Movers and Packers Complaints


Posted on Jul 06, 2024

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Posted on May 19, 2024

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Posted on Feb 21, 2024

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Posted on Oct 01, 2023

Kshitija Athavale

Posted on Jul 25, 2023

Agarwal Transport Packers and Movers Mr. Ratan Agarwal: 7503977775 I had booked the services of this company to transport my two wheeler and office chair from Pune to Bengaluru. The transporter picked up the items from my house in Pune on 26th June 2023 and had assured that they will reach Bengaluru within 4-5 days. It's been a month now and my items have still not reached me. The contact person Mr. Ratan Agarwal has not been answering my calls and when he answers, he always has some vague replies. It seems he does not know what has happened with my items or he does not want to provide me the information. He gave me the contact number of the person, who is supposed to deliver the items to me in Bengaluru. He told me that their truck broke down in Dharwad and they are arranging for some other vehicle to Bengaluru. I do not know whether this info is correct. I have paid INR 8000 to Mr. Ratan Agarwal for the aforementioned transport. My items are valued at approx. 1 lakh.

Kathleen Rodriguez

Posted on Jul 06, 2022


Posted on Jun 29, 2022

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Sibabrata Mohanty

Posted on May 06, 2022

Fraud - Bhardwaj Cargo Mover (Manjeet) - Please go through this article patiently - Beware of Thugs !! This is with huge disappointment i am bound to mention about my bitter experience with Bhardwaj Cargo Mover - +91 8050080015 (Branch Office - Near TCI bus stop, Madhwara, Bengaluru - 562123. Karnataka) Web: Mail: With a view to move from Bangalore to my native for a period of 6 months, i decided to shift my four wheeler as well. This is when i got a quotation from Bhardwaj Cargo Mover (Mr. Manjeet) on 15th April 2022. The vehicle transportation charge was provided to be Rs. 10,200 along with a transit time of 3-4 days. When i enquired about the transit insurance, Mr. Manjeet said that it will be available. Now, the actual picture started when i called him and he stated that transit insurance will be charged extra. He then sent me another quotation which comprised of the above amount along with 1% of my four wheeler's IDV value. This was on 21st April. I was fine with the amount as i wanted my vehicle to reach the destination safely. Then i requested for transferring of 50% of the amount at the time of vehicle loading, to which Mr. Manjeet asked me to transfer 70% of the amount, which i did on 22nd April when Mr. Shabbir (+91 8197788910) came to pick my vehicle from my doorstep in Bangalore. Mr. Manjeet asked me to pay the insurance amount which i did on 23rd April. He also confirmed me on the same day that the vehicle was already in transit and will be delivered at the destination on 26th April evening. Upon my demand, Manjeet sent me the vehicle insurance transit copy, i am still skeptical about it's genuinity as there is no mention of the insurance company's name in the document which was provided to me. Upon enquiry, he still did not let me know about the insurance company's name. Again he confirmed me that on 26th April, the delivery of the vehicle was sure at it's destination. On 25th April, Manjeet again assured me that my vehicle will be delivered on 26th April. Then on 27th April, he confirmed me that the vehicle has reached the destination station and vehicle would be delivered by evening to the provided address. Now, the real game came into picture, where Manjeet sent me a bill of Rs. 22,319 (Transportation charges - 10200, Docket Ch. - 960, Transit insurance - 4755, Pick up delivery - 3000, IGST - 3152) All this time, he had been assuring me that there were no hidden charges and suddenly all the above prices came into picture. This time, his tone changed while speaking to me over phone, where he said the vehicle has reached the destination station but will only be delivered to me once i do the full payment. Upon enquiry, he did not provide any satisfactory answer as to why there was a sudden increase in the price which was kept hidden from me till this time. He kept on repeating arrogantly the same thing again and again that the vehicle would be delivered only if i do the full payment, he also said on 27th April if i do the full payment then the vehicle would be delivered the next morning as the vehicle had already reached the destination station but was adamant on revealing the actual location of my vehicle. Left with no other option, i paid Manjeet the rest of the amount as per his demand. He then again confirmed that my vehicle would be delivered on 28th April morning by 10 AM. He then pinged me a cell number, according to him it was the number of the person who was supposed to deliver me my four wheeler. I called the number and spoke to Ravinder Sharma on 28th April and he said that my vehicle was 100 kms. approx. away (near Ichhapuram, Andhra Pradesh) from the destination station & there is a problem of POD and was hesitant to let me know as to when my vehicle would be delivered to me. Since then i have been following up with Mr. Ravinder Sharma - +91 99623 83854(as Manjeet stopped answering my phone calls & Wtzapp messages) and listening to new stories each day that my vehicle will get delivered today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, etc. Even on (2nd May) i called Ravinder and he responded that the delivery of the vehicle will be done by 4th or 5th May. On, 4th May i called Ravinder again and he pleaded to wait till 5th May & that my vehicle would be delivered. It has been close to 2 weeks that i don't have my vehicle with me which warrants for serious concerns. I am wondering if this is the case with only me or everyone who wants to shift his/her vehicle via any logistics company. While calling Manjeet (almost all the times he doesn't responds), he dropped me a Wtzapp message yesterday stating that the car will be delivered on 6th May morning. Today is 6th May, and i have still not received my car. While calling Ravinder, he directs me to speak to Manjeet. Don't know what's going on. It was my greatest ever mistake to choose Bhardwaj Cargo Mover for shifting of my four wheeler. Now, i am not even sure whether my vehicle will be in the same condition as i had handed over. Please let me know how to proceed on demanding a compensation from the above Logistics company.


Posted on Apr 16, 2022

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Posted on Mar 23, 2022

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Posted on Mar 02, 2022

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Robin Garg

Posted on Feb 26, 2022

Thepackerandmover has been providing packers and movers services for the last 7 years and has always focused on quality services every time. Our team of experienced surveyors will provide you with tailored moving quotes whether you are moving locally or domestically. Thepackerandmover is a reliable moving company which a various menu of services which includes packing and moving, Warehousing and storage, Car Transportation etc. We have been serving our packers and movers services to Army personnel, Government Employees, Bank Employees, Corporate Employees and Offices, Individuals and families. Company Name: The Packer and Mover Contact Number: 9899955770 Address: D-77, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


Posted on Feb 25, 2022

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Posted on Feb 03, 2022

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Posted on Feb 03, 2022

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Posted on Feb 01, 2022

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Posted on Jan 04, 2022

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Posted on Dec 31, 2021

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Posted on Dec 30, 2021

Hi, I have shifted my house hold from Noida to Navi Mumbai by availing service from Nobroker(movers and packers), during transit there is huge damage in my bike, ( Fuel tank, Handle, indicators, wind shield are damaged ,. I have paid an additional amount of2500 on lie of Insurance ,Same has been included in bill as well, Now Nobroker team is neither refusing to pay the maintenance amount needed for damaged goods nor they are replying on my call/text.mail. I am really frustrated about what to do next. Packers and Movers :-

Bibin Andrews

Posted on Dec 20, 2021

Hi, An year back I had relocated to Ireland. As a part of relocation, moving personal effects to Ireland, (located in Chennai) was providing the support. I had taken a door to door support which includes all the payments except VACIS. I had paid in full as per the quotation for the entire door to door service. But when the cargo reached Ireland, the Rakesh Kumar (The point of contact for my shifting) mentioned that there seems to be an issue in making the payment from their end and If I make a payment they would refund back to me. Trusting them I had made a payment of 840 Euros (approx 73,000 INR) additional and was expecting a refund for the same since mid oa August 2021. Every time he had been promising that the refund will happen in a week or two. Looks like all his promises are fake and the last several weeks he is not responding to any communication such as calls, messages, etc. I feel like getting cheated and would like support from the consumer redressal. My number had changed and I am available at +353-0892386617 and email Thanks & Regards, Bibin


Posted on Dec 15, 2021


tarlok chand

Posted on Dec 13, 2021

Respected sir. I booked my car Honda city ZX 5th gen New car No PB18X2044 through sheetal packers and movers on 23rd Nov 21 for shifting to Mumbai from Amritsar. At the time of loading car from amritsar they done with me full payment if 14000 till mumbai at virar. On 24 Nov car reached at Gurgaon, manesar for onward loading fir mumbai. The person who booked my car again sent me a bill of 23863 Rs and said pay the bill then only car will be loaded. I paid 8000 Rs again . Today I asked about the delivery of my car and he said I am on leave and gave another no. On enquiry I found that my car still lying at Gurgaon and not yet moved. They had promised me to deliver car from amritsar to Mumbai in 7 days. Pl do the needful. It is a totaly mental and finacialy harassment to customer ike me. Your action in this regard will be highly appreciated. Regards Tarlok chand Hon. Lt (retd) Indian navy

Satyajit Sinha

Posted on Dec 01, 2021

I have provided a quotation of 13500 INR (Attached). Further, I have been told everything is included in the 13500 INR. Once paid 12500 INR and shipped my products. They sent me a bill of 25901 INR. Now they are asking me to pay the rest of the amount, otherwise, they will not release my products. I am been cheated and it's a fraud. Now paid them totally Rs.22000/- .Now they are not receiving phone calls . Email Id- , Expected Date of Delivery- 01/12/2021 at 3 PM Agarwal packers & movers Contact , 7728846001 , 8529365001, 9167599357

Ganesh Holla A

Posted on Nov 30, 2021

Rivigo Services picked up my bike from Manipal and when it delivered my bike into my current address in Bangalore, I could see below damages 1. Petrol Tank was empty 2. Petrol pipe has been removed..because of this petrol is been leaking 3.Front brake lever is bent and twisted. They have collected 5300 Rs as service charge already

Satyam saxena

Posted on Nov 21, 2021

I sent my Bike from Bangalore to Bhopal via kajla Packers and movers. It has been 1 month and they have not even given me the tracking id. No one is picking up the call. The guy whose number is given on the site Sunil -9887778850 and this is the person who was my POC till the pickup Suresh - 8095400028 These are completely fraudulent people. They are not picking up only my number. When I tried from a different mob number. They picked up the call and then suddenly cut the call after knowing who is calling. This is their website.

Bimlesh Chandr Singh

Posted on Nov 19, 2021



Posted on Nov 13, 2021

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Rahul Kamra

Posted on Nov 11, 2021

Hi I had sent my luggage through DHL from Bombay to Rohtak which included the following items: 1. Royal Enfield bike and helmet 2. 3 cartons(as packed in front of me) containing 5-6 medium to small sized bags I was charged a total of 12,900/- including insurance of 1,50,000/- However when I received the items, some of the items were missing and others were damaged. For eg. 1.Bike helmet was missing 2. Gym bag containing shoes and sipper was missing 3. Sandals were missing which was a part of separate bag. 4. There were dents on the bike When I tried contacting them regarding the baggage, they kept saying we will do something and asked me to mail the details as well after repeated calls and messages, but still inspite of more than a month of delivery,I haven't heard anything from them. No signs of complaint redressal or reimbursement. They have even stopped attending calls and messages. Please help me out as to what can be done in this case.


Posted on Nov 06, 2021

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Posted on Nov 02, 2021

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Posted on Oct 31, 2021



Posted on Oct 10, 2021

Hi, I want to complaint against GREEN RELOCATIONS PACKERS AND MOVERS, No- 2, 2nd Cross, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore - 560036.Got their reference form Justdial where they have 4.6*.Don't consider Justdial reviews. They are fake reviews. This company is a big fraud and cheat.I've booked their service for transport of my home stuff from Pune to Bangalore on October 2nd, 2021. Today is October 10th and my stuff is still not delivered. I've paid 13000/- as transportation charges.The contact person Sandeep Kumar(8689070964,9108971027) said that I'll receive my stuff on 3th October.I called/messaged him several times and then he said that I'll get it on 4th and then on 5th.Today its been a week and no sign of my stuff. Now he is not even picking my calls or replying to my messages.I'm utterly helpless over what to do next. Kindly help.

Ajay Gurav

Posted on Sep 26, 2021

HI , I have been approached by Oberoi movers and packers . I wanted to shift few items from mohali to Mumbai. So I asked for the total cost I have to pay. BU thtey didnt mentioned exact amout . Initially team agreed to 5000 . I kept asking them final total cost including gst and other charges . But they never shared final charges and bill details. On the shifting day also i asked one of the members reagrding final cost. But they didnt provide me final bill but they took items and left After an hour I received call from again one person saying they need 4000 rs immediately, so they can ship my stuff urgently to Mumbai. I paid the money which is around 4 k . They still didnt provide me the bill. This happened on saturday 25 th september. On sunday 26th sept, they send me a bill of 9750. They added lots of other charges which they never mentioned during my first conversation with them. They added extra delivery charges without informing. Now they expecting e to pay the whole amount Thanks, Ajay 9920177489


Posted on Sep 19, 2021

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Posted on Sep 09, 2021



Posted on Sep 07, 2021

Shraddha Shukla

Posted on Sep 05, 2021

I am trying to find my books from last 14 months, and not getting anything from GATI KEW LTD. I couriered my 8 packets from my college in Bhubaneswar to Lucknow on 18 march 2020, when our college was shut down suddenly due to rise of pandemic. I booked the courier service to move my books and other belongings Out of the 8 packets, I received 7 after 2-3 months and regular chasing of GATI KWE LTD, the courier service I still have not received my 8 packet(which are in a red bag in brown carton), which has my most important books and one book signed by Mr. Ruskin Bond, the great writer. The company said its at their warehouse at kalaghoda warehouse near Gurgaon initially, then they said its lost. The books I have in the packet are most valuable and money as compensation wont do any justice to me, as these books are everything(MBA related books). 3 filed grievance at consumer helpline but even then nothing has been achieved, so finally complaining here as GATI KWE is not responding now Two times NCH has called and asked Gati to help, they did not I registered in National consumer commission, they asked me to register my case here. Someone please help me, I need my books , please help me


Posted on Sep 04, 2021

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Posted on Aug 27, 2021 - why does viagra not work for me


Posted on Aug 20, 2021

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Posted on Aug 16, 2021

I contacted them to pick up my luggage from Bangalore and drop at Agra. They told me that charge is Rs. 45/ kg. They charged me for 50kg weight saying this is what your luggage weight is and then fixed charges over and above which they have not mentioned earlier. My luggage comes today and in receipt the weight is showing as 24 kg and i weighted it again , it is actually 24 kg only. They are now denying the fact and not refunding my extra money.


Posted on Aug 16, 2021

My Household Material was Picked up by Made easy cargo 976324442 from Pune to Delhi. I got the reference from Assure Shift an online Portal ( ) who suggest Packers and Movers. My Material was Picked up on 25th July and was promised to deliver it before 31st of July... This Promises and several Promises of today and tomorrow ended on 10th July when i have to hire a vehicle and get my stuff picked up from Gurgaon at my own cost. Initially my agreed quote includes a 3 seater sofa but when i get the packing slip after 4 days of material pick up sofa was missing in the list and later i found that they didnt Picked up the sofa. I asked them to return a proportionate amount which they refused. I never receive any Insurance copy . When i received the material i found that My BED , TV unit and Centre Table were damage.. and from that day i am waiting for return of money and insurance claim from Made easy cargo and Assure Shift.

Anshul Tyagi

Posted on Aug 12, 2021

Hi, I have shifted my house hold from Ravet pune to Zirakpur punjab , during transit there is huge damage in Hose hold , ( Fuel tank of Royal Enfield damaged , Almirah Damaged , BED , Dressing Table , Refrigerator also damaged - See attached pics). I have paid an additional amount of 6000 on lie of Insurance worth INR200000/- Same has been included in bill as well, Now Mr. sharma is refusing the maintenance amount needed for damaged goods Packers and Movers :- Western Express packers and movers , Hari roadways corporation , gala No 11, plot No 92 Sector 23 Transport Nagar , Nigdi PCNT, Haveli Pune Maharashta Dealing Person- Mukesh Sharma

Prafulla Chandra Ghosh

Posted on Aug 12, 2021

I have booked my household good through Shree Radha Soami Packers and Movers, D1 Block, 5906, Ground floor, Street No. 1, near Gate, Ansals Sushant City, Panipat, Haryana 132103 on 10th Jul 2021 and after several requests, I have received my item on 11th Aug 2021 by Truck No. HR 38U 4235. But two item i.e., LG LCD TV 32" and LG Washing Machine (Fully automatic) is missing. I informed to Shree Radha Soami Packers and Movers but no action has been initiated yet.

Dipanjan Bhattacharjee

Posted on Aug 05, 2021

This complaint is against Leo Packers and Movers; Office: Plot Number : 489, Bhikoba Dada Nagar, Shivane, Pune, Maharashtra 411023; Website: Email ID: Contact details : +91- 85710 45172; +91-70424 86346 I booked this packers and movers to move my car from Pune to Kolkata. They quoted me 10,000/- . My Car was picked up by the company representative on July 17, 2021 and as advised paid 60% advance (rs 6000.00). I was told that the car would be delivered within 7-10 days and after some follow-up on July 29th, 2021, I was informed that the car has reached Kolkata and a bill was sent to me of Rs. 33040.00 and I would get the car delivered only after I make the due payment. I immediately disputed the Bill, called them and also emailed them. Since Monday (Aug 02, 2021) I was unable to contact them over WhatsApp and mobile and in despair logged a complaint in NCH portal. Today (Aug 05, 2021) they contacted me and after much deliberation got two separate bills from two different representatives Bill date Quotation July 28, 2021 Aug 05, 2021 (1) Aug 05, 2021 (2) Particulars Amount Amount Amount Amount Bike/Car Transportation Charges ₹ 10,000.00 ₹ 10,000.00 ₹ 10,000.00 ₹ 10,000.00 Loading and Unloading Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 3,000.00 ₹ 1,000.00 ₹ 3,000.00 Door Pickup Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 1,000.00 ₹ 500.00 ₹ 1,000.00 Drop Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 1,000.00 ₹ 500.00 ₹ 1,000.00 Packing Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 ₹ 0.00 COVID 19 and Sanitization Charge ₹ 0.00 ₹ 2,000.00 ₹ 1,500.00 ₹ 2,000.00 Transit Inc. of Car / Bike / Household @ 3% ₹ 0.00 ₹ 6,000.00 ₹ 6,000.00 ₹ 6,000.00 Service Charges ₹ 0.00 ₹ 5,000.00 ₹ 4,500.00 ₹ 1,000.00 Total ₹ 10,000.00 ₹ 28,000.00 ₹ 24,000.00 ₹ 24,000.00 GST @18% ₹ 1,800.00 ₹ 5,040.00 ₹ 4,320.00 ₹ 4,320.00 Grand Total ₹ 11,800.00 ₹ 33,040.00 ₹ 28,320.00 ₹ 28,320.00 I Contested the following: 1. GST 18% :The GSTN Number provided in the bill is also incorrect 33ACPPS2036RIZY 2. Transit Insurance 6%: I have not given them a consent to do so as I already have a comprehensive insurance which covers transit. I also proposed to pay the 6% insurance amount on the insurance documents being provided, on being contested the representative is saying that its carrier insurance. 3. Service Charges, which is different in the 3 bills issued. 4. Covid 19 Sanitization charges which is also not informed yet included in the Bill, which I have proposed to pay on delivery on satisfactory clean and sanitized car delivered. Its 20 days now and my car is not yet delivered, and my car is yet to be delivered. Will request you to initiate action as per the legal process against the same. May I request you to facilitate the delivery in consensus with the quotation.


Posted on Aug 05, 2021

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Bhavya Shriti

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 GST: 7LGOPS8608D120 These are the same people with phone number: 91-9518240836 and +91-7503977775. They are scamming people by impersonating a larger company and tricking them into getting their services. They operate out of Pune. They quoted me 19,000/- total, took 80% advance and then after pickup charged 30,000 and asked to pay the full amount before delivery under the pretence of insurance money without giving any insurance document or vendor name. They are mentally harassing the employees and not delivering the company goods. Found more complaints about these people with the same numbers on consumer redressal forum, should take stricter action! They are cheating people off thousands and lakhs of rupees.


Posted on Jul 25, 2021

This Complaint is to Alert Other consumers who might get into trap of the unregistered and fraud packers and movers functioning in and around Delhi-NCR. Recently i had an issue with Cosco International Packers and Movers , Who are running business in this name addressed at Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Person name Pradeep/ Sandeep take the booking of subscription from Client/Customer and Gives you a normal receipt which doesn't have any GST component mentioned , means no authentication. They promise for few days delivery time and you parcel whichever you have booked for delivery never get delivered , Instead they keep giving excuses, false track report of you package and later you will be in a state where its like you have lost your package. Its just like a mental trauma , these guys are not here to do efficient business instead are here to cheat you , do frauds and make your life hell. I even had raised complaint against them in National Consumer Forum and had to do a lot and lot of followup , police complaints etc to get my package. Finally it happend that my package did not reached destination instead i had to get it back at the source itself. So with this one can understand what mental trauma i went through due to these fraudsters. Hence Never ever book any package with #Cosco International Packers and Movers ,Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Keeping my identity hidden , still i can be contacted over email to know more on this. Regards,

Anuj Mamgain

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

I had fixed Star Group Packers and Movers [Paras Centre, B-208, Charni Road East, Near Central Plaza Cinema, Charni Road, Mumbai-400004/ Mobile Number: 9867112880/ 9920336245/ 9628253428] by Justdial while relocating from Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra-400701 to Badlapur East, Maharashtra-421503 on 16 May 2021. They said that you would be provided with the Invoice via mail within 2 days since the server is down and we have limited manpower due to COVID pandemic. But they did not turned up. Moreover after 4-5 days, I found that my DSLR camera (INR 16000), Hard disk (INR 4000), 2 watches (INR 4000), Cash (INR 2000) were missing. Moreover they had also taken my work experience certificates as they were in the same box containing the above mentioned items as well. When I called them, initially they declined but later on they accepted that one of the boy named as Rahul Marley alias Rahul Mahaveer Soni (rahulsoni19790-1@okaxis; Mobile Number 7304754423, 9768698213) had stolen those items. He added that he would come to return them but afterwards he turned down. Moreover Alok Mishra, owner of Star Group also turned cold shouldered and when I said that its been more than a month since Rahul had accepted his theft and in case he did not came , I would go to police, he said "jo karna hai kar lo, main police se nahi darta". After couple of days, a guy named Gaurav Singh (Mobile Number 7715887283) called me that he is coming to return the items which Rahul had handed to him, but again no one arrived. It seem that they are playing with my mind. I too am mentally disturbed as its been nearly 2 months and I haven't received my items. Now they have changed the mobile number on Just Dial with new owner named as O.P. Mishra and Mobile number 07947288713 who is neglecting everything. Please please please help me. I want that they should be taught a lesson so that they can not further bluff an innocent guy. I am adding the link of their company [] Hoping a quick response and justice for my complaint Anuj Mamgain

Alan Sudhiv

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

I booked this packers and movers to shift to thiruvallur from hyderabad. They came home inspected the things and took Rs.2000 as token amount. Then on 7th july 2021 the packed my things. They told me 25000 is the total amount but after taking all my things, they told me that I have to pay Rs.39134 which includes insurance charges (Rs.6690) and they did not share me the insurance copy. They just shared a invoice which is attached to this complain. I paid the complete amount in google pay. I have attached payment screenshot here. Then they delivered the things on 9th july 2021. But when i unpacked the things my LED TV was broken which cost 13000. attached tv bill also. My bike rear view mirror is broken, my steel almirah is bent and kitchen items are broken and they did worst packaging. I contacted the agency and told about the problem they told they will not pay for complete damage they will pay only 80% of TV repair amount. I asked them for insurance copy they are not sharing to me. And now they are not lifting my calls and not replying to my message. Since I am out of City I am not able to pay a visit to those people. I request the forum to please take strict action against them.

Sushree Sushmita

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

This is a complaint against the Gati packers and movers in Bangalore. I had my household things shifted from Bangalore to Balinga since my dad works in CoalIndia and the location is fairly remote. I booked Gati packers and movers via this website: and they asked me to pay advance of Rs1000/- to their UPI account: narendrakumar9924@okaxis. After picking up things which they estimated for 17pkgs later they changed the estimation to 19pkgs and asked me to pay the money for 19 cartons which they estimated Rs 45250/-. I asked if I can pay half now and the remaining after delivery which they clearly mentioned no and said they will throw my things off. Hence I had to pay the entire amount to UPI ID: joginder2255ish-2@okicici. They promised me the delivery in 7days even after knowing the destination PIN code. Then they delivered after 30 days and threw all my things outside the gate. Some of my things were stolen and was not the same as originally packed. And all of my furnitures are broken. On complaining they used foul language. I want this agency to face the consequences for the actions. Please help me in this regard. They are cheaters, thieves and mafias. I have lost trust now. Their GSTIN : 29BMYPJ7672Q1ZJ. Please take strict action against them for they have used foul language and bad behaviour even after committing such mistakes.

Sushree Sushmita

Posted on Jul 21, 2021

This is a complaint against the Gati packers and movers in Bangalore. I had my household things shifted from Bangalore to Balinga since my dad works in CoalIndia and the location is fairly remote. I booked Gati packers and movers via this website: and they asked me to pay advance of Rs1000/- to their UPI account: narendrakumar9924@okaxis. After picking up things which they estimated for 17pkgs later they changed the estimation to 19pkgs and asked me to pay the money for 19 cartons which they estimated Rs 45250/-. I asked if I can pay half now and the remaining after delivery which they clearly mentioned no and said they will throw my things off. Hence I had to pay the entire amount to UPI ID: joginder2255ish-2@okicici. They promised me the delivery in 7days even after knowing the destination PIN code. Then they delivered after 30 days and threw all my things outside the gate. Some of my things were stolen and was not the same as originally packed. And all of my furnitures are broken. On complaining they used foul language. I want this agency to face the consequences for the actions. Please help me in this regard. They are cheaters, thieves and mafias. I have lost trust now. Their GSTIN : 29BMYPJ7672Q1ZJ. Please take strict action against them for they have used foul language and bad behaviour even after committing such mistakes.

Amit Goyal

Posted on Jul 12, 2021

With due regards it is submitted that I have requested Mr Ankush Chaudhry of M/s AMAZON RELOCATION PACKERS&MOVERS to shift a wooden cabinet from Gurgaon Sector 17 to Mohali on 4th July 2021. He agreed to do transfer for Rs 2500 all inclusive, He promised to delivery items within 3 days. Executives from M/s AMAZON RELOCATION PACKERS&MOVERS came & picked up the items. Before picking up, price was once again confirmed and he affirmed on the same (over telephone). We asked for a bill to which he said will share once the tracking ID is generated. For next 2 days -5th & 6th July 2021 he didnt picked our calls nor did we received any intimation on my item. Late night of 6th July 2021, he picked up phone & said items will be delivered but didnt share any tracking ID. On 8th July 2021, we made him an agreed payment of Rs 2500. Post receiving the payment he sent an inflated invoice which even doesn't have any date. He said items will be delivered only if full payment is done. Attached is the copy of the bill. At this point of time I am not aware where is my household item. Its kind of ransom which he is asking. He has put on so many additional charges. I am an ordinary man and I have purchased that asset 10 yrs back for Rs 12k. Now he is asking to pay him Rs 5900 approx. I am not even sure, even after receiving the money, will I get my item & also will it be in same state as it was shifted. Also this is gross fraud being done by Mr Chaudhry. Pls consider this email as formal complaint against Mr Chaudhry of M/s AMAZON RELOCATION PACKERS&MOVERS having mobile no +91 83031 50805. He has cheated & done fraud with me. Will request you to initiate action as per the legal process against the same. May I request you to facilitate the delivery of my items.

Manpreet Kaur

Posted on Jul 11, 2021

We have fixed a deal with A1 relocation to transport our car from Hyderabad to Ludhiana in Rs. 16,000/- including the household articles placed in the car. Now, they have issued an invoice of Rs. 30,060/- without any intimation or discussion with us. Further they are forcing us to pay otherwise they will not deliver the car. It has been 9 days since they took our car. They have started black mailing us. Ashish Kumar (7906445590, 9052983123) is asking for the payment in his personal account and not in the company's account. They are so ill mannered. Either they don't pick our calls or they just shout. We are being harassed. Kindly look into the matter and help us out.

Piyush Bramhe

Posted on Jul 06, 2021

This complaint is against Max Care Packers and movers . I hired this company to shift my household items from Fursungi, Pune to Nagpur. I had also paid the Insurance amount for my items. My items were delivered on 29th June 2021. However, my both the cupboards were damaged heavily. I have asked Mr. Mukesh Sharma (owner of Max Care) to initiate my insurance claim process but he is giving me excuses from past 1 week. I have the from Max Care movers and packers showing insurance amount. I even have photographs of the damaged items delivered. I have sent him all the details but he is not answering my phone calls now. I have his contact no as : 9922600061. Please accept this complaint againt Mac Care packers and movers and help me in claiming my amount for the damaged items. My Contact: 7276624556 Email:


Posted on Jul 03, 2021

I have been cheated by I have booked my Fridge and washing machine to deliver in Delhi to Nawada, Bihar on a call on Ravi 9958697198 After negotiation of Rs 5500 to Rs 4500 Mr. Ravi(Employee of allindiamoversandpackers ) agreed to pick up( chattarpur delhi) and drop me at my house (Nawada, Bihar). My product have been Pickedup from chattarpur, Delhi on June 12. After picking up my product they have not wrote delivery charges on the receipt. they promised me to deliver in 3 days but after waiting 10 days, they have not delivered my product after asking about my product. Mr Ravi has given me a bill Rs 6790 in PDF form on WhatsApp on 22 June exactly after 10 days after pickup and asked to pay Rs 6790 immediately else they will not be deliver the product. till now I am calling again and again to Ravi and Ashok (owner of this company) but they are denying to deliver the product. I told him that I will lodge a complaint to the police they replied that "Jo krna hai kr lo. Jaha complain krna hai kr lo" My product is still in their hand. Don't know what to do in this situation Please help me in this Regard

Sanchita Karkun

Posted on Jul 01, 2021

This complain is regarding below company - Swift Pack Express Movers and Packers.,3564, Palasuni, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneshwar - 751010, Near State Bank Of India. THEY ARE CHEATERS AND UNPROFESSIONAL One of the most pathetic company with no value of customer's belongings and money. I opted for their service to transfer personal belongings from Orissa(Lanjigarh) to Kolkata.They have charged Rs 18000 to transport 5 medium sized cartons and 2 trolley suitcases. They took 16000 as advance payment. However,after receiving luggages, I found one of my suitcase is missing. When I complained, they are not ready to take responsibility. They are not even tracking my luggage. And now they have stopped answering my calls. They do not even have the courtesy to call back. This is a pathetic experience. I request an action against the company Swift Pack Express and its representative Bibhuti Ranjan Pati (ph no. -+91 9439692756 / 9124157005 / 8249698731) for cheating and stealing .Please help me get my suitcase . With regards, Sanchita Karkun 9874589627


Posted on Jun 25, 2021

I have sent my luggage items (3 units), on 31st May 2021 via Raj Packer and Movers. They have charged 6,000 rupees. I have paid the full via UPI. They have not given me any intimation or tracking facility. I have contacted them, they gave reasons like personal, covid-19 etc. around 20th June, 2021 they've mentioned that my luggage arrived at Nellore city but couldn't deliver to home. After a bit of discussion over 2-3 days on 22nd June, 2021 they messaged me to deliver the goods in 2 days ("delivery ho jaega within a 2 days"). This caused my trust to be broken on the packers and movers. And emotional anxiety.

sudipto banerjee

Posted on Jun 12, 2021

COMPLAINT AGAINST: SKYWING PACKERS AND MOVERS: On May 27, 2021, we shifted from Delhi to Noida. Service taken from: Skywing Packers and Movers. Amount paid Rs 18,300. Once the truck reached Noida, all the workers refused to carry the goods from truck to the service lift because they had to cover 100 meters on feet. After losing 1 precious hour, finally they agreed to resume work. Towards the evening, they started simply dumping the goods here and there somehow to wrap up the work hastily - because they were getting delayed. This greated huge mess and we were struggled for days to figure out what was kept where. And here comes the actual blow. In the process of shifting, they damaged the following: 1. WOODEN CHESTER 2. WOODEN FLOOR 3. LOST IRON CHAIR (NEVER FOUND IT) 4. BROKE SEVERAL PLANT PLOTS When I contacted the owner, he pinned all the blame to the workers and refused to entertain my complaint.

Hansal Kansara

Posted on May 24, 2021

I have requested to transport my 2 wheeler bike from Pune to Visnagar Gujarat to Eagle Star Packers and Movers on 13th May 2021. However I have not received my bike or not even photographs of it after packing. It is been 11 days now and the Guy Prathvi Singh is not picking up the phone. After last discussion with him came to know that he was in hospital hence he has given this responsibility to other person and he has shared the number of that person. However now even he is not picking up my phone. After last discussion with him today he was saying that he will be sharing driver details with me but now he is not picking up the phone. Hence please do needful as soon as possible.

Binoy Sarkar

Posted on May 22, 2021

I had booked to transfer a Microwave oven and a Bed mattress through GATI-Kwe from Dombivali to Hyderabad on 2nd Feb 2021 and the same was delivered to me on 10th Feb 2021. However, the Oven was delivered with the front side glass of the oven door and the handle completely broken. They have mentioned in the delivery remarks as damaged from their side. When I contacted customer care they said they will give a resolution very soon and provided me a ticket no:20890222. When I did not get any response for some days I sent them a mail on 23rd as well as 24th Feb 2021. Then I got a call on 26th Feb and said we will get in touch with the delivery team and provide you a resolution. After 2 days when I did not get a call I called them and he said as per the order you had placed, we have 2 types of services one with insurance and the other with no insurance and it seems mine was without insurance. When I had inquired about booking no one had informed me about the choice and suddenly this new different type of service had come up. When I complained that I was not asked for any such insurance or non-insurance option he took the booking executive online and the executive confirmed that he had not informed the same to me. The customer care executive said they will connect with the senior of the booking executive and provide me with a resolution. But to date, I have not received any resolution. When I went to the service centre to get my Oven repaired they said it will cost Rs. 3500. I want a resolution and compensation for the damage caused.

Prashant Wadera

Posted on May 17, 2021

This complain is regarding below company ;- Max Packers And Movers Shop No. 19 Malik Compound, Damu Nagar Old Bus Stop, Near Otis Company, Opp White City Building, Kandivali (E, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101 WORST EVER SERVICE - THEY ARE CHEATERS AND UNPROFESSIONAL One of the most pathetic company with no value of customer's time and money. Took full advance before truck started and was told it will start by 12pm towards destination. To our surprise in the same truck their transporter company had to pick up one more parcel from another place before it could move to our destination. FINALLY till 6pm we were still in the city and reached our destination late night and of course at such late night they were not able to find men's to unload goods. They have one rude staff member who didn't even no how to talk to customer. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM rather go for some professional company


Posted on Apr 29, 2021

Hello, I have taken service from TransCargo packers and movers ( shifting my things from bangalore to Pondicherry. Initial quotation was Rs.11000/- and then after loading on Saturday (24-Apr-2021) they sent me the bill of Rs.17641/- . After discussion and arguments, I agreed to pay the full amount. And I have been promised for things to be delivered at drop location on 25-Apr-2021, Sunday. But I got my items delivered on 29-Apr-2021 and no proper response provided in the meantime. During delivery they demanded another Rs.1000/- and argued they cannot unload until we pay them. And one computer table worth Rs.1200/- is missing. Poor service, no proper response, rude behavior and abusive language. Demanding extra money, looting, no proper packing, handling goods roughly. Please add these packers and movers to the blacklist and make sure other customers are not impacted/suffering by them. They claim to not speak english after few days of communicating in english. And stick with rough hindi and intimidate us by harsh tones. The owner of the company, Mr.Sachin also lies that he is contacting from and claims to address the issue upon raising complaint. But, he also lies so much and doesn't care much for the customers. Contact numbers : 9817867584 , 6361758208, 8970945395, 7676099416. Thank you.

Abhishek Sinha

Posted on Apr 22, 2021

Hi , I have asked to shift my goods to Trans Cargo Packer and Movers from Bangalore to Patna on 19th March . They took my household furnitures and 21K rupees through GPAY. I havent received my goods yet . Web - Sachin- 6361758208 ( owners) Guy who picked goods - 7973005176 I have not got my goods yet . Its already 40 days . Please help . I have all receipts . Thanks Abhishek Sinha


Posted on Apr 07, 2021

I am shifting from Kolkata to Ghaziabad and I booked Apollo Movers & Packers (Beguhati, Kolkata) and paid full amount according to their quotation (Rs.13500/-) after inspection of my home goods. and my materials picked up on 24 Feb 2021 and according to their promise it should be reaching on 4 th march.. but when I start calling on 4th march, they first not receive my calls. and WhatsApp me to pay online Rs.30000 more if I want my material. Phone numbers are 8272938672 and Non whatsapp number is 8272938671. APOLLO PACKERS & MOVERS(R) Shifting Domestic & International REGD. OFFICE : A9/2,Street No.282,Near -CV Market Baguihati Deshbandu Nagar P.S. : Baguihati, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700059 CIN : U63090WB2018PTC229586 e-mail : PLEASE FIND ATTACHED BILLS IN WHICH GST AND PAN ARE FAKE..!!! CONSUMER FORUM Grievance Number: 2604083 BIDHAN NAGAR POLICE STATION(KOLKATA) CASE ID- WB/RPC/2021/000329.

Pargat Singh

Posted on Mar 31, 2021

Hi, This complaint is regarding fraud of a packers and mover company that I have been victim of. I am resident of Karnal and my home article and one Honda City car was laying in Bangalore where I was working earlier. As I wanted to bring my articles back to Karnal I searched a movers and packers company online and ultimately found a company under the name of Aggarwal Car Movers. After going through contents of their website which projected them a very reliable and efficient movers and packers, I had booked this packers and mover company named as “Aggarwal car mover” (GST# 27AAMCA1699Q3ZO) to move my household stuff, Honda City car and Honda Activa scooter. After initial quote and further negotiation with the manager of packer-mover company introduced as Mr Vikas Bhardwaj (contact no 7290060032 / 7290003004), the transportation of cargo was finalized on 16th Feb for a net sum of Rs 40,000/-. I was assured that the complete cargo will reach destination by 27th Feb. as per the deal I was asked to pay Rs 40,000 once the loading is done. My household stuff including all my furniture, utensils, appliances, and other stuff were picked up on 21st Feb while the car and scooter were loaded on 22nd Feb. I have received copies of invoice with details list of item and vehicle details mentioned on them. Full payment was done in 2 installments of 20,000 each on 21st and 23rd Feb. After receiving the full payment of Rs 40,000 on 23rd Feb, Mr Vikas sent me a bill of Rs 1,05,065 in the evening and asked me to pay remaining amount immediately. When I confronted him as he is deviating from the deal finalized, he blackmailed me to pay the balance otherwise he won’t deliver the cargo. As all my cargo worth Rs 5,00,000 approx was with him, I was left with no option but to re-negotiate with him. After multiple calls and messages to he asked me to pay Rs 80,000. I sent another Rs 20,000 on 24th Feb and agreed to send remaining 20,000 after delivery of cargo. Meanwhile he said on 24th Feb that cargo has reached till Pune. Cargo didn’t reach me on 27th Feb as he promised earlier. When I enquired, he said it will reach by 28th Feb night. Again, I didn’t receive the cargo on 28th Feb. I called him next morning on 1st March, he said cargo is going to reach Gurgaon by tonight and in the morning (2nd March) it will reach my home. On 2nd march again I called him to check delivery status, then he said I cargo is stuck in Jaipur and I have to pay full Rs 1,05,000 if I want it to get delivered. I again confronted him why he is again deviating from his promise. After arguing him several times he agreed for delivery on Monday (8th March). But till date I haven't received by goods. He has already received Rs 60,000 from me which is already more then the total amount (Rs 40,000) he asked during the deal quotation. I have all proofs against the fraud company and its manager – messages, call recordings and emails. They are promoting their company with fake promises on Internet and once innocent people like me fall into their trap, they start blackmailing and threatening to grab money. I request an action against the company Aggarwal Car Movers and its representative Vikas Bhardwaj/Deepak Sharma for Cyber fraud, cheating, blackmailing and to help me get my complete cargo and excess money the company was able to fetch via blackmailing me. With regards. Pargat Singh 9632233106

Pargat Singh

Posted on Mar 31, 2021

Hi, This complaint is regarding fraud of a packers and mover company that I have been victim of. I am resident of Karnal and my home article and one Honda City car was laying in Bangalore where I was working earlier. As I wanted to bring my articles back to Karnal I searched a movers and packers company online and ultimately found a company under the name of Aggarwal Car Movers. After going through contents of their website which projected them a very reliable and efficient movers and packers, I had booked this packers and mover company named as “Aggarwal car mover” (GST# 27AAMCA1699Q3ZO) to move my household stuff, Honda City car and Honda Activa scooter. After initial quote and further negotiation with the manager of packer-mover company introduced as Mr Vikas Bhardwaj, the transportation of cargo was finalized on 16th Feb for a net sum of Rs 40,000/-. I was assured that the complete cargo will reach destination by 27th Feb. as per the deal I was asked to pay Rs 40,000 once the loading is done. My household stuff including all my furniture, utensils, appliances, and other stuff were picked up on 21st Feb while the car and scooter were loaded on 22nd Feb. I have received copies of invoice with details list of item and vehicle details mentioned on them. Full payment was done in 2 installments of 20,000 each on 21st and 23rd Feb. After receiving the full payment of Rs 40,000 on 23rd Feb, Mr Vikas sent me a bill of Rs 1,05,065 in the evening and asked me to pay remaining amount immediately. When I confronted him as he is deviating from the deal finalized, he blackmailed me to pay the balance otherwise he won’t deliver the cargo. As all my cargo worth Rs 5,00,000 approx was with him, I was left with no option but to re-negotiate with him. After multiple calls and messages to he asked me to pay Rs 80,000. I sent another Rs 20,000 on 24th Feb and agreed to send remaining 20,000 after delivery of cargo. Meanwhile he said on 24th Feb that cargo has reached till Pune. Cargo didn’t reach me on 27th Feb as he promised earlier. When I enquired, he said it will reach by 28th Feb night. Again, I didn’t receive the cargo on 28th Feb. I called him next morning on 1st March, he said cargo is going to reach Gurgaon by tonight and in the morning (2nd March) it will reach my home. On 2nd march again I called him to check delivery status, then he said I cargo is stuck in Jaipur and I have to pay full Rs 1,05,000 if I want it to get delivered. I again confronted him why he is again deviating from his promise. After arguing him several times he agreed for delivery on Monday (8th March). But till date I haven't received by goods. He has already received Rs 60,000 from me which is already more then the total amount (Rs 40,000) he asked during the deal quotation. I have all proofs against the fraud company and its manager – messages, call recordings and emails. They are promoting their company with fake promises on Internet and once innocent people like me fall into their trap, they start blackmailing and threatening to grab money. I request an action against the company Aggarwal Car Movers and its representative Vikas Bhardwaj/Deepak Sharma for Cyber fraud, cheating, blackmailing and to help me get my complete cargo and excess money the company was able to fetch via blackmailing me. With regards Pargat Singh 9632233106


Posted on Mar 27, 2021

Want to lodge a complaint against a mover & packer who damaged my house hold goods, viz furniture, freeze, crockeries etc. while transporting from Mumbai to Kolkata. They took full premium for insurance and did not do the needed one hence claim can not be lodged.....they paid for reduced value and took insurance for only against accident while it should have been for all risk. Goods have been received in very bad conditions. Most of the cartons found deformed and repacked. It was very very poor and unprofessional handling of materials. We found that they sent the materials in three small trucks with materials dumped on each other. Despite sending them photographs and intimating them by phone & mail, they are not responding. The party has cheated us and damaged most of our furniture. Many crockeries have been found broken which can not be replaced as they are mostly in set. Please advise. Thanks & regards Rajib Dutta

abhishek kalra

Posted on Mar 24, 2021

Hi, With this email, I would like to lodge a complaint of harassment for money, deficiency in service and unfair trade practice against person named "Aman" (not sure if this is his real name) , contact number - +91 7027266603, who claims to work for your Company . He has duped me of INR 3k and harassing me for more money. Also expect you to intervene and manage to deliver my bike safely by tomorrow in Navi Mumbai. Delivery address details are shared already with Mr. Aman. Following is the sequence of events happened: 1. Aman got my contact details from 2. He shared me a quote of INR 3k on reciept of company named "SandeepLogistics", for transportation of my vehicle from Delhi to Navi Mumbai. 3. He confirmed me over call that insurance will be included in the cost of INR 3K, there will be no other charges like. pick & drop of vehicle , or any other hidden charges. He stated that company provides a quote is final price however complete 3K is to be provided in advance and no money will be taken during delivery of goods. 4. Post confirmation of above, he arranged for the pick-up of my vehicle from vikaspuri on 18th Mar,21. He asked me to pay INR 500 to pick-up boy and informed me that same will be adjusted against overall charges of 3K. 5. On 19th Mar,21, i transferred INR 1500 in the account number provided by him. I asked for the photo of my bike as a proof for the packing and loading. 6. He shared a 3 photos of a packed bike in a container on 19th Mar,21, which were of different bike than my bike. I informed to him about wrong photos of bike being shared with me, on 21st Mar,21, post checking pictures in details. 7. On 20th Mar,21, he shared me another receipt of INR 6810 of different company "SandeepLogisticsMovers". He asked me to pay the complete bill in advance while i refused as amount quoted before pick-up of vehicle were no more than INR 3K. I informed him that INR 6810 is invalid as he shared this with me post pick-up of vehicle and taking the advance money. 8. I informed him that i will transfer remaining 1K post receiving the copy of insurance. I transferred the amount of INR 1K on 20th Mar,21 post receiving the insurance copy. 9. While checking for the details of transit insurance issued by ICICILOMBARD, i found that insurance provided was for only Roadside cover instead of All risk cover. As per quote, he is supposed to provide me with Full risk cover for sum assured. Insurance cost charged by ICICI is INR 50 while Aman is trying to charge me extra INR 1500 for same. 10. To sort the matter, i informed him that i will adjust for extra charge of upto INR 500 post my bike is delivered safely, to which Mr. Aman denied that all amount is to be paid before delivery of vehicle. He also denied to share the tracking number of vehicle / cargo which has carried my bike. 11. He informed me on 21st Mar,21 that bike is supposed to be delivered by 25th Mar,21 at the delivery address which was shared by me over whatsapp chats. 12. On 24th, Guy named "Naveen - Contact details - 8529403486" called me and asked for INR 2750 for delivery of bike. He informed me that he is in no business with person named "Mr Aman" and have not received any money from him. 13. Till today 24th Mar,21, i have not received location or tracking details of my bike and Aman is still asking me extra money to share the details. I have already paid him INR 3K as per the agreed TnC. At this moment, i have no information of my bike location. While checking on Google for reviews against company "SandeeplogisticsMovers", i found many complaints of fraud against them, where people claimed that they wont pick-up the call post receiving the amount. Given the full details above, i would like to report a complaint of Harassement against Mr. Aman and Mr. Naveen for asking more money and also for my bike being disappeared / or may be stolen by them.

Avinash Kumar Pandey

Posted on Mar 23, 2021

My language is hold by GATI MOVERS & PACKER GST:- 06CDNPA6145E1ZS. Kindly call on 7292016686.

Akash Radha Krishnan

Posted on Mar 22, 2021

I am Akash Krishnan from Selvapuram, Coimbatore. I am transferred for my employment in Chennai recently. I have spoken to Nagarundaram working in Chennai packers & movers of Coimbatore branch, mobile number 98408 24011 on saturday for my few of home furnitures and appliances to be moved from Coimbatore to Vadavelli, Chennai. I have also shared images in whatapp of the items to be moved to chennai. He has given price of Rs.7000 for moving to chennai in sharing vehicle which I have agreed. He has commited to pickup the material on sunday morning (21.3.2021). Based on his commitment, myself & my wife booked train ticket from coimbatore to chennai on sunday night. Rs.1200 is the train ticket fare. Sunday morning, he says somebody has cancelled pickup in coimbatore and hence, he can deliver material after 2 days. Surprising to hear this, I told him I have already booked the train ticket and also kept all the items in middle of hall. No other way, I have also agreed for full load price for Rs.14000. He says he will call me back after arranging the vehicle but its been whole day he did not attended my call and not even responding to sms also. I keep calling him every one hour but no response. It was very embrassing in front of my family members. I have texted saying that I will force to file an police compliant in "Sowripalayam police station" based on the non responding and non commitment with the phone call recording as evidence. I have total 3 phone calls recording that he commited to take items and finally not responding. Till now all furniture and appliances items are in middle of hall and family members are unable to walk to other room. At this last minute, I am not getting vehicle from other packers to pickup same day. If he attended my call and informed about unavailability of any vehicle, I could have arranged from some other packers.... I took your coimbatore office address from your website and I am filing an criminal police compliant tomorrow morning in sowripalayam/puliakulam police station.....


Posted on Mar 20, 2021


sarita Mishra

Posted on Mar 17, 2021

My daughter Srishti Mishra booked Aditya Packers and Movers to move her household stuff, a Queen Bed, Study Table, kitchen items, clothes etc. from Hyderabad to Bangalore on the 12th of March, 2021 and paid INR 21,653. this is an exorbitant amount itself. The things were delivered on the 13th of March, Saturday. The bed is damaged completely and the Study table is damaged too. The Movers had charged insurance for INR 3000 at the rate of 3% value. Infact, they forced her to buy insurance for INR 1Lakh. They are neither responding, nor, sending the insurance company details. we are just left with damaged items. ADITYA PACKARS AND MOVERS. plot no 239, Raghavendra Colony, Kondapur, Hyderabad Telangana 500084 Mobile: 9640460001 Telephone: 9346469218 Email: Bill To Srishti Mishra Hyderabad Telangana Total Quantity : 8 Payment Instructions Pay Cheque to BPM TRANSPORT CO. Send to bank ACCOUNT NO.1275102000064910 IFSC CODE.IBKL0001275 BANK DETAILS IDBI Via Paypal Google Pay No.8529070192 Via Wallet Paytm No.8529070192 Additional Details Phone Pay No.8529078192 Total Amount (in words) : Twenty One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Three Rupees Only


Posted on Mar 10, 2021

JBM Cargo Packers & Movers, Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) -Mr. Jitendra Shekhawat - I have placed an order for my household shifting from Mira Road (Mumbai) to Rajsamand (Rajasthan). The delivery has been picked-up on 26th January 2021 and they have committed to deliver it by 30th January 2021. From 05th Feb,2021 onwards they are not responding to the calls and messages. I haven't received the goods yet. They have taken all my household property plus Rs.18,500 as an advance. Scums to believe on. Kindly don't book through them. I have all necessary proofs and documents to go legal against the. Kindly help if any legal hearing can be done.


Posted on Mar 10, 2021

JBM Cargo Packers & Movers, Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) -Mr. Jitendra Shekhawat - I have placed an order for my household shifting from Mira Road (Mumbai) to Rajsamand (Rajasthan). The delivery has been picked-up on 26th January 2021 and they have committed to deliver it by 30th January 2021. From 05th Feb,2021 onwards they are not responding to the calls and messages. I haven't received the goods yet. They have taken all my household property plus Rs.18,500 as an advance. Scums to believe on. Kindly don't book through them. I have all necessary proofs and documents to go legal against the. Kindly help if any legal hearing can be done.

shyam Bahadur Sharma

Posted on Mar 09, 2021

Dear Sir I have booked my home item from Ahmedabad to Kolkata on 25-Feb-2021 through DRS(Agarwal Packers & Movers). They have promised me for delivery in 10 days but still not delivered and also they harassing's us. Thanks and Regards Shyam B Sharma

meetu nanda

Posted on Feb 15, 2021

Hi, I had shifted by stuff from Bangalore to Lucknow with Gati packers & movers on 14th Dec, as per the communication with them my package was suppose to reach in 6-7 days time but i received my stuff after a month in Jan 2nd week. None of the cartons were packed properly, all my things were just thrown in a box and packed with a thin plastic. Some of the cartons received were torn with marks of brown cello tape on my clothes etc. The food items were packed with my clothes which got spilled on the way, my coffee maker which was completely fine was received broken. There service is really poor, nobody picks the call and even if they do they'll ask for your details again and again, will put you on hold and then finally disconnect the call. I had to chase them for a month and finally got my stuff with 1 carton missing. I have been chasing them again since and haven't got any revert on it. I can't believe i paid 22k to them for breaking, spoiling and loosing my stuff. Mentioning the packers & movers details : 9035373735, 799644848 Email ID:

Rajesh ravi

Posted on Feb 09, 2021

HI Sir, I have booked “Uniway Cargo Packers & Movers packers" and mover to shift my unicorn bike from Delhi to Coimbatore. He told me final rate 2450 to shift. Now he is giving me bill of Rs. 8850 to deliver my bike. and he is saying first transfer all money then next day you will get your bike, finally I paid rs.4000 partial amount Today I called him to deliver my bike to my location. I am worried about my bike, which I had sent for Coimbatore location which still I have not received and still doing follow-up but no proper response yet, and company person (Mr.Vicky Dahiya - +919311047766 , +919311047755) and team had stopped receiving my calls and disconnecting my calls too. I want someone has to take serious action for these types fake companies, how these companies get authorities to serve even they are not organized well to do these critical and responsible work Please help me what to do… Truly Rajeshravi +919842886126

Satyakam Mohanty

Posted on Jan 30, 2021

ALKA Packers & Movers-Mr. Surrender Choudhary- I have placed an order for my household shifting from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. the delivery has been picked-up on 21st January 2021 and they have committed to deliver it by 29th January 2021. From yesterday onwards they are not responding to the calls and messages. I haven't received the parcel yet. They have taken all my household property plus Rs.45000 as an advance. Scums to believe on. Kindly don't book through them. I have all necessary proofs and documents to go legal against the. Kindly help if any legal hearing can be done.

Mayur Soni

Posted on Jan 11, 2021

Hi VDI Company and VDI Mumbai representatives, This is regards to my Bike transportation from Mumbai to Bhuj. Company has collected Rs.5100 from me via online transaction and Rs.1500 for bike insurance as a cash while bike pickup. Bike was picked up on 02/01/2021. Initially after bike pickup on the next day he asked me additional amount of Rs.2100. I was forcefully ask for this amount or else they will not transport my bike or return it to me. Hence, I transferred 2100 Rs. Post that, I have been constantly trying to reach out to mumbai office representative (Pradeep) and he is not receiving the call or replying to my messages. To take it further, I am also going to file a police complaint tomorrow. Bike - Honda Shine Thanks, Mayur

Bharath Bugatha

Posted on Jan 11, 2021

ear Team, My name is Bharath Kumar. I have booked VRL express Packers and movers hyderabad(Vishnu Road Lines) services for packing and moving from Hyderabad to bangalore on 31st December 2020 and informed team to hold for 10 days. I received my items on 9th January 2021 with continuous follow ups. In that 2 items were missing,1 is a helmet with 3 LEDS and another one is water can set and 2 items were damaged, 1 is DTH another one is TV. Informed VRL team at the same point of time when they are dispatching items.Those guys were informed that they were not responsible and to check with the Hyderabad team. I informed the guy who is speaking with me from the start of the call before I booked and his number is 9950070957 and he was informed on 9th January evening saying that helmet was in hyderabad godown and water can set it in bangalore godown. He confirmed that he will let me know the delivery status of both by 10th January 2021 evening, but when I called from yesterday evening, there was no response from VRL team which is not acceptable at all. This kind of behaviour and response should not be acceptable. I have even paid insurance charges too. If you want call recordings from start call to till date which I have spoken I can even forward the same. Kindly look on to this matter at earliest.

Alisha kapur

Posted on Jan 09, 2021

Hi got my hpusehold goods shifted from gurugram sec 28 to thane on the 29th december 2020 by Leo packers and movers. They said they will do a house visit and give me a quotation.They came on 25th December for same and gave the quotation amount of Rs.14250/-. I asked them for a revised amount they gave me a quotation of Rs.12225/- to which i agreed that was including Rs.1 lakh insurance. I was talking to some Mr. Ashish this whole time. He said to pay a token of Rs.1000 to book the slot and i did.I checked their website also so i thought that i am getting a good deal. My goods were packed and put in a small lorry on the 29th dec afternoon. My Ashish gave me a recipt for the same. I asked for an insurance copy. He said he will provide me once my luggage is loaded at the despatch terminal as it was a part loading.I agreed as i was leaving for mumbai the same evening.He said my goods would reach thane in a week. I agreed.I pad him 8000 in cash that day.I repeatedly started calling Mr Ashish for my insurance documents which he send to me on 5th jan 2021. Everyday i used to ask him where is my good reached and he was always saying that tomorrow. I also mailed on the website regarding the insurance documents and goods arrival query to which he responded that it will reach to me on 6th Jan 2021 4 pm. He said to make the pending payment and only then they can give the handover of my goods. I paid the balance amount of Rs.3223/-. I called him on 6th January evening because i still had not received my goods, his no is coming switch off since then. Whole day on 7th and 8th january i kept trying his number but it was switch off. I tried calling the number given on the slip also, out of which Only 1 was working and they were also not able to reach him. I don't know where my goods are. The website also has just 1 contact number which was Mr Ashish and it was also comming switch off and there is no email id also. The order tracking is also not updated on the website.Please help me out as i have been scammed and the goods have not reached me yet. Its already 10 days.

Manoj Patil

Posted on Jan 08, 2021

Complaint against Shift My Ghar. (Mr. rakesh Goswami)

G S S Prasad

Posted on Jan 04, 2021

19-Nov-2020 I have transferred from Bangalore to Hyderabad. So I have reached one of the Travels named (RKS Shifting Packers and Movers) for quotation. One Guy named Naveen came to my house on 19-Nov-2020 and given estimation for Rs 15,730 and overall Rs 18000(with Insurance).Advance is Rs 50% at the time pickup and Rs 50% at the time unload. I called and sent message (on 8th Dec) to RKS to proceed packing on 9th Dec at 11AM. 9-Dec-2020 On 9th Dec he sent five guys for pickup. The head of the batch asked me about agreement and I have informed him which I agreed with RKS. The persons came with small van then I raised concern with RKS and persons head as it will not be sufficient for things pickup. RKS person told that they will arrange another vehicle if any goods are left. After packing finished, the persons head gave me goods list then I came to know those guys are belong to ALKA Packers. Either RKS or ALKA did not raise concern about agreement or money during the process. As agreed with Naveen, I have paid Rs 10000 (to Surender-6364000510) and Rs 700 as Bakshi through Google pay. But they did not give any bill and ALKA told that it is OK as I have done online payment. 10-Dec-2020 I have travelled to Hyderabad to the night at 9pm and Reached on 10th Dec. On 10th Dec, RKS Naveen (6363056310) sent one (ALKA travels bill) bill with Rs 45,725.I got shocked. So I made call to RKS and I came to know that Both Naveen and Surender were on the call. I started bargaining and we got finalized at Rs 34,000/- as I am concerned about my new expensive luggage also I do not want to take risk. RKS told to me to send (Rs 17000) to start the vehicle from Bangalore and remaining (Rs 7000) at unload. I went to RC Puram police station on (Hyderabad) and they suggested to give complaint in Bangalore. Later RKS demanded whole money and I sent Rs 24000/-

Mark Jackson

Posted on Jan 02, 2021

Hi, This is Mark Jackson from Chilakaluripet, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. I needed to transport my sisters car from Azamgarh, U.P to my address. As I was looking for car transport services, I found MAAAMBIKA CARGO PACKERS & MOVERS. I asked for a quotation. A person named Ranbir Kumar -Contact Number 9899351122 contacted me and sent me the details through whatsapp. He told me the process and clarified to me that the car would be delivered with in 7-10 days. A pick up driver named Tarunnam Khan contact number 8928819266, came to pick up the car. This was on 13th Dec 2020. Then I called up Ranbir Kumar and asked for the Truck Drivers number. His name is Deepak Sharma contact number 8279359831. After the clarified date of delivery I didnt receive the car. I was calling to Ranbir Kumar but he was not responding to my calls or texts. I called the truck driver and he says different locations, once hyderabad. Later I called to all the numbers in the web site, none are giving any clarification on where the car is. When I mailed them stating that i woud take legal action then they responded to my mail saying that the truck had broken down and it is in odisa, and it would take another 10 days. Days are passing by but they arent recieving my calls to give an update as to where the car is right, I am confused as to what to do. Please suggest


Posted on Dec 29, 2020

I am Bijay Kumar Pradhan, I have transferred my all household items on 4th November 2020 from Jharsha, Gurugram to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, there are total 36 items including my important personal items. The branch manager Deepak Sharma has arranged everything, but have not received my items till 1 month, then i complained to police and after that i received my items in broken format. For this i have talked with those packers guys and when i am calling them they are talking with me in bad language, and also they haven't given me any insurance documents, when i asked them, they told that our company takes care of all these but no result. Here ware the list of broke items. 1. Honda Activa Scooty - 12,000.00 2. Fan - 7,500.00 3. Dining Table - 34,000.00 4. BED ka Gadda ( Stolen ) - 1,500.00 5. 6 Pairs of Brand shirt and Paint New ( Stolen ) - 15,000.00 6. 3 New Blankets Stolen - 7,500.00 7. 7 Books and magazines Stolen - 3,000.00 8. 5 Kitchen bottle and one water container(big) broken - 3,000.00 The details of the companies, 2 companies involved in this Company Name:- / ( AGARWAL CAR MOVE, MOVERS AND PACKERS) Mobile no.s:- Deepak Sharma ( 72900 60033 ) / ( 72900 60032 ) Supervisor Name:- Pardeep Singh ( 74248 74421 ) Shree Ganpati Packers and Movers ---------------------------------------------- 77269 75192 Supervisor Name:- Naval Shekhawat Agarwal ( 82910 25038 ) Therefore, i request you to give my insurance money for the above broken items.


Posted on Dec 29, 2020

I am Bijay Kumar Pradhan, I have transferred my all household items on 4th November 2020 from Jharsha, Gurugram to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, there are total 36 items including my important personal items. The branch manager Deepak Sharma has arranged everything, but have not received my items till 1 month, then i complained to police and after that i received my items in broken format. For this i have talked with those packers guys and when i am calling them they are talking with me in bad language, and also they haven't given me any insurance documents, when i asked them, they told that our company takes care of all these but no result. Here ware the list of broke items. 1. Honda Activa Scooty - 12,000.00 2. Fan - 7,500.00 3. Dining Table - 34,000.00 4. BED ka Gadda ( Stolen ) - 1,500.00 5. 6 Pairs of Brand shirt and Paint New ( Stolen ) - 15,000.00 6. 3 New Blankets Stolen - 7,500.00 7. 7 Books and magazines Stolen - 3,000.00 8. 5 Kitchen bottle and one water container(big) broken - 3,000.00 The details of the companies, 2 companies involved in this Company Name:- / ( AGARWAL CAR MOVE, MOVERS AND PACKERS) Mobile no.s:- Deepak Sharma ( 72900 60033 ) / ( 72900 60032 ) Supervisor Name:- Pardeep Singh ( 74248 74421 ) Shree Ganpati Packers and Movers ---------------------------------------------- 77269 75192 Supervisor Name:- Naval Shekhawat Agarwal ( 82910 25038 ) Therefore, i request you to give my insurance money for the above broken items.

Bijay Kumar Pradhan

Posted on Dec 29, 2020

I am Bijay Kumar Pradhan, I have transferred my all household items on 4th November 2020 from Jharsha, Gurugram to Bhubaneswar, Odisha, there are total 36 items including my important personal items. The branch manager Deepak Sharma has arranged everything, but have not received my items till 1 month, then i complained to police and after that i received my items in broken format. For this i have talked with those packers guys and when i am calling them they are talking with me in bad language, and also they haven't given me any insurance documents, when i asked them, they told that our company takes care of all these but no result. Here ware the list of broke items. 1. Honda Activa Scooty - 12,000.00 2. Fan - 7,500.00 3. Dining Table - 34,000.00 4. BED ka Gadda ( Stolen ) - 1,500.00 5. 6 Pairs of Brand shirt and Paint New ( Stolen ) - 15,000.00 6. 3 New Blankets Stolen - 7,500.00 7. 7 Books and magazines Stolen - 3,000.00 8. 5 Kitchen bottle and one water container(big) broken - 3,000.00 The details of the companies, 2 companies involved in this Company Name:- / ( AGARWAL CAR MOVE, MOVERS AND PACKERS) Mobile no.s:- Deepak Sharma ( 72900 60033 ) / ( 72900 60032 ) Supervisor Name:- Pardeep Singh ( 74248 74421 ) Shree Ganpati Packers and Movers ---------------------------------------------- 77269 75192 Supervisor Name:- Naval Shekhawat Agarwal ( 82910 25038 ) Therefore, i request you to give my insurance money for the above broken items.

Naveen v k

Posted on Dec 02, 2020

My name is Naveen v k . My Permanent address : Vandanam Padinhattam Kozhuval Nileshwar Pin 671314 Kasargod dist Kerala Phone number : 9654425658 , 9447449537 Sir, On 13 Sept-2020, I came across Agarwal Car Transport Pvt Ltd website ( and put in a quotation request from the website. I received the response from the company next day and had a telephonic conversation with them. They gave all the details with respect to the transport service, mentioned that I will be getting a door-to-door service, tracking ID once the vehicle is loaded onto their carrier truck, and the duration would be maximum of 10-12 days. I wanted to transfer my car ( Nissan sunny - no: KL 60 F 6760, Rc owner of the car is my father - name - V. Narayanan Namboodiri) from Delhi to kerala, particularly Nileshwar in kasargod dist. On 16th Sept-2020, one of their driver contacted me and told they will go and pick up my vehicle today. He went to mata channam devi hospital in Delhi where the vehicle was kept. He did the inspection of the car and told me he will load the car today itself and he left with the car. A lady from their office, named kushi , called me and told me to pay the full amount so that they will load the car in truck today. After sometime , again someone named Harishankar mandal called me and told me to transfer the amount via Bank transfer upfront, post which only they will be loading the vehicle onto their carrier. Hence, I did and waited for 10-12 days as they promised. However, I was not provided with tracking ID as promised, Hence, I was calling them up over mobile phone asking for the update for 10 days they told me various location and on then they told the car is at Bangalore warehouse. For next 10 days this is the only update that I was given and every time I call they either mention "they will check in the system and call back in 30 mins", however, they never call and when I call they say right away its in Bangalore or so and so location. This has been going on for another 10 days. So I again called the company and tried asking for the update. However, no proper updates given. I called different numbers, belonging to Harishankar Mandal and Surendra Goad. Till now I have no proper idea about my car's location, neither I have any idea if my car is safe or not.Everytime, they give false promise that car is at this-and-that location and will be delivered by next day. Since 2 weeks they are telling me the car will be delivered today. But everyday I call them only to hear another lie. Yesterday( 7th November 2020 - which is almost 2 months after my vehicle loading is done) I called them and they told me they have no idea where my car is. Now when I call them they get angry on me and says not call them again . Below are the phone numbers of the company and their executives - +91 80808 02663 - Khusi - who was coordinating me with the pick up. But now no response from her 9022709709 - Surendra Goad - he gets angry if I call him. 8108130130 - Naveen Agarwal - This number from is unreachable now. 8452005552 - Harishankar Mandal - This person always says that he will call me back in 30 mins checking the status. However, never calls back. Yesterday he told me You talk to the person to whom you gave the car and I am Not responsible for your missing car. 8369223137 - Truck driver's number given to me by 9022790709. +91 9004465671- they sometimes don’t answer when I call and sometimes they answer and will say , they will check and let me know later, which as usual won’t happen. 9588385352 : phone number of the driver who picked my vehicle from Mata Channam devi hospital in Delhi. Their address: Godown No - 1, Ritika Hotel, Mumbra-Panvel Highway, Kothari Gaon, Taloja, Navi Mumbai - 410208 Their website

Shilpi Tiwari

Posted on Dec 01, 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you with regard to a serious complaint I would like to make for an International company name Global Moving Solution based out of Malaysia. I had booked this company for moving my goods (package) to Hyderabad (India) from Malaysia. On the 16th November the agents along with the manager Ms Geetha (contact # 60102502745)came home (Gaya Bangsar Condo unit # 22-3a) for packing and moving my goods. We have 14 boxes, (package details shared on whatsapp). I had made the payment for 3775RM (International Bank name Maybank), receipts can be shared as required further. The goods were supposed to leave on 21st Nov as per the schedule but this did not arrive in Hyderabad. When checked with Ms Geetha, she advised that it was held with Customs in Hyderabad and then sent back to Malaysia due to excess weight. However, after checking further I realized that she is lying, as no customs will reject goods for this reason and send back to Malaysia. Later Ms Geetha confirmed that its in KLIA airport and was rejected due to excess weight as mentioned incorrectly by her in the documents. Please note that till date I have not been provided with any bill of entry document or other specific documents to track my package. Its more than 2 weeks now and the goods have not been sent back to India. She has not been in touch with me and also another lie stating that her brother is in the hospital due to an accident and provided the photos from other source of media (newspaper). She has not provided any update and has my goods and money with them. I am also trying to make a police complaint through one of my known people in Malaysia. as this is worrying me that they might steal my goods and also money. I cannot travel back now due to covid and also my work visa is cancelled. Please provide me with whatever help you can here. I am really in trouble to get in touch with these fraud people (movers and packers) company. Please let me know how can I contact concerned people to solve this issue. Thanks Shilpi

Venkata Rao M

Posted on Nov 28, 2020

My PVC PAN Card was despatched by NSDL on 13th November 2020 through Trackon Couriers. The track status on their web site shows it was " out for delivery' on 14th Nov'20. But, till date, I have not received the package. It should not take 15 days for local delivery.

Princy Jain

Posted on Nov 25, 2020

My father(Sushil Jain) hired DHL movers and packers to transport our goods from Noida to Jodhpur on 20th Nov'2020.There wer 51 items in total.3 persons came to pack the goods.The goods received has all the 51 items but few cartons have things missing in it.There are a lot of valuables missing from the cartons. On calling the company executives,they responded saying that,the total items count is the same.They do not have any clue of the items inside the carton boxes. The persons who packed the items are not picking the calls now.we have tried calling 7297995316 and 6377483331. We have paid the amount as asked but they have cheated us and stolen our goods.Please take legal action against this company.

Jyoti Kushwaha

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Hi, I shifted my house hold goods from Gurgaon to Gorakhpur on 5th Oct'20 by paying Rs 7000 to Indiaking Packers & Movers. Item details as below : 1) 9 boxes with Utensils, clothes & some other stuff 2) Single bed Kurl-on mattress. During the packaging, I have used my own cartons as the cartons boxes sent by company was in very bad condition. After 1 week I have received only 9 boxes that too after direct follow-up with transporter and come to know that Indking Packers has booked the consignment with KK Enterprises however this transporter have sent only boxes & not the mattress which is main costly item in my entire stuff. Then few days later they said mattress is sent again but it is stuck somewhere in Lucknow warehouse. Everyday they are changing the statement and now its clear they have cheated me by intentionally keeping my stuff as today I found the transporter contact no in fraud & complaint post of another user. KK ENTERPRISES having contact no 9773715288 was same transporter which booked my packers & movers company. KK ENTERPRISES is a very big cheat company & people working in this company very unprofessional. Kindly take legal action against this fraud company.

Suresh Kumar Thakur

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Non delivery of vehicle Maruti 800AC car by M/s Aggarwal Packers and Movers Ltd booked at Visakhapatnam to Village Gahra, PO Ropa Teh. and Distt. Hamirpur,HP-177001 vide Consignment no GCVIZAG202100392 dated 27 Sep 2020. M/s APML head office phone no 022 -62580300 and Vizag branch incharge no 8826908943

Sudeshna Mondal

Posted on Nov 20, 2020

I have connected to for moving my household staffs from pune to kolkata. After accepting my transportation request they provided me their Packers and Movers Team's contact No. Named KRC Packers. The leading person of KRC peckers picked my luggage from my flat at pune and promised to deliver it within a week from the date of payment. As of Now it has been, 2 months I didn't get my things. I have contacted many time both PMDIR and KRC. They both acted in a fraud way, that they are not going to deliver my things because of their internal payment clearance is not completed. The person of KRC have told that, he will not deliver my products until 1/2 years.

Amit Nagar

Posted on Nov 07, 2020

We Hired services of Unison Logistics and Packers Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2008 & IBA Approved) for transfer of House hold goods on Sep 26, 2020. Sep 28, 2020, goods were delivered. On getting Tata Sky connection on Oct 04, 2020, and switching on the LED the broken panel was observed. The same was communicated to the Packers and Movers on the same day i.e. Oct 04,2020. The cost of Packers was more than other market players however the same was hired since he promised that (a) Wooden boxes will be provided for expensive items like LED/Fridge/Washing Machine. However actually weak bamboo boxes were provided and due to this the Panel seems to have been broken. (b) Good service will be provided (However after facing the loss it is understood that his mentality is the same as that of other cheap Packers and movers) (c) The Packer is in this space since last more than 30 years. (d) Could not find details of IBA approved packers on the IBA website. Hence this claim of Packer seems to be false. Now the packer is shying away with his responsibility of providing the reimbursement for the broken LED. Also the Packers discouraged/misguided on insurance filing clams. Insurance of Rs 4 lakhs was taken. It was informed that the Packer is also the insurance agent. Want to get the Packers pay for the loss / misguidance and get him blacklisted on all government companies.

Aritra Bhaumik

Posted on Oct 29, 2020

I was told that it would cost me 5,000 over the phone. After they picked up I had sent them 5,000 but then they put a bill of 18,500 for my classic 500 dessert storm. If they would have told me earlier, i would have either brought it by train which would have costed me around 5000 again or through Aggarwal Packers and Movers - who are really reputed. Why would I pay 18,500 for a low grade service? My main problem is I was not told that the price would come to this. And I had agreed to pay 10,000 but they are bent on charging the full 18,500.

Andrew Anthony

Posted on Oct 25, 2020

This is a complaint against Sanwal packers and movers. Please be patient and read through it to avoid being in a situation which you may regret. I was looking for packers and movers from Hyderabad to Rourkela and I did a few basic research like reviews, charges, types of movement, loading/unloading, disassembling and assembling, ETA, etc. After narrowing down, found this to be a good option paid them token of ₹2k. The total charge for their service was ₹27k in share without insurance. As per our initial conversation, I was supposed to a partial payment (70-80%) at the beginning and the remainder after delivery. They picked up my belongings on 28th September and promised delivery on 5th October. They provided tracking services for ₹1500 which I had no option but to take, enforced by the company. Once the pick up was done, I received a call from the company owner asking to tell him the total approx amount of my belongings and send him the pickup receipt from the guys who came to pickup my items. I gave him a total and he said you will be charged 3% per 1lac of valuation. I was fine with it so now my total charge was ₹42k change. Note: there are hidden charges like L/R CHARGE, TRACKING CHARGE, COVID CHARGE (this was a funny charge), got the know that GST was excluding which was also not a part of the deal. The above is how the company showcased their professional. I wouldn't lie their packing was done very well but that's for a reason. After an hour the owner again calls me up and asks to pay him the entire amount. I said that I am not ok with it as that was not a part of the deal. He stated that if I don't pay upfront the truck will not move. Extortion, right. This was his way of playing his cards to get the full amount and be least bothered later on. I had no other option but to pay them so that my belongings reach me safely. After I paid, the only thing I could do was to keep a track of my things. Note: Sanwal doesn't have their own logistics services, first and foremost important point. They handed my belonging to a company called Spot On who regularly move business equipments and heavy load items throughout the company. As per their company rule, they don't do house to house pickup and delivery. They have no obligation to any time lost while delivery plus they don't deliver inside your house. Forget about assembling your items that should have been done. Sanwal packers and movers do not entertain any kind of follow-ups for too long. If one keeps a normal follow up of 8 hours even, they get pretty pissed off and put you on DND (DO NOT DISTURB). Then you would be scrambling, nervous and frustrated that the choice you made has been the worst ever decision one could have made. The same thing happened with me. My belongings came from route of Secunderabad-Nagpur-Sambalpur-Rourkela. These were my junction points. My items reached Nagpur and I could see these details through the tracking number provided by SPOT-ON. Once it arrived Nagpur, items remained unmoved for 2 days plus the webpage of SPOTON is finicky. Most of the time it was under maintenance. Called the packers and he said I need to reach out to SpotOn as they will give me an update. Reached them and was told that it was in Nagpur as my belongings were so much that they are thinking to separate my belongings into two different vehicles. I was baffled. Even if my items were going through Sharing, it should have been kept in a sequence of their delivery target location. There should be no need to move an item from one truck to another. It will only damage the packaging and also the third party will take in no obligation to how your belongings are kept. After a couple of follow-ups then finally it moved from Nagpur and reached Sambalpur on 3rd or 4th October and it stayed there for 8 days people, 8 stressful days of my life. My items were kept in a warehouse or something like that until they didn't get a local truck in the state. This shouldn't have happened if it was done in a legit manner. Following up from every individual from packers and movers to the coordinators of SPOTON. In this interim, I gather some intel on who all work for Sanwal packers and movers. Please note these names down - Ajay Swami (owners son- rude, arrogant n the individual to put me on DND), Sandeep Choudhary (only sweet talk, will be empathetic n apologetic, will calm you down and the next time you to try to reach the number, you will find another individual, Pradeep Choudhary (will talk about taking action but will switch off the phone or won't receive. I guess he doesn't know to put a number in DND) and an inside man in the third party Mahesh Sharma who works for SPOTON. I am assuming but it seems Mahesh Sharma works closely with these packers and movers to do transfer things in the most cheapest way. I am not so sure but with logic can estimate the amount would be way less if add on a trailer kind of truck than to send your own. My items came in a very damaged state. The boxes had holes all over, fridge came upside down, my activa stand broken and accelerator cable damaged (could be because of loading and unloading, washing machine with dents, mirrors shattered, bed material scraped, dish antennae dented, aluminum boxes dented, items missing - 2 chairs, aquarium stand, due to boxes torn- dumbles, accesories left behind somewhere, obviously as they were heavy it must have slipped out and they are not ready to go get it for you. Its gone forever. It was a annoying and stressful experience. I almost went to the police to file a complaint. However, I recalled my items have still not come n so remained patience with a nail biting situation. Points to remember: -The reviews are fake in their Google profile. The names I have mentioned above, have given themselves 5 star rating. Its sent across to their immediate family members, friends and colleagues in their business. I was naive, please do not be like me. -Do not pay them full amount, if in any case you go with their services or for the matter fact any packers and movers. I have learnt a lesson which will be treasured till life. -Meet the owners in person. Check if they are moving the items themselves and if there is no inclusion of any third party. Ask for testimonials. -Check for the exact amount including insurance, any hidden charges, do not pay any amount to the guys who come to do the packing (make it very clear) -Take recommendations from friends, colleagues & relatives. Note: This is a child company of Aditya Packers and Movers. I have verified this from the third party. The pickup receipt from the packers and movers from SPOTON clearly mention the company Aditya and not Sanwal. I would never ever recommend these people as packers and movers. I have my review added on Google. It wouldn't be this long. Apologies for ranting out so much. Just sharing my pain to avoid others being in the same situation. Hopefully this helps.

Damanpreet Singh

Posted on Oct 22, 2020

GI CARGO MOVERS PVT LTD. This company cheated me and I suffered big loss by handing over my luggage. Many of positive reviews online of theirs are also paid ones. 1. My luggage was loaded in such a way that it could not have survived in any case. -> Activa (Bottom)-> Washing Machine -> Bed on top -> Refrigerator (bottom)-> Bed on top. My TV is broken completely due to their irresponsible behaviour. Please check in photos that I am going to attach. 2. Unpacking Charges were included in bill but didn't unpack anything and I had to personally do all the unpacking. So there was lack of service which was accepted by the company person but he never did anything about it. Goods Damaged : 1. TV broken completely and unusable. 2. Referigerator is damaged very badly. Its working somehow but is in very bad shape and can't be kept in room. 3. Shockers of my activa are damaged because huge amount of load was put on activa for almost 10 days. 4. They never unpacked activa in front of me and they drove it for almost 22 kms without my permission. 5. Table top is damaged badly beyond repair. They lied about insurance. It was never explained to me that insurance is only for fire or accident. I unnecessarily paid them insurance amount. Now the person(Sunil) whom I transferred money is talking rude and bad language over the internet. He is abusing on phone as well. What can I do to recover this loss. Below are the details of the person that did fraud with me: Person Name : Sunil Kumar Phone number: 9342113001 Regards, Damanpreet Singh

Satish Kumar BV

Posted on Oct 16, 2020

Respected Sir/Madam, 1. I Satish Kumar BV presently working in Military Engineering Services (Defence) Since 2010. I also have worked in field area like Andaman & Nicobar Island for 03 years and from there I am now posted to CWE (AF) South Bangalore. 2. Yesterday i.e on 12 Oct 2020 i had to shift my car from Delhi to Bangalore i had inquired online for it and i received call from the firm name called Agarwal car movers & packers from a so called Branch Manager Mr. Deepak Sharma, Delhi NCR his MOB No is - 7290060032 he started calling me from Monday 12 Oct 2020 and i told him I'm yet to decide has i had received other quotations from different companies he also kept mess me on my what's app and he had sent the following mess:- (a) Car Transport Delhi to Bangalore Transportation 10000 /- Delivery Time 4/5 Day Door Pickup Door Delivery Service By Car Carrier Packing, Unpacking Loading, Unloading Delivery Safe Condition 100% Insurance Our Company, Document Handover Rc, Insurance and ID Xerox. Please Confirm Shifting Date or Time and Please Send Pickup Address and Drop Address With Pin code, This Side Deepak Sharma, Branch Manager Delhi NCR, 7290060032 Agarwal Team. 3. I asked him to give me some time has i was astonished with the price he had offered. He had offered 10,000/- only has all other were 15,000/- minimum and maximum was 25,000/- but i asked him the same thing that the other companies are offering 15,000/- plus why are you quoting 10,000/- he told they are tied up with maruti suzuki company and some cars in the container are maruti suzuki cars and some are private car like mine so they are offering less price, and i also was convinced for a while. I also mean time asked him to share his website so that i can cross verify and he sent me his e-mail id and website address i.e Later i told him my friend had Mr. Rajat Mob-8595444892 who stays in Delhi on my behalf will drop the car to the car carrier and will leave the place only once my car is loaded in the container. He replied ok and he asked Mr. Rajat my friend to come by 12;00 pm Maruti Suzuki Transport (Mohan Logistics Manesar), Gurugram, Haryana 122004 and my fren Mr. Rajat travelled almost 150kms away from his home and reached by 11:00 PM and that place was somewhere in between the road no office and there was no container to load my car and his employee told to leave the car and go has his employee informed my friend that container might come today or may be tomorrow. 4. My fren felt something is fishy so he inquired some people around they told they are fraudster they take the car from u and they use your car and they also take money 10,000 then later they will keep the car for several days and demand customer for 10,000 more and even after that they don't send the car. 5. However, Mr. Deepak's employee asked him to pay 10,000 and my fren paid cash to them has his employee told they don't accept any online payments as it was 2:00 PM so my fren paid him 10,000 cash and Mr. Deepak sent me the Bill through what's app to me. I later checked the GSTIN Number that is 27AAMCA1699Q3ZO I checked the GST number online and found that there was the variation in the address given in GST was Mumbai address and Agarawal car movers & packers company in delhi. 6. I finally found that there is was something wrong i cancelled the shifting and i told Mr. Deepak has i don't want to continue has i don't trust you company please return my money and they DENIED to return money. 7. It is hereby requested to please look into the matter seriously and i also request to cancel the registration of M/s Agarwal Car Movers & Packers company has no body else should be cheated like i did. I have his given bill sent in my what's app and all the call recordings and chat messages saved in PDF. I shall proceed through FIR and Court Case legally if not replied or resolved my problem. Thanking, you Regards, (SATISH KUMAR BV) Mob-9476024826

Justin Joseph

Posted on Oct 08, 2020

Dear Recipient, I handed over my car - Hyundai i20 - MH12 PT 4521 - to Gati Packers & Movers on the 9th of Sept. I work in Gurgaon, but my hometown is Pune. This was for transportation from my Gurgaon address to my Pune Home. Till date the car has not yet reached my home. Gurgaon Address - H 902, Pilots Court, Essel Towers, MG Road, Gurugram, Haryana, 122002. Pune Address - Tower 4, 1401, F Residences, Wadgaonsheri, Pune, 411014. I have reached out to the Pune Police Stations with applications and my statement has been taken. Additionally, I have filed an official Complaint/feedback with Gati Packers & Movers that includes my payment proofs & Invoices. My Primary points of Contact with Gati are - Sanjay – 8447051308 & Manohar Sharma – 9049618520. The Gurgaon address of Gati Packers & Movers is New Palam Vihar, Phase II, Sector 110, Gurgaon, Haryana 122017. This is a request for immediate filing a complaint & taking action against the above. I am from Pune, but work in Gurgaon. Currently, I am back home in Pune however am reachable at my Mobile Number. Any further details can be shared as requested. Regards, Justin Joseph Chettiar, 9828372230.

Justin Joseph Chettiar

Posted on Oct 08, 2020

Dear Recipient, I handed over my car - Hyundai i20 - MH12 PT 4521 - to Gati Packers & Movers on the 9th of Sept. I work in Gurgaon, but my hometown is Pune. This was for transportation from my Gurgaon address to my Pune Home. Till date the car has not yet reached my home. Gurgaon Address - H 902, Pilots Court, Essel Towers, MG Road, Gurugram, Haryana, 122002. Pune Address - Tower 4, 1401, F Residences, Wadgaonsheri, Pune, 411014. I have reached out to the Pune Police Stations with applications and my statement has been taken. Additionally, I have filed an official Complaint/feedback with Gati Packers & Movers that includes my payment proofs & Invoices. My Primary points of Contact with Gati are - Sanjay – 8447051308 & Manohar Sharma – 9049618520. The Gurgaon address of Gati Packers & Movers is New Palam Vihar, Phase II, Sector 110, Gurgaon, Haryana 122017. This is a request for immediate filing a complaint & taking action against the above. I am from Pune, but work in Gurgaon. Currently, I am back home in Pune however am reachable at my Mobile Number below. Any further details can be shared as requested. Regards, Justin Joseph Chettiar, 9828372230.

N Krishna Suman

Posted on Oct 08, 2020

Horrible Experience with Deccan Packers Fraudsters. I got Deccan Packers contact from movesolutions website. I have reached out to them for Bike transfer from Hyderabad to Vizag and they quoted 3200 as final price including all charges and insurance. After handing over the vehicle the lady who was given the quotation is not answering the calls but this person who is very rude and lying on my face saying that i should say 6800 instead of Rs 3200 now. I had no choice but to pay Rs 6500 to get my vehicle. Please avoid these fraud people and fake company. They quoted all taxes, transit insurance of Rs1500 but no documentation was provided. Please take appropriate action Deccan Express Packers and details are below. Deccan Express Packers and Movers Address: Shop No. 194, Near, Gori Nagar, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad, Telangana 500011 Phone: 09666100161 Website:

Dheepu Sivayogi

Posted on Oct 05, 2020

Dear Sir, I have handed over my household things to Prime Relocation Movers on 17th Sep for Shifting from Mumbai to Coimbatore and I have paid full amount to Pakers& movers in advance as they demand after picking up the materials, i have all the evidence like their bill copy and their official conformation and whatsapp chats and voices recording, now nearly last 20 days am struggling to get the update on my consignment, and I came to know that materials are not yet dispatched from Mumbai, now packers are not responding calls nor whatsapp, please let me know how can i catch hold them and to get my consignment back

sanjeev kumar gupta

Posted on Sep 30, 2020

Dear sir, I want to complain against gati jakhar india packers & movers udaipur. i transfer my household goods on 11 august 2020 from udaipur to jaipur . In this they charged approx 29775/-rs including GST & Insurance. but they didn't give policy no. and original gst bill . The gst is mentioned on the bill is fake. The GST No is 08KVRPS9746F1ZE .This gst no is sealed on bill. but due to fake gst no. my company denied to give payment. The proprietor of this firm is Mr Deewan singh and Mr Ummed singh ji give me cancelled gst no. the misguide the customer via fake gst no and take amount of gst but no provide to gst to govt. requesting please take hard action against him. kindly looks in this matter.

Jayanta Deb

Posted on Sep 12, 2020

Hi I shifted my house hold goods from Gurgaon to Guwahati on 4th Aug'20 by paying Rs 6800 to GAti Home Packers & Movers. Item details as below : 1) 2 bags containing multi items- Insurance value declared as 12K 2) Tata Sky Antenna & parts -Insurance value declared as 2K. 3) Hindware Air Cooler-Insurance value declared as 11K. After repeated follow ups I personally had to reach Guwahati Godown far away from my home in Guwahati to enquire about my goods & I was able to get only 2 bags in very bad condition whose chain also torned & Tata Sky Antenna only. Later I came to know that Air cooler was not sent by GATI & I was cheated by this Company. This is a big harassment. Kindly help me in getting refund from this company or my lost goods. This is a very big cheat & people working in this company very unprofessional. Kindly take legal action against this fraud company & help me in getting the refund as per declared Insurance value. I have copy of bills which I can produce whenever required. Below is the link of Fraud company & contact details. 8397999867 , 8571036772, 8800583318, 9773715288. PLEASE HELP ME. BR//Jayanta 7002309545 9435563936


Posted on Sep 11, 2020

I shifted from Pune to patna . I am being mentally harassed by the packers movers, I chose . I used Gati packer and Movers with Ramesh as contact point(9284546941) and paid the amount of 55K. I sent my luggage on 30th August, but I am yet to receive it and it is 11th September today. In addition to it, both Ramesh and the luggage handler , Ratan (7503977775) is not picking up my call from 4-5 days. Ramesh never picks up the call , he would only recieve when he wants some payment but now ramesh is also not picking up the phone. They have not shared any information of the driver or contact person at Patna. I am totally clueless for the next step with 44K payment already done. few days back when I asked ratan to let me know the status, he told that his higher authority are asking me to do full payment , otherwise nothing will be delivered. Where as , it was explicitly specified that 20% of total amount will be paid after the delivery. In fact the main guy ramesh agreed himself that rest amount will be paid after the delivery. Please help, we are in the new city and very frustrated and disheartened.

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Movers & Packers customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Movers & Packers customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Movers & Packers customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Movers & Packers customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Movers & Packers customer care number +9l838998O562///+9l62899572lO....

Gyan Chand

Posted on Sep 10, 2020

Hello...I have been mentally harassed by "AIR International Packers" company based out in Gurgaon. I have never come across such worst experience in my life...where these people have no human value. My car has been picked up on 25th Aug and was told that will be delivered to me at Pune on 1st Sep, but still that day has not come in my life. I am constantly approaching these fraudster but no response, every time they come with lie. Really frustrated....please advise how can i take legal action against them.

PRAVEEN Kumar Gundamalla

Posted on Sep 08, 2020

Hello Team, I am Praveen and have placed a request for my luggage shifting from Pune( Maharashtra) to Kothagudem( Telangana) with agarwalpackermovers company-Contact number: +917503977775-Ratan Lal on 24th Aug 2020. Since the day i booked my courier with this company they have kept my luggage in their office and have been demanding money and said they will courier my luggage only if i do the complete payment. Suspecting that my luggage will be struck in Pune i have done the complete payment of 6000 rs on 28th August & 30th August 3000 rs each day. Since the day i have paid the amount, this courier Ratan lal has mentally harrased me by not giving the tracking number till 3rd of september. After long struggle and hundreds of calls and followup with this guy he has given me a courier tracking number. After such long struggle the courier company guy confirmed that he sent dispatched the luggage via another courier service Rivigo on 4th September. To check the latest progress on my luggage i contacted Rivigo staff on email and calls and they confirmed that my luggage is still in Pune as the courier guy havent done the payment for dispatching my luggage to Rivigo. From the day i.e 24th August till today i am being mentally harassed and being troubled by the Agarwalpackermovers & worst part is they are not sending my luggage inspite of me doing the complete payment. Can i request your help in speaking/connecting with this guy taking a stern action so that he dont cheat the people going forward and help in sending my luggage to the delivery address given. I have the entire bill copy and Rivigo invoice copy & watsup and call records done in this regard. Please do let me know if you need these details in order to share with you. Agarwalpackermovers bill number : 199 Rivigo Tracking Number : 2001137066 Latest status in Rivigo Site is as below 2001137066 Pune î—ˆ WRL Booking date & time 03 Sep 20, 10:54 PM Pickup Completion Date-- Packages3 Download Invoice IN TRANSIT at Pune Further Movement Blocked Reason: Handover Pending Sub-reason: Handover Pending Expected delivery :15 Sep 20

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 8389980562.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.

rohit srivastava

Posted on Aug 29, 2020

Harassment / Mental Trauma by Gati Packers and Movers 9355359466 and 9582378280. rohit srivastava Sat 8/29/2020 2:28 PM Greetings Sir, I want to bring your attention towards a mental torture and harassment by a packers and movers company based out of Gurgaon . His name is Sharma and is from Gati packers and movers and can be reached out at 9355359466 and 9582378280. I had to shift from Delhi to Ludhiana and hence I looked for packers and movers online. I got to know of Gati packers and movers via google ( Which now I know is a fraud company since the website mentioned in the bills etc. are fake. I contacted Mr. Sharma and asked for a quotation and was given a quote of 9800 for Delhi Ludhiana transportation of my household material ( NO heavy equipment only living room, kitchen, clothes and study ( we are a family of husband wife and two daughters . On the day of packing the boys came to my house and packed everything very nicely and I gave them an extra 500 once they finished. after that 2 cashiers from the company who were around while packing came to me and asked me to pay for office charges which was 2000 rupees ( fraud 1, i paid but didn't expect what was going to happen next ) While packing was happening, I kept asking Mr. Sharma to give me the number of the owner so that i can speak to him in case something goes wrong and he himself was not available on call ( My Mistake i didn't check the website mentioned whether it was fake or not ) While packing was happening, I also kept asking for the account number to transfer the money based on the quotation but was not given to me. Till 9 pm in the evening I kept asking since i had to drive to Ludhiana the very next morning with my family . Next morning, I started driving and after a lot of calls I was told that the receipt was on the way . To my utter surprise the actual bill was made to be of 28695 rupees which is 3 times the actual quote.( attached herewith) After a lot of verbal argument with my wife and myself he made a point of reducing it to 25000 but everything else was genuine . We as a family got really scared since most stuff belonged to our children and we had to buy everything again if he decided to dump it somewhere . After a lot of consideration and being scared of losing out my Lucknow and Ludhiana belongings i decided to pay 25K which i did in 24 hours since he had clearly mentioned delayed payments will affect my transport and also will increase the charges . All this happened in a blackmail tone and trust me when I say that I was literally harassed every day thinking of losses I have to incur specially when my income was shortened too. So, I paid and I received the belongings in Ludhiana which was delivered perfectly fine now we are on 29th august and while i try to ask for my Lucknow belonging i am told it will take more time. the harassing tone of voice and the irregular phone calls have only added to my harassment . In a new city my savings worth 16000+ 4000 have been drained . My Parents have not yet received the Lucknow shipment and are worried . I have had almost the same issue in the past sir but did a mistake of ignoring and even though i will be fine without the money which has been blackmailed by me I don't want any other middle-class honest earner to suffer and get harassed from such frauds. I urge you to help me get my Lucknow shipment delivered at the earliest and check if my fraud complaint has any value to it my only request is to get my stuff to Lucknow properly and if my complaint has any value then ensure no other hard worker is stripped off his earnings thank you Regards Rohit 9654871208 PS: I lived in a rented house in Delhi and don't have any connections to the city . While 3 heated conversations where he lost his cool happened, he mentioned I can go to cops if I want in a very condescending way . My Parents will receive the Lucknow consignment and I am very scared for them also .


Posted on Aug 27, 2020

Hi I booked VRL home solution Packers and movers from Bangalore to Amujuru. My TV was damaged in the transit. The packer guy is claiming that insurance applies when truck carrying the object meets with accident. But no such thing happened. How should I proceed now ? Thanks Mohan

Shirshendu Chatterjee

Posted on Aug 19, 2020

Dear Sir, I have booked my Car Hyundai i10 (WB 08 4772) from Kolkata to Bhopal with Agarwal Shifting Solutions (GSTIN : 07AJXPA7686E1ZP)and had got a quotation of Rs 10350. When I spoke with the sales person that I had 5 cartoons with my kitchen utensils he said you pay Rs 12000 in total and we would shift your belongings. Hence I called them to my home and my wife handed over my car with the materials to them on 09.08.20. As told by them I had made them a payment of Rs 6000/- on 09.08.20. But then I was waiting for them to raise my invoice. They gave me the invoice on 13.08.20 on which the total amount was Rs 39,545.00. I then called them up and said to return back my car with its belongings as well as return back the Rs 6000 that was paid to them as advance as by then my car was still in the Dankuni godown and has not moved to Bhopal. Then again I had a word with a guy who promised me the total amount will be Rs 14500 including 18% GST and then I told him to share with me the revised invoice. The same discussion happened on 15th of August. But till now no revised invoice has come to me. I had been calling them regularly but getting such lame excuses that I am loosing my control. I need my car and I will not pay them such exorbitant amount. What to do from here kindly suggest.

Sandeep kumar vishwakarma

Posted on Aug 17, 2020

Consignment Number: 2051 (Gurgaon To Kolkata). I have booked Jetcargo Packer & Movers for moving from Gurgaon to kolkata. On 4th July Mr. JP Singh (9313230396) packed all my home goods and appliances. Consignment arrived on 19th july at Kolkata Godown(Dankuni). Consignment was delivered 25th july at destination but my two packages had Missing. Mr. JP Singh has verified and counted via video call, he has also accepted for missing 2 packages. I am taking Followup many times but nobody is helping. Item Name: Bag And Cooler JET CARGO PACKERS MOVERS 514, J-Block Ashok Vihar Phase-III Near Park View Residency Gurgoan-122017 Customer Care No. : 09313230396, 09717119126, 09873949306

Parth Parmar

Posted on Aug 17, 2020

I was given a quote of 16700 for moving my goods from Bangalore to Vadodara by "SouthNorth Packers and Movers". After the goods were packed from Bangalore home, Shifted to Bangalore Go-down, some guy from Bangalore called me asking for a bill of 30800 claiming the number of goods is more. I tried calling and talking to Mr. Sanjay Chauhan - person from south north packers and movers but he is not answering and asking me to talk to Bangalore person directly. Bangalore person is threatening me to pay the full amout (30800) or he will start charging rent of the luggage. Only after paying the amount, he will release the goods and transfer it to vadodara.


Posted on Aug 14, 2020

Dear Respected Sir /Madam I Mr.Majhi Sravan Kumar asked my friend to transfer my Goods on my behalf from Chennai through DHL Express Worldwide Packers and Movers dealer of Mr.Kapil Kirodiwal of Chennai. He is even Threatening my Friend as well when my friend is asking why he is not delivering my goods. Based on the invoice value of RS.30,000, Mr.Kapil requested me to pay advance of Ra.25,000 for packing and moving my goods from Chennai to Rayagada,Odisha. As per his request I made advance payment of Rs.25,000/- to his Company Account. But it has been more than 6 months , I have not received my goods at delivery location at Rayagada,Odisha. Therefore when I called to Mr.kapil he is just telling my goods are safe and told several reasons thereafter when I was worried & asked to deliver my goods without any reasons, then he stopped responding to my calls and messages. After several followups, he blocked my mobile number for non delivery of my goods. I request you respected sir to take necessary action against such person and such company. Attachments for your kind reference 1) Bill Details of DHL Express Worldwide Packers and Movers, Chennai. Bill Dated 16/09/2019, Consignment #398 Respected Sir/Madam, kindly request your good office to please initiate strict action against such person Mr.Kapil Kirodiwal of DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE PACKERS AND MOVERS at Chennai. Through this mail I am requesting your good office to take strict action against such person to ensure this kind of Cheating should not happen to anyone in future. Thanks and Regards MAJHI SRAVAN KUMAR M-9962808362 RAYAGADA-765001. STATE-ODISHA DEALER/COMPANY CONTACT DETAILS AGAINST WHOM ACTION MUST BE TAKEN:- DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE PACKERS AND MOVERS, PLOT NO.27, 6TH CROSS STREET, ASTALAKSHMI AVENUE,SENNEERKUPPAM, POONAMALLEE, CHENNAI-600056 CONTACT PERSON- MR.KAPIL KIRODIWAL HIS CONTACT NUMBER- 7742275966 Sir I Have also Lodged Complaint to National Consumer Affairs through NCH App grievance docket number 1833275, even National Consumer Affairs official agents are sending my grievance details to DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE PACKERS AND MOVER'S at Chennai to mail id, response from National Consumer affairs attached for your reference. Kindly I request your good office to take necessary action on that company and such person Mr.Kapil Kirodiwal and his company. Thanking You Sir, Majhi Sravan Kumar Rayagada, ODISHA


Posted on Aug 07, 2020

Dear Sir, I have taken their “JIO CARGO PACKERS AND MOVERS” services to deliver my household items from Delhi to Gaya BIHAR on Dt. 04 March 2020. It was a very bad experience with them. Till date my household items have not delivered. Now they are not picking up the phone and no response. All payments are given to him in advance. I feel looted after using their services. Their contact numbers are 9911540219 and 9718004934 and 8810337391. They have people like Amit, Manjit, & Sunil who never pick up the phone. I never face such things in my life, so I need your valuable advice/help. I have a few documents, which I have received. Currently I am in Kolkata with parents & family. I have no option. Sir, I need your help on this issue, we come from a middle class family. Looking for your kind support. Thanks. Best Regards Sriram kumar Mob. 8375877360

Annapurna Mallick

Posted on Jul 30, 2020

Hello Team, I have booked your MORGAN Movers Packers service, address: Mahalaxmi Layout, Residential Layout, Vittasandra Village, Electronics City, Bettadaspura Road, Near TVS Show Room, Bangalore-560100. I booked on 06/07/2020  to take my belongings from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar (date was not finalised on that date). Sunil (from office) came to my place to see the belongings and have given the quotation and have taken 2000/- as advance and siad, if I cancelled the deal, the complete amount will be refund back to me. I have cancelled the deal, since I was able to manage to shift my belongings to one of friend's ' house and called Sunil (9887778850) on 10/07/2020 and from then I keep calling him everyday to get my refund and he is not refunding money. Every time he is saying that I will talk to the company and let you know. This is the bloody hell service I ever seen by Morgan Movers Packers. Kindly refund my money. I need the amount has to be refund within 2 days, since 20 days I am been calling the hell guy Sunil. If he is the owner/worker, then he should be punished for doing all this.    

Anand Singh

Posted on Jul 22, 2020

Subject: Request for lodging a complaint in the form of FIR against Super King Packer And Mover for not delivering my household goods which would be worth around 5L INR My name is Anand Kumar (Mob. No. +917990763344). I would like to bring to your kind notice about a company called Super King Packer And Mover operating from the Address below: Pocket no.- 4, Sector- 23, Dwarka, New Delhi, contact no.- +919818298838 & +917027401986. 2. On my inquiry through the Google search engine, I came to know about this packer and mover company. They had informed that the packing and transportation cost of the entire consignment will be Rs. 14000/-. However, i was not informed about payable service and other taxes and an amount of Rs. 23000 (paid rs. 10000 on 03.07.2020 and rs. 13000 on 11.07.2020) in total has been paid so far as they were saying that they will not deliver the consignment without making payment of Rs. 23000 (including taxes). My material was loaded on 8th July 2020. However, they didn't give me the bill in spite of asking them again and again and said that my amount will be 11,500 rs only. They have cheated and stolen my whole consignment. Despite repeated telephonic conversations they are unable to deliver my household items, one motorcycle, and computer. 3. I had requested for packing and movement of my household items as well as a motorcycle from Delhi (Address: A8, behind Nanda hospital, chhatarpur extension Delhi) to Bihar (Address: C/o- Praveen Kumar, tola char aana, indupur barahiya, lakhishrai, bihar pin code 811302; Mobile number -7990763343) through the above company “Super King Packer And Mover”. Packing of my household items, the Computer as well as my motorcycle/bike was done on 03.07.2020 in presence of my friend Mr. Osho Nandan and gave a payment receipt no 020. The copy of the packing list is also enclosed for ready reference. 4. I waited and followed up with them regarding the delivery. However, despite several Tele conversations, they are unable to deliver my consignment. I was shocked by their careless response. when I called them up, they started to talk to me in a very rude language. On begging and pleading them, they demanded money to be paid in advance and informed me otherwise consignment will not be delivered. Balance of the amount of Rs. 13000 was paid on 11.07.2020. All payment was made through Google pay, screenshots of which are attached. 5. On being contacted, they informed me that the consignment has been dispatched and misled me by dropping the different names of places as the current location of the consignment. Sometimes, they informed me that the consignment has reached Agra, Lakhisarai, or so on. In the meantime, I also got a call from the Delhi company asking for the payment, but I told them that until I am sure of the luggage position, I shall not pay them. After that, I got a call from them and asked for the payment to be made. I explained the lies from their side. Later, I made payment of the balance amount of Rs. 13000 as I was in the dire need of my household items. 6. I am going through a lot of agonies because of all the lies from their side. I am left with just the bare essentials and going through the agony of having lost our luggage and other items. I would request that a complaint/FIR may please be lodged against the company Super King Packer And Mover for not delivering my household goods at the given destination. I am attaching a copy of the WhatsApp message, call records with them and the copies of the invoices and payment evidence for your reference, please.

Urvashi Sharma

Posted on Jul 18, 2020

The complaint made by me on 12th July was against Agarwal transpotech company NOT Fauji sir's company

krishna prasath

Posted on Jul 17, 2020

My name is Krishna Prasath. I would like to bring to your kind notice about a company called Chennai packers and movers operating from the Address below: 25/1, JPR Palace, Dr. Ambedkar nagar,100Ft Road, Kolathur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India- 600 099. Ph: +91- 44 - 26503011 , 26507011 They have cheated and stolen my bike no TN38 AJ0065 and threating to harm. On 06.06.2020, I requested for a movement of my Bike from Chennai to Bangalore through the above company “Chennai Movers and Packers”. They picked my bike on this 06.06.2020 day from my Friend Antony Thilak house where the bike was kept and gave a receipt no 11392 confirming the payment for movement of the bike no TN38 AJ0065 to bangalore . I waited and followed up with them for 6 days regarding the delivery of my bike. On 14.06.2020 one person named Ramani called me and told the bike has been mistakenly sent to some other client and they will check and return my bike in three days. I was shocked with their careless response given by them. But after this I did not get any calls from them. And when I called them up, they started to threaten me in a very rude language . On begging and pleading them, they said they will file a false police complaint as though my Bike was missing from the office premise I was lost and begged them that my bike made my livelihood to take care of my family and I cannot do any work without the bike , when I called them for my bike Chennai packers owner Mr Kumar took the phone from the manager and threatened me saying that he is very influential and he will harm me by any illegal means, if I ask them for my Bike which they have stolen. I am the only earner in my family and do not have job now without the Bike. If something happens to me as they are threatening to kill me in road accident, it is only because of Chennai and packers owner Mr T Kumar. Sir, please recover my bike from them and save my life from the Chennai packers and movers owner and staff members. I am very depressed with the whole thing and they have tortured me a lot.

Urvashi Sharma

Posted on Jul 12, 2020

I have recently shifted from Pune to Delhi and I contacted Agarwal Transpotech Pvt.Ltd. Packers and Movers service company to move my stuff. They asked me to send the photographs of my items and material that needed shifting on phone and said it will cost 11,500 rs in total. My material was loaded on 8th july 2020. However they didnt give me the bill instead of asking them again and again and said that your amount will be 11,500 rs only. I was given no information of tax and service charges. Now they are doubling the amount to 19,321 rs and I have recieved bill today itself i.e. after 4 days. I contacted their company based on repute of its Creater Fauji Ramesh Agarwal sir. I dont want to take this matter to consumer court but if this is not sorted I will have no other option but report this matter to court. Note: Mr Anand with phone number 09024444088 agreed with me with the amount of Rs 11, 500/- on whatsapp. A person with phone number 09672005693 packed by material and asked me a tip of Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 7000/-. I have send the company the screenshots of the conversations of Mr Anand who gave me the bill today but mentioned an earlier date, and also of the agreed amount, and of the person who asked me for tip (the amount was asked orally at the pickup location). I was informed that I need not pay anything more than Rs. 11, 500/- and now they have doubled the amount. I am sure Fauji sir is not aware about the corrupted people working under him. I have lost my job and this is how people in this company are sucking and harassing money out of me. I request a legal action.

Lt Col Ramesh Kumar(retd)

Posted on Jul 08, 2020

1. I am Lt Col Ramesh Kumar, SM(retd). I was residing in Flat No 2043, Joy apartments, Plot 2, Sector 2, Dwarka, Delhi-75. I had planned to move my family to Kerala to 41 VIJAY, Mythri Nagar, thottingal, opposite DPO, Palakkad, Kerala-678014, but as old parents were staying alone there, moved to House number 327, ward numer 2, pookottukavu panchayat, post – punchappadam, Palakkad, kerala -678633, a house of our relative lying vacant for the period of quarantine. I had been given the contact of the Packers & Movers in the complaint by my old staff of my office . The details of this agency are INDIAN CARGO PACKERS & MOVERS, 1st floor, H NO 191, CN NO 1391, KH no 615, Rangpuri, New Delhi- 110037 and the contact numbers being 9711806989 with one Mr Sanjay Sharma speaking to us as the contact person. The other numbers from which the person made the call were, 8800880088 and 8114451972. The representative of the company came to my flat and did the survey of the luggage and told that a 18ft truck will be needed and the charges will be Rs 75000/- for an independent truck for my luggage.. This was agreed upon and the packers moved to my house on the 10th of June. By the evening the truck also was placed and loading started, but the luggage could not be accommodated in the truck. The person who had come for the first inspection also came and told that a 21ft truck will be needed so he will take the luggage and shift to the large truck and send the luggage which will reach kerala on the 17th or18th of June. I also paid Rs 32000/- as advance for the same and told him that the balance will be paid after delivery. He asked for more money and I asked him to come to the guest room and collect Rs10000/- the next day. I moved to the army guest house in Delhi cantt the night of 10th June. 2. Next day my wife called the person and he told that the truck will be moving the same day, 11th June, and will reach kerala a day later than told. My wife asked him if the money is to be paid to the driver or someone else and for that was told that it is to be paid into the acct given by him. We also were to drive down to kerala as were issued with state entry pass for the 16th June and so did not want to miss that. We started from delhi on the 13th of June. Enroute we receive a call from Mr Sanjay Sharma that we should make the payment and if possible full balance. We told him that we were travelling and so cannot make at that time but will make a transfer of at best Rs 20000/- and the balance on receiving of the luggage as per the terms. He said that was fine . I asked him to send the driver details along with the Invoice. He sent the Invoice for Rs 96100/- and informed that the drivers name was Rahul and his contact number was 8114451972.He did not mention the Rs 32000/- advance paid in that which surprised me. When asked as to when did the truck leave, he replied that it left yesterday, that is 12th June. However he sent a message that I have to pay the balance amount of Rs 64100/-, which had accounted for the advance paid, in acct of Vikesh Kumar, Acct number 08311000100394757. IFSC code PUNB0083100, Punjab National Bank, Branch Sadulpur. 3. I tried calling on the number of the driver and it was not being responded. I kept trying and in the evening a small child picked the phone and the call was dropped. After some time I received a call back from that number and when asked about the location of the truck, he sounded clueless and when told that am calling from delhi, he said that he had taken the truck from delhi to Jaipur and from there his brother had taken it and that the truck had reached Indore. I told him that the story does not match and there is something wrong. He did not listen to my request of telling the truth and exact location and registration number of the truck but was evasive and asked for payment. Same day I get call from 9079986127 saying that in case I do not pay the balance amount in full he will drop my luggage where ever it has reached and it is up to me to collect the same. I tried to reason with him that I am willing to pay the Rs 20000/- more and pay the rest when I receive the luggage. He did not listen. By this time I was sure that the luggage has not been sent at all. 4. I then contacted Mr AV Rao, who is a old staff of mine who had suggested this agency and requested him to check the actual status by going to the office as per invoice in Rangpuri. It came as a surprise that there was no office and the telephone numbers were not reachable. After much effort it was found out that they were just agents and and the luggage has been sent through another transport agency by them. But still they did not give any details of the driver or truck to Mr Rao. Again on being contacted on the 19th june he was told told that the luggage has gone and reached Bangalore as on 19 June and was shared a number and a location near Yashwantpur, Karnataka.. The number given was contacted and when asked if he was the driver of the truck and about his location, he told me that he was not a driver and was a supervisor of a transport company in Bangalore. He also told me that the luggage has reached Bangalore and I should pay the balance in full for the luggage to move from there. As per him the luggage was with him for the last three days. I asked him to give the truck number and also a video call to show me the luggage so that I can make the part payment of Rs 20000/- for the truck to move, but he refused saying that the Delhi company only can give that. In the meantime I also got call from the delhi company asking for the payment, but I told them that till I am not sure of the luggage position, I shall not pay them. After that I got call from one Mr Pramod Chaudhary, phone number -8287609591. He claimed to be someone known to the delhi agency and asked for the payment to be made. I explained the lies from their side and also that I am from the army and so will not budge against fraud. He told me that he has been dealing with a lot of army officers in moving of luggages and gave reference of a few officers that I also knew. Later in the night he again called me saying that the luggage has been moved from Bangalore and reach me by 24 June early morning and that I should pay Rs 25000/- in the acct given. The contact detail of the driver as Mr Sandeep with contact number as 09053422903 and the truck number as HR 38 GA1611. I tried to contact the driver to check the location but there was no response from him at all. My whole household goods, which has all the things including the clothes apart from the ones carried by us for the 4 days travel from Delhi to kerala and children’s books, are with them from 10th of June and I have reached kerala and waiting to know the whereabouts of the same and am going through a lot of agony because of all the lies from their side. We are with just the bare essentials and going through the agony of having lost our luggage. 5. I again got a call from the company on 25 June saying that the luggage, which as per them was at Yashwantpur is being moved to Palakkad and for that I should give Rs 20000/-. I told them that I will pay only on confirmation of the movement of my luggage. He sent me the number of the driver as8428865226 with truck number TN 99Q 7716. I called the driver and he confirmed that he has been asked to move with the luggage and was at the place where it has been kept. The company asked me that I must deposit at least Rs 10000/- for making payment for the loading and moving of the truck. I did the transfer vide IMPS ref no 017715609384 from my account, which was confirmed by the company also, and was following up with the truck driver. At about 1700h the driver told me that they have all gone and he was not given any load and so he was also moving back to his company. I tried my best to contact the company again and once they told me that the luggage will be with me by 1100h on 26 June. When there was no news from them, I again tried to contact them but got a message that I should contact at 8287609591. Since then have been trying to contact with that number and it is being responded to and at most times is switched off. 6. I lodged complaint with SP, Palakkad and also with Police station Dwarka Sector 9 and Sector 1. The company was called and the person told the police that he was not in delhi and will reach only after one week. He told the police that i have not paid them, however the fact is that i have paid them Rs 42000/-. He also gave the contact of one MrTinku, mobile number 8684876889, saying that the luggage is with him and i can collect it from him. I called him and was told that he was the supervisor of Bharadwaj transport company and he has my luggage with him. He has receive payment from Indian Cargo movers & packers for movement till bangalore. The luggage was brought till bangalore with luggage for some other place as well and from there it is to be shifted to another truck for moving it to kerala. I was shocked as i was told that my luggage was being moved by an independent truck and for that was charged accordingly against the Rs 55000/- that was asked for luggage being carries with luggage of others. He also told me that the delhi company will have to pay for the storage also and then only the luggage will be released. I told him that i am willing to collect my luggage from him and move it on my own, but he refused to hand over without payment from Indian Cargo movers & packers and the orders from his transport company. 7. Would request that a complaint may please be lodged against the company Indian Cargo Movers & Packers for false representation, charging me with the cost of the independent truck and moving it ina combined load, unloading my luggage at Bangalore and not delivering my household goods at the given destination. Am attaching the copy of the whatsapp message with them and the copies of the invoices for your reference please.

Shubham Saraswat

Posted on Jun 26, 2020

I gave my parcel (Activa + two boxes) to Chennai Packers and Movers on 25/05/2020, consignment number as per on the receipt 10611. I was told that your parcel will reach in one week from Chennai to Indore. But after that, no is picking my phone call and no one is responding to any of my email and call and they gave me a number in the along with the receipt that person dispatcher disconnects the call if I call him and enquire about my parcel. Please help me out in this situation.

Sunil kumar dwivedi

Posted on May 17, 2020

luggage missing from 14th march 2020 to till date,contact person is not response.


Posted on Feb 12, 2020

REMINDER -2 S.S.Sivasankaran. Mob:8248068618 Chennai-42 R-38. Rukmani Block, Baba’s Garden, dt.12-02-2020. Gopal Street, Velachery, Chennai -600042. e/ Sub: Complaint against PARGATI CARGO MOVERS & PACKERS, PUNE 411018. Ref : My complaint dt. 12-01-2020 & 22-01-2020 posted in this forum. Sir. On my enquiry through Google search engine, one Mr.Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) from, Pargati Cargo movers & packers, Pune-18 contacted me repeatedly and convinced me to book my house hold articles from Pune to Chennai. Accordingly to my house at Pune, Mr.Rakesh (9890825367) visited and gave quotation (No.1377 dt.17-11-2019) for Rs6500/-. But while lifting my items, considering my situation, he exploited me by demanding Rs.7500/- So, left with no option for me in the last moment, Vide consignment note No.604 dt.05-12-2019, for paying full amount of Rs.7500/- by cash, 12 packages were lifted from my house at Pune for delivery at my house at Chennai. On 09-12-2019 GATI KWE delivered 12 packages at my door step. On verification, I WAS SHOCKED TO NOTE THAT MY ITEM viz., DECORATELY CARVED WOODEN TV STAND (WITH GOD’S PORTRAITS, PILLOW AND 4 Nos BED SPREADS kept in side TV stand) WAS MISSING. Instead, one package (containing used shoes, rotten cloths and other waste items) belong to some body was delivered. From this item we got stinking smell and cockroaches created health hazard to both to me and my wife (WHO ARE SENIOR CITIZENS OF AGE 71 YEARS AND 66 YEARS RESPECTIVELY). I have several times almost daily tried Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) and Rakesh (9890825367). BUT, THEY NEVER ATTEND TO MY CALL AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM. Subsequently, on 25-01-2020, I received a call from 9970838414 stating that “he is from head office of Pargati Cargo Movers and he will look into my complaints and resolve within couple of days” After that, when I tried several times to contact that person 9970838414, he did not attend my call. No response till now and I was much dejected by their fraudulent action. Earnestly seek your help to do the needful for delivering my missed package by using your channel. Thanking you very much. Yours Sivasankaran. Dt.12-02-2020.


Posted on Jan 22, 2020

REMINDER -1 Sub: Complaint against PARGATI CARGO MOVERS & PACKERS, PUNE 411018. Ref : My complaint dt. 12-01-2020 posted in this column. On my enquiry through Google search engine, one Mr.Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) from, Pargati Cargo movers & packers, Pune-18 contacted me repeatedly and convinced me to book my house hold articles from Pune to Chennai. Accordingly to my house at Pune, Mr.Rakesh (9890825367) visited and gave quotation (No.1377 dt.17-11-2019) for Rs6500/-. But while lifting my items, considering my situation, he exploited me by demanding Rs.7500/- So, left with no option for me in the last moment, Vide consignment note No.604 dt.05-12-2019, for paying full amount of Rs.7500/- by cash, 12 packages were lifted from my house at Pune for delivery at my house at Chennai. On 09-12-2019 GATI KWE delivered 12 packages at my door step. On verification, I WAS SHOCKED TO NOTE THAT MY ITEM viz., DECORATELY CARVED WOODEN TV STAND (WITH GOD’S PORTRAITS, PILLOW AND 4 Nos BED SPREADS kept in side TV stand) WAS MISSING. Instead, one package (containing used shoes, rotten cloths and other waste items) belong to some body was delivered. From this item we get stinking smell and cockroaches creating health hazard to both to me and my wife (WHO ARE SENIOR CITIZENS OF AGE 71 YEARS AND 66 YEARS RESPECTIVELY). I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES ALMOST DAILY CALLED Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) and Rakesh (9890825367). BUT, THEY NEVER ATTEND TO MY CALL AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM. Because of their silence and rejection to my call, I am unable to throw the other package which was wrongly delivered to me. Earnestly seek your help to do the needful for delivering my missed package and lifting other’s package which was wrongly delivered to me creating space consumption in my house and spoiling our health (I am 71 yrs and my wife 68 yrs of age Senior citizens) by its stinking smell and cockroaches. Thanking you very much. Yours Sivasankaran. Dt.22-01-2020.


Posted on Jan 12, 2020

On my enquiry through Google search engine, one Mr.Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) from, Pargati Cargo movers & packers, Pune-18 contacted me repeatedly and convinced me to book my house hold articles from Pune to Chennai. Accordingly to my house at Pune, Mr.Rakesh (9890825367) visited and gave quotation (No.1377 dt.17-11-2019) for Rs6500/-. But while lifting my items, considering my situation, he exploited me by demanding Rs.7500/- So, left with no option for me in the last moment, Vide consignment note No.604 dt.05-12-2019, for paying full amount of Rs.7500/- by cash, 12 packages were lifted from my house at Pune for delivery at my house at Chennai. On 09-12-2019 GATI KWE delivered 12 packages at my door step. On verification, I WAS SHOCKED TO NOTE THAT MY ITEM viz., DECORATIVELY CARVED WOODEN TV STAND (WITH GOD’S PORTRAITS, PILLOW AND 4 Nos BED SPREADS kept in side TV stand) WAS MISSING. Instead, one package (containing used shoes, rotten cloths and other waste items) belong to some body was delivered. From this item we get stinking smell and cockroaches creating health hazard to both to me and my wife (WHO ARE SENIOR CITIZENS OF AGE 71 YEARS AND 66 YEARS RESPECTIVELY). I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES ALMOST DAILY CALLED Kamal Agarwal (9371756667) and Rakesh (9890825367). BUT, THEY NEVER ATTEND TO MY CALL AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM. Because of their silence and rejection to my call, I am unable to throw the other package which was wrongly delivered to me. Earnestly seek your help to do the needful for delivering my missed package and lifting other’s package which was wrongly delivered to me and creating space consumption at my house and spoiling our health due to stinking smell and cockroaches.


Posted on Dec 16, 2019

I have taken a request for transport of my houshold goods to Glovve. They have stolen my goods and they are not ready to give a compensation. They have cheated on me by giving all false promises. Order no : IND0719-00662


Posted on Dec 07, 2019

Dear Sir, On 17.11.2019 a representative (9940666821, 9092638345) claiming from Sakti Car Carrier picked my scooty pep plus from TNBH flats, Thiruvanmiyur, chennai for delivery at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Almost 4 weeks over and still my scooty is not delivered at home. I am calling him regularly and he is bluffing me that my scooty wrongly delivered at Hyderabad and lorry driver not picking the call. Since 2 days he is not even picking my call. Please help me in getting my scooty delivered at destination. I have receipt of pickup and photo of the person. I am gathering CCTV footage of vehicle pickup on 17.11.2019 by the representative. Regards, Kiran, 7358026346


Posted on Dec 07, 2019

Dear Sir, On 17.11.2019 a representative claiming from Sakti Car Carrier picked my scooty pep plus from TNBH flats, Thiruvanmiyur, chennai for delivery at Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Almost 4 weeks over and still my scooty is not delivered at home. I am calling him regularly and he is bluffing me that my scooty wrongly delivered at Hyderabad and lorry driver not picking the call. Since 2 days he is not even picking my call. Please help me in getting my scooty delivered at destination. Photo of the representative is attached herewith. I have receipt of pickup and photo of the person. I am gathering CCTV footage of vehicle pickup on 17.11.2019 by the representative. Regards, Kiran, 7358026346

Rahul Gupta

Posted on Dec 05, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, I have got transferred from Dubai to Ranchi, So i have booked my household materials (22 Boxes) on 29th Sep 19 through GCC movers from Dubai to Ranchi (Contact person in Dubai Mr. Harshad- 00971564007841). I have made full payment in cash in Dubai for transportation charges from Dubai to Ranchi. Shipment has came to Mumbai in Oct 19 & after clearing the consignment the same has been transported to Ranchi on 20th Nov 19 through Spoton Logistics private Limited- Consignment No-521367268 - (Sender from Mumbai- Arista Skyship Agencies - Contact person - Mr. Harshad Rasheed- 9136457001). Shipment has reached Ranchi on 26th Nov 19 but due to payment issue of Arista Skyship Agencies, Spoton Logistics Private limited is not releasing my shipment. Now Harshad from Mumbai- Owner of Arista Skyship Agencies is not responding my calls & not giving any positive response, please help to get release my shipment as i require the materials very urgently Your early response is highly appreciated Regards Rahul Gupta 7599422404

Nidhi Rai

Posted on Nov 16, 2019

Hi , My goods came from sneha packers and movers and some of the goods are broken , they took insurence money from me and didnot provided any papers also, they said they reimburs the amount but now thwy are not picking up my calls . The name of the person is Naresh - +91 96077 23258. (Sneha packers movers )

Joshua Philip

Posted on May 12, 2017


Posted on Feb 18, 2016

Dear Sir, I have booked my Car for transportation from Khanna, Punjab to Mumbai through SUNRISE PACKERS AND MOVERS Chandigarh whose operator name is Mr Sunil and Mobile no. is 9780709477. Initially he has agreed to take 50% amount at the time of booking and 50% at the time of delivery of car. But after taking my Car, this cheater has called me and forced me to deposit the remaining amount to his personal account instead of company account and threatened me if i dont deposit the amount my car will not be delivered. I got my Car almost after one month of booking and also after making entire payment to personal account.He has also given me bill without service tax no. and charged me 14.5% tax whereas actual applicable tax is 3.75%. I alert all the people of Chandigarh and Punjab not to deal with this fraudster company who only believe in harrassing people. Can any body help me for getting back my paid excess amount as service tax. I also want to file complain to service tax deptt.

srayan de

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

i am sryan de staying in new delhi. For sudden family reson i shifhted to kolkata for family. i give order to Aryan Internation Movers and packars to shifhted my hose hold thing from new delhi to kolkata. the total amount which was decided was 26000, i give advance 16500, and it was decided that after reaching home i will pay 10000 more to the company . but on the mean time the company asking for 7000 in advance. i refuse to pay i household thing where dump in dunkuni warehouse. And they told me that your household this where in warehouse please go and collect. i went there, and my house hold thing where there, a represetative of there company came to me name is ragesh , and ask of due amount of rs 10 k. and he will arrenge thing so that we can shift the house hold things. but he take the money and was missing and from that time. Then we collect our house hold thing and came back to my house. This is all about Fraud Activity. please help .

Atul Chandola

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

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Tushar Sethi

Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Have sent my car through Agarwal Packers and Movers on 18th August. They committed that the car will be delivered in Delhi by 26th August. Now, when I am following up on tracking the consignment.. they are absolutely unaware. They always say that they will call back.. and never all. I have heard the following from them whenever I called. - Car still in Bangalore will move in 1-2 days. (this after a week of handing it over to them) - Car in Satara - Car in Pune - Car will reach Delhi in 1-2 days These guys are absolutely unaware of the shipment. No one calls back after saying that they will check and call.

Vasudev Khattar

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

Thru United Safe Movers & Packers,Gurgaon on 06.08.2015 one suitcase and one bag was sent to Bangalore under consignment note no.146 and bill no.147.It was delivered after 13 days with zip of the suitcase broken from one side and goods worth Rs.Ten Thousands were pilfered away. My same day online complaint with next day's reminder mail is not even acknowledged. On phone too they don't give any clear reply. Demand stern action for such unprofessionals and compensation to me.

Anurag Vaibhav

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

The Packers and Movers is not returning my insurance money. It is not taking my call too.


Posted on Aug 12, 2015

July 2015 we shifted from bangalore to Navi mumbai. We engaged Agarwal packers movers for the shifting of our household stuff and car. When we received the consignment, the glass dining table was broken. The supervisor who was present then told me that it will be taken care by them. Post following up and making several phone calls to different people we were told that the insurance value of the table was rs. 2500 which was never communicated to us. They said they can only pay us rs. 1500. We again started negotiating for our loss and they said that they will replace the broken glass. this is going on from the past 1 month now. The staff members are rude, arrogant and they often shout and force us to settle it for rs 1500. since my wife was there when the stuff was being shifted, she also is calling them and there is no proper response.We are suffering mentally and feel tortured because of these people Shiv Thakur, Nirbhay and Neeraj from this company. I have even written to the custome

Ravi Kumar

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I have shifted my motor bike with helmet from delhi to hyderabad in July, I got my bike but they kept helmet with them and continuously giving me new date for delivering the helmet. But they are not delivering it.

Dhruba Bora

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

Sir, > > I request you to peruse the following few lines. > > 1) I booked my consignment from Malvya Nagar, New Delhi to be delivered at Guwahati on 31st May 2015. The agency was M/S Aero Packers & Movers, Head Office:- House No:-46, Nihal Colony, New Palam Vihar, Phase-1, Gurgaon 122017. Their other address is Plot No:-777, Sector-26, Phase 2, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075. > 2) The Consignment number was 078 and Bill number :-073. I paid Rs 4810.00 to them as the Delivery charge. > 3) But till to day they have not delivered my consignment to me. > 4) Their customer care number is 01243190004(as printed in the consignment note) is inoperative. > 5) Their website is &#65533;;(as printed in the Consignment note) does not exist. > 6) One person named Mahender intimated me on 02.07.2015 that I had to pay another Rs. 5000.00 additional amount at Axis Bank in his account. His account number is 914010016644305, IFS Code utib 0001835. He intimated his account no by SMS to my mobile phone.


Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Booked a wheel chair cost Rs 8.5Kon 16/3/15 with MS HINDUJA LOGISTICS, Gurgaon , Haryana to deliver at my above address, as door to door delivery.Paid tpt charges Rs 1400.00. Consignmentnot received so far nor the the courier coy/ tpt coy replying and now not picking up ttelephone.Case of fraud, need esrly action against the coy, Hinduja Logistics.A registeted letter semt hss come back as they have avoided receiving it. In publicIinterest , action should be tsken for verocity of this party and afvice given to me for further action. DOOR TO ZDOOR TO D door to door . delovery. Not deliveref so far nor is replying on phone, No9891710196, paid tranportation charges as per photo of bill attached. Add


Posted on Jul 26, 2015

Transporter : Rajesh (9718198700,9718538600, 9899513228) e mail bill num : 2513 they have taken my household stuff from my residense on 13June and after taking full payment in advance they have not yet delivered the stuff and not even responding to my calls. this is a fraud company. i have all proofs with me including the call records. initially the agreement was 5000 in advance and balance on delivery of goods, but when my stuff was loaded they have started blackmailing me to make the full payment else they will not deliver my goods. left with no option i have made the payment but after getting the payment they are not responding not even delivering my household stuff. Pls help Ashish 9212106121


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

I have taken the service of Trans Move of Andheri East Mumbai on 16/6/15 to send my books and other items to Assam. I shall now receive them on 27/7/15 after almost one and a half month. All I have to say their service is horrible and so are their behaviour. After calling more than 10 times they have given the address of Assam where my parcels are. I had to go on my own to check them and had to ask their partners inAssam to send them on Monday. Please don't take their service. Customer service doesn't end on getting the money. Not efficient their service sucks. My consignment no 1589

Sanjay Kejriwal

Posted on Jul 25, 2015

Please refer to the consignment fixup receipt number CFRBSR_/1314/05093 of M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers for transportation of my HouseHold belongings from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata on 21st March and note that the during the process of Transper my new sofa was damaged along with the following matter not been resolved yet. 1. It was agreed that the A/c Fitting has to be done by you along with fitting for all other Electrical appliance dismantled during shifting 2. That a single sitter sofa has been received in damaged condition. (photo attached) and has to be repaired by you. 3. The Air Conditioner, T.V, Water filter (R.O) and other electric equipment has not been installed. 4. Beds are also not set yet. My numerous mail and phone calls to cooperate and install the same has not yielded any results. Everytime the fix up a date and delay on some pretext or other. Please redress my greviances and arrange to bring to books so that these problems are not faced by others. Thanks

Anurodh Agnihotri

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

Dear Team, We had hired relocation service from Bangalore to Mumbai on 20 May 2015. Requesting to refer the attached PPT containing the images for the deficiency of service provided. We received many damaged household goods and till date no one has settled our claims. I our humble request to help us settle and bring AGARWAL PACKER AND MOVER to notice and resolve our claims. With Regards, Anurodh Agnihotri 9371141234

Amit midha

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Agarwal Packers and Movers (Agarwal Movers Group)Corporate Office phone no. 011-45004321 or 45004300 were hired to move my household goods from Greater Noida to Pune on May 27th 2015. Upon delivery some items were found damaged which was notified to them but despite the items being insured by them. Its been 45 days that I have been following up with emails and phone calls to various offices and managers but no one takes any responsibility or gives me a solution. The consignment number was 003338.

shreya saha

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

I shifted by 2 cartons from gurgaon to kolkata with IKON PACKERS AND MOVERS,gurgaon.I have already made 80% of the payement.Know there is no trace of my cartons and they are not receiving ny calls also. Consignment no.- 103 for 2 cartons. Detail of the Movers packers company: Ikon Packers and movers. Atul Kataria Chaowk,Marbel Market,1st floor,gurgaon 122001. Mbl no.-9711656521,9811693995

sanjeet yadav

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Dear sir, iwas worked eith KLnight fly boyz. but he refuse to sign my PF withdrwl form.

Venkata Satish Grandhi

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I have moved good from chennai to hyderabad. They have promised Packing shifting and unpacking and fitting the goods. My good came in a auto to my home in hyderabad and he left the good in ground floor(parking area) but my house is in 3rd floor. Now the sahara agent is not picking the phone and not responding to my messages. Sahara agent no 9380191222.


Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I recently shifted household items from Hyderabad to Bangalore using AGARWAL MOVERS and PACKERS. In the transit, I have lost 2 small Teak wooden stools. I have repeatedly complained, to which no action has been taken. My crockery items have been damaged. My Refrigerator, Study Table, Computer Monitor are broken. Along with this a lot of articles like dolls and TERAKOTA articles have been damaged. Total loss is more than 1 lakh. They have also lost 1 carton box of clothes. No response inspite of repeated complaints. Request you to help in this regard. Their contact details are as follows : Narender Singh : 78420063001 & 9346661361. They call themselves Agarwal Movers and Packers. But not sure what their company name is. Their address and website are also wrong,which i checked only later. Kindly help!! And I hope this will atleast prevent others from getting cheated like I got. Thanks!!

Satish Kumar

Posted on Jul 14, 2015

I have booked Abha Professional packers & Logistic (Baily Road, Rukunpura, Near Alka Hospital, Patna-800014) to shift my Motorcycle ( Bajaj Discover 100T, Reg. No. BR01BQ-6813) from Patna to Jalandhar. The Motorcycle cost Rs.39000/- as per latest insurance. An Estimation was given for transportation is Rs.4,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance. The above deal was finalized that the Motorcycle will reac to me within five days from the day of booking. My Motorcycle was booked on 19 Jun 15 with their docket No. 35 but has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. I have called a number of times to Abha A Professional packers & Logistic but, their is no proper response. After 24 days, after calling a number of times, Abha Professional packers & Logistic said that the Motorcycle is in Delhi. Their behaviour is quite rude and they spoke very harshly to me and I am calling them daily but they are not giving proper status of bike.

Pradeep Kumar

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

Hi, I have moved my house hold items from Gurgaon to Hyderabad thru Allied pack & move Pvt Ltd. gurgaon. This has been a night mare for us, all the furtinure is damged and few items like Mattress and other household good are missing. Very poorly managed. When contacted the Packers, they started abusing and spoke filthy language. i would like to ensure stern action agaist them and also see that no other innocent gets trapped. suggestions and advice welcome. Thanks, Pradeep.


Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I Mayur Mangwani, hired service from Aakruti packers and movers (Mumbai) to shift my household goods to Bangalore. The service was initiated on 3rd of july and was supposed to end on 6th of July. I got my furniture and luggage on 8th July and i found majority of my electronic items and furniture damaged. Before the Service, he told me that we have done insurance of 1 Lac and if anything happens, we will take care and assured me that everything will be safe. After i saw that goods are damaged, i called him and asked him what has to be done. He says that insurance was not for you furniture or luggage but it was for his vehicle in which transportation was done. The guy who spoke to me was very polite before the service and after the service he was talking as if i have taken money from him. After everything was packed and loaded in Mumbai, he argued with me for 1 hour and forced me to pay whole amount of 23 thousand My major loss is for TV which is fully dead and very difficult to repair

Nikunj Sharma

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Reliable Agarwal packers and movers Ltd in India for relocating - My brother had to move from Delhi. He ordered this service for moving his stuff and car, Swift. The delivery was guaranteed within 7 days. But to our surprise it was delivered before time. It was unharmed and in very good condition. The other goods were also safely delivered. It is a highly recommended service in and across India. They are very reasonable in pricing. I must specifically appreciate the courtesy of your staff & the way they handled the end to end movement without incurring any damage.

Ambuj Dwivedi

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

I shifted my house hold through NIKHIL International Packers and Movers. After Shifting mu 29 inch LED TV was missing with one GAs cylinder, Since 4 Months i am calling and trying for claim of my led tv but they are not responding, i got fed up. The person name through which i booked my household name is AMIT No. 8904444100.please help me , please i am fed up.


Posted on Jul 05, 2015

Dear Sir, Myself Rajesh. This is regarding the LEO Packers and Movers( who has taken the full amount of money and not delivering the house holds on given time. I have called the person Sandeep(9164587159) and he replied me that he will not deliver the goods at all. Please help me how can I proceed with this situation.

Dr Anand S Goyal

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

One of the Package was pilfered by the Movers & Packer while shifting the house hold items from Jhansi to Shimla transported on 13 Feb 2015. The item were booked on Bill No. SPM/921 dated 13 Feb 2015

Rasheeda Ali

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

This is a complaint against Superfast packers & Movers, 1 Shankar Nigam Street near puzhal check post kavangarai Chennai-600066, contact person praveen Chauhan ,cell no.9382345100. I shifted a few of my belongings from Chennai to Bangalore through the above mentioned packers and Movers and I have never been so stressed and so harrassed by them like never before. Not only were my goods damaged I lost quiet a few of my belongings. Please please beware of these thugs and help me get back my belongings if possible.

mohmmad yusuf

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I Have booked Goods with Chennai Packers and Movers on Monday 22nd of june 2015 and said that they will pick the goods same day. They had come with all the required items like carton boxes, wrappers etc on Tuesday the 23rd of June 2015. They had completed the packing and said that the consignment will be delivered by Thursday 25th of June 2015, worst case. Daily I am calling them about the consignment, they say everytime they will delivery tomorrow. We are still waiting for the consignment till date but still there is no delivery which has been done.They have charged over the regular price and the behavior was also not polite. Its shocking to learn that there are still people who are behaving in a different way to people who are not from their language. I request your help to look into this matter. I am ready to provide more details on request.


Posted on Jun 26, 2015


Abhijit Mandal

Posted on Jun 24, 2015

Right Choice Packers and Movers have transported my goods and Tata Indica car from Mumbai to Kolkata.Most of the goods have been damaged for which they have paid a meager compensation of 13000.A few days later they delivered my car in overheated condition. Despite seeing the damage,I still received the car as I thought if I send it back then will I get it ever again.Then I took my car to TC Motors(TATA authorized service station)for diagnosis.On inspection, they found no coolant in the coolant reservoir tank and this is one of the cause of engine overheating.Resulting score mark in the engine cylinder liner and consequential damage .I had a talk with the driver who drove my car and he said that he reported the heating condition to the movers but they advised him to keep driving in that condition. TC Motors have given an estimate of 40000 for the repair of my engine seize. I need compensation from Right Choice Packers and Movers as it is due their callousness that my card is damaged.


Posted on Jun 20, 2015

Hi Team, This is regarding my grievance against Phoenix Re-locations, to which i had given my goods to relocate it from Bangalore to Delhi on 7th Feb 2015. I had been promised that the goods will be transported to me within a week. After a week and then a month long wait, I kept calling the concerned person who informed me that there is some issue so it might take time to reach Delhi. I asked him to keep me updated on the same, after a week I called him again. He did not answered the call, I tried calling him from other number... which he picked up quickly and when asked about my goods he spoke very rudely. After continues calling and messages which he never answered. We were lingered for like 3 months. And then In April we received only one part that is my cycle and that too in poor and damaged condition. The other part that is a carton with my goods was missing, when inquired with him.. He gave us excuses like it might have been stayed back in the office or would have shipped in ot

Harminder Singh

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

I had engaged AB Home Packers and Movers Kolkata (263, Upen Banerjee Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700060) to shift my household fragile items from kolkata to Mohali in the month of March 2015. All the items were delivered in ok state except a Television 29 inch Samsung, which was received in broken and completely damaged condition and was unrepairable. The same was informed to the company and i demanded a compensation of Rs 3000/- as it was a old TV. The Company representative (Mr Vinod - 9831167118) agreed to pay an amount of Rs 2000/- to me as compensation. I have enquired their office and Mr Vinod several times but there is no response. I have lost lot of money in making calls to the company for getting the compensation and harassed with false promises. I need a additional compensation of Rs 5000/- for the harassment faced by me. Please help in this regard at the earliest

Hrudaya Sankar Dash

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

I had shifted my house hold goods through DHL packers & movers( A unit of Delhi Hyderabad Logistics) on 09-05-2015 from Antophill area Mumbai to Jollygrant area,Dehradun .The representative of the company Mr Ajay (Mob.No.8080923033) had given me the quotations and the deal was finalised by Mr Satbir Singh (Mob. No.932150677). They delivered my items in Dehradun on 31-05-2015 after a lots of delay.But at the time of deliver I found that two items are missing. One is my son's BSA Champ red colour newly purchased bicycle and the other one is Videocon D2H antenna with its accessories .Since 31-05-2015, I am regularly calling them and requesting them to deliver my items.But initially they were telling that they will deliver it very soon but now they are not answering my calls.Company Details:-DHL packers & Movers.A Unit of Delhi Hyderabad Logistics, Office No 202,2nd floor Krishibhawan,Plot No 07 APMC Market,Sector 19/C,Vashi Navi Mumbai-400705.Ph:022-27842577,9321506777Request for spe....

Abhishek Jain

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

My Scooter Activa supposed to be delivered to Jaipur address one year back. It is still with mover and packer (Grace Relocations) since then & they are not responding even after continuous follow up.

pushpendra chandrakar

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Maine 15 aug ko 12 month ke liye recharge karwaya tha bt mere me kuch channels bivh me he kaat diye fir bolte h ki hamare pack me kuch changes kiye h . Fir april me set top box he kharab ho gya usko banwane k liye maine helpline me 10 bar se jayda complain kiya tab jakr unka engineer phn kiya aur ghar bhi nhi aaya muje he raipur leker jana pada banwane usske pss . Ek bar un logo ne 500 rupee kaate aur teen month ki warranty di is bich for se kharab ho gya . Aur fir koi nahi aaya bannane 10 se jyada bar fir se complain kiya .uske engineer ka phn aaya to Mai fir usske pss leker gya aur fir banwaya to fir se 625 kaat liye warranty me h bol k diye fir bhi .aur abhi tak mera paisa wapas nahi kr rahe h aj kal aj kal bas kar rahe h . Mai for 500 ka Recharge karwaya to kuch din chala aur band kr diye

Sujeeth s

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Express cargo relocation packers and movers (02039549650, 7350244402) also called as Super Express Packer and mover from Just Dial H.O: Plot no 116/A, Sector no.23 Transport Nagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411044, Maharashtra, Email : has taken 3000.00 rupee for transportation of my two wheeler TAO 3723 on 10/05/2015 from Pune to NAmakkal. They promised me to deliver my bike to the destination within a week. They have not transported my two wheeler to my destination even after almost six weeks. I have reached the destination before three weeks and am still waiting for my bike to be delivered. Because of this, all my works are stagnated. This has caused me lot of stress lately. And when i called them they keep on making false promises again and again and for the past few days the are not answering my phone calls. Am greatly distressed because of this. Their agent by the name chaudary (07385701800) is doing all this business, by making false promises of delivery. Another agen

Sujeeth s

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Express cargo relocation packers and movers (02039549650, 7350244402) also called as Super Express Packer and mover from Just Dial H.O: Plot no 116/A, Sector no.23 Transport Nagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411044, Maharashtra, Email : has taken 3000.00 rupee for transportation of my two wheeler TAO 3723 on 10/05/2015 from Pune to NAmakkal. They promised me to deliver my bike to the destination within a week. They have not transported my two wheeler to my destination even after almost four weeks. I have reached the destination before three weeks and am still waiting for my bike to be delivered. Because of this, all my works are stagnated. This has caused me lot of stress lately. And when i called them they keep on making false promises again and again and for the past few days the are not answering my phone calls. Am greatly distressed because of this. Their agent by the name chaudary (07385701800) is doing all this business, by making false promises of delivery. Another age

Arun Sharma

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Have used Movers and Packers Services of Agrawal Movers and Packers, their charges are the heighest in the market but once the consignment is delivered no one will let you know the status. Till date my consignment has not reached and no one is helping me with the status. Please help

Sushant Hemrom

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

False Commitment by Agrawal Packers & Movers through his marketing Manager Mr. Ranjeet Singh He did not inform us that he is unable to provide service in that day,

prashant bhange

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

Dear Sir, Please give us advice. We have delivered the material to the local transporter, He refused to give us any receipt/bill against that material, now 10 days later he didn't despatched to our client. The material is retained in his godown, even he is not telling us how much freight charges we have to pay, and when he will delivered the material and refused to return the material. How can I claim the material, compensation and lodge the police complaint against him.


Posted on Jun 09, 2015

I transfered all my house hold and car on 15th May 2015 using Tamil nadu movers packers from chennai to delhi.Its been 1 month still I did not receive my house hold and car. I paid 40000 to them on 15 th may.When ever i am calling them they used to say it will come today or tommorrow. But never it please help me. Mover and packers address HO.NO-77/108 katta bomman Street kamrajan nagar new perungulathur chennai 63 phone number:9600138027(name :Murali) my contact number:9560478953


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

The subject company is fraud in all sense, they have made false commitments to us. Mr. Mohan (09810762102) has visited our place, during the meeting he committed that goods will be delivered in closed container, further he promised to keep the goods in Bangalore warehouse. Further, we have requested them to send some of our goods through our car, which they agreed. After receiving the full payment, they have taken back their words, Nisha (9810019910), employee of said company misbehaved with us and also warned us at the last moment that we will not send your goods. We have received our goods in Bangalore in very bad condition, some of the goods are damaged and all the cartons were wet. When we have informed this thing to company official Sanjay (9310019910), he misbehaved with us and said you have not informed in time. In short, the entire company is fraud, they make fall commitments and do not fulfill any.


Posted on Jun 05, 2015

We booked Goel cargo packers and movers , Bhubaneswar, Orisaa to bring one king size wooden bed from bhubaneswar to bangalore. Bed cost is around 70000. It was booked on 16th may 2015. They committed to deliver within 7 days. Its been 20 days, they have not delivered the item. They are not picking our calls. We tried multiple times, but still they are not responding. Goel Cargo packers & mOVERS pALASUNI mOB- +91-9937058826


Posted on Jun 02, 2015

sir, i booked my bike from professional express movers gurgaon on 26 -5-2015 .from greater noida to gorakhpur he assured me that it will reach within six to seven days but till now it didnt reach .also he is not pick up my phone . what should i do . sir please help me .i am very much emberresed. His contact no. is 09871651800. my contact no. is 09990038389

kuldeep pandey

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

pfno=HR-50514-34 RICIEVED NO-2291176

Mandeep Singh

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

gaurav bhadaurai

Posted on May 28, 2015

on 25/2/15 i have shifted my whole house hold by isarg logistics from delhi to kanpur they delivered on 11/3/15 but at that time my some costly and important items were missing these are 2 intex speakers with mic,1 big bag having my all woolen cloths,1 carton having my new shoes and other important items,coolar stand,1 long length mirror,and some small items like 1 wooden table,2 plastic racks etc since 11/3/15 i am regularlly calling them to deliver my all missing items but they do nothing please do something to solve this problem. address of that movers and packers is:- isarg logistics pvt ltd plot no-484,v.p.o.-bijwasan,dwarka sec-26 ND-110077 9212312347 9212312368

Subhro Pratap Sarkar

Posted on May 24, 2015

I have delivered household goods worth Rs. 1,65000 through Agarwal Cargo Movers Packers Pvt. Ltd. on 17th May, 2015 and it is supposed to be delivered in Jamshedpur on 23rd May, 2015. At start the cost of contract was Rs. 26000. I have paid 19500 at the time of packing and rest to be paid after delivery. Then after transportation from my home in Delhi, next day they charged as 40000 and now they want us to pay the amount (20500) in advance before delivering the goods to my Jamshedpur address and threatening us of not delivering the goods if we dont pay the same.


Posted on May 22, 2015


Posted on May 20, 2015


Ankur Bhandari

Posted on May 17, 2015

I had moved my household goods from Indore Madhya Pradesh to Toranagallu Karnataka by reputed Agarwal Packers and Movers. On delivery i found many stuff missing and broken. I refused to sign on the delivery challan as they were not acknowledging the loss after which i sent a lot of mails to their Indore and Hubli offices but they have refused to reply. I had made a payment of Rs.63617/- (Sixty three thousand six hundred seventeen) which included an amount of the declared value of 300000/- at 3% which is around 9000 plus taxes. Their representative even took photo of damaged items which were delivered that day.


Posted on May 17, 2015


Ram kumar Sah

Posted on May 15, 2015

I have contacted for relocation from Chennai to Bangalore through Lega Express Packers & Movers. They came on 13th April 2015 and packed all my items and charged 13,000 including insurance. They delivered on 16th April with some missing items of rupees (TV, two pillows, one blanket, one bucket inside has cash roll, two water bottles) 7500 and same day they have broken my TV as well. I do call Vijendra Singh who is Marketing Executive of Lega Express but still did not get my items. Could you please help me to get my items or money for same item.

Sonu Sidharthan

Posted on May 15, 2015

I was promised 7 days to deliver my goods and 25 days ahve gone and yet to recieve my luggage causing financiial loss and mental harassment.

neeraj kumar mishra

Posted on May 14, 2015

we work in lnt we shifted our house hold by SONI PACKER MOVER BIJVASAN NEW DELHI TO KALPAKKAM we paid all chages according to nitin(9718197029) but they took duble money by check clering and online money about 16200 rs house hold not got properly number newly things missed food pickles met chairs are missed . i am compliaing about soni packer mover which not giving my money which got by cheque and gave to delevery boys .9990043543 9718197029

Parameshwarappa N Masudi

Posted on May 11, 2015

Dear Sir, I have sent my House Hold items by Consignment No 106/37 on March 28th 2015 by GI Cargo movers but I received by Safe express. Original item list not brought while delivering items. I have made full payment 31,293 + 500 packing person + 100 by delivery person. Total 32,000 Rs. and I have insured for 50,000/- for any kind of loss. I want to submit that Most of the valuable items are missing; items were damaged and delayed by one week. Apart from staying in hotel for one week my items are missing and damaged. I faced financial problem with their service. Since I have made insurance of 50000/- for loss or damages or missing items, kindly advice in availing reimbursement of missing and damages cost. I am calling Mr Sunil GI Cargo Movers and packers 9342113001 continuously but he is not responding at all. Request to please advice. Parameshwarappa N Masudi 7831873346

Kumud sharma

Posted on May 08, 2015

I had booked the cargo from World Trans International Packers & Movers ,Pune for shipping of 2- window Air conditioner and 1- Invertor battery and its stand from Pune to Panchkula (haryana) on 27-04-2015 . When we received the cargo at Panhckula in Damaged conditioned. After telling about the damaged cargo recieved to person(Devendra Kaushik-9975641177) of the cargo company he insured us that damged stuff will be repaired and he asked us to mail the photographs of damaged cargo to email-id( After that we tried calling the owner lot no. of times but he neither answer the call nor replied the mail.He has even blocked my husband mobile no. Even insurance of the goods was paid in the cargo shippment charges. Please help us to get the compensation of the damaged AC. We have the bills and photo of cargo. thanks in advance. Regards, Kumud sharma

urvashi roy

Posted on May 04, 2015

i have booked anand packers nd movers for local shifting,,they have taken advance of rs 1000 for the same,they didnt turn up on the day of my shifting,not even informed,still after many followups they are not returning my money,wen enquired i get to know that their labour is doin fraud buisness by using their brand name,owner didnot know about that,wanted to talk to the owner but they are disconnecting the phone,want my money back with fine

Vishal Ramesh Patil

Posted on May 03, 2015

Hello, I had booked a consignment from Hyderabad - Madhapur to Mumbai - Virar for relocation in 06/08/2013. At that time I was been informed that you need to pay the insurance amount of Rs.6270/- which will be refunded back once the consignment reaches safely to destination. But now I tried calling several times in there Hyderabad office on the numbers 040-65535247/9666457790/9000007280 but did not get any favourable response. I was always given some other numbers which offcourse did not pick up. Now its almost 2 years and I have not got any refund back. This is really not acceptable with such as DHL brand. So could you pleae look into this and get my insurance amount recovered.


Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Agarwal packers and movers company was engaged to move my domestic household items from Hyderabad to Pune. They haven't yet delivered by Active scooter. Upon enquiring they say they have lost the scooter and now are not giving any proper response.

Saikat Ray

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

I have booked and handed over my motor bike and other house hold materials to the staff of Delhi Office of M/s Agarwal Home shift Packers and Movers on 09/03/2015 from Myuar Vihar, Delhi for Kolkata and was assured that the consignment would be delivered after five days to my Kolkata address. But till date I have not received the materials,booked under : Consignment No. 10478, Date- 09/03/2015 Invoice Bill No. 10618, Date- 09/03/2015 On my several inquiries over telephone, always I have been given assurances that the materials will be delivered within next two-three days. But nothing has been done in this regard up till now. The help line of the company(9982562597) also could not help.

suni ahuja

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

i wanted to shift from Loni in pune to shirdi.The destination packers and movers staff from pune kept assuring that they would come to pack and move,however,didnot turn up for 2 days.My senior citizen father was alone waiting at the residence for them to come and pick the luggage.However,despite continuous phone calls for 2 days they didnot come.They kept saying they would reach in 2 hours,then in 3 hours ,then again in 2 hours.However,didnot come till 11pm on 29/04/2015.They finally said they would reach by 9.00am on 30/04/2015.Now the people are not even answering the phone calls.This is absolute harassment of customers.If a task is not achievable,the customer should be informed promptly.I would like to claim compensation against this mental harassment and false commitment by Destination packers and movers from pune,Mr.Sharma.The website is Kindly look into the complaint and help me with compensation.


Posted on Apr 27, 2015


Kumar Abhishek

Posted on Apr 26, 2015

I hired DHL packer and movers from mumbai to bring my bike from airoli, navi mumbai to gurgaon, haryana. They promised me to deliver the same within 4-5 days and now its been 9 days. They are not even answering my calls now and if they do they are just making exxuses and false promises. I would like to suggest everyone that never go for such unprofessional seevice peoviders. If i can then please let me know that how can i take action against them.

Manish Kumar

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I hired Agarwal packers and Movers for relocation from Mumbai to Gurgaon - GC number 4404920. It has been extremely painful expereince dealing with guys right since day 1. First they cheated us day of packaging where they promised to close all the stuff by 6 pm which they could do only by 10 pm after multiple followups. My goods arrived with multiple articles in broken condition and most importantly LCD screen was missing. It has now been more than 35 days i am yet to receive compensation for my LCD screen and all items which came in wretched condition. I would have wasted at least INR 5000 worth talktime calling them to settle and provide me adequate solution.


Posted on Apr 18, 2015

Dear Sir, I booked my houselod from gurgaon to Banglore through "1st sahara packers and movers" but they damaged my material in trnasportation worth Rs.25000/- and i applied for clain Rs.20000/- but earlier they were ready to pay half of the amount for my dmaged but now they are not responsing.I already sent written documnet to them but still they are not replying.Please help me in this matter.


Posted on Apr 15, 2015



Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Hv not yet received my Bill copy for material transfered from Goa to Pune & cost of my vehicle damaged intransit .... hv only consignor copy by which I cannot claim from my company which needs bill copy ... Hv been cheated from Ramesh Sharma excel packers & movers from goa , who gave all assurance of doing insurance at the time of loading my household items & the Bike & took 100% full amt , the said insurance amt included in the quotation ... vehicle had left from goa without insurance and Sharma made all reasons of giving next day the insurance without fail, Next day when I started following up for the insurance he said he was busy with his wife at GMC hospital & assured to send by mail & when i received my bike it was in damaged condition ... now the person neither giving my orginal bill copy nor compensating my damage .. he is 3rd grade cheap guy .. Mr Ramesh Sharma from Excel packers & movers


Posted on Apr 14, 2015

I, Mukesh Jha, transferred my household articles from ghaziabad to cochin, kerala through Sky Home Packers & Movers (Contact Person : S.S. Poonia (9323588099)) Transporter loaded goods at ghaziabad on 13th November, 2014 and told me that they would deliver goods on 23rd November, 2014, but after rigorously follow up with transporter, transporter delivered goods on 23rd December, 2014. they also misbehaved with me. Further they have charged insurance amount but not given me insurance. Total amount charged by transporter is Rs. 50000/-+ Insurance Rs. 1500/-+service Tax Rs. 6580/- in total Rs. 57000/-. I paid the whole amount i.e. Rs. 57000/- and they also compelled me to pay whole amount before delivery of goods and for this they mentally harassed me also. Some of the goods are missing and some of the goods are not in useable condition. following goods are missing: 1. Blanket 2. My wife jacket 3. my wife wedding lehanga 4. Bed sheets 5. flower vase 6. CAR STEPHNEY

N S Khamesra

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Sub.:- Voice / Financial Torture given by LEO WORLDWIDE PACKERS & MOVERS, CHENNAI in Transportation of house hold goods with M/C (bike) On 10/3/15, Sri Sanjay Sheoran, Marketing Executive of LEO WORLDWIDE PACKERS & MOVERS, CHENNAI came at our house to give the quot. No. 1121 for transportation with packing/unpacking, loading/unloading the house hold goods with bike from Chennai to Udaipur at Rs 30,000/- Lump-sum. Subsequently, while transporting 2nd consignment from our home to their Godown , they started demanding Octroi & insurance charges extra. As one consignment already reached to their godown, so, we bowed down. They charged Rs 4,500/- extra. Bill (no. 066), M.R (no. 049). & Consignment note (no. 091) generated/prepared by the official of M/S LEO on 14/3/15. Next day, the owner Sri Mukesh Poonia (mb. 9629096370) asked me (consignee) to transfer Rs.3,000/- extra + Rs 7,500/- (due to pay at Udaipur) in his bank a/c failing which the consignment will not be sen

Brijesh Kumar Pandey

Posted on Apr 05, 2015

ISARG Logistics Pvt. Ltd. - Fake and disgusting.I got my household stuff transferred from Delhi to Bangalore and to our utter surprise they did not delivered the stuff on time.After repeatedly calling them again and again, they delivered the stuff after 23 days and also not at our house.But we had to go to warehouse in Neel Mangla 50 km from our place and arranged the the truck to move at our own cost.And again to my disappintment when goods got delivered, many stuff got missing like Samsung 32''LED TV, bajaj mixer grinder, three celing fans, educational toys, and speakers. Also the goods damaged to a level it could not be repaired.My wife's almost 15 costly sarees got severly dampened due to water seepage into the briefcase and cartoons due to their negligence way of handling. The count of boxes was less than what we had loaded.After calling up Manager- Naresh Kumar (MobNo.+91-9212312347) told us this could not happen.I had paid him the complete amount.So strong action needed.

Dr Lokesh Kumar Gupta

Posted on Apr 05, 2015

Arun Kumar

Posted on Apr 04, 2015

Susovan Paul

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

I have opted for transport of goods from Thane (Mumbai) to Kolkata by Safe and Sure Logistics Packers and Movers. They have taken the goods on March 24, 2015 (documents are present for the same) and provided verbal assurance to deliver the goods to the required place within a maximum of 7 days from thence. Today is April 03, 2015 still the goods have not been delivered. I want reimbursement for the goods being kept for the extra number of days. Please assist for further proceedings.

Sonal Modi

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

Aggarwal movers and packers have destroyed are lots of items and stolen many .Please help


Posted on Mar 27, 2015

My name is Ratnakara Swain I recently moved from Kendrapara to Gwalior. I have booked Aggarwal packers&Movers a unit of DRS Logistice pvt Ltd Corp. office 3rd floor Kabra complex,61-M.G road,Secundrabad-500003,A.P india ph no-+914039818800/8811, shift my household goods from Kendrapara to Gwalior with GC No.4430659 on dated 16/03/2015. The goods cost will be around Rs. 1.20 lacs. An Estimation was given for all the household goods for Rs.30,000 including insurance cost and paid all money in advance on same date. The above deal was finalized by Mr.Manjeet with ph no-09337838210 and he was commented delivery on dated 24/03/2015 at Gwalior but Our Luggage has not been delivered till date and their is no proper response from the staff. We have called a number of times to time Mr. Manjeet, Mr.Balbir and also to their Corp office Secundrabad but, their is no proper response. After 8 days,calling a number of Mr.Manjeet but he is not any given proper information.they spoke very harshly to us and We are calling them daily but they are not giving any status of our luggage. All this matter is causing a lot of disturbance and trouble to us and we are facing a lot of problem from 11 days because all our household goods including kitchen items,books, clothes and certificates related to past employers and important documents are all in them. We are forced to eat in hotels because all our cooking items are not yet transported. This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress and it is also disturbing my work. They are not conforming that I am forced to lodge a complaint against them.


Posted on Mar 21, 2015

Hi All, I am writing this mail because I don't want any person will be cheat by skwing packers movers like me.(Consignment number-8298) Around 3 month back I just shifted from Bangalore to Noida. That time I used the skywing Packers and Movers Services. First they delivered the my stuff after 1 month and Believe me they damaged the most of the house stuff. Even they didn't packed the my bed Mattress. Its totally damaged. First they will charge you like anything and once they receive the stuff and money and after that they will not talk to you. Up to Bottom all people are cheaters and liars in skywing Packer and Movers. Please beware with below GUYS and Skywing Packers and Movers. Initially they will talk in a very nice way and after that you will see the opposite behavior. I called him 100 time and till they not responding. Note=> Its doesn't matter you insured the stuff. They will say you will get in max 7 day but believe me you will never get i These are the cheaters

Jayesh Mangal

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

I get in touch with asia packers and movers via when I raised an inquiry for good transfer. The guy named Manish Agrawal contacted me and gave me a quotation (Verbally) of 9000 Rs to transfer my goods. He came and packed all goods and given me only two documents (list of good received) and a document mentioning the transfer from delhi to bhopal and 5000 advance. He also took my sign on an empty quotation form. Now after taking all my goods, he sent me a bill of 23000 asking to pay money online and then only he will transfer my goods. He is not even giving back my goods in delhi with packing and loading charges. Please help


Posted on Mar 13, 2015



Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Sir/Madam I booked a Sedan on 5th March,2015 for an emergency appointment with a doctor for my ailing mother at 6.00A.M and confirmed it by telephonic conversation at 10.30P.M previous day as it it is the case of medical emergency.Unfortunately, at 5.20 A.M I got a call that they are unable to provide me the same.At that early morning I am unable to arrange for an alternative so has to cancel the appointment. I was shocked at this Careless attitude of them after my repeated confirmation. I want immediate redress to my complaint.I am attaching supporting document for your kind perusal. Thanking You. Shaoli Sinha


Posted on Feb 26, 2015

I have shifted entier house goods from chennai to delhi through SAAI CARGO PACKERS &MOVERS on dated 14 January 2015. With 6-10 days delivery promise. But STILL NOT DELIVER.ITS BEEN 40 DAYS OVER.AND NO PARTICULAR RESPONSE BY THEM. I am force to spend mony for every day eating as my kitch entire good also with them. .plz help me to take back my good

Mohan Bankapur

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Dear Sir, We shifted from Vahera, Borsad taluka, Anand district, Gujarat to the above mentioned address on 21/o1/15. M/s Welcome India Packers & Movers, Baroda packed our residential material on 19/01/15 and delivered on 28/01/15. Without sensing something may be missing, I signed their paper ok. But when gradually unpacking come to know few materials missing. Called Satyendra, Bangalore dispatch person said, "now I'm in Rajasthan I will come after a month. Packers/Movers details: Baroda: (info:,0265-3294343, 9016944216. Bangalore: +917259731133, +919343901133. Though collected Insurance not mentioned on bill. thanking you, Mohan Bankapur 9742646200

Dhaval Dave

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Dear all, Can we file case against Shyama Packers ( ). As we have given our car for transporation from Kolkatta to Mangalore. All terms was clearly mentioned by me and my friend. That car will only comes in car carrier. First 75% of amount I will pay and then 25% at the time of car Delivery. Within 5 days Mr. Sujit Jha (+91 98300 22885, +91 983 047 6637, +91 983 027 6637, 033 3192 6637, called me and told me that car is reached Bangalore and if I will pay rest of 25% amount then only car start from Bangalore to Mangalore. Though I remind him what we decide still Mr. Sujit inisist that I am speaking lie. As a my goodness I paid rest of 25% amount. After that already another 5 days passed. Neither I received car, nor anyone is picking up phone call from Shyama Packers. If we call from our colleague number then they will pickup phone and disconnect phone call by telling that it will reach tomorrow. I want to file case against them


Posted on Feb 19, 2015

I would like to file a complaint against Fast Cargo Packers and Movers - I hired them to transfer some of my goods from Greater Noida to Bangalore. They collected it from me on 26th Jan telling me that it will be delivered in 10-12 days. Total cost of the goods were around 8000 Rs, with 3 cartons with house hold stuff, one airbag with clothes and one DTH antenna. First they told be that the goods will be delivered on 5th Feb. When I called up on 5th they said that truck has got spoilt in Hyderabad and it will come in 4 days. I call up after 4 days and they say it will come in 4 more days. I again call them and they say that my stuff was not in that truck and it has been sent in another truck. Until today I havent received my stuff and each time I call them they give some lame reason.I have lost hope of getting my stuff. I would like to file a complaint against them and claim for my damages. Please let me know the process for the same.

Debobeena Rakshit

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

I was transferred from Mumbai to Kolkata and booked Tirupati Balaji to pack and move my belongings from Mumabi to Kolkata quarters. They came on 9th Feb'15 and promised to reach things within 5-6 days meaning by 13-14th Feb. Today is 19th Feb, 11 days have passed and I still haven't received my goods. Nobody is answering now. I was informed the goods would arrive at 6:30PM. After waiting for the whole day, I called at 10:30pm, the Mumbai Branch Manager of Tirupati Balaji Packers, Shri Raghuraj Sharma, had the audacity to say please eat and sleep, and that they'll check on the status today. Even till 11am on 19th Feb, I haven't heard anything from anyone. I have almost brand new TV, washing machine, sofa sets and my car. They charged me 5000+additional service charge more than what they had quoted and encashed the cheque the very next day, but I'm still to hear from them. I had met with an accident and had to undergo surgery in Kolkata's CMRI, but I'm having to lie on the ground. Help!

Sanjay Rakshit

Posted on Feb 12, 2015


Posted on Feb 12, 2015

i was shifted from dehradun to kota 23/1/2015.i contact to mr ramkishan yadav (shivam best packers and movers).he committed that 4 to 5 days weiil shifted ur luggage at kota but after 25 days he is not able to shifted my luggage .and also not giving any response .i call him 100 times but he didn't reply .due to this i m not able to use my goods .all our cloth ,tv .and kitchen items in it.pls do needful.


Posted on Feb 11, 2015

we have booked Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore ( contact Agent: Md. Haleem) for shifting my luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad I face lot of problems poor service and troublesome behaviour 1) Not given insurance papers, already taken the cost for the same my induction got broked , not able to claim. 2) Asked for more money than what fixed as per discussions earlier , after my luggage got packed and loaded in truck and moved clear black mailing clients 3) Missed my Helmet , viper broom and told to deliver me and i m following up from 2 months for my helmet first 2 weeks no picking than blocking my numbers, after that i called from different numbers everyday they told they will deliver tomorrow or coming friday again no result,4) Few things are not covered with gelatin packing and carton due to material shortage at home promised me to pack it at there office and then send, nothing is done all unpacked items comes without packing and few got broken.


Posted on Feb 11, 2015

we have booked Avone packers and Movers HBR layout Bangalore ( contact Agent: Md. Haleem) for shifting my luggage from Bangalore to Hyderabad I face lot of problems poor service and troublesome behaviour 1) Not given insurance papers, already taken the cost for the same my induction got broked , not able to claim. 2) Asked for more money than what fixed as per discussions earlier , after my luggage got packed and loaded in truck and moved clear black mailing clients 3) Missed my Helmet , viper broom and told to deliver me and i m following up from 2 months for my helmet first 2 weeks no picking than blocking my numbers, after that i called from different numbers everyday they told they will deliver tomorrow or coming friday again no result, even i asked to deliver the same at bangalore to my friends house i will take when i come to banglore from hyderbad, that also not done, every day same excuse we are busy will deliver Please never higher these packers

Sanjay Rakshit

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household belongings from Gurgaon to kolkata on 31st January 2015 through Agarwal Logistics & Packers. They provide me the quotation of Rs 23448. I made payment of Rs 18000 through chek which is already cleared in Bank. Few days back the company guy Mr Vinay ( phone no 9212166643 & 9891266111) send me a bill of Rs 36998 by mail and asked me to complete rest of the payment. I was shocked by seeing the bill. It shows octroi bill 9000 and others 1500. I asked for octroi bill and said that i will pay entire money while i get the bill. But he insist me that first i need to submit the full payment. Thats why i make rest of the payment as i did not have second choice. Though i make complete payment but still they are not delivering the material. I called him every day. he said that it will deliver tomorrow. But all fake commitment. Even i asked for local person with whom i can co-ordinate. But he is not giving any information. Now he is not picking my call. I am ve

Srinivasarao Allada

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

in oct 14 i have shifted my goods from hyderabad to pune. there were somany damages. fridge, coolers, computer table. But they are not not responding. as of now there is no response and they are saying that i have not declared my goods cost. if that is the case why they have shifted my goods with out any declaration this is completely cheating

Arpana Rai

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

This is Arpana Rai who moved her belongings from Bangalore to Mumbai as on 25th December 2014. There are few items which was missing when i received the things in Mumbai and I have complained about it several times but no action is being taken since this is 2nd month since goods were transferred. Also have spoken to Vikram Singh Rathod and Marketing guys but there is no response and action from them. Lot many things were destroyed during transfer of goods and all glass items were broken into pieces. Please help me with my concern as soon as possible and return my things which has not reached my place.

A M Sunil

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

Devesh Rathore

Posted on Feb 02, 2015

Hi, I booked my shifting of my house holding from DLF Home Packers & Movers from Kolkata to Pune on 30 Oct 2014. I received my good on last week of December in pune but I found item no 19, mattress worth (7000) was missing. I contact many times with the DLF but they just replied they will enquire about it. I am yet receive any update about it. Kindly register mine complain against them. Thanks Devesh

Shariq Hoda

Posted on Jan 26, 2015

I had engaged the company for shifting of household goods (GC No.4387219) and car from Mumbai to Patna. The goods were dispatched on Nov 15 were received on Nov 25 while the car dispatched on Nov 11 is yet to be received. The experience was horrible. The contact person of the company in Patna, Shri Pandey refused to reassemble the TV cabinet and fix the dining table. Apart from that several damages listed below may be noted. 1. Three legs of sofa set have been damaged and scratches in sofa (insured for Rs.10000/-) 2. Deep stratches in Godrej almirah (insured for Rs.12000/-) and in doublebed (insured for Rs.6000 / -) 3. Cracks in shoerack (insured for Rs.10000/-) 4. Damages in TV cabinet (insured for Rs.10000/-) 5. Holes in doublebed mattress (insured for Rs.3000/-) 6.Scratches in Samsonite strolley bag (insured for Rs.25000/-) It has been over a month since i forwarded the complaint mail. However, I have not received any update with regard to payments for damages and delays.

sandeep sharma

Posted on Jan 22, 2015


Posted on Jan 15, 2015

I received short receipt and damage of House Hold Article during Shifting from Mumbai to Chennai, I made written complaint to Packers and Movers (M/s. Chennai Packers and Movers Limited) and not received any response for late 10 Months and like to take legal proceeding and look for your service

vipul mehta

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

I recently moved from Bangalore to Rajasthan and hired Dlf Transport for moving my belongings and paid them in advance for moving unloading and unpacing but they delayed in shipping by a week and didn't provide me unloading service I was told by mr. Deepak a workman of Dlf Transport company that they will refund me the money and now after my goods reached me they started to ignore me and today Mr deepak told me that he won't return me my money

sanjeev singh

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

Bad service agarwal packers and movers. If material damage.


Posted on Jan 09, 2015

Recently i shifted my car and households through this packers from Jharli, Jhajjar to Chennai. He has driven my car 1000 KM extra and damaged the car front like bumper, radiator abd front bed. At present my car is in garage. This is costing me almost Rs 25000 to 30,000. I paid extra for the transit insurance also.The packer is not responding my call, since i have paid his all dues. I request your help in this regard. Their Phone No 098717185001, 09717220064. Their Bank account : VIJAYA BANK, palam vihar branch Account No: 832400301000028 Name: Deep Packers and Movers. Person Name: Radha Shyam and Ashok

Sandeep Jaiswal

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

I had sent a courier (AWB No. - 429432208) from Gurgaon to Mumbai on 6th Jan 2015 using "TRACKON COURIERS PVT. LTD". The item was an envelop containing money (Rs. 830). However, when the item reached the destination, the envelop contained only Rs. 20. The envelop was unstapled and the money was taken out from it during the transit process. I tried to contact the customer care through phone & email, but did not get any response.

Maynk Vijay

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

sushovan samadder

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

I have not received half of the house hold items that were sent through Fedex Home Packers and movers sec 9-10 chowk, basai chowk, jhajjar road gurgaon phone 0124-3259789, 9555128290, on 17/09/2014. even after a long wait, calls and emails they have just not responded correctly and now think they have stolen my goods.the good s are valued at 50000 and my compensation claim is also 50000. the website of the company is contact person is surendra singh phone-8901513577, 9990325777. docket no. is 3011

vijay chopra

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

Dear sir last weak iam bag dispatched to through Jaipur golden tpt gr no 379-147181 dated 23-12-14 but goods short received in Ahmadabad iam submit my compliant Jaipur golden office faridabad & Ahmadabad both branches but not get any response & Jaipur golden office staff hardly abuse language use with me I hope you take action in this regards thanks & regards vijay chopra mobile no 9953339661


Posted on Jan 01, 2015


Ravi Kumar V

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

I have ordered a Bosch Tool kit on 16th December and they given the estimate delivery date is 23rd December. But I checking the Delhivery courier tracking page, it shows they received the consignment 19th December itself. After that they are circulating the consignment within the Bangalore. Still I am not get the product.

subhasis gupta

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

Recently I have moved my residence from Dubai to Bahrain. Still I am having my company and resident permit in UAE. For this move I have contracted M/s Writers International in Dubai. At the time of delivery in Bahrain I have found lot of items are broken & seriously damaged. This is happened due to wrong packing and stuffing into containers. I have raised this issue with the company but no action has been taken. I have settled all the payment before the shipment moved from UAE. They are now asking me to pay additional storage charges and insurance premium for my car and holding the shipment. This additional charges occurred due to delay from their end.Now I am being penalised because of their mistake. Would request strong intervention from the right authority against them and not recommend anyone to use their services which is totally unethical and unprofessional.

Ankit Jain

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

I selected Agarwal Logistics Packers and Movers and Mr. Vinay (Phone: 09871346002) is the representative from the company. We asked them to move my items on the 22nd of November, 2014 from Gurgaon he assures us that the above items will be delivered to the shipping address(Bangalore) within 5-7 days in good condition still waiting for my items to be delivered. The entire amount of 10500 Rupees was paid to him in cash. Everytime I call him and he is saying it's in transit. Now he is not picking my call. Please help and take some action against this guy.

Vinod Chourasiya

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

Souvik Ghosal

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

DHL packers owner V. K singh (022) 32261077 Plot No 07, Office No 202, 2nd Floor Krishi Bhawan, Above Visawa Hotel, Sector 19c, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703 Mobile: 9321506777Contact Person: JitendraArea: Navi MumbaiWebsite: www.dhlmovers.comEmail: Address: Office No. 202, 2nd FloorPlot No. 7, APMC Market, Sector 19-C, Vashi, Krishi Bhavan, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai - 400705 These guyz specially the manager - Satbir Singh makes a lot of promises but false ones. Dont fall for their marketing gimmick. There is always material short supply and a lot of damges with these guys and they never deliver on their promises spceially on the insurance part. Once you pay the full money u will never be able to get hold of Satbir Singh ( 9029084777) again. Very very poor service to the extent of cheating.

Kailash Nath

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Search Best packing moving is not easy talk go with


Posted on Dec 08, 2014

sir, mene apna ghar ka saman ek movers and packers ke through apne village bhijwaya the sir sir wo sare paise le chuka hai or saman bhi aaj usko saman liye hue 12 din ho chuke hai , wo sirf phone se baat karta hai samne nehi ata sir wo hume jhasa de raha hai sir meri madad karo sir me akela pad gaya hun kuch din me meri behan ki shadi hai sir , police bhi keh rahi hai hum kuch nehi kar sakte isme sir please meri madad kare movers and packers ka naam ( agarwal (india) movers&packers hai sir , aap meri akhri umeed hai sir please help me

Mayukh Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 07, 2014

We selected Agarwal Logistics Packers and Movers to move the following items on the 24th of November, 2014. 1. 1 cane study table, 2. 1 small cane bookshelf 3. 1 255 litres Samsung double door fridge 4. A mahagony coffee table Mr. Vinay (Phone: 09871346002) assured us that the above mentioned items will be delivered to the shipping address (as below) within 5-7 days in good condition. The shipping address is B-14/341, Kalyani township, District Nadia, West Bengal. The entire amount of 12000 Rupees was paid to him in cash. However on inquiry, he is now saying that 'we shoudl go to hell' and forget about our shipment. He is extremely rude and uncooperative. Kindly help us.


Posted on Dec 02, 2014

SUB : NON RECEIPT OF COURIER AT KOLKATA (20/11/14) Dear Sir, On 20th November, 2014, I had booked one parcel from Ghaziabad (UP) to Kolkata in the name of Mrs. Anushree Dutta, vide Docket No.F08433308 [scanned copy attached herewith). At the time of booking, the concerned executive Mr. Yogesh assured me that the parcel will be delivery within 2 to 3 days. But till date the said parcel did not reached at its destination, even after a span of 9 days. From the day of 24th Nov-2014, your tracking system shows the parcel has been delivered without delivering it on the address mentioned thereon. The delivery boy Mr. Subrata chakraborty, who did not even have the sense of talking to a customer, reveals that he could found the address and hence sent to your Kolkata office. This is not a well practise, for a world reputed concern like DTDC. I try to contact all the levels / branches, both Ghaziabad & Kolkata, (vide telephone numbers like 7278809736 of Subrata Chakroborty,

prakash patel

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

I have ordered Philips trimmer machine on Paytm site and allready paynent was dohe.the approximate delivery date is 28.11.2014 But till date the shipment is not received.and when I complaints booked on bluedart customer support team , response is not received regarding shipment.

Sangeeta Verma

Posted on Nov 28, 2014

Network Home Packers & Movers, Nrol, Ahmedabad has booked my Household goods worth 2+ Lakh from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad on 15/11/2014 and till now not delivered in Hyderabad. They are not replying on calls, all cell no. given are switched off. Abused on calls and asked to launch FIR. Seems like they have no intentions to deliver our goods and we have been cheated by them. Need HELP!

Subhadip Dutta

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Global Packways had transported my goods from Durgapur (West Bengal) to Bangalore back in September 28, 2014. The goods reached Bangalore on Oct 09, 2014. I had many things including a computer table that was made of plywood. This particular table was totally damaged and I had sent them emails with photographs of the damages done. Somebody had even come for an inspection of the damaged table, and had informed me that the table would be replaced as it could not be repaired. I have followed up immense number of times since then for a reimbursement, especially since I had paid a good amount as insurance for the transported goods. However, Global Packways has not cooperated with me and is not responding to my calls and emails. Please help me since they are not willing to give me a reimbursement for the damaged table.

vivek singh

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Myself vivek singh,Dy. Comdt.,210 COBRA Bn,CRPF. I recently moved from pinjore (Haryana) to Darrang(Assam) and booked Eagle Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. (2237,1st Floor, Pipli Wala Town, Manimajra,Chandigarh)to shift my household goods to Darrang (Assam) on dtd 30/09/2014. I have already paid Rs.33,988/- including insurance cost in advance to Mr. Sanjay. The Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But, were not sent till today. I have called a number of times to the staff, but, their is no proper response. They promised me the delivery of my house hold goods within 10 days but till date, not received same, Also whenever I called them, every time they say it is in transit and will reach in 1-2 days. All this matter is causing a lot of problem because all of our household goods are with them. This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress hence forced to lodge complaint .

Anooj Garg

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

Dear Sir, I hired the Agarwal D2D packers & Movers to shift my household material from Mumbai to Dehradun on 31 Oct 2014 but still am not getting my material and nobody pickup the phone. I am trying all numbers of that concern company but am not getting any updates. What should i do how i get my material. Thanks & Regards Anooj Garg 9897391693

Narayan Ramachandran

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

Our good got delivered on the 11th but the delivery guys could not assemble the bed and they mentioned that a carpenter would come and help. I have been following up with Agarwal packers customer care and they have been moving me around for the past 4 days. I am looking for a quick resolution with the bed being assembled. Thanks


Posted on Nov 14, 2014

Brahmanand mishra

Posted on Nov 10, 2014


Posted on Nov 03, 2014

hired agarwal movers (DRS) group for shifting from chandigarh to lansdowne.Didnt sent people to unload the goods and glass top also broken ,now not picking my calls.totally distressed with thier callous behaviour.

Ravi Prateek

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

COMPLAINT AGAINST BLUE DART COURIER Way bill no. 59368722965 this product has reached jammu on body came to deliver the product yet they updated status of the product on web site as consignee refused to accept the product..being upon queried for the product the courier office is sayin that they have misplaced the parcel...please look into the matter and take necessary action with regards ravi prateek

nishu gunjan

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

To transfer my household items, i had hired Paradaise Packers and Movers from Delhi to hajipur Bihar on October 14th. The delivery reached bihar, hajipur on October 28th, they were mentioned the total charges including loading and unloading charges on 2nd floor to 2nd floor, but they delivered my all items in front of my ground floor My items was damage & stolen / Missing. My washing machine, vessel stand, and back part of my wooden almira are missing. At the time of loading all paradaise group promise me that all items will reach safely and no need of insurance and also we provide good quality of packing with new materials, but the packing was too bad. They all are big cheater. When I spoke to the concerned person, firstly nobody is lifting my phone and if i called different number they dont give any satisfactory answer. I have original bill of my all thing. I am frustrated Plz advice me.


Posted on Oct 30, 2014

I had hired Aggarwal Logistics Packers and Movers for shifting Material from Bangalore to Coimbatore on September 29th. The delivery, which was promised on October 1st, reached Coimbatore on October 14th, which we were okay with in the first place. - 1 item (Shoerack) was missing. - 1 item was dismantled and all the screws are missing. It was originally promised that the Aggarwal people would assemble it in CBE as well, but that did not materialize. Now the wardrobe is just lying as planks at home. - 1 table was dismantled and broken, though I had repeatedly asked them not to dismantle the table. They offered just INR 3,200 in terms of the claim amount, which I did not accept. Beyond that, I have not been able to get a reply from them. Today when I spoke to the concerned person, Narendra, he asked me to go ahead and file a complaint if I felt like and take legal action. I am frustrated that the I am unable to claim insurance for which I have paid. Plz advice


Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Amit Srivastava, As per my telephonic conversation with you today, i would like to inform you that I have been facing a lot of harrasment from the above said company since last 3 months. Due to my unemployment, I kept my household goods to his godown for 15 months and for that he asked me initially 500-1000 Rs per month which they forced to Rs.22000 finally by taking advantage of my crisis. They have taken full truck payment but send through part load after two months from payment and i found lots of my household are not reached like my new LED TV, carton boxes with utensils, dining table 2 chairs, baby cycle, plastic gamlas, shoe rack etc. After receiving my part material, i continuously followed up with that man and every time he gave a new date and now finally today he denied to return my material with a very rude behavior. I am not a financially strong man to fight but i am sending this message for a justice from your end. name of that person is Santosh Kumar Gupta.


Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Here is the detail with contact number I took service of this packers & Movers(Ashish International) for my transfer from Pune to Bangalore on April of 2011. I paid all the amount for that service before leaving pune. It took around 15 days for getting the goods. Few goods were lost or missing. As per our discussion he had to refund some balance. We also had one Window AC which he kept it with him and commited to refund total Rs 7000 After I called him so many times. He told that he will be depositing the money soon. He kept on saying the saying the same for 2 yrs. Then at last he threatene that, dont call me again, i am not going to pay your money. Do whatever you want. He given 2-3 times threatenin. Now He is not picking my call at all. I have enough proof to prove this things. Since I am staying now at Bangalore, I cant lodge a complaint against him in local police station. Person name- Ashish Agarwal Address(mentioned in bil) -Shop no-13, Shwetayan appt, Pimple gaurav, Pune-2

sourabh sharma

Posted on Oct 25, 2014

Dear Sir, We had hire a service from om bano packers and movers, gurgaon fro transport of our household items. Initialy when we have discussed with party than they were agreed to transport our items in a price value of 16,000/- including loading, unloading and packing and a insurance of 1 lakh on a separate vehicle for all items. but when they loaded half items than they told us the price value for this will increase about 3000/- and if you will not paid we will not export your items properly. Because of urgency we had paid the amount of 2500/- and after the delivery we found that items was send from a different transportation in a part load with other laggage. They had taken approx. four days. when the truck was reached at gorakhpur than they told that your place is around 80 km far from as you have mentioned in our letter and they again demand to increase the price of around 4500/- for additional km. when the truck came to our place we found the address was same.


Posted on Oct 22, 2014

We have moved to Chennai from Hyderabad and sent our goods through Indian Cargo Packers & movers ( Ph. no 08094919964 LR No.729) on 18.10.2014 evening. They have promised to deliver it by 21.10.2014 morning but we did not receive. After many calls we have been told that due to Vehicle breakdown we would receive by 21.10.2014 morning but till now we have not received. Today, 22.10.2014, when called them they spoke rudely saying they would deliver whenever its possible for them and asked not to call them. We are scared that our goods would not be delivered, even if we receive goods we fear that they might behave indecently with my wife in absence. Please take some action on them.


Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have hired a kartik and kulwinder tpt for delivery my household and car from jammu to belgaum.when i have recieved my car(verna),the rear bumper was having many scratch and torned.when the vehicle was handed over to me at belgaum.i have called up the owner of transport agency to repair my vehicle or give me the money for repair.Now he is telling that my vehicle is insured so i can claim my money from there,which is absolutely wrong.i have paid him 62000 rs out of 72000.10000 rs is still pending on me.but the vehicle repair cost is going 15000 approx.i have handed over my vehicle to him without car conditioning at he not recieving my phone call nor giving any response.please help me out how to get my vehicle repair money from him.your kind action and support will help me perform ny duties peacefully.


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I booked my house hold goods on 08/10/2014 from Delhi - Purnea, Bihar by visiting Anup,8802302570 from that company called me and finalized cost @17000 out of which I paid 12000, rest will be paid at delivery point. After 2 days he called me and threatened me to pay 14500 more otherwise I will not get my goods. After negotiation on 13/10/2014 I paid 7500 to SBI A/C 20112633585, that was registered with Name - Ajay s/o krishan kumar, V.P.O.KHARAR.ALIPUR.HISSAR CANT,Haryana,IFS CODE SBIN008015. Now he is not responding. I called Ishwar 9312721136 who collected my goods but he replied rudely that don’t call me just talk with Anup. I am not responsible for that and disconnected my call. I have all proof related to receipt and payment.


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

&#8203;I agreed with Jagan, I used theor service to move my HOuse hold stuffs from Mumbai to Delhi in August. This Prudential Packers is not a trust worthy company. His owner or employee what Mr RAJ SHARMA call him self is only responsive till you give him full amount that too in advance. He blackmailed me and taken extra 8000 from what I had paid as total amount already in advance. He didnt delivered the stuffs without taking extra money. There were luggage missing from my packets as well. He never responded to me after that. I have full messages history saved with me as proof if any body want to see.&#8203;NEVER USE PRUDENTIAL PACKERS AND MOVERS, THEY ARE CHEAT AND THIEF.&#8203; Reagrds,SOURABH


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I am referring my detailing with Saharapackers (http://www.saharapackers.) Pune. Mr. Sunil Sharma(09312937553) is a big cheater. I booked my Household items movement form Pune to Ghaziabad. My items was damage & stolen / Missing. When I contacted to these people (Mr. Sunil Sharma(09312937553)) he said you’re missing item will come through a different truck & you will receive in net 2 days & on damage you will get your claim. Now it’s more than 4 months, I’m getting dates only ..infect these days nobody is lifting my phone . I called to Bangalore office (so called head office ) bt. They also said they cannot do thing I need to talk in Pune office only .

sunil kumar bali

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

Sir, i book reliable movers and packers to shift my household stuff and car from mumbai to jammu.These people are cheat. Its been coming to a month my stuff is not delivered. Mr.naresh is the person behind this deal.I am feeling helpless. please advice what should i do?

Surender Nitharwal

Posted on Oct 12, 2014

I am registering my complaint against “Sahara Domestic & International Movers & Packers Pvt Ltd. Bangalore with Service Tax code No. AAQCS2366CSD001. I confirmed this company to relocate my household items (total 73 articles) from Bangalore to Ahmedabad. A person named Vijay from this company came to my house and gave me quotation (no. 033111). His personal who came to pack and load my households gave me a Challan with Consignment Note no. 16140 specifying paid amount as Rs. 10,000/- and To pay balance as Rs. 18,953/- and initiated shipping of my households. The shipping date of consignment was 01/10/2014 and Mr. Vijay told me that my consignment will be delivered by 11/10/2014. Now, few days back when I call Mr. Vijay (9343994333) he informed me that my consignment is on hold at Bangalore itself and as soon I will pay total balanced amount in advance they will start further shipping to Ahmedabad. They are blackmailing me. Help me in delivering my households as agreed with company.


Posted on Oct 12, 2014

The Agarwal D2D Consignment Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., has taken my consignment for Bangalore from Mumbai.Company committed for 4 days delivery. But delivered after 12 days. No response for followups. The call center is waste of time. Behaviour and response is untollarable. My Fridge and TV and Pureit got damage. No response from the concerned person from the company. I will suggest never choose the company for any services.

Ankit Goel

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I have Choosen "Asia Mover and Packer" to relocate my goods from Ghaziabad To Bangalore. They forcibly took from me Rs. 8000 extra. ALso, they have stolen my goods say One Bag of Clothes, One Blanket, One Press etc. I want to file complaint against them. Their Website is : Adress : Shop No- B24, Ground Floor, Opp- Yamaha Showroom, Sector-5, Gurgaon(HR.) Contact No - 08800124273 Please help. Thanks, Ankit


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear sir, I have raised my query for Packing,Transporting,Loading and Unloading of my Household goods from Salem to Chennai through your website. Mr.Suresh has given be the quote which is being attached. He has committed that he will deliver my goods to Gurgaon with 7-8 working days(In Chennai Packers and Movers Letter Pad). And he has committed Dedicated Vehicle-Fullload(Eicher Vehicle-LCV) also. Mail attached. The consignment was booked on 28th of September from Salem. Details of Booking: Consignment no: 7862 Booked by:Mr.Suresh,Salem During booking also, he has signed and given the delivery days of 7-8 days. But, i have not received the goods till date in Gurgaon. When i called up suresh several times, he has not picked up my call even once for the past 1 Week. When i called up your help no 044-26503011, they told me that the vehicle left only yesterday from Chennai. When i called up your dispatch helpline, they answered arrogantly.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear sir, I have raised my query for Packing,Transporting,Loading and Unloading of my Household goods from Salem to Chennai through your website. Mr.Suresh has given be the quote which is being attached. He has committed that he will deliver my goods to Gurgaon with 7-8 working days(In Chennai Packers and Movers Letter Pad). And he has committed Dedicated Vehicle-Fullload(Eicher Vehicle-LCV) also. Mail attached. The consignment was booked on 28th of September from Salem. Details of Booking: Consignment no: 7862 Booked by:Mr.Suresh,Salem During booking also, he has signed and given the delivery days of 7-8 days. But, i have not received the goods till date in Gurgaon. When i called up suresh several times, he has not picked up my call even once for the past 1 Week. When i called up your help no 044-26503011, they told me that the vehicle left only yesterday from Chennai. When i called up your dispatch helpline, they answered arrogantly. I would like to go legal.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014

3 chairs cooking luggage stand water tank 2 buckets missed and 50% luggafge brakdown during transportation

Sudipta Sarkar

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly help me for the following issue, I had given my Moter Bike (Yamaha Fazer) to Agrawal Express Packers and Movers (Contact No. 8100366001)on 14th September 2014 to dispatch it from Madhyamgram to Mumbai but still till today it has not reached Mumbai and when I am calling the concern person of packers and Movers he is giving me excuses and is not exactly telling me the current status of my bike. He has already taken full amount i.e Rs.4300 plus travel insurance amount of the bike Rs.750 and has given me a bill but not any insurance papers, I came to know from some other sources that the bill i have received is fake. Kindly help me on this issue as I also went to the Police Station to lodge a FIR but they said this case comes under consumer forum, so I am submitting this complaint please help me.

K C Chacko

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

I sivin K C has assigned my belongings to indigo cargo to Deliver it from Delhi to Kannur to my father and paid them Rs 14000/- in cash. The things were given to them on 25th July 2014 they have promissed me that they would deliver it maximum with in 20 days but still today my father has not received the things. the company is not picking the calls or not even giving any proper answer. the above address and phone numbers are of the company you can contact my father on 9495150049. My fathers address Kunnandathu (h)< Chungakkunnu PO, Kannur Kerala 670651


Posted on Oct 04, 2014

Worst ever service, i booked my house hold items on 07th Sep, when they pack guy Punya talk nicely and Glass board packed in cotton box and said "Sir don't worry we only will load your items in Mumbai and our person will deliver in Bangalore", never and ever trust these guys, they gave all items to worst ever Blue dart courier, now after all follow ups they partially delivered of completely they break my Glass board and all boxes open, My bed completely drenched and still they didn't deliver my items, when i call that idiot punya never answer my calls, Prem guy will pick my call and say "Sir when he comes i will tell him to call" Prashant patil never reply emails, Blue dart guys never reply for emails and when call call customer care center the hold my call for long... Guys never use this people service. worst ever guys.... Worst service people nos- 02249177984/7498901010/9004974985

Sanjay Sharma

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

Hi, I have transfered my house hold thing from Sanikmovers and packers from Bangalore to Gurgagon on 13 August 2014. when my house hold thing were reached at Gurgagon they are in very bad condition some of my major item got damaged. they have not removed the Cartoon boxes ,they simply through thing no company member reached to unload iteam.They have done the insurance for my house hold thing and the Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But, those papers were not sent till today. they have taken my BIKE RC and insurance on the time of loading but now they have not retun my Bike RC and Insurance. I called to Mr. Vikram 9019755575 many time but getting no proper response.on the time of deal they promise me that they will do the loading and unloading of the house holding items but all these commitment was wrong.This is one of the worst company no one take his own responsibility. I never recommend these movers and packers for any one.


Posted on Sep 22, 2014

I had shifted my house goods on 21 Aug 2014 through Vijay packers from chennai to secunderabad & Consignee no.1826. As per list all boxes received but at the time packing that cunning workers not put some costly items inside the box. After the verification my side then only i know some items missing. Kids toys brand new worth Rs. 2500/- , bike's side box and stone (For usage of masala mixtur). I called to chennai branch Mr. Anikumar and he replied "This your fault your have watch carefully, we are not responsible for that, But your stone only available with our godowm, that we will arrange to send". But still no proper response for my remaining items...? i planned to share with my friends and neighbours through facebook, twitter, you tube and web. about very poor and worst service of Vijay packers to avoid undeceive situation.


Posted on Sep 21, 2014

Recently relocated from Jamnagar to Chennai. All major items (Royal enfield bullet, Mountain bike, dining table, shoe rack etc) damaged due to mishandling of vinayak movers & packers. 2. Car transported with scratches on rear bumper. 3. Delivered items at 12:00AM 4. promised that the a closed container(quotation was prepared accordingly) will be sent till house with seal on lock but items received in an open container. 5. Few dialogue by the shifters (PERSON 1"KEEP THE ITEMS PROPERLY", THE RESPONSE BY PERSON 2 ("LET THE ITEMS BREAK") 6. Insurance provided thru mail but named me wrong. When asked responded that the corrected copy will be provided in hard copy while unloading. 7. No branches of Vinayak cargo packers & movers in Chennai. 8. During quotation stage it was clearly told by me that 50% of amount be paid on unpacking thru chk only. 9. The person who came to unpack demaded for 7000rs by cash which was against the agreed discussion. The experience is endless


Posted on Sep 17, 2014

sanik pakers movers sarvice very bad ,ye log 3 months pehle shift kraya tha na hi box leker gay or refund bhi nahi kar rahe kafi time se phone kar rahe hai muger koi l lrespons nahi koi lene nahi aata phone bhi kat kar dete hai banglour

Shiju ML

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

I have ordered a product through online shopping site and the sent the product through DTDC courier service with consignment number P28776109. When tracking it shows the product arrived at trivandrum facility on 09/09/2014, but I haven't received the product till 09/17/2014. I tried to contact them, but they are not answering. Please do the needful.

rakhi rai

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

hi i hired a packers and movers from sahibabad up and they have tirned out to be fraud.

vipul kumar

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

Hi , I send my entire household items from Chennai to Hyderabad through New city packers and movers .It was told to me that any how on Saturday items will be delivered but still I have not got my items and after repetitive calls also they are not picking up calls .If my friends call from Chennai then he quickly responds after knowing they are calling on my behalf then he tells it will be delivered and drops the phone. Really I am facing a lot of trouble so I request you please see that the problem is solved as soon as possible . I have paid all amount in advance itself .

Shashwat Singh

Posted on Sep 07, 2014

I was moving from Mumbai to Delhi so I hired Royal Logistics and Packers to pack and move my goods. I its been a month I have no idea where are my things. Every time I call they give some excuses.Recently they are saying that the goods have reched Delhi. But when I call there Delhi office they keep on postponing the date. They have taken all the amount and not yet delivered the goods. Its been more than a month and goods are still with them(I hope). there website is : Delhi address: Rawalpinadi Garden, Chikamberpur, Delhi UP Border, Ghaziabad- 201006 Please Help me with this.It's really frustrating.

K Kartick

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

I wish to submit a complaint against the following movers and packers company for damaging and losing my articles during a recent transportation of my goods from Delhi to Calcutta in July 2014, as well as ignoring and not answering all my calls regarding compensation for the same. Aakash International packers & Movers Regd. Office : B-29 A Aakash House Street No-8, Bhagar Sing Marg, Block B&C Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi (INDIA) Phone : (011) 6517 0351, 0352 Mobile : 98187 86823, 93136 46507 Email :, Website :

Abhra Chatterjee

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

I have engaged Sainik Packers and Movers for shifting my goods from Bangalore to Kolkata. They had picked up my goods from Bangalore on 5th Aug, 2014 and had promised to deliver the goods at Kolkata within 10 days. But I am yet to receive the goods. Despite my continuous followup, there is no response from them. They lie about the delivery date and have even stopped taking phone calls from me. I am now afraid about the security and condition of my goods. The agency have been callous and dishonest in their approach. I have already made the payments to them. I feel cheated and hence would like to lodge a complaint with you. Please find the details of the agency as under: Name - Sainik Packers and Movers. Address: - 165, 4 Cross, 3 Main, Kalasipalyam New Extn, Bangalore - 560002. Name of Owner - Mr Rathod. Contact - 09019755575/ 09066806975.

Tonmoy Sadhukhan

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

My name is Tonmoy sadhukhan residing at Bhangore bazarpara,dist-24 parganas south,743502 and me and my friend Malcom lazarus went for a bike ride to LEH ladakh on 30th June,2014. After the trip of Ladak, me & my friend left our motorcycles with Mr. Vinay of Agarwal Logistics who promised to load the 2 motorcycles by 20th July,14. Mr vinay's personal number::09871346002 We have called the point of contact of this company and called several times but the answer is same.They are saying they do not know the proper status of the motorcycles.they are abusing us and disconnecting the phone calls.we send the email but no reply. Still today there is no proper news of our motorcycles.. Phone calls have gone unanswered but every-time when call has been made through new no. then it has been answered & if any query is made over the phone, then we get to hear abusive words & moreover threats have been given like ,if they don't send the motorcy

Kiran Ghadge

Posted on Aug 26, 2014

I dispatched my dismantled Bicycle (Montra Blues) in 3 packages from Pune to Bengaluru on 11 August,2014 through Active Cargo Movers and Packers. We paid the entire amount of Rs.2700/- charged by them, which included insurance cover of Rs.10,000/-. The bicycle was supposed to be delivered on Thu 14 August, 2014, but it has not been delivered yet. I have tried calling them several times so far, but now they just ignore my calls. The Active Cargo executive answered my call only when I called from a different number. All I get from him are lame assurances that it will be delivered soon. The name of the Active Cargo executive is probably Ravindra Bharadwaj. Their phone nos. are 020-32918912, 9372288912, 9860388912. Their website is . The name of their delivery agent in Bengaluru is supposedly Anil. His phone no. is 9342969797. Please help me get my bicycle safely.

Mukesh Harshwal

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Respected Sir, I took services of Associated Packers & Movers for moving my house hold from Trivandrum to Pune for joining new job in Pune. I book.ed my luggage on 27 July 2014 and said to them that after finding a flat there I inform you the address. They gave me quotation of 24,200 Rs.I paid 10000 Rs in cash and gave a cheque of 14,200 Rs dated for 1st September 2014. They agreed on these and said don't worry after informing address we send your your households within 2 days.I formed them address on 10th August 2014 and they said they will send it soon. After 3 days I called them for the status. One person named as Ashok no is(07736916099) told me that you have to pay remaining amount in cash otherwise we are unable to send the consignment.I said I'll pay after the delivery but they became rude and misbehaved on phone.I was helpless so I asked for account details.They shared me SURESH BABU Acc. No 05610100012054 Bank of Baroda Kalmassery Earnakullam. I transferred remaining amount 14,200 by online banking(INB/NEFT/AXIR/142267150944) on 14th August 2014 . Now more than a week is over,they are not receiving call and I am helpless. I am facing many problems and these people are not doing anything.I contacted to their Coimbatore office,they are saying different different things everytime. I am sending their other details please help me: Associated Packers & Movers Coimbatore 0422-2648527.

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

t happen to be the fact that we had to keep our house materials with AGARWAL EXPRESS RELOCATION SERVICES PVT. LTD. at Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, Their official address is: Near Rajkumar Samadhi Transport Nagar, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore - 560022 Their bills do not have their address.Our stuffs were kept with Agarwal Express Relocation Services Pvt. Ltd. when we were outside.They theft off most expensive materials like LED TV of 63inches, Microwave oven, Induction heaters, some imported utensils. While taking the payment, they said that all the materials are in proper condition and nothing is missing and collected the payment of Rs.3,10,000.00/-. After which at the time of delivery they said large TV of 63 inches, costing around Rs.89,000.00/- purchased on 2011, is kept at warehouse and will come to us soon in 5 days time- which apparently have never appeared yet even after 3 months.While mentioning about seeking legal help, they started threatening from that point onwards.

Bindu Mohan

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

I have availed the service of Alfa Logistics Packers andMovers, Bommanahalli, Bangalore to ship my household items from Bangalore to Trivandrum on August 5th 2014. The concerned person(Raju) promised us that the load will reach by August 9th, 2014. Nearly 11000 was paid while loading and the remaining amount of nearly 4000 was promised to be paid at the time of unloading. Till today the load hasn't reached us. Whenever we call them, they disconnect the call by seeing my number. If we try to call from some other number, they will disconnect the call when they come to know that it is me. I called just dial bangalore(who has recommended Alfa as one of the packers and movers available in Bangalore) and asked them to conference me with Raju. He said that it will reach us on Aug 18th. Today is 21st and till now it hasn't reached us. I had a very bad experience with them. I do not recommend them to anybody. I want to complaint against them and teach them a lesson. Please do the needful.


Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Hi, Myself Shreedhar sahoo. I have received my goods on 08-May-2014 which I have moved from Pune to Bhubaneswar on 06-Apr-2014 through VN Relocation & Logistics Packers and Movers. Out of my 19 Particular Items, I have received 18 items where ever one item is missing and 3 items are damaged. Missing Items ------------- 1. 2 Chair (2054/18 LR) 2. In Item number 19, It was included shoes stand, Vegetable stand, Dustbin and D2H Antina. Where ever I have got only D2H Antina other 3 things are missing Damaged 3 Items --------------- 1. Big Godrej ( Insurance amount 3000) 2. Small Godrej (Insurance Amount (500) 3. SuitCase (Insurance Amount(500) I have already communicate through Emails with attached damaged Photos and also called to VN Relocation & Logistics many times but they are not responding at all. It is already more than 3 months but still now no updates. Kindly help me on this.


Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Hi, Myself Shreedhar sahoo. I have received my goods on 08-May-2014 which I have moved from Pune to Bhubaneswar on 06-Apr-2014 through VN Relocation & Logistics Packers and Movers. Out of my 19 Particular Items, I have received 18 items where ever one item is missing and 3 items are damaged. Missing Items ------------- 1. 2 Chair (2054/18 LR) 2. In Item number 19, It was included shoes stand, Vegetable stand, Dustbin and D2H Antina. Where ever I have got only D2H Antina other 3 things are missing Damaged 3 Items --------------- 1. Big Godrej ( Insurance amount 3000) 2. Small Godrej (Insurance Amount (500) 3. SuitCase (Insurance Amount(500) I have already communicate through Emails with attached damaged Photos and also called to VN Relocation & Logistics many times but they are not responding at all. It is already more than 3 months but still now no updates. Kindly help me on this.

tarun deep singh

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

I had sent household goods through Trans Cargo of India Packers and Movers from Hyderabad to be delivered to Kolkata on 31st Jul'14 (Consignment# 1093). They promised me that I will receive them within 5-6 days. Today, after 12 days, I have still not received it. On calling them, half the time they don't pick up the calls or reject them. The other half of the time they don't know where their truck drivers are and are unable to provide status of the consignment. After calling them a dozen times, they still can't promise when they will be able to deliver the luggage. I want to know when I will receive my luggage and if there has been any damage to the goods for being on road for so long, who is going to pay for it??

Rahul Anand

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

I got my Car (Swift Dezire)through Agarwal Movers & Packers to trivandrum, Kerala from Kolkata, WB. We had agreed on the car being transported in a lorry but instead it was drove down to trivandrum with a major dent on the car. Now the Person is not willing to provide any assistance in regards to my dent and has stopped receiving my Call also. Kindly assist us.

U Prajapati

Posted on Jul 27, 2014

I have handed over my first lot of cargo to Top Global & Movers on 21st May 2014 and was committed to get the same delivered before 5th of July as the container was ready and can be on the voyage in next 3 days. I believed them and handed over them the stuff along with the payment and till date my cargo has not been delivered. My second shipment which contain my lot of files and some house hold like dinning table , computer and others which I have handed over to them just before leaving Dubai and again committed that the shipment will take some 60 days to get delivered to Sydney. Till date I am not informed of the status of my shipment and the worst thing is no body s lifting the phone even. Shameel / Fazeel look after the buisness and sine the deal has been made Fazeel Younis is escaping, I tried a lot to ask about the status frome here but no replies. Its a fraud company with website. Pls help me to lodge a complaint against them.

Shiv karan

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

Dear Sir, Greetings !!! I've booked my house hold goods in (M/s TMT CARGO MOVERS & PACKERS, KHASRA NO-715, RANGPURI, MAHIPALPUR, NEW DELHI-110037) FROM F221, 2ND FLOOR, F-BLOCK- VIKASPURI-110018 TO my home town in Rajasthan- WARD NO.-2, GAJSINGHPUR-335024 DIST.-SRI GANGANAGAR (RAJASTHAN) I HAVE BOOKED MY GOODS IN RESERVED VEHICLE WITH NEXT DAY DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY SERVICE. I HAVE PAID Rs.13000-00 for the same (Inclusive of all service tax + insurance.) Mr. Subhash verma (representative of company) currently living in Manglapuri delhi cheated me. He did not delivered the goods till date & he told me different false stories about my goods & its location in first 2 days & after that he did not picked up my calls. Nobody is picking up my phone calls till date. I have called them on all numbers mentioned on their website. 3 days back one person picked up my call & he told me the truth that TMT CARGO people did not sent my goods in reserved vehicle but they have booked my goods in TFC trans

sadanand pradhan

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I had booked my household items by excellent movers n packers ,nigdi pune, from pune to bhubaneshwar on the 18th june and paid 8500 complete amount. and they had promised delivery on the 26th of june. I had followed up with them from bhubaneshwar on the 25th but their representative Mr chandrakant’s cell nos 07030894472 was ringing but not picked the phone. So I had a doubt,the next I called from my mobile ,same thing happened,he didn’t picked the phone. The next day I called another mobile no , he picked phone and told it will another 5days. After 5 days I called he didn’t picked the phone ,from another I tried he didn’t picked the phone. Then I called from friends mobile he picked phone and told it will take some days.Again I called after 5 days but this time his no switched off.all that office no not reachable. One of number I called (no mentioned in visiting card he had given).somebody picked the phone and told I don’t who is chandrakant. Whom you complained,complain I d

sadanand pradhan

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I had booked my household items by excellent movers n packers ,nigdi pune, from pune to bhubaneshwar on the 18th june and paid 8500 complete amount. and they had promised delivery on the 26th of june. I had followed up with them from bhubaneshwar on the 25th but their representative Mr chandrakant’s cell nos 07030894472 was ringing but not picked the phone. So I had a doubt,the next I called from my mobile ,same thing happened,he didn’t picked the phone. The next day I called another mobile no , he picked phone and told it will another 5days. After 5 days I called he didn’t picked the phone ,from another I tried he didn’t picked the phone. Then I called from friends mobile he picked phone and told it will take some days.Again I called after 5 days but this time his no switched off.all that office no not reachable. One of number I called mentioned in visiting card.somebody picked the phone and told I don’t who is chandrakant. Whom you complained,complain,I dont care.

Narendra Kumar Sharma

Posted on Jul 15, 2014

My TV is broken during shifting by Vishal Cargo. No help is forthcoming.

Charnjeev Singh

Posted on Jul 12, 2014

It is agst a Courier Company named " Shri Maruti Courier"

Nisharg Thakkar

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

I sent a car and a bike from gurgaon to bangalore on 22nd june.I was promised delivery on 29th june,as of 8th july there has been no response from packers and movers and I dont know where my vehicles.Please help me file a complaint for this

Bhavin Mehta

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

Raffles Packers & Movers have not delivered my goods even after 15 days. I'm facing monetary losses because of that.They had committed 8 to 10 days.


Posted on Jun 27, 2014

Sir, This is Krishna actually the thing is i was planned to shift mu double cot bed from Bangalore to Hyderabad on march 30, 2014, so I have checked online and suddenly I got call from guy called Rohit Sharma (080 - 32211084, 9916699194), told that he will transfer the bed to Hyderabad and he sent 4 people along with auto and they took my bed and Rs. 3900 money and told that it will get delivered within 3 to 4 days later it was not delivered after week also I went his office and enquired about bed he’s not at all giving proper response and it continues 10 days after that April 15, 2014 it comes to Hyderabad and he gave me the Hyderabad address and number, then I called to those people and they are telling that the bed was everything spoiled if you people come and check once then if you need to deliver we will send to your home or else we will send back to Bangalore. Late we went there and checked it it was everything broken and it’s in bad position, then I called to Rohit(Bangalore)

Arvind Singh Chauhan

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

we have recently shifted from ranchi to Malanjkhand, Balaghat thrught Agarwal packer & Movers, GC No. 4011127 x 79 date 12/5/2014 Ex Ranchi to Balaghat (M.P). While shifting we suffered the following losses: 1. Imported Sofa set damaget 2. Computer/study table broken 3. 2 cartoons having the kitchen item and clothes missing 4.1 wall clock and 1 pinting damaged. ( wall clock not at all packed and was kept with used bathroom items, Painting was repeteadly asked 3 times to wrapped with news paper and bubble sheet which was not at all done and it recently bought at Rs 1300 and it was found damaged when we opend the cartoon) 5. 1 pot having plant of aloevera missing still lying with agarwal packers Ranci godown. 6. Centre table is still to be unpacked and refitted. 7. D2h and Kent RO is also to be fitted. Earlier also we had our goods transported from Bangalore to Ranchi and we hardly suffered any losses at that time. But this time at Ranchi packing was done with an irresponsible attitude. At the time of paking we were not at all satiesfied with the packing of our safa set as it is a imported designer & costly sofa set made of leatherite. And the packng was also not done in the manner which was told to us at time of meeting with your sales representative. It was only packed with paper but initially we were told that the packing of sofa will be done using bubble paper, thermocoal and other materials. We were also told that most of the packing will be complete one day before the last day and on that scheduled day nobody came. On last day i.e. 12th may your packers came at about 11:00 AM and the packing was done in careless manner. Due to this we received our sofa set damaget and also the side tables of sofa set. They got 8 major cut and the internal structure broken. We paid for pinsurance and unpacking also but we are still to get any service at their end. Now they are offering Rs 6000/ to settle the issue. Pictures of damaged items is being attached for refrence. Arvind Singh Chauhan 09771477597


Posted on Jun 19, 2014

Dear Sir, I have shifted my house hold items last month on May 10th from Bhiwadi (Rajastan) to Bangalore. By using Righter Packers and Movers from Gurgaon. Contact person is Mr.Sandeep cellno:9718408124, 9873694027. Initially, he said that it will be delivered in one week but I received my items on 30th May after 20 daysl. And all items were in bad condition, specially my bike was in bad condition, two indicators, Doom broken, seat damaged. And tail pipe also damaged. ANd one bag was missing in the item. I have asked them when i will get my bag and this damage cost. They said within one week it will done, but after that no news. I have been trying to talk to these people but they are not responding for my calls and email. KIndly suggest. Should i go for local police station to register a complaint. Thank you. Prabhakar

M. Dutta

Posted on Jun 14, 2014

Agarwal Packers (DRS group) shifted our household items (consignment no.: UPB2146) from Delhi to Hyderabad. All our stuff arrived in a damaged state - the furniture were in pieces and there was drain water in kitchenware and clothes. Calling their customer care has led us to a wild goose chase from one person to another. Please let us know the process of taking legal actions against them.

Praphulla Jha

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

Dear All I faced very bad experience of movers n packers as I had taken quote from Manglam packers n movers for household shifting from Kanpur to Bangalore. Even after several reminders my shipment got delayed by days but I failed to understand that entire house hold was damaged due to heavy rain in the region as they had not done the packing as confirmed at the time of finalizing the deal. Further I want to bring into your notice that below items got damaged even though I had taken an insurance of Rs200000 they are not bothered about my damages and now I am chasing them for last 12 days and they are not responding at all. I personally request everyone that please don't use the services of the said packers n movers. Even they have mentioned wrong mail id in challan and on their web sites as well.


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Sir, we used the services of Leo Movers and Packers India Pvt Ltd, Marketing Representative A K Sharma, Mob 9560717778. They promised to deliver our household goods from Gurgaon to Hyderabad in 5-6 days and picked it up on Thursday, May 29. Till date, I have not received by goods and Ashok is also not replying to my emails or phone calls. Please advice, what legal action I can take against them


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

The packers have stolen so many things from my suitcase.they really harassed me a lot.I called him several times but no reply.

Manish Prasad

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

Sir, This complaint is against - "GK Express Roadlines” Address-Mata Mandir Road, Kataria Chowk Dhan Colony, Gurgaon. Contact Person – Rajendra - 8813915195 Shaymsundar - 9718370056 My car was supposed to be a door to door delivery by this car carrier company and they picked my car from my residence Noida with total running KM of 23320 and was delivered to Pune with KM 23475 (total running of 155 KMs, which itself does not justify since total distance from NOIDA to Gurgaon is not more than 40KMS). My car has been so roughly used that complete engine was found chocked and it’s still in garage for last 10 days also original plus additional items were missing and builty was manually altered. Now the in-charge person "Rajendra, Ph.8813915195" has stopped picking my phone and is not at all responding after confessing all the mistakes. Please guide me, how I can take legal action against him? I want the complete recovery of the damage made to me and about the missing items.Thanks, Manish


Posted on Jun 01, 2014

Hello, I was cheated by SAINIK Packers and Movers, Bangalore website of the company : I would like to book a complaint against them. please advise.

manjunath s patil

Posted on May 27, 2014

The below mwntioned Packers and Movers harrassing me for returniing my product as they could not able to deliver the product for 1 month. Website: Ph No: +91 80500-13001, +91 80500-15003, +91 9035913874 The Company has not delivered my product in 30 days, till today not received it back also (27-05-2014) Response from them is now very rude. In our last discussion he said he will return the product back on 27-05-2-2014. Infact it was the commitment after he played with us by saying it will reach now and then for the past 2 weeks atleast. On heated arguement he said he will return on 27-05-2014 at any cost. We kept calling him for almost 50 times, but not receiving the call. I want to punish this service provider legally, such a way that he should not dare to do this again in future. my product: Honda Dio 2 wheelers Product pick up document details: Receipt number: 1239 GR No: 1347

apoorv goyal

Posted on May 27, 2014

Mahaveera International, Dwarka, Delhi I had booked my bike with a bag of books,they delivered only bike and has lost my bike keys and books. Its been 2 months and now they dont pick my phone .

Chaitali Roy

Posted on May 26, 2014

I booked my household items from Chennai to Mumbai on 26.05.2014 through Elite packers & movers, chennai. Till date(26.05.2014) I dint receive my luggage in full form. No one is responding or taking initiative to find my luggage and send it to me. What should I do now? Please help.


Posted on May 20, 2014

Sir, I have booked my household items from chennai to Mumbai on 17.4.2014 through elite packers & movers, chennai, till date *20.05.2014) neither I didn't receive materials nor I didn't get response from the said people. What should I do now?

Saurabh Upadhyay

Posted on May 20, 2014

Dear Sir I hired Gati KWE to transfer my luggage from Jamshedpur to Noida on 13th May 2014. It was to be delivered to my home on 16th May 2014. I filed a complaint on 19th May 2014. I was told by Ketan that I would get a call in 4 hours. I checked again, Ketan said Mr.Himmat tried to call me at 12:45 on 19th May, but its not true. However, Ketan again promised me that Himmat would call me at 11am on 20th May 2014, but he did not. I called up the call centre and spoke to Ms.Monali who said that there was no such commitment made. I was told by Ketan that my luggage is in Jamshedpur and Monali said my luggage is in NOIDA. When asked for a seniors email ID, Monali refused to give it. Then came Asif, the floor supervisor who could not help me either. I have face monetary losses due to this delay. I want your help please.

Ashish T

Posted on May 20, 2014

I shifted my household item from a shiv m&p pune. It has been a month they have not delivered a washing machine a missing item. What should I do, I have receipt.

Badal Bhattacharya

Posted on May 19, 2014

Recently for purpose of my job transfer I had shifted my all house hold from Ahmedabad to Kolkata by M/s Kuber Logistic Movers & Packers. As per agreement I had paid total Rs 31,000/- the time pick up & this price was for Packing , Loading , transportaion, Unloading & 1 lakh of insuarce premium @ 3 % . They have send my material to Dankuni only ( 50 km away from Kolkata) and from there to my home address they have given me preusre to pay another Rs. 4500/- what I had to pay. I could not recevice any insurace paper till date what they supposed to send me very next day of material despatching. Now after receving of my material I found few material not in proper condition, even major item of my refrigator (2months old) not working. And my helmet ( Ninja- value Rs. 1070/-) not received. I had inform them & repeated tried to contact them to resolve this issue but they treat like I did mistake to chossen them for this job. I request your suupport so that I can get all damarage charges for this nusense done by them. Seeking your kind help n this. If any further clarification you require please wwrite email or call me mention number.


Posted on May 19, 2014

Sir I have booked my households through Ms Agarwal Packers & movers, Visakhapatnam branch office on 19.04.2014 and after 15 days the materials were delivered at madurai address in a very damaged condition on 3.05.2014 and most of glass items were completely broken. One perfect box containing DTH set top box(Videocon), photo frames, wall clock found missing. The branch manager at Madurai Mr. Ramesh and Mr. Ashok at Vizag are not responding and not answering in this regard properly and also regarding the breakage of materials. the cost of the broken materials would be around Rs. 7000 for its rectification. the missed and non delivered items cost around Rs. 4000/- I reported the issue to their HQ through Call centre and also by mail, but no reply. I am facing mental agony and loss in this regard.

Pabitra Nath

Posted on May 19, 2014

respected all,myself Pabitra nath & this is to inform you that Gati Courier does not provide me the my courier parcel already 15 days gone so i want request you that plz take some action against them becoz they are fraud

nihar samal

Posted on May 19, 2014

Dear Sir, My Name is NIHAR RANJAN SAMAL, This complain is for India’s No 1 Packers and movers AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS(00160015001). I shifted my household things from INDIRAPURAM Ghaziabad to Bangalore on 1st of May 2014. There were 6 people came to my home for packing with supervisor Mr. Anil. My house was on 5th floor of Society SHIPRA KRISHNA VISTA. They started packing and after they packed few things they started taking the packed things to down. That time I asked the supervisor why are you taking the things down, will it be safe ? and advised them to pack all the things and keep it here in my house finally you take the goods to load your truck. Then they said it will be easier for us to do with few items instead of whole item and they assured me that our people will be there to look the things. In between my wife also asked them why you took the TV so early is it safe then all the guys assured don’t worry madam it will be safe our people are there to look. 1) Suddenly 5 PM the


Posted on May 14, 2014

AGARWAL PACKWAY INDIA limited , Shop no 3, near Mahafil Restautaurant, Primple Gurav has shifted my house hold goods from Pune to Thane. He has not given insurance & Octori receipts to me. They have simple cheated me.

Sumit Bhat

Posted on May 10, 2014

Dear Sir/ Ma'am On 07/05/2014 I had purchased the services of lalit cargo movers and packers to deliver some of my household goods from Jammu to Gurgaon. But while the material was shipped to my gurgaon address one of the article was found broken. Now on asking to get the article repaired or replaced the cargo packers and movers is charging me extra 4500 apart from the agreed amount.please help me and let me know the further coure of action. Thanks Sumit Bhat


Posted on May 08, 2014

i have booked my house hold items to bhagavati packers and movers on 23/03/14 from delhi to madurai.But till date i am not received my are requested to guide me punish cheating packers and movers

Pankaj Kumar Srivastava

Posted on May 08, 2014

Hi Sir, I have transfered my goods from Gaziabad to Banglore by AGARWAL PACKERS AND MOVERS. Consignment Number : UPB001449 4 Goods were damaged and they were all insured.All four goods delivered are not in usable condition and all were INSURED. THEY ARE NOT COMING FORWARD TO REPAIR OR RETURN THE INSURANCE AMOUNT after repeated followup. Please help me out . Thanks & Regards Pankaj Srivastava +91 96207 54321

Ashutosh Singh

Posted on May 05, 2014

I have sent my bike through Sahara movers and packers. From kolkata to chennai on 16th April 2014. Till date I have not received the bike in chennai. When I am calling mover and packers they are telling iy wil come in one or 2 days. Like this 20 days have passed. Now they don't have any answer where my bike is . They told I wil get my bike in 7-8 days from the date of sending. Now 20 days are over and I don't have any clue where my bike is. Please help me getting my bike from them. Regards, Ashutosh Singh

Abinash Sinha

Posted on May 01, 2014

I had to shift from Kolkata to Pune. Hired Pck&Mvrs, they loaded the house hold goods on 20th April and promised to deliver in 7-8 days. Its more than 10 days but the goods still not deliverd. They had not given the house hold goods papers receiving to us before moving. Now they say it will be delivered tomorrow. But not yet delivered. Please suggest where can I complaint against them, in Kolkata or in Pune?

Anuj Rastogi

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

They cheat me because we finalized 10700&#8377; for shifting of house holds but after loading of goods they blackmailed me to pay 12322&#8377;. Please help me to take necessary action against those cheaters.I have estimate and bills as a proof. Company name: Allied .overs and packers Chandigarh.

Nikhil Kumar

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

I booked a packers & movers to transport my household goods from Jamshedpur to Bangalore. I paid for the full load transportation. The goods were loaded in the truck in Jamshedpur on 1st April, 2014. They promised to deliver the same by 7-8 days in Bangalore but I have not received my goods even till today (29 days). Earlier they told that it is getting delayed due to election & then they informed that the truck piston got damaged so they will shift the goods to another truck and deliver the goods. Then we came to know they put our goods in a truck which was carrying some plywoods whose paper was not proper and the truck was seized by forest department, than they told it is seized by sales tax department & they have paid the fine to they and will deliver the goods in 1 day. Now after 9 days they are telling that the truck is seized by the Sales Tax court and they will take the bail and deliver the goods. Please suggest what all options do I have? Is consumer forum a good option?

Ankita Kishore

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Company name, address, website: TMT cargo packers movers, Khasra No.715, Near Tata Telco Service center; Rangpuri , Mahipalpur New Delhi - 110037 Date of shipment: 2nd april Complain: delay in delivery, cheating, breach of trust, mental harrassment. promised delivery date was 9th april & my consignment has still not reached, today is 25th day. i've been calling them everyday but they dont pick my call & if they pick they simply excuse themselves by giving another date which is 3 days later. highly unprofessional & annoying behaviour. pls help


Posted on Apr 25, 2014

i had transported my household goods with Om packers and movers from Bangalore to Pune on 2nd April along with insurance.After delivery i found my treadmill machine completely broken.Now , when i try to contact them, they are not responding to my issue.

Mayank Sharma

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

I gave transportation contract to them from Kolkata to Delhi and insured it with them itself by paying 3% of IDV. I was promised that my 6 valuable items would be sent in wooden packing but even after charging for the same they packed only 2 small items in wood packing. Further if any case arises they would immediately reimburse claim on IDV basis. Its been 3 months now since claim arose, they destroyed my fridge, Microwave, Washing machine and a painting total worth INR 53000 as per IDV and now they offer me INR 3000 without explaining how they arrived at the amount. Please help me in settling the claim and getting my money back from them. I have been harrassed for last 2.5 months by them.


Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Agarwal packet (DRS group)charged Rs 12000.00 without giving any marine policy and receipt. Also the house hold goods damagee claim not paid si,ve 18.2.2014.

Pravin Dabgar

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I have changed my job from Daman to Bhopal and shifted my all Household Material from Daman to Bhopal through Azad Cargo Packers and Movers, Plot No. - 363/C Shiv Ext. Near Haria Export 2nd Phase GIDC, Vapi., GIDC Industrial Area, Phase 3, GIDC, Vapi, Gujarat 396191 093 76 237713. They have committed to delivers the goods on Monday, 14/02/2014 but till date the material not received. We have called this person on no. 093 76 237713 numbers of times but he was not responded us till date. He had given us one other person number -09904815807 which is out of network from last two days. He has given us vehicle no.MP41G0126 but the contact detail of the vehicle owner also not available with us. How can we track this truck and driver. From last three days , i am in bhopal with my wife and two small child.My entire home luggage is in truck. Please help me to get my home luggage. Thanking you Pravin Dabgar +91-9826219270

Arindam Dutta

Posted on Apr 13, 2014

I have used service of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd The consignment number was UPB000932. It was in the month of October 2013. There were damages to my belongings in transport. I had insurance done. I had been interacting with one Ms Kusum and one Mr. Anil from Kolkata. They are non committal on providing damages and showing extreme apathy towards my concern. I need them to close this matter ASAP by providing me the solution by repairing the damages or providing equivalent money. Regards, Arindam

rakesh kwatra

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

I had booked my moving from Delhi to Bangalore paying Rs.47000/- as their charges with insurance,after shipping in nov.2013,the 2 beds,icabinet et.was damaged and they brought back the same to delhi to repair and tried repairing from some vendor spoiling it more then took it back to the manufacturer who did the repairs which were possible and raised a bill of Rs.59000/- paid by us as the insurance company of Santafe Movers which is Pac Global Insurance Co. of USA would settle,tody in April 2014 I have received a mail that they have settled the same for a mere $300/- only. Please advise

Rahul Bhat

Posted on Apr 03, 2014

I booked household goods thru the co. on 17.2.14 after paying all the charges including packing, loading & unloading charges and Insurance charges. The goods were delivered at my Hyderabad residence in extremely damaged and wet condition with few items having been lost in the transit. The co. changed two trucks enroute to Hyderabad. Inspite of my notice to pay claim of Rs86,400/- to me the co. is neither lodging claim with the insurance co nor paying me the compensation.

Vikas Sharma

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

I booked my luggage from Bangalore to Panipat on 11 March 2014 through Bhardwaj Packers and Logistics, Bangalore.Initially they send highly untrained people to pack my belongings which somehow i managed to packed it properly.At time of pickup they asked more money than agreed before by their guy named Vishal 9035062877 by adding insurance, octorai whose receipt they didn't given to me They promised to deliver it in max 10 days . When i called them on 21 March asking to update the status of delivery which they said it will be delayed due to holi and deliver on next Wednesday, When i called them back on Wednesday they said it will deliver by today night which never happened and they stopped taking my call and after i tried with different number they always provide false information. Finally i have to go to gurgaon to get it delivered and after delivery i found lot of stuff like shoes and bag full of books missing and other stuff was also in damaged condition Vikas Sharma

Raghuram M Kamath

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam: I relocated from Germany to India and shipped my goods through UPS courier as transfer of residence having stayed in Germany for more than 2 years. Since I expected door to door service, I paid about EUR 925 for the consignment. After the goods arrived in India, I was called to clear the goods from Customs office in Bangalore. The UPS office in Bangalore hired the services of a customs clearing agent without informing me that it would cost more. There was few days of delay due to UPS Bangalore and after the goods were cleared, I was asked to pay clearing charges without which they would not deliver it to my residence. I had to pay over Rs. 2200 for which I disputed and raised complaints with UPS. After a lot of follow-up, I did not get any written response rather the company would defend what they did on the phone. They accepted that the German counterparts made the mistake by accepting the cargo. I dispute what they charged and hence raising this complaint.


Posted on Mar 29, 2014

Dear sir Reference is made to Sahara movers and Packers, Bangalore Invoice No 23609 dated 18.03.14 and Consignment note 25983 dated 18.03.14. Total Seventy packs sent from Chennai to Sahibabad on 18. 03. 14. Items received at Sahibabad on 24.03.14 late night. Following damages noticed.1. Fridge top corner broken and internal defrost switch damaged.2.Washing machine top lid broken.3.Computer table broken in to pices4.Wall clock kept in comp box damaged5. Nut bolts of steel bed not available6. Two wooden dibing chairs broken7. Air tel antena half portion  missing8.Bike side panel brokenComplete payment has been received by company along with 3000/- for insurance of One lakh rupees.Its a matter of regret that company has shown totally careless attitude in transporting my luggage.Please take necessary action to compensate for the losses immediately. Regards Akhilesh Kumar Tripathi

vinay singh

Posted on Mar 29, 2014

Respected Sir, I vinay Singh from koparkhairane want to complain that a person is trying to duped my 5 lacs money as (JCB payment) who stay in thane. Being repeatedly calling him and visting his home he has only given us only half of the money. Sir,I have a 3dx JCB which was given to Nigaba Enterprises owner (P.N verma Mobile: 9320133040) stays in Thane. I have given my JCB on hour basis for 1 year but he is now trying to cheat /duped my payment which is 5 lacs. Please sir I request you to please solve over this my issue as we are facing finanicial threat now a days. As I don’t known regarding this where to complain so I am complaing to consumer as I have recently complain to navi Mumbai police but it is of no use. Please help me sir MY mobile NO:9321036348, 9321916318


Posted on Mar 19, 2014

I contacted globalexpress india got their number from just dial,they agreed to ship two of bags containing my clothes and other important accessories which i could not add to my usual luggage in train on JANUARY 18th,2014. The luggage was supposed to reach mu kolkata address in 4 days,but the luggages are still missing. The person named sandeep do not answer his phone at all. The number he has put on website Address :Shop No-15, 2nd Floor, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Opp Sector 5, Gurgaon, Haryana Our Services : Car Carrier, Household, Bike Shifting Contact Person Name :Sandeep Email Phone :09873672233 an on matches exactly but there is no answer on any of the contact number. I was given a consignment no of 205. i dont know what to do ?

Sadique Shaheedi

Posted on Mar 14, 2014

Used Expert Movers and Packers Andheri Mumbai for Transfer of Household articles from Mumbai to Goa. The household goods recd were in a bad shape and many articles like sofas all the three pieces were torn.


Posted on Mar 13, 2014

first flight courier ltd used inappropriate ways of increasing the volume of cargo.

Abid Hussain

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

I Would like to file a complaint against Trackon Courier service for misplacing my courier under airway bill is almost a month now that the local representative of the service namely mohd yusuf mob no.9419059384 despite my repeated complaints regarding courier delivery is resorting to dilly dally tactics to evade the issue... It is as such requested that action against the said courier service local delivery and collection dealer may be taken and i may be awarded the suitable compensation for suffering for want of that courier...and to make the dealer learn the lesson that he cannot take the customers for a ride. Thanking you in anticipation.. Sirs.

Sonia Yadav

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

Hi I had Booked my Activa from Gurgaon to Pune through Vishal Cargo Packers & Movers ( But when I received my Activa in Pune it was in so much bad condition. Paint of Activa was scratched, side stand was broken and KM Meter was increased (Almost 150Km of running).When I called the Gurgaon Office (Sanjay Choudhary – 9990656610), they declined and said it was what they got while packing. Also, there is a layer of cement and dust lying in one side of active. I have the photographs of before sending the Activa and after receiving the Activa. Details of bill are - VISHAL TRANSPORT CO. Bill No – 2173 Date – 06th Feb 2014 Pickup Location – Sector 12, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122001 Receving Date – 15th Feb 2014 Destination Location – Vadgaon(Bk), Pune, Maharashtra – 411041 Please do let me know the course of action I should take so that I can get my Activa repaired.

Denim Dcosta

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

I want to complain against courier agency who assure the package will be delivered in 3 days but it is 7th day and still they dont have tracking number

Suchit Dekivadia

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

On 30th of January we have made following agreement with Mr Ramesh from Writer Movers and Packers.- All the material to be dispatched from Noida to Chennai on 31st January and delivered to Chennai - I was assured that in case of the material reaches Chennai by 10th of Feb extra 10 days the material/goods will be stored in Chennai Ware House as a provision.- The total cost of the material including insurance was negotiated INR 70,000.00- Payment terms : 1. Advance at the time of loading : Rs 20,000 (Already paid)2. At the time of delivery : Rs 45,000 (To be handed over to their Chennai based office - either on cash or cheque)3. Post set up the material : Rs 5,000 (To be handed over to driver) Current Situation :Material was loaded on 31st of Jan 2014 from Noida and dispatched from Gurgaon on 12th of Feb 2014 (As per the telephonic conversation only) They have been constantly following up for the money Rs 45,000, still material is not delivered. They stop the truck in MP.

Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

I have booked a speed post consignment no. eh560503803in for Allahabad on dated 24/01/2014.The consignment holding my application form up madhyamik seve chayan ayog,allahabad. but still it is not delivered. I have made a online complaint about it. complaint no. is 100055-99779. as per complaint status Allahabad post office did not received consignment. please help us to deliver this consignment.

Prachand Kumar

Posted on Feb 01, 2014

I booked my house hold goods through "safe cargo packers movers" to move from chennai to gurgoan on 22-01-2014. Now they are not responding to my phone calls and asking money to move the load from chennai.please help me.

Tavish Porwal

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

I shifted my household luggage from Gurgaon to Mumbai on 22nd October, 2013 and received the goods on 9th November, 2013 using Agarwal Movers and Packers (Delhi-based).As the goods were being unloaded, one item no. 10, Split AC compressor was missing. After repeated attempts to local Mumbai office to claim the insurance, they keep saying that they are still finding. It my hard earned money and they are not bothered even to respond. It has been more than two months and to adding to the misery, in spite of repeated follow-ups the response from claims department was very indifferent, casual and as usual lacking accountability. Kindly help in filing claim against them.

Rajkumar wadhwani

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

Hi On jan 2014 we have appointed Agrawal packer &movement Satna to deliver few house hold stuff to Mumbai . They had committed that the stuff will reach the destination by jan 17 2014. Till date we haven't received the stuff .We called them few times they said that truck is broken in nasik & will reach to your destination on 18th . We called up Them again . But this time they didn't picked up the call. Called again with different no. They picked up and said that stuffs are still in nasik. Truck is still broken. I asked them to give the status of arrival of my household good. I asked them to clearly tell me when I am going to receive the stuff. They said will call in 20 min. They didn't buzz me at all & now not picking up my call. I am Waiting for my stuff more than the committed time. Have little girl & most of the stuff belongs to her . They have already taken the money in advance.Pls help. The bill no is 107, truck no MP 20 GA 6883 ST no AXUPS7554CST001


Posted on Jan 18, 2014

Hello, I got my household material shifted from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore on 07.09.2013 by Safe Time Mover & Packers which has registered office in Pune and Regional office in Navi Mumbai (Office No.-5, Anugovind Sadan, Sector-20, Airoli, Navi Mumbai-400708). I paid the packing, loading, unloading, tranportation & insurance charges in advance. When I received my material at Bangalore, I found some of the material got damaged and also noone from safe time movers & packers came for unpacking and I had to hire third party person for unpacking which they had promised me that they would reimburse the amount. I have been following up with them for last five months to reimburse the unpacking amount and also to settle insurance claim against my damaged goods. But I am not getting proper response and not feel that they are not at all interested in doing anything regarding it. I have all the bills, receipts & photos of the damaged goods. Can you pls help me in this issue? Regards, Divya

Ruchi Raj

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I have booked my house hold things with Jai ganesh movers and packers on 30 Dec 2013 for the bill amount of Rs 16000,from Delhi to Gangtok . They promised me to deliver the assets in one week but till now , i didn't get back my assets, when i call the person, he just ignoring my call.they started asking for more money to deliver it back. They asked me for Rs. 17000 more on billed amount i.e. total of Rs.33000 (16000+17000). I found no other options other than paying this amount and getting my things back from them. But after paying Rs. 33000 , i m still waiting for my assets. I am very tensed now, what to do, & where to go for my goods, whenever i called them, they just says that truck is on the way, i am busy now, talk u later....Please help me.


Posted on Jan 03, 2014

we have shifted our home materials from Chennai to Jammu on 8&#8242;dec 2013 when received on 2&#8242;jan 2013 in Jammu after so much of harassment and false commitments . Then we found that All the cartons were opened, my LCD TV 32 inch was broken as well my bike was damaged . Kindly help me and please take a strict action against Sahara Mover & Packers Bangalore by giving them a lesson which every movers and packers should remember.

Akash Ghai

Posted on Jan 02, 2014

I had the worst experience with Pragati Packer and Movers ( 1. Shipping of 18 packages done from Noida to Bangalore on 11-Oct-2013 expecting it to be delivered at Bangalore in 7 days. 2. Payment issue: I had made 50% advance payment and remaining was to be done once shipment reaches. During delivery, they started giving excuses that there is some payment due at Bangalore for which I have to go and visit the godown myself and collect the stuff after making the payment. 3. Suitcase stolen: On reaching the godown, I was bewildered to find 1 big suitcase missing from the consignment. 4. Insurance not covering Theft: On talking to Insurance company, I was informed that Insurance is for Damaged stuff only and not for stolen items. The liability for stolen items is with Packer only. 5. Compensation decided by Packer (4K instead of 20K) 6. No compensation provided: I followed up several times but still haven't got any compensation and feel cheated using their

Parul Sharma & Ram Kumar Sharma

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

Courier company M/S Trackon couriers Pvt ltd. based at C-143,Naraina Ind.Area Ph.-1, Delhi-1100287 tel no. (011-45593500) did not deliver consignment number (372818504 )sent on 23rd December 2013 within 48 hrs as promised. Even after 8 days, consignment is lying at their Chennai office since 26th Dec. 2013 as per their website tracking system. There is no satisfactory reply from the company's customer care team despite speaking and communicating with them. Kindly take stern action and impose hefty penalty so as to ensure that companies do not take undue advantage in discharging their duties towards consumer. We would request the concerned authorities that we be compensated adequately for the delays which cause misery to my Son Kartikey who is studying in Chennai and consignment consisted sending warm cloths for winter which could not be timely delivered and child suffered as a result. Expecting the action please. kind regards, Mr. & Mrs Ram Kumar Sharma

Chirag Gupta

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

Hello, I had taken this packers and movers services last month. They stole my gold/silver earthenwares from my home. I have already lodged a police complaint against them. I want you to take strict action against them. Details: Aakanksha Packers and Movers Address: Shp D12/40,Akurli Sahyog Chs,Lokhandwala Cmplx, Lokhandwala Cmplx, Kandivali East, Mumbai,Maharashtra, India 400101 Telephone: +919324401464 / +919920623151 / +919867450456/64510673

Naveen Solanki

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

Date – 29th December 2013 Sub: Harassment & breach of commitment during transportation of Household Material from Ballabgarh to Kolkata. Ref: Quotation No 12016 dated 13.12.2013, LR Copy No.- 027 dated 14.12.13 Self Mr Naveen Solanki s/o Sh. Kamal Singh Solanki resident of FCA-3, Rao Colony Near CR modern High School , SIHI Gate Ballabgarh, Faridabad would like to file an report regarding Harassment & Breach of Commitment against M/S Yadav Brothers Packers Movers & logidtics who is based at 1-C ,Pratap Enclave, Gurudwara Road, Mohan Garden , Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059. Here are the contact numbers of Yadav brothers’ packers & movers’ team. vinod yadav[ owner]-9911695753 Sumit Jain[main culprit of this deal]-9911846624 Gaurav Kapoor-9911691431 yadav transport-9350825497 Self had shifted my House Hold items from my residence to Kolkata at Sherwood estate, 169 NSC Bose road, Narenderpur Kolkata 700107. On Dated 14-12-2013. The Consignment was to be delivered at kolkata within


Posted on Dec 25, 2013

Complaint/ Reviews against : Spice Safe Cargo , Dwarka, Delhi Alert!! Alert!! Worst service!! Alert!! Alert!! Worst service!! Alert!! Alert!! # They will take 4-5 times more than the committed time line to deliver your goods. # You will die following up with them. They will start ignoring your calls; do not pick your calls. # They will make excuses like truck is on its way, truck is under maintenance ..whatever. # You will never get correct status of your consignment, daily they will say it will reach tonight. # They will provide you wrong contact numbers, saying it the driver of truck talk to him. Sandeep - 8750877170/8750877173 (Make false commitments) Driver - 09911981144 (Fake driver Number / Not a driver) Office number - 01166107918 (Office Dwarka sector 28) I have booked a bike from Delhi to Lucknow they committed for delivery in 3 days still after 13 days I didn't received my bike and I don’t have any status where is it as they are giving excuses. For clarification

Mr.Surath Bal

Posted on Dec 24, 2013

I am provide the Transportation Services From Kolkata,Hind Motor To Badrak,Total Deals Final On 14000(Fourteen Thousand)Without Insurance,Mr.Surath Bal Not Take Insurance Service Our Side,And Agree To Pay Only Fourteen Thousnd,Our Company Rule We Take 80% On loading Point,But He is not there on Loading Point,And Agree To Deposit On My Account.But After The delivery He told me One Goods are damage during the transportation,he deducet the three thousnd + two thousand unloading at destination i am agree for same,he told me balance amount deposit after few hours but we are not received any amount.he not pickup my call and not answering my email,all sms and email are available on proof.Request to kindly help me file a complaint for this matter in your office so that I can get the requested details.


Posted on Dec 22, 2013

Dear Sir I have shifted my goods from ur agency based at Ahmedabad from Ahmedabad to Srikakulam on 18.08.2013. As promised by your Marketing Executive Mukesh Sharma that the same lorry will take the articles from Ahmedabad to Srikakulam and the vehicle will reach srikakulam within 07 days of time. I regret to submit the following: 1. The same vehicle has not come to Srikakulam and goods were loaded in another vehicle. 2. The vehicle reached only after 15 days of time. 3. Most of the items were damaged the photos of which have been already sent to you. 4. Unloading have been done by us after payment to the outside party as advised by you. 5. Your office has agreed to reimburse the unloading charges and for damages. I very much regret to note that I have not received any reimbursement from your office till now even promising to do so for nearly about two months. In view of the above, I state that I will be approaching Police Station at Srikakulam to file an FIR against the CEO


Posted on Dec 22, 2013

Please do not use services of economic movers and packers.Mr Sumer is totally false and they are just an agent.They dont have any own office and cargo.They take comiision in between and send lugguages through other cargos.I have also lost my some important goods like bycycle and one kitchen carton,Cylinder thay had replaced with there blanks one.Surprising thing is that They shifted my car also through some other company and at time of dilievery no one was taking the resposibilty to drop the car at door.I had to go there 80 km far from my house to pick the car.They also took out petrol from the car almost half talk.When I claimed that he was telling I am not sumer and his twin brother having same voice, although i remember his voice clearly.They were making fooll to me.I am planninto go consumer forum to fill my loss.Almost I lost 20000 thousnd rs because of his only.Please drop me email if any further information required from

Vikas Kumar

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

I hired the services of Mohan packers and movers of Chhattisgarh for relocation of my household goods, however it reached me in a very bad condition with 1 bag missing, my bike was left at Vashi, my BED was not fitted. Noone of the company picks up the call either or call back. Even Mr. Soni the Area head of the compnay has used harsh words while talking and disconnected the call.

Sharmad naik

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

I have made a consignment with SGK Perfect logistics on 01/11/12 from Bangalore to Goa and it is now over a month but the delivery is still pending. I have tried calling at all the given numbers stated in their site but I never get an appropriate response. I am facing issues of talking to multiple people on the same number with they showing no signs of delivery. I am really upset with the delivery and communication from them.

Ajit Madhukar Satpute

Posted on Dec 14, 2013

I had booked two cartons with The Professional Couriers from Mumbai to Bangalore on 30/11/13. Cartons were delivered on 3/12/13 in damaged condition with items missing - 1) Almonds from 3 boxes, Cello brand Lunch Box, 3) Suit totally valued at Rs. 15, 165/- Approached the company with a complaint but received a response that as declaration was not submitted at the time of booking consignment, my complaint can not be entertained though they accept that the consignment was received in an open condition in Bangalore & chose not to respond to my query on whose responsibility it is to obtain/submit declaration at the time of booking consignment as the Professional Courier Branch office simply accepted the consignment & collected charges from me. Filed a Police complaint & was advised by Police authority to approach Consumer Court for recovery of the value of lost items.


Posted on Dec 11, 2013

Chennai packers and movers commited to deliver the goods in 3 days and after 6 days they are telling its still not started , i had a very bad experience with this people allso there is no responce when u call them.

Vinit Kapoor

Posted on Dec 01, 2013

This is with regards to my complain against M/s Arpan Packers and Movers (Kandivali East) and M/s 1st United Packers and Movers (Kandivali East). I wanted to relocated from Mumbai to Amritsar so, I enquired about Packers and Movers from Just Dial. Then Mr. Mangesh who represented Arpan Packers and Movers came to my residence and confirmed the order. The packing and moving activity stared on 15th November 2013 and the goods were duly packed and loaded for delivery to Amritsar. The list of Goods is as given below 1. LED - Moser Bayer costing 22000/- 2. Big Almirah Costing 12000/- 3. Honda Unicorn Bike costing 80000/- bile no MH 02 CF 5631 4. 2 Boxes of Shirts 5. 2 Boxes of pants 6 1 lg small refrigerator costing 8200/- 7. 1 box of utensils 8. 1 mattress double bed 9. 2 quilts 10. 1 box woolen clothes 11. 1 OTG 12. 1 small bicycle 13. 2 cartons of books 14. 1 desktop computer 15 1 split a/c 16. 1 cooler 17. 1 study table 18. blankets Nothing has been delivered

k d sarkar

Posted on Nov 30, 2013

A consignment of household goods was booked from Hydrabad to Asansol(WB) on 23 sep 13 and has not yet been delivered to me even after 2 months. Tel nos. given for contact are not being received. Details are as under: Consignment no. DS 5194 Booked at Leo packing and shipping Co Plot no – 116, 2nd floor, Srinivas Residency, Mil Dairy Farm Road Old Bowenpally - sec’bad Date of booking 23-09-2013 Booked by amlan sarkar(hyd) Recipient k d sarkar(asansol)


Posted on Nov 29, 2013

I have sent a blue suitcase through DTDC from Pune to Kolkata Docket no.D1528541 on 24/10/2013. After the luggage got delivered I found that the Suitcase has broken and damaged at several parts. I have also insured this luggage.I have complained at DTDC but no one took my complaint for a month. They don't have any complaint number and no body was taking my complain. They are just giving me numbers and repeatedly asking me to call some other person.But they are not taking any proper action. Please take the necessary steps and replenish my damaged suitcase. I am really very disappointed with DTDC's service for mishandling my luggage.I have also sent them several mail but got no reply.

Anita Sugosh Iyer

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

I opted Alfa Logistics and Packers to shift my home goods from Bangalore to Mumbai on 9-Oct-2013. They provided me with godown facilities to store the goods since I needed the delivery only on month end. I had paid 80% of the amount in advance and i have the receipt of the same. When i had called to ask them to bring it on 28 Oct 2013, I was told that the godown manager had expired and hence the goods will not be delivered. All the calls made were going unanswered and also if ever answered were rudely answered by the staff. On 3rd Nov, the goods were delivered but partially. Now when we were trying to call the company to inform about the issue, no staff answered. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their irresponsible behavior. Address No. 18 18th Cross, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, HSR Layout, Sector 7,Bommanahalli, Bangalore -560068 Contact Number : Raju 09739966655

Rajesh Mishra

Posted on Nov 24, 2013

Dear Sir, I have booked my household goods with Maxwell Packers & Movers, 190/1b, Goswami Para Road, Bally Goswami Road, Howrah - 711201, Ph. No. (033) 66342181, Mob. No. 09831151498 for delivery in Buxar, Bihar on 08.11.2013 where it was said that all the items in safe condition will be delivered on 12.11.2013. But today is 24.11.2013 and till date I have not received my items. On asking everyday the manager says that today it will be delivered. But everyday is passing hopeless. No information of goods is intimated by the manager himself and even on asking he gives wrong information. He never bothers about the difficulty suffering by me. He always tells false that your items are in Gaya, in Patna, in Ara, in Danapur. Everyday he changes the places. He gives mobile nos. of transporters to me that seems to be his well trained actors who speak his languages. Being hopeless from his angle, only you are the hope. So, kindly help me in getting my items. I will always remain obliged to you.

Abhinav Srivastava

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Hi, My name is Abhinav. I opted ICM movers and packers for moving my household items from Delhi to Bangalore. They mispaced battery of my inverter and and a bag having blankets and curtains and many other items were damaged. In return they agreed to pay rs 4000. but even it is about 4 months they are not paying anything.The person whom I am contacting thir numbers are :9342705118 and 9342517007


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household goods from Pune to Bangalore through Goel cargo movers and packers,PUNE. A number of my items specified in the materials list have not reached. This fact has been acknowledged by the Goel cargo officer and truck driver. Since then I have been calling him regularly, but he is not taking my calls any more. few valuable items( Computer,cooking vessels, Mixer etc) are not reached and few delivered items were damaged. Pl guide me how can take against him ? Thanks Ravinder


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Dear Sir, I have shifted my household goods from Pune to Bangalore through Goel cargo movers and packers,PUNE. A number of my items specified in the materials list have not reached. This fact has been acknowledged by the Goel cargo officer and truck driver. Since then I have been calling him regularly, but he is not taking my calls any more. few valuable items ( computer,cooking vessels , mixer etc)are not reached and few delivered items were damaged. Pl guide me if I can take any action against him & how. Thanks Ravinder

Ravindra Sonkusare

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Myself Ravindra sonkusareon 18/06/2013, ABI International packers and movers transported my household from jharli, haryana to raigarh, chattisgarh. At raigarh during unloading no company Representative was present, I found my wooden sofa set and bike got damage.I informed to ABI person VIR Singh on phone and deducted RS 2000. At the time of unpacking, I noticed that my various household materials were missing.So I contacted the company person Mr. Virsingh, he said me to mail me along with damage part photo for claiming insurance. Lost items: 1. Samsung mobile charger . 2. Small VIP SUITCASE with spaner & three locks inside of Rs 500 each. 3. tailor Scissor useful for cloth cutting. 4. sofa Covers. 5. Woolen Blankets 6. crockery set bowls Damage item: 1. Wooden sofa set ( repair cost Rs 2000). 2. Hero honda bike fuel tank (repair cost Rs 1100). Now I am contacting to them, they not replying me on phone as well as on mail


Posted on Nov 12, 2013

I have used Leo logistics packers and movers for transporting my goods from chennai to hosur.Items are missing.Fake insurance recipt was provided to me.

Amit Kumar

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

Hello Sir, I have booked a Movers and packers while moving from Bangalore to Kolkata. I had insured my goods and car. There were few damages I had claimed, but they are not responding. Plz let me know what are the documents required to take this case further. Details of Movers and Packers - Agarwal Safe Home, No. C 112, DDUTTL, Yeshwanth pur Industrial Suburb, Bangalore - 22. Plz have a look at my email coversation with them to understand it better: [From: kumar, amit Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 8:58 PM To: '' Subject: FW: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Can somebody answer on this or, I have to approach the Consumer redressal forum? From: kumar, amit Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 2:34 PM To: ''; '' Subject: RE: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Hi, Can I get a response on this asap? Thanks, amit From: kumar, amit Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2013 1:27 PM To: ''; '' Subject: LR 5773 and 5781 - claim Hi, After repeated requests with your person Kamlesh Sharma to send somebody to have a look at the damages, as nobody has turned up, I am forced to file for a claim for damages caused for car and house hold goods transported under LR 5773 and 5781 respectively. LR 5773 – 1. Seat cover spoiled and scratches on doors and dashboard– Rs.4500/- 2. Wheel ball bearings – Rs.3000/- 3. Antenna broken – Rs.200/- LR 5781 – 1. Washing machine damaged and discolored – Rs.5000/- 2. Leather sofa damaged – Rs.4000/- 3. Cane chair damaged – Rs.1500/- 4. Dining table damaged – Rs.2000/- 5. Dining chair damaged – Rs.1000/- 6. Books wet and spoiled – Rs.5000/- 7. Clothes wet and spoiled – Rs.10000/- Plz make a cheque in the name of Amit Kumar and send to my address E-801, Jalvayu Towers, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata – 700156 Also, let me know, as I am curious, how when you are Agarwal Movers and packers, the truck which delivered goods at my address was of Professional movers and packers. Thanks, amit]

Momy Saikia

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

BLUEDART delivers product damaged (beyond repair) I appointed Bluedart to transfer a LG washing Machine from Guwahati to Mumbai. After several followup calls and finaly writing to the top management my machine was delivered yesterday. However, the product was handled so roughly and carelessly that it is damaged (probably beyond repair). The machine was dropped from a height at some point. The inside drum is dented, the bottom panel has come out, the bottom left part of the machine is dented and there is a leak somewhere in the bottom. I cannot even imagine how the product must have been handled. I am furious. Unfortunately after missing 2 days of work because the customer service people kept lying that the product will be delivered, the product was finally delivered without notice and hence I was not home to receive it. My neighbor received it on my behalf but obviously did not inspect it. I have written to Bluedart, but do not expect much to happen.


Posted on Nov 06, 2013

I am Dr.ABHINAV. I had sent two items from delhi to hyderabad through INDIAN RAILWAY PARCEL SERVICE. I dumped my luggage at delhi NIZAMUDDIN station on 29/10/2013. Since then i had been tracking my luggage online. NO details were put on website about loading or unloading. Finally on 5/11/2013 i went to SECUNDERABAD station. SHOCKINGLY.. i was charged Rs 400 as fine(waiting chrages) as my luggage reached two days back itself. Had there not been an online provision, i would had visited SECUNDERABAD station much earlier. I was mislead. Railway authorites are responsible for this. Plzzz.. help me. I am upset with such an irresponsible, inordinate communication means which was provided by railways.

Nitesh Bansal

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

I used N.S. Home Movers and Packers for transporting my household items from Mumbai to Indore. They packed and loaded my households on 25 Oct 2013, and told me that i'll get my belongings on 28th Oct 2013 at my Indore residence. Today is 31st Oct 2013, i haven't received my household items yet. Also, since Monday they are not answering my phone calls to any of there numbers.

Zaheer Gafoor

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

We shifted from Ernakulam to Bangalore on 18th October and received the goods on 20th October using Agarwal Movers And Packers.As the goods were being unpacked we realised that the following items were damaged/broken 1. Study table leg broken 2. Wooden Arm rest of antique wooden sofa broken 3. Glass crockery broken 4. All cartons including books dampened due to inappropriate packing. All cartons exposed to rain as they were not transported in a well covered truck. To add to the misery, inspite of repeated followups the response from claims department was very indifferent, casual and lacked accountability.

Hitesh Billaiya

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

Date-22/10/2013 To, Mr. Naresh Mamgai, Uttarakand Packers,Plot No 9, 90ft Road, Transport Area, Sakinaka, Andheri East, Mumbai, - 400072, Subject- reimbursement of Lost & damage household goods. Ref. C. No.1067 Dear,With regard to subject above and reference quoted, we would like to bring to your notice that, there is short receipt of our household items – the item 1. Big Carpet (Cloths)-Rs.7000/- Apart from the above, following items were not packed at all as per your commitment before loading in Chennai and transported thus resulted in considerable damage to the properties 1. Photo Frame (A1 size) - Rs.3000/- 2. Bike head light cover - Rs.1200/- 3. Helmet Glass - Rs.250/- 4. Beer Glasses (2) - Rs. 800/- 5. Whiskey Glasses (6) - Rs. 1500/- On your confirmation of reverting back on 28th September 2013, when we did not get call from you, we called you once again to which you categorically


Posted on Oct 15, 2013

i moved my house hold goods from pune to bathinda picked up on (16-6-13) from pune... but one of my item in the total is still not delivered till date about 4 months over ( Split AC Outdoor unit) they keep on saying tomorow it will be at home... all conversation recorded help me

Tapas Kumar Mitra

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

I had booked a parcel to bangalore via First Flight courier service on 27th August 2013. The CONSIGNMENT NO. is ME0289236. The parcel was lost in transit. We had contacted First Flight office in Kolkata - Arupa Chakraborty Asst. Manager-Customer Service (Outbound) on various occasions. We have called her over phone, sent e-mails, but till date we do not have any proper reply. We have been asked to submit a claim indicating value of the lost goods which we did. Now-a-days they are also avoiding our phone calls and not replying to our mails. We would like to request you to kindly help us in sorting out this problem. Best Regards Tapas Kumar mitra

Tosif Khan

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

My name is Tosif Khan. I booked a Bike + Helmet + Bag + guitar from Delhi to Bangalore on 27/09/13 with AV HOME CARGO MOVERS. They promised to deliver the stuff on 3/10/13, I have been calling them since 3rd Oct and they are saying your stuff will be delivered today. One day they say it has reached in our warehouse, next day they say its still in Bangalore border. Now they are not picking up the calls. And the latest to it is , I received a call from them saying that bike has mistakenly reached Hyderabad and now would take couple of days more. My Bill Number is 1182 and Consignor Copy number is 1174. Today is 8th October and I have still not received my stuff. The person I am contacting has number 9891323009. Regards, Tosif Khan, +91 8095950807

bhushan patil

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I am submitting written complaint about New Jyoti Movers and Packers. (Contact person Sonu Yadav mob. no.9657755500) I am very sorry to say that the Jyoti movers and Packers cheated me in many ways - Two items missing from the luggage that has submitted at Pune when reached to the Ankaleshwar. Same thing is mentioned on the receipt and driver agreed and singed the same. - They have promised to unpack the entire luggage at the end but now they are not ready to pay attention. - Some of our luggage is fully damaged - Dressing table damaged totally - Fridge is not in good condition many scratches and major bumps on door. - The furniture ply of cupboard is also damaged. - Sofa-set damaged at one end. - Many boxes were wet from the bottom and my cooler is not in working condition now. Dvd player box was soaked in water. - The person from Jyoti packers promised that people will visit along with the truck and will assist totally to pack. we i

Gaurav Verma

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

I got transferred and shifted to Pune from Noida(NCR). We booked Agarwal Movers and Packers to shift our car (WagonR VXI) on 21st Sept 2013. I got my car delivered in Pune on 30th Sept 2013 with broken headlight(right) and damaged wind shield (front). It also had multiple scratches and a dent in bonnet. The person who came to delivee the car kept on insisting that the car was in this condition when we received it. While I have a documented proof which states all the observations that were recorded on paper while car was handed over to their personnel. After multiple hours of argument when I refused to sign the delivery note and demanded all the fixes of my car done before delivery, they took it back. Now when I try to follow up with them, they either do no pick up my call or when they do they say that claim your loses from your car insurance company and just give us signed document of delivery. I am tired of following up with them and now considering a legal action. Please guide.


Posted on Oct 06, 2013

I had booked my household articles with AGARWAL Packers & Moveres from Porbandar ( Rajkot) to Chennai. My wooden furniture, Almirah, Bike, TV all were damaged. They sent some carpenter to repair it. He some how managed usind fevical. But nothing to original shape. My compliant is that TV which was in two pieces was taken by them on 10 Sep for repair. Now when ever I call customer care the talk very rudely and says when ever they get spare they will repair it. I had worst experience with M/s Agarwal packers and movers. I paid 49100/- GC No. RKT 000184.


Posted on Sep 24, 2013

Hi, I have complain about movers packers named Aims International movers Packers, Mumbai. I relocated from Mumbai to Amritsar. I opted this movers packers to carry my household items from Mumbai to Amritsar. but this movers packers is useless. it damaged my fridge badly. its packing is worst. they make fool starting from packing to unloading.thre brothers from rajasthan narender punia, kesar puniya just like the are operating this company. after my fridge got damed i contacted him many times but he used to make me fool. ultimately he has not listen my problem.

Amandeep Singh

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

I have send a mobile phone to mumbai via TRACK ON COURIER from kalka to mumbai . Tracking no - 2322856 on 19 august 2013 but it is still not delivered. Courier people are not giving me any answers. Please help me.

shailendra singh chauhan

Posted on Sep 22, 2013

Sir I shailendra singh send my house hold articles from naraina delhi to Bangalore through Agarwal Professional Packers and movers on 16 Aug 2013 firstly they failed to deliver luggage on time and there is lot of damage in items some are totally damaged and one item is lost and now they are trying to refuse. sir I'm a soldier serving in indian air force please resolve it as soon as possible

Partha Pal

Posted on Sep 13, 2013

This is against DTDC,I have received a courier unintended to me,when I called up its sender he lodged a complain with DTDC to pick that from my home,it has been 3 days still no action from DTDC,even their Customer service number is not working


Posted on Sep 11, 2013

I would like file complaint against VISHWAS MOVERS & PACKERS SWAMI SUYASH APARTMENT,SHOP NO. 1, KRISHNA CHOWK, NEW SANGVI, PUNE-27 in regards to the household goods transported from Pune to Nagpur where we were confirm from Mr. Kuldeep and Mr. Hemant that goods are going to be transfered in as it is condition, they asked for 15, 000 Rs. inclusive of insurance amt. when we asked for insurance paper they said its not required as they will take care of this part and goods that are delivered will be unpacked by them there will not any extra charge for it. but when they delivered goods were in very not in good condition 1.Sofa set was damaged 2. Kurl on matress was damaged 3. washing machine was damaged 4. fridge was damaged 5. bike was damaged and we paid the amount to unfold the goods ( bed, wardrobe, tv). If we are calling to Mr. Kulddep he is saying to ctc Mr. Hemant n vice a versa Total claim goes to 22000 rs. which we are asking from vishwas movers and packers

alok kumar padhiari

Posted on Sep 09, 2013

I used services above movers and pakcages on 29 /08/2013, paid for insurance of good but not received insurance copy, while reaching my house they refuse to unloading the material and demand extra money , and after unpacking found that Almira, Water Filter & freeze was damaged , sofa lower side is broken. and i send a communication on same day to, for details and claming the insurance amount but no body can respond. Details given --I have booked my consignment through " Best packers & movers" but i have very bad experience. I have booked on 29.08.2013 and commitment given by Mr. Naresh that consignment reach on sunday (01.09.2013), but consignment reach on today(04.09.2013).After reach the consignment,they refuse to brings the materials to my room , and take Rs.100/-extra and i am call three workers for move the material from tempo to my room.I have done Insurance, but nobody can checked the after unpacke the material only take money

Vikas Jadhav

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

I used services above movers and pakcages on 17/08/2013, paid for insurance of good but not received insurance copy, service tax number not provided on bill, while unpacking glass matrial broken but no reimbursement provided. Customeer care noasnwering on phine.


Posted on Sep 03, 2013

With reference to the quotation dated - 11.07.2013 for the transportation of Hyundai I20 car from Delhi to Chennai and subsequent discussion I booked my car on dated - 16.07.2013 with Global Cargo Packers & Movers. The booking details are given below. Name of Packers & Movers : Global Cargo Packers & Movers Address : 365,Ground Floor, Near Govt. Girls School, Sector -26, Dwarka, New Delhi Contact person : Shekhar Chowdhary Phone : 9711677657 Consignment Note No : 031 dated - 16.07.2013 Bill No. : 121 dated - 16.07.2013 Money Receipt No. - 119 dated - 16.07.2013 Amount paid : Rs.11000/- ( Cheque No.- 394599 dated -18.07.2013 in fovour of Shekhar Tawla) The car was new (only two & half month old) and handed over to the designated persons in right condition. We had a very rigorous follow up with you for the delivery of car. The record of telephonic & SMS follow up is available in our mobile phones. He has not given any satisfactory reply. We also visited on their official address on 11.08.2013 after fixing the time with Shekhar Chowdhary and there was nothing available at the address. Complaint was also lodged in Palam Airport Police Station. I received my car from Chennai delivery point on 21.05.2013 after one month and five days. As informed to Shekhar Chowdhary & shown to their Chennai Representative, the car was in very bad shape. The observations are given below. 1. The vehicle was received after one month & five days. 2. The vehicle has run by Global Cargo Packers & Movers approximately 2300 Kms ( at the time of booking the meter reading was 2800 + and at the time of delivery it is 5100 +). 3. Vehicle was in very bad shape. 4. There are heavy dents on body. Apart from the damage in vehicle, there are indirect losses incurred on account of late delivery of vehicle. 1. I have paid Rs.800/- per day to local taxi for to & fro fare from my residence to office which was Communicated to Shekhar Chowdhary through phone and SMS. 2. The amount of mental pain and torture given by you is enormous. 3. I took the leave from office and went to Delhi from Chennai on 10.08.13 night by AIR and visited your official address on 11.08.13. Request for compensation for the above mentioned direct and indirect losses incurred due to intensional delay in the delivery of vehicle and using the same for his own purpose.

Durgesh Choudhary

Posted on Sep 02, 2013

Goyal cargo gave quote of 29000 but after material was loaded gave bill of rs 40000. Continuously gave false commitment about delivery.

Kshitij Sethi

Posted on Aug 23, 2013

I had used Central Cargo Packers & movers for shifting my house luggage from Gurgaon to Chennai. In total I had send 95 box . When I received my stuff few things were either broken or mising from my carton boxes. My jewelery box carring artificial jewellery was missing + (Box no89) carry BarGlass, access, Miniature ,Wine bottles was missing + Dining table chairs were broken+Mandir table leg broken .taken insurance for all the products worth 1,80,000.Now when i am asking for my missing goods, I am getting vague stories that the product Wines bottles, Miniature &bar accessories has been seized by Police in the transit. When I asked to share the Challan nothing has been given. when I asking for insurance claim nothing has been heard from them for more than a month . Details of the Courier –Central Cargo Packers & Movers 101, mahajan Tower,7, L.S.C. Shrestha Vihar .Delhi -110092 LL-01122148899Mob-9311176233(Mr.Sanjeev )/09810076233( Mr.Anil)


Posted on Aug 19, 2013

Complaint against ; Mr. Sandeep Kumar Lamba Address : 76, Kataria Complex, Ring Road Dewas Naka, Indore Mobile : 09300005474, 8085008010 093296 35207, 07879641747 Email Website : Dear All, Just in case if you are considering Jyoti movers and packers, please do not take there services. I am completely cheated by them. I booked my luggage torough them (From Ujjain-bangalore). They promised me to deliver goods. But when i received goods, it comes as a shock ; 1) When we opened boxes, our cloths and many other things were missing 2) They not only opened but also reshuffeled boxes after taking valuable things 3) around 20,000 Rs clots and valuable items were missing 4) When i contacted them, they denied to take any responsibility 5) When i asked for insurance claim, later i came to know that, although they took money but do not provide any insurance They are fraud, cheap and do not care for customers. requesting all of you to keep away from the,. I was contacting there owner Sandeep Lamba, who was not ready to accept any thing. Compeltely cheat person. I am now planning for legal action against them but trying here to help all of you as do not want others to suffer as i suffered. Feel free to contact me , if you need more details for this cheat company. Regards, Vaibhav

Prafulla Kumar Bhol

Posted on Aug 17, 2013

Hi Sir, I have recently moved to Bangalore and select Apollo relocation services (PVT) Ltd to move all household materials but the challenge is I haven't received below materials at Bangalore which I had given to packers at Kadipur Village, Gurgaon, Sec10 however received some of the materials so please look into this and help me to get back my materials. I had word the guy (Sandeep-9999137943) multiple times but he is playing with me and its almost more than 50days and still am expecting the materials. i had sent multiple mails to official ID but no response even though that guy is not picking my phone now a days. Address of Apollo relocation services: (Packers & Movers) Shop No-1, Ground Floor, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Palam Vihar Road, Gurgaon Email ID: Contact Numbers: 0124-3296643, 9312266643, 9212166643 Missing items are listed below: 1: HP CYLINDER (15KG) 2: 7ft DUNLOP mattress 3: SUNLIFE Plastic Cooler (Large) Thanks, Prafulla Kumar Bhol. M: 9916958849 Marathahali, Bangalore-560037

Amit Agarwal

Posted on Aug 10, 2013

I availed of Agarwal Movers and Packers for transportation of my household stuff from Mumbai to Kolkata I was assured of my stuff being transported within 10-15 days and it has been over 40 days but there seems to be no trace of the goods.. Whenever I have tried to ask them, the concerned person at +91-98202-31361 has been very rude and impolite. They always seem to have excuses to defend the delay in the shipment. Besides, things like 1) we can’t get in touch with the driver concerned, 2) the truck carrying the shipment has broken down and repairs will take a few days, 3) we have lost the L/R copy and hence please give us your address once again. They even don’t seem to be worried or slightly affected by threats of complaints, etc. The customer care representatives have no feeling of remorse instead of being apologetic they sound like goons with loud voices not even feeling ashamed to raise it further and shout at the customers. In fact, they are threatening at times.

Ankita Gupta

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

Terrible experience with Piyush Packers and Movers. Part-loaded our items though payment was done for a separate vehicle. Also, insurance money was paid but no insurance was done. Some items were damaged when they reached Allahabad (destination). Need refund of insurance money and also for the items that have been damaged in transit.

Shiv Kumar

Posted on Aug 05, 2013

Hi, I am Shiv Kumar. I relocated myself from Gurgaon to Hyderabad in February 2013. I booked my household stuff with Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group), Gurgaon. They charged 30,500 Rs. for same. They delievered my household stuff 2-3 days late with following damages: 1. Dressing table mirror totally damaged 2. They didn't deliever my LPG gas cylender 3. Inspite of that many small items got damaged I called them after delievery of the goods. First of all they didn't pick my call. When the person with whom i was in touch ( Mr. Anand) picked my call, he said they will send someone to repair the dressing table (replace the mirror) and they will deliever the cylender asap. I waited for 3-4 days and no one came. When i called that number answer. I tried some of their other numbers but in vain. In beginning they said, we will deliever your cylender without any issue only condition is it should be empty.They charged for insurance as well for whole stuff but they paid nothing for the damaged mirror and cylender which are costly items for me. Now it's almost 5 months and i didn't hear from them. I used to call them but no one pick the call, if they pick my call by mistake then they keep saying they are not aware and they will give me a call after discuss it with Anand or other people. I am totally disagree with their service and the way they talk or treat their customers. They are making fool of people without any cause. Therefore, request you to please take immediate action against Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group) and help me to get the money for my loss. Thankyou. Following are the details of my deal with them: 1. Consignment No - 2749 2. Date - 23/02/13 3. Bill No - 2638 4. Place - Gurgaon Details of Agarwal Packworld Pvt. Ltd (PRS Group) Address: Plot No- L415, Street No-13, Old Rangpuri Road Mahipalpur Ext., New Delhi-110037 Phone: +91 11 64577474, 26784274 Mobile: +91 9891837474, 9911137474, 9911037474, 9911437474 Email:


Posted on Aug 04, 2013

How to take legal action against packers and movers for non delivery and late delivery of consignment and also for not keeping to the commitments

Himanshu Suryavanshi

Posted on Jul 27, 2013

I had availed services from Agarwal Packers & Movers for transporting my household goods and car from Tezpur (Assam) to Secunderabad (AP). I had dealt with their Guwahati office for the same. I am giving the complete details in an email that I am writing to you.

Ankit Tandon

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Sir This is to inform you that I booked my consignment Dated-26.04.2013 through Great Vila Packers & Movers-NEW DELHI (IT IS A FAKE ADDRESS BUT REGISTERED ON JUST DIAL AS MY FRIEND WENT & INVESTIGATED) but till date I have not received my consignment as of now. The Amount Paid to the concerned person Rs.17977. and No. Of Article is 7 (including Glamour, Motorcycle- MH12 DQ 6343) and Motorcycle Key and Original Papers are with him too. So if anything goes wrong / mishap with my Bike I won’t be held responsible for anything. When followed up with concerned person they started making stories and no output for that matter. Dalwir sangwan-9999387991 Great Vila Son- 9560161683 Mr. Manager- 9911990812 Narendra Driver-8860056656 Great Vila Son- 9560161683 8607915285 and Kushal Mangal Transport (Contact-9212613345) was also involved as he pressurized me to pay extra mount of Rs.12000 to deliver the consignment as informed by the Narendra Driver. My father is in NCR from last 15 Days and trying to file an FIR but Gurgaon police is not doing it as I booked my consignment from Block-S,Near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station DLF Phase III.Gurgaon police is not at all helpful in this concern neither New delhi police. Looking forward for your co-operation, Regards Ankit Tandon Sector-K-633-B Arzoo, Aashiana Lucknow-226012 8009902496 9999984895 0522-2423542

Rahul Anand

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Hi, I have booked Drishti Relocation Services for transferring my household stuff from Delhi to Trivandrum To my surprise, I have found that few of the articleas are missing and lots of damage has been to my household materials.Foldable table and Gas kit is not there and my almirah has been damaged badly. I am following up with them but of no use. I have also taken the insurnce for all the materials but still they are not paying me for lost and stolen material. kindly do let me know , where I should go and lodge the complaint. The total of lost incurred is approximately 11000. Please help, thanks.

Vinay Kumar Menon

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

Hi, I sent a courier consisting my original relieving letter through SK couriers..But it has not reached till date and they are not taking any calls.

Anupam Kumari

Posted on Jul 05, 2013

We moved our households good and car from k.k international. The experience was horrible. One statement about these guys can be said that they are the big cheaters and fraud. They run packing and moving company and don't even own a vehicle to do so. They are just dalal to make you fool and earn money. J.N.Sharma from Delhi and Narendra Sharma from Hyderbad both are looters. It's one man company owned by one sharma. Their website is as below: On Car, they drove 100s of kilometers before handing me the car. Toys, Pillows, first aid box everything is stolen from the car. They are the drivers and they are the owners of company both. So Narendra Sharma will tell you that he is driver of the company and he does not know about the stealing. At very next moment he will say he is the owner. They would not compensate for your goods and even try to threaten you for your own car. Now the worst part on house hold goods. Sofa - fully drenched in water and tor

Ritesh Shukla

Posted on Jun 29, 2013

Jai Ganesh Packers in Rajiv Nagar, Gurgaon booked my two wheeler to transport it to Navi Mumbai, Kharghar on around 4th June, 2013. The consignment number 5128. Jai Ganesh packers promised delivery the following Sunday. Today is 29th of June, and I do not know where my two wheeler is till date. He refuses to take my calls and talks abruptly when he does. He also initially quoted a price of 3200. After booking he informed me that I will need to pay 2000 more or else my two wheeler will not be delivered to me. I complied by agreeing and paying a sum of rs 2000 more. But I am still to receive my two wheeler and I am scared of theft now since its been so many days. Please help me.

Sulekha Singhal

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

Hi My name is Sulekkha Singhal. I opted for Allied Packers & Movers for shipment from Bangalore to Dubai on 27March-2013. They promised me the delivery of my good within 20-25 days. Now after a very long time until today 20 June 2013 I have not received my house goods, Also they are not picking up calls and replying mails. I have also paid 1Lakh of amount in advance and again here in custom clearance they are asking Rs. 50000(clearance and warehouse charges) which are now increasing daily. I want to launch a complaint against the company for not delivering the services on time plus for their irresponsible behavior and still goods not received. The Name and contact details of company are: Allied Packers and Movers, Bangalore Contact no, of person who is working: Avnish/ Rajneesh: 9740261530


Posted on Jun 15, 2013

I was cheated by Prince packers and Movers while transporting my Household goods from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 05th January, 2013. When checked with them they said the goods were transported through Bharath Cargo movers. I spoke to both the parties but they both deny this fact. Below are the details of both the parties. PRINCE PACKERS & MOVERS Contact Person: Satish Kumar Address: 8-4-33/5a, Kalinga Enclave,Old Bowenpally State: Andhra Pradesh City: Secundrabad Pincode: 500011 Mobile: 9393459921, 9030051221 Bharath cargo movers Bangalore - Head Office Contact Person: D.A. Keshav Muthry & K. Raghu Kumar Address: #B-121, DDUTTL Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur, Banglore - 560 022. Phone: 080-23576306 Mobile: +91 9845246407 Could you please check with them and punish the culprit and restore the value of the goods to me.

Manish Sabharwal

Posted on Jun 10, 2013

We booked our household effects for shifting from Delhi to Bangalore. The same were loaded on 1.5.13 in the afternoon from our residence. However, the same was taken to an undisclosed location near Ghaziabad with the promise that the same will be sent for Bangalore the next day. However, the same was not sent. In the meantime, as per our train reservation we left for Bangalore on 3.5.13 and reached there on 5.5.13. However, our luggage did not reach there. We kept trying on phone but no information was given by the transporters and in this connection several calls were made to one Mukesh of the said transporter. I used every influence at my command to know the facts and to make them send our household effects. However, the consignment was sent from Delhi to Bangalore in the morning of 13.5.13 and the same reached in Bangalore on 16.5.13 at 10.30 p.m. as revealed by the driver. Shockingly, the household effects were loaded on heavy iron printing machine and its iron parts. As a result, the furniture and other items were found damaged and the same were found broken and even some of them are beyond repair. It was noticed that the packing material on most of the items was missing. Our dining table, double bed, show case, wooden trolley, refrigerator etc. were found broken. Some items such as AC cover and small terms were also found missing. Most of the cartons at the time of unloading were found torn and the contents were scattered on the truck. The information about the broken items was immediately conveyed to the transporters. One Mukesh (from the transport company) said that we should receive the luggage and that he would discuss about it later. However, on making personal visit, the UP Border, Ghaziabad address of the transporters, as printed in their quotation and bill, was not found correct. On further contacting the transport for the correct address, the phone was disconnected. Contents of the cartons have still not been checked completely as we were on holidays to Sri Nagar on LTC and therefore still not in a positing to state the exact missing items. In this regard, it is further stated that we had to leave for New Delhi on 17.5.13 as per train reservation and our further flight booking from Delhi to Sri Nagar. Therefore, the complaint could not be lodged immediately. The luggage was finally unloaded in the morning of 17.5.13 (4.00 a.m.), the day we had to leave for our holidays. Due to our visit to Sri Nagar, the contents of the cartons could not be unpacked and the luggage has still not been put at the right place at our house. However, it has been noticed that one carton containing colours, toys and AC cover was found missing. Some eatables like rice, bottle of Roohafza were also found missing. It is evident that thorough search of the items was made and some items were also stolen. The luggage was not loaded professionally despite knowing the fact that heavy iron machines were lying below and the luggage was most likely to be damaged and broken. It is also stated no insurance papers have till date been sent to us despite the mention of the same in the bill. Further, at the time of loading of goods, an amount of Rs. 1500/- was stolen from our home. As we had to leave on 3.5.13 for Bangalore, due to time constraint, we did not make an issue out of it, however, the theft was conveyed to the transporters. The promise to send the luggage at our doorstep within 7-8 days was not kept and as a result our whole family had to live without luggage and other essential items for about two weeks. In view of the above, it is, therefore, requested that stern action must be taken against such transporters who are unprofessional and always look for an opportunity to make a loot of household goods so that such recurrences do not take place and none is put to so much inconvenience in their life. The loss prima facie works out to about Rs. 50,000/-. It is therefore requested that this amount of Rs. 50,000/- must be given immediately to me as compensation for financial loss and for undergoing untold mental agony to alleviate my sufferings which I suffered for no fault of mine. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, (Manish Sabharwal)


Posted on Jun 01, 2013

For household i hire the Delhi pune Packers and Movers D 212 pushpam complex kharwal compound isanpur vatva road ahmedabad, the material is not properly packed some material stolen and worst service. so in future i ll not recommend this movers and packers.

gunjan babuta

Posted on May 31, 2013

shifted from jaipur to lucknow ,hired drs agarwal packers & movers , but major house hold stuff is damaged

Divyesh Shah

Posted on May 31, 2013

I have posted my issue at Please suggest me what to do next.

S Karthickeyan

Posted on May 24, 2013

I had relocated from Delhi to Pune and utilised the service of South City Packers and Movers Delhi. My some material is damaged and some is missing. He has taken the money from me for insurence also but now he is telling that it insurence is not done. He was not delivering the gooda and also asked more money to be deposited in his bank before he could deliver the goods. We paid but thaqt also.Now he is not picking up my calls for the damaged godsa dn for the missing materials his name is pradeep m n 9310274664. I want a heavy compensation from him for the damaged goods as well as the mental agaony which he has given me.


Posted on May 24, 2013

I had booked my package from kolkata on 5th April 2013, to hyderabad. Its almost 45days gone, there is no response from those packers. Please suggest me what should I do in this case.


Posted on May 21, 2013

agarwal packers and movers. GC code 978074. move date April 20 2013. Full insurance was taken. goods damaged. The insurance claim person does not respond at all. talked Mr. Rajiv, Gyanendra in bangalore and Neeraj at headquarters. No one even registers a complaint or gives a complaint number. 30 days no response after multiple follow ups.


Posted on May 14, 2013

Sir/Madam, I have loaded my house hold items from Bangalore to pune through RVM Packers on 2nd May, 2013. And i got the house hold item in badly damaged condition. My bike is damaged very badly. Please suggest how can I complaint against them. Regads Abhay Baviskar Pune 8446699193

Dinesh Reddy

Posted on May 13, 2013

I have dispatched a consignment to Darbhanga (Bihar) on 25th, April through Professional Couriers and as per the website, it shows that it was delivered to their Patna office on 3rd May and since then it is not delivered to the consignor even after 10 days. It's been about 20 days now since I dispatched it from Bangalore. Impact- I had sent some very important educational certificates to the University for the Verification. Since, I couldn't get these certificates verified on time from the University, I had missed an employment opportunity from a MNC company. Regards Dinesh Reddy


Posted on May 09, 2013

I shifted my house hold items from Pune to Kolkata by Infoline packers and movers. But they didnt deliver me TV(Sony 26inch) and delivered wooden almirah and boc bed broken. So I need help for this. Infoline Relocation P&M (Regd.) Shop no.7 plot no 89 dwarka bldg. purna nagar chinchwad pune-19 Mr. Ravinder Kaushik Mob no.: 020-32910082/9326410082 Customer Care No.: 09022590072 Email: Pan no.: AACF19384F Regd. No: 896 Infoline Relocation P&M (Regd.) Off no. 126 M. M Nagar bonhooghly kolkatta-700108 Mr. Shiv Kumar Mob no.: 09330322555 Customer Care No.: 09022590072 Email: Pan no.: AACF19384F Regd. No: 896

prowesh barnwal

Posted on May 09, 2013

While changing my home from Delhi to Faridabad on 05.052013, I hired "CARE Packers & Movers, Shop No 1722, Street No 4, Govind Puri Extension-Kalkaji, Delhi - 110019" for smooth transaction & safety of my goods for which I paid more that Rs 7500/- in cash.They didnot give me any receipt for the same nor any list of the goods trnaffered. During transffering my goods, I found that my SAMSUNG LCD Monitor was misplaced & taken way.When I complained, the owner some Mr. Goyal told me that his people are loyal, they cant take my monitor & its my duty to take care of ny goods.On complaining about their responsibility, he is saying that all he can do is to compensate me with Rs. 1000/- for a monitor which costs Rs 10,00/- which socked me. Hence, I request your esteemed organisation to make "CARE PAckers & MOvers, Govindpuri, New Delhi " to compensate me with Rs. 10,000/- for my stolen PC LCD Monitor & make them understand that its not that easy to take consumer's money & things.Looking ahead for ypur intervention & help me getting my valuable compensation & teach CARE Packers & Movers a lesson. With regards, Prowesh Barnwal.

Aniruddha Jawade

Posted on May 06, 2013

Dear Sir, I have give my paterial to DLF packers and movers on 26/03/2013. I have received partial material after 15 days with heavy damages. 2 wheeler was damaged heavily. 25 liters was stolen from my four wheeler. Car was deliverd ny DLF only after giving 100% payment including Insurance but DLF has not taken any insurance of my vehicle. As on 6/05/2013 I have not received 100% material . Please support Aniruddha Jawade 9764995583

Aniruddha Jawade

Posted on May 03, 2013

Dear DLF PACKERS AND MOVERS,BANGALORE, In continuation to my several mails in last 3 weeks and 157phone calls to you I would like to inform you that nothing has been changed and there is no reply from your side to my concerns as mentioned below:- 1)Partly material is delivered to Nagpur from Bangalore after 10days???????? of loading(If we come by walk then also we can reach early to this). 2)Material is heavily damaged during transportation. 3)Insurance copy and claim is not is given after 1 month???????. 4)Car was delivered after 12 days??????????? that too after serious follow up from my side 5)21 liters of petrol was stolen from my car. It as informed to you immediately but till date there is no response from you. 6)Two wheeler is heavily damaged. 7)3 cartons/boxes and loose material is missing and there is no proper answer from your side. 8)Un-packing of material is not done from your side. 9)Your lorry driver was heavily drunken and was arguing for payment in front of my house/society. I have find you are unprofessional, un-ethical and spoiling name of entire packaging industry. I think road side carriers are far better than you. I have called to Mr.Sajay/santosh kumar from delhi office but there is no response from him also. I am following with your Bangalore representative(mob no 9538351376) but is also passing the time from last 25 days and have no firm answer. I have no hope that you will return my material and reimburse me the loss because of you. I requested to all not to use service of DLF Packers and Movers CC: 1) India packers and movers 2)All India packers 3)Agarwal packers 3)Leo packers 4)Air cargo packers 5)1st shivam cargo 6)Sahara packers and movers 7)A.R.Packers and movers Thanks & Regards Aniruddha Jawade Synergy; Nagpur 9764995583 From: Aniruddha Jawade [] Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:30 PM To: Subject: Fwd: Material not yet deliver to Nagpur ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Aniruddha Jawade <> Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 7:34 PM Subject: Re: Material not yet deliver to Nagpur To: Cc: info < Dear Sir, As informed and discussed with your representative still my following problems are yet to be addressed 1) Status of missing material????? 2) When insurance person is going to visit for inspection of damaged material. 3) Your transporter has stolen around 21 Liter petrol from my Ford figo. Distance to empty was 375 when vehicle given to you and at the time of receiving it was only 83 Km. What is this???? Please reply to above points at earliest otherwise I will go to consumer court. Regards Aniruddha Jawade 9764995583 On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Aniruddha Jawade <> wrote: Dear Sir, In continuaton with below mail, I would like to inform you that my house hold material is finally deliverd to Nagpur(Partially) in very pathetic condition. Few ites are missing at the time of delivery and bike handle is completely bend. Still my car Ford figo is not yet delivered to me and your transporter was demanding balance payment of Rs. 12000 for which I am not agreed. The agreed amount was inclusive of packing of house hold, unpacking, loading, unloading, transporting and Insurance. But your transporter refused to unpack the material and Insurance copy is also not delovered by your DLF representaitve. I am really frustracted now and I have no vlue when shall I get my Car and missing material. There is no positive response from your team. I have no option left rather than lodging police complaint against your company. Kindly revert back immediately Regards Aniruddha jawade 9764995583 Note: Please find DLF contact person no. 09538351376 who is responsible for everything and not responding. It was promised to deliver the material on 1st April but its 8th april still the delivery is not 100%. On 4/6/13, Aniruddha Jawade <> wrote: > Dear Sir, > I had booked my household and car through your DLF cargo packers and movers > dt. 26th March from Bangalore to Nagpur. > Its been 12 days now the material is not yet deliver to me neither any > positive response from your side. > I am continuously chasing to your team member but he is not responding. > I have doubt that my material is either lost or damaged that's why he is > not responding. > > I would like to inform you that if material is not delivered by today > evening then i will lodge an official police complaint against you for > theft of material. > Also the expenses inured from last one week including my conveyance > and lodging/boarding will be recorvered from you. > The invoice nos are 162,163 and payment received slip no is 408. > The mobile no of contact person from DLF is 9538351376. > > Regards > Aniruddha Jawade > 9764995583 > Nagpur >


Posted on Apr 19, 2013

Dated: 17/04/2013 To The consumer Redressal Sub: Not proving documents for reimbursement and refunding balance amount Rs. 8645/- in respect of Policy No. 221503 /21/13/01/00000127 for MCSV Policy. Dear Sir/Madam I was transferred from Jhansi (U.P) to Shaktinagar (U.P) on administrative transfer and my baggage was transported by M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers, Lucknow. The transporter offered comprehensive Insurance from M/s United India Insurance Co. Limited (UIICL) for total baggage value Rs.3,58,000/- and asked for Rs.9158/- as premium. My organization reimburse actual premium amount, so trusting on Mr. D.N Chowdhry (Branch Manager, Lucknow) I paid Rs.9158/- whereas actual amount paid to M/s United India Insurance Co. Limited including Service tax is Rs. 513/- only. It is a serious breach of trust, fortunately except few scratches & dents there is no major baggage damage. Moreover since 3rd April-13 I have been requesting Sh. D.N Chowdhry but never got convincing reply, Original policy document & Money receipt for Rs.9158/- from M/s UIICL. Further, I have paid mutually agreed total amount for theit services and having receipt for the same. In view of the above, I expect that M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers will take immediate action to refund my balance amount Rs.8645/- within (04) four days to maintain their reputation in the market and trust among customer. Hope M/s Jyoti Best Packers & Movers will realize and will not like to have dent in their reputation and market. Regards (A.K.Saxena) Addl. General Manager (TA-E) SSTPS NTPC ( A Govt. Of India Enterprise) P.O Shaktinagar Sonebhadra – 231222 (U.P) M: 8005493099 / 9453048833 My bank details: Abhai Kumar Saxena/S.B.I Parichha (Jhansi – U.P)/A.C No. 30130696243/IFSC Code SBIN0006149/Branch Code : 006149

Tarun Mathur

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

I have sent a courier to Bangalore on 22nd March 2013, AWB No: Z84008841 through DTDC Courier. The problem was that the address to which it was sent was changed. I informed about this to all concerned persons and the franchisee. They have noted the new address but still the packet is not delivered. It is still in Bangalore (Madivala Branch) and nobody is responding from the company about the current status. Neither they are delivering it nor sending it back to me. The documents are very important and needs to be delivered urgently.

Ashim Kumar Ghosal

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

I have booked my house hold goods with Vishal Cargo Packers & Movers on 07.03.2013 on Topay basis at vasai and asked them transport it to Kolkata as my new job location is shifted to kolkata.we both mutually agreed Rs 16000 will be the transportation charge including everything for door to door service and i have already paid 10500 at the time of booking and rest need to pay at the time of delivery as agreed but now they are not delivering my goods and every time they are giving false commitment.From Vishal cargo mr Virendra(09833597517)booked my goods but now he responds very rudely and not giving any response and when i called to their compnay owner mr Vishal on 09699212100 he said you booked with Mr Vijendra and you talk to i am at kolkata and i have nothing in my hand.because they are holding my goods thats fore they are talking very harsh and threanting me that they will not deliver my goods.My kind requst is pls interfere and resolve my issue as i have nothing in my hand

Maha Irfan

Posted on Mar 18, 2013

Hello Sir/ madam, I want to submit complaint against the Movers & Packers i hired for moving my household items & car from Delhi to Bangalore, I have all evidences supporting my complaint. Please let me know the process to go ahead on this. Thanks Maha

Saket Bhendarkar

Posted on Mar 05, 2013

I hired Ajay Movers and Packers,Pune to shift my bike and Household items from Pune to Bangalore. Website: I shipped the items on 24th Feb2013, the guy had promised to deliver everything within 4 days.Today is the 14th Day and I am still trying to get in touch with these guys. When I call them in the morning, they tell me it will be done by the evening and in the evening they come up with some or other excuse to not deliver the items. I am tired of calling these guys and they keep on saying the same thing. If I try and shout at them,they will say, they dont have any interest in keeping the goods with them, they also want to deliver it earliest possible. Finally I am registering complaint here. INVOISE Given to me in the name of PUNE HOME PACKERS & MOVERS. Near Thermax Chowk,Sambhaji Nagar, Chinchwad,Pune-411019. Contact: 9762181967 Consignment No.213 Date:24/02/13. I am helpless and dont know what to do. Please help me sir.

Srinivas Sriramoji

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

I have hired Prince packers and movers services to move my house hold goods from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 05th Jan, 2013 (LR number 1009). When I had opened the carton boxes I found that many of my electronic and grocery items (worth around INR 22,000) were stolen. I called both Prince packers and movers and Bharath Cargo movers but both deny the theft. I am trying every look and corner so that the culprit is punished and there should not be any other person suffering like me. Request your prompt response and action. Please find the below details of the Packers and Movers and advise me of the process to recover the loss. PRINCE PACKERS & MOVERS Contact Person: Satish Kumar Address: 8-4-33/5a, Kalinga Enclave,Old Bowenpally State: Andhra Pradesh City: Secundrabad Pincode: 500011 Mobile: 9393459921, 9030051221 Bharath Cargo Movers Phone: 080-23576306 Mobile: +91 9845246407

somnath das

Posted on Jan 03, 2013

To, Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd, 46, Eastern Chamber, Poona Street, Mumbai -400009 Sub – Damage of transported vehicle by your company with G.C No.834133 from Kolkata to Hubli. Sir, I have send my SWIFT DEZIRE CAR (Maruti make), registration no WB-26C-9603 from Kolkata through your Kolkata Office on 16.11.2012 with your G.C. No.834133. The above car collected by Sh. Sanjoy Mandal , transport superviser, who was send by Sh. Amit Ghosh of your branch office at Kolkata. Along with the car I have handed over One newly purchased Shoe costing Rs . 2000/- and one Fry pan which he was recorded in the form of ACCESSORIES DECLARATION. Sh. Sanjoy Mandal, Transport Supervisor collected from me Rs 180/- for the Pollution control certificate. But I have received the car on 28.11.12 at 2330 HRS with damaged condition with missing items as detailed below: i)Big denting in the front left door just below window which was not there at the time of handing over my car, ii)Newly purchased ( with packing ) shoes costing Rs 2000/- missing , in its place kept old other shoe , iii) Pollution control certificate for which Sh. Sanjoy Mandal, Transport Supervisor taken Rs 180/-, which was very much essentitial as per your requirement. All the above statement I have written in the GOOD CONSIGNMENT NOTE when I received the car on 28.11.2012. I have send the through you by paying more money because it was expected being REPUTED FIRM, I will get better service. But it was not happened. It was expected to get the action taken report for my above damage which was written in the GOOD CONSIGNMENT NOTE on 28.11.12. Since I have not received any report I am writing this complaint again. Please pay Rs 10180 ( Rupees ten thousand one hundred and eighty only ) for the above damage ( Rs 8000/- for Denting& painting, Rs 2000/- for my shoe and Rs 180 /- taken from me for pollution control certificate) for the actual cost for the above damage made by you. If I am not getting the money for the damage made by you within 15 days , I will go to consumer court with extra charges. Thanking you, yours faithfully Date :03.12.2012 ( SOMNATH DAS) 133, 15 th Main Road, GOKUL ROAD. HUBLI – 580030 &#8195;


Posted on Dec 25, 2012

Very Late Delivery of Items from Patna To Ranchi by Agarwal Packers and Movers of DRS group. Details: Date of Booking of Items from Patna : 15-11-2012 Promised date of Delivery to Ranchi: 17-11-2012 Amount Charged: Rs 14000 G.C No. 4162375 Items: Household items Actual Date of Delivery: Delivered in parts from 15th to 22nd of December 2012. Condition of items: some of them have been damaged.

Puneet Purwar

Posted on Dec 19, 2012

On 11/12/2012 I booked Speed Movers and packers in Lucknow to transfer my almirah from Lucknow to Gurgaon. The almirah was to be delivered by 16/12/2012. I contatced Virendra Singh from Speed Cargo Lucknow. The almirah has not been delivered till today. Virendra Singh has been telling lies that you will receive the almirah in an hour or so since 2 days and now is not picking up the phone. They have the almirah and charged Rs 3000 upfront at the time of booking. I called the office of Speed Cargo and they cliamed that they do not have any office in Lucknow. The almirah has been stolen by these thugs.I have the original bill that Salman, an associate of Virendra has given me at the time of booking. The contact numbers mentioned in that receipt are not working. Please help me.

Roopesh Nair

Posted on Nov 28, 2012

I had hired the services of NEW NATIONAL PACKERS & MOVERS headquartered in Pune, when I was transferred from Pune to Ahmedabad. The total charges paid to the service provider is Rs.23350/- including 3% of the insurance premium. The household goods were packed in good condition on 27/09/12 at Pune.The goods arrived at Ahmedabad at 11 pm the next day and was surprised to find that all the boxes were broken and the packed items were strewn on the floor of the truck. My two wheeler was also part of the goods along with other household items, however the entire front portion of the vehicle was damaged with the headlight being separated from the vehicle's body. The same night I called up the service provider to inform him about the damaged goods and he assured me that since the goods were insured the losses would be taken care of. The next morning they also sent me a mail assuring that they will initiate the insurance claim process on my behalf, I am still awaiting their reply.

Sougoto Deb

Posted on Oct 17, 2012

I transfered my household items from Kerala to Assam with M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers. They charged me Rs. 39000 for transportation and Rs.3224 for transit insurance, which they say that it is insured with M/s Agarwal Packers & Movers and no receipt is not given to me. Now I have received my motor cycle in complete left side damage condition and fridge with dents and a broken crockery. The articles are received on 7/10/12. On informing the damage on the same day I have received no reply and they are just turning me from one person to another. Please render some help if required. Sougoto Deb

chandra shekhar chotiya

Posted on Oct 04, 2012

my new mobile phone has been stolen by balagi current servic. I have send them notice through advocate but no response received.

Mahesh Ayyagari

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

I want to complain about Sea Air Cargo Systems, 21, 1ST Cross,1ST A Main Ground Floor Behind Gokuldas Exports Off Mission Road CKC Garden Bengaluru 560027 Tel/Fax # 080-41237258, about damage to my shipment from Bangalore to Auckland.The agents are refusing to accept responsibility for the damage, which was proven to be due to bad packing. I want to know if I can complain at this forum or if there is another forum to complain at. Thanks.

Anand Agarwal

Posted on Aug 05, 2012

This is a complaint for Overnite Courier.I ordered a Super Saver Combo which had a jeans and a watch, vide order number : 192965.The company though not responding for the order, but I found that they have dispatched the courier via Overnite Couriers. The AWB No is : 7054066600. When I contacted Overnite couriers, they say that the courier is misplaced and they are not finding it. I have contacted there Sr Manager and she is just delaying the process of refund. They are not giving me my shipment nor they are giving me my refund. The Manager name is Dipti and the Email ID is : and Nitin <>. Please help me in this and provide me the refund. They are just delaying everydat. I have put number of mails. I can provide all the corrospondence mails as and when needed.


Posted on Jun 19, 2012

This is to bring to your notice that while shifting my household goods from Gurgaon to Kolkata through Allied Movers and Packers (P) Ltd., Consignment Number 2443, following items have not been delivered or damaged:- Item No. Item description Status Value 6 Mattress Not received 6500 14 TV Trolley Glass One glass broken out of two 2000 56 Computer table One glass broken out of two 1000 82 Temple Broken 2000 93 Plastic Bucket (Baby bath tub) Broken 500 Total 12000 As I had declared complete insurance for all goods, request you to please replace the above mentioned material or compensate the value declared. The details of consignment are as follows:- Consignment No. 2443 Date of Loading at Malibu Town, Sohna Road, Gurgaon – 26.01.2012 Date of Unloading at Regent Enclave, Kaikhali, Kolkata – 06. 02.2012 The Movers and Pckers have not conducted any Insrance survey and it is almost 4.5 months. There has been no response even after multiple followups.

Bijaya Kumar Swain

Posted on May 28, 2012

Dear Sir, I have been transferred from Gurgaon to Visakhapatnam on 6th May 2012. To transfer my household items, I had put an enquiry on various websites like Agrawal Packers, Gati Packers, Leo Packers etc. All of them had conducted the survey in my house at Gurgaon and given quotations. I got the lowest quote i.e. Gati Packers and Movers where the contact person was Mr. Vinod (mobile no. 09311408484). But in the soft copy of the quotation the company name was mentioned as Express Packers and Movers. When queried about the company name and address on the quotation, he told me that this quotation in soft copy format, hence will not have the complete name of the company. On that belief I have given them the order for the shifting. On 6th May 2012, the persons had came to my residence at Gurgaon and packed all the items and loaded in the truck. At the time of billing I found the billing company was Express Packers and Movers. Because I got the quotation from the mail id of Gati Packers, hence I thought they might have from the same company and issued the complete payment amount of Rs.24773/- vide cheque no.078989 dated 06/05/2012 drawn on IDBI Bank, Ameerpet Branch which is inclusive of insurance charge of Rs.1740/- for my household items and they have issued me the receipt vide no. 3274 dated 06/05/2012. On 16th May 2012, they have delivered the items and my residence at Visakhaptanam. While opening the packets I found both of the wooden beds are broken and immediately I have informed the same to Mr. Vinod for insurance claim. Also on the delivery challan I have mentioned very clearly that the beds are broken and needs replacement. Mr. Vinod had told me that the insurance claim will be processed once they receive the delivery challan. Since then I am following up after them and even they have confirmed about the receipt of the delivery challan, but no words about insurance claim. Everyday I am making call to them and each day they are coming with some new excuse and now even they are neither lifting my call not replying to my mails. On 26th I tried with the no. of Mr. Vinod, but surprisingly some other person had picked up the phone and told me that Mr. Vinod is on leave and will be back after a week’s time and given me the no. of Mr. Sunil (09311408383). When I have contacted Mr. Sunil, he told me to contact on 28th morning, so that he can update me. When I have called on 28th on Mr. Sunil’s no, some other person had picked the call and told me that Mr. Sunil is on leave today and asked me to call on 29th. Then I have tried with my different no. to Mr. Vinod’s no. and found that the no. which Mr. Sunil use to have is being used by Mr. Vinod today and still he is avoiding the insurance claim. Now I am fed up with their services and calling them everyday. So requesting you to please take my complaint and help me out from this situation. Thanks & Regards Bijaya Kumar Swain Visakhapatnam