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MUTIPRO MACHINES PVT. LTD. this company is machine manufacturing company Golden Green Industrial City, Phase - C, Plot No. 236 - 237, At: Khambha, Taluka: Lodhika, District: Rajkot - 360311. State: Gujarat. India. I bought machines from Multipro Machines in 2022 Unhappy with Multipro Machines! The machine I bought is faulty within the warranty, and they are not providing any support or honoring the warranty. Disappointing customer experience! faulty machines provided multipromachines pvt ltd

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i have filed a complained to apple customer care service for resolving my iphone issue .....i have called like 10 times ....3 to4 times a day and talking for 2 hrs minimum to one person (in short 4-6 hrs a day) disturbing my work and ruining my mental health and talking to new person every time when i call up and explaining my issue to everyone .....firstly i was told that they will give me a call back regarding the updates of the case but nobody called up and then when i call them they make me wait for minimum 15 mins to 30 mins (thinking i have no work at all ) on call for transfering call to escalating team and then i request them to please give call to same person who was handling the issue but nobody agrees to the same and i end up talking to the new person and explains all the issue to the new person , till now i have spent atleast 12 hrs in total n even more calling them and talking to them ....they promised that they will give call back once its gets overtime and call disconnects but i dont recieve any call and again i had to call up myselves and again talk to new person and ask for new resolution ....but nobody is helping me out ...they are harassing me alot ....mistreating me alot ......wastiing my time ,energy and money ........they are mentally harrasing me .... disturbing my work life and mental peace also ...it is ruining my health also......


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Posted on Aug 30, 2021

where to buy stromectol without prescription

Ryan Francis Richards

Posted on Aug 24, 2021

Dear Sir, I had bought a Asus Motherboard in Aug'2020 with a warranty of 3 years. Within 9 months of purchase, I had trouble with the motherboard. The computer had frequent blue screen error and the computer used to refuse starting. Because of the Covid pandemic, Asus was not able to provide at-home support and neither had was I able to travel to their service centre. I have been complaining to them from Mar'21 and finally went to the service center 25kms away from my home to give the motherboard for repair. The service team mentioned to provide a replacement or repair in 10 business days. They are complaining that some component on the motherboard is damaged and asking me to pay for it. I haven't damaged any component nor used any equipments on the motherboard since it was under warranty. Right now though i agreed for them to repair the damaged part (which they mentioned approx rupees 700), they are not even replying to my email requesting when I can get the motherboard back. From Mar'21, i have been having trouble and there is no respite from Asus customer support team. Kindly help.

Aditi Singh

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

I have a Aqua guard Elegant RO, which is under AMC till February 2020. This AMC costed me Rs.7750/-. This RO requires repair in every 10 days and the service is very bad in this area. Sh. Vikram Singh, representing Eureka Forbes is the person who is required to be contacted in case of any non functional issues. Even after continuous requirement for repair in every 10 days, I am extremely fed up with the level of customer service given by them. Firstly the complaint is not being attended even after N number of calls, secondly even if they do come and repair it, it again starts malfunctioning or completely stops functioning in just 7 days. I registered a complaint on 06.08.2021 at 4:30 pm with a complaint no. 2022053714 and after a few days I received a call back from Eureka about the service. I have clearly informed them that nobody has visited my place to repair the RO. It was then informed to me that my complaint was closed as informed by their representative without attending to the issue and this issue will be accelerated and some senior technician will be appointed for resolving the same. Then again after a few days, called up customer care informed them about the issue, they again reassured me that the issue will be resolved. Till date no one has turned up. I reiterate that no one has visited and rectified the issue. In this scorching summer and in the pandemic we are buying water from outside twice a day which costing me Rs. 60 every time. My kids and elders at home, who are diabetic, are suffering a lot. My RO is under AMC. I have paid more than 7k for the same but their services have constantly been disappointing, as whenever we have approached customer care in the last 2 years, no one has reached our home on time and it is usually attended after 2 months, causing so much annoyance and inconvenience. I have sent various emails to them as well, seeking the detailed reasons for their incompetence in this highly competitive market. But I have not received any response from them. In view of the submissions made in the foregoings, it is prayed that the Eureka Forbes company may kindly be penalized for its irresponsible and negative approach towards its customer and causing immense mental harassment for an amount of Rs. 500000/- which includes our daily expenses of purchasing water from outside, cost of renewal of AMC every year, risking our lives during pandemic and causing so much inconvenience to senior citizens and kids.

meenu makhija

Posted on Jul 05, 2021

Dear Sir I purchased chimney Fabio Model from Dealer Taneja Electricals - East of Kailash of Hindware and when it was reached to us it started making high sounds with heavy vibrations many engineers visited from company and many followups being done with dealer and company service engineers but no solution I got from their end. I need to resolve the issue as soon as possible as I purchased in the month of April 2021 I requested to replace the chimney with another model but no response from any one of them and at last I kept chimney at Dealer shop. please help in this regard.


Posted on Jun 22, 2021

मैंने रिपेयर बाजार सर्विसेज प्राइवेट लिमिटेड जिसका जी यस तीन नंबर 09AAKCR2806G1ZB जिसका फ़ोन नंबर 9821784559 है से ये सी की गैस रिफिल करवाई थी और उसकी ३ मंथ की वारंटी थी लेकित ये सी ने १ महीना भी काम नई किया अब शिकायत करने के बाद भी वह सुन नी रहा है/


Posted on Jun 22, 2021

ये सी की गैस फइलल करने के बाद उसकी ३ मंथ की वारंटी थी लेकित ये सी ने १ महीना भी काम नई किया अब शिकायत करने के बाद भी वह सुन नी रहा ह।

Madhavan Nampoothiri.E

Posted on Jun 11, 2021

Sirs, I had purchased one roll (30Metres ) of i inch PVC Suction Hose from M/s.Light House, Near Pvt Bus Stand, Thiruvalla on 08/07/2020 by paying Rs.1300. The item was connected to the motor pump the very next day and it was found that the hose started water leakage at several places while water flows under pressure. I had raised the issue with the seller and he objected to resolve the issue at once. I could not arrange to detach the hose for want of plumbers during the Covid-19 pandemic lock down. By this time, the leakage still increased to an uncontrollable level, and I was forced to remove the punctured hose in full length. I approached the seller again on 09/06/2021, and he directed me to contact the manufacturer M/s. Transocean at Karunagappally over mobile number. This Company , engaged in the manufacture and supply of PVC materials has inhumanely rejected my plea and stated that the product may not of their company brand. I humbly request to give instructions as to indemnify the losses caused by the cost of the substandard variety of PVC hose and the labor charges paid to the Plumber in extra.


Posted on Apr 12, 2021

I purchased a recertified laptop from Acer India store online of Rs. 17490 including gstax of rs. 2668 which comes under second hand/refurbished goods i.e. recertified product from the Acer India Store website online but rule of court says companies cannot charge gstax on second hand and recertified or refurbished products or products which are sold on less than MRP and they have charged rs 2668 for the price and actualprice was rs 29000 of the product at that time. Rule 32(5) of the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) Rules, 2017of Govt. of India states this.


Posted on Mar 19, 2021

Newly purchased laptop starting vibrating during the charging time and no satisfactory action taken by CROMA Naidad. Suffering from last 4 months but no replacement/refund given by Croma/Lenovo.


Posted on Feb 17, 2021

AM WORKED IN UPSHOT UTILITY SERVICES,ITS DEDUCT MY PF AND NOT PAY IN EPF ITS PAY SOME DIFFERENT ACCOUNT I HAVE ATTACHED MY DETAILS KINDLY SOLVE THE ISSUE ,MANY TIME REQUEST TO UPS NOT RESPONSE KINDLY HELP...... UAN NO - 101309579938 Respected sir, my pf contribution paid to another account ( Another Gayathri) kindly check my aadhar and salary slip for mention in Uan and for KYC mention another gayathri Aadhar details include....my contribution goes to another gayathri mistaken by employer ,many time am request to employer but no responce kindly help to claim my f contribution


Posted on Feb 09, 2021

Subject: Supply of defective piece of Prestige Express miser grinder and not settling the complaint. Dear Sir, For the above complaint, lot of correspondence by emailing and telephonic conversations is made and there is no result. For the last time, I am giving herewith full details. I have purchased 1 express mixer grinder PEX1.0 on 13/11/2019 in Malad Mumbai. It has start giving problem within 2 months and immediately complaint was made on your helpline number 1800123334411 from my mobile number 9833904884 in February 2020. But the complaint was not sort out. I have made lot of complaints from my other mobile number 9819443468 as follows: Sr No. Job Number Date 1 MUMB1611750 25/09/2020 and 12/12/2020 2 MUMB1754145 30/11/2020 3 MUMB61657020 09/01/2021 and 19/01/2021 4 MUMB61661358 11/01/2021 On 16/01/2021, I have had a detailed conversation of 9 minutes on your helpline number. I have called on mobile number 7777087685 and 8080372744 with Madam Vishakha and Madam Sarita. But they have rudely replied and made false promises, but in vain. Email complain of rudely behaviors is also made and then Mr. Sachin had told me that your product will be replaced. Mr. Nitin Thakre of Bangalore office called me from his mobile number 8087238033 on 04/01/2021 and 18/01/2021 and said this recorded call and I will forward your recorded complaint to concerned department for taking any action. But after that neither reply received and nor any complaint was settled. Guarantee was also WhatsApp on 9136667685 on 26/12/2020, a mechanic from your company has taken our product and returned stating that it is repaired. He has taken repairing charge from me whereas by your SMS message you have confirmed that the repairing charge is zero vide SMS dated 11/01/2021 and 10/01/2021. When I have started the mixer it got Fire in its motor and lot of smoke was also spread in the kitchen, it was a very dangerous moment and on 16/01/2021 I have explained all the matter on your helpline number again and again. But it was a Big regret to write, after that nobody has responded to my complaint. Since it was a very dangerous situation due to fire and smoke due to your faulty product. Now please tell me what the value of your guarantee card is. I have got a lot if harassment and mental agony from your company and staff. Being a senior citizen, I have no other option but to register my complain in nearby police station and consumer forum. You are totally default in service for not sorting out my complaint. Even you are also responsible for the rudely and misbehavior of your staff to a senior citizen customer like me. If I have not received replaced products from you immediately, then above action will be taken against your staff and company. I will also be claiming for mental harassment and agony for this behavior / service in consumer forum on your risk and cost and please not this. As lot of time is consumed by you for that complaint. Regards, Shivkumar Aggarwal

Rajkumar Vaishnav

Posted on Jan 16, 2021

Hi Team. This is to inform you that i have 3 connections of three faze ... i have no any outstanding in previous months . but i got a lot of bill and shows that amount is pending from previous three months . Please let me know why??????????????

Nassir Choudhary

Posted on Dec 10, 2020

My complaing is against Shopclues.com which is an online shopping website. MY Order ID:194662565 Return ID:8449031. I had purchased a Swipe Elite Star mobile of Rs.2549 on 6th December 2020 and made the payment online. Yesterday, 9th Dec 2020, I recieved my order. It has a defective battery. I had charged the battery full at 100% and slept at night with zero usage but in morning it was at 6%. So today morning immediately I raised a refund request. Shopclues has a easy return and replacement policy of 10 days. But my return request was rejected by the merchant without any reason. Also when I tried calling their customer care, it only has automated IVR system which informed me that my order is also not eligible for replacement. I had purchased this mobile to gift it to my mummy. Now I feel embarrassed and cheated. Please help me resolve this.

Amit Nagar

Posted on Nov 07, 2020

Hired services of Unison Logistics and Packers Pvt Ltd (ISO 9001:2008 & IBA Approved) for transfer of House hold goods on Sep 26, 2020. Sep 28, 2020, goods were delivered. On getting Tata Sky connection on Oct 04, 2020, and switching on the LED the broken panel was observed. The same was communicated to the Packers and Movers on the same day i.e. Oct 04,2020. The cost of Packers was more than other market players however the same was hired since he promised that (a) Wooden boxes will be provided for expensive items like LED/Fridge/Washing Machine. However actually weak bamboo boxes were provided and due to this the Panel seems to have been broken. (b) Good service will be provided (However after facing the loss it is understood that his mentality is the same as that of other cheap Packers and movers) (c) The Packer is in this space since last more than 30 years. (d) Could not find details of IBA approved packers on the IBA website. Hence this claim of Packer seems to be false. Now the packer is shying away with his responsibility of providing the reimbursement for the broken LED. Also the Packers discouraged/misguided on insurance filing clams. Insurance of Rs 4 lakhs was taken. It was informed that the Packer is also the insurance agent. Want to get the Packers pay for the loss / misguidance and get him blacklisted on all government companies.


Posted on Oct 19, 2020

Respected Sir/Madam, I, Alfa Das handed over my refrigerator to Sulekha packers and Movers, Chutugunta,vijayawada on 01.09.2020 transfer the items to Balasore, odisha of our destination address. They took Rs.4500 to transfer the item. They reached at balasore national Highway and icalled to me to take your items in the night around 12 o" clock. It is unable for us to receive the item at that time. They didn't handed over the items in the destination address. They told when we return that time we will handed the item to your destination address. After some days they called to me and told that they returned the item and item is in Vijaywada and take your item and also another Rs 1500. So that they can returned the item to my packing address. I have his bill details also. It is hereby requested to please look into the matter seriously and i also request to cancel the registration of M/s Sulekha Packers and Movers has no body else should be cheated like i did. Thanking you and Regards. Alfa Das,8903723850

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 8389980562.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.


Posted on Jul 30, 2020

last month pay bill but getting bill 4 months excess

Parth Bhardwaj

Posted on Jul 23, 2020

Hi Team, I bought one cooler from Bindra Electric Corporation (shop no. 90 , Bhogal New Delhi 110014) on 19.05.2020 with the below conditions :- 1 Cooler is in warranty of six months . 2 As per promise made by Bindra electrics , if any issue arise within six months they will send a mechanic to home for its repairing . While using within one month its one part is spoiled . When we are claiming for its repair to shop owner as agreed , he is just ignoring us and making further false commitments . Now it is more than one month of this affected product and they did nothing till now and just wasting time of warranty period. Contacts of Bindra Electrics :- 01124370807 / 01124376327 Request you to to take urgent action on this , we are very worried due to this . Thanks

Mitesh sharma

Posted on Jul 16, 2020

Dear sir/mam, I have bought a Bluestar window AC in May'19 from Reliance digital Bhiwadi ref no TI031051902052019 & it's free service validity period was upto end of May'20 but due to lockdown period (25.03.20 to Jun'20) all stores & service centre were closed as I called to Reliance digital bhiwadi for service in May,'20 itself. In ist week of June I again called to their representative & replied service engineer will come in next two days but not come then, again I called only commitment but no one was there. Atlast, I complained to their service head then, he informed me that this service is chargeable as one year time period has crossed. I again & again asked him for their store & service centre shutdown period during covid-19 but he wouldn't reply. Sir, I have informed them in May'20 last week regarding my service but service centre closed due to covid-19, now, service head is saying that your time period is over for free service. Sir, request you to please intervene in this matter & provide the free service of my AC as committed by Reliance digital. I will be very thankful to you in this regard. Thanks Mitesh sharma 9468250752 7891555541

Pradeep Simha

Posted on Jul 06, 2020

I had purchased LG OLED 55 " TV. The picture tube developed burnout PIXELs. as it was in the warranty period the the same was replaced. Unfortunately the replaced picture tube, within 6 months, also developed larger burnout pixels. When I approached the LG company, they refused to replace the same saying that my system is out of warranty period. When they have replace a faulty item how can I be penalised for the faulty item. PLEASE HELP Regards.........>Pradeep Simha

Aneesh K

Posted on Jul 01, 2020

Hi i have bought LIVPURE SMART TOUCH RO WATER PURIFIER from www.livpure.com. and this delivery was not happened because of Lockdown so i have requested to cancel my order and they accepted. i have contacted over phone 9 + times and by mail 15 + times. and other social media also contacted. but i didn't get my refund amount yet. whenever i contact am getting reply that " will contact to you soon" i have used credit card to purchase . am requesting you to kindly get a solution for this

Krishnendu Paul

Posted on Jun 24, 2020

I have purchased a 24" LED TV set of Panasonic Company from Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Serampure Branch on 13.03.2020. TV was delivered on 18.03.2020 and was installed on 20.03.2020. Upto installation every thing seems ok. Then within 30 mins of installation problem started arising. I called the technician of Panasonic. He visited next day and informed me that the problem is in the sound panel and need to be changed and accordingly he made complain. I also informed the whole matter to Mr. Avijit Sur of Khosla i.e on 21.03.2020. Meanwhile nation wide lockdown started. After lock down started releasing in the month May 2020, I again started calling both Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd. and Panasonic to sort out my problem. I have started realizing that both of the companies are not interested in solving my problem. Then after people from Khosla are not picking my phones and people from Panasonic are creating excuse by saying parts is not available or transit problem etc. I have mailed Khosla head office on 20.06.2020 but no reply. Sir, I would like to say that my TV set runs only 30 mins and now 3 months are over its lying ideal. I am feeling helpless. Please do advice me or do something to solve my problem.

Jitender Kumar

Posted on May 28, 2020

I have purchased one product through FLIPKART vide order Order ID: OD114537049149455000 TVs FSN: TVSF3J7HUJF5XUBT HSN/SAC: 85287217 iFFALCON by TCL Certified Android 138.71cm 55 Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV on dated 26.01.2019 and the same was installed at the residence and I have opted for extended warranty for two years from the date of purchase of Flipkart product through Jeeves Consumer Services Private Limited. Buildings Alyssa, Begonia & Clover,Embassy Tech Village,Outer Ring Road, Devarabeesanahalli Village, Varthur Hobli, Bengaluru-560103, Karnataka, India by paying an amount of Rs.2999/-. That after one year of purchase of above said i.e. TCL Television 55 Ultra HD 4K LED smart TV developed some mechanical defect and thereafter I have contacted Flipkart for resolving the problem, but Flipkart refused to entertain the request and told me that as the product was under warranty because I have has purchased extended warranty of two years from Jeeves Private Limited and Flipkart has advised me to contact Jeeves Pvt Ltd. as the product was under warranty. Thereafter I have contacted the Jeeves Pvt. ltd on dated 29.03.2020 and have informed with regard to the defects in the above said product and in reply to the said email to me, the Jeeves have taken a plea that due to lockdown the services of customer could not be provided and as and when the lockdown period is over the service will be doned accordingly. But even though the lockdown period is over and the services to the other products were started and relaxation was given by the Indian Govt. in third and fourth lockdown , I have again approached Jeeves either to change the product or to rectify the defect of the product which was purchased by me from Flipkart. But till date no service has been provided by the Jeeves company and I am running pillar to post for the repair of my TV and the act of the Jeeves Pvt. Ltd. I have suffered mental harassment. I want justice to take action against the FLIPKART and Jeeves Pvt. Ltd for redressal of my claim.

Nisar Ahmad Mir

Posted on May 28, 2020

Before the Hon'ble District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at Vikas Sadan Gurgaon 122002 Particulars of complainant: Full Name: Nisar Ahamd Mir C 41 Astaire Gardens, BPTP sector 70A Gurgaon Haryana, 122101 Particulars of the Opposite party: Opposite party No. 1 Croma, A TATA enterprise Sohna - Gurgaon Road, Block S, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana Opposite party No. 2 Whirlpool India Limited, Plot no 40, Whirlpool House, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122002 Particulars relating to goods/services complained of: (a) Details of goods/service: Whirlpool Refrigerator with FF 292L, Item Code 217763. (i) 10TH Of December 2019 (ii) Rs 25990 (b) The complaint relates to: (i) Loss or damage as a result of unfair trade practice adopted by the trader: (Applicable) (ii) One or more defects in goods: (Applicable) (iii) Deficiency in services: (Applicable) (c) If the complaint relates to (b)(1) above. Nature of unfair trade practice adopted by the trader, such as 1) At the time of sales, the representative of Croma promised and accepted if any Damage either physical, or any technical will be resolved on the same day or maximum withing 24 hours. In this case I have not experienced anything like this. There was a dent on the body of the fridge also which was not fixed or repaired. 2) The Cooling effect was supposed to be within 15 minutes as sales person claimed and cooling effect we elaborated as Ice making but in this case was completely wrong commitment and did not happen the same, completely wrong selling. 3) Direct power should have been enough as per sales person at the time of sales but when the product was delivered, the installation person did not install it and asked for stabilizer as necessary for its smooth operation, again wrong selling or unfair trade. Statement as to the quality etc. of Goods sold/service made: 1) The Stabilizer was sold to me when it was not required at the time of sale made. 2) The Converter technology did not work or it was a false presentation to made wrong sales. 3) Deep freezer can’t be used as that will damage the product as per technical team of Whirlpool Mr Madan Gopal but the same services has been given in the fridge. 4) Vegetable basket was never getting its share of cooling, so lost lot many vegetables after storing it as the promise at the time of sales, the preservation should have been 96 hours as fresh as just purchased from market etc etc Sponsorship of goods/dealers: The Product was sold by Croma to me and theses commitments were made by Croma sales man. Warranty/guarantee with period promised, the product warranty is one year and additional warranty for next 2 years and also product itself displayed 10 years of Compressor warranty Bills attached 4. Details of attempts made to get the matter complained of settled and result thereof: (i) Personal negotiations: Yes went three times to their office and tried to resolve it but all in vain (ii) Written application given to manufacturer for service resolution (Proof Attached) (iii) Have also filed a complaint with the Badshahpur police station with complaint No. 13227003072000090 (Proof Attached) 5. Relief claimed: (i) To return the price/charges paid (ii) Compensation claimed for financial loss, continuous follow up the Croma and expenditure of going and coming to office, which is around Rs 1000 (iii) Stabilizer Purchased for 2300 iv) Travel to consumer court two times Rs 1500 for expenditure on petrol and depreciation of vehicle. v) My Personal Loss of pay with Rs 5000/day. Vi) Life at Risk as technical person Mr Pandey said its compressor can blast anytime and still, they did not resolve the issue. The Compensation for living in threat is Rs 100,000.00 Total Compensation is around Rs 1,60,000.00 (Rupees one lakhs and sixty thousand only) 6. the Forum/State Commission has jurisdiction to entertain the complaint in view of- (a) Section 11(i)/Sec 17 of the Consumer Protection Act (b) The cause of action having accrued at district Gurugram.

Gouri Kannan

Posted on May 13, 2020

We have bought a crompton electrical appliance which is a fan , only 2 days passed , it is not in a good condition , and it is not having its minimum speed. It would be fine if u would soon send someone to check the electrical appliance.

Saluddin mollick

Posted on May 10, 2017

My refrigerator replacement is too delay. Already passed 8days after replacement update. I'm suffering 5months after buying kelvinator kc203 refrigerator

Ram Mahto

Posted on May 09, 2017

Dear Sir/ maam, I have become fade up with the level of services of Videoco. I am a first time user of split ac. When i went to purchase the AC i was convinced for Videocon product with all lot of promises and warranties, although my first preference was Voltas. I took the AC but the day since when i have taken this product I am suffering. I am a lay man for Ac they have given me 5 years of warranty on so called compressor. Now yesterday my compressors fan has broken. When engineer visited for replacement he said this is chargeable. The fan broke in midnight and so there is scratch in the net behind the fan. Engineer visited today and told that i need to pay for every thing, if this is so that i need to pay for everything then what is the warranty for. I took the product from Doordarshan, Rourkela, Odisha. They should have taken time and made me understood the so called compressor before selling the product, because it was a forceful selling. I want replacement of parts. Kindly help.

Roshan Jituri

Posted on May 09, 2017

Had purchased a Kenstar Air conditioner i December 2016. The product has not been working properly since the very first time. Poor quality of the product. Kenstar authorised service centre too are equally poor. Only give me verbal assurance. When I asked for written commitment in regards to solving the technical issue in the machine nobody is ready

Deepak Prabhudesai

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

I ordered a Power bank from bookmyoffer.com vide order no. 080467775119014 on Aug 10. I received the product on 18 th Aug. The product is defective and I sent mails to them on 21 st & 27 which are unanswered. Their tel trips after 3 rings of putting you on hold. Their webpage support.bookmyoffer.com does not work. Pl advise how do I go about getting replacement for the defective piece. Deepak


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

I had purchased one Carrier AC for my household from Snehanjali, Dombivali (E) on 25.5.15. We had requested to send Co. Service Mechanic for installation.Installation was carried out by Dealer.After installation the AC did not giving colling effect. Service Agent from Co. refilled the gas and changed the air control panel. There was no cooling effect. I have been complaining for exchange of whole unit. Neither dealer nor Company are willing to take the responsibility. The product supplied was totally defective. I have paid Rs.39,000/- inclusive of extended warranty and installation charges. They have been giving false excuses. Hence, I have approached for justice. Kindly help so that my whole AC unit is exchange with new one. Thanks.

Roshan Singh

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Subject: Non-repairing of HCL Laptop and dissatisfied with the services. R/Sir, The undersigned bought/ purchased an HCL Laptop Xite L-65 for Rs. 30,000/-from Boss Computers PVT. LTD. (SCO 56, Tribune Road, Sector-20C) on 27 August, 2011. The said Laptop suddenly shut down in the first week of July 2014 and could not restart. When I contacted with the authorised dealer in Sector-20C, SCO No-38, he replied that the sale of this model of Laptop has been discontinued by the Company/HCL and we can not help you in this respect. Then i contacted, The Area Manager Shri Maninder Singh (Mobile no 9779119491) on 19.11.2014, he also reiterated the same thing that it could not be repaired because this model has been discontinued by the HCL and no longer available in the market. I also contacted HCL person (Mob. 9888584848) on January 12, 2015 at 3:36 PM, he again replied that spare part of this laptop is no longer available in the market still he told me that he would try and call me back but

Abhijit Basu

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Hi, Request to arrange for money refund-Rs 641 on a priority basis against the damaged broken products received. Please find the complaint details : Details of your Order Order Date - 11.08.2015 16:05 Order Confirmation Number: 080467772073967 Product MI10400mAh power bank with Samsung 2600mAh power bank free received defective & broken ; delivered on 17-08-2015 Already repeated mails sent to 'cc@bookmyoffer.com'; customer support team-book my offer but no response till date. Aside to this called up repeatedly helpline customer helpline-8010001133, but nobody is receiving the call. Hence please take an action against this fraud company. Regards, Abhijit Basu 9062619425 abhijit.basu1@vodafone.com


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

mother board problem.already two times repaired in your service centre,but problem is coming again and again.pls take necessory action


Posted on Aug 25, 2015

respected sir my name is shamsher qureshi before 14 months i had purchased iball andi mobile model no:iball andi 5LI. my mobile phone got damage before a month so i approached to service centre they told me it will cost you around Rs:3800 to repair it. i agreed on that condition to repair but before a week officials called me and they are telling to collect my mobile without repairing because they dont have its parts available and they have discontinued this model. i request you to take action in this matter because 1.it is responsibility of an organisation to provide after sales service 2.because in india no one purchased mobile for 1 year 14 months hence and reliable after sales service is required by the organisation 3.therefore i request you to kindly support me in this matter as iball andi is avoiding their responsibility of after sale service

Sidhartha Kar

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

I have asked etech group to installed CCTV camera in my house. They installed all the camera but one camera is not working the day first and I escalated this to them and they came and repair and again after 2-3 days its again stopped working I told them give me permanent solutions but never I received from them. I would be greatful to you if you can help me on this.


Posted on Aug 25, 2015

I purchase karbon mobile phone A20 from Riddhi Siddhi Marketing vide bill no. 5587 Dt. 18.07.2014, handset imei no. 911363750218588, this handset laying service centre from purchase date 3 to 4 month near about. I am not using frequently since purchase the handset. So I would request to kindly extent my warranty as handset laying at your service centre follow up by imei no. please give me extent warranty according company norms. Now my mobile is not working, service centre demand now chargeable basis, kindly solve issue as earliest or exchange my mobile handset.

Somenath Gupta

Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Sir, I purchased a Dell E2014H LCD monitor from Amazone India online shop on Sep 5,2014. I got some problem with this monitor after running 10 month and I call Dell Technical support on Jul 28, 2015. Dell arrange a replacement for the same after submitting all the document and I got a replaced monitor on Aug 5,2015. But the replaced monitor is another model (Model No - IN2020M) which is according to Dell "This product is no longer available." ( That is Dell IN2020M is no longer available). Apart from the other dissimilarity this model(IN2020M) consume much more power then my original purchased model (E2014H). I communicate with Dell why they replaced a obsolete/discontinued model with a new one, but every time Dell response they replace with same specification model, which is not true. Now I want to lodge a complain against Dell. Please help me. I have all the relevant document to prove that Dell replaced a low quality monitor against my original purchased. Regards Somenath


Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Gopal Paul

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

I purchased Micromax(A106)on 24 April,2015. After two month I faced a problem with display & went for servicing & I left my phone in service center for 10 days.After that I again faced a problem with Not recognition of external SD card & again I went for servicing & left my phone for another 15 days.Then I got a call from service center that I can receive my phone..Then I went center to take my phone back then I found that my mobile back cover has been changed & problem for which I gave my phone for servicing that was not solved then I kept my phone for another 3 days.After that I faced software problem after that now I facing problem with battery.

Sudip ghosal

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Purchased 50000 rs phone from amazon , due to some mistake my name was incorrect in invoice, I want corrected duplicate invoice, but they r not ready to give that, I can not do my insurance with incomplete name, customer care misbehaving with me

Nasib Singh

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

I have purchased a Kent RO sl no KR1505031878 and my registered mob No is 9459204400 . I registered for for free insatallion on 03 Aug 15 . After registration they have flashed a mobile no of person who will install this kent product. But when called that person he simply denied and ask for 600/- rupees installion. After that i again contacted kent customer care. they are not taking it serious. Still no phone call and no installation. Please do needful for me.


Posted on Aug 22, 2015

Dear Sir, On 6.8.15 I had purchased one handset ONEPLUSONE from Flipkart online vide Inv.No.nirwfld20150800290029 for value Rs.21,999/-. This mobile was gifted by me to my brother Mr.Naresh Rathod. He too has lodged complaint from his e-mail. Reply received that the registered e-mail ID has to forward the complaint. From day one I have informed and lodged complaint that the speakers are defective and sounds tearing and voice cannot beheared We have lodged complaints on :- 14.8.15 Bidisha Ghosh 17.8.15 Mahesh T. 18.8.15 Geethanjali 20.8.15 Vijeth S.J. All have assured that our complaints will be attended but till date the complaint has remained unattended. On 21.8.15 received message @ 12.05 am informing that the seller has disapproved the request for exchange of handset. Without attending the complaint regretting to exchange the handset. We had no option left but to lodge complaint against Flipkart for change of handset without delay.


Posted on Aug 21, 2015

maine phone oder kiya tha amazon shoping site se aur usme 1 year ka guarantee tha aur 2 month ke ander mera phone dead ho gya ....aur phir maine jab mobile phone company ko call kiya toh woh mujhe 20 days se bahana kar raha ha aur woh mujhe mera phone replace nahi kar raha ha ...please aap mera helpe kijiye....

Shubham Dwivedi

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

I have purchased a mobile Panasonic P55. Its camera is defective. I submit it in service center for repair but they return it to me after 10 days without any solution.

Balai Mitra

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

I have deposited my Micromax Phone having model number A106 ( IMEI number 911401155620071 / 911401156120576) to M/S SUN INFOSOLUTIONS, 17, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata 700013 on 1st July 2015. The set was having charging problem and it was having network issue. They have received the phone on 1st July 2015 and gave me JOB Sheet number as E030741-0715-17698208. I have called several times to know the status but I have not received any proper information except saying it will take time and I may get the phone after 15 days. But no proper information was given to me. Already one month and twenty days is going to pass and I have not received my phone.And Micromax head office says need to repair the cell phone more then twenty to twenty five days. As you all know how important is a cell phone now a days and I am facing lots of problem due to this. please help


Posted on Aug 19, 2015

My delivered weighing machine has complaind. So please exchange my purchaise or refunded imeadiately.

sukanta chowdhury

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

sir, i purchased a mobile phone, INTEX AQUA STYLE PRO(BLACK), product no. 91139920028341.The mobile phone was not working properly. so, i complained on 15/07/2015 at INTEX service center. The service center details is- Joy Enterprise, Agnisha Apartment, 19, mukherjee Lane, serampore, hooghly,phone No.- 03326528311 and. The problem is that still now the problem is not solve. thank you

Vikash Ghosh

Posted on Aug 19, 2015

I purchased a new Spice-518 staller series android set from Home shop 18 3 months back. After using 45 days my cell's LCD got lining problem. same day (on 11.07.15) I went to the service centre and they took the set for repair and said it would taken maximum 15 days. But more than one month has gone by they still not returning my repaird cell. Whenever they pick phone say it will take 7-10 days. I have been facing a lot of problems. Service request No. 25100849F70183 dtd. 11.07.17. Please help in this regard.

Anju Rathi

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

I purchased Reconnect Full HD LED 39 inch from Reliance Digital store Bhiwadi on 24/03/2013. The model number is 3901. It was purchased at the amount of Rs. 32990/-. I have extended warranty till 23/03/2016. In July, the remote and the display panel became faulty. The compliant was logged with Reliance Team and picked up the LED on 31/7/2015. Till date, they are unable to do provide a standby device which they are liable to provide under the extended warranty contract. Second, the LED remote and display panel has not be repaired and replaced yet. We are without a TV since last 18 days. They are offering a depreciated price of Rs. 15000/- as a return amount which is unacceptable. The reliance team is very irresponsive and careless. They are not paying any attention to deliver the resolution. In compensations, I want the followings: 1) Standby Full HC 39 inch LED immediately at my place. 2) Repaired 39 inch Full HD LED with remote be delivered to my place in a week.


Posted on Aug 18, 2015

the INTEX mobile of given to service centre on 15/6/2015 for replacement under warranty. on 18/8/2015 the service provider of JIND, near govt college refused to give mobile to me. he said that this mobile is in co,mpany you take it from there. i do not know what is status of this mobile . i have e-mailed intex company and visited approxi 50 times to the service vendor. reference number of email complaint is SR2907156844

Mahendra Bamhane

Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Complaint- Defective mobile received from Shopclues Mobile online order date- 31 Jul 2015 Mobile Model- Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G - White - (6 Months Brand Warranty) Mobile Company- Xiaomi Prize- Rs.6,699 Defect- Power button is not working properly, so not able to use mobile. This defect is from Manufacturer/Merchant End. Mobile received through courier on- 5th August 2015 Complaint registered on Shopclues site on 6th August 2015. Also called customer care on same day. My concern is that this defect is from Manufacturer end so why should I accept such a defective mobile? Also Xiaomi customer care confirm me that Shopclues selling their resale products with lower warrenty, Mobile Company service center is not near to me. Why should I pay money on travelling for Manufacturer fault? Please help

Pramod Kumar Sharma

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

I have purchased one Power Bank from Shop Clues on 04 june, 15 which was not working. Complaint was raised and it was informed that refund is approved and item will be picked up from my home. From then several calls and requests didn't yield and Shop Clues never ever sent anybody for picking up item nor refunded the money. My order number was 55171215 of 04 June, 2015


Posted on Aug 17, 2015



Posted on Aug 16, 2015

WATER PURIFIER - EUREKO FORBES.MODEL:CRYSTAL.YEAR OF PURCHASE:2009.Water is leaking and we raised request and called so many times to the concerned persons to come and rectify.When attending call they are telling we will be coming tomorrow or day after tomoorrow.Every time we call thier response never changed.Till date no one came and rectified.We have called so many times from past 3 months.It is not under warranty.Please do need ful.We are ready to pay for repair.Atleast we have to know what happened to purifier whether it can be rectified or not.If not we will seek another alternative.But atleast thier duty is to come and check the purifier.But they are not even doing it. PLease do take necessary action and make them to come and repair. Regards, Mounica

Yogendra sharma

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Hii sir my neame y k sharma Sir meri broblem micromex compony ke sath hai mera mobile service centar se vapas aya to usmese ram gayab ho chuka tha memorycard not support

st.judes high school

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

We have purchased a Ricoh priport DX2340 a priniting device which is not working properly. we have given calls o customer care inspite of making complaints o the company about non functional of machine no body has reverted to the same.

Binod Kumar

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

I have submitted the Micromax mobile (Modal No A-064 Micromax) for repair on 23/02/2015, Micromax authorized service centre M/s AVJ communication Shop No. 20, 2nd floor Hudson lane Kingsway camp near GTP metro station gate-4, New Delhi. I have call service centre No 43466454/9711673030. but their are not response till now. M/s Avj communication are always extent more time for repair the mobile. They are harassed me.

Muneer Ahmad

Posted on Aug 11, 2015

hang on problem of my Nokia xl . I take my mobile 4times to service centre of Nokia at srinagar they tell me that we will send this mobile to Delhi for solving this problem and you will wait at least 20 days because they new my warranty expires in between these days but when I received my mobile after 2 days the same problem is happening again. Actually they not sending my mobile to Delhi service centre . Now I want to case an f.I.r against the service centre of Nokia at srinagar Kashmir .


Posted on Aug 11, 2015

Sir I bought a micromax canvas hd eg 116 on 27 March 2015. From last 2 days the phone isn't displaying anything. I went to the company's nearest service center. They pointed out that water had been poured out into the phone.but I think it is wrong. The phone is under the warranty period but they told I have to pay 5500/- for servicing the phone.


Posted on Aug 09, 2015

Sir mai apne mobile ko Micromax k service center me dia that screen touch k problem k lie mobile warrenty period me h.....Micromax care Raipur ne mujhe mobile wapis kia lekin battery change krk unhone new battery k jgh damage battery lga die...mere khne par kha ki hum touch ki problem me battery nahi lete jbki unhone battery lia tha . aur Micromax k job shit me mujhe likh k dia tha ..par 3din bad mujhe jb for se khrab battery k vjah she problem aayi to mere Jane par we bahs krne lge aur purani job shit mangne par nhi dikhae ulta kah dia hm nhi rkhte fek dete h.... Mobile me abi b problem h ..an mai kya kru

Karan Mehra

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I have purchased Voltas inverter AC model number 1.5TVOLTAS SAC18VDY around 3 months back fand since then I am facing an issue which is not getting resolved.Its been nightmare for me. I have done the biggest mistake to buy voltas ac. The problem is that 'F8' error gets displayed and ac stops working. 3-4 times their poor skilled technicians visit at my place and could not solve it and giving different excuses.Few of them are Ansari , Bajinder etc. One of their service agency head Mr. Brij Thakur is also not able to solve it.One technician says its indoor unit problem other says its outdoor unit problem. Brij Thakur ask them to take the PCB out and bring to the service center, other says that it can be solved there itself. Within 3 months , it my 4th complaint. Another point is that my complaint number is 15070401771, which was closed on 5 August 2015 , though none of their technician visited my place since last 2-3 weeks. I don't know how that complaint was closed. and who closed i

Dr Mrinal Samanta

Posted on Aug 08, 2015

I purchased a Karbonn Titanium S3 mobile IMIE : 911387900492900, and within 5 months the battery got damaged. As per their warranty the battery has to be replaced. I submitted battery to the authorized service center at Bhubaneswar (SMART SERVICES), vide their job sheet no 1746 dt 14.03.2015., but till date it has not been replaced. I contacted Karbonn mobile, and from April onwards they are telling lie with false assurance. The original battery was taken by the service center, and till date the battery has not been replaced making the phone as dead. First of all they need to replace the battery, and thereafter they should be punished as they are cheating, misleading the people with mental agony and harassment.

Ayan mukherjee

Posted on Aug 07, 2015

I am very disappointed to inform you that, my micromax mobile was given to the service center "M/S FIRST SERVE" at 29/1. S.N. ROY ROAD, kolkata-53(near 29 pally club) about 1 month ago. They told me that service should be completed within maximum 10 days, but it is taking more than double time to fix my problem. there are two mobiles of mine with same problem there jobsheet number are E030421-0615-17509896 registered by customer name Ayan Mukherjee and E030421-0615-17508934 registered by customer name Dwiparna Mukherjee. they told that those mobiles has "touch-pad" problem so they suggest to replace the touch-pad and they also told that they will replace forth with whenever the touch-pad delivered by the main branch. but it more than about 1 month, but they are now telling that the touch-pad is not deliver to them by the main branch till now. the mobiles ware given to the service center as on 25/06/2015.

palash kanthal

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

wrong product delivery against samsung galaxy grand-2, price: 15499/-. ref paisa pay id: 37774344259.ebay delivered china mobile with dispute instead of said product. they cheated me. i called several but they didnt reply positively. samsung service center confirm that this is a china product with dispute in it. bill & warranty card shows all duplicate product. samsng care didnt replace or service the said product. i am asking help from consumer forum to resolve this matter.

Swati Bhattacharjee

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

Microsoft Lumia 535 bought on 12.2.15 from the Microsoft Store at South City Mall. There was a touchpad problem for which it was given to the Microsoft Service Centre, Gariahat on 13.5.15. Its address is Infotel Services, Ekdalia Road, Near Evergreen Road, Kolkata - 700019. The jobsheet number was 265504886/150513/021. A letter was sent to them regarding this. We recd the handset on 16.7.15. On that very same day we found that the battery was not charging. So we gave it again to the same service centre on 20.7.15. Jobsheet number 265504886/150720/024. Pls help me out to get the replacement of my phone.

Shradha Gupta

Posted on Aug 06, 2015

The Bajaj Electricals company, despite several complaints have not replaced the Otg I had purchased on the 07.01.2015. It has not been functioning for over 3 months now. The problems continue to persist even after having it repaired for 4 times since February. I believe it's a damaged product that is irreparable. I mailed them several times yet they haven't responded on account of replacing the product. I hereby request you to take necessary action.


Posted on Aug 05, 2015

Yesterday i visit LG service center Madina Electronics Address 81,BISHAMBER BAGH,MOLANA AZAD LINK ROAD Near Hotel Ikhwan,SRINAGAR,JK,190001 I have washing machine 7.5 Kg model No P8532R3S my washing machine is not working properly i visited to service center i explain my complaint and the ask me there is a fan belt problem i had give model no they people search the fan belt but unfortunately the don't have catalog which fan belt is for particular model after they asking me bring fan belt tomorrow .today i bring the fan belt to service center and i asking them write a complaint they denie we will not come at your home bring washing machine in service center and taking advantage why you open the washing machine open. if they have proper information about the which fan belt is used for particular model.why i bring the fan belt in service center.

neema tashi

Posted on Aug 04, 2015

Sir I lost 1700 rs in repairing my TV as the TV repairmen charged 1700rs for repairing and after 7 days my TV is again not functioning..the repairmen now is not answering my calls and if I go to his shop and house he is always not present..please help me..

Suparna Saha

Posted on Aug 03, 2015

I bought micromax canvas Knight A350 on 21st October 2014. It suddenly stopped charging. I went to micromax service centre on 25th June 2015 but till date they did not return me the phone instead they gave me a new jobsheet number over the phone. My old jobsheet no.-E030741061517502503 (dated-25/6/2015) and my new jobsheet no.- E030741071518034270 (Dated-20/7/2015).Kindly resolve it at your end at the earliest.

Ipsita Dash

Posted on Aug 03, 2015

laptop screen purchased and installed from a shop with 3 months warranty and it stopped functioning within 3 days when asked the shopkeeper to replace it he is denying to replace it.

varun seth

Posted on Aug 02, 2015

I purchased an i phone from jumbo electronics ambience mall gurgaon and they have not converted my transaction into EMI despite giving me charge slip.


Posted on Aug 01, 2015



Posted on Aug 01, 2015

I bought a HTC mobile through ebay. It has a manufacturing defect. HTC is refusing guarantee and service as it was bought through ebay.


Posted on Jul 31, 2015



Posted on Jul 31, 2015


Sanya Shinh

Posted on Jul 30, 2015

Hello, I bought a washing machine worth Rs17000 on September 2014 and made a down payment of Rs6000 and got the remaining balance which is Rs11000 transferred to EMI's for 6 months which amounts to Rs1400 every month but last month to my horror when I checked my bank statement I saw since January Rs2200 is being debited on 2nd of every month till today without my knowledge which makes more then the amount due and when contacted the merchant you have taken mediclaim as well which I have no knowledge of. So to sum up BAJAJ FINANCE duped me by giving me something which I dint ask for and are taking out money from my account in context to the same and neither CROMA nor BAJAJ FINANCE and neither ICICI BANK is helping me for the same. It's horrifying to see that such esteemed names can harrass you for money. I want the extra money that I payed them back. Kindly help and pleas lodge a complaint against them. It's a humble request


Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I had visited twice NOKIA SERVICE CENTER but they are not replacing the set which was purchased vide invoice no. SF1234/15-16/5375, DATED. 27-APR-2015, THANKS .


Posted on Jul 29, 2015



Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I have ordered one mobile from olx. they are sending mail and i got invoice, order details and all. they are regarding to pay 6700 for the mobile. i paid. but the courier came thru flipkart and the courier person asking 10,000. so i returned. i call the mobile person, he didnt responding. please any one help me.

Debasis Bhandari

Posted on Jul 29, 2015

I have purchased one HP tab from Team Computers Pvt. Ltd.; details are as follow. Serial No- CNU45194Q3. Invoice No- SLR215V1415-401 DATED FEB 6, 2015. There is problem with the HP tab and that was informed quite long back. Till Now they are not responding neither replace the same. Please look in to matter and require additional information will be provided if require. Regards,

Sakshi Gupta

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Dear Concerned My LG fridge's compressor is not working from past 3 weeks and till now LG says that they have not got the compressor shipment from out of India. The supervisor is inturn asking me to buy a new fridge under their scheme where they will pay me 80% of our buying price of the fridge and rest I have to pay from my pocket. Why a so called brand name LG doesn't have a compressor, is this what customer service is??? (kindly note our fridge has 10 years compressor warranty and its been only one and a half years since we have got this frdige) What is the use of spending more than half a lac on fridge and then end up not using it coz company doesn't have the parts..... The model number of the fridge is GL-528GSX5.


Posted on Jul 27, 2015

LG company is not able to provide faulty compressor for my LG fridge.Fridge is out of warranty however compressor is under warranty.They are offering compensation of only INR.18,000/- towards a fridge which was purchased 3 years back at price of 43,000/-,We are only interested in getting our fridge repaired or get alternate one and LG is not willing to compromise inspite of their fault

Chandrani Bhattacharjee

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Dear Sir, With due respect, I am sending this mail to you with extreme grief and grievance, that our TV (VIDEOCON LED) has malfunctioned within 6 months of purchase. Contacted to service center on 16th June. One service guy came and found panel needed to be changed. After that, couple of times they came but could not give us the replaced one. Today is 27th July, and we did not receive the TV back, what they eventually took with them. We called them around 20 times, and till now, area manager dogging the date and time every time. Hence, I am taking further step to mail to you with hope that you will do the needful. Local area in-charge contact No. : 8420109133 Bill against name (owner of the TV) : Chandrani Bhattacharjee (my wife) Reference Number : KOL1307150123 Response code : R24493


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

I request all the shoppers to not use this site at all. They are not providing quality products. I have received incomplete order and raising of complaints or for returning these products, seems to be impossible as the Customer support is totally bad.Simply paytm rejected my return even though i received my order incomplete i.e wheels were missing from the order.from last 3 months iam keep on sending mail no one responding my query even i have contacted to the grievance officer but he was also useless fellow. Order No.943392358 Rs. 5591 02 May '15 11:07 pm Symphony Diet 8 T 8 L Tower Air Cooler (White) Qty : 1


Posted on Jul 25, 2015

Dear Sir, Myself Sandip Pajai, I had purchase mobile T-21 from Madhuram Infotech, Bhopal on dated 12.04.2014. My mobile got faulty and I had submitted it to authorized service center at Raipur, on dated 13.02.2015 but o 2nd June they Issue me DOA for new mobile after submitting repairing charge e.i. Rs. 5700.00. I went earlier to the shop to replacing mobile at Bhopal. But the shopkeeper and dealer avoid me to replace it. In contact Panasonic executive by help line no. he give me no. of Mr. Shyam Jee (Mob. No. 09977420101). But he was also avoid me again is compile to Panasonic executive (07.07.2015) he assured me to resolve my problem. But after calling 13.07.2015 it is known that they are also unable. I mail to Panasonic hole history (Thu, 16 Jul 2015 10:22:50 IST) but no reply from them. Sir, please help me for replace my mobile. I give some details for your ready reference at below:- IMEI 1 : - 357010050044435 IMEI 2 :- 357010050044443 Job No. KJASPCH00825K1245 Thanking You

Abhinandan Singh

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Flyfot Mobile Store/atharav Enterprises (Gole Market, Near Pahalwan Di Hatti, Gandhi Nagar.) I have a very bad experience after having iphone 5s from this dealer. I got duplicate data card and adapter and also phone was defective. I came to know when i visited service center after getting battery drainage, network problem and heating issue while charging.I sugges you people please dont by any product from this dealer because after sale he act like wreckless.

Bhavesh Patel

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Prosenjit Pramanick

Posted on Jul 24, 2015

Hi Bajaj Finance have been troubling me with there dhamkis ,they want 1750 Rs which I don't have any idea how it has accumulated . They are telling check bounce ,but I have always made payment online ,Plese help me a good responsible Indian citizen. Thanks


Posted on Jul 22, 2015

I want to complaint my Tata Sky connection its misconnection to visitors.They have charged the amount forcefully without any reason as a debit my account 170/- then i have not seen to my tv connection please see this matter as an early as possible.Please see this matter as an urgent basics.I talked to Tata sky customer care executive but not improved for this reason.Please kindly see this matter because my tv connection is fully closed to connection.

Harshit Sharma

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

i had given my phone to the hTC service center on 1 july 2015 and the recieving date is 3 july 2015 and today i called to the service center ie 21 july but they are saying may be 10 to 15 more it will take for repairing but in their service sheet it has been written tha if you didnt pick your phone within 30 days from the date of recieving from you our company not be responsible for mishappening with your phone.... so please help me ...my phone is 6 months old and display becomes abnormal,speaker didnt work,mother board is defective ,body did'nt fitted propely ...my phone is htc desire 816g and its IMEI no.is 355702065210389

Mohit Chaudhary

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Dear Team, I have bought a LG T10RRF21V 9Kg Top Loading Washing Machine on 8-March-15 in Rs.27000 from flipkart. Since the day we started using the same, we are facing one or other issues. Starting from the high sound, alignment issues, Balancing error and uncleaned cloths, we have faced all kind of issues. In past 1 month itself, we have called around 6-7 times to LG customer care for these issues. But the services we received were pathetic and the issues were left unresolved. Every time the executive came, they ensured that the issues were resolved but they aren't. Now the worst part is that from last 2 complaints lodged on 18-Jul-15 (RNA150718054333) and 20-Jul-15 (RNA150720095405), no body have came to visit us for the complaints we made. This product is defective as the sole purpose of clean cloths are not getting accomplished. I have spent Rs.27000 on this piece of crap and still i have to wash my cloths manually.

Sumit Kumar

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Hi, This is to inform you that I have purchased Samsung S6 where Samsung has offered that I will be getting one wireless charge if I am buying Samsung S6 before 31 may'15. And I had purchased this handset on 15 may'15 for which I do have receipt as well. Then the store keeper only cut my Sim card and inserted in this phone and said that I needs to wait for max of 48 hrs. With in 48 hrs I will get msg for redeem code which I can redeem it on Samsung portal for wireless charge. Till today I didn't get msg and whenever I am calling them they are saying that you are not eligible for that charger because I have registered different number in this phone. Even I asked then that i didn't do anything since this phone is Nano Sim slot, and even informed then might be if by mistake its register with different number then then find out whether that number register for any wireless charger or not. Because that number is also belong to me only. Again and again I getting harassed by them and

Devendra Agar tv from retail shopwal

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

i had purchase a 40 inch LED tv from a retailer in sep. 2014 from udaipur, from purchase date i have facing problem with tv like snow on screen / picture not clear & also my remote does not work from day one. i have submitted my complain to that dealer 4 to 5 time but the retailer or the company was not provide any resolution against my complain for till date.. plz help

Amit Pandey

Posted on Jul 18, 2015

I have buyed a Lenovo flex 2-14 model laptop on 18 january 2015. From April my laptop started showing white reflection from all the 4 corners and the bottom of screen. I have registered my complaint on APRIL and from april lenovo has replaced different parts in my laptop.total 4 times the parts are ordered and 4-5 times engineer has tried to repair my laptop BUT THEY FAILED ALL THE 4 TIMES TO REPAIR MY LAPTOP. ALREADY 3 and a half MONTHS ARE over trying to repair my laptop . SO I ASKED LENOVO TO REPLACE MY LAPTOP OR REFUND MY MONEY BUT LENOVO REFUSED IT. REMEDY NEEDED:- 1)full refund of my money OR 2)replacement of my laptop CONTACT DETAILS:- 1) lencare@lenovo.com 2) consumerts@lenovo.com LAPTOP DETAILS:- Brand - Lenovo Series- Flex 2-14 LAPTOP SERIAL NO. - WB15218697 PLEASE HELP ME AND ASK LENOVO EITHER TO REFUND MY MONEY OR REPLACE MY LAPTOP.

Sahil Singh

Posted on Jul 18, 2015

i have purchased a cristol prime induction combo vide invoice no.jiv/A/6015/15 16/2205 dated 11 Apr 15 from home shop 18. The same has been became unserviceable after one week. after so many complaints they are not providing correct address & mobile no where it can be repaired. item is under warranty period. kindly do the needful.


Posted on Jul 18, 2015

I have sent my mobile INFOCUS m2 for repairing due to the problem of not power on at their office gurgaon & it is around 2 months i am wating for my phone to receive after repairing. My phone imei 355716065732317. i have paid 2500 rs for reparing & costumer care execuitve person behave is very very rudly and please do the needful help.

Kaushal Kishor

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

My Problem is micromax service centre .I have put my mobile in Sec 16 faridabad servive cenre on date 10.06.2015.He say me that your mobile will be completed with in eight days but my handset is not yet completed. So please you help me to be your great kindness . Thanks


Posted on Jul 17, 2015

To The Consumer Redressal Forum Respected Sir, I purchased Nokia XL dual SIM mobile on 12 Sep 14. Same set was handed over to Customer care on 09.07.15 due some problems occur in the device. From Customer Care it was told that the warranty period expired and I have to pay 850/- as repairing charge. I personally checked with microsoft.com by quoting both IMEI numbers and saw the device is out of warranty period. Hence, it is proved that I was cheated and sold with a used device by paying the price of new one. I am having all original documents except Job card (Taken back by service centre) for submission at the appropriate time. Thanking you, Truly, Dibyendu Ghosh Dastidar

Sheethal C

Posted on Jul 16, 2015

hi, Ref#39358717180 i have purched one HTC mbl of 9550 rs. that mbl got some prblme. so 9-june i have sent back 1st time, once again i have recived 2nd time, this mobile is also having full of prblm. so once again i have contacted Ebay customercare and as per the discussion with ebay i have sent back the mbl to sellar address.and i have asked to re claim the money, 2nd time i have recent on 30-june-2015, and i have uploaded the photos with shipping bill on ebay guarantee using paisepay ID. even i have sent the photos through MY GMAIL also. still nobody can not revert back. my money is not yet came. more than 1 month over. i have contacted more than 4 times ebay, but no use. ebay customer people ara telling to contact the seller. i have tried that also but that seller number is switched off. so am fully fed up with EBAY and that seller. for this can i go for consumer court?


Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I purchased a Micromax mobile phone on 11-nov-2014 vide invoice no.DEL20141100152697 THRU FLIPKART with a one year warranty. The mobile phone automatically turned off on the evening of 02-jun-2015. The handset was sent to company service center on 03-jun-2015 vide job order no N060197-0615-17024485 and a verbal delivery with in 15 days was confirmed by the service center. However, even after more than 45 days, there is no sign of getting my handset back. Even service center is not able to confirm when I will get my handset back. I have even purchased a new mobile handset, since a mobile is a necessity for communication these days. I request the forum to help me get full refund of my money & also penalize the company for deficiency in service and mental harassment.

sangeeta siwach

Posted on Jul 13, 2015

Anil Kumar Tanwar

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

&#2360;&#2375;&#2357;&#2366; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306;, Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission C-22 & 23, UDYOG SADAN, QUTUB INSTITUTIONAL AREA, BEHIND QUTUB HOTEL, MEHRAULI, DELHI. &#2350;&#2344;&#2381;&#2351;&#2357;&#2352;, &#2360;&#2357;&#2367;&#2344;&#2351; &#2344;&#2367;&#2357;&#2375;&#2342;&#2344; &#2351;&#2361; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2325;&#2367; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; Apple IPhone 4 &#2341;&#2366; &#2332;&#2379;&#2325;&#2367; &#2309;&#2349;&#2368; &#2349;&#2368; SPJ SERVICE CENTER &#2325;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; &#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2404; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2325;&#2368; &#2344;&#2375;&#2335;&#2357;&#2352;&#2381;&#2325; &#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2377;&#2348;&#2381;&#2354;&#2350; &#2310;&#2312; &#2341;&#2368;, &#2311;&#2360;&#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2350;&#2376;&#2344;&#2375;&#2306; SPJ GADGET TECHNOLOGY SERVICE CENTER &#2325;&#2379; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2366; Apple IPhone 4 &#2360;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2352;&#2366;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2404; &#2324;&#2352; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2330;&#2376;&#2325; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; 3 &#2360;&#2375; 4 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2350;&#2351; &#2350;&#2366;&#2305;&#2327;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2404; &#2332;&#2348; &#2319;&#2325; &#2361;&#2347;&#2381;&#2340;&#2375; &#2348;&#2366;&#2342; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2347;&#2379;&#2344; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2340;&#2379; &#2357;&#2375; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354;&#2375; &#2336;&#2368;&#2325; &#2340;&#2379; &#2361;&#2379; &#2332;&#2366;&#2351;&#2375;&#2327;&#2366; &#2346;&#2352; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; 2 &#2360;&#2375; 3 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2324;&#2352; &#2354;&#2327;&#2375;&#2306;&#2327;&#2375;, &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2361;&#2366; &#2336;&#2368;&#2325; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;, &#2347;&#2367;&#2352; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; 4,5 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2348;&#2366;&#2342; &#2398;&#2379;&#2344; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2340;&#2379; &#2347;&#2367;&#2352; &#2348;&#2379;&#2354;&#2375; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; &#2341;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2309;&#2349;&#2368; &#2323;&#2353; 3 &#2360;&#2375; 4 &#2342;&#2367;&#2344; &#2325;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2360;&#2350;&#2351; &#2354;&#2327;&#2375;&#2306;&#2327;&#2366; &#2320;&#2360;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2375; - &#2325;&#2352;&#2340;&#2375; &#2319;&#2325; &#2350;&#2361;&#2368;&#2344;&#2375;&#2306; &#2360;&#2375; &#2332;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366;&#2342;&#2366; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2404; &#2354;&#2375;&#2325;&#2367;&#2344; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2313;&#2360;&#2375; &#2360;&#2361;&#2368; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; &#2348;&#2332;&#2366;&#2351;&#2375; &#2313;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2325;&#2366;&#2347;&#2368; &#2330;&#2368;&#2332;&#2379;&#2306; &#2325;&#2379; &#2393;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2325;&#2352; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2332;&#2376;&#2360;&#2375; &#2325;&#2368; (Front Camera, Charging Port, LCD Screen, Speakers) &#2310;&#2342;&#2367; &#2404; &#2332;&#2348; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2313;&#2344;&#2360;&#2375; &#2346;&#2370;&#2331;&#2366; &#2325;&#2368; &#2351;&#2361; &#2360;&#2348; &#2330;&#2368;&#2332;&#2375; &#2325;&#2366;&#2350; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2325;&#2352; &#2352;&#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376;, &#2340;&#2379; &#2313;&#2344;&#2381;&#2361;&#2379;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2360;&#2375; &#2351;&#2361; &#2325;&#2361;&#2366; &#2325;&#2368; &#2351;&#2361; &#2346;&#2361;&#2354;&#2375; &#2360;&#2375; &#2361;&#2368; &#2393;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;, &#2332;&#2348;&#2325;&#2367; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2346;&#2366;&#2360; &#2311;&#2360; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2352;&#2381;&#2357;&#2367;&#2360; &#2348;&#2367;&#2354; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2404; &#2332;&#2367;&#2360;&#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2360;&#2366;&#2398; -

Rajeev Pratap Singh

Posted on Jul 11, 2015

Respected Sir I purchased a Lenovo laptop on18th October and they gave me Lenovo power bank of Rs 1099 as Diwali offer. I payed money on 27th October and somehow after denying several times company manage to deliver me power bank on 8th December. It was delivered without any warranty card etc. After two month power bank stopped working and when I contacted Lenovo they are just killing the time and no one is there to reply. I really depressed and feeling cheated. After all I have paid the price of Power bank and they should give warranty for that. You are my sole hope. Please provide justice to me.

Anupam Das

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

I had purchased a IFB washing machine on 22nd May 2015 but unfortunately received a defective product which couldn't be installed IFB technician. The replaced machine had manufacturing defect too. It was again requested for replacement on 15th June 2015 but this time it didn't got replaced. The machine has been lying with me since then. Since 15th June 2015 I had been frantically calling up the branch office, IFB Kolkata service center and Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Garia, Kolkata for assistance but I didn't get any positive response. I am even ready to go for a different brand. I am paying my EMI without any failure. I would appreciate if my machine is replaced by another brand by Khosla Electronics Pvt. Ltd. IFB has sent a defective product to me and the dealer Khosla Electronic Pvt. Ltd Garia, Kolkata hasn't given me a good product but has taken the payment from me. Khosla has been sitting on my complaint since 15th June 2015 without providing a reprisal.I want a new machine.

Ab majid

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

i purchased a gyser of arise company on 17/10/14, with one year gaurentee at price of 11290 rupees. The gyser do not works and now company is not giving me any benefit of gaurentee.I possess proper cash memo and gaurentee card.

anand gupta

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

iam check online complained in led penal of samsung model no. UA32F5100ARMXL is not working proper

Preetam Dhar Dubey

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

Abhijeet kumar saha

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I have submitted my videocon mobile in the service center of patna frazer road for repair, my phone is in warranty. they promised me to repair my mobile within 10 days but today it is 25 day but they still that your mobile has not been repared yet. then i asked them the exact time. they told we have no information. call next day. I think that service center is fake. address of center- mobile care, frazer road, patna. mob- 9334488500, 7870785697 model- videocon infinium z50 nova. date of submit- 15 june 2015 registered mobile no- 8404984538

Soumyajyoti Dutta

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

I brought an Voltas 1.5 Ton AC from Khosla Electronics Gaia Showroom on 05/06/15 and while installing I found its outdoor unit is damaged(Top, Front and Left side tapered)but voltas guys forcefully installed it and said it will be changed later on but not getting any reply from voltas and khoasla to replace the damaged outdoor unit and even not entertaining me and forced me to take the damaged unit. I want to replace the AC outdoor unit with a new outdoor unit.

pradeep patley

Posted on Jul 09, 2015

i have a samsung note4 this is problem criate restart aotomatic i contact to samsung care raipur and i drop form 25 jun and samsung care give me a time 4 to 5 day but today is 9 july and my problem is not resolve please help me

Manoj Sharma

Posted on Jul 08, 2015

Bought a Dell Inspiron 3148 laptop which started giving problems of hanging with 2 weeks. After replacing all parts except battery and screen they still couldnt fix the problem over 2 weeks and finally agreed for replacement around mid June. On 23 June they sought my approval for the configurations of the replacement with a delivery timescale of 2 months to which i objected and told them its not aceptable and conditonally approved the configuration. I also spoke to Dell representative and expressed that i needed the replacement laptop on or before 3rd July as i was travelling from 5th July. I was mislead by Dell into believing that everything was on track till this week where they told me it will take another 12-15 days where as on 23 June they told me it would be 12 to 15 days and that i should have it by now. I am not out of a working latptop for more than a month and not sure whether i will get for another 2 months, they are not even extending the warranty because of this delay.

Daksh Agrawal

Posted on Jul 08, 2015

I am owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo IMEI No.351665068707780 covered under accidental insurance from Royal Green Services (P) Ltd. (company) vide Policy No. 805973. My phone dipped in water and the screen of the phone went blank though the phone was switching on and i could backup data. It was submitted to company on 24th Mar 2015 via job sheet no. 4465. 1st the company told me that my phone is TAMPERED and my phone cannot be repaired. 2nd time the company told me that my motherboard is broken. But there was no physical damage at the time of handover of the phone. 3rd time the company told me that my phone's LCD is broken and my phone is unrepairable and offered a nominal exchange value of the same which i did not accept. Ever since i have been writing mails and calling to their executives but there is no response and no status of my phone is given which is harrassing. Its been 3 months and the company has made no attempt to contact me. I had to buy another phone because of this.


Posted on Jul 07, 2015



Posted on Jul 06, 2015


Waseem Mushtaq

Posted on Jul 06, 2015

I submited my micromax gold phn at laxminagar service of micromax in dec 2014,,,til now i phn has not been working properly,,,i visted 4 times submiting there,,,but all the time a new defect came in my ph as they havent repaired it properly,,,niw i m running out of warranty have paid 26700 till now and havent used my phn more than 3 months,,i bought it on 28 july 2014,,,plz help me to get it resolved,,my last job sheet number is N03066-0515-16704059,,,now i fed up crying for help,,,someone plz save me from micromax...they realy showed me what kind of incovence they can do with a cust,,,plz plz plz plz help me


Posted on Jul 06, 2015


Posted on Jul 05, 2015


Gopal Singh

Posted on Jul 04, 2015

Hi, i have ordered a phone from shopclues order no.58255179 LG phone on 26th June and they given delivery time till 3rd of july but i checked the status its cancelled by them. i am continuously followup from shopclues but it seems like that there is no positive responce,payment has already paid through credit card now i want to refund back my money asap. please help

Vinod Satpute

Posted on Jul 04, 2015

Sayan Mondal

Posted on Jul 03, 2015

I bought a Mts ultra wifi Dongle on 28th Feb, 2015.Mts gave me the connection on 5th march but it was not proper. I complained them many times regarding this but they never took any action against this.I have informed their customer to waver the billing amount as I faced so much problems but everyday They threatned me to pay an amount of Rs 1254(2 months rent). I have asked their pick up person to come and collect the rental of current month that is April'2015. Their customer care as well as the pick up person threatened me and my family members regarding the payment. Suddenly today I got a call Form a lady informing me that some one has raised a case in Delhi Court and she gave me another Number to know the details and asking me to visit Delhi court.They are continuously harassing me and my family mentally on daily basis. What Should I do ? Should I pay the amount Which I have not use ? Please Help


Posted on Jul 03, 2015

I have cancelled an order (Order id: OD103139726136730000) on 22nd June, 2015. Till have not received my refund amount of 12, 999 which I paid through credit. The customer service is useless they just don't have any information. Called them millon times just to listen"please be patient, we are forwarding the complaint". But nothing happened....

Deepak Bhambhani

Posted on Jul 02, 2015

Mobile Phone Purchased from Amazon.in Model Name - Yu Yureka Imei No. 911401502667197 Complaint lodged at Yu Yureka Customer Care (on 18602122122) on 9/6/15 Case id (old 1024844) new Case id 1080166, customer care of Yu Yureka confirmed to replace the phone since 11th June 2015 but still now no person came and the phone has still not replaced all the time they say wait for 5 to 7 days and now almost a month has been passed ... Please Help !!!


Posted on Jul 01, 2015


amaranth sarkar

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

I had purched a smartphone few months ago and due to some manufacturer technical problem I handed it to the Service Center. Now when more than 15days are over, I went to take t back. But the Center officials are not responding or returning my phone back. Maxx Mobiles AX356 GENXDROID7 IMEI: 911385900198923 Retailer's bill number: 2750 Service Center job sheet number: RO/BDR/1516/0005133 Service Center Pan number: AAHFB5190P


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

We have been using cannon scanner (P-215-FUA62287) for the past 2 years.upon a defect in the system, we have contacted the local service centre at calicut.(Glorio service centre-0495-2360054). One of your technical staff-Mr. Praise attended the issue and taken back the instrument on 25.06.2015. In this regard, kindly note that, we have not receieved any response from the glorio service centre till today, whenever we tried to contact them, they used to give the same response."we will inform you'.


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Purchased Lava X1 Handset, Cost of HANDSET Rs 7800/-purchaed date 18/09/2014 from Shree. Kheteshwar Mobile Store, Shop No.2,Karma Point, Vasco, Goa.Once repaired due to Touch Screen problem within 6 months,took nearly 1 month to repair the same, now problem with software & battery, but lying in shop from last 1month and no response from the dealer, due to which i am unable to contact any one,also my work is suffering very badly from last 1 month. Request you to kindly look in the matter urgently.

Balbir Singh Lohchab

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

Misuse of electrical poles by putting hoarding. In sector 46 Gurgaon 100 % poles are being used for hoarding without paying any money to DHBVN. No action is taken and no penalty has been imposed on the defaulters. Please take action.

Neeraj Khandelwal

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

My Nokia Lumia 820 had some problems with touch screen, touch was not working fine. So I visited Reliance ResQ care because my phone is in extended warranty. They received my phone and took note of the problems and handed over the slip. After 15 days I enquired with them and on 17 day I collected my phone. However, my phone was not working properly. I re-visited to Reliance ResQ Gurgaon center after 1 day and they resubmitted my phone. After 1 week I collected my phone and It worked fine for 1 day but still I faced problems with touch screen. Finally, I visited Nokia care center at Sec 14 Gurgaon and checked my phone. They said your phone has been completely changed with duplicate parts and cost to repair that entire handset was 12000 INR. I was completely shocked with the services given by Reliance ResQ.I would like to file a complaint against them. The center is located at Reliance ResQ care Centre at Flat NO 147, Dayanand Complex, Dayanand Colony, Opposite Jay Cinema Chock, Gurgaon

Sidhartha Kar

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I have installed 3 camera in my home. One camera is not working I told the company who has provided and installed this camera. Informed them via phone as well but no one bother to resolved this. This is the 3rd time. Please let me know solutions.


Posted on Jun 29, 2015

FEEDBACK REPORTS FROM END USER CUSTOMER OF NOKIA X PHONE. This is really superb that M/S Amazon (bearing AMAZON Order no 402-7405235-7116363 dated 20.08.2014) have responded to the problem of supply of faulty mobile phone such urgently. The warranty period of M/S Nokia is 1 year for this mobile, but the warranty/refund period of M/S Amazon is not known. To be true enough this NOKIAX DUAL SIM BLACK PHONE was not in use for considerable long period after Aug 2014. After energizing, (switching on), this phone was continuously giving problems. After a time gap time permitted and I enquired to M/S Amazon for getting their best services, then further based on the advice of M/S Amazone,I went to NOKIA Care. Nicely and in an extreme tactful way Nokia Care has dealt with this case. According to them the SIM Tray/Connector of SIM NO 2 of the set bearing IMIE No as 353070064068386 was faulty and it is found in damaged condition. And Nokia is not responsible for this partial damage, which means

Aakhash Khandelwal

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

I have purchased a laptop from toshiba itself. During the first year when it was in Warranty, laptop has got all its major parts replaced. That laptop model had some manufacturing problems so causing issues regularly. Now after 1 year, even I have purchased extended Warranty, Toshiba is not providing any support or replacement.


Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have bought a Godrej Eon Usonic washing machine on 18th October, 2014 from Raaj mandir electronics, agartala,Tripura . After installing the machine from the very beginning, I had started facing problem with the machine like water inject pump and others. Recently a problem started with the interior drum which spins uncontrollably with drummer like huge noise. I had lodged a service request on 14/6/15 with docket no. G-1406962311. A technician from Sree Guru Refrijeration, the godrej service provider at agartala, attended my call on 15/6/15 and told me that on of the rod which controls the stability of the inner drum is damaged and it will take about 7 days to come from your guwahati. I had contacted again after 7 days, with Sree Guru and they told me that this product is out of stock and will take another 7-10 days. With a great regret I have to say that, if I have to wait for a service for 15-30 days, then how could I use my product. Please do the needful as early

anand purohit

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Respected Sir, I purchased Micro Max Canvas Tablet (P470)on 09 Jan 15, which is still in guarantee period. Due to problem in my tablet I gave it for repair in Micro Max Authorised service center "Shri Laxmi Enterprise" Uttam Nagar on 30 May 15 for which register no. is N-030716051516947414 and they told me that I will get in 2 to 3 Weeks. On query after 3 weeks they told me that it will take 10 more day for repair of your Tablet. Now one month is completed and they are telling that another 15 day will take to repair my mobile. I also asked to Mocro Max customer but they are also not giving me satisfactory answer. They are telling me that they will take 15 working days to answer my complain. On asking for stand by tablet they replaied that you will got only simple mobile not tablet. Sir even i don't know that where is my tablet and when i Will got it? Sir the service center is 15 KMs from her. Sir you are requested to look into the matter and give me justice.

Debajit Das Gupta

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

I have purchased a SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND NEO PLUS GT-I9060I (MIDNIGHT BLACK) vide order no 402-7016282-0742715 dt. 03.06.15 & subsequently received the same on 06.06.15. But after inserting Sim Cards & charging it full the problem is, mobile getting hang frequently. Went to Samsung Service Ctr in Garia & Anwar Shaw Road at least five times. They have configured the set, sometimes said the problem is due to cover & sometimes saying that we are to keep th same with them and they will try to search the problem in thir Machine. Now please suggest what to do after purchasing a mobile with Rs 10000/- (approx) from such a reputed online seller like Amazon and such a reputed brand like Samsung

Ambrish Singh

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

I have purchased a Air Conditioner of Hitachi on May 31st , 2015 from Great Eastern Trading Co , Garia Branch .The AC has been delivered at my house on 2nd June 2015. During installation of June 04, 2015 technician has failed to installed the AC due to technical fault of AC. After long persuasion with the company the AC has been replaced on June 20, 2015. After installation though the AC start working but the Cooling effects are not started. I have call locked on Customer Care for several times but the matter is not solved till time. Its almost one month time , I have purchased the AC but I am not able to use it.


Posted on Jun 26, 2015

i recently purchased panasonic eluga u mobile worth rupees 10240 from amazon.after 10 days use it cant works properly.i submit it in pune service centre on 25 april 2015.todays date is 26 june 2015.now its under repairing process from two months.what i did?


Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Hi I have brought a phone HONOR U19 Serial no: 866112023370121 Date : 05-01-2015 but my phone speker not working since 06-06-2015 I visit Authorized Service Station in KOLKATA- VIP ROAD(ANAND & CO. PVT.LTD) Date: 06-06-2015 they took my phone and send it Chennai service station JOB NO. 5412 But till date my phone is not handed over to me . They are saying that my phone got misplaced on the way & they are not responsible for that. KINDLY HEPL ME

Saumitra Ghosh

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Purchased a new Microsoft 535 mobile phone for my son Srinjan Ghosh from S.H.MUMTAZUDDIN showrommat Lenin Sarani just 4 days back.From the very begining the sound of the phone was not working.On the very next day went to the showroom with all relevant documents,instead of replacing the phone they advised me to go the Microsoft service center,as they confirmed it was only a system problem and that can only be done by Microsoft.Hoever,the service center accordingly rectified the problem.Again from today the same problem recurrs.When contacted the Showroom they are now simply avoiding their responsibilities,instead pressuring me to repair the new set from service center.Their behaviour is also not saticefactory.

Shishir Kumar

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

Dear sir/ ma'am I bought a multimedia speaker system from a shop i.e currents technology retail (india) limited, shop no 10, centre square mall, m g road, ernakulam for &#8377; 10000 ( bill attached). In last August. The product is under warranty till 26th August. However the product stopped working in March 2015 and I approached the retailers for assistance. They in turn directed me to contact various brand showroom(Klipsch) all over the country. The brand is a US company and has stopped supplying that model so two brand shops in Delhi and bangalore were unable to help and directed me to contact Klipsch Inc US. Almost after 3 months of trying, I received a mail from US to approach the retailer and ask them for repair / replacement or refunding of the multimedia system. When I contacted the retailer they told that they were unable to help citing the aforementioned reasons. The product is still under warranty and there had been a sub optimal response.

Chandra prakash dasmer

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

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Manasa Bhat

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

I had purchased Sony Bravio LED TV 32 Inch around 2.5 yrs back in RS 28000. Now I am facing blur images on TV. I raised request 25945671 on 13th June 2015. Sony person after inspection is saying that display is gone and it will take 12,000 for the display(half of the amount orginally paid for TV) and it had only 1 yr warranty. I had asked for discount so they just created another request 25976675 and no response from them till now. Whenever I call them it's just said you will get a call in 2 hrs ,managemnet is deciding on your case and then no response. I purchased Sony TV ignoring all other brands and this behaviour from them is not at all expected. I am ready to pay 5,000 but it doesnot make a point in paying 12000 for TV which was purchsed just 2 yrs back.Kindly help me in this case.

Ritish Adhikari

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

This is regarding my purchase of a Samsung power bank at shopclues.com. I had purchased the product on 13th and the product was delivered to my security guard on 17th without my permision. After I came back from a business trip to Mumbai on 21st of June in Mumbai,and opened the pack, I found that the cover was totally packed but when I removed the cover, the seal was removed already by the seller and one of the cable was also missing from the item. I called their customer care but they said that I had to inform within 2 days of acceptance. Now they did not hand over to me on the first place and secondly it's their fault that they have given me a fake product. I want to sue this company. Please let me know on what needs to be done.


Posted on Jun 24, 2015

I had purchase gionee elife S7 handset on 2nd of may but only in 14 days its camera stops working.As per customer care req i gone to service centre and submitted my handset (NEW AGE COMPUTERS RAIPUR C.G)on 16.05.15.They committed me that i will get back my phone in 7-10 days but i was unable to get my handset back....when i call them they dont give any update. But after one month exactly on 16.06.15 i gone to service centre i saw my handset there but again checked camera its flash was not working. I got irritated becoz i have purchased a 25000Rs handset and unable to use it for 25 days. The Lady there was very rude and said to re-submit the handset....I have jobcart written proof that i came to recieve my handset and problem not resolved..Also i have sent a mail to them to pls replace my phone if you are not able to repair it fix .Now i want my handset to be replaced or want my money back within 2-3 days. I am very very upset with the service GIONEE COMPANY is providing..


Posted on Jun 24, 2015

Dear Sir, This is to let you know that I have purchased micromax handset on 6th of april 2015. The phone's performance started degrading from the very first week of purchase. I have visited micromax service center number of times(five to be exact). Firstly they have restored my phone settings and did not provide me any written documents and was told that the problem has been resolved. At the fifth time they took my phone and returned me after 15 days but still problem continued and phone is completly dead since then. As the handset is still within warranty period I have requested for a new handset which they refused to provide. As I am facing this harrasment for more than two months kindly provide me with the right solution and make them to get me a new handset as soon as possible as it is hampering my working strategies. I am providing the necessary attachments and require response from your side as soon as possible.

Utkarsh Chauhan

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

I placed an order on 18th June for a HP laptop. First, My product was to be dispatched in one business day but it didnot. After the third business day was about to over I had to call snapdeal customer care multiple times in the evening just to ask them why my product was not shippped yet, they said they'll ship the product today itself..and the details were updated to shipped and I recieved a courier tracking number. It has been the sixth day since the order was placed but still there's no sign of any progress. On saturday and sunday I contacted your customer care via mail and phone numbers, I received an assurance that the product is with the courier and is on time and will be delivered to me on or before 23rd of June, Still today there was no sign of it. So, today also I had to call the customer care and ask them about the progress of my courier and he told me that my product hasn't been even handed to the courier yet and even the courier tracking website shows the same.

Manisha Chakraborty

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

My daughter Sunjana had subscribed Tata sky for One year for our home . But from the beginning we are unable to see Tata sky and every time they are saying something and disconnecting the line and whenever they are sending any support person they used to deduct amount from my account. Last day I had a chat with Anima Basu and she is very rude person

Naveen Garg

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

I have purchase dell computer with accident warranty after my system is damaged and cmpy not provide the service. Please help me.

samir kumar ash

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

Kindly note that with reference to our Credit Memo No.CR/02/2015-16 DATED 11TH June, 2015.I have purchase AC from Sales Emporium which is not in working since installation,severally times calls has been made but no action has been taken from your end . I have request to resolve the issue for which complaint No. 15061400936. We would request you to kindly resolve my issue at your earliest possibility.Expecting for amicable settlement soon.

sandeep kumar

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

i have xolo mobile 8x1100 model which having problem from 2 months, problems comes again and again, so i demand for replacement, but i didnot getting any response, plz help

vishal singla

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

Against spice mobile

sushma jain

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

wrong installation of newely purchased cookerhood venza 60 ss BF by Anurag send by Taneja enterprisesnai basti road gurgoan. deny to correct installation at their cost ph 07838308050 Anup mobile no9210947019

Gopal krishna swain

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

I ordered Intex IT -880S 2.1 multimedia speakers order no-15959515,inv no-DT-150608-1076-0037 Amount Paid: Rs. 707/- through from Infibeam on 8th June 2015 and it delivered on 12th June 2015. When I opened up I found that it's two speakers are damaged. I register my complaint on flipkart on 12 June 2015. From same day flipkart give only oral commitment to resolve my issue. Still they did not take any physical action to solve my issue


Posted on Jun 22, 2015

Sir, i bought a tablet I Ball windows8.1 WQ 32 on 10.11.2014 but from very beginning this tablet showing regular problem . Almost 10 times I went to service centre and appealed for change this tablet but they did not respond. I left the tablet in service centre more then my use. According to my point of view they given me bad product or they selling poor product with high rate.


Posted on Jun 21, 2015

I have purchased "NOKIA Lumia 520" on 17th Oct 2013, to gift my son SIDDHARTH DEY, as he had just joined "Presidency University", and spent Rs.10,000/= on the set, and after exchanging old NOKIA set, I was charged Rs.8,700/=. To my utter dismay it started giving problem since February 2015, and visited Capital electronics first (where from it was purchased) and then other NOKIA Service Center in Golaghata (next to VIP Road), Lenin Sarani, and then Gariahat - all had standard answer that NOKIA don't manufacture this model any more and they are unable to correct lacunae, if any. Unfortunately the said NOKIA 520 was launched in 2013 only However, on checking at NOKIA store in SaltLake Sector-V, "NOKIA Lumia 520" was accepted on 18th April to set right the problem - received phone call within a week stating it may cost Rs.3,000/= to repair and my son accepted it too. But on 7th June 2015, after more than 1.50 months - the phone was returned to us, stating it can not be set righ

Ankita chakraborty

Posted on Jun 20, 2015

i have ordered wespro notebook order number 971614249 from homeshop 18, after i got the product today, i charge it and then start the system, after i start the system it not booting, instead showing wespro and android jellybin 4.1 and get shut down, this type of problem generally occur in old system after long use and needs formatting, why a system that is so new act like an old system that need formatting? It is mainly because homeshop 18 is a cheat, and deliver second hand/ used product, along with that the computer screen shivers when it showing wespro and android jelly bin, also homeshop 18 not given me the free kit that was available with the product.


Posted on Jun 20, 2015

on16 th may 2015 i have purchased a voltas 1.50 ton a.c from great eastern electronics asansol,the product started disturbing on 4th june night i have registered a complaint on voltas customer care but still now no people contacted me neither voltas customer care providing me he complaint number.

Parbati Aikat

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

Sir, I have a complaint about Planet M the store which sells mobile. I purchased a samsung grand 2 mobile from planet m south city mall on 3.04.2015 with a promise of an assured gift of Monte Bianco suit length wotrth 5690 which they are refusing to give now though they had sent me the letter of confirmation two times . I feel cheated and want justice.This is the second time it has happened earlier they had sold me a micromax mobile 110 which turned out to be defective but they refused provide onsite service later on which they had promised to provide. They are misguiding customers and cheating them to sell mobiles


Posted on Jun 18, 2015

i want to put complain against HTC mobile company. kindly do the nedfull.


Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Respected all See how a citizen in Bihar is vexed and tortured in any form . Here is the story of Bihar Electricity Board . I am from Belisarai, Motihari, East champaran. when me and my parents were in Delhi as my mother was suffering from Cancer and was being diagonosed at AIIMS. Electricity Deptt. sent electricity bill as their wish without meter reading. No one came to my house for meter reading as my house was closed and no one was present at my home. They sent bill again and again . When we returned we collected bill from verandah and at that time my line was also disturbed from Pole. I visited many times to electricity office for complain with the proof of my mother cancer report that she was diagonosed for three years in Delhi and i requested to exempt some charges but all was a wild goose chase in the dark. No one listen our voice and they continued to send bill as usual. Finally when we arranged some money from somewhere and my father deposited Rs. 14000/- in the mont


Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Respected all See how a citizen in Bihar is vexed and tortured in any form . Here is the story of Bihar Electricity Board . I am from Belisarai, Motihari, East champaran. when me and my parents were in Delhi as my mother was suffering from Cancer and was being diagonosed at AIIMS. Electricity Deptt. sent electricity bill as their wish without meter reading. No one came to my house for meter reading as my house was closed and no one was present at my home. They sent bill again and again . When we returned we collected bill from verandah and at that time my line was also disturbed from Pole. I visited many times to electricity office for complain with the proof of my mother cancer report that she was diagonosed for three years in Delhi and i requested to exempt some charges but all was a wild goose chase in the dark. No one listen our voice and they continued to send bill as usual. Finally when we arranged some money from somewhere and my father deposited Rs. 14000/- in the mont


Posted on Jun 17, 2015

My cable connection got disconnected on 13.06.2015 due to sudden lightening. As an effect my Set top box has got damaged. I have intimatred the same to my local cable operator of the same but I have been denied of getting quick response. Till today after 5 days the connection has not got restored. From our local cable operator we have not got any support. We are in dire state as my old mother is devoid of watching TV for last 2 days. We want your cordial support and guidance.

S. Mazumdar

Posted on Jun 17, 2015

I purchased a Haier Refrigerator on 14.5.2015 which found defective despite several complain unable to get replacement and feel I have been cheated seeking for redress al with compensation

vikas jain

Posted on Jun 17, 2015

company not responding for the phone servicing(repairing ) and in raipur or in chattisgarh there is no customer care . and they even don't have any online assistance .

Parttha sarathi Das

Posted on Jun 17, 2015

the charging point of my Asus tab was damaged so i've shown the problem to asus authorised service center(Syscomp electra,barrakpore,kolkata-700120)and the said to replace the motherboard and estimated 3300.00 net payable amount,but when i got the tab the i found that they didn't replaced the motherboard and asked 3300.00 only for the charging point.from which i paid 700.00 as advance. service center ph.no-033-25921717/9830089653


Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Purchased SONY LED TV Model Number (KLV32R412B) via Flipkart online shopping website sold by WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd., serial number, S013442994L purchased on 28-04-2015. I found TV Pedestal stand (table top stand) missing in the package, when i enquired about this, sony india customer care asked me to contact the nearest service center, when i visited the service center, they are telling me to pay around 4000 rupees for the stand, the package tells, there is a table top stand in the package, but that one is missing. why should i pay twice when i have paid for the whole package and the product is under one warranty.

Abhinav Shukul

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

I have purchased a Yamaha Home theatre on 19th May 2015. The product was purchased from Snapdeal. The centre speaker of the system was damaged.I had not received the warranty card or the invoice copy of the product. Now Yamaha is not ready to replace the speaker without warranty. Also, as per them, the invoice copy is fake. Snapdeal is not responding to my complaint and they are constantly telling me that they will get in touch soon. I have been following up with them constantly, both with Yamaha and snapdeal but there is no revert and proper resolution by either of them. Also, the product is not even a month old from the time I had purchased it.

Shailendra Kumar Choudhary

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Dear sir/Madam, i bought a whirlpool fridge on 28 march 2015, after 02 days it was dead. whirlpool engg. told me that it is dead & i will got replacement with new one. but till date i does not get any replacement. whenever i call to whirlpool service centers they commit for help but does not help me. pls solve my problem ASAP.

Pritam Mohanty

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Faulty laptop under warrenty not getting replaced by HP

Sanjit Kumar

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Dear Sir, Please guide me, is there any possiblity that my handset get replaced or repaired as my handset of LAVA CG142J CDMA (Reliance)/GSM, Purchased on 7th April 2015 from Reliance Store (Priya Enterprises, Gopal Complex, Kutchery Road) at Ranchi and on 12th June'15 due to colligen between a bike, my mobile is fall on the Road and the display of my handset is got blanked moreover the battery is scrached multiple, but the sound is good. Only Display and scrached battery problem is with my handset. I want to know is my handset got repaired or repalced, as it is in warranty period. -- *Thanks.......Regards...... Sanjit Kumar Ranchi (Jharkhand)* *9798053780/9386817336 sanjitcipla@gmail.com

Abhilash s s

Posted on Jun 14, 2015

I brought a sony t2 ultra mobile phone in 2015 march 6. And after 2 months its network not getting properly.i give it to sony service center, pattom, trivandrum on 2015 may 26. And i said i updated its software kitkat to lollipop.and its hanging.they updated it again and give it to me.then also its network not working.they take it and checked after 20 minutes they come and told me its network IC was burned.so its have to repair.they ask me the purchase bill for gettind approvel from headoffice.after getting the approvel only they can repair or replace it.now its the 19 th day.until now they are saying they didnt get the approvel.i dont getting a positive reply. During this time from 2015 may26 to 2015 june 14 . My loss is very high.i dont have contacts to communicate.my job. My money.i charge one month mobile data for 700 rs.its waste..i loss my money and time..so please help me.

Somveer Kumar

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

Hi, I have purchased the Motorola google nexus 6 on feb month. i had an issue with the phone ( mic problem ). now from last 2 months my phone is in service center. they arent repairing my mobile and not providing new mobile.. everyday i am visiting service center which is located in chandigarh sector 31.( vignesh services chandigarh ). everyday they refuse my problem and saying that it should be fixed in next 2 to 3 days. no one taking action against then.. please help me i lost my 45000 rupee. i really need help.. thanks

arpit gulati

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

I ordered a powerbank of xiaomi 10400 mah from bookmyorder.com . They gave me a defective piece . It was not working . They are also not replying to my email . What action can i take ?

Rukshar Khatoon

Posted on Jun 13, 2015

Sir, I would like to lodge my complaint in consumer forum against MICROMAX INFORMATICS mobile company. I purchase a mobile being model no A121MMX for Rs. 7432/- on 12-07-2014,but after around 10months it having battery problem, i shown to MICROMAX SERVICE CENTRE, namely M/s. Technique Service (West Bengal) on 21-05-2015 and they said u have to buy battery at Rs. 450/- , i agree they issued me a Job sheet being no 0515-16771148, and said to came after 10 days to receuved the battery., they did'nt call me for my battery, i visit several time to the above service centre, but they are unable ti to solve my problem. Its is not possible to me visit every time i make them call at their Landline no 40071827 but phone is always busy. In this regard i request you to please look at this matter and please take appropriate step, becose every consumer have is right, and that i am looking for. Thank You.


Posted on Jun 13, 2015

Sub;- non receipt of Micromax canvas Fire 2(A104) black-Gold,X000A1ZB1P,IMEI-911416950331187 submitted for repair on 12.5.2015 at M/.s FIRST SERVE, 29/1.S.N.ROY ROAD,PIN-700053,KOLKATA -700053.jobsheet no E030421-0515-16593023 Sir, I bought the above product on Feb 11 2015 through Amazon.in order ID 404-6723753-8069125. only within three months the set was out of order; no screen display. It was deposited at the earliest on 12.5.15 at above mentioned service center. after repeated call they told that the set was sent to NEW DELHI Head office. But not yet I have received the set. For working purpose at my clinic the set was bought, Now Micromax company telling that when the set will be repaired "we do not know". I have repeatedly talked over phone & sent email to the company several times,but in vain. I hope you will be kind enough to take necessry action against micromax so that I cangetback the set/replace it.Compl no MMX080615417805,email info@micromaxinfo.com

Debashis Sarkar

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

Gist of the case - Bought one Dell Venue Tab from Amazon.com which was delivered on 13.04.2015. After using one week the Touch pad was not working as there was a tiny crack at the left bottom corner. Visited dell service centre for repairing the same on 29.04.15. Service was denied by Dell as the service tag no. mentioned on the device was not matching with their system. The service centre refused to provide any call report with a proper explanation and reason for such error. It appears that due to their internal software problem consumer was deprieved from proper service.

Raj Pandey

Posted on Jun 12, 2015

Hi Team, product ID : Orient Tornado DX CH 6001B old Ticket Number : c1506060030 New Ticket Number 15061002355 There is no response on my complains .The pump of my cooler was not working ,complain was raised and some engineer (Nihal singh) came and got the pump replaced and we were charged for it widout any bill or any service report, however after 1 hour it again stopped working. I am not able to understand such an reputated electronic appliance company can act like this on the name of customer service. The product was bought on the name of the company . Kindly take back your product and compensate for the mental harassment which i have gone thru last 5 days . SUCH A SERVICE NOT EXPECTED FROM BIRLA GROUP

Sumit Bohra

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

Abhishek Maity

Posted on Jun 11, 2015

i was purchases Kingston SSD 2GB Memory on Snapdeal. The RAM was dameged. when i submit my RAM on Kingston Service centre they was said "This RAM is not Kingston". What can I do?

Ravi Sharma

Posted on Jun 10, 2015

Dear , I want to bring your kind attention on that i am strugling to get my micromax tablet back which is in for repaired since 2 months. i have submitted my Micromax tablet whose screen was accidentally broken having model P666 on 9th April, 2015 on your authorized service center at Gurgaon. Below are the details of service center. BEST TECH SERVICES SCO-32,1stFLOOR,JAIL LAND HUDA COMPLEX,OPP-PURANI JAIL,NEAR SHONA CHOWK,GURGAON Its already almost 2 months has passed but still not received my tablet. Requesting you to intervene in it on Priority.

Yuvaraj N

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

My name is Yuvaraj.I would like to lodge complaint against Videocon mobiles.I have sent "n" number emails to videocon and i have sent list of emails to videocon customer support.i have mentioned all the emails below.i did not get even single response from them.i have spent minimum Rs 5000 to buy this product but the same product was not working even for 15 days.then i have handed over the product to ASC and got repaired.but there was another issue occurred after replacing Motherboard.i have clearly explained the issue in below mentioned mail. i was keep on making calls to customer care and line was always busy and there was not even single response them. one of their service center manager promised me to replace the unit which was not happen.i have wasted lot of time to making calls and wasted lot of time for sending emails.please help me to log case and get justice for this issue.really frustrated because of this issue and help me fix this.ill send all details via email as well.


Posted on Jun 09, 2015

I had purchased SONY XPERIA D2302 model on 14/06/2015 in Poorvika mobiles, Salem for Rs.21,200/-. In the first week of May 2015, display problem rose and I gave for servicing in Accel Frontline Ltd, Vijayawada. Job No:W115050904695 dt:09/05/15. The phone and display was working in good condition. On 16/05/15, when I went for knowing the status of phone, they returned me unworking phone and said due to liquid damage, the display was totally opened and the phone wont work, until the new display is replaced worth Rs.6500/-. Without informing me about the consequences, SONY INDIA authorised the service persons to open the display unit, just to return the same in unworking condition. It seems SONY INDIA is producing some XPERIA models under compression system, there by vacuum enters between display unit and touch screen. SONY INDIA is selling defectively manufactured products in INDIA that too at premium rates. Spare parts too are costly to replace.


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

My laptop charegr has burnt when i plugged it in a switch borad,and they are telling that Dear Customer, We are so sorry to hear that you are facing issue with the adapter, as per our telephonic conversation you stated that adapter has been burnt while charging the laptop and we identified it happened due to voltage fluctuation, for which we can not replace the adapter as it does not comes under our Lenovo Warranty Policy. Why they are telling like this there is no power fluctuation the other 3 devices connected with the same switch board,why my charger got affected , if my laptop will burnt who will thake the responsibility. Their answer like Do what everyou want to do. we can not do any thing, if my body parts will get burned then who will answer for that. i want proper answer regarding this from company either they replace me a new charger or they gave me new chrger wiht 60-70% discount


Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Complaint against newly purchased mobile set, found faulty. Purchased from: Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd., EMALL, 6, Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata-700 072. email: info@easternlogica.com Phone: 09830632002 C/Memo No. EL18/Q001746 dated 25.05.2015 Complaint for faults and attended by Micromax Service Centre- Sun Infosolutions vide Receipt No. 208 dated 29.05.15 but still faults persists, want replacement, which seller refused. Appeal for redressal & replacement of the faulty Mobile set MICRAMAX X2791

Siddhartha Chakraborty

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

They have not served me after paying money

Shashank Jain

Posted on Jun 08, 2015

Aman Jain

Posted on Jun 07, 2015

I purchased O general Split Ac from Madaan Electronics on 27 May 2015. We Lodged a complaint with the dealer as well as company that the ac is not working properly Its compressor is producing a sound like generator and it is consuming more than 2 units per hour and the ac is not providing cooling. even after complaining so many times they are not taking any action. I would like to fix this problem as quickly as possible

Amit Rocha

Posted on Jun 06, 2015

Ramesh Dass

Posted on Jun 05, 2015

Spice hand set under warranty given to company service centre but from 1 year not return back from spice, many time follow ups but not resolve this issue

Amitava Das

Posted on Jun 05, 2015

Sir,I have bought a Ventair chimney from Sales Emporium (Garia)on 331st June,2015.They delivered the chimney after 2 days.After opening the package by the installer I found only user manual.There was no warranty card inside the package.I repeatedly informed this matter to company and Sales emporium.But they took no action and just blamed each other.Please do needful.

Tonmoy Kanti Naik

Posted on Jun 05, 2015

Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to register a complaint against an AC service center authorized by Samsung name Time-O-Service in Howrah. They have been very bad in terms of providing service and sends in inexperienced technicians and even after sending my outdoor unit of the AC to their service center still the AC isint working and everyday one of their agents comes and checks and gives a bizarre reason to notify that the work will be done soon and this whole procedure takes more than a month. This has been their characteristic even last year and we find it very odd to be visited by strangers everyday at our house as our privacy stays at risk. It is after utter disappointment and grievance that I would like to register a complaint and would request you to please intervene in this matter and take steps at your earliest convenience. Thanking you anticipating a reply from your end. Yours truly Tonmoy Kanti Naik

Sukanta Mandal

Posted on Jun 05, 2015

ashutosh saraswat

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

I got duplicate parts of Can't RO and agency of RO don't want to replace it with original parts .

Manoj kumar

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam I AM PLACE A ORDER NO 6136870319 FROM SNAPDEAL.THAT IS DETAILS BELOW:- 12:12 PM, Thu, 21 May, 2015 A new order for alternate item is placed 12:11 PM, Thu, 21 May, 2015 Your refund/replacement request is being processed 11:45 PM, Wed, 20 May, 2015 Your returned item has been picked up by the courier 11:09 AM, Tue, 19 May, 2015 Courier pickup for return has been scheduled 04:15 PM, Tue, 12 May, 2015 Your order is delivered 06:22 PM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is shipped and will reach you by the estimated delivery date [ Track Dispatch Now ] 05:34 PM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is packed and waiting for the courier pickup 05:25 PM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is received at warehouse and waiting for the courier pickup 10:36 AM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is packed and waiting for the warehouse pickup 10:32 AM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is getting packed 08:49 AM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is under process by the seller 08:49 AM, Wed, 06 May, 2015 Your order is

Puneet Sawhney

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

I, Puneet Sawhney, r/o Gurgaon bought Sony Vaio Laptop Model No. : SVF14216SNB on 30/07/2013. After 1 year of my purchase the hinges (through which the upper body is attached to the lower body) became tight. Both the hinges got tighter and one fine day while I opened the laptop, the right hinge broke from the lower body and came out. Because of the tightness of the left hinge the left side of the upper body panel also broke. I made a complaint to Sony India in writing about the manufacturing defect of the hinges. Complaint Number: 025465319. After about 2 months of making numerous phones and emails to Sony India I finally got a chance to meet Ms. Amrita Singh at Sony India HO. Ms Amrita Singh completely denied the fact that the laptop has broken because of the manufacturing defect and refused to repair it without paying a cost of Rs. 12191/-. I have shown the Laptop to a number of service engineers outside Sony and they all confirm about the manufacturing defect.

Rakesh Kumar Singh

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

I bought a laptom from Great Eastern Dhakuria for Rs.30,000, including the installation cost. I paid the amount and waited for the installation process but they said there is some problem so come later. after that I went there several times but they did not help. they showed different excuses. I told them to return the fee but they said no. I also told them that I will take help from consumer forum but they said do what you want, we do not care.Being a middle-class person I feel helpless. please do something.

vijay kumar

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

Mene apna xolo 8x 1000 phone lava care patlikuhal me 16-4-2015 ko diya tha Jo ab tk mujhe lautaya nhi h please meri help ki Jaye.


Posted on Jun 04, 2015

my canon printer e460 not work last 45 days, i contact any time company but not response

S Mukherjee

Posted on Jun 03, 2015

This complaint is against Cyborg Technologies ( Website http://www.cyborgtechnologies.co.in).We have been harrassed by their horrible service.They kept our BPL TV for more than one month, lost the remote. The TV had developed more technical faults lying in their workshop. Didnt even have the decency and professionalism to deliver the TV on the scheduled date . Instead asked the customers to collect it from their workshop since they did not have a delivery boy. Worthless excuse. Instead of repairing the TV at our residence they insisted on taking it to their workshop but did not have the responsibility of delivering it on due date. They never keep their promises and delay the service on pretence of faulse excuses thereby adding up the service charge and maintainance cost.I want strict action to be taken against them for such harrassments.


Posted on Jun 03, 2015

Dear sir maine ek mobile lava company ka liya tha jo 3month me hang ho gaya jub me service center me jata hu to wo thik karne se mana kar dete hai....

Poushali Mukherjee

Posted on Jun 03, 2015

Reservation of an Air Conditioner from HITACHI was done on 24/05/2015 from the below mentioned store. Address: Jatindra Mohan Ave Rd, Girish Park, Azad Hind Bag, Beniatola Kolkata, West Bengal, India Ph No. - +91 98834 49313 The delivery of the machine took 8 days. Moreover still now no personnel for the installation of the machine has been sent. No action is being taken by the store.

Kamal Thareja

Posted on Jun 02, 2015

On 20.05.15 i ordered for a Sony Powerbank on the Paytm shopping app. The said product never worked and on verifying from the SONY showroom, i was informed that the product was not genuine. I informed the Paytm company representatives who only recommended a refund process and no explanation for the fraud act. I have not refunded the product even though the company has refunded the money in my account. I have three friends who have ordered the same powerbank and have alos received fake products. (Mr. Sunil Jamwal and Mr. Chinar). I am convinced that the company works only to defraud customers. I wish to take a strict legal action against this company. Would need your help.

Shabir Ahmad Sofi

Posted on Jun 02, 2015

i have registered a complaint for repairment of my LG Television vide Complaint No: RNA150602032971 and received a message that your complaint has been closed.(Reason: Customer will bring Set to SVC Center). i want to invite your kind attention that is this a suitable response for the customer and what is the fun then to make a complaint for redressal of the grievances of the customers who have no time to visit the service center or have to spend their precious time for wondering here and there in local market for repairing there appliances.


Posted on Jun 02, 2015

Dear sir, I was using spice mobile phone from last 3 to 4 months. phone is not working at all and i was given to service center on 02.05.2015 and still (i.e 02.06.2015) i don't get any feedback from the service center even they are not receive my call for any information. sir please take some hard action regarding this problem. thanking you. santosh kumar singh

Hardik Virendrakumar Shah

Posted on Jun 02, 2015

My Cell Phone was suddenly stopped working which was in warranty hence i had submited the same to service center on 11th May 2015 which later sent to company for replacement of part today is 2nd June 2015 Still they are asking me to wait as parts is not available with company

Aloke Baran Mukherjee

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

I purchased a VOLTUS Split AC(1.0TREu 123 DYa; 4551784A15D005342) on 16/05/2015. It was purchased from ADAMS, Arambag Basanta Pur More, Hooghly 712601; contact phone number of the shop: 9836741772 and 9932339227; vide Bill no SAB/0318/15-16 Dated 16/5/2015. One company service person had come to install it. But from the 2nd day of installation it showed some problem and from 22/5/2015 it became nonfunctional. We contacted ADAMS and lodged complain for service (complain number 15052310531). Neither Voltus service people nor ADAMS took any step so far. From that day onward the service people and the shop they are not responding anymore and giving false hope without doing any work in this regard. I (My contact 8001251065) am contacting them several times but no service till date. They are not receiving the call and even after 8 days of complaining no action so far. Can you help me in this regard?

Dibya Singh

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

I purchased a Godrej GSC 18 FGA5 WOG 1.5 Ton 5 Star. from flip Kart. the product got delivered on 27th May. I received a call from Godrej engineer for installation on the same day, i wasok for same day installation but their engineer never turned up. from 27th till today 1st June i am following with with Godrej service centre team, Flip Kart team and godrej engineer for installation but they are not ready to come for installation. I have paid Rs 11490/- for the product. Order ID: OD002933730397323000. Sold By : WS Retail Services Pvt. Ltd Invoice No : # KOL_DAN_01L20150500003216 Order Date: 24-05-2015 Invoice Date: 26-05-2015 VAT/TIN: 19311772002 Service tax #: AAACW8725FSD001 IMEI/Serial No: 1503271116 , 1503270687


Posted on Jun 01, 2015


Rajendra Banerjee

Posted on Jun 01, 2015

Sir, I purchased a 1.5 ton 185cy 5 star Voltas a/c from great eastern at tollygunge on 26th may 15 with their free a/c installation coupon. They falsely assured it will take 4 days for installation. But today is the 7th day and no installation person has appeared. When I called Voltas at 23116135, they kept mum, no reply. Request to help . Regards, Rajendra banerjee


Posted on Jun 01, 2015

Dear Sir, This is to inform you, that, I Mrs SOHELI NAG bought SAMSUNG DIGITAL INVERTER AC at RELIANCE DIGITAL DIAMOND PLAZA NAGERBAZAR KOLKATA RECENTLY(ACTUAL INSTALLMENT RUNNING). The present situation is that it repeatedly any problems happening sometimes it happens leakage of water, sometimes it not working properly, sometimes it is not cooling only fan is working. Please look after this matter seriously and try to response asap otherwise you can replace any other digital inverter either cash refund back. Waiting your positive reply and please do the needful. Thanks & Regards, SOHELI NAG +919830880232


Posted on May 31, 2015

I have received a fake JBL PULSE speaker from Flipkart, which they are not ready to accept that it is fake. They are haressing me, neither are they refunding my money nor are they replacing the product with the original one.

ankan hazra

Posted on May 31, 2015

I bought an Hitachi split ac from flipkart.com on 25-05-2015..wich delivered on 26-05-2015..according to there promise it should have been installed within 48 hrs of delevery..but till now it is pending..if i do open it they will not provide warranty..in last 3 days i got at least 3 promises from flipkart that it will be done within 4 hours..and hitachi is not taking my call..it has become useless product for me..it is harrasment..if they can't install it is fine...but they should allow us to do it ourself and give us the warranty.

Niraj Kumar Sinha

Posted on May 31, 2015

Today on 29th May 2015 I purchased one Gionee Mobile L800 from JoyGuru Telecom, 111, Raja SC Mullick Road Garia, it's a dual sim mobile, but one sim is not working, when i reported to Joyguru Telecom they are saying like it's a mishandling issue, not covering under warranty, you have to pay to fix this, Please help me out

P.N. singh

Posted on May 30, 2015

i have mailed you my problem regarding my voltas windows a.c. Kindly refer to the mail and help me out.


Posted on May 30, 2015


Posted on May 30, 2015

I brought a HITACHI Split AC(1.0TR HITACHI KAMPA - RAU312HUDD) on 25/05/2014. two company service person had come to install it. but from the day of installation there was water dropping from indoor unit.after complaining several times they fixed the problem temporarily.this happened more than three times.Now just warranty has expired on 25/05/2015 and the problem has started again. I have lodged a complain(15052501893) on 27/05/2015.but now they are claiming that there was problem in alignment at the time of installation and demanding full service charge now. they gave me a contact no(9674410460) to solve this. but after hearing the problem they are not receiving my call any further what should i do to resolve this?


Posted on May 29, 2015

I bought an EDGE 6 samsung mobile in the month of MARCH 2015. I was supposed to get 10000 points as a payback customer. Still now it is pending why ??? Kindly solve my problem ASAP.


Posted on May 29, 2015

sir, i have purchased a micromax (410 i) tablet.form lotus shop indore in september month. but it is not working properly,it swithed off in every 10 to 15days. i had gone many time to customer care but they are not able to repair it. i am very stressed now burden with mentally pressure . plz sir do something in this matter.

Nilesh shelke

Posted on May 28, 2015

I don't give warranty or replace They said me lapsed warranty. Rediff shopping center. I had purchased HTC Headphone oder I'd is- 11232952.


Posted on May 28, 2015



Posted on May 28, 2015

sir maine apna HTC mobile desire 820 dual sim date 16-5-2015 ko HTC sarvice point radhika telecom gorkhapur me le gaya mere mobile me TOUCH PAID PROPER NOT WORK, CAMERA BAD IMEAGS, BATTRY NOT SO GOOD, HANGING, WARMING WHEN USE INTERNET OR CHARGE ETNI PROBLAM THI WAHA JAMA KAR DIYA JAHA MUJHE TICKET NO. 15ina200020101 JOB NO. vns0040001558 hai date 28-5-2015 wapas aa gaya jab mai sarvice point par gaya to mujhe mera mobile set diya gaya jisme fir se wahi samsya thi custmor care par baat karne ko kaha gaya baat karne par bataye ki aise ho jata hai aur aap phir se set ko jama kara dijiye aur waha ke C.C.O sudhir ne bataya ki mobile jama kar do ham phir se bhej denge 20 din baad aana; SIR MAI HTC SE KAFI PARESAN HO GAYA HU AUR SIKAYAT KAR RAHA HU

Rahul Gupta

Posted on May 27, 2015

I have purchased 1 product MI XIOMI 20800 MAH power bank on may 16 but still not received.

Navneet Gupta

Posted on May 27, 2015

Dear Sir I have bought a mobile from Lenovo A6000 in the month of Feb 2015. From the day one the mobile has a problem of discharging soon and I have been submitted the handset so many times with service center. they are not able to diagnose the problem. Now they are refusing to replace the handset even refunding my money back. I have wasted my money in this handset. request you to kindly help me out in this situation. Mobile IMEI no is 866043022090115 Regards Navneet Gupta

Gopal Mishra

Posted on May 26, 2015

Dear Sir, I have purchased the Blackberry Brand Mobile handset Model no:9720 vide IMEI no : 357861050207004 on 06 March 2015. My Handset was got defect on month of may'15 . After then i went to Blackberry service provider "Touch " name center in Gurgaon sector 14 for repair due to it was under warranty. After some some days i got massage that Handset irreparable. Then i visited there and got one report there was written "Liquid found in PCB" but i was felt there were never happen by me . I felt the reports are fake which given to me for avoid any replacment and warranty repair. Now iam completely disapointed and helpless . I was purchased this handset Rs. more than 10000 . Kindly help and resolve . Best regards

Sanjay Bhagat

Posted on May 26, 2015

I had purchased ifb ac from nagpur dealer M/s bapat shop at dharampeth nagpur.since one month of purchase there is repeatedely complaints and i requested for replacement but Ms. nidhi service engineer always gave false promise of replacement if again their is problem since last fifteen days there is problem and now she talks very rudely and most of she disconnects phone without solving the problem.Such rude executives should be questioned and my problem should be solved

Rohit Nair

Posted on May 26, 2015

I have Ordered a Slim beauty fitness massager Oder No - 2015-04-16-060682 on 16th April, the product was delivered on 30th April. On recipt, the Adapter was not working so I raised a complaint on SHOP CJ for which there was no response for 2 weeks. On calling repeatedly they said I need to contact the product customer care?? The product customer care are asking me to bear the courier charges of INR 600 on the product value of INR 1600?? why should I pay this amount for a defective product? What is the responsibility of SHOP CJ?? I need to file a legal complaint, someone suggest me please.

Avijit Mondal

Posted on May 26, 2015

I have purchased an I.F.B company A/C on 08/03/2015 Model No. 1ACS12KD5TC My ID No. 11067958 This A/C do not work. So i call customer care on 13/05/2015 and complain this problem. Complain No 15525879 but I.F.B company services providers don't talk actions. Again 18/05/2015 call customer care but no result. Again 22/05/2015 sent email &amp; call customer care but no result. This time customer care provided me a contact number 9836062506 . I call this number on 22/05/2015 then the person told me 25/05/2015 our technical person visit your home but at the end of the day no body come my home. so please do needful. thanks &amp; regard's Avijit Mondal 9832707569

Suprabhat Nagar

Posted on May 25, 2015

Purchased Haier Split AC on 22nd Mar 2015. Service Engineer while installing outdoor/indoor unit damaged the copper piping and gas emptied. Haier service engineers have made several visits & done various experiments on the AC. Finally, they told me to get/ pay for whatever work needs to be done for making AC serviceable.The response of Haier India has been pathetic . I have told them about this trauma through several complaints on their toll free nos. So far AC has not run even for a minute, indoor unit is dismantled & kept on floor. We had to face the embarrassment of guests on the day of 'Greh Pravesh' on 2nd May and suffer in the extreme heat. I want Haier India to immediately: 1. Arrange for installation as was done originally and repair whatever damages have been done due to several experiments/ investigations their service engineers have done 2. Compensation for embarrassment in front of guests 3.Compensation due to suffering in the peak of summer. I want damages of Rs 50,000

shakil ahmed

Posted on May 25, 2015

Sai Krishna Sundar

Posted on May 25, 2015

I have given my HTC USB cable for replacement to the HTC service centre (Pramanik Mobile Service Zone, Jayanagar Bangalore). I had got a replacement of Headphones from the Company rather than a USB. I have immediately called the customer care and intimated the same. They said they would be sending me thw USB Replacement again, but till date i have not got any. I have been calling them once in every 2days but they only ask me to call back. It has been a month since this is happening. I would request you to let me know what i can do for the same. Ticket no:15INA170008738

Rakesh Walia

Posted on May 23, 2015

Nimit Gulati

Posted on May 23, 2015

I bought a Motorola Nexus 6 phone from Flipkart and my charger stopped working after 4 months. Gave it to their Gurgaon service center and it's been a month, their is no update on repair/replacement!


Posted on May 23, 2015

The Samsung 9000 mAh power bank delivered to me vide my order No. AB 2977691 is of not at all working which has been booked through Ask me bazaar and the company officials are not at all bothered for my compliant also


Posted on May 22, 2015

Regarding HTC 516c model phone . i got problem with in 8 days used only for 3 day in new phone and now for solving that problem they are demanding money send me qutation and miscommunication. kindly do the needful . thanks

Pooja Agarwal

Posted on May 22, 2015

my LED TV panel got dysfunctional just on completion of 1 year. from more than 6 months I am contacting the Sony company for its replacment. however after giving a quotaion they have increased the amount later on and its been 6months only negotiations are going on. the delay is dur to lack of communication between the service center and the company. where the service center says they havent recieved any mail from the company and the company revises the amount after a month or so saying the request has been time barred.


Posted on May 21, 2015


Posted on May 21, 2015

Please refer to my mail dated May 15, 2015, addressed to mail@consumerredressal.com. Shall feel grateful for your reply/action.

Shovan Das

Posted on May 21, 2015

I have purchased a l ton Blue Star split AC from M/s. MG Electronics, Baguiati, KOlkata 700059 in 23.02.2013. I have requested the proprietor of MG Electronics that to please advice me which model of AC is best for such a small income group family like me. They insisted me to purchase a Blue Star model NO.3HW 12T B1. But after two years this year the AC found defective and three local AC mechanic on inspecting the said AC found there is leakage and bad AC given by the Shopkeeper to me. They also informed us that the proprietor of the MG Electronics sold me a bad quality out dated AC to me. On taking up the matter with MG Electronics they said they had no idea about the bad quality of this AC and advised me that they have left no alternative but to change the internal machinery of the AC at the cost of Rs.8500/-. Sir,I have informed the shopkeeper that then I have to take up the matter with consumer forum but the proprietor showed don't care attitude. Please save us from such loss.

Ashis Chakraborty

Posted on May 20, 2015

I had bought two Samsung Inverter A/C from khoshla Electronics Nagerbazar on 12th May 2015. Samsung is suppose to install this. But their customer support representative did not install the A/C, as it is normally installed in other places. They were forcing us to install the outdoor unit according to their ease and convenience. i.e within our balcony. which is creating a lot of inconvenience to us. As the two large units if install their, will block the whole place and I have a two year old baby girl & elderly parents, who can be highly injured, if it dangerously kept their. I had request them to install it as it is installed other apartment and houses but they are not ready to co-operate with us. So I had requested them, if the issue is not sorted out with a dialogue then please take back the A/C. Because I can't stake my family's life for a mare A/C.


Posted on May 19, 2015

Just a couple of days ago, i had sent an email to mail@consumerredressal.com with my complaint; have not heard from you yet. Shall feel grateful for your reply and necessary action.


Posted on May 19, 2015

sir my complaint is that i had submitted m y phone frombork last 2month so kindly suggest me advice

Subhash Tiwari

Posted on May 18, 2015

Dear Sir, Kindly note that we have purchased a Panasonic Air Conditioner (Model No- YS12RKY) on 15/05/2015 from the dealer named Sales Emporium at Behala, wherein they have committed to install the unit on the very next day. But since then we have been rigorously following up with the dealer and with the Panasonic guys but all went in vein. At the time of selling the product the dealer's representatives has misguided and mislead us and has wrongly committed to install the unit on the very next day but the installation of the same is yet to be completed. We have also registered a complain in Panasonic Service center via Complain No- I70515119219 but a resolution is still pending. Kindly look into it and assist us in a way that the next customer purchasing a unit from the dealer is never misguided or mislead. Regards, Subhash 9830686663


Posted on May 18, 2015

PayTM and Vender VTM. I ordered Iphone 6 online. They sat on the order for 13 days then, after multiple followup they sent an email saying we are cancelling the order.


Posted on May 18, 2015

I have purchased a mobile from online shopping and i have some issues in the mobile so i have raised a complaint in the mobile company's call centre. I'm not getting any response from them more than a week. Kindly help me out in this regards.

Manojkant Sharma

Posted on May 18, 2015

I purchased a Intex LED T.V on 20th Oct 2014 from Ajay Electronics (shop no. 34, crystal Arcade) with 1 year warranty. After 7 months I started facing problem with the screen panel, On registering complaint with nearby service center (complaint no.- 5051190000443) they took the unit from my home assuring that the defected panel would be either replaced or I will be provided with a new T.V set. 7 days from the date of complaint I called them to check the status of my complaint to which they replied that the spares aren't available and there can be untimely delay whereas in their warrant terms and condition they have mentioned a 3 days 'Turn Around Time' Kindly help me out.!

Aloke Sen

Posted on May 17, 2015


Posted on May 16, 2015

Suraj Sarkar

Posted on May 14, 2015

I have purchased 1.5 ton ac Panasonic AC Split Model No.YC18PKY dt.28.03.2015 from Capital Electronics, Madhyamgram. The Service period has alrealy expired. Now its cooling system is not working three times engg. came from A To Z Service Center Home Appliance Repair 5.0 2 Ratings 3 Comments 09883610608 126, Jasar Road, Barasat, Kolkata- 700124, West Bengal Near SBI ATM pradipbhowmicknim@gmail.com and checked and replaced the indoor unit parts i.e. motor fan (Rs.2,800/-) and also service charge Rs.450 and others service charged is included. They have gone with Rs.3,900/- (Money receipt remain) But one hr later problem is same. We have lodged the complaints many time but from a to z service center people does not take any solid action we are suffering too much please sort out our problem. otherwise refund the money.


Posted on May 13, 2015

Poonam bishnoi

Posted on May 13, 2015

Dear Sir/Mam, i bought a washing machine on 19-04-2015 from D S Electronics World it is a fullty pc giving me by shopkeaper.it is working condition is very poor.then i went to shopkeaper and told him all problem he is not talk with me as a customer.the way of talking is very rude and he say "nahi krunga change jo karna h kar le". i face many problem with it .so i requsted to you please help regards this matter Poonam Bishnoi

Poonam bishnoi

Posted on May 13, 2015

i boughta new washing machine from D S electronics world, near sadar bazar, gurgaon but it is not working proparly i face many problem with it. i went to shopkeaper and told him but he was not listening my problem and say "jo karna h kar le nahi krunga change" so please help regards this matter

Vibhav Kumar Tiwari

Posted on May 13, 2015

Hello Sir / Madam , I Purchased a window AC from VOLTAS, 2.5 years back and from first day three is several problem in the products i complaint several time to VOLTAL and they create the complaint number and close the same without solving the problem and some time when their technician come to me they do their experiment with the AC resulting the product is looks like so old . all complaint detail are available on VOLTAS customer care details . still problem has not been solve in 2-3 years and VOLTAS is saying that now warranty period is over and you take rest . they are doing my mental harassment . so please advice me what should i do ?? Vibhav Tiwari

Yogesh G Chande

Posted on May 12, 2015

This complaint is against Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Limited (Appliances Division), Vikhroli, Mumbai. Contact person at Godrej - Kiran Wagh (kiranw@godrej.com). Phone number - 022 6796 1700. Almost one year has passed and the free maintenance service (wet & dry) for the split AC has not been provided as per the terms. Therefore claiming compensation of Rs. 10,000 for deficiency in service during the first one year tenure. The cost of the AC is around Rs. 40,000. Have done several follow-ups through several phone calls, but they have not bothered to respond. Have also lodged a written complaint through email. Additionally, also claiming refund of Rs. 6,255 plus bank interest. This amount was taken in advance for a period of 4 years starting 28 May 2015 to 27 May 2019 for additional service contract period. Would like to terminate the contract Complaint was also lodged with the customer care call center, but without even resolving the complaint, the same has been closed.

Amit Verma

Posted on May 12, 2015

We are purchase Micro Max mobile on till date 17/03/2015 Model number A67 on Navi Mumbai. My mobile proper not working any function. Kanpur service center not accept fault.


Posted on May 11, 2015

We purchased a new whirlpool ac from ezone home town kolkata good number 6000010615 whpl 3d cool dlx white 1.5T. From the time we have purchased it is not working properly and the machine was faulty we have been complaining but no response is coming to us.


Posted on May 11, 2015

My HTC mobile not repaired the HTC service center at the time they are written on my document slip .Also they are not clearly tell me how many day, they return my phone. please help me sir .

K Dhana Lakshmi

Posted on May 11, 2015

HCL ME V3 Tablet from purchase of date its nor working . i visited service centre and also put a mails to HCL but on one take care about the my problem.


Posted on May 10, 2015

I have complaint regarding extra electricity consumption by voltas ac(1.5 ton, 3 star).Its taking 3 units/hour which is too much.I have purchased the ac on 29th march'2015.I have registered the complaint(15050110800), on 1st may but no resolution yet.In case of faulty device I want the replacement.Please help me resolve the issue as my electricity bill is becoming sky high.

Deepak Savant

Posted on May 10, 2015

pick me india is a insurence company,my cell phone is recieved from them to repairing but they are not given my cell return ,they have a policy of 45 days,the process is taken 3 months ,but is till not recieved my cell phone.plesase give a valuable feed back .i have to raise a complaint on that company.

satabdi mitra

Posted on May 09, 2015

I have purchased a Samsung E5 phone from R.G.Networks(South City Mall Kolkata) on 15.04.2015 and within 20 days the phone was found defective. Now samsung servie centre or the dealer is not helping me replace the phone and forcing me to get the handset repaired. Spoke to the service head Rajesh singh, who is equally uncooperative and rude. Since the phone is found defective within three weeks of purchase i want replacement of the phone

satabdi mitra

Posted on May 09, 2015

I have purchased a Samsung E5 phone from R.G.Networks(South City Mall Kolkata) on 15.04.2015 and within 20 days the phone was found defective. Now samsung servie centre or the dealer is not helping me replace the phone and forcing me to get the handset repaired. Spoke to the service head Rajesh singh, who is equally uncooperative and rude. Since the phone is found defective within three weeks of purchase i want replacement of the phone..


Posted on May 09, 2015



Posted on May 08, 2015

Hi, I have purchased Power Bank on 10th Of March 2015. Order No. AB1471597 Which when delivered on 16th March, I that the product is DUPLICATE and also found faulty and dead. I have reported the same immediately by form on their site on the very same date BUT i have never received any update to that email. After that I have called to customer care number and i have been assured for reversed pickup and refund. REf.# QRC198421 To which my reserve pick has been done. I have again called on the customer no and they asked my bank details after that they have told me that i should get call from them about refund confirmation. I have received the confirmation call and they have said refund has been approved and should be credited to my bank account within 7 to 10 working days. After 7 days i have again called to know the status so they told me within 4 days i should get refund. But since 7th of April it has been almost a month and EVERY TIME THEY SAY FOR SOME TECHNICAL REASON IT I

Pallabendu Bhattacharya

Posted on May 08, 2015

Dish TV Connection is giving me problem in every three months. Although I have made complain numbers of time but yet to get any solution. I have paid till Aug 15 and there is some amount is also due against them. but they deny to pay it back for connection withdrawal. My V C No is : 01517328222.

Anit Kumar Mishra

Posted on May 07, 2015

During online shopping the vendor unable to deliver the product on time and after cancellation of order they have delivered the product after 7 days and now telling long process of refund.

ashok jain

Posted on May 07, 2015

i buy a dell led but now its not working company service executive not ready to replace

Manoj K Kulshreshth

Posted on May 07, 2015

Purchased HTC dual SIM on 13 APRL 14. On 11 APRL 15 within warranty period it has been submitted to TVS gurgaon for repair. They are not position to return my set after repairing


Posted on May 07, 2015


Barnali Banerji

Posted on May 07, 2015

I have submitted my complaint here on 04.05.15 about the problem of my Lenovo A680 mobile phone set. Till now I didn't get any reply from you. Please look into the matter.

Pankaj Kumar

Posted on May 07, 2015

Here is My LG LCD TV Complain Ref No. RNA150506008073, RNA150506074819 RNA150504013659, RNA150504098715 ,RNA150502046944, RNA150501019943, RNA150420046541, RNA150420041322, RNA150418096112. Many times I complained to LG customer care and called to senior management team but nobody give the resolution for my 32" LCD TV. There is a problem in Display Panel. And due to part unavailability they couldn't give the support or service. MY LG Tv is in under warranty or AMC. They said this product is obsolete. But my question if LG is failed to give the service or support then why continued or renew my LG Tv AMC. They are giving standby option to replace the old tv with new LED Tv after paying some amount approx 11k. My question is why I paid for the same. I.e. Not the consumer support and why company decided to continue or renew my TV AMC. If part is not available then they should replace the TV without any extra charges. Because consumer is already paid the charges for the product and AMC.

Vikas Jain

Posted on May 06, 2015

1. I have purchased Videocon fully automatic washing machine in May 2013 with 2 year warranty. 2. Warranty of this machine is there till 18th May 2015. 3. Machine is not working good since begining. 4. I have launched regular complains to their Customer care number 011-39404040 everytime service boy is coming and problem is still persist. 5. This is very erriritating for me. I have spend Rs. 11200 in this washing machine. And the machine is just toring the clothes. And not working properly. I have requested company to change the machine if it is just toring out the clothes. But not got succeed. Please help me out.

Barnali Banerji

Posted on May 05, 2015

This is to inform you that I have given my LenovoA680 mobile phone to the service centre at Magnet Service, 75/406, D.H. Road, Hindustan Park, Kolkata-34 on 24.04.2015 as suggested by Lenovo Company. The service centre told me that they would return me the phone after 3/4 days but they neither called me till date nor returned me the repaired phone set. I asked them over phone about the matter but they said that it would need some more time. Today is the 12th day after I have given the phone to the service centre. They not even given me an alternate phone set for temporary use for these days. Actually the problem is with the power key and it is within the warranty period. I am facing so much difficulty without the smart phone. I have e-mailed to the Company several times but the problem is not yet solved. This is much harassment for me. Who will compensate this inconvenience caused by them? Kindly help me to get back the repaired phone set.

Barnali Banerji

Posted on May 05, 2015

This is to inform you that I have given my LenovoA680 mobile phone to the service centre at Magnet Service, 75/406, D.H. Road, Hindustan Park, Kolkata-34 on 24.04.2015 as suggested by Lalitha Shettalli of your Company. The service centre told me that they would return me the phone after 3/4 days but they didn't even call me till date. I asked them over phone about the matter but they said that it would need some more time. Today is the 12th day after I have given the phone to the service centre. They didn't call me. They not even given me an alternate phone set for temporary use for these days. Actually the problem is with the power key and it is within the warranty period. You are aware that I am facing so much difficulty without the smart phone. I have e-mailed you several times but the problem is not yet solved. This is much harassment for me. Binu Baby of your company asked for the job sheet via e-mail. Now I ask you that why can't you get the said job sheet from the service centr

shiv kumar

Posted on May 05, 2015

Sir I have purchase HTC 816 model from local dealer . Afrte jst 2 month phone get very much heated. So I have submit my phone to HTC service center. But HTC service center is jUST ignoring my complante . Every time I go to them they just give me a another date to come. I am just fed up with their service . Ist time they said they give my phone back after 21 days . Now they are saying come after 10 days. Name of service center is Nanak telecom shop number 74/75 Gandhi market Ambala cantt . Please sir solve my problem

Indrajeet Gupta

Posted on May 04, 2015

A company name DATAWIND is delivering its AAKASH TABLET, without placing any order for it. Its not happened once but twice. And everytime the delivery boy bound us to take the tablet. They are placing such unwanted products at my above mentioned address. The first tablet was around Rs 3000 and this time it was around Rs 7000. As whole we invested Rs 10000 for such a worst tablet. Please sir look into this matter. Hoping for quick and positive respond. Email of datawind company: techsupport@datawind.com


Posted on May 04, 2015

Respected Sir, Myself Pallabendu Halder pursuing Ph.D from Bidhan Chandra krishi Viswa Vidyalaya residing at Kalyani. My home town is Canning Town, South 24 Parganas. I bought a leads water purifier on April, 2013 with one year warranty in my mother name (Gayatri Halder). After completion of one year we have made a AMC (annual maintenance cost) for that above water purifier through "JAYASHREE SERVICE CENTER", Narendrapur, South 24 Parganas for one year 22/06/14 to 21/06/15 with spending a amount of Rs 5200/-. But for last 2 to 3 months it was in non functioning condition, and we called the centre for several times but they didn't replied and still now it is non functioning. Please help us out from that problem as early as possible.

Saurabh Chawla

Posted on May 04, 2015

I brought 2 AC from reliance digital. I have been following on the after sales services for them from last 1 month escalated to the top level still no action. I want a justice to be done on this

Mrs. Sunita Jaiswal

Posted on May 04, 2015

my old set top box occurred a technical error on 11.04.15 & i had already informed my cable operator on 12.04.15. Then i asked him for a new set top box, he insisted that i have to pay the full amount of Rs. 1800/- without any remittance for the old one along with i have to pay monthly subscription in full amount. Is this correct?

Pradip Roy Chowdhury

Posted on May 04, 2015

We have purchased 40nos. of OPAL WHITE colour Wall Fan from Crompton Greaves company on 03.03.2015 for our company Societe Maison De Cuir. Among those 14nos. of fan has been found defective. We have complaint to them but no positive action has been taken till the date. We have sent them lots of mail, they are now saying WHITE OPAL colour is not available now.We are also forwarding you the mail with this message... Dear Ravi, As per PO it was clearly mentioned that we need white colour wall fan. You will appreciate that partial change of colour of the whole lot at this stage is not only differ the decorum and uniformity of the entire setting but also not making a sense. You are therefore, requested to either you deliver the goods as per PO or make the refund the cost of fans. Regards, Pradip From: ERKOL-CCC-Ravi Ranjan [mailto:Ravi.Ranjan@cgglobal.com] Sent: 22 April 2015 14:03 To: Pradip RoyChowdhury Cc: kishore.singh@cgglobal.com; Rajib Pandit; sushanta.roy@cggloba


Posted on May 03, 2015

I have complaint against click2emi and zotdot courier.I have pay 1500 to courier for product of click2emi but still not received and my phone also not received .ihave revived call from 8285218031.your product dispatch.after three days call back .he told he is suppliers.and he don't know about.you call to click2emi.what to do.i want my cash refund asap.

Manish Rathi

Posted on May 03, 2015

Complaint Against a Branded Mobile Manufacturer for a defective Hand Set which went dead in 18 Months only. The Service Centre says Mother Board of the Phone has crashed and asking for INR 10,500/- for replacement of motherboard. The product is out warranty but a BRANDED product is unlikely to CRASH within such a period.

Rahul Gupta

Posted on May 03, 2015

i had purchased a spice handset on 15th august 2014,i gave it for repairing to service centre but when they returned me ,it is in poor condition,they are replacing it ,the problem occured 3 times

Anuj Verma

Posted on May 02, 2015

I bought a new A/C on 29 March, 2015. It was installed after 10 tens days or so after lot of running around. The A/C stopped cooling after 2 days and again after lot of running around the technician gave a report that outdoor unit needs replacement. I also got an email from Hitachi manager about the same. The unit replacement and installation was promised in 2 days, however now again I am being made to run around with noone able to provide true information.


Posted on May 02, 2015


divya talaviya

Posted on May 01, 2015

Hi Team, I ordered refrigerator in click2emi site on date:17/4/2015, but today still i have not received my product. and all team of click2emi wrong commit to me. please take action , my product receive ,otherwise i received my 1500rs refund.

Aman Prasad

Posted on May 01, 2015

I have submitted my phone to xolo customer care since march. I got my phone back on 2nd april. But i discovered that the replacement was made with a defective part. so i resubmitted the phone on 6th april till today i have not received my phone. From 20days long i am hearing that they are waiting for the part to arrive(Delhi HO) The company makes a fifteen days policy of service but its been months for me. I purchased the phone at 13000 and they offered me XOLO omega 5.5 by pay additional cash of 6000 which MRP is 8999. I would be highly obliged if i could get any help from you guy my new workorder nymber is 310001271901

Riddhi Bhattacharya

Posted on Apr 29, 2015

We had bought a Godrej washing machine full auto (Model - WT650 CF), bought on cash on 27/1/15 from GREAT EASTERN (Dhakuria). There was a trolley and a cover of the washing machine which was supposed to be given to us free of cost as promised verbally. It has been 3 months now we cannot use the washing machine. We have made a complaint earlier in their register but that did not work. So we ask for your help.

deepti verma

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

sir, I had filed a complaint regarding AC servicing in CROMA electronics store. with service request DEL 180415FS00097. Now 10 days have passed since requesting them on their toll free no 1800253636.they have now closed the complaint showing it as attended. It is gross negligence on their part. I have been the suffrerer in this scorching heat. please look into the matter

steven andrews

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

I have purchased one tablet form homeshop 18 but thay have send me Wi-Fi tab as I had request for calling tablet.as they are refusing to replace the product. they don't agree to change the product as I have called to customer care and asked before about the product .

Sudipto Sardar

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam I am Sudipto Sardar had purchased one AquaGuard Geneus (worth Rs 22900/-) & Euroclean X-Force Vaccum Forbes (worth Rs 9990/-) on 15.04.15 through online payment system (credit card).the sales representative has communicated during his sales call that i supposed to get "Aquaguard on the go personal purifier" worth rs 595/- and a unique mocktail recepie book".As i had purchased two product with separate invoice so he has told i will get purifier:2 pcs & recipe book 2 pcs. But surprisingly i didn't get any gift. Another thing the sales personnel who has communicated with me before selling of XForce vaccum cleaner.has told me i will get free demo at my place,But when i had booked a call for demo purpose the person has contacted me (serving dept), told me i need to pay Rs 375/- for demo purpose. So Please help me out.

Jignesh Vaviya

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

I purchased a one plus one on 4th Dec 2014 from Amazon.in with 1 year warranty. The phone mic stopped working on 25th March 2015 and i took the phone to one plus one service center in Borivali WEST. They gave me estimated date of repair completion i.e 3rd April. Its been almost a month i still did not get the handset repaired. I called them up but sometimes they hung up th phone and sometimes they say parts not available. I ve made 5 rounds to the service center but they dont give me any answer or update on the repair status of my phone. Please help me with this. Jobsheet no-JS15032300154

Yogesh kumar

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

Sir i am summitted my phone in panasonic care on 8 april 15 .but they donot gave my phone me.lt is brought on 3 april.

Abhay Parmar

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

Booked a Powerbank from ASKMEBAZAAR.COM The faulty product was delivered on 2nd Feb'15, immediately asked for reverse pick-up. Reverse pick-up was done on 16th Mar'15 and till date no reversal on the amount paid. On 7th April again a complaint was registered and Unique ID was provided and B0127097 and information was given that the payment would be done within 10 - 12 working days. Called after 15 days they say again it would take 10 - 12 working days. Fedup of this website It sucks. Literally feel like ABUSING the executives. PATHETIC WEBSITE, SELLING only DUPLICATE PRODUCTS and FAULTY PRODUCTS

sanjay verma

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

name- SANJAY KR VERMA mob-8800675553 serial- b096pzbb100633k model- aw182zcxtl ac-window-1.5 ton purchase and installation date-30th april 2011 i bought a samsung ac on 30th april 2011.it has a warranty of 5 years,which is still continuing.2 weeks back i asked for the servicing .the service person of samsung visited us,and said that the compressor is not working,so he needs the bill of the ac to get it fixed.i lost my bill,and went to the samsung store,for a duplicate copy.i gave them the model number as well as the serial number(given by service center of samsung in okhla).and he asked for extra charges for a duplicate copy.i was ready,but he said ,he will not be able to help me,as his system has crashed,and there are no records of previous years with him.i called the service center of samsung continuously,so that i can get any help.they took all the details and said,that they know i have purchased it on 30th april 2011,but they have not uploaded my bill on their system,so they can al

Sandeep GB

Posted on Apr 26, 2015

Karbonn Phone issue I had given for service on jan 2nd regarding flash not working/speaker issue. Got back phone very late on april 12th. Then battery was missing. By negotiation got new battery by 22nd April. Even the service center( Smart Technologies Kadavanthra) didn't have spare battery, to check if issues are fixed or not. I got battery on 22nd April 2015. Then only I came to know still flash is not working. Speaker is fine. So 1 of 2 complaint still exists. Complaints have increased after the service. The screen sensitivity is having problem. There is small dent on the phone now.


Posted on Apr 26, 2015

I am Tarun working in UN, purchased air cooler Orient with Rs. 8525.00 19.04.2015 at SPAR Hypermarket, Gurgaon and they delivered the it on the same day at 8.00 PM and on the next day, when the cooler is switched on, the water pump is not working. I requested the SPAR Hypermarket to replace the cooler with new one as they delivered a defective cooler. Instead of replacing cooler, they suggested to call Orient Help line. Then I knew that calling costumer care is begging and waste of time for sheer lack of due diligence with SPAR Hypermarket dealer, who get profit by selling defective cooler pieces and attaching to Customer Care. I have to spare whole working day scarifying important deliveries which are 1000 time economic than fixing cooler. Dealer like SPAR Hypermarket attaching to customer care is a cheap trick to sell defective products and getting benefits and please facilitate replacement of my new defective Orient cooler by SPAR Hypermarket.

Disha Gala

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

I bought a micromax handset from snapdeal in October. I switched on the phone after some days. I realised that the piece was defective. I submitted my phone to the micromax service centre in November. They gave me the phone back in January with the assurance that the handset would function properly henceforth. After using the handset for 2 to 3 days I realised that the phone was still very much defective. I had to resubmit my phone to the micromax service centre in January itself. Till date I haven't received my phone back. I have also registered a complaint regarding the same with micromax. The complaint no. is MMX1903154476. I have also sent them numerous emails regarding the same. I haven't received any proper response from them. They keep giving me false assurances. I haven't been able to make fill use of my purchase properly till date. I would be highly obliged if you could look into the problem and grant me relief for the damages I have suffered.

Dhaval Simariya

Posted on Apr 24, 2015

Look its been a day now and nothing is done from your side its been 5 hours I have send Images REALLY UNHAPPY WITH SERVICE you have So called things like if its urgent then leave your number here and we will call you back in 1 hour. DOES your 1 hour is 24 hour of normal People?

Mayank Bhalodia

Posted on Apr 24, 2015

My name is Mayank Bhalodia. I have ordered 1 TB Hard Disk from Paytm website for Rs. 4148 on 17th March 2015. When i was delivered the hard disk the package did not contain any invoice and neither did i receive any invoice in email. I wrote many emails to care@paytm.com but i always got reponse to wait for 72 hours and the courier will be reverse picked up til that time. After the completion of 72 hours no one come to pickup the courier and when i mail, i receive the same message to wait for 72 hours. When i called up on 1800 1800 1234, there is no one to talk to me but instead i am being told to record a message and send it to them. When i did that, i receieved a call from Paytm after 2-3 days and being told the same thing to wait for 72 hours and they will pick up the courier. But still no one comes to pick up. Its like they purposefully send me the faulty hard disk and does not want to replace it.Today is 24th April 2015 still the problem is not solved. Please solve this problem.

Sandip Kumar Adak

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

I bought a new Mobile phone Samsung S6 Edge from The Mobile Store, Vivek Vihar, Howrah with pre booking but on the very next Day I got a problem of heating during making a call, so I returned the mobile to Mobile store and they found the same problem they told me that the will replace the phone, but afte 12 days spent they are not showing any initiation rather telling me and harassing me that I will get the phone again after 10 days that is also not sure as they are telling me this for last one week. And my credit card bill is going to generate and my 1st EMI will be deducted but till now I didn't got the opportunity to use the phone for single day and the officials of Mobile store telling me that I have to bear the whole amount of 1st EMI. So what I have to do now?

Pradeep Gupta

Posted on Apr 23, 2015

I bought IFB washing machine from Gurgaon dealer in 2010. The machine stopped working on 13th April 2015 for which I filed a complaint 15327107 on 14th April. The technician visited mentioned PCB part needs to be replaced and collected service charge of 337 Rs same day promising to replace the part next day. Ever since then I have been calling IFB customer service in morning and evening regularly. The complaint has been forwarded many times and escalated to many people but no use. Supervisor Ashu - 9212766217 Super. Bharat - 9212766211 Manager Neema - 8595324115 Area mngr Chanchal - 9313778756 Another supervisor Balbinder Every time I am being asked to wait for some time and get an assurance of 24 hours time frame but no one has honored the committment so far. The customer care number is 011-39004321. I haven't visited a temple so religiously and I have called IFB like 25 times in past 9 days. Kindly help. The address of IFB: IFB Industries Limited D-60, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110020 E-mail: delhi_service@ifbglobal.com Tel. No: 18604255678 - BSNL / MTNL Callers 011-39004321 - Other users Service Charge Receipt No. 301516001475 I ended up calling last time today to cancel the complaint number and return me back my service charge so that I can go to local mechanic and get the machine repaired to which they denied.


Posted on Apr 22, 2015

3 days ago ago i bought a laptop from a local retailer (I had its bill and packing box). And today when checked its warranty on official site, it showing end date of 28 May 2015. I really got pissed off and called that retailer, he is saying he will check into it. then i incidentally checked its update history which is also showing the last update of about a year ago. Now I am Pretty sure that he gave me a used/out of warranty laptop. Kindly help me, what should I do now.

kamal Chandra mukherjee

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

I have purchased one haier split ac on 13-08-2012 from Great Eastern,behala,kolkata. My model no is HSU-18LK 1.5 TON split ac bill no is BL-CM-03074-12-13. ON 20/04/15 I Called haier for availing AMC from them my call register no K020150420100150. Now they are saying the model is old model and I cannot do AMC. What is my fault if the seller is selling old product to me?? Even the seller is not helping me. Please help me I m 73 yrs old man.

Rohit Saini

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Sir this complaint is against Yureka smartphone manufacturing company that is YU . I am using this smartphone from last 2 month and start facing problem from 1.5 month back as this phone work properly only 1 or 2 week only . there customer care executive also not pickuping my phone ..please help Sir Thankyou


Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Sir/Madame, My Intex mobile model name INTEX AQUA I5 MINI was given for repairing at INTEX mobile company's service center on 09/03/2015 having JOB NO. 1798 and was told be delivered within 15 days. But the same has not been delivered till now. Continuous inquiry was done on my part but to no avail. Continuous reminder has been sent even through e-mails to the higher authorities but till now neither the reply nor the product is received by me. More than two months have been passed. It is a humble request to you to solve my problem and punish the defaulters. Mani Prakash Meena mob. 9460002497


Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Purchased on 2015 January, and registered complaint regarding Microsoft windows activation by February and it took a month to rectify. Now the charging of the battery is not properly done, images of closed windows appears in background, low memory warning pops out timely, duplicate file creating while opening original files etc.

Kushal Ghosh

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

Hello Datawind, I purchased on Ubislate 7CZ on 2, March 2015 with Invoice number : TILD 030200123. It arrived me on 7th March via Blue dart. Then due to some software issues I had to visit your service centre in Kolkata, Mobi Care on 12th MArch 2015, Work Order Number : RVSRN1503LMB00069. Then after couple of days they said that as my set was recived within 7 days of delivery, with the help of service centre I can claim a replacement. I did so and they ordered for a DOA which was approved from your head office. Now it's more than a month I have not received my set yet, whenever I call the call centre they say that it's under process. This is completely unacceptable. Please do the needful and send me my set or I need a moneyback. Thanks, Kushal Ghosh 9830228729 Kolkata


Posted on Apr 20, 2015

sir, The motherboard of my phone Nokia Lumia 520 is dead . what should i do now ? I showed my phone to the nearest Nokia service centre , but they are telling than 'They can't do anything'.. sir , please help me ....

Brig D K Jain

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

Refrigerator of SAMSUNG make booked through CSD Depo Khadaki and Huns Digital Home Pune on 07 April 2015, has not been delivered till today despite repeated reminders


Posted on Apr 18, 2015

Respected sir I have bought a Micromax A290 ( w & Gold) smart phone amounting to Rs. 13000( Appx) in the month of August 2014 and one month before it was deposited to the Mobile Care centre for further repair and centre at the time of taking the phone assured me that i will be able to get my phone after 20-25 Days it was dposited to the centre against Job Sheet No. N100125031515738749 DATED 26.03.2015 , but on dated 14.03.2015 official of mobile care centre told me that company concerned had dispatched my phone on dated 12.04.2015 to thier address, however on dated 18.04.2015 whenever i enquired the matter with micromax Help line no they told me that you will get your phone after 10 days later . They all are just misguiding me . Sir when i asked him that whether the phone has been transmitted to the Mobile care centre or not , his reply was not satisfactory . Kindly help me to get my phone

ajinkya gaikwad

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

i bought lenovo A536, the phones functioning is pathetic has number of problems like weak wifi strenght, wifi functioning, battery problem, ear phone disconnection. i went on their web sites for complaining but they didnt reply well and insisted me to visit mobile centres, i went to their mobile centre thrice with same problem but they couldnt solve the problem as well. they dont even give any replacement PLEASE HELP IMEI NO.864710020390570/62

Dhaval Dholabhai

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

I have bought a lenovo Vibe Z2 PRo from flipkart in November 2014. The product is still under warranty. The display for the phone has completely blacked out.I had approached nearest lenovo service center for the complain. They say that the phone has physical damage and hence it is not covered under warranty. They have given a quote of Rs. 13000/- for repairing the same. The oringianl price of the phone was Rs. 33000/- The phone comes with Metal body and gorilla glass. It does not have any scratch on crack on the screen. There is a small dent on left side of phone and the service center says that the phone has fallen down with the dent and hence the internal system of the phone has loose contacts. I have been repeatedly telling them that the phone was working fine with the dent and when the display went off it was not due to any fall. The service center at Dadar and service phone no. of Lenovo have both said that there is no other way out. Lenovo has ruined my Rs. 33000/-.

Dnyaneshwar Ramesh Dhande

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

my spice mobile got booting problem so i have given to service center before 4 month but when i went service center it was closed then I called him but mobile got switch off all time then i found new service centerof spice then i asked about my mobile to new service center but he told that your mobiles are taken away by first service center i dont know about that i have receipt of that service center so what can i do now i am getting so harassment i have given details of my phone and about me Dnyaneshwar dhande Aurangabad Maharastra email id- dhande429@rediffmail.com cont number-8380077088 mobile- spice mi-436 IMEI NO 911256503214344 closed service center details Shradha mobils ,c5, block no 11, narayan plaza CIDCO cannought place AURANGABAD MAHARASTRA CONTACT NO-8177871043 i have taken new number of spice athorised service center person for Aurangabad but he is still not responding me about my phone his name is PRASAD and his number is 7709975757 so please resolve my complaint

Miss. Raunak Haroon Khan

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

This is regarding my purchase of Mobile Lenovo - S660 from Shop J.K.Electronics NX - Thane (Cash Memo:15363/JKE/2014-2015). Purchase on 24.02.2015. This is to inform you that from the date of purchase the Functioning of Mobile are Very pathetic. Its very difficult me now to handle this mobile as it hangs and Switch-off the entire system of mobile time to time. I Given it in Service Center for servicing and collected from them but same problem arise again and again. i am very much disappointed for this phone. I contacted Lenovo on following Email Id's: smartphonets@lenovo.com, support@lenovoreg.com, Lencare@lenovo.com, services_ed@lenovo.com But didant get favorable reply. They say give the Mobile in Service Center again for repair to serve you as they say its an touchpad problem but they replace it before then also same problem arise. Now i dont feel so. Please take my Complaint into consideration and do the Needful. Waiting for Your Best Reply. Regards, Raunak Khan

Arun Dhone

Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Brought Sony Music system with LED TV in Nov 2012, but since purchase music system unable to perform, recently spend 10000 on IC replacement. but still problem occur. Please suggest how to proceed.

sourabh Sharma

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Washing machine is not working.we register complaint since 3 months many times. they not change the part.Only making fool all time.they waste my time resource and money.

vinayak pandey

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

i have been transfered to mumbai and called the aquaguard service centre to install my machine. on first visist I was told to change UV memebrane of the filter,and that the technician needs to bring his senior..next day evening he came and did some repairs and set the machine working but did not change of uv membrane..next afternoon..first they said that filters are fine but they will have to change the PCB AND UV MEMBRANE but FINALLY CHANGED THE FILTERS TOO AND GAVE A BILL OF RS.5370. the machine worked for two days and agian stopped working.i called them again and on next day they came and without said that pump will be require to be changed costing additional Rs 3500. thus i feel cheated and need redressal.

susanta das

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

i have bought a samsung 2600mah power bank from askmebazar.com on 30/03/2015 and i received the product on 06/03/2015 after receiving the product i saw that the product is not working then i have send two mail on the askmebazar site but they don't yet contact me. my order number is AB1866591

Pawan Kumar

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

I have purchased a XOLO dual sim phone modle XOLO Q3000,MEI Nos- 911351050344246, 911351050395248.Mobile was working perfectly.There was only minor problem in charging jack.I had to give some weight near charging jack on charger wire to charge so I have submitted my phone at XOLO authorized service center(G-Infotech, K73-A,Ground floor,Kalkaji, Delhi)on 9th April 2015 under warranty.My work order no is- 310001280641,On 11th April 2015 I have reached service center, I checked mobile phone,I found mobile speed was very slow touch was worse I had to press very hard to perform my requst & mobile screen was blinking on bottom side like tube light (low & high)It seems it is not my phone.when I checked IMEI on back side original IMEI printed but by dialing code of for IMEI screen reflects different IMEI.Only outer body of mobile was mine and rest all the original part of mobile has been changed from service center repair team & turned it on dead,So I left phone there.I want only refund now.

abhisek samanta

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

I'm facing a lot of trouble with my newly purchased A.C. of Panasonic. Kindly provide your support to get the proper judgement.

Mandar Ambre

Posted on Apr 11, 2015

Pawan Jowahar

Posted on Apr 11, 2015

I have given my LCD TV for repair to sony authorised service centre which is located at Mehdipatnam Hyderabad. MODEL NO: KLV-V40A10E32. It was on 28th Feb that the TV was given to them and they provided me with the service job sheet with no J50522625. I was facing issues with display. The display of the TV is blank. No video only audio. When i called back the service centre they said there will be a charge of 35000 ( thirty fuve thousand). When i said the charges are too high for a middle class person. They said that they will again check and get back to me. I am still awaiting a call from the service centre. There is no response from Sony Service Centre. There is no source of entertainment from past 45 days. If these are the kind of charges they are saying how can a common man get anything repaired. 35000.00 is a big amount for me for getting the TV repaired. When i asked them to email the estimation sheet they even did not do that. Please help me in this regard.

Nikhil Mane

Posted on Apr 09, 2015

There is a company in Pune called Supermind which provides E-learning material for students from 1-12 Maharashtra board. when i bought the product they had promised me to give me a fresh installation password in case of PC format or Change of PC however they are not fullfilling their promise as i have changed my PC.

Rahil Arora

Posted on Apr 09, 2015

The complain is regarding the company named Xiomi.. bought the company's power bank back in November last year it had an 6 months warranty.. lately back in January it started giving problems I raised a complain for the same on the 31st of jan n was said that a replacement will be made as these power banks are not repairable.. n till today I haven't got any update either through a message, or a call or through email regarding the replacement. Have called them almost 30 times now whenever I call they put the call on hold for 10 mins or so n nothing to do I hv to disconnect. they have even told me to not use the powerbank.. so I'm not using it since January after all wats the use of buying a power bank if u can't use it.

Abhay Tripathi

Posted on Apr 09, 2015

I have Redmi note 3g and I gave my phone to service center on 28 march 2015 because of orange spot on the screen . After 10 days(8 April 2015) I collected my phone from service center and the camera lens was full of scratch and back cover is not fitting properly . Now the photos clicked by phones are not cleared and the back camera portion is making noise . Please resolve this problem My name Abhay Tripathi (phone is purchased on the name of Alankar Tripathi) My no. 9871908757

Subrata Kumar Sen

Posted on Apr 08, 2015

I have purchased a lenovo mobile phone S660 model on 19.04.2014 with one year warranty which has stopped working since January 2015 for which I have approached the lenovo service centre at 20 H Park Street,, Kolkata 700016 on 07.03.2015 but the claimed Rs 8791.00 as repairing charge. But when I refused to pay due to warranty period then they returned my phone without repairing. Please take necessary action to recover my phone. Subrata Kumar Sen, State Bank of India, CPPC, 1, Strand Road, Kolkata 700001. Mob no. 9674711002


Posted on Apr 08, 2015

I have purchased a jabra talk Bluetooth headset from the fort Croma store on Sunday 5 April 2015 vide bill no. SLF02A026030108179. While purchase the instructions for buying were clearly given to the store representative Mr. Ahmed, that the device is required to be used while travelling on a bike and will be required to be worn inside a helmet. After using the device on Monday it was clear that the device will not be of use to me because the button for answering and rejecting a call is on the outside and is continuously depressed on account of it being in touch with the ear cushion of the helmet. I have approached the store today on Tuesday 7 April 2015 in order to get a replacement with some other suitable headset or some other electronic purchase or a cash back on account of this misselling. Kindly arrange to get me a replacement with an alternative device which meets my requirement or a store credit with which I can purchase another electronic item of use.


Posted on Apr 08, 2015

My Karbonn mobile ( titanium S99 Black , dual sim , IMEI No.911345304461400 , 911345304461418)purchased on 16/10/2014 developed a problem and I have deposited the same on 14/02/2015 at authorized Karbonn service center (Techno Care ,150, B. Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata, Kolkata - 700045, West Bangal, Service Center Support Number : 9836524834 , 03340067824 , 03324220440 ) for rectification of the problem (Job sheet No. KJASPWB030215K2590). Till date they are harassing me by saying that my handset will be delivered within 10 days , though the original scheduled date of delivery of the handset was on 16/02/2015

Tanmay Kumar Datta

Posted on Apr 07, 2015

Dear Sir, In 2nd week of March we have purchased 2 nos.( for 2 family ) Jet Crisp SteamTech 25ltr from KHOSLA ELECTRONICS,38/3A Garia Main Road, Garia,, Kolkata, West Bengal 700084, India. For 1 micro wave oven they provided Operation Manual, Recipe book, 3 nos big size cooking bowl with lid but another one only 2 nos small like kids tiffin box. When I asked, they informed that they don't have stock. I call them 5 to 6 times. same reply at all time. My question is if the dealer don't have sufficient stock then why they sold the whirlpool goods. Why they cheated us. Hope you will resolve the issue. Regards, Tanmay Kumar Datta


Posted on Apr 07, 2015

My Karbonn mobile ( titanium S99 Black , dual sim , IMEI No.911345304461400 , 911345304461418)purchased on 16/10/2014 developed a problem and I have deposited the same on 14/02/2015 at authorized Karbonn service center (Techno Care ,150, B. Jodhpur Garden, Kolkata, Kolkata - 700045, West Bangal, Service Center Support Number : 9836524834 , 03340067824 , 03324220440 ) for rectification of the problem (Job sheet No. KJASPWB030215K2590. Till date they are harassing me by saying that my handset will be delivered within 10 days , though the original scheduled date of delivery of the handset was on 16/10/2014.

nilangshu dey

Posted on Apr 06, 2015

i purchased a led panasonic tv from greateastern appliances , kasba branch, as per advertisement in newspaper , a dvd is free with all ledtv, no conditions is marked. but the comapany is denying me the gift .

Anil Vaidya

Posted on Apr 06, 2015

I am customer of TATA SKY . I have subscribed for their mega package. For the past two weeks their service is erratic . We are not receiving more than 80 % of channels. They do not respond to our complaint. Their phone is busy all the time . No person has visited us inspite of lodging complaint. The recorded message on their helpline only says that they are looking at it , but with no result . Even their online chat service is unable to commit any time bound solution . We are helpless . My complaint no. With them is NS 1504044469175. Pl help us getting us a solution and quick response from TATA SKY.

Tushar Somani

Posted on Apr 06, 2015

I had submitted my HTC Desire 820 to the service center for repair on 31/01/15 as it was not functioning properly. After following up with HTC I finally got my phone on 19/03/15 and when I checked it it had the same problem and the service center representative said I have to deposit it again for another 20 days. I submitted the phone on 25/03/15 again for repairing and I was assured that I would get a new replacement but I did not get, instead they said it's gone to Chennai for repair second time and I have still not got back my phone. I bought the phone on 08/11/14 for Rs24,000 and I'm not able to use my phone. I want to register complaint against HTC India and TVS Electronics(HTC Service Center) for continued mental and physical harassment. Please look into the matter as soon as possible as it's already been over 2 months.

dr.abhijit maji

Posted on Apr 04, 2015

i have purchased kent grand plus water purifier . on 29th jan. 2015 it stoped working and the service provider have changed all the parts of it, and charged me 3500 rupees . on 1st april 2015 it agin stopped working and the service provider asked me pay 900 rupees for again changing the parts which was internally fit. when i deny to pay him they refused to provide support and service. please help me on this. there was no authorised certificate of those parts which were previously fitted on to it. on quarry i found that they use to put duplicate product in the purifier and expect to work 1 month and again they charge for the same product. this has been a business for them .so please advice me that if we are purchasing an authorised product from authorised dealer is there no warranty on there parts?? when i asked them the the service provider said that there is only 3 days of warranty on electric parts. if after 3 days the electrical parts goes wrong we have to pay for it. help me.

Sanjay singh

Posted on Apr 03, 2015

I have purchased one of your product Micromax Canves Model EG111, which is CDMA+GSM. But while using the CDMA RIM, Facing the problem in Call Conference, I had already using the Call Conference Service in my old Mobile and i had twice checked with Service provider, everything is activated from there side for Call Conference. I had inform/complaint the same on the same day of i have received the mobile from Dealer. I have advised to visit the Service Center, I have visited to Service Center at E-3, Kalkaji, New Delhi and person at service center do the troubleshooting, reset at factory setting ,update the software, but problem is still there. Person is saying to submit the mobile and they will replace the board/chipset and saying that after that also not 100% sure that problem will be resolved. Same thing i have communicated to the dealer, dealer is saying that company will provide you the refund if facility is not there in phone. I have purchased this mobile 10 days back only

Anket Hinge

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Hi. I am a resident of kharghar. I had purchased videocon double door refrigerator in august 2013. Since purchase I am facing lot of problems in the product and after complaining many times to the service center and videocon higher authorities my issue is not solved. The issue is that the locking strip is missing since the purchase and I was not accepting the delivery but the delivery guy refused to take it back and told me to give a complaint. Later on I faced a problem with the working. My refrigerator's timer is changed 3 times in last 14 months. Now again I am facing a problem that the LED light is not working and now the service center people are telling that the part is not available and will take more time. I request you to help me with the same. I am facing a lot of problem and not getting proper service from the service center. The videocon people are also not co-operating and are very rude and pathetic. Please help me as soon as possible.

Vishal Saxena

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Dear Sir, My complaint is about service issues with Voltas AC. Had problem with servicing tried contact with customer care after so many attempts my issue was forwarded to Service Associate of Ahmedabad. After much follow up their service engg. approached us and told us that issue was with PCB unit, he took it to repair, after much follow up again he returned and confirmed that problem is resolved and we paid in full with visit charges as well, but within 24 hrs. same problem occurred, complaint was re logged, same engg. returned and took the unit back returned after few days and installed with great difficulties, after he was gone the unit started malfunctioning again and this time some indicators which were never there were lighting in the panel which was beyond understanding, we checked the same with the engg and his supervisor again and their response was we are required to change the unit again. The issue pertains to last year and the situation is status quo. Seeking guidance.

Mrs Asha jhaveri

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

no repacement of i phon 4S purchased on 18/05/2014 though it is under warranty from apple company. Repoert saying current test failed.

Yogesh Kulkarni

Posted on Mar 29, 2015

I have Purchases Micromax MT500 on 15/01/15 It not working properly since first day. Can I get is replace the faulty phone Yogesh Kulkarni


Posted on Mar 29, 2015


Manju Khandelwal

Posted on Mar 28, 2015

Sir I bought an Aquafresh RO water purifier. It has some problem and I called for complaint but misbehaived and did not redressed it. When we said we will complain to consumer forum they said they don't bother. Please resolve and take some hard step Thanking you Manju Khandelwal


Posted on Mar 28, 2015

Last year on dated 8-5-2014 I purchased snowbreeze super cooler vide model no.cd5002b from baria traders court road udhampur Jammu and Kashmir vide invoice no. 19860. at a price of 9000.After purchase when I install it I found that swing is not working. Next day I call customer care and told about the problem and they assured me that our authorised service technician will come to you and solve your problem within one week.After one week a technician came and asked me about the problem. I told him the problem and then he opened he cooler to check it and found that the swing rod is broken. He told me that the broken part is not available with me now. He told me that I will call the company to send the new parts and your problem will be solved in two weeks. Now the warranty period is on expiry after one month and my problem is not solved till date. I have booked my last complaint on dated 22-3-2015 which was registered with reference no. C-15032200066 and assured me again that your probl

Mohammed Shiraz

Posted on Mar 27, 2015

My name is Mohammed Shiraz, I have purchased panasonic microwave on 08JUL14, model # NNCT353B, I registered a not working complaint on 10FEB15, complaint # R100215021171, since then I have been advised that the part needs to be replaced and its not available, I have been regular follow up and they show no intention to fix the microwave, everytime they give a new reason like part not available, we will replace the microwave, then again they said now part is available we will fix the existing one, and today they informed me that again the part is not available. It seems they are all playing games on their part and try to avoid our issue. The Superiors I have spoken at 1800 # is Ujwal, Rajani and Purushottam and the people in Bangalore are Kishore, Kumereshan and murlidharan. Please help me. Im deep trouble. NO BODY in Panasonic is ready to help me. Please contact me on my ph # for further details Regards Mohammed Shiraz

wg cdr vk vasudev

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

i had bought a dell laptop studio 1548 which had a full onsite repair warranty , the laptop display went off. the dell engineers have visite six times trying to repair the laptop with no result . they then declared it not repaiable and said will give me arefurbished laptop . now nearly two months have gone till date i have not got any laptop.


Posted on Mar 26, 2015

I have genuine insurance from APPS Daily and insurer The New India Assurance of my mobile handset, but your are not approving my claim of touch screen damage. As per Nokia service center repair quotation they will change the Touch screen and LCD part as both are attached together. But you want LCD damage photo which is denied by service center as service center will not receive the opened phone after LCD then your approval. As per the trail mail, you said to go to the service for direct conversation with Nokia Care service center but after reached there you are not ready to talk with them. You guide me to go the service center for mobile repair at the time of claim intimation now you are not ready to settle my claim as well as not coordinating with service center. Even you are moving turn around the customer without any accurate solution for a genuine claim, then what is the use of insurance if you don't want to pay the genuine claim smoothly. It mean you are only the premium collection center not for claim settlement and having customer care team without any use/solution.


Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Panasonic ac not proparli work since 1 year

mahendra kumar tiwari

Posted on Mar 26, 2015


Ramesh Kumar Channan

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

we have purchased dis washer of LG company from Ganpati Electronics, M G Plaza, Gurgaon we have complaint to LG no. of times since no solution hence we want our money back this machine we have purchased ag Bill No. B-1505 dt. 13/7/14 for Rs. 42250/- kindly help me out to get my money back in spite of we have made several complaint/request to LG no fruit ful result since now.Our nonstick utilisel are become totally white while washing in the machines even we have shown to company techician/officer even we have spoke to his manager by name Mr Batra/Mr Mehta they only promise but without result, kindly help us. thanks

Sanjay bothra

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Excess electricity bill

krishan Kumar

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

My SAMSUNG mobile phone not working.

Birendra Patra

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

Voltas service docket no-sr#14071400485 dt-14th July 2014 of my Air Conditioner serial no-4551241m11a000300.Almost 8 mths elapsed my service had not been completed till date & during this long time I had been promised several times to be attended but unfortunately excuses were put forward most of the times and few times they attended which yeilded fruitless.I had kept no stone unturned to reach their upper tiers but that too yeilded no result for me.I mailed them my helplessness but they paid no heed to it.Till date I had been hanged with expectation for them to come & rectify my malfunction ac but from my bitter experience I assume that they are pretending to kill my patience till I would give up the hope of my ac being functional again and forget them.I wish I have been deprived of the right of a customer for a service of the said air conditioner in a time bound manner for which I most humbly draw your attention with the said submission & finally a remedy. With regards, Dr B Patra


Posted on Mar 24, 2015

Bimalendu barik

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

I have bought a SONY LED Tv from "Anandamela",Station Road,Ambika Kalna dated on 26.01.15 through Bajaj EMI Scheme.The Staff of "Anandamela"claimed to me Rs.1500.00 INR for Bajaj EMI Processing fee.I paid this amount on that time.But when I logging my a/c details in Bajaj Finance webpage it shows that they charges Rs 0.00 INR for processing fee.Seeing this I went to "Anandamela" to know this reason that why they claimed processing fee to me? But the staffs does not clarify the matter & denied.So,I request to you kindly take necessary action Please.

mayengbam jaganivas singh

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

I bought 6 LED bulbs from Shopclues.com on 23rd Feb, 2015, (Order ID: 39213525). The order was shipped through bluedart (consignment no. 69234145061) on 25th February, 2015 but It is stuck somewhere (CCU BDA warehouse) since 27th February, 2015.) The bluedart branch at imphal also has no information on the consignment since it didn't reach Imphal. But the shopclues customer support is insisting that i have received the product and refusing to refund my money. They are not able to give any proof of the delivery also. What do I do now? Such fraud company should be banned. Regards Mayengbam Jaganivas Singh

akshay gala

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

dear sir i want to complaint about the spice moblie company. i have been given my moblie phone since one month ago and they are not reparinig my phone and giving mr back. they since month they are not giving my phone. when i am going to their service center they are not giving my phone by telling that it has not been repair. Dear sir please take strict action against spice moblie company quickly and help me to get my refund. please sir take action sgainst them. thank you.


Posted on Mar 23, 2015

In Jan 2015 I purchased Akash Tablet and I received same in Jan month end. When I open it then inside box there was bill of with other name and address. To cross verify I open the tab and I found it was used by another person whose name was mentioned on bill. I send mail on concern mail of company, but there was no satisfactory feedback then I called in customer care where also I got feedback like wait for some time we have registered your complaint. It happened more times but sill there is no satisfactory or promise from company.

Vijay khanna

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

Sir Maine ek karbonn mobile A90 Liya Emei no. 911342751920780 jinks camera Kaam Nahi

afzal husain

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

I want to complain about your service center, 1 months back I have given my A250 Blue phone for repairing , there was a sound ,camera,and keypad problem and the phone is under warranty. I have submitted number of time to service center my problem not get resolve yet. Now they told me again it'll be take two month to repair. I mail number of time to Micromax customer care but i did not got any relevant response . I will suggest all my frnds not to buy Micromax phone.I had a very bad experience with micromax phone, think before buying it. Below mentioned is the service center & Invoice details. Kawaya Enterprises ShopNO- F11 Ground floor Near times of India Sadhu Vashwani Chowk Camp, Pune pune 411009 Contact No : (020) 65003322 Invoice Date : 19/7/14 Invoice No : W030589-0315-15404771 Model No : A250 Blue

hemant kumar pandey

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

I bough a toshiba television from snapdeal.com. but they delivered sn incompleat product. tv remote, wirecables, power cable, wall attachment all things are missing. i make a complain to them but they are not taking it seriously. if you cote my mobile number- 8981833063 with them you will find all the details. they do not want to give my money back. please look after it. thanks


Posted on Mar 19, 2015

ajay pathak

Posted on Mar 18, 2015

Dear sir I have orderd samsung power bank on ask me bazar but they delieverd faulty power bank of sony company.i have accepted. that one also but it is,not working. I have allready given compkaint to their custmer care no and they are always saying wait for sometime you will get by replacement and after waiting we are not getting any response and again i have called today but now,they ask me bank account details for Refund. I dont think its a rite way to give refund.so plz take acction against this site.


Posted on Mar 18, 2015

I purchased a phone (details given below), after 1 month, the phone's touch panel became out of order. I submitted the phone to Micromax' Authorized Services Center, the person at center told me to collect the phone after 15 days. But Every time I ask them for phone, they another 15 days to collect it. Phone's Details are: 1. Make: Micromax 2. Model: Micromax Canvas A350 3. IMEI No: 911357700428818 911357700529318 4. Purchase Date:17/10/2014 5. Warranty Status: In Warranty 6. Submitted for Repair on: 16/02/2015 7. Complaint: The company (Micromax) had neither repaired the phone nor replaced. Dear Concerned please do the needful in this regard.

Ashish Verma

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

SHOPCLUES.COM I've ordered Samsung power bank 9000 mah. Product received is a FAKE one. Currently SHOPCLUES is not responding for any action. They are cheating customers.


Posted on Mar 16, 2015

I bought Lenovo G500 Laptop on 04/07/2014 from Dombivli(East). Since then it was repaired by company engineers for 3/4 times.They changed its battery and motherboard and key pad. However still its battery drops down to 6% frequently and I am not able to use it.I therefore seek replacement for the same or my money back to me. Kindly help. This problem is persisting frm 04/07/2014.

Reema Bedi

Posted on Mar 14, 2015

We had placed a call with IFB on February 28, 2015 for uninstallation of the washing machine and re-installation at new premises. A ticket no. 149992645 was generated. The technician came on March 05 and uninstalled the machine collecting the entire charges for uninstallation and reinstallation. When asked to come and fix it on March 07, 2015 he refused saying he was on HOLI leave. Since then its been 8 days, no one has visited us to re-install the machine, despite calling up IFB customer care everyday with a new ticket no.15076477, generated on March 09, 2015. We had been given the contact nos. of some local IFB Franchise headed by Ms. Nema (8595324115) who has not attended to our concern till date. Even the Regional Manager Mr. Chanchal (9313778756) has also not entertained our request. Further they are not taking our calls now. I am totally aggrieved by this apalling behaviour of IFB and seek necessary redressal & compensation.


Posted on Mar 14, 2015

My phone is getting hang, automatically delete apps, contacts etc. After software update problem still there. I have informed the same to service center ,but thay told " what can we do ,If company manufactured this kind of handset. We can not do do anything except software update,only this is the solution.

khushboo Agarwal bagaria

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

www.lauret.in/ This is complain against lauret for delay in servicing over 4 months. i own a Lauret jacuzzi, which started to leak, because of which I am not able to use my bathroom. The Lauret Servicing have stopped responding to my complaint. My complaint was registered 4 months back.

sandeep Saini

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

Suresh Kumar

Posted on Mar 13, 2015

Dr. Shouvanik Adhya

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

I have purchased one bajaj majesty ktx1 travel kettle 0.5 lt on 09-09-2013 from Spencers of Mani square mall, Kolkata. Product serial no. G154 TK02 0313 00089. Within few days, it has stopped functioning. I have lodged a complaint on bajaj helpline no. on 06.11.2013 & got a call no. 3482600-1. As per instruction from them, I went to Applicare, authorised service center of Bajaj (5, Sunyat Sen Street, Kolkata-700012) on 16-11-2013. Request id: u-1200/J. They have told that it was irrepairable, so I have to wait for replacement. Since then, I have made several visits there physically or contacted them over telephone for last one & half years (I don't have any documentary evidence for my multiple physical visits or phone calls). But all my efforts are futile. Today (06-03-2015), I again went there & they told me that no claim I can make after such a long gap & all fault is mine. What can I do now for my harassment??

Arun Kumar Sheet

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

Cellphone Battery problem in warranty not changed. perches date Nov 2014


Posted on Mar 11, 2015

I have bought a mobile phone namely Desire 210 of your esteemed company 'HTC' but unfortunately within six months this phone was malfunctioning. Thereafter, I went to the nearest service centre located at TVS Electronics Ltd., 218 & 129 2nd Floor, E-Mall Near Chandni Chowk Metro Station, Kolkata - 700 072 for repairing my set.The delivery date of the repaired mobile is on 27.02.2015. On that day, the attended of the service centre informed me that the parts of the said mobile is not available as it was on transit to receive that centre and made a commitment that this would be prepared within a week. Unfortunately after that incidence, they repeatedly inform that it will be delivered on next week but all are in vain. It is yet to be delivered till date i.e. 11.03.2015


Posted on Mar 11, 2015

i intend to lodge a complaint against V4 elevators ( Mr Charles), who has cheated me not giving timly service as per agreed terms, also not providing safety certificates as agreed in the signed work order

Lalit Kumar Jha

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

I bought a "HTC Desire 816" costing around Rs. 24000 from Reliance Digital store at Axis Mall in the month of September 2014. Out of the two sim slots, one was defective (one pin broken) from beginning. Since the second sim slot worked, we also did not realize this. After around one and half month, the second sim slot also stopped working. So we went back to the store, they said it might be a sim issue and suggested to go to Airtel shop or HTC service center. We went to Airtel and they confirmed that it's not a sim issue. Then we went to HTC service center where they pointed out that since the first sim slot was defective it could be covered in warranty as there's a physical damage. As this set has the sim slots attached with the mother board, the whole board will have to change which will cost around 10000. They suggested to go back to the reliance store and talk to them. Then we went back only to hear from Reliance store that "you should have come back within 7 days". Please help.

Piyush Modi

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

I purchased a Dell Laptop in the month of September and I am continuously facing the problems since September only. This is 4th time my laptop is getting operated. I requested them to exchange my laptop with another piece as this piece is a faulty one but they are not at all doing it. They just replace the faulty part and within next week another part gets faulty. Please help me I really want to change this laptop and want to get another unit of it. This unit is full of faults.

Syed Altaf Ahmad Bukhari

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

Dear sir I purchased tubular battery IM 15000 bearing SNo 3WF052811016541 from Sheikh Electronic BARAMULLA under his bill No 7264 dated: 10.02.2015 for Rs 16500. The said battery from the date of installation is not working. The issue was brought to the notice of said dealer who asked me to register a complaint with customer care or take the battery to service station. He also stated that the battery might be deep discharged because the batteries remain in stores. I raised a question to him that in that case why don't you first recharge these batteries and then put them on sale. I registered a complaint with customer care under their number NJNH0150304205 but no response. I went to service centre and they asked me to get battery at the service centre and it will take at least 10 days to check the product. I told them give me a stand by battery till u check it but they said we don't have. I emailed their head office and contacted the higher authorities in Exide but no response.


Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Ur company call me of no by8470011504and say me to book samsung of Rs 3500/ - only. I book but I received post office. I opend parcel b t no mobile u send me a statue of gansh lakshmi or 'SIDDHI YANTRA'. You should solved my problem. The barcodeino is CD103549063N.Given below the details: TELEKING, PLOT NO:01, ROHINI-SECTOR-09, DELHI-110 085. . No one should be believe on them. My contact Mo.No.-95245538219email id is srinivasankvs87@gmail.com.....


Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, Please note that I have deposited my phone(Spice Stellar Glamour Mi-436) to spice authorized service centre " Lakshni Telecom" on 15.01.2015 vide Service request Number - 25101823F10042. I have received a sms on 02.02.2015 from spice that my phone is repaired & ready to be delivered within two working days. But the service centre is refusing to deliver my product.They said that the phone has not come to them & also they have said me today that it will take two months more to delivery of my phone. I cannot understand that what is happen there. If a sms came to my mobile saying that my phone is repaired & ready for collection then what is the problem to deliver my phone by service centre. I am facing tremendous problem without my phone. If it is not repaired by spice service centre then please refund me the money of my phone as it is under warranty period. Please check the matter & revert back to me within due time.


Posted on Mar 09, 2015

I purchase a powerbank of 10400mAh form askmebazar.com in Rs 699 but this is not working as per this ability and not charging my mobile as per its power.I charge it full and I charge my mobile form power bank but it discharge before charge my mobile,in this connection i file a complaint at company's no. 0444-444-4444 they give me No. QRC 133879 and assurd me that they will contect me within next 7 day and chang the product but after 7 to till date never any call i have receive form company. company had cheet me & fraud with me please help me. MY Product order No. is AB1173620 & complaint No. is QRC 133879 dt. 24/2/2015


Posted on Mar 09, 2015


Siraj Bhat

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

Respected Sir, I must need your help, please and for the sake of Allah.I have been through with high depression since last 12 days. Actually i ordered a phone from the company namely weblink.org.in managing director Manoj kumar kaithwas before 10 days ago when as the delivery days as per company was 3-5 but i have waited for 11 days yet. The director Manoj Kumar and me were talking ist on whatsapp and some day talk over phone and could deal done but now he has switched off his phone. Everyday i do email to company and try to make calls but they don't give me even a one respond, ignored me always. Sir, i am a poor person. I had arranged some money and had made a online payment for buying a new phone of Rs 9000 to Manoj kumar SBI bank account that he had given to me on whatsapp as well as by email. Neither the company doesn't deliver my courier nor refund my money. Please sir help me? i beg you.

Rakesh Kumar Pillai

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

Sir, I bought Sony 40" TV int he month on May 2013. The panel of the TV got damaged and the repair cost that Sony is asking for is around INR 21,000.00. They say it is out of warranty. I am directly aware of other 5-6 members who had the same problem and everybody end up buying a new TV, My concern is that Sony is selling bad quality TV and even their service center people say that it may happen to 10 out of 100 TVs which isnot justified to my conscience. I had bought it for big money and it is not worth. I can certainly say that this is cheating and I am sure that they cannot even guarantee their product for 5 years as most of them would require a replacement. Sir, I need help from your side to help me and many of the other who are being cheated. My Service request id with their service center (Madonna Sales and Services, Pattoom Palace, Trivandrum) is 23699078

Dipankar Ganguly

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

Problem with Karbonn mobiles service team . My phone was submitted on 31 -12 -2014 . Till date (03-03-2015) no reponse. Everytime i call thay in 5 days wud would recieve. But nothing happens.

Syed Zubaer MS

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

Respected sir I have facing problem in water purifier

Syed Zubaer MS

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

Respected sir I have purchased a pure it water purifier and I am also having its extended warranty .since from 15 days it is not working and I have given complaint to Croma center n also coustomer care but they are telling going to send technician but nobody has come simply they are dragging so kindly help me hoping in favour of me Thanking you

sopan shukla

Posted on Mar 03, 2015

my samsung mobile GT 1282 is in warrenty period & was having some problem so i submitted it to samsung service center bilaspur on 2nd december 2014. still awaiting to get it back.


Posted on Mar 02, 2015

I have purchased one MICROMAX mobile set on march'14 and was mal functioning since October'2014 and I have given to ANNAYANA INFOTEL(AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE OF MICROMAX) on 11th December and till date they are unable to repair it and taking only time. I have called to micromax customer care and also email them but no solution. I am help less. Pl give me way. Thanks


Posted on Mar 02, 2015

Dear Sir, I beg to say that My karbonn mobile Submit in Smart mobile Authorized service center 22 Dec 2014 under warranty period. I send many mail but service center but no replay and no repair phone last 70 Days. service job sheet no KJASPHR0901214K16926, mobile model no Karbonn A16, IMEI No 911344350177960,911344350427969 please sir help me return my mobile Thanking you yours faithfully Shailender 8816949725

Jamshed Bamji

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

I bought a Sony Xperia Z3 compact phone from the Sony Centre in Mumbai on 14 January 2015.The phone started hanging from the third day of purchase. In the past 40 days, the phone has malfunctioned 4 times. Whilst I reinstalled the Android software at home twice, I once gave the phone to the Sony Service Cnetre on February 3, 2015 where they reinstalled the Software. The phone has been given to the Service Centre again on February 25 and it has still not been returned to me, despite the fact that the Service Centre feeling that there is nothing wrong with the hardware. I have requested them to replace the handset, however they are unwilling to listen. The warranty is nothing but a scrap of worthless paper as it does not entitle a fully paying premium customer (I paid Rs. 40,000 for this flagship phone) to any semblance of service or satisfaction.

Abhishek Negi

Posted on Mar 01, 2015

2 months back I bought a motorola handset and soon I started facing issues of WiFi and Bluetooth. I reached nearest service center ZA Mobiles HAZRATGANJ .They fixed my handset but completely mutilated and destroyed its back panel. When I informed they said the same would be replaced and that order has been placed on 8 th January 2015 I reached the service center on 23 rd they said to come on 27 th . I reached on 27 th they said that order has been placed on 23 rd. It has been over a month and yet I have not got my complaint resolved. Tried to contact the customer care thrice,no resolution. E mailed on complaint center no reply. what am I supposed to do. Does it take this long to simply replace a part.My order number is WFP/MG/14/01904

Dipak Saha

Posted on Feb 28, 2015

I bought an sharp ac last year april but i didn't get proper cooling after several complain they just denied and do the normal service no one has take initiative to resolve the same or they dont do proper service.

Shrikant Shinde

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

order no 2457487 order placed on 2nd January 2015. I placed my order of Apple Macbook Air on 2nd Jan on eshop12.com.First the seller told that the product will arrive within a week. After that he kept promising to despatch it after 3-4 days.After 2-3 weeks he stopped picking up yor calls and responding to your emails. Now as i have no way left , i'm filing this complain aganst the seller. Please help me out of this ASAP.

sanju kashinath Masole

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

I have reg complaint on date 24 & 28 of jan 2015 regarding LED LG which I have purchased in Croma Aurangabad .which is on extended warranty till 2016 but still there is no progress in this issue by lg and there repair centre .Each time they giveing false assurance /statement . Croma told me that its LG work we are unable to do it and same reply received from LG repairs centre Aurangabad. I have also mark mail regarding this issue but there no reply That's why its humble request to you please register my complaint against Croma and there Lg repair centre for false commitment as well as fraudulent product and harrashment for this period. And do the needful for this issue.

Nitin Thapar

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

I have purchased mobile phone of I berry from E Bay India in the month of May'14. My mobile handset was not working properply and I send it to the company in August and received it back after two months and the problem was still there, now I again send my handset to the company around one month back and they are not giving me any response.


Posted on Feb 24, 2015

We ordered laptop on eshop12.com via amazon.in on 1st Jan 2015. Not delivered yet and the owner Mr.Jaiprakash sharma is not reachable.

Arun kr sharma

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Dear Sir, we are very disappointed by the service of venus appliances( kolkata) because they send an unskilled person for the installation of our mitsubishi 0.5 split ac on 20.02.15,even he don't know the remote key functions and he connected wrong wires at wrong place once and started the machine ,he was also not agree to do vacuum,according to him it was not necessary but in manual its written to vacuum with pressure meter.I also paid him rs 3,200 for installation. Now the ac is not working cooling is 0%. I think you can understand our problem and take an quick action.


Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Hello Sir, I have handed over my phone to Mobile care for repairing and its being more than 1.5 month they are not returning it to me. I have called them and each time they are saying will handover in one week.I am really frustrated from this company. Please help me to get my handset back - Details are Here - Company Name - Mobile care WebSite - newmobilecareindia.com Company Phone no - 01164646406 Office Addres - WZ-109 Street No1 Sadh Nagar palam Colony New Delhi -110045

Baishali C Nath

Posted on Feb 24, 2015

I have bought one Sony Xperia Z (model no-C6602) (Imei: 35566605-727667-6) on 3rd March, 2014. From the very first day, the battery back up has been poor for the device and not running more than 4 hours a day. I took the device to sony authorised service center in kolkata, west bengal (Kalpataru Retail - Sony authorized service centre, C R Avenue, Kolkata) many a times since my purchase, where they kept the phone for few days each time in the name of servicing (as it is still in warranty period) but returned the device without any noticeable resolution. For your information, I stopped installing games and android applications as well as not able to use the facilities that smart phones of this kind generally offer. Even though battery back up remains same this is not more than 4 hours a day!!! Recently I emailed the Sony Mobile support center with the Service Request no : 1-17542907389 for which they delayed in responding for about 10 days and even after 10 days they emailed back sayin

Suresh Bhardwaj

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Hi, We have our microwave under support till 22.03.2014 to 21.03.2015 vide HLP no. 002293. We have taken precaution and paid to cover this product in any type of failure. Why we should suffer? Why our calls are getting closed saying part discontinued? Microwave : LG MC8091HLQ Serial no. : 008DRWB001057 HLP no.: 002293. AMC Period: 22.03.2014 to 21.03.2015 Complaint no. RNA150209012665 dt. 09.02.2015 RNA150213022428 dt. 13.02.2015 CNA150213020557 dt. 14.02.2015 RNA150219067864 dt. CNA150218207369 dt. 18.02.2015 not working since 09th and the AMC period need to extend. 8/341, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur-302023

Surajit lawrence naskar

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

I brought a 2nd hand cpu from showing a add from quiker.com but after i brought i see this cpu have many problem so i call him but he say he can not return my money so what i do ? plz help me

Suvam Sarkar

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

I brought a Micromax Smart phone, 5/01/2015, I'm facing software problem z then I goes mmx care bwn, they received 21/01/2015 and give me 18/02/2015, and this phone have same problem, and this phone have not any screw, and many more problems, please Sir help me

Ganesh Chaturvedi

Posted on Feb 20, 2015

Sourabh Jain

Posted on Feb 20, 2015

My Reliance BigTV Smart Card No is 200594758585 I have called the customer care of Reliance on 19th February @ 1:30 AM from my registered cell (No 9630834287) as i was unable to watch Channel No 315 which was available till 18th Feb for which i spoke to the customer care he told me that this channel is not available in your pack instead it is chargeable channel charge of which is Rs.16/- per month and he told me that you are lying on hearing this i told him to transfer my call to a senior executive, which was done by him and on asking the senior the response given was "SOJA BEY CHANNEL NAHI AAYEGA" were the wordings of the senior executive Again i want to inform that the channel is still unavailable and which was available till 18th feb from the day i have recharged for 1 year pack. for filing a complaint against the executive i have made 25 calls but the calls are disconnected by the customer care department.


Posted on Feb 19, 2015

Ref. JOB SHEET NO. E030741-0115-14738655, I have deposited one Micromax Mobile for repair to your Authorised Service Center i.e. Sun Infosolutions , 17 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata - 700013 on 24-01-2015 which is in the name of my wife Mrs. Pompa Desarkar. On 03-02-2015 at about 11.43AM, I received one message from Micromax Service Desk that the handset under the above handset has been repaired and I need to collect it from the service center. While visiting the service center I was shocked while they return the same set without repair.

Varunraj Mahale

Posted on Feb 18, 2015

I had purchased a Asus laptop in June 2012. And since then i have faced many problems with my laptop constantly. The laptop has never worked properly and every 4-5 months later some problem use to arise in it. In the beginning the problems were taken care off whenever i reported to the service center but later after one year the company started to ignore my complaints and neglected them every time i made complaints. Some how after repeated complaints my problem was addressed and the laptop was taken for repairs but rather than repairing it they just kept it with themselves and it was not repaired. They asked me to pay for repairs though the laptop is in warranty and it has been serviced at authorized service centers and warranty is not void on the product. In fact it was further damaged and then sent it back to me as i refused to pay for the repairs. They have damaged my product I have made numerous contacts to different heads of their respective departments but no resolution still.

Harshad Shirsat

Posted on Feb 18, 2015

Hi, Myself Harshad shirs i have purchased I ball Cobalt 2 mobile and from the 1 month of purchase mobile started giving problem. It was getting hang and restarting. Same shown to customer care but issue is not resolved. after that touch pad issue occured and mobile took 2 months to get repaired. when i got this mobile repaired problem is started for SIM Card detection only 1 SIM card was detecting we went to service center they done something and return back to me. after some days there was issue with 2 SIM card detection. again i have submitted this to service center and it took again 10 days to get repaired. and then there was battary issue occurred immediately mobile started restarting during the call and any work. battary looks like a balloon now. we have ask for battary in service center to replace but it tooks almost 2 months now. Guys really fed with your serives and brand. we dont expect such a rediculas things from I-bll brand. Will never trust you


Posted on Feb 18, 2015

I have purchased Micromax Mobile Phone A-290 from Shiva Sales, Gandhi Chowk, Main Bazar, Hamirpur vide Cash Memo Number 3895 dated 18/08/2014. With Battery and cellular access (GSM) drops calls problums, it was sent for repair from your service centre M/S ELECTRONIC HOME PALAMPUR, (H P) thrice vide Jobsheet Number N100119-0914-12448767 dated 26/09/2014, N100119-1114-13527191 dated 22/11/2014 and N100119-0115-14615183 dated 21/01/2015 but nothing has been done so far. Finally I sent again for repair of above mentioned reasons vide Jobsheet Number N100119-0215-15060008 dated 14/02/2015 from the same service centre. I, therefore, request you to kindly redress my complaint on priority please.

Anand Shinde

Posted on Feb 18, 2015

Hi I purchased this handset on 30-09-2014.There was some problem with handset so i submitted the same to service centre under ticket ID 14121900326 dated 19-Dec-2014 Then Again the same problem persist so again I submitted the same to service center under ticket ID 15010504811 dated 05-Jan-2015 Still problem was not resolved so again on same date I submitted the same to service center under ticket ID 14122400648 Now this was the fourth time i was facing problem with my handset about Camera Blure & Touch time so again I submitted the same to service centre on 28-Jan-2015 under Ticket Id 15012802305 Now you can see quality of your product that I had spend approx 25000 rupees on this bullshit handset & for such a headache. Can somebody help me to get replacement of this worst thing

Swastik Chatterjee

Posted on Feb 17, 2015

I had bought an Intex Aqua phone . They are selling the phone by saying the memory is 4GB but the actual phone memory for apps is about 1 GB and I cannot download apps even after installing a memory card of 8 GB. It is a clear case of misleading the customer since even when I have around 6GB of memory I cannot download apps of size 140 MB. Further the phone memory is full of OS,technically Intex has willfully hidden information from customer.


Posted on Feb 16, 2015

hallo sir m faridabad me rehta hu or mene ek intex ka ups puchase kiya tha or jab usme problam aane lagi to mene intex costmer care par complant ki pichle ek mahine se bhi jyada se unhone mujhe koi response nahi diya or mene apni complant 4 bar darj karai but 4 bar unhone khud close kar di ye keh kahakr ki apke ghar enggnieer aaya tha but aj tak koi enggneer nahi aaya oo jab me khud apna ups lekar intex ke service center gaya to unhone kaha ki 3 din bad apna ups le jana but aaj pure 10din ho chuke h vo log na to ups thik kar rahe nahi koi action le rahe apse hath jodkar prathna h ki koi action le please sir ..............mukesh kumarmob-9911105527

Sandeep Maruti Sonule

Posted on Feb 15, 2015

We have purchased LED from Croma against Invoice #SLF02A038010032166 .Having 2 years warranty We have purchased for Sister Marriage. Now she is from Sathe Family. LED is located at Padali Ranjangaon, Sathe Mala, Near Belvandi Phata, Taluka Parner, Dist Ahmednagar - 413702. Now LED is not working. We have raised query and call to service centre (Mr. Sulke/Sudke) his mobile # is 9145351414 Mr. Sulke is not attending call. So many times we have called. Around 40 to 50 times we have called him from 5 to 6 different mobile numbers. He said we will not come. INFINITI RETAIL LIMITED Croma Pune-Pimpri-A038 CST / VAT Details:27110556619C wef 19.08.2006 / 27110556619V wef 19.08.2006 Pune-Pimpri-A038, Pune - 411018 Please find Invoice details : Invoice Number Inv Date Inv description Amount SLF02A038010032166 26th Feb 2014 LG LED 80cm 32LN541B 27,000 Old complaint #RNA RNA150208091116 New complaint #RNA RNA150214061897


Posted on Feb 14, 2015

Dear All, With the reference to the above mentioned subject I would like to bring my issue to your notice and I hope it will be actioned ASAP. On 6th Jan 2015, al of a sudden my MICROMAX CANVAS(A110) stopped turning on. I reported the same issue in the Marathalli Outer ring road MOCROMAX CARE CENTER, located in Bangalore, and Deposited my for repairing. I was told that due to short circuit my phone is not turning on and it has to be couriered to Delhi Main CARE CENTER and i was give a time period of 30 Days. The contact number give was never reachable or the person from the other end always said it was wrong number. Till today the customer service representatives are not helpful, I now have been told that i need to wait till end of Feb Month. I am afraid this date may still extend further. The Details of the receipt are mentioned below :- Name:- Ravi IMEI:- 911314103442464 Bar Code no.:- *S010088-0115-14328511 Job sheet date:- 06/01/2-15 Model Code:- SERMOB)273 So, Kindly request

Gaurav Beriwal

Posted on Feb 14, 2015

I was experiencing some display issues with my laptop, called HP's support number India, found that it is repairable in India, was directed to your hp support branch Jabil Global Services, MG Road, Gurgaon-122001, India. They looked into the matter on 26 Jan 2015, ensured me of total repair and gave me an expected date of 28-29 Jan 2015. Now, to my astonishment, they e-mailed me that this product is not supported in India for part replacement, even though my laptop is in International warranty. My complaint is based on the fact that I was assured of total repair of my laptop on their HP's customer care number 1800114772 on 23 Jan 2015 at 6:13pm, and on HP's chat support as well. This unprofessional and misguiding behavior is unacceptable. Either they shouldn't have claimed repair services or should render it as I was ill-conceived. Kindly examine the matter. Details of my laptop: Product no.- E8A56UA#ABA S/N- 5CD413135J Model- HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14-n019nr Notebook PC

Vidya Kailasam

Posted on Feb 14, 2015

Our Sony LED panel got damaged on the 18th Jan'15 and the investigation was completed on 20th Jan'15 upon which it was decided that the panel needs to be replaced. A month later, the panel still has not been replaced in spite of being covered under 2 years period.Sony Service centre Aarvee Infoservices has no asnwers other than saying the part is being delayed.Sony cannot even have a basic repairing system in place that can turnaround things even in a month's time, this TV needs to be thrown out

shailendra sharma

Posted on Feb 13, 2015

i have lg lcd monitor. its not worked properly so i complaint lg service center and lg doesnt replace my monitor after 2 month. lg not able to provide his best service. i am not happy with lg product


Posted on Feb 12, 2015

I had bought the Mobile Handset Nokia N220 just Eight months back from Capital Electronica VIP. Now suddenly it got switched off while chargeing. Went to Nokia Care situated at College More of Sector v Kolkata. They examined the phone and asked for 330 rupees for liquid damage, after few hours they reported as mother board not working and the same can't be repair.! Please suggest should I throw this phone away?

Sanjay Shenoy

Posted on Feb 11, 2015

I had purchased a mother board from a computer vendor in Bangalore in the year 2013. Now in the year 2015 the motherboard has a problem & needs repair. I took it to the manufacturer -Intel for service & the manufacturer has refused to repair the product under warranty, claiming that the product is out of warranty. I spoke to their customer care & mentioned the same. They had asked me to send the bill copy. I sent the scanned copy of the bill, to which Intel claims the bill is fraudulent & refuses to support. I have the product box which has a seal that claims the product has 3 years warranty. The warranty should start from the date of purchase of the product which I explained to the Intel person, however they are not ready to accept the same. The vendor from where I purchased the product also has informed me the same. Intel now states the warranty ended in 2014 not ready to provide the required repair even when the product is supposed to be in warranty


Posted on Feb 10, 2015

Venkat Srinivas Taduri

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

Team I have copied you (your email mail@consumerredressal.com)on my email complaint to Shopclues.com. Request you to tae this forwards. trust I would get desired help and resolution. Regards Venkat

vikas rana

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

complaint against SAMSUNG,we purchased washing machine in april 2013,but company refused to provides us warranty because the serial no from washing machine is missing and we have no idea about this,we have original BILL, warranty card,original carton of the washing machine,but company is delaying the process...........plz help us and solve our problem

soumen samanta

Posted on Feb 09, 2015



Posted on Feb 08, 2015

Soumik Das

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

My model no is Mi-516, its under warranty period.I am facing the problem that the mobile's shut down button is not working.I have given my mobile to the Spice authorized service center Billenium Sales and Service(P) L, Brabourne House,6 Chowringee Lane on 17.01.2014.They have been giving me dates after dates that my mobile's problem is resolved, but yet today the problem is there in my mobile set.Today they have been telling that my mobile can't be repaired. It has created a liquid damage which can't be resolved. What the hell is going on the service center, they have making me wait for 20 days and harassing me and now they are telling me that the mobile can't be repaired.They have been sending me messages after messages and telling me that my mobile is repaired , but when i am visiting there they are telling me its not their fault its their head office's fault.

Omesh Sahajpal

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

I purchased a philips mp4 player from PAYTM and when i recieved it even after charging it for sufficient time (4-5hours) it is not powering on when the power button is pressed on it.

mahesh sharma

Posted on Feb 07, 2015

sir, i had been deceaved by one, shopkeeper, he had charged me 3000/-rs for a motherboard which M.R.P was approximately 1000/-rs. saying that it is a demanded motherboard, i recently finded out that it is not a goods for that value, i m having the original receipt and the M.R.P listed price of that product, pls help me sir i m feeling very bad.


Posted on Feb 05, 2015

REFUND PENDING. I have ordered a smartphone panasonic eluga s on 11-01-2015.It was delievered on 16-01-2015 by snapdeal THE INDIA'S LARGEST ONLINE CHEATERS PLACE.When i switched on for the first time the screen was blinking and also problem with the sim slot, the next day itself 17-01-15 i have registered complaint, they said to visit service centre.Service centre was given a DOA certificate on 23-01-15.Snapdeal representative called up and said to courier the product but i had requested to reverse pickup, they said we will update in 48 hours, daily they were given the same reason we will update as soon as possible but on 27-01-15 they said we dont have reverse pickup in your area please the product we will reimbruse the courier charges.Finally i had courired the product through DTDC on 28-01-15 and i have got delievery conformation message on 29-01-15.When i called snapdeal customer care about the delivery of the product they said we did not get any update information we will update as soon as possible they used to tell daily the same thing they asked me to provide POD(proof of delivery) i have provided it on 02-02-15 but they are saying product is not delivered.I suffered by choosing worst online place snapdeal and hopeless customer support. I WANT MONEY BACK ALONG WITH COURIER CHARGES AND EXTRA COMPENSATION .My order number 4403075937

Mohammed Moizuddin

Posted on Feb 05, 2015


Posted on Feb 05, 2015

I have purchased Q1200 ((911372150050111) from XOLO. On the 12th of June, I bought a brand new XOLO Q1200 mobile. However, upon three months of using it, problems started to appear. The battery is no longer working. Also, the display is no longer working. I was very surprised to discover such problems in quite an expensive model. I submitted it at the service center and got it repaired. After using it for two three days it again started having problem, and this time its display was gone. Naturally, I returned the mobile phone to Xolo service center to be repaired (work order number 310001071009) on 9th January. On 3nd February I got the call that my phone has been repaired and I can collect it. I went to the service center and instead of my brand new phone, they provided me an old white colored used phone of Q1200. How can they provide me an old phone for my phone which I submitted you? It took them like 25 days to give me an old used phone, this is ridiculous. I am very upset from th

Sourabh Mishra

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

I had Purchased a Lenovo Essential G585 (59-348619) Laptop from snapdeal on 27 january 2015 for Rs 27389, on EMI basis from My creditcard of HDFC bank. On 31 January 2014, I got a mail from Snapdeal that my Laptop vendor is changed from Mumbai to Ludhiana as the product is not available earlier vendor and the product will be shipped on 4 feb 15 earlier it has be shipped on 31 jan 15, On 5 Feb 15 I enquir with the customer care of snapdeal I got to know that the new vendor from Ludhiana also don't have the laptop and they are going to cancel my order and refund my amount with in next 10-15 days. My problem is that now my money is stuck with snapdeal so I cannot purchase another laptop and Since I have purchased laptop on EMI from credit card so Bank is charging me EMI interest which I had been charged for 1st month and if they are going to refund me the amount in that case EMI preclouser charge is levied on me total i have to pay rs 1000 (approx)excess on my money


Posted on Feb 03, 2015

i faced the problem(auto reboot, overheating, charging problem etc..)in my samsung note-2 mobile..worst of among all problems i have faced that my mobile backcover laminated sheet burned due to over heating of my handset. i have been complaining for 1 year bt they were temporarily fixing the problem, now atlast they have told me that water is logged inside my handset n this condition is not covered under warranty.. i know this is not possible,they are jst fixing there fault on me.. You can imagine the overheating problem was so severe that it burned the thin transparent sheet of backcover so samsung logo has disappeared with it. I have extented my mobile warranty before expiry date.


Posted on Feb 03, 2015

I bought a videocon v1585 Mobile from Taneja mobile Shopee Narnaul bill no 5876.It showed defect in charging section in october.I went to authorised service centre Trio mobility Ltd Ist floor Shop no 5 Taneja complex rewari road narnaul ph no 01282 255255.They told that its battery was dead and so I submitted my old batery there and got a new one after 10 days.But my problem still presisted.I went again on Nov 1 at service center this time they submitted my phone.After 45 days I got a call from centre and they told me that my phone had been repaired.I went there on dec 20 .They give me a mobile but it was not mine.Actually they replaced it with a old one.I refused to accept it.But they told me that my phone could not be repaired and they could not give me a new one.So I accepted it.But It was also defective.I submitted it again on dec 22.Till now I have not recieved my phone.Its a 4 month long time I am unable to use my mobile.So I want you to look into matter.Now I want a new phone.

Gotam Wadhwa

Posted on Feb 03, 2015

Bought intex aqua i14 mobile from Tohana on 19-7-14. Deposited in service centre at Sirsa on 9-9-14 due to malfunctioning. Company has not repaired/replaced till date, rather providing a new mobile with lower specifications, whose acceptance refused by me. Have contacted them several times, but no solution has been provided till date. Have called them 10-15 times, each time for several minutes (10-15 or 20 minutes) their no. That is NOT toll free. I was Mentally harassed by unsatisfactory response of them. Had to temporarily use a personally procured cheap mobile for several days, which rendered me unable to access mail/Internet services. Ultimately, had to purchase a mobile of another company, which cost me much. Filed Complaint with core.nic.in on 12-10-14, but no resolution has been provided till date. Please help me. Kindly provide me a resolution as soon as possible

Tanmoy Chakraborty

Posted on Feb 02, 2015

Refrigerator purchased from M/s Godrej, Anti-rust warranty for 5 years , but within 2-3 years got rusted. Informed company and they are unwilling to rectify .

Avinash Bhasin

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

I have purchased HTC phone on Nov'13 and Since Mar-14 I am facing issue in phone and 2 times main board has been replaced and lower board aswell changed. The last board is changed in Nov'14 and again I have complain twice but still some issue is there in Phone, which HTC is not able to provide the solution. For every time I have to travel from Faridabad to Delhi Ansal plaza, till now almost I have goon there around 15 times due to this now I am getting Mental stress and also impacting my personal life as whole day is getting waste. After purchasing this expensive phone HTC is not giving any solution (either refund my money or change this device) I am getting mentally harassing due to this and need solution. Now I want that HTC refund my money including the travel cost and for the time which wasted in this activity due to which I am not able to spend quality time with my family.

nivedita mukherjee

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

Sir,We have purchased three electronics items from Great Eastern electronics-Serampore branch on 24th Jan'15.During that time they are giving offer cost to cost offer.items include-Sony LED,whirlpool fridge,ifb microoven.all the items got delivered on 25th jan night.Since 26th Jan was a public holiday,nobody came for installation.On 28th Jan,somebody came in the evening from Whirlpool for installation.when the cartoon was opened,there was dent in the frontside of the fridge.the office executive told that the same will be replaced within seven days.in the meantime he told that we can use the fridge.however till next day afternoon,there is no cooling effect in the fridge.we called the officer who visted us..he told he will try coming in the evening.however nobody turned up.next day I personally called up great eastern and conveyed my complain to them..the way they behaved that now there is no responsibilty from their part and everything whirlpool has to do. today(31st jan)morning I got a call from whirlpool regional office..they spoke regarding replacement and said that the model which was sold to me was a defective model..Whirlpool has already stopped the production and also conveyed to their dealer about the defects.However Great eastern sold the same to us ... I really want to complain against Great eastern serampore regarding misselling ....and completely blaming whirlpool for the same. Please address the issue on priority..as we need the fridge on priority...but almost one week gone..I am having a non functional fridge at my end.

Uday Chauhan

Posted on Jan 31, 2015

I purchasd a xolo q 2000 model mobile phone few months ago,but after 2 to 3 months it got faulted as its touchpad got faulted,i submit it for sevice on authorised service center but the problem is that today its 45 to 50 days over but they are not responding to me niether from customer care of xolo or niether from service center side now i dont know where is my mobile phone,and i am facing so much problem.

sanjiv goel

Posted on Jan 31, 2015



Posted on Jan 30, 2015


Posted on Jan 30, 2015

I have place order with askmebazaar.com on 15th January. As website was new, I place order with Cash on Delivery. this is my order ids one is AB804503 and another one AB789846. So I do not get involved with unnecessary trouble but finally trouble begin. Well, on 25th January courier guy came to deliver the product and i paid 600 for two power banks that are not working Regards Balachowdaiah


Posted on Jan 30, 2015

i submitted my device in the service center on the 17th and still haven't got it. i tried calling so many times but no body picks. first they said they will give my device in ten days. then they said they will return it by this week, when i called today they said it will take three four days more. moreover the person i talked to was so rude and offensive. first of all they don't reply to calls and emails and then when they do they are rude and do not resolve my problem properly. i have been facing so many problem without my device. they say each time that they don't have the part, it is unbelievable that such a big company like motorola does not even have parts and it takes more than 15 days to resolve a minor problem. they should actually replace my fone as my fone was just two months old and it started having problems. i mean if they cant resolve it they should replace my fone positively.


Posted on Jan 30, 2015

Gunjan Mundra

Posted on Jan 30, 2015

As purchased Hottech Gala Speaker from AVA Shop / Air Bazar (AVA Merchandising Solutions Pvt Ltd) on 16th Sept. 2014. This product was not working. After approaching to company officials I came to know the reality of this product. They told me entire stock of this product was defective and it was unknowling sold to me by company officials. They I request them to refund my moeny back but after that they never responded dispite of my several reminder. I request your intervention in this regards for justice.

Harkesh kumar

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

I purchase Xiomi MI3 phone 2-3 months back and when i charge it it get short circuit and outer back body get melted now when i take it to service center they are charging me for repair.. and it covers in my warranty... so i want you to take action on the company..and help me to recover my loss

Shailesh Gawande

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

I had purchase htc desire 820 white on 24/11/2014 but after 1 and half month the mobile was switched off and not on thereafter. I have to file consumer complaint against htc company. so please inform me the address of HTC to whom I will served the notice and summons of the consumer court. Pls help me it's urgent

mukesh kumar chejara

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

sir i purchased a croma fridge of 225L CRAR0181 5Str on 27/04/14, on the warranty of 01 year from CROMA INFINITY RETAIL Ltd KHARGHAR , BUT 01 MONTH BEFORE its door bent down , i complaint both customer care and in store ,they sent a technical staff ,he put the remarks that it was a defective piece and needs to be replaced by our company , on complaint no.MUM080115FS00039, BUT they have not replaced yet instead of prolonging it day by day. 03 days before they sent me another complaint no.MUM270115FS00021.

Ashis Mandal

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

I had given my LG LCD TV to repair on 'picture and sound' condition on 9-OCT-2014 (compliant no. 62659) to 'CONTENENTAL Services(Phone no. 8100414141). After nearly 2 months, they informed me that as the parts aren't available, they can't repair my TV and promised to return my TV within a week. Since then for the last 1 month I am chasing them for my TV return, but they are not giving it back and delaying. Please help me to sort this out with suitable compensation for their UN-professional service.


Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Sir, Sub:Complaint I have signed a service contract of my water purifier with Eureka Forbes on 13th of June 2014 for one year.The payment was made vide cheque No 053852 dt 13/6/2014 under their receipt No:10 23636639. I have lodged number of complaints time and again since 13th of june 2014 for the correction of fault as it was not functioning properly and the water it supply was not pure but they didnot pay due attention to it. Now on 24/12/2014 i have lodged under ticket No.0079586769 stating therein that the purifier is stopped functioning.It was followed by numerous emails dated 24/12,26/12,31/12,03/01,07/01. On 7 Jan,2015,i received a phone call from their Jammu service centre directing me to deliver the purifier to their office as they have to replace its pump which they got through courier from their concerned headquarter.Accordingly it was done and delivered to their office located at Trikuta Nagar. Meanwhile,numerous telephonic calls have been made for contacting their local tecnician Mr Ramesh,only few were listened by him and assuring me about its rectification at their earliest.On 20th of Jan he given me a number of his senior Mr Gurpreet,i talked to him and he assured me for its correction on the very next day but nothing is done so far.Pl help me Thanks Yours truly Surinder Gupta Customer Id 1007503690 Product Code:GWPDSENSA10000 Product Description:SENSA RO+UV

Arvinder Singh Hora

Posted on Jan 28, 2015

About service matter in my spice mobile

ashish kumar singh chauhan

Posted on Jan 28, 2015

&#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2352;&#2367;&#2346;&#2375;&#2351;&#2352; &#2325;&#2352;&#2325;&#2375; &#2342;&#2367;&#2354;&#2381;&#2354;&#2368; &#2360;&#2375; &#2349;&#2375;&#2332; &#2342;&#2368; &#2324;&#2352; &#2357;&#2379; &#2344;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2342;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; &#2360;&#2375; &#2350;&#2344;&#2366; &#2325;&#2352; &#2352;&#2361;&#2368; &#2332;&#2348;&#2325;&#2367; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2325;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2346;&#2361;&#2354;&#2375; &#2360;&#2375; &#2335;&#2330; &#2346;&#2381;&#2352;&#2377;&#2348;&#2381;&#2354;&#2350; &#2361;&#2368; &#2332;&#2379; &#2325;&#2368; &#2360;&#2379;&#2354;&#2381;&#2357;&#2375; &#2361;&#2379; &#2361;&#2376; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2360;&#2325;&#2340;&#2368; &#2311;&#2360;&#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2350;&#2369;&#2333;&#2375; &#2310;&#2346; &#2325;&#2366; &#2350;&#2366;&#2352;&#2381;&#2327;&#2342;&#2352;&#2381;&#2358;&#2344; &#2330;&#2366;&#2361;&#2367;&#2319; . BY CUSTOMER MOBILE NO. 9993899284 COMPLAIN NO. 1-15848288607 JOB SHEET NO. 727504867/150106/004 DEVICE NAME . LUMIA 535 SERIAL/IMEI NO. 355741060495025 DATE OF PURCHASE. 08/12/2014 NAME. ASHISH KUMAR SINGH PLACE. JABALPUR (M.P.) &#2350;&#2361;&#2379;&#2342;&#2351; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306; &#2309;&#2348; &#2348;&#2361;&#2370;&#2340; &#2346;&#2352;&#2375;&#2358;&#2366;&#2344; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2370;&#2305; &#2310;&#2346; &#2325;&#2368; COMPANY &#2408;&#2406; &#2342;&#2367;&#2344;&#2379;&#2306; &#2360;&#2375; HANDSET &#2325;&#2379; &#2311;&#2343;&#2352; &#2360;&#2375; &#2313;&#2343;&#2352; &#2328;&#2369;&#2350;&#2366; &#2352;&#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376; &#2324;&#2352; &#2313;&#2360;&#2325;&#2379; &#2344;&#2351;&#2366; HANDSET &#2360;&#2375; &#2346;&#2369;&#2352;&#2366;&#2344;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2348;&#2344;&#2366; &#2342;&#2368; &#2361;&#2376; &#2311;&#2360; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; MANUFACTURING DEFECT &#2361;&#2376; &#2324;&#2352; &#2310;&#2346;&#2325;&#2368; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2350;&#2366;&#2344;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2379; &#2340;&#2376;&#2351;&#2366;&#2352; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2361;&#2376; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306; &#2348;&#2361;&#2369;&#2340; &#2346;&#2352;&#2375;&#2358;&#2366;&#2344; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2370;&#2305; &#2310;&#2346;&#2325;&#2368; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2325;&#2367; &#2340;&#2352;&#2347; &#2360;&#2375; &#2350;&#2366;&#2344;&#2360;&#2367;&#2325; &#2352;&#2370;&#2346; &#2360;&#2375; &#2346;&#2352;&#2375;&#2360;&#2366;&#2344; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2332;&#2366; &#2352;&#2361;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2311;&#2360;&#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2350;&#2376;&#2306;&#2344;&#2375; &#2332;&#2379; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2348;&#2342;&#2354; &#2325;&#2352; &#2344;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2342;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2360;&#2375; REQUEST &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2370;&#2305; &#2313;&#2360;&#2325;&#2379; &#2332;&#2354;&#2381;&#2342;&#2368; &#2360;&#2375; &#2346;&#2370;&#2352;&#2366; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2332;&#2366;&#2351; &#2309;&#2344;&#2381;&#2351;&#2341;&#2366; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2342;&#2370;&#2360;&#2352;&#2375; &#2346;&#2352;&#2367;&#2339;&#2366;&#2350;&#2379; &#2325;&#2375; &#2354;&#2367;&#2319; &#2340;&#2376;&#2351;&#2366;&#2352; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; &#2351;&#2342;&#2367; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306;&#2337;&#2360;&#2375;&#2335; &#2348;&#2342;&#2354; &#2325;&#2352; &#2344;&#2351;&#2366; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2342;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2340;&#2379; . &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2309;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2327;&#2354;&#2340;&#2368; &#2350;&#2366;&#2344;&#2375; &#2324;&#2352; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2368; COMPLAIN &#2325;&#2366; &#2344;&#2367;&#2352;&#2366;&#2325;&#2352;&#2339; &#2325;&#2352; &#2332;&#2354;&#2381;&#2342;


Posted on Jan 27, 2015

complaints regarding "Ved refrigeration Industries 21-B Industrial Estate,Digiana,Jammu 18001 for not giving warranty services for Display cooling counter purchased on 23/4/2014 after repeated requests

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Jan 27, 2015

I bought Sony XPERIA C3, model no. D2502, IMEI no. 355819061849380. Still it is in under warranty. some day back there was some technical issue and i complained in sony service center but sony team saying there is some damage and you need to pay 8354 Rs for service. So many time I complained via mail but they are not giving me service under warranty. Please help me

Mulya Shopping Pvt.Ltd.

Posted on Jan 24, 2015

I have ordered for purchase Mobile Lenovo A369i on 25/12/2014 through Online Shopping website - Mulyashop.com. After many reminder they have not sent my product then I have cancelled my order for Lenovo A369i on 15/01/2015 through customer care over telephone and demanded for refund full amount of Rs. 3194/- but till today I have not received my refund. Now Their customer care telephone no. is also not working. So I can't cantact them. Please Help me to recover my refund of Rs. 3194/-.

anuj kumar

Posted on Jan 22, 2015

I have parched videocon refrigerator 184jee ,after 1 month refigeter paint remove slowly slowly from below and under site ,after that i hav complaint in videocon customer care, engineer come after 2 days, but he was check the issue ,but he does not resolve the issue, till now my issue is pending so request to you kindly help on this ASAP.

Nitin Thapar

Posted on Jan 22, 2015

I have bought Mobile handset from I-Berry worth Rs. 12,999. I was facing problem in the handset and send it to their Chennai office and they took 2 months for returning my phone.The problem is still not resolved, now they are again asking me to send the phone. I don't want to send the phone as it will be very inconvennient and they will not also repair it. Kindly arrange for the replacement of the handset.


Posted on Jan 21, 2015

hello sir I want to claim on GIONEE company for not solving my issue and dealing with me in a leisure way.Tell me the proper procedure for that. Thank You

Ramesh kumar

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

I had purchased a samsung led tv on 23/12/13. But the tv became unservicable just afer 12 months and few days, and when i complained about it to samsung its official checked it and said that its whole led panal is out of service and he said it will cost 12500 rupees for its repairing . The reason of my surprise is did I payed an amount of 30000 rupees just for one year usage of that tv. I 'm complaining about what durability that company gives ,instead of that i could hav purchased a local tv which will work more than this. I have a complain about the type of material they are using for their productivity. Kindly help me Imade a complaint to samsung service centre the complain no. Is 4188268730 registration id. 8454882518

hozefa Indorewala

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Dear sir, on 27th of august i order 100 pcs. of sandisk memory card & deposit the amount: 5000 in state bank saving account rahul shrivastav acc - 30762388468 ifsc - sbin0000514 after deposit the money he said that you receive the parcel on 28-8-2014 Thursday then i call him to know the status but they not pick up the phone. not answer via sms or email. i m very tired & goes to dippression. please help me to recover my money.. if you like to check the payment slip contact me...i want to complaint in police station. please anyone help me to find this person

Praveen shrivas

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

I give the intex mobile to service center for only lock key problem when I take back the phone that is in even more worse condition and then again I give to them and again same thong happen when I queried from the phone they told me that you will be alloted a new set but always they used to make fool of me.

Gaurang Srivastava

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

I have purchased a new phone from Obi Mobiles in oct 2014 and it has stopped working now due to defective phone. Service center and customer care are not ready to provide a new battery request raised on 20 dec 2014 and don't have any status of request.

Krishna Hitesh Pavani

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

chandra shekhar agrawal

Posted on Jan 19, 2015

micromax mobile compney subject : &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2352;&#2367;&#2346;&#2375;&#2351;&#2352; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2342;&#2375;&#2352;&#2368; &#2348;&#2366;&#2348;&#2340; &#2350;&#2379;&#2348;&#2366;&#2311;&#2354; &#2408;&#2413; &#2309;&#2325;&#2381;&#2335;&#2370;&#2348;&#2352; &#2408;&#2406;&#2407;&#2410; &#2360;&#2375; &#2310;&#2346;&#2325;&#2375; &#2360;&#2352;&#2381;&#2357;&#2367;&#2360; &#2360;&#2375;&#2306;&#2335;&#2352; &#2350;&#2375;&#2306; &#2332;&#2350;&#2366; customer &#2325;&#2379; &#2346;&#2352;&#2375;&#2358;&#2366;&#2344; &#2325;&#2352; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375;&#2306; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2360;&#2348; &#2360;&#2352;&#2381;&#2357;&#2367;&#2360; &#2360;&#2375;&#2306;&#2335;&#2352; &#2352;&#2366;&#2351;&#2346;&#2369;&#2352; &#2331;&#2340;&#2381;&#2340;&#2368;&#2360;&#2327;&#2397; &#2337;&#2368; &#2319;&#2350; &#2346;&#2381;&#2354;&#2366;&#2332;&#2366; &#2357;&#2366;&#2354;&#2379;&#2306; &#2344;&#2375; &#2349;&#2368; &#2325;&#2379;&#2312; &#2336;&#2368;&#2325; &#2360;&#2375; &#2332;&#2357;&#2366;&#2348; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2342;&#2375; &#2352;&#2361;&#2375; &#2361;&#2376;&#2306; &#2330;&#2344;&#2381;&#2342;&#2381;&#2352; &#2358;&#2375;&#2326;&#2352; &#2309;&#2327;&#2381;&#2352;&#2357;&#2366;&#2354; 8120986367

Nagendra Kumar Jha

Posted on Jan 18, 2015

I Have bought HCL me y2 tab from flipkart after 10 days i found that tab is got overheat and no rebbot.. i visit more times hcl service center with the problem but he did not solve my problem..under 3 months the service center contact person told me that there are no any problem of software and hardware so please contact with HCL sevice officer. he keep my tab for more times i did not use a single week to this tab.. i have sent lots of mail to HCL service officer to replace my tablet.. but i dnt get any responsible email from there.. so sir please help me what i have to do now.. Email id of HCL officer- nodalofficer@hcl.com HCL service center contact No-03344026291

Shivam Sharma

Posted on Jan 18, 2015

I cant receive my prouduct refund by snapdeal website many time i call them but no process being. when i call them they say your varification in process i am waiting from 1 month i am send them faulty product and they says me that product is received to us but refund is process all information has sended by me but they dont do any process.

Hazel Rodrigues

Posted on Jan 16, 2015

ordered online electrical hand blender from sanpdeal but recevied the item in demaged condition so returned the said item in order to get the replacment .recevied the good on 20/11/14 return on 29/11/14 through DTDC courier.after so many followups still not received the refund or replacement for the said item.please do the need full


Posted on Jan 16, 2015

/sir/mam, MY NAME IS SANTOSH AND HAVE BROUGHT AN APPLE PHONE AS I5S GREY COLOR IN 64-GB ON 24-02-2014 AND THIS PHONE STARTED PROBLEM OCCURS IN OCTOBER 2014 AND I HAVE REPLACED THAT FROM AN AUTHORIZED CUSTOMER CARE AT i had bought the Mobile Handset Apple 5s gray 64gb in District palwal as a authorized distributor dated 24/02/2014.however the phone is hanging off and at many time when i have disconnected the call but by set call will be continued many times calling any body, and my phones led light goes on any cant off them that will be off when your battery will discharged However when I approached the Apple service center they are not able to resolve the issue even after going to the 3 to four time and what can i do they have replaced this phone 2times but the same issue is going on and i have replaced this phone at IWORLD @ ANSAL PLAZA BG-07, GROUND FLOOR ANSAL PLAZA, KHEL GAON MARG, NEW DELHI 110049 AND THEY GAVE ME A REPLACED NEW PHONE THEN AFTER 2-3 D

umar javeed

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

sir i purchased lenovo p780 on 22/06/2014 at Rs 16000 after using it for two months sound of this phone was not working . taken it to service centre namely net surfers at srinagar which is 70 km far from my home and got it repaired after 3 months . now using it for few days this phone has again has the same problem.now they are asking me again wait for two months . to visit his service centre i have already waisted my time and money. i have put many mails on midhcare@lenovo.com and i have also clled many times to lenovo custamore care(1860 180 3425) regarding my problem but every time they give me wrong information.i want my phone replaced/refunded because it is mentioned it there book let which is having with this phone that if the service provider is unable to replace or repair your phone then the person is eligible to get whole amonut refunded sir i request ypurgoodself kindly look into this matter that will be your most kindness

Mary Samuel

Posted on Jan 15, 2015

Please do not even worth considering Dell computers because of their sub-standard quality & lackadaisical attitude of the Company.

naresh kasyap

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

Sir Just near to my home there is a high voltage electricity pole. Due to which our home get elertic shock specilly in rainy season. The wire are open. And due to which there is always fear of fatal accident. Sir pls help us in this regards. with regards naresh kasyap


Posted on Jan 14, 2015

Hi I have registered a complaint on bajaj electricals regarding my induction stove which is not working(complaint number 6130287-1) Basically the product is under warranty so they have assigned this to prerana enterprises Bangalore/.I have lodged this complaint on 30th December 2014 and till now that product is not repaired.I requested and talked several times with the customer care but they are not responding properly.Mean while they have given different complaint numbers to me I lodged 4 complaints aboit the same .But till now the product is not ready. I have talked with service guy also but he doesnt receive any calls .Instead he gives busy tone .or makes it switched off.(his numbers are 7899040755 9900020610 8970822634) Earlier he came to house and repaired the stove as it was given to our neighbour to make it available for him.But he didnt serviced it and told them that its correct.But when we used it its again problematic.later I GAVE ITto him and still its not repaired .

Vivek kumar Mittal

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

I had some problem in my phone so i took the phone number of HTC customer care and also of service centre in kolkata but no one is receiving my call. i want to ask them why do they provide number if they don't have time for attaining customer's call?

Ram Ratan Kedia

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Sir, I Purchased a LG Micro Oven on 02/01/2015,and LG installed the same on 03/01/2015.On 04th Jan 2015,I found that the plate inside s not rotating,I immediately called LG C.Care and Lodged the Complain.The same day person came and inspect the Oven and said that in 2-3 days it will be repaired.But its Now 13th Jan No person came to fix up the Oven.When I called them on 6th they said they are waiting for approval from Quality Department.Now its 8 days over they still not received the confirmation.So what Should I do?????

Sourav Biswas

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Dear sir, Jeewan Darpan Teleshop [Kapil Complex, Mukhani,AT+po-Haldwani(Nainital) Uttrakhand-263139.]company called me at 01/12/2014 & told me that they offer me a (Samsung Galaxy Grand2) mobile at rupees 3000. After confirming the order they sent me a cod parcel at my address by post ,when i receave the parcel i paid the cod ammaount 3000 rupees , then i oppened the box and see there is no mobile fone ,i got a glass's paper wait . Then i complain at the comany's compalaint no. they told me " it's our mistake ,whithin 7 days You wiil get Your correct parcel" . but after 17 days yesterday(12/01/2015) they told "if i don't get my parcel in the evening then they refund my money in my account". But when I call them today(13/01/2015) they don't answer me, they dont pick up my call. please sir i beg you to help me to get me my money back.

M G Rajeev

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

Samsung Fully automatic, top loaded washing machine under warranty period; company and its service centre refused to agree the warranty and repair the same free of cost.

Raju Ghosal

Posted on Jan 12, 2015

PureIT water purifier is under warranty but company person is charging to change the RO filter.


Posted on Jan 12, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a mobile from Univercell, MG Road, Vijayawada. Model is HTC Desire 820. Later, I discovered that its a defective handset. It is freezing and auto-resarting. It caused me a big trouble. I had to miss a communication from my boss. Presently, the mobile is with service centre people. Its been 12 days since they took my mobile. I lost reliance on HTC company. I request you to see that they return my money, so that I will purchase a handset of another better make. Thank you.

payel bardhan

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

I bought an air conditioner from sales emporium, jadavpur but the sales person named Debashis cheated us in many ways.


Posted on Jan 09, 2015

Gopalakrishnan Nair

Posted on Jan 08, 2015

ashish singh

Posted on Jan 08, 2015


Posted on Jan 08, 2015

date 21.11.14 ko micromax mobile repairing ke liye iya tha, lekin aaj tak vapas nahi mila. please mobile vapas dilva dijiye

Kaushik Gupta

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Bought LG front loading washing machine 4 yrs back. Once extended service contract is over, the machine started creating problem. Recently the motor having 10 years warranty stopped working. LG replaced it after 3 days of visits in Nov 2014 as no other prob detected. After 15 days again the machine stopped working. Engineers after several visits asked to pay finally Rs 2200 for panel. But later identified the panel is working. Finally concluded the new replaced motor was not properly installed and to be taken to workshop. No charge would be taken except transportation. Again a call from LG came claiming magnet of the motor has been crashed and will be replaced at 0 cost. After that all communication stopped. On several complain and reminder to LG, on 2.1.15, I again received a call asking Rs.5000 for new problem identified. Is the inner part was crashed by us whereas dismantling done by LG engineers during installation of motor in home & workshop without our presence & knowledge


Posted on Jan 07, 2015

i purchased a sony hometheatre on infibeam.com website with orderid 13981499.it was deliverd on 11th dec2014.on opening i was shocked to see that remote control is missing.i called the customer care and informed the same and got an answer that the issue will be resolved in 3 working days..but its almost a month now.whenever i call am getting the same reply...pls help

Dr Muralidhara

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Purchased KOHLER GENERATOR in April 2013 with serial no. IND13D00244 AND SPEC. NO. KGIK0020T05. Manufacture date of the Machine is 16/04/2013.There is problem with generator since its installation. i have complete records of the repairs done since its installation. Irrespective of repeated request no alternative permanent solution given. Only repairs are being done for the faults. Please help

Abhishek Lemuel Andrews

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

I am writing this mail out of sheer FRUSTRATION & HARASSMENT caused to me by the after sales service rendered to me by Micromax Service Center M/S ANANNAYA INFOTEL, 44,SHYAMAPALLY , Jadavpur ( ground floor), Kolkata, West Bengal, Pin 700032. TIN number 19621229453. I submitted my handset Model No Micromax Bolt A089...IMEI 911354603547653 ESN 911354603547661. Model Code SERMOB0421, to the above mentioned service center on 20/11/2014 due to the following problems.... 1) Touch not working 2) Sim & MMC not working. 3) LED display flickering. My hand set is under repair warranty. I was informed that I will receive back my handset within maximum 28 days. But 49 days have crossed, I am yet to receive my handset. I receive a daily sms from DM-MMXSER stating that my device deposited under job sheet number E030489-1114-13474236 has be repaired, please collect the same. But when I go to the service center, To my surprise, I am informed that they have received a wrong model from Noida & it will take more 7 days. This is DISGUSTING. Such careless attitude is simply not acceptable. I need either my handset back or money. I went today and I was again asked to wait for another 15 days. Kindly help me to get back my money or phone.

milinda patel

Posted on Jan 05, 2015

my micromax mob. is under warrenty. there are technical problems in it. i have given it in authorized service centre since 1 month. there is no positive responce

Moti Lal

Posted on Jan 05, 2015

Ranjit Kumar Mallick

Posted on Jan 04, 2015

Regarding Washing Machine service, provide By Godrej Company, cheating by service provider.Lack of knowledge regarding service information, charge,parts details and price.Extremely harassed by region service provider,and supervisor number 9748493732 not cooperate properly with us.

Nithya R

Posted on Jan 04, 2015

XOLO Q 1010i MOBILE HANDSET with IMEI no. 911363600403703 purchased from Sangeetha mobiles, Frazer town, Bangalore - 560005 vide invoice no. SI/FRA/1959 dated 15/06/2014 for Rs.13,504. Adviced to contact Shrishti services when the handset failed to get charged. Accordingly given for service vide work order no. R3074 on 02/12/14 at no.62B, Ground floor, 10th Main, 4th Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560010 (+918049534906, Mr. Jeetu: +919686662257). After several due dates, handed over back on 3/01/15 claiming to have repaired the same. Collected Rs. 1200 vide bill no. 2262 dated 3/01/15. On reaching home, it was noticed that the problem (of not charging) persisted. Immediately the matter has been informed on 3/01/15 itself to care@xolo.in, support@sangeethamobiles.com and servicesshrishti@gmail.com. Pray for replacement of handset and refund of service charges as well as compensation for the delay and inconvenience.

Sanjay Bhatia

Posted on Jan 04, 2015

Dear Sir, I m sanjay bhatia from ambala and raised my complaint of Sony led tv model no KLV32R402 . Sir i have purchased sony led tv from arvind electronic ambala dated on 2/04/2014, and after two months i have lodge complaint to Arvind electronic regarding led sony tv ( Regarding chemical leak in screen ) but till my problem is not solve and i have many time complaint to your dealer arvind electronic and your service centre but till date not postive reply and my tv problem as it is standing on, and one job no is J4387237. i m very frustrated from this activity. So i i request you to kildy solve my problem on priority basis. Regards Sanjay Bhatia 9215846999


Posted on Jan 03, 2015

Sudeep khot

Posted on Jan 03, 2015


Rina Ghosh

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I send my APC Inverter for repairing to M/s. Mohima Electric & Electronics, Benipur Hospital More, but till now i have not received my machine back or any further response from otherside. I called up their mobile No. (9775184679/9874218758/8926027299) but noone responsed.

Dipak Patil

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

Product not working properly when i request for return they told me that "We express our inability to accept your return request as we have sent you the standard quality product as per the description mentioned on the website. Therefore, we may not be able to fulfill your return request as per our return policy." Order Number: 30968497 Return Number: 736339 Product: Rechargeable Handy Plastic Tubelight Reason: Parts are missing Can you please help me ?

Ranjita Manna

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I bought a orient air cooler in april 2014.In october-2014 for some unknown reason the cooler motor spot working,so i inform orient customer care so that they send somebody to repair the air cooler.They send a person name Mr.Bappa within 5days.According to Mr.Bappa-motor got damage so they will change the mottor after kalipuja.From October till date no one came to change the motor.Again again I called them in thair customer care number and they gave me a complain ID but still they have not send anybody to repair the air-cooler.In April-2015 the warranty period will be over.It is my request to consumer forum that plaese do something.Need your help.plz

Nitin Thapar

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I had bought the I Berry Nuclea X handset bill dated 26/05/2014 online through E Bay. I was facing the problem in this handset till the date I purchased it. I submitted my handset at their Ludhiana Service station for repair and it was sent to their Chennai office, I send it on 1st August and received it back on the first week of October and they told me that they have replaced the motherboard but still I am facing the same problems and yesterday I visited the Ambala Service Station and they told me to send it to Delhi or Chennai, I am worried that again they will take more than two months and there is no guarantee that problem will be resolved and in the coming time, My warranty period will expire. Kindly ask them to either replace my handset or refund the cost price of the Handset. The details of handset are in bill attached herewith.

Paras Shah

Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I had purchased a Lenovo Laptop on 23rd Jan 2014. Since July 2014 (still under warranty period) it is facing technical issue (screen touch stops functioning intermittently). The service center (Digital Care Pvt. Ltd.) though acknowledged the issue however, unable to locate the error. Because of repeated technical problem, I had raised the issue with the Lenovo directly. Had exchanged multiple mails and Lenovo promised to attend the technical problem by sending their technical experts however, now they have stopped responding to my mail and neither call me back. Had sent mails to "lencare@lenovo.com", "conumerts@lenovo.com, "services_ed@lenovo.com" and "emailob@lenovo.com". No one at the lenovo is now attending to the technical problem inspite of repeated promises over mail and call to attend the same. Request your assistance in getting the same resolved as all my emails, requests are not given due consideration though the product is completely covered under the warranty period.

Ajay Dobriyal

Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Hi, I purchased Micromax mobile A106 from ambala LAKSHMI WATCH CO. Bill No. 20156 ON 04.06.2014 and after one month defect in mobile on display. I submitted 4 time in service center ambala till now not received repaired set. Mobile EMI no. - 911345000222304,911345000472800 Kindly Help If u can. Attached service center Job sheet. Thanks and Regards Ajay +918397994777


Posted on Dec 31, 2014


Posted on Dec 30, 2014

we purchased Sony Mobile worth Rs 37500/- on 14/4/2014 there was software issue , shown to service center as it was having one Year Warranty, despite of warranty company is asking for Rs 20000 service charges ??? the reason they are giving there is water lagging in the Mobile.We purchased this moblile because it was having main feature " water proof " now requesting for justice. This has happened in Pune

Akash Joshi

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

I bought a karbonn samrt phone (A 16) 7 months ago. But I hv some problem in touch while using the phone. So I contact my nearest karbonn mobile's service center which name 'Mousomi sales & services'. The service center's excicutive told me that I have to give them the mobile for some days to solv the touch problem.and I do that...they said me they returned my phone within 21 days...I send my phone on 10.11.2014 to servicing..but they till not give me my phone...I call them twise in a week but i got some new excuses from them evry time when I call them..I also cotact the karbonn head office in kolkata but they will also give me some new excuse. It's near abot 2 moths and I couldn't get my phone back..plese do somethin urgently plese.

Naresh Naik

Posted on Dec 29, 2014

The Mobile delivered by Ebay.com was found dead piece


Posted on Dec 28, 2014


Posted on Dec 27, 2014



Posted on Dec 27, 2014


Bilo Chand Sundriyal

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Dear Sir , I ws working with Samtel India Bhiwadi , Rajasthan from March 1988 to 1995. I have send request to PF Jaipur office long back to Transfer my Pension amount/ document to Noida PF office.but not getting any confirmation . Kindly confirm the status

Sridhar VS

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

Umang rachh

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I want to complain against micromax mobile company I have given my cell phone micromax canvas 4 for repairing in their service centres near borivali station on 15/9/2014 but still I have not receved my cell phone my jobsheet no is W030635 0914 12212210 the problem was really small which any of the mobile repair person can do within an hour but they have taken more then 3 months and if we go for inquiry for cell phone they would just give the next date .i am not only person who is facing such problems even people have not got their cell phone for more then 6 months half of the warranty life of the cell phone is wasted in service centre they say they would give me replacement but for this statement pass by them took over a month and still I have not received the cell .the mircomax service does not have proper facility to repair cell phones they transfer their to delhi HO for repairing so please I request for help from your side as a consumers rights has been affected

sachin chintal

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

I purchased LG Top Loading Washing machine in month of June 2014. within a 6 months Washing Machine Gearbox went under maintenance. By looking LG as a Multinational brand I selected LG washing machine and purchased it by shortlisting all other brand. but Now I really got surprise when such a multinational branded product went under maintenance within 6 months. Gear box is a Heart of Washing machine and complete function depends on the same. I contacted service center but they are doing replacement of gearbox,for which I am not at all interested (Complaint no.- RNA141215033412). I need complete machine replacement because of machine main part (Gear Box) went under maintenance. there is vast difference in company fitting and repairing. I already logged complaint on LG Portal and mail ID (LG_care_center@lge.com). but there were no response on the same. Local Service center is not responding for machine replacement and telling me to get gearbox replacement, but not replying on mail.


Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Last year i had purchased the air conditionear of Sharp company but i had file the complaint but no getting the solutio and enginear came 6-7 times but no find the exact problem in A/C.

Mohammed Merajuddin Ahmed

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Xolo care replace my phone I Merajuddin Ahmed bought xolo Q1010i phone (which is under 1 year warranty) on 26/June/2014 and bearing IMEI no 911363600532386 and after 6 months the phone started stopping and shutting down frequently while playing games or using apps so I visited xolo care which is located at khartabad and gave my phone to xolo care officials for repair. After one month they gave back to me another phone saying that my phone Q1010i could not be repaired. The phone that they gave me was old and damaged. I returned that phone back to xolo care officials and from then onwards Iam going to xolo care almost every day but they are only making excuses. I do all my work through my phone and going in huge losses because of the shoddy manner in which the XOLO executives are behaving. I request the concerned authorities to address my issue at the earliest.

Nand Kishore Raina

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

i brought a display cooling counter and display ice cream counter from VED REFRIGERATION INDUSTRIES 21 B INDUSTRIAL ESTATE,DIGIANA JAMMU 180010 ON DATED 23/4/14 and after purchase of items there are regular problems in the counters and after my repeated request the Firm are not intrested to repair the cooling couters instead of warranty that led to mental harrasment to me i request your goodself to do something in this matter,i am very thankful toyou for that act of kindness


Posted on Dec 24, 2014

REDIFF, http://mshop.rediff.com/shopping/index.html i want to register complaint on this company since this is a online shopping website i ordered some products with this site the product which i got was damaged and used products they are giving offers in their site and selling the defective products. i asked them to replace or refund but they told that send the product then i asked for pickup arrangement they are telling that it is a non serviceable area but they delivered the products to that non serviceable area now they are not refunding my money my order numbers 10716811,10442372 their toll Free number 18002662333


Posted on Dec 23, 2014

I take a consumer durable loan from capital first for purchase LED tv. That time i already paid Rs.249.00 for EMI card. Capital first representative told me after 3 emi my card will be dispatched to my residential address. But 5 emi already paid, still now no emi card has not come yet. I called many times at customer care of capital first but they did not tell me exact date that i can get my emi card. So please help me. My loan a/c no. is 2231171. My mobile no is 8017668821. I purchased led tv from khosla electronic at seal garden branch which is b.t.road.

sikandar baksh

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Hi, CESC TEAM, I am Sikandar Baksh in regards with new electric meter from CESC. I am writing this mail on behalf of my spouse SHAHINA SARAKAR from 171/C/1B,PICNIC GARDEN ROAD,KOLKATA-700039 LP NUMBER 1/43/5/2/2. Last week new electric meter has been installed at my premises and my meter number is 5142092. This is the first time were i am getting the new connection from CESC thanks for it but simontenussly i am not aware of CONSUMER number along with the billing date payment date etc etc. I have tried calling your customer care number but all the results has gone in vain because they are saying that i need to contact the Mandevila garden office which i don't have time on my hand,i am working man&my spouse is a house wife were its hardly difficult to go to the regional office for this kind of query. I am requesting the team of CESC to share the information My consumer number Billing date along with the payment due date. That s all i need help from the team Thanks&t


Posted on Dec 23, 2014

Warranty in handset but charges amount all time Lenovo service Centre. Fake warranty provided....LENOVO I m purchase lenovo p780 (21 jul 2014). and my handset in warranty but some time face battery backup low and handing problem. so that i m visit in Touch service centre HCL Gurgaon. (S.No- SRIN0301412230015) Dt 23/12/2014 but they have no battery repair in warranty and talk why are you lenovo handset. and charge new battery purchase in rs 2000. so that my call in warranty but why are pay amount. please replace battery otherwise i m case started in court. fast reply.... IMEI/SN - 86462026127729 product model - p780_IN_8G Deep Black Phone No- 08595002535

Vinod Rakhecha

Posted on Dec 23, 2014

I was baught a new Kent Grand Plus RO in Oct 14. But in in two months it was stopped working many times. I requested to the dealer to replace it but they are denieying to replac

Ganesh Patil

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

I have purchased mobile phone from Kaunsa.com three months before till today they haven't sent product, only committing money will be refunded to your account. please suggest what to do in this situation

E.dhanunjaya kumar

Posted on Dec 21, 2014

sir i purchase htc butterfly mobile with bill but they cannot respond for my request.i face moreproblemss with this cell.since last 4 months.he gives china cell.but i pay for indian version with tax.sir please help me.cell cost 22000/rs.but cell perfomance even cannot 2000/only sir please consider my request and give your opinion how to replace for orginalpeace for theplacemnt of copy peace. iam an ordinary middle class peerson but i purchase over cost cell. this is my mistake.p;ease sir send information as early as possible.this is my request. have original bill containing with full details of cell.there is differnce language in cell.sir please help once iagain irequest you sir. i want justice

Shripal Bothara

Posted on Dec 21, 2014

I had purchase Sony LED 32" TV from Lotus Electronics, Raipur. But Unfortunatly within a month of purchase TV gets problem to display. The problem was colour full lines on over the whole screen. So I had note my comlpant to service center on 25.09.2014. consumer representative was come after 15 days. and he said that there is some problem in Panel board and need to replase it. after a month he come with new panel board and fix it but stell problem not solved. then he says we need to take TV to Service center and he took TV to services center. and now a date my TV is not get back with satisfactory solution. so please help.

sapan srivastava

Posted on Dec 20, 2014

dear sir i purchased a karbonn tab (A34HD) in mid october 14, the imei no is 911260201187067, i given this tab to service center more than 5 times and the problem is not resolved, this product is not even used for one hour by me as this is not operative from day one., i am really tired with this, company should provide replacement on top preority.

Mohinder Kumar

Posted on Dec 20, 2014

R/Sir/Madam, I purchased one Titan watch on 15.08.2014 for Rs.7000/-(approx.)from Life Style Store located in Wave Mall, Narwal Byepass, Jammu. The watch stopped working within 5-6 days and due to my busy schedule, I lodged the complaint with the store on 02.11.2014. After some repairs, the watch was handed over to me on 06.11.2014 but again the watch stopped working & again I gave the watch to store on 16.11.2014,this time asking them to replace it as it did not work even for 10 days after its purchase on 15.08.2014. But again there was a call from the store that the watch has been repaired & you can take it back. Sir/Madam, since I have spent my hard earned money (Rs.7000/-(approx.) and again they are giving me the same faulty watch. so kindly help in replacing my watch with a new one with reasonable compensation as I'm feeling humiliated & harassed with the behavior of Store people, who are not listening to my genuine problem and insisting me accept faulty watch. Thanks


Posted on Dec 20, 2014


Anand Jain

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Hi, I had purchased Sony Bravia TV-Model Name-KLV-32R402A in March '14 which got dead on 1st Dec '14. The complaint was lodged and engineer visited on 2nd Decc'14 and told that a part will be replaced. Later on after having word with Sony customer care I was told that have been receiving complaints on particular model and that a new set will be provided. The engineer left without providing JOB sheet number. I had to call customer care for getting same (J43042166) and shocked to know that only part will be replaced and not set. I made plenty of calls only to get one response "it would take some time" and told to remind them of issue. Repeated emails to customer care yielded no response. On 15th, I received email from Uttam that case has been transferred to Mr Kuldeep Singh, Service-In-Charge and got call from Mr Kuldeep that new I will get new set by 19th Dec '14. Its 19th Dec, and no success. No update from anybody. Sony representatives are inefficient and lack information

Vikas Gupta

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, My Sony VAIO laptop had problem with sound (no sound), and some cosmetic issues (key missing etc.). I had submitted the laptop to Sony Service Center (Jaypee Electronics, Sector-2, Noida) on 4-Oct. I was called multiple times by the service center, but the laptop was not returned. After more than 1 month, I wrote to Sony India. Since then I have received two more complaint numbers (22725177 and 22374022) but nothing has happened. I have written mutiple mails which are not even responded by Sony. The laptop is within warranty and additionally I had taken insurance on the same. Now I need the laptop in full working condition or full refund. In addition, penalty be imposed on Sony and Jaypee Electronics, so that they do not harass their customers again.

R K Choudhary

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Lenovo mobile p780 problem NETWORK NOT RECEIVE N NO DATA I have submit the mobile lenovo service center at Laxami Ngr Vikas marg on dt 24/11/2014 Not Repair Till Date I want to provide me new mobile plz take quick action thanks

arvind Kumar

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

Dear Sir, I purchased Spice Mi509 Whie mobile on 25/07/2014 from Spice Hotspot, Gurgaon Sector 14 Market, vide retail invoice no-105635388 having IMEI NO. 9111319501605705. On 04th Sept 2014 i push it for switch on but it was hanged on logo ( The display) i was tried but it was struct on it then i went to the Hotspot store he given to spice authorized service center (Giriraj Centre) in Gurgaon near Shiv chowk. They did not check phone and they told we cannot repair this phone in under warrety and as per work order you have to pay the charges 1500/. At the same point of time i was keep trying to say it is in warrenty please repair the under warrenty but they said you have to pay other wise you may go. finally i told them to repaire then they repaired and i payed them 1500. Now on 02/12/2014 i got the same problem with the phone i went to store again they told me to visite spice service centre at SC SACH COLLECTION POINT 1789/3 RAVJEEV NAGAR,MAIN MATA ROAD,GURGAON. discribe the p

Sayed Amjad Ali

Posted on Dec 18, 2014


Posted on Dec 17, 2014

Purchased 1 sony 3000 mah power bank for mobile on 17th July 2014 from Reliance Digital at Himalaya Mall, Bhavnagar. Reported not functioning of the device to Sony Service Centre at Bangalore RT Nagar service centre on 17th November 2014, they agreed to replace the product but time requested was 7 days for which I could not agree since I was on official tour there and was not in a position to wait for 7 days. Requested them to give a inspection note, which they refused. On my arrival at Kolkata, I took the device on 29th November 2014 to the SP Mukherjee road service centre, where upon waiting they said the device is working fine and is charging the mobile which I found consequently upon handover to me. I pleaded them to thoroughly check their answer was you need to wait for 7 hrs to finally check the workings. Now as it is the device is getting charged for hours but not getting fully charged and the output is very negligible, only for 10 mins of backup power. Please look into it.

Megha Malik

Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Please note the trail of experiences we had faced. Firstly, only after 3 months of usage the back touch stopped working. We gave it to the service center & even after 1 month, the phone was not repaired. Then when we received we were asked to give it to another service center. We gave it there. Then after 2 weeks we received the phone and on checking we found out that the sound stopped working. We again gave it for repair, now on Saturday, i.e. 13 dec'14, we received & now the whole touch is not working.


Posted on Dec 13, 2014


Abhijit Malshe

Posted on Dec 13, 2014

This complaint is regarding purchase of Fully Automatic Washing Machine of LG Company Model T70CPD22P from Vijay Sales on 5th June 14. The Machine is faulty & Vibrate dangerously. I have a Video shooting of the same & it was sent by mail to both LG & Vijay Sales Customer care. The same has been accepted by LG Technician & recommended for Replacement 4 weeks back. All these communications are over telephone & there is no written reply from their side to my several complaints & reminders (both telephonically & meeting them in person). My Mother who is 73 yr old for whom I had brought this machine is facing serious hardship due to non functioning of the machine. Further there seems to be no mechanism to know the status of my complaint. Kindly guide me in resolving the issue.


Posted on Dec 12, 2014


Vikas Joseph

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

purchased Lloyd Washing Machine LWMT78 Sr. No. LT7814030026 with all good faith on the name of the company and this machine was purchased from Vijay Sales, Vashi from the time I have purchased this machine the machine is giving lots of Problem, I have got a replacement of once but the problem continue to remain. Recently I raised the complaint on 2nd December 2014, and practically followed up with the service team for the regarding complaint. and yesterday i.e. 10th December 2014 two representatives came to examine the machine and said that some part is not functioning properly, for which i asked for the report but they said they are not carrying and job sheet for report. they promised and assured that they will address and resolve the problem next day that is on 11th Dec 2014. Now when I called them i was informed that they haven't received the part. and now the llody's website states that the problem resolved.Its my humble request to kindly intervene

Yogesh Patel

Posted on Dec 12, 2014


Debjit Sarkar

Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Sir/Madam, With due respect I state that I have purchased a Samsung 22 inch LED T.V. in 2009 and now it is u/s because of a faulty card inside as told by the Samsung service engineer, Kolkata. The cost of that card is around Rs.6225.I readily agreed for the replacement of the card. But now Samsung service centre is telling that card is not available and insisting me to deposit the set and take the depreciation money. I disagreed and asked for repair the same. They are refusing to repair.My set is just 5 and 1/2 yrs old. It is truly difficult for me to purchase a new T.V. set.They are denying to repair. My complain no with Samsung customer care is 8470691196. Pls guide me for the next course of action. Thanking You. Debjit Sarkar


Posted on Dec 11, 2014

Mukesh Verma

Posted on Dec 10, 2014


Posted on Dec 10, 2014

I ordered babyliss mini ceramic hair starightner from shopclues.com I got it today but babyliss is not written on the machine which was shown on the box I want to return it or get it replaced by RSP enterprises,delhi-53 I will advice all not to buy anything from this site Its better not to buy from here rather buying fake goods

Kshitish G. Purohit

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

I purchase 39 inch LED TV from Kothari Agencies Bhavnagar with 3 years warranty. Within 1 year suddenly the TV stopped functioning. Immediately I register my complain to our local service center of Panasonic through Kothari Agencies. Within two days on 04/11/2014 local service person visited my house and give opinion of changing / replacing the entire board & penal of TV. As same parts were not available at local service station they asked Panasonic to supply the same. Already more than 44 days are passed but my TV is not Repaired or Replaced. During this period I time to time follow it up with my dealer, local service station, Panasonic offices at Ahmedabad & lastly register my complain to Replace / Repair my TV with Panasonic customer care Delhi. But from every place I got false updates & information but not the cure. Today i.e. 09/12/14 also Panasonic give update about searching the required part & give another date on 11/12/14 for giving further update. They have given more that

Nisar khan

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

My order id 3684237771 order a tempered glass for Lumia 730 on 23 Nov and I recived 28 of Nov after that when I remove the tempered glass in not fit for my phone, by side is cracked I am purchase a total loss product from snapdeal.

Pawan Kumar Patel

Posted on Dec 06, 2014


Posted on Dec 05, 2014

i have bought a micromax mobile which has manufacturing defect and given to service center, after 45 days they are not giving any feedback. i have sent several mail to micromax customer they are also not responding properly.


Posted on Dec 05, 2014

I would like to purchase one unit of i pad through my e shopbazaar coupon.coupon value is rupees ten thousand kindly advice me to which way please.

Sudipto Nag

Posted on Dec 05, 2014

Complain against Micromax Service Centre at Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120 I went to purchase a battery for my micromax A110. First of all they donot have the same at their store. Secondly, they did not take my order for purchase . They kept me waiting for an hour and then also did not attend to my requisite. Kindly do the needful. Thanks

Ramesh Palsamkar

Posted on Dec 05, 2014

I bough new fridge on Dec 2013 , after 3 month we can found leakage . More time we complaint dealer but they do not get any proper action ,so now what can i do?


Posted on Dec 05, 2014

I have purchased a Nokia xl on 15th July 2014. From the very first week it was showing software problems and getting restarted automatically. After two months I was not being able to charge the phone and on taking it to the authorised service centre in ekdalia, Kolkata, they said that the usb port is deffective and will take around 17 days time to get it replaced. When I got my phone back the software problem was still there, and now it had developed an LCD problem (the screen was flickering). After 3days the phone was again not getting charged. I called up the helpline number n was told to deposit the phone and give him the sheet number. On taking it back to the service centre,they now tell me that the USB socket is broken and I will have to pay Rs. 4500 and get the mother board replaced. Besides, the customer care executives there were very arrogant and uncooperative. So I wanted to speak to the Branch Manager, they told me to wait for 20mins. After waiting,on again enquiring, I

kalpana das

Posted on Dec 04, 2014

Dear sir/madam I complained to Whirlpool Company regarding my washing on 10/10/2014. Till now the company did not replacement or repair my machine, repeatedly I have been calling to local service center but I do not get response from them. My complaint code is 499 for SR NUMBER KL 1014006408. Kindly do the needful. Yours faithfully KALPANA DAS


Posted on Dec 04, 2014

Dear Sir,I had submitted my Toshiba Laptop for repairing to the shop named as Webtek Services Private Ltd.Jajpur Road branch in the month of August2014 and also paid Rs.3000- regarding this for urgent repairing .But even after three months has been passed,I could not get back my laptop from the shopkeeper.The shopkeeper is doing delay day by day,week by week.I am fully disappointed.Please help me.


Posted on Dec 04, 2014

Dispute in Electricity bills under Durgapur Project Ltd.


Posted on Dec 03, 2014

Product((Mobile-Greenberry A7 Quad core )(OrderNo- Kaun/164871/ 16487186540682) which I have purchase from your website on 18.10.2014 by selecting option EMI. In 15 days they have delivered me the product. Below things happened when I stared exploring mobile: 1. Product description while selling and delivered product are not same. In product description and in image of the product they said Greenberry A7 Quadcore Processor which has single core processor. 2. Phone is not new by seeing only you can make out that it is used one 3. Accessories of mobile are not working. 4. Greenberry A7 Quad core has 2GB RAM but phone which I have recieved has only 256MB. 5. I have purchase this moblie selecting EMI option and description is as below: Mobile cost:4500 EMI Charges: 162 So total I paid= 4500+162= 4662 so that will convert into 3 months EMI. But when I checked my bank statement instead of converted EMI amount transaction details statement came with full amount deducted transaction details.


Posted on Dec 03, 2014

sir,i have purchased micromax mobile which is getting switched off again and again for which i went to its service center four times for the same problem,even then my problem is not solved.Also they have sent my mobile to head office delhi for 13 days.i am tensed for this and iam struggling for this from last 2 months and still my problem is not solved.the service center people are not giving the correct information what is the problem in my mobile and whether my mobile was actually send to head office delhi for repair.sir please help me to solve my problem.i will be very thankful to you.

Avishek Banerjee

Posted on Dec 03, 2014

I have purchased a new Panasonic LED TV on 23rd OCT and within a months time the TV was restarting of its own. Logged complaint with Panasonic on 21st Nov and they found the board was faulty and needs replacement. I am still waiting for the board to be replaced by the service team. I have never imagined that I will be harassed so much by Panasonic, their service is pathetic and wondering that they don't even have the parts in stock. I would like to have a replacement of this faulty unit instead of repairing it as the TV is brand new and I am feeling cheated by Panasonic.

Milan Choudhury

Posted on Dec 02, 2014

Ref to Complain No. RNA 141123011505 . It already 01 week passed of my complain. The technician Mr. Raj, is saying that the part has been already ordered by him, 5 days ago. But there is non receipt on my side. Your ASM Mr. Sachin Garje, Mob. 9833374206, is also not responding properly. Moreover there is no SMS given from your end to my Mobile no. 8452064761 regarding the registration of complain. I have enquired for the cost of the product, which also has not been provided. It is not customer friendly from your part. Next time onwards, we have to think, before thinking about LG Product. Requested to expedite the action to resolve the issue. Dear Sir /Madam, please go through the mail sent to donotreply@lge.com and expedite to resolve the issue.

Sreedevi. R.kumar

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

We are getting medical problems because of the acid leaking from the battery of our ups.agent is not responding. For the complaint

Kiran Mary George

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

I purchased an HP laptop on August 11, 2013. During the period of warranty,o.e. until August 11, 2014, a number of faulty parts had to be replaced, one of which was the external battery, which was replaced sometime between March-August 2014. In November, the replaced battery stopped working. Upon calling the HP helpline regarding the same, they claimed that according to company policy, the warranty of the replaced battery is only 3 months, despite the fact that a similar battery purchased from the market has a battery life of 3 years. I feel extremely cheated as a consumer because the purpose of warranty ( benefiting the consumer by effectively replacing faulty parts) has been defeated because it shows the glaring possibility that second hand or used parts are used for replacement purposes. I seek compensation for the cost I am about to incur for replacement of the battery, and for mental agony caused on account of deceptive policies.

Arunava Dutta

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

sanjay desylva

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

NK Lumia 1320 purchased on 18.8.14 IMEI No. 359179056257578.Invoice no. 48660/11703654 from the mobile store. handset automatically has shut down 4 times since purchase.after half day almost it restart. display screen full of lines. handset given to nokia care centre charni road. job sheet no. 759504867/141127/005 on 27th Nov. Need the handset to be replaced as it is within warranty and this problem will continue as it is a defective piece.

sarfaraz husain

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

i was take a celkon A59 mobile phone from hyderabad shop. but after two months some problems(charging jack problem and volume button or switch off and on button) was in my mobile phone . then i was submit our phone celkon service center at shaspur bilari moradabad . then till now celkon compony is not give my phone . please i want some help for me . i am requesting to you that i want our phone otherwise price from company. my celkon A59 price was rs 3750. celkon company is doing cheat from customer.

Rajesh Kumar Choudhary

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

I have given Online order for a TV Brand VU to Flpcart. In add it has been shown MRP 28000/- and according to add with 10% discount and by using SBI card another 1250/- benifit will be provided. I have ordered the TV and final payment made is 23740/-. But I was astoshed to know on 24 Oct 14 when product was delivered to my address that its MRP is not 28000/- and on box it was showing only 22000/- including all tax. My first grievance is misleading information and cheating. Second when I have asked the agency and given all proof including screen shot of MRP on box. Now they have agreed for only for 1740/- that also in my wallet. They are now refusing to give me any type of discount and promotion discount as it was provided. Second money has been in my wallet means I have to forcefully purchase any product through Flipcart fotherwise it will lapse after one year. means once again money will with flipcart again. Now My third I should be paid whole 10% dicount along with promotional discount and extra amount which has been charged 1740/- to my bank account along with mental harrashment and interest @ rate of 18%


Posted on Nov 29, 2014



Posted on Nov 28, 2014


shashank gaur

Posted on Nov 28, 2014

sir sir datawind se teb bok karane ke liye call ayi or usne ofer diya ki 3299 me apko 3g,dullsim,1gb ram,8gb internal memry milegi jab vo mere pas phucha to us me koe or modal nikla jo ki vo nahi tha jis ko mane bok karaya tha mane company ko call ki to unhone kaha ki ab apko or pase dene hoge tab apko vo teb milegi sir ye log dhoka dekar apni teb bech rahe h or kahte ki ham ab ese waps ni karenge cahe kahi bi sikayt kar do ap sir jaha se ye mane liya uska add ye h-tablets invesments india pvt.ltd khasra no.605,near tata telco service station,a block,village rangpuri(mahipalpur)new delhi-11037 tin no-07166901740 c.s.t no-0166901740(c) cin:-u2900pb2013ftc0328 ye sab bil par likha sir plz help me thanks sir


Posted on Nov 27, 2014

Sujith Gopalan

Posted on Nov 27, 2014

I bought a Xolo q2500 mobile phone earlier this year in April. Last month I faced an issue with the screen display which I reported to the Xolo care center in Thane on 27th Oct 2014. I was told it would take 15 days for the repair work to get completed. Workorder no : 310000860203. On enquiring after 15 days I was told the phone is still under repair and it would take some more days. Its been a month now and there is no proper status which I receive even today from the Xolo care center. Please check and action accordingly.

sanjay kumar

Posted on Nov 27, 2014

i have complain regarding max mobile service center.They are not giving positive response for repairing Mobile which is given for 2.10 month. job sheet no.- ro/107/1415/0000565.& ticket no.-004071 Thanks Sanjay

Ganesh Chakravarthy

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

I have given my mobile in bangalore bommanahalli spice service centre for WiFi and Bluetooth not working on 10-10-14 They told me that it is motherboard problem..so we are sending mobile to noida. But still I didnt get my mobile. Service center people telling that there is no stock so you will get new mobile...and parllely I am sending mail to spice customer care mail Id.but they are telling that it is in advanced repair center we need some time...its already 1 month completed...but I didn't get my mobile back...please help me. IMEI NO: 911320100356666 My contact no:8792119989 Location:Bangalore

Anagha Charkari

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Replacement of my Whirlpool fully automatic washing machine which is under warranty


Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Purchased a zenfone 6 at 10500 and after two days they have canceled the order stating no stock and later i see the price of phone with 16500. cheating the public by flip kart.


Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Complaint Against: Micromax Informatics Limited Category: mobile phone Model: A250 Complaint: my micromax canvas turbo which was under warranty was submitted to micromax service centre on 10/10/2014. to till date i have not received my phone. the customer service on 25/11/2014 is telling me there is nothing on their system about my complaint. please help me out. MOB NO:7044003422

Arunava Dutta

Posted on Nov 24, 2014


Posted on Nov 24, 2014

I had ordered a dell Venue 8 tab last month through Amazon.in. But not got it delivered for a month.Then had to pay and order again.This time received the product but with missing accessories.

naveen chauhan

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

I have purchased a Philips Home theater from Dawar International Gurgaon in Oct'14. From 06.Nov'14 I am facing a problem in one of the speaker for which i have already raised a complaint on the same day. Till date i have not received any satisfied response from them. I have purchase the home theater on Bajaj Finance. I just wanted to return this product now and want to cancel the loan agreement as I am not feeling satisfied from their service. Please help me on this matter ASAP. KR Naveen chauhan 9560287222

Sanjeev Prasad

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

Me mera celkonmobile signature 107+ ko banane k liye service center me 20 June ko diya tha.but abhi tak mujhe nehi mila.jab Jane se ha se aaya nehi bolte hain. 5 month bit gaya he. Jab diya tha warranty period me tha.bahut pareshan hun.pls help n solve my problem.

indira majumder

Posted on Nov 21, 2014


Nilesh Sarvaiya

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Hello, I buy Xolo Q500 dule sim mobile last year, I had problem in sim 1 port, that's why I submitted my mobile in xolo care, and they tell me there is physical damage in mobile that why they can't take mobile in warranty so you have to pay for repairing, I submitted my mobile on 1st November 2014 and they sent my mobile to head office Noida, and my workOrder NO:310000880370. After 17 days I got message from lava mobiles, your phone is repaired and please collect ASAP, so I was gone to xolo care to collect my mobile and I seen that my mobile is in same condition in which I submitted, they didn't repair my mobile. when I told them, they told me you have to submit you mobile again and you have to wait around 25days. Please take necessary action for such bad service of mobile company. Thanks and regards Nilesh Sarvaiya.

Ashwani Singh

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

Dear Sir, Need your help in this matter. Recently I bought a 39inch Croma TV which was in the display from Chroma DLF Mega Mall Gurgoan. I aske the salesman to pack and deliver it to my house within 24 hours. He told that it would take atleast 3 days and insisted me to pick it by myself if i need quicker delivery. They told if i will pick it myself they will gift me a power bank. I asked the salesman to pack it and have no ways to know the tv he packed is the same TV which was shown to me. Moreover he packed the 39inch croma tv in a 32inch samsung box. On reaching home I opened it up and came to know there a hard scratch on it and panel is faulty. I took it with my uttermost care and i know i have no means to prove that it was taken with full care. But I am pretty sure that it was faulted before hand. Here i would request you to look the issue and provide solution to me as a Consumer .

J R Choudhury

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

Refrigerator purchased from M/s Great Eastern, Kakurgacci vide invoice No KG/SA/1415/08887 Dt.22-10-2014 is dented. Needs replacement Urgently.


Posted on Nov 16, 2014

For Electrolux washing machine problem,I contacted www. solutionservices.biz on 1st Nov,2014. The technician inspected the machine at our place and took the machine to their Service Centre.The machine was delivered on 03/11/2014.The payment for repair amounting to Rs.6075/- was made on delivery vide invoice no-1179. But the problem was not fully resolved.Even after repeated calls, they refuse to look into the problem.The e-mail of the company is solutionservicesad@gmail.com We contacted Electrolux Helpline.They informed that M/s Solution Services is not the Electrolux authorised service centre as claimed by the company.i wonder how many people might have been cheated by them.

Dineshkumar Rajpurohit

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

Hi, I have submitted my Samsung Grand Neo handset to service centers for 6 time for the Display Flickering issue which is noticed at night every 15 to 20 minutes. The service center are always submitting the handset and returning the same post 5 days as problem is resolved as well one time the display has been changed still the issue is the same. Yesterday I have submitted the same to Hadapsar Service Center. Please help me to get the phone replaced.


Posted on Nov 15, 2014

I had purchased sony bravia 40" led frm a local dealer on 8th.nov.2014. I did not get warranty card of the led. I informed the same to dealer. The dealer said he has misplaced the warranty card and he is ready to write warranty on bill. I refused to accept since it is of no use to me. On 13.11.2014 i spoke to company people of sony they said that without warranty card they cannot help andthey wil not accept written warranty of the dealer. I requested sony people to check the product if the product is gud/genuine. Today i received call from sony people that the product is not register with them. Please inform what i should do now.


Posted on Nov 15, 2014

Dear snapdeal team,yesterday I bought Earth sky dual sim mobile phone.Rs-3999(14:11:14)...that phone on/off button not work..an battery remove after battery insert phone automatically on..so plz replace another one good phone...thank u

Harish Jaggi

Posted on Nov 14, 2014

I purchased Wonderchef Family Size Super Tandoor few days ago from snapdeal.com. Its heating element is malfunctioning as tandoor is not getting hot at all even after minutes of wait. I followed all the instructions and I tried it in 3 different sockets in kitchen, one small light comes up but no heating is produced by this Tandoor. Seems this unit is faulty. I contacted wonderchef customer care via email (care@wonderchef.in) and they requested bill copy and small video of the issue. I sent all details but they are not replying. I am sending reminders again and again but to no avail. Their contact details are : Supreme House, 7th Floor, Plot No. 94-C, Opp. IIT Main Gate Powai, Mumbai - 400076 Phone: 91 -22 -32191488 / 91 -22 -32151148.


Posted on Nov 13, 2014

I purchased a Micromax A89 mobile phone on 27/04/2013. After 2-3 months of usage, the phone suddenly went off and was not charging as well. I submitted the phone at R.K. Services, authorized service centre of Micromax as it was under warranty. I got back my phone after 3 months in working condition. Again after 4-5 months of usage, I faced the same problem. This time I submitted the phone at another authorized service centre of Micromax, Sun Infosolutions at 17 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-700013, on 19/04/2014 as the phone was still under warranty. Since then till today, it has almost been 7 months that I have not received my phone. Whenever I go to the service centre, they say it will take another 1 month to repair or parts unavailable. I asked for replacement of the product which they very bluntly disagreed to. I have visited the service center about 7-8 times during this period but each time they gave the same reasons. Kindly help me in getting a replaced phone or refund. Thanks.

sumit magotra

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

hello sir i purchased a karbonn mobile phone in march 2014 i am using phone in six month and then phone fault i am going to your service station he will say one month time in phone repairing i will ok i handed to phone your service station in 9 sep 2014 i m paying u 14500 rs there is no backend phone form ur side u will refund my money back or new phone i am facing problem form 2 month my phone is not repair u will not my money back or new phone i will case ur company my phone imei no is 911350500011223 my phone no is 9858340109 pls replay

Archit Mantry

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

Hi, I have ordered LED lights from pepperfry with order id 300569594, they are not delivering the same and fooling around that it will be delivered and nor they are returing my money back

Bhupinder Singh

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

I had purchased sony mobile in april and is in warranty period.mobile battery has swelling problem but thr company refused to give warranty


Posted on Nov 12, 2014

hi,iam using leneovo A706,i bought on dec 24th,2013.on the day onwards it's has a problum to to me.they changed three times PC BOARD,ONTHE NEXT day the problum will be repeated.

Ankur Goswami

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

I have submitted phone for Repairs to MICROMAX SERVICE CENTRE on 29th Sept 14. But till date they have not given it back to me not giving any dates.I was a new phone and it stopped charging suddenly.The company after sales service is bad and no communication when i will get my phone back.


Posted on Nov 12, 2014

New Samsung phone not connecting to network, company is not replacing it.

Manoj kumar

Posted on Nov 12, 2014



Posted on Nov 12, 2014


Priya wasnik

Posted on Nov 12, 2014

newly bought RO/UV water filter from aquaguard aquasure Xpert got defective just in few weeks and company is not responding to our complaints

varun sharma

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

Respected sir/madam I bought a LLoyd's washing machine from naman electronics,railway road,bahadurgarh on 21st october-2014. With in just 15 days of purchase it shows many problems.like improper water draining ,dryer problem .we want to replace the washing machine in return of the whole amount paid at the time of purchase.

Lakshman Prosad Kundu

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

Vijay Sinha

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

I had submitted my mobile micromax A116i to the service centre on 06/09/2014 and still it has not been repaired i have visited the centre 4-5 times they always say it will take few days again and again. when i call they say server is busy we will let you know later but they never call back.

ajhay bansal

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

Dear Madam/Sir, greetings I had ordered a mobile phone make WIIO, model WII5, its a new company. worth 9990/- through ebay.com, on 28th october 2014, received delivery but piece was damaged as its charging not working, so it was a damaged piece, i logged complaint immediately. Vendor is fortune infovision pvt ltd. office at 452, lane no 3, Raja Park, Jaipur 302004. Rajasthan, contact no. 01414034080 and 09983326955. till today evening they were keep telling me they will replace in 3 days.. but today eve i.e. 10/11/14 at 16:57pm they wrote me do take necessary action whatever you can do... do it. in writing on mail i had spend lot on internet and on phone to follow with them, i want my full money refund with interest + internet charges + phone call charges with penalty also the compensation for humiliation and mental torture which i faced in my office and in front of my kids my image was ruptured because of this phone. also my 3G recharge which is going waste without handset...


Posted on Nov 10, 2014

on 16-10-2014, given my micromax mobile phone for replacing broken front glass to telelogic communication T Dasarahalli ,near jalahalli, bangalore as the service center staff informed it will deliver with in 10 days now close to one month over iam not getting proper response from either micromax or service point. kindly requesting your immediate intervention on this issue. plz find given job card number S010084-1014-12802762


Posted on Nov 10, 2014



Posted on Nov 09, 2014

Dear Sir, I have purchased a monitor of AOC make from Sevi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Phone No: 033-24558309 on 30/12/2011. According to the warranty, AOC IS TO REPAIR/ REPLACE it within 3 years. I have lodged a complaint with AOC (Job No 141105100991) on 4/11/2014. They have told me that the service engineer will come within three working days. Now the local office of AOC ( Phone No: 033-40082851, 9007018277) is telling me I have to send the bill of AOC MONITOR TO THEM BEFORE THE SERVICE ENGINEER COMES. The expiry date of Warranty is very soon. Besides I am in service outside Calcutta. Please do something soon. Prof. H R Gupta. Phone No. 9831966532


Posted on Nov 08, 2014

I had purchase flat in unitech escape in which AC was installed by the Unitech itself , I got warranty card for All the five AC ( panasoanic) from Unitech which is valid till 14.01.2015 . Now Since last four month I got problem in My AC,s but nither Unitech nor Panasonic is hearing me. My complain number in Panasonic is PI-ASC-1410-055087 AND PI-ASE-1410-055083. Pls look in this matter.

Ravi batish

Posted on Nov 08, 2014

I have purchased Micromax TAb P4101...Touch Screen in not working..Company doest have spare parts..they are offering new phone with lower specifications & that too with Rs.3000/-...Please help us in getting our phone repairable or new phone with same specifications.

sandeep bisht

Posted on Nov 07, 2014

dear snapdeal, for the past 25 days I am requesting snapdeal for refund against the faulty product which was delivered to me on 09 oct 14 vide order no. 3009753551. for the past 15 days, everyday I am calling the customer care no. of snapdeal (i.e 9212692126 which is not a toll free no. ) and for which the minimum waiting time to speak to customer care reps is 10-15 minutes to enquire about the same as I am being told on daily basis that the reverse pickup will happen the next day. for the past 15 days I am being told that... GATI courier which is your courier partner will do a reverse pickup... however when I spoke to GATI reps... they informed me that snapdeal has not provided any instructions to them for reverse pickup.... the same has also been conveyed by me to the customer care... THus, it means that... for the last 15 days I am being incorrectly informed about the reverse pickup though I am calling every day to know the status... every time I call.. the reps tell me that they ha

Anil Gulati

Posted on Nov 07, 2014

I purchased Samsung Refrigerator --Frost Free RT23B1 on 24.11.2004 from Manglam Store, M.I.Road, Jaipur-302001 for Rs.11900. Since the initial stages of purchase, we are facing difficulties relating to defrost feature of the fridge because of which all the vegetables and other food and eatables get wasted due to excess ice on them.Till now, lot of complaints have been registered with Samsung Service Centres and many executives visited and changed different parts but in vain. As on current date, even after 10 years, same problem continues. We do not get any permanent solution to this problem and Samsung is completely guilty of providing defective piece and incapable of providing proper Repairs & Maintenance service to its customers. I need my product to be replaced at the earliest.

Anshuman Thanvi

Posted on Nov 07, 2014

Bought dr dre mixer headphones from www.shopclues.com turns out that the headphones are duplicate


Posted on Nov 04, 2014

Sir, I purchased a rechargeable fan from SHOPCLUES.COM delivered to me on 03 nov 14. But i found that it is broken and is damaged. i contacted them to return and replace this as per their policy. but now they are not responding. please help.

Bhawani singh

Posted on Nov 02, 2014

HeadphoneW54349/philips ...I do not need because very smaller size of this headphones

Dhananjoya Datta

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

I have purchased a "classic" model Aquaguard on 9.9.2014 after persuasion by your representative S.K Jha (9331954713) and Kausik Ghosh (9874260123) at my house. I have given Sri Ghosh a chequqe of Rs 8990/- on the assurance that the old Aquaguard will be taken and Rs 1000/- will be refunded while delivering the new one. The new one was delivered next day and commissioned the day next. But neither your representative came up till date nor they have refunded Rs 1000 as agreed by Sri Jha and Sri Ghosh. I have contacted them several times, but of no result. Ghosh is simply postponing his visit repeatedly. I am fed up and hence writing to your customer care. I never expected such type of assurance from a company of world repute. Please look into the matter and collect the old one after giving me Rs 1000/- as promised by your representative. Your early action is highly appreciated. My customer ID is 1000378997.

Tinku Chanda

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

I Have purchased one Bajaj Indunction Cooker from Snapdeal .com on Sep 2014 but from Starting date it is not working though i have complaine to them but invain. I think that my money hasbeen lost. Tinku Chanda/tapas Kar

Bibhash Ghosh

Posted on Nov 01, 2014


anwar khan

Posted on Nov 01, 2014

the product is ddamage

Ajay Ruia

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

I have purchased a IFB washing Machine from Girias about 1.5 years ago. The same went off one fine morning. I lodged a complaint # 13940637 on 4th October. As on date the same has not been resolved. The Engineer by the name Sanjay who has visited once more than 20 days ago has not cared to get back. He refuses to pick up calls also. The mails sent to their customer care mail ID customerservice@ifbglobal.com written to one Mr Bimal Soreng & Anjan elicit no response. I have got repeated assurances on the mail that they are sorry & that the issue will be resolved without any action. This is under warranty & if the machine needs to be replaced it should be done so. A mail stating that I would go to the consumer court also has had no response from them. I need your support for this issue which has been pending for almost a month. Regards, Ajay Ruia

Adit Narayan Singh

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

Want to complain against Xiaomi India. I had bought Xiaomi Mi3 from Flipkart on 26th August 2014. But due to lack of knowledge , the pins on Sim reader got broken . I took the phone to Xiaomi Authorised service center but they say that the Sim reader cannot be replaced and the full mother board needs to be changed which costd around 9000. phone was bought 13999 Rs. Such small fault can be repaired in local market in 1500Rs if spares are availabe , But Xiaomi spares are not available . The total repair cost given by XIaomi is very High compared to the damaage and the phone of the price . this is clear case of cheating the consumer by overcharging of spares and services

anil kumar sahu

Posted on Oct 29, 2014

my mobile is hang and touch to not response

Vinay Singh Binayak

Posted on Oct 29, 2014

Have submitted my Nokia Cellphone on 05/04/2014 at Nokia Care, Infotel Services 1, Ekdalia Road, Kolkata - 700019 and till date i have not received it. After requesting them lot of time no response from them. Every time they say they will call me and update me about the cell and after visiting the center many times they always make the same excuse will be delivered you tomorrow and fails the commitment. Kindly look into the matter.


Posted on Oct 29, 2014

My Mobile XOLO Q1000 was purchased in 18 March 2014.Till now I could not used it conveniently. Some or the other problem has been haunting all through the days.Pl Tell how to write/apparoach a valid complaint to the higher officals of Xolo products.

Vatsal Mazani

Posted on Oct 29, 2014

ebay.in marking price of a mobile above the company's mark price which affected other online website also and hence i as consumer couldnt get the mobile at lower price. I just need to file complaint against such malpractice. I also have an attachment screenshot, if u have an email policy i can share the same attachment to the forum. thank you.

Prachi Bhatia

Posted on Oct 29, 2014

Goods not deliver and order has been cancelled without prior information

Arunava Dutta

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

Its more than a month i provided my phone to micromax care of kolkata vip road M/S sabsonic...Its under warranty yet no action,neither i got the ph repaired nor i recived a new ph..its 40 days yet the ph is with them...M/S Sabsonic are telling its with micromax head office but no action is taken...Phone submitted micromax bolt a67 black in kolkata service center ms sabsonic..under warranty.. My name on micromax jobsheet Arunava Dutta

arun kumar acharya

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

many problem create in my mobile and also summit my mobile iball andy twice,than my phone now became problem in dispay again ,between 05/08/2014 to 28/10/2014 my mobile in servie centre .plzs helps me for this company,arun

kirankumar suresh neelagar

Posted on Oct 28, 2014

I bought Samsung LCD TV 2008 model but due to some display problem company y didn't repaird and replaced whenever I m calling they r giving g some unsatisfied report

Sayani Majumder

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

On 20.09.2014 I bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2mobile phone from Spice retail Shop at Madhyamgram. After purchased the phone I have facing several problem like the phone has been restarted every day is also hanged. I have already visited the nearest service centre that is (Mitra Traders Service Center Address: 87, Jessore Road,Barasat District,24 Pgs - North,N/L Mega Shop) and raised complained for couple of times. However they have not taken any valuable action and advised that I need to prove the problem in front of them then they will take necessary action. They have checked twice on 24th of September and 21st October 2014 and update the software but still now I have facing the same problem. I have also told them that this is not a software problem it’s a hardware problem but they don’t believed and they are not ready to change the phone. I have already raised a verbal complain to their customer care number. My complain number is 8451921502.

Dharmender Singh

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

i purched a micromax mobile on 25 aug. 2014. its display was out of work. i subitt my phone to micromax custmer care hisar on 2/09/2014. now custmer care is refuing to give me my phone. it was brand one phone

Mridul Rathi

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

I had purchased a beats pill from an online website, stylemygadget.com, which quoted the price of the original product, claimed a 70% discount and gave us a copy, not an original. When contacted about the same, they claimed that it has been assembled in India that is why the price is lowered. But I know for a fact that all beats products are manufactured in america and china and come out packed. Also, they told me that it is "common sense" that such a product wont be sold at such a price without some differences. This has not been mentioned anywhere on their site, which says that it they want to be suppliers of premium exclusive high quality products. When i told them that this isnt original, they said that the sound and look is the same. But this is not acceptable at all. They are decieving people into believing that they are recieving original goods while these are actually fakes. Immediate action needs to be taken against these frauds. Please help me in my grievance. Thank you.

anuj agarwal

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

my a/c remote was taken for repairing and i was told that it will be returned within 2 days..its been more than 40 days but didnt get my remote back..i have called more than 20 times but each time i got the same reply that my complaint is escalated and i will be contacted within 2 days..they are simply harassing me for just a remote... plz help

Kushal bharadwaj

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

Against the Non working of Samsung Mobile Phone.

Bijender S Yadav

Posted on Oct 27, 2014

I bought a HTC One (E8) mobile handset from HTC on 22nd August' 2014. The device developed some internal display problem in the month of Sep'14. When we took it to HTC service center in Gurgaon on 25th Sep, 14; they refused to repair it under warranty. Have been following up with HTC team since them on mails but as per them device can be repaired only paying Rs 7000/-. On of mails from HTC is copied for reference: From: Harbhajan_Singh@htc.com [mailto:Harbhajan_Singh@htc.com] Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 12:23 PM To: Bijender Yadav Cc: Ujjwal Sarin; karthik.arasu@teamhtc.in Subject: RE: [htcepp.com] Message from contact form [no_sync] Hi Bijender, When check with service center I came to know that device was damaged. And it was informed that it will be considered as out of Warranty. But you did not submit. Please visit service center again, so that they can share the facts with me. Thanks & regards, Harbhajan Singh

Sandhya MV

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

Complaint No - 8469000255. Mobile no - 9945012908 This is with reference to the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 bearing Model number SM-G7102ZWAINS that I purchased on 2nd Oct 2014. I noticed the phone was getting over heated & hung couple of times and handed over to service center in Koramangala Branch, Bangalore on 8th Oct.. They Updated the software and gave it to me on 10th Oct & when I started using the phone it had a different issue this time.. The Screen flickers & turns BLUE & then it RESTARS!!!! That is ridiculous as it happens every often and I would be in between the calls sometimes. Hence I had taken it back to service center again! From the time I purchased the phone I have left it at the service center more than what I have used..!! I feel really helpless! I have been requesting the team to replace my phone which they are just not doing.. I feel cheated I would really appreciate if you could kindly look into the matter & help me out. I must tell you the Samsung service is disgusting & horrible. Customer issues are given least importance. If I had to pick as faulty phone I would have gone for 2nd hand phone rather that picking a new one! Request you to kindly do the needful. Regards Sandhya 9945012908


Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have purchased a Videocon Refrigerator from Next Retail (HSR Layout, Bangalore). The refrigerator was purchased in January 2014. I have been having issues with the refrigerator ever since I purchased it. I have raised 6 complaints in last 8 months for the same issue. The fridge stops working intermittently. Everytime Videocon service engineer comes and fixes it temporarily. But, the issue keeps happening. It is clear that the quality of the fridge is not good and I want Videocon to replace the fridge. Following are the complaint numbers I have raised in last one month. Right now the fridge is not working again for last 2 days and Videocon have not sent any service engineer despite complaint booking and calls. BAN2010140420 BAN0110140016 Vaibhav Kulkarni 9900106966

Jitendra Tripathi

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have purchase a split A.c. 1.5 T,Videocon 2 year back. There is some fault in A.C. and after several complain no action has been taken.

Jitendra Tripathi

Posted on Oct 22, 2014

I have purchase a split A.c. 1.5 T, 2 year back. There is some fault in A.C. and after several complain no action has been taken.


Posted on Oct 21, 2014

Hi, I had purchased a tablet from Univercell and within the warranty period the tablet had some issue which I had given back to store (First week of September 2014) for get the issue fixed. The store Manager (Suresh) had informed that I will get the tablet back within 7 - 10 days. but it is more than 45 days and still they are struck on Friday (God knows which Friday). Still no one is taking responsibility to get my issue sorted. I followed the hierarchy: contact the store first, then the store manger, then ASM, then the helpdesk and finally I sent an email to MD. But still no one is responding. The conversation I had all this period I have it recorded. Only fake promises no action by any level till date. I don't know where my tablet phone is? and what this people are doing on this. I doubt whether the aligned people have the knowledge of the level they are on and the responsibilities. I need to file a case against this company and need some better suggestions.


Posted on Oct 19, 2014

we have not got our iron till now 2 months are over which we bought from flip kart.com as there was some techical fault in it they have taken our iron and did not return it till now so please solve our problem as soon as possible..


Posted on Oct 19, 2014

mumtazuddin mobile phone has cheated me.their gaba is set it kake item, they convinced me to take it,but with in 3 months, from 13 november to 13th february, 2014-the bluetooth, the charger and the phone itself was stopped or destroyed.they called me that there is liquid damage, but my phone was always kept in a waterproof bag in very care.and when i went to their customer care, i found that all people who coming to customer care, are suffering from taking gaba mobile.they are cheating violently.I want my money(10,000/-) back.please help me,please.

Deepak Pithisaria

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

I had got my ceiling fan repaired from Orient Electric's authorized service center in Bhowanipore in Kolkata. The service center people checked the coil and told me it is burnt and needs to be replaced. They replaced it and charged me for that. I paid a total of INR 682 towards repairing including service charge and other body parts. Later I got that coil(which the service center told was not working) checked from my local electrician and found that it was working perfectly fine. Then why did the authorized service center charge me?

Hemant Kumar

Posted on Oct 16, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I want to inform you that. I have purchased a smart phone model A94 made by micromax on dated of 31st May 2014. Last month 7th September 2014 i got some network problem with this phone so i going to service center (M/s Shree Sai Telecom-Gurgaon) service center deposit my phone and commit me they given me my phone after one week but service center given me after 21 days. (25th September 2014) . But Next day handset got battery backup and charging problem. And next day 26 September 2014 i going to again your service center and they again deposit my handset and tell me they return the handset to me after one week but i have not received any response by MMX S.Center side.i also complaint your Micromax Customer care center they also commit me service center given my hand set in a week but i have not received any response from customer care side. And last of all i want to telling you I am very irritated with Micromax handset and His services.

Ankita Biswas

Posted on Oct 16, 2014

Have bought a Refrigerator of Electrolux on 24th December, 13 priced @ Rs16000 (Invoive No: 19451500017)faulty door from purchase, servicing done till now 3 times now fridge has stopped working. they will not exchange nor return my money. Post warranty they will not provide service also. Please help sir. Regards, Ankita

Pradeep K

Posted on Oct 15, 2014

I have raised a request to Samsung service center about the problem with Samsung series 7 Smart TV(In Warranty Period).Regarding Tv's Wifi,Remote Control and Sound System.When i called samsung service center about the problem from past 10 days,I am not getting any kind of resolution.They are saying daily when i call that we are procesing we will solve the problem.But nobody turns out to work on the problem.I have given call to samsung service center i get a very careless response from Mr.Harpal,Supervisor of Technical Queue of Samsung,Noida central service center.He says that they can only fix the problem but not confirming on when they are going to fix it. I am fed up of calling samsung service center daily and hence reporting the complaint against samsung service center. Please let me know what action i can take against samsung.

Naresh Kumar Gupta

Posted on Oct 15, 2014

Dear Sir, I had purchased Spice Mobile Smartphone Mi-535 online through E bay vide order No Paisa Pay Id : 35303460855 on 27-12-2013 with following details:- A) - Invoice No 70405 dated 28-12-2013 , Amount to Rs 10,000/- The Mobile Set started giving trouble from the 6th month and ultimately I approached to Spice Service Centre Nanak Telecom, Shop No 74 & 75 Gandhi Market, Ambala Cantt. (09215789168-Mobile Number) in the month of August 2014 and deposited the set with them with complaint Number No: 7100135E80167. After 2-3 days , the Centre (Nanak Telecom Ambala) told me that they have repaired the set and that I can collect the set from them (Nanak Telecom Ambala Cantt), but on receiving the set I found that problem of speaker (earphone) was still there and new problem of ringer speaker has also generated. I again approached the Spice Service Centre Nanak Telecom Ambala Cantt and then they told me that the Mobile Set is to be sent to spic


Posted on Oct 13, 2014



Posted on Oct 13, 2014


Tirthankar Mandal

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

I have purchased a Sony LED TV (KDL-32W600A) on 27.06.2014 from Suri, West Bengal. TV has one year warranty. On 23.09.2014 this TV raised a problem of "Automatic Shutdown". I have Informed authorised Sony Service Center at Durgapur (Contact no 0343-2587217) on that day. The Job Number of my problem/complaint is "J42246071". One Mechanics came and checked the problem on 24.09.2014 and prescribed that one parts has a problem and will be replaced through service center soon. Till now Durgapur service center did not solved my problem. Whenever I call the service center they reply "Today Afternoon or Tomorrow Morning our mechanics will go and solve the Problem". But the afternoon and morning never comes till now. During warranty period I am not getting my service as the Durgapur Service Center is continuously cheating me. I am unable to watch my TV after 3 months of purchase due to defective product and service of Sony.

Anjan Das

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

Purchased a Sony CMT-BT60 audio systemSl No 6100408 on 18 Apr 2014. System had no power problem on 30 Aug 2014. Took system to authorised Sony Service center same day. Technicians opened and found ants ingress had caused internal damage. I was shown this and I pointed out to the technicians that the external body was intact and yet ants had gone in. I also wrote an email the same day to Sony care regarding this issue. They mentioned the issue was being looked into. The set was accepted for repair against cost even though it was under warranty. Job No J41959984 refers. On 08 Sep Sony care intimated via email that the fault resulted due to ingress of ants from an external damage. No evidence of external damage is seen even in the photographs that Sony has attached to their email. Regards

Janak chaoudhary

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

I inform that compny but no solve my provlem. so pls action Onida compny

rajesh anand

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

micromax agreed on email to repair mobile free of cost but later backed out on commitment

Mana Mohan Mukherjee

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

I had bought a lenovo yoga 8 tablet. Initially i didn't try for a sim. now when i am trying a sim in the sim slot,it is not recognizing the sim. I went to the lenovo service center and they are saying the sin slot is damaged but they can do nothing. although the item is in warranty period they are demanding money to repair.

Akshya kumar

Posted on Oct 10, 2014

I have purchased Xiaomi mi3 phone on Aug12, 2014 from Flipkart and paid 14000 Rs. Today it screen got damaged just by little jerk and its touch button stopped working though screen is working. I called Xiaomi service centre for resolution and they told me they have to replace screen, touch and motherboard and it will cost 7000 Rs. While my screen and phone is working, only 3 touch buttons not working and still they charging price half of the cost of phone which is not reasonable. They are cheating customers by selling phone on low rate and charging high price for every small damage. I want to register compliant against Xiaomi for cheating customers. They should replace my phone or repair it with minimal cost.


Posted on Oct 10, 2014



Posted on Oct 09, 2014

I purchased micromax unite 2 A106 through the mobile store limited. IMEI No. of model is 911345002252051 on 25/06/2014. But its display n touch had stopped working so i contact at alwar micromax service center i.e. GuruVallabh care center on 12/09/2014. They provided me jobsheet no. W020088-0914-12125321. They took around 28 days to repair this phone and returned me on 08/10/2014 but when i checked it then its again created problem. So i had to submit it back to Guruvallabh within 1 hour. Again they saying they will take around 25 days to repair this phone. Since this phone is creating problem. So i request to kindly take back this phone and issue me new phone in place of this or refund me back my amount. Otherwise I will have to file complaint at consumer court. Please take action on this asap. Thanks. Rohit Khandelwal +919785458690

sonu bansal

Posted on Oct 09, 2014

dear sir, below is the copy of my mail details which i sent on 8th september but have not received any positive feed back from company so please file my complaint againt the company Sonu Bansal 9971944133 From: "sonu bansal"sonubansal24@rediffmail.com Sent: Mon, 08 Sep 2014 09:19:20 +0530 To: "services@symphonycomfort.com"services@symphonycomfort.com Subject: complaint not resolved. dear sir, i have purchase i storm 70 cooler in end of may month and i have logged around 5 to 6 complaint from may to till now. i logged a complaint befor one and half month complain no. is fa-sa-25g14010 which was closed without attending and i got a message on 19 august 2014 to re-register, so i logged again and complaint no. is fa-mn-19h14001 and it was attended after 10 days. my complaint was about electric shock which effect my family members so many times and service engineer talk rudely and he said there is problems of electric shock in 50 coolers and it can not be resolved so now .

Jayant Chauhan

Posted on Oct 08, 2014

we have been getting cheated for for more than 2 years by the representative of INTECK ELECTRNICS, BANGALORE (Nirup).He never gave any receipt of the service and replacement he did for the KENT RO unit. The SMPS unit that he replaced just 3 months back went bad today and another representative came and said that it needed replacement again. He said the warranty is 6 months but when I told him that it was replaced just 3 months back, his manager (Jigar Patel) said that the warranty is only 2 months!!! The worst part is that the representative who visited us today, Lakshmipathi, threatened me and was all out to hit me when I raised the concern. We believe that we have been cheated not just today but several times in the past by Nirup as we have spent thousands of rupees in replacement of parts. I want to file a case against INTECK ELECTRONICS, Bangalore and Managing Director, Kent Water Purifiers for the financial loss and mental suffering we have gone through today and from last 2 years

Mohit Hegde

Posted on Oct 08, 2014

On ( 6/10/2014 ) morning as my phone canvas 2 was kept for charging suddenly the battery started burning and all the liquid and smoke started coming out and there was a blast. My phone is damaged and it was a risk for my life as if i was not awake the whole place could catch fire. I am was a loyal customer to micromax and has always suggested people to buy this brand. But today i am very much scared and unhappy. I have sent the photos and complaint of the same to micromax still they have not replied. I suggest never buy micromax , useless customer service. They just want to sell their faulty pieces to you and put your life in danger. After buying the phone they don't even bother if u live or die because of their faulty device. This has caused me loss of phone and also risk to my life. I would request you to please look in this matter and compensate me for the same. I have trust in you, and i know you will understand my grievances Thanking You

Nishant Bagrecha

Posted on Oct 08, 2014


Vishal Panwar

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

I have Purchsed A mobile set From Angel Sales Corporation,Mughal canal.The model of set is Micromax A94. The screen Of Set stops working on 24 August. then I visited the Bharat electronics(Authorised Service center),,,My job sheet no is NO30122081411730806 then they told me that your set will be deliver to you after 5 days thn after 5 days i again visited service center they told me that ur screen is in transit will deliver the set when they reeive the screen from company i ask them for the maximum time when i will receive my set as i m facing problm without a multimedia set cause it affects my business because my business is dependent on watsapp and mails,,,but same answer from their side that when company deliver them screen then they will deliver my set. Than Again i call micromax customer care and launched a complaint but still now no response from customer care and same answer from service center's side. because of micromax i have to pay Rs 13500 to purchse other set of samsung

Ashish Shukla

Posted on Oct 07, 2014

I had bought Dell laptop because they were providing additional warranty for two years at rs. 1299 along with gift vouchers total costing around 7000 rs. I have couriered them the cheque of Rs 1299 along with other details required by them. But till now i have not received either the extended warranty documents nor the gift vouchers as promised. I have received a mail from the said agency that they are unable to track my cheque, which is deposited by them. I had purchased the laptop on 15th of August 2014, it has been two months and no reply is being received from their side. the phone no provided by them is also not reachable any more. Please help.

Ankur Sharma

Posted on Oct 06, 2014

Hello Sir I've sent you the details of the Issue that I am facing with my Water Purifier Manufacturer over Service. Kindly let me know if any progress has been made on that so far.

Faiyaz Hishamuddin Damkar.

Posted on Oct 06, 2014

dear sir, we had purchased electrolux washing machine mod no ES72USMR on 3rd oct 2013 within a year several time it was repaired by technichan of electrolux.Fed up with every month problem we ultimately on 29 aug 2014 asked for replaced since we were provided with the defective product.Till now several time we have contacted the company but every gets the fake assurances. My wife is suffering with spondilitis,my sister -in-law Is eight months pregnant and parents are senior citizen in such situation they are compelled to do the washing of the clothes by their hands.we really feel exploitated. The machine hardly worked properly for a month after purchased.we shall be highly obliged if looked into the matter at earliest since company is in no mood of replacement. Yours truely, Faiyaz Damkar


Posted on Oct 04, 2014

My Name AnilKumar H C, purchased the Lg Refrigerator on 2nd October 2014. Delivery date is On 2nd October 2014 as mentioned in the Invoice. Till the date I am not Received my Purchased Product. Invoice no: 0/0(010)0006/016327 Tax Invoice Number ; 060V1214351. I Here by Reminding You that, I am lodging a complaint with consumer court against Metro cash and carry Yeshwantpur. for the irresponsive behavior and Also several complaints on interaction with customer.

Alif Khan

Posted on Oct 01, 2014

My Complaint Is About Micromax Repir Service Because They Have Not Repaired My Phone Even After Months IMEI-911314101535535 COMPLAINT NO.N040441071410724272

Sriparna mukherjee

Posted on Oct 01, 2014

i had brought a micromax canvas 2 colour on 30th sept 2014.In the box of the mobile it is mention that the mobile is android 4.4 kikat version but the mobile is 4.2 jalebin version

Pradeep Prabhakaran

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, My complaint was that I received a faulty product of Micromax Bolt A61 from a Micromax dealer named Mobile World, Palakkad(Dist) of Kerala. This handset has a problem with the SD card not functioning. The memory card slot is not working and it is just not recognizing any external memory card. I had asked the dealer to get the product replaced that too, in 2-3 days after we bought the product but they told try using different memory card accessories. We tried this and then also it wasn't working. Instead of replacing the phone as per the warranty, he says go to a Micromax service center. He did not provide replacement of the phone in 2-3 days, when we reported the issue. The dealer now tells that they can only replace the phone within 7 days(Micromax policy) which we are unaware. (This policy is not mentioned anywhere in the manual). But we lost the opportunity because of the dealer. Require this incident to be considered in the Consumer Redressal forum.Thank you.

prudvi raju G

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

My 2 month old Micro Max A250 Turbo mobile was crashed and i have given to service center and they have replaced the old mobile and denied me to give the details.

Akanksha Chaudhary

Posted on Sep 30, 2014

I had purchased a brand new SONY C3 on the 21st from Reliance Trends. Also bought a new Micro SIM Card for the same on the 23rd, Wednesday. Inserted the brand new sim card to find out that the tray got stuck in the slot. For immediate attention, I went to the customer service center of SONY for a check up. The entire phone was dismantled in front of me and then the mother board was taken inside to remove the SIM. When the representative came out, he showed me a damaged and scratched SIM card. He used PLUCKER to remove the sim card from the tray and damaged the phone. To repair, I am being asked to pay 8000 for a new mother board, while I have not even used the phone for a minute. The damage is caused at the service center. SONY has refused to repair the phone or replace it and is instead blaming me for wrong placement of the card, while the representative verified correctly placed SIM when he removed it. Request you to kindly help a harassed customer.

Ankit Chanda

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

I've a given a mobile of HTC to an authorized service center of HTC at e-mall,Kolkata. They have kept the mobile for 2 months and each time I call the the service center, they are saying that the parts have not come yet. I've called the today too and they repeated the same thing. my phone is under warranty and I've got it from a contest. can you help me ragarding this??

Arvind Nagar

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

Name: Arvind Nagar Mobile: 8447735379 Email ID: arvind28oct@gmail.com Address: C-011, ASSOTECH THE NEST, CROSSING REPUBLIK GHAZIABAD FeedBack Type: Complaint Product Type: Smart Phone Product Name: iris-x1 Product Cat: Others Feedback: I went to the Lava care in Noida-Bhangel and second time submitted my handset to rectify the problem. They have asked me to leave the set for 8-10 days because they want to send it to Lava Factory for resolution of the issue. Today I have got my handset back, but the problem is still as it was. I am fed up now. The problem I was and still facing with the handset is it disconnects the call and restarts automatically in between the call. I have analyzed the pattern of issue occurrence and found out that the issue occurs when I use Vodafone mobile operators sim. I guess your Lava iris X1 is not compatible with Vodafone and thats why its a manufacturing defect in this model. Please ask them to refund the amount

sagar sonawane

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

i have given my mobile for repairing at working condition & now shop owner giving me an dead mobile saying that we repairs at customers risk but how can be mobile operating by him how can i take the risk

ROHIT sehdev

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

sir i am rohit i ordered ipnone 5s 32 gb from http://www.myshopee.in on 16/9/2014 , and that time they told that u will get ur product within 7 day ,but now they not picking any call and no reply on email,i think this web site is make people fool and . i am very woory about my money ,this web site should be ban ,, plz help me to get my money back from this site ,

Chandrai Saha Kundu

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

My LG Refrigerator is giving me trouble since past 4 months..And now it's completely not working...when we called for service they send a mechanic who offered us an extended warranty of 3 years and told us to register a complain again after 1 month and the service will be provided .This Happened On May 29th...We Lodged A Complain Again On August first Week...But LG doesn't Seem To Bother...Every Time We Are Calling..They Promise To Get Back To Us Within 24 Hours..And Miserably Fail To Keep Thr Promise Complain I RNA140806076750

krishna murthy k.s

Posted on Sep 28, 2014

I had purchased my mobile micromax (A120) on 15th august 2014 I hardly used for 20 days the handset had a problem of pcb .we handed over the hand set to service Centre for service till date they are not able to rectify and no feed back, we don't have handset to use .I instruct the micromax company to replace the handset and also pay rs.20000/- against my time wasted and stand by set purchased for communication and harassments had with this company.

kamleshwari mishra

Posted on Sep 28, 2014

I have filed complaint with customer care of lg in the month of may 2014 in the respect of problem in my television. the technician of LG was visited my home on 15/06/2014 and said that there was problem with the IC and Capacitor which causes Rs.1050/- exp. (and you will get 03months guareentee) after that our TV will work properly. we paid and get tv repair by him on 22/06/2014. but in the same month same problem was occured, we again complaint in customer care of LG they lodged complain and sent the technician. Technician told that we have to take the circuit of TV to our authorised service centre in mira road and takeit away to the service centre. Till now nearly 03months passed away there was no responce from service centre, after that they had closed my complaint. we file many complaint which was closed without our notice. I approach personnally to the Mr. Swapnjeet, the superviser of service centre, he told your Tv cannot be repaired. do what ever you can to do.


Posted on Sep 28, 2014

repected sir i have bought a new samsung galaxy grand on 14.10.13.in which wifi is not workingmany time i have complaint it to samsung. but resultant they are not responding to may compalint. i have gave it to samsung service centre but then also it is not working.. so please help me..out thanking yoy shriom trivedi

Dr R K Mishra

Posted on Sep 28, 2014

My name is Dr R K Mishra. I purchased new Sony audio system shake 66D from Dawar International Electronic PVT Ltd. Plaza Mall Gurgaon. After taking payment they said you go home and I will send you the product at your home. But when they send the SONY music system at my home all the speaker were in the cartoon without any foam and there were dust in the groove of woofer. There was no user manual and Warranty card inside the Box. Then i went next day to the dealer the same unit which was in the showroom display which I saw that day was not present. I said you sold me old product which was in your showroom. I said then where is your Demo set which was in your showroom. They said it is shifted to another showroom. Then I said why thee is dust and scratches on my music system and No guarantee card. I told them to replace my unit and give me guarantee card but they are refusing to do so. I send them email and called several time but they are not good person. Please help me. Dr R K Mishra

Bhudeep Sarwa

Posted on Sep 27, 2014

sir, i had puchsed panasonic p31 from panasonic show room in akashganga supela bhilai on 19th june 2014.after 2 month problem created by touch pannel. i went to prisha service center which is in akashganga supela bhilai on 29 august 2104, they submitted my phone for repairing but till today no solution has given by them, i have gone many times as they called me. sir please help me.

Prakhar Singh

Posted on Sep 27, 2014

So, i live in lucknow, and went to buy a Tata DoCoMo Photon Max WiFi. I went into this shop and he didnt had the prepaid version so he said if i gave his 500 rs he can bring the prepaid version tomorrow and if i changed my mind then he will give the 500rs back. HE DIDNT! That crazy and disgusting piece of trash!! Please help me with some legal advice.

Rajpal kumar

Posted on Sep 27, 2014

Respected sir,i had purchased one oxygen generator for my autistic child from SANRAI,#211,shree complex,st john's road,Bangalore -42,on 22/9/14 by issuing one cheque of 43000rs dt-25/9/14.While purchase company manager Mr.srinivasa assured me that it can be return back after use but it depend on number of hrs.After using one hr within two day i realized that my autistic child is sleeping very late.So i called the manager and told to take back and for one hr use i am ready to pay amount but he is not taking and forcing me to pay full amount.What he promised to me same thing he promised to my friend N b singh (8861309480)dt-25/09/14.pl help me.


Posted on Sep 26, 2014

UN-satisfied service to repair Geyser by NEW ABP ENTERPRISE from Kolkata New Alipore, 370, Block-K, Pin- 700053

piyali biwas

Posted on Sep 26, 2014


Sunitha N Raghani

Posted on Sep 25, 2014

Complaint submitted to IFB and technician attended, rectified and charged service fee. Next day, same problem. After repeated calling, the technician attended on the 25th September 2014. He reported that there is a problem with the PCB and advised to replace the same and suggested to go for an exchange and purchase new Microwave under exchange scheme. Asked service technician to provide me with a service report and state the problem identified in the report. Person refused to provide any service report and also refused to refund the fees charged earlier. Spoke to the manager of the service centre and he says no policy of issuing a service report and told me to do what ever i want. Terrible service by IFB.

Biju PT

Posted on Sep 25, 2014

Complaint against (New Big Boss) Authorized Distributer of Aqua Fresh Water Purifier SCO-92/2, Sector-45-C, opposite Police Post, Chandigarh. Phone; 9915952005, 9646399419, Customer Care O172-6540139. On 9/06/2014, I purchased Aqua Fresh water purifier total of Rs.7000/- from above mentioned firm on the down payment of Rs.1500 & 3 cheque of Rs.1500/- per month & One check of Rs.1000/-. Three check are cleared, one payment is due on 7th of October 2014. After three month the Water Purifier was not working, and its under warranty period of 12 months. On 16th September I called up above mentioned mobile no.9646399419 and had a talk with Mr.Naresh, he said, message me ur address in my mobile no. I will send technician tomorrow at ur residence. No body will come to my place. Again next day I called up there mentioned C.Care. they also said, Conform ur address. We will send technician to ur Place. Almost 10 days had gone. There is no response from there customer care. Or from the Distributor

Srinwanti Bhattacharya

Posted on Sep 25, 2014

We bought a Sansui LCD tv 5 months back. Now they are not doing the service and i guess waiting for the warrenty expire. They told that due to tv problem the set will get replaced. I complained there for 2 times but nobody is taking the responsibility and the customer care executives are providing wrong telephone numbers as well. Please help. Did not find any other solutions.

Subrata Guha

Posted on Sep 24, 2014

I had bought a mouse(FRONTECH) on 9/5/2014 from HITECH COMPUTERS & SERVICE,244 G T Road Liluah,Howrah 711204,WB.but that mouse give problem now.I ha reported to the shop.they give no proper response to replace that mouse. please help me.

M K Parthasarathy

Posted on Sep 24, 2014

Samsung air conditioner that was bought just 2 months back is not working. Tried contacting customer support several times and there has been no response. It has been more than five days since I contacted them regarding this.


Posted on Sep 24, 2014

My Samsung grand 2 phone has been in defect from the time I bought it.I purchased it on 27 April 2014and with a weeks time it got into repair mode.The mother board got changed and you can check out the following attached email.The amount of inconvenience I faced moving from one customer care center to another and then finally mother board got changed after weeks time.Again after 4 months the same problem has arisen.Now whether samsung will follow the same process of repair and wants the consumer to visit the service centre again and again.No Use at all. Called samsung service center this morning but the senior operator was not available,kept me in waiting for long time and call got discontinued.No importance given to customers.Pathetic service and poor product.Totally fed up with Samsung.Lot of time,money and energy wasted. Request you guys to help me to get a replacement asap.

Gaurav Mittal

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

Fraud case against Daksh Communication, sector 15, gurgaon They are selling fraud brand of Nokia in place of the original one and charging the customer the same price as that of original. I gave them my Nokia Lumia 520 phone for the Touch Screen replacement. But they placed the fraud brand in my phone which was not working properly. I asked them for the replacement but they are nor will to do so. Also they are not returning my money. Please help me in this case, so that no other person gets in their trap.


Posted on Sep 23, 2014

I had purchased a spice mobile MI -505(SPICE MI:911313250602088) on 29/09/2013 from Spice Retail Limited, Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi However, the phone started giving problem since July 2014. On contacting the Laxmi Nagar Service Center, Optimum Teleservices, the engineer detected that the mike was to be replaced and the charging was also not ok. The handset was submitted on 19/07/2014 to Optimum Tele services. On 26th August 2014 (after multiple follow-ups at customer care) I was informed that my handset is replaced and I will be given a new MI 506 handset instead of my original MI 505. However, I accepted and collected the same on 26th August 2014 at 6.00 pm (i.e. in the evening). I was asked to charge the battery for three hours in switch off mode before use. I did the same but the phone did not work. So I again visited the service centre on 27th August 2014 afternoon at 1.30 pm. The engineer checked and confirmed that the handset is a dead set and shall be forwarded to the company. But in spite of repeated calls at service centre neither my phone is replaced nor repaired. Then after multiple follow up at the customer care I was provided with a second handset of MI 506 on 22nd September 2014. I am astonished because the replacement warranty does not mean replacement by second hand phone. It actually needs to be replaced with new handset. Moreover, my handset was with you for more than 2 months (i.e. 19/07/2014 to 22/09/2014) so I demand an extended warranty of two months from the date of giving me the handset. I am being provided the handset with different IMEI no. without any documentation. I hold the bill for MI 505 and handset with me is MI 506.

jyoti nishad

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

maine bhatiya sales, raipur millenium plaza se ek i3 laptop kharida tha, jisko kharidne k first day hi usme charger ka problem hone laga uske thik hone k baad bhi usme do teen baar problem aya.at last muje pata chal k wo mera laptop i3 hi nahi hai. jab maine shopkeeper se iske liye bola to wo bole k ye laptop mera bik jaayega tab hi tumhe main dusra de paunga or jo naya aayega uske liye jo rate diffrence aayega wo b dena padega to maine mana kar diya last main maine unse strictly pucha k wo badal k denge k nahi to unhone muje mana hi kar diya or bola tum dekh lo kya karna hai.


Posted on Sep 22, 2014

i had a purchase a phone on 16 june 2014 , and after 1 month it stop working and then i submit it to SP RADIO CENTRE , Shop NO. 3 ,FF , Meena Bazaar , Civil Lines , ALLAHABAD on 8 august 2014 and they said it will get repaired in 25 days . but now today is 44th day and they are not giving it back plz help me out . JOBSHEET NO. N040679-0814-11387920

Mahesh M

Posted on Sep 21, 2014

I had bought an Acer Liquid Mini mobile phone in 2012. At present there is no service center for mobiles in India to rectify my faulty mobile.


Posted on Sep 20, 2014

I had purchased sony bravia TV(Model-KLV 40EX430)on 28.08.2013 in Kolkata.It became faulty on 08.08.2014 with in warrant period.So I filed complaint on sony tollfree no 18001037799.Then took the TV to the service centre which was assigned to me on toll free no on 14.08.2014. They took the TV from me and gave me Service Job sheet ID J41819770.After around 10 days the service centre replied that the parts of the TV were not available and they would replace my TV with the brand new model KLV-40R482B. I had sent E-mail on there email ID sonyindia.care@ap.sony.com & servicehead@ap.sony.com But since then it has been more than 43 days since i had registered complaint Sony India hasn't provided the said model. The details are as below: 1)Toll free no Service ID- 20362702 2)Job Sheet No:J41819770 3)Model Purchased:KLV-40EX430 4)MODEL to be provided:KLV-40R482B 5)Request ID sent via mail--020769210 6)Service centre address-Neosa Electronics(P) Ltd,70/1/2, Gouri Bari Lane,Kolkata

nabanita majumder

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

just before 1 month ago I was purchased a blackberry mobile phone from a retail shop naming by DENOVO, at S.P. Mukharjee road, kolkata-26. the phone does not give the sufficient battery back up from after purchasing it. though i was visit to the service center of blackberry at begbagan but the same problem is going on. again I visited to the retail shop and request them to replace the phone but they force me to go again to the service center. I am a working lady and I don't get enough time for visiting several times to the retail shop. kindly please help me how I can resolve my problem.

sangeeta chowdhury

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

I have been deceived on the name of repairing my computer with rs1500.my set has not been repaired rather left in a worsened condition.

Parvez Mehta

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

My complaint is regarding my Apple Iphone 5s. I had bought it in January 2014 & had 1 year warranty. Within 6 Months I noticed a few lines on the screen leading to black spots on the screen & the touch screen getting non responding. I have never caused any damage to the phone by accident, abuse, misuse, or other external causes. Never even dropped it or kept it on hard surface. You won't find any scratches or dent even after so many months. Now the Apple co. says that this is physical damage & is not covered under warranty & wants me to pay Rs.22000/- for replacement.Though the warranty condition states that physical damage & water damage is not covered under warranty, but this is no kind of physical damage. I have already paid Rs.52500/- to purchase this phone, & can't pay another 22,000/- for replacement within 6 Months. Kindly Help.


Posted on Sep 19, 2014

I had purchased one samsung refrigerator from reliance store ( crown interiors ) &on 16th Aug 2014 & they had delivered a fridge with a dent on the door.When the engg came for demo he opened the carton & found the dent on the door.After speaking to his concerned team he assured that either they will replace the door or they may provide upto 5% discount.Till today I have been following up with them for replacement/discount but there is no response from their side.

subhodeep chandra

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

I have purchased a lenovo laptop dated 25th august 2014 and the motherboard got damaged just 2 weks after purchase. Filed a complaint with lenovo for the replacement of the motherboard and they told it will be done by this week. Now when i called up they are telling the part is not available right now and it will be available after november. I told them i cannot wait for this time and told them to refund the money or send me a new laptop.They told both of this is not possible as these are out of their T&C. I am stuck with a broken laptop and have lots of emergency work which i am not able to do it and i am in a very hopeless situation. Would request you to kindly help me urgently please.


Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Already made complain on 28.07.2014.But I regret to state that I have not yet heard anything in this regard from your end. I had been aggrieved as customer as because the seller of the computer Tablet had sold to me a defective Tablet. I as an unsuspecting customer bought the Tablet on good faith from M/s Lalani e city of 6, G.C. Avenue,KOL-13. The Tab was found defective from the very beginning. But the Co (Lalani ectech city) refused to replace it by a new and good one in violation of terms and conditions. Hence this letter of complaint to you under the consumer Protection Act for redrresal. Kindly write to me at an early date with your directions in thematter and let me know its positions


Posted on Sep 17, 2014

To Morphy Richards India, I have brought a Morphy Richards induction cook top on 2013,January with two years service grantee. But it stop working on 10.09.14 & I lodged a complain to the customer care( with a valid complaint no-5460407) & they send their technician on 12.09.14 at my place, that guy fail to resolve my problem & promise me that I will get a call from them on that particular day regarding this service issue, but I don't get any response from them (Loknath Enterprise Kolkata-03324259400/9239561530, an authorized service provider of Morphy Richards).On 13/09/14,I gave call to the customer care & the service center both,none of them came out with proper solution of my problem.I have called to the customer care on 16.09.14 & 17.09.14, but alas !, the customer service people are just clueless & every time they told that they are going to send someone at my place for the problem,But its a simple lie.They made customers fool with such promises.They need a strong punishment

deepak kumar

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

I deepak kumar, purchased sony xperia C 2305, on 20th of oct 2013. i have been facing problems in my mobile since last two months and every time submitted it to the sony care centre. but they are insufficient in solving the problem even after 3 times. every time they solve a problem another problem rises out. they are also not able to give a proper fixe to the technical fails. my job sheet no. are W114082201697 ( Dt.22-8-2014) ; W114090501190(Dt. 5-9-2014) ; W114091302061 (Dt.13-9-2014). the service centre registered as SHITIZ TELECOM , shop no.115, gf , AKD Tower, sec 14, gurgaon haryana. my mobile handset is still in warrenty period. i am afraid that with such problem resolving skills of the staff, i might not be able to use my mb phone after the warrenty period will be over. they are not giving a proper solution to my prob. please help me out sir.

Dayal singh

Posted on Sep 17, 2014

I deepak kumar, purchased sony xperia C 2305, on 20th of oct 2013. i have been facing problems in my mobile since last two months and every time submitted it to the sony care centre. but they are insufficient in solving the problem even after 3 times. every time they solve a problem another problem rises out. they are also not able to give a proper fixe to the technical fails. my job sheet no. are W114082201697 ( Dt.22-8-2014) ; W114090501190(Dt. 5-9-2014) ; W114091302061 (Dt.13-9-2014). the service centre registered as SHITIZ TELECOM , shop no.115, gf , AKD Tower, sec 14, gurgaon haryana. my mobile handset is still in warrenty period. i am afraid that with such problem resolving skills of the staff, i might not be able to use my mb phone after the warrenty period will be over. they are not giving a proper solution to my prob. please help me out sir.

Madhu Gupta

Posted on Sep 16, 2014

We purchased a Siemens elevator from XJ Elevators India Pvt. Ltd. Since the first day, the elevator is not in a proper working condition and now they have refused to fix it even when we have purchased an Annual Maintenance Contract from them.

Eswar Chaitanya

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

My complaint is about IFB service center. I have AMC with IFB since 19 th, July 2014. I got an issue with IFB washing machine and raised a complaint to fix the problem. Complaint number are 133558732 and 13735483. Two complaints are made because after the first complaint, a service executive came and said, a part in the machine has to be replaced. But they can replace any part only after 45 days of AMC start date (which was not mentioned as part of the T&C of AMC document). Still I waited for 45 days and I raise 2nd complaint. Now they say they don't have the part with them. I had to wait 1 week. Now its more than a week and still they say the part is not available with them and contact the executive who has given AMC to you!!!

Angshu Bikash Das

Posted on Sep 14, 2014

I have a Nokia Mobile Handset, Model 'LUMIA 720', Purchased in September, 2013. The phone is within guarantee period. The camera of the phone was not functioning. I gave it to Nokia. Care, Infotel Services, Kolkata. Jobsheet no. 265504886/140809/013 dated 9.08.2014. When the phone was not returned by 25.08.2014, I complained in Nokia Official Website - complaint no is 1-15443922322. I have made many phone calls to both Infotel Services Kolkata as well as Nokia Services - but I have not received the handset back till now even after 36 days. It is deplorable quality of service by Nokia and as a result I cannot use my phone for last 36 days needless to mention that the phone is still under warrantee.


Posted on Sep 14, 2014

sir please Help me

Arijit Tripathi

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

I am given my sony X peria M mobile for repairing to Technoplaza Saltlake.He promised to return it within 7 days.After 1 month also he not returned the phone and not ablee to say when it will be returned.

sanjib biswas

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

I want to inform you that I purchased A Sony handset Xperia U(Rs..12900) on 23rd June 2013. Then within few days touch problem occurred and it was solved by service center. Then after 3 or 4 months later again touch problem occurred and repaired by service center. Now the same touch problem is started again. I contacted nearest service center and they estimated an amount of Rs.5200. for repairing as it is out of warranty ( VALID BEFORE 23rd June 2014) and it is very worthy for me. My question is about the accuracy and quality of authorized servicing that repetitive touch problem (3 times) occur within this duration. Is there any responsibility to provide servicing within my budget? Phone model: Xperia u(st25i) IMEI: 355114054189063


Posted on Sep 12, 2014

Hi Dear I am Naresh Kumar,live in Gurgaon.My complaint is about my Mobile Handset MI-504( Spice)that one purchased on March-2014.After few days it started problem during functioning.On its screen lines comes automatically when we dial a number aur want to do something else. Then i went to Spice Center that is located in Gurgaon address is SACH COLLECTION POINT,1789/3,RAJIVE NAGAR,MAIN MATA ROAD,GURGAON-122001,CONTACT NUM:9555355131.Where i submitted my phone on 30 July-2014.They gave me the receipt for the same and in receipt it is clearly written that your phone will be delivered with in 21 working days.With in 21 working days and after that i went there they told me that we did not receive your phone till now.It has been more than 30 days.Despite of these things i called so many times on their CUSTOMER CARE number ( 18602001003) to know the status of my phone and every time they said your phone is ready to dispatch.My service Request num is (07101561E70501 ).

subhasish sadhukhan

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

I purchased a micromax bolt series x 321 model mobile phone IMIE NO 1 : 911307408357413 and IMEI NO 2 :911307408357421 from BAG INFOTECH, Salkia, Howrah on 17/09/2013. It was noticed that that the top right key of the mobile phone stopped working properly and due to that I visited the authorized service centre at Howrah, kadamtala and they deposited the handset for few days and told me that it will be repaired within few days then I send one of my friend after few days to collect the handset then the service centre informed that the handset has been repaired.Then on 02/09/14 I send one of my staff to visit your another service centre in hatibagan named msc infotech after waiting for 2 hours where they informed that the keypad needs to be changed and it would not be provided with warranty and will be having a charge of Rs 255. they are saying all false commitment as not to provice warranty?both the service centre's words are not he same. kindly look into the matter.

vinod choudhary

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

I have buy a micromax led tv november 30 2013 last 6 days it is no display, i have complaint micromax care on 9/9/2014 He talk to me that your problem solve next 24 hours but the problem not solve on 12/9/2014......i have call him 2 or 3 time but not solve my problem please help me.............

pankaj biswas

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

i have an epson (l210) printer.last 5 days my printer got problem.i will complain to epson help line but they can not short out my printer problem.i call them more then 15 times but they told me our engineer meet you tomorrow but engineer not coming to my shop. ples help me out from this problem.

Sudhanshu Goswami

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

Had submitted my Karbon Tab A37HD for warranty repairs to authorised repair agency M/S Raj Mobiles, Vashi, Navi Mumbai vide Job Sheet no. KJASPMH286714K9198 on 24th July, 2014. Have still not got back the repaired tab despite repeated follow up. They keep telling the tab has been sent to company for repairs.


Posted on Sep 11, 2014

Dear Sir, Please find below details of my product booking at Snap Deal, at the end of the day Snap Deal has cancelled my order without any reason, in such instances why the company has advertised for free promo offers and why they are encouraging people through such strategies, requested to kindly take necessary action either to stop such false statements, confirmations or providing the same product as per the booking details mentioned below. YOUR ORDER IS PLACED Dear MOHAMMED NAZEEM, Your order ID: 2807586113 | Order Placed on : 2014-09-10 12:44:04 You have done all the hard work!! Now sit back and relax. We will send you an Email and SMS the moment your order items are dispatched to your address. Order Details : S.no Item name Suborder Number Quantity Estimated Dispatch Date Delivery Date Price 1 Sony New PS Vita Slim Wifi Console - 2014 Edition Delivery: Standard Delivery 3808641368 1 On or Before Sep 15, 2014 Sep 18, 2014 16990 Delivery: (+) 0 TRACK YOUR ORDER Total Amount:Rs.16999


Posted on Sep 11, 2014

I bought micromax A069 On 10 August 2014.Its not even 20 Days after buying my cell phn is not working properly. Particular right upper area, its touch is not working at all. Even without any physical damage. And even its earphones stopped working suddenly without any physical damage. I am very disturbed. I am a regular cllg student that was my first smartphone i bought after doing a internship for 2 months somewhere because i was in a urgent need of a smartphone to continue with my assignments and projects for which i need to surf a lot. sir i really oblige and request you to take my complaint into consideration. Even I have submitted my cell phone in the shadipur service center and i asked them for a substitute, before submitting they said yes substitute will be provided. the time i submitted my cell phone they said that substitute is not provided, we didn't said anything like that. i really want my cell phone to be replaced by the company on a serious notice


Posted on Sep 11, 2014

I gave my new Micromax A091 phone for repair of broken LCD on 29th July 2014, at their Dunlop Service Centre vide Job No. E030466-0714-11163679. Since then I have been visiting the service centre regularly, every 2-3 days, but they are only replying.."not done"...They also asked me to get in direct touch with the company. I have sent them emails also and they keep replying in apology and saying that they are trying to get it done fast. Actually I think they do not have any spare LCD screens, so they are unable to replace my broken screen. I have kept the copies of all the email correspondence with the company. It is now more than a month, and I am suffering without a phone.

Kamal Bhardwaj

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Sub:- regarding the complaint my Sony Xperia J. I had submitted my handset to Gadget Cops mobile repairing company on the 27th July 2014 regarding a issue that I was facing a problem of Hanging, Heating etc. After the diagnosis was done by the executives, I was made aware that the Screen of the mobile phone was damaged and the repairs won’t be covered under warranty as the repairing cost is more 60% of the current market value of same make & Model. When I asked them for the repair charges, I was astonished that till today they are not provide me the repair charges . I asked for about 10 times to executive of the company for the repair of the handset. I could not understand the flow of things that going with me that moment. I was just so shocked to hear that phone is not repair. Now, till date i have not received my unrepaired mobile phone. Kindly Help. Company Name:- Gadgets Cops Address:- A-83, Noida Sector 2, Noida – 201301 Phone no.:- 01204883000 Thanks & Regard

Nikhil Shirodkar

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

I purchased a 40 inch LCD TV from VU brand via Croma retail in 2011 August for Rs. 25,990/-. This is our first VU product & was a gift to my 67 year old mother exactly 3 years ago to this day. We called in the service centre to look into pink lines on the screen, & were told that the control unit on the screen is not working requiring repair at cost of close to 90% of purchase cost rendering the repair unviable & resulting in premature loss to me. We are quite shocked to learn that this has happened in 36 months of purchase. We patronize several electronic TV brands & currently have a Panasonic Viera, Philips & Samsung LCD TV's all purchased 6 + years ago & still operating efficiently. We approached CEO of VU, Devita Saraf to look into this matter, & she merely pointed us back to the service centre who repeated the same offer of replacing the LCD panel at our cost. It is inappropriate & irresponsible on the part of VU to have sold us a substandard product whose parts replacement in

Raja Chatterjee

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

Shakers induction ovenSK-24 taken away for service by service persons was not returned since 5 months without any information. No information available from head office/ complaint centre.

sumuta das

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

samsung refused to provide warrenty to my S4 handset. Prob is moisture deposition in LCD which is increasing day by day. According to them it is probably due to mis handling or absorbing moisture fm ear. Asking for 6900 for lcd replacement

Biju Narananan

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

Dear sir/Madam I purchased a Galaxy S3 mobile phone on last january 12th 2013. The handset shows the problem of long duration of charging in the first week it self. Service center people do many things such as soft ware upgrade,repairing etc. On my next visit they replaced the battery charger. it has no problem for charging for a month It becomes faulty again.Also it has screen hanging and data net work problem.During this period I wrote 3 letters to samsung customer care. They informed me that Samsung escalation team will contact.I was waiting for a week.No one contact me. After some effort I got the samsung Kochi office phone number and cell no of Service Manager. Another 4/5 days of continues attempt I got Samsung Service Engineer(Mr. manu) and communicate. I understand that he all ready have details of my interactions with samsung customer care . He promised a call back within minutes.No one call me. I tried him many times on his mobile and office no. Again after 1-2 months


Posted on Sep 09, 2014

jabil global services not able to provide service

Pankaj Goswami

Posted on Sep 09, 2014

Myself Pankaj Goswami had bought Sony T3 mobile from Reliance Digital Vashi Navi-Mumbai on 17th August 2014. On 30th August I faced the issue of Ear Speaker not working and Memory card not detecting. I reached out to Sony Service Center in Vashi Navi Mumbai (Sri Sai Electronics) and they provided me the job number - W114083003897. The engineer said that Motherboard has the problem and will need to replace it. I had hardly used the phone and within 13 days it's going to repair and this is really concerning for me. I will not take the phone which is going to repair. Either I want new phone or my money back from reliance Digital. Further details of the product is as below: IMEI No: 354127060360438 SI number: 1284-6658 Model No: D5102 Color: Black Purchase Date: 17th Aug 2014 Provider: Reliance Digital Vashi Navi Mumabi Service Job number: W114083003897 I request you to contact me after 4.00 pm. Regards, Pankaj

gurujeet gogna

Posted on Sep 08, 2014

SIR I PURCHASED A MOBILE PHONE OF KARBOON COMPANY MODEL A51 FROM SNAP DEAL ONLINE COMPANY,ORDER NO. : 2599545480 Order Placed On : 2014-08-11 12:33:38, the mobile was with wrong imei number not registered, the mobile is not working and the service center of karboon mobile dose not take my mobile for repair even if in warrenty.


Posted on Sep 06, 2014

I have complained on March,14 for my Kenstar Geyser KGS 06W5P Sl.No. 2508117405021-00903. The technician said that the Element was not working and to be changed at Workshop i.e Authorised Service Centre (Millenium Service Centre, 17 Roy Bahadur Road, Behala, N/L- 14 No. Stand, Kolkata-34). I had received the Geyser after repair on 26/04/14 and they charged Rs. 1050/-. Without being used, after one and a half month it was found that the Geyser was not working. I again complain (No KOL 1406140045) on 14/06/14. The technician told that the Element needed attention at Workshop. On 12/07/14, when I get there for taking delivery, it was told to me that Element was changed again and this time also, I have to pay the charge again for the Element.. I had further mailed the complain twice to Kenstar Service Centre and also sent a hard copy, but the reply is still awaited. However expecting a strict action to these Service Centres/Companies from Consumer Redressal so that I get justice/solution

Sutanu Roy

Posted on Sep 05, 2014

I had bought a Samsung LED tv for Rs 56500 on 31.3.2012(delivered 7Apr) from a Samsung Digital Plaza in Kolkata.And yesterday(4.9.2014) just after 2yr5month, the display has gone black with only sound coming.I lodged a complaint and a technician came and confirmed that the display panel is faulty,but he could not confirm the reason for this premature fault.He made a quotation of Rs 28808 for the change.This is really pathetic as if a 50K+ tv lasts for just 2yrs then the quality of the products being rolled out needs to be looked into or greater warranty periods should be provided for such low quality products.I am writing this so that Samsung is taken up on the fraud and am provided a solution at minimal charges. Spending around 30K each year for a television is not feasible for a middle class family Complaint No-8468024152 TV Model no-UA40D5900 Expectation is that a television bought at this rate should run for at least 10 years,also that is being verbally guaranteed by sellers


Posted on Sep 05, 2014

This refers to complain no RNA140817057848 regarding our 1.5 ton split AC purchased on 9-5-2011 for Rs. 26,290 in Vadodara. 17-8-2014 complain registered at the call centre that AC is not cooling properly 18-8-2014. Engineer visits and says no gas, another team will come for gas issues. They collect Rs. 450 as visit charges saying it will be settled in the final bill. 19-8-2014. Another team visits, inspects, says cooling coil spoilt and will have to be replaced. Approximate estimate Rs. 6000. The indoor unit will have to be taken to service centre and shall be picked up only when the spare is available. 21-8-2014. Indoor unit is picked up and we are asked to pay Rs. 300 as transportation charges. But as per LG policy, they did not give us any document saying that they had our indoor unit nor did they mention anything anywhere on paper!! 25-8-2014. The service centre incharge says that the spare received is defective and will take a couple of days more. 1-9-2014. The service cent

Monsur Hossain

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

sir ,I have purchased a LG G Pro new mobile from a shop named MOBILE PALACE,Kamakhyaguri ,West Bengal but later i havew found the phone faulty and fake..The IMEI no doesnot match with the IMEI given in the backside of the phone. The phone is also found so many defective in display ,language,Internet etc.. sir plz solve my problems

Virender Singh Rawat

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I had bought a 40" Samsung LCD from Next Retail with 2 years extended guaranty.The product has started giving complaint (Display problem)within a year.since it was in grantee therefore the screen were replaced. But after that the problem is erupting again and again. Since then it is got 3 times breakdown and the problem is always same (display problem). Same I had communicated to Next Retail, but they refused as the Samsung is "OEM", therefore ultimate responsibility is lying with Samsung for defective production. I escalate same matter to Samsung top team with end no of reminders to replace the LCD with similar specifications, but all in vain. I have the complete detail of mails sent to Next and Samsung. If required same would be shared with you. Kindly help me to replace the defective unit. Awaiting your swift action on it.

clifrn colaoc

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

I have ordered a spy pen from rediff.com and i also got the product but it was defective product. the day i got the product i requested a refund for my product. But till now nothing has happened. No refund i got. I have call the customer care around 6-7 time but they just say "We will process your complain".

Gurmeet kaur

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

We bought an elica chimney for our kitchen on 6-4-2013. Its button for fan stopped working for which we are complaining since last 6 months in the service centre at dehradun and pune. But there is no rectification made yet. Everytime a new person comes from service centre sees the chimney and goes back aftersaying that pcb for the chimney is not available. We will correct it in 10 days when pcb will come. But it has been 6 months and no action is been taken. We are staying in a flat and thesmoke collects inside the house while cooking. I have a 5 months old baby who has developed allergy to smoke because of that and is suffering with sinusitis.


Posted on Sep 01, 2014

i bought samsung starpro S7262. to give gift to my frnd. i bought that mobile on 4th of August from alfa at vile parle and gave it to my frnd on 10th of AUGUST.When we open that box and insert the sim card it snot detecting the network. its a majar issue and battery is not getting charge. Not even for miniuts we use that phone and when we visited marol samsung hub, they bugger first keep that phone for 3 days and after that they were telling ki we will not replace it and want more 8 days to know the issue. Just help me with it.what ever mayb.

indrajit gupta

Posted on Aug 31, 2014

I have purchased refrigerator electrolat model no 205 from greateastern branch baguiati,kol on 15/08/2014 after installation some problems found I called on seller to rectify the problem but tilldate no response received from them

Pradeep T A

Posted on Aug 30, 2014

Hello, Myself Pradeep T A had purchased Samsung galaxy Note 2 phone on 11/12/2013,within 12days i found some problems in my cell phone and i went to service centre,they informed me that both mother board and display needs to be replaced and they replaced both.Now after 8 months again the same thing and same problems and they again replaced mother board and display,I'm afraid because after warranty period if the same problem occurs i have to spend a lot of money on this,so take this issue as an important and help me fix this,this will help others also.I have sent attachments to mail@consumerredressal.com,so kindly check and please help me fix this


Posted on Aug 30, 2014

I have submit the my mobile in Xolo Service center for the reparing, phone is in a warranty period i have submit the my phone on 6 th August 2014. serceice center has given the time to me on 6 to 7 day for reparing but still have not yet received the same. i have persoanally call and meed to service center but they have not provide the proper ans every time they have asking to me they have send the mobile head office this is inprocess. please help on this matter Mobile Company - Xolo Mobile model-Xolo q500 service center cotact no -9167203572 email id Care@xolo.in Mobile IMEI no- 911344150166148

Mr. Alban Pereira

Posted on Aug 30, 2014

I Mr.Alban Pereira from Mahim Mumbai 400016 would like to share the bad experience I am facing with Panasonic India pvt. Ltd I purchased a 50" Panasonic LED TV in exchange for my 38” Samsung TV on 3rd July 2014 and in one month six days the TV was totally dead. I lodged a complaint with their service dept. on 9th Aug. Their technician informed me that a major part was nonfunctional, & was not readily available with them. Since the last 20 days I have been constantly e-mailing and phoning them to replace my TV in that case. But they kept dodging my calls. Finally when I visited their office to ask for the replacement of the TV they told me they were ready to repair the TV.I want them either a)refund my money or b)replace the defective TV & compensate me for the delay which caused me harassment & intense mental stress & also extend the warranty for the delayed period. Please guide me on this issue as I feel cheated and want a replacement of this defective TV. Regards, Mr. Alban Pereira.

Jagrook Dawra

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

I bought a Purit Marvella Water purifier for Rs. 7500.00 about two months back from the Reliance store in Magneto Mall, Raipur. It was leaking from the body. The Purit Engineer came 3 times and the reliance engineer came twice but could not fix it. In the last visit, the reliance engineer also discovered that the UV lamp was not working and the water particles were also not getting filtered (the ppm of the tap water and the filtered water were both the same). I expect multinationals like Reliance and HUL to be more professional than this!!! Also need advice on how the situation can be handled. I have till now been very soft but firm with them. Dr. Jagrook Dawra, Watch video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NvqAxfA_Cc

abhishek bhattacharya

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

I bought a laptop from Snapdeal.com few days earlier. As per it's specifications, Laptop should have come with Graphics Card ATI Sun Pro 8570. Color should be black. But when I received the laptop, it was a silver laptop and it had Graphics card AMD Radeon R5 M230. The 8750 model is a gaming graphics card and R5 M230 is a visual graphics card. Performance wise it is a hell and heven difference. I've raised complaint regarding the complain and they have accepted their fault in return mails. They assured that their technical team will reply with a proper solution to change my graphics card on 22nd Aug. But till then they haven't replied to any of my mails. Not even called to notify me. Today I checked and found they have erased my complain and mentioned my laptop is non-returnable. I want my graphics card and full compensation for the problems I faced due to this fraud created by Snapdeal.com

Numaan Mahmood

Posted on Aug 29, 2014

my newly 3months old micromax A091Handset screen cracked automatically without having any physical fault

apoorva reddy

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

I have ordered Camera Nikon D7000 +Tripod +Camera Lense from Snapdeal.com.We have placed an order(Order no:2642318067) on 17th august,2014 and they assured they would deliver the product within 7-8 Days.First they have delivered only the tripod .So we raised a concern for partial Delivery of the product .Its been more than a week and still we dint erceive the product.I have been mailing them several times and had calls with them but they only say that the monet is on trust pay and would delibver the product or refund the money. Please take an action so that we receive the camera with no defects or refund the money back.

Naveen Kumar Gupta

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Dear Sir I had bought HP laptop. It is in warranty right now I am facing some problems in my laptop for the same I have filed a complain on 9th August, complain number is 4649093796. till now my problem has not been resolved I am not getting any mails or call from HP service. I have talked to customer care more than 30 times even the supervisors but every one is making excuses but not solving my problem. I am doing a job and because of the laptop issue I am facing a lot of problem from 9th of August. And this is not the first time I am facing the same issue from last one year. I want the company should pay me the loss that I have faced till now and also replace my laptop with new one. I have all the proofs of warranty, bills and all complaint number.


Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Sir my samsung mobile Bcame dead under warranty period.i submitted it to samsung authorised service center ie palak communication moradabad on 01/08/2014. they have not serviced till date ihave lodged complain to samsung coustemer care also by e mail copy is attached herewith. pl help To, Palak Communication Dear Sir, despite repeated request and visit to the service centre my mobile set GT-B5330 has not been serviced, communication with your employee Madam Nidhi Sharma has not been satisfactory. plz intimate 1- routine maximum scheduled time for such repair 2- reason for delay 3- when the set will be serviced and delivered to me with regards Rakesh Kumar Singh 9897920130 copy to Samsung Customer Care

Rohan Agarwal

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Sir i want to complained against Micromax company that i had give my data cable for replacement for this they told me 2 to 3 days but after that i go to service center they told Wait more 2 days but i got today data cable after 15 to 20 days but it is not my model no A200 but they have given me A117 and i also want to share that my mobile is not working right there are so many problems are there . i want to informed you that i had given so many times for repair 2 or 3 times at gandhidham service center and they also send for l3 2 time and i received my after 1 month but same problems are there in my mobile .before 5 days same problems are there and i had given to him to check they had told me that you keep for 2 3 days so i can check after that i go to 4 day that had told me again but now i don't want to l3 because i have purchased my on 11/04/14 Plz help me fast i thinking that now i have only one option that go to Court and file the cast or U say want can i do PlZ HELP ME SIR


Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Dear Sir,I had samsung note 3 moblie of worth rs.50000/-(approx)and is on warranty till 9/12/2014 , The above mobile lcd screen is repaired onces two month back and again problem start now ,I went to samsung service center for mobile check up they told me that lacd is again damaged and have to replace ,I ask them that i had not taken any backup,do you have to reset the mobile if so pls inform me earlier to take back up according to them they confirm it will not require as it is hardware problem nothing to be reset ,and if it is to be reset we will inform you ,As i am working and data is very precious for me and important also.When i visited again they completely deleted all my data and i had a argument also to that center ,I ask them to recover data as this is my self defense ,But they told me the same is not possible and accept their deeds/fault and regret for same ,But as the total loss is faced by me and make me depressed and defamation

Piyush Parwal

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

Dear sir/Mam, I have taken a dth connection from the airtel company. But they are harrasing me very much. I have taken a plan of economy sports plus, as per specified channels they are not giving full required channels. After a long complaining procedure they have started some channels but some channels are not started yet. There head office representatives has confirmed that the channels what I am asking for are in my plan list but not resolving the problem. Their representatives are calling again and again and disturbing me and my work. As I am not available whole time at home. Please suggest me what to do or take a quick and hard action against the company.


Posted on Aug 24, 2014

I bought Blackberry 9320 from UNI COM Blackberry store on 22 August 2014 which was an faulty product very next day i.e on 23 August i went to store & request to change but he as asked me to go to service center instead i am waiting for their response. however i am feeling cheated and want my all hard earned money back. request you to help me in this regard. Many Thanks in Advance! Regards, Prashant

Goutam Mukhopadhyay

Posted on Aug 23, 2014


Nazir ahmad bhat

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

I has purchased a mobile

Nishant Parulekar

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Sir, We had purchased Samsung Led TV on July 2013. Just after few days of warranty expiry TV screen top portion went black. Samsung service center person told us to replace TV screen costing Rs.25000. We want justice. Regards, Jaimala

rahanas p.m

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Sir I have allready 3 mixi in my home But just new mixi usha sriram lexus model juicer jar crack sir pls replaise that jar only pls Am paing money


Posted on Aug 21, 2014

I bought Micromax Canvas 4 on 11/08/2013. After one month the handset started malfunctioning. Within the one year warranty period I had to visit the authorized service center at M/s Sabsonic, RGM-170, VIP road, Teghoria,KOlkata-700059, around 6-7 times. Every time they would keep my mobile for more than 10 days. After each repairing the some new problem along with the older ones comes up. Last month on 26/07/2014 I have submitted my handset under job sheet no:E030435-0714-11123565 again for repairing at the same service center. They sent my mobile to their Delhi office for repairing. Time to time I contacted them for the status of my handset but they never gave any assurance of when would I get my phone back.I even mailed them at info@micromaxinfo.com and service.supefone@micromaxinfo.com, but after 2-3 mails theyt stopped responding to my mails. Initially they asked for 15 days and then on 21/08/2014 when I called them, they said they have extended the time required for repairing.

Sushil Kumar Agrawal

Posted on Aug 20, 2014

Dear Sir, I have purchased byond mi9 tablet from www.zoffio.com on 08/03/2014,after 3 month byond mi9 tablet have some charging problem.so I have submitted my byond tablet mi9 to byond service center, on 02/07/2014 through India speed post (Tracking Number – EO502533425IN) Service center address PERFECT ENTERPRISES 4, ASHIRWAD COMPLEX, NEAR RAJ TALKIES, G. E. ROAD, RAIPUR-492001 CHHATTISGARH. MRS. SEEMA CHHABDA Contact No. :0771-4044749,Mobile No. :9669958000 / 9669958000 Email :ajaysrs@gmail.com But till date they are not returning my tablet back. I have remind so many times to its customer this service center.But every time they assured me that, they will resolve my problem very soon but its above one months, and till date they have not resolved my problem and not giving my tablet back. Kindly consider my complaint and please do some action against this center and please provide my tablet or give compensation amount of Rs.3999/- for this harassment.


Posted on Aug 20, 2014

I have purchased one Micromax Canvas Blaze MT-500 handset on 14.02.14 against invoice no.00C3E5/13-14/93 from seller Tarun co. and after receiving the product, many types of problems showed up in the handset, like as sim card problem, data not connected, sound problem, so finally i went up to the Micromax service centre at M/S Sabsonic at RGM-170 V.I.P. Road, Teghoria, Kolkata-700059 on 11.06.14 vide Job request no.E030435-0614-10169019 or R1406FWB10213568 submit the handset for repair, but still my problem is not solved. The executive the tells me each and every day that parts have not come from head office at New Delhi, so I am unable to repair. We finally received the phone in the last week of July, 2014. Its condition is worse than before. The lower part of the screen is not responding to touch. New problems have come up. We don't think the old problems have been solved. On calling the Micromax CustomerCare on 18605008286 nobody answers the call.


Posted on Aug 19, 2014

I purchased LED 32" samsung a year ago for Rs 34400. Soon the warranty expired LED became unserviceable. I approach to Samsung customer care a week ago no one from samsung attended the complaint. Samsung attracting the customer with their slim and beautiful product with life of 01 to 02 years which very expensive for normal customers. spending lot of money on useless samsung LEDs not advisable to future customers. samsung is externally good product with lot of sickness which came to know after a purchase. If no one attended my complaint I have no option other than approaching legal adviser. My complaint ID is 120814FS00039


Posted on Aug 19, 2014

I purchased LED 32" samsung a year ago for Rs 34400. Soon the warranty expired LED became unserviceable. I approach to Samsung customer care a week ago no one from samsung attended the complaint. Samsung attracting the customer with their slim and beautiful product with life of 01 to 02 years which very expensive for normal customers. spending lot of money on useless samsung LEDs not advisable to future customers. samsung is externally good product with lot of sickness which came to know after a purchase. If no one attended my complaint I have no option other than approaching legal adviser. My complaint ID is 120814FS00039


Posted on Aug 19, 2014


Chandran Jagannathan

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Dear Sir, Re. : Screen Damage of Nokia Lumia 1520. Mobile No.: 9821494661 1. I had, on 4th January 2014, purchased a Nokia Lumia 1520 (IMEI : 358342051558280) from the Nokia dealer M/s. Paragon Departmental Store situated at Raunak Arcade-B, Naupada, Gokhale Road, Thane(W), Maharashtra, India – 400602 for a sum of Rs.43,500/-. 2. I was always an avid user of Nokia phones. I was using a Nokia N-8 before I bought the Nokia Lumia 1520. Prior to Nokia N-8, I was using a Nokia 7710 and so on. 3. As the Nokia Lumia 1520 is a phablet and hence difficult to carry in the shirt pocket, I normally carry the same in my trouser pocket. 4. On 5th August 2014, when I reached my chamber and took out my above mentioned mobile phone, I was shocked to find out that the glass cover of the screen of the said phone had cracked. However the LCD screen was intact and the said phone was fully functional. In spite of repeated complaints, the company is not resolving my problem unless I pay Rs.16000/- for the


Posted on Aug 18, 2014

Sir, I want to buy samsung star pro but mahaveer comminication isalmpur 415409 force me to buy lava iris 310 which is not working properly so i dont want it. I went him to return this lava mobile but he deny to get back & repalce & call us donky

Shriniwas Kamtane

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

Karbonn A19 mobile - Service center Jobsheet no. KJASPMH498614K1230 Karbonn mobile A19 not repaired for last two and half months. Company and service center have no coordination, company has insensitive staff and pathetic support service center.

rahul chandraker

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

please contact me i have register complain about lg electronics..they are selling bad products and servise station is full of dada giri

Rajesh Saini

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Dear Sir, We bought an Onida ac from Rewari from SRA Retails pvt. ltd. The ac is not functioning properly and neither the Shopkeeper nor the Company is listening our problem. We are trying to talk to the shopkeeper from past two months but they are not listening to us.


Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Dear Sir / Maidam, I registered the complain in Usha international for Pedestal fan on dated 28/07/2014, and my complain no. is C14072803223,and mechanics came to my house 30/07/2014 and he opened the motor of fan with switch system and he put on the bag for rebinding the coil, and he said to me I will come after two days, and as usual I set the coil and your fan is then okay, but after 30/07/2014 no any mechanics came to my house and no any service provided by Usha international patna branch, then I registered the toll free complain in many times approx.15 to 17 times and also online chat with service centre, always he said to me your complain has forwarded the concern team as soon as possible our team touch with you. till now no any resolution provided by Ushainternational.

akshat jain

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

I purchased a dell laptop with serial number 1rmj2z1 from croma stores lower parel on 8th july 2014 with a warranty of 1 year which should end on 8th july 2015 and I even purchased a 3 years warranty extension plan for 7000rs from dell but when I checked with the dell service center they told that my warranty is starting 4th April 2014 n ending on 4th April 2015 which means my warranty is 2 months less even after making repeated complaints to dell and the crom stores no action has been taken Please look into the matter its been more than 2 months they hav not taken any action

Sajive Kanwar

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

I ordered a 4TB HDD Seagate on 4th August, delivered on 7th August (Order Number: 17916691) at about 1.30pm. I found that the product was dead/not working. I requested a replacement at 2.38 pm on 7th August 2014. After daily follow up today (12 August) they tell me to take it to the service centre of Seagate and they will not replace or refund. What a fraud company. God knows how many poor souls have suffered at their hands. Their return policy is as below: At ShopClues.com, we believe that customer satisfaction is key- therefore we stand behind all merchandise bought at our site. We will replace any order within 10 days of delivery, with free return shipping if you receive a product which is not as per the specifications ordered by you, Wrong Size Wrong Color Wrong Quantity Defective Damaged, Or Significantly different from the description given by the merchant

Subham Arya

Posted on Aug 11, 2014

Complaint against:- M/s simran communication 5E/35, main mkt no.5, mungfali chowk, nit, faridabad I have submit my micromax A250 charger to service centre at address provide above. But they don' t give me charger replaced by company but provide a green market data cable instead of original data cable which is used by their field boys

mahesh poddar

Posted on Aug 09, 2014

I have purchased a lenevo laptop in feb,2014.Since then the laptop is not working smoothly.I am facing issues after issues but lenevo company is not doing anything to resolve customer issues.Everytime the lenevo support person comes and goes without a proper resolution.Now my laptop is in such a condition that it is not running at all.

Mitesh Chandra

Posted on Aug 08, 2014

I purchased Sony Xperia for Rs:24000/. After 2 days I found that the phone was not working properly. When contacted Service Center they said warranty is not there as it was damaged by water. and said it is non-repairable. You need to pay Rs:20000 again to get the phone replaced.

Arkadeep Majumder

Posted on Aug 08, 2014

I have a Spice smart mobile phone MI 450. I have requested for a new battery as my existing battrey condition is poor. It has swelled and unable to keep power long time. Maximum 30 mins,then again I have re charge it. I have asked Spice customer care to provide me a new battery a month ago. Still not received the same. Due to this phone camera and speaker also got damaged. I have emailed Spice customer care and they are delaying it day by day and deadline failed several times. I have asked for free servicing to get phone camera and speaker issue resolved. And they are denying to do so saying that set is out of warranty. Please help.


Posted on Aug 08, 2014

Purchased 'iberry-AUXUS X8 3G tablet PC' through ebay from 'dizital_estore' given as SELLER INFORMATION in ebay on 19-06-14. received on 21-06-14, informed my dissatisfaction and not at all as expected. Asked for refund of money to the ebay. ebay directed me to the seller. Contacted 9994061592 and he told that he could do nothing, I should approach iberry. i suspect dizital_esotore is an imposture of Iberry, Chennai and I could see they in ebay we can find they deals only with a few iberry products. I asked them to solve my 3 issues. They told that that is hardware limitation and they cannot refund too. I lost valuable time communicating with them. I am having all copies all the communication with ebay, dizital_estore and iberry if required. Putting high expectation from your involvement and thanking you.

Sudip Chanda

Posted on Aug 08, 2014

My newly bought Samsung Galaxy S Duos II found faulty since the day of purchase(31..7.14)and Samsung authorised Service Center Capital Enterprises issued order for replacement of the same on 4.8.14 and requested me to submit requisite papers etc to the retailer.They refused to accept it that day and finally accepted on the next day.They informed that they know nothing about it and replacement will be made when concerned dealer replaces it.But I have no access to the dealer.Even Samsung is saying they have nothing to do with the Dealer.Is not it ridiculous? How can I get back my Phone?

Abhishek Ahuja

Posted on Aug 06, 2014

i have submitted my phone on 05 of july to get repaired and its second time when i have to given for repair and there is no response from their side , now there is more than 1 month and when i called their call center they just want say the part is on hold..m totally fed up from the services of HTC and now dnt want to carry with them just want my money back and now i dnt want that repaired phone...complaint number Ticket #: 14INA270010825...so please help me.

Vikrant Naik

Posted on Aug 06, 2014

Ref:- Jobsheet No.- KJASPMH374614K13447 Dear Team, I Vikrant Naik, registered owner of Model No S1 had purchased the Karbonn mobile phoneS1 on 15.10.2013. Considering the promising advertisement and after sale services claim by the dealer I decided to go for Karbonn Mobile. However choice turned out to be a faulty one I believe since from the first day I experienced sum technical default in some applications. However I ignored the same. Further phone was not functioning to 100% of my satisfaction including the problem of "hang" device. Finally in the second week of June the phone stopped functioning on account of problems in touch pad. Since phone was under warranty period I decided to get it repaired through registered service centre. Period of 45 days was too long for me. (Mobile submit in services center on 21st June 2014) Still I waited. However unfortunately still I have not received my phone and I feel.disappointed with the quality of services, please help.

Anshul gupta

Posted on Aug 05, 2014

My phone has been submit service center in 4thjuly2014 butt my phone has been not on wrk i have visit service center but my problem has been not solve before service center delivered fr headoffice nd some days are return my phone but nt properly wrk again service center delivered to head office but some days return to my phone .......... .iwill request pls my phone urgent proper ok............my ncontact no is-9911640909,9268237975 -- my complaint no is-1-mmx2407140106 simran 2- 2907149590 my job no -1)n030620071410913565. 2)n030620071411053818 ,3)n030620071411167540

Ashu Kumar

Posted on Aug 05, 2014

Dear Sir, I have purchased a Micromax mobile A92, but after some time there was some problem in the mobile, i had visited 5-6 times at micromax ASC Sikanderpur, Gurgaon. they are not able to resolve the problem. and now asking me for repair charges , my mobile is under warranty. Your are requested to please look into the matter and help me. Regards, Ashu

Rasesh Pandit

Posted on Aug 04, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to complaint about CROMA electronic store regarding selling me a faulty defective LG TV piece and not providing a service in- spite of repetitive calls and emails. I have 3 years Warranty period, which has been provided by CROMA. Please help me in the above matter. Thank you, Rasesh Pandit

Manish kumar

Posted on Aug 04, 2014

I want to complain about DELL's "Back to college offer".

Ashok Sharma

Posted on Aug 02, 2014

I have purchased 02nos. inverter tubular battery of Addo brand on 25.03.2012.These batteries has 36 months replacement warranty.Model- EA3600XP, Sr. no. of batteries are 3107164723 & 3107164722. on 19.06.2014 i have observed some problem in batteries. till then my inverter is not working. i have made call to the helpline no. after observing problem but they refused to give any service to me. So now i am complaining to your organization against the company. please help me for justice.


Posted on Jul 30, 2014

I bought a Eon Godrej fridge on 07-Mar-2009. Since then there has been many faults regarding its performance. It was advised to purchase a stabilizer, which I did to avoid recurring expenditure. However, there has been recurring expenditure on repair. Since then I have replaced the following items- -Fan Motor (once) Rs 600 -Timer (twice)Rs 1200 -BMF (once) Rs 270 -Stabilizer (once)Rs 1900 Also added visiting chargees of total 5 times Rs 1875. Request refund of said charges or fridge may please be adequately replaced. The faults are recurring & half amount of total cost of fridge has already been spent. The complaints were registered to Godrej authorized service centre- Sai Refrigeration, Ashok Puri, New railway road, Gurgaon.

chander parkash

Posted on Jul 30, 2014

had purchased a micromax phone a114, after using a month phone started switching off automaticall deposited it at faridabad service centre but stii the problem persisited, deposited it 2nd time after 2 days but still then problem persited, went to delhi service center but they didn't accept as the job sheet at faridabad service centre was not closed, after numerous followups and personal visits they closed job sheet and submitted again for repairing, after 18 days the pasrt came from copany but service centre didn't gave my handset back, they called me 4-5 times to pick my set but everytime they said to come again, finally after 5 visits they found my handset which was not repaired and they are asking for 20 more days, nobody picks phone at faridabad service centre i want my money back and compensationfor mental harassment they caused my and they called me multiple times to pick my set kindly assist and guide what to do and how to file complain against company and service centre

Subhash Chander

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

Dear Concern, I had brought 12 inch cooler on 3/5/204 from Classic engineering works shop with 6 month warranty, Now water pump not working and I had go to shop for replacement for the same but shop owner Mr. H.Sharma refused to replace the same, Please help to replace the same. I have warranty written card for the same with me. Shop detail given below. owner name:- H.Sharma Contact no. 9540008510, 9312458510 and 7835950035 Address:- A-24, Main Bajghera road, Rajendra park near Bharat restaurant, Gurgaon

vikas narayan

Posted on Jul 28, 2014

I am Purchase a LLoyd Brand Cooler Model No.LC65HC On 2-JUN-2013,With 1 Year Warranty by name from vishal kumar, After 11 Month it is not working,i called LLOyd Customer care on 18-MAY-2014 they Register my complaint With name of Vishal kumar and With in 7 Working day Engineer came and repair the cooler. After Repairing the cooler With in 1 Day it had same issue started.i again called LLoyd Customer Care.They Register my new Complaint No.260514130085 on around 28-May-2014,From This Date I and my Brother Vishal Kumar Daily call them for Same issue (reaping) i Engineer contact no. (DIlip kumar) Gurgaon .But he is also not given any response and not visited yet at my home, Please Do need Full

devendra sanghvi

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

i have faced very bad problem with my tv for samsung where they have not replaced nor given service to us. have led to blood pressure problem just calling and complaining them for past 15 days.

Swaroop G

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

My complaint is regarding the worst quality of products and services offered by HTC: the company is exploiting Indian consumers by offering the worst quality of commodities and services.

harpal singh

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

I have purchase new cooler kelvinator company on 25.6.2014 within one month 3 times cooler motor burnt. in this cooler manufacturing fault plz return my money

Vivek Dhore

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

I purchased I Ball Andi 4.5Z on 5th Dec 2013, within 3 months it encountered few problems, I took it to service center at panvel they repaired it and gave me back in 15 days, after 4 months On 12 July 2014, now there are again problems with mobile like touch problem, battery not getting charged. I took it again to same service center at panvel, now this time they are giving me excuse and false allegation that its seal is broken, hence they will charge for repairing even if it’s in 1 year warranty.


Posted on Jul 22, 2014

I have order a Sony LED 40" TV Model No: KLV-40R482, black on 17.04.2014 from Infibeam online Store. The same was delivered on 12.05.2014 after lot of follow ups and reminders to the vendor. When the same was delivered it was found broken and the screen was shattered from various places may be because of careless handling by the courier. A request of reverse pick up was put on the same day. Agaian after regular follow up and lot of persuasion the product got picked up in the month of Jun. After reverse pick up neither I've received the refund of the product nor the product against hte replacement scheme. Its been more than 3 months and no one listening to the problem. No one providing contact details of higher authorities only customer care email id is taking the calls and replying. I have blocked my Rs.48635.00 and nobody is bothered in resolvoing the issue. Who is going to bear the interest and cost of harrasment agaisnt this. Kindly guide and help me.

Muni Yugandar

Posted on Jul 22, 2014

I purchased Xolo Q1010 at Devendra Telecom,#329,GVS Complex,opp:Cosmopolition club,Jayanagar, Bangalore. At the time of purchase I made insurance and paid the premium. They gave me manual receipt with insurance but insurance office says it is not insured. Shop owner is too rude and cheating.


Posted on Jul 22, 2014

I lodged a complaint(8430519857) on 14/07/2014 to samsung customer care for our samsung front loading washing machine bought in AUGUST 2011 with reason clothes not drying up and machine was stopping with message 5D,firstly we called up MR MANAS who came to install our machine who advised to clear up the waste pipe or else lodge a complaint, on 15/07/2014 MR DEBASHIS came and without running the machine he opened the front door and started to beat the inner tub and after that when he ran the same it started making loud sound which was not there previously and told the inner tub broken and estimated Rs.3500 apprx after that we lodged a complaint to send some Sr engineer but MR AJAY PAL turned up on 21/07/2014 after numerous calls and estimated Rs.6500 apprx that too with a guarantee of only 3 months,now why so much difference in estimation with employees from same organization and they are not in a position to hear that the tub was broken by Mr MANAS originally.Please advise asap.


Posted on Jul 21, 2014

I Satyajit, purchased a 3 star 1.5 ton Samsung split AC 27.04.2014 from Sales Emporium Madhyamgram. In between 4 months 2 times gas leakage problem occurred due to faulty machine or improper installation.. I made complain both times. Earlier one mechanic came and filled gas and said the machine will be working good. But again it not cooling. After several time calling the service engineer visit my resident on 21.07.2014 and go back without solve the problem. He said that the outdoor unit in very difficult position so he could not do anything. I can't use the machine for last three months and can't enjoy the value of my money. If the problem will not been solved, I am thinking to move Consumer Court soon. Satyajit Ray, 3B GREEN VALLEY, BOSUNAGAR 2 1/2 No Gate, Jessore Road, Madhyamgram, Kolkata - 129. Mob - 9874344233 & 9831941177


Posted on Jul 19, 2014


Amit Kumar

Posted on Jul 18, 2014

I had bought a Xolo Q700 mobile on 15/07/13. After some time he hanged up automatically i go to xolo authorized service center and submit my mobile for repair he return my mobile after 20 days and its work only 2-3 days properly after that i so to service senter 4 time but every time he submit my mobile for 20-25 days but working a few days he had same problem and this time my mobile also in service center and he call me 2 time for collect your mobile but when i go to for pick up mobile have same problem in service center ,i submit my mobile 12/06/14 to service center and 15/7/14 warranty expire but my mobile have same problem.today also go service center for collect it but he not provide me . my job no- 10911.i also complaint to xolo customer care but he is not provide solution every time dear sir i am student and i have no any budget to purchase new mobile please help me

Pankaj Kumar

Posted on Jul 18, 2014

I had purchased Micromax Canvas 4 (A210) from mobile store Patna on 15th August 2013 which is still under warranty. Now I am facing display as well as charging problem in my smart phone. For this I had deposited my Smartphone at M/s S.S. Telecom, 1st floor, Shop No-102 Kausalya Estate Bandar Bagicha, Patna-800001, one of the service centres of Micromax in Patna. They said LCD of phone has to be changed. For this they kept my Smartphone and told me to comeback in one week. I have been in regular touch with service centre. Sometimes I had to visit the centre in person by travelling 20 KM because no response getting over telephone. Even after waiting of 19 days since I submitted to my CANVAS-4 (A210) at your service centre M/s S.S. Telecom, no staffs/manager are in a position to tell me when would be they deliver my repaired Smartphone. They keep always saying the parts are waiting and no assurance was given to me that how long period they would take to repair/change my Smartphone. I do not understand why such long period has been taken for parts to come. My job sheet no. is E040160-0614-10545988 and job request no. is R1406FBHR10590449 under which M/s S.S. Telecom deposited my smartphone on 30.07.2014. In this context I tried to contact the customer relationship of Micromax hoping to escalate the service of delivery and they registered Complaint number - MMX1107147061 on 11.07.2014. I am really disappointed with the service of Micromax. I request you to do something on the above matter so that they could escalate their service and deliver my repaired Smartphone. With Warm Regards & Thanks Pankaj Kumar Manager, UCO Bank Mobile No. 9006292090

Debojyoti Moitra

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

I purchased Micromax A210 mobile on 25.10.13. The touch screen of the phone was giving problem and the same was given to Micromax care, Jadavpur for repair under warranty on 25.06.14. They said it will take 7-10 days to repair. But till today they have not delivered it & saying that it will take another 10-15 days to repair. I need the phone urgently. Kindly advice.

vinay ranjan

Posted on Jul 12, 2014

HTC service centre at E Mall refused to deliver my mobile phone given for service as part not available with them as an excuse for refusal. Today was the 2nd time they hae refused to deliver.They have again given me delivery date .I want a compensation as i have taken two full day holiday plus mental harassment. I want replacement of my HTC DESIRE SV model as parts are not available and My phone is under warranty. I sought a compensation of 150% of my phone price.

Rohit Rane

Posted on Jul 11, 2014

A nokia handset which was taken from a mobile store showroom has repeatedly shown hardware problem from the date of purchase. Neither problem is resolved nor handset is replaced even after complaining several times. THe handset is presently submitted to mobile store under extended warranty, but still even after two weeks handset is in service centre which has caused serious trouble and inconvenience because of careless attitude. not resolving customer complaints in time means denying service which is commited by mobile store.


Posted on Jul 10, 2014

I purchased new Whirlpool AC around 2 months back. Initially I faced issues due to faulty installation by whirpool team, leading up to water leakage. This was addressed after multiple reminders to whirpool service center. Subsequently AC remote started giving problems, for which separate complaint was registered and I was promised that it will be addressed on priority. It's been weeks now that I have been calling customer service centre almost everyday now, requesting for remote to be fixed, but no action has been taken by whirpool team. This is despite my escalation to the seniors and supervisors at service centre, who every time have promised me resolution within 24 hours. I called the service centre yesterday as well and i was informed by the service agent that even the CRM call records of my daily discussion and escalation are not available at service centre. This really worries me as I have never experienced such unethical and customer unfriendly approach.

amit kumar

Posted on Jul 10, 2014

Problem in the Godrej Double door refrigerator- 4 times in the last 2 years, every time problem with the Cooling effect of the refrigerator - every time technician comes and takes 375 as the basic charges + the charges for the problem rectified. I have paid over Rs. 2500 in the last 2 yrs. Neither the technician NOR the customer care executives have an answer to the problem being occurred so frequently. Two times the fan has been changed and we even don't know if that was the genuine problem. I have tried reaching out to the higher authorities but failed. I think I have made a mistake buying refrigerator from Godrej where i am being treated as if company doesn't owe any responsibility towards the problem that has occurred.

Puspendu Samanta

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

I have purchased a LED 22" TV (22C31D) from Sales Emporium (South), Behala - Kolkata 700060 on 05/07/2014 evening and the same was delivered to me on 07/07/2014 and was installed by Panasonic service center. The TV was sent to me without any stand and remote of which the sales person of Sales Emporium told me that this TV comes without any stand and the Remote will be supplied afterwards. This is a false representation by them as the company says that it is included in the price. Today I have examined the TV and found that this is a second hand TV with dusts and scratches all over it—even the Panasonic name is also fade. The sales person told me that it was on display for long time and this is in good condition and I need not be worried about the same. I have asked them for replacement and they are offering discounts and other gifts which are not at all acceptable to me. They have cheated me and as such they should get the punishment for the same so that in future they think twice

sachin suresh bodke

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

Dear Sir, I have log a case to micromax service center at kalyan on 1st June 2014 still my phone issue not resolve again 21st June 2014 i have log a case and still i didn't got any response from service center. Below is the complaint Details:- My Name:- Sachin Suresh Bodke Phone Model No:- Micromax A114 Old Job Sheet No.:- W030419-0614-9963817 Current Job sheet No:- W030419-0614-10376435 Complaint No:- 2606142815 Phone Issue:- Network Issue Phone submit date: 1 June 2014 and 21 June 2014. My Contact No:- 9004292973 Please look into this issue on priority and revert it. Thanks & Regards, Sachin Bodke

Devesh Kumar Singh

Posted on Jul 08, 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, This is regarding the harassment by MicroMax Smart Phone company from last One month. I gave my phone to Mobile Seva, Marathalli, Bangalore for service on 14th June 2014. Model A350 purchased on 19th March 2014 . Phone is under warranty as it is for One Year from the date of purchase. Even after repeated attempts of personal visit and calling the Micromax customer care number (1860 500 8286) , I am not getting correct status for repair of phone and from last 25 days, I am getting same answer from customer care executives that your phone will be repaired in 3-4 working days, but no avail. I am getting frustrated now and losing patience. I have asked the company to refund my money or replace with new phone, however they have refused to do so. Raised ticket with their customer care cell as well. Ticket number is 0107149414. Below are details : Date of Purchase of new phone from Micromax online store: 19th March 2014 Authorized MicroMax Service Center: Mobile Seva, Marathalli, Bangalore Date on which Phone given to Service Center: 14th July 2014 Job Sheet Number: 0107149414 Kindly help me in this regard, how to file a consumer case against MicroMax company. I have been harassed by the company.

Tutun Mukherjee

Posted on Jul 07, 2014

I Tutun Mukherjee one of SYMPHONY CO.'s customer from West Bengal purchased a symphony air cooler "DIET -22 I"on 27/04/2014 from M/S. SRIJANI ,VAT NO.19735648034, BILL NO.898 ,Product Sr. No. is 0716114616157. It is my painful duty to inform that SYMPHONY company's after sale service is one of the worst I have ever seen. I have lodged a complaint on 18/06/2014 recently and one more time prior to that date regarding not working of the air cooler pump moreover the motor is generating electric shock they sent technician but he failed to rectify the problem instantly and assured us that with in 12-15 days they will sort out the motor problem but it has not been solved yet. My complaint no. is AS-SL-18F14001 we are facing huge trouble with the product. I think it is the intention of the company for making unnecessary delay in its service in order to expire the warranty validity period so that they can charge for the service. Its my kind request to please take care of the matter.

Annasaheb Shinde

Posted on Jul 06, 2014

i have repaired my LCD tv from Shanti Electroinics Based at Goregaon w in the month of Noc 2013 ,that time they have charged me Rs 10000 bill no 237 to change pannel of LCD and gave me warrenty of 3 month ,but i observed the same problem within 2 month for the reason pannel was changed,from the date i am following with this Shop but till i have not reseived any response and TV is under maintaninance only person Name Ajit and deepak mob No -07208546966/09892181052

I.Lalitha rao

Posted on Jul 06, 2014

I am Mrs. Laitha Rao aged 60 years. I have been harassed by the BARC employees joining hands with some political goons. They are mentally torturing me and not allowing me to file my case in the courts by influencing the staff of the courts and making them to drive me out without filing my case. They are also not allowing me to get the public services from the public. They are influencing the shop keepers and making them to act against me. I have recently shifted to a new own house at , Koparkhairene and for my safety I purchased a CCTV camera worth of Rs.20,000/- from K.R.Computers, shop no.149 B wing, Vashi Plaza, Sector – 17 Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703 and they installed the CCTV on 13th of May 2014. I paid to them Rs.20,000/- on 26th May 2014. The shop owner Mr. Krishna gave me a receipt produced from the computer and it is written invoice No. KRC-106/01-1002 and challan No.01 and I have paid the payment in cash so in M/s place he had written cash on asking him about the michivious wr

Moloy Kr Roychowdhury

Posted on Jul 05, 2014

I had purchased an air cooler from reliance digital on 26 Apr 14 with the promises that they will deliver the product within 02 May 14 bill no 8699014000426042014. Till date 9th may there is no such deliver took place, on that day asked for refund. But no such refund made to me.


Posted on Jul 05, 2014

I had purchased 1.5 T Voltas AC the specification details of which are as under Voltas WAC/1.50T GOLD-R (5S-N) Sr No. 4511444E12H004179 IN. 4551405A12G003158 from M/S Chadha Electricals, Meerut under invoice No 39 dt 13.4.2014. I registered my complaint on 29 June 2014 and was given complaint no 14062900797. Technicians were sent from Voltas company who inspected AC on 1.7.2014 and on 3.7.2014. As per Voltas terms and conditions the complaint was to be sort out within 24 working hours, but it is regretted to intimate that no fruitful concrete action has been taken on my complaint so far. Further as the compressor unit is certified to be tested and 5 star rating also given, so kindly intimate the credibility of the certification as it was un-serviceable when operated. Also it is requested to change the complete compressor unit as it is manufacturing defect. I am constrained to lodge complaint for giving faulty appliance and not sorting out my complaint so far


Posted on Jul 05, 2014

Crompton Greaves have not returned a pump which was given to them for repair under warranty.

Birsingh Ujjainwal

Posted on Jul 05, 2014

Dear Sir,I have submitted my Karbonn A9 mobile on 19-03-2014 for repairing for touch screen not working and continuous overheating problem. As mobile comes under warranty I have also submitted my Bill for their reference. The said MaxCom center is authorized service center of Karbonn Mobiles. Service center promised me that mobile will be repaired in maximum 30 days. Now its been more than 50 days since they have not yet repaired the mobile. At present they have informed me the status as Mobile has been submitted to Karbonn company for further repairs and they dont know the exact date when it will be repaired and will be handover to me. I have also mailed about the same on Karbonn comapanys official id support@karbonnmobiles.com. They have replied to me as the repairs for my handset is still under process and they would require some more time to resolve your complaint. I request you to look into the matter and do the needful as per the consumer protection act.

arun pati

Posted on Jul 04, 2014

this is the worst brand mobile hanged after passage of 10 days of purchase from a shopkeeper. it is obvious, the unscrupulous shopkeeper "Lavkush Mobile, Lal Ganga Shopping Mall, Raipur, Chhattisgarh" has fooled me and taken Rs 11,500/- from me. i request all not to purchase this gionee mobile.

Neeraj Mahesh

Posted on Jul 03, 2014

I had bought a pen drive from YeDeal.com with order no 1095 They had cancelled my order after a long time withoit confirming me about the reason and uptill now my money has not been reffund .I had contacted tjem on several time but they are giving no reply to my responses


Posted on Jul 03, 2014

Hello, My mobile phone modal name HTC ONE had some malfunctioning, as it was in warranty period so I submitted it to the service center for repairing. This is the third time while my mobile was not working properly. So the HTC Company decided to replace my phone. I submitted the mobile on 06.06.2014 and they promised me to replace it with in 10 days. I called HTC customer care more than 100 times and they are saying that it is in process. Instead of this they are not telling the exact time when my mobile get replaced. It has been over a month now and still they are saying your mobile is in process. I don't know what to do? Can you please help me to sort out this. Details of Service card Mobile Serial No. FA35GW906794 Date of Submission - 06 June 2014 Modal Name - HTC ONE(Cost - 42000 rs) Service center - Nanak Telecom, 0171-4004317

shiney rajan

Posted on Jul 02, 2014

Respected Sir/Madam This is regarding the problem I am facing due to a mobile phone (I phone 4) that I purchased from "Karan Communications" Nalagarh (With Bill) with 1 year warranty as told by the store owner. I paid 16,000 Rs. to purchase a brand new I Phone from that store on 13th Feb 2014. After Two months of the purchase I faced a problem of sudden Switch off of mobile. I returned phone to the store, he told me its a minor defect and phone will be corrected soon. After months of keeping my phone, he today returned me saying we cant do anything. So kindly register my complaint and do the needful.

Tamal Ghosh

Posted on Jul 02, 2014

From: Tamal Ghosh S/o Kamalendu Ghosh Circus Maidan, NutanChati,P.O & Dist:Bankura Pin:722101 e-mail :tamal_ghsoh32@rediffmail.com Mobile: 9434625730 To: The Manager Customer care Cell Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Harchandrai House,3rd floor, 81,Qeens Road, Marine lines Mumbai- 400002 Please find my previous letter dated 12/06/2014 where I have stated you that among the two Water Cooler that we have purchased from Bajaj one NEW RC 2004 has the manufacturing defect specially of the wheels where it has been splitting off all the time even if the Cooler is empty. Your mechanic has attended only once (approx 12/05/14)and has assured us that he will change the wheels very soon. For the time being he repair the wheels with Teflon which does not give the result. But till the date neither your mechanic nor the Retailer has taken initiative to change the same. Under the circumstances we have no way but to complain in the Consumer forum for their onward course of action. Tamal

Probal kumar Majumdar

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

I have purchased a Samsung Inverter AC(model no.-SAC-AR12HV5NBWK) on 14/05/2014 from Samsung Plaza, E-Mall, 6, Chittaranjan avenue, Kol.-700072.(ph.no.-033-22128781). The installation was done on 16/05/2014.As per rule I had to purchase the copper pipe seperately for Rs.2520/-(12ft.)from the installer. But from the next day the spongy insulation cover of the copper pipe began to torn down exposing the pipe.While complained to the Showroom, they inspected admitting the cover is of low quality. But they are now claiming extra full charge and another tape-wrapping for extra cost of Rs.350/-.Now it,also, has been clear that the installer is not from Samsung authorised Service-centre.Now I am not getting support either from the Dealer or Service-centre. Please help me.

Kala Bhandare

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

I Kala Bhandare Purchased Samsung Led Tv Model No UA40F7500BRLXL S/N MR2X3PDD800077 From samsung dealer Future Retail LTD E Zone CT Bengaluru JP Nagar no 45/1& 45/2 45th cross J P Nagar 2nd phase Bengaluru Karnataka on 09-06-2014 It has come to my notice that the dealer has sold me a used TV that has already been installed in jan 2014, and I have noticed the some of the accessories missing 1) Holder Ring 4 nos 2) Holder wire stand, I had called the dealer on 13th june he had promised to resolve the issue by 16 june so far no response from the dealer. The Tv at present carries a six month warranty. and due to missing components the TV has been Wrongly installed. i hope the matter gets resolved at the earliest.Enclosing Attachment of Bill Copy for your reference.

Nikhil Verma

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

I Have purchased a Hitachi split "Follow me AC" on 6th April 2014 from Croma ( Mega Mall Gurgaon ) and request them to get it installed at my home town Bhiwani . At the very first day i faced a problem with installation as the local dealer/service center asked me a question ' From where you brought this AC " , i said from Gurgaon . After knowing this fact he was not even interested in the installation but finally after nearly 50 phone calls to here and there i managed and got my AC installed in one week which was supposed to get installed with in 48 Hr . And after the installation they even did not give a demo ( But after reading the complete user guide some how i have successfully started the machine ) . Now AC is not working properly ( It is getting stopped ( Switched OFF ) after some time with filter light blinking ) so i registered a complain for that 4 times but no action is taken from company.

vinay kumar

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

I have puchase one Sony Laptop the product is defective then how can i change the product give suggestion

Riddhi Atul Damani

Posted on Jun 28, 2014

We purchased a samsung cell phone model 5282 duos on 11th October 2013, bt after 15 days the notifications of the phone cannot be seen, we gave the phone in customer care center for 6 times but still they are not able to rectify the problem. We are fed up of their poor service.


Posted on Jun 27, 2014

I purchased WHIRLPOOL .D.DOOR IC 465 REFRIGERATOR TCGB4 ON 11/11/2012 for Rs.42500/- FROM MODERN ELECTRONICS SECTOR 7 C CHANDIGARH. From day one of purchase the Refrigeration has faced one problem or the other . On 22/04/2013 I was charged Rs.1450/- towards cost of New Stabilizer along with replacement of defective Compressor . On 23/04/2014. I was charged Rs.1650/.- towards Gas Charges at the time of replacement of 2nd Compressor. The Refrigerator is again non- functional since 25/05/2014 and requires replacement of Compressor again. I am fed up with the product and frequent visits of representatives of the company who I think are incompetent as they have failed to diagnose the actual defect in the Refrigerator. I therefore seek refund of Rs.45600/- ( along with interest of Rs.9000/- ) I now do not want replacement of Compressor or Refrigerator but refund of my money from (M/s Whirlpool of India Ltd. Whirlpool House Sector 44, Gurgaon – 122002 91-124-4591300

Abhishek Jaiswal

Posted on Jun 24, 2014

I have given my Philips LCD TV for repair to Master Connection on 24th May 2014 saying that it will repaired and delivered in 2 days and approx. Rs. 4000 will be charged. Later they informed that extra part will be repaired and presented the bill of Rs. 5350 also the TV was returned on 3rd June 2014. After 10 days TV again stopped working, after informing them they came on 4th day of complaint on 16th June 2014 and picked the TV saying it will be repaired and delivered within 5 days. Since then I am following up and not yet received the TV, every time I call and they say it will be delivered in 2-3 days. Please help in resolving the same

amit roy

Posted on Jun 24, 2014

Dear sir, i wish to file a complain against a company which sales tablets i purchased one tablet on 02-04-2013 and its display stopped working by the end of march 2014 . immediately i contacted the service center of the company and according to their suggestions i sent my device to their office at new Delhi. i regularly contacted them but all the time i got the same reply that it will be sent to you within 7 days. on 15-06-14 i received a call that you have an offer to exchange your device with an upgraded one and you will have to pay a discounted amount for the same. i agreed because i wanted to have my device back well in time. i received the new device on 20/06/2014 and paid the money. after unboxing the device i found that it is not starting up. again i called to the service center and they directed me to 3 service extensions in mumbai but non of them resolved my issue and now my new device has also been sent to delhi for repair but they are saying it may take more than two month.

Dhruv Sharma

Posted on Jun 23, 2014

Hello Sir\Mam My name is Dhruv and i am a resident of Chandigarh. Last year i purchased a Sony mobile phone ( Xperia ZR) from Croma retail sec 22, Chandigarh on the 1st of july for INR 29000. After a while it developed some technical issues and i had sent it to the sony service center in sector 34 Chandigarh for inspection. The replaced the phone and sent me a refurbished phone as a replacement. I used it for a few hours and i developed the same as my previous phone again. They had asked me to try and repair its software, which i tried but that didnt solve the problem. Then i went back to them and they said call their toll free number for a solution, they dont know how to deal with this issue. The tech support said the same thing to me, repair/reinstall its software. Nothing worked and i took it back to the service center and deposited it with them for inspection. After 10 days they say i got another replacement, which i had gone to pick up today. The replacement phone they gave me ha

surender singh

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

i have given my mobile phone spice mi435 for repair at the service center of spice in the warrenty period as in am out of the city my fther goes and collect the phone which was not repaired as my father not take the phone battery with him at home in evening my brother came from office and check the phone which is not repaired and on the next day my father again went to the service center and clarify that the phone is not working ty then ask money as the phone warrenty ids out and said that you have to pay the money for getting the mobile repaire and they agin deposit my phone and after 25 days as i went ther for collecting my ph that has also not been repaired till now and they ase asking money from me then pls help me that why should i pay the money if my ph is in the warrenty period

Farhad Alam

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

I had brought a mobile phone Nokia Lumia 720 first week of august 2013 after 2 days the phone is heating very must i went to hazra nokia care they me back after u days, after 2 moths the phone display was off so i went in gariahat nokia care they take 4 months to gave me a replace mobile which is lumia 720after 2 months it again not working now from last two month it is again in nokia care gariahat and they not respond to my call, Mr. abjit the manager his ph. no. 9831979790 is not reponding to my call please do the needful and want new mobile from nokia which would be other than lumia 720

veerendra singh

Posted on Jun 20, 2014

i bought dell vostro laptop in oct 2014 with a warranty of 1 year. laptop got problem in motherboard and was repaired on 31st march 2014 by a dell technician. Gain it got problem on13th of June 2014 upon which i was advised by dell helpline to contact dell service centre in Lajpat nagar.At service centre i was asked to submit laptop for 3 days and so i did there on 16th june. But on 19 th june i was told that laptop contains non dell parts as motherboard so it can not be repaired or made right...sir,neither i opened laptop nor was given to any one except dell technicians so there is any part non dell it must be added in lieu by a dell men.. But they are refusing service.it is breach of trust as well as criminal conspiracy. please help me am a student at IIT delhi from a middle class family.

Rekha Jain

Posted on Jun 18, 2014

i had renewed my annual maintainence contract with Elegant Water Trait for my Kent Ro Water Purifier. They took 3500 rupees for one year but since then they have not even come once and not even answering calls. I went to their address but they have moved out of the place. Their address is 162/A?98 Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700045. Phone numbers 9831339237, 9830149159, 03365008863, 03364599294. Beware of these people as they are cheaters.

Bunty Dagar

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

Sir I purchased a split Air Conditioner of Whirlpool from Fine Electronic , Ballaggarh, faridabad, Haryana. Ftom few days A.C. is not working properly I.e. not cooling properly. On 9th of june I complaint whirlpool service center and loged a complaint about this. They said engineer will visit you in next 24 hrs. Buy till today they did not take any action. However I called them 4 times after my first complaint. So you are requested to look inyo the matter. Thank you

K G Khiwani

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

I bought one Lg 1 ton window AC from Co. dealer in Mumbai in Oct'13. Soon after I sent an SMS to Co. reporting that it's installation had not been professionally- not satisfied- machine making noise- send technician to set it right.. The problem since then has increased giving me stress and sleepless nights because of Co.'s deficiency to provide with noise -free silent AC replacing the defective one with another new piece. I have sent two e-mails in the last couple of weeks saying that I will be left with no other option but to claim costs and damages for the Co.'s deficiency in service in providing me with a noise-free silent AC and giving me replacement of defective AC with a new AC within warrantee period. I am not sending copy of the e-mails because they are detailed and lengthy. I would request you to send me some advocates' contact nos. in my area in Mumbai, to consult and engage for filing of my application in Mumbai Consumer Redressal Forum for my claim fors costs and damag

Salabh sharma

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

My Mobile is Micromax Model p360,Purchased from Hari Om,Sadar bazar near Post office. Problem : 1. Set is Hang when I open a file. 2. Battery Back up is very low ( 25 Min only) 3. Network Not Show . I already give this Mobile to Micromax service centre for the above reasons but Mobile condition is same as before. Last time is serviced by "Kunal Electronics " They return my mobile after 40 day's, but the mobile condition is same as before.

Priya Mittal

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

I purchased a dual sim Samsung mobile phone (I589) but to my surprise only embarrassment and agony came along!! Have approached Samsung service centers several times but to no avail! Hence, am writing to you in sheer despair and frustration. Would like to highlight the issues that I have been facing with this phone ever since I purchased it and despite repeated visits to Samsung Service centre, the issues still persist. A message showing "Force auto close" appears on the screen while in use and the phone requires a restart The display screen starts shaking randomly even when the phone is idle While receiving a call, the screen goes blank and it doesn't get recorded in the missed call logs When you dial a no. it gives a prompt auto-dialler force close and does not allow me to dial the no. While making calls, the phone does not pick the contact name from the phone book If there is any app downloaded on the phone, its installed on the phone memory and it doesn’t give me an option to move it to Memory Card (8GB memory card) Low memory message even when there is no app downloaded on the phone due to which I can’t receive incoming SMS Bluetooth doesn’t work most of the time and is not visible to another Bluetooth device Phone hangs for several minutes especially during making or receiving voice calls The phone was sent to Samsung service centre 4 times in a row but they were unable to find & plug the issue. I have also written to Samsung Top Management but guess the organization is just waiting for warranty on this phone to expire so that they could shun away the responsibility. Request your help to seek a resolution for the same.


Posted on Jun 16, 2014


Anjali Goyal

Posted on Jun 16, 2014

Hello sir, My father purchased a d-freeze 2years back from voltas compan. Now its creating some problems last 2 months and we are registered our complains daily but they were not taking any serious action on our issue please help us.

Satindra Paul SIngh

Posted on Jun 14, 2014

Hi Sir, I have purchased a set of speakers (PAXMA) from Amrit Sales Corp. School Bazar Mandi , with a warranty of 6 months on 5th March 2014. One of the speakers went bad and I gave it at the shop to Laljeet (Seller ) 9418080916 on 8th May 2014. It was informed to me that it takes 5 -7 days for replacement but its been over a month and I haven't gotten it repaired or replaced. He takes me for granted and doesn't reply in a sensible manner.Everytime I call he says it'll take 3 - 4 days and this is going on for a month. I will be very greatful to you for helping me out in this regard and retrieve my speaker. Satindra Paul Singh

Olivia Dey

Posted on Jun 14, 2014

I ordered Derma Seta product from TV Telesky shop on June 7, 2014. My order id is 605160. But when I received the package, the charging adaptor was not properly fixed and was spoilt in the first application. I also did not receive 6 rechargeable batteries which was a part of the kit. The customer care folks are disconnecting my call every time I state my problem and not picking my calls now. I need a replacement of the charging adaptor and the 6 batteries at the earliest. Kindly help me with the same, else I want the complete money to be refunded for the product.


Posted on Jun 11, 2014

I own a Carrier Windows A/C, purchased around an year back. I am also getting it regularly serviced but despite that the A/C starts blowing hot air as soon as the compressor is turned off in accordance with the regular on/off interval of A/C. I have registered two complaints with the Carrier customer care but they have paid no heed to it.In this weather it is excruciating to bear an A/C that blows off hot wind. I hope that with the support of this forum I would be able to get me complaint properly registered and solved in a time bound manner.

Vamsee Bhushanam

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

On the 30th of May I went to look for Samsung Service center in Chirala but found non. To find service person (Enginner) I went to the Samsung show room even they did not direct me to the right address or the right channel. I went to other appliances shop they gave me the Samsung Customer Care NO: 180030008282 and said that if we make a complaint to the Customer Care Number Service personal will repair the product in two working days. On the 31st I made a complaint to the Samsung Customer Care NO:18003008282. They asked me my name, address, Cell phone number, Model of the product, appliance, year of the purchase etc. The detail are: G. Vamsee BHushanam Besides Balaji Theatre, Perala, Chirala - 523157. Prakasam. Andhra Pradesh. Cell NO: 9700602755, 9885291214. Appliance: Sumsung Washing Machine. Model: SW70X1 Year of Purchase: May 1999. The customer Care center told me that on June 2 evening the Service person would come and solve the problem but till now that did not happen.

Naveen Swaroop

Posted on Jun 09, 2014

I got my mobile repaired from Naveen Mobile Repair Centre,shop no. 125,market no.5,k.c road,n.i.t ,faridabad. i paid sum of Rs.2600 in return for the service.After 2 weeks,its Display not working for which i paid,now the Shop retailer is refusing to repair it and asking for further money to repair it. for the past 9 days i.e 1/6/14-9/6/14 my mobile is held with him and he has not handed over me my ruptured display,and now he is postponing my complaints. And he has also refused to issue me cash receipt.


Posted on Jun 09, 2014

I have registered a complaint with croma retail on 28-May-2014 (Complaint No: 130104) regarding non-functioning of Siemens Washing Machine (which is under 2 years extended warranty program) via invoice no: SLF02A004110002020 dated 19-Dec-2011. The same has been checked by the Siemens technical support team on 30-May-2014 at my residential address and after that the reply given to me by Croma Retail executive is that repairing expenses are very high so financial approval request has been sent for approval from top management. For last 12 days I am following up with the Croma Retail Store, Dev Arc Mall and customer care of Croma Retail about the status but every time they are saying that the approval is in process. This is the worst experience from Croma Retail. Friends please never buy extended warranty from Croma Retail. Regards, Hetalkumar Kachhadiya 09375445556


Posted on Jun 09, 2014


S Ghosh

Posted on Jun 08, 2014

I have faced issue with Refrigerators purchased from Sales Emporium Garia branch. 1st I purchased Electrolux 235 LTr double door from Sales Emporium Garia on 10th February 2007 and just after 3 years I was facing issue with compressor. Call raised with service centre (Adream Service Center) and thay failed to resolve the issue, so i have exchange it again from Sales Emporium with Samsung double door on 15th May 2011 and just after completing 3 years again faced same issue, So i approach dealer they said that they dont have the issue, and what a co-incident that same issue happen again after 3 years twice with same dealer. I am assuming that they are selling the display product with customer and thats why we are facing such issue


Posted on Jun 08, 2014


Praneeth Kumar

Posted on Jun 08, 2014

Hi Sir/Madam, I brought Lenovo Laptop,the company given 1+2 years warranty. Recently the grow between the back panel and hinge is opened as a result door is not closing properly. When I approached service center,they confirmed that this can't come under warranty Please guide me in resolving this problem

Santhosh Kumar R

Posted on Jun 07, 2014

I had given my Swipe Mobile for service(warranty IN) to the authorized service center on March 10 2014, still now they have not returned my tablet after making many attempts to get back my tablet. please resolve my isuue

Neeraj Gunjan

Posted on Jun 07, 2014

My DTH has manufacturing defect and the the Videocon D2H is not going to solve my problem. I have already complain them 4 times. but without checking they send the message your problem is resolved.

Sangita bhagat

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

the samsung company is cheating us by selling a second's refrigirator by just showing the sctarch on it rather it was not cooling and when the engineer approched us he said this fridge is modified from inside ie parts have been changed & this information was not disclosed us about the modified part now another thing is that my fridge has been taken to service centre, when they came to take the fridge they told you will get your fridge back in four days , they took our fridge on 17/5/2014 on urgent basis till now ie on 5/6/2014 , we are not getting any calls from there , they are harassing us, the bill is named after sangita bhagat, serial no : R4624PAD1004, Model no RT36FDJFABX/TL. till now no solution neither any satisfactory answer from them,

Sandeep Mulay

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

It is to inform you that I bought a brand new SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II mobile on 7th March 2014. My SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE II mobile is getting SWITCHED-OFF all of sudden. This is happening repeatedly during the last two months. This problem started occurring on 10th day onwards from the purchase date. The same was brought to notice to authorized SAMSUNG Service Centre. They tried to repair it twice. But it's of no use. Still the same problem is persisting. I am asking SAMSUNG for the replacement of same piece as against of my existing one. But they are denying it. So I want to claim for the replacement of this handset with new one along with compensation for the mental & physical harassment.


Posted on Jun 04, 2014

We had bought an inverter which dis still in its warranty period.the same is lying with the shopkeeper for over a month without being replaced for the faulty piece, even though promised.the shopkeeper also refuses to answer our calls.we have all necessary proofs and reciepts.we have been following up with him since a month without being heard and all we got to hear innitially are false Promises. Please help us or guide how to go about this.

Sampath Goud

Posted on Jun 04, 2014

Hi, I have given my Nokia lumia mobile (N610) for servicing reporting a problem of automatic reboot in Nokia care "Global Cell World, Malakpet, Hyderabad" on 15/02/14 with job id 140212/48 ESN no: 359313048227056. The service representative was Mr Sai. Except for the phone rebooting automatically everything else was perfectly fine. Initially they returned the phone after saying the problem is fixed. But it was not and I had to return them back. They did this twice, with same problem not even fixed. After that they called me up and mentioned the phone cannot be repaired and the motherboard is dead. Now the phone is not even starting which means the phone which was functionally working with a reboot problem is now dead. Its more than 3 months now the problem is not fixed and they are not even promising a date to fix the problem. I am having mental stress over this. Please help me to get a compensation or get my phone back in the same condition that I have given to them.


Posted on Jun 04, 2014



Posted on Jun 04, 2014

I had purchased 1 titan watch from city centre mall Gurgaon before 2 years ago .Watch model number is 9322SL01. I got 2 year warn tee from company but 2 years is completed My titan watch Warne tee is expired before two moth ago I face some problem on my watch so I visited titan service centre dated on 21/04/2014 , Service Centre address is (Metropolitan mall MG road Gurgaon) , They people told me that I have to left my watch on service centre for service .They people gave me delivered time 13/05/2014 but still I lied up with them 4 to 5 time but they people giving me every time new date .I have a receipt . I request your help to know how to proceed further to protect my right as a costumer. Thanks and Regards. Gopal Sharan Singh +91 8800557316


Posted on Jun 04, 2014


Rajesh Kumar Budgujar

Posted on Jun 03, 2014

Sir, I purchased a mobile handset Iberry worth Rs. 15,873/- through Snapdeal online from Iberry India Limited on 1st January, 2014. Within a month the camera of the Handset started mal-functioning. I then approached to the nearest service center of the Company and got it repaired after almost a month. Again within 15-20 days, the handset started facing the same camera problem. I once again approached the same sertice centre and dropped the handset on 18th April,2014 for repairing. But till date the company/ Service centre has not return the Handset to me. I repeatedly contacted the service centre to get my set back but with no avail. Although several time I talked to their representatives of the Company but reply given from your side did not satisfy me.

Akeel khambati

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

I have given my iball 7334i tablet for in-warranty service at the iball service center at drive-in. They had given a time of 15 days to solve the iasue or replace the device. Today even after 15 days they are still asking for a week more to solve the issue.

Gaurav singh

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

i have purchased Micromax A110Q 15-08-2013 but it's have problem on 09-05-204 my phone is hanged and its not working then i went to your service center in Dadar (W) near plaza but that day they said there is technical problem and they didn't see the problem and said come on Monday. On Monday they take it and said i'll be try to start through software but its not started then they told its take time but even 20 days gone but still in progress.

Amarjeet Verma

Posted on Jun 01, 2014

I have lodged a complaint against Symphony Cooler on April 28, 2014 for its non-functioning. We purchased this cooler model "HI COOL I-NEW" on April 27, 2014. Complaint No.: BL-DS-28D14012. Customer care has promised us resolve this issue till May 4. We did not get any call then after. We finally called to Symphony corporate center for this issue on May 28 after a month and we got direct no. 9341812928 of Bangalore representative but it was switched off. Symphony on May 31 has given new No. 9379001341, Kiran who has promised us to send the technician till evening that day but it’s in vein again. I would like to ask if this way to add service for one year with extra money while purchasing and not providing the same at all. Even it’s been more than a month while we lodged the complaint but still we didn't get any solution for this. It will not be surprising if Symphony will repair my cooler in winter and will show us their level of sensitivity against customer.


Posted on May 31, 2014

dear sir i had bought one karbonn a26 mobile (2nd may 2014) after few days later sd card and phone storage were not showing on screen i submitted my phone 20 may 2014 to janak infotech service center in yamuna vihar delhi 53 but still my karbonn mobile in service center i am very disapoint pleas help me my job sheet no KJASPDL094514K7283

Abhijit Patra

Posted on May 30, 2014

Bajaj Ceilling Fan is not working with in warranry period, logged a complain but not taken any action. Please look into this matter urgently, in this summer it is tough to bear without fan. Please have a look.

Bhoop Singh Panwar

Posted on May 30, 2014

Dear Sir, This is AC of Videocon make was purchased from Value Industries Limited on 09/06/2013. Invoice copy can be provided.. Only after 4 months of purchase this AC started issues and there are several complaints regarding this with Videocon Customer care centre (data can be provided as received SMS from them) every time they took almost 10 - 15 days to resolve the issues. Now again same issue as AC is not working (no cooling) when i contacted their customer centre they given complaint number GUR3005140001... also received number of service engineer, but when contacted he given some other number.. finally I got the supervisor number managing these complaints... When supervisor Sanjay mobile number 8130867395 contacted, first he was very rude and wanted to realized to me that i have made mistake by purchasing the videocon product.. and denied to attend the request. Request your help to resolve the issue... we do not want this product as since beginning we are facing issues and harassment.. Thanking you, Yours Sincerely, Bhoop Singh Panwar 09811772845

Richa Aggarwal

Posted on May 30, 2014

I had bought a sony mobile on 15.08.2013 and it had a warranty period of 1 year and have already has been to the service centre on 05.03.2014 for the same problem and now it has been submitted to the service center on 11.05.14 and neither are they ready to replace the phone nor have they been able to fix it in the desired timeline and have promised 3 different dates which have passed and yet no update. All the conversation us with me on my emails if required i can produce the records.


Posted on May 29, 2014


Subhendu Kolay

Posted on May 29, 2014

Dear Team, I have bought a Micromax Funbook Talk P362 Tablet (Wi-Fi, 1.65 GB) [IMEI/Serial No: 911305650408579] on 27-June-13. Now facing baterry issue and given 2nd time to kolkata service center (M/S SUN INFOSOLUTIONS 17, GANESH CHANDRA AVENUE, KOLKATA 700013 - 700013) . Find the Job sheet no. 1. E030741-0414-9273474 2. R1404FWB9318240 Still the TAB is not repaired. Third time I have collected the device and checked the problem yet not resolved. After full charging the TAB only giving 10 minutes backup. This is the third time the TAB had been repaired and also Baterry also has been replaced with chargeable basis. The battery replacement cost taken was Rs. 610. Could you please let me know Is this the process to repaire a device. I am looking for a positive reply from your side.

Johny Mathai

Posted on May 28, 2014

Sir,I had purchased one MTS Mobile(Model MTS DUET ZTE-N790) from Vivek Distributors on 10 May 2013 by paying Rs.5,400/-with one year warranty.The phone was having touch screen problem in the initial months itself.Later it was found complete dead.I took to the service center on 6-5-2014 at Nagasree communications,Mangalore.They promised one weeks time to repair the hand set.But till now I have not received any positive reply from the center.I lost all the calls in that number since the SIM is not compatible for any other hand set.So I request your honor to get my amount refunded to buy another good hand set having service back up


Posted on May 28, 2014

I have purchased a Samsung Bluetooth from 100bestbuy.com on 9th/April/2014 &the payment of the same is done online (proofs available)today is 49th day i.e. near to 2months but i have not received my product. I have sent many mails for the same but no revert. Also i have called so many times to their customer care no. but every time i got reply that pls wait for 2 days you will get product but still product is not delivered. Almost i have spent a product equivalent amount while calling on their customer care for taking follow up. It’s harassment from website that they are not giving proper reply, many times they cut my phone and they kept my phone on long hold so that we can cut the phone. one time i waited for approx. 30mins on hold but that executives didn’t turned back to phone. I wish to cover all my expenses and paid amount with interest and want to go legal for harassment


Posted on May 26, 2014

Sir, I use an iphone 5, 16gb white color. last week i was facing few issue regarding the sleep button on my iphone. the serial number on my iphone is "C32JTN76DTWF". When i visited the apple service centre they assured me that since there is no crack on the window screen on my iphone i shall get a replacement. now they say that due to multiple dents on my phone i need to pay rs.20300. i havent asked for a new phone. i just want the button to be repaired. if iphone cant repair it, it is their problem not mine. when my phone is genuinely responsible for a free replacement. they arent replacing my phone for free just to save their costs. please use this link and enter my serial number to see the proof of the report-https://ssl.apple.com/in/support/iphone5-sleepwakebutton/

Dhiraj A Mulajkar

Posted on May 26, 2014

I had bought a Usha company's cieling fan from the Kalyan based delaer/ shop keeper for Rs.1500/- The fan was defective and we put a complaint following which the company sent its Man to fix the problem. He labelled it as defective matereial and advised us to have it replaced from the dealer under the gauranty / warranty period. We had it replaced from the dealer after much reluctance from the delaer but in vain. The replaced item or fan is also not working and we want to get rid of this harrasment as even after paying money we are asked to run post to pillar. Please look into the matter


Posted on May 23, 2014

Purchased 1.5 ton AC of Voltas from Reshmi Enterprises, Kolkata (9830149206). It stopped working next day. The shop referred us to contact service center. The service center misbehaved with us a lot. after repeated request they filled gas, it worked for one day and then it stopped completely. Again lodged complain to service center, 3 days passed, they have not yet visited. Suffering a lot for a month since we purchased it.


Posted on May 23, 2014

I purchased a new Xolo S 500 IPS on 10 May 2014 noon. By evening of the same day, the software of the Handset got dead. The Handset when taken to Service Center was declared DOA & I was sent to the Retailer back for replacement. The Retailer asked me to wait for 4-5 days for replacement to arrive. Till date, I am constantly following up with the Retailer but he is not able to provide the same. He is trying to give away some other Handset of same value. Today when I asked for refund of money, he used abusive language and said: "Himmat hai to lejaa kar dikhao." Please see if you can help me with the Refund of Money or replacement of the same Handset. Retailer Name: Sony Exclusive Galary Address: Ganga Plaza, near Begumpul, Meerut-250002 Contact Number of Retailer: 0121-4020555

Hari Shankar Budhia

Posted on May 22, 2014

Respected Sir, I have purchased a AC (Split Supria Plus of carrier company) on installment from Harmony House Jessor Road Kolkata on 18.04.2014 and it was installed on 20.04.2014. But unfortunately it was stop working from the very next day after that i have contract to toll free no. as well as mailed on the customer care mail ID but till date don't get any solution please look into the matter Best Regards,


Posted on May 21, 2014



Posted on May 21, 2014

Complaint against MEDPlus+ Shop located at Hulimavu,BG Road, for refusing to pay back money or replace the instrument( Digital Blood Pressure Monitor) which has 2years warranty. Purchased on 21/9/13.

jeetendra talwar

Posted on May 21, 2014

i have a strict complaint against ebay.in and their s upplier psvala from ahmedabad who supplied me a new but defective sealed hard disk which i returned in an hour only of receipt via courier with proofs but after 4 months i m awaiting a refund still after so many follow ups with ebay and the supplier.


Posted on May 21, 2014

this complaint is for the false promises that kutchina had made and did not deliver a single one. firstly its been more than 4 months their installation is incomplete and secondly whenever i call the sales officer mr.susanta pramanick he keeps making up excuses after excuses and for how long do they expxect us to keep waiting when they just seem to turn a deaf hear, especially since they have recieved the full payment from us. there even was a point when mr.pramanick had switched off his phone and there was no way we could contact him and after finally getting through when we told him we would complain, he defied us in doing so without even admiiting their mistake. as the installation is incomplete, the months are flying buy and so is our warranty. i would be really greatful if youll could please help me on this matter.

Amit Hooda

Posted on May 20, 2014

SUBJECT: COMPLAINT AGAINST HITACHI: I purchased a Split AIR CONDITIONER 1.5 ton from Vijay sales Faridabad . Details are as: Bill No.------V.No.:92-HFR03-14SICDUF 50 dated 31-03-2014. Billing Address----Amit Hooda,1160 sector -3,Faridabad. Installation Address---Amit Hooda,374 sector 12, Sonipat-131001 mobile:8506051000 Seller---Vijay Sales ,crown plaza,29 km Milestone,sector 15A,Faridabad. Tel-0129-4259800 vscaremumbai@vijaysales.com,, vscaredelhi@vijaysales.com Brand Name & company Address---Hitachi. Hitachi india Ltd. A-15, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, Mathura Road, New Delhi, DL 110044 Phone-01126991366 customer care mail: customer care@hitachi-hli.com Capacity/Model no.----1.5 ton ,3 star(2014-15) RAS318HUD spilt indoor unit. 3 star(2014-15) ORAU318hud outdoor unit. Problem Observed/Faced: 1. Defective Product: After installation---no cooling problem faced initially. ---gas leakage problem faced( within 1-2 days of installation) . ---till now upto 20th may no effective cooling as per specification given (3 star---BEE rating 3.29). ----Room temperature is not achieving as per AC temp. setting & tripping Of compressor takes place before achieving set temp. Only effective if We are sitting in front of AC. 2. Delay in attending complaints/no response : a) Installation got delayed even after many request made by me & Vijay Sales & finally installed on 6th th April.----request no. is—14033104497 dated 31/3/2014 b) In between communication through Vijay sales was in process to solve AC problem . But every time delayed. Some other complaint request details are as: *Complaint no.14042500867—of dated 25/4/2014--closed on dated 28/4/2014 in system Without attending. *Complaint no. 14042900195 of dated 29/4/2014. Closing date-1/5/2014 *Complaint no. 14050400861 of dated 4/5/2014. Closing date –10/5/2014 *Complaint no.14043000637 of dated 8/5/2014 ---- c) For all complaints ,we followed Hitachi customer care as well as Vijay sales customer care many times in a day & sent many mails at customercare@hitachi-hli.com. Even after all efforts ,services got delayed every time & the matter is still pending. 3. Mental Harassment due to regular follow up & money wastage on defective product. From last 50 days I am daily/regularly in touch with Hitachi as well as Vijay sales. Vijay sales helps me in coordination with HITACHI representative, but still matter is unresolved. I asked Hitachi representative Mr. Virender(ASM---Sonipat area) to replace my product .but got no response go. 2ndly I asked to repair & extend warranty of product 1 year more as I have lose confidence on the product. For this also no response. Hitachi Team (Mr. Virender )assured on 13th May to attend & resolve problem till 18th. But no one came to attend. Now I am fully harassed & disturbed from last 50 days . Due to this I am unable to give attention at my workplace. Even after spending money ,my summer period is going waste due to improper usage of defective product. Also my electricity & communication expenses iare going waste. Penalty : Due to above said reasons I want replacement of this defective product with new one at my installation address + 1lac INR against mental harassment . Regards Amit Hooda,374 sector 12,sonipat 131001 mob. 8506051000

md saleem khan

Posted on May 20, 2014

Dear admin onida tv center &#2360;&#2352; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2368; &#2360;&#2350;&#2360;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366; &#2325;&#2366; &#2325;&#2379;&#2312;&#2349;&#2368; &#2360;&#2350;&#2366;&#2343;&#2366;&#2344; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368; &#2361;&#2379; &#2352;&#2361;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2325;&#2367;&#2352;&#2381;&#2346;&#2351;&#2366; &#2310;&#2346; &#2360;&#2375; &#2344;&#2367;&#2348;&#2376;&#2343;&#2366;&#2344; &#2361;&#2376; &#2325;&#2368; &#2332;&#2354;&#2381;&#2342; &#2360;&#2375; &#2332;&#2354;&#2381;&#2342; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2368; &#2360;&#2350;&#2360;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366; &#2325;&#2366; &#2360;&#2350;&#2366;&#2343;&#2366;&#2344; &#2325;&#2352;&#2375; &#2350;&#2375;&#2344;&#2375; &#2310;&#2346; &#2325;&#2368; &#2325;&#2306;&#2346;&#2344;&#2368; &#2360;&#2375; &#2319;&#2325; &#2323;&#2344;&#2367;&#2337;&#2366; &#2309;&#2354;&#2381;&#2335;&#2381;&#2352;&#2366; &#2360;&#2381;&#2354;&#2367;&#2350; &#2335;&#2368;&#2357;&#2368; &#2326;&#2352;&#2368;&#2342;&#2366; &#2341;&#2366; &#2332;&#2379;&#2325;&#2375; &#2326;&#2352;&#2366;&#2348; &#2361;&#2379; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2350;&#2325;&#2376;&#2344;&#2367;&#2325; &#2344;&#2376; &#2335;&#2368;&#2357;&#2368; &#2325;&#2367;&#2335; &#2348;&#2342;&#2354;&#2357;&#2366;&#2344;&#2375; &#2325;&#2379; &#2325;&#2361;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2357;&#2361; &#2350;&#2375;&#2352;&#2375; &#2335;&#2368;&#2357;&#2368; &#2325;&#2366; &#2325;&#2368;&#2335; (&#2346;&#2381;&#2354;&#2375;&#2335; ) &#2354;&#2375;&#2327;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366; &#2324;&#2352; &#2309;&#2348; &#2325;&#2369;&#2331;&#2349;&#2368; response &#2344;&#2361;&#2368; &#2342;&#2375; &#2352;&#2361;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; complain id ( 14042606380255 ) moh.kyuim khan contact number : 09871767340 Thanks & Regards MD.S KHAN

Shikhir Kadian

Posted on May 18, 2014

I got my phone Nokia Lumia 720 repaired from Shree Shyam cell point, Gurgaon, Touch screen of the phone was replaced, he charged me 6500 &#8377;, Now the phone screen keeps on malfunctioning, I took it back to the repair shop but he says it could be a software issue taking no responsibility what so ever, so kindly guide me in filing a complaint with District consumer forum

Atiuttam Singh

Posted on May 16, 2014

I have Voltas AC with Stabliser. I have made a complaint that Stabliser is not working as on 1st May 2014.Till date it is not serviced or replaced. Plz help to resolve the issue.

Sampath Goud

Posted on May 15, 2014

Hi, I have given my Nokia lumia mobile (N610) for servicing reporting a problem of automatic reboot in Nokia care "Global Cell World, Malakpet, Hyderabad" on 15/02/14 with job id 140212/48 ESN no: 359313048227056. The service representative was Mr Sai. Except for the phone rebooting automatically everything else was perfectly fine. Initially they returned the phone after saying the problem is fixed. But it was not and I had to return them back. They did this twice, with same problem not even fixed. After that they called me up and mentioned the phone cannot be repaired and the motherboard is dead. Now the phone is not even starting which means the phone which was functionally working with a reboot problem is now dead. Its more than 3 months now the problem is not fixed and they are not even promising a date to fix the problem. I am having mental stress over this. Please help me to get a compensation or get my phone back in the same condition that I have given to them.

Mayur Reddy

Posted on May 14, 2014

Respected Sir, I bought a water purifier from IFB Global web site and requesting service for the same. from last 2 months i am keep on calling customer care and they are responding and telling me that they will attend. but finally they are not attending to my complaint. i have all original bills with me and call record also i have. please help me out on this. Thanks in advance, Mayur

devesh kumar chourasia

Posted on May 14, 2014

Hi , I have purchase FX11 Bajaj Food processor and when the demo executive came for demo he found the food processor is not working and at that time I have raised the concern with Customer care and the demo technician has guide the customer care executive on that moment the customer care executive raised the concern and give me the ref no. 4670192 . But next day when I have try to chase the status the customer care give me the no of another executive regarding the issue Davinder (8527992327) but when I take to this executive the advise me that the product is repaired not replaced for replacement he provide me another no. of (Sukhpal)8285257206 then he provide me another executive no. for replacement Pryanshu gupta (9810306562) but no assurance from him he also deny to replace the product so, Please do the consumer protection to replace the product instead of repair the product. Thanks. Devesh.


Posted on May 14, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I was working in Control Engineering Company from Feb-2006 to Feb-2011. I submitted my EPF (WB/CAL/0048683/000/55) withdrawal request in Aug 2011. Till then I am in touch with company for the status.But there is no positive answer from employer. Even the reasons are not known. We request to help for getting the claim on priority. Best Regards, N.MohanKumar


Posted on May 14, 2014

Dear Sir, I was working in Control Engineering Company from 2006 to Feb 2011.I submitted my EPF (WB/CAL/0048683/000/55) withdrawal request in MAY 2011. Till then I am in touch with company for the status.But there is no positive answer from employer. Even the reasons are not known. We request to help for getting the claim on priority. Best Regards, N.MohanKumar

Prabhakar Adinath Doiphode

Posted on May 14, 2014

*Purchased Samsung Inverter Air conditioner from CROMA -Belapur shop on 04/05/2014. *Numerous calls,visit to CROMA shop,Samsung service center did not yield results Air conditioner till Date i.e.14/05/2014 remains mounted on the wall in "NON-OPERATIONAL" State...!!!! *I was made to pay a Whopping Rs.5,000/- towards installation materials. *Installed by Samsung technician who had to take telephonic support for connection of electrical wires,knew nothing repeat ...nothing about features of the newly launched Model.Soldered very delicate copper tubing ,installed electrical wires joined with insulation tapes....!!! *No receipts were given for the purchase of installation material of Rs.5000/- which was procured from Samsung Service center..!


Posted on May 14, 2014

Hereby I complaint about the Karbonn Mobile service Center Andheri Name " Mobile Junction" Actaully I have purchased a Karbonn Mobile Online Against Inv. No 10 dated 1/4/2013 model no Karbonn A15. And This handset has stop to working and got dead. I have given it to Karbonn Service Center at Anderi as mentioned above on date 13/2/2014 against Job sheet No KJASPMH424214K1972. I am consistantly following up with cervice center since the Job sheet date but till date niether I have received my service hand set nor the New Piece which was committed by service center by Mr. Aslam. I am very fadup and helpless as i not receiving any positve reply from him. And I i don't have another temprory handset with me so i am in much problem for important calls. So I request you to kindly do the needful to resolve my issue with penalization to service center. Regards. Shyam Sundar Sharma

Paresh Nath Chandra

Posted on May 14, 2014

I purchased Mobile(LG D686) on 22.3.14 for 18,200/- from Barmecha Refrigeration Pvt Ltd of E-Mall, 6 C.R. Avenue,Kol-72(Bill-1803).On 23.3 LCD Screen disappears. For sunday visited shop on 24.3. They tried &the set became on. Again same probl- em on 25.3 & I was out of Kolkata for prescheduled programme. After return I went shop on 28.3 They tried but failed & asked me to visit service centre with documents.On 29.3 I went to LG Service Centre Suva Information Technology Pvt Ltd at P-38,Princep st, Kol-72. They observed & told that LCD screen to be changed.I said to change the set. They refused & told that it was possible If I submitted within four days.I returned with deposit receipt No.0143 & complaint at service india @lge.com. They replied that they referred to local office. Being pending I further mailed on 3.4&18.4 still no effect. I am a sr. citizen & purchased for my personal use.I think the set which I could not used for a day should be changed. I want justice from your end.

Geetika Jawa

Posted on May 13, 2014

Hi I purchased a 1.5 ton window A/c in the year 2011 with Model No "AW182ZC/2011". Last year, there was a problem of gas leakage for which i paid 2500 to get the a/c in the working condition. This year, the A/C was not functioning, we called up the Samsung customer care service and were assigned a complaint no - "8432203452". The executive came to see our A/C last week and said that we have to incur an expenditure of INR 7,000 on account of cooling coil, gas leakage, compressor problem. We informed the customer care executive that our compressor of our A/c is still under the warranty period of 5 years and should be repaired free of cost. But the customer care executive was stubborn and said that till the time we dont pay an amount of INR 5000 for the cooling coil he would not look into the compressor. We requested him to look into the compressor several times but he refused us outrightly till the time we are ready to pay 5000 for cooling fire and after the compressor issue gets sorted

samrat basu

Posted on May 13, 2014

LG split ac purchased on 12th april from Khosla Electronics BT road branch is having a cooilng coil leak and gas leakage issue. requesting and seeking your help to replace the same as i am being dircted to the buyer and then redirected to the service centres reulting in delay in the product replacement


Posted on May 13, 2014

korbonn mobile phone.

mohit upadhaya

Posted on May 10, 2014

I have purchased an ac split type from N.R.Enterprises, uttam gloor mill complex, idgah road , residency road , jammu -180001, on 29-04-2014. After installation it was found that compressor pipes has been damaged badly and it was manufacturing defect. I have lodged a complaint to voltas customer care on 7-5-2014, but their response is not good nd non professional. I want a replacement which the dealer is not providing. Kindly take some serious step regarding such complaints as murcury is higher and sale of such products is also soaring.kindly provide me a way to get out of this issue.


Posted on May 10, 2014



Posted on May 10, 2014

Purchased washing machine ‘WHIRLPOOL:WM Fas:123 NXT 622D F Grey’ from GIRIAS INVESTMENT (P) LTD, Nagarbhavi layout, Bangalore on 23/03/2014. Product had been making unusual noise while spinning. Compliant was reported to whirlpool customer care. I was told its usual noise in every machine. Due to unabated intensified noise I was forced to complain once again on 26th April 2014 to customer care. Then technician acknowledged that product is defective. Company has agreed to replace the defective washing machine but has failed to replace. They have been giving trivial reasons for not acting and kept me waiting till now. They have also asked me to pay extra and go far higher end models as product is unavailable. I have suffered lot of inconvenience and squandered lot of my time, money and energy trying to fix amicably. As a last resort I am lodging this complaint against company. During these days I have been interacting with Kamalesh at 08064564453 in vain.

Somil Agarwal

Posted on May 08, 2014

I bought a Moto G mobile phone from Flipkart on 6 Feb 2014. I submitted it to the authorised service centre in Pune( PC support , Narayan Peth) on 27 March 2014 for screen damage maintenance(physical damage). However, even after 43 days , there has been no communication from their side.The Customer centre executive says that the phone screen is out of stock and they have ordered it for the same but the company is not responding. Kindly let me know what can de done in this case as its causing a lot of mental harassement.

Dr. Jaldeep Jivani

Posted on May 08, 2014


gour chandra dutta

Posted on May 06, 2014

I have purchase a 1.5 ton eta general air conditioner from great eastern trading co. The unit is not run properly. Service technician come and change the circuit board and asked me to maintain the earthing level upto 5. I have done alot according to their suggestion. Now they says their system is ok. I request them to replace the unit. It is not possible for my family members to check the earthing level each time to run before ac. Please help.

Gautam Punj

Posted on May 06, 2014

i had given a mobile to sony service center in ambala city whose job id is 14041401435 and whenever i asked weather my phone is repaired they are saying it 2-3 days and not giving me any surety in deadline that when my phone will get repaired as my phone is in accidental insurance covered they always says that still no issuance of parts are there and not giving any satisfactory reply so please do the needful as they always keep harassing me.


Posted on May 05, 2014

I want to file a complaint against a mobile provider company as I have got faulty product and they are not replacing the product.

Debanjan Pathak

Posted on May 04, 2014

Water Filter-Aquasure, Kitanu Magnet, Amrit, a product of Eureka Forbes purchased in September 2013 is out of order within three months from the date of purchase. No action taken despite several complaints. Last complaint no.76163111 dated 30.04.2014 Purchased from CHROMA, Pimpri,Pune

Jigar N Chheda

Posted on May 03, 2014

I purchased Seagate 1 TB hard disk last year in June 2013, Now again 3 rd time it has stopped working, And moreover the service centre is also not near that I could visit them once in a week. I have lost all my important data stored on it thrice. Now I want to make sure company listens to me and provide me a proper working product.i have lost a lot of money to fix this product. Hard Disk is kept to keep back up of your important data, but my Hard Disk itself needs a backup. I feel i have been cheated by the company by selling a faulty product. I will never recommend this product to anyone. For your information below are the deatils of my current Hard Disk, Serial No. is NA52S7MS Product no. is 1D8AP8-500


Posted on May 02, 2014

I have purchased a mobile (gaba A 75) from S.H.Mumtazuddin,B.B.D bagh,on 22.04.2014.But hearing volume is very low and voice is not clear.Facing difficulty in receiving calls.contacted the store manager but he is not ready to solve my problem.I want either mobile to be replaced or money to be returned.

dr ravindra gandhi

Posted on May 02, 2014

i regret the day i decided to purchase panasonic split a.c.from vijay sales on 24/04/2014.person from company came for installation after five days.the unit which was installed was defective so it was taken back on 30/04/2014 it was said that new machine will be sent on 01/05/2014 but it was sent on 02/05/2014 the technician told that i am coming with in an hour but company person sent him to another place & told that your machine will be installed tomorrow i.e. on 03/05/2014.this is the state of affairs that 10 days after purchase of machine it has not been installed.company people must think to close the service centre if they can not manage.

Dipankar Basu Mallick

Posted on May 02, 2014

I have purchased a GABA mobile(A66) on 20/07/2013 from S.H.MUMTAZUDDIN though I want to take NOKIA mobile.But from the sales counter a sales man forced me to take GABA mobile which is MUMTAZUDDIN's own product (basically Chinese set).From the next 2nd Month problem has encountered when the set was found defective(Hanging Problem, Big spot on display).Till 02/05/2014,I have visited at least 12 times,but the set has not become problem free.they didn't provide me any service. My Bill No is 18259

Ankita Mitra Rakshit

Posted on May 02, 2014

Dear Sir/madam I have an Air Conditioner from Godrej which I have brought from great Eastern Kolkata sinthi More Branch.I used to do the AMC regularly.From last six months I am facing a huge problem from the godrej AC that the cooling is not taking place.Since October 2013 the problem is hanging.Kindly note I have the below mentioned details with me that how many of complaints I have registered and how many technicians have been visited or suppose to visit. Ganesh Pandit,Sujit Chowdhury,Syed Anwar,Mr Amit all have visited my home.Many names are un reminded.Mr Pallab Banerjee contact no.8017996555 who is the head of all is the other concern person who had make lakhs of false commitments many times.Not only that they think that we are the servant of their as they ask us to give them reminder calls to come down.I am now pissed of with them.I have registered written complaint in Godrej request Id 10751 ,received mail by Subia Momin....

Priya Burman

Posted on May 02, 2014

I have bought samsung galaxy star pro s7262 mobile phone on 22/4/14 from Aanchal telecom.From the very first day my phone battery used to get discharged rapidly despite my internet is off. I complained it to Aanchal telecom & they have sent it to the samsung service centre.The service centre by only updating the software returned my mobile but still my problem exist. I am ready to exchange my mobile with a new model by paying additional charges but the don't agree. Please do the needful as soon as possible

Jasdeep Singh Bali

Posted on May 02, 2014

Bought New Voltas Ac on 11/5/13. Only after 1 month it stopped cooling. Did complaint to cstomer care. Tecnician came and told to bring ac to service centre. They repaired it. Brought ac back home. Agin after 20 days stooped cooling.2nd time again same thing happed. Now still Ac not working properly.

Bansal HiTech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Posted on May 01, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, We bought AC from KRISH TRADING, Gurgaon dated May 6th ,2013.We are faced a lots of problems from date of the purchase. Already we have taken 15-20 visit from Principal but still its not working and no one listen to us. Everybody fooling to us. Nobody doesn’t take any action AC details given below, Model No-Cube AC Brand – Panasonic Sr. No- 3449400899 Please look at the matter and lock the complaint.


Posted on May 01, 2014

Hi Team, I have ordered the Product : Symphony Air Cooler - STORM 70i on 18th April 2014 with HomeShop18 and I got message stating that Product was shipped on April 22, 2014 through SPOTON Courier through AWB No: 506672782. But Still no response from Home shop 18 and their answer was pathetic and no response from courier office too...I have raise ticket with them : 101001753, Daily I am calling them almost 5 times and still no response. Please help me out to get money back. Thanks, S. Dhinesh Kumar

jignesh rao

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

hello respcted sir i buy lava iris 504q from snepdeal on 14/04/2014 and they deliverd to me on 17/04/2014 sir my mobile sensor is not working so i complaint in senpdeal customer care so they told me to take DOA later from lava customer service centre so i get it and now snepdeal no replace and no refund from snepdeal not a single call on me for my problem so please help me sir my order no. is 1951299063 it price is rs.11190/- thanks sir.

manish gupta

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

I purchased micromax turbo handset in nov 2013. My handset started to hang after one month, for which that was deposited in company for 15 days in january 2014. Now my handset is again deposited in company for voice problem for last 35 days. Custmor care promised me to return the piece after repair within maximun 25 days, but still they have no status of my handset. Job Sheet No. - N030681-0314-8804170

Sramana Saha

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

Overall, the quality of service from Hitachi, has casued a lot of damage, harassment and loss, to say the least, and I demand that the damage made to my interiors along with the harassment caused should be rectified & compensated by Hitachi. I would appreciate & seek your support for redressal please. Thank You


Posted on Apr 29, 2014

Sir, i bought an O GENERAL A.C from venus engineering company.This is not working properly. when i complain(complaint no 11404210015 dated 21st april 2014) in company thay asked me to contact the dealer and dealer is notdoing anything.now please get me out of this problem.


Posted on Apr 29, 2014


Partho Roy

Posted on Apr 28, 2014

Dear Sir/madam, This complaint is regarding L K refrigeration Cuttack . I have bought a daikin AC from the vendor on 19th April and have paid for installation as well. However it's been almost 8 days and the seller hasn't installed the AC and has been avoiding my calls and messages.Request ou to kindly do the needful as this is a breach of agreement based on which I have paid the requested amount to him and he is harassing me after taking the money for installation. Regards Partho Roy


Posted on Apr 28, 2014

laptop purchased having details company- Lenovo serial no-CB24316105 Model -G400s Touch Idea pad Purchase date-14.02.14 purchased from-Reliance digital,korum mall,Thane Description of defect-Battery not charging Complaint log in service center on date 24.3.14 compl.no-7005999743 date of visit by Engr-4.4.14,but he could not solve the issue,problem remain same and till date no cognigence taken by company to solve the issue.after daily contact to service toll free number no positive response received.


Posted on Apr 28, 2014


Aditya S Aserkar

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

My phone Canvas A100, was given for repair regarding the power button issue. It was under warranty and hence was submitted to the Micromax Borivali service center. The phone was repaired and given back to me. Now that there is another problem with the phone, in spite of it still being in warranty, they reject the claim stating that there is no seal on the phone. According to them, they must have sealed the phone before delivery thus preserving the warranty. I was unaware of such minuscule conditions that I should have checked. Now they would not repair the phone, in spite of being in warranty, claiming that it has been opened violating warranty. Why should the consumer suffer because of the carelessness on their part? Why would I open the phone myself (allegedly) when it still lies in the warranty period?


Posted on Apr 23, 2014

Detail of Booking as follows : . Merchant Order Reference Number : 100007609 Item : NOKIA ASHA 502 ( Black ) EBS Payment ID : 22918016 Payment Mode : VISA Debit Card Amount : 5353.00 Invoice No. 100002625 I booked the Item on 06.02.14 . they acknowledged it but when the question of dispatch and supply of the item is asked response is , “ I Have to look into the case and will inform you after a day ‘ but the reply never recorded. Then the second man also repeating the same. Initially they were giving some reply against complain over mail. Now even stopped that. Even not responding to phone call now.

Vipin Jain

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

I have submitted my micromax handset (6 months old) at a service center in Noida on March 5, 2014 with Job sheet no. N040439-0314-8479948. After so many followups I have not received it back. I was not provided with any service phone for the time being & I have been following up since last 50 days with the team but still didn't got my cell phone back. I have escalated it so many times but these people again and again ask me for more time. This is rediculous. I am being HARASSED. I bought it for Rs. 10,000 and now I feel like my money got wasted. Please help me in getting my money back.

Adnan siddiquee

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

sir in december 2013 i buyed a micromax mobile . it had a problem in his display i showed it to the service centre they said it dosent had any problem. but no sooner its display became worst . again i showed it to the service centre on 29th march 2014 they took it for repair and said my mobile will be ready in 7 days but i have not got my mobile yet . sir on 25 april i have to go to patna for my entrance exam for aligarh muslim university and i will be returning after 2 months . sir i want my mobile before 25th .

Manveer Singh

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Sir/Madam I had launched a complaint with the Hitachi. Service center for the fault in the auto swing panel. The executive came and after looking at the fault said the motor has to be changed and it will take 3 to 4 days to procure. He made me sign a document saying that this would mean that he has visited, I signed accordingly. Today I received a SMS mentioning that my fault was attended and solved thereby my complaint has been closed. When I called back the agency, they said that they have the receipt that my fault has been attended and solved. This is really very unfortunate to be in such a situation after purchasing a reputed brand like yours. I hope you would look into the matter and I would appreciate an early response . My complain No. – 14041901010 Dated:22-04-2014 Name: Manveer Singh Ph: 9868613019, 8447671069

rajanna s.m

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

sir refrigirator purchase on 06/04/2014,adishwar compay mrp-15390.00 but tax invioce amount-16000.00

shivaraj patil

Posted on Apr 21, 2014

Dear sir/madam, I got a DOA (replacement) certificate from Blackberry service center for my mobile handset which was under warranty and submitted the same to retailer (Charisma, G-1,Ahuja chmbers # 1, kumara krupa road, Bangalore-560001, Tin no. 29330107549),he is not giving me the replacement which is approved by Black berry service center, it has been more than 14 days, Iam tired of roaming to his shop. I Kindly request you take the necessary action.

Riona Basu

Posted on Apr 20, 2014

i had brought a Nokia Lumia 520 handset from e zone, chandni chowk, Kolkata in June 2013. since then the mobile phone lock screen switch/button has repeatedly malfunctioned and i had to get it corrected repeatedly from the Nokia care center. now the lock switch is not working again. with the warranty period ending in a few months i would not be able to financially afford the repairs. i think i am being harassed by the recurring damage. therefore i am filing this complaint for your kind perusal and action at the earliest. regards Riona Basu

Vibhor Singhal

Posted on Apr 19, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I have launched a complaint for servicing of a Sony Bravia LCD TV on 5th Apr, 2014- Complaint #018479475. The TV was picked up by the company's authorised service center on 9th Apr and since then we have not heard from the company. I have called their customer care centre several times and they have not been able to provide me with any update. I tried calling their authorised service centre directly but nobody picks up the phone. I would like to register a consumer complaint against Sony for non-service. Please let me know how we can proceed with this. Thanks

francis dsouza

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

Panasonic ac not working since the day it is purchased. Panasonic is blaming the dealer and dealer is blaming the panasonic company.

Manash Sarkar

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

Purchased a product & got it financed by Capital First. Amezingly the loan amt. exceeds the product value.

Subhra Halder

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

I am not getting warranty on a memory card of samsung from samsung which I purchased online from flipkart.com

luna bhowmik

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

SAMSUNG have disinstalled and reinstalled my split air conditioner in my newly shifted rented accomodation.they have taken the installation charges and told that gas refilling needs to be done.for this i have paid for refilling and installation charges of Rs 4000. But after installation on the following day,the ac was not working and samsung when contacted told that ac was wrongngly installed. After two days they told that while refilling of gas the gas chamber of outdoor unit is damaged and they are asking for Rs 6000.Now it is not my fault it is the fault of samsung.Why will i pay for damages done by their franchaisee while installing?Please resolve my problem since they are not listening to me. i have all the documents in support of my claim such as installation receipt,disinstallation receipt etc.compliant no with samsung is 8456132650

Sajal Vashisth

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

Product complaint not resolved for Bajaj Appliance " Sandwhich Maker" under Warranty from Company

Pradeep Aswal

Posted on Apr 15, 2014

I need to lodge a complaint against micromax india. I got a defected phone from them(they recently agreed that mother board had problem and now they are changing the same.) I have been suffering from unpredictable phone and lost so much valuable time due to this. I cant forget about the inconvenience and confusions I had to bear due to this phone during my last two abroad travels. The email exchanges attached below will share the level of frustration I have been through for months. I don't like the fact that Micromax team feels that there is nothing that I can do about the trouble they have been to me. I will like to file a consumer forum case of substantial amount penalty. Please advise how to proceed.

Arun Rai

Posted on Apr 15, 2014

I received a microwave oven from my one of the relative as a gift of my marriage.When i open that gift i found that his door is not completely locked and plates are also not in moving condition so that i contact to customer care for repair of my appliance. I register a complaint no. through Bajaj telephone service on 3rd of April'2014 whose no is 4409269 but till date it is not solve.I never expect this kind of service from a very big company like Bajaj,It is really a cause of upset for a regular consumer.I was tried so many times to contact his service station to solve my problem but nobody cares about it.From his help line i got the no.9594348400 this no is mostly out of network and when it is in network,they are not provide any satisfactory answer to my query. Also,second no. is 02265123370 this no is always switched off. Now,i called again and again to customer care no. 02241280000 but no one can provide the solution. I request you to please solve my problem asap .

Tehsinkhan Pathan

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

I am having Iball Andi 4.5q mobile from 6 months. It starts heating up very badly when using internet for 8-10 minutes or more. This is 3rd time i have to visit Iball support service centre, first 2 times for On off lock key, now for heating up problem. I had given my mobile at Service centre 05th April, they told me that it will take 25days as there is problem in Motherboard. On asking reason why these much days, they said they have not having motherboard in Stock. I approaching company since a week but not accurate answer receiving. They are giving nos. of different persons to contact but nos always shows user busy status. When it's heatup very badly, we afraid of Any blast can happen in Mobile and it also results in our productivity loss due to this problem.

Amit Komti

Posted on Apr 12, 2014

I had Purchased a brand new Samsung Mobile phone, On opening the box the same was found not working. Since i was travelling i submitted the same to their service center in pune after i returned and asked for a replacement. the company is denying to replace the handset and is insisting me to accept a repaired handset. Selling a non working handset and then repairing it is nothing short of Fraud and Cheating

Rahul Singh

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

I purchased new Intex Aqua I5 and it was faulty. I gave it to Intex Service Center at Meerut. First they gave me 10 days time after 10 days they are asking me to come after 15 days more. Actually, They are not sure how long will they take to repair. I am in Trouble because of it have lost all contacts and life is so difficult without cellphone. Please resolve issue as soon as posible.


Posted on Apr 11, 2014

I have bought a Sony Home Theater System(600w) of 6 Speakers from Great Eastern Electronics, Behala on 15.03.2014. out of 6 Speakers One Speaker is silent since installation. Two times Engineers from Sony Co. has come but could not rectify the problem. I have then informed Great Eastern, Behala in writing to replace the System With any model but till date they are silent.

Sujeet Mishra

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Dukan dar hamara NOKIA 107 Handset Replacement nahi kara hai. But Nokia Company 107 Mobil Par deals ki Replacement Gurienty Deti Hai...

Aroop Chakraborty

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Intex mobile service not given for the last six months. mobile is at the service center from Nov 2013.

Shiv Om Sharma

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

Shopclues.com sent me a dead camera on prepaid. when i made a return request, they replied to contact VOX service center instead of replacing or refunding for the camera. No one picks the Phone at VOX service center the number given by shopclues

Goutam Biswas

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

s is to inform you that my Complain No-91206187 , we booked complain on 08.04.2014 but nobody call my phone and nobody check my AC. The main problems is 1 ton AC purchase but my Room (10ft / 12ft Size of my room) not cool. Cooling System problems please replase my AC and I want to purchase 1.5 ton Please help me and Replace my AC as soon as possible. Thanking You, Goutam Biswas 9143090457

Vijay Baswani

Posted on Apr 10, 2014

On 29/07/2013, MMX A65 from Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Invoice No.SI/GDM/6 - Gandhidham-Kutch. IMEI-1- 911241253348856 IMEI-2-911241253348864 It was very dis-satisfactory experience with MMX. I have already registered complaint in Consumer Forum regarding this issue. For your reference No.504261 I am disappointed because on the same day camera was not working so i complained to Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Gandhidham - Kutch. He updated software of phone and returned. During tenure of less than 2 month mobile was not performing well and after that i given it to MMX Service center of Gandhidham and they again updated software and returned it this repeated 2 times. Still problem was unsolved and at last I given to MMX service center of Veraval-362265 for same issue they also done same thing updated software and returned and again problem was unsolved. At last they send my mobile to Ahmadabad for 58 days from 28/10/2013 to 24/12/2013 and still problem was not solved and they took one more

Ranjan Chatterjee

Posted on Apr 09, 2014

Complaint against refrigerator that i'm using now . i bought it at the end of 2012 from Great Eastern and in between that time the refrigerator stops working for 3 times . When i went to the shop they told that they are not responsible . Today the fridge again stops working while i got the service near about 2 months ago. I'm facing a lot of trouble, so please help me to solve this problem.

Lokesh Agarwal

Posted on Apr 09, 2014

We have purchased one kitchen chimney on 23.10.2013 and now the said unit is not working and despite various complains, the shop keeper is not responding and neither interested to hear our problem, above all he is saying do whatever you feel like. in Just 6 months, he is asking to throw away the chimney.

Biju Thomas

Posted on Apr 09, 2014

Ion Exchange ECO RO Filter SR no 605193 raised on 22nd March , has not been worked upon , the technician couldnt resolve the problem and has not turned back


Posted on Apr 08, 2014



Posted on Apr 05, 2014

sir, i have purchased two solar garden lawn light from solareshop through online payment of 798/- on dated 17 march 2014 but till now i have not recieved my product i have also call them through their phone no. but they even don't recieve the call and if i call them from other no.. then they recieve the call and says wait .. i even asked them about the tracking id but they don't tell any thing................ so sir plz help me regarding this matter....

Minati Roy

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

Due to mechanical problems of my whirlpool washing machine on 29/03/14 lodged a complain (kl0314014390);but without any communication they closed it.Then again on 05/04/14 morning complained; repeated time they promised me sending mechanics within two hours; every time they deceived me.pl do something. Their service no-03360008558.

Arun Sengupta

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

I have purchased one double door Godrej frost free refrigerator of model number GFE26CFCKGG on 20.02.2007 bearing Unit SR no. 50702000375. As per the warranty card provided with the refrigerator this product comes with a 10 year rust protection plan. Now numerous rust patches are appearing on the front door of the refrigerator. So I have logged two complaints number 401759 dt 27/09/2013 and 116912 dt 06/11/2013. After that service technicians visited me multiple times. Initially they told me that the door will be replaced. But that has not been done in past six months. Now Godrej is telling that they are not in a position to repair the door nor they can change it since this model is obsolete and no longer available. They are giving an option to buy a new refrigerator in exchange of my old one and a value worth 35% of the cost of old refrigerator will be adjusted with the new one. But any way I have to spent a lump sum amount. Since I am a retired person over 75 years of age it is not possible for me to buy a new refrigerator after every 6 -7 years. Looking forward for your support to resolve the issue,

Sanjay Patel

Posted on Apr 05, 2014


Mainak Mukherjee

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

I bought a Sony DVD Home Theater (Model: DAV-DZ 777) in June 2009. The front cover of the disc tray got broken and a 'No Disc' problem was noticed. I submitted the DVD player to the Authorised Sony Service Center in Salt Lake with both the problems on 22-Feb-2014 (Job # J40389060). I received a call on 24-Feb stating that though they will fix the 'No Disc' problem but will not be able to replace the front cover of the disc tray. When I explained why I need that to be solved also, I was told that the technician will help me with an alternate solution. I approved the estimated budget of Rs 2895.00 to repair the 'No Disc' problem. The disc tray problem has not been resolved and the dvd player is in Sony Service Center for the last 43 days. I have raised 3 complaints on Sony website (17953122,18230144,18274817) and another 3 through Sony customer care. I (and my family) have been harrased enough by Sony. I Would request Sony to address this long pending issue immediately.

Suman Dhargupta

Posted on Apr 04, 2014

This is to bring to your notice a mal practice among Television dealers (my case Sales Emporium,Ultodanga,Kolkata) I just Bought a Sony 32 inch and a LG 26 inch TV- To my surprise I found the LG TV BOX serial number and mfg dates are diffrent to the TV details and the TV did not quite seem new. They either have provided the Demo set or an old self-used set. They have changed the set immediately after I asked for the reason of this (I have taken photoes of the serial number as proof) but not many people would compare the box and TV dates like this ! I would request you to take necessary stringent steps.As this might happen to any customer or any brand hampering interest of both! Customers dont get what they deserve and the brands need to provide warranty on a used/demo set. I am raising this with all major companies and Consumer forum in West Bengal.As a valid customer I should get a New Sealed Set. Please help me fight this corruption!

Sanjiv Kumar

Posted on Apr 03, 2014

Water Heater is under warranty for 2 years & is purchased on 16/12/2013.No repair from dealer

v c thomas

Posted on Apr 03, 2014

This is regarding non receipt of Original inovice for the the water purifier supplied by Eureka forbes Ltd .The machine was supplied by the company on 16/12/13 after taking full payment of Rs.12490/-. I have lodged complaint with company on January 2014 complaint No.89139732 but no response. Sent Registered notice on 17/03/14 no response. I suffer the damage as follows: As I have not produced the bill within 15 days of purchase, I was denied the amount by employer, the amount is reimburseable from my employer. As they are not producing the bill, I dboubt the machine is not original. In this circumstanced,I pray the the machine should be taken back by the company and refund the amount. Reimburse me the cost and damage for having cheated the consumer under monopoly position enjoyed by the company. Please advise me further course of action

Subhadeep Kanungo

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

I purchased Samsung Galaxy S4 on 27th Dec 2013. Few days later visited service center for software update and from the same day I started facing battery backup problem. I visited different service center and they said motherboard is damaged. They replaced it but I still faced the same problem. Again visited service center and they updated software version. But I am still facing the problem. Within 3months I visited service center 4times. Samsung is now denying to replace the device. The people at service center damaged the phone and they even did not record a entry when I submitted my phone. Kindly help me so that I can get a new device. Samsung is trying to cheat customers. I have even talked with senior representative and they told me to visit service center again. But this is wastage of time. How many times will I have to visit service center and they can't even rectify the problem and on top of that saying that its not a problem. Expecting kind cooperation from your side.


Posted on Apr 01, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I had purchased sony perimium mobile xperia zl also my friend purchased the same,we had an issue with camera having black dots,my friend submitted phone one day later to me he recevied his swapped phone and i am still waiting each time i caall i get an answer that invoice is not generated ,if i have dposited first then why invive is not generated and they say we ahave send mail to head office but still i am not getting the answer and my phone , Kindly help me Regards, Vishal

kapil ranjan

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

My dad buyed a godrej fridge from direct godrej dealers, who held house to house sellers and a fair like showroom near aashiana thane... They offered good price for the fridge in exchange of an old on as well as a new godrej mixer grinder as a free gift... We have not received the gift till now... Which was estimated arrival time to be in march... But when we complain to dealer he says that there is no stock or most of the time the gift will be shipped from mumbai branch and all these nonsense which we were not told about on purchase... I would like to drag them to court for such fraud... Please help me.

avtar singh

Posted on Mar 30, 2014

i purchased a advik wireless mouse with reciever on naptol.com..they sent me the dead mouse withour micro receiver device..i lodged a complaint by phone to naprol that the micro receiver is missing in the order..they told me they will send that device with in three days...after 10 days i got a message from naptol that my micro receiver device has been dispatched to me and will be in my hand within three days...again 10 days have been passe away..i again call to them and asked about the device this time they are saying they dont have any device with that mouse..crap......


Posted on Mar 27, 2014

i have purchased one handset(nokia x202)in the monthe of june 2013..just after 1 week i found some problems regarding software.(like memory full.delete some items,)so i formatted my phone.but again after one month this sofware problems arise..again i hav to format my phone..every month i have to go to the nokia service centre for servicing of my mobile..but in this case the nokia company(ekdalia branch)service centre tol me"We would like to tell you that “memory full, delete some data” is a kind of problem which is based on usage of the phone. This problem occurs when most of the data is stored in phone memory instead of mmc, also the cache files of browser fills up the phone memory and this problem occurs. The only solution to this problem is formatting the phone." so my question is is this thing is normal?????????if i hav to go to the service centre every now an then for formatting my phone then i would like to be happy with out any phone...and this not a solution.i hope..again the n

Vijay Kumar Bilotia

Posted on Mar 26, 2014

Complaint Date: 08-07-2013 Dear Sir, I had purchase an Air conditioner on 07-08-2012 from Raipur Electronics kolkata vide invoice no GP1876/12-13 . after working for 3-4 months properly it does gives cold air on calling the help line nos provided by you specifyiing that if any probelem is there that will be solved within 24 hours since the complaint is received but when i call for complaint i get a complaint no and says the representative will attend u but when they come to see the probelem they will send another person for repair. I cannot understand why u send such a person who cannot repait and says that some other person will come and check and do repair and the other person comes for repair and do their work but after some time the same probelem again starts and it is not giving cold air again we call and the same routine continues this has been done to us 3 times till now . i cannot understand when we purchase a new Air conditioner y so much probelem will arise . it is much cl

AVINASH gautam

Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Respected Sir, This is to inform you that I had ordered one mobile from online retailer 'Deja vu trends'. Below are the details : Site name : http://dejavutrends.com Address : 24,Apurva Estate,Makhwana Lane, Opp:- Vaman Center, Andheri-Kurla RoadMarol Naka, Andheri (East) Mumbai:- 400069 Email : support@dejavutrends.com Contact : 1800 3000 1177 I ordered my product(Samsung S duos 2 mobile) on 20th Jan 2014. It's been more than 2 months that I have not received my product. I had even applied for refund but their support team is not replying. For more details I have attached my billing details and the response I got from their support team. I believe their are many customers who are feeling cheated. Looking forward for your help.! Thanks, Avinash gautam Synechron technologies Pvt ltd. Pune-411036 Mob no- 9764502924

nishanth rajesh

Posted on Mar 25, 2014

Hello this is Nishanth speeking I have faced a lot of problems about my SAMSUNG PHONE GT-I9082 SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND purchased on 06/06/2013 the DEVICE had been given for SERVICE In MALLESHWARAM SERVICE CENTER named by SRI VARU COMUNICATIONS I had been for this service center for facing various problems so they have changed the mother board . Since the mother board replaced also I am facing problems so I hereby placed a complaint to refund my loss of the mobile I hereby await for d reply regards NISHANTH RAJESH

Akshat Kumar

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Hi, I've submitted my Karbonn A37 tablet for repair at the service center (Shankla Telecom, Sector-17, Gurgaon) on March 1 2014 and at that time they said that they will call me with in 2-3 hours regarding the charges associated with it. But since then there is no call from their side and even when I call them they say that its not repaired yet and they will call me. It's 24 days now from the date I submitted the tablet and still there is no specific date for its return. Please help me.

Goutam Bhowmik

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Ordered for CCTV(20cms) to Shoham Eye Clinic, Kolkata with request to send it to Gorakhpur (U.P.) by Courier service. Supplier has send an used old CCTV and Non-functioning exhausted battery.

Aditya B V

Posted on Mar 23, 2014

Dear Sir My name is Aditya, i am from karnataka state,VC Num is 01500355567 i subscribed for dishtv FTA aap ka pack. now set top box is failed to update released by dishtv, now dishtv is not ready to swap my vc to new set top box, even i am ready to pay cost of the set top box...

Ranjan Kumar Dey

Posted on Mar 22, 2014

Tata photon executive appeared to my home with a new device stating that if I buy one new connection my call charges will be reduced and the device will be taken back by the company. when I went to one of their store I came to know that they don't have any policy as such. I have given a written complain at the store. they haven't took any step for that till date. Today I've received a call from Delhi that a case is going to be filled against me in Delhi High Court. Only remedy they are offering is to pay Rs. 1300 within an hour or I have to pay Rs 15000 as advocate fee in the court plus other expenses.

Vikram Singh

Posted on Mar 22, 2014

i went to a shop for buying battery cells AAA(cells) , and the shopkeeper gaved me expired cells and when i went to returned cells ..he fought with me and argued that he have no fear of anything and he returned me my rupees....but nw i thought complain abt him is necessary becoz he is selling a expired product and frauding with peoples..so my request to u is sir plz take strict action abt him and check his shop ..whether hw mch expired things he is selling ...as a citizen its my right to complain so i had done ....and his address is :- A+B ENTERPRISES Deals in All kinds of electrical and electronic goods ,manistop janipur jammu . Property of Amarpal Singh i ll be very thankful to u if u ll take strict actions abt him.

Abdul Nayeem Raheem

Posted on Mar 22, 2014

I had bought an oven from panasonic last year. After few months, we had some problems with the working of oven. We called them to solve the problem and they came and fixed it. But again a few days later, the problem persisted. Since then, we are facing problems in fixing the oven. They are not getting the right part to fix the problem.

Rutuparna Pantsachiv

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

I had submitted my Lenovo P-780 smartphone to the Fourtech Computers (HCL - Service providers of Lenovo in Pune) for replacement of the damaged touch screen on 21st January 2014. While accepting the order, I was told that my phone would be repaired in maximum 15 days. I was asked to pay Rs 1000/- as advance. However its been more than 2 months and my phone has not yet been repaired. Each time I call the customer care of Lenovo, I am told that your phone would be repaired in 3/4 working days and that a senior would get back to me in regards to the problem. However nothing happens and not one calls back. I am tired of calling them up to check the status of my phone. Please suggest me what I could do to get back my phone and make them realize about the mental torture that them have given me.

mangesh sane

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

Respected sir/madam, I am Mr. Mangesh Sane, had purchased sony viao laptop (product name is SVE15123CNB ) having serial no (S/N) is 27556065 7028416 dated on 23/03/13, from Sony Viao company. Since from the day of purchase I was facing tremendous problems, which had not been solved even after 4 times repairing at authorized sony service center. Since, I am a PhD student such continuous software problem has been irritating me and my research work is getting badly hampered repeatedly. Also I have lost my very important data due to such problem. So Sir/Madam, I request you to look after this issue and take any stringent action as soon as possible against Sony company.


Posted on Mar 21, 2014


Kaustav Chaudhury

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

I have purchased Xolo Play ( T1000) last year on October.Recently on february I was facing some trouble with network and earpiece volume. I immediately deposited the cell phone to BALAJI ENTERPRISES 46/31/1,OLD GARIAHAT RD KOLKATA 700029 on the 20th of February 2014.Landline Nos:9331411566/9830022520 Contact Person: SIDDHARTH. Later I inquired about the status and Xolo service center Delhi reported that it has already been dispatched on 5th March!Today its 20th March and yet I havent recieved my cellphone. Called BALAJI Enterprises numerous times,but to no avail. They cannot provide me any info or reason why it has not yet reached kolkata! This is really hopeless to see such Indian companies like LAVA & Xolo providing so cheap after sales services.

Debasish Ghosh

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

Complaint of panasonic refrigerator purchased on 8th April 2013.Refrigerator is now dead. We want replacement or refund of money.

sanyam kapoor

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

I gave my penta tablet model no. WS802c to service center on 29 Jan 2014. I wrote a lot of mails, an executive tried to threaten me and were not bothered at all. On 18 march they sent it back and it had a huge scratch on the screen due to which i didn't accept it. please help as there is no one in the company Pantel Technologies who can take care of this matter. I am suffering badly because of them.


Posted on Mar 19, 2014

*I am submitted my karbonn mobile on dated 9-11-2013 in panvel karbonn service centre._NAGARPALIKA COMPLES, SHOP NO 122, 1ST FLORE , PANVEL RAIGAD 410-206 *karbonn panvel service centre generate part request after 23 days ON DATED 03-12-2013 IMEI/ESN NUMBER : 9112119061179 JOBSHEET NO : KJASPMH442123K279 *last one and half months they told me karbonn Delhi office send mobile by courier (DATED : 11 JAN) at panvel office but still not receive. *Last two weeks I am call in karbonn Delhi office (18001024660) they told me ducat number of courier (8008916569) *I call in above three Courier office they told me mention number is part of their Courier *panvel service centre told they not responsible for it. You have to wait up to courier receive. * panvel crevice centre don’t have any help line number. LAST three months I am wetting for my mobile but its not give any positive response, I WANT my mobile or mobile pries amount as well as compensation amount form panvel service center.

Ajay Kumar

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

Hi, My Bajaj Majesty Water Geyser bought on 09-Nov-2013 went faulty in 23-Nov-2013 & it took them a month to replace the faulty geyser against complaint no. 3581014 despite several follow ups. Just after almost 1.5 months again on 17-Feb-2014, the same geyser started leaking heavily & I logged another complaint no. 4127497 on 17th Feb 2014. However, no one turned up for 4 days. Then I called up Bajaj Electricals customer care & was given a fresh complaint no. 4152499. The engineer turned up after 6 days after escalating the matter to Mr. Lalit Pant (Services Head North)& Mr. Sunil Kaushik (Gurgaon Services Head)repeatedly & took the geyser for replacement. Since then I’m running from pillar to post to get it back but noavail. I have no faith left in Bajaj Elects. & their service & need my money back along with interest & compensation for harassment for over 4 months for entire family getting sick for using cold water, their treatment & several followups. Regards Ajay Kumar

Pranay Luthra

Posted on Mar 17, 2014

This is to complain for the Datawind Ubislate 7C+(IMEI no:911303700903996)tablet that I ordered online and was delivered to me on 11-July-2013 (Invoice no: AMBD07112868).It worked well for a month or two. On 9th of September I accidentally broke its screen due to which a portion of its touch stopped working. I immediately handed it over at the service station (Big Store Services, Old Faridabad, Haryana) After that submission i got my tablet back after 2 and a half months due to their poor services and lack of spare parts. After a few more days,the tab got out of order and it did't work at all. I again handed it over to the service station on 3rd of January. I got it back on 22nd February 2014 that too not repaired. Infact in the same condition as i submitted it on 3rd of January. So in short, in 8 months of time, i could use my tablet only for a month or two. So I strictly want my money back and want to the court to take severe action towards the faulty company.

Bratin Mitra

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

i have bought an acer-E1 510 laptop on 20th feb. but from the begining i 'm facing a lot of problems..... at first the display was vibrating and horizontal white lines arises.... then i complaint to the service center & the engineer told that the display have to be changed : on 3rd march 2014.... now a new problem arises that the laptop is no working; i mean the power light is on but nothing in the display.... 10 days has passed but no action is taken from the company..... now the situation is tottaly out of control ..... when i call to the service center then they they show a very casual behaviour..... i am facing a great problem.pls take a necessary action.. my complain id is-653244I.....ALL OTHER DETAILS ARE PRESENT OVER THERE....

kaustubh Joshi

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

I brought Sumsung TV from Oman on 23-05-2013. I got world wide warranty of the said TV for one year. I lost bill of the said TV at the time of my house shifting. So now I don't have the bill of said TV. Now the said Tv is also not working. It occur some problem. I do complaint in Samsung service center and they send an engineer at my place. He refuse my TV warranty as well as to repair the said TV on the basis of I don't have bill. But I am registered owner of the said TV. My name and address was already with them. Its shows I am Registered owner. Then too Samsung refuses to give me warranty. I can not afford expenses of repairing. Except bill I have all the Documents of the said TV. Then too I didn't get warranty. Please help and guide me as early as possible.

Rohan Sawant

Posted on Mar 10, 2014

I purchased xolo q 900 in the month of november and in january there was touch issue which was resolved by the service centre nearly after 22 days. When i received my cell phone from 22 days service centre then there was a network issue has the handset was showing very low network or no network. So i again submitted the cell phone to the service centre on 17 th feb which i received it on 10 th march but still the issue is not resolved. Kindly advice....

pravin khare

Posted on Mar 09, 2014

I had purchased Samsung Galaxy,DUOS (Model No. GT-S-6102) on 12thNovember 2012 from Lucky Mobile Centre, Dahanu, Dist.Thane, Maharshtra. But some problem occurred with the mobile handset and I surrender my handset to Samsung Service Centre at Boisar, Dist.Thane, Maharashtra for repairing . After 10 days Samsung Boisar centre told me that they have changed the mother board. Two months later display problem occurred as only white screen was appearing. Once again mobile was surrendered to Boisar Service Centre and they told me that Screen need to be change. Meanwhile Guarantee period was over and they told me that the Screen need to be changed and the cost of repair will be Rs.3500/-. Meanwhile I had made online complaint with Samsung and its Delhi office has advised me to submit my handset to Boisar Service Centre. I have submitted it once again on 15.01.2014 and they demanded me Rs.1600/- as repair charge. The mobile handset is still with Service Centre. I am extremely feel sorry fo

pallabi roy

Posted on Mar 08, 2014

i had given my nokia lumnia 625 to the nokia care service centre ekdalia brach kolkata.they were supposed to return my fone with the commenced date..but repetedly after visiting they tell me it will take few more days.even they gave me in written that it would be delivered by decided time..it is a real harassment to visit the Nokia care repeatedly and not getting any positive reply.they keep me waiting for a hour or so and they return with excuses .

Mitesh Agarwal

Posted on Mar 06, 2014

It is complaint about the Morphhy Richard Gyser 10 ltrs. where in the outlet pressure after installation has reduced drastically. however other units of same make (Bajaj) are installed at at same premises at same elevation which are working fine. Inlet water pressure is coming from 15 feet high.Company claiming that we should have TECHNICALLY checked the inlet/outlet pipe dimension before purchase and the unit is meant for only high pressure installation. and the same was not informed to us by installation person or dealer. Please we request you to contact us on 9883853255 for further details immediately.

Madhu C S

Posted on Mar 05, 2014

Panasonic Camera model DMC SZ1 showing Sensor error.Given for servicing. Even after one month not serviced or replaced. Service centre: Ocean Electronics; Veekshn Road Ernakulam Kerala Ph- 04842373472


Posted on Mar 03, 2014

I purchased a Micromax Mobile (BoltA65) on 14.08.2013 from Esquire Eloctronics, 30, Chandni Chowk Street, Kolkata - 700072. After a very few (3/4)days the mobile was not functioning properly. I went to the shop, they told it is OK. Again I visited their shop after 7 days, they told it is OK. But on further visit they asked me to go to the service center. I visited 5 times to the service center but my set is not functioning properly. I have requested several times to replace the set. But they are simply avoiding their responsibilities saying beyond 7 days it can not be replaced. During last 6 months my mobile remains almost 4 months with service center and till it is not ok. In this context I claim a compensation of Rs25000.00 for intentional cheating and harassment with faulty product along with return of purchase price of Rs.6000.00 since date of purchase.I can submit proof of all documents in support of my claim.

risham jaiswal

Posted on Mar 01, 2014

I had purchased an xperia z mobile , model no. C6602, on 16th april 2013. A month back its gorilla screen what they say got damaged internally without my fault , when I went to the service centre at vasai road they just said it wont be covered under warranty and said it would cost rs.13995 after confirming from their system. I posted the problem on Facebook pages of sony india and a person from sony itself said it will be done in warranty free of cost and to go and deposit the product at the service centre but still these people did not agree . I had no other option and so somehow I gathered the said amount of rs.13995 after a month and after reconfiming from the centre I prepared a demand draft of the said amount on the name of sony india pvt. Ltd. And deposited my phone with all accessories and now when everything is said and done they call me up again saying the amount to be paid is rs.16995 . I have been in trauma since I heard the amount of rs.13995

Nishat Vasant Gupte

Posted on Mar 01, 2014

We purchased 50" Panasonic TV on 11 august 2013 from Vijay Sales Prabhadevi-Mumbai. Cost of the TV is Rs.76,000.Model no. TH-L50B6D. Serial No. %3IBZ00100. Since the purchase of the TV the sensor in the T V has become defective and the remote control does not operate on TV. This is the third time same problem has cropped up. First time the problem occurred in the first month of purchase. We are requesting Panasonic to replace the TV as it is under warranty but they resort to repairs and the same problem is repeated.

Amit Goswami

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Dear Sir In have purchased Micromax Canvas 2 8 months back and after purchasing the product I have hanged problem in mobile at Micromax service centre Noida..They troubleshoot the problem but again after two moths later hanged and some another problems. With mobile .As mobile is under warrenty period .So I given mobile to Gujrat service centre of Micromax .But they refused to collect mobile under warrenty saying a sticker should be there of Micromax of Noida Micromax service centre . I don't know how customer can know sticker they have paste or not . And without my fault they are asking for 1888 Rs for service and saying mobile is out of warntee. Please guide me as I have already contact their team but without sticker they are saying out of warantee. Thanks Amit Goswami Mo.8527937185 Dear Customer, Cheque No. 48119 for INR 9000 deposited in your Account XXXXXXXX9067

Taher Lokhandwala

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

I had purchased my phone, Nokia Lumia 720, 6 months back. Since then, it has been repaired 4 times. Within a month of purchase, my cell phone stopped getting charged. There was a fault in the charging slot, which I got repaired. Within another 2 months, there was a problem in the side volume minus key. It had stopped working complete, which i got repaired, that too after visiting twice for the same fault. Now there's a problem in the camera key. It doesn't work at all. There's a manufacturing defect in this particular handset. I'm fed up. How many times more do I have to waste my time visiting the service centre inspite of paying so much money? This is the 4th time i've visited the service center for repairing the same handset. I have already filed a complaint 2-3 months back through nokia feedback, to which there has been no response. My cell phone should be replaced immediately.

Rohit Ochani

Posted on Feb 26, 2014


tushar jain

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

i would like to tell you that i have submitted my phone at micromax mobile service centre at moradabad and with details of problem being occuring..please see to it that you people do not keep it for long as i have purchased such an single phone throughout my life upon request of my siblings.and i am a disabled man who cant conversate and make trips to centre always.if possible change the entire set as again those people will repair and again it will have problems as my neighbours have told me..now as for a month they have taken the mobile alreadyproblems are :battery backup,phone getting over heated,processer getting hanged up,sometimes camera becomes unfunctional. service centre name:m/s aarush world link g-19 chhadha complex gmd road moradabad -244001 ph:0591-2970141 email:aarushworldlink_moradabad@mmxcheckpoint.com docket no:HISBB jobsheet no:/request no:*N040430-0214-8133598* and now upon so many requests and mails they are saying they willfollow procedures also the service ce

tushar jain

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

iwould like to tell you that i have submitted my phone at micromax mobile service centre at moradabad and with details of problem being occuring..please see to it that you people do not keep it for long as i have purchased such an single phone throughout my life upon requestof my siblings.and i am a disabled man who cant conversateand make trips to centre always.if possible change the entire setas again those people will repair and again it will have problems as myneighbours have told me..now as for a month they have takenthe mobile already problemsare:batterybackup,phonegettingoverheated,processer getting hanged up,sometimes camera becomes unfunctional. servicecentre name:m/s aarush world link g-19chhadhacomplex gmd roadmoradabad -244001 ph:05912970141email:aarushworldlink_moradabad@mmxcheckpoint.com docket no:HISBB jobsheet no:/request no:*N040430-0214-8133598* and now upon so many requests and mails they are sayingthey willfollowproceduresandcenter is unregistered


Posted on Feb 25, 2014

i have purchased DATAWIND UBISLATE7 ,tablet on may 2013. it only work one month properly,then its battery gone.after removing from charging it gets automatically off. i have called lots of time to company customer care,nobody responding. even i have mail,about this.

Saswajeet Routray

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

Sir, I have purchased one Micromax CANVAS HD A116 mobile on 04.05.2013. After purchasing I am observed that the screen of my phone is changing its colour automaticaly. Sometimes deep green & biue. So I went to the service centre at Sulekha More, Kolkata. The manager name is Mr. Manoj and the technician name is Mr. Sanjay. They repaired and handed over to me after 10 days. Then also I found the same problem. I again deposited the phone. Like this I have already diposited my phone for 3 times. Still they can not resolve the problem. Finally they told me that they can not help me more. The most important thing is my phone is in warranty period. I want to change the phone as this is in warranty period. You can call me to 8697236346. Regards, Saswajeet Kolkata Mob: 8697236346

Pratik Pawar

Posted on Feb 25, 2014

I bought Samsung Headphones from snapdeal.com, but all I got is fake. It wasn't even packaged in a box, just had plastic wrapped around it. I already have Original Samsung Headphones and compared quality is terrible. I registered Complaints but they wouldn't even call me back. pls Help Me.

Shashank Nabar

Posted on Feb 24, 2014

Dear Sir / Madam, We have maintenance contract with Venus Service Centre for our LG washing machine. They have not attended even once since taking money from us. We have made number of telephone calls but we never get any service. Let us know how we should proceed. Best Regards Shashank Nabar


Posted on Feb 21, 2014


Amitabh Ghoshal

Posted on Feb 21, 2014

sir, i have purchased one induction cook top of maharaja whiteline company from their dealer m/s Golden Electronics, jagdalpur district bastar. and the cook top stopped functioning within the guarantee period. Till date i am being harassed by the dealer as they are not giving my cooktop. I have complained the matter to the company and they have given me a complaint no:RAI 131028001 but the dealer is now giving me a local cooktop on its behalf . tell me what should i do. In my house half of the cooking is done on the induction and now who will pay for the trouble i am having. plz look into the matter as soon as possible. my induction serial no is :11201594 Amitabh ghoshal 08234998018 Jagdalpur ,chattisgarh Pin: 494001

Aviru Bhattacharjee

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that I had purchased a product named:- HD Button Spy Camera 8GB Expandable from rediff online shopping on 07/02/14. The order number is:- 9139442 and transaction number is:-20126715 and the cost is Rs.1074. The product that they delivered to me was defective. I called at the rediff online shopping customer number several times, but they did not respond, I also mailed them twice at their customer support email which is shopsupport@rediff.co.in but no reply is given till the date. So, I would be highly obliged if you consider the matter as early as possible. Yours sincerely, Aviru Bhattacharjee

Aviru Bhattacharjee

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

Respected Sir/Madam, I would like to inform you that I had purchased a product named:- HD Button Spy Camera 8GB Expandable from rediff online shopping on 07/02/14. The order number is:- 9139442 and transaction number is:-20126715 and the cost is Rs.1074. The product that they delivered to me was defective. I called at the rediff online shopping customer number several times, but they did not respond, I also mailed them twice at their customer support email which is shopsupport@rediff.co.in but no reply is given till the date. So, I would be highly obliged if you consider the matter as early as possible. Yours sincerely, Aviru Bhattacharjee

Nidhi Das

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

purchased micromax NINJA A-91 on 7 .05.13 IMEI/RSN NO.911300250235399 Causing problem from day frist i inserted BSNL SIM showing no service as i was using tht sim since last seven yrs in diff. nokia mob not having any problem . iwas gone to another place for 1mnth i gone to shop in raipur jaishree novelties they suggstd to go to check pt pandri raipur igone submittd mob on oct 17 2013 as they said sum prblm im handset will send it to bobay in 45 days u willget it gone on 17nov as i got sms frm micromax but again said ur hndset not repaird we will replace it cum aftr 5days gone on 26 dec. 13 after long time got other mob. ninja 91 without any billor warranty iwas shockd again same prblem this time no company sim is working for 2 days sum IFSEI CODE was not insertd again gone to pgaria complex pandri raipur thy said go to anthr complex as i solvd it on 30 dec. display and camera not workng they said sensor prblem repaird still no BSNL SIM Wrkng purchd airtel again on 25 jan again display camera not wrkng with netwk service prblem after 2days they said cum on 29 submittd my set again u wil get anther set in 10-15 days. i lost my beleive in ninja so said to give other model as i purchased for 8500/- ieven ready 2 pay diff.but saying model they wil giv without seald pack box how i trust tht one is new or old i tald mr.DHEERAJ & MR.MISHRAin raipur check point.II m not satisfied depressed and sad. do action on it. They have provided me jobsheet but it dosent have authenticate number.


Posted on Feb 18, 2014

Dear Consumer Redressal i have ordered a Ubislate tablet 7cZ at a cost of rs 5500/- from M/s data wind the product was ordered online by me. the company supplied the product on 16 Jan 14 at visakhapatnam but to my surprise the product charger was defective and non functional and the device when charged through my laptop also didnot got charged i contacted the firm and informed about the defect they told me to send it to amritsar (Punjab) for repairs with brand new device which they send it to me was defective i told the firm to refund my amount and i have send the device by courier on 29 Jan 14 but since then the firm has not send any mail all the mail correspondences with the firm are mentioned below:- i request you to assist me in solving my problem i want to fight it out with the firm regards Muralidhar Reddy From: "chenna muralidhar reddy"<c_muralidhar_reddy@rediffmail.com> Sent: Thu, 06 Feb 2014 20:01:44 To: "Tech Support"<techsupport@datawind.com>,"refund "<refund@dataw

Sudarshan Rasam

Posted on Feb 18, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Request your kind intervention in this matter. Please go through the couple of mails sent to your service team, I haven't received any reply from them. Even on Saturday I called your service team, I spoke to Piyush & Anil, but didn't received satisfactory response. I would like to give you short summary. In the month of November we four friends working in Axis had purchased four lenovo mobile p780 for battery reason. Rest of my friends mobile are working properly, but I received defective handset, where in there was a network related problem. Network use to fluctuate every time. A normal person can find this issue only after 1 month, I went to the dealer he told me to change the sim card. Each and every thing I did, finally I realized that there is a problem with mobile & I submitted the same to service center. From service center I got update that they are in process of replacing PCB. The conclusion of this whole story is I had received the defective mobile without any reason, for which it is the duty of Levono to give me replacement as new mobile. This was hardly with me for 2 months. I want new phone as replacement. From last 10 days I am without phone & from two months though the phone was with me, but not in a working condition. I have sent 5 of emails on levono service id but did'nt received any reply Email id-midhcare@lenovo.com. Below is the mail contain. ________________________________________________ Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Sudarshan Rasam, I had purchased lenovo Smart phone P780 - 8GB on 21st November, 2013 for Rs. 18500/- from Authorized dealer TOP-10 in Mumbai (attached bill copy). Since from the purchase of this phone, I was getting network issues. The network was keeping on fluctuating & such issue I didn't faced in my earlier phone Samsung Duo, I had vodafone connection & stay in metro city mumbai. Whenever I was at home, office, train, car etc, I fail to get proper GSM network on my phone. Whenever my boss use to call me for urgent work related issues, he use to get tone as phone is switched off or unavailable. Even he use to get angry on me. I was very surprised, as I had taken care of this phone like my baby. It was handled one handed and never had even a small scratch on the phone. I went to dealer for the same. He told me that my GSM sim card must be having problem. Then I went to vodafone gallery I complaint them regarding this, even I had replaced my sim card. Still I faced the same issue, I then inserted my wife's Airtel sim card in the phone and tried checking, even Airtel network was not showing & getting fluctuated. It took me two months to check this phone, I went to dealer and then dealer told me to submit this phone to the neariest service center "Fairdeal Infortech" in laminton road mumbai. I called the Lenovo Support center number on 08-02-2014 on 1860-180-3425 twice. Mr. Mitesh & Mr. Piyush told me to submit the phone in service center "Fairdeal Infortech" in laminton road mumbai. I had submitted the phone on 08-02-2014 itself (Job sheet no : SRIN1491402080001 attached in this mail). On 13-02- 2014 I enquired the status of my phone on your Support center number & spoken with Mr. Punit. He told me that my phone PCB part is not working, for which the request is sent to the company & it will take 15 days. You people are joking, from two months I was facing network problem & now you are saying that PCB part (Motherboard) of my phone is not working & you people will repair & replace it. The phone has started giving problem since I purchased with in three months of purchase you will do surgery/repairing in my mobile. I had purchased this phone only for battery reason by selling old phone samsung duo, which was too good. After investing so much money if I am getting such kind of defective mobile then I have to escalate the issue. I want new phone, as I will be not accepting this mobile phone again with repair. as lenovo had sold me defective mobile. You people are selling defective mobiles in the market, for which I may write to consumer court. I am also from Banking & Service Industry, I will escalate the issue at higher level. Even my wife had worked with Nokia care, she very well know how you people cheat with the customer. I want new phone as replacement. From last one week I am without phone & from two months though the phone was with me, but not in a working condition. You people are cheaters, I will not leave you. I want your reply on top priority basis Thanks & Regards, Sudarshan Rasam 9224209441

Mahesh Kumar Lakhmani

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

LG 55 inch projection TV Digital Flatron 100 HZ Virtual Dolby Surround was purchased when it was launched for more than Rs 1.5 lacs. Regular service was provided by the company. It is very unfortunate that recently the TV stopped working it was told that the parts of the TV are not available and to date the TV is not working. I claim either they should refund the compensation value or repair the Projection TV. A reputed company cannot just say parts are not available.

Mahesh Kumar Lakhmani

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

LG fridge model no GR362M. On inspection it was detected that the compressor needed to be changed. It was changed upon payment of Rs 4871 on 10.2.2010. Till September 2010 after regular complaints it was understood that the compressor was defective. In the meantime the fridge was taken to the workshop but the complaint persisted. I was made to make further payments of Rs 231 and Rs 837 but with no result. Finally after full assessment I met Mr Rahul, a senior representative who informed me that this compressor which required gas was banned by the govt. Hence this compressor was discontinued and in spite of that this was given to me. Mr Rahul had assured me all the above mentioned amounts will be reimbursed upon confirmation from Mr Amit Chatterjee of South End Service which is no more their franchise. So far nothing has been done. All the relevant documents/communication will be presented at the time of hearing. I also claim compensation of an equal amount and interest @ 21 %

Manjunath Ramakrishna

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

Bought micromax A110 smartphone on 01012013.at Vector Telesolutions , 117 industrail layout 100 feet road koramangala Bangalore 560095( phone 08065590888) Started givimg battery charging problems. Finally when went to service centre they said thwy would repair with a cost of Rs 350 sinc charging pin proken. After accepting and giving for repair, not willing to anything on handset claiming that water damage ia present. Even today mobile will work woth battwry charged externally. Both the dealer an the service centre refuaingvthe responsibility to set the mobile right even though guarantee validity was there. Need full refund of Rs 10237 billed for handset Regards Manjunath

Manjunath Ramakrishna

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

Bought micromax A110 smartphone on 01012013. Started givimg batterru charging problems. Finally when went to service centre they said thwy would repair with a cost of Rs 350 sinc charging pin proken. After accepting and giving for repair, not willing to anything on handset claiming that water damage ia present. Even today mobile will work woth battwry charged externally. Both the dealer an the service centre refuaingvthe responsibility to set the mobile right even though guarantee validity was there. Need full refund of Rs 10237 billed for handset Regards Manjunath

Deep Singh

Posted on Feb 15, 2014

Hello I have to file comlaint regarding my laptop of Dell company. Can u guide me...

Sagar Sharma

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

Hi i am sagar from kolkata...On 15 July 2013 i bought An Gionee GPad2 for Rs 13,000 ....and suddenly its started to show some software problems.... but i was ok with it...on 24 December suddenly my phone's camara showed a massage "Camera could not be connected " so on 26 December i went to the service center they took and after calling them 10 times as i have an urgent work out side city they gave me the repaired phone back on 04/1/2014...it was working properly but again from 6 jan its again showed the same camera probel and in additional its couldn't connect the WiFi,Bluetooth and WiFi hot spot ...so i immediately called the center and reported it and after returning i went there and submitted the device on 05/2/2014 and they said that they are sending it to the main service center which is in delhi and it may take 10 days...so i asked they to provide me an substitute phone on which i can continue my work ..they said its not possible ...and asked me to call on monday 10/02/2014 ...


Posted on Feb 14, 2014

I had bought 29 inch videocon color tv in jan 2011. The screen had dark color spots when turned on right from day 1. We lodged various complaints which were attended after rigorous follow up. They acknowledged the problem and changed picture tube once and other parts at other times. There were atleast 3-4 visits from their servic engineers. They did not share their reports with me despite my requests. The problem has never been solved and the screen still has spots. I have escalated the issue to their higher management but they are least bothered about the same. In fact, as per them there is only one complaint lodged from my side and they do not have any record of their engineers’ visits. I had insisted on replacement of the tv as the problem was not being corrected. But there is no response from them on the same. The response and services of videocon are pathetic. They have no intention of satisfying the customer. Please share an email id so that i can share the email interaction i had with them.

Preeti Ghildiyal

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

I purchased A nokia phone in 2013 January month, which soon started giving me problems with screen touchpad. The device was submitted to Nokia care Center, Thane branch. they provided me a replaced piece in July, 2013 which turned out to be an old set. Everytime the battery is discharged phone goes off and I have to submit the phone at the gallery for minimum 7 days. Nokia technical team says that it's a software issue. The same problem persisted in January, 2014 and since January 22, 2014 my phone is lying with Nokia center. Meanwhile, I had communicated about the discomfort of the piece and the same technical issue. Accordingly, I asked the representative to provide me with a new replaced Nokia phone. But this is being neglected by Nokia head office, Delhi. Despite of mail trail communication they sent the same phone back to Thane branch. The phone's warranty period is over on 27th January, 2014. Hence any further issue will cause me paying to Nokia. I am dissatisfied with this.

amit garg

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

JOB Sheet No. N030816-1213-7235354. Submitted on Dec 28th 2013 after lot of hassle with your service station, which got resolved after talking to customer care and then made the service centre people talk to customer care. i was informed that will get the cellphone back in 10 days. on 8th jan 2014 got SMS from micromax stating that the job sheet is closed and i can collect my cellphone on any business day in working hours from the service station but when i reached there they refused to return the cellphone. they said it is not repaired yet. also asked me to wait for the phone call from service center. its over a week but no response from service station also if the phone was not repaired why was that SMS which was sent to me on 8th JAN. This was not enough, I called the service station(solution point) on 30 Jan afternoon and they told me to pick the phone after 6PM same day. I went to your service station next day and was told it is not repaired. will take 7-10 days. i didnt got it ye

emamul haque

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

My self Emamul Haque. I have taken karbonn A21 in July 2013. From day 5th of buying I m facing hanging issue and battery discharge issue. Maximum time I have to put my phone on charge. Once full charge its gets discharge suddenly. I have taken 3 months follow up from karbonn service center vashi for replacement of my battery. Every time I was told next week new battery will. After 3 months he tolde I have shut down karbonn service. Then I went to karbonn service center thane and now its more than two months but did not my battery. They say karbonn is not sending battery. when i m aaking to give my battery request number they are saying we cant provide its compny rule. call to customer care. their customer care never2 did respond in this 8 month every alternate day i m trying to call them.Now I m totally flustreated with mobile hanging and battery discharge issue. They r just casually doing time pass. I have lost my salary by going there now and then. I have written more than 100 emaila to the email ids given in karbonn website but not got reply. What should I do now?. I m now feeling cheated from day 5.


Posted on Feb 10, 2014

Defected Samsung grand i9082


Posted on Feb 10, 2014

Complain against:GREAT EASTERN TRADING CO. - 28C, Narayanatala West Kolkata -700059. Cash Memo No.-19/1314/12595, Dated-24/01/2014

Raghavendra Deshpande

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

The President Bangalore Urban District Consumer Forum Dear Sir, The above mentioned phone which was under warranty and started malfunctioning in terms of low battery backup, low voice to the listener, malfunction in terms of software response, screen unlocking. While submitting the phone at Service center, servicing team assured the claim of Motherboard free of cost under warranty on 6th FEB 2014. On 24th JANUARY the Service Center refused to repair or replace the mother board (PCB) by alleging the mother board is burnt and as this is not a manufacturing defect. 1. The reason stated is “Due to the flow of high voltage during charging” OR “Due to over charging”. The reason for the allegation is unscientific. We use LED Television, 2 more Smart phones, A laptop and Sony Camcorder, which are also charged in the same house and with same voltage. 2. Upon writing to the deler CROMA-Bangalore, the version of reason for the malfunction is due to “Motherboard (PCB) was tamped.


Posted on Feb 09, 2014

Respected Sir, Greeting of the day..! This is kind request to you, Myself Madan Lal from, Nagaur, Rajasthan, I have facing problem to get my PF from the last two years to my last working company. So I would like to request you to please take an action against this company. As I have following detail my Salary slip : Employee No. = M031 Employee Name = MADAN LAL Function : Customer Support Designation : Service Engineer Location : Jaipur Date of Rejoining : 1April -2011 Income Tax Number :ADRPL6822D PF NO.: MH/BAN/41027/206 Company Name : EFFICIENT DATA PVT LTD, 233-N-||, Kesar Kutir, Dr. S.S. Rao Road, Lalbaugh, Mumbai- 400012 Company HR: Mr. Sunil Patil (sunil@efficientdata.com) Company Director : Mr. Rasmin M Shah (NRI) info@efficientdata.com, reshmin.shah@gmail.com As per above detail, I would like request you to please make me help regarding withdrawal my pf, because company HR is not responding properly and have taken three time fill up form of PF from my side but still there is no response regarding this PF. I am almost resign from this company at 1 January 2012. I shall be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness. -- -- Thanks & Regards: MADAN SAINI MOBILE@ 9352006610

Shanket Singh

Posted on Feb 09, 2014

Shanket kumar singh 53/B, ragvilas societyKoregao parkPune-01 Subject-complain against AKSHAY CARE, SHOP NO.4, 5 D'GOLD HOUSE, F.C ROAD SHIVAJI NAGAR PUNE -05 The case starts from 10/04/2013 to till date as till now I have not got proper service for my mobile phone.I was having nokia x2-01with some minor problems and I went to authorised nokia centre in hope of genuine service.they provided me the bill of rs.1300(27-04-13) and just another day the same problem occured, again I went to the same place and I got a bill of 337(21-09-13).This time also the total same problem occured with the mobile of frequent switching off.Till date I have visited to the service centre almost 20 times, as I m a student, I can't afford doing this.i am very much harassed by the procedure. Please concerned authorities help me as I am having the very much genuine problem alongwith the proper ORIGINAL PROPER BILL of the service centre.  Thanking you

Ravi Raj N

Posted on Feb 08, 2014

Sir I have brought MicroMax Mobile Hand Set From Home Shop 18 No November 26-2013 after one month hand set was not working I have contacted Micromax service centre on 29/Jan-2014 after one week hand set has given back to me next day I can not call any one once again I have to Micromax service centre they took 2 More Day Once aging Hand free is not working I asking them to replace the Hand set they told me to wait for one weak moor it is all most moor than 15 Days Now


Posted on Feb 07, 2014

I have purchased a HP Printer Cartridge 21b from M/s. S M IT Retail vide Tax Invoice Cum Challan No: CS/6551 dated 27/01/2014. After opening the pack and installing into my printer I found that the Cartridge is absolutely EMPTY and there were NO INK inside the Cartridge. I ran to the above-mentioned Shop with my complain but they refused to entertain me and advice me that I should go to the Service Center with my complain. The address of the Service which they have provided is a Far off place from my residence and reaching there is a big spending of Money and time for me. I asked them either to replace me the item or send it to the Service Center withe their staff which they denied. The owner of the shop shouted me that their responsibility is only to sale the product and whatever customer faces is absolutely the customers problem. Now I am in deep trouble as I have a huge task of printing but I cannot print though I have spend money on it. Kindly see to it.

Sandeep Gupta

Posted on Feb 07, 2014

Hi Team, I had purchased Micromax Canvas Doodle ( A111 ) on 03rd Nov 2013 from Vijay sales ? Ghatkopar. After purchasing the same within 10 days I had to submit the handset at Service center due to some battery issue. I had submitted my handset on 18th Nov 2013 at United Technologies Micromax Service Center at Ghatkopar and I have still not received my handset back. till date, It's been more than 80 days now and I am without any handset. I tried contacting Customer Care Number at 18605008286 many time and they are just giving me a false hope that you will get a call back for your handset from our end. Below are details for same:- Name - Sandeep Gupta Complaint Number - 0312131600 Please help me over here. Thanks and Regards Sandeep Gupta 9820787782

Santanu Roy

Posted on Feb 06, 2014

Respected Sir, I beg to infom you that I have purchased one Computer Mother Board from “Matrix’, 45,N.S.B. Road, Raniganj, Dist- Burdwan on 31/12/2013. It is found faulty in its first use. I went to the shop with the Mother Board on 02/01/2013 and tried to describe the fault but the owner of the shop did not want to listen to me and straight denied to give me any service also he behave very rough with me. In this connection I want to apprise you that the shopkeeper gave me one year warranty of my purchased. Therefore, I request your good-self kindly look in to the matter and arrange to change my Mother Board or refund my money. Thanking you, Yours faithfully (SANTANU ROY)

abhishek mishra

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

I've submitted my cellphone to Sony service center to being repaired which was under warranty on 18 of Jan but they've didn't returning my handset till today (5 of fab )

John P John

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

I bought a xolo q700 and used it for one month before issues started araising .Since it had warrenty i gave for warrenty service and upon which I was told that id get back the phone within 10-12 days.Complain number 310000140864. The phone has been with them for more than three months and even now they are asking me to wait . They are not even ready to give any time commitment.They reply me same line every time i call,as a costumer i have been harrased


Posted on Feb 04, 2014

I purchased a samsung mobile in march 2013 but many problem in cell & i had submitted many time in service centre but response was 0


Posted on Feb 02, 2014

PLEASE CONSUMER FORUM HELP ME AND I AM WRITING THIS MAIL TO MICROMAX ALSO....... Respected Micromax Team, I would like to inform you that i have bought a micromax A34 mobile on 4nov 2013 from OM VIBHUTI COMMUNICATION 13-14 c/o= Mobile magic nashik road 9823379794 after 7-10 days the mobile was getting hanged and not working properly then i submitted to service center as mentioned above within 2 days they repaired and call me sir your mobile is working good take it, i came and then take it. IMEI NUMBER=911326551486803 ,IMEI2=911326551486811 SN NO.V02755132424159 Within 2 days same thing happened mobile is hanging up automatically switched off is there when not in use and bla....bla ba,,,,,,,useless micromax........mobile phone...... Then i reported to same service center but resolution given BY SERVICE CENTER WAS SIR THIS TYPE OF MODEL NUMBER IS HAVING SAME ISSUE ALL THE CUSTOMER ARE HAVING SAME PROBLEM? my ISSUE IS THAT THEN WHY? AT FIRST TIME HE DO NOT HE INFORMED ME FIRST TIME


Posted on Feb 02, 2014

Respected Sir/Madam i submit my A18 Mobile Phone (Manufacturer karbonn Mobiles) to the service centre of karbon mobile on dated 25-09-2013 with the jobsheet of change of display and touch .till date company is not providing display to the service centre so the phone is still lying in service centre.The company must be severely punished and must be penalized for the suffering as its very difficult in todays scenario to remain without mobile

Purnendu Ghosh

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

I had bought a Fastrack wrist watch. it is under warranty period. but frequently stop working. i sent it in servicing centre, after few days they told me there is no fault in machine but, again it is not working properly. what should i do to resolve my problem.

Tridip Seksaria

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

We have purchased a mobile from S H Mumtazuddin, Brand Name: GABA (Manufactured by S H Mumtazuddin) on 14.03.2013. On that time we are going to purchase branded mobile, but their sales person convinced me to take this brand mobile with extra benefit from other branded mobile. After purchase this mobile with in 20 days first problem arise that is display not working, on that time they change the display board. After i have again visited their office two times for some minor problem, which has been shorted out same time. I have again visited their office in the month of August for some major problem, on that i have got my mobile approximate after 25 - 30 days. on that time they confirmed that now onwards it will working properly. At last i am again submit my mobile due to display problem. Now i have informed them that i am not taking this mobile any more, i want the replacement with some branded company. I have all mail Document if you required. Kindly Help me the same.

Prabir Kumar Dhar

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

I have bought a Nokia 520 on 05-06-2013 (IMEI: 357257054816421). On 02-01-2014 the phone showed no network I took it to the Nokia Care Cente at 83, GOLAGHATA ROAD, VIP TOWER COMPLEX, KOLKATA-700048, on 04-01-2014 They kept the phone and returned it after 2 weeks but they did not solve the problem. The phone is still in the warranty period and they are refusing to replace it or pay any compensation


Posted on Jan 31, 2014


vijay shinde

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

I bought Nokia lumia 800 on 25th september 2012. And on 20th july 2013 (i.e. within warranty period), it's screen freezed all of a sudden and switched off and wasn't switching on. So i took it to the service centre and they were very careless about the issue. It was always me who approached them and they would give some baseless reasons for not getting it fixed. So after many of such senseless conversations with the manager i got my faulty lumia 800 replaced on 5th of this september, it took them complete one and half month to do so. And now my 'replaced' phone is out of warranty and i am facing a new problem with this 'replaced' phone too, since last two weeks. A portion of the touch screen is not working at all. I approached them on 26th dec,2013 and they still have not come up with solution.

Ashwini Prasad Chowdhry

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

Sir, I made a online complaint to Distric Consumer forum, west bengal. complaint grievance no. is 1945/2013 dated 12/14/2013. complaint against Station Manager, WBSEDCL, Sonarpur. Till today i have not received any reply from the department. i want to know my complaint is accepted or not?


Posted on Jan 28, 2014

I had purchased a KENT vegetable purifier vide Invoice no HTI/W078 /13-14 dated 5.8.13 for Rs6000/-. The machine has not worked properly for even a month and the service engineeers are never available at the nos 9674721837/9674721839 . The customer care at 40016339 is even worst.

Vinayak Sohal

Posted on Jan 28, 2014

I purchased a phone XOLO Play on 07-10-2013. It started giving me problems like: 1. Overheating 2. Automatic shutdown 3. Voice disturbance during call I went to services center twice and they did some kind of software update and returned back. But again faced the same issue. Then third time when I visited they registered my complaint and asked me wait for 25 days. They gave me handset after 30 days but I am still facing the same issues. Now Service center has again suggested me to submit handset for 25 days, but now I am thinking about filing a case in consumer court. Kindly suggest me for the same.

Anupam Dutta

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

My father went to GOPAL RADIO CLINIC located in serampore, wishing to buy a refrigarator in exchange with our old one. We wished to buy a samsung 275 ltr fridge which we got with a price tag of around 24600/- and rs 1300 less on Rs 24600 in exchange with our old fridge from another shop(E-Zone). Now Gopal Radio CLINIC with a little bargain agreed to provide us the same with the same price tag of rs 24600 and rs 1500/- on rs 24600 on exchange with our old fridge. We din't knew the exact model no. throughout .Now when my father signed on the cash memo unaware of the exact model no. for 275ltrs. The shop wrote the model no. a size below than what we wished for . Now after delivery we noticed this fact and now they are denying on the fact that they have said to provide us 275 ltr fridge. We are helpless. Model No provided :SAMSUNG RT26FAJFAPX(253 ltrs) MODEL NO WE WISHED : SAMSUNG RT28FAJFAPX (275 ltrs)

Anupam Dutta

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

My father went to GOPAL RADIO CLINIC located in serampore, wishing to buy a refrigarator in exchange with our old one. We wished to buy a samsung 275 ltr fridge which we got with a price tag of around 24600/- and rs 1300 less on Rs 24600 in exchange with our old fridge from another shop(E-Zone). Now Gopal Radio CLINIC with a little bargain agreed to provide us the same with the same price tag of rs 246000 and rs 1500/- on rs 24600 on exchange with our old fridge. We din't knew the exact model no. throughout .Now when my father signed on the cash memo unaware of the exact model no. for 275ltrs. The shop wrote the model no. a size below than what we wished for . Now after delivery we noticed this fact and now they are denying on the fact that they have said to provide us 275 ltr fridge. We are helpless. Model No provided :SAMSUNG RT26FAJFAPX(253 ltrs) MODEL NO WE WISHED : SAMSUNG RT28FAJFAPX (275 ltrs)


Posted on Jan 27, 2014


Saurabh Mathur

Posted on Jan 26, 2014

I ordered a Prestige Oven Toaster Griller from Shopclues in september 2013. Details: Order #6900155 ORDER DATE: 16 Sep 2013, 08:43 PM PAYMENT METHOD: AMEX Product: Prestige Oven Toaster Griller - POTGH 19PCR Code: 341477 Final Price: Rs 3590 We received the product in damaged condition on 23 Sep 2013 & I lodged a complaint for the same on Sep 25 2013. Request # 469276. Since then, we have reminded them several time, but neither they took the product from our place nor they returned the money. ------------------------------------------------------ We have been calling shopclues several times on our own expenses to take back their product and refund our money but our money is stuck with them without any interest. Also we are unable to buy a new product this transaction is still stuck. -------------------------------------------------------- It's been more than 3 months of constant irritation and long unnecessary calls with customer care.

prabir mirdha

Posted on Jan 25, 2014


M K jacob

Posted on Jan 25, 2014

I given my Britelite torch of Vinverth company for service in Jupiter electronic service centre in palarivattom branch on 3rd jan 2014. My 8th of jan 2014 my warranty expired.On 22nd of jan they sent a message that they will only start service after we put 20 rupees in their bank account.

Parikshit Ganguly

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

We have purchased a videocon A24 mobile in 30th Dec, 2013.It was promised to be shipped on within 4th Jan,2014. It was delayed and came finally on around 17th January. In the box, there was not data cable. Now, the phone itself is not working. The customer service is imbysmal and I am not able to escalate this to higher channel.

Shailendra Singh Shahi

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

Dear Sir, I have Dish TV connection which was not working since last 3 days. The same has put in front of Customer Care, they are not giving proper responses and also keeps the calls on hold for long time and also the agency not helping to resolve. Please help.

saket ojha

Posted on Jan 23, 2014

My name is Saket Ojha. For the past 2 years I have been suffering as a consumer at the hands of PANASONIC INDIA. I had the misfortune of purchasing a high end plasma TV (P50VT20D-3D) on the 21/01/2012. This letter is a follow-up to the crap that I had to put up with your pathetic company which has compelled me to go legal against your organization. The ordeal that I went through in 2012 ended with PANASONIC INDIA reluctantly replacing both my television sets finally in October 2012. I was given a replacement fro my 50” TV – P50VT20D3D & a 42” 3D plasma (P42XT50D) instead of P42X30D/S as the same had gone out of production. The P42XT50D abruptly stopped working on 10th November 2013. A complaint was lodged on 11th November (PL-ASC-1311-071900) with a stern request not to send HIRA ELECTRONICS to touch my television. The complaint was attended a week later after I made more than 20 calls to your toll free number. Even after mentioning a 100 times, HIRA ELECRONICS was sent across. Jaiswal


Posted on Jan 23, 2014

Following placement of order dt 31.05.2012 on Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Security Solutions Division, Plant 176, Pirojshanagar, Vikroli, Mumbai – 400 079 eight nos of Video Door Phone (B&W) were installed in the 1st week of June, 2012. Complaint was lodged for malfunctioning of one unit installed at the flat no. 2B of Sri Amitava Kayal (myself) firstly on 31.12.12. Representatives attended on 05.01.13, 09.01.13 & 18.01.13, but to no effect. On 31.08.2013 they took away the phone unit for rectification/replacement. Although initial complaint was lodged within the warranty period, company failed to rectify the same within the warranty period and thus the warranty period got over smoothly.Kolkata Office contacted to get back the phone unit taken away on 31.08.2013, but in vain. Of late after lapse of 5 long months they are demanding repairing cost in advance without returning the phone unit which make ourselves feel deceived & humiliated. your kind intervention is solicited.

Bhavesh Jain

Posted on Jan 23, 2014

I have given my phone SONY XPERIA Z1 for repair to Strar Sony service Centre, Bhilai on 30th December, 201; Job No. 140121/02212 but there is no response from the service center as they have promised to return the mobile phone within 7-10 days. And I have visited Service Center many times but today is 24th January, 2014; till date I have not recieved my mobile.The cost of Mobile is Rs. 45000/-

Dinesh Kumar Agrawal

Posted on Jan 22, 2014

I gave my karbon tablet ST-3 No. 0213110110 to Karbon Service Center at Faridabad (Triple Solution, near Neealam bata Flyover) on 19 Nov, 2013. It was told repair will take 20 days maximum, till date they have not done it, in spite of my regular follow up they reply that it has been sent to company, when it will come back is not known to them, may please intervene. Regards,


Posted on Jan 21, 2014

SAMSUNG TAB P3100WHITE, Purchase date:05/05/2013 Bill No: S13/710 NEW POOJA COMMUNICATIONS PIMPRI PUNE 411017 Service Center 0003272290 Bill No 4165722087 dt 23/12/2013 Warranty Complaint: Product was being used with additional protective flap cover purchased from Samsung for additional 1000/- rupees.There is no opening for water to enter except the charging socket.Hence water should not have entered the product by its design itself. Even if water enters it should have damaged the charging pins only because of corrosion. The motherboard is expected to have undergone varnishing i.e. protective water proofing coating as per electronics equipment standards. It is stated that due to water logging inside the product the Motherboard and some components such as camera etc got damaged and they have replaced these items with estimated repair cost of Rs. 11600/-. The rule of repair / replace states that if the repair cost more than 2/3rd of the product cost it should be replaced than repaired.

Mohammed Dalvi

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

I have bought Karbonn A21 on 19/05/2013. It developed some problems with display in November 2013. I have given it for repairs under warranty to Raj Mobile Shoppe in Vashi. Job-sheet no. is KJASPMH2861113K4779 dated 14/11/2013. Till today I have not received my mobile. Whenever I ask for my mobile in the Service Center, they tell me it will take more time. Its more than 2 months since I gave my mobile for repairing. I don't know what to do. Please help.


Posted on Jan 20, 2014

Dear Sir, On 17/01/2014 Bluedart had delivered the Akash Tablet at my residence address(N G Royal Park, Plot C2 CHS, Bldg 1/C/803,Opp Nitco Tiles, Kanjurmarg EAST,Mumbai 400042) After the box was opened the Tablet Screen was found to be broken. Following are the details as mentioned by your customer support executive and required for new delivery. Invoice # AMBD01150033 Bluedart Waybill # 59193892612. My Name # KAPIL N MORE MOB # 9029003180 & 9819830479 I had called up there customer care they said refund shall not be provided only replacement shall be done. But the courier charges for sending the defect product to Amritsar I only need to pay. This is injustice, if I need my refund what shall I do now Regards Kapil More

Mahabaleshwar Sawant

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

i Had Purchased Penta (ws708c) but after 1 month it stopped working and after a month i was replaced with new tab but that tab also stopped working this happened for 3 consecutive times and my warranty is also getting wasted for this silly reasons and the Penta company is disagreeing for the extra warranty on the product without extra cost and also not refunding the amount which i had used to purchase their product. Even after giving them repeated warnings they are not responding to my plea so can i have a solution to my problem

Sunitee Sharma

Posted on Jan 20, 2014

Dear Sir/Mam, I,Sunitee Sharma purchased samsung galaxy grand on 11/5/2013 from ranger collection,mumbai-matunga for Rs 19500 after few months of using it stopped working and hence submitted the phone to dealer for repairing on 8/1/14,it been more than a week that i have not received my phone and the dealer doesn't respond nor state clearly when i will receive my phone.Please help me with my problem as its creating mental stress as i am not able to receive my personal and professional calls.Hoping for the best from you.


Posted on Jan 18, 2014

I perchased a Karbon tab[karbon smart tab velox 8] from Homeshop18, its not starting up now. If i take 2 service center , they say Products waranty not been updated so they cant provide service, and Homeshop18 people say we will inform you in two days. its been already 6 months so i need justice. please help me.

Vijay Baswani

Posted on Jan 17, 2014

It was very dis-satisfactory experience with MMX. I have already registered complaint in Consumer Forum regarding this issue. for your reference No.504261 I purchase this cell from Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Gandhidham-Kutch on 28 july 2013. On the same day camera was not working so i complained to Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Gandhidham - Kutch. He updated software of phone and returned. During tenure of less than 2 month mobile was not performing well and after that i given it to MMX Service center of Gandhidham and they again updated software and returned it. Still problem was unsolved and at last I given to MMX service center of Veraval-362265 for same issue they also done same thing updated software and returned and again problem was unsolved. At last they send my mobile to Ahmadabad for 58 days from 28/10/2013 to 24/12/2013 and still problem was not solved and they took one more day to update software and told to send Ahmadabad again so I denied them and told them to send from Gandh


Posted on Jan 15, 2014

i have sony ericcson xperia pro mobile, i have got some problems about its proper functioning so i took my phone to sony care , but they rufuse to provide their services to me, and i have vedio proof about it

Deepak Agrawalla

Posted on Jan 15, 2014

I have purchased a Mobile from Flipkart on 1 August Which got problem since Mid November, I have given it to repair to Micromax Authorised center. Neither they are repairing the mobile nor replacing it with a new set. Even Micromax Customer care are providing any solution. Detail of Mobile purchased; Brand; Micromax Model X322 Date 1 Aug 2013 Micromax Contact Address: Micromax House, 90B,Sector-18,Gurgaon Pin Code - 122015 Tel: 18605008286 Fax: +91-124-4009603 Email: info@micromaxinfo.com Flip Kart Address: Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Ozone Manay Tech Park, #56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor, Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560068, Karnataka, India. Customer Care : M/S S3Communication No76/11-1 (F) Jayanagar 3rd Block,Elephant Rock Road,OPP RR Gold Palace , Bangalore -56011. Please help me to fdind out a solution

Tamal Jana

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I had purchased a water geyser 1 year back with a guarantee period of 3 years.Now when i faced a problem with my geyser(MAKE: venus) no service has been extended to me inspite of shooting several mail to customer care of the company.

Ashwani sharma

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

I have purchased a Karbonn A8 Model From Kalra communications Narain garh On 24-09-2013 with One year warranty, But Phone was Dead as on 20-11-2013 submitted to service centre on 20-11-2013 ,as of today there is no response from the company as well as service center, I have personally visited many times the service center but no solution , the say company will take 3 months to answer your query,..Request to kindly help

vivek kumar

Posted on Jan 13, 2014

I purchase Ira thing 2 Tablet and after one month it is not work. when i am going to repair my tablet they keep my tablet four month and after that they say to company not provide parts that's why i am not able to repair. my complain no is WISH/BANG/13/9/14/0007


Posted on Jan 12, 2014

I had ordered a HP Deskjet 1510 Multifunction Inkjet Printer (White) from Shopclues.com vide Order Id-9703917. The product was delivered to me by DTDC courier POD No-D15995944. Sadly after I received the product and I opened the pack then I found that the glass scanning plate(on which the object to be scanned is placed) is completely broken.I immediately contacted their customer care and informed them about the issue for which they gave me a complaint no 636114. I was then asked to provide images of the damaged product. I also provided the same as required on 3rd January, 2014.Since then I have been constantly been contacting them but with no revert from their end. I had also requested for return of the product vide request no- 170905 on 8th January, 2014. Unfortunately the same has also not been answered till date. Request you to kindly check as if this is the level of customer commitment they provide then its high time that customer s should be made aware of them

Nagarjun Dintakurthi

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

I want sue against micromax.

Shashank Baviskar

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

I have left from HMPL company without notice period I was working 7 years there. Electrical shock on my right hand accident Before three years company were not given extra help. At present i am seek new job but this accident case not allow another company so please inform what i should do against company.

mehul prajapati

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

delay in repairing my handset by micromax service center. no giving commitement when they will give my handset ,bad service

mehul prajapati

Posted on Jan 11, 2014

sir there is a delay in giving back my handset by micromax it almost 30 days in they said it takes longer time to solve your problem.

vaisakh cr

Posted on Jan 11, 2014

I give my toshiba laptop for repairing.after the time two months they giveback it to me and take 4500 as charge.The same day same defect reappeared.they take one more month & told me it impossible to repair it.need 10000 to change the mother board of my laptop


Posted on Jan 09, 2014

Manufacturing problem with Lenovo G570 laptop.

Dr.Lakshmi sagar

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

sir i have made an online purchase of Sony rechargeable batteries for 1200 rupees, through E bay India, i didn't receive the product yet, i was tried to complain to eBay, but they are not responding well. i am enclosing my purchase details below, please teke appropriate action and help me. Claim ID: 344956 PaisaPay ID: 35030283441 Item number: 261325208881 Seller ID: eitmall Date claim opened:27-11-2013

Drumil A. Gandhi

Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Dear Sir , I Drumil A. Gandhi From mumbai Purchased a printer from M/s. Amgee Computers Pvt. Ltd. on 29.11.13 invoice no. 548/13-2014 Model - HP OJ PRO 3610 Mono Printer .. at the timne of purchase they executive had told that the printer will print around 1600 pages .. but my cartirage was over when i had just printer 490 pages then i had gone to the HP official service centre they told that it will only print 500 pages as it is demo cartirage but the executive of M/s. Amgee Computers Pvt. Ltd. as told that it will print 1600 .. the shop keeper told me to mail the Diagonistics page it was showing 490 pages u have printed when i told about him and mailed him the page he told i will called you in 1 Hour but he didnt call and gave a false accuse now he his rejecting saying it only print small size pages 1600 and he didn't told that about size for the printing he just told that 1600 pages you can print .. now he not giving proper answer .. please look into the Matter Thanking you ,


Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Sir I Buying 1 No Solar Inverter 875 VA ,150AH Battery ,200 Watts Panel From Stark Excels Company at saisurya solar Solutions Amadalavalasa , The above instrument is defect after working 3 months only ,Hence I Complainted so many times Company is given fault set only and not responded correctly . Hence plese justice me in this regards,thanking you sir yours faith fully


Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Dear Sir,I purchased a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 handset on 19/05/2013 with an year warranty,the BILL NO for the same is 4154411766.After two months of the purchasing date i started facing charging problem,it used to take an entire day to charge,i contacted the SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER,my complaint number is 8433304442.as usual i was diverted to visit the service center.i did and i was told that the charger is faulty and after 7 days they replaced my charger with a new one...but after that i have been facing the same problem and to add salt to the wound i have started facing more problems like heating up of the handset,battery draining out fast,again they replaced the charger quoting the same problem.again after one and half month i started facing the same problem,i have submitted my handset to the BORIVALI(WEST) service center on 20/12/2013 and till date i have not received my repaired handset.i have written many mails to SAMSUNG C.E.O office.They are refusing to replace the handset.pls help

Chandrashekhar diwanji

Posted on Jan 07, 2014

I have purchased a Karbonn A21 mobile phone on 17/Apr 2013 vide cash memo no. 1262 from Vijay Electronics, khopoli for Rs.8450.00. The Display of phone lost in October 2013, I have contacted Technocraft Technologies Kalyan(authorised Karbonn Service Centre at Kalyan ) for repair on 15th Oct 2013. They said it will take around 10 to 15 days for it to repair. so I deposited the phone with them for repairs. Since then I am continuously following up with them, the answer is "It is not repaired it will take some more time, call after one week". So many weeks has been passed in this follow up. They are not making it clear whether they are going to repair and if not then replacement of it.

Poonam Pandey

Posted on Jan 06, 2014

We have paid Indiatimes Shopping a sum of 19165 to get Godrej Safire safe, till date we have not erecived the product nor they are allowing us for refund. Each time when we approach their call center they tell us case manager will get in touch with us but it has never happened. Their customer care only sends us apology mail. Not sure how to deal with these cheats.

swayam prakash

Posted on Jan 06, 2014

I have brought a Blackberry curve 9320 mobile handset @ Reliance digital B'lore on 24/09/2012 and still my handset is in warranty period some of the keys of keypad , symbol uppercase and numeric keys are not working when i reported this problem to the Authorised service center they informed me that it wont be covered under warranty since i need to get it repaired on my own expences inspite of company warranty period.so i do request you to consider my complaints and provide me an proper redressal for my cause.


Posted on Jan 05, 2014

I purchased Dish HD Set Top Box and returned back as we are not using it. The Dish CSR informed us to return the box and accordingly, My father returned the HD Box and they gave the letter stating that, they will refund the money within 10 to 12 days. The HD Box was returned in September 2013. Till date, we have not received the payment after making 8 follow-ups with the Dish Customer Care. Can you please review and let us know on how to proceed further. Thanks.

Vibhor Singhal

Posted on Jan 04, 2014

Hi, I had bought a USHA room heater on 15th Dec, 2013 from an authorised dealer with bill. Hardly after a week of using it, we faced some problem and the heater stopped working properly. We reached out to the dealer who directed us to contact the customer care for USHA on Number: 18001033111. After filing the complaint on 27 Dec '13 we did not hear from them till 3rd Jan. But then too the mechanic refused to show up on time and co-operate for reaching us in time and on saturday/sundays. Since I work in an office on weekdays it is not possible for me to wait for the mechanic on a weekday. I respectfully asked the mechanic to come of weekend or early morning/late evening on a weekday but they refused. Since then there has been no action from USHA on the complaint. I never heard from the mechanic again and I keep calling to the call center but no substantial action has been observed on their part. Request you accept this complaint and take necessary action. Vibhor Singhal

Tirthankar Ghosh

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

I have purchased one MCD110 on 21.2.13 and functioning . finaly lodged a complain ( no. 501356271812) in JULY OR AUG but till date no action has been taken by PHILIPS CUSTOMER CARE DEPT in-spite if repeated reminder through phone except false assurance which is un except able from PHILIPS . Kindly help me rectify /replace the defective product which i brought with my hard earned money .thanks T. GHOSH

Arun Kumar Upadhyay

Posted on Jan 03, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam I am Arun Kumar Upadhyay from Gurgaon (Haryana). I am purchase a micromax canvas 2 Plus smartphone 16 June 2013. But November 2013 smartphone not charging. I am submitted my smartphone to Micromax authorised service centre (Contact No. 01244376451)in 27 November 2013. Service centre gives me a job sheet no. N 060197-1113-6649015 Till now my smartphone is not repaired. Many time call to service centre & customer care but they says 15 days or 20 days more time to repaired.They are not give me suitable answer about my smartphone. Please help me. Thanking you. Name- Arun Kumar Upadhyay Contact No.- 09891219748 Location- Patal Nagar Gurgaon (Haryana)

Gorakh Kharat

Posted on Jan 02, 2014

I had purcha the Mobile Handset Karbonn A-27(Black)from Vile-Parle,Mumbai.however the phone is switching off and on every time while sending a MSG/ calling anybody/browsing etc. However when I approached the Karbonn service center they are not able to resolve the issue even after completion of the 3 months & even they are refusing to give me back my mobile.the service center is not able to resolve this issue and they have kept my mobile. i would to like to request to look into this problem.

Asheesh Chauhan

Posted on Jan 02, 2014

Dear We have purchased a Philips LED 3000 Series TV in Feb 2013 I'm facing the problem with the same last 5 month i have complained 5 Time, very time they closed the complain ticket without given the reason and without repair. some complain no :- PGUR0410130098,PUGR0810130090,PGUR0212130114,PGUR2112130033. Please help to resolve the issue

Rohit Joshi

Posted on Jan 01, 2014

This complaint is against Sony authorized service centre (Aarashya Enterprises) located at Mhatre Pul, Pune. I had submitted my phone under warranty for repair on 21st Nov and there has been unprecedented delay in repair. The representative keep on saying the phone will be ready tomorrow, but that day has not come yet. The phone has been with me only for 25 days whereas it has been with the service centre for more than 40 days!!!. The service centre is also denying the a replacement phone. This has caused a great inconvenience and undue stress.

Pranay Talukdar

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

I bought the phone in October 2013.After 1 0r 2 months what I faced Some of the Apps take time to open,Answering the phone, sometimes swipe not working properly,While using net after few times mobile start getting heat,Signal problem,Frequently hang,Battery being hot frequently I took it to service center they updated the software. later again,some of these problems happened, with addition phone got switched off with message restart with new SIM, I took it to service center but they couldn't get the problem.They adviced to software updateNow the worst thing my screen is not working, touch( from the sides).i have to rotate to get the option to a place where touchable and workable screen present. And from service center they told to change the screen which will cost 4500i purchased the mob previous year 18500 around 1year+2 months now repair cost is 4500 so total investment is 22500.for a technically faulty set.How can I get compensetion.

Bhaskar Sen

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

my Electrolux make microwave-G20M.WW-CG Got delivered on 13.12.12 got its deffect note vide complaint EKOL-1312130152 but later refused its free service per warranty condition for its normal service norms

Prabhakar Tripathi

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

Dear sir, I had given my Lenovo G570 laptop to its service centre located in goragaon W Mumbai Named as Ultimate solution Before a month ago. Thre was a keyboard problem in my laptop. They had solved this problem and charged for 2500 Rs. But after 10 days only i got a problem in power supply in the same and again given to him to repair and they cause another problem with the power supply and had damaged the Mother Board of my laptop and now saying to change it. It again cost 15000. But for their mistake how can i pay this large amount that i cant afford it. This is a large amount and also damaged my laptop in a wrong condition. and now behaving in a wrong way to me. Please help me sir as i cant pay this much amount as i am not at that condition to give this charge again. That they had make my laptop worthless. Please help me. Thanks , Prabhakar T 7303631265

Ajay Khanderia

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

I had bought Iberry Auxus Nuclea Smart Phone from E-bay India P. Ltd. of Rs. 16,000/- The phone is not upto the mark as stated. E-Bay gaurantee decline to refund the amount. E-bay claims that its manufaturers warranty and not ours.

Lavkesh Rathi

Posted on Dec 30, 2013

I submitted my micromax mobile phone for repairing on date 07-Nov-2013. But didn't get any update on repairing status even more than 50 days has completed. Job Sheet No: W030519-1113-6474221

Ajinkya Patil

Posted on Dec 29, 2013

Sir, I've purchased New Sony Xperia L mobile,which is now just 5 months old.Now my mobile is having a lot of problems such as Display Problem,Hang Problem,Speaker Problem,etc.So I want replacement of my mobile with new one,but sony care center of Kolhapur Region is responding very badly.So please I need our help sir. Thanks.


Posted on Dec 28, 2013

Dear sir, I am dr sailesh, head of Department, Dept of physiology, little flower hospital, angamaly, kerala. I regret to inform you that my immersion heater failed in one day after its purchase. I have the warranty card and other details enclosed with the email. I was upset when i found this as i had a good faith on Bajaj products. i hereby request you to replace my immersion heater with a new one. Details of product Immersion heater Batch no; J1000713 srno 0f the product: 17161 Code no:0094632 warranty given for one year but it worked only one day| please do take necessary action asap.


Posted on Dec 27, 2013

Complaint Posted On: 2013-12-18 16:48:52 I am not receiving any response from the Samsung company with regards to the damage of fridge I am not aware as to wht needs to be done & how to go about so that the company hears and resolves the issue seems that the company doesnot want to resolve the issue in such a case how to go about

Rakesh Punjabi

Posted on Dec 27, 2013

I had purchased Samsung mobile on 08/11/13 & its starting overheating problem within one month of purchase. When first visit to service centre to resolve the problem I submitted the handset on 06/12/13.service centre person said that there is a motherboard issue & it has to be replaced and they done it. when I received the handset back on 13/12/13 within three days same problem happens again. then I called to customer care & they told me to visit the service centre again so I visited the service centre on 20/12/13 & submitted the mobile handset. same day I got a call from service centre, they told me that there is again motherboard & touch panel issue & has to be replace again. I told the service centre & customer care that I do not want this handset as it is getting problem again & again, but they are not giving me the replacement. Please help me in this matter... Regards, Rakesh Punjabi

Shankar Kumarapuram

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

I have taken a three year annual maintenance contract from Rubicon Services for my Aquaguard and the contract period is from August 2012 to July 2015. I paid 2500/- for this and they serviced my aquaguard machine on 8th August 2012. As per the bill/receipt that they have provided, they have clearly mentioned that the company would visit 3 times a year during the contract period and the product would be thoroughly checked, cleaned and adjusted. However, after August they never turned up. I call up every time their office and they say the engineer will call and come and the engineer would never turn up. I got so frustrated and left. However, my aquaguard suddenly stopped working in the month of June 2013. I used to call them daily to get an appointment. They would say today, tomorrow but no one used to turn up. I took different numbers from the contact center and try calling them asking for help. Finally in July 2013, the engineer turned up said that there is some problem in the product got it repaired for me. I insisted at that time that someone should visit us at least once in 4 months as per the contract and change the carbon. However, after that July 2013 they never again turned up. The product now is again dysfunctional and is not working since November 2013. I am trying to call them but they are not visiting even after multiple attempts. These people promise so many things when they take money and forget afterwards. I get at least one call a month from the same company asking to take contract from them for aquaguard if we have any at home. At that time, when I say that I am already a member and ask to send an engineer, they hung up the phone. I am literally fed up as I lost my money and there is no service too. Now, we are buying mineral water as we cannot just drink the tap water. I would want this company to get black listed so that they understand the importance of consumer. Invoice No: 218091 Date: 8/12/2012 Name: Shankar K. Company Address: Rubicon Services, Bhana Sukar Estate, Gandhi Nagar, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai 400102. Call Centre - 26789233

Parmod Yadav

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

Hello sir I had purchesed a phone of XOLO company Modal No-A700 in february 2013 from croma sector -3. At the time of buy that said that my phone is under onside warrenty, if I found any type of problem they will collect my phone from my home and will return that. Now they are saying that company has changed the policies so we can pick my phone. I have to go their service centre. Plz sir help me I'm not happy with the company's policies. Plz help me

Tarak Basu

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam, I had purchased a Sony Xperia E Dual (Rs. 8880) ph from Behala The Mobile Store on 11.12.2013. At the time of purchase I asked them to show me the best phone within the range of Rs. 9000. That time they all told me that this ph is the best. Though I wanted to buy other phone. I trusted them and bought this handset. But within the evening I realised that they have given me a damage handset. Battery back up is very poor and its getting hang again and again. So, I visited the store again in the evening and lodged a complaint over there.but they suggested me to use the ph for few days. They have done some settings. But after 3 days when I informed them that there was no improvement then they said that the ph is not good and they are forcing me to exchange the ph (exchange price Rs. 5500). I talked to their Manager Mr. Gautam over there, but he behaved very rudely. I went to Behala Police Station.But Mr.Gautam influenced the inspector and he refused to take the complaint

mayank kumar gupta

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

jupitar compusy ne meko chori kiya laptop becha


Posted on Dec 24, 2013

I purchased 1 Hp Texmo Water pump (S.No 37118923) from Navkar Iron Store, Sadar Bazar Gurgaon 122001 having Tin No- 06111901046 vide cash bill number 7447 on 23/12/13 at around 5.30 p.m. amounting Rs 9200(incl. vat Rs. 459).When we tried to fit the water pump in the pipe there was some problem in inflow and outflow of the pump as compared to the old pump used by us. I called the shopkeeper at landline no 0124-2320194 at 7.30 p.m. stating him the problem and told him that I will come tomorrow. On 24/12/13 at around 6.30 pm I took the water pump along with the old pump to store and asked the vendor to replace the pump with specifications similar to my old pump. He said that he does not have that specification so I asked for refund. He refunded me Rs .8741 and deducted Rs 459 the vat amount ; saying that Vat is not refundable. I repeatedly asked for balance amount but he denied and became aggressive.


Posted on Dec 24, 2013



Posted on Dec 24, 2013

I bought one laptop from HCL company.laptop is not functioning properly.Even the company is unable to fix it.They are ignoring my complain.My laptop in warranty period.I want it to be replaced.My complaint ID is 8503341074.

Amit Kumar

Posted on Dec 23, 2013

Hello, I purchased Samsung 40 Inch LCD TV Model Number : LA40D550K1RLXL , Serial Number : MPZP3PBB901149R for 40000 on 15 AUG 2013 from Reliance Digital in Phoenix Market City Bangalore . It worked fine for 1 year and then on 18 AUG 2013 just after 3 days after warranty expired, it developed a problem of Horizontal Lines on screen. I called Samsung service Complain Number :8446785921, they said panel has to be replaced. Cost = approx 20000 Rs. It is just 1 year and 3 days guys and I bought the TV in 40 K and now it is worth nothing. It is a product defect and certainly Samsung should take responsibility for the screen, On this above context, I am requesting / appealing to SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS to take up this as very special / exceptional case and replace the PANEL at minimum cost as it is just 1 year old TV. It is my expectation from you, to look into this and show a way out, to solve the issue cordially so that the so that the customer satisfaction is highly appreciated. I am

Srimanti Cahtterjee

Posted on Dec 23, 2013

A HTC Desire 500 from R.G Cellular South City Mall Kolkata, India was bought in the name of Accentus Consulting Private Limited , on 4th Oct'13, the main problem with the phone is that from the 1st day of usage the internet(mobile data) was not running properly and was turning itself off withing seconds as we tried repeatedly to turn it on , as the mobile data continuously showed disconnected after a micro second after turning it on , we called the service provider's customer care and was told by them that something may be wrong with the sim so it needs to be changed to a micro sim and the problem will be resolved . So , I went to the store and changed the sim to a micro sim hoping that the problem will be resolved but all in vein as the problem still persisted . As it's a Company phone its problematic to get time to repeatedly go to the service center , still we went and they simply said it's not the phone's fault , it's the sim when my service provider said it's phone's fault .

Prasad T R

Posted on Dec 22, 2013

I bought a LG Washing Machine from Nandilath G-Mart, Kozhikode 16/08/2011. The warranty of the machine is 3 years. Since my home was far from the shop, I left the shop after making the payment. The product which was shipped to my residence was a damaged one. While I informed and requested to replace the machine before unboxing, the sales man denied my request and asked to contact LG customer support centre for further problems. From the first day of installation itself the machine is malfunctioning. The product is continuously making problems. It has been serviced more than 10 times within one year. Now most of the parts are malfunctioning. The body of the machine and some iron parts are rusted even though the co. says it is anti rust coated. The parts made using galvanized iron are also getting rusted. This shows the poor quality of the product. I am unhappy by using this damaged product. The retailer was cheating me by giving a damaged product.

bikky bhowmick

Posted on Dec 21, 2013

philips dvd player model-dvp3618 is not supporting mp4 files fully.According to specification their website philips.co.in it should support mp4 files but unfortunately they are contradicting themselves.Please help us.

vishal patil

Posted on Dec 21, 2013

I m purchase from tablet Rs.8598 in online shoping website. http://www.100bestbuy.com and 2 day after return product.no refund. please refund amount thank you

Bikram Tamang

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

I would like to complaint against the Micromax ltd. I bought one hand set A72 and within a warranty the handset lost its both incomming and out going speaker, hence i submitted the same to Micromax Service center at 6th Block Jayanagare on 9th Nov. they told me it will take maximum 20 days to get it rectified, Howver till today 19-12-2013 i have not received any answer from them, infact i mailed them several times also spoke in phone, they only say that it will take another 10-15 days, even today they say the same thing. I am really harassed mentally and also it is very inconveniance to live without mobile or with borrowed mobile please help.


Posted on Dec 19, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam , I have recently brought Onida washing machine ,In my first wash it has thorn all my brand new clothes worth around 10000 rs, When i complained to the company , Mechanic came and admitted that it was fault form their side where they have fitted wrong screw in the Machine. I have mailed this matter to Onida head office to all dept and requested for compensation , where they have neglected my mail and compensation. I kindly request you the help me in getting my genuine compensation from Onida Company.

chandra shekhar pandey

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

Sir, I had purchased 2 AC of Samsung make which were a pain from the day of installation and dealer was not paying any attention. I lodged complained at consumer court with the help of a lawyer. I had paid to the lawyer for filing the complaint only. I never received any communication from the court but came to know that the decision is in my favour. I complained online to Samsung on this and they say that they have submitted cheque at consumer court and asking me to go to court with AC and take the cheque. Now lawyer is asking more money as if I have won a free gift. I feel I should be handed over the cheque at my home and AC should also be collected from my home. Lawyer had contacted earlier and asking for more money which I feel is not correct. Please advise how I can get the cheque. Warm regards

Pranab Saloi

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

I am Pranab Saloi from Mumbai. I had placed an order to purchase one Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini mobile from online shopping site www.retailbunny.com on 04 Dec 13, costing me Rs 21266.00. It has been more than 14 days but I have not received the item. I have repeatedly called the customer care call centre no. 9650787333 for more than 20 times but everytime they say that all executives are busy and that they would get back to me but they have never responded to my calls. I have also sent more than 5 emails but again no response. On their site i.e www.retailbunny.com where I have an account but whenever I try to track my order status, it says I have not placed any orders with them, however I have the receipt of the money that I have paid to them. Pls help me.


Posted on Dec 18, 2013

filed a complaint with samsung around 2.5 months back for a damaged fridge body today ie 18/12/2013 i come to know that samsung company cannot do anything from past 2,5 month nearly each & every day after being back of them they have come to a solution that i can throw such a expensive fridge as a scrap in a years time the leg part of the fridge with the bottom part of the body is broken & the company has no responsiblity for it for 2.5 months the executive were circling between the service center & the company as a consumer i would like to know wht shld be done the company jst has to say "As per the diagnose report of our technical team your set was found to be non-repairable." and its not in warranty . its jst over a year old

bhupender solenkey

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

Dear Team, I am Bhupender Solenkey from Faridabad, I am your regular buyer, till date i bought 4-5 items from your Homeshop18. From the beginning i trust you people. Last item i bought Zinc Tab in June this year, but from the 1st day i found 3-4 technical issues in that, i submitted the to my service center in Faridabad, they further submitted to the inc S center. After that i done regular follow ups with the both the center every weeks & every week customer care executives gives me, new new excuses that you will get this weekends or we don't have spare parts n so on, they kept my New Tab with them 3 months & my newly brand Tab, they gave me back in a bad condition without resolved any my technical issues. I collect the same from my Faridabad local center, but i found no issue was resolved, so again i submitted the Tab in Sep 2013, & till date every week i again do the follow ups, again they are giving me, that bullshit excuses(spare parts is not available.


Posted on Dec 18, 2013

i submitted my phone karbonn A7+ in the authorised service center(Ujjawal Telecom) in dehradun on 19/09/2013, the phone has some issues in the headphone jack. they tell me that the phone is sent to delhi for necessary repairs and come after 25 to 30 days but till now i do not recieved my phone. i already sent a mail to support but they do not do anything in this matter. my mobile details are: IMEI/ESN 1 :911211850754434 IMEI/ESN 2 :911211850754442 JOBSHEET NO. :KJASPUT024913K3974 MODEL : A7+ CONTACT: ROHIT SINGH MOB. NO. : 8439883210, 9410134720


Posted on Dec 17, 2013

I have given my LG mobile for servicing at Smartmobile,Tc 2/3554(5), First Floor, Opposite Petrol Pump, Kesavadasapuram,Thiruvananthapuram which was purchased from KSA. The service centre guy's behaviour was really doubtful that he took 2 days to identify the problem.Initially he told me like the mobile have battery complaint and later on he told me that it was hardware issue. This guy did not attend my call for two days and I really doubt that he did something wrong for happening for this hardware issue. Your's faithfully, Ravisankar, Nedumkulanjiyil, adoor. Phone-+919645044372

Balvinder Singh

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

I bought Karbonn Titanium S2 (IMEI No. 911311400505342) Mobile from Flipkart.com. The invoice details are as follows: Invoice Date: 07-10-2013, Tax Invoice: DEL20131000065692 I am facing Two major problems in this Hand set: 1. From Last week Its Audio Jack not working 2. From 3-4 days it starts hanging continuously. After switching it ON, it starts hanging and not reached to its desktop display. After hanging it is not switching On or Off. When I approached to your service Centre i.e. Triple Solution, Faridabad, They told me that it costs around Rs.150/- for reinstalling the software for rectifying the hanging problem. And for Audio jack problem it costs around half of the Mobile cost as its whole board need to be replaced. I sent many E-mails to Karbonn Mobile many time to help me in this regard, but I have not received any communication from their end in this regard. I want to replace my defective Mobile or My Money Back. With Regards, Balvinder

Uma rani

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

Dear Sir, I have a electricity connection in which company has put some unnecessary dues for meter tampering which never happened . My meter was burnt out due to some internal problem for which i requested a new meter indent which i got fixed. Now the problem started when i got my bill which is of Rs 214762 which is due to meter tampering which never happened as mentioned earlier. My details are as follow Applicant Name Uma Rani Address KH NO 214 Saboli extn Near prithvi raj chauhan school delhi 93 Bill no YMENF151020130035A0 contact details 9212026487 prateekchauhan1808@gmail.com Now their people are creating unnecessary problem and threatened us for disconnection . This problem is occuring recently as my previous Meter records as per the bill is o.k .Please help us in overcome the problem

Sujit Kumar Ghosh

Posted on Dec 15, 2013

Purchased an Apple's ipad 1.5 years ago at Rs. 29000/- approx. 3-months back, Apple pushed for OS upgrade. Upon accepting iOS7.0.2, the battery was draining drastically and finally made the device inoperable totally. The service centre could not do anything but advised me to pay Rs. 15000/- to get a replacement, at a fee of Rs. 1100/-. Checked in the internet and learnt that this is a common phenomenon across globe. I want my device to be made operational by Apple Or give me money back. It is Apple's problem or deliberate business generation technique and I should not be penalized.

vinod kumar dwivedi

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Dear sir, My name is vinod kumar dwivedi & i am from rewa disst. M.P., I was working with sri gopikrishna infrastructure Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad , I have resigned my job 12/06/2013 & date of join 16/08/2013. After resigned from that company ,i applied for my PF withdraw on 13/06/2013 but as yet i have not got the PF amount . I have complaining continuously for the same to company HR authority and PF team from last 5 month, but no help from their end as yet, plz help me out . my PF no. AP/59285/19141480

Sandip Desai

Posted on Dec 11, 2013

Hi I had brought Micromax A87 on 12/01/2013 from Univercell Bangalore. It started rebooting by itself after 6 months. I gave it to micromax service center on 22/10/2013 and they asked me to come after 15 days.but now its been almost 2 months they are not responding on it, i had been to service center 5-6 times but they are asking me to come after 15 days each time i have visited the Center. Could you please help me to get back my mobile from them. Service Center Branch : Malleshwaram Service point (sri sai Telecommunications) Job sheet No :S010214-1013-6024447 Regards Sandip

VinayKumar Boddu

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Sir/Madam, I am vinaykumar.I bought a Toshiba laptop from a shop,Mno:satellite c640, dec12/12.However I faced a problen regards to hinges & some minor hardware issues too, on 6/6/13.On this cause I contacted customer care & I handed over the laptop under warrenty basis. Later on when I received my laptop back on Aug 25.I was very happy with the hardware repair.But the software is not working.SoI rejected the laptop & approached Toshiba RM.He fixed the bug that.So when I reached home & tried to turn on my laptop,to my dismay my hard disk was corrupted.On our next meeting he gave me back with a new hard disk. Finally I contacted the RM again and requested him to recover my most valuable data from data recovery centre from my old hard disk,because of their improper handling. But the RM said,he won't be able to help with this data recovery matter. I would be really grateful if you could involve in this issue & direct the customer care to recover my data from corrupted hard disk

Somayajulu Bulusu

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Very unhappy with th irresponsible behaviiur of eTechies computer repair company. Its been more than 15 days since I gave my laptoo for repair. Till now I was nit given oroper update on the status of repair. I had to call customer care severak times with no proper respinse. This delay costed me alot. Request your help in getting my laptoo back in completely working condition and a compensation for this dekay

Kumar Gaurav

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Dear Sir, As discussed with you on 5th December'13 and send all correspondens (Mail exchanged with samsung) to you mail dated 5th Dec 2013, The mail is addressed by Samsung all the time but without proper solution. From Samsung Mr. Manish Kohli, Dibakar Das, Miss Shradha, Mr. Shekhar Jain, Mr. Sunil Bansal called me but no proper resolution. Even Miss Shradha informed me that she is going to replace the battery but after that phone, I have not received any call from Samsung, My warranty is going to expire in 1st week of January 2014, Please help me out, to have a proper justice to me.

Twinkle jain

Posted on Dec 09, 2013

I had ordered iphone 5s from homeneedsonline and paid thru my credit card .. And now the company isnt sending the phone and gives me some vague tracking number . And when i ask them to refund they say to wait as they wil deliver it the next day . Im sick of waiting ! I need some action .


Posted on Dec 09, 2013

Sir, struggling to resolve the complaint with Nokia mobile handset from past 2 months. No one is responding. I have gone to service center but no one able to resolve the issue. please guide


Posted on Dec 09, 2013



Posted on Dec 08, 2013

The mobile phone has been in the service centre for 3 months now and it has not been repaired till now. It is Karbonn A6 mobile. It carried the following problems: a) Keypad shows dots instead of alphababets and numbers. b) The phone hangs a lot c) One port of the phone was damaged since the audio was only coming from one side of the earphone. I tried different earphones and the poblem was the same. c) Voice is not good. I would like to tell that i bought this mobile on 11 June and from then it has been with me for only 15 days. for the rest of the period it has been with Karbonn service centre. I have send it to the centre three times and it has come back to me unrepaired.


Posted on Dec 08, 2013

I have purchased two mobile phones on the same day on oct 10 for Rs 1090 each but i have not received the product whereas i was told that as procurement issue was there we will refund you the money . On oct 23 rd i got an email stating that i will get refund which had been initiated on the same day. But after several complaints through mail and phones i have not received the amount . no response and improvements from the site. i have shared my statement also but they are saying we will update but no response i request you take an action against them and get me refund


Posted on Dec 08, 2013

I have bought Carrier Split Air conditioner 6 months back.However since day 1 i am facing some sorts of issue. Sometime it gives gas leakage problem, some times it gets switch off automatically and now the display unit of device has stopped working.I have logged complaints several times but nothing commendable is done. Display unit of my device is not working since last 2 months, after logging complaint an engineer visited my place and during his 2nd visit he took that part with him to get it replace as it seems to be faulty one. Its been more than one month and that part is still not replaced. It was new AC which i bought and i am still facing those issues My complaint number with Carrier is 91110081 and it was logged in the month of Oct. Regards Summit 9899998516

Rakesh V Balan

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

This is to keep you informed that i have given my Croma 3G Tab GAN number BAN201113WS00009, Product id 175298, Serial number 911323900004098, Purchased on 22.09.2013 for service to your Croma outlet at Koramangala, Bangalore since the SD card was not getting detected. It is very upsetting that there is no feedback from Croma since last 12 days on the status of the product and when it will be serviced and returned. I am virtually following up with the service team but the only feedback i get is that the product is still in service. I have paid good Rs 14,000 for a product that has failed within 45 days from the date of purchase. Please help me solve this issue

Padam Gupta

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I Purchased A21 Karbonn mobile worth Rs 8500 IMEI no 911240900839259 on 08/03/13. From the second month, I started facing battery drain and hand issue in my mobile. So, I submitted handset to K N Technology Service Center Bhandup(W). They formatted my phone and changed the battery and told me that I will not face any problem in future. After some days, I again started facing the same issue. So I submitted phone to Mobile Care Service Center, Thane. They again formatted phone and when I received my phone, the battery was discharged. so they said here we cannot charge battery, when you will charge the battery, everything will work fine. I was not able to even turn on my phone after nightfull of charging. So Next day I went to Global Telecom Service Center Bhandup(W) and told him the story. They sent phone to Karbonn Head office for 2 months. After 2 months I received my handset with same problem. Sir/Ma'am, Please help me in this regard. I will be very grateful to you.


Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Have purchased water purifier from NEW AQUA RO TECHNOLOGIES. # 9, 4TH CROSS, BALAJI LAYOUT, KODIGEHALLI, BANGALORE - 560092, Mob: 9164443807 / 8747958609 on 22/10/13 n till date no one from there company has come to install it. Since they have a franchisee even eureka forbes ppl cannot install without a payment of Rs. 350/-. Have made them 101 call till now n still these guys will always say we are coming today evening n tom morning which never comes. Need you guys to take immediate action against them. Regards Lalit

Garima Gupta

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

I purchased Glen chimney + cooktop from Bharat distributors Sec 35 chandigarh on 18th July 2013. And registered my complaint 3 days back with them as the right side burner is not fine. Gas is leaking from that burner plus the gas stands are quite uneven. “Ph: 0172-5078028, 3064028” this was the service number provided to me. When I registered the complaint they mentioned that a service person will visit my place next day but no one came in. I have been calling them since so many days but no one has visited my place till now from glen service center. I have spent more that 16000 rupees on this product and that time I was not aware that the quality of your product is so poor that within in one month it is giving these kind of problems, though I could have preferred sunflame or some other brand. Please Help

Mackinlay Barreto

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

I wish to register a complaint against LG Electronics for refusing to repair my washing machine as they claim that the part is not available! This is for a model of LG washing machines that is under production and sale in India. Post visit by service engineer, he refuses to answer calls. The service manager too spoke with me and asked for few hours to respond; and now does not answer my calls


Posted on Dec 04, 2013


UN Technologies Pvt ltd

Posted on Dec 04, 2013

I have purchased a SONY XPERIA C , model no.- C2305, IMEI no. - 356534054053572 on 18th october 2013. On 25th november 2013 my phone touch screen stopped working. I went to Sony service centre on 28th nov 2013 named as NEOSA ELECTRONICS n gave my phone for repairing which was under warranty. after 2-3 days there was a call for SONY saying that my phone has a liquid damage n cannot be repaired. i asked them for other option they said me that i have to pay them 10700 for repairing. As far as i believe that water never entered since i have been using smartphones for quite sometime and i know how to handle such phones . This is a new phone launched in the market n i strongly believe that it might have technical diffuculties and which might have caused the problem. The service centre didnot want to accept fault in their product. So you tell me what shall i do now?

manish bhatia

Posted on Dec 04, 2013

i have purchased a printing machinery in the month of april since then it is not working proprly and the service provider at cochin is not giving proper feed back the machinery was imported from china and they r telling some payments are due from the service provider in chochin. plz help since i am bearing a loss of aprox rs70000/month in terms of rent and EMI


Posted on Dec 04, 2013

COMPLAINT AGAINST NON SATIAFACTORY SERVICE INTEX Res. Sir, With due respect I beg to say that I had purchased a tablet (i-Buddy Connect) of Intex on 19/04/2013 from Bansal Infocom, Ballabgarh(Faridabad),Haryana. There was a internet running problem in that. I submitted it to service centre at NIT Faridabad (at present not in existence) on 10/08/2013 (Job. Sheet: 308101008019T001). It remained with them upto 31/08/2013(20 days). When I received it after two or three round to service centre, it was not in running condition. I gave it back to them at the same time. They asked me to stay there for few minutes but they took my two hours. At last I asked them, then they replaced its original circuit plate with old one lying there in my on presence. When I questioned him ( Mr. Jeetu), he answered that it is also new one.then it was in running condition. But after few days there was a new problem (perhaps due to that old circuit plate) in it. It was not in the condition to open the screen beyond the word:android. I submitted again it with care centre at Bhatia Colony, Ballabgarh(Faridabad,HR) on 05/10/2013(Job. Sheet:310151008012T001) and it remained with them upto 09//11/2013. But when they handed it over to me, it was not switching on. They told me that battery is completely discharged and you have to charge it. But I asked them to charge that at the centre and to show me its working condition. But they excused that they are not having charger. They tried to charge it by other means but it was not in on condition. They assured me that it is confirmly repaired and you can check at home after charging with its charger. I carried it (Tablet) at home and charged it for two or three hours but the problem was as it was. It was not running beyond the displayed word: android. I informed about it at the same time and they told me to submit that again for repaire. Again I submitted it at service centre situated at Bhatia Colony, Ballabgarh on 14/11/2013 with Job Sheet:311141008003T001 and it is with them till today 04/12/2013. Whenever I asked them about it they always repeat the words: You Will be informed after repaire. I have complained so many times at customer care but all in vain. My complaint is also registered in customer care record. I was given some concerned persons contact nos. from customer care as well as from the service centre Named: MR. Anand Jha (09582941056) and Mr. Dheeraj (09711497583). I had called these persons so many times and most frequently but they had never picked my phone up even after ringing their bells. You may verify their call log with my Nos:09728492743 & 09015706856. Now I am completely fed up. So, I request you to give me quick response of my application. I do not want this product back because it is totally spoiled by service centre. I humbly request you to adjust my money or exchange it with some other similar product. Please give quick response. Yours cutomer, KASHVIR PH: 09728492743, 09015706856.

Pankaj Khurana

Posted on Dec 03, 2013

Sir, I bought karbonn tablet st7 on 22-12-2012 from M/s Mobile Point, Main bus stop, Barsat Road, Noorwala, Panipat (Haryana) for Rs. 5500.00 vide CM No. 126 dated 22-12-2012 (Copy of Bill attached). From the first day I am not satisfied with ur tablet i am regularly going to your service center due to problems as below: 1.power problem. 2.Internal memory problem. 3.Hanging problem. I went to your authorized service centre i.e M/s Huria Telecom, Panipat for above said problems. They do not sought out the problem and after one month they return it with remark that it has software problem. Next time I have went to your authorized service centre i.e M/s Smart Services, Delhi for above said problems. They returned it after one month with remark that it is tampered and not repaired (Copy attached). It means that the set was tampered either in M/s Huria Telecom, Panipat or Smart Services, Delhi because I had not given the set to anyone else. Please look into the matter and do the needful.

Vinay Narayan Hegde

Posted on Dec 02, 2013

Hello Sir/Madam My name is Vinay Hegde.I'm a resident of Bangalore, I purchased a external hard disk Toshiba Canivo Basic 3.0/2.0 1TB on 10/03/2012 from Raju Electrocentre SP Road Bangalore.(For the purchase I Have a tax bill) It started to giving me problem so I went to Rashi Peripherals PVT.LTD(Toshiba External Hard Disk Service Centre) and they replaced my hard disk(For this I have a receipt), now its also giving me problem. I went again to Rashi Peripherals, they are telling its out off warranty. But the warranty of my hard disk was 3 years. But the warranty means It is applicable from the date of purchase.According to that my warranty will be upto 09/03/2015.They are not understanding this. They are making me roam around between Rashi Peripherals and Raju Electro Centre. They are wasting my valuable time and money. Please help me and give me justice for this


Posted on Dec 02, 2013

we have purchased tab for micromax co. after some days is problems is battery backup is 0 so i submit service centr dated 13.09.13.last 3 month not delivered to me and very harrasment to me


Posted on Nov 28, 2013


Ninan Kuriakose

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

I booked a mobile phone from Umimobiles.com online with initial token amount of Rs.500/- in the month of March 2013 and Rs.13500/- in the month of May 2013. Still now they have been giving us delivery confirmation from may till november . Till date neither did I get the refund nor did I get the phone.. I have been asking for the refund of the phone but neither are they responding about the refund. Request your help in getting this sorted out . Thanks in advance.

Firoze Wadia

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

I had a Comprehensive contract signed with Hitachi for AMC of 1 ton AC machine. The contract number is MUM2/CAMC/658 dated 12/9/2012 and expiring on 11/9/2013 and i had paid Rs. 3033/- for the same.. Pl. note the following : 1) I have been taking a comprehensive AMC for last 10+ years and there have been no issues with my machine. 2) In August 2013 , i made a complain to Hitachi Helpdesk (Request no. 13082600491). saying that ALL the "manual" buttons used to operate the AC manually (for temp control, changing mode etc) were not working. Also that my a/c remote was not working properly. This was causing a lot of problems as i could use the AC only on one MODE , at one temp set and at one fan setting. A technician visited my house and advised that my machine being of old model, he will check if the buttons/switches were available in stock for replacement. He also checked the remote and said it needed replacement . 3) After that , no one responded and I got an SMS sayin


Posted on Nov 27, 2013

hello sir mera complaint msed ke light ke bare main complaint hai msed wale ne 3 month ka bill mujhe 110000 diya aur aur msed ki galti se mera light bill cut kiya please contact me and help me

Vinita Chuglani

Posted on Nov 27, 2013

I have purchased a blackberry bold 5 cell phone which is still in warranty. I have the box and accessories but have lost the bill. Isn't there a mechanism by which companies can get the date ofanufacture and purchase of the phone by the EMEI no. of the phone. Had taken the phone to BlackBerry authorised service centre based in Prime Mall, Ville Parle, but they refused to accept it. This is not fair as I am not able to get the service despite my phone being in warranty. Pls help me out.

Arnab MUllick

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

i want to file a complaint against micromax mobile services.The customer care center has not been entertaining my cause of retuning my cell phone since 2 months. This space is not enoughfor complete description of the details.Kindly give me other contact details.Product description (model)-micromax mobile phones MModel no Mx A89 IMEI No:911255800330092,91255800730093 Date of purchase:16/02/13 Purchase location:The Mobile store limited 55/E,Netaji Subhash avenue Serampore ,Kolkata 903 712201 Cost of Product:6,201/- INR Receipt / Invoice no:16286/8459360 Under Warranty (Yes / No):yes. Jobsheet no./ Copies:E030438-1013-5988138(current)/ no of copies issued-4 Service center location: M/S Sagun infotech ,34/A kalidas bhattacharya lane ,flat no-G.O.1, maniktala serampore ,Hooghly-712201. Tel no-(033)65634643 Cost of Damage:NA Complaint no.if any: Postal address: M/S Sagun infotech ,34/A kalidas bhattacharya lane ,flat no-G.O.1, maniktala serampore ,Hooghly-712201. Tel no-(033)65634643

vinay vijan

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

i had bought a xolo phone about a year back...having certain issues and being in warranty, i deposited it with the servicd center. The phone has been with the center for more than a month....the company and the service center are playing football...pushinng it upon one another...need help


Posted on Nov 25, 2013

I would like to share my dissatisfaction with the after sales services provided by Sony and its authorized service centers. To share, I am using Xperia J for almost 11 months now and having problem of Auto Restart and System n Game lag from May’13 onwards. I have had gone to service center and had it repaired thrice at Accel Frontline (Shivaji Nagar, Pune) but noteworthy the problem is still persisting. However I agree, they did change few of the parts of the phone to resolve the issue but nothing has really worked. My system restarts on its own once a day and I cant play any game on it. Dismayed to listen to service center’s spokespersons reply on this that Xperia J isn’t compatible with any game except less than the memory 10-15 MB (phone worth 16.5 k isn’t worth of playing games on it of memory 30-45 MB). I feel cheated wrt to quality promised by the company with the product and been delivered. I request you to please help getting it resolved asap.

Sanju kumar

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Hi, This is regarding my phone Micromax A65 purchased on 02/Aug/2012. The phone display gets damaged[Blacked out] for no reason. Even though my phone was under warranty.I have to repair the Asian Communication Mandi Himachal Pradesh on 11/10/2013. But after just 45 days, I did not have my phone back. I am very upset. Please look at the issue and resolve at the earliest. Thanks and regards, Vishwas


Posted on Nov 23, 2013

Hi, This is regarding my phone Sony Xperia Neo L purchased on 07/Sept/2012. The phone display gets damaged[Blacked out] for no reason. Even though my phone was under warranty I was asked to pay for the charges. Not even a month after the repair the same thing repeated. I was again asked to pay. And this is now happening very frequently. In months Oct-Nov I have repaired the display 4 times. Spoke to the manager and the service engineer regarding this, they believe this is a problem with this specific mobile model and they would not be able to do anything much about the issue. Please look at the issue and resolve at the earliest. Thanks and regards, Vishwas

Ankush Mahajan

Posted on Nov 23, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam I Bought Karrbonn Mobile A35 model before 12days dt.11-11-2013. this mobile colouring damage but karbonn care dont help me or replace my this mobile. so i want replace my this mobile as soon as. thanks & regards. Ankush Ludhiana. 81461-2875

Milan Soni

Posted on Nov 22, 2013

i gave my nokia n900 piece to phonecare who damaged the phone's motherboard leading to loss of rs. 6000 earlier the could have got repaired with rs 1800 phonecare damaged the phone totally i want compensation for the loss of phone. they refuse so its due to request to please look in to matter and i didnt repair the phone and i want compensation of the phone or the phone care will pay the repair expenses please look into matter soon

Mohit Agarwal

Posted on Nov 21, 2013

Dear Sir, I brought an apple cell phone 5 months back. After a month there was a problem with the phone and they replaced it. After the replacement the cell phone is having repeated problems. They have given me a faulty phone. I have already got it repaired twice and now again there is a problem with the phone. I spoke to the customer service department and they are fooling be be saying its a software issue happening because of the operating system. If it is happening because of the operating system the problem should be all the cell phones Apple manufactures?I am having a very hard time.They have cheated me.Can you help me out here? Regards


Posted on Nov 21, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam Myself Dona Banerjee D/o Partha Sarathi Banerjee of 3/104 Rabindra Nagar, Behala Kolkata ? 700060, I had purchase a Samsung Smart Phone Model NO. Samsung 7262 IMEI No. 358913/05/118855/7 from Mahamaya Communication 291 Diamond Harbour Road Behala, Kolkata ? 700034 Phone No. 03332420960 on dated : 02/11/13 of Rs. 6700/-. I was found a problem on 05/11/13 that the SIM Card not working, then i go to shop on 06/11/2013 but they refuse my request for replacement & send me to Service Center at Taratala Kolkata on 09/11/13 the service center also refuse my request for replacement cause of company policy & receive my phone for repairing on 9/11/13 that time i was helpless so I follow the order by force not by choice but till 21/11/13 they do not return my phone & still harassing me by showing various cause. please do the needful at your earliest convenience, would highly appreciate if you could help me to replace the my with new one. thanks regards Dona Banerjee


Posted on Nov 20, 2013

I have purchased a micromax mobile hand set from a shop on 05.08.2013 & mobile keys dont work properly then i went to service centre of Micromax at lenin sarani where they have broken my lcd & key pad problem also exists. Now, they are not giving any assurance of giving back my hand set.So, please take care of this.

Ross Creado

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

On Nov 30th 2011. I had purchased a Television which looked enticing and actually was a great product from Videocon. Looking at other product brands in line at HyperCity I chose to purchase Videocon’s 55” 3D LED TV (V55591PZ). 2.Being from a Middle class family- I spent almost all my savings to delight my family with the best TV picking the product on EMI with Bajaj Finance and making a cash payment which sums to RS 120940 from Hyper City. 3.Tragedy: After a year it started giving problems – Flickering Stripe lines on the display/ Disply goes all green. Then called the Hyper City Service Center – Diagnosed it to be the Panel Fault. Claim was registered on 14th Sept 2013 Case Reference # 100240. Which got closed on 29th Oct 2013 with reason stating Money paid to Videocon for repairs Raised a Second claim referencing the earlier one: Case Ref # 107440. I haven't received the TV till Date. coz they do not have any tv similar for replacement. I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED

Ramesh Rawat

Posted on Nov 19, 2013

Respected Sir, I have purchase HCL brand new laptop from M/s Galaxy Enperprises Dated 29-01-2013 Invoice no. 465. I registered my first complaint in the Month of April'13 regarding the Display Frame. Same problem i registered a complaint in the month of September'13 complaint number 8503352912 and nobody come to repair my laptop and again i rgistered a complain and the complaint no. is 8503353136. after 10 days one enggn. came and take my laptop and committed your laptop will give u with in week after repair. But after 19 days i got my laptop. Key board problem resolved but still the display frame not changed and due this so many scratches on the base. i registered again complaint at HCL CC regarding Display frame, Key Board and touch button, complaint no. is 8503471831 dated 15-10-2013 but no enggn. come to attend complaint. again i called to HCL customer care regarding the same and they give me again one new complaint no. 8503552428 dated 6-11-2013 and still nobody attend complain

Kavish Desai

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

I had submitted my phone Motorola Raxr Xt910 which was under warranty on Oct 28 to FineFone Solutions, Bangalore (Motorola Authorized Service Center) which was sent to the Motorola facility on Nov 5 (almost a week after depositing the phone) with the following issues: - Two dead pixels on the left top of the screen - Booting Issues: Take 2-3 hours for the phone to reboot I was informed today on Nov 16 that the phone is rectified. However, the issue regarding the dead pixels still persisted. Also, I was told by the service center manager that the Motorola authorized point of contact suggested that since it is a HD screen there would always be 2-3 dead pixels and it cannot be rectified. While the Motorola customer care helpline suggested to submit the phone to the service centre again.I am already pretty pissed off with the attitude and response I have received till now both by the Motorola Authorized Service Center and Motorola helpline.

Dilip Kumar Roy

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Complaint forwarded to mail@consumerredressal.com


Posted on Nov 18, 2013

Dear sir, we have doubt about a TIN oriented bill who had given us a Company situated at Loukya and Company. No 9, 2nd floor, K.K.Layout. Nagarabhavi. Bangalore.560072 ph: 65473414, 9986711210 Vat TIN No : 29860629360 Invoice No. 694 dated on 07/11/2013.


Posted on Nov 15, 2013

I brought this mobile(HTC-Explorer A310e)-(IMEI No-359918041022617) on 2nd-Sep-2012 which includes 1 year warranty. Unfortuanately my mobile started getting switched off automatically where i took my mobile on 2nd- Nov- 2013 to HTC Service Center which is located in Basavanagudi-Bangalore. They did a software update and said it would be ok now so i took back my mobile back but again it the problem started again and again i took this mobile on 9th-Nov-2013 to the same service center and this time they told me to keep the mobile in the service center for observation on which i did so. On 15-Nov-2013 i went to re-collect my mobile for which they said that they have done the software update again in which it was not required since they had done it on the first visit only and they informed me that if the problem persists again buy a new mobile since the motherboard cost is around 7000 in which the brand new mobile cost itself is 5500 in shops. After i came home again the problem started and i am unable to use the mobile now since it is getting switched off every now and then. This is hilarious and rediculous since they are charging 7000k where the whole new mobile cost is less cost than getting it repaired and when i called to the online customer care through toll free number(1800-266-3566) even they dont know what is the cost of motherboard and in reply they say only the local HTC Service Centres and they donot have the price list of anything know. I dont know what to do and feel really upset and cheated on this whole episode which has happened on me. Hence i would request you to look into this matter and help me getting justice on this.

Biswajit Jana

Posted on Nov 15, 2013

I have bought a Micromax A87 mobile phone on 17,11,2012,but it is now not working so I went to Micromax care on 26/09/2013 and the suppose to call me but they didn't so I have called today now they are telling it can’t be repair but it is still under warranty. I told them if you not able to repair then give me a new phone or refund my money they are telling thy cant. But it is still under warranty it will be expired on 17.11.2013 that means 2 days left .Please tell me what I have to do now.

Divyesh Khetan

Posted on Nov 15, 2013

I have purchased a HP laptop from Croma on 27th Oct 2013. On 30th Oct it was realized that there are 2 small black dots on display on the task bar which came to our notice only after 3 days. After performing the checks by HP authorized engineer, he had confirmed that the case will be registered for a DOA process which means entire replacement on the laptop. After 15 days of delay, HP DOA team informs me that pixel issue does not form part of DOA process. It was been conveyed to me that any hardware issues comes in the purview of DOA process if its been identified within 15 days from the date of purchase. I'm forwarding the below email chain from HP. This is a serious issue & a cheat from HP company. I would request you to take a strict action against HP. Appreciate your quick help!!!


Posted on Nov 14, 2013

I purchased an RT35 refrigerator on 23/03/2010 from Samsung. I lodged a complaint to their call center on 10/10/2013 for some problem with it (ref no. 8420141669). One engineer visited on 11/10/13 but the problem was not solved. The second visit was made on 16/10/13 and the compressor was detected to be faulty. As it was under warranty cover, the compressor was replaced on 17/10/13. I found that the model of the old compressor was MK 172K S1U and the replaced one is MSA 170K S1G. I was told by the attending engineer that this is a better compressor, that is why Samsung is giving 10 year warranty on compressor now. Unfortunately, I found from the Samsung website that the replaced compressor is inferior in efficiency compared to the original one. I think it is an unfair activity on the part of Samsung. I have talked with the customer care but instead of taking any action they tried to convince me that this is not a problem. I will be very happy if you can do something.

Shailendra Agrawal

Posted on Nov 14, 2013

dr sir/mem mene dinank 28/01/2013 ko ek samsung printer liya tha jis ka model no.scx4321ns or serial no z85zb8kc5do1pnb hai jo har das din me kharab ho raha tha tu mene dinank 19/10/2013 ko servis center me pohacha diya tha par or is ki complailt samsung customer care ko ki jis ka no.8489249120 hai kinto aaj tak mera printer mujhe nahi mila hai me jab bhi cal karta ho to bolte hai ki aaj kal me ho jaye ga aab baki ki oumit aap se hi raha gai hai plz help me

Bhavana Maurya

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

I have purchase Samsung TAB3 from Jumbo electronics on 13.10.13 and it has automatically switch off on 17.10.13. but I can't able to take it in Jumbo because very next day i.e. on 14.10.13 we left for Jammu for Maa vaishnodevi darshan and from Jammu we have ticket dt.18/10/13 for Agra and from Agra we have ticket dt.23.10.13 but after reaching in Mumbai on 24.10.13 I have immediately go to Jumbo for TAB Exchange on 25.10.13 but they are not ready to take the TAB for Exchange they give the Service Number and told me to take the TAB service center only. and told me that it is not defective pieces only software problem is there but I fight them so much after that they take the TAB for exchange and told me we will inform you if Samsung is giving the exchange.On dt.31.10.13 I have go to Jumbo but they give me the answer that Samsung has not given any reply you will wait for 4-5 days. but till dt.13.11.13 they have not given any reply about that. Sir, please do something I Need your help.

Saroj Kumar Barik

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

I purchased Micromax android Mobile in 19.5.2013 and found display problem just after 18 months and deposited for service on 06.07.2013 with Smart Services, BBSR. yet to receive, My warranty period has lost, I need recovery of new set

abhishek kumar

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

i bought my lumia 625 on 26 october and frm d nxt day d display ws blinking.i complained about ds to ncc of ghaziabad and chandigarh n dey said v cnt take it in guarantee period n said dat ur device is tempered.i complained to nokia about dis 5 days earlier n til nw i havn't got any solution.kindly replace my device as it is creating a lot of problem to me.imei no.-356689057527848,complaint no.- 1-14820560808.


Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Sir, I have made an online purchase of nokia lumia 520 mobile through www.infibeam.com on 21 Oct2013.Even after 12th Nov-2013 they have not Delivered the product.I have telephoned many times to infibeam customer Care but the response from their side is Poor.When i asked to cancel my order they informed that if you cancel the order the refund may taken place after tracing the product.I have to pay my credit card interest for this period .Order Details. Order Id:11923473. Kindly help us in this Regards. Thanking you With Regards jijo kuriakose

chitransh shrivastava

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

Within 2 mnths of buying a canvas 4,it starts creating problem in the ringing speaker and it had been already changed one time at service station.. inspite of that the same problem exists jst after 1 day..getting phn frm service station and the efficiency of sound gets slower than the prevoius one.plz take strict action..

Harish Gorantyal

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

I had sent my Xolo A700 handset IMEI No.911246750092477 twice to Xolo care centre, Vashi for mic problem. They are sending my handset back without solving the problem. The warranty period will expire on 10th Dec' 2013.

saurabh mistry

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

i had purchase a mobile swipe mtv volt f6,due to some problem the mobile is in service centre,they are not returning my mobile since 103 days or you can say 3 month,plz plz plz help me.

Himanshu Sharma

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

I purchased HTC One X (IMEI No.- 353043055955754) from The Mobile Store on 13.5.2012,in the month of August, 2013 the touch panel of the screen abruptly stopped working at certain points. I went to the Costumer Service center of The Mobile Store in Bengaluru to replace the touch panel as my Phone was in extended warrantee (Extended Warrantee No.- EXWAR0556428) of one year. My phone got deposited in Service Centre on 8.9.2013 for replacement of the said panel. But it has been more than two months after giving my phone that I have not received my phone. When asked about the same to the service center executives that just give false assurances. And till date i have no idea where my phone is and if the the panel has been replaced or not. I have been running from pillar to post for the same requesting for giving my phone back after doing the needful & after registering a lot of complaints. I have no information about the whereabouts of my phone. I request you to kindly look in the matr

Sudeep Ghosh Moulick

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

I have bought this kutchina product "ARC" Kutchina CHIMNEY Product code : 120300703807 on 02/08/12 and no one has come to see or service the product then. From june onwards its not working and non functional. We have informed the sales person who has come to my home to fix it. Their people/technician have come and seen but didnot do anything. I am following up with them for last 2months.

Suraj mohan sawant

Posted on Nov 08, 2013

Dear sir/madam, i have purchased canvas hd in MAY this year, and my battery has swollen now. I visited service center yesterday , they refused to replace the battry, my battery is under 6 months warranty, what should i do now. Please help. Thanks.

Anirban Dasgupta

Posted on Nov 05, 2013

I gave my nokia c6 mobile to nokia care of indira nagar for repair the touchpad,camera within warrenty. They returned me the damage phone which is unable to switch on but when I gave that to them, there was no problem like this and now they are asking money to repair. So I denied then they gave me the damage phone. Now what should i do, please revert me regarding this issue. I need your help, Plz.

Vikram Jadhav S

Posted on Nov 02, 2013

I had purchased a Sony LED TV (model : KDL40EX520) on 18/04/2011, from a multi brand showroom, which costed me 62000. On 5/11/2011 there was a issue with the display panel and had complaint to the company about this, and the company had sent there technical team and replaced the display panel free of cost as it was under warranty period. No exactly after 2 years of replacement I am facing the same problem of the display panel. Now as the warranty period is lapsed I need to pay for the display panel which is of cost 21600. I want to register a complaint against the company because it is happening for the second time and they are now telling us it may be because of power fluctuations. But we have installed a branded stabilizer. And they are telling the electronic goods are such that we can't give any kind of assurance of the life. Product: Sony LED TV- KDL40EX520 1st complaint reference number: 8684999

Kaushal Kumar Yadav

Posted on Nov 01, 2013

i purchase Toshiba 32PS10ZE model Led TV, But tv screen has problem, tv is now under warentty, i complaint to toshiba customer care and my complain no- is XD0033095, they replacing my TV but the replacement tv price is too low price, My tv purchase Price is Rs.34000 replaced Tv price3 is 28000 I want to replace my TV with My existing price Request please help me and do necessary action. Regards Kaushal Yadav

Neeraj Rai

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Sir i purchased karbonn mobile Model no-A15, IMEI NO-911244651140552 and TIN NO-06321220718 and CST NO-06321220718 from croma retal store in faridabad.I bought this mobile 4 months ago, and since then i am given the mobile 2 times to service. They take the mobile saying that next time it wont happen and when they give the mobile its the same outcome. Mobile hangs, applications not working, internet not working properly.I am fed up of all this I cant deal with them anymore. Please kindly take some quick action so that the coustemer service deals with all their clients safely . I had also wriiten an e-mail to the head office but from there also i did not recieve any reply. I request you to kindly take some stringent action.

neeraj rai

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Sir i purchased karbonn mobile from croma retail store in Faridabad.After some days phone touch will not working properly.When i am complaint about this phone in karbonn service centre he is situated in faridabad near ajronda chowk.He will uses abuses about my complaint and karbonn company will not reply about my complain.Sir please take hard action about karbonn company for my phone. Thanks Your regards Neeraj Rai

Subimal Dutta

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

I bought a Whirlpool washing machine 1 month ago. It was found body tampered during demonstration. And the machine not working rightly either. I called the customer care service and mailed several times but they are not responding. Please help me.

priyank badola

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

The phone was purchased two month ago on 4.sept.2013 and started showing problems in the last week of the September(Not even a month). The phone was submitted for repairs on 5.oct.2013 to F1 Info Solutions & Services and till date it has not been repaired. First of All a phone getting faults in a months time is not a good quality phone and secondly I am deprived of the phone for a month which is not a good thing as my colleagues have been teasing me over this issue a lot and have felt embarrassed. The cost of the phone was close to 9 thousand but I want to file a claim worth 25,000 as it caused me a lot of humiliation in my friends circle.


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

Goodmorning Sir, we were purchased washing machine (ONIDA) on 17-10-2012 (wich is having 2 years warrenty) in Rashmi Electro World,ParwazPlaza,Shop no.3,1st floor,College Road,HOSPET-583201.After six months Problem came that in running sounds are commine and vibrations also heavy.sevaral times mechanic came but no use.they are telling different storys

Dinakar Tukaram Auti

Posted on Oct 30, 2013

complaint no - 1-14774321226 Job sheet no - 6783 IMEI no - 356629053332870 Honorable Chairman, Request you to be reasonable with customers who come to you for help and guidance. I was thoroughly disturbed with the way Nokia Customer Center people communicated this to me never the less kindly help me to get this sorted as soon as possible since I had spent INR20,000/- (hard earned money) to buy this phone and which is very big amount for me. I would need my replacement phone or cash back as soon as possible. Issues: 1) left headphone jack 2) Battery heat 3) Battery discharge 4) Phone Hang


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

I had Purchased Zync Z5 Black IMIE No - 911222850249200 from Yebhi.com , Invoice Number 3604791 Dated 28/05/2013. . The device was having defect of Non charging and auto Rotation was not working the device was submitted for removal of defect to company's nominated service center Luccky Communications (Faridabad, HR) Shop No. 4A, Krishna Palace, Arjonda Chowk, Sector-20B, Neelam Flyover, Faridabad, Haryana. via WorkOrder No RVSRN1309LFB00064 Dated 27/09/2013 The device is having one year warranty from the date of purchase and no physical damage was noticed at the time when it was submitted to service center. Now the service center is not delivering the device to me and asking for payment of Rs-3500/- as damage charges and removal of defect and replacement of touch screen (which was never been my issue).Even I had not given any approval to remove the defect on Chargeable basis. Kindly help to resolve the matter. Thanks & Regard Chander Shekhar Bhatt


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

I have purchased Whirlpool Semi-automatic Washing Machine Model ACE75a, Serial No. 6047 on dated 31.10.2011 with 2 year warranty. Right from the date of purchase its Dryer is not functioning properly, for which I registered complaints with the company so many times. Now, As its Dryer and spin lid has stopped functioning and machine's Spin tub has stopped taking required load, Again Now, I registered complaints with M/s Whirlpool India Ltd. several times from 19.10.2013. Company is postponing the matter intelligently so as to cross the date of warranty i.e.30.10.2013. I submit that firm action to be taken against the manufacturer M/s whirlpool of India ltd. to replace the machine as it is defective right from the date of purchase.

Purushottam walavalkar

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Given my phone sony ultra z purchased a month ago ,to service center with a lot of problems they just told me that there is water in the phone so they cannot do anything about it , but the water went in due to faulty waterproofing which also i showed to the technician however hthey insiit i buy a new phone

Karan Patkar

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

My mom is using micromax a65 bolt mobile. She brought the mobile 3 months ago, and since then she has given the mobile 7 times to service. They take the mobile saying that next time it wont happen and when they give the mobile its the same outcome. Mobile hangs, applications not working, internet not working properly. My mom is fed up of all this she cant deal with them anymore. Please kindly take some quick action so that the coustemer service deals with all their clients safely . I had also wriiten an e-mail to the head office but from there also i did not recieve any reply. I request you to kindly take some stringent action.


Posted on Oct 29, 2013

Sir , I have a complaint with verma computers in karnal haryana situated near suvidha showroom mahabir dal. They take pc to repair it and take its new parts and change it with old ones pls sir take strict action against him. In return he never issues a bill of repair.

Nayab Shaikh

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

I have purchased my Samsung S 4 ( GT I9000) , IMEI no . 357196059464896 on 8th August 2013 and just after 2 months the display went off , there was no physical damage. The phone started heating badly and the display went off. I have given the phone Samsung Authorized service center - Jameson Telecom Services , Bill no.- 4161102138 on 10 Oct , 2013. But have no response yet , the service center keeps telling me to wait and they will call back but there is no response.I am tired of this , i have missed my several important business things cause of no smartphone , I am really frustrated and troubled from last 20 days and mentally harrassed my Samsung's poor service. i want an urgent resolution from your side in this matter.


Posted on Oct 28, 2013

DEar sir i had purchase a micromax canvas A88 phone on sep month and its have got some problem. so i have submitted my phone micrmax service center on oct5 2013and they told me that are return my phone in 6 to 7 days .but still i am not recving my handset till date .and i am calling in micromaxcustomer care they are not giving me a proper solution i am totally halples .Plz look at this matter.Thanks


Posted on Oct 27, 2013

I bought a car sterio casting 27000 a month back, the vendor didn't provide me warranty card. Now the player is not working and the dealer is asking me the warranty card. I paid the amount through credit card. Kindl help me.

Hemalatha J

Posted on Oct 27, 2013

For my Whirlpool RO Water Filter, I had taken an AMC plan called - RO Comprehesice Plan for MES 6.6/8.5 on 22-01-2013 valid for a year. On a subsequent call, soon after taking AMC, the service engineer replaced the 4 filters as they were not functional. Subsequently, a service engineer had been coming periodically to check the purifier and replaced the pre-filter (charging me Rs.300+ each time).Now in 9 months time, the RO purifier is totally non-functional When requesting for service under the AMC contract, the company service department tells me that all4 filters have to again replaced because in our area the water has high salt content and the company's filters are damaged because of this. I have been asked to pay Rs.5000/- for their replacement. Why this sham of AMC by Whirlpool if they are going to charge me each time for the RO purifier . Whirlpool has to return to me back my AMC money and should not longer offer AMC to its RO purifier as the product seems to be a failure.

Tushar Jaiswal

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

I purchased a samsung galaxy S4 for Rs. 38200 on 29th may 2013...after 2 months only the battery of the set swelled up...i went to samsung service center as the set was not working properly and was getting restarted automatically service center people told without checking the phone it is your fault that battery was overcharged and swelled up.. next day i purchased new battery for 1000 rs then also same problem persisted..the battery was getting dipped and phone got restarted frequently..i again went to service center they told it is software problem...i deposited my set there for 3-4 days then got it back....again same night the same problem came up...i again went to service center....they told there is problem in phone's motherboard...i again deposited the set for one week...when i received the set still there was same problem....now again i have submitted my phone to service center and again they are saying it will be fine this time. I want complete closed box replacement or refund

Brijesh kumar

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

This is my 2nd complain.Sir you take no desicion for my Phone. I am waiting from last 20 days for my phone. I am purchasing a croma mobile in croma retails faridabad.After 5days it will not working properly when i am going to complain in croma he will submit my phone in croma retail and saying my phone will completely repair in 5days and today is complete 20 days when i amm going to ask about my phone anyone are not agree to talk with me to tell about my phone sir please take a hard action about croma retail as soon as possible and please help me to return my phone. Bill no.:20059113 Date:24-08-2013

Gaurav Dhall

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Dear Sir, I want to complaint regarding Reliance digital TV for unnecessary amount deduction without any informing me. My smart card no is 200598857900, i have lodge complaint for installation of Big TV after relocation on gurgaon, Complain no 2108064 Dt 21/Oct-13. I have confirm from customer care regarding charges for installation and she told me Rs 350. I had also confirm that it will include cable and connector and they told that yes. But when the represtative visit on 24-Oct-13 and install the Reliance DTH , i have recieved the SMS amount Rs 580 has been deducted from your Big TV account. Then i have confirmed from Customer care regarding this they told that 230 have been charge for cable and connector. I have already informed to them that i have provided cable to your technician during installation , they havent used thier cable for the same. Also technician has not given any job complete sheet where there is mention that 10 mt cable used. Technician simply inform cust care or thier higher authority that this much cable used and they are deducting the amount on thier own without any document proof taken from customer. Again i have call to customer care for giving me waiver of Rs 230 24-Oct-13 complain no 211003791. But till date i will not get any response. Please look into this matter and take some strict action for the same i will be very thankfull to you. My contact no is +91 9899429414. Regards

Rakesh Bhateria

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

I have purchased 32 inches panasonic LED viera model no. TH-L32B6D from AHUJA ENTERPRISES hyderabad on dated 16/08/2013 invoice no. 663 .After some days less then one month coming problem in pucture & sound .slowely slowely its came biger,presently picture coming half.i was contact to dealer,his answered not satisfactory.I am talking to panasonic people ,i have not satisfied with him.so that i am filing case aganst panasonic india ltd. I have requested to consumer court / forum return money product price Rs. 26500 + expenses in this process.I have not satisfied with PANASONIC brand.

Shyamal Prasad Baruah

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

I had purchased 1 Micromax tablet on 7/9/2013.The LCD screen somehow get brocken and placed for repair in authourised Service Center for Rs 3600 on13/9/2013,Job No.1371. Nothing happened till date.

Rakesh Botadkar

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

I want to file complain for xolo service center. Two times I have given the phone to them once personally and once through chroma from whom I purchased. They are not solving the issue. I will give them one more chance to solve my issue, after which I will just file a direct complaint against them through my lawyer, as this is no way to treat a customer.

Sumit Bhattacharya

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

Sir, I am very disappointed with the kind of treatment I am getting from such a renowned brand even after being a faithful customer for years. I had bought an Induction Cooker (ICX6WOV+), on June 2013, however the above said cooker stopped working suddenly. Hence I called in the Service Men from Authorized Service Center Lokenath Enterprise, 16, Nabanagar, Badya Raypur, PIN- 700032, Jadavpur, Kolkata in July 2013. They send some novice person over and over again however the problem persisted.To add pain to agony they completely destroyed my Appliance. The touch panel is completely dismantled as they opened the machine so many times. Now they are saying that they can not mend the touch panel neither the machine. My cooker is lying idle for three months of one year of Warranty. I am immensely upset as one of my family member got a shock from the machine as the engineer said that the machine is working fine. I contacted Kolkata Regional Manager (got number from customer care) with no r

Kunal Kishor Sinha

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

i have ordered Micromax A110Q Canvas 2 Plus With Flip Cover wit order no 6147791 from shopclues.com on 21 Aug 2013, 11:06 PM, but till now order is not delivered to me and also refund is not done by shoclues. i called/mail them many time but they have not give me proper solution, from more than one moth they are saying we will refund your money but till now refund is not done. please help me


Posted on Oct 23, 2013

Purchased Tablet worth 5200/- but received the tablet in broken Condition received Inv: AMDV080801329 As per the teleconversation with your techsupport staff i have already sent the Tablet to the below mentioned address and also i have sent the DD worth Rs 2000/- Total amount paid by me for your Tablet is Rs 7,199 =5199( cash On Delivery)+ Rs 2,000 ( DD) Sent by Professional Couriers Vide No BLR4300207046 date: 23/08/2013 NO REPLY FROM THE COMPANY AS TILL DATE

Angad Pahwa

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

Hello, i purchased a sony laptop on 20th April from Sidhansh Electronics Pvt Ltd, sony authorized dealer in R city mall, ghatkopar. the laptop had some problem and was given to Aarvee Infotech, authorized sony service centre in santacruz west. it was given on 17th Sep and today it is 23rd Sep, but they have not returned my laptop, neither any replacement nor returning my money. the invoice no is 329, model no is SVE14133CNB IN5 and service tag no is C10GAQQ6. kindly help with the above matter

Kedar Shirodkar

Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Booked Intex Cloud y2 on 6th Oct from Ebay after full online payment PaisayPay ID :34753648510 Received wrong product Intex y5 on 14th Oct after a long wait & queries. This was promptly brought to the notice of eBay by email as well as on phone. Till date have not received refund or correct exchange unit.


Posted on Oct 20, 2013

We purchased one Whirlpool Regrigerator (Model NEO IC425 TCGB4 Realsteel) from Ezone, South City Mall, Kolkata on 12.12.2012. Since last Sept.11, 2013 it is not working. Customer care of Whirlpool forced us to buy one stabilizer which was later on, found to be unnecessary.After repeated calls to the Whirlpool Customer care, they finally declared (on October 08,2013) that the it was beyond repair and would be replaced. We sent a D/D of Rs.1000 on 09.10.2013. Till date no solution. Myself work in IICB, Kolkata, my husband work in North Bengal University. The concerned person is not even attending our calls. They have been harrassing us since last 15 days with false assurances. We are in utter distress. Seek your kind intervention.

Govind V. Paranjape

Posted on Oct 19, 2013

i have purchased simmtronics tablet PC XPAD SIMM-X722 from Homeshop-18(order no. 929665461). I received it on 3-9-2013, it was having problem related to network select network operator is showing a)Registered no Network in Automatic network selection b)Error in finding network in manual network selection for this as per your instruction i submitted my simmtronics tablet PC XPAD SIMM-X722 to your customer care center named Orange sales & services (contact no. 0233-6613995, 6601999) at Sangli Pin 416416. i got receipt as job sheet no. 22952 on Dated 11-9-2013. they called on 12-9-2013 and said that the tablet is having problem & it should be sent to company back for repair or replacement i said OK. After 15 days i am daily calling to your customer care & Orange sales & services for getting my simmtronics tablet PC XPAD SIMM-X722 back but i am not getting any response. Today (16-10-2013) have lost my 1 month and 5 days of warranty of my simmtronics tablet PC XPAD SIMM-X722 without using


Posted on Oct 19, 2013

I purchased a printer On 21/September 2013 but unfortunately it was not working. Ricoh engineer visited to my work place and said that this printer will not work. we will replace the printer. And from now its more than month we are just calling customer care(18001030066), Mr. Sawagat 9007079343 (manager), Mr Gaurav Singh 09560037604 (Faridabad Dealer) and few more persons but there only one reply "we will deliver this by today-tomorrow" but this today/tomorrow never came. I have not seen this type of service. I tried this printer 1st time and now i am feeling that i am cheated.. My business is suffering because of this so much. Frustrated from this worst management. Printer details are Model No:M122-27 Serial No : T392M980421 BILL NUMBER- RI-DP-55169 (COST 2 COST)


Posted on Oct 18, 2013

This complain is regaring CROMA store Juhu, Mumbai. I had bought a speaker on 16th October 2013, however the minute i reached home its not working fine. The sales guy over there did not even bother to test it for me before giving to me. I am really upset with this incident. I am trying to get the cash back. Please let me know how do i get this problem fixed. Regards, Shikha

Ankur Mishra

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

I purchased 1 Micromax mobile Canvas 2 A110 (Rs.9500)on 13/08/2013,its battery get dead within 45 days. I requested to replace my battery in Micromax service center located in virar(W) they given me time for replacement of 7 days but when i queried for my battery they told me to that its still in process and you have to wait more 20 days. Dear Sir, I am a student and i always required my phone to be in communication with my college for study details notification. so please do the needful.

Hardeep Gill

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

I have purchased Galaxy S4 handset on 21st July 2013 from UniverCell showroom Marathalli, Bangalore. Purchase details are as below: 1. Inv. no. PB AC/292 dt: 21.07.13 2. IMEI no. 357196052670234 Now after 2 months of use Iam facing issues of: a. Low battery backup. b. Over heating. c. Auto restart after opening any application. These problems were initially reported by email to customer care portal on 8th Oct-13. In customer care response on 9th Oct few steps were suggested but nothing worked.Now, today I took this problem to your local service center E-Mag, Marathalli Bangalore seeking a solution. But, after investigation they said that the battery is bulged hence all these problems. They further mentioned that the battery bulging problem doesn't fall under warranty terms hence replacement can't be provided. I completely disagree with this point as Samsung warranty terms no where talks about this (battery carries a warranty of 6 months).

Ankit Gada

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

I recently bought Dlink 2750U wifi router for my broadband connection from flipkart by seeing the specifications of the router where it said that it supports WAN/LAN swtichtable ports. Now if it supports this feature then it should work with my broadband connection too. Now the Dlink says that there is optional written in the bracket of the Lan/Wan Router features description-http://www.dlink.co.in/products/?pid=DSL-2750u Dlink said that the optional part is written to make it in the future devices to work on.How will any consumer come to know that the optional part is meant for the future devices and not for the present devices? Flipkart has cancelled my return item.I am being misguided by Dlink description of this model.This is a false description.


Posted on Oct 16, 2013


Rashim Mehta

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

i bought dishtv connection on 26th May and person installing it demanded money for wire.... now it has been less than 5 months and more than 20 times outages of channels and this wire has gone bad... they are asking for more money..... no compensation of outages.....person coming to do repairs is less than 18 yr old....no experience....asking for charges for connectors .......this is only interpreted as looting of customers. how they are making money is through selling wires etc.

Rose Vishnoi

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

I had bought a sony vaio laptop in May 2013. After 3 months of usage, it malfunctioned and i had approached Sony Authorised service centre for the same. According to them the screen of the laptop had to be replaced. Its been a month and after repetitive enquiries, my laptop is still not repaired. They say that the part that has to be replaced is not available. Please help me with the case as my laptop is under 1 year warranty.

Sourav Chakraborty

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

On 25/03/2013, I bought a Sony Vaio Laptop (SVE 1513 ACNB/IN5), with 3 yrs warranty (1yr. + 2yrs.). Within 7 months the LCD got cracked for an unknown reason. When I have noticed the crack, before that neither I was carrying the Laptop nor it was in use. When I visited Sony Service Centre, they forcefully put the problem under physical damage condition and told me that I have to pay Rs. 9138/- to change the LCD. There is no evidence of physical damage on the laptop and even I am not sure whether that was a manufacturing defect or not. After replacing if the LCD gets cracked again then again I have to pay to change this if it is under warranty then also, is it the warranty policy? Could you please tell me why should not my laptop be replaced, when there is no fault of mine except choosing the Sony Vaio brand for me? Being a jobless person, it has become a mental and financial burden for me now and has hampered my Job exam preparation also. Kindly look into the matter at your earliest.


Posted on Oct 14, 2013

The 40" LCD TV set was purchased on 26.11.12. and found some defect immediate after its procurement, which had been rectified by the company (M/s Samsung). Again on 5th September 2013, it was declared that the panel board of the set is damaged and it will cost around Rs 20000 to repair with a new panel board which has no guarantee further after fitting. I understand that, I have purchased the set for its durability, which costs me Rs 43000 which is now lying idle at home, since I cannot afford the spare cost as the service personnel of M/s Samsung has claimed. Please suggest me a suitable substitute of the problem & oblige.

rohit sethi

Posted on Oct 13, 2013

i purchased a nokia lumia 520. The set has a voice issue from a very fist day. I talked with dealer to replace that set they are not doing. The Nokia care people are saying it will take 20 days minimum to repair a set. they are not providing exact dates.

Devendra Kumar Tripathi

Posted on Oct 11, 2013

I have purchased new Sony Xperia SP moble on date 07/09/2013 from CROMA Lower Parel, Mumbai at the cost of Rs 22999/-. After providing micro sim set has started functioning from 13/09/2013. On date30/09/2013 set. Set submitted to Sony Service centre at Mumbai Central on date 01/10/2013, and information received on 01/10/2013, they informed that its mother board is defective, requires replacement.After the lapse of 11 days Sony is neither replacing the set nor able to repair. The service centre incharge Mr. Ishan is not ready to accept the conditions mentioned in the terms and conditions by Sony at the time of purchase.Service centre is not able to give a satisfactory solution. Mr. Ishan is diverting the issue. Details of set: IMEI no.3558100Sr.no. 1271-9665 Ticket Id: 13100103814 Job no. :W113100103814

Amritha Pai

Posted on Oct 11, 2013

I had bought a XOLO handset X910 on 30 Aug 2013 and within a week the display was not working. The phone was sent to the service centre by Onsite (Sangeetha service) on 10/9/2013. Ever since I have recieved messages saying I will get my phone on this day and that day. But have not recived my phone yet. The service centre people refuse to even pick up the call. The service Manager Hariharan Subramaniam says that the phone is not with them and then agaibnn refuses to pick te call. The request number for the service is 37797 IMEI number of my mobile is 911246800204676. frustrated with the service and attitude towards teh customers. They should at least have the courtesy pf picking the call or letting the customer know if there is a delay. i do not needa repair. I jus want my phone back. I can get it repaired from anywhe.

chinmay chatterjee

Posted on Oct 09, 2013


manohar lal bhati

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

naaptol se ek naya mobile 2998 rupeye ka mangaya tha. unhone 2010 ka verzan bhej diya,jisaki warnty bhi samapt ho chuki hai.


Posted on Oct 07, 2013

I purchased a refrigerator on 12.05.12. On 15.02.2013 I raised a complain to company's customer care that it was not working. It was under guaranty period at that time. They had taken away the refrigerator on 19.04.2013. But still I am unable to return back my refrigerator. I have contacted several times to different personnel of LG company but still I am just sitting without result.

Raushan Kumar

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

Respected Sir, I have purchased a Samsui LED TV (639798 SJC24FH, 24 inch) from Lower Ground Floor Mantri Sqaure No 1 Malleswaram Bangalore-560003 on 27 Jan 13. After use of 1 month I got a problem of negative screen picture in my TV, I complaint the same problem to customer care (complaint no BAN 2907130292) but they did not response me for 3-4 months. After this they repaired my TV and ensured me that the problem will not happened further. After 2-3 days I have faced the same problem again, then I approached to customer care and they reactivated my same complaint no. On 23 Aug 13 they have closed my complaint no (BAN 2907130292) and raised a new complaint no (BAN 2309130250) without any repair and information. Till date they are not attained me. Between all this I have approached to customer care via mobile phone almost 50 times. Now I request you sir please help me in solving my problem. Bill details are as follows:-Till No 39 Bill No 147792 dtd 27/01/13 AUCHAAN Mantri Sqaure.

Krishanu Datta

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

With great regret I would like to bring to your notice that I approached one of the authorized SONY service center in Bilaspur and am not satisfied.Firstly I was not given any Job no.when I handed over my Sony HI-FI music system on 31.7.2013.Repeatedly I was asked to enquire after every 5 to 6 days and was given diplomatic replies.After much request I was given the Job no. on 3.9.2013.Till date I have not got any satisfactory reply or response from the service center and am mentally harassed as I am always given the answer that 'enquire after one week' or so. Being a customer I request to your good-self to look into the matter on urgent basis and do the best possible for me and oblige.I would also like to bring to your notice that when I submitted the system it was in working condition and problem was there in the function key but now the system froze because of mishandling of the service centre engineer named Varun.Hoping for the best solution.The details of the system are as follows:

sudipto mondal

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

i had given my laptop dell vostro 1015 for repairing to DIGITAL CARE, 1C Charu Avenue, Kolkata - 33, GR no. - W - 3352. first i had given them november 2012. the problem was that it is not charging the battery. they handed over the laptop on february 2013. within 2 days again the problem returned. then i handed over them on may 2013, since they had given a 6 months warranty. i had paid Rs.1600. in the first time they returned my battery telling that the battery was down. but before giving them it was absolutely fine. they tried to sell a battery, but i refused. yesterday they returned my laptop after a tiff. this time they repaired the laptop but they damaged my AC adaptor. even they tried to repair it but they could not. before giving the adaptor, it was absolutely fine which they had tested and noted it also. i have a copy of the same. they badly damaged my adaptor and now even the power is also not coming. this shows that every time they had damaged my other additional parts of the

hareram bhardwaj

Posted on Oct 03, 2013

With samsung s4 there was offer of getting a flip cover. I purchased it on 3rd august 2013 but still i didn't get the flip cover.I contacted many times but yet it is pending.

Kiran Kumar

Posted on Oct 02, 2013

I bought a Samsung Smart TV from Chroma in June 2013. The TV is still under the Warrnty period. Since September 2013 the TV has not been coming on. Though the sound can be heard. Samsung is no repairing the issue neither is it replacing the TV. T Enginer from Samsung vsited and said that the issue is with the panel o th TV, However it is not avalabl for it to b replaced. The TV is work 1.5 lakhs and in lessthan 3 months it has gotten spoilt. I need Samsung to address the issue on priority.

Dr. Parvez Basar

Posted on Oct 01, 2013

Shopclues Delivered Product In Wrong Place, Not Refunding Money Respected sir/Ma'm, I Imran khan student of MBBS wants to state that I ordered a Huawaei data card worth Rs.1316 paid online through my debit card from Shopclue online shopping site order no.- 6789607 on 12th september 2013, the product was delivered to a wrong address on 17th september 2013 through India Post Registered with tracking no.- ER741646455. I complained to the shopclue customer care on 18th sept 2013 and they told to wait for 7 working days means upto 25th sept 2013.After that I again called them again and again till now i.e. 29th sept 2013 but they are just giving casual excuses and asking me to wait. I will be highly oblidged if you kindly look in to the matter and get me refund my money back or return my above product. My Mobile No.-09471036178/09831440597 Complained By Dr. Parvez Basar Email- Drparvezbasar@gmail.com

Mancheng R. Marak

Posted on Sep 28, 2013

This complaint is against Home Care, (Dealer in Consumers Electronics, Appliances & Furnitures), N.L. Complex, Dhankheti, Shillong TIN No. 17060073055. We purchased A Panasonic Washing Machine, Model No. NA-F70BR2, Sl. No. 1243100720, at a price of Rs. 19000/- on the 15th February, 2013. Recently, the washing machine stopped working, suddenly on its own. So we had gone to the shop to report about it so that they will send someone to repair it. It has been more than a week now, and we have gone to the shop 6 times already to enquire, and an equal no. of phone-calls too. They keep saying that they will send someone, but even after more than a week they haven't sent anyone to repair the machine. So I would like to request you as to kindly do what is possible at your end to address this problem. We would be very thankful if you could do something to make the said Shop realize how harassed we customers feel when they show such apathy towards our grievances. Thanking you.

Mahil Ashar

Posted on Sep 27, 2013

I am a college student,i have bought Samsung Galaxy S advance on 20/03/2013,my cell phone is in warranty period,I gave My handset to authorized service center for 3 times in last 2 weeks due to the problem of system crash, every time they are giving me different reasons for same problem, today i went there for 4th time with my handset with live problem of system failure and claim a new handset but they refuse to do so and gave me a reason that i am using anti virus, and he even refused to repair my cell phone and insulted me by saying that "the problem you are facing in your handset is not well defined", and added that "you can do anything you want, whether go to consumer forum or to court" these are the words if the Service Center executive. They are cheating as well as spoiling my time and study. So plz help me in solving the problem My Job Sheet No is 4159912979 and the Service Center's Name is SHARP ENTERPRISE,African House,Topiwala Lane,Mumbai Ph. 23814743 Exe:Mr.Krishna

Rajendra More.

Posted on Sep 27, 2013

i purchessed a lenovo tab a1000.within two day the tab start to hang.i sent mail to lenovo regarding hang issue.as per replay tab sent to service center in date 17-08-2013 but now he said it will be repaired before 30-10-2013.but i do not used more than two days so why they can not replace. i want replacement because service center tecnician had no idea about tab this is new launch from lenovo. Please sir help me Thanking you Rajendra More. Thane

Gopana Ramesh babu

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

I bought HTC one S mobile in the month of 27/2/13, it got problem in the month of August that was not getting charged i went to the service center he installed the OS and problem was not resolved and I wasted half of my working day. again I went there with the same problem they said no problem is there, next time on 5 th September I went and showed the problem they said expected date of return 7th September, I went on 9th September still my mobile is not got repaired I lost half day salary again, they said come on 12th again I went on 13 by talking half day leave because i was desperately needed the mobile, Still it is not done, again they postponed to Monday again, I went on Monday they said they ll call me on wednesday i.e 18th september, I waited 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24,25. it's been 20 days since I gave the mobile for servicing still no progress and every time I go there I had to loose half day salary its so annoying there's no response from them.complaint no:Q6S13090500044


Posted on Sep 25, 2013



Posted on Sep 25, 2013

I had purchased a AMD processor 8350 from Bangalore computers on 18th Sept 2013 they charged me 1500/- Rs extra, that i come to know next day when i went to enquire price for UPS in some other shop in SP Road, other customer is getting quotation for same ADM 8350 processor.

Rishu Kumar

Posted on Sep 24, 2013

I have Buy a laptop from dell with licence Microsoft windows 7 64 bit online.at the time of delivery they don't provide me a dvd of windows operating system and not provide the information of create the backup of windows by your self. Now i my hard disk has been crashed by which i have lost the windows now i have purchase the hard disk from my local resources, but i have not the license windows dvd for installing in to my new hard disk i am using pirated windows they do not provide the help to making the windows genuine and they are demanding me 1300 rupees as a Currier charges for windows. If i have already paid the amount the amount of genuine windows than why i have to pay the amount to him again. Please help me

Ravi Varyani

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

I had purchased a BlackBerry 9300 in June 2011. There were many issues and problems in that. I approached the service center. After rigorous chasing, I got it replaced. The problems subsisted in the replaced handset also. Again I approached them. I got it replaced again. But the problem subsisted in third handset also. Since then I have followed up them many-many times. But, they are not responding at all. I have tried contacting the sales team as well but, no satisfactory response. Now, it has been more than two years of sufferings since I bought it. After spending Rs.15K, I’ve got sheer problems and harassment. Being in Mumbai, I have visited the service center many times, at least 6-7 times. It has been really very painful and exasperating. I haven’t got the solution yet though I have sent them the pictures of my device showing problems. I am a working CA and due this problem I had to lose my business data twice, which has caused damage. Kindly help!

Ravi Varyani

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

I had purchased a BlackBerry 9300 during June 2011. There were many issues and problems in that. I approached the service center. After rigorous chasing, I got it replaced. The problems subsisted in the replaced handset also. Again I approached them. I got it replaced again. But the problem still subsists. Thereafter, I have followed up them many-many times. But, they are not responding at all. Now, it has been two years of sufferings. Being in Mumbai, I have visited the service center many times, at least 6-7 times. It is really very painful and exasperating. I have got the solution yet though I have sent them the pictures of my device taken while the problems surfaced.

Dipak Sarkar

Posted on Sep 23, 2013

I am purchased a new micromax doodle A111 canvas handset on 7/7/13 but on 25/8/13 it has display problem & send it to micromax care on 31/8/13 under job sheet no. E030466-0813-5174291. on 7/9/13 I rec a SMS from micromax that your device was ready & collect it. On 11/9/13 i visit there & they are told me that device was not ready. Come another 15 to 20 days later. still on 23/9/13 i am not receive my handset.


Posted on Sep 21, 2013

I had purchased a Samsung Laptop on 15.06.2013 attracted by the advertisement by Samsung offering Tablet at a discount of Rs.7000/- But they have not given me the discount coupon stating that the invoice given by the dealer did not mention the serial number of the product purchased. After several enquiries they have given me the discount voucher which is valid only for less than 6 hours on 20.09.2013. They have deliberately done this to deny me the offer.


Posted on Sep 21, 2013

I have the honour to state that I have purchased one Excide Battery ( Model No INVAQUEEN 500+ & Batch No 3PC Serial No. 109419)) along with the Microtek Inverter from M/S Sargam Electronics, 135, Deshbandhu Road (W), Alambazar, Kolkata :- 700035 Vide Cash Memo No. 1935 dated :- 10.05.2012 with 18 months warranty from the date of purchase. Unfortunately, the battery is not functioning after 12 months from the date of purchase for which I have lodged complaint through the above electronic shop and the company representative after inspection, submitted the Report mentioning (i) ‘Battery low back-up, (ii) Battery late installed then battery reject. Advise to customer send the battery to dealer’. On receipt of the above report, I have handed over the battery with the photocopy of site inspection report of Co. representative to the sailor but the dealer instead of replace the battery intend to supply the damaged battery after some repairing. I have pointed out that the Exide Co. is not

Praveen Paul

Posted on Sep 21, 2013

Instead of new phone I was given a repaired piece by Big C Mobile Pvt. Ltd, MG Road Radiant Plaza, Shop no. 1, 327. Pune:411001

Dr.vasudev K R

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

we have purchased BSNL penta tablet and noted problem with charging and display. We have given for service through onservice.co.in and after two months with repeated follow up they delivered the product. when retested the same the problem was still persisted and it has been taken back. We have been harassed like anything by the penta and onservice.co.in company.it is almost 2 months for the service and no responce from penta even for mails

Ravinder Sahu

Posted on Sep 20, 2013

From last three months we suffered a lot because our HP computer is not in working condition. For this we have locked the complaint on our HP toll free number and the engineered name Shri Ram has come on 03/08/2013 from SERVICE CALL SUPPORT Redington (India) Limited.He has changed the mother board and even then computer was not working. He was struggled hard with the computer but unable to find the problem.Then he came to know that there was problem in the hard disk drive. Then he assured us that within two days he would bring the Hard Disk drive and rectify the problem.: Furthermore, we again lodged the complaint on our HP toll free number, after that one more service engineer came (Mr. Atul) on 25/08/2013. He again changed the motherboard instead of changing the Hard Disk Drive. He started saying that there is a physical damage in the Hard Disk drive but how is it possible? Only your service engineer touched the CPU.


Posted on Sep 19, 2013

i purchased a hp printer serial no.-CN36H3JNG7 on 12/09/2013 from computer vision jabalpur. when at home i gave the first print it had a problem of paper jam and not worked properly. i called to technical support team of hp and filed the complaint.it had onsite warranty cover. but there was no warranty cover and they are not resolving it, i am calling daily to hp customer care but no action has been taken. so i request you to take appropriate action againt visin computers jabalpur and hp

Prashant S Nikalje

Posted on Sep 19, 2013

On 13/01/2013,I bought ME V1 TABLET – HCL IMEI NO. 911251100043006 from Swastik Telecom-Dombivli. Unfortunately, The product performed badly due to charging not properly done, battery draining quickly, memory card slot not working & heating problem. So I send my phone to HCL service centre at Mobile Point,Thane on 14/3/2013.For 3 months there was no reply at all & I was given my Tablet after 3 months it was in terrible condition it was scratched, mishandled also my Original bill, original charger, original headset was lost by the service centre. On asking for returning the lost items (bill, charger& earphone) they said that it is not their responsibility and started arguing. Later they started using bad language and threaten to take any action.So I Request you to Help for Replacement Or Money Back.

Bitan Das

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

At present one of the famous mobile store in kolkata named S. H. Mumtazuddin near Lalbazar is cheating customer by misleading them. I had visited the store on 14/9/13 to buy a samsung mobile, the sales man named kajol had misguided me by telling that google had launched a new phone & had shown me the hand set he had never told me that it was manufactured by GABA. I thought that I was purchasing Google phone & had paid 9500/- for it & after payment they hand over the gaba make phone telling that it is supported by Google & had cheated me. I request Consumer forum to give me justice in this regards.

Utsav Nanda

Posted on Sep 15, 2013

Bought Asus Nexus 7 on 14th August and since then i am facing issues with it regarding overheating. First submitted the tab at service center on 29th August and was returned on 5th September with motherboard replaced. But the problem was not corrected and even this time it was not working also and again submitted to service center on 7th September and got it back on 14th September and again motherboard at fault. But again this time i am facing same issues. I told them to provide me with a replacement as they are not able to solve my problem but they said it can't be done and i have to visit the service center only. I am not free to visit the service center daily. I request you to help me regarding my complaint. Serial No.- CCOKBC242906 Case ID for 1st complaint- 9674457 Case ID for 2nd complaint- I wasn't provided

Ravindra Behere

Posted on Sep 15, 2013

Purchased Voltas Vertis Elite 1 ton split AC from Kirti Radio & Television Centre Thane on 24.12.2011. At the time of installation there was no gas in the AC unit, which mentioned in the service report dated 27.12.2011. In the 1st year of warranty I faced cooling problem for 5 times. Every time the engineer from Voltas assured me that this problem would not arise in future. None of the engineer from Voltas could locate the problem. Before the expiry of the warranty period I requested the service engineer to recommend replacement of the unit to the company. He assured me to talk with his seniors managers. In March 2013 after reoccurrence of the cooling problem the Ac indoor unit was taken to the workshop for testing & was re installed after repairing. In June 2013 after one more cooling problem both the indoor & outdoor units were taken to workshop for repairing. At that time the engineer advised you should not have accepted unit at the time of installation only if there was no gas.

Rahul Kathare

Posted on Sep 14, 2013

I had purcalmosthased a car charger online from infibeam.com on 17th aug 2013 order number11531734, while purchasing the estimated delivery date was 26th Aug 2013. The part was not even shipped by 27th Aug 2013 and after constant follow-up by my end was delivered on 30th Aug. I had ordered for a Belkin (black) charger with micro USB cable, what was delivered was a local make charger with no cable. I called up infibeam immediately and was asked to send photos of the device, which I sent immediatelyon 30th itself... On 4th Sept after my follow I was told to send the packing photos which I sent immediately on 4th.... The part was then picked up on 9th Sept... Today the 14th when I called up infibeam I was told by their team lead Mr. Pawan Kumar that the part was in quality and I may receive a call on the status by the quality team by 16th.... Its been almost a month of me making payment but still am not sure when the product will be delivered.. Its clear cheating of customer


Posted on Sep 13, 2013

Sir/madam I purchased a byond mi1 tablet from flipkart on feb. 23 2013 but it malfunctioned within a month. So i took it to the Shivom enterprises which is the designated service centre for Byond. After submitting it there I have to re-submit it again and again at least 2 to 3 times. After about 1 and half month they told me the product has to be replaced. So they provided me a new product in the end of May but again in July I faced similar kind of problems. So I submitted it at the above said service centre again on July 31. But I have not received it till date. Kindly help me. Please make them pay me my money back. I dont trust this brand anymore.

H S Panwar

Posted on Sep 13, 2013

Complaint of Amran Battery for Invertor bought from M/s Kishan Batteries & Auto Electric Works ( Mobile No 9899131918) MG Road, Sikanderpur, Gurgaon vide Bill no 3088 Dated 5/8/12 for Rs. 6200/- but within few months of buying it started giving trouble. Complaints of the same were made to the Dealer, Company & Company's Customer Care heading for Haryana Region Mr Tripathi (Mobile No-9650002757) but there is no remedy till date. My request to your good self is to instruct the dealer/company to replace the battery as soon as possible. Thanks & Regards H S Panwar -09818789666

Shoy Jose

Posted on Sep 13, 2013

sir i have purchased a BSNL-Penta Tablet from a shop at thrissur, Kerala. in 5 days time a line appeared on the screen and as discussed with shop i have returned it the service centre on the shop. after continuous follow up with them i got the product replaced after 2 weeks. now it is just about to complete 1 month. now this replaced tablet also has the same issue. when i called the shop they are asking to submit the tablet to the service centre. during last time itself i had gone to their service centre and called them several times to get it replaced. now i have lost confidence with that product. while i purchased the unit i was told this is a very good product and no complaints reported. i have paid Rs. 9,500/- for this. can i get my money back? i am ready to return the product just as i bought including all the accessories and box. please extend your support and advise me what i have to do. Thanks in Advance Shoy Jose 8547178105 / 9567779776


Posted on Sep 12, 2013

Hi, I am facing restart problem in N500 since the date of purchase which is reported to Nokia, number of times throughout the year. But, no solution in spite of two time handset replacement. After which there is now an action for replacement of Nokia 500 with other product. I want a direct communication from customer head on ANY ONE of the following solution 1. Either I should be given cash along with compensation which sums up to Rs.15000 for N500 which has really caused me so much frustration/irritation 2. Or provide me Nokia L820, new set along with warranty period. I would prefer the first option given above which will allow me to buy some good SMARTPHONE rather than taking L520 replacement which is priced less than what I have paid for N500 Also, enclosing the email chain with Mr. Bijal Patwa whom I don’t find looking over customer’s feedback. I am really embarrassed by being loyal to Nokia and here I really regret my decision. ‘IF COMPANY DOESN’T VALUE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION/FEEDBACK, I WOULD GO AHEAD WITH OTHER BRANDS RATHER THAN TAKING THE REPLACEMENT AND STICKING TO NOKIA AGAIN. I hope for the quick and positive reply from you at least for the last time

Nitin Kumar Singh

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

My Name is Nitin Kumar Singh. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 on 20 June 2013 which offered a free Bluetooth Head Set for free. I received the Bluetooth Head set on 12 July 2013 Via DTDC courier with reference number : E87 - 10765, Docket Number : X04089673, Packet Serial Number : 7565627. Upon opening the packet i found the package was badly tampered and Bluetooth device caved out of the packet. I did not accept the parcel and returned it back to Mr. Vivek Sarkar who came in person to deliver the package. I am forced to escalate this issue to yourselves as i don't see Samsung taking any responsibility to send me the device again. I raised this issue with the samsung help desk and e-mailed them the required document along with the evidence on 12 July 2013 for which i did not receive any Ackwoledgement or a revert. This is the worst kind of customer service i have ever come across.

syed yaseer

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

Dear Sir/ Madam, With Respect to the Above Subject I Have Booked A Samsung Galaxy S- Dous online On Tradus.com But they Accepted My Order On 21st August & I did Payed them By Net banking Rs.9076/- (Nine Thousand & Seventy Six Only) But As Soon As the Market Price Go Up within a day or two they send Me a mail that the Order is Being Cancelled Due to No Stock & they Will Refund My Amount Within 3-7 Days today is the 8th Day But They Still Not Yet Refunded My Amount As Well they are not Responding to Mails & Calls I Need a help From the Consumer Court & I want to Log a Complaint Against tradus.com ( Online Marketing Company) Note: If they Did not had stock why did they accept my order and took the Payment Please help me out of this Because the I haven't purchased the Phone many of my customers who are contacting me is getting switched off my Cell & going to others and I have to lend Money for this I took Rs.10,000/- with interest of 10% from Market to Purchase a cell I hope You Underst

Suresh Singh

Posted on Sep 10, 2013

This is to inform you that i have purchase a Sansuai TV from Reliance Fresh in Sec-29, Gurgaon, 10990.00, 6 EMI on HDFC Credit card. but the reliance fresh charging me 899.00 Extra without any information. Need your suggestion for the same.


Posted on Sep 10, 2013

1. I purchased Samsung Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070 Mobile handset at “Spice Hotspot, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore’’ on 01.12.2012 with receipt number-2033 and book number-G03 bearing IMEI number-353020051200898, for an amount of Rs. 19,000/- (Rupees Nineteen Thousand Only). 2. After a couple of months, the images captured from the mobile handset’s 5Mega Pixel Camera were quiet blurry and I noticed dust accumulation inside the lense of the Camera. I produced the mobile handset for the first time at RT Nagar, Bangalore Service Centre in the month of February 2013 and the reference bill number is 4147664323. The dust was cleaned and the mobile handset was returned. 3. After a few weeks, I noticed dust was again getting accumulated inside the lense of the Camera. I contacted Samsung Customer support on 1800-3000-8282 and the issue was raised with Mr. Raghav, who assured me the defect will be rectified and asked me to submit the mobile handset at the same RT Nagar Bangalore Service Cen


Posted on Sep 10, 2013


sheryl D\'Souza

Posted on Sep 07, 2013

Requesting you to resolve my problem with reference to the my xolo  phone handset X900 the phone is unserviceable since July 2013 and I have been following up the concerned xolo call centre. Initially they told me that they will pick the handset from my postal address then they asked me to it to the dropping point which is   NJ telecom in kandivali west its was handed over on the 05th August 2013 however I am not getting the handset back. I was told I will receive it 10days but I haven't received any status on my handset and there are unable to track my handset inspite of repeatedly following up with the call centre they have all the details but they tell me they will call back within 48hrs but they dont. Requesting your assistance I taking this organisation xolo which is a lava product to task as the are cheating and we can do I to get frastrated everyday but call their call centre.

Adnan Ahmed

Posted on Sep 06, 2013

Sir, I bought Micromax smart phone HD canvas A116 on 26-04-2013 which gone dead withing 20 days of use. It is under one year warranty. I submitted the handset at Sreetel, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad-20: Phone:040-27637913; 9293185550, with complain no. 1986 dated 12-07-2013. Till now it is not repaired. I complained to the customer care, Micromax and everytime they say that they forwarded my complaint to the concerned department. Kindly help me in this regard. Regards


Posted on Sep 06, 2013



Posted on Sep 06, 2013

i have purchase sansui mobile from d2hshop.com which was not working porperly and i have shown it to service center but the service center is not entertaining the matter. please help me.

Prakash CS

Posted on Sep 06, 2013

I bought mobile 1 1/2 months back(nokia lumia 720,RS.18000) from sangeetha stores,marathahalli. from the first day onwards i'm facing issues with it, when i went and asked for replacement or refund they are not providing.


Posted on Sep 05, 2013

april 2013 ko mene max sky shop se induction chulah order kiya tha or 3days mein wo kharab ho gya mene june 13 ko exchange karne ke liye solan rabon mein diya to unhone abhi tak wapis nahin diya induction menger no 9218300732

Hardik Mewada

Posted on Sep 05, 2013

Dear Sir / Madam, My self Hardik Mewada i am purchase the mobile phone of intel xolo A800 but 2 months in my mobile phone in dispaly problem & i am submitted mobile in intel Receiving center (Samagri General Store-Malad).two months goes out but still i dont got the mobile phone.i was called Intel Customer care but no answer proper from there. Please help me. Thanks & Regards, Hardik Mewada.

shirish waghmare

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

Dear sir, I had given my karbonn A9+ mobile having imei-911211901413196 and imei-911211901413204 for sservice as it was dead on 20/07/2013 till now i have not received the handset serviced from service center even after a 45 days. the company filed to give servised handset and can have replaced the handset.

Srinivas Gowda

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

Dear All, This is with reference to Purchase of Samsung handset model no Samsung Metro 2252 from Sangeetha (Padmanabhanagar) on 06-08-2013. The handset panel is getting shade day by day & this is white color panel, i have visited the Sangeetha Store several times since purchased (Hardly one before purchased). Nad we haven’t got proper responsefrom incharge of Sangeetha, Padmanabhanagar branch Mr. Arun. Since this handset panel going to be dull every day. This is highly unacceptable, I would like you to help us to refund my money back or exchange the handset and we are not satisfied with the handset. Kindly refund my money at the earliest or else i will have to escalate this matter further.

Sumit Singhla

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

I purchased recently Micromax Funbook with IMEI number 911305650341267 for 7000/- from Mobile Planet shop number 1 ,Gopi Colony Chowk Faridabad. This funbook was sold with complete warranty of 1 year. Display of this funbook went quite dim on 20th Aug. I approached your service centre “M/S Simran Communication” for necessary correction. However Simran communication denied to repair my Funbook under warranty and asked for amount of 2400/- for the same. Which is absolutely not right. I would like inform you, This funbook is still under warranty and would like to get this repaired free of charge. Please help me to get thsi tab repair or refunded from the company as I donot trust this company any more. Contact details for Micro Max:- Micromax House, 90B,Sector-18,Gurgaon Pin Code - 122015 Tel: +91-124-4811000 / 18605008286 Fax: +91-124-4009603 Email: info@micromaxinfo.com Thanks Sumit 9810297770

z hasan

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Dear CSC / Mamta, I have two 150 A batteries at my home purchased in May 2012,but since the time of purchase both these batteries are giving problem and not giving proper Backup.i had complaint to dealer diamond Automobile in Bulandshahr U.P from where i purchased them and recently i lodged complaint with dealer and also on your toll free no,i contacted Mr Nagesh there,then i contacted Mr Rajesh (Service In charge Ghaziabad) but no one is responding properly. I purchased these batteries from:Diamond Automobile Bulandshahr. My Complaint No:14082089549 Dtd::24/08/2013. Need your urgent attention and provide replacement on immediate basis.

Z Hasan

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Dear CSC / Mamta, I have two 150 A batteries at my home purchased in May 2012,but since the time of purchase both these batteries are giving problem and not giving proper Backup.i had complaint to dealer diamond Automobile in Bulandshahr U.P from where i purchased them and recently i lodged complaint with dealer and also on your toll free no,i contacted Mr Nagesh there,then i contacted Mr Rajesh (Service In charge Ghaziabad) but no one is responding properly. I purchased these batteries from:Diamond Automobile Bulandshahr. My Complaint No:14082089549 Dtd::24/08/2013. Need your urgent attention and provide replacement on immediate basis.

Ritwik Sengupta

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

I have lodged a compain on 15th August to Hitachi Customer Care since my AC was not working. Since then its already been almost 3 weeks. But still the issue AC has not been resolved. Their technician visited twice but he could not resolve the problem. Seems that technician is not efficient enough. During this period I have called several times to hitachi customer care but they did not do anything. My complain request number is 13081500598. I'm suffering a lot due to this kind of poor service from Hitachi.


Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Dear Sir/Mam, I own a Toshiba Laptop purchased from Oman, and is under International warranty. Laptop faced a display issue(no output on screen), I reported this to Authorised service centres of Toshiba, it has been 75+ days now and they still haven't repaired my laptop nor they are replacing it. Can you please help, what can I do ? Procedure to file a case against them ? I have all the backing documents (and details) + mails exchanged with the service heads of Toshiba. I'm fed up of their poor service and lost on my working hours of more than 2 months ! and still no improvements from their side.

Raghavendra Raikar

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Dear sir, This is wrt the purchase of Moserbaer 18.5" LCD monitor Bill no 002883 dated 22/12/2010. There is problem which is in warranty period.I had reported a complaint no 13026506770002 dated 11/02/2013 and handed over for repair work on waranty basis Moserbaer Service centre at Agnelo electronics,Navelim, Goa Ph no.08322728077. I had done enough follow ups again and again and had talk with the service centre,the coordinator Mr.Ravindra and the proprietor Mr adithya at navelim who responded they are now nowhere associated with moserbaer when i call on 11/05/2013. The same was informed to moserbaer who has asked to handover at Moserbaer new service centre to their office at panaji Complain no is -: Call No: MO-000186/0910 GOA South ACCEL FRONTLINE LTD,PANJIM,GOA-403001 0832-2232975 I approached the agnelo electronics to collect my monitor . I found the monitor is not found even after three visits.I request cunsumer court to give justice

Animesh Biswas

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Sir, I have parched and installed one Hitachi Split system at my residence, I had complained for less cooling in my ACunit to one Hitachi dealer at kolktat The dealer M/S THE AIRCON CARE attended and charged for the short of refrigerant to the system but did not attend to the rectification of the leakage. The dealer however charged the bill of Rs.4050 for full payment from my wife, which was done in my absence. As result within a week the system again resumed the same problem as before. Subsequently I had to approach the Dealer for rectification but this time he took no action. I thereafter approached Mr. Pornabrata Bhattacharya the Hitachi kolkata office for non compliance and M/S HITACHI HOME & LIFE SOLUTIONS (INDIA) LTD re-attended for the defects, rectified the defects and again submitted the bill for payment of Rs.4000 This double payment for a faulty service was not what I had expectedofthe M/STHE AIRCON CARE had agreed to return the full amount Rs.4000 paid byme.

Dibyavijay Chandel

Posted on Sep 03, 2013

Sony Authorized Service Centre - Star customer care ½ Govind Nagar , opp hotel guru pandri &#2325;&#2375; &#2342;&#2381;&#2357;&#2366;&#2352;&#2366; &#2309;&#2349;&#2342;&#2381;&#2352; &#2348;&#2381;&#2351;&#2366;&#2357;&#2361;&#2366;&#2352; &#2340;&#2341;&#2366; &#2327;&#2354;&#2368; &#2327;&#2354;&#2380;&#2332; &#2325;&#2352;&#2344;&#2366; &#2319;&#2357;&#2306; &#2360;&#2306;&#2348;&#2344;&#2381;&#2343;&#2367;&#2340; product &#2325;&#2375; &#2330;&#2375;&#2306;&#2332; &#2325;&#2367;&#2319; &#2327;&#2319; &#2346;&#2366;&#2352;&#2381;&#2335; &#2325;&#2379; &#2357;&#2366;&#2346;&#2367;&#2360; &#2344;&#2361;&#2368;&#2306; &#2325;&#2367;&#2351;&#2366; &#2327;&#2351;&#2366; &#2361;&#2376; &#2311;&#2360; &#2361;&#2375;&#2340;&#2369; &#2358;&#2367;&#2325;&#2366;&#2351;&#2340; |

Rishabh Kumar Sahu

Posted on Sep 01, 2013

I have purchase a dell laptop model no Inspiron 1420 (service tag 67HCCV1)from e-bay india. i have a speaker damaged issue with laptop.i called to customer care but they void my warranty and saying a stupid reason thet system has installed a vlc media player.I m really feeling like a cheated person even i was not using VLC player when its crashed. Is it a genuine reason to void warranty services? Please do needful .


Posted on Sep 01, 2013

Shopkeeper has replaced new parts of videocon TV with OLD parts without intimating us.Now he is not entertaining.

Neeraj Rai

Posted on Sep 01, 2013

Dear sir, I am in big trouble with purchasing Karbonn A15 smartphone worth rupees 5604 in croma in 1st floor, Crown mall 12/7 main Mathura road. My phone is not working properly and I am also complain two time in karbonn service centre near neelam flyover Faridabad. Karbonn company take no action for my complaint. Sir I am requested to you. Please help me.

sanjay nigam

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

i bought micromax x328 on 25/08/2013 worth rs 2100 from cosmos communication sec-29 faridabad.it worked well on Monday but on tuesday morning it stopped working . i took it to the shopkeeper,he diverted us to service centre micromax.i went to s.r.communication,govindpuri,new delhi on the same day.they misbehaved and they refused to change the set ,but said that they would repair it. the kept it for one day and informed that it cannot be repaired after giving many lame excuses.with a lot of discontentment i went to the shopkeeper once again where he said that it was not his fault.now i have nothing left but to regret on using services of micromax. i hope that you take a strict action towards the concerned authorities and provide me proper compensation.i shall be highly obliged for the same! thanking you

Mohammed Maqsood

Posted on Aug 31, 2013

Hello, I had purchased IFB Owen 1-year back and it had issue. initially and got fixed. Again after few months i had issue with the owen and I logged a call with IFB, the engineer visited after a week and told that he will get the part replaced. Since agert that wee have been following it up and the is no proper response. Kindly find the mail trail as beow: First Ticket for the issue Sat 29-06-2013 17:57 Dear Customer, against your recent call a Ticket is generated i.e Ticket 11031528 and the Technician will visit Shortly. Though the call was not closed at the customer end it is updated in the system as closed. The service sector update the tickets as they like to match the SLA and do a fake updating of the tickets. Even after following up the issue there was no response form the service team not the customer support. No one is lease bothered to update us on the status. Second Ticket raised by the system not from us, for the same issue Mon 29-07-2013 12:35 Dear Customer, against your recent call a Ticket is generated i.e Ticket 11197060 and the Technician will visit Shortly. Third Ticket raised by the system not from us, for the same issue Fri 09-08-2013 12:01 Dear Customer, against your recent call a Ticket is generated i.e Ticket 11265621 and the Technician will visit Shortly.

sanat samanta

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

Respected sir, I purchased a lenovo G580 series laptop on 29/03/2013 from vedant computers sales pvt. Ltd., kolkata. The invoice no. is VCSPL/24916/1213, the serial no. is WB10379735, the M/O is WB03012810 & the P/N is 59351410. The laptop's keyboard has problem. I complained your customer care centre regarding this on 23/08/2013. the complain no. is 7005518034. they dont bother to send the engineer in my place. they just gave the excuses and delayed. I am a MBA student & I have lots of projects which carry marks. I cannot do any project for this problem. I have a project which have to submit on this 30/08/2013. I came to cyber cafe to mail you and do my project. Then what is the facility to having a laptop. I called from monday to get the service but they dont even bother about it. one customer care executive cut the phone when I ask for the reason. I need the service today only, because from tomorrow I will not there.I am hopeless about service after this experience.

mudita khandelwal

Posted on Aug 27, 2013

i bought a sony viao laptop on 25 january 2012 ,one fine day it stopped working all of a sudden , on taking it to sony service centre they told me that the mother board and daughter board of my laptop have caught rust due to mostiure , which is weird since i live in mumbai and i have never heard of anyone facing this problem,and they gave a repair cost of 23000 ,almost half the price of my laptop which was purchased for 55000 . When i told them that this is not my fault if u have used faulty products in the laptop and i will not pay penny , they called me back saying they would do it for 20000 , and when i told them give me reason why should i pay for it they couldn give me any reason since they knew it is not my fault , they called me and gave me a reduced cost of 13000, but what i fail to understand is that why are they taking a consumer for a ride and why should i be punished for sony using wrong products. i have decided to file a consumer complaint against wrong etics of SONY

Savita Baban Nangare

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

I have purchased a HP mini laptop from HP world, Shriram Computer (seller) at Dadar West on 06.12.2011. When I bought laptop it was represented by the seller that, my laptaop has 3 years warranty, however, now I have been told by the customer care of HP that it has only 1 year warranty, which has been expired on 05.12.2012. I raised this issue to the seller, but he is declining about the fact of 3 years warranty. The Tax Invoice given by the seller does not show any warranty period for laptop. Kindly, help me to resolve this issue and get my remaining warranty for laptop assured / promised by the seller.

Aman Saxena

Posted on Aug 25, 2013

This is regarding compliant of Installation of Samsung AC Split. I have bought it in Sep'2012 and till that time facing multiple issues in installation and AC perfomance. Engg. visited and complaint for AC Gas leakage and re-fill it and went back. I was traveling so not using AC since than. When i return and start my AC, again same issue of Gas leaked. I am fedup with Reliance Digital & SAMSUNG support service and keep on chasing your customer care.


Posted on Aug 24, 2013

Electrolux Is Fraud Company About Electrolux and Next Showroom in Lajpat Nagar 1, They are cheating with their customer by selling them old ac in new ac box. and when we are complaint about that they are disconnecting our calls or hold our calls, and didnt responce about that. They are totaly fake. . So Please solve my probleme. i bought my new ac before 15 days and it only work for 4 days. totally cheat for 30000 rs. Electrolux Is Fraud Company, Electrolux Is Fraud Company, Electrolux Is Fraud Company, Electrolux Is Fraud Company, More Details Contact my no. on 011-41067894


Posted on Aug 23, 2013

I ahve sent an email to mail@consumerredressal.com. I ahve problem with Panasonic LED TV 42" and company not attending to comaplint for last 5 months.


Posted on Aug 23, 2013


Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 23, 2013

Respected Sir, I have purchased one Battery of EXIDE MODLE No. 12XT5 LB Xtereme for my avitor honda scooter, from Exide dealer M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, Haryana on dated 05/02/2013. But this battery not proper working from the end of July-2013. I, contact M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, Haryana on 07/08/2013 to replace this battery , and he has recd. bill and warranty card from me and told that he will send it for checking to Exide office Ambala. Then I, ask him to provide me another battery for operating the scooter but he has not provide the another battery. Then I took another battery on rent Rs. 20 per day. When I contact him to provide the battery on 19/08/2013, he told this battery is working proper. But before giving this battery to M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, HaryanaI have checked this battery by my mechnic M/s Bakshi Auto Repair-Naraingarh and he told this battery is not working prop

Rajesh Kumar

Posted on Aug 23, 2013

Dear Sir, I, have purchased one Battery of exice modle 12XT5 LB Xtereme for my avitor honda scooter, from your dealer M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, Haryana on dated 05/02/2013. But this battery not proper working from the end of July-2013. I, contact M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, Haryana on 07/08/2013 to replace this battery , and recd. bill and warranty card from me and told that he will send it for checking to Ambala. Then I ask him to provide me another battery for operating the scooter but he has not provide the another battery. Then I took another battery on rent Rs. 20 per day. When I contact him to provide the battery on 19/08/2013 he told this battery is working proper. But before giving this battery to M/s Bharat Auto Electricals, Naraingarh, Distt. Ambala, HaryanaI have checked this battery by my mechnic M/s Bakshi Auto Repair-Naraingarh and he told this battery is not working proper.

Rishabh Lala

Posted on Aug 23, 2013

Sir I would like to bring to your kind notice - the poor after sales service of the HP, India.There is problem in the "Cooling Fan" and the "Control Key" of my laptop Probook 4430s(base model). I have submitted the laptop with Shivam Electronics(Authorized Service Partner,HP) on 10/08/2013 and till date(23/08/2013) I have not received my laptop . It had been 13 continuous days and also they are not receiving telephonic calls, and the problem in the laptop still persists . Since the laptop is in the warranty period and there has been no Physical Damage to the laptop, then there should not be any problem in replacing the parts! Non delivery of Laptop even after 13 days has caused sheer inconvenience to our business and time. Name of Executive - Mr. Shashi (Mob no.)-9425007623 Shivam Electronics MP Nagar Bhopal Anticipating early Action.

Saurabh mapani

Posted on Aug 22, 2013

I bought HTC Mobile Desire-X on 07/11/2012. Within 3-4 months, its headphone got the problem and it was replaced in HTC TVS Service center. Within 7 months, Its motherboard got the problem and it was replaced in the same centre. Now, my mobile again has some problem since, its motherboard was changed, 2-3 months ago. I showed it to HTC TVS service centre, VidhyaVihar, Mumbai again. They are saying that the motherboard will have to be changed again and I have to wait for at least 1 week. Now the problems my mobile has: When calling, mobile display should go off, but it doesn't. For incoming calls, sometimes the caller's name and number is not displayed. I am facing these problems since after the replacement of the motherboard.

Saud Ansari

Posted on Aug 21, 2013

What I want is that I have spent additional money on Xperia ZR and there had been problem with that phone. So instead of Xperia ZR i want ZL which I am getting it for about the same price as Xperia ZR if I include additional expense. So either give ZL or compensate for the amount I had spent on ZR. Sony Service Center guys are in talk with some guy name Avinash, according service center people , "Avinash, says that I should take Xperia ZR and if it has a problem then I will get ZL". My question if I take ZR who and how will you guys compensate the amount i have spent of ZR. If they can give ZL later why cant now.

Viren Solanki

Posted on Aug 21, 2013

I purchased MICRIOMAX CANVAS DOODLE from ZOOP Mabile store at Charni Road, Mumbai - 400004 on 28th July, 2013 but that was a defective device as the android carshed and reapired itself on the same day. later the problems wprsened and the phone used to hang and does not respond.i got the replacement from the vendor after getting the DOA from the ANDHERI service centre after waiting for 10 hours. the vendor gave me a replacement on 13th August, 2013 and on 20th August, 2013 the replacement given to me is also having the similar problem. it does not respond and restarted 3 times. now i am unable to open any games and applications on that fone. I sent an email on service.superfone@micromaxinfo.com but the mail bounced back. i spoke to Saurabh in customer care on 18605008286. they now say that i have to get the phone repaired,but why should i get the phone reaired? i have paid Rs.10250/- for an new phone and not a second hand phone that i should reapir it. wats the guarantte?

Minakshi Mistry

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

I brought a Laptop From Reliance digital, Avani mall, Howrah Make : ACER- Model AOD-270 S/N 8012213247F27614 on 08/09/2012 and it is under warranty. I am trying to register a complaint through their ACER Publicised Customer care numbers taken from their website www.acer.com. 1-800-11-6677 and other numbers since last one week. Their automated voice response system always says- thank you for calling and that there personnels are busy attending other calls. These are machine response and never get connected to any human. I have also sent SMS to their nominated number 9901676677 on 14/08/2013 and before but they have not responded. I have tried to call their kolkata office through their website no.i.e. 033-24794350 & 25425131 but they are non functional. When a service center was contacted they said the complaint has to be registered thro telephone only when they will attend. The on site warranty as promised by the company during purchase is valid upto 08/08/13. Please help.

Mayank Kumar

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

This is to inform you that i buyed one laptop online from leneovo on 2013-03-29.It has international warranty till 2014-04-07. On 24-July-3013 There is some problem in display and I show it to service center. "Park Network Pvt. Ltd. Shop no. 111, First Floor, Satyam Plaza, Opp. Shama Restaurent, Gurgaon - 122001 Haryana Phone number: 01244066869 It passed around One month anit has benn not repaired till now..Please help Product:Y400 serial number:YB00273930


Posted on Aug 18, 2013

we booked one refrigerator from GREATEASTERN TRADING CO. 15th august they told delivery on 17th evening..but till 9pm nobody will come for devery..we call barrackpore branch they told me till 11pm night ,how is it possible?till 18th of august nobdy call and nobody come for delivery

Dr. Parvez Basar

Posted on Aug 18, 2013

ShopclueS Sent Fake Product...!!! Respedted Sir/Ma'am I Ordered Micro Sd to MS Memory Stick Produo Adapter 2 Pieces on 2th August, Through SBI Debit Card.My Order No. 5556961.Product Shipped On 8th August.I Was Highly Surprised When I Opened Thy Packet.A Wrong Product Was Given!!! A Mobile Converter Cord Given{Product Id 59310, Order Id 5542109} Price Would Be Hardly 100 Rupee. 1) Firstly I Called Courier Serveice.They Told Me to Call 01244414888.I Called But No one Receive 2) On The Second Day Again I Called, The Customer Support Executive Told to Send an Image Of Wrong Product.I captured Image & Sent to support@shopclues.com 3) On The Third I Called Again, They Told to Wait For 3-4Days. 4) After 3Days I Called Again.He Told Me ,"I am Forwading Your Mail to Our Merchant, Wait For 3Days" 5) 3 Days Later I Called, He Told Me to Wait 3-4Days & They Will Send Me A Conformation Email. Today I AM WATING THEIR EMAIL, 10Days Were Gone...I Decided to Submit Complain Against Shopclues


Posted on Aug 17, 2013


Kakali Satpati

Posted on Aug 17, 2013

PHILIPS 22PFL4556 LED T.V. KOLKATA. by PradyotSatpati on August 17, 2013 I had purchased the 22&#8243; LED TV of PHILIPS on 28.06.2012 from M.G. Electronics (Baguiati), EB-5, Deshbandhunagar, Baguiati, Kolkata – 700 059. The Invoice No. is MGB0000708 dt. 28.06.2012. The cost of the TV was Rs. 12334.80. The product carried a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Very astonisihingly, problems started on 29.06.2013, exactly 1 year & 1 day after the warranty period got over. We immediately contacted the dealer, who sent a local mechanic for a casual inspection. After that they advised us to file a complaint with the manufacturer i.e. Philips through the dealer. After a few days I submitted all papers through the dealer. Finally I got an SMS in my Mobile on 23.07.2013 stating that my Complaint has been lodged with Docket No. PKOL2307130045. Mechanics from Philips once again came to inspect the TV on 26.07.2013. Next day they sent an estimate of around Rs. 7500-8000/- to repair the set.


Posted on Aug 17, 2013

Micromax Ninja.4 A87 phone is switching off, unstable network , Hanging Problem and Battery Problem on every time. even very next day

Nilesh Vora

Posted on Aug 16, 2013

I had purchased two split AC for 1 TR and 1.5 TR for my office and home from a Dealer, within 4 months from the date of purchase both the AC started giving problem i made a complaint to the dealer and also to the company, the dealer would get the same rectified but again within 20 to 25 days the problem again starts, last week again the problem started and i again sent a complaint to panasonic and the dealer and informed them i need a replacement but they refused for replacement and again repaired and sent the AC to me. i need replacement for both the AC.

Nitin Hingonikar

Posted on Aug 16, 2013

I purchased a LLoyd 32 inches LED tv from Silvassa and brought to Mumbai, it seems the tabel top which was supplied was not correct, so I logged a complaint with lloyd complaint no 160713154838 on 16th july 2013. After one month, after repeated calling they say i need to purchase the table top base as tv was purchase in Silvassa. Requesting you to please help in this matter. Best Regards Nitin Hingonikar

Kaushal Kanabar

Posted on Aug 15, 2013

1. I have bought a new mobile based on recommendation by Tec Zone, understanding that it would ease my life & provide long-term stable support for my activities. (Date of Purchase: 18/07/2013) 2. Since day 2 of buying the mobile, there have been operational issues which I immediately brought to the notice of Tec Zone. I spent many costly hours doing this & was always told that I did not know how to use your phone. My contention here: I have been using cell phones for over 10 years of my life & have also worked in complaints resolution dept of various reputed cellular companies in India. If a person like me finds it difficult to use this phone, why does HTC make such phones??? 3. Still, I spent more money at Tec Zone taking One Assist security & scratch guard so that my new prized possession - your supposedly "excellent android phone" would be well-protected. 4. Even after all these hours & expenses, when my phone suddenly just quit working on 8th August 2013 (within 2 weeks of purchas


Posted on Aug 14, 2013

sir/madam , i am a graduate in electronic nd telecom and hv compltedmy engnring .i have received many calls for placement in company “Apeeln Technologies”. Sir, the person has asked us to give 50k as deposit at the time of joining . Now my concern is that i think the company is fake because of the following 1)No proof of business exist anywhere on Google or their site 2). the link provided by them is http://www.apeeln.com/ which again is a lame portal as if an amature has made it. 3.) it is not registered on mca. i.e ministry of corporate affairs. 4.)there is information about their offices in us,Germany, UK.. but there is no way we can check the veracity of the company. 5.) Even no landline numbers exist on the portal and many of the links not working on the portal. 6) Only single mobile number is given for both Bangalore and Gurgaon office. so i’ll be obliged if you could help us because i am not alone they hired around 50 from my college . and i have heard that they are hiring more man power. it could be a scam of crores .

Sameer Mittal

Posted on Aug 13, 2013

Hi This is sameer I bought a Split AC 1 ton in month of April, after months it started leaking water from front, i called customer care, they guys came and found some issues in front and middle pannel. COmplaint number- 13JU2803867 Phone-9999268530 its been more than one month, they guys have not come back to replace part and i kept calling on your customer care number and service centre number in Sector-34 ashoka enclave, faridabad but they people dont entertain my query and keeps on giving excuses. some MR Dharmendra from service centre and Mr Dheeraj, they keep on giving excuses.


Posted on Aug 12, 2013

Dear Sir/Mam , I Want to purchase a Dell Aero Mobile At online From Tradus.in The Seller has 4 month Warrantee When i Will Buy the product The Address Of Saller is RENDEZVOUS 3/122,Karan Lane, Vishwas Nagar,Shahdara,Delhi 110023. The Contact No of Saller is 9891239333. He Told Me That Please Send me The Bill Scan Copy Online I Was Send and Now He Cannot Pick My phone & Cannot Change my Mobile. Please help Me


Posted on Aug 09, 2013

my name is viknesh shetty i had purchased from sony device maget stores in vile parle mumbai, but because of some software problem i had submited my cell phone to malad care center (krish electronics) & after some days a got a news that my phone is lost , even after waiting for 35 days of the theft incidence i had not got my cell phone back please help me

Mithun Roy

Posted on Aug 08, 2013

Dear Sir, I have purchased a Mother Board of MSI. I have facing a technical problem with this motherboard and i have submitted it to kolkata Service centre on the date 18.07.2013 ,my product is under warranty period. i have called them several times but in this 21 days but they said its not ready till yet. But today when i called them they have said "do what you like we cant help you". As a customer i want to know what i do in this kind of situation. The address of the Service centre is:SMARTLINK NETWORK SYSTEMS LIMITED Ground Floor, Swastic Centre. Lane Next to Income Tax Building. P-8, Chowringsquare. Kolkata-700 069 The details of recipt of my product is : Goods Inward No: GIN3100845888 Date: 18/07/2013 Customer Name: Mithun Roy Call Id: CLG311649226 Product Code: 601-7680-110 S/N- 601-7680-110B1104088287 Service: Warranty Problem Reported: No Power it is requested to you please help regarding this issue. Thanking You Mithun Roy


Posted on Aug 08, 2013

I ordered Samsung Galaxy Grnad from Kaunsa.com order no KA/62493/6TFI0QH6 on 29 july 2013.It has to be delivered in 7 to 10 days while in mail it was mentioned in 15 days /13th august.Till now after several complaints/phones, they haven't dispatched the phone,i asked for refund/cancellation ,they are saying order can't be cancelled, if it is cancelled i have to pay approx 1500 rs.This is not mentioned in their refund policy.They are neither sending the mobile nor giving me refund.

nilesh khopkar

Posted on Aug 07, 2013

i have purchased new lenovo laptop on 21 jun 2013 from ur side im having getting issuse in the laptop i have already complaint regarding the issuse which im facing in laptop but no engineer had came from lenovo side and from lenovo service center. claim for lenovo rs 60000/- file a complaint in consumer forum against then for negligence in service and mental harassment. for lenovo

Jitendra Bodkhe

Posted on Aug 06, 2013

Dear Sir/ madam, I had purchased Sony Vaio SVE15113ENW IN5 laptop on 18 Aug 2012 from Variety Infotech, Thane. Since last 40 days from 27 Jun 2013, I am rigorously following up with SONY but no resolution. I have visited personally to SONY authorized service centers Four times [Job no: J31146179 (Chembur) dated 28 Jun 2013, J31207198 (Vashi) dated 10 Jul 2013 and Log no. 301110820 (Andheri regional center: 2 times)] and through communication with customer care system reboot 2 times. After assurance of good service after changing HARD DISC also it was showing same problem of operating system. The laptop is currently with regional service center Andheri since 20 Jul 2013. No one is responding to my email also after rigorous follow-up. I have already lost my data and not able work since last 40 days and it huge loss to me as i am working as freelancer researcher. Kind request you please help me.


Posted on Aug 06, 2013

i want to replace tv

mahendra v. dharod

Posted on Aug 03, 2013

Refusal by Lava Service center (Saat Rasta Jacob Circle) to replace defective mobile handset model ARc9i purchased on 7/10/2013 (Rs.2000/-) having one year warranty. Mobile getting overheated & battery draining immediately.

Nitin Goyal

Posted on Aug 01, 2013

I purchased Karbonn Mobile since then it is having battery and hang problem. I contacted Karbonn but there was no response and the contact number provided by them is going busy all the time. Please help me


Posted on Aug 01, 2013

i had purchased a xolo q1000 mobile from amazon online shopping on 9.7.12 and was deleivered on13.7.2012 found that the phone touch slowly got unresponsive within a week contacted the retailer with no response please help me

amit mishra

Posted on Aug 01, 2013

I using voltas split ac in mathura city .seeing aftr sale service is very poor in my city .service center person are very roude guys .always ready to misconduct .pls tell us we purchase voltas product first to see the company worth and sevice center person provide us insult and delay in service.my complaint no.is 13 JL2903602 logged at 29 july still no resolution.when i contact to service center they given me very roudly answer when i said to him how can you misconfuct with customer.again he advice me go for complaint and lets seehow can you take service .so pls look this matter customer spent his mony for insulting and roude talking. Regards Amit mishra 9458644268

shailender singh

Posted on Jul 30, 2013

please solve my problem.

sanjeev panwar

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

sir, I purchased a AC 1.5 tones split VERTIS GOLD in June 2011 and when installed its create so many problems...leakages of water, noise (very different noise) and so many things.......and I have done approx 50 complaints...(after 10 complained one time attended) voltas people came and some clean with brush...and go back....lastly they opened whole AC and do something with filling GAS and charged me lot (they charge me when warranty passed only 10-15 days)....now again same noise is coming and MOYAL service man Mr Sandeep is saying (ac is like a motor tyre , because tyre may be punchered )this time I will do better job for u with charge…. Its create so many problems ......my experience with voltas is so bad....it is the deffective piece.....and i want replacement.... Sir on 23 April 2013 I have done same complained and a computer generated reply came…but no-one attended. Sir please takes this matter personally. And do the justice to me. Thanks and Regards Dr sanjeev

Habib Hamza

Posted on Jul 26, 2013

Dear Sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice regarding the frequent Hard Disk failure of my Toshiba Satellite L640 which was purchased on 06.10.10.The system was partly malfunctioning (RS speaker not working) on purchase itself and found a tendency of frequent Hard Disk failure since 09.12.10.I came across 3 Hard Disk replacements, 1 OS corruption and former speaker issue since purchase. I?m very much bothered about my Satellite L640 and haven?t ever installed a higher graphics oriented game or software as I care electronics being an Engineer. I seriously believe something other is wrong with my laptop ( Technically ) which leads to hard disk failure. The last hard disk replacement was performed on yesterday (25 July 2013) and they gave an additional warranty for 1 year (only for hard disk) as a result of my arguments. And when I demanded for a replacement to get relieved from this, Toshiba technical officers strongly says its impossible. I even argued with head office ( Gurgaon


Posted on Jul 25, 2013

Hi, i hv a simmtronics 7th tablet cover with inbuilt keyboard which my father thaneshwar doloi hd brought 4m hme shop on 21 june.. I hd gvn a security lock, my frnd tried 2 open it bt was unable as she didnt knw d pattern. Ok.. bt aftr dat my email id n password is needed.. i tried vry mny times bt unable to open it tough my email n password is true?? Wot should i do to open it??

Anjni Duggal

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

We had bought a hitachi window AC,1.1 Ton,Model RAT513HTD Summer 5 star from Malhotra Enterprises,Plaza mall,Gurgaon. on 11.5.2013 for our 9x11=99 square feet room on 2nd floor(top floor).We had checked the room capacity versus tonnage ratio in the Hitachi website before going for 1.1Ton AC and also got approval from hitachi persons. From day 1 only, we're facing a cooling problem.The ac doesn't trip below 27degree Celsius.Many a times,we were sweating even sitting in the AC room for more than a hour. We never got the chilling effect though the AC is working for the whole night.i.e-6-7 hours.We lodged the complaint to Hitachi customer care in May,complaint no.- 13052901505, Mr. Tanvir(Engineer) looked into the matter on 11th june and suggested to fix the AC in the middle window.we reinstall the AC but then also the cooling condition didn't improve so we again put our complaint ,complaint no. - 130618007521. Mr. Tanvir visited on 1st july and took the observation in his meter (after 2 hours) that reads 26.2 degree Celsius and wrote for machine replacement.After that Mr. Anil Nagar (Regional Head) visied our house and told the following points: 1) Since our room is on top floor that is why the temperature of room does not fall below 26-27 degree Celsius. 2) As our room is on top floor,we should have gone for 1.5 ton AC rather than 1.1 Ton. Also before the visit of Mr. Tanvir & Mr. Nagar,the hitachi persons did visted our house 2-3 times, for temperature check but with no conclusion. 1) Now my question is,after 5 visits,the higher officer of the company is telling us that bcoz of top floor we are not achieving the temperature below 26-27degree Celsius .Where the company has written this condition? 2) What is the proof that the unit we have bought is not defective?.Why no person of the company except Mr. Nagar suggested us to go for 1.5T AC.And why it is suggested too late that we should go for 1.5 Ton AC.Also why it is not mentioned in the company website that the room capacity versus tonnage ratio written on it is not true for top floor. We thus requested Hitachi to either install another unit of 1.1 Ton in our room for making it check that wheather our unit is defective or not.And if it is not defective and there is a tonnage problem then our unit unit should be replaced by 1.5Ton with the balance amount paid by us. But Hitachi ppl didn't take any action to make us check that the 1.1t AC unit that they have provided to us is not defective.Also they told us to pay 20% of the total cost of 1.1T AC extra apart from the balance amount left for the cost 1.5T AC. Instead of regretting for all that harashment we'd suffered,they are putting penality on us. I request your help to know how to proceed further to protect my right as a customer.


Posted on Jul 24, 2013


Deepak Porwal

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

Hi, I would like to register a complaint about symphony air cooler service. The cooler I purchased is under warranty and I registered a complaint with complaint no. BL-OM-22G13003 regarding fan motor. We are continuously calling them but they are not coming to replace fan motor. Please do the needful. Thanks & Regards, Deepak

M Srikanth

Posted on Jul 24, 2013

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S Duos on 13 March 2013 and within 3 months it had a fault and since it was in warranty i took it to the service centre located at Ajrondha Faridabad to get it fixed which they did after 3 days and the again after 20 days the same problem appeared and then again i took it to the service centre and it took 2 days to fix it and now not even a week has passed the problem has reappeared. I want replacement of the phone.I have the bill as proof that my phone is under warranty. Its really frusterating.

Shivam Agarwal

Posted on Jul 23, 2013

I purchased Whirlpool refrigerator 2 years ago. On sunday, it stopped cooling. I have submitted request for service on monday morning on their toll free no - 18601804558. They promised that their engineer will visit us and resolve our query within 24 hours but it's been 2 days now and we didn't received any reply either from whirpool company or service centre. i tried to call them many times but everytime they said that customer will visit but no one came. It is really difficult for us to survive without refrigerator in this hot summer days. please look over the matter and take strict action against it.

Dr Ravindra Kapadia

Posted on Jul 22, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I called just dial for contact of Eureka Forbes water purifier. Mr Rahul Patel from Eureka Forbes called me immediately after and visited my place on Thursday 11th of July 2013 and I placed a order for Aquaguard booster. He mentioned me that the machine will come by courier by Saturday 13th. I paid him full amount and he has given me a receipt. I haven't received the machine yet. The machine is in name of Dr Ravindra Kapadia, to be delivered in Borivli west. The order number is 398016289. I have registered complain in call centre and my complain number is 88661065. This complain is registered on Saturday 13th of July. No action has been taken yet. I have also e-mailed on customercare@eukekaforbes.com twice but from there also I have not got any reply. Even Mr Rahul Patel is not picking up my call. I claim full refund my amount and compensation from the company. Thanking you, Regards, Dr Ravindra Kapadia

Suresh nair

Posted on Jul 22, 2013

This is to bring to your kind notice that I had purchased a Panasonic TV ( Model no. THL 32X24D) on 24th October 2010 from M/S. Vijay Sales at Mumbai vide bill no. 26 - GW10-10S0846 This TV started giving trouble and we logged a complaint with your customer desk service.. Mr. Dasharath of Atharwa electronics came and inspected the TV and informed us that the A board had to be replaced and gave us an estimate of Rs 8500/- He mentioned that it is the most integral part of the TV & can not be repaired and the only way out was to get the A board replaced. This was done on 30th June 2012Now since May we have been having trouble with the TV again and The TV was collected on 27th June 2013We were told the A Board needs to be replaced. The second A board has not lasted even one year after replacement by the authorized company dealer. Now If I have to replace the same it means spending another 8500/- on A board which would mean spending an additional Rs. 17000/- for a TV in less than 3years

Hemanga Das

Posted on Jul 21, 2013

ear Sir, I have order samsung galaxy trend duos order no 9785062-1 from TRADUS.COM, DELHI.I have received on 12 july.But your tradus seller can not send me the proper mobile in my address.No match colur,No any feature match that you have upload in your website.No MRP and no manufacring date in the box.I have also seen samsung service in Guwahati.they said to me that this was a duplicate samsung product.So please I have to return the product on monday in your tradus office address.You have please refund my amount Rs 7041 in my credit card as posible. This is my kindly request to you.please help me .I am to haress now.please help me for this matter. Regards, Hemanga Das Mobile no-9085296027

Jatin Jain

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

I have given my Mobile Phones HTC Wildire S to service centre and device is in warranty but they are saying that devices has been damaged.If the devices is in warranty then they are saying that pay 70% of the initial amount and you will get 30% less has a discount.

Rajiv Ranjan Ojha

Posted on Jul 20, 2013

I bought Iball slide Q9703. within four days so many problem came in tablet, the charger was not working, battery backup 1.30hrs only. When see videos of 10 min the tab begins to heat. the speakers have gone completely dead. Now my tablet is in Iball's vashi center from last 18 days. there service is totally harass the customer. When I ask about tablet they tell now it is not repaired. Asking when it will repair They say "don't know". So I told them for replacement the tablet, often how much can I wait. They are neither repairing nor replacement. There behavior is irrespective. From last 18 days they are playing this game. when will they return my tablet pc or not return I don't know. Please take immediately action against them.

Rajeev Tandon

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

I had purchased videocon tv in 2010 and 2 years back it got damaged and i gave it for repair 1 and half year ago and since then it was in the service centre unrepaired.And today on 19-07-2013 i got my piece back unrepaired.I am told that the parts are not available.How is it possible ?? you manufacture a product and dont manufacture its spare parts ?? huh...so insane.. Kindly look forward into this urgently.

Mayank Parashar

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

I had purchased my Samsung Galaxy S III on 08 Jan 2013. However the set has always been of substandard and was extremely slow as well as used to take 14 to 15 hrs to charge . Thus I took the phone to Samsung service centre in May 2013 for rectification of the said complaints. My phone was kept at the service centre for 08 days and the phone's Mother board, Adapter and Data cable were replaced. However the phone's performance did not show much of an improvement. Moreover from last one month the phone phone's bty ditches completely within a period of just 4-5 hrs even in standby mode and is thus reqd to charged atleast 3 times in a day. More ever, the performance which includes the speed is very poor. I showed the same to the service center on which they say that there is some problem in the mother board and need to replaced. I would like the