let this is my complaint thankyou yours sincerly ramesh c

V Chandrasekar

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Complaint against AIRTEL: Custome A/C No:14748579 Land Line :080-41509069. I instructed Airtel to Change Tarrif plan from Rs.1099 to Rs.699/Month on Sep 23,2012 thro Email. Now even in Jan 2013, they have not changed the plan and telling me we told thenm over telephone that we will revert if the plan is to be changed or not, which is utter Lie. If we told over phone why should we give it in writing by email? They have overcharged for 3 months(Oct,Nov & Dec s0 far to the tune of Rs1100 to 1200 are not refunding the amount. Please instruct them or initiate suitable action against them. Thank you, V.Chandrasekar

Gazzal Bishnoi

Posted on Jan 07, 2013

This Complaint is regarding the customer care dept of Airtel. I have been using their landline and broadband connection for quite a few years now. I was using the landline connection only because of a plan they had made available to me. They deactivated the plan without my knowledge, i continued using the landline and after a month when i came to know about the changes in the tariff i gave a complaint. I have been calling them since dec 2012 now. I never get an answer back and they keep saying i would get a call back by the end of the day which doesn't happen. I gave a request for the reactivation of the old plan, they haven't given me any feedback. I don't know what is the present status and if i can use my landline with the same tariff.

Pulkit Khosla

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

Respected Sir / Mam , TIKONA Internet service USER ID : 1106646067 I have last used my service in August 2012 , and informed to the customer care for disconnection ( no service number was given by them) of the service . Still the bill keeps on coming despite of my disconnection request. I again requested for disconnection of the service on September , November and December 14th 2012. I request you to disconnect the account and adjust the bill amount of Rs. 2200. Meanwhile I have made the payment of Rs.1100 in lieu of services used for the month of August.


Posted on Dec 06, 2012

Complaint no. 10636198 dt Dec1,2012 filed to Dish TV for no signal still not attended (Dec6,2012).

Amit Khurana

Posted on Dec 02, 2012

I took connection of TIKONA for my home and the same was not working propery in my area, They engineers from TIKONA came to my home but they could not correct the error. As per their policy I can cancel my connection and take REFUND of entire amount.However there is not action from TIKONA and no refund provided inspite of many emails from me.I also lodged a complaint at GRAHAK, but no help. Here is the summary: Dear Amit Thank you for using Our records indicate that you have submitted a complaint at GrahakSeva. The following is your complaint details, for your reference. Complaint Title: Tikona charged me 3000/- Without installing the broadband at my home Complaint Number: 66290 In order to activate your complaint, please click on the following link: To make impact of your complaint, please share this complaint with your friends at facebook and blogs. You can also join us on facebook at and visit our official blog at Amit, if you want to become part of and willing volunteer in helping others and expanding our community, please email us your interest at Thank you for submitting complaint at GrahakSeva. If you have any questions please feel free to send email to Monalisa Representative - I need atlease 50% of my REFUND i.2 1500/- Rupees... I have already cancelled my connection and I hae recorded the same in MP3 during my Phone conversation.

Amit Kaushik

Posted on Nov 09, 2012

I purchase a tata photon+ data card from Global Services show no.-17 Gurgaon on 5/11/2012.But after giving full payment to them my card is still not activated on 9/11/2012, i am trying to follow up the dealer but he is not responding me even he is not picking up my phone call. I have the Bill from dealer.Kindly help me out. Regards Amit Kaushik

ajay poonia

Posted on Nov 04, 2012

Sir, I applied for a broadband connection from Tikona on Oct 31 and paid on the same date. Till now I haven't heard anything from them. Every morning I try to contact them just to listen that My connection will be activated in next 24 hrs. Don't know which clock these people use to measure 24 hrs. My user id is 1107343574 and it was supposed to be activated on Nov 1. the person who was here to install dindn't installed it and worst is he is not picking my phone now. Please I need an urgent help.

Dhurjoti Bhatatcharjee

Posted on Oct 27, 2012

Hi I had a tikona wifi connection for last 3+ years. When I finally stopped using it, the customer care person called me up 7 told me to hadn over final payment of that months due to the collection person who will take the full 7 final form filled 7 duly signed by me. all these were done 7 still after that the company was delaydillying too much w.r.t disconnection etc stating that disconnection request accepted on said that(although no said date being mentioned!). They had also told me that they would send someone in person to collect the modem etc but that did not happen from last 2 to 3 months although bill stil were being generated 7 sent to me!! today, someone stating that he is from tikona legal cell called me up & threatened that they will send legal notice etc. I own my part have acted righteously co-ordinating with them 7 thus signing 7 handing over the due bill and signed full & final form.Still as a customer, this harassement metted out to me. I want this to be addressed plea

manish yadav

Posted on Oct 20, 2012

sir/mam, i have purchased a tata photon + net setter. Ye august se suru hai.isme network k problem hai or ye bilkul na k barabar kam karta hai.maine iske complaint bohot bar k .har bar bolte hai dobora setup instal karo.kam se kam 50 bar kia.unke kehne par unke service centre par le kar gaye 2 bar jismd pura din kharab ho jata hai.3 bar cpu check kara chuke hai.usmd bhi lagbhag aadha din kharab ho jata hai.par koi solution nahi hua.maine unke customer care m ye bhi pucha k agar mera area coverage se bahar hai to bata de m service provider change kar lunga lelin reply mila k nahi coverage area m hai or hamari taraf se engineer call karenge lekin koi call nahi aaya.jab harkar maine kaha k m operator change karunga agar problem solve nahi karoge to reply mila k 24 ghante m technical department se call ayega or aapke ghar instrumemt laga kar solve kar denge.jab koi call nahi aya to 30 ghante bad maine phone kia to kaha 72 ghante or lagenge .m final year ka student hoon or mera bohot nuksan ho raha hai. Tata photon wale dhoka dhadi karte hai.aap meri problem solve karo or photon walo k khilaf action soon as possible Thankyou

Pradeep Gupta

Posted on Oct 13, 2012

I purchased the Wi fi Router from Airtel Executive at a cost of 1400/- during installation on 17th March 2011. I was facing problem regarding the activation of Value added service like PC secure.I got fully Frustrated with this and finally decided to disconnect my Connection. Hence I made a request for Disconnection on 20th June 2012. n 3rd July 2012 One field executive (Arvind) visited to my place and collected the device. He also mention that i will get the refund of the amount if i submit the Wi fi router. Hence I gave the router to him and he provided me one receipt. After somedays i wrote to Airtel about my refunds and they told we are looking into this and no proper response on that. I wrote around 50 + email to them (airtel customer care,Nodal team and their high level appellate team) and got no response.On 2nd oct appellate team responded saying "we would not be able to process your request in providing refund amount or instrument back."

Sarika Ahuja

Posted on Oct 09, 2012

I took a Broadband connection from TIKONA, it is unlimited connection, with 512kbps, However it is giving me repeated problems, 1) DOes not work for more than 20 days in month 2) In rest 10 days when it works it disconnects repeatedly. 3) I have raised numerous tickets with TIKONA asking for refund , However no refund is provided, and neither my problems entertained, I have more that 40 emails and tickets raised with them, They only apologiese but neither REFUND my 3000/- nor they correct the network and give me extension.. Now I am fed of their service and want thay TIKONA refunds my Money. MY USED ID IS 1106665893


Posted on Sep 11, 2012

This is to inform you that, access to my TATA DOCOMO Photon Plus Postpaid Data Card connection, having the above-stated details, has been barred since the end of August. I had registered a complaint on September 3, 2012, by talking to a customer service representative on the toll free number (1800-266-121). Upon filing the complaint, I was informed that, my access has been barred, because TATA DOCOMO could not verify my address details. However, I had received the Welcome Letter from TATA DOCOMO on my address. The e-bill that has been sent to me on my e-mail address, also states the same address. Scanned copies of both the Welcome Letter and the first page of the bill, stating my address are being attached with this mail. I had also paid the first months bill by cheque and the cheque has been cleared.Moreover, I bought this on August 2, 2012, and submitted self-attested copies of passport (as identity and address proof) and copies of my passport-size photographs, on the same day.

harsh shah

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

I am having network connection of BSNL. I am regularly subscribing to the internet every month since 6-8 months. many times I have registered a complain regarding internet connection failer but BSNL has never taken seriously it. so I need solution from your side.

rajesh kumar nangia

Posted on Aug 03, 2012

Dear Sir We have been using reliance broadband servicew in the year 2008 till month of december at 601/A Lands end lokhandwalla complex andheri west However as our house went into renovation we stoped/closed down ur broadband services which you can check from ur useage records Ur representative had come and discussed about payment and all the account was setteled and payment was made vide receipt no 1226130 dt 06/01/2009 I have it in writing from him that all accounts are over ?????????? when ihave not used ur services in Jan 2009 why shud I pay for the same 1) when we have closed down ur services why shud we pay ? 2)Is it compulsory that i shud use ur broadband? 3)where were u for 4 years ? In view of the above plz take the above matter seriously and wud like to what action is being taken from ur side and refund the amout on Rs 820 thanking you


Posted on Jul 31, 2012


Deepak Josey

Posted on Jun 25, 2012

Hi Please refer to the complaint number mentioned in the subject. This issue has not been resolved yet from your end and it is way beyond the timelines committed by you. Therefore as agreed upon, please take back your product and process a refund as you have not provided the agreed services. Else I will have to seek support of the consumer redressal forum to seek required support. Below is the screenshot for your reference: Thanks, Deepak +91 95512 73346 From: Deepak, J [] Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 6:46 PM To: 'Chn - Appellate (E)' Subject: RE: Complaint Number 1 -8695656160 Hi Further to your call yesterday, I was told that the issue will be resolved today and it is still not done from you end I am still experiencing speed 0.11 MBPS on this number. It is now been 5 days since the issue exists. I do not want you to bill me for the days that you have not provided me with service that was assured till such time that there is a clear


Posted on Jun 24, 2012

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Sathish Menon

Posted on Jun 20, 2012

User ID - Am using Tata Indicom Broadband and the above mentioned subject was the issue. There was a debit from my account without any intimation and for the same have lodged many complaints over the phone and mails and one of the complaint no (Mail) is 108-632. The complaint was lodged in the month of April 2012 and more than 2 months neither any one from Customer Service, national head - Customer Service and Head wasnt able to solve the issue of a customer wherein the mistake was from the TATA broadband. I had to write escalation mails and used to recieve a standard answer given below. Greetings from TATA Communications. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. With regards to your mail we would like to inform you that your concern regarding validity and account has been escalated to our team on priority .We will surely communicate the resolution to you at the earliest as soon as we receive the feedback from our team. Worthless and Pathetic Customer Service which i had end up in calling them many times and writing mails which has no revert and repeated answer for more than 2 months. Please dont go for the service wherein have regular network issues and would end up in losing money. Regards Sathish

Deepak Saraff

Posted on Jun 08, 2012

Hi, I have requested for some plan change in my mobile connection (4 connections) on 30th April, but till date the service provider Vodafone has not made the necessary changes. The email id of the Manaager and the concerned higher authorities whom I have complaint are as follows : No one is respending properly, I have email evidence for each communication we had, and the open status of the complaint now is over 40 days, Plz help, Regards, Deepak Saraff

Suman Kumar Kotha

Posted on May 19, 2012

I have availed TATA Photon Plus post paid connection at Mahabubnagar(AP) in the month of Oct 2011 for six months subscription.While availing it was informed that in case of Prepaid migration i can recharge with RC 50 for life time validity.Presently i am residing at Nellore where there is no network coverage for TATA so i have visited Nellore outlet on 05/05/2012 for migration to Prepaid as billing starts from 12/05/12.They have denied the request and said to me that i need to visit only Mahabubnagar for the said request.I have contacted customer care as they were helpless i have approached Appellate AP-TATA.After a followup of 10 days on 16may they have said to visit the Nellore outlet for migration.They have confirmed even if i use it or not every month i need to recharge with 250Rs.Due to which i have given a request for cancellation of Connection.Today surprisingly i have received a mail from TATA to pay Rs.141 as usage charges for cancellation.Why should i pay when i have not used.Request you to take necessary action for misguiding me with wrong information.Due to which i have spent 200/- on 05/05/2012 for submission of request & my time was wasted.

brijkishor pandey

Posted on May 04, 2012

sir, airtel hyderabad circle has disconnected my prepaid no. 9492528301 on 04 feb 2012 and without any reason also debited all data balance and voice balane thrice. till date i was waiting for rectification after making several complaints but of no use.

Vivek K K

Posted on May 02, 2012

I purchased usb 3g dongle from airtel with rs.150cashback for 6 months in bill[ plan rs675pm].After 4 daysof activating connection they disconnected citing address not found, but verification team not visited to my house and after every compalint airtel nodal desk told they do re verification and failed do so , after 15 days of drama they told we cant re initiate and you can purchase new sim with new package then we can do address verification and they are not ready offer me same plan citing offer period is over. can i compalain about their cheating?